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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 26, 1871, Image 2

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l)c nqmm.
BOWKS, ViHtor.
n't-If-.-,, Ki.rond StltVV of liovien's
t,l 1,1 tiir. N.r He. of Maeuttticct, East of
H oiul lli'iit, '.
" July 28, 1871.
Election—Tuesday, October 10th.
CF.OUGK W. MrCiHJK, "f Ji (Ti r.-im.
AMl'liLF. lit NT, of llsrtiflfflrr.
I'DWAIID Al.l.ACli, ..f Clark.
.rOStPIl It. COOK Kill Lt., of Athens.
WrWraKii'd' stats,
lilt. OUSTAVK itl:VKIII.,ol llrtiiillnn.
I 0. W. UKDDKS, of liiihlnnd.
HirMiiKK no.Kror rtKi.ic wiiiiks,
AlU'llUll IllUIII'.S. ut 'Cuyahoga.
aciionr. commissions,
V It-I.t.VM W. UOSS, of fr'au.hislty.
n.riiK or mii'KKMi: wist,
A Solemn Warning.
Kit, THKY V1I.L 1 -A"- TIIT:1lt
VAKT v to s.is KTft OIK C'lVlI. lNSTl-
Golden Advice to Democrats.
In the last political speech
delivered by the late lion. C.
h. Vnllandigham, which was:
made t the close of the Dem
ocratic State Convention that
begun its session on the 1st of
June, 1S71, which speech wo
published a few weeks ago, he
rased the following language
language that should, serve as
the rule of action for every
Democrat throughout the land:
MilsHnllsfuctlon may elst( disappoint
ment I should sny, t norni nations. I never
attended a Convention where It wasvstf er
wise. Where there ore two candidates for
one office somebody must bo defeated, but
If he Id a nuin, I won't nay a philosopher-.
If he Is A Denim-rut, lie submits and his
friend submit, and watt until the next
4kn-Mbtl take the chancea."
The democratic Central Committee of Vinton
County, do hereby call a
lobe held at 1 he Court !!, in JUcArtiiur.ou
3Ioiid(tif, July Hist, 1871,
jit 1 o'clock 1". M. of thntday, lor the purpose
of selecting candidates I'ortho following county
offices, to be voted for on the secoud Tuesday of
October next, to-wit:
Prosecuting Atlmncy,
Selection of Delegates.
Thn Democracy of the several Townships
wliltlwrforo,rucwtnt-ih.o usual places of hold
ing election therein, on
Saturday, July 2'Mh, 1871,
between the hours of 4 and 5 o'clock P. M. anil
fleet Delegates to represent tho Towuahips In
ijd Convention. ,
The ratio id representation Is 1 la-legate for
every 25 votes cast lor William lleisIti-.P'rpen-
rrtary of Btatc.in 1?W, nnd 1 Delegate lor cv
ery fraction of U votes.
The following in the number of Delegate to
Which the several township ire respectively
entitled :
Kuglo SI Swim .IIKlIc 7 f Harrison 3
Viiitun 4 Urn w ii 0 1 Mmlison 7 Itielilnml K
Wilkes 'o fi Knox i Clinton 6 Jaeksou
The Convention will aiiolt lieleKateii to
represent Vinton county In the Democratic Ju
iliiluj ami Bcnntorlal Conventions to- be beM
ntsonn tlnm luid pWo to tie h.vi',1 ticiealier
and transact such other bttsluesi as ma v come
bi-ioic Ibo t'onventioii.
A. J. SWAIM, Chair's
J. W. BOWEN, Sec'y.
"Mangy Crew of Dead—beat
The 'above is a ucw name.
It & a Kadiciit name. It is to
be found, in tho Ohio State
Jloui'iialV I I'm central Radio;
orqan of Ohio, of July 19.
It nppLies the name to the tern
peronue party of this State.
It is very wrathy because the
temperance party havo a ticket
betore the people. We will
let the temperance men of this
part of the Stale see what the
State Journal says about I hem.
Here it isr
"Every honest man is interested
in driving tiio wholo mangy crow of
lo:w-bonl reformers and ppctcnded
fiyinpatliizoru witli tomperunvo und
l'-uligion and labor, into the limbo of
forL'otfuInoss, which is the Loll of
disappointed poiliciiiua."
Do the temperance men of
of Yiuton county endorse the
language of the leading Kadi
cal organ of Ohio?.- Are those
liepuUicans who are in- favor
ot the temperance ticket a
"mangy crew of dead-beat reformers?"'
It is Democratic to obey the
laws, even if we do not like
them. If wo believe tbera to
bo unconstitutional, wejan test
them in tho Courts. If we be
lieve them to be unjust, unwise
or impolitic, w& can can appeal
to the ballot-box for their repeal.
Which will you Believe.
Gen. Sherman, Horace $ive
ley, and nil honorable uve who
4i.Rve travclexl through aiid be
come acquainted with Iho on
d it ion of the IxhidIo ot the
South, say thatllw.y hw ftbiU
ing, and life im1 properly :are
as seenre 9n in amy mtrrcr part
of tli'O Union. The liadionJ
)iipcrs all say to thv 'Contra-rj'
Which will oU believe ? We
think there is more honesty in
Sherman nnl '(Srecley tlian in
all the Radical papers in the
The Judgeship.
' The Vinton Record, in all
arrogant artrtle-, chums that the
Democrats of this Judicial Dis
trict ai"c anxious to have Judge
lyley run just once more, as
an independent candidate 'for
Common Pleas Jtlge.
