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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 06, 1871, Image 2

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(!)c nqmvcv
.1. W. UOWVN, VtUtor.
OFFICE-In Svrntid Story Dt" Howon's
ISelhlt.ijt, Nollli Si.lu ul' II ilia Slioot, liul of
Olltt lIullM.'.
Sopteral)er 0, 1871
Election—Tuesday, October 10th.
F"r. 'C.nvtllKnn,
CFOP.OF. W. Mil'OPK, .TilT.-r.-nn.
l.irrTrn.ivT r.nVKKKi K,
J BAMl'KI. HINT, i'f llilinlllnn.
l'.DWAlii) B. WAI.I.ACK, of Clark.
JOSEIMI K. COl KhUTI.l.. f Adams.
TitKAsrni'w rv stat):,
Dn.GVsTA.VK itKl'KHUol Hamilton.
G.AV. (JllDflKS, i.r liicMnml. .
Mi vuiat iioAimcf ri'm.tn woiiks,
Alt'! 'Ill' K lll (illl. ifCiiyiilint,-a.
WILLIAM vv. iiox-., ul rHiubipkyr
ei.lxit np SITKKMt: eot'icr,
CHAItLM PATfhHsoN, of Franklin.
ron nrritrsrsTA-nvn,
AL5IONI) SOCLE, of WUlmnit.
wilt.iam v. vY.U'nT),i:rr:Mititii.
THOMAS A MI' III! A Y, ofg!!:,
W A S 1 1 1 X t 1TO N K K V.T( N , of B re ,n .
Democratic Senatorial Convention.
The Democracy of tlic 8lh Sona
turial District of Ohio, composed of
llio counties of Vinton, Lawrence,
tlalliu, and yields, aro requested to
meet in Convention, by their dole
tfiilos, lit Gallipolis, Ohio, on
THURSDAY, SEPT. 14, 1871,
fit ll o'clock' A. M., to nominato a
candidalo to rejirescnt said District
in tho State Senate
The ratio of representation willj
lo 1 dclcgato for every 100 votes, i
and 1 delegate for each fraction of
f0 and over cast for William Ileis
Joy, Democratic cmdidato for Sec
retary of State, at tho October elec
tion, 170, which will enlitlo the
respective counties to tho following
number of delegates :
Vinton 1."
Lawrence 16
(iallia ....13
iloiga IS
By order r.f Senatorial Committee:
Sherman Shows the White
"We pub j Mi on the first pnge
of tlm paper the correspon
dence that took place recently
between Hon. John Sherman
and Gon. Lewis J). Campbell,
in regard to having joint polit
ical discussion. Sherman, who
.1 T - i
M even tliC candidate or ine
Radical party of Ohio for re-
election to the United State-
Senate before the next Legisla
ture, declined meeting Camp
bell. In this he is wwe. The
way Campbell would make his
fur fly would be a caution to
political sinners.
Col. G. W McCook.
Speaking of our standard
bearer, Col G. V. McCook,
the Stcubenville Gazette, the
Democratic paper published at
the home of the Cdout?1, says:
It gives us great pleasure to
inform the numerous friend, in
a'l parts of the country, of our
distinguished citizen, ('ul. CJ. W.
McCook, that his health is rap
idly improving. That eminent
and distinguished Phv-ician,
Dr. VY. Dawson, of Cin
cinnati, whom the Colonel con
milled in I h it city, previous to
his coming home, came to see
the Col on on "Wednesday
last, nsd was very happy in
finding tliat ho had improved!
po rnpidly in the past ten days.
The Doctor thinks that with a
in tilth's rpiiwt and rest the
Colonel will be fully restored
to his um.'d vigor,, strength,
raid health. Upon the advice
of Dr. 1) iwson, lie was to leave
to day (Thursday) fur the sea
fhore,. to remain for a fchort
time, to enable him to rccu
rerat e more rapidly, as the
brceZ iS of the ocean will be of
groat benefit; to him.
Messrs. Pendleton, Thurman,
Morgan, living, Ward, (roo--beclc,
and hosts of other able
Democratic speakers, will fid
fill of the Colonel's anoint
incuts, find will niak the.cau-va-?s
from now until the polls
cloiC in O'.'tober a lively one.
The lYohibitionMs of Athens
county nominated a full ticket
in that county lat "Wodnes-
, day, from Representative to
Coroner. (. F. Stewart, their
candidate for' Governor, ad
dressed the people in support
of the cause. It is ' Maid the
Prohibition vote will reach 200
this fall. .
The Radical County Convention.
About fevoity live Radicals
assembled at the Court House
yesterday afternoon about two
o'clock. The assembly was
what they wUh to be called a
County Convention and
gexfuaTj no-yes lncotinsr, ns
boUi had been announced for
pinny terribly dry and hot
days previous. Perhaps about
fifty of that number came from
tho surrounding townships,
while the remainder live in
town. A crowd being sadly
needed in the Court Uoom the
empty seats were partly filled
by Democrats. The conven
tion was called to order by
ex-Senator Jonos. Mr. Jones
moved that the conductor of
the -Radical paper take the
chair; which he politely, took.
Some country gentleman,
"having an eye to business,''
moved that Mr. Jones act as
Secretary. Not wanting tire
the office, ho declined by Faying
that he had the headacho and
moved that John Miller fill the
position, and while Miller was
declining' the chairman decided
that Jones was the Secretary.
And he was, without doubt.
lie took a chair too. The del
egates were invited inside the
bar, but we didn't see any of
them drink. About 2G went
in ; pretty soon 2 moro went
in ; and then 1 more went. A
Committee on Credentials was
then appointed, who found that
of the 12 townships had held
primary meeting, on the Sat
urday previous, to select dele
gates to come here to inform
he Radical leaders that they are
willing to "toil from morn till
eve" for the benefit of the cor
rupt and profligate Administra
tion during this vear. Vinton
and Ixigle tewn-hips were not
represented; neither was it
necessary that they should be.
