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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, August 30, 1871, Image 2

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(M)c (Enquirer,
J. W. BOW UN, Killtor.
OpF1CE--Iii Second Stor.V "f Powell-"
)iilldiiifr. North Sldo of Main direct, Kust ol
mirl House.
August SO, 1871.
Election Tuesday, October 10th.
FOR llovl IINOH,
C.F.OKGE W. Mil'OiK.nf JfftYr'ofi.
I.1K1'TINAT niivniM ii.
' ;, SAMVKI. F. lll'NT, "f Hamilton.
EDWAtll) If. W ALI.ACK, ul Murk.
AltlllToll or STATU,
PR. OUSTAVK Hl;rKIIL,ol llaniillnni
AiTrnmiK: Ji'itc.K,
0. W. liKDHI'.S, I'l Kiriilunil.
mfi: nnAnir I'un.ic worm.
AU'l'litK lll'GUKS. .)l'Cujli"K-
WILLIAM W. 1!0SS, or f-auilu.ky.
ci.vkk or iikprrmr rmuT,
CIIARLKS I'ATTKllsoN, of I'runklin,
Election Tuesday, October 10th. COUNTY TICKET.
roit rnKsi'.NTATivi',
ALMOND 61)1' LK, of Wiiktmilte.
W ILLIAM W. likLFOl;D,nflic,lm?.
ULYSsKS !. ('LA Y 1'OOl.E, " Elk.
TI10M.V9 A. ML"l!UAY,oH.
To Whom it May Concern!
Poor men, laborer?, nucl far-hiei-a
of tLo Republican party,
why Jo you year after year,
tote the ticket that is chosen
not by you but by the office
seekers, the bondhoklers, the
bank owners, speculator?, plun
der hunter3, &c. V
Th;it party came, into power
with the country prosperous
and happy, out of debt and at
peace with the world.
It has since set tlie funda
mental law of the land at de
fiance. It hns fastened upon the
country a debt so heavy that
the people groan under the
payment ot only the interest.
It has established a bonded
aristocracy and exempted them
from the payment of their just
proportions of the burdens of
taxation, and the expenses of
all the poor men, the laborer?,
and the middle classes, are in
creased to make up the defien
cies. ! It has given high positions
to the most incompetent men.
It has introduced corruption
into every department of the
, It has created hundred thous
ands of officers for the sole pur
pose of giving position of prof
it to glib-tongued speculator?,
plunderers, carpet-baggers,
spoon-thieves and scallawags,
who have no honesty whatev
er. It has permitted thieves and
defaulters to go unpunished
upon a plea of "iusanity" being
set up.
It has enacted outrageous
and unjust laws one of which
is known as the "Ku Klux
law" for the purpose of de
stroying the sacredness of the
ballot-box and making popular
elections a farce.
And this is but little of what
it has done, to say nothing of
the further evils with which it
proposes to nfilict the country,
if it is continued in power.
Then, poor men and labor
ers, why will you vote that
ticket ?
Is it because yonr prejudice
is so strong against the De
mocracy that you would sac
rifice pel a nial interest, the in
terests of yourselves and your
own sacred rights, the liber
ties of tho country, and en
courage all this fraud, corrup
tion and despotism rather than
vote against those who mislead
you or not vote at all ?
Why, you certainly want a
change of theso things. You
must w;int to live easier and
happier and to seo better
times 1
AVo do not wish to offend
any one of you, poor men and
laborers, but we must speak
plainly and harshly of those
wicked and corrupt men who
nro misleading you.
Now, wo submit to you
whether it would not be better
for you to lay asido your prejudices
and consult your better
judgment V To act independ
ently, and for own interests
and for the best interests of
the country.
You want see good times
and plenty of money ; you
want taxes reduced; you want
the prices of what you eat and
wear reduced; you want an
honest Administration of the
Government, and its burdens
equally distributed : then will
you not cut loose from that
party and seek something bet
ter ? Talk with each other
about tho matter, and make up
your mind before the 10th of
If you can't go and vote
igainst every Radical on the
ticket, why stay away from the
polls. Pay no attention to the
nice and soft words that will be
spoken to you before the elec
tion by the falsehearted and
glib-tougued oflicc-seekers and
politicians. None of their
past promises have ever been
Read This!
A combination of office
holders, oftice-seeker?, post
masters, revenue rats', bond
holder?, monopolists, tyrants',
fanatics, speculators, plunder
hunteis, etc., met in Columbus
a few weeks ago, and nomina
ted a ticket with a No yes at
the head, and are begging of
you to vote for their ticket and
for their candidate for Senator
and Representative, and if they
should succeed in electing that
ticket and a-majority of the
Legislature, they will elect
John Sherman to the Uuited
States Senate, re-district the
State for Congressmen the next
ten years to suit themselves,
andjnakc immense' appropria
tions and iucrease the taxes
which will paralyze industry
and bankrupt the treasury.
If you vote for even one
Radical, your vote will bo a
vote to saddle the enormous
debt upon the State.
