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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 14, 1871, Image 1

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VOL. 5.
f ,T. W. BOWEN, I
I Publuhor tad Proprietor.)
I lu Adi!c ,
. ' ' f i - . -r .,-r,.' , ,. , j . " - -
Ijc (inquirer.
J, W, 10WHN, EJiiw,
M'Arlhiir, June 14, 1871.
Election-Tuesday, October 10th.
F.m COVUlNOIt. , '
U EOKU E W . Mil.'lXK, of JiiflW.-on.
; S.VMUlLF. 1ILN T, f Uiunllton.
' ' JOSEPH It. COCKlUillX, or Kim.
- Till- AKcur or ttk,
PR. OU.HH'AVH Hi:L'i:ilI., ol -Hamilton.
f 0. W. OIDIIK.S, uf lti.-liliinil.
JIHMIJl'll iMAiail'F IT III. 10 WOKKH,
AKTlll It llt'OUKS. if:iijhut.
WlM.lAM W. KOSS, or Sanilusky.
(i.tiiK or miPBicmi coi-rt,
CIMKLltt l'ATTKItsON, of FrunMia.
First Speech of the Campaign.
(ien. (3 eo. W. Morgan will
address the Democracy of Bel
mont county on Tuesday, the
20th of J une. His speech will
be the opening one of (lie
Grant and His Thieves.
an excitement at .Mobile, Ala
bama, even among Keptiblicnus,
by appointing as Postmaster a
carpet-bagger named Putnam,
who unlawfully "appropriated
to his own use," some six thous
and dollars of the school fund,
while County School Superin
tendent, lie is one of the
"critters" relied on to put iti
an appearance at the Republi
can National Convention as a
supporter of Grant for a re
Heavy Taxation.
Who of us, since our earliest
recollection, lias not heard and
read of the vat national debt
of .England, and the grinding
taxation to which her people
iire subjected ? For the p res
out year, her taxes, !1 told,
including national, county and
city, reach the enormous ag
gregate of $.r)S.7,0O0lOi)0! That,
is $15 07 per capita, or that
sum for every man, woman and
child ; including cripples and
paupers, n the realm.
Let us compare this with
our owu burden. Even their
figures, frightful as they are, do
not equal those which the tax
list ofthe United States exhib
its. Our taxes, taken all to
gcther, how reach the unparal
ieled sum of if C 50,000,000, or
$10 15 a heaxl for every living
lium'ari being in the land, ex
cepting "Indians uot taxed."
There arc milliatrs of pauper?,
antt women aud children who
yay no ta.Ves. at all, so that the
burden weighs hcaviei on those
who do pay. What is the rc
suit ? The prostration of bu
yiucss, the driving of capitalist
and, mechanics! from our marts
and the general .impoverish
tnen't of the country. I low
long shall these 'things -b'u ?
( i)io ModciitVeIt.--ViVo Imvc
received the aumbcra for May
1st and ltth of Die.Modcn
welt. An Illdstrated Magazine
)f Fashion auJ Fancy AVoik.
These , two numbers contain
vast quantity of fashion intel
figence ti splendid colored
fashion f'nte, a largo supple
Aicht of Puttcrus IUU1 diagrams
and uia)iy illustrations'of ash
ioriflV ( It is published! at I3er
ljn, two nWhera eaeh luoiUh,
for 35 ceiits, or $ 3 a year. We
would rccomthcnol' all lacHes
wantiug a siiprio'r fashion
AiagazW lib Ecnd! for a' 6'opy.
Address: S. T. Taylor, Dl,
tJanal Street, Xew York.
BUTLER RISES TO EXPLAIN. A Funny Scene in the House---Butler
Makes a Personal Explanation---Farnsworth
Makes a Personal Explanation---Farnsworth Goes for Him---Silver Spoons and
Money Contributions at New Orleans---
Money Contributions at New Orleans---Stealing from the Soldiers---Cowardice
Carricatured-The "Beast" Renews His
"Animal Spirits"-He Exhausts Himself
-The Chaplain and Coroner Called for,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Special Correspondence of The Pittsburg Post.
Special Correspondence of The Pittsburg Post. WASHINGTON, D. C., April 20.
