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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 05, 1871, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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I)c inquirer.
ar. "XTV. Bowcn,
KD1T0K XND PltOl'ItlKrOll.
OFFICE In Hccond Story of-llowoifs
KiiIIcIIuk. Nortll Hhlo of Muln Street, Ehat or
Court House. -
Next Sunday oroning, El J. II. A.
PAt.LtsTER preaches at tho Christian
Chureli. Suliject, 'Seeking the
Lord." Social service iu tho morn-
F1.OWKR8 cun bo kept sweet and
fresh by plncing in tho vitso a few
iron nails. Tlio sulphur eliminated
from tho plants combined with tho
iron, keeps tho witter pure.
for. Pure Drugs and Medicines
go to SisBon's.
Tiik Fast Lino on tho Marietta k
Cincinnati llailroad now loaves Cin
cinnati at 10. SO A." M. instead of
10:30. l'his chunaro makes no dif
ference in tho timo of arrival at
llaltimoro. This Fust Lino Train
is Kiiiil to bo tho fiistcst train on this
Fourth of July, 1871.
Uofbro this paper reaches
our readora, tho -4th of July, 1871,
will have passed. T tho evonts of
that day, ninety-five yoars ago, tho
American people thoir millions of
treasure, and thoir domestic happi
noss. Wo give bolow I ho names of
mon who, in tho fnco of a powerful
nnd overbearing government known
ns tho "Declaration of Independ
ence," and afterward sustained it
through an unequal and fearful
Htrngglo :
New Hampshire.
Josiah Bnrtlott, I Mat. Thornton,
Win. Whipple,
John Hancock, Samuel Adams,
John Adams, Roht. T. Payne.
Rhode Island.
Klbridgo (Jerry, Win. Ellery.
Stephen Hopkins,
JJogor Sherman, Wm. Williams,
Sam. Huntington, OlivorWulcolt.
New York.
William Floyd, Francis Lewis,
Phillip Livingston, Towis Morris.
New Jersey.
Itichnnl Stockton, John Hart,
John Witherspoon, Abra. Clark.
Francis Hopkinsoti
.Robert Morris, James Smith,
Henjamiii Hush, Georgo Taylor
Hunj. Franklin, J amos Wilson,
John Morton, " George Ross.
George Clymer,
Caesar Rodney, Thos. McKenn
George Road,
Samuel Chase, I William Paca,
Thomas StOfle, J Chas. Carroll.
Georgo Wytlio
Richard Henry
Thomas Jefferson
Jknj. Harrison
Thomas Nelson
Francis Light
loot Loo
Carter Braxton
North Carolina.
William Hooper I John Ponn
Joseph Ilcwes I
South Carolina.
Edward Rntledgo Tho's Lynch jr
Tho's Hoy ward jr Arthur iliJdlo
I ton
Button Gwinnett Gcorgo Walton
Lyman Hall
Tho Fourth of July has been of
ton celebrated and should continue
to ho ns long as love of liberty in
spires tho honrts of a frco people.
AMojjo the graduates at the Ohio
University nt tho commencement
last weok, Vinton cousty was rep
resented, ns will be seen by tho fol
lowing, which wo clip from ono of
our exchanges:
II. W. Coultrap, of McArthur
gave ns a valuable lesson in "Tho
Plea of Expedience." His address
was carefully wrought out, and
abounded in sublimo utterances in
favor of tho eternal law of Right ns
opposed to tho plea of Expedience.
Tiir Ross County Teacher's In
stitute will bo held nt Chillicotho
during tho week, commencing Au
gust 27. Prof. Adney of tho Ohio
University has bconcngngod nsono
of tho instructors.
Tho Ohio Teacher' Association
will hold its nnnnnl session at Sun
dusky City on the 6th nnd Gth of
this month.
Tho Cincinnati Volksblatr,
German Republican organ of
Cincinnati, says: "We cannot
say that tho Republican State
platform is in accordance with
tho spirit of the times, or that
it manifests any progwisp. The
platform bears witness that it
has been fixed op bytpoliticians
who cnie more to avoid new
questions than to meet them."
