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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 14, 1871, Image 2

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E1C inquirer,
J. W. IOWEN, Editor.
t'Ajt.nir, Juno M, 1871.
In order tlmt qio prlm-lplca. poljey .nd candi
date of the Democratic party shall be as full'
ami till rly presented as BoaaiMe to ttlewhoh'
people of Vinton qnd lulJmAuiinf-coiiiitlr, we
uflVr tlia '
during thecainpnlKn.or tnrl niontfu fiun the
tliiw of Mlat HiK, ftw t,u '' ,ow ')rit0 '
as Cnta!
There will be np vciiiilnry l"0"1 "" Uu
TinperiU tl'iia hiw nrto, but we ahull be grutiflod
if uytlila Bwau hundreds of tlie people of t Ida
and niUoiniiigCTm'nties will arilisrrilie and care
fully mwt it and receive tlx- evidence and reas
oning 1 behalf of Democratic prinripleg and
ramWitattA, without perversion and inlnrcpni
acntaAon. We hope senium and uctlve Demo
trats will forthwith send in as many naiiioa.
at the above rate, ui they can obtain In their
vlcinitica. If there are pertain t oo poor t py
the amount, Bond, their nanici whether they
pay or not, and1 wo will send them the paper.
A little time given now in thia way to Die com
mon cuuso will bring (rood rutimij- therefor in
the future.
AddreM Vt. BOt EX.
McArthur, O.
The Democratic Platform
and Ticket.
Tie Democrats at the late
State Convention made a plat
form wide enough and long
enough for every man to stand
upon to fight Radical corrnp
tion and extravagance, and the
Radical papers aud leaders are
Lowling terribly about it. It
worries them, The whole bot
tom has daopped out of their
rotton tub. They can talk no
more about "treason," "rebel,"
or "copper-head." AU that
sort of sneerins is now silent.
The Radical leaders are sur
prised to see that. the stubborn
and solid Democracy of Ohio
have made a move that cer
tainly will accomplish the
greatest good for the people.
The people want a change;
they want relief, and have
looked in vain to the Radical
party for a reduction in the
burdens of taxation. Now
this trained band of Radical
politicians, who have year after
year made many promises to
the down-trodden people, are
called up before the bar of
public opinion to give a full
account of their corrupt acts.
They whine and tremble, and
tton't want to make any fur
ther excuses about the stolen
public lands, the pretection of
special interests, the unequal
taxation, and the thousauds of
frauds they are guilty of. The
leaders of the corrupt party
cannot now do otherwise than
OF THE IIOUIi as the De
mocracy have - determined to
confine their whole attention
in future to the vital questions
of the- rRESEXT, 'a nd, regai d
the three amendments, although
fraudulently adopted" and de
clared part of the- old constitu
tion of Our Fathers by Useless
Grant's bayonets, as dead is
tues. The Democracy are in
light marching oi-der and pro
pose to march right into the
Radical camp, undler the com
mand of Gen. Geokge; W. Mc
Cook, who is as full1 of fight
as the pockets of eastern mo
nopolists are full of the hard
earned money of "Western la
borers. The entire ticket is a most
excellent one the strongest
ever presented by any party to
the people of t.Ohio. If every
Democrat in -the State .goes to
the polls and votes the full
ticket every man will have a
handsome majority. Let no
Democrat fail to do his share
of work bet ween this time and
the Second Tuesday of nsxt
Tho Commissioners of Jackson
county havo ordered that tho Sher
iff give irolice that a vote will be
taken at tfte October election, for
and against tho establishment of a
county infirmary. This would be
proper way to have the 'questi&n
decided in our county.
We can supply every Justice of
Peace, Constable, Attorney, or No
tary .Public in Vinton county with
any kind of .blanker blank book,
including printed if ustices Civil and
Criminal Docket. Come and 6ce
our assortment.
Common Pleas Judge.
A judge of the Courts of
Common Pleas of tbe Second
Sub-Division of Seventh J udi
cinl District is to he elected at
the October election. We
hear little or nothing said
about the holding of a judicial
convention, except the Jackson
Herald says it will be held on
the 5th of Jul)'. We think
the 5th is a bad time because
it is so near the. 4th. Nothing
in this part of the district, that
we have heard,, has been said
about a candidate. Probably
there are not fifty men in the
dist rict who know a judge is to
be voted for this fall.
We want a good man elected
we need a good man just
such a man as is described by
a writer in a Wauseon paper,
as follows :
"As long as the excellent
man who now presides contin
ues to preside in out Common
Pleas Court, our people have a
sure guaranty of a thorough,
able and impartial administra
tion of justice. We doubt
whether a more worthy man
ever sat upon the bench of any
of the Courts in our State. His
knowledge of law is masterly
and profound. His power of
memory is most extraordinary.
