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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 24, 1871, Image 1

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I Pabliiher and P roirlotor. I
i, tl.56 jMCRuYEARv
I In Advance.
l)c nqmvct
J, W. rOTBElf, Hi tor.
M'Artlmr, May 24, 1871.
April 10, 1871.
5To c Dmocranj of the State of O.i
At a mooting of ttio Democratic
State Central Committee of Ohio, it
vrnR resolved that tlio.nest Demo-
cratic. State Convention of Ohio bo
lield in the city of Columbus, on
. Thursday, June 1st, A. D. 1871.
It was nlf.o resolved that the basis
of representation in said Conven
tion bo as follows: That each
county in the State bo entitled to
one delegate, and also to ono dele
galo for every fivo bund red votes
cast for Hon. William Ileisley, for
Secretary of State, nt the election
bold on tbo second Tuesday of Oc
tober, A. D. 1870, and also ono del
cnito for every fraction of two
hundred and fifty votes or over cast
for thai gentleman at that time,
.Which basis of representation wtl
givo each county in Ohio tho fol
lowing number of delegates in said
Wo omit tbo counties except
Ihnso composing the lllh ongres
nioiml District. Total No. of Dele
gates to which tho Stato is entitled
to 117-3
Adams B Gallia 4
Jackson I Lnwrenco ... 4
Vinton I Scioto- fi
The following are the officers to be
nominated by the Convention :
Lieutenant Governor;
Attorney General;
Auditor of .Slate;
Treasurer of Stale;
Supremo Judge;
Member Board of Public Works;
CommissioncT'of Common Schools
In announcing this call wo deem
it not inappropriate to add a word
on tho importance of tho approach
ing Convention. The success of the
ticket to be nominated depends, in
a very great degree, .upon the men
to bo put in nomination and tho
harmony nud unanimity of the
nominations. To Llii.s end it is dc
tdrablo and important that every
county should be fully represented,
and tbo will of tho pcnplq should be
ascertained and expressed as nearly
its possible. Tho. election will be
ono of vital importance to tho State
and country at large, and will have
nn important influences upon tho
grout contest of 1S72. With a judi
cious selection of candidates and a
harmonious and united effort tho
Democracy can und wjll redeem tho
Stuto from Radical misrule, and
nnuwor back to the East, South and
"West, tho glorious news that Ohio is
truoto the Constitution and Union.
IJy order of tho Democratic Stato
Central Committee.
Only Twenty Millions.
From on official source comrs
the information that the cost of
collection of tho .internal rev
cnue has been increased about
twenty million of dollars dur
ing the past year, mostly on
account of the Income Tax. It
seems that scarcely a dollar of
tho Income Tax collected ever
reaches tho Treasury. But if
the people insist upon a Radi
cal administration . they must
pay for tbe luxury.
WSco artrerllKOniciil. of Ur iiutU' IlKion-
unrv, Imiiiltxl nKik forllio HWWmMMUtlinK
GUIftR in another column! H MimiM bo reml
by Hill
Wo liiltnpliniMiif hi ( ftimm'iKlhiK Till! IliitOlIT
Siiik In Ilia notli-n nt our rimcliint nn one i.lic
ir!llli'Kt. nii'lulilll(it mill nioht vnfiiiililu nt' I lie
IiuIiIIi'uMoiik lor.voiuiK pcopld Willi wlili hwc
hru ariiniliiluil. Si-o mlvfillNonii'iit. lU-ly
tlienpro tlinn IliO Clicnpritt lit
IIlwhopii, Wilkcvill ,Q.
f We nro doing a great deal
of Job Printing now. Wc
do tho best work, and use
nono except tho best rpialih
of paper.
A Convention to Change the
Constitution of Ohio.
At the State election to be
held on the 10th of October
next the electors will vote up
on the- question, 'Shall there
lie a convention to revise, niter
or amend" the Constitution of
Olro"? The act directing this
action by the electors was pass
ed by the Legislature on March
20th, 1871, and is in accord
ance with a provision of the
present Constitution. There
has been little or no discussion
of this important issue in the
State, and the positions of par
ties remain undefined. If it
so chance that all the isms, er
rors, venalities and villainies
that have crept into party pol
itics during the last decade are
to be grafted upon a new Con
stitution by sham reformers and
bogus philanthropists, such as
have bad power in this State
for the last few years, no Con
stitution should by held, and
the people had better determ
ine to bear the ills they have
than fly to others that Uiey
know not of.
