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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 31, 1871, Image 2

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l)c (Enquirers
J. W, LOWER, Editor.
Al'Artlmr. . May 31, ,1871.
For Governor,
B.ihjectto'tlic.loriln of ttio Democratic Stulo
, v -' Convention.
An Over Taxed People.
Talk with your neighbors
coucerning your taxes and the
money you aunnally contribute
to add to the wealth of eastern
capitalists and monopolists who
grow fat from the labor of
western industry and enter
prise, and inscribe upon your
banners, "Let us Lave a change
for the public goodl". Work
lor your own and the redemp
tion of your country, and when
you have displaced the Treas
ury moths you will enjoy the
proceeds of your own industry
and enterprise, instead of con
tributing of your hard earned
money to add to the wealth of
rich men who grow more weal
thy under the fostering care of
the government anl the neces
sities of an over taxed people.
Where is the Radical Party?
In the New York Sun of
May 2 6, we find the two follow
ing tickets:
The People's Candidates.
For President:
William S. Geoesbeck
of Ohio.
For Vice-President;
John Quincy Adams
of Massachusetts.
Office-Holders' Candidate.
For President:
" As the Sun is the only hon
est lladical paper published in
New York, we wish to remind
all the Radicals iuto whose
hands this paper may happen
to fall, that the New York Sun
'shines for all" and whenever
it finds a dark spot it does not,
fail to let "light shine therein."
It stroncly opposes the "Office
Holders' Candidate," and when
ever he is found in "ways that
arc dark' The Sun will shine
brightly upon him.
Any of our Radical friends
wlm wish to see aconv ot I he
" - a, af
Suu co taining the two tickets
above, will please call at this
The Ohio Legislature is
catching it on all hand, but
tlifl worst thiiiL' vet said of
- - - o
them is from the Jackson
Standard, a rank Radical pa
per, as follows:
"We shall be pleased to re
cord a single valuable and im
portant act that they have
passed, if any one will indicate
it. That such a set of shams
and humbugs should be tolera
ted, in session over a hundred
days, at an expense to the
State of over-$100,000, is one
of the curiosities of modern
Teter Schwab of Hamilton,
Ohio, was again arrested to
day, on the charge of stuffing
the ballot-box with Campbell
tickets at the October election,
thus procuring the defeat of
General Schenck. Cincinnati
dispatch of the 2oth.
The Radicals of the third
district can never get over the
defeat of Schenck last fall.
They have already had poor
Schwab Up on a similar charge,
but he got off; and now they
have him by the hair again.
It relieves their rage and mor
tification greatly to go for
Peter every few days.
First Gun of the Campaign.
The election for Judge in
the Judicial District composed
of the counties of Clermont,
Brown aud Adams, resulted in
the succcbs of .David Tarbell,
Democrat, over Oen. Loudon,
ltepublican,tby the following
Clermont "-'r-"- - 527
Drown - ' 830
Adams - - '.. 1 224
y. AMD- -J J v i i ,
n ,
Keurtho Cai Shops, at
Arrnniremonts linvo been niiuloby tlio iiiulur-
signed Committee rorhavlng Uruml Celebra
tion ia Itottutilul drove, a. lew siejis eu l or tno
Cur Shops, ou
Monday, the 4th of July!
Erorvtliinir will be done by tho Committee
to muho thu ttlTnlr the most pleusiiut iiud ngWQ-
able ever held at thut place.
The Declaration, cf Independence
Will be read, and
will b matle. A
will be erected fortho benefit of those wishing
to enjoy the pleasant exercised
ID A. 1ST CI 1ST. Or I
The occasion will be enlivened with the most
Prepare for a full dny's cnmiulgii by coming
with your
Baskets Well Filled.
Refresments of all Kinds
Mav be had upon tho ground. Let everybody
go and piirtieitmla in the Grand Rejoicing I
J.T. liLAt K,
w. hkpiusii,
M. UE.NllK.
Cora, of Arinngoments.
