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VOL, 5.
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iFdMfiMf and Proprlttirf.l
ljc (Snquitttt
J. W. EOWEH, Editor.
M'Arthdr, May 31, 1871.
The Property of Ohio.
By an official statement from
the Auditor of State, laid be
fore the Senate, are givun the
following reliable figures :
Total valuation of real prop
erty of the State, as fixed by
the State Board of Equaliza
tion, $1,018,144,506.
Valuation of the chattle
property on .the. .duplicate of
i 870, as reported to the State
Auditor's office, $459,884,500.
Estimated valuation of chat
tle property as a basis for tax
ation in 1871, $43G,800,G57.
Aggregate affixed and esti
mated valuation of the real and
personal property of the State
for the present year, a basis for
taxation for the next year, $1,-410,335,103.
Revenue frauds are getting
decidedly numerous, the last
having been reported from
Baltimore. As it is only about
a million dollars, not much no
tice seems to be taken of it.
It seems that a large quantity
of illicit whisky has been put
on the market through the
connivance of certain revenue
officers, who received large
sums of money tp keep still
about it. There is gettiug to
be a wide spread suspicion that
occasionally Mr. Grant ap
points a man to office that will
bear his share of watching.
Radical newspapers are ex
tremcly ready to publish all
ports of fabrications about the
South, but take precious good
caie never to inform their read--
era that they are mere fabrica
tions. Kartien ailvprtixumunt. of Dr Hutu' Dispell-
f nry, hooded Honk lor the miUnnitARRUOlC
;( tf-in another column! It should lie read
liy Mill
Wo tnke iiloa'iircin witnmcmlinirTHK Briht
Simb to tlm mitleo of our render iw mm the
)irwtk'it, aprljftitlltiitt mid innt viiltnihlo of the
liulillaUhm for young pponle with which wc
tire uciUiiinui. t:a huvciuwihhiu a-iy
The southeastern portion of
Kansas, and in fact all of that
section of country lying tribu
tary to Kansas City, Leaven
worth, Lawrence and Topeka,
lias received the largest portion
of the immigration which has
been constantly flowing into
Kansas during the last three
years; but this does not prove
that the lands are better or
cheaper than in the central or
northwestern portion of the
State, but that a more system
atic and persistent effort is con
stantly being made to turn the
tide of emigration in that direction.
Wine Bitters A pharmaceutical
preparation, by a regularly educa
ted physician, is one of the most
pleasant and valuablo tonics oftho
day. Persons recovering from pro
tracted illness, or thoso who at this
particular season of the yoar are
subject to jaundice, habitual consti
pation, or any disonse arising from
a disordered stomach, liver or bow
els, will find in tho Sherry VVino
Bitters a friend moro to bo dosirod
than gold.
Sold by nil Druggists. 18-4t
Agents Wanted.
We want an agent, mule or female,
i'n every town in this State, to whom
Ho will pay a salary of from 50 to
$200 per month and expenses, and
will give agreoablo and bonorablo
employment for at loast one year.
This is no humbug as any one can
atfeorfcain by addressing C. W. Arm
ntrong k Co., .30. 1 and 2 Soitz now
Block, Detroit, Mich. No etamp re
tired. STo commission agents need
apply. 18-4w
For All Who Bead.
We, eon without Imitation. recommnd AL
tvevoreen for the purpo intend. It
(trout, convenience, perfeot rttptntlon to 10
tnnry wintteud luvery low pike will eefUln
lv bring It Intocf mraon, if But univetitl ui'.
BedTertieouient. 13-17.
Where is that Terrible
It will be remembered that
the Republicans made a terri
ble howl because the last Dem
ocratic Legislature remained in
session until after the first of
May. Not a word do the Re
publicans raise against the late
Kadical Legislature. It it was
an outrage for the Democratic
Legislutnre to remain in ses
sion to so late a date, was it not
equally outrageous for the late
Legislature to unnecessarily
prolong its session?