The M. E. Church in McAr
thur, is undergoing internal repairs.
Happy IIouks, an illustra
ted monthly journal, has found
its way to our sanctum. It is
such a journal as should be la
ken ly every person in thi
broad land. 25 cents per year.
Address Happy Hours Co.,
22 'Ann Street, New York
Wk have, received a copy of
"The Metropolis Explained
and Illustrated," published by
Devlin & Co., Clothiers, of
New York. It is a neatly
hound book of 00 pages and is
a valuable guide to those who
are not familiar with that city.
The book may be obtained
without charge by addressing
Devlin & Co., P. O. Bos No.
22oO, New York City,
We hear great complaint
from the farmers and garden
ers in this locality on account
of the damages of the cut
worms. In many instances
whole fields of coi n will have
to be replanted, while the oat
crop and , pastures are being
seriously injured by the depre
dations of these pests.
Thesis are the mornings to
get up early and hear the larks
larking, and see the swallows
The Family Circle for. May
1st, is beautifully illustrated,
and filled with useful and in
teresting reading. It is stead
ily increasing in value and pop
ular favor. That excellent
story, "Tho Schoolmistress of
High Prairie;" is continued in
this number. The Illustrations
arc 'President Lincoln's Treat,'
'The Miner's lleservoir,-' and
Jefferson as Hip Van Winkle.'
Published by C. II. dishing,
85 Washington Street, Chica
go, Illinois.
A Western editor has been
sent abroad by his subscribers
on accpnnt of ill health. This
is the first instance of tho kind
on ' record. Clergymen are
sometimes subject .to this treat-incut.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sis
son's DruffRtnr.
For All Who Bead.
Wivrim ulllNnit lirnltMlliin.rowirfiit.mlAf.
Inive vvvi'M'flil for tho imrmm.'ii tninnilnl. Ii.
limit oonviintefic, ptrfrct iKlnptnMim to no
. wiiriUHixt ItHvcry low price will enrtJiln
1y lirlim It lnt(ii'onirou,lf hv niiivcrMl um.
fcix 'tvvrfifi'ineiit, W-l
Constitution of Ohio. Who will be the Radical
Nominee for Governor?
We have been asked a num
ber of times who the Radicals,
who "have fulfilled their mis
sion," intend to nominate for
Governor. As we are not at all
posted in the matter, we will
give the views of O. B. Chap
man of the Pomeroy Telegraph
upon the subject. From that
puper of May 17, we take the
following, and from the tone of
which it seems the Radicals
are not so very are of carry
ing the State next fall, al though
thy have declared again and
again that . the Democratic
party is dead :
The movement in favor of
Gen. Noyes, ns the Republican
candidate for Governor, con
tinues all over the State.
The contest - seems at pres
ent to lie between Ben. Wade
and Noyes, although the Ohio
State Journal considers that
Galloway is the latter's most
formidable competitor.
Ex-Senator Wade ha3 a great
many warm supporters all over
the State, and well deserves
them for his integrity, consist
ency and fearlessness.
But, as we have said before,
it is not a time when we can
talk of any good candidate and
expect, to elect him easily, and
especially we should find Mr.
Wade a Jieavy load to carry.
His speeches are like the man,
rough, outspoken and bold;
and a few unguarded expres
sions made without a particle
of tact, though without the
slightest intention to insult nny
body, lost us hundreds of Ger
man votes in this district four
years ago.
We refer to his speech in
Mariet ta, wliirh our readers will
remember without going into
Another disadvantage in this
case weighs heavily against, him.
lie was one of the San Domin
go Commissioners, and it is en
thusiastic for the acquisition of
that nest "of yellow fever and
revolutionary cut-throats. Now
Mr. Wade is perfectly honest
in this matter, and 'is firmly
convined that we should add
largely to our resources and
find it easier to pay our public
debt by paying u few millions
of ready money for half the Is
land of Ilayti, but such is his
utter want of tact that he
would probably make the an
nexation of San Domingo the
burthen of his speeches, and
he completely blind to the fact
that there is no more unpopu
lar question before the people
than this same annexation.