Tlio tologcajih liaa nlrcndy in
foniii'i you of tlio ndjoaniineiit of
1 1 1 e fii'rtt session ol" tlio l-'orly sccoiul
Oongress. Aki'iIo lVoin tlio excite
ment over tlio (litl'd'ences of tlio two
Houses upon tlio Ku Klux bill,
tlierowtw nothing especially noto
worlliy, extent tlio grund closing
exliilii'lion given hy Hon. l'utler,
which was u fitting finale to tlio
Uadical deviltry that haa been car
ried on hy tlio majority.
It had been given out for a few
days previous to adjournment that
IJuller intended to make u speech
;jt the lant moment, exculpating
himself from the various charges
made against him, in which ho in
tended to nhusb Senator Davis, Mr.
lMinifiNVorth and everybody else
against whom ho entertained his
natural hatred, feeling certain that
the Speaker's gavel adjourning tlio
House, would cut oft' all reply. IIow
well ho fared will ho seen further
Presuming that tlicro would be
something racy transpire, your cor
respondent repaired to tlio House,
and as lUiller appeared in his host
lighton this occasion, 1 forward you
uVuMiW of lito-likc stanches of the
hero of Fort Fisher and Dutch flap,
in ho appeared at tho various sta
ges of his personal explanation, aN
well as a fin; simile, of his "stylo"
when tho Speaker's gavel fell.
llutler entered the House to-day
(Thursday) ia his usual pompous
style, Ins eve coi Ued n Utile more
critically than usual, as much as to
say that soinolwly was going to be
demolished. JIo was unusually qui
et during tho early part of tho Mis
sion, taking but Jittlo part iu the
discussion .of tho Ku klux confer
ence report. Alter tho formality
of sending a committee to tho Pres
ident, informing him of tho inten
tion of tlio House to adjourn, and
about nu hour beforo tlio time fixed
tor adjournment,
Butler Arose to a Question of Privilege.
Asking that tho IIouso allow him
filleen minutes to make a personal
Mr. Arthur I object to granting
tho cullenun from Mattsachusutts
that privilege.
Mr. Uutler I move that tlio rules
bo suspended in -order that I Ju.ay
mako tho explanation.
Tho Hajuho seemed iro-disposod
to have a little fun, iwi t1i3 inks
were almost unauiuiously suspended.
Butler Squared Himself
And csviled into Sonntor de
nounclug, jiini in tho mostj bitter
tonus. , After jjleUiling the scono in
tho Sonata inwhic1i hb Hnd .Sonntor
Datw figured bo coiifipipnotioly, ho
uppcIod to tbo House, to, know
which was tho grQnto8t,blii,ckguai;d.
( The House Bccmtjd very ufiuiii
niiTaBly of the opinion, that there
ynifj no couipariBOU ia the case, giv.
In 2 Hutler the palm for blackguard
ism over all coaiers, including car-
peivbaggerf,.. scalawags . und .what
uot. ' -
Having disposed of Mr. Davis to
his own satisfaction, "he soared into
the etherial on the question of silver
waro and bank robberies in New
Orleans, ... -
... -r
Protesting to High Heaven
That ho had fairly accounted for all
the money and spoons and things
that came into bis hands. Growing
florid in face and speech, ns he
touched this part of his explana
tion, he exclaimed :
"ut why should I, living, hope
to escape tho viperous defamation
of a communis ricatrix, who, claiming
to bo a Christian, in defiance even
oftbo maxim of heathen koine
"that nothing bo said of tho dead
savo good" ghoul-like, pounces
upon the ncw-inado grave, and with
unclean talons tears and feasts upon
the corpse of tho lamented patriot
Stanton, declaring .
"Jf justice had been dealt out to
him in his fifo timo for his crimes,
ho would hauo been hung a hundred
limes for murder, and put in tho
penitentiary ten thousand times for
his crimes- .
I might, perhaps I ought, to con
tent myself hero ; but for nearly
nine years, 1 have silently Mifl'ercil
similar assaults. It may bo the
hour has now como to say a word,
not in explanation for that which
neels none, but of robuko."
For a considerable tiuio he went
on at this rate, trying as well, to
exculpate himself from the charges
of embezzling tho Soldiers' Asj lum
Jlr. Farnsworth said that ho had
a word of explanation to make, and
n hoped that his great age would
nn prevent llutler from resenting
then and there any unjust accusa
tions. Tho House roared with laugh
ter, at this koon keen thrust at llut
ler, who though continually boast
ing of his courage, Js known to be
a most arrant coward. As soon as
Farnsworth arose, Sutler's cheek
paled and ho hastily retired to tho
cloak room, and
Revived His "Animal" Spirits.