He seems to have read every
thing useful that has ever been
published, and to have it ever
fresh in his memory, ready to
be used when the occasion de
mands. In the almost infinite
number of difficult points aris
ing in the many different cases
coming before him, he seems
never to be taken by sur
prise, but always to compre
hend, as by intuition, the very
point involved, and will at
once cite authorities, with an
accuracy and pertinency, equal
ed by no man we ever knew.
Added to this he is one of
God's noblest works an hon
est man. Almost forty years
ago, when a mere boy, we read
in our spelling book that "a
Judge should be a good man "
JNo other kind or men should
ever enjoy the honor or wield
the vast power of a J udgf.
A venal trickster on the bench
is as unfit and Joathesome in
the sight of God aud good
men, as a libertine in the pul
pit. Is there .such, a. man to be
found in this large district?
With such a judge county safes
and the pockets of the people
of this district would be full of
money at all times.
Si nscitiBE for tho McArthur 7i7i
qft'trsr now, as tho political cam
paign is about opening. It is going
to be a "red Lot oue." A paper
published in your own county docs
moro than all the-political meetings
and speeches that can begotten up.
Incroaso tho circulation of tho Mc
Arthur Enquirer, and in so doing,
you will help increase tho Demo
cratic voto in this county. Four
years ago, when tho publication of
this paper commenced, a majority
otf the imporlantj county officers
were under the rule of the Republi
cans. Look at the rusult of every
election held' each year since ! Tho
E'KQumtw has d'ono its share to
wards making tho county decidedly
and permanently Democratic. Sond
in the names !. Let us go to work
in. earn est.
Tub County Commissioners ad
journed on Thursday cvoning last.
All Have Arrived.
The complete assortment of
of Hardware, carefully and
specially selected for this mar
ket, by Messrs. Richmond &
Iluhn, has arrived and is now
on exhibition, at their JTew
Store at Hawk's old Store
They can supply the people
Vinton county with any
thing in the line of Hardware,
House Furnishing good, Sad
dler's Hardware, Carpenter's
Hardware, etc., etc.
They have for sale the
Champion Contbiucd Reaper
and Mower, and every kwid ol
Agricultural Implements.
The , priees of every artiele
have been reduced1.
See their advertisement iu
this paper.
O. T. Gunnio and Mrs. Luchitia
Stkoho wore married last Wednes-
day evening:
The Grammar School.
The following is a list of
the grades of the pupils in the
Grammar Department of the
McArthur Union School, with
their grades in deportment for
the last month.
a w
Names of Pupils.
5 S
.1 t
v v S, 'C
Kilgnr Sidnntn
Hl.u (tunnels
KIi.m Ibuliwell
I-';inl 1 1 l-'lurance
tin! t if Holland
Magltiu Hurley
Kva s-isson
Family Davis
0 0 8 9.7 11-8 M II
II 8 II. H II 5 V ti n II ft 11 7
U M 1(1 H 4 V U 5 H B 11.0
II 7 a H.M 0 M- H.S I) .
f.7 0.5 . 8.5 II II M
H.ll 10 10 .5 - 10 9.7
H 7 - 8 5 8 8 H
10 10 9.8 10 10 0.
.Teff lUirrt
Con Lyuvh
Harry Ambroso fl
Onirics Momi II
Hubert Woll 10
5 .
8 5 7
0 V
9 10
fl H
7 1
9 7
0 5 6 8 9 1
85 9 9 9 4
8 5
fl 9 5 9 "i
9 9 8 9 1
10 10 9 9
9 5 8 8 111
me rerry u t o ;u
Untile Weekly 9 11 5 '0
Amil.i lnvm- 9 fl ft H 8
Marv CnnlV 9 5 9 8 f 5 l)
Vickie Davis 9 8 II 5 7
0 5 II 5 9 4
Cliurlie Martin il U 8885859
9 I
John I.nntz 858 750 858 5 81
TJ I'nviie 9 851) II 8 87
Frank OrniK 88H 959 5 9 1
laicy Holland 9 9 0 9 010 U 115 HI.
Minnlo ViMlcy 9 0 0 0 9 8 9 5 II 5 9
Julia I'earce BUM 8 5 II 7 II 5 9 6 9 a
KttieMeDuwelMO 10 OHIO 1(1 10 9 II
t nl-rio (fold 10 0 8 II 8 10 10 10 9 U
Annie Ilothwcll 8 M 95 95 9 85 9 1
.Julia O'JXjnnoll 9 5 fl 95 9 5 9 8 5 9 1
Ida (ra ig 98 9 95 95 9 9 9 ;l
Wury Luvell 95 88 9 98 88 85 9
J. S. HUHN, Teacher.
Thr public sclioolsof McArthur
closed with an exhibition on Mod
day, the 4th iist. Without an cx
ception the teachers and scholars
performed well their part. The
Superintendent, M. II. Barnes, und
Mr. J. S. IIuiin, one of tho Teachers,
mi partly promised that their
should bo a pic nic, so tho scholars
could hare a hue tune, but tho nr
rangements for u pic nic were not
pc rtecteu.