In consequence of the refu
sal of the farmers and land
owners to sign the right away
for reasonable prices the pro
proved Baltimore Short Line
Railway from Warren Station,
on the M. & C. R." R., six miles
cast of Athens, down the Lit
tie Hocking River to Belpre,
of which we spoke some months
ago, has been abandoned. It
is now stated that the Co. pro
pose running from Culter Sta
tion, on the M. & C. R. R. to
Belpre which will be a saving
of several miles. Had the
company who now operate the
Baltimore & Cincinnati Rail
road built the road from Cin
cinnati to Belpre there is no
doubt but what they could
have saved i.t least a distauce of
ten miles between the two
points. There are two stations
in Vinton county only lour
mile3 apart where more than
one-fourth of a mile of road
bed could have been saved as
easily as not. What a saving
of time, of machinery and roll
ing stock this one-fourth of a
mile would be in only one year
Short Line or Air Line Rail
ways are the most profitable !
Three hundred more thieves,
vagabonds, 'murderers and
rowdies wanted to travel
through the South stealing
from negroes, robbing houses,
insulting and outraging women,
and occasionally murdering an
old man. All work of this
kind will be charged to Ku
Klux and paid for by Presi
dent Grant and other thieves
interested in his re-election.
Address, with references, Moxa
Morton, Beast Butler or Ignor
amus Grant a trinity of dev
il's crows sitting on the
political limb at Washington.
Suort accounts of any events or
affairs of interest in the villarges
or townships of this and adjoining
counties, in person or by letter, will
bo thankfully received by tho Edi
tor of this paper.
That Burglar who was shot near
Nolsonvillo in December, turns out
to be a man from Mercer county,
Pennsylvania. Esquiro Hickman
has recoirod a lottor from a woman
who says she is his wife, and that
his namo wos Davis.
"Brick" Pomoroy socmstorely
upon himself. New York Star.
That is more than Joe Howard,
editor of the Star, did wlion a young
lady bounced into his dining-room,
revolver in hand, and drove him
undor his wife's bod Pomeroy't
Go for 'om, "Brick I"
It is said that if potatoos aro plan
ted In alternate hills with corn, so
that the vinos will be shadod, tho
bugs will not disturb them. It is
worth trial.
The rates of State Taxation
affirxed by the late Legislature
of Ohio' are as follows : For
General Revenue, one mill and
two-tenths; for Sinking, eight'
tenths of a mill; for Common
Schools, one mill.
Tor Pure Drags and Medicines
toto SiBson'e.
Ku-Klux. [From the Vicksburg Herald, May 20th.]
A Whole Family Butchered
and Three of the Victims
Burned with the House.
A correspondent sends us an
account, clipped from the Ruth
erfbrdton (N. C.) Vindicator,
of a most devilish and fiendish
murder, committed in Ruther
ford County on the last "Wed
nesday of April, accompanied
by a letter, which we give be
low. "We condense as follows
from the account of the mur
der :
About eleven miles north of
Rutherfordtou lived Silas Wes
ton (colored,) with his wife (&
white woman) ana lour clnl-
Soon after dark Wednesday
evening, three men appeard at
Weston s house, fired a shot
through the door at Weston's
wife, then broke open the door,
rushed in and commenced an
indiscriminate firing on the
whole family.
One of the ruffians shot
down three children, another
shot Weston thrice, and a
third cut his throat. They
then pulled the woman from
her retreat under the bed,
stabbed her in the breast and
stomach and cut her throat.
Thinking them all dead, the
ruffians then set fire to the
house and left.
The woman, still sensible,
after the murderers left, drag
ged herself from the house, car
rying with her one of the chil
dren, which was still living,
The woman went to a neigh
bor's and reported the facts.
What may seem remarkable,
in the terrible excitement of
the moment, and suffering
from her terrible wounds, she
knew the murderers and stated
distinctlv. the . part that each
performed, mentioning the
names; also the positions of
the bodies of her murdered
husband and children, which
were found to be as she sta
ted. The accused Govan and
Columbus Adair, and Martin
IJainard were pursued, ar
rested and placed in iail,
where they await trial.
As soon as the murder was
heard of, the Radical press,
with their usual disregard for
truth, commenced the howl of
"another damnable Ku-Klux
Bnt unfortunately for the
manufacturers of political cap
ital, the parties were all "Rad
icals of the straightest sect,''
and the honest, justice loving
Radical papers let the matter
The following is the letter
of our correspondent, accompa
nying the aocount of murder :
Ed. Herald : The perpe
trators and the victims of the
above outrage are well known
to me ; and Dy letters from my
relatives, who reside near the
scene of the crime, I learn some
facts connected with the case
not mentioned in the above re
port. A week before they
committed the murder these
desperadoes told Weston and
others that the Ku-Klux would
kill him unless he left the State.