Another Mining Horror.
The terrible di a ter at the
Avondale mine in Pennsylva
nia, several months ago, had
almost its counterpart at Pitts
ton on Saturday. Fire broke
out in the'mining shaft, cutting
off the retreat of thirty eight
laborers, "men and boys, and
apparently dooming them to
certain death by suffocation.
Desperate exertions were made,
however, to rescue them, and
twenty of the number were
still alive when brought up,
the remainder being dead. It
would be difficult to exagger
ate the horrors of such a calam
ity, and the details, as reported
by telegraph, cannot fail to
create a profound impression on
the public mind.
After the 'warnings hereto
fore had, the proprietors of this
mine deserve severe censure
for having failed to take proper
precautions for the safety of
their workmen. It is time that
this reckless greed for making
money should have some ef
fective check. It' is enough
that the wages of workingmen
and their general interests
should suffer through the
grasping spirit of capitalists.
Their lives, at least, must be
held sacred. There can be no
real difficulty in avoiding such
calamities as those of the Avon
dale and Pittston mines, if only
little trouble and expense are
taken tor that purpose. This
fresh slaughter of miners should
not be permitted to pass into
oblivion witnouc someming ei-
fectual being done to prevent
the recurrence of such calami
ties in any of the mining dis
tricts in the future. .
About tho year 1085 tho Legisla
ture of PennRylvmiia passed a reHO-
ution that "no momber thereof
should eomo to the IIouho barefoot,
or eat liia bread uud chceso on tho
The Radical masters who
reign at Washington seem to
know as little of human nature
as they do of history or law.
The Columbus Adams Ex
press robbers have been arrest
ed. Two brothers named
Bradley, foimerly in the em
ploy of the company, are the
guilty partit'S. All the money
stolen $GO,000 has been re
covered except $1,000. .
Subscription to the railroad
stock livened up somewhat last
week, and, we learn, matters in
this line are more encouraging.
Good. If the money is sub
scribed GallipolU will soon
have a railroad; manufactui ing
establishments will spring up;
population increase; money will
circulate , more freely, and, of
course, there will be more busi
ness for everybody. Farmers
will have a better market for
their produce, and get better
prices for" it GallipolU Bul-
Another Mining Horror. Marriage Celebration----Tin Wedding.
! Saturday, May 27, 1871, was
the' 20th anniversary of ..the
weddiug day of Geokge and
Amanda Lantz, of this
place. During the evening of
that day about fifty of the rel
atives and friends, nearly all
being those who were present
at their marriage, assembled at
their residence aud partook of
a most excellent supper, and
had a grand time generally.
Everybody seemed to enjoy
themselves, especially at the
table. All their children six
in number were present on
the joyful occasion, except the
oldest. . -
Mrs. Lantz will accept our
thanks for a superabundance
of the most delicious cake.
Half-fake arrangements
have been made with mosof
the Railroads in Ohio, inclu
ding the Marietta & Cincin
nati and Columbus & Hocking
Valley, for those wishing to at
tend the Democratic . State
Convention. Those wishing to
be present will leave for Col
umbus today. Let all those
from this county stop at the
American, the best hotel in the
city, during their stay at Columbus.
It rained last night.
"The Way to Retain
Power is to Keep up Hell."
The Chicago Journal, an in
famous, dirty Mongrel sheet,
tells its readers that the only
oniinating piinciple left in its
party, is "sectional hatred."
It states that the moment this
dies out, the moment the recon
struction issue subside?, the
moment general amnesty is ac
corded to the South, and the
bond of Union once more be
comes complete, and universal
brotherhood again holds sway,
its caue is up; its party gone;
its defeat, inevitable! That
party with U. S. Grant at the
head of it, thrives only on the
wages of sin and iniquity. It
lives, moves and has its being
in riot, lust and all manner of
abominations. Its' life is the
death of the country at last.
The life and prosperity of the
country are its destruction.
Shall it be allowed to live after
lg72, white men?
