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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 13, 1871, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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ar .v "X757'. JSowen,
fclllTOK AJtlV I'ltOl'lt'fr-TOK.
. ForAyer'a Medicines, gj to 0.
W, Sisson's,
' Corw culling tit eammeirccfr in
ili is county.
Sweet Potntoe nro scarce thin
Seiiseu, t $1,50 per bushel.
TiF.eiin monition of the Nfliolnrn.
fif litis 8cl0ff Uiitrict has beefi ta
ken by A. Y. Asburv,
l'ffi lipisoojJHf Society will moot
At the Hull on next TtxesJny even
fng. A full Attendance is ivquaatod.
3roftto, in ft lata speech, admits
tlinUhero nro bad men in tho lc
publican party, Ho knows how il
5s himitoif.
J. & V. Gold, of the ifoArthtir
fcurpories, nro propping to burn
forge qufintity of tho best quality of
If me, upon their premises.
TnK ItiduMrial Expedition wns
formally opened nt Cificinnnli, on
'fuesJrty of Inst week. It will con
tinue. for several weeks.
Let Kquiblicnns as well n Pern
ftcrals sulmtibo for Ibis paper. Our
nrrenfly tory large list is incrtaxinsr
daily. Only 25 cents for 4 months
Oua Wino-ivukun, iM.wsw. T. 15
Jnvis nnd 13. P. Both well, aro up to
their elbows in tho business of ex
tracting and putting tip tlio'jiiicc of
the grapo.
J. J. Siioi kkv has been appointed
Constable of K'lc Township, by the
'Trustees, to fill tho Vacancy caused
by the resignation of Wm. Eckles.
Lost' On Jitondaj' CTeninp, in
br near tho M.. E. Church, tho lower
part of n.Cold Etir-rinff. Tho find
ft- will bo rewarded by reluming to
TRCTir. The poworsof Mrs. Whit
tomb's Syrup for children are ns
positive as tho nun light from rionv
on, and trentlo and soothing ns an
Angel's whisper.
The m nssca of the ieoplo nro op
posed to thievon nnd Huekcrs that
govern tho Radical party, and are
ready to express their opposition at
tho polls. The Bim. Nasi' who
vnnt8 tho votes of tliese peoplu, lwd
better stand nsWo.
Notice to Road Supervisors.
e have printed for sale at low
fates a lot of fioad Receipts for th
tiso of lioad Supervisors, whie
1.. 'II ... A
win save snptrvisors much time
In milking out receipts for persons
who have labored on ronds to the
mo.utit of their tnx. Come niid
Trtfc RchooU commence their Pal
find Winter' Tetfn on Monday, Sept
18. Piifchls htid Guardians should
seo to it thatall children of the law
ful nga should attend, and commence
nieir ntleiulaiico at tho begitining
wi mo term. Iho entnncrntion
tho scholars tt.n taken last iVeck
AM Athchs merchant Imfl a three
column advertisement In the pnpors
over thcrtj. Sovcrnl other inonthatits
have two-columrt ndrcrtisonietits
fior.stantly before tho people in tho
rnpors. iio Athens mei'thant
fverncara to sny, 'I don't think
navcrtisitig pays," ns e licafd
JUCArthur morcbant remark
other day.
Rtof c lloiisofdr Sale of Rent
Tho uttdorsigncd intend:) to ol
Or rent bis IIoUso, at Zuleskl. used
tis a Drttg Stoi'o, on any acceptable
Jermnj . A etoef of gouuine l)nig8
and otbr mcrcbatidiao to bo sold
eithor in whole or in part at Cost.
. -.- U. WAGNER, alostl, O.
tTwK Annual meetinir of tho l)is
tiplos of Christ, In Jackson, Vinton,
nnd Piko connties will be held nt
Jelhel, milp., fvom Mc Arthur
mallow commencing on Thursday,
""i "' a o clock l Jt., contin
ting over Sabbath, . Sept. Itth. . I
the Groto adjoining tho church
thorowrllbo'a Basket meeting 01,
v jjuu nicro DO a
general attotKljmco,
8ttl ne ?f t the Drug
Store of .T.S. mom, MoArtlmr, nnd Rct
Mmpt, bottle bf Aucint fu - ,?Z
nddorl,nifcmont of the.tomwft, , oh k . ok
teMnclip, eo.tlT.ii.M. now , '. .