And had it not been for the
woman's extraordinary tenaci
ty of life the Conservatives of
the neighborhood would have
been charged with, and proba
bly punished for tho diabolical
deed. Within ten days prece
ding this crime, the Radicals
of the county, these murderers
included, sent a messenger to
Washington.with a petition for
troops to arrest and punish
Ku-Klux. The Adaira were
only 16 to 17 years of age in
1861, but by the time the war
closed they were notorious as
horse-thieves and bush-whackers,
all the name and "for the
sake of the tlnion." The skill
and devotion they displayed in
the above professions secured
their early admission into the
first-Loyal League organized in
the county ; and that they have
been faithful and efficient mem
bers of that organization for
the past six years, neither
friend nor foe will deny, while
it is proclaimed by the ruins yf
burned barns and churches ; by
the broken bones of their own
grandfather, and the butchery
of a whole family. Why have
they not been punished tor
these crimes ? Every civil of
ficer of the county is a member
of the League') and are sworn
to shield their brethren Irorn
punishment for any crime they
commit, however infamous.
Weston was an ante bellum
free negro. He and his wife
were poor, ignorant, inoffensive
creatures: as incapable of
harming .one as were their
Skipwith's Landing, Miss.,
May 16th, 1871.
Trouble in Duluth.
Everything is not lovely in
the city of Duluth metropolis
of the Northwest if Jwe may
credit the following from the
Morning Call," published there
by Seth Wilbur Paine, the
walkist. He says:
The fact of the whole mat
ter is this : A few men own
Duluth. They have taken into
their ring a few outsiders to
help them run the machine.
Their purposes and plans are
to sell out the town, pocket the
money and leave. or then
success they rely wholly upon
false representations and lying
reports of Dulnth. Not being
able to send out sufficient lies
by the way of letters, circulars
aud correspondents, they have
paid for and brought into ser
vice three "puffing machines,"
otherwise known as newspapers,
on wnicn tney uepena largely
to circulate their false repre
sentations. The whole and
only business of these machines
is to send out lying puffs of
Duluth, and in every possible
way help the sharks to swm
die the people. Every new
comer must pay tribute to tht
ring. If they bae no money,
they may act pimps and help
ring in those who have. As
we have stated several times
before, there is nothing at pres
ent of Duluth outside or this
l ing of sharks. The town thus
far has been built upon lies.
Hundreds of innocent and un
suspecting persons have beerv
financially ruined. Families
have been broken up. Starva
tion has been brought to the
door of many a household.
There are to-day fifty families
in the city of Duluth sick for
the want of bread. If there be
any who doubt our statements,
or who attribute to us any
mercenary motives in speaking
thus plainly, let them come
and see for themselves. They
will find here what the sharks
claim to be a population of
from four to six thousand, and
without work or business to
support a village of three hun
dred persons. These are the
facts as they now exist. When
there comes a change we shall
be the first to make it public.
If there is any portion i"of
this continent where it mayjbe
said "the winds their revels
keep," it is on 'the plains -of
Kansas. They appear to blow
with ceaseless pemstence for
three-fourths of the year front
the northwest. Every lt treoJ
shrub and other moveable thmg
above the ground 'leans sub
missively toward the south
east. '
Trouble in Duluth. To Drive Red Ants from the
Drop some (Juicklitne on the
mouth of their nest; and wash
it With boiling water ;1 or dis
solve some camphor in spirits
of wine, then mix water, which
has been found effectual. They
are averse to strong scent.-
Camphor will prevent their in
festing a cupboard, or a sponge
saturated with creosote.
Leather work is a fashiona
ble lady's amusement
Shawls are now worn square
over the shoulders instead of
being folded lengthwise, as
Black grenadines make the
prettiest, most stylish and mot
serviceable summer dresses.
Pongees are next in favor.
The metallic heels which
young ladies allect are inju
rious to the feet, and disagree
able and most unlady-like in
Maxim for women of fashion
-Never bring a husband to
an evenincr party, ihere is
nothing so much in the way.
Satan pipings are no longer
used by fashionable modistes.
Gros grain or the dress material
makes the pipings now used.
'Many ladies wear their bon
net strings tied under the
chkrnon and the lone ends
down the back a style that is
becoming to very tew.