We have got to do our best
to carry the State this fall, and
we must strip for it and leave
aside everything that is likely
to hinder u.
As for Mr. Galloway, his
nomination would be a great
No man should bo even
named for tbe high office 9k
vjvvcniui itgmnsu wnom lue
probable suspicion rests of hay
ing made the national appoint
ments of his district a Bubicct
n . . ......
or nroKerage, and dividing the
profits thereof with such a fel
low as J oe Gieger.
Office Holders' Prayer.
0 ! Grant that Grant rnav
continue to Grant the grant of
Urant's ravors to Grants most
obsequious grantees. May
Grant be re-elected to grant
office to Grant's servile slaves;
that Grant's grantees may live
by Grant's grants and thus ex
emplify Grant's .loyalty, that
Grant's grantees may sound
Grant's granting praises bo
fore Grant's enemies and by
this means evince to a wicked
and perverse generation that
urant, by his grants, has en
deared Grant to Grant's gran
tees if to none of Grant's grant
less grantees. Amcu.
Stop your half from fafh'ft-rf oat
by using Halt's Vegetable Sicilian
Katr Jlcnewer, a euro prevention.
Good Advice.
Spurgeon sententious y ex
presses a number of thoughts
"worth remembering," in the
following appropriate sentences
which lie publishes as "advice
Nobody is more like an hon
est man than a thorough rogue.
When you see a man with a
great deal ot religion display
ed in his shop window, you
may depend upon it he keeps
a very small stock of it within
Do not choose your friend
by his looks ;" handsome shoes
often pinch the feet.
Do not be too fond of com
pliments ; remember "Thank
you, pussy, and thank yon, pus
sy, kill the cat.
Dont believe the man who
talks the most, for mewing cats
are seldom good mousers.
By no means put yourself in
another person's power. If you
put your thumb between two
grinders they are very apt to
Drink nothing without see
ing if, sign nothing without
reading it, and make sure that
it means no more than it says.
Don't ao to law unless yon
have nothing to lose; lawyers
houses are built on tools' beads
Put no dependence on the
label of a ba" and count mon
ey after youi own kind.
In any business never wade
into water where you can not
see the bottom.
See the pack open before you
buy what is in it; for he who
trades in the dark asks to be
Keep clear of a man who
does not value his own character.
Inkciy plnkory too-too !
Tooscry poosory sliovr, sbow 1
Hio to dn-ila,
Kiss kissy ma,
Icklct3T picliloty, bo, boh !
Hold on to j'our tongue when
you are ready to swear, lie or
speak harshly.
Hold on to your hand when
you are about to strike or steal.
Hold on to your temper
when you are angry, excited
or imposed upon.
Hold on to your heart when
evil associates seek your com
pany. Hold on to your good name,
for it is more precious thau
gold.- t
Hold on to the truth, for it
it will serve you well.
A Riddle. "I will consent
to all you desire," said a face
tious lady to her lover, "on
condition that you give me
what you have not, what you
never can have, and yet what
you can give me.'' What did
she ask for? A husband.
A borrowed tool, if broken,
should be replaced by a new
one. A nice sense of honor in
such matters is much to be
The month of August was
so called by the Emperor Au
gustus, not that he was1 born in
that month his birthday was
in September but because he
had always been fortunate in
war during it.
The Radicals of Connecticut
Legislature, with characteristic
disregard of jtho popular will,
have counted in their Jewell as
Governor, by eighty-six major
ity. The fruit crop in California,
th is season, will be immense.
Cherries were in San Francisco
market, on 1st inst., and straw
berries are a drug. The vint
age is estimated at ten million
The son of-llegel, the cele
brated philosopher, is Profess
or of History at the University
of Erlangeu ; but he is such a
dull lecturer that ho hardly
cverbas any hearers..;
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
Republican Standard
Republican Standard Bearers.