torn ond gt a ilroulHr tV.n n,ll ,hL,n
Oi'a necompliHhod rhotogranhie
Artist, Mr, V; J. JSillinjTin'mt. wo
regret fo learn, is shortly to removo
to hi-) old' (jiinrters nt MoArtlnir
Mr. Hillii.iriuirst, besidex heiii- a
niiiHlerof bm profession, is it very
'lo.!M1,,Kn,tK.rn(ln ,vilja ani,
Ion of such c-itiKeiid is alwayn to be
regvetterf. 5fay pood f,jHn(, nf,
tenrt Lim, wherever ho may !o.
Athenf Messenger;
Mr. Bir.l.tNoiitRST fia return oil to
Hiis plnco and is nginin occupying
l"s old 8ld, on Logan Street,
where ho will tako all kinds of the
most bonntiful pictures.
Tm certificato of incorporation of
tho Uiehland Fnrnftei, Company,
located at Cincinnati PnPnnro Sta
tion, an tho Marietta nnd Cincin
nnti Iliiilroiid, wns placed on file in
the oflica of the Secretary of State,
t Columbus, on Thursday, Sept. 7,
1871. The object of tho coinpnny
is tho qifarrying of stone, mnrblo
and shite, and tho capital slock is
$10,000, divided into shares of $100
each. William Polund, Isaiah Lord
and John Gaynor nre tho corporators.
Wt lcm""
that Wn.T.iAM Kabnks,
V-ho resides in Jackson Township,
near tho line botutooibSj;nnU Hook
in counties, upon discoving that
some thieving creatures were steal
ing the fiiio Concord Grapes from
his largo vineyard, concluded to
"stand gnard" a night or two nnd
learn something about tho nightly
visitors. On tho first night ho fired
at n crowd of humnnitv. wbe
high jumping was done. In a day
or two ho hciird of u sore leg in the
Matuu.k Works. Messrs. Prnn
t Lono. successors to B. P, Smith
it Co., nt Jackson, Ohio, nro manu
facturing tho best, and most beauti
ful Tomb-stones, Monnmonts, Man
ties, ete , we havo ever seen. They
have tho best designera nnd work
men in their employ, nnd can there
fore execute work' of every kind,
from tho plainest nnd cheapest to
tho finest nnd most imposing, at
vcry'low prices. They also havo
the finest of American and Italian
Marble. Que ot the firm will visit
this county soon, nnd will tako or
ders for work in their line.
M. Y. M. C. A. This Society as
sisted by a select choir gnvo a Mil
sical nd Literary entertainment on
last Moiidnv
well ttttemleil. J5y n misunderstaiul
ing on tho pari of tho mnnngers,
tho programme wi varied a little,
and one piece of music left out. As
porformod the programme was :
I. Vdliintnlr.. "Urent is tho I.nr.l" ( ,oir
4 I riivcr i...
t. Ankhuni
( lioir
I Hill
... iiiu- '!iaiuriiiinw1".M,s. lin.wn. Jllsscs
1 T.,.,,,.. , 'IXivliiiinf IJawk
---"V"i" tiWH U'V. .1
n. rrv
Wo understand
from tho Snr-inlf
.AiMress, tlritt this is tho beginning
n nt;riuK, wmcu will extend
uiroiign tno lull and winter. The
wnoio altnir was a success and ro
n t . .. . i ...
uuii.i mucn crwnt on the society,
and we hopo they may continuo
inem. i no mnsic was sitblime, nnd
the feet nro which by the way closo
I3" resembled a sermon, was a mas-
wr enort, ami tur surpassed the
expectations of hie most sanguine
Nf.r.soN UrciiMONi), who was olec-
10a Jreasurer of th s conntv in
October last, was dnlv Install!
. tf ...v..
onico on Tiiesilnv. Sont R 1T
makes nu excellent oflier.
The Railroad.
iMihliuli this wffk n luttcr from PrcMdont
i.nnKUy nn,l this Iloport of CUluf Eiiglnoor
MaI.ooi, both of which w ill he of treat lti,.rl
est to Hie people. I're,li,t L(inKlcy Is now In
our comity looking after tho lutcrcsts of the
ron.1 Ust niuht lie ttopped with t'oniellus
ivrihci, nnrlli of town. To-diiv Ihev r n
their way to Ignn to hao an luk-rvlew with
thPOIMcei-s of tho W ., V. It. R.