Set Out Orchards.
Thoso of our numerous renders
who' intend Betting out' Orchards,
Ornamental or Shndo Trees this fall
or next spring, riro referred to tho
Nursery of J. & W. Gou, ono mile
nortlt oasl df Jfc Arthur, whoso ad
vortisortieht can bo seen elsewhere
in this papef. Th iff nursery has a
well'deservod roptftafionv and tho
proprietors do busiliesa on tho
square, so that all who buy of them
will obtain what thoy purchase.
Tho new boll of tho Christian
Church, it is expected, will ho hoard
next Sunduy. It has been pur
chased from tho Buckeyo Foundry
of Cincinnati, the woll known man
ufactory of good bolls, and woighs
500" lbs. Wo congratulate the church
upon this success, and tho commu
nity upon its deliverance from tho
uncertain sound of our Court House
boll. Now let nil the subscribers
promptly hand in thoir subscrip
tions, andcomplcto tho payment.
I. N. LorrniDOK will run the Car
ding Machines attached to tho Mo
Arthur Steam Mills, tho presont
soasoii. They nro now in coraploto
running order and prepared to rc
commodato nil who wish their work
well done.
Thirty yours havo elupsed since tlio Intro
duction of Davis' Pnlii Killor to tlx' public, nnd
.rot at tlio present time it is more popular and
comma ml a larger sale than evtr Ixforo. It
popularity in not confined to thin country alono;
all over tho world it heneftc.lal oHect la curing
Ilia "ills that flesh is heir to." nro acknowledg
ed nnd approcintoil, and ax a I'nlu Killer its
fame is limited to no country, sect or race, has
never beene counted by any niodloino In Europe
or America.
It is will by all medicine denlors
Two locomotives have gono up
the Kanawha to Charleston, for the
Chesapeake k Ohio. Railroad
Pomcroy Cresctnt.
We should be highly ploated to
mako tho announcement that even
ono locomotive, for tho first timo,
had passod up Raccoon, via Eagle
Furnace and Dundas, for McArthur
Wouldn't there be great rejoicing
nil along tho lino of the Gallipolis,
McArthur k Columbus Rnilrond?
Wouldn't that locomotivo make
heavy thundering through tho
Raccoon valley? Wouldn't it fright
cn tho natives? Wouldn't tho little
boys run after it as thoy do after a
shew wagon? Let us hurry up
our railroad so as to connect with
tho Chcsaponko k Ohio Road.
Cheaper than the Cheapest at
Rifthoii', WiIkcsvillc,0.
For All Who Read.
Wo, eiin without hesitation, ri-eoiiiint-nd AT.
HK.Ws RKADV HOOK IIIN'hKIt im thohestwo
luivo ever seen for tho purposes intended. It
Ifroat convenience, iierlcit ndiiptntion to so
many wniil uml Its very low price w illcertnln
ly lirlnu It Intoi'iimmon,!!' nut univerxnl me.
ib ikivuiiikciiii'iii. 14-iy
ForFino Perfumery, go to Sis
son's Drue: RnrA,
If you want any kind of Printing
done, como to this offlco. Wo havo
just recoivod a largo lot of printing
material, and can accommodate you
in both styles nnd prices.
Music can no longer be a luxury,
and those who spend fabulous sunis
in purchasing Sheet Music nro
simply throwing their money awny.
If our musical friends will tako tho
troublo to procure a copy of Peters'
Musical Monthly, thoy will sco what
their wiser friends nro doing via.
gotting hotter Music at ono and two
cents a picco than thoy aro buying
tit tkirtj', forty nnd fifty cents. Tho
July number commonecs Vol. VIII,
nnd contains thirteen pioccs of Mu
sic, neatly bound, that would cost
just $4.50 in sheet form. You can
got it by mail, post-paid, by Bond
ing thirty cents to J. L. roters, 590
Broadway, New York.