The most admired shades of
brown used in combination are
cafe au lait ct cafe au lait force,
coffee and milk and strong cof
fee and milk.
The matinee standing collar,
with the front corners turned
down, is the latest style, and
very becoming to slender gen
tlemen With Jong necks.
Among the new dress fab
rics brought into the London
... . 1 A A 1.
marKet, me ramie cloths are
attracting favorable attention.
They are made from the fibres
of the Rhea grass, and resem
ble silk in fineness, brilliancy
and strength.
The New York Mail says
We have seen some carpets
woven expressly for a private
house in this city, with the
owner's" monogram in the cen
tre. The monogram is rapidly
getting to be the umversal la'n
guage of snobbishness;
High-heeled and narrow
toes boots destroy the shape of
the loot, distort the toes, de
stroy the contoui1 of the ankle,
and spoil the walk. Slippers
retain their popularity for the
house some have very high
heels and soles and pointed
toes, while they are cut low in
For Scalds or Burns.
Take raw onions and pound
or mash as fine as possible, and
apply at once ; it will give im
mediate relief.
Scouring Drops for Removing spots.
Grease, etc., from Linen or any
Other substances.
Take of spirits of turpentine
and essence 6f lemons, of each
one ounce. The essence must
be newly made, or it will leave
a circle round the spot.
To Remove Ink spots from
Saturate the spot with lard,
nd expose for a day in the
ot sun ; then jyash and boil
withdut'soap. 'Fruit stains
should'also ho washed without
soap.-('( 1 "'
To Wash Merino stockings.
The same method should be
pursued as for flannels and all
woolen and cotton goods. Boil
the soap to, make a lathe, wash
them in thia warm, and rinse in
a iccond lather,, if white mix a
little blue. iNever rinse in
plain water. f
To Make Old Kid Gloves
To Make Old Kid Gloves New.
Make a thick mucilage by
boiling a handful. Of flaxseed ;
add alittle dissdlved soap; then,
when the mixttiVc Cools, with a
piece of white flannel wipo the
gloves, previously fitting to tho
hand; use only enough of tho
cleaner to take oil the dirt,
without wetting through the
John Brown wishes to know
if, hi? paying $2 for the works
of J3urn8, he can get Scott tree.
"Industry must prosper,'" as
a husband said when noldiiijr
the baby while his wife chop
ped wood.
Who was the only man who
was never spanked in his child
hood ? Adam, because his
was born grown up.
An old Sailor said a feyv davs
ago: "I began the world with
nothing, and I .have held my
own ever since. "
A pious old Pittsburser frets
close to the foot lights when
the LUack Crook is on. be
cause 'his hearing is bad.'
A Boston newspaper an
nounces that a druco-ist's wid
ow in that neighborhood had
placed upon his tombstone the
epitaph, ,lIIis pill-srimase is
A reporter who attended a
banquet in New York conclu-
ueu nis description with a can
did statement that "it is not
distinctly remembered by any-
oody present who, made the
last speech.
A contemplative rreniua es
timates that if Brighatn Youug
wore an additional weed on his
hat every time he lost a wife or
a mother-in-law. he would how
be wearing a hat just twenty-
seven miles iiiffti.
George, asked a teacher of
Sunday-school scholar, who
above all others shall you wish
to see when you get to heaven
With a face brightening with
anticipation, the little fellow
shouted, 'Gerliah ?"
Mr. Jones, said Mrs. Jones
with an air of triumph, dou't
you' think marriage is a means
of grace ?
Well, yes. erowled Jones:
I suppose anything is a means
ot grace that breaks down
pride and leads to repentance.
Sandy"Eh; mon I but he
ca d me a leer I''
Mac "That's naething, my
laaoie. ile ca d me ,
names than that.- You
just bear it.''
Sandy'dang it, mon 1 but
he proved it.''
In the Second Justice's
Court yesterday, an attorney
was examining a surety touch
ing his qualifications as bonds
man. "You have property, you'
say V
"Did you make it yourself?"
"Are you married ?"
'Did your wifo briflgjfbuany.
thing ?''
'Three ebiMreA, eir."N. 0. Ticayune.'
A country squire in Massa
chusetts was called in by a
colored family to make a few
remarks at the funeral of their
son, in the absence of the only
clergyman in the place; The
weeping friends were seated'
about the room, when he arose
and said :
, "It's -pretty bad;' but if
was you I wouldn't take on so.