See to it that the names of
all those men are off of your
tickets on the 10th of October.
The preliminary examina
tion of Mrs. Angeline Colburn,
at London, Madison county,
Ohio, charged with poisoning
with arsenic Peter Buffenhar
ger, aged 84, then her husband,
September, 1867, which has
been continued from day to day
during the past ten days, clos
ed last Friday, the 2oth, i esul
ting in her being acquitted.
The defense offered no testi-
as it was useless. It
seems that Maley Thompson,
who was confined in the Yin
ton county jail, and broke out,
for blowing open the County
safe, in 1800, was one of the
parties who assisted in the
prosecution of the lady above
his wife beinrjr a relative of
Duffenbarger and he expect
ing thereby to get some mon
cy. Able counsel were en
craved on both sides. The
counsel for the defense had
made the most ample, system
atic ' and thorough arrang
ments, to meet any exigency
which might arise during the
examination of the case. Maley
Thompson will try his hand
at something else now that
humbug has exploded.
The Radical leaders of Ohio
have some trouble in procuring
speakers to go about and lie to
tho people this fall, Last
Thursday nicht the Rads
opened the campaign at Co
lumbu". ATrofessorof the Af
rican Oberlin college made the
,.1. Tl.n.
as tho Radical meetings all arc
was small.
A struck by fifteen hund
red workmen occurred n't
Leeds, England, last week.
The Radical Electioneering
The Radical party continues
the practice of assessing all the
clerks in the various Depart
ments, at Washington, for
i . in
election expenses, iney are
all compelled to pay whatever is
asked of them, by their Radi
cal masters, or stand prepared
to give up their situation?.-
Little slips 1 paper were hand
ed around last week, to th
clerks, notifying them of the
amounts they were expected to
pay. The order is "pay or
Radical Fizzle.
A great radical mas9 meet
ing, at Dayton, last Thursday,
which was heralded with a
flourish of trumpets and il inn
ing posters, and in which Sen
ator Morton of Indiana, was
advertised to participate, end
ed in a grand fizzle. Morton
could not speak on account of
a sore throat, and the other
speakers failed to come. Rad
icalism is going down fast the
people being sick of it.
Taxes on Sunday.
The direct Federal tax for
the year ending June 30, 1S71,
was three hundred and eighty-
three .millions three hundred
and tweniy-te thousand nine
hundred and fiirfy-frur dollars.
This is over a million a day,
Sunday included. Hie tax
law works px Sunday, taking
no rest, and making over a
million of dollars. The people
can regulate the Federal tax
law at the ballot box if they
Seward, the "Little Bell"
It will be remembered that
W. IL Seward was Secretary
of State, during Lincoln's Ad
minM ration, and that when he
wanted to cause the arbitrary
arrest of any citizen of Ohio,
all he had to do was to "j ins: a
little bell" in his-office. The
ringing of his little bell caused
the arrest of W. II. Palmer of
Jackson, in the year 18G2, be
cause he was a Democrat and
despised Seward's "little bell."
Time rolled on and Soward
was assasinated, hut God spar
ed his life. Now the tyrant is
dwelling in a foreign land ; and
the Paris correspondent of the
New York Herald thus speaks
of the slowly dying tyrant ;
"Physically, however, Mr. Sew-1
aril is not what ho was. Ho is par
tially paralyzed find drawn up, and
tl in, together willi the terrible mu
tilation wrought by Payne, the
assassin, have- given him an air of
greater distress than ho really suf
feri. I have seen Mr. Seward's la
test specimens of handwriting, and
I can say that old ago has at least
taught him tho great accomplish
ment of writing badly.
AVo would suggest to tho .Repub
licans of Vinton county the propri
ety of establishing a newspaper
winch will support tho regular par
ty nominations. Circlcvilla llcralJ.
Your suggestion is entirely
out of place. "The Republi
cans of Vinton county'' don't
want any such "a paper" as
that. It would be of no use to
them, because they are too
highly pleased JVith the "pa
per'' they now have. If they
are satisfied with their noble,
influential organ, you ought
not to complain. Your "nib"
had better be withdrawn from
Vinton county affairs anyhow.
Attend to your own regular
nominations." Wo say this
much in behalf of "tho Repub
licans of Vinton county.'' "The
propriety of estabiishiliga news
paper which will support the
.,.,i... .,.:.,!:,-..," ...'it
be duly considered by them,
and if they should conclude that
the services of one ot the car
pet-baggers of the Herald are
really needed, you will bo no
The debt of the State o
Geonria under Radical man
acremenr, has increased since
lSGSfrom five millions to fifty
.... -V
mi ions in 1871. Ut course
there was no stealing done.
"Nip it in the Bud."
The Ohio Statesman, which
is read by many Democrats o
Vinton county, "hits tho nai
on the head" in the following
"It is the duty of every Dem
ocrat to frown down at its out
set any manifestation of a dis
organizing spirit in this dis
trict. Nip it in the bud.