Hint nf Ohio, Vinton County;
II. J. Summon Co., Plaintiffs,
Zrmrl Holilrou, Defends!,
Ill Vinton County Court ol'Coniinon 1'lens. Or
der of Knle.
I'lirsunnt to the command of nn Order of Halo
Iwstied from the Court of Common I'lons nf Vin
ton county, and to me directed m SliurllTof said
county, I will offer for salo nt tho door of the
Court llouse, In the town of MnArthur, Vinton
county, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 5th Day of Auguit, A,
nt tlio hour of 1 o'clock p.m. of snld dny, tho
followiiiK diisci'ihod promise, sltuiilu In the
county or Vinton, iinilHtnln ofOlilo, to-wlti
tioiiiiiiniiRliiK nt the Sniith-woNt corner of a
ljotor Tract of kind conveyed hy Deel to
.lunivs M. UmwIi hy Klchnrd Tiinina i W lie, da
ted Junu im, anld corner being on the line
ru 1111 1 nn North and Smith botwouu the binds of
Stophon Suits and KIclisrdTlinms In said Vin
ton oonnlyi tlware South along snld lino IM0
fueti tiiuiiun Kiwtahngsiiidliiie9UUni-t thence
North along snld lino ho fet thenca West
along slilln!,'.WfocttolhoplKOf iH-ulnnlug,
coalnlnliiK oitl'aore more or hms, heing in Ho
lion Nuiulior Konr (4.) Township NuinlMir Ten
(10,) and Hiiiiko Nuiulior Horentoen (17.) and the
sniun land ooiiveyod hy KIcliardTlinms Uiemrl
llolilren liy deed ilstod June A, im, and raonnl
ed In Vnlunioll, I'sgo UM, of tho Itecnnl o
Deeds in and lor aaid county of Vinton and Bute
of Ohio.
Taken as the property of Zemrl HVildren fo'
sntlHlysn onlerof mlo Issued from aald tii'
In tutor of ll,,HiimumrtCs,
Appraised at five Hundred anil Fifty fMlura
(K0 W.) and iiirnt bring two-thlnW of (tint sum.
i'ltnilR o ai.b. Cmhln haml.
Hherlff Vinton County.
n. n. niixt. Ait'yi for rrirs. '
July 3, ISil-Jw-HJi
(briliimn, Ward & Co'
I H Ml Iwwfm-m
Corner Maia and Logan Streets, ' '
JJAVISGopencilan unusually largo stock and completely rovolutlonlied thoprltM-s ot every
nren fiooA. Cassilnercs,
Hosiery, (sIIovcm, White ood, Calicos, Shoes,
In fnct tha best Selected Sto. k aver brought to this Market! Wehareeveryythlngyohcan call for Y And our assortment of
. . Cannot
The people, are cordihj
iirfete in every braneh!
i -. i.-r
Comprising all the Latent and moil Beautiful Sty 1 ah'tl tiie best Quatitl, oottaiiting in part, of
IVnsliiiH, Prints, C.in shA.i.s omrticM, Cloths,
and shall not be beaten In Vinton county! And
invited to call at out
Entire mttnfaetion j
rail at our sHtabliithmenL Our tiasor'ttnent I
New Store.
cfc OO.
description of
McArthur, Ohio,
Slmwls, - AlpaciN, &c:
we slinlt-
guaranteed to everybody I
Hack and Express Line.
M n- Isaao Mii.i.kr has established
a tri-wei-kly Hack Lino between
Unmdon and WilkeHvillo, nnd lias
amplo arrangomcnts for carrying
trunks, packages and express goods.
Tho hack runs from Wilkesvillo
to Kanidon and returns on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday of each
Just Think of It:
If nil tho world whh brlndlo pupa,
And all the sen was chink,
And nil tho corn wouldn't makrnlinrn,
What would Grant have to drink?
I('a enough to inukoold Oreclcy
Scratch his head and think.