It's . all for the best, S'pose
he'd lived and grown up to be
a fat, healthy boywhy, he'd
never be nothing hut,, a nigger
anyhow 1" ;; .
Cylindrical mirrors, which
restore' . frightfully distorted
pictures to proper proportions,
are exhibited at some of the
opticians. A lady with d' Gre
cian bend forms a hideous
spcct'aole litpon.' the p'ape'r, but
comes up all right in tho glass.
i k ;
A disposition to lengthen
the skirks of walking dresses
shown, by our foreign modistes
resident in New ork, but it
is steadily opposed by our na
tivo fashion artists, . '
! 0' laid , 'the corner,'
stone of, a n6w.Cathbl7c church'
on' Sunday week; . .
Trp'nto, Queh66'anil tittrtW
had . slight .shock's 6f 6artrr
quake'a 6rV tfre 2&t i'nsl;
The sfWrh-sighal s6rvfc6 is tc
1)6 . extended to CaMcTa' an
Jirftisii Columbia1; s : "
Tifre telegraphic1 cable' from1
St. TBom? ta St. Ki'tt M
tfe6AiccefefuTfyMtf; : -
The Navaf AcadenVv. fire it
Annapolis WaV a, small thi'rig
rter all . The I6& fta 6y'
, Juare has' officially pr6
claruVed Tampicjft' closed td foW
eign1. vessels. The involution
ists hold' the city
three hundred . men firiltf
shortly .commence explorations
on the line of the Canada Pi
cific Railroad;
; 'Wm; tt Clart,- news editor
ot the Baltimore - Sun'. f6r th e
past twenty .years,, died in that
city Sunday 53? years of age;
Rev. J. S. Weaver, a widely-'
known Presbyterian' cterarvniarr
of Springfield, Ohioy died at
his residence there a lew days'
ftg- t
The corner-stone of the free
bridge . which U . f 6" span; tho
James fvi'ver at Richmond was
laid oh the 22d fnst; with great
The German Peaco flelelvrft.
tion at Snrincrfield; Ohio: on
the 22d inst. was a great success.
It wa3 Philadelphia on;,a small
A .coflrsion at sea between
the Jfew.Yovfe and Lbn'don
steamer Paraguay and the
screw steamer Webb catfsed
the' fouMermff 6f" the rafter
and the Ios' of thirteen lives.
Mr; Bonner. prOhiptty denies
the truth of the report that he
had agreed to trot his fast
hors6 for a ptifse of $5(?,Q00
against a San , iYah'crsco' nbrse
or arty Ofihef horse'.
; The Eastern fancy are en-
grossed wit!h; the' a'pplmch fng
'fea.fh.er-weight . fain between
Ed'wai'ds,- the English1 cha'mpl.
on; and: Collins. (JddS at bet-
ting are tOO" to 75' on Coffins;
The American Board: of
Commissioners . for Forehrn
Missions. -it is Saicf. will realize
some ffevenfy thousand dollars
from the estate of the late
0. BrOOks,- of Portland,- Mafno..
The cOmmissiotfers? to' revrsfft
and t'OnsoIidate the . statutes of
the United States' have made
their preliminary- rfepott. They
think that farther alterations
will rnrggest themselves before
the complete worit is ready for
CongresSy,, , ,
1; . When you know you aro
right "fea .riot the' face' of man.
2. Never, do' anything you
will be' ashamed of aftervvards.
3'. A lay christian is a rare
sight, for christians' are' not
lazfy; . ,
4. A contrary church mem
ber is very apt to be wrong.
5. lveep yotrr own feci ets. '
6. Alwavsbe readv to say a
kind and clever Word' to' every
7. Don't expect to . tdeaso
every one, or you' will please
no' one;
8; A falsehood flies sO''fast
that it looses' its' breath and
dies, or the wing;
' 9. A good man' Uvea' little
children.' "
10'. Never1 spak ill of yonr
pastor nor any' 6'no of your
brethren, and no gentleman'
'H I- Ml -6 - a . .
tit i i i 1 1 ii u r ill nr n biuiit
11. Never stay away from
religious meetings when held
week'davs or Sundavs. morn-i
ing, noon or night. , J
i mm.
The artist's, adiep to his pic
ture You be hanged I 4Mtaj

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