The Richmond Inquirer
says the news from the Virgin
ia wheat crop is less favorable,
and that the fly, chinch-bug,
joint worm and rust have done
more or less harm, making it
probable that the yield will
uot be equal to that of last
year. :
The Kadical papers are try
ing to shirk the responsibility
of the doings of the late Legis
ture in this State. A Legisla
ture that can adopt the Negro
Suffrage Amendment, as thi
one did can not be anything
else than of the Radical per
suasion. Don't go back on
your friends.
The lladical Governor of
Mississippi in vetoing a. land
crab bill, was constrained to
say : "i nave iounu it impos
sible, with my ; conceptions of
ciuty, to approve ic. it is in
formal, contradictory of itsell
and grossly extravagant, une
qual and unequitable and espe
cially oppressive to the poor
The truly loyal and highly
moral legislators, however, re
tused to let this remark be en
tered upon the journal.
Bait qf Ohio, Vinton Comly.
W r.. Biniinoc in., riaiuuus,
Warner BliiKhaui t. al., Dofondants.
In Vinton Connty Court of Common Pleas. Or-
tier of sale in ruruuou.
rnrsuntit U) thecoinumnd of nn order of sale
In partition iHHiicd from the Court of Common
I'lcaitof Vinton countv, and to me dlrentetl as
Shorltrof mild ((unity,! will offer for Bale at
the door of the Court House. In tbe town of
Mc Arthur, Vinton connty, Ohio, tn 1
Monday, the 3d Day of J uly.
at tho hour of 1 o'clock r. m. of said duy, the
following described preiulstM, aituated in Vin
ton county, Ui-wlt:
i'lio Htiuth.wust Quarter of the Nnrth-eafct
Quarter of Hectlou Numlier Hlx (H) Townsliip
Number Tun (10,) aud Mung Number Kigbteuu
(18.) '
Commanded to be sold on a certain proceed
ing in partition lately pendinx In the Court of
Common Pleas in said county, wherein M. K.
Hinllli Co. wore petitioners and Warner Bing
ham and o.bers were ilolundnntK.
Appraised at One Hundred Dollurs ($100,00,)
and must lirlnir two-thirds of thut sum.
'J'urnlfe of Bale One-third cash on tho dny of
sale i ono-thlru in one year, nnd the rontons In
two yours, tho dol'erred psynients to lis secured
oy notes) unninortKageon tne nrctnisns soki.
Rherlff Vinton County,
nurnott A McOulTcy, XWy for I'l'ffs.
iiiiiaii, Ward & '
Kn Eis! if Mb!
Corner Main and Logan Streets, -"
JJAVINQ opened an unusually lavgobtock ami completely revolution iacdtlieinWof ovcry description of
Hosiery; Gloves, White UooAh, Cali
In fact tlie best Selected Btock crcr bronglit to this Murkclt
rn. .tu,
conuihte in every brunch!
Comprising all tlio Latest and mot Beautiful Stylos and the best Qmilitlca, consisting in pint, of
Jin I ins. Prints, CJiiiffliame, noincsiics, ,ioui,
' .
ilicos, Shoes,
We have everyything you
and shall not bo beaten in Vinton county! And
innitPti tn mil at our Mtabllshnunt. Our assortment is
En tire satisfaction quarautvutl to everybody!
Efcw Store;
Coo m m H
c3 CO.,
McArthur, Ohio,
j mi m a . . .
suawiM, Alpacas, xv..
can cull for I
we ahull
In connection with the '
Atas Steam -liri Mi!
J W. RANDALL CO. would respectfully
announce to the public inguneral, thuttlifr
Mill is now iiepHrel to lo nli kitnlnol l.'iistoui
Work, such tut Itoll Curding, Buliming, Weavinu
mid nil kinds of work usually done In Custom
Mills. With tl)t-clnKH workmen and machinery
work vlll lindane ultli noatiiosMflnd dispntch.