The New York Independ
ent, (Rad.) in an editorial,
"The Political Outlook," has
the boldness to declare tbe
truth and say that "every pi
rate bearing down upon' the
National Treasury now flies the
flag of Republicanism." The
party is now, in its opinion, "a
hack for office-holders and
plunderers," which, fortunate
ly, or Unfortunately, for the
people, is the case with every
party that grows overly-strong
and continues too long in. office.
But for some years pant, the
Republican party has been, in
the language of one of its
prominent literary members,
"the party of organized rascal
ity," and every pirate bearing
down upon the National
Treasury flew the flag of Re
publicanism. It was called
"loyalty," but it meant plunder.
The people had to be hood
winked with some pet senti
ment, while those who carried
the flag and marched under its
folds plundered the Treasury,
Jobbery and corruption are
now the elements that fix the
character of the Republican
., A countryman took bis sent
at a tavern table, opposite to
a gentleman who was indulg
ing in a bottle of wine. Sup
posing the wine to be common
property, our unsophisticated
country friend helped himself
to it with the gentleman's
o . ..... ......
"That's coolT exclaimed the
owner of the wine indignantly.
"Yes," replied the other :
"I should think there was
ice in it."
For Humors.
TITKSK Invnlimlilo MoiIIpIiuw linvc ncliicvo1
aCiiinnhitfl Triumph in (rmlimtiiiK Hu
mors, if all klnclf, rrum tlin hn iii nn Nyxlum.
Thoy ktiii IntroiltU'Cil to tlin pnliliii some nix
yi'iiinslncp, mill hnve hra-n imcil With entire mic.
cess. ThitCANCIClt mills ALT RHKlIM SVHt 1
Is (jiki'n inlcriiiilly, wlilch rlc.'iiiKM the lllnrai,
liv thniwlnif linpiiritii'H to tlir snrfari'. wlii'ii
tl'ie CKItATK in iippllfd, !xti)rnnlly, unci fill
ci iipHcilii! are ilfKtroyvd, hikI llrnltli ami llcaii
tv restored. Tlii'ir Aktoniriiino Hicckw has
. ulleiUmtmany iirnornnt proteinic, who Imvo
Introduced tlielr wonderful prupnnitiun lotlie
piitillu nicy hi o out in nimon every rorm
Irom I'mincu'ii'Hilown IoPIIIh, mid Ml fori In
inon.(oroi' thui arr.)
Hut It Iihs noon Mwrvoilto T)R. Wkavkh's
SYRI'PiiikI CKRATB to nchlevo wluit, (under the
circiimstiini'cM.j may m rcKitmcu us mo most
lirilllnnt triumph jet neliioved liy any nifli
i'Iiih ever hill ("luocil to t ho Ainoriniu public.
Why is this? Simply Iwcnuso tliey perform
nlmt lliey promise; nnd notwitlHtamliiiK the
Introduction of those new ami wonderful nreu-
anitlons toilio niililie. the Hnlt lilicum Kvrun
unci ceraiB Keep sienuny on tneir way, eoiKpier-
IHK ns inoy no. n inn iiiiDiie. ivisn in try tnusc
new prcpa'ni lions, wo linvd not a word to niv,
forthev hnvn Hure. Uumeilv to Kull Hack 1'pnh,
viz.. Dr. Weavkr'h ( anker and Suit Klicnni
Hrrup mid (Vrute. Of till liiut tho public arc
well nwnre. for thousands. In all section' of tile
country, hnve licen cured hv tlicin, alter nil
otherremeilles have utterly fulled.
J. N. HARRIS, & CO., l'miirietors.
oic J. h. tn'itoNri.
It. 8. WII.UOX & CO.,
h. ;. wii.sos,
,J McArthttr (
Words of a Reliable Druggist.
Allen' Lung B.ilaiu,
lawnrrimtflrt tohrent nn tlin most troublesome
Cough in nn Incredibly Hliort time. Thore is no
rummy that can show morn evidence of real
merit than this llaUam, fin- citrlnx Oonnump
tiou, Couglia, ColiLs, AsUinui, Croup, Ac.