We beg leave to say for the
Democracy of Jackson county,
that if Judge Plyley should
not be the enn'didare, they,
could survive th disajroint-:
So far ns heard from, there
rs no uprising of the Democrats
of this county, clamorinf; for:
Judge Ply le)
The Kecord speaks of the
Democrats, last year, support-
nig Jiwiige Johnson, 'and says
"it Is their "desire to support
Judure Plyley in like manner
this' Fall."
It is the desire erf the Dem
ocrats, and of every well mean
ing Republican, to make no
party fight over the position of
Judge. That is a place that
should be removed frotii the.
arena of polities.
lut when the Record speak3
of Plyley and Hastings, in that
connection, we will candidly
say, that tho Democrats of
Jackson would support Mr.
Hastings in prefemice 1o Judge
Plyley, as an independent can
didate. And if the Record
desires to know the reasons
they can be given, "
Wo find tho above in the
"Jackson Herald," of July 20,
the Demociatic organ of
Jackson count'. In our is
sue of June Hth we stated in
an article what kind of a man
ut, iiiuujjui oiiiitiwiu ioi O UUgr:
of this district, as we had
learned that Judge Plyley
would not Ikj n candidate for
re-election this fall, and we can
not, under any circumstances,
change our position. Of course
no one would ask us to do so.
We then supposed that the
Democracy of this large iudl
cial district proposed to select
an attorney from their own
ranks, as thcro arc many of
them iu the five counties com
posing the district, but, from
what we have very recently
learned, the Herald and the
Democracy of Jackson, Scioto,
Lawrence, and perhaps the
balance of the district, have
given up the idea of runniiijr
one of their own attorneys.
(although they well know that
the ollice Las been filled by
men ot the opposite party in
all past time, except one year,)
and appear to be favorable to
running as an independent can
didate W. K. II astlygs, Esq.,
of Jackson, the only honest
audi conservative Republican
Attorney in that county, upon
the ground that Vinton county
has had the ollice for thirteen
years and that Jackson comity,
being centrally located be
tween Vinton and Pike coun-
i i , ,
ties ana never uavmg Had a
judge since the organization of
the county, is lust v entit c.d
to select the man, as Lawrence
and Scioto alvvavs select their
man.. If the Democracy of
the district can t hud' a man iu
their party, they need not ex
pect the IXepublicans to liud
one lor them. Yc Jearu, how
ever, that a bar meeting was
held here last weeky which fa'
vored Judge Plyley as- a can
didate, but the proceedings
have not been sent to us and
we are not prepared to say
anything about them...
As a specimen of Republi
can taxation we give the fol
lowing from official reports:
"The State taxes iu Charleston
county, Jsoutu Carolina, for
1870, are greater than were
the taxes for the same purpose
in the whole btate nr'185'J.
"The popular demand is , Ke-
reuchmeiit una Keform.
The Democratic candidate
for tlovernor kof Maine, Hon.
Charles I. Kimball, in his let
ter accepting tho nomination-,
declares that in tho present
condition -erf die country a it
ne wed agitation, either North
or South of the issues involved
in ttae late war, is worse t-kw
useless. Awong tire pres'ng
demands of thcihrnur, Mr. Kim
ball sets forth the following :
First The strictest honesty
.and economy in all public ex
penditures; that wc may in
good faith gradually extinguish
the public debt, and in a meas
ure relieve fh-c. terrible burdens
of taxation now pressing so
heavily upon thc people.
Second Such a -change of
tariff, with a view ro revenue
only, as shall icstore labor to
an equality with capital, and
especially relieve the ship-build-hrg
and eominercfai interests,
which have been well nigh de
stroyed by adverse Congres
sional legislation. . '
Third To 'encourage hy -every
suitable method, by Snst
and equal lawst, the spirit of
public and private enterprise
and mechanical industry, and
to help the Ulwr'ng classes in
all practical ways to 'improve
their condition to the largest
Hall's Copper Scroll Lightning
The Only Se Hod In I'se Latter from
lr. K.'V. Itannel, MeA rthiir lieport
tf tlie,Tudi;es of the Mucin nut I la-
dust rial KxmIUn 1h it)70.
One of tho Rods was pi awl
upon our dwelling house and
printing office yesterday, by
II. W. Deshler, one f the
proprietors, nnd we would ad
vise every owner of a building
in this county to have these
Rods erected. Pay no atten
tion to any others because!
they are worthies.
"Wc could fill this paper
full of letters of rccommonda
tion of the Rod from residents
of this Slate uloue, but it is not
necessary. The following is a
letter from Dr. -D. V. Rauncls,
who is well known to almost
every citizen of this county:
' ' JTr Z:.T.?r.r.z f .r-.-c examined
Hall's ( upper Scroll l.ithtiiina llol nnd have to
aay. In extent of mctalic. surface, eoiniili'leims.
..I 1IMI Ml, Hfll H.IIK . ,11'BIW " l'l" I'M.."" tv
the tho biiildlnif and the supci Unity of Its:
points, render Hits rod in inyJiidftmenl. vastly
superior to isv lie.r !' trhd-h I kavo any I
kiiowl.HlKf, us' a nam irotectlon to life snd ,
property mrnliist Use disnstrons ctfei'ts of dec-1
trteily. In support of my opinion above slnteil j
vou urn hereby Hiithoriwd to erect the rod on
my resilience iu Ibis place.