Whether Tom, Dick or Harry
get the petty olhecs is an lm
material point compared with
tho maintenance ot our Jorgam
nation for great State and na
tional purposes. In this cam
paign we are fighting a brave
battle for liovcrnor, btate of
ficers, United States Senator,
an honest Congressional np-
portiotitment,and a Democratic
andulate lor President ot the
United States from Ohio; for
just as certain as we carry the
State this fall will an Ohio
Democrat head the national
licket next year. That is uni
versally conceded. Is this a
time tor tiuarrels over county
offices and back stairs intrigues
with the white and black Rad
icals? The question is an ab
sivdity. It is the duty of
Democrats to "close up the
ranks; to work for recruits in
stead of recruiting the enemy,
and if any chronic grumbler or
bolter comes around with
whines in his mouth and thirty
pieces of silver in his pocket,
send him to the right about on
the double quick."
The Pamorama is valuable
and instructive to the uiinds of
all. Go to the Court House
Saturday night.
Go from Home to Hear the
The Athens Journal, of last
week, the semi-Radical organ
of that county, contains the
following relating to Vinton
county affairs :
Jtulgo Plylcy is running as an In
dependent Candidate for judge. He
lying very low with inllamation
tho bowels.
Dr. Gorsoline, formerly of this
county, now of Ilanulen, has been
nominated by tho .Republicans for
Jiopri'sentative. And they say they
will elect him.
Tho Record supports Ply ley for
Court has adjourned over thero
after a session of about six months."
"And they say they will
elect him That is a good
joke on the Dr. I He "has been
nominated" is a mistake up to
this date. "The Ring" pro
pose to do their nominating on
the fith of September. But we
must be careful what wc say
about the Dr., or some carpet
bagger might say were "abu-
iim I
Let the Journal "keep hands
off," as the fight here is not a
rce ouel
Frances E. Spinner a Defaulter.
It appcai'3, from recent dis
closures, that Frances E. Spin
ner, Comptroller of the? treas
ury of the United States, has
Irawn various sums ot money
rom the treasury, amounting,
in the aggregate, to over three
millions of dollars (fe.,10.i,U7 i .-
03) by warrants made out in
us own tavorjand, that up to
.he present time he has render
ed no account to tho public of
the money. The numbers'dates,
and separate amounts of the
warrants, so drawn, are given ;
and other facts in connection
with the subject furnished,
which make out a strong case
of presumptive misconduct on
the part ot this much-trusted
official. He is now in Europe.
TilE following is a statement of
tho approximato earnings of tho
Marietta and Cincinnati Itailroad for
tho third week in August
PatKPiiKi'r lcci-lptH (Mir
Kn-iu'lit i-oc l.lH S0,7."tH
Hull mul t-XM'evH l,s(KI
Total t:tl,7M
Thooarnings for tho correspond
ing week last year wcro 828,1 1 9,
showing ah incrcaso of over $5,.r)0fl,
or nenrly twenty per cent, of an
Basket Meeting.
By tlio help of tho Lord wo will
hold a basket meting at I'lcnsant
Clmpcl, Vinton county, Ohio, com
mencinp; SiitiirJny, Scptomber 17,
1871, nt 2 o'clock i M. Brotlioi-H J.
NicholH, C'ulp, GolJ, rilclicr, Ucn
jiunin, Jlcdlcrn . nro nil irivUnd.
Brollii'on como and liclp us, fur wo
nnticiiuto a good timo, for tlio
"Lord litis Rpokcn well concerning
Israel." rrcthon, como.
W. P. MAXSON, Pastor.
McArthur Charge, July 25, 1871.
Woolen clothing is extensive
ly used by the people, and ihis
fact, more than any other, con
tributed to induce the tariff
makers in the Radical Congress
to place a heavy tax upon all
articles manufectured from
l rni . v i r
wooi. no ouiciai iigures ex
hibit a shameful robbery -of the
People to enrich' the Monopo
lists. Last year the total consump
tion, with duties added thereon,
was $202,000,000;
Of this amount there was
imported from foreign coun
tries, 40,50O,00O.
The homo production was
Of the total revenue paid,
the government received only
And tho Radical monopolists
:'or whom the Radical leaders
in Congress enacted this rob
bing scheme, received 108,-
The tax received by the gov
ernment on each dollars worth
of woolens consumed, was Ten
Cents I
The Tax received by the
Radical Monopolist, on each
lollars worth ot woolens con-.
sumed, was Sixty Cents!
Tho difference between the
receipts of iheGouernmentaiid
the Monopolist robbers amount
ed to 82,200,0(10.) eighty
two millions and two hundred
thousand dollars.
Reform! will renvdy this
swindling of the People. Let
them rally to the elections this
Fall, and, by their ballots, con
demn the tariirSan-Domingo
Radical party. The pdiey of
that party as exhibited on ev
ery page of its record is to tax
and rob to make the rich rich
er, and the poor poorer,
Tjik Radical Senatorial Con
Convention for this district met
at Ciallipolis, last, Thursday,
and after considerable talk and
hard work succeeded in nomi
nating William Nash, editor
of the Gallipolis Journal, for
Senator, leaving II. C. Jones
atone " upon the troubled wa
ters '' to paddle hia own canoe
without oars. So the course
of Mr. Jones in the Senate has
not been endorsed by his
radical friends in thi- distiict.