Mr. Farnsworth then charg
ed home upon Uutler the most
grossly fraudulent practices in
the management of the Nation
al Asylum, as well as pretty
plainly intimating that Butler
would not try to bully a man
who was able to defend him
self. Mr. Beck defended Senator
Davis against Butler's asper
sions. Mr. 13 u tier The gentleman
will not give me leave to speak
as long as his State is under
Mr. Beck V"heu the gen
tleman was asking leave to-day
to mako his explanation, I ask
ed hiW if ho would assault the
Senator from' Kentucky lie
said lie woufd not; and on that
statement the Democratic side
of the House voted to grant
him leave.' I did not believe
him," aiVci therefore I voted
against it.'
The Senatonroui' "my f$tatc
is not a blackguard' nor a cow
arcb,' and the geiitronian can get
any satisfaction he wants in
this liall' oi1 o'u'E of it. Laugh
ter and bta'mpin'g.
I do hot believe thai it- lies
in the mouth of the merober
from Massachusetts to talk
about any Senator being shield
ed by his age or not seeking
proper redress. I have wit
nessed scenes with that mem
ber which' satisfied me that he
would not seek the redress" to
which he alludes. Laughter.
lie docs not forget that I have,
iu the presence of fifteen mem
bers' of the II6uhp, -seen- the
member from - (Illinois Mr.
lams worth
Shake His Fist Under the Nose of the Gentleman
from Massachusetts
And denounce lwm in every
way one man can denounce an
other. Mr. Butler "Well, sir 1
Mr. Beck (continuing his re
marks') until I bad to say lo the
members of (tie Committee standing
by, that I did mot think ft white
man would take it without a fight,
and that a dt ceitt wiro in J7ew York
State would fwht over it. (1'oars of
laughter in all parts of tho House.
Mr. larnswortli It was on
accrtuit of the gentleman's ex
trenie age. Renewed merri
ment aud shouts on the llooi
and in the galleries,
Mr. Butler Towering with
rage and looking over his
shoulder at Mr. Farnsworth.
L k ?.--r n,r- .-; ;, a.
sift M&P1
"He is Not a White Man."
The scene at this point was
perlocuy indescribable, and
Butler bewail to tell about how
he had been abused, and
Burst Into Tears
As he told about the
Asylum business, and said that
one of the witnesses was a run
away marine, a deserter, whom
ho had been trying to find to
put a ball and chain around
his leg, and that another was a
Baltimore man . who had once
served with him fButler) for
supposed' gallant conduct, but
had since gone down lower,
lower,' lower, until he had sunk
to tho position cf being i wit
ness for. the member lVoiu Illi
nois.' Laughter.
Mr. Funisworth reminded
him thati one 6f tfre witnesses
was his (Butler's)' brother-in-law.'
Contiuuoct laughter.
Mr. Farnsworth spoke of the
transaction for , the sale of a
piece of property in Hampton,
Virginia, for the National Asy?
luni, the property having been
owM'-u uv JMr. liuuer, nut Hav
ing been transferred to him by
his brother-in-law, llildreth, to
cover nppcarancef. In conclu
sion, he said that if that trans
action and the testimony given
by Mr. Uutler before the Com
mittee- on Military Affairs of
last- session were before any
petit jury ofthe United States,
it would convict him (Mr. But
ler) of embezzlement and per
jury. Laugh tor and general
excitement. X hat, said Mr.
Farnsworth, is all I have to say.
Mr., Butler Oh, lMiaw !
IVhaw ! Laughter. That
was one ot the cheats of the
statement. It was put into the
hands of mv brojier-in-law as
seen l ily for the money which
ho lent mo.
Mr. Farnsworth Your
brother-in-law swore that he
did not lend you any money.
(Laughter.) The other witnes
ses were members from Massa
chusetts and the gentleman's
brother-in-law. (Laughter on
floor and chouts iu the gallery
while the Speaker used the
gavel with good natured des
peration. Butler rallied a moment from
his tears and glared savagely
around, and theu sank down
In a Dead Faint.
Silence being in a measure
restored, Mr. EM ridge arose.'