In the report of the Judges
of the Cincinnati Industrial
Exposition for 1S71, we find
the following :
All the researches in the Klectrieal Beienee,
and the teslitnoay of iroiiiinent KlecUsttinns
seems tosustain tiio inventor of this rod ;lsl,
It hehiKt ' eoii per, msft liulitnin inndm-tor it
stands al the head of the list d, that Hiir
faoe not tbjekness mcrelv IicIiik all an essen
tial iiin!irirtition for comlurtiiiK power.
Tint Ilo'l In question is superior to nil otlieii,
in use. from Its peculiar roiistruction us lrealy
descrils'il, wo, therefore, tlcein it entitled to
I In, llrt nreiuiuiu."
R km km men that Gen. Geo.
W. McCook, our candidate for
Governor, and Col. J. R. Cock
crill, candidate for Auditor of
State, speaks at McAithur, on
Wednesday, Aug. 1C.
Ojs'E of the leading Repub
licans of Columbus declared
last week that tho Legislature
will be lost to tliat party on
account of the folly of Sher
man aud his friends putting
him forward n3 the only man
fit for Senator. Let every
Democrat work , and we can
elect a majority in both' branch
es of the Legislature.
It has been hinted to us "on
the sly" that the Radical lead
ers of this coauty, who are
just now in a terribly desperate
conditon, have been instructed
by the Radical State Central
Committee at Columbus to
make' an effort to elect a Rep
resentative to the Legislature
from-this county, as tire next
Legislature will elect a U. S.
Senator in' place of Sherman.
The Democracy arid the hon
est Republicans of the county
propose tfr look after the mat
ter until the polls close on the
evening of ,Qct. 10.' They don't
want Sherjnau any longer.
Rid to rtBotrrof our alora is' pne the
nrettleat. anrlhtlit Mid most Valulalt of t he
pybUrMefvrruoir''P,pte with iwklrhwt
t ayiaaUttd. c advertlwmeut. Vl-lf
In order that the principles, policy and eaiull
diitesol'the lemocrntie parly shall be as fully
andtiilrly presented twwible to the whole
people of Vintou and ujttfnlii( uouutlei, we
offer tho
durlnit tliccsiiiiiaiiiii.or for montlis from the
lime of subscribing, for the very low price of.
Q5 Gonts!
Tliero will be no ipei'nniary profit to us on the
paper at (Vis lowSfto, bl(t wefhiM be gratined
if bvthls 'iiieiins hunilrvds of the people of this
midtlMuinis counties will subscribe mid care-
fully read 'ft and receive Ihe evidence and reus,
onion in belutlf of ilcmoernthi principles nnd
candidates, without perversion iftul TuiHrepre
sentntiou. Wo hoe senlous and active Dctuo-
oriflii will 'forthwith send us as ninny nuim-K,
a't't'lle KboVe rule, us tliey can obtain 111 their
iJi'mrtrt. If ttiere-are ipcrjinis too poor to pay
I lie amount, acud rielr tirftrtis whether they
pay or not, and we will scad 'r'liem the paper.
A little time given now in tfc'lsny t the I'om
luoneauso will bring good returns therefor in
Hho .future.
MeArtliur, O,
HJai., n'fidl get your Tun km an
Blank Deeds; All kinds of
Blank Deeds, n'frtS Ultirika lorJus
tiecs, Constabk'B, n'nd Attorneys,
pi-'inled on good pnper- n-ntl in tho
best Blylo of tho art, tiqit t-fm'taVitly
on liand, im4 fotfalo at the Fnquir
er oftico. '
TliiRTV veins have elapsed since tho Intro
duel ion if'Dnvis'f'nlii ICilfir tf Hie public, and
Vot rft ftn present ti it Is more popular nnd
cuiiimhuds it lamer sate than cw IM-'lore. Its
nopulitritv In mil eoutiueil to this enniitiy uloue:
all Aver Ilia world Its benelicinl ull'eet in curium
the "ills that flesh is heir to." ure ut-kimwIodK-wl
mid npi.reelnteil, nuil as n I'nin Killer its
fame is liinileil to no country, sect or race, lias
never beeno equaled liy any nicilicino In Kuiojie
or Aineriea.
lt'rs sd by nil meillclno denlers
For All Who Bead.
Wo, ran without hcsltit'Cion, roconiinriul AT,
DK.N'ft RICA DV HOOK HI XH'KIt lis the lie? t jee
haVeesfrwon for Hie purposes Intcmleil. its
(rro.it Ciins't'iiienee, purlia-t mljiilalii to no
riianv wants uud 'lis very low price Will eertiiln
Iv brim mntoCfniiaon., If imt universal me.
o'e advf rtHsciuent. --ly
(JiEy. McCoolt very proper
ly commenced the campaign
yesterday in the benighted and
dark Ashtabula county, whose
citizens he proposes to enlight
en in some inflections upon the
present political state of the
' There is a screw loose in the
Radical party of the West,
and some f its important .pie
ces are falling away from the
main structure. General Sehurz
is opposed to the Mi ton-(irant
programme. lie thinks it too
small and narrow for intelli
gent men to stand upon at this
time. General Logan is not
satisfied. The legislation of the
country, as mapped out by
Morton and Uutler' does not
suit him Senator Trumbull
is also upon the war path, and
in a Fourth of July npm-h nt
Galfsbuig, Illinois, he arraign
ed the Administration for sev
eral most serious otlen-es.
Pakmhks, make all necessa
ry preparations for attending
the Graml Ma-s Meeting at
McAithur, on the lGth of
William W. Sherrod's Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio,
NOTM'K is hereby ulven that Oonlnlln H.