Excursion of the Veterans
Excursion of the Veterans of 1812--13.
There will be an Excursion
of the Soldiers of the War of
1812-13 to Toledo, Ohio, about
the middle of July. A num
ber of Railroads have consented
pass the veterans and those ac
companying them free to and
from loletlo, as will be seen bv
the following letter from I). Mc
Laren, Railway President and
Superintendent, to T. li. Javis,
of Mc Arthur :
OJffier of PrftiilMil and fieri. Snpl. nf
iVnclnnttti, IfumittuH mid liiitun, I,
IhitfUm and Mirhigun
Cincinnati, Richmond und I'htaigo ttuilrmtil,
Cincinnati, ilune'i, 1S7.1. J
Tno. n. jIavik, McABTni-K Dear Sir: Yours
of tho "UilliBt. duly received und contents no
In reply would say that it will nlfiird me much
lifca-m e to paMt the Vetcranx of 1SI2 ever these
tunN at any time tliey may wish tonmke an
Excursion, cxecrting nn or ftlxnit tlio 41li of
Inly, when every car wo can tpikre is engaged
for pic nic, &v,.
PlKBMCigive mo timely notice so that wentny
be (irepared.
Prest. & Gen. Sup't.
IIenry ItEvnoLDs sent us a speci
men of the Early Hose Potatoes of
this year's growth tho largest wo
uvo seen.
The July number of Ball'ou's
Magazine is full of light reading,
just such as all must fancy. It is
the mugnzino to interest everybody.
Published by Tliomcs & Talbot,
03 Congress Street, Uoslon, Mass.,
at 15 cents per copy, or 81,50 per
year. Just tiy it ono year."
It hath pleased the Fathor and
Supreme Architect of tho univci30,
to call from "labor to refreshment"
our beloved brother, Orson IIemt
iur.i,, tho la to Worshipful Master of
Mineral Lodge, while ho was young
in years, btit old' in intellect, in duty
and the work of tho Craft.
As members of tho Lodgo, wo rev
erently and submissively bow to tho
flat of Hi m who has supremo author
to command, but cannot refrain
from expressing the deep sorrow of
our hearts-at tlio great loss the Or
der bus sustained ho being one of
the brightest and most valued of its
In token ot our unfcignod cstcom,
and love for our beloved brothor,
fund lato W. M,, tho Lodgo shall bo
draped in mourning, and tho mem
bors wear tho badgo for thirty days.
To tho widowed mothcrand weep
ing wifb, wo tendor our profoundest
sympathies, with1 tho declaration
that the1 hand of the .Mason shall
ever open to them.
Ilospcotftilly submitted
Hall of Mineral Lodge, No. 259 F.
Hall of Mineral Lodge, No. 259 F. & A. M., Hamden, O., June 3, A. L.
Ihibty yeort bve elapsed inco tho lntru
dur.tion of Davis' ruin Killer to the public, aid
yet at the present time It It more popular at.d
commends a lUrgor idle than ever before. Its
popularity ie not confined to thin country alonej
nil over the world ltd beneficial effect In Curing
the"iUs that flesh in heir to." are acknowledg
ed and appreciated, nd aa a Tain Killer lis
fame ia limited to oo country, sect nr nice, hai
never beue eqaalod by aoy medicine in Europe
or America.
It It mid by all medicine dealer. J '
At John S. Hawk's Old Stand.
Main Street, " - - - - McArthuv, Ohio.
UK Juvt new
. btoc k of
9i unnoc riiDincump onnno
Wo havo tho exclusive salo in this county of tlio
AKLINttTOlY," a Combined Wood aud Coal Cook Stove,
acknowledged to be tho best stovo now manufactured. Also,'
tho "Indianola," a Wood Cook Stovo manufactured by the
samo company, tho now 'lloino Ilqflector," J'Planct"
for coal, all stoves well known in this country
numbers of them being in uso and giving
Perfect Satlsfaotlon.
1 I. Thty are also agents for tho
The only wrought iron framed machino yet made, and for Durability,
Workmanship, case of Mangenicnt,
Work tho Champion is acknowledged
t'utN'5 1-3 IVet, i arranged as a Kijrlit or Left
Hand Cut, willi Sell" or Hand Kaliing or
Dropping Attachment, and Vncs hut
one Cutter-bar for both Mow
ing and Heaping.
It is tho "Machino of thoTeriod," and should bo examined by all
who con tempi a to buying a lteaper or Mower. Don't rely on our repre
sentations or those of ngonts of other machines. Examine for your
selves. A written guarnuitoo giveu with each machine.
reeelviiiK and leniiir a large a fid writ kIccImI
lightness of Draft, and quality of
superior to all others.