Iiieldand, Clinton and Brown
didn't hold any delegate- dec-
tions. The ''Ring" found some
honest men from those town-
! A , - .... J. J 1. I 1 - 1 ' 1
miiijs) tu cum iue utcs iu which
they were entitled. It took
the Ring some time to fix up
the credentials, but the machin
ery having been arranged as
near as possible to the form
agreed upon beforehand, nomi
nations wero announced to be
order. Thomas M. Bay was
nominated by acclamation
for Representative; John P.
Dnnkle ditto for Auditor.-
Recordcr was next. A. "W.
Asbury, Andrew TV. Brown,
and W. Scott Sage were an
nounced. A ballot decided
the . matter a3 follows : Sage
Asbury 21; Drown 2
Very decisive as to Brown, but
not quite so much so over As
bury or even oyer both. Rut
that case it doesn't make
any difference that we know
A candidate for Prosecu
ting Attorney W.J. Rannells
was nominated by acclama
tion. They were then at Commis
s:oner the " last of tho pile.''
Davis Duncan, Robert Aiken,
Cornelius Karnes, and M. II.
Walker, announced. Duncan
wouldn't do it-and quit. About
time a small amount of gen
eral noyes came in from the hotel
took a seat inside of tho bar
the left, but the noyes didn't
interrupt any one as wo could
except some perron wished
know whether that was the
Noyes who was Probate Judge
Hamilton county recently
took thousands of dollars
fees from the survivors of the
devwl. But the ballot for Com
inittsioncr went l ight along.
Karnes received 2." vote and
Walker ,19. An ' Advisory
Committee, consisting of one
person for each 100 votes cast
Sherwood last year in each
the several towtibhipe, was
appointed. This commit
tee was requested to meet with,
their candidates last evening,
for the purpose of making ar
ranwnu'iils to defeat tho Dcin
oeratic ticket in the county
and to . ascertain how nine
dirty work would be rcquiret
in each of the close localities
to accomplish that object.
After li.steninrr a few minutes
to some general noyes, thepeo
pie all went out of the Couv
Senatorial Convention.
In another part of this paper wii
bo found tho cull for the Senatorial
Convention for this district to meet
nt Gallipolis, on Thursday, Sept. 14
Delegates havo been selected by al
the counties. Tho following persons
wero appointed al our county con
vention, on tho Slat of July, to rep
resent Vinton county in tho Sena
torial Convention :
Daniel Booth, Nelson .Richmond
C. V. Holland, Hon. John Fee
SamueJ Magoe, Solomon Shipley,
J. W. Bowcn, A. J. Iliggins, Dr. 8.
W. Monahan, Henry Clark, Allen
I'obinson, Dr. IT, C. Moore, A. L
Hunter, J. M. Mcfiillivrny, II. E.
Two Kinds of Money.
Since the Radicals have been
in power they nave decreed
that there should be two kinds
of money Gold for the un
taxed bondholder, and green
back paper fur the taxed peo
It is within the power of the
outraged people to change this
matter at the ballot-box, if they
will do it. On the 10th of
October an opportunity may
be had to do part of the work;
and one year from that time
the entire work of lessening
taxation and bringing about-
easier times could be complct
ed. Up and at the work I
Each and every person on
our State and County Tickets
is well qualified and worthy of
tho position for which he is
named, and deserves and re
ceives the support of every
Democrat in the county, as
well as the support of the lion-
est Republicans who are op
pwed to the disgraceful and
destructive acts of thoc b.d
men who are at the head of
the Radical party.
The Radicals of the Judi
cial District, composed of the
counties of Hocking, Fairfield,
and Perry, have placed Judge
J. R. Groghan, of Logan, in
nomination for Judge of Com
mon Picas. Judge S. II.
Wright is the Democratic can
didate. As the counties all
give good democratic .majori
ties, our friend J. R. will be
Wr see that Useless Grant
is still "paying off the national
debt'' at Long Branch. How
easy it is for him, but hard for
the tax-payers.
Noyes' shir upon the Li-h
in his speech at Portsmouth,
was as ungenerous as it was un
wise. The public speaker who
ridicules a people because they
see proper to differ with him in
politics injures himself more
than those he assails.
The corner stone of a new
Catholic Church was laid at
New Straitsville, lat Sunday
week, by Bi.hop Rosccrans.
Seventeen car-loads of excur
sionists attended from Colum
bus, Lancaster, Circleville, and
intermediate point".
General Noyes Circulates
a Base Lie.
Those who
Noyes' remarks at the Court
House, yesterday, were sur
prised to hear him make the
false statement that (Jen. Mc
Cook was about to withdraw
his name from the Democratic
State Ticket. All honest men
should attend the election, for
the purpose of voting the lying
noyes out of. existence. There
is neither truth nor honesty in
any of his speeches. :
The Republican parCy is now
only held together' by the
poil8of office- and pubic plun
der , and fven that strong! n is
being weakened by the- "outs
making war on the "ins."
The Devil Gone to Preaching.
It appears that the Devil
is going to preach the chris
tian religion during this cam
paign in this poverty-stricken
countj', that is, if the organ of
the Radical leaders is correct
In tho organ of two weeks ago
is written down what purports
to be the first sermon of that
implacable enemy and tempter
of the , human race, . who .was
expelled from Heaven for rc
belling against God. Tho text
was : " is tins a cunstinn
Country ?" An appropriate
text for a fallen angel to take !