The radical majority in this dis
trict was 2,12l), but it is doubt
ful whether Nash can receive
one-fourth of that or even a
majority, as be is unpopular.
We have not heard of any of
the defeated candidates before
the Convention calling it a
Gallipolis Senatorial trap and
propose to run independent,
taking the Senators!) ip entirely
out ol politics.
[From the Logan Republican.]
McArthur Railroad.
It will ho remembered that
while the road is generally
known as tho jVIeArthiir road
it is in reality the Gallipolis,
Logau and Uolunibus road.
One end being at Gallipolis,
the other at Logan, taking in
McArthur on tho way. The
route has been carefully surve
yed and cslinatosare now beiiif'
made out. The old track ol'
tho Scioto and IL V. K. Ii.
will be used. This, with the
right of way in a valuable fran
chise. The road will bo a most
important one . At Gallipolis
it will connect with tho Chesa
peake Railroad to Savannah,
Georgia, thus forming the coll
ecting and completcing link of
a rauroaii running across tlie
Uuited States north and south.
Roads are built with money.
The lower counties have raised
theirs tully. Hocking must
i . mi . i -ii
raise nci's. m siock win pay
as it opens up a wonderfully
ricn mineral region, unr peo
ple ftliould take hold of this.
Tlm hnil(lm.v of tlm IT V 1?
R. has raised tho cost of prop
erty more than tiro price of
the road. Alio buildingof the
McArthur road will again dou
ble it Logan should give
her bottom dollar, as wo will
become an important point on
the road.
Wo learn that tlio IL V. R.
U. Co. will send their officers
over tho proposed routo with a
view to taking stock in the
enterprise. Ilurrivh for the
new road.
Vinton futility, Ohio, Angwit iitf.ltft).
To tins Qualified Voters of Vinton
County, Ohio l
WliKltKAS. Uv the lnws of Oliln rojruliilInK
vK'cfinns, it Is'ri'uiilivil of tlm Bliei-ill' if hlN
if 1.. .1.1.
KMIIIIV HI If I VU HUl H .1 iii'i'ili: .in; nil... w. n"n,-
Ititf ii jfc'nonil t-li'ct ion liv iirocliinmtioii
tlimnulmiit t lit- county, of t.lic tiinu on which
hi iiiii-siiiiliMif siu li tripiis'it inn. T, DANIKT.
liOOTH. Slii'i ilf of Vlhtim t'mmlv. (Ililo.ilo
Pur Ii I'li'i-tuin stiiill l lio (i'ii : '
lieiviiy jnn;liuin nml niiiku known thnt tlm
A. D. 1871,
Boinfl tho lOtl-i Day of said Month,
is liy llu CoiiHlltution nml T.nwn of Ohio, np
iioinlcil I h diiv on ulilt'h tlliMiil.illlHi! i-lcWm-H
of Vlnlon U iunt v live tmlillcil In ini'i't In llu lr
!-'HiiTlivi'town.hiiiH( nt I hojr UMiiil or pfniiiT
il:ii'en (icsmniileil lor irniiiniK ricciinns, no
IWivn the liom-K of 0 o'rlrrk In tlm I'liri-niinii
nml Uo't'lnrlc III Mil' iiftt'i-niion, ol'vii'l iliiv, nml
I hen nml tli-'io iiroriH'il lu vole by Uulloi lor tin'
following oillici'H, lu-uit:
Oiielinvi'i-iiui' for the St ile of Ohio;
Unci I.li'iili'tiiiiit.-Oiivi'rnor I'm- f lioStalo nfOlilu ;
One Altiirni'jMicni'i'.il fur Ihc SuittMifOliloj
One Ami i lor nfrilntu lm- iho Slnte of Ohio:
Ono Treasurer ot'St.ilo fur Iho Htntenf OM'o;
One Stipivnie.Iinltfo. lor Iho Stnle of Ohio;
One Meinlierof the lionnl of 1'iililio Work for
theSlnteof Ohio;
One Si-IioiiI CiiiiiiiiisMlnncr for I lie Slnleof Ohio:
One Clerk of Iho Hiiprcinu Court of IlieSUito of
One .Iinli'ii of Mm I 'mirt of ('(inininn I'leti for
tin-S.'i oml SiiS-Divlnioii of the Sevenlh .Iil'll-i-lttl
IMsti-i.-t voinpiiKCil of tho I'minlles of
Vliit(iii,.l!iekiin, l.ii wieiu-e, Hi-loloiinil I'lke;
One Senator fur I ho KlRlith Soiuil'iriril nislrii t
niiiipose'l ol Iho counties of Vinton, Mcij;,
(in HI ii nml I.nwrenio.