A II work warranted, wlicrotho wool is good
and clean, mid free irom bun and dirt.
WWLEN GOODS of every description, con
stantly on lmnd, which wo will exchange for
wool, at rntes that cannot fail to satisfy those
give us a call, and ut thcwimutimo give you the
satisfaction ofputronlzing
To the Patrons of the Steam Flouring
The Steam 'Mill Cnmpiiiiy huving thoroughly
repaired llieir Flouring Mills urn prvpureii to
accominodutc thuirnL-domcr dally.
MILLIONS Bear Teatlmoay t the
Wonderful Curative Ellects of
J. WALKER Crnprl.lor. a H. McDoA.D Co., Krairlirta .n1
Ovn. A'ta, Htu rr.nof.on, Cal Bod S3 .nd 14 0uniuO(ov bt, N.Y.
Vinegar Dlttera sra not avtls Pnacy Drink.
Madoof Poor Hum, Whiskey, Proof Spirits
and Refaso Liquor doctored, plcod and sweot
oncd to plcnso tha taitc. called "Tonics," "Appctli
ors," "Eeltorers," 4c, that lend tho tippler on to
drunkenness and ruin, but sro s truo Medicino, msdo
from the Nntlvo Rooti and Hurts of California, I reo
from all Alcoholio Stlraalanls. They sro ths
GIV1NU PRINCIPLE, a perfect Innovator end
lnvlgorator of tho Byntcra, carrying off all poisonous
matter snd roatorlng tho blood to licollliy condition.
No poraon can take thoss Bitters according to direc
tions and rcmoln long unwell, provided their bones
sra not deitroycd by mineral poison or other means,
snd tho vital oryani wasted beyond tbo point of ro
Pair. , , mm. n.n-MM.tl
They area Gentle PnrcntlTo n well nsa
Tonic, poiscsslng aUo.tho pcenllor merit of acting
as s powerful agent In relieving Congestion or Inflam
mation of Die Liver, snd all tlio Vliccrsl Organs.
young or old, married or single, at tho dawn of wo
manhood or at tho tarn of life, theso Tonic Hitters have
no equal.
For Inflammatory and Chronic nhenma
tlsin and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indication,
nilloun, Remittent and Intermittent Forers,
Diseases of tlio Illood, Liver, Kidneys, and
Itlnddrr, theso Rltters) have been most sncccairul.
Hncb Diseases are canted by Vitiated Illood,
which Is generally produced by derangement of the
Digestive Orcrens. .
nche.I'aln In the Shoulders, Conghi,TlKhtneu of the
Chest, Dizziness, Bour Ernctstiont of ths Btomscb,
Dad taste In tlio Mouth, Dillons Attacks, Palpitation
of the Heart, Inflammation of ths Langs, Tain, in ths
regions of tho Kidneys, and a hundred other painful
symptoms, srs Ui offsprings of lyspcpsls. '
They Invlgorsts the Stomach and stimulate the tor
pid liver snd bowels, which reader them of unequalled
efficacy In cleansing the blood of sll impurities, snd
Impsrtlng new life) and vigor to tho whole system.
FOR MUN DISEASES, Eruptions, Totter, Bait
Rhonm, Dlotchci Bpots, Pimples, Pustules, Bolls, Car
buncles, Itlng-Worms, gcaid llcsd, Bora Eyes, Erltlp
elss, Itcb, Bcurh, Dlscolorntlons ol the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of tbo Bkui, of whatever name or nstura,
are literally dug np and carried ont of ths system In a
short tlms by ths nns of thsso Hitters, Ons bottle In
sunti cases will copvuicotluiinostinoroduUiusof their
lniiarllles bursting throne
Cleanse the VlthitcdT.lpna whencYcr yoa flna Its
tlons or Bores, i leiiiuio It V hen )'uu Pnd It tilwitruewd
the skin In Plniiles,Kriip-
sad slufftflsli inthoveinsi cleanse It hii m.r.nti m
your lui'.llnt.'. will tell yon when. Keep the blood Dure
aud the health of tho system nil) follow..