The evil spirit actually declares,
in the sermon, that he is the
only one possessed of a "chris
tian character," and then make?
the charge that the "atheists,
deists, and infidels, are lead
ing Jews and Catholics." That
is what we can expect from
the Devil. The series,, a of
sermons to bo .preached by (the
carpet bag Devih aforesaid w; ill
ie upon "the abandonment of
our character as a ennsuan
nation," but no allusion what
ever will be made by the Dev
il, while they aro being deliv
ered, to any of the spoon
hieves, plunderers, defaulters,
and dead-beats under and kept
in office in Ohio by Useless
Grant for tho purpose of rob-
ling the Treasury of money
breed from the pockets of a
taxed and deceived people, as
those are put down in the ser
mon as "traps which are harp
ed upon to catch the thought-
ess" and "arc dead issues so
ar. as the State election this
all is' concerned." Neither
will this treacherous Devil in
lis sermons allude to the at
tempt to bribing of the voters
of Vinton eounty with boots,
hoes, vest1', coats, pants, full
nits of clothing, hats, money,
double wages, whiskey, drug
store whiskey, &c, by office-
seekers, nor to the marking of
)emocratie tickets with the
name of a Radical therein and
paying from Si to Sij each to
icrsoiis for voting them; nor
o the depositing of whiskey in
the dry goods stores and stu-
leson election days. All of!
these "live issues" will bo omit-
ed by the Devil aforesaid, the
tendency of which is not on-
y "back toward the dark ages"
nit to solitary confinement in
the prison "within our State"
f those who "will not Lc on
orsed by the citizens of this
county. What a ridiculous
ippearance the Devil makes
(reaching Radical "religion m
a christian country J" Down
with the treacherous Devil 1
Ie is an angry and hungry
wolf concealed in sheep's cloth-
We were pleasgd to receive
copy of the Wavcrly Watch
man last Saturday. It goes for
Yankee Wetmore of the Pike
County Republican in the very
atest style, as follows:
Wetmore is of such poor re
pute that decent Republicans
treat him with simple ridicule.
Charley Main told him in the
convention on last Friday, that
even the negroes did not re
spect him. That he had
sponged -arund among the
ackson township darkies lor a
week; trying to influence votes
tor the lung, but failed to get
one. it is (iiiiicuit to say
which stands the lowest now
cen. Jonos, Wetmore, or old
.'en Thousand.
Tun Democracy of the Sen
atorial District composed of
loss and Highland counties
ave nominated our clever
iend, lion. J. II. Putnam,
editor of the Chillicotlie Advcr-
iscr, for the Senate. We are
sure they could not have made
better selection, as he will
make an able and influential
Senator, such as should be fcnt
roni every district in the State.
We liopc every Democrat and
all Republicans who favor a
change for the better will give
hiin their votes. ! ,
1.10, OOO, 000.
Just look ! AVhnt figures!
Etfur hundred and fifty millions
of dollais havo been drawn
from the people by i Federal
taxation; in the last year,
against fifty millions during the
last, year of Buchanan's administration.
Tell your nil.. Republican
neighbors that the Democratic
party ia in favor of disbanding
the army of Federal assessors,
collectors, spies, thieves and in
formers who, like the locusts
and frogs of old Egypt, are
eating out the people's sub
sttmee. . .
In trying to abuse the Dem
ocracy here, general noyes said
the Democratic party "are al
most famished." . Have not
such corrupt, deceitful, dishon
est, glib-tongned, and malicious
Radical leaders as noyes put
all the poor and laboring peo
ple into a famishing condition.
Sliitt of Ohio, Vinton Count.
II. J. Soiiici J tt Co.. Plaintiffs,
Zciiirl I Toll 1 rt-ii . Dr-fimlnnt.
In Vinton Cgtinl.v Court ol Common 1'lcis. Or-
(llT ol Suit.
rnrsiinnt totlio conifiirtiid of nn Ordnr ofHale
IfiKin ii 1'r.iin the Court of Common I'h'i.sof Vin
ton i-diuitv. iiinlto inc illr.M.'tcil as Shrriff of sulil
coiinlv, I'w illiill'cr loi Ntili' at tho door of (lip
Couit'llouso. in the town nf SlrArlluir, Vinton
cotiilty, Ohio, on
Monday, tho Sth Lay cf October, A. D.
at the hour of I o'clock 1". M.of snM .In-, the
following diwiiliPd iiifinisos, sMitate in the
ounlv ol niton, (inn moii- oi uinu, u :
Ouiiinicni lna nl tl.c Miulh-wc.-t i)ini.r ol n
tot. or 'I'riu-t "f l.nnd t-onTi-yrd y IKnl It)
JlllllfS t. I.IMU-Il hv llli llllKl Tiniins Wltr,
dntpil .Inim i. iM'nl, n'U.1 ciniprliclad on Iho Hup
riiiiniiiir N'orih nnd Smil.li hi'twcnn ihp lanilsol
,,l,,, WiiIk in., 1 1,'ii liiiril 'rniim,. In .n,t in
Inn pomity; thfino Sotitli iilonK sid lino '.'OS
Il'Cti IllllKO r,ll llioiid ul.l in." i".,
Ihciicc North nloiiu said lino C(J li'i't; Hipiicp
Wpsl nlnaj,' said lino 8'S l.-ct to tho phu't' ol
IwaimiiiiK, contiiinini.' tun. ai rfi niort- or li's.
lifiliK ill Section Numlx-r Kourd.) Township
N'niiili.M'Ti'n (10.) nnd Itanne .Ntinilior Mi Vcntm-i.
17 1 mid Dm mi nii land iiiivi'Vi'il lV ltiehnril
'I'ininis roZimri Ifolilittn ly deed dated .III tie "i,
m0 mill recordod in oliiiap II, Tnco PJ'.I, of the
Hcpin-d of Deeds in and lor it.th! county ol ni
ton nnd tftaleof tihio.