One llepiei'iit.-itivo fur Vlnlon coiiiity ;
One Aiulilor for Vinton i-ounly :
one 1'iiisoi-iilliitf Attorney for Vlnlon county;
One Kceoriler for V Inlon enmity';
One Cniuniisslniier for Vinton county.
Ami you will ulsn proecoil to vote furor nif.-ilnst
n '( oiiHtitiitloiiul l '(invention," us si'tl'oitli us
follow i in
Tlrlnllff toiiihmitthia the qninliin "Shalt thfrr h
a I'oM'eiitiim tn I'lrinf. tilt1? fir tuifitit the toil
atlliitlon I ' ' Infie rlartnrt n Ohio.
Suction I lir it rmu-tnl hi tlm 'Initial An.
,ii)ilil iif tlm Statu of Ohio, 'flint the ipiestlon,
"Shnli there ho n convei (Ion to revise, niter or
iimoml the constitution?'' of I Ills -t.no. ih.il! lm
Milmillti'il to the electors thereof, ul the ifouer-
'I'liesilnv, tn-wif: tlio tenth iluy of (li-tohcr. A.
nl election to lie liclil Itierein on the second
II. in, i, niit iee tlicri'iilKlnill lie civeu In- sIiio IIIk
inlhelr iiroel.-innitiiins. reiniircil li- l.in in l e
liiieleiif such cloiliiins. nml Iho.cvollnji nt sniil
election in tiivnr ol such convention, hluill hiivc
put upon their hnllnls thu wnnK "t iinstiiiij,
lioiiul Convent Ion -Yei"," mill tlmsc v titiR
ihere.it n;r:iliist sni-h convention tho wonls,
"l!nnlul.in;il Ciinvention-No."
Sl:C. S. J'llilt I lie .ll'lh'Cj of clortlim. nt snoli
election in every volliu; precinct, Minlicuii.se
I lie votes received I herein In tiivoriif such con
vent inn. to lie cntcri-il in n si-piilule enliiiiiii in
tlio poll IiohIj, miller tlm i-nptloii. "Contilu
tlonnl ( onvcnlinn Yes," nuil Hume nwivi il
tlioii'ln n':;iliisl Mich eunvi uliun, in u hiuiM'iiic
column likewise, under the (nption, '-l oiisii
liitiinuil Convention No;'1 11 ml they shall
transmit the siune. with tho rot urns of the voles
fort:ile and county oilircrs. In the clerks oT
the courts of 1,11111111011 fde.-is of their nwpectlvc
coiioin s
Sko. 8. That n. I clerks Klmll Include In Iho
frciiot-nl iilistru ts of votes required liy law to
lie tnu-.si nil toil In- tliein to th icv.rcliirv ol stilte
and piesiileiit of I lie senate, respect iveh- 11
statement of the nninlier of vn! es riven in their
several eoniilies ill favor of Mini also ti ir.-i I usst
sin-li con vein loi, together rvilh a stiitcmcnt of
I lie whole 11 mil her of electors voting therein at
said election: alnlNalil pn iier.l ol iliesi n:ii,
nl lh time and place ol piihlli-liliiir the returns
of sn li elect lou, us provided liy sect ion thi-ec,
iii-tlele -i.of ihccmi-t II 11 lion, sli'ill pulilish and
declare I lie resiillof Iho vole (or ami imainst
such ciin vcnl Ion, 11111I also the whole uunilici
of elcclnis valine in Iho state ut said election
returned as albi-esaid.
Shu. -I. This uel shall take etl'cet. on its pnss
" a.j. t rvxistiiiAr,
fijinntif of tha llimx of tiiumeiittitir t.
J. '. I.I K.
1'i tt.iduito tha S nii't.
Passed Mnn-h '), 1S7I "
And the Trustees of t he several loivnsliiiis in
said enmity are l.eivhy unfilled III, it the follow.
ToiMishijiS respccl ively, 11111I that llify re re
iUirei to select the said 11 11 11 1 tie 1- .uel make
nnr nuiolier ol .lurin-.s urn aiiiiorl nucil to ili'-ir
111011 I'lriot, (i(elhcr with Hie l'oll Hook:
return llieivnl to Hie ClerU ol 1 lie I ourl ul Coui-
Kiiirto 5
Knox I
l.'iililanil pi
Harrison n
sm-iiii !l
lillloll 1
llrow 11
(liven nuili'i-liiv lialid, at niy olTl -o, lit McAr
tliur, Ihis i'Mi day of Auansl. A. II, lull.
JIA.MI.r. llOOTIt,
hlltl ij" Villtmt Coltn'l, O.
Auir. ll. IHTI-tdo
1 1
Attachment Notice.
Henry Morrison, I'l IT,
on, ri'll',") Ileliirc I). Y. Ihuiliniln,
I. ) .1.1'. of Madison Til.
y.Uf't ) Inton onlity, tihio.