A. liouso in town came near
catching fire from glass but
tons which children Had left on
the roof. The buttons acted
like a lens, gathering and con
centrating the rays of the sun
so efficiently, that the dry
shingles of the roof mildly ig
nited and began to smoke,
thereby attracting attention.
[Ironton Register.
ForAyer's Medicines, go to G.
W. Sisson's.
McArthur Retail Market.
McArthur Retail Market. Corrected by Gilman Ward & Co., Dealers
in Dry Goods, &c., and Manufacturers
of Flour, &c.
Sugars Brown, N. 0 12
Clarified, N. 0 16
" Coffoo A 16
" Crush' pul. k gran 18
" Extra coffoo 14
Coflue, liiochoico 25
Eio primo 20022
" Java 30
Orleans Molasses -8090
Doublo Extra Drips. $1,00
Vinegar, Cidor., 40
liico? 12
Ilamins HO
Ton, Imperial 11,251.80
" Young Hyson 1,25(1,80
Black 1,0001,50
" Japan $1,50
Candles, hard prossod 20
" star : 25
Flour, porhbl ....87,00
IJuttor 15
Lard 12i
Eggs 10
Chocso 1820
Crackers 1012
Starch 10
Soda 10
Tartar, croam 60
Peaches, dried 12
Apples, driod 10
Salt, per bbl 2,00
Beans 2,00
Pepper, grain
. 40
Keof, dried
Ilnms, country curod
" sugar cured
ISil. ....
Bucon,' sulo
i . Hi
Tallow' iMiiK'MitKiiiriii.
When. $I,30(aI,40
Oats .' 45
Wool 48r?B5
A Mormon, who has tried it,
ays that indigo bound on the
wound is a sure cure for rat
th'snake bites, scorpion and bee
stings, etc.
Sins to tho mil ice of our readers as one tin
prettiest. sprlKhtliost and niwt vnluiililo ot'thi
liiilillrntions foryouiiK peoido with which wr
nreucUiilntod. S- advertlseniunt. 13-ly
Geo. Lantr,
Alex. Peare.
flllMRI IM
, Stes, M Atri
iManitfacturers of Tinware,
AOE5T8 roa
Buckeye Mower C Jleapers
A Moat Complete Apparatus for Hoisting and
Muring Hay. Thej hats for sals, alto, the
fiiffln Fork and Doable Harpoon Fork!
both good I
Steel and Cast Plows,
of tho bost patterns, and tha
Malta Double Shovel Flow,
Hoes, llakes, Scythes,
And other farming Implements.
ThOM needing Kepnira for Mowing Mnchlnes
nro rennet. ted to send in their ordcra early.
Mnrcli l, lini-tf
Piiget Sound.
Dvotd to tha Material Interests of Wash
ington Territory.
Ths Tisaaoairr Is -ow in tha Fnnrth Ttsr of
nnblirstinn, and will nnavor to sppre, as lrnf In
fore, tha puhlla in uralnfss ss siponsnt of the host
IntrrtsU of ih Trritmrr. A promiasnt featnro of
ths paper will be the eollMtlnn a paltllcstion of
ststtstlet and riesoripttre artielee relating la the
Territory, or in any way 'ending to the aeralopme nt
of its great nstnral reeouroes snil wesllk. All Inlor
uistlon miiferning the pmgrew, gmwlh and settle
mont vX this portion of the (New Northwest, that is
obulashle through reliable eorreepiiadenls and other
sources, will bo giren. Blnoe the tmdnnlng of the
Northern Paoiflo Itsllinail surveys, an tatraordlntry
Innutrr hsa sprang up tot Ibis kind of Inanimation,
and It will tie the eunatant aim of the paper to satis
fy sa Isr as possible this Inquiry.
The columns of the Taasaoairt will ennfsln sitl
eli4 on all eubjvelsof imporunee, Matlftnal, TerriteV
rial, palillral, as well a dtseriptrva. In (poliltcs,
while il will, as aumsply. snppert Kepobllcsa nr'In
elpl,ft will be independent of any party discipline
anil political tricksters, and ailvooett bonratand conrt
pcteittnien lot position.