'J'aken as the munertv of Zliliri lloldren to
sntislv nn ordei of Kite lue,i iri.ntMild e.mrt
favor of II. .1. Sinners A: Co.
Arpraised nt Kivo llutidreil unil Fifty PollnrH
!?c.yi DO,) ion I tmift liritiffl wo-tliinlH of Hint Mini.
Turin ol Halo. Cash in hand.
Phprlll' Vinlon CiMinly.
1.T1. Pilh'Pl, Atfy for Pi'lVs
Si pti iiilier 0, lK7l-5tv-1-ti
Appointment Notice.
"VfOTICR Is liereliy jilvcn Hint Oie tiiulerstL-n-il
ed lia been appointed and (iialilicd as Ad
miiiistnitor on llio Kslnte ol Ihiiiiinli Cox,
hitool Vinton county. Ohio, ihvonsc,!.
1IUM1Y (!. MUOKK. Ailinin'r.
Ppiletnl,pr It. 1'7I :iv
Tr:oT)orizK am dikiximcitant.
I 'sell III prlvn'o ilwi'llieim. lin'eN, rci.titnnitil,
public i-ki,i.ls. Ii..s.lli i.. Ii.mi.o iisvlnnis. illspt'im.
rics. j.'.IK iirlMitm, j nr lime-i,.'., on li,s. st.-nin l,nts,
nnd in tc.rin,.i:-,.i.ii -os, in. -irk. 'I.', for wmcr-chmcls,
iirlinils, finks, iic'.v.-ri.. ,-, sh-,iiI-;, fhibl-'. A c.
A ;) c;'u in alt ami tu iii'iwiaii'l .-''V.-ji.'(i
mrn. cholem. t;-i',i.'.l fever, fhlp fever, rinnil
tii.x, Re-irlot fei r. liieir.lea, ilinciiM-4 of BiiininU,
PrHtiarei! nnly v .
TI !.l)i: A- ('.. t7!l WUUism .Streot, X. Y.
Sol, t l.y all .hiii.-i-1-ls.
Fire from N"ise. Sinck!". nnd Dust.
.&&2SJ19 1'l'CKLKS to urcan I
Stnnd Ifont n.iiier tlian liny ithr mndc.
A"k f..r DithridKc's nn,l take no oth.'r.
feo Hint our lmmo. is on t.vfry box.
DITIIEIDO & SON, PHtnurgh, Pa.
f'yriontl for Prlo l.lst.
For Mitiinlilni lidorc!)'!-. cnil vnnr n,l,!rc?ii to
(ii.tiiuii; v. ;.'i j;s, I'riiiiitfort, v.
CTT V D t TDTVrt FI.Ot'P.-lT.iw to tnV:
Pj I I' " h- A I hi 1 V.C irlf-l Niitr.tl..ns llr-l
nnd Cukm In K inliiulet hun.l Smi, in I.. MAliw,
lox H,U7'2, CilielniiHtl, O.
AJOItTIT.TlAE.T KII330DM ne.l rnlin-
proicij LinilF lor mlc by McMnrJc Muss, Turn,
V j'Wl'iaiWKKKnn.l Kxpen.-cs, or allow ft
lai'tro coniinlsi-ion to sell our nrw nnd wonder
fnl Invention).. Addrcsn M. V AUN lilt t CO.,
Jhir.liiill, Mich!
Aerntu tMperwiM-k to idl nnr crcnt. nn.l vn'tmblr.
tllncovprloK. If yon wnnt p.-riiiniietit. I iirtiMe ii.M
U-n-ati t wntk, 'f.ply tr purtlciilnrB. Add r (i DYtK
W Ji.ckson, Mkli'tun.
('Kn ha mmlo hy any unnrt mnn who Pnn ko.-p h'
i, -I, 'rss in lilinm'lf. Heml Blmnp for pitttliailnre to
HOW Alii) .CO., Wlllli.mfl.ii.Kh, N. Y.
Shrnwrt l.nt qnlft inM rnn nitike fortune by re
voalhnx tho hutrut of Ine biiBintiNi lo an ir,c.
A.lilUMt .1. AVEST,
(I (4 8 I'.rnndHav. N. Y.
1,003 GrJJP'F&m
toh Tint n.(rrtT F'.rTim
To lit lidil In UhIi'iiim,,i (rh Konnitit till Tick
et lro Hold, of wlileli Ten I)(i.vh' Notice
tvlll be Klven.) noil iii.i lit'cr llian Novptnt.i.r M,
IhJI, Knuro iinmlicr of ilrkct", B2.il0(t if) ohcii.
I.Ofrl 0 It'll, innniiiiMm to J-il lino, to he swarded.
tnni for O rciilnr. kIvIhk lit of (Hr unit lWerenccn.
TleltetHMii In I Hi nf ' llll.li'.Y itt hAI'.OKNT,
J'l.llodi'lpllA Lolllinliim. O. M,d K cl.ninn.l, I nil,
Or, l'.C. llHVUN.Oimeriil Agent,
111 Nnvrnutlrct, New York.
ITon.JT.M.-CCT.T.Ot'OII.Ktliion. J ,..,.
Ml.OK.i.T.I AKTI.K,BiUiin.ihn umuu.
Htm, J. 8. NKOI.UY, Pitt.liinff. Trimlco.
PUinC 1,1 Morrlnei, WolnMI nnd Ilinnllli, for"
LiUlUi Mmi or onion. Kent for two nttiiiiin.
)n. .). II. i.llATl l'.N, Clnolnnmi. Ill, In.
TIow It l donf. nnd who tloi It. 'J'h Aloim Itnolt,
122 miM, trnrnron.ly illii.trnlfil with rn'n. pnAiiimm,
Ami. Hi nl hv iniill, Hcnrelv wnliil, fur fifty cctiu.