Ah-X. I S(l I'll
n u ;i I 1 i
N tin- 171 Ii of All.uust. A. II. 1TI, said .rudicc
ion lor tho kiiiii rlf Mi' Til. Tlio nliovo case
sued an order of AHn linienl in thu aliove
'or heai lii-,' on thelld d iv of Oetolicr, Ih;i at
n'clocK A. .M. IlLNltY MOltllltOX.
Auk, an. Ih;i-;)w
NOTICU ,1s liereliy civ il that linclllloti M ill
lie iireseiileil lo llio (.ouiiiiissiiiacrs ot-Vin
ton county, Ohio, al tliclr next, nmilar iiii elini!
In Dive tn'licr. 11-71. iiravinK Inrthe local ion ami
csliihliidiilfent nl a eotintj lonil.in Knox town.
in., us ioiuiws, ioivii:
lleitlniilnir lit (he corner of (helot, of Wilson
Thorn and llin Held of Ii. W. Leiiln-r. iihnut
lllleeii rods we.-t of liolcir Mill: I In n.-o soutli
nlonn the line liclwccii liolicrt Shelly null II. W.
Lent tier to Wir Itaccoon (lieek i llieiiee ncross
said Creek Inn nonl licaslerly illrceiion Ihrouifl.
Suniiiel Hi elile,v'M land tosnliK reek; thence
across the ( reek iiIhiik the iicaiest nml lust
loiile liiroiiuii the liilids or Uuvlil .Martin. Joiwi
lliuli 1111 nuil W. II. i.iblis to intcKcct. lliu.Me
Arlliur Roii'l ,-,l or nonr suM (Jlhlis' gal ', ami
lucre ut inn.
Aitjju- t .tn, mi-iw
Guardian's Notice.
Probnto Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTIUI-: Is hereliy jtiven tli.M Murtliii .1.
Hiii I ill. (formerly ( aniidv.) late (iuni-dinn of
Cliiiilcs II. II, Klnx. lias tiled heieln her ac
count Willi Mil ill Ward lor set I lenient mid Hint
Ihc sumo Is set for linAi-lujr oil the iilsl, drry of
AllKUKt DO. IS7Ilt
.''iii.rcr, , . I., mil. n, n, n, ,- l i,
rnihato .Indjrn,
Containing IdO Acrvn,
Sllilnled In Vlnlon tftiTiishiiV. Vlnlon flnuntv.
fill io, II vo in lies norlli of WllkuHvllle and III run
nil lis south ol Aiken's Mills. 100 acics clear.
c. Hud under fence: 1(1 n rc of uornl timber ;
hewed lofr dwelling liouso mid kitehun; larfl
fraiiiu Inn n, and nil necofary out -huildliiKN;
well of never fnllluK water at Iho doors ilntv
of Miller on all parU of premises Oicliaril,
i-oiiliilnlnn 10 iicres, of choice (fialteil applo,
pencil, iiluin, eliurrles, etc,. Will lie sold on
rensonalilo tcrnm to milt uurcliuwr. Cull on
tlio nrcinticH, ot iidiht'ss
AilR. HO, 1H71-H Wilkcsvllln, o.
290 Ponn Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
bl'lim nt onli- .how., ha. boi'U iMnrj- Fimni'il Id
Ui. irMUnonl ot Vanareal, Bazunl nd Prlvolt !)!
WM 111 DT h"t rby.kl.ii In I'lll.li'irch.
eyphllla, OonorrhOMh Olnet. Slrloturll.Orohltll,
til form of Hornl nd Bnptursi all Urinary
lllffiaora and Byphllltta or Meronrml AfTtiotloua
ol llio Throat, Bkln or Uonna urn lu.ua wlib uuiiar.
illi'lsil .lU'Of.li.. , j 4, . ... .
Mpormatorrha, Bi'tuol Dpbihtjr and Iihpfl.
tanuy, tn. rwuluif nliii.i' la ymuli, i. ihiiiI
Imu.liimr foara. or oilier ioi.i;h, whli h proitnro wim.if
Hit Mliralnf .I'l"''", vlti Nnrvoimnesa. nocturnal
mlMlona, doblllty, blotohoa, diKBlnoat, dloinnaa
of altflit, oonrualou of Idoaa, evil foroDoulnaa, avur.
ton to aouloty. loaaof iniuuory and aozual power,
roodarlng ltarrlast Imprmiar and Ufa mlaarabla,
ara pMoamD. nllj ouruil. Boalod Pamphlot ri-UiliiK ni ilia
abofn, .cut ("r (wo tump.. Curriwimiiilonr.. iinll't.niUll
Ko.ull.il' 11 frm. lUi.'.lrnvI'lcnt, ih.t I'hT.lrl.o who
ircli lliou.nnila o. on.ui ovorv Turmoil acouir. rn..l
kill! many riimkhnia konwlai ilil.. roiwiaiaiiua 1'ailuaui
lomre.rr. Medlolnoa u nl ovi rwlum . ,
OHloallouro A, M.,tor. M. HumlaTR, I to I P. M.
"Rook frf th Mllll'-nl" Wlto" mny mAirr. lo n.