In Inesl blsttera, a digest of erarylblng of Interest
will bo glren at all tiines. A srnopals of news froth1
all qiCirlers of the world, nf the latest Ulegrspnie
daios, with market and atflpphig repotls, Will also bs
found in Ita columns.
f ernia of flufcsclptioi i
Per'yrar, In adranue, 8; lit months, $1 j single
topics, 1v cents,
E. T. OCNN, Prenrh lor,
"J Olympls, Wsslilmtton Tcrfltory.
I T Aim r TTati
m It
MILLIONS Bear Teatfssieay ta th
Weaderhl Carallva Eflaefa af
DR. WALKEB's tihtfettnti
i ilia Islaislaajgrasli tsaniaiill f
I. WAijira rreprieier. II. Villon alt re. Urot.tf jra
Uea. A ii, Saa rraiKiMi, Ual, eas 13 we tl Cnmiici Ol, .
Tiaegar Ulttcre ars not avllo Fnnry Drink
Made of Peer Kom, WhUben Praaf SalrlU
an4Refuae I.lriaera doctored, spiced andswecf
sned to plraao tha taste, called "Tonics," "Appatli-
rm, - licsiorors," etc., Hint lead the tippler on
drunkenness and ruin, but aro a true Medicine, made
from tho Natlvo Hoots and Herbs of California, free
(rent all Alreholle Btlmalaata. They are tha
MHEAT ui.uou lFL HIFIER. a ad A LIFK
HIVING rXtlXC'U'l.E, a perfect Itcnorator and
Invlgnratnrof the System, carrying off all polsooona
sinner ana restoring uio Iilooil to a hcaltlir eondlllnn
No parson can take tlicae Bitters accordlna to dlree.
Uona and remain long nnwell, prorlded their bonea
aro not destroyed by mineral polaon or other means,
and tha vital organs wasted bcyoud the point of re
They iron Oesule Purgative a well saa
Taalr, poaaeaelng also, tho prcnllar merit of acting
poweriiu agem in rcnovmg congestion or InOaui'
manon orine Liver, and all the vlaccral Orcana.
young or old, married or single, at tho dawn of wo
manhood or it tho turn ofllfe, these Tonic Bitters have
no equal.
For Inflnnimntory and Chronic Rbeasaa
tUm nod (Sons, Dranrnnlrt ar IadlmtUn.
Illllous, Iteniliient and Intermittent Fever.
Dlaensra of the Ulasd, Liver, Kldaeya,aa4
mnuarr, inrao mricra naro been most anecesshil,
Kuch Dlscaaoa ara caused by Vlilateel lilaaj.
which It generally produced by derangement of tha
umrirsiA ore iNniflfisTlAN. naj.
ache, Tuln In the Shoulders, Coughs, Tlghlnesa of tha
Chest, DUslncsa, Sour Kructationa of tlio Itomsch,
Ilsd tnato In tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation
oi mo jienn, inuanimaiioa or Ilia Longs, pain In the
reglona of tho Kidneys, and a hundred other painful
rmpioms, aro ins offsprings orDysnensla.
They Invigorate tha Stomach and stimulate the tor.
pld liver and bowels, which reader them of aneqsslled
clBcacy In cleansing Ilia blood Of all Imparities, and
imparting new nn and vie-of to tha who as m.