Uiuud CikuUi, liu. Addi.v-,. h, ll.l.MliKN,
t'' llruudwiiy. Rcw Yufk,
V.U Ki'UiuMs, IMaliillll', fivll AHIonnm'
1 Allmliment.
, rs I fn Vinton comity
f Court of (Join-
Th Vlnlnn Kiirnncp f'.vil inon I'lium.
('.imp inv ofoiilu, )tln,l't. I
Till':nll IH-ri'ii.liiiit, "Tin. Vinton riirnnco
JL hiiiICohI Onmiinnv of Ohio" ml huxcih cor
imiMllou, niin-i-oslilmit of tho Stivlo, innl wli'no
maoni miaim.- i hiik.iu.vh, win . ...
Ili.it tint hhI.I IM.ilnllif, Ml Itis'iioMN l tho
it il I .MUiitv of Vinton, Ohio. .11.1 on I ho Hi Inlay
ol' M uvli.'A. D Ii7I, lllo hi" p.'lillon In 0'
(,,,,'t ,,' f!,immoii r oiiM. wltnin linn ini- mini
V'litti.ti ix.iilitv. HLrj li.-t Mm Hill, I licriinilnnl
HoUlntf forth lintoim otlit'i' tliliiKH Unit tlm snhl
Dt.iVnihmfc, wns from tho 7th dny of October,
IHHV lo Iho 1st of DuiMiinlicr. Ia70, Hi'oruontMnn,
.lulvr.ivuti.Ml nn.l or(innl,l in tlioSml of Ohio
inirMiinnl to tin- Inws tlirreifl', unit tlolnir husi.
ni.tsii.tHni-li.iit Vinton I''uniii'o in mil.l VlnUm
roiuitV! tnnt siu.i iM'it.mmni , "
,l,.v,,l'lWinl,iir 1H7II I n , ll I'i 1 to Chilli ti IV ill
Hit linn of Two lliitnlK.il mid Thirly-iilii(
DolUrs innl MkMy-Hvh cmiU Willi liitorcat
from thiittliitit, on tin n.-romit l.pforo Hint tltn."
!tiit.-tl Iwlut'i-n l'lulntitr mid 11,'lcnilnul : that
nopHi'tot 111 en 1 1 hi litis limn ,nid; Hint none
of tlm Blockholili'i- of mil. I roinorntlon, He
fen, hint nro ri'!li-itt of Ohio J that talil Hi
fcndiint has tlispoo.l of IN pprfe.inul iiro)i.rty
it in ., it ii 1 1 n r to nliont ftai.OU.), with iiidnt to
lili,ii..i,,,.,i(ti.liiV It h irii, liters 111 tho .-( 1 1 i'('t toil
f thoir ilolilt, mid with iiilrnt todofniiKl its
creditors; thnl, mill O.-li'inlunt had imt on or
i.iKiut n.ii lii-st nt .Tn tin n rv. IS71. an ulilro or
nliiro of KnsliirsH in miid roiinty or Unti's that
i ii,.iv,i,,i.,i,t li.it tin, suite, inn ithan.loni il
Its iil.ico of liiiviiiPM, to iivnlil the (iTviru of
HllllllllllllH till. I IIIIK1 O1IU0 I WII II 111, .-III i,in,n,,i-
loii llx liiislni'HS iinil Willi intont. to iii'iiiiuci
Its c-ivtlltors pniyiiiK jiiiliciiifnt; nnd lor the
i in-iiiiei-lv. In n'eor(liinelo tin.
stiiteim.nts of said IVtltioni nnd Hint I'lalnlilf
caused un utlac.hnipnt to lsno mid notlco In
ir i n s ice e.. 11111,11 u n iir Hi on lllo in sum
( lurk's ollico iiKninut biild Defeinlaiit for Hie
sum heroin before Ktatc.l nnd Interest ; mat tlu
promises altnelied iniiy ho sold and tor an
order lor tlio kiii nifiioo m pav us mc. wun n.nv
direct. Tint said Defendant Is liertthy notllle.1
Hint. lielHieipiired to tippcar nnd answer said
ruin ion, on or nemroine iniru nuiuruny mu-i
tliu Jltliday of October next.
Ily Tlrnttnn, Mnrlc A liarnbill, his Atty'f.
fle,lein1ier (1, IHTl liw
xrtFJUFFS oFFirn,
nnfim I'oniity, OMo,AiiiiMt 2!l,lS71.t
To tin Qnalifled Voter of Vinton
County, Ohio I
WMKliKAH, I'.y t lie laws of Ohio retrnlntliiK
t-leeiions, it is re,inred nl I n- Miorni oi nix
county to (,'ivonoliei' hef re llietinipof ln.lil
inK il (tenet-ill fleet i"ii hv priK'lainntion
tliiolitfltont the coiinly. of (ho timoon wlileli
Fiu-li election shall he liohlen :
In ,iiriiaiieeol Vncli r, ipiiilion. I. DAXII.T,
r.OO I'll, rhii'in' of Vinton County, Ohio, do
hereby proclniin and miike known that tho
A. D. 1371,
Boinrj tlm lOtli Dny of onid Iontl),!