Mr. Eld ridge Mr. Speaker,
I feel, sir, that t lie time has now
arrived, when it is necessary to
call m the Chaplain. (Most
uproarious lauirhter on all
Mr. Cox I move that the
Coroner also be sent for, as the
occasion is a good one for hold
ing an inquest. (Laughter and
general hilarity.)
Mr. Farnsworth I would
say i
Here the Speaker's gavel
fell and the House was declar
ed adjourned "sine die."
The last seen of the ferocious
"Beast" was after he had re
tired to his boarding house,
unable to pack his carpet bag
preparatory to going to Massa
chusetts, plaintively sighing to
the colored porter,
In a Dead Faint. "Put me in my Little Bed."
s discomfiture was
most complete and his personal
explanation, : which he had
printed o:i dips, aud furnished
to the press for publication,
instead of making him political
capital for the next campaign
was turned into ridicule by his
own party friends, and he. -was
actually laughed' out of Con
gress. The scene i$ on,c to be
remembered by all who wit
nessed it, and Butler will re
member it . only to curse his
evil star to the last day of his
The following is a list of let
tcrs remaining in the Tost Of
fice,' at Zale&ki,' 6n the 1st of
June, 1871:
A. Lever, Patrick JRo'rry,
W. CL . Stevcnsnm Samuel
Murray,,' Franklin .L'ennon, Miss
Tilda Mitchell, , Eliza McCon
ncll, Martin . Howe, Y. W.
Maunering, Charles )V, Steven
son, Mary Cullen,' James Bail
ey, J amea . Sweeny, . Joseph
earliam, J and Miller, bam
uel Ikiuk. ,
J. G. WILL, P. M.
KEEr your doors and ivin
dows fasicjacd at eight.
Terrible Death of a Brakeman.
CLEVELAND, O., June 8.
A brakciiiau named Jones,
employed on u freight train of
the Lake Shore and M. S. R.
,R., accidentally f ll early this
morning between the ears
while the train was moving,
between Kingsville aud Mad
ison, lie fell upon the track
nlid the remainder of the train
ran over his legs tearing them
ioff.aud, mangling his body.
V hile lying on., the .track, ho
a passenger
train ap
proaching. . Kxpecting that he
would not be seen and that the
curs would run over him he
drew a knife, from Ins pocket,
ojicned the liuulo anil stauoed
himself twenty-two times about
the breast and, left ai'in. , He
tried to penetrate his heart and
produce death death sooner,
nit wus too weak to guide his
blows. The engineer of the
train saw him iu lime to stop
the ears, lie was taken to
Madison where he died soon
All classes have their aris
tocracies, loads wear jewels
in their heads. They are the
aristocrats of the hoppisls and
the croakers.
If a negro is a real negro,
black as the ace of spades, he
aristocrats the mulat, for the
blackness is his symbol of rank.
The Merino slice), the Devon
cow, the Berkshire
Arabian horse, are princes., and
potentates of their kind. They
have real rau'k of the order of
irovidence and nature.' Men
assume rank, win it, war for it
die for it. Some men! . aie
born with gold spoons in their
mouth', but no" .man was ever
knowu to have been born, with
silver spoons in his pockets,
until Ben' Butler became that
phenomenon. His rank is so
rank that it defies ajl theories
of purification and disaffection.
'i wlil baptize a man fifty
limes if he wishes it," said the
water zealot Beechcr, in one of
his crack eernions.' The .fues
tion arises, is Bcecher a fit per
son' to perform a religious cer-
emony ol any kind. Many
persons doubt it, and he if so
certain about it that .he does
uot hesitate io turn one of the
wont. fllinntJ.'in virpfl hitn liiVi.
o ....
cule. , His great wealth makes
sacerdotalfy impertinent.'
There was a time when the
chalices of tlie ehurch were of
wood1 , and the priests were- cf
gold, but now that the chalices
are of gold, (bo. .priests arc of
wood and that is the kind re
i . . . ...
ferret! to. iu .the text "Let'f
such timber bo caat into the
1 . . . . .
fire.'1 - - ,
Potato Uuil -An old
friend of ours Informs us that
potato' bugs can be destroyed
in the ' following .manner:
Build' several lires in your po
tato patch' at night (the dark
er the bctterV and the bugs
will flock to the fi'ro by hun
dreds and of courso will soon
be destroyed.' Thpso .fiaviog
tried this method, testify to it
as being effectual. . Our farm
ers would do well to try it. ,
Tho, mere lapse of years is
not . life.' Love, . knowledge,
truth, beauty, goodness,' faith,
alone ca'u give vitality to the
mecnanisra or existence.