HIicitoiI. ml in I ii if-1 mttir of the Kst.rte of
Willilim W. Slierroil. deceased, has tiled herein
her ai-coiinl -villi said estate mr cltlenicnt ; und
lhat thehumu set for In-HriiiK on Ihe I'llli clay
ol AutU't, A. I). lHTI.ut ID o'clock a. M.
Julv 2U, Is7l-lt l'rnbnle.liidle.
Charles Dutcher's Ileirs.
Prohnte Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICP. is hirobv (riven Unit llenrv llnddle
MUi, Ouaiiliiliiof Kllzsbi'tli .1 , .Mil; I. Urn.
and Kaiiiucl Diiti lier, lias IMed his sceoiintH
lierein for partial setlletuciit with his said
Wnisli; nnd thai l he Name Is set lor hearing on
IlielOlli day of Almost, A, h.lSJI, at 10 o'clock A.
.InlySfl.lHil-ll I rniiialc Judcn
lllillll'I'H NAMi
Halt f Ohio, Vinlna County, .
II. J. Bummers Co., t'laiuttrt's,
Zemri lloliln-n, liefpiidnnt.
til Vlllton County Court ofroiiimon I'leas. Or
der of Sale.
Pnrmnnt to t lie enuiinniid of an ( Irder of Silo
issued from thct ouitnf Coinmoii I'lcie. of Vin
ton rouiilv, snd to inn dirci'led as Shcrln-ufsaid
eouutv, I will offer for mle nt thn iloor of Ihe
Court House, In the town Of XcArthiir.A'liitoii
couniy, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 5th Day of August, A.
D. 1871,
at tbeliotir of 1 o'clock I'M. of said day, tt-e,
following described pruinlaei, siliiste In the
county ofVlntfih, iindHlnlo of Ohio, lo-wlt:
Com'inuncinnat tho Boutli-went corner of n
iMcrTruet of Land eonveod by Deed to
Jiuni's M. l.eio li hy Itlrliaid TliniuH Wile, da
ted June 5. IWM. aft irl corner hoiiiK on Iho line
run n I ni North and Koulli belneen the lands of
MUiliun Mills ana iiieiuim i minis in snui vin
ton eoiiuty; thence Hoiilh nlmia- snld line SMI
feel, j thence Kiist along said linoSSO fuel j thence
North along said line Utl feet; thonco West
slonR ssid line -Ml feel In the plsoa of bi'Kionlng,
nontaiulilif one acre morn or leas, helnu in flee
Hon Number Four .) Tnwuslilp .Nnmhiir Ten
(IU,) and Rouge Number Mveliteen (17.) and the
ssmn land conveyed hy Hlrhanl Thnms lo Zeinrl
lloldren bv deed dsted .Itme It, IMfl, nnd record
ed In Volume 11, 1'sgn fit"), of thn Itricord ol
Deeds in and for said f ounty of Vlnlnatirt Blatv
of Ohio.
Takon as the property of Zemrl Ilnbb'ert to
satlsry an onlerof hiiIo issued from s;id Court
in favor of II. J, Hum mors 4 to.
Appraised at Five Hundred and Fifty Dollars
(fViliiHI.) and must bring twn-tbirds of that sum.
Tr.KJis or BAH. Oaili Is hand.
fthorlf V inton County,
D. B. Rhlrel, Alt'vsforri'ffs.
July r,,wi-6.u)i
C 'AM ft to the premises of the unn'erslgrie'd, In
McAtthur, Ohio, on tl bMh of Jnlv, LN7I,
a Dark Urown Horso, Kor lHyearaoM, 15 nands
high, bllad In the right eye. 'The owner will
come nndfov'r roprty, pay charges and lake
him away ;ot her wlai he wlH he sold s proy Med
July l!UTl-9W Hark Drivers.
. - - - - -
Buxincss, Military : and lecture
COlrlilDCkS- .
A KEW and rrrflefLBl?,"' t AamarlMa
Education - D. R-T. BaoWJT, triMnt.
For circular nd pitrtieulira addr! th Bu
perlnteD4nt, n-ly A. L. 801'THAllD, IndltiDspolU, lnd
D'mocrullc 'aH(lidir'o for Oiw-i'tt'in, und
I-mnoci'ldlc'CaiiifnluteVrt' Xoilltor of Viv.tO, W!1
address tit!! eope III
McuiKTllUJ!, OMO
Let every voter In tills coumy come Wthls
meeting. All have plenty of time to inn'he ai
rangement to coineniid hear the living politic
al issues of the day fairly discussed.
lty oHcr of HUM. STATIC KX. COM.
Jl Ibrnnnoiiueing hiiIisi rlbe-r ; if not, IM.
DtfPnyuhlo in Advaw;.-,
are (nilliorl.ed to nnnounee the nnme o
Hon. Al.MOMi 8oti,, as a candidate for re-election
to the fifties 'of Hepiwontative, Kiibjeet to
thedccislon of Wie Democratic County Conven
tion. Ktit'i"Kniiitrsr, .VcMrtiur Ynu will plenso
uunouiicc the inline ol' WKsl.DV ItKlll IS o ,-,
candidate, lor llepreseiitailve, mlject to the
decision of tho Democratic County Convention.
Mr. Ktimlsn Is one turning the best Denim r.ds
in the county. He is the Kiiiliuiid Agent and
fttacmpfc Operator Mt Xaleskl,
.MAltStf.N TuW.NSlMi' DENlOlliACV.
Vr. are authorized to nnnonnco the nnine 'rtf
Ciiaiii.km I,. WlltTK. as aenndidnto lor the of
flee ol Auditor, suli)ci . to tho decision of tho
Democratic County Convention.