Fourth of July Celebration
at Hawk's Bridge, in
Wilkesville Township.
Arrangements havo been made
for a celebration of the glorious 4th,
in tho beautiful grove, on tho bank
of Kaccoon Creek, near Hawk's
JJridgo, in Wilkcsville Township.
Dinner will be prepared for 500
llcfrcsh merits of all kinds can be
had on tho ground.
A platform will be erected for tho
accommodation of those wishing to
indulgo iu tlio pleasant exercise of
A good String Band will furnish
music for the occasion.
Tho Declaration of Independ
ence will bo rend ; and appropriate
addresses will bomiido.
N. C. Pagan, J. McCormick, and
J. L, Lawler, are tho managers.
Selling Cheap.
Tho people will find when they
go to Zalcski, that Will & Co. are
selling Goods of ev'ery kind at very
low rates.
njt By f ADVK1ITISKM KNTH (riim'sln
iil 1 C ilex to) for next ol Kin, Clmnc-ry
llelis, and I.eguteen, since JON), ill six parts,
price 75 centM. I'arl 0, Just published, 15 cents.
Ul.'N (J().,cieOeo. V. lluwell & Co., 11 1'urk
Row, New York.
Junol, lil-Sv
USIIOII-I) Iteiul the fXION SPY, Mil
itary Drama, published by JOHN I.. I'Alt
K Kit, Wobiirn, Mass. Sent prepaid louny ud-
dress fur 10 cents.
Pugct Sound.
Devoted to the MnteiTnl Interests of Wash
ington Territory
Tht Tiunscrift li ' iiw in the Fourth Tenr of
Mibhcntion, amt will vnileavor to ivrve, lis luTeln.
rnrc, the nulille m usrhihioa u exponent uC the best
Interest of die Territory, A prominent fnittiro of
Hie inner will be the colleetlnn end nubliratinn nf
stmiatice aud descriptive nrtielca rolstinu to tlie
Territory, or in any wny tciiclinfj to the development
of its greet natural rnnourees and woellh. All Infnr-
inanon roncorninf the pniirr'H, growl li aim svtllu
inem ol'tlile pnrtlnn of lliu New tfnrthwust, that la
obtslnalilo tlirourll reliubio corKesnnndoiila and other
sources, will be given. Since the beginning of tho
noriharn I'aeille Kailmau siirveyi, an extraordinuy
innnlrr liManrunz no for tHii kind of information.
and It will bo the constant aim of the paper to satis
fy as fares posaililo this inquiry.
Tlie eoluinua of the Tbaisobict will contain arti
cles nn all subjects of importance, Nntlun.il, Territo
rial, political, as well at docriiitrvo. In publics,
wliilc it will, ai formerly, support KcpuMlcan prln
elnlcs, It will be Inileiienclent of any nartr dlsclnllne
ami political tricksters, nnil advocate liom stand coai
pctcnt men for position.
In locnl msttori, a rtlceat nf everything of interest
will be iilven at all times. A- synopsis of news from
all niiiirtcre ut the world, of 'the latest tslemuniliie
dales, with market anil shipping reports, will tlsu bo
iouiiu in lie columns, .
Tefmu of Suhsclptlon 1
lVrycsr, In advance, (8; tlx months, 2; iinrjlo
Copies, I'.'J CUIItS, M'a
K'. T. OUNN, Proprlebir,
Olympla, WasliliiKlon Territory.
Fortlto Campalgrn of 1874,
V K 13 K L Y
l With which TUK CJITSIB newspaper has bu.cn
inergil will bo furnished lor thu
liolllicnl campaign nl 1HTI,
Commencinq July If), aw tcrnunating
October 18, 1871,
I Embracing fourteen Issues of tho paper.
single ropiea , fin cent each
Cluht of ten or ntoro M " "
Wn offer those low mle to necttre a genernl
plrcnlutionof the HUitesman during Hie canvasH.
The least effort by notlva Dnnior.rnia will avc.ure
In any township a ehih often nr twenty stibsrrl.
hers. Ten Hiibscrlptlnns for the carnyalgn, ,C0;
twenty suliserlucrs, only 13.
Cott'iiaut, Oirtrr.
David Foreman's Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE Ik hrhy l v that 3. M. rorrman,
Admlniatratnr of the Etntooflavil Koro
man, dwrnuwd, ban tiled hla account with aaid
niim hnrcln for nnrtial MttlmcDt: anil that
tha aamc la Mt lor bear In a on' tb (th day of
Juno 14, ltTH fatc Judg
State of Oliln, Vinton County.
Jeremiah Hiitclitr, Plaiutlff,
Nancy J. Kuins A others, Defendants,
In Vinton Counjy Court ofConrmou l'leuf .
tout lull.