Tho heart is.' as it. were, the
pasture' iu which' raultilt'idesof
thoughts arc, fed.every. !Jay j a
gracious heart diligently kept,
feeds many precious thoughts
of God in a day.
Chief-Justice Chase Will
Vote for McCook.
The Baltimore Gazelle has a
telegram from (AVashingfoii
W.hich says that Chief J a4-ice
Chase approves of the Ohid
Democratic platform except
(he (inancial. part, which,,, be.
thinks,. will pi'ovide. unnecessa- '
.iy discussion. ..The telegram
says lurtlier that, it lie. is. in.
Ohioi whcii'tho, election comeflj
oil', he will vote for Colonel
Tiin. MoAi:tiu;k R. RJ-r.
We leani that rouUi along.. tho,
line of the old roail lm? beerij
siirveyed. It is idso proposed
lo run the road by way of Mt.
Pleasant and , Jwintf, . ,ThK
is syiil .t lie live miles!
shorter and of easy grade with
one exception. This wpulft
bring the . road , down Scott's.
Creek immediately south of
the II." V. Railroad.-iLbgail
ite'i'Menit. ,
We beir leave to inform our
friend of tfio Republican there
.' " ,;. . ' .i .. 7
is not such sin, institution in the
world as ."The McArlhur II.
R.,'' and he should be a little
more cxpliciti hi. his 8t!atoi'nents.
Talk about the Gallipolis,.Mc
Arthur; & Coliimljus li.
Uro." M'ontgomery.' pou't be
in siuh .a ,hurry to get through
the world.' . - ... ,
Fkom , the Logan Republi
can,' of June 8, we take the
following:. .. ,
. Tbe following is a, list, of
the , (jfrand Jurors: ': George
Johnson, ,.Freman; Jolwi G.
Bright, C. M. Gould, B. li.
llitrgius, JohiiS. Englcj Alex
ander. Guess,' l"avid Bo wen,
Elijah Swachhamtn'er,' Ar. D.
ilauk,' Sauiueli Kline, Mathias
Byorly,' AlatJ vias; 'Therscher,
Samuel U. England, .JosiaU
Angle and Adam trahl.' (
UA laiije number of .witness
es were before the Grand Jury,
the : most ot whom, as, it was
understood,' were for the ur
pose of having, tle whisky sel
lers of Logan indicted for vio
lation of tlje i State Law.
From the, witnesses , we have
no dpubUhat, they testified of
numerous and, open violations;
but strange to say," there was
not a single indictment found
under the Liquor Law.".
We are acquainted with
only two of those jurors,' and
are not surprised that ho In
dictments, were found against
the liqruor sellers aforesaid.
' ! ' ,,r,
Svlvanus Coe. sou of Isafte
Coe,' living near this placeais
put ju jail hist week fova.ilS
sault and.., battery.'. Becoming
despondent, on Saturday ho
took a, knife, and. cut a deep
gash in his . throat, extending
nearly from oue ear to tlie olbcr.
lie is now ly ng in d.vciy crit
ical condition. He isabout 'J5
years old, and a tw,iii( brother
of Sylvester Uoe, wuo uiea m
Kausaa about two years ago.
Athens Journal.
Tatrick Henry left iu his will
the following important pass
age : ..... . , .;
'Thave npw disposed of all -my
property to my family;
there Is one tjdng more wish
I could give them ;' and that U
Clu'j'stiaiU'eligioi. it If they had
that,' and I had. not given them
one shiHing,' ;they would be
rich,' - and if:ih'ey had uot that,
and I, had given them fill tho '
world,' they- would bo poor, ,
A Young man was 'endeav
oring to enjoy n'n evening in
tho, company., pf ft ypun lady,
fair and, enforiaininA upon
whom to called,' bi$ found n
serious obstacle; ill tho person
of hor .stern ftud not very cor
:dial father, who at lpngth veu
tured to very plainly intimato
that tile hour for retiring had
arrived; "1 think you are cor
rect," iily dear sir," 1 returned
the unabashed young man.
"Wc have been waiting to
have you go tobed'for oyer ai
hour." .. .

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