E'l, Enquirrr : Announce thn name e-f lloiv.
A.J. HttAi.x as a eaiiillilnlo for County Audi
tor, subject to tiio decision of tbo Democratic
ouiity Convention. MANY DKMOCU AT9.
t.flttnr Enquirtn Aniioiiuce the inline of
W I l.l.l AM W. Itr.I.KOlID.ol' Ulchlaml, as a
suitalilc andldnte for Auditor, subject t'o the
dcci-ionoX the UcrSussraHi. iCiiuntv Coriven-!
Wk urn authoritnd to nunounca Mm iiitiuo
of OUV1I.I.K Ol'NKlNO.ol Clinton, as a suita
ble candidate for Audltor.aiihject to the decis
ion nflhn Democratic County Convention, on
the Hist of July. .
Samcki. II. Coi.f.wIII be a candidate, for Audi
tor before iho I lemur rat in County Convention.
Itis practical knowledge, ef the dulles of snld
oftli oand his deteDnina'tion llriiiDppiirt the noiu
iirees oUtlo Convisit ion, TOaKs)iiin n favorite
among u iiiunbeTvf Dl'.MurtllATS,
. 7-ai.f.ski,0., July 10, 11171.
Editor Enqulrrr :
Announce the mime of SAMCKI, V. DOIKJK
as a suilnbln rnivHdnto lor theollce of Auditor,
subject lo Hie neeHlon Wto Deraocrutlc Coun
ty Convention,
Winrn nuilmi-iired In nnnounee thv numeof
llKNUV ltKYNoI.IW ns n eiindidnse for re
election to thn oltico of Auditor, subject to the
li'-cMoO of the twn'ocrni.ic tirtmty Convention.
M Aib You will announce the numeof
f.WlliliK W. PKAIICK ii.ii snilalile rsndl
d:itH lor Uccoide. sulilect lo (he derision of tho
Immocrnt m Cou lit v Con vent ion .
Wft Art adlhnrU'eiT tonnnlmiieo the iiiiiiih of
F HAM' IS M. IXIWD, as a shUablo fmllcibto
caiKlldate rorlleconler, snbjccl hi tlredi'-cfslon
of the DemocrntlctJoimt.y Convchtieh, oil Ihe
!)lt of July.
tf W. ffiiws ( Plencp iinnmlhcr. UVe. n'sni'onf
TollMAnA. MCJiHAV. as n candldale for
Iterorder. sublect to the ilerclhiDli 01 trVc Dcnlo
cruti': Count v Cm volition.
I'rosccutiiifj Attovnryi
El. KninirHt I'lea'C Sttnmtheo the nnineof
V. 8. t I,) I'OiiM: a a cnndlihitc for Pro-ru-ting
Atloruey, sulijeet lo the ilui'ision of Hie
DeuiocrullcCoiinl v Con veil I Ion, nnd oIiIIko
V'e nve.intJiorled lo nniioiiiiee I he iininn of
r M if-i:u i n-n iv u ii.,...- r..- ....
i ,., i , ..p. ti , it, i iititi ,i,r i
eleclionto Ihe nlllen of I'ldsecnt ing A Horner,
suhjei-t to the decision of the Demorrallc Couii
ty Cuiivenliou.
E'l. Enquirer'.
I'lenso iiniioiiiii'U thai .loiix KlSNPV, J , of
jncRson 'jownsiiip. hi he n caiidlilntii for t nil
iiiisKiiuii'r, suliiei t lo ibo ilecisloii of tin) Demo
cratic County ( on vent ion.
Km. Kinney wnh cue of! ho, drst Commission,
eis of this County ami filled tlicofllco to Hie
salMaction of tiio citi.'ins or the countv.
M'E ure authorized to announce the name of
Wahiiin-'i'u.n Kkkton, of Urown Townsliip.ns
n csnilldu'i) for the oltico ol CnmoiiMlimci',
siibjecl HI the decision of tliu Deiiim'liillc
Connly Conveiillon,
Vi'y. are nillhorl.ctl In ithhnunce tlin name of
A. Ii. Ki.i.iott.oI Harrison Towiiship; nf a can
didal!! for thu office of tloinuiisxioiier, subleet
lo the decision of the Doniocmlic County Con
vention. The Republicans are not at
all pleased with the action of
the Office Holders Convention,
in endorsing Grant's Admin
istration and dodging the tariff
question. I3ut the Democrats,
on the contrary, arc just suited.
If they had wished to fix up a
ticket and platform, they could
not have done bettor try their
liking. The only thing that
was lacking, was' tho strange
failure pf the office holders to
indorse the acts of tiio late
Legislature, they probably
thought that was too heavy a
load, taken in coriueclibn with
the burden of the endorsement
of thd act's of the administra
tion, and the fact that the Leg
islature had no offices to be
stow1. 'Nevertheless, the Re
publican party is responsible
lor the acts of tho Late Legis
lature, afld- (hey will be held
to a strict ncconntability by
mc peopie
Cflrpet-bflggiog ifi' Georgia
is a good thing. Gov. Bol
lock's estinlatebf expenses for
the year have Beeri over $23,
800, rJaid by the State, fbe
expenses , of his 'predecessor
for fifteen mouths were' $3S0.
Tell your friends and neigh
bors that the candidates for
Governor and Auditor of State
will address the people of Vin
ton and adjoining' -comities at
McAithtin, oil the l'fith of
"Sen udvertlstmient of Dr Butts' Dispen
sary, headed Hook for thu MUMon-MAKlUllS
GVirK-An anolliKr column! It should Uo reud
by all I
Cheaper than the Cheapest ut
I.iKh4l', Wilkoville,0.