Which makes It moro than a Cough Kcmcdj'
MasInr Pity. Mirn...Tiilv 1R70
J.V. IIahhis Co., Dour Hlrs: Tim Allcn'i
Luna nalsniu has arrived. I would not llko
I in without it, for It has sated hit llfii. 1 took
had coiikIi, mid llnully consumption wassen'ed
upon mo. I was In vol? had sluto, I tried
oVeryHilnprthHt wiw recommended, nnd spent
n trrontncjil of mono v, ninl trot no help, Iliad
the Allen's l.tinu lluhumi for miln. butt knew
notinnijot H-s merit. Idlilnotiiko to take
without knnwlnii moro nlmutlt. 1 had tint sold
n butt In. When yournifent Culled on lno I tohl
him I could not sell a mod id no I Itimw nothing
about, lie unfed mo to trv It myself, I did mi,
nnd to my unite ful surprise tho first bottle
slopped my cminh, anil liefoin tiM! third bottle
wns 1 nketi my Uiri(f were healed and well, nnd
lemi now sinMik knowingly to ny filonds nnd
ciiHtoroorti of tho quulitlimof Allen's Lnng Bui.
am. i remain runiweiiuiir,
h. . COTTItlili,
It is sold by Mcillolno Dealers vwy whore.
T)o not bn ilnr.nl vod, ynu who wnnt n pkh) mud
Iclne, sml tWrtm "Allen' l,ung Htlmtm.'' J Jo nut
allow iinin-tnclpleu Healers town vnu other linl
siiiiih. Heo tlmlyoii notALI.KN'8 LUND HALSAM
ami yon will halo (lie bust couif Ii remudy ottered
lollmpnlilici kik! ona thut will Klo snllsfuc-
uon. J. n. iiAiiuis t if ,
Boln Pmprlptorii, Cinuliiiintl, 0.
rot iiu t
0, W, BISfHY, McArlliuf;
UK. if. B. STItONO,
R. 8. W II.COX ItnO., ll.nulm;
II. 0. WILHON, -
h. II. B1M1I01' A 80.V, vVllkofvlll
Get Ready For It!
It is coming !
Why, the the, fh'pnjcr of
America are grinding up for
the battle between capital nud
labor, bonds and poverty, lax
ntion and princely fortunes for
Congressmen i
The farmer leans over, the
plow to think, the mechanic
drops the hammer a moment to
listen for the' sound ;' the' tax
payer is making new figure,
allowing more for shoes, cloth
ing, rent, ilonr and wood,' nnd
less for the sum to go into the
eager clutch of the tax-gatherer;
What is the sotfnd' which
makes the mechanic pause t
It isn't the rumbling! of far-off
thunder, nor the beating of the
waves- against the massive
docks,' nor the rush', of feet
hurrying b'. There is some
thing in the air a brighten
ing up of the political horzon,
which makes poor men' gather
closer together, shake hands,'
and predict better times. There
is a trembling of tilings- politic
al which makes merchants
wary about investing largely
in croods. and sets them to won-
dering if gold will shortly go
higher before it drops' a-rain.
and forever. There is a shout
ing from hilltops and. valleys
which makes the bondholder
move uneasily in his chair, nud
wonder if the day of reckoning
is approaching I
lrec trade no more bond-holding-rhonest
men for of
fices punishment for official
thieves bread and clothing
for the children of laboring
men before we pay another
dollar more as interest on any
man's bonds m home for ev
ery mechanic, rather than adi
ditioual taxation to buy more
territory I
These are onr sentiments
these the ideas which are to be
hurled into the ranks of Radi
calism I It is eighteen months
before election' the time is
none too tourr. The soldier
grinding his hand-organ has got
to he awakened the man toil
ing up the ladder with bis hod
wants talking to the dustv
mechanic haimmemig away at
two dollars per day in the ef
forts to keep soul and bodv to-
getner, wants a word further rn
Ins ear the tanner, wliosees
wool down, wheat down, pro
duce down has got to have a
little more time to ponder and
hgure. lireat victories are not.
won in an hour great battles
may last for days. We have a
nail to drive, and we must
comraeuce hammering at it
Open the battle everywhere;
subscribe for papers like Pom
erov's Democrat, which fear
not to tell the truth at all times;
wh.ch know no campaign of
days or weeks, but which 'are
always doing battle for him
who earns honest bread by
honest labor ! Form clubs and
societies in every town and
hamlet ; hold meetings at ev
ery cross-road nnd school-house.