Pursuant to the eomumnd of an exooiition is
miud from the Court ol ( iiinuiiin I'leim ol' Vin
ton enmity, und tome directed nwHIieriir of said
eouiity.l will oiler for wilont the door of the
Court lloiixo, in the Town of McArtlmr, Vinton
couuly, Uliio, on
MONDAY, the 17th Day of JULY,
A. D. 1871,
nt the horn-of 1 o'clock p. M, of Kiiid duv, the
l lve-Niirtccnllis of tliu lulluwiiiK described
linmiiseH, to-n'lt :
Ili'Hinniiin nt the North-west corner of the
Nnrtli-east ouarter of Soelinn Number Six (li.)
iowiishii Niiinhfr Nine (.) Knii(! Niuulier
Nineteen (1!),) of ConijrcsK Lands; mid tlienee
running Kaston die Nortli line of wiid .-ection
Sixty lour nnil onw-luilf ,6ii) Kmlstoit Blone;
thence West Jilcg. South Sevuiili-eii and one
liall IVj) Kodn to a stone at the head of a lai-jro
thoroiiKliinrc; thence riinniiitr down ilto thor
oughfare hank in u Soutli.we.stnilv ilireetion
with tlio nieniidein thereof tnking oil' nf tln
tlioruuKhl'ai-e hunk a milliciunt iiiuulitv of Ian. 1
fnrn private road to a IiIkIi hank nilv. three
(Ml Hods to n Blone; (hence with until hank
Imvinfj mom for u load twenty one (81) lioils
In a mone j and I hence North Twentv-seven (i7)
Hods In ihu jilueeof Ix'ki iiniitic. haiil lauds are
situated in ViiiUm eounlv, Ohio.
Taken as Die propc rlv 'of Nuncv ,T. Ruins A
nlhers tosiilisiy an execution i siud Ironi the
aloicKald Court III favor of Jeremiah llatelid',
Apiiruiscd ut'i'wo iltindrcd mid 'J'hlrlv Hol
lars and Seventy-live cents (K' W,""),) and iiiusl
In iiiK two-lhiids of Hint sum.
Terms of bale. Cash in hand.
DANIKIj booth,
Sherlll' Vinton Oouiiiy.
June 11, lfi71-5w 1
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
James McNeill, ri.iintln,
Jaiucs X. Douglas, Defemlunt.
Ill Vinton Count v Court of Common Pleas.
Pursuant to the eoiiimand of nncxecution in
Hie aliovu cause, issued from Hie Court of Com
luiin I'loax ol' Vinton eounlv, Ohio, ami tome
directed an Sheriff of Biiid county, I will offer at
public sain, at the door oflbu Court Houne, in
the town of .McArthur, Iu said Vinton count v,
Monday, the 17th Day of July, A,
D. 1871,
at tho hour of 2 o'clock r. M. of said day, the
following IiiimIk and leneiuents, to-wil:
In-lot Nn. Korty-Fivu (!.) iu tlio Town of
lYimesvillc, vinton county, onto.
Taken an ll.e properlj of'Jinaes N. Douglas to
smisiy nn exeeiuion 01 I lie niiiresuiit Court ill
favor ol'JaincB MeNeal.
Apiuuised at Seven Hundred nnd Fifty Dol
Iiuh ami must bring Iwn-thlrds of Hint sum.
Xcniisol Suit.'. Ca.sli In hand on dav of sale.
Sheriff Vinton County.
K. A. llnsn-ny, Att'v for J'l'ff.
.luiio M, ifm-ftw
State ofOlilo, Vinton County, aa.
Corn ell in Karnes, I'liilntifr,
The Vlnlon Furnni'c A 1 (oinpimy of Ohio,
In Vinton County Court ol' Common lMcat. K
ceiiliou. rurmiiint to (ho coiiiinnnil of an execution In
dm liliovceilll-e Im-iiciI lr. nil the ( our! (( l oin,
mon I'lonx nf V I ii t on county, iiml to mc directeil
im Hlieriirofnulil eounl v,. 1 will oiler lur Haiti at
the iloorof tlio Court IIoukii; in tlio Town of
MeArtliiir, Vinton county, Olilo, on.