Why? hnpwl.mairt.rtMUii'innd ouru. All worth I now Inn
fttMHitProcrovtkun. FrvDilon, etc. Rvcrr (kibor, nmiber,
ouna mftii nil ynang wftmo ihouM rend thfm 100 tnig;
tniTn aiiLtn invgrori; l.'urn' coh, tvth ( lift eoi,.
AiMrtw, Ui. WHirrtBii, SUA ran Htr.-t, FHttur, Pk
'The, tickets of those who are
iicd of Ix'ing beasls of burden
ur liadienl , pliiiiders, win, oil
r,! e second Tiiesdayof October
neXi, drop' without KoVes into1
the ballot boxes. (Fayette'
The Ohio Deftiocrncy nro
becoming thoroughly aroused,
as to the great importance of
tlii3 fall's election, and rest as
sured, they will knock the
Noyes'' entirely out of the
For flrnt e'm I'lnnns scut on trifll-l'
Uroiilwi',N. V. Kff-lw
f(!'l. AaUiean U. 8. 1'IANO, ( O. I4S
8 ?OILIi
"TK A MONTH Kxponscspnlil Mulo or
I I Keniolp AL'enls- lliirauiiiwl notfll fiie.
inshcil. Address, Haco Novkltv (Jo.. s Mi..
'lOllii IS NO 111 Jlllin; 1 r ( KXTi
I JI.V senilliiK Ot)
wilh ne. liclKlit, coi. r or fyit nml linir, von
will rceeivu hy i-eliirn mail, 11 correct picture of
vinir I'liluro luiHhaiiil or flfp. with uum ami
iliue of niarriiiKo Address W. V'uX. V. ).
Dmver .No ai, l' iiltouvlie, x. y.
with tlm (iitra Tm flnror.
Wurrnmisl to loilt nil tnnf
Fur mlt ttitrpehtr. Anil fi.f
nle who'cKnlo only hy II14
Olil-.AT ATf.AXTH) . l''ACIF.
IHTKACO.. NC'liuriliSi., N. Y,
1'. . Box WMiH. 80111I for Tliea
Nectar Clfriilnr.
WANTKI) AOKXTrt, $2() per .Uv) to ..ll,
oclcliralei l()M E SMUTTI H KKWIVaui.
CHIN I, llnslhoinulir-retil. tllllkes tlm -'ln.k nil..!.-'
(n lko on In. in niilesi m js fully llecnacil. 'I lac lic.t
.,, ,-, in.., 1 .j- ccwuig iiuicnuio in me market,
AiWrorf .ImiKdiN, t'l.niK . Co.. Iliiston, Muss., l'hti
huruli. I'a . OIiIciilm. III.. orSt.LunU, Mo.
0T s, "-'iMrnimH' of iulIm Farlua
tlVl ThZ""sIoIobiic Wntar, aul la
tha TolVt
ctcrr l.ndr or
tlmniD. KolJ hi llriin-l.r.
and IK'ulvm In PKKFIMEH vT
l-'or CotiglM, CiM Rtitl ItoUTscness.'
Tlle.-c TilMt iircsen lli., A.Y.I I.. ...!, I...
tl HI M-llll other clli.-ient remedies, in ni popular
lorni, for the Cure of all TIIIIDAT nml lXHii
In -eases.
HiiAiiMRN KSs ami ri.rt,H ATliis- of Ihc Tniinif
lie 1 in 11 led jut t-l v relievcil. mnl skntinii.iiU m.'
JYi''l ' "l'"Kv l''ulllc of yein-s standing.
( Al lnf the deceived l,y worth.
u',M 1 'V1'"" liailHtiiins. Get 011 1 v
wells liiil.iilie'liihlem. I'rico'.fx'ciiis per Ih.k
.IdllS- II KKl,I,(i(;,j, I'lHtt Ml'.N Y.,
Isen.l fori irciiliir. ,si,l Aisciit I'm Iho U.S.
i!Y(;i:Ti itj 1'' cm us.
Semi lot' our New l'rlce Mt nndn Clulf"
loriiMvill accoinpliny it, eiiiilulnlii( full direc
lions ma I; i n a lain.- naviuKtiiiisunieriiiiiiil'
leininici alive lo cluh nruaniwrs
:il All! Vcsey Htiei t. New York".
V. O. Ilox .iiil l.
onstanlly tiriiiir sent tnlhe lienlleii'lur nl' ri.li.Y
iifFi7iT;sTsirirr n.Ns kevoi.vkkm
inn iiifitei lals of overv kind. Write for I'rlca
List, to 11 real Western (Inn Works. I'itishuruh.
I'l'-, Army Kims :ind Kevolvi-rs liuight ortrM.
iled for. Aircnls w.-iuli d.
capM-.NTX WANT KM lor "Convine I.lf.
k(ii I iiv-ll. il,-' hv Kdllli '.. iruian,
A cd Nun, who-eilisei,,-, ne ,n-.. 1 Ii ri 1 1 1 11 tr unit
ilitllnj,'. j:.(ru . i-ios (jlvi-ii for tho West.