,FrAyer's Medicines, gj to G.
W-. Sissons.
?W),00 ItuWAKD. This will bo"pnld to any one
who will prove there Is a particle of mercury
Iu r. Itntniy'H Voot arid I'llmt 1'IHs. ., SMl
Since the first of JiUW, the
Prirsid'enthas passed three days
in Washhitrron and has drawn
2,0S: 33 for that immense
service to the Wition-, or nearly
$700 ti day, which is hot 1(1,
considering his extraordinary
labors in waking partisan ap
point mcnt.
d?7,rf A MONTH Expenses paid Mule or
QptitJ Keiiiulo Agenlfi Hocseunil out lit fur
nished. Arli'lVi'Ms, .nai o NovKi.'i V Co., aco. Me.
TR oiors or Students
Wanting I'mplovinruf, nt frieii Sfltl In STnO pec
moiiih, flioiml uili'lruss 'MX, LET. k MrC'l'liDY,
Clno.nnnll, Olilu, -In'
A1i K.NTM WANtKII for 'T'onvent I. lie
I nveiled," bv Kdlth O'tioi iniiii, l -csieil
Nu, whosoilisi-losuies are tbi irllng mid
at a r in 1 1 'g. CrtSN. Pin. Co,. IlartlbrU, Conn.
$10 Iron. 50 t t iits,
13 "ampins Kent (postpaid) for .W ccn'ts that
Tcisll iiwlliy for i(l It. I,. Wm.coV.
to-nt I'M Chuthuiii square, N. V,
rplUS H NO lH.MIirti ! Afc CKN'fS
lly sending
with age. height, color of eyes and linir, ynu
will recuivc.liy return innil. a correct picture of
vour fiilurti misbn'sd or wife, with niinip and
iluteof mnrrlnpii Artdrotfi, W. I'"0-X, P. it.
Drrwer No S4, Kultonville, X. V.
with r??i9 Ttfity'lttror.
V'iirrifpil ttt sail all hn'rV
f ortirit (vtrifichert. Asd HA
sale tvlrciVssle iinlv hv the
KITKA Ci HObiircliSf., N. V.
P. t. Ilia W.(W. Send for Tlirs
Neetsr Circular.
WANTKD AfJV.NTS, ($90 per ,la solbhs
mu.isiMi niiMi: siii:Vii.i.: fkvi'i; ma
f'VIIVl,' II... ,1. ., ...-I-.... Il.u ..I....L. ..I, ..I."
's'ke via Wh sldesi anil is folly licensed The ln-st
snd .trfanfat family Sewing fttirOittrV. In Ibe ooVf I.
auiirsss .loiis'siia, i Ll:x .tin, iinson, .Mara., viu,
liurgli, I's , Olilrs'n, 111., urfH I.ouls, Mo.
C77v-'i'aroiH-e mt (ComIm Farina
'0 J-- IndliucawMo
, " tAlt Z -sal
IlfMH, bum u erusim. -
ad lcalura in rEUVtatEKl.
Or Ways and lly-Wnya in tho Hidden Life of
ai.OCO Sold in 30 Df.ym
IXflt lerma nnd premiums offered to
J iigotds. with u choice of territory. tind
...I i ii, innil..
J. It. Ill icit 4 IIVDR,
llarlfonl, Conn.
Fr fniiglisi Colds nnd Hoarseness.
The.-,n 71iW, presenlthe Acid In Coniblns-
lion with oil ellli'ienl leinedies. In a popular
form, forlliet iireofull TIIUOAT nnd l.b'Nti
Jtiseases. .
MrtAiiSl'.NVyji mill Ci.('i..itATto;of the Tiiiioat
Mm imiueiliiltely relieved, aiul slnii'tiicnts nru
nuistaiillv Leingsent lo llln pmifietlir til'Mllef
incases n Tlin,t dininullles of tears Mamllng
r1 AirTffiM J'"n'tliDlwlve. br worth
lyiUl lUn less imllstioiia. ;ct onlv
Wei ' C.i-lmli,. 'I'.hi,., I. ..I.,., r. - I, .
- , ,.w .",-,, ,1. I, I ii
.1(111 Mil K l.'l in..,, v v
Send foM Ircul.ir. SoIb Agelit hirll'ie V.K
TO( (iXI'olt.MTO
Xcnd for our New Price I,lt and a ( tub
form will ai'coiupnny II, conlaliiing lull illifc
I Ions ma kiiiK a large snviiifrto consumers und
remiineral Ivu lo club orgaiij.ers
31 Si$i Vescy Htreel, Nuw York.
P.O. Hot Mill.
AoAiifaTtnSliA(1 IV,e41iA
1 1, rnn In liia ni'nf' an fln .nMi,,,.!,,!., ..e
tie Scenes and Incldenla nnd iiiciilenta In llili
war.nnd Islheonly A iitheutie and OMIclal his
torv id thai, great cuiilllcl, Agents lire meet 1 111
wll h iinpreerdeiiled success selling Iron, on
io40roiles per day, uiid it is published in
bolb kngMsli idid tieihi.Mi.
CAUTION Ibli'ilor histories are being
, U VU rliVulaleil. See that tbe
hook ynuhuycolituins Iimi tllih ehOiavlngs nnd
7l0iines Hehd lorcireul.irsiind sec our lerins
nnd n full d.iseriiillon of tlin work. Addressj
NATION A Ij I'inil.lSIIINO CO., Chicago, 1'
Cini iniistl, Ohio, nrt I-onls, Mo.