Monday, the thDay of Julyr A, S.
at tho hour of H'o'elork r, M. of nold O'ny, tile
followliiR ileiinrllieil premli-es, to-wlt:
A part of tlie Hoiilli-wiiatRoriim-of flic Nortll
eiwt fiuarter of Section Number Twenty-five of
Township NiimliorKlevHiit.il (II.) limine, Num.
lierHevetiteen (17.) nnil eieeliill v dqKrrlbcd an
the trae.tof land fifty IHI) feet in width rniinlnK
iliKonally from a point Twentv-fivo Ci)) feet
North of Mid linn mirvevetl hy .'V. Htolio for a
lluilroiul from Vinton Station tv Vinton Knr
naen whe.ri) nnlil line IntoineelM the wrt lino of
taid iiinrtvr Meetionj tTieneo l'nnnlnfr Houth
eimt iiarullel lo mild mu-voy hue; Twenty. live
(J5) fiiet north of mild aurVey whie.b aitiil line
ruiininK aa afuresuid to lw the contra of the.
atrip or tract of land herein conveyed. AIko
three (81 acre and live (5)' ruda licliin arti'lo-of
liiiiclThlrly-nvo(:i."i)fei'twldo from the centre
of tile railroad track of the Vinton Kurnaeo and
Coal Co; of Oliio'a Itnilrood on onelr aide of mild
nil I mud track from tho centre located m the
North-wei.tiiiurti'rofNec,tloii .Number Twenlv
live (tUi.) 'I'oHiHlilpNniiilwr Klevun (I'l.) It an if e
iiiilinTrn-,-iiiv.-ii i,,; in J1IIOII COIIIIiy, UtllU.
AIko the KaUroud Iron and Tie loe.atud'on the
ihovo deHcribed reiifentnU! Hnppviiod to ho two
ililrdn of h mile In lontft.li.
Taken na the iiropcrty of tho Vinton Tur
mice aCmil Co. of Ohio to aath.lv niv uxenution
lanued front tho uforutaldC'ourt'iu favor of Cor
neliua Kuril en.
Appraised ut TlivcoThnnnand nnd Tour Him
dred Dol I ii r und muni bring two-thirds
of that Mini.
Terms ol Sale t'rtsli In hnivl.
HherifT Vinton County.
OitniniArt ft TIiutton, Atty'i for l'l ff.
June If, IMHw
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court. Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE la Hereby given that Thomna Weav
er, Unardlan of MiirKnret A. Una ford, ml.
L.lHnf T,' . Xl...rnl JuauuH l..
filed hla acoount with liiaanid ward, for pur
tlftl itetllementj and that tho aamo la net. for
Uearloi on tb0tb day of July, Wl. at lOn'elock
a.m. , b. B.mm,
JuneIl,lB71-lw I'robate Judge,
Woman's Foreign Missionary
Tlicrowill Lo n iublio Quarterly
Meeting of tho 4,Vomun, Foroigu
Mirfljidfiory Society" held In tho M.
K. ChfirclijOf this place, next Friday
ovoninir. tlio lClh: Geiitlomon as
voll us Ladies are invited lo atteud.
The exercises will consist of;'
1st. Singing by tlio Choir. '
2d." Prayer and short address by
. llev. J. U. Fry.
3d..Juarterly Report of tho Troas'r.
4tli. " " " Cor. Sec.
fnlir Kssay The origin and aim of
tho W. r . Jl. oe'y Huo M. V.
Fry. .
tith. Ksfay "Tho Saerifico of giv
ing'' Mollie 11. Ifulin. :
7th. SiiiL'ing by the Choir, at which
time, any who wish, may join tho
Society, or subscribe for the "II.
W. F'
Xo udiuiitanco foej or collection
taken. . ,
I make this statement on. account
of ii misunderstanding on the part
Society. SUE, M. D. FRY,
Cor. Sec. Pro. Tem.
I.N. Lottuidhe will run the Car
ding Machines attached to tho Mc
Arthur Steam 'Mills, tho present
season. They aro now in complete
running order and prepared to uc
coinmodiito all who wish their work
well dono. ...
"We luive received from J.
K. Will, formerly of Me Ar
thur, but now of Humboldt,
Allen county, Kansas, a copy
the Southern Jans:w States
man, iu which we find a history
of "Urbana and the country
thereabouts, Twenty miles be
low llumbrltlt." Urbana was
was laid out in July, 1S70.
The town company was made
up of J. K. Will, J. II. Mc
Clintock, Alfred Koyer, and
"We have received Nos. 1
and two of The Medical and
Scientific Circular and College
Register for 1871, which cou
tain the choicest selections
from the most eminent authori
ties on the most .recent discov
eries in medical , and surgical
pcience for constant refcrenc,
No physician should attempt to
do without" ft. Published
monthly, by William Bam
VIr & Co., No. 2, Park
Park Ttow, New York City.
Price 2f cents per number.
It became necessary for Mc
Collister & "Wool fey of Circle
villo to " come out on the
square" and declare that they
"controlled" the Herald
Donn l'iatt is after the two
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
Took Effect on Sunday, May 28, at 12 M.
Through Car
Over tho Colnmbua & Hocking Valloy Mid
Marietta & Cincinnati Bail Boa It.
Going Eaat. i
No. 1.! No. :t,
I.KAVM. AM.j P. M i
Colninlins,... t V ,1 .Ml
firoveport,... :W! 4 Se
Going. West.