1 dsn. IT 11 Co., Jlai t ford, ( mill.
Cat cut eil Noveinlier t. ISTII.
AAU'LLSI-m;!.; - Al.t.iilKK KIIY STfllll';-)
IL A, KA It'l l, K IT A (JO., I'hiladelililn,
:1 Do von want a situaliiiai as necnt local
nrliiir.liai) wilh chance lo make Wit lo
Will per ilny srllmtf oltr neif 7 lianil
HViiYa Wirt t'lMn IJnr. Thfij twit forrrn',
sitinie ti' ". sn there is no i l k. Address
it tun' Iht'hun llirpf 'irr Wmk, cor.
Water St. .t Maiden Lime. N. Y. or
HI lieailion St., ( lileaxo,
iiKiM. i :j;'sKof)insi:4iti-;T kitics
Willi a lull ii ii. I :iu tlii-iil ic Pi ton' ol lolvKiiiny
liy.l.lt. HHA I'l.lO, lalltni ol Ihc Hlilt like Ku
porter. Alicuis nro luceiinj; wnn iinjirereiicniiii
.uccess. one rcporis IMi'miIim i iln-r. in four dnjs,
ninth' i-7l ill (wooavs. Sand for ( 'irclllars mid
see wliut tin-pi-i ss f ui or tlie work. Aililriw
A'l'It INA I. I't' IlLlisll INil t ().. dhicnxo, Ill.
(liiieiiinali, dliin; or St, Louis. Mo.
e:i;.M Ets-ac .
What it has done. What it Is il-dnit nml What
means to do. Its power. Its ilesnitisiii. Ill
infalliliidlv. Us frauds. Ilsiifles'. II s ml nn
elei. lu l.lol.ilrv. lis iierseetitinn. Ilslintreil
our in tl i- srliu.iM and of civil and wlicjinn
lllieltl'. Its sllll'llllltf cl ones, us twirrui wich
cilnes's. nml ITS N KW YOUIl KIOTS.
A liiiok iliat i ivRiitcileviuyiviicrc. r want
aisents In introduce it in every enmity titmice,
and nlll ii.'iv them liliernlh'. Heml for cirrulnr.
Aildri-Ns Zl l dLMI .fc .McCL'fillY, Hi!) Itnee St.,-
Oilieiniiali, 'li i'.
It Is dT A I'll YHI(--tl is NOT what Is nop-
ulni'lt- ei lied ii III TI KHf, nor is it iiiteiidrd a
such. IT I s A SOUTH AMKIIICAN iilimt that
linen uscil for inaiw yenra hy tlio niaillcnl fuciihy
thine conntrli n wli.li ninleiful clciirv, and aa
rlillll'lr.lt UK thk lii.uor; ami , m a euro anu:
I'lTfi'C Uuniiily fur nil Ulsi asos of thi
LlVK.lt ami BIM.KKM. VNLAr.iiKMKNT or OH'.
ora WANT of lll.ool). ISTKKl'.ITTF.NT or
. iirti... LIYKII.DIlOfSY.I'UKKllSH CIU- J
t'I'I. Tll).S oflhe III.DOI). AI'.SIII'HHKtf,
fliMnliS..! MlNltK'K. BCKiH-TILiA,
O K 'I'll Kl 11 IIONCOM f'l'A ST.S.
la oir. rcrt fo Iho piillm n a (ireat liivigi'iratur anif
rnnnly for all rnpurlll.a ol the oloinl, or for of.
imnlo weaknoas wltli f ln-lr a't'iidont evlla. Fetr
tlio fureC'lon coin p lo I n Is
la cnnfli1i'iit,7 tci'oroininlil to every fminliy al li
liousi'liold reincilv. and should lie frculy taken In all
(IcrniiKeinenla of'the aysiiin, It nivi-a h'nltn, vlimj
nml hine tn all 11 ff vital fon t's, ami tniniataa anil
furilfl.a all weak nml I.jnipluitlc lciiiliiWininia. .
JOHN 11. KtLLdUO, lh I'lalt Binvt, New York1,'
K de iSnt for tl Hulled States.
PrlcaOno Dullnr porbotlln: Bern! fur Olnmliir.
ritllH New X I, TIcvolver. Ko. 1 89-100 Cal., NV:
I S Hi KKi OaL, short. No. 8.TJ-K10 CnL, lonn, ;,'
lllRKKlCaL', for l'.a ltct Hrvolvcri, lira
paml. They nan tho ordinary ( oppcr Cmi W
rldiji; anil nro hcuuli fill In shape nndflulah.
TUB ' BAU.&) DKHlilNGKli,
41-100 Oil., has no ennui R Dm rlngor.-
jfuli una carnpU tt ttoek nf
Guns, Eiftes, Tiitols Ammunitictf
and Sportsmen's Goods.
JB'iirtfriioJni'frf I'l
S3 Chamttrt anrf ttrad, Strati,
8cndf.rC.t.lOB. sM7l

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