It Kssifrejnd perfect reinr'ly for all (licenses of Ihe
LtVKfc' anil sri.'F.KN, KN LAKtlKMf.N'l or fllj.
SI' It CCT III Soil NT KM' I N Krt, I'llIN AKY.PTfJ.
or a WANT of IHltiD, INTKHKIT I'KNT or
of tiio l,IVK.It,DliOPhY'I.UCIill!ll Clll
CVl.ATION of the lll.OOI), Al'.HCKHtiKtl,
TUMOi;a, AAliNft:i' 0UOKCbAi
illnsry tneillelnsl propsrtln of tiislSuiith Anisrlosn
I i.i. Fallen
ssnt's speelsl entfniKslnh to that c'AuYifry to proe&r
it In lb native purity, snd listing lounil Mt wnnifor
fnl mifalv prnpsrlass to eved esfMil Ihs Oitirlps
Hon. formed by its rrsst r-puiation, has eonrludsd'
lo offi.r It tn tb piildln, anif Is happy te aisle that h
haa perfected arrangement h,r regular moutbly
aiipplynf Hiiawfinderfrn Plant lit hU splint ouieh
time sipsTlnYsnllnf atid InvMtlfatlng a to the mast
efficient pTepsritjnn front It, for popular nas, snd bat
for tome lima used In hit own praotlce with moat
hanSy raanlu tne effsoliitl madlclnt now pftteoUd
tolutpuMlo at
Dr. Wella'' UxtraotJ of Jdrttbeba
and h eondden'tl; rteom'intnda II to tvarr family at
buanbol4 rtnitdy whlcb tbould bt frsaly ttkts at
a Blood Pesiriraln all drtngmeatt of tut ivttoin
ad tfltotmtttnd fin If v all weak and Lyiafbatlf
tKOipaCtaaaU, JOHN Q. KKLLOGf, Piatt Bt,
Nt York, Ril Asient for tht fnttnl Btsut.
Price One Delist pi bottlsi (tad tor Circular.
mm w m
H?heraT "Toke lloot grows, it hns A !6?H
reputn idh fisr ch'rlng Itlieliinntism, nnd as Ik
rlloo I furiller. With all tint local reputiilion
and ihe prHCfn cr disiiiuiuisbed I'by-noiniis (Ijih.
Co,7'''e, King, Wilson V Hunt, Uiilllls.C'upliind
nnd others who have lesied us inedi d iy.weri,
it has IwiWi negleejed hy Clio prole-sum at InrgC,
na much rhrough uwiint nt a proper approela'
Von of rfi incrife, us a lniotnleilge of thu
proper way t6
IV. iireptireit lorino
'f dicinal use. br.
tek Oliver 0ujolc, a
(KPfl lli)sieinnliodo"
, 'C'itlJ voles lus tnliio
a".jnj riiiid totlie dulie.4
'Of liis profession
and Ii o bn:i
Hie largest prnO
lite of any phy"
sicinn in he ut h
(nrn Ohio h n
fully tested (bp
'active iTiedic'iud
qnnlitir n of 1'ouei
Pool during tho
Inst 2ft ye rs, and
nnliesilnti ng I J
riiouoiiuces ii to
iiii e more merit.
n nding on a de
praved cchdiiion
of tho Mnnd.-f
(htm any nnd nl'l
oilier articles
named iu Ihe Mn
terln Meilicn, Co
der his iiiHtriiis,
lions our Clieni,
isl 1 1 lis enmhineA
the active inediiv
'.mil 'juiilii'ies of
I oke Hunt will!
bo best Tonio
Preparation of
Iron, mid vtn of
fer I liis prepara
tion t)the pulili'o
telling them of
the fngredieiils',
nr. itooii'd
jSMs or -
fll'K.a ni'inn'ritf inA
Is the be t AHor-
alive nnil Tmiie
known foi Semi
liln, Nero I' ill
loos Tumors
tiv ro I'll lams)
llhenses i4
Ihe Kvss. P
TerofiihY In nVi.y frtk-in. For Iibeiaaiil.
4 Ihiii, I'n I nt ill Hones, llroken-ilost it
i oiislilulloiis. sjeil iirlnl IHaenH
Sllnei'lil I'oisoiiM, noire rll'eetual ri ln'ris
chl niio renin this remedy Ihiin from all others.
Vl strenglhens, purities no i cures. It is iii Jn
pcnsihle in Ihe irealment ol long stnuding dis
orders of thn Liver, and prives neertai.ii, snfa
slid eltiK-iuiil resilvenl, inanifeslUig itsinllui
en'ce IhTnii'thotrt the enliro gliuvlnbir syslrtn,
chronic ilisa.ises Af any kind, lalHeimesi of
1lieKlilii.i:rntloiis.I'nsliiles, llloteli
V.H. ninnies. llolli.Tcl lee, Itiiiir-worm.
Silll-ltheuiu. Nenld-Heml, l leera mill
Soresi, nrc nil euriHl by Hie nseol lr.
i y iliscnsu depending on a depraved comlilioA
of Iho blood can he cured by it. Try on
bottle. Sold by all Iiruigi-ls, Prepared r nly hy
SJt.IYIIt tUOOli a n
int. ciiooK'.s wixi: ot' ta k i
Is a lVeparntinn which
lias lioen tried by th'i
iiiiblTu fAr ten Jems, mnl
proved itself in I lion.
..... s mi's or eases cniul,ic of
;I.l'XJS. eiiriiiL' nil diseases ol Iho
1 hioot mill l.inifrs,
hit. ('HOOK'S WINK OF TAlt!