Sn.T No. 1
Atbuin... .11:15: :i:ll
Diillim ll:,'lll :l:l'.l
Winciiesler.. ti t-.' i:ni.
NeUonVltlo H:."il 11:111
l.nncastvr,.. Ill 'lit
Siiftar Ui-ovc It) -IS
l'Kan ..11 17
lluvdeiivlllu II ,'ttl
SelMinville,. II oil;
Sallnil.. .I'.M.I-ill
Athens l!ftj
Hi llavdeiivllleld" :i:V
fi :l r,ojrim 7:7 4 :M
II li' Siiirur (WivcTiftn 411
ll;lrlI,nne.'lHler .'.H:ia -1:5k
fcHHWInclieslei' :!i 5::W
7tiUl-nveport . 0:17 B :IH
7 33:i;ollimliii!i. . ll:Ki !l:2o
Car on MicHiM A.M. Trail) runs tln-onuli to
riii tj-innii ill without eltanmi, nn ivliiK at Me Ar
thur at lit !i:5'.'r. M.; mid Car fortlie il.(K) 1. M.
Truiii from PiirtHiniiii Hi for Columbus urrivua
at Mc.Al'l llll'al 12 :!W I'. It.
'lose connect ions made at T.anenKler for ( If-
eli'vlllo, .ancKVille, ami nil polnt.it on tlio l lu.
(ill null MilskinKiini Valley litiilwav.
I lirect ivinneet ion niade iit 'l'nliiinbiis for Dav-
Ion, HpriiiKlleld, I iiiliiiiin jiol Ih, t'lileniro. and all
iiuiiitH WeM: aUo, fort levehiml, lliillalo, I'itls
Inii'K, riilhuleliihlii, New Vork, nnil all noiuls
t 'oiiiiectinnM liiailo nt I.nRiin by bolh Trnlna
with aHTraliis t'or Slmiisvillo und till points
on mo nirausviiie uram-n.
K. A. I!rKl.i.,Cen,l Ticket Au-'t;
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
On und alter MON PAY, May HHtli, 1871, Kx-iii-e'I'iiiiM
will KF.avk ('OI.IIMIIIIH nnd
(JIUvS'l'blMi iiml aiiuivk ut puints ninncd be
low, a lollowsi
hint inns-.
No. a,
11:10 am
l'J:,HI p III
. .'1: 15 p in
111:8(1 pin
,t:IWH ill
Nn. 4'.
No. B.
2:39 am
4. Ml u in
7:1)11 II ill
!2:"ll pm
4 :IH
4:11) p m
V:Vt p nv
4:10 pm
ft ll 111
Kill IV
. .I:1lillll
. .tvir. urn
5:0ft pin
7 :0."ul ill'
2:IH) pin
1 1 i.i n y
. Ti -tip 111
,.: p m
, l-t'ip III
. 0 i)5 p m
11 :IH) a in
"8 n a in
tHft pm
2 10 a in
1 1 :'.n p Ml
:.'I0 p m
tXi p IU
1 SS'ii in
It '25 a in
Ninv York City
7 l.) am
Hidtininrn HMU a m
WiiHliltiirlon .... 1 10 p in
40 p in
!iirj in fan am
y pin If Mam
r 15 a in II am
7 w a in n tio p m
rblliidelpiiia 1115am
CreHtlfiiB .'. iT'So p in"
Kort Wayne .... b'M a m
ChicaBd 1211) pin
jKY"No. 4 leaving ('oluniliim nt) 4:10 p. Jn.
Inib aTliroiiKli t'ur in Delaware for Hprloirllcld,
reachlliK'prlii(rtl''hl w ltlioutchHUKeirt 7:1(0 pm.
Train No. it on tlio Ooliimbim lioc.kinir vnl
lev Hailroicl (tnincet wldi No. 4 Truiu. through
Tickets for sale lit A thens.
PASSKNUKIt TltAlNM rnlurniliB arrlvo Ot
Cotilinhtwat littlu m. l'hlG u.m: andUlMI a. m.
Pit Palace . Day and Sleeping: Can
Cttt All Trafna. ' -
."rTo d'1 leaving Roliimhns-nt SiSS'a mi on
Riindny. run a Ihroiigli wllhnnt detention, hy
both F.i'ie and New York Out nil ftitilwny,,
arriving at New York on Monday morning ut
0:40 A.M.
for narlleiilnr Inforrrmtlnn In rennfd to
throiiKlt tlcketn, tlnve. counetioimr ete., to alV
points Kast, West, North and Houth, lipply t
address Vi. KiiHD.fJoliinibiiH, Ohio. . - -,
K. S. KI.INT. (ien. HuperlnlendeiiU
. i.V fn. Airent, Columhtis, f.