PIN, TA PT rA otb,,r WOI11HR, Inrklrfe In tha
v.tdiii of roiiiaiiy-thAu'nmls, me tOeulually (bairor-.
ed and removed. Vor full dlrnetlnns. n-aif
the circular around ( i h bottle, printed In four W
guagus English, Uerinan, I ranch and Spanish.
J. TVALREn, Proprietor. It. IT. lliDOHALD ft CO.,
CruBjists snd Oen. Agents, Ban Francisco, Cab, snd
S3 snd U Commerce Street, New York.
mm h
Mead, Everybody, Uficad!
Lot the pcojilo go to
J. 3. STrtOlNrO'Si JDjtisls Store
For anything in tho wiiy
Drip, Miciiies, 11b Lm
Together with a goncrnl assortment of
FANCY GOODS, &c, &c.
A beautiful stock of JEWEL11Y just recoived, consisting of
Ladies' llrarelctR, Itl.ick Sctx, KinffM, CJold PirccM,
"7Vcttclios, tfce-
We propose to sell these Goods Cheaper than the Cheupest. Give us a
trial and see for yourself !
of tlio finest finality of
The Treaty.
Opposition to the treat)
adopted ly the Joint Hijrli
Commission is developing in
The Canadia press generally
opposes the treaty. The anti
ministerial papers are quite de
cided in denunciation of the
fisheries clauses. The Toron
to Globe even hints nt a diffi
culty with England if the treaty
is accepted in London.
The U. S. Senate has the
matter under consideration, and
it is supposed that the treaty
will be adopted 13y that body
iri a few days.
Captain AVykofl; of the Sec
retary of States office, furnish
es the following population
figures for Ohio, -derived from
the census of 1870: Total pop
ulation of the State, .2,665,002.
Native, 2,296,752; foreign, 373,
250. AVhites, 2,601,735; blacks
or colored,-" including eleven
Indians, 03,267. In I860 there
were 2,308,890 whites and 34,
864 colored; a total of 2,343,
739. In 1850 there were
1,957,465 whites and 23,495
colored; a total of 1,980,460.
One man reported as follows:
"Daniel Webster, Chinaman,
farm laborer, born in Alabama.
. Two years . ago old I3en
Wade pronounced , the Cleve
land Leader the 4d dest
meanest newspaper in Ohio."
There must have been some
truth in the declaration, , or
why is it that the Leader now
supports old Ben for Governor?
The friends of Richard T:
Merrick, Esq., lately thecaindi:
date of the conservative; party
in1 Ayashingtonr for the position
6f clelegate. in'. Congress, have
nresented 'him'"withja handsome
gold witcfi ftnd ' "chain -risrer
recognition of Ins services us
their 8tandard-bcarer iu the
late campaign. "
A Colored Justice Grants a
The Shubuta Miss.l Times
chronicles n very rich divorce
case in that, -county, that for
brevity, cheapness and dispatch
beats Chicago a long way. Ii
appears that 'James Chapman
and Jennie Williams, or Jamep
ami Jennie Chapman, had
"tuck up" with pach other and
been living together as man
and wife for a long time, and
that Ji;ng()ttired o the old
woman and courted Miss Lindy.
who promised to share his bed
and board, provided he would
get a divorce from Jennie
Jim therefore hastened to the
office of T. II. Clay, one of Al
corn's colored-magistrate?, and
offered him five dollars for n
dsvorce. Clay pocketed the
the "five" and wrote tho fol
lowing certificate of divorce:
"Miss Lindy, this is to certi
fy that James Chapman and
Jenny .Williams have this day
separated before me, nnd you
and him are at liberty to mar
ry when will.
T. H. CLAY."
This is decidedly the cheap
est divorce case ever obtained
in the United States.