Is hv the Coin-titntion nnd Taws of Ohio, np
p.ilnled Hie day on which the qualltlcd electors
of Vinton C mntv nre nolillcd In meet in their
rcsiecUn'toivii'iiipK, nt their tisnnl or primer
places dcln,ilcd for linldinit election, be
tween Iho hours of II , cli In the roieiinon
and flo'clock in Iho afternoon, of said dny. nnd
then mid there proceed lo voto by ballot for the
toll. .Winn OIliceiN, to-tvil:
Onptiovernnr for Hie fitatc of Ohio:
One I.ietiteiianl-Ooveriior for the Mute nf Ohio;
Olio Atltirnev-tieneial for Hie Sale of tdiioj
One Ailditor ol Slate lor die Statu of Oliio;
Out" Treasurer ol'Slato for Ihc Stnteof Ohio;
One Suii-emc,IndKU for tlic Suite nl Ohio;
One Member of the. Iinard of 1'iiblic. Works for
IheStnteol Ohio:
One School t' luiniisshmr for tlio Plot-eof Ohio:
One Clerk of lh(.'liiii,c-im' Courl of UiriHale of
One .Iii.li.-f .f Oik Court of ('.mini. n l'len lor
the Sc.'.nid M:l. Division of the Seventh Judi
cial PMi id tmniimsnl of Ihc Coutities of
Vinlon, .Itiekson, Lawrence, Selotonnd 1'iUc;
One Benalov for Iho l'.lnlith .Senatorial HNlrlet
ti.tiiii(..ed id tin. countle of Vinton, MeiB",
tnilUaanil I.ntirenci!.
Ono 1,1'prcM-iilafivi. for Vlutnn cnuiily;
Ine Auditor for V in tun count v :
One rro-Pi-tititiK Attorney for Vinton county;
One llcvirdcr for Vinlon coiinly :
One Commissioner lor Vlr.ton county.
And voti will alo proceed In vote for or itif.'inst
it "( 'oiisttliilioniil t onvci.tiou," as set forth s
IViUtnri in
UtliiHrt tn tihmitlinQ tlm ijiinliim, ",'Hnll tiirr hi
n t'onr.i'ntinn tn t'fttti1, titter nr iiiiwhiI fifl t'oti
ulitittipn t 'tutlirrlntom of Ohio.
tt'('TION I. Ill it fUftrtcit In tltt (IchtVfll At'
tfiiililij nf tlm ytntf of Ohio, That Iho .pie-lion,
"Miall Iherc be n eon ve.'f ion to revi-"e, ntier or
nm end Hie cnn-dilutlon?" of Hits ft ale, shall be.
su bin ill c,l to the electors thereof, at Hie jjener.
al elretlon lo he held therein un the second
Tued,, to-wit: tlio tenth day of October. A.
D. 1S7I, notice thcroolnhall Ins civen hy sh"i li1
In their proclamations, ri'f iiirt h 1 by law to 1,0
iniiile of such elections, nnd Hiosp vol in if nt said
eli'cl ion in favor o, such en oven lion, shall have
put upn ti.eir ballots tlm words, "(onslitii
li.innl (!,jiivenl ion - Yes'," and those v liioj
t'lereat against such convention .the winds,
"OonHtin tonal Convp.,1 ion No."
M:t. S. Tliat the Inilucs of election, nt such
eloclioa i'i every votinif precinct, shall cali.-e
(lie votes receivi il I lieri ni in lavoi-ol suclicon
volition, to ho entered in n sopiirnfo cnluinii In
tlic poll boolts. under tho caption, ' ('onlitu
Honnl Lonvenlion Yes." and those, received
therein nitaiiet such convent inn, in n Heparan'
coluinn likewise, under tho (-..plion, '( onsli
tnlional Coii veni i'i.-'.',i;'' iiinl.llie.v kliall
trunsinit the mime, with Hie returns of the votes
for stale and county oiticers. to the clerks of
Hipcoiiils of common pleas of their respective
count it s
S::c, :, Tlm t said eletks shall Includn in nip
Keiionil abstr.icts of volet iT(iiirci hy law to
he trnnsniitled liv 1 hem t Hie socii'tnrv of stnte
and t. resident of th senate. rcKiiecilvciv n
stati'incnt of the number of vo'es (,'iven in their
Kcveral eontilien in In vol" of mid aim nifaiust
such e, invent ion, together with a stiileincnt of
Iho whole number oi electors vollmr therein nt
said elei tlon: and said )rcuiii'nt .l the sen.ito.
at the lime mid place ol jitihllsliinx ll.R 1f t u I'll
nf said election, as provided hy section three,
article 'l.of (hoeonstitutinn. shall publish and
declare the result of tiie vole for and nuniiiM
such convention, nnd also tint whole niunber
of clocvors voting In the state nt said election
ret urni.'il as alorcsalil.
Sue. 4. This net shall lalto enect on Its pnss-
A.J.t i:.MX(tllA V.
Sirtit tr nf lh ll.imt nf Hriirtmntatlvet.
j.i . i.i:k,
f'rtit,mtif the Stvttte.
I'linsed March so, 1ST1."
And tho Trnslces of Hip sevpvnl towr,shlp In
snid eountv lire hereby nolillcd that the follow
ing nninbernf Jurors nri) npporl ionc.l to their
lownsiiiH reprcnveiv, anil mat tucy nre r
unireil In select the said number anil mnkf
relnrii Ihereof to the Clerk of Ihp Court of Com
mon rfi'its, together with the roll liook:
IK li
Knirlo f)
WilkPsvillo B
Knox 4
U'ichlnnd VI
Harrison K
Swan !l
CI I n I on 11
Vinton II
.litckson II
a, lis. in , 14
i'l-oun 7
(ilven under mv liand. at my office. In McAr-
tliur, llils a!lth (lay of AiiKitst, A. I). 1S71.
Sheriff tf Vinton Connty, 0,
ii.:, lhTl-tdo
Attachment Notice.
Ile.nry Morrison, riTf,") ISetbro I). Y. Tiijiinihi,
nif tittist .1. P. of MmlisonTp.,
Alex. JlnrIy,T)ft J Vinton Comity, Ohio.