The finest and larnresh int. Ap
ples wo havoscon for several years,
wcro sent ns vestordnv. hv Willing
Snook, of Clinton Townbhip. Thev
were of the "Lady Pinger4 variety.
E. D. Wor,r, residine west of town
sent us yeBtcrduy two corn stalks
about thirteen feet high upon
which woro two oars twelve inches
long, r.nd filled with the largest and
plumpest grains wo havo over seen.
We do not know tho onnlitv nf tr.n
corn, but will put Ed. down against
vu uunu no a corn rnisor.
For Fine Perfumery eo to Si
ou's Drug Ftor,
uart j hursflay. we took a fi-in
in nm nt.l.l.r...!nM ill ' a .
.v- .iu,K,,i i,,;r viimgo 01 Aliens
villo, nnd Atln'Io there wo Wont
around to tho Stonm Mills and tho
vooicn l-'aelorv- That Unci
trillv'fiTlrt At flirt incif!fiif:Ann -O Ii
if " v iiirtuiuilblUllB 111 M1IH
county which tho citizens may well
foel proud of. It has been in suc
cessful operntion for somo fimn nv.
1 weav-ing department.
Hie looms aro how in the buildine
and wil b nnt j......
tho presoirt month,. Tho establish-
mont m oxtonsive in jt8 details
and will roach porfectiotf oa it ad
va noes.
As soon as the lvidical party
weut into power it increased
the experttliturcs of the
n crovernmetifc, and not-. refu
ses to reduce' tlie expenses.
Vote the ; who-le l)erriocrAtic
ticket witbout a ecratcb.
MANifoon! Womnnhood Who
may marry, who not, why, 1 0 pa
ges sealed. .Impedimenta; Causes
nnd Cure. Send 25e. Dr. WAifTiEtt,
29j Perm St., Pittsburg, Pa.
OBSc ndyt'rliiMmienr of llr Ili'illn' Dldiipn
HHrv. lirNir, IH.( for (Do MIMm MA HHUdK
flUJPKitt uIiuI Iht culiinml Jt slxnilil li ivurt
hy nlll
fai jsrirg!
(;liciir tlmn (lie Cluniix'st at
RiAhop's, Wilkcsvillc,0,
Cltrmvtftt ,fcrt. 8th nnl7th,St. IaiiU, jV1V
i'litrierfd f turn Kikl. Innv4 fmckntftndMCka
tlfio trtatinvntof dlcMai o, by m-tU, ar txprvit.
Knjirlnf th ftvui molten I kill, au$ purmb drura in
onemti-RtM form, nnd avnldtng jmUutu reader our viwli
etiM fftrorhvi. M'9 nnnntiiciiirAnifitkliinruriillCbrvrila
!(?, Bnytiy4Tt'odNcnbflfhUrfiytnonj, o'.oo 91,
tud wt will lendtre-tmoot With liutrticiHinn, in lhiw
Ihf rtlllcif thcmrirnpolUtnbroustii wltlilu thf?ruitrh ff nil.
Homf PHRt-i i .i)ulr prolonrvd trcatoicnU nnlorUktt
ttrrttdyoua 1 ohniiKn thu nu-dlctni nn rnn rviiulrci.
Dlorrhtrn FJUi flOcU. CiutipntIoii PIIM
Sl.OO. tbwte Plllaerlovnlunblo mwioq of coDstlpnicit
b-bii. Ffvoran1 AnuelMllHlSl.rh). Liver Tills
glH, h8nnllreotlyoii the Uvor. Inrulift PlUd
f l.OO, rclfefln Mm in. ami cure in few day,. Tonic
Tills ft l.OO, for Nirvoun EilraQiUan, rtiyilcnl UM.il I ty,
Loittriow. LMtofiippetttotto. Blood I'ilU ft 1.00
I bow fw $S, rpiir1f wgttRblo, nti4cnntjtHknlott
OTMuhtocarOHD7bl90d talut. ffucliu I'IUh $1, for
fchlner, bladder acd minor dlflioultlii f this dritft but a
World-wMriititftiloarortKoutiiHlrcdjcr. Pimple and
FrrfUlf Com 4, tbomost cObatlvo known tot bo two
(aaaioa. f'lif Carf $ 1 , TUU for all form of Female UU
chbci frra aVti. toti.OOperhnir. Alio fluid prop orations
of all kiirtla at montiWy prict, HkMnl two otunipii for
Citr.lORuo, Bold bydruBKlt.i.lf y dun'tflnd thui.send
tflr-Hto ut, fldrrsi uoulJUtutljr Dr. M. I, Bend,
K. B. I in alidi, oimtry Phiioiunitor Druggist, enn or4ir
any HiiRur Coated ratontmodiniricrug, Svrytcul in.