FOR HKIN DlfKAXEH, Eruptions, tetter, Ssli
i.ncum.uioicneaorHiis, rimpies, ruetulre, Boils, Csr
biincles. Ring-Worms, Bcsld-tlead, Sore Eyes, Krlala.
elss. Itch, BearlW, Msroloratlont ot tha Skla. Haaiora
ana Diseases oiine tain, or whatever name or nature
art literally dng p and carried oat of tha system In a
enori nma nv ine use or tnese Bitters. One bottle In
snelt caste will coavinco the most loerednloae of their
uieanso ine yitlatea Blood whenever yoa tad Its
iVK'JL". S""" '"?"' i thasklnla Pimples. Ernn
tlone r acres, rleanae It v. hen yon Hud It ohttrnetnt
and.lUKvl.l, In Iha veins : clean. It when Ith ItoS,
ynnr fciHlng will tell yon when. Keep Me blood Van
and tha health of Ihe system will follow. p"
FIN, TAPF, and other IVOR M ), lurking In tha
vl ..i.iirnup. uio eyrciuany aestror
rdaad removed. For full directions, read carefnlly
III A a(ajtj1aaa arnassiA .saK kkiil. . m-iviMliy
J. 1TALIER, Proprietor. B. II. McDONALD CO",
vrajgisn aaa wen. Agents, sag rreneleeo, Cel., and
si ana m commerce Ktreet. New York.
For tho Campaign of 1871.
IWItW wb
ih n TilS CRISIS nowSpaMr hns been
lgcdl will be furnhlho'l lor tho
pulltkal campaign ot ltrtl,
ConMenclng July 19, and terminating
October 18, 181,
fcrrtljYucdnf fiturtoon Issue of the porVcr.
Hlnirle copies M cents each
Clubk of ten or mora M
tVa offer these low rated to eecure a gonoml
rlrculationof tho Stiitesinan during the ranvaaa.
The least orToyt hy active Democrats will aeoure
Inkny township a club of ten ottvrenty sdlisorl
tiers. Ten mibaoriptloiia far tile CAtiipulKn, ,go;
twenty Subseriijors, only $).
CO). VM ill's, Ollt.
I .aavA II T UlT'aSi. . II
LglFI II l l I rifc.
lllrllilalllt lJI I I L llV
iJV" ATrtllaL t?J
-ls kaa UeSelWu m4 rerrMklag
CQyrfregeiaeeeggeaalae TaHna
4A 'r-.''a"' w te
i t agents Wanted r
$ , .... wi i ;
J. &a 'VO'. GOL!fi, Propriist'ra,
. MXWiurf, Ohio.-
Nohorlnconr stock to the Trade, vre tendiir
M. ourackio vledgeraents for tlm IIIilTU I put-
ronngo we live imretororn rcdrlved, npil tiO
by prom pines nnd strict Intrgritv in hilitiiient,
to merit the supimrt nnd onndiVedl'tlie pule
Apple Tfr'en
Is large and line new varieties. (J&Y
Pracli, Chtfrf, Tin in,
EVef gfeeii Tree,
G4eiSe Vinos,
Raspberries, Small Fruits, c, &c.
Will surpasssny we linvn ever before ofleml.
-Orders sollciteil and promptly Ailed.
.llvase send for a Catalogue
8 dD'CIidDCM
ffl07f? A MONTII-Kxpenses pald-Mnla c r"
QptJ I O Female AgntK Horse and outflt fur.
nisheii. Adilreas, Stco Novelty Co., Hnro. )lo.
Teaehera ar Sfttslaata
Wanting Employment, st from to tlnn nir
mintli, rhonld uddreaa ZlF.OLEli A McCUKlii',
Cincinnati, Ohio. iw
AOKNTS WANTKH for ' rtuv, nt I.I fa
Unveiled." Il Kdith fl'l'lnrm.... la.
raped Nun, whoseiiisclosiirea are thrilling and
aiaruing. .oh. riu. vo Iluriroru, loun.
$fO from .10 C fnl.
-amples aent(imstpald) for Bd centa that
rotail roudily for lilt. R. I,. Wou ot.
'-U-'lt 1S1 hathaui Square, X. Y.
THIS IS NO hum nro I
Hy feuding
with age. noigiit, color of eves nud hu e. von
will receive by return mull, n correct picture of
your luiurn iiiinunnii or wiif, wnn nninn nnd
ditto of inarriHge Add rem , KoX, V. Oi
urrwvr r uioJiivilie, i
with the Ortfn ftit flnto?.