ON the 17lh ofAnJtiist,A.l).1B7l, said Justice
Issued nn order of Attachment In the nhove
net Ion lor t',o Hum nf MI.M. Tlio above enso
set for henrlnir on the! dny of Oclnhor, l7l,iit
o'clock A. Al. IIKNIIY JlOHUlBO.N,
Auk. 29, 1B71-3W
NOTICR Is hereby plvcn thnt n petition will
be presented lb the ( oniinissloners of Vin
ton conn tv, Old'., nt their next reieitlnr meetlns
In I),. i ember, llfil. nravinir fortius locution mul
estjiblbhinciit of n coiinly road, III Knox town-
ship, (is follows, to-wtti
rtefflniilnif tit the corner of dm lot of Wilson
Thorn nnd tlm field of It. W. Lenlner, Hbonl
lllleen tods west of llolen's Will: thi.nee soillll
nloiiKthellne between Kntiert Hltelly nnd II. W,
.,.iiiw,i. tn lilir Itiieenon Ciuek i thence across
uui.l f--.tf,k til IL III inth.fiHRlerlvrl frii'ilon thronirl,
Miinliul liieckley'ii l(ind toiald Crecki llienee
nerosiH the Creek Itlona; llio inmrest mul Inst
route tliroimh the limits of Dnvl.l Mnitln. .1' tin
Itndelin nn.l W. II. idiha lo Interns t the u
Arthur lloii'l .'it or nour snld tilbb. K.itc, and
lliem to e.iu. MANY l'ETH'IONr.US.
AUutist un, 187lfw
Containing 140 Acros,
lltiintoil In Vinton township, Vinton County,
Ohio, tlm lull, n iioiHi of 'lll(e illu and tlnco
miles south of Aiken's Alills, liKI ifcres oiunr
o.l mid miller fence; 10 m-res of koihI lirnhoi'i
howod loKlvelllni.r lioiisK ami I, jielicii; largo
friinioliarn, nnd all iicccssiuy bill -huildliiK"!
well of never I'liilliiR wuter nl llnl ilsnrt plenty
of iviller on all mrtH of .pri'iubes. (iicliaril,
contaluln.i lb ucics, of choice unified apple,
pencil, ilium, clioriies, etc. W ill liu Hnhl on
reasoniil.lt. lerms lo suit jiurcliiiser, Call mi
flio premises, oi' uddVesj. . ,
A(iir..Kl. 1K7I-H m Wilkisvlllo, (J, ,
Guardian's Notice.
Probnt'S Court, Vinton County, Ohio.'
VfOTICM Is hereby jrlven tti.it Jlnrtha .1..
Hiii it Ii, (loriiierlv Ciinndv.) lale Cuardiiin of
tHiarlPH II. it., lilnu, Inn tiled herein lmr nc-
euuiii wiiii sum vani lor sen leineni : mm tunc
thesHine Inset for hearing on llio SU. tlay of
Sept-nibcr. A.D. Istl. II. II, MA Yo,
A u mist SI). IH71 It I'rolmli' .liulire.
(JUOrtA For first cl I'lhiias-Mtit An trad vol
Vl nc'ls. Adili-uHt U. B. riANn, ( O. tW
lliunilHiiy, iN. Y,
Ull-4 w
C6Q7r; A MONTH Kxpcnses pnld Jlnlti or
rSptJttJ Feiniile Atfents Horseaiul oulili fur
lushed. Address, maoii Novki.tv Co., rtuco, Sle.
rnins) is jso in'Jiitco i
J Hy seiulIK
with n.'.'P, lielirlit. enli, rot' i.jes unit half, ynu
will receive by return niiiil. a eonecl pielure of.
voiir tiiluic liudhiuid or wile, with iiiiuio nnd'
daleof innirlnif,. Address W.FOX. I'.O.
Drrwer No 54, b iilinnvllle. N Y.
Aft S-iiiJS m-H " Iho tf Ita lliirnr.
Wiirrniitcil I nit all tHsii'i.
For aula frnywh)'. Asd f,,r
shIc who i-ssIh mil? hv Ida'
KIT HA CO.. KCtuirliSi., N. V.
I'. O. Ilnx tfi(.l. Bend for Thci
Nuctiii' Ciri'iilnr.
WAN I Kl AOKNTS, ,gtfQ .cr .InOto mdhlin
cclchni'iMl IIOMK SMI'TTf.K KKU'IMI M l.
CHINH. Ibis Ihc undcr-fiicil. inukeatlie 'lin k stllih"
(ii Iko on l.nlli shirs) slid is fully llramcd. '1 lie best
slid clieiioesl liimily Hi wine Mi'irliinn in the innrkct.
Ad.lrsHs Jiiiinson, Cmks Cn,. Hiis'nn. Jluss.. Phis
liureli. P., Olilcii!o, III., urSl.I.inils, Mn.
1. ..... j.. ii. ...... , ,.i
VtJ )Z'li.,iv Wlr, nnd la
a ---liidli.pt!iiMtlo to
ths Tottrt oi
wet I.hiIt or Orn.
tlcnKio. hnld bv ItruriflMii
and Dealers In IT.NH.MF.m
For Coiishs, Colds nnl Iloursenessr
These Tithlit iivc-onMl.n Acid tn f 'ointibm.
din Willi ntherclll dent renu-dlcs. inn ii,iil;,r
foi-in, (oi Diet i.ro ol'nll TtlltOAT und JATItl
I1oai:si:s-!ss and I'lfiitATins of (he TiihoaT
irre iinnu-dinluly relieved, nnd slnleinents tuw
eiiii'iant.iv 1,,'imi; sent to tlm proprietor ol relict
incites oi Tbront (lillieulllesof yei slaniliin;.
' A I I I M I l unti l oe itdcencd nv woi lli
III 1(1,1 less imilntlolis. C'ct. ink-
Wells' t urbolie Tablet, i'rii e ineenls per II 'x
JOHN (j.hKl.l.Oiiti, I'l.itl M.. N Y
Send fori irciilar. Sole A iron t fiil'lbo
llYOKTTINi; I I' ( I.rilS.