iruDHi)t, orMllciilMpplluiios, Uuvugh Bh (Uruuir prkes.
C!3 Chesnut St., St, Louis. Mo.
Makei siie)t!iatorrhca,iemtnal iceo , tier
wuidibtlity, Impotent, trtaknuiqf tllhur fx
tnnrriti or tingle a $peialltj. If you art out of
hfaNh, wrnwl, Militated, feel avrrtian to
toelrty, lou tfahj power, face disfigured by
pimple, lalloit countenance, dread ej future
treuli, fearing to murry,eir, if 'married, unhap
Ty WPj'J tecured. Send3itr,mpi, stating
can No fee aked only oa euro progrestot All
distOM of a delicat nature, orhinq from ex
'Wrn 'retted icirntlfirat . Ma
MM Mal.-d In twiQlr-lli mm, MctMan Ktttevur-
1840 T0-r- 1871
IPctlxn. - miller
H:iiloii tteil. In rvory vjiriely of rlhitutp.
Inil bv KlmiKt every imt liiii known ti Anici i
eiins. Il i tin1 ill (.iiiist eiiiiNtant coiiipanloii mill
inestimable frfuml of IIih iiiNMionury ami tlic
ti'MVOli-r, nil sen nnd hind, ami mi oiie sbonl'l
Iravel011.il I.AIvli-JOlt III V 1C US WITHOUT
I'aln-Klller witK tlie Urt nml t the Only
1'ei'iiiiinont. I'll In -Jtelievrr.
Slncethe I'AINf.Kll.t.KU. w. llrst inl mil need
nml iii.M Willi Mich niisni'iuriseilxHl(i, inanv I.iu
ininit. Painieea. nnd oilier reinedies Imve been
dilViecl to tliu public, but nut one of them litis
everiitlaleeil tho truly enviable staiiHing nf
nu- x'liiii-iiincr.
Wh is This So?
IH beennw Davis Pnln Killer is what it
eiuniM to be it reliever of )i:iiu.
Its fileriti are tTnnrpasscd.
TT vnii nftiwitirf.i.i,.,. is.mi li'!.'ii t. n' Tv-
Twenty or Thirty I)rnis in a l.itllo Water will
;iimisi iiiMiinuy euro von. Tliero Is liotlnnj?
to 1 I it- In n few inntnnnts it cures
jiAitnihKA. jxv r.vff r, ti.vx. nsi
dyspepsia, ma: head ache,
III wutiniiftnf tlie ronntrv whnro
Prevail, there Is no rcmvdy held In ((renter es
teem, h.vi-i'.v limisckeeper should keen it. nt
iiiunl, to iipi'Iy It on Die lirit attnek of nnv
1'iiin. It will (fivesiitisl'ne.toiy relief, und nave
unnrn ni suiiowuK.
Dn not tiille with vonrftrlvea bv tesline un
tried reineilled. lie nr you call for mid tret
ine Kimimm I'AIX-hll.I.KIt, an inanv worili.
less li.istruni" uro nltriiip'eil to he wild on the
Kicut repuiatiiin 01 mm vaitiaiili! mcdlclm;.
i-tT' Oirivtinii uecoiiimny eneh bottle.
Price 25 cts., 50 cts., and $1 per
J. Jf. HARHIS & CO.,
f im iiinati, Ohio
rrnpnetorf for the Soitthero and Wejteni
fci?".SoI.l by all Mediclnn Dealei's,
O. W.SISSON. McArtlmr.
nit.J. . sritoso. - '
K. S. W II.COX A HKO IUnnlcn;
jr. O. WILSON,
H. ft . lilSUOr ft PON, Wllkcvllc
to cm E
o. s. mcitAJivsoys
Thecelebmlod Now Knirland