Is the remedy lo n
TOM.IIN for Clironio Ci'iimhs, or
. Coughs nod Colds. It
A(t . iirouiptly cures Ibeinnll.
llasciiieil coses of Con
'0.SI'.1H,TIOX.uni.ion prniiorfne'i d ill:
eiirabld by phvSldnna.
. . iln enrod so ncinv cases
ASril.M.V of Asthma and llrom hii
lis, lhat 11 hail Is'rn pro
Art hoiilVcid a.Bpm-iil,) lor
"', " Ibo'C cnmplailils. Ifnf-
... Dieted, w ill vou let pr iu
ItIIOCIHiI.die pmveiit you froin
beii erednlso
ltmiVati.s and Invigor
ates tile eiuire system)
tli eiill Vi and rnphHy reslorea Kx
""""" 11 Imimied htreiigih. TIM
vol v remedy lor the weak
1)11. ('HOOK'S WINK OF TAlt I
ltesiores the Appetite
strengthens the ftom-
Ai-ri:rn r. a h, n hn-s tho r.-ver,
irtri puts ih.'m lo work-,
l. , . . . . ealt'ses tils fowl to ibu' si,
ll'),iKi,!l.IAiA. nl'IScs lillrei bbmil;
ii'imvilli Dv.-lcpsia, bl
d '.'est ion, AC,
Its Mlinn on Ihe I'rin.ii j
OriiiiS nre Isitb 7roinj'.l
nnil imirked. It siii-eei-ija
II('lti:i'IC. in reproiliii ing Ibo tin ti -n
ry seeri'iious w In'n olb
it poMi rinl i i u re ti eH
lviU laded;
llns vi'getabln iiiltcIi-
. cms ( iiii luiililod Ton'
ir value, coiiilened mill
k the rich medicinal iUl'-
ties of 'I ar coiiinmed i jr.
I'attii1". Hhii li innko ii I n
"''"'most n I aide Tni'lc In
the mi rui'l;
IIriI..Ht III ires tune nil I enerK. til
iiroKcn Jii.liiilbitedConsiitiiionil
,l,. and nil ris-dicnug tionl
nonii- fll)V lMll,.HM jH (ln, t
l o.islili.lloi.N, ,lu,"",, To.ila (hey
(Mil l;ikc
' Delli iitn IViiielos wild
have lib nppetile, ulnars
Oflit'iif i't'eiiiilei-micniir,iiii I never I eel.
ing well, sIimiiI I tske it,
tn vol sironniid heililiv
Itemoves iinin in l-.rcMti
rule or II ink. Is n moyl
riloclive K.-uiil aoi'oi ,((
l.ivcl': ellrhiir :t.i,,i,li,', -
in' auv l.iviu ' i,i j l nut.
Ibis ucidn many icrsonS
Mllt.i;lII fll-llgMlll l.csllllj wlW
had been unable 'o Horfc
Axis vrirs.
It sliould be kept ;r every
III' II 'I'll ''""se, and its life.iviuit
'loiiio properties t rieJ by
lh . Irmk; Cm,,,,,,,,,,,, H!n.u f
lUml sc.,.b e,nill, tho .st .,..,.
n .lion ol Iron known, and is the best Alter,
alive and Wood Piinller inndo.
i.TUi,R Vr' ""k'n Compound Pyrin, ttt
Poke Hoot in deanse ) our blood.
TAKF lir. Crook's Compound Rynin of
Poke Itoni, if )ou IJ(T, ny jtseu'ae ,i" J.,,,"!
Ih On a depraved omdltjon ill ilto blood.
l'll.Vnnlli' CpnnH'" Comnomid Hyruh of'
P,ke lloot if your Liver needs A-gulatiug.
I'I'AKB Dr. f.'njok's Componhd By'ru'n of
l'olie lloot lor any biaease ol the BkVn. '
.TAKR Dr, Crook's Compound f-yrnn of
J,;';,v 11001 11 J'"u oore'sj nolii or i"ti""
pnL'Ki!' ""S'", n'l'l'h'imd .fiyrup xt
Poke lloot for rJurofuln in any lorni.
TXtiji tr. Trek's Compound Hyrnp of
Poke lloot It Jon want Pimples romovau.
vXHu' .T' C,r"0.k'" Compound Pyrtip of
J'. r "" "f'sieii down tlonslli.uilnn ,
. fill. CROOK'S WINE 0KTAK will cure your
, TAKK Dr. Crook's Viad of Tar 'if joa
Btoijotcti is out ol order.
TAKK. Dr. Cro'oV'e Wlne'ol Tkr' if jrsu'
wish your Asdima eured.
TAKlJP'f.CfooU'sw-iBenf Tar to atrehglhirf'
thd build up your irsteni.
.TXKR Dr: Ornok'a VTlne oi'Iar it you ftri'1
Weak and Debilitated.
TAKE Pr. CrooaVrtlnaof Tar Jf you WiV
Oliromo Cough yotf wbih eured.
TAKE Dr. tffootf-i 'w'ine of Tar for Dron-'
TAKB ft. cVonk'i ' Wlni1' f faf If you'
have the 1,1 rer Complaint.
TAKE Dr. Crnok'l Win or Tar if jou hay" ,
Urinary troublti. a'
.TAICK Dr. Crook'a Wine of ThV for y'ouK
Throat or Lung Aiimtnti.' v
. TAKE Ur. treek'e Wlne'of' Tar If yen wth
to be healthy. For 'il by Druggtstr evry-wir,'

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