EL-oLnEI-OUD, . ". '
. Taaseiiger Agent, Columhut, n.
Railway Time.
Railway Time. Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road.
On nnd after My 14, 1871, Train? wiltf
run nafoilow:
o :::::; ;
a :
as,.: : : : :
: :.: :::::::::::::
- oc x x i- a ti -ii tfi'5HiijjJciH
e c o x '' o
. r-
- - a
. to .
: a ',
. a
tc I- X 0 ' ti 91 ?! cl ti pi w Qt V
s z
2 5i
O j C
I rs 2 s a s s? : s :? g s s s ? s s a
' X o 3 6' i i H . ib ?i si ?i ri -r iJi i5
o .
s :
5 i- co e ii z o
( IN'C'INNATI KXIltIS will run clnlly.
All "Ihor'l'r.'ilns iliiilv, i-xvt Snmlnv.
i:jNt'INNTI KXI'HI'.SS KAST makes no
Ktop lHtwiiii Hmiiilfii nnil Allii'im.
Portsmouth Branch.
Mult. Aticoitoinmhilinn.
8.I5I. n. 6AA.lt,
8.M " 7.UH "
fi.-.K) 11.00 "
(MIA A. M. , J-Vti P. M. .
1IU5 " . 4-Jltl " '
l-MITi 1'. M. 6.40 "
Itop, Ilmnili'ii
ArT. I'orlHiiiiiiith
lH'i, I'ortHiii'.utU
Ar v. .Iiirksiiu
Trains Connect at Loveland.
Knr nil iiiilntsiiii Hie Utile Miami Ituilminl, nnil
n t the I lid innji j m .1 i, At'inciiiiiuti Kailroail Junc
tion lur till (i it ts Wesl.
MmUr of Ttan'porlntiun:
TirnorriOit nnasissjirri
AViied a ild operated by one Company frmn Cin-.- .
clnnat I to St. luiis. t hei'et'oro panirei" are'
M'K'K ot belajrcayiied tlilougli wltltont chaifg'
of cum
the possibility im-ldent to other nnitea (whlelf
aro niiide up of several abort roads) of missing:
comioetioii ami mih)tct4ng tludr passengers !
disiijireeuble changes.
Families and Others Seeking Home
in the rieti'vulleya and nn tlie fertile prnirlaa of
estern MJssourH kN.nsas, Nx-hraskn. C!olorado..
or thf nmrc distant state ol nlllbrniii, will eon
Mill t heir own interest by calliiiK on or addresa
n tlieiiiiilemlKiieil,, Ciuifi'iiell'iiK- Airent. ns a'
Ioiik residenee in tho wvalnrn eonnli'v bus la
inibaracd him w itli tho hcstloealitleB.
ThiaRoatala OTmilo Shorter
via Indianapolis.
Til KOt fall TICKETS
Can bo piirrliiiKed nt all (be Principal Tlekftf
Ollicesof Ooiiiieetilix Lines, nnd ill ( inciiiiiHti'
nti I lie Qi-iieral Ollice of tho Company,
110 Vine Strcctr
: BroadwaT; ornsr Front Street,
Mattv Street, EOrner Iivnp, nnd at Dw
pot Foot of Mill Street,
V. K. W)f,W?f, J:. T..(illfSffOf,r
tii'n.I'aHa.iTiclwt .VVt,, tieii.Mijiei'intcndenti
W. l.oilin; ' St. LouitR-
Colitructiiiir Pnssonirer Ayenl,
lia Vine St., Cineinmwi, Oliln:-
Aim! The
Tilt! comilll'tloll of till' rilliKvMlo IllVklnil nff
this road and the Miilemlld tuiiiliiin..iie i,.p
engei-travtl nliikes tills the '
oiilli niitt SontlirdiMtV
O THIiO UGIf Til A tK ft
O Ihxttn. '
With Mroct eonnoetlorta from the Kast tot '
Louisville Without Change of Cars!!
Tllia istonnillv l-oaitwlman lrnl.i LrnvsCln..
ciitnatl and iiisKnunrs we delli-rM t depot, ' '
liotclH'or realdvucca in IxiuiHVllli'x HKK.
M for Tickets via Oliio A M'iss.r '
anijL take no- others.
( no lio piirclmsedntall the . .
Principal - Ticket Offices- eft''
Attho Oimeftil Offlcraoftrioompiinv
119 VINE STllIilTV '
Broadway, Corner Front ' Street,
'. . Slain Ht.i cor. Levee, ... '
und at the Depot, foot of Hill Htreef..
CIIA.V K. I'oM.K'lT.
Gou.l'usa. it 'i'lekei. A Rt
uen. mip r.
t, H.OIUB,
Edward Oallapi, ,
Contracting Pawnier Agont,
110 Vino 8t.,Tlndnuall, Ohio.

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