Send for our New Price 1,1st mul u ( lnl
form will ncconipimy it, eoulnhilnc full diiec-
toiis muKiiiK a wrse sai itifii.) i-ousiiniers ttml
emuiieiallvu to i luh oiuaui.rrs
11 Am Vesey ritioet, Nov York.
r. o. ii ,x,-,n!:t,
i:ii i.t;si, shot -;i'nh, ukvoi.vkks
Gun tnnlerlals nf bvci-v kind. Write for I'rlce
l.l-l. lodi-eal estein dun World, l'itlshui-irh,
i'a. Army kuiis ami Revolver huuuht or fin.
led for. - Ascitis wauled.
iil.riKVrs W.VM'KP for "(i.uveitt I.lfif
sin Invellfd," hy J-:,lt, )'(., iMni.il, Ks.
Aed .Nun, UinsedischiMitcB sic tlnillltiir hioi
I tllnjf. J:lrulfrtnsirlveii fur (he West
t osn. I'l ii t o Jlnrilorn, t onn.
Patented Noiemhrr 1. 1S7D.
Tl.KTT .
1 A CO., Phil:tdelplila.
Do you waul n situation ns ntrcnt.
or triirvlina with chance to tnal.o Ittrt to
'."i i.er tiny selllnir i, in- new 7 strand
gfci W.'iili! H'i-p ( '.!'( Thry laul fin rn
Si i.iinnle fret-, s.. I here is in, ri k. Addns
ll irlir Ifii'J-wU HiT'r Vti)-f HoX-, enr.
Water St. A Maiden l.ann, It. Y. or
HI Deariimi ,':t., Chiuniro,
nnd M Y hT I :it I KS of SlhllJKIMSM,
With a full nnd anilicnllc lil lnrv of rolyKmny'
hy J. Jt. IiKADI.i:, i:,litoroi Hie Salt l.uko lle
pintcr. Airents nre niectinir with finiirreeilenlcil
success. o'ic reports ll'listiliscribcrs (n lour I tl - s,
iniothcrTI in Iwnnnys. Sand for ( iiTiilars and
sen w lint the presnnivs nf (he work. Addics
NATIONAL l'IIIIl.-.'lll.N'(i (., 9hictlKO, HI.;
Citieinnnli,()liio:or M, l.ouis. Mo.
AM) nm'imAV.
TVhnt il lion done What It Is tloinir nnd what
it i.i ' ins lo do. Its power. Il ili sp,,iisiu. In
inlallini itv. Its fniuds. lis relics. Iisnilin
eles. Its idolatry, lis porsecul ions, Its Imtrcil
,,r nr.,- ,, ,il, lie velmnts mi, I nt' i-lvil mul r.-l iff inn.
lihcrlv, lis stnrilin;r eriiiie-i. Il Inn ri. 1 wirk
e.lnes's. mid ITS NKW YMliK ItlOTS.
A I molt Hint i nun led every where. Wo want
iilfeiits to Inlrodtice il in every eounty nt once,
ami will pav llieiii liherallv. Head lor eirenh'i.
Address Zir.fi I.Kit & JiffJl'ItHY, lll'J Itneo Bl.r
Cini iunati.lilii,).
It IsNOT A I'llYSIC-H Is NOT what l poi..-
ularly ex iled it HIT I ICKX, lmr Is it ililcudi d ns
such. I I' IS A SOI Til AMKI.'IOAN plant that
hit hHn used fur ninny yours hy (ho medical fncnlty
oflhose cnnntrles with wnedrrfol cfllfitcv. nnd sit
Pl'I'.IFIKK OKTHK ItLOOD and is a Bare and
I'l'ifco' Keincdr for stl l)lseamH of tlio
1.1VFP. smt hl'f.FFN, KNI.AROKVKNT nr Ort
or a WANT nf llf.ool), INTKIiK.ITTl'NT or ,
of toe Ll VF.Il.DltOPSY'. HLlIfKHHIt t'lll- J
offered In the pn'jlio os a (treat Inviriiratnr ami'
remedy for nil iniiiirllles ol the Mdod, or for er
u'snlc weakness with their a'tonditnt evils. r'
llio forcr.'hiK coinplalnls
Is eonfldi-ntly rciioinnioniU'd In every fiutilly tn
lunisehohl rrtnedy. and should ,e lieelv Iskeli In till
lerntiKHuenla of Iho sysicm, It gives nsnltli, vlcnr'
nnd tone to all II.? vital forces, and animates and
fortifies all weak nnd Lymphntlo Icnipeisiiients.
JOHN Q. KKLLOdO, IS I'lattBlreel.New York,
Bull. A Ken I for tho I'nllcd STatus.
Prise One'Dollar per liottli-J Hcnd for Olrruliir.
rplIE Yew X I, Revolver. No. 1 H-ltJO flnl., No.
t .Si-lfWUiil., s inrt, No. 3;-l(0 Cnl., lonir, Nn.
!18 lntlCnl.i for rocket llevolvoru, uro iwimr
pnmrtt. They nsn tho ordinary Copper Ciut
rlilge and nre lieuiitiiul In gliupo and fliiUli.
in MLiAUD iEnniiWF.ft,
4M()0 Ciil., lmi no etiuiil as n Derringer.1''
Full and complete ttoelc of
Guns, Rifles, Pistols AmmunitfcrJ
and Sportsmen's Goods',
Mtinnfactand hit
. &) tliintitiertamluilteailt Slrttlt,
Send fan- Clitiilogort. tH-7f Kt trt:
IROTf?2I TU 13 AN hut A1C

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