Warranted to suit all tasiea.
for salt ttfryuirrx. And fr
sale wholesale Only by f 1,
IOTKAC'O.. HOlinrchSi.. s. r.
P.O. Uot5M. Smd tot Thca'
Nectar Circular.
per day) to se1llli4
CH FKU. ilss ihe niider-fced. makes the "loi k stitch''
(alike On both sides) and is fully licensed. I ti brat
and rbeaMiat family Srwlng Machine In the market.
Addraaa Johkmin, i'iiuk A Co., Uitaion, Mass., I'iita
burgb, ra.,Oliican, III., or St. Louis, Mo.
Or Ways and Bj-Waya in the hidden i.lfo- of
20,kj Sold in DO Days.
i , 4
TJVXTU.V tortus nnd p'rcniiiinis offered
m. nfvun, wnn acnoico oi territory. Srn
lor cire.iilitis.
j. b. Kinit & iitbi;.
l Hnitfonl, Conn.
For Coughs, Colda and HonraefteA.
These TiiMefs present tho Acid In Comdina-
non wnn other ctlli iont remedies. In a popular
form, for tho Cure of nil Til Ilo AT nnd Ll'MJ
IIOAR8!.BH9nd I'LCHIt ATltfN Of tllO TtTltOat
are immedintely relieved, ami statements
constantly being sent to the proprietor of relief
incases ofThroet dlnleultlesof .vears standing.
PAITTffsXT Ihm't hedwefvod hv Worth
yAUlliJll less Imitation. Uet olllv
n ell' Carholin Tshlets, Price S5ients per HoX
. JOHN g.KKI,I.(Mi(J, Piatt SL.N
Send forClrculsr. Solo Aitent lor the V.
kedcjction op i'mcus
QEEAT sAvnra toconsumees
Send for our Now Prli List and a t'lnh
form will aocomimny It, containing full direc
tions milking a Inrge saving to coiimmers and
remunerative to club orgnniiera
Agamti WanUd tttr th
It contains over IW Ann engraving of Itnt.
He Svenea and incident nnd incident In Hie
war, aim ismonniy Atltlterttlc and OlDclal his
wiry pi viiat gnun minuet.' iigeuts aro meeting
with unprecedented success selling from 20
" a u.Fi ir uay, nun it ia puDiisncn
both Kngllsh nud (ierni.in.
OAirrrOM ''' histories ara being
, VU V cjrciilaled. Kee that the
Itook you hnr contains IfsO flne er.nn.vlr... a.i
740 pages Kent! lorclrculnrsand sou our terms
i a iii 1 1 n.Mr.riiition or the work.
ITIlYNAl. I'tini.lmilvn n. r
Cincinnati, Ohio, or St. Louis, Mo
It ia a sure and perfect remedy M all itlssaari W the
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aurarjr ineiiicmal pmptrtlra tsr thiBoath XinerKAA
i lain, caueii
si-nt a special onmnilsiinnto that country to procure
Ail curative prnpertiea to even eseead Ihe anticlne.
tlons firftned by its great reputation, ha coiieladed
to offer il to the public, and Is happy te state that ha
has perfrlrted arrangements lor a teiralar rannlhlv
i. in iw iiniiT. iM.ribr, miiu nn ni npiina u wiiiimi
sirpply of this wonderful Plant He baa shentin.l.
time einerlmentlna: and Intenthutlnir aa u th. n.i
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Extract of Juruleba
waordfiiMiA. II In ,.M a.H.ii.
houaehold remedy which ahnnlA b freely lake, as
Btooa roairitain all deranuemanu urihn
and to animate and fortify all weak and Lvmphatie
tymperumente. JOHN Q. KKLLOOO, flatt Bt..
Sow urk. Hole Agent for the United Hifcl..
rice On Dollar per bolt!.: End fur Circular,'
Death of Major Andrew
Jackson Donaldson.