Horace (Jreely has followed
the example ot General Ger
man and made a speech in
New Orleans against the Ku
Klux bill, now let him stop
manufacturing a hundred and
fifty lies a week about Ku
Klux outrages, and he will
show some signs of crettitif?
somewhere in the neighbor
hood , of a decent Christian's
platform, . . - -
vv e iiavejuearu-ot-ouc one
TT. I 1 -1 n i .
old Woman-"w tni kissed her cow
but there arc thousands- of
young ones who have kissed
great calves.
Jackson Items.
[From the Jackson Standard of May 24.]
There is a good deal of talk
about the wheat being injured
by the fly. We hope that it is
more scarce than anything else.
A. A. Watson, ("Cus,") ar
lived on last Friday. , Ho has
been in the,. North West for
several months. He is looking
better' than, i he - did when ho
left. " '
The fire engine was out on
trial lust Saturday evening,
and ..placed, at, the cistern .at
Millers Drug store. It threw
water over the Giatton Block,
three stories h;gh.
Orange Furnace was sold by
J. E. Ferree, Master Commis
sioner, on Tuesday, for $24,-
173,34, that being two'thmU
n . i . 1,1 T
ot i no appraisement, xj. , j.
Fallis, ot Cincinnati, was the
On last Sunday morning
fully five hundred children at
tended the three Sabbath
Schools in Jackson. This is
one-fifth of the entire popula
tion of the village.
Jurors, witnesses, litigants
.aid lawyers, all came to town
on Monday, to commence
Court. Asl'ickeuswas prompt
ly on hand, there was only one
thing to prevent the Court
running right along. And that
was, there was no judge.
Fulton Furnace went into
blast on last Monday week, ami
now her whistle wakens up
our town once more. Capt.
Davis is running Fulton accor
ding to his own plan, anil he is
confident that he can make the
thing a success. All starts off
' Mrs. Basqnill, wife of Nicho
las liasquill, of this place, star
ted to Ireland on .Monday.
She will be absent about a
year. Mrs. Basquill is going
partly on account of her health,
and partly to see friends in
Ire'and, of which country she
is a native.
On last Sunday, Rmv. L. A.
Atkinson, of the M. E. Church,
baptized three persons by im
mersion, in Salt Creek, at
Hoop's Mill, and Elder 8. H.
Kingman, of the Christian
Church, baptized one. On last
Sunday week Rev. G. W. Culp,
t the Christian Union Church
baptized nine by immersion
three mile west of town.
How to Make Good Cement
Having previously graded
and" rolled the ground, heat
yona tar very, not, and with a
long-handled dipper begin at
It si It
one end ot a pile ol quick,
coat so gravel, pouring on the
tar, quickly shoveling it over
aud over so as to mix it thor-
ougriiiv. Uover tne ground
two aud a half or three inches
deep with the tarred gravel,
and then roll. Clean the roller
with a broom as you proceed.
I hen put on a layer or finer
tarred gravel, one and a half"
inches thick, and roll. Then
sprinkle the surface with hot
tar, spreading the tar witu a
broom; finally cover the sur
face mith a light coat of fine
sand, and your wdk is complete,
rerdy for uje. It. willunprovG
in hardness by age. Provide
portable tar kettles, screens, a
oiler not very heavy, and
tools for systematic work and
you can hardly fail to derive
Scientific American.
Grant has amended his fa
mous Baying of 1808. Then
it was -"Let us have pence;1'
i ow it is "Let us have peace,
or anything else that is con
vertib'e into hard cash or real
estite.'' A thrify boy that
Grant. ," " ,
A minister not long ago
preached from the text, "13e
ye, : therefore" steadfast," but
tho printer made him expound
from "Be ye there, for break
fast." ;t : . ;
A Connecticut farmer plow
ed up a lady's gold watch, the
other day, and can't find . tho
owner. He merely wants to
know how long it-has been.
-ilNefef, listen . to flatterers,,
my dear,"Jaid a mother lolier
daughter W.hyx ; 'mamma,-,
how Should I know they -ar
flatterers unless I listen to
them V" . a-

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