If you make a vote now, it will
count when we want it ; if you
do your work now, tho battle
is won when we take the field
for the final conflict.
In every town and city in
the Union, let some one take
the advance in making a thor
ough canvass; in calling for a
thorough reorganization ; in
getting tho rank and file just
where the first tap of the drum
will wake them for the march
to the ballot-box. We are go
ing to agitate history a little 1
We arc going to have further
talks with farmers, mechanics,
day-laborers, and other honest
"What are the issues ?
Every; oaestion which can be
raised. We want laboring
men to havo more pay ; we
want cheaper, provisions, and
cheaper dry goods. Wo want
men to pay more toward cot
tage homes, and pay less to
ward .keeping alive thousands
t of useless public leeche.i, who
if f'TflSfHI '"T
are gating put the bone ;and
muscle of America'.' tVc hiveV
nothing to defend. We have
a hundred tiointtf of attack.
There lias been' stcaliri?? i;ii
Congress, corruption', at ' the'
White' House, fraud at' the
Treasury, mismanagement atid;
corruption in places higli and.
low. The bone an J muscle' 6f
Ameriea- has been Wearied in'
earning moiVny (t be' piii'd over
to protect AnY-' ican' mbriopV
Hies, thereby paying money, .tty
raise the'jprice of good!?' wliich
the laboring man consumes.
iThcpoor have been' trodden1
under foot t'hnti autocrats might
add to their wealth.- Idle' day
laborer has taken food' from
his family to; ry the interest
on ootid!? wlncli have brought
back their facc-valneagaiirand'
again. The President is'ft lhih
ure mismanagement and" fraud!
rest on every branch of tlie
Government the people' are
longing for a change..
It is coming. (Jet ready for
the1 contest and the victory.
Pomcroy's Democrat.
Freddy is- a little one of sev
en years' growth, the son of a
clergyman, who, with his wife,
has j,ust arri'ved aft a new field1
of labor. Hearing his mother
say to his father that, she hacl
been deceived! by his saying
, the parsonage was a three
story house; when, in fact, it
was only-two, lie said' ?
"VVelT, Freddy f
"Pa,, is right,"
"How is that, Freddy I"' 1
a tie kitchen is one, J
"The Hooiv is no'. nniT tT.o
story that papa told three."'
It is said that SUOO fMn TO il l
buy the famous trotting stallion
About three-fon rtl
lead used in the United States
is saia to be imported.
Worth, the Paris man milli
ner, is coming to New York,
where a house is fitting up fur
An Indiana woman married
her affinity witlirn five minutes
of her divorce from her last
Rhode Island had enly thirty-four
clam bakes to tire acre
last season, but will come up
to par this year.
A man in Henry county,
Ind., has discovered a sore way
of exterminating snakes. He
bites off their heads.
f Col. Ruger, the now Super
intendent of West Point, ids. M
ciplmarians in the service.
A Philadelphia journalist as
serts that that city possesses tho
finest art collections in Ameri
ca. He means Pennsylvania.
Gen. Sninner: rlnrinne flirt f
T - ..wp vmv IVI I,
years lie has been the Trensnr.
er of the United States, has
nanuieu tlic large sum of S50.
000,000,000. Hon. Thomas Ewing, Sr.,
returned to Lancaster, from
Washington Citv. a few dnva
ago. He is at present enjo)--.
ui& twccncni neaun.
Methodist ! church ea rr.r
built in this country in 1870 at
the rate of nearly four to every
workinr? dav. tlin Tmmlmi.
ing over 1,200.
The Radical presses are
opening their foul months on
General Sherman. IIo has un
set the Radical skillet and spilt
the fat into tho fire.
A religious journal, conduc
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stinence,. recommends tho sub.
stitutlon ot tea for who m the
celebration of. tho Lord's Sup
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