Mnjliv Andtliew Jackson
Donnldsort' died very suddenly
nt the PcAbod'y ridtcl, in
MemiiliiB, at 8:30 P. M.f Juno
ib, ot cholera niorbuiq- He was
in th 72il yoai of bis ng?.--
lle ffrmlunt'cd ppcond ltl the
clas f 1822', nt West Pointl
was private fcecreiary ot I'icsw
"lent Jackson dilvnig both terms
of hisr fltliiiiiitrjvtmti;: after
wards served ns Minister of
the Republic of lVas at tlo
Berlin1 German Confederation.
Oh liis reCurn liome lie suc
:eeded' Frank Blair Sr., as ed
itor" of ttie Washington tnion,
then ran for Vice President on
the Jill'moie" ticket), tor tile
past ten1 years he has livid on
a plantation near Australia.
There is a tree in the county'
of BotetJonrt, V.i., the leave
of whieh'j- if briilWd and mixed
with milk or stlgar, almost uk
starttly kil"ls flies", bees,- Vafpf,
hornets and V el low 'lack et?.
fn general' apjiearance it' f;ome
what resembles a Walmit tree,
th&ngtt tfte leaves afe larger.
Tt was planted many years ago
hy ail' old1 settler, vIio is long
9irtce dead,- and it is not known
wliere it was obtained',- or what
its- proper name k Ihere im
probably not another in this-coimfry.-
A biography of Hon. Clem
enf tjf Yallandigliairr will be
prepared immediately.- Stick
of liis friends as may have letters,-
or may be avrpiainted
with facts or incidents illustra
tin'g fiis character, will confer
a favor by sending them as
soon as pos9ibfe" to the Rev.
James L Talractliffl'iam,. New
ark, !)elawarer 16 is alsc in
contemplation to erect a mon
ument to his memory in the
City Park of l)ayton.- A pri
lettei from Dayton pays that
Mrs. VcsUandigham is slowly
Tie Itadical party Works
and talks in mysterious Way.
An irs con ven irons PpeaK in
jfoWiflg terms of civil service
eform fiut in fain we look to
g. fkli a
see IM tamilment ot their
pTOTrtises and vfrotestations.
rake", for instance, the case of
Powell Clayton, Senator from
Arkansas. A short time ago
the Grand Jury of the TJnited
States Court nt Little Rock
fotfnd a true bill of indictment
itgainstj him and a large number
of other conspirators Tot coun
tennc!n'g ahd niding iu fraud
ulent registration and Voting
in that State in 1870.
The Judge, District Attor
ney and Marshal imagined
that they were" doing their du
ty under civil service reform
when scoundrels Were arraigned
for their crimes. But they
were mistaken. It Wortld not
do to bring Radical officials
nnd leaders to justice ill this
way Clayton became alarmed
at the war things were likely
to go, and he at once set about
hating Gen. Catterson tho
Marshal; and Mr. Whipple tho
District Attorney removed, in
which he succeeded These
gentlemen will how understand
the value of Radical profes
ions. They tried to bring
some Criminal officials to jus
tice and lost their own official
heads This 13 a lesson that
will not be lost tipdn others.
Tiii! Jtadica! press of Ohio
is in a pitiable condition, in its
Comments Upon the action of
l)emoctatlc Stato Convention.
Its says the Detnocwicy endorso
All the measures of the Kadi
Cal pai tyj during the war, and
then it says they don't mean
what they have put in their
platform, and that they are not
honest, and so tin. They say
vi e have "departed,1 and then
then try to prove that we havo
riot The? attempt to ridicule
us for doing what they say wo
wont do, and thus Uiey lloun
der about like a fly in n Mucer
of molasse?, sticking fast . at
every step they attempt to
make. They know that some
thing hurts them and they
can t tell what. 1 Ley will tind
out this fall when the returns
come in.
Our exchanges notice tho
"departure," of a gnat many
heretofore leading and influen
tial Kepublicans to tho Demo
cratic ranks. Among others .
we notice J. 1), Nicholas, Eki..
one of the ableat nnd most in
fluential lawyers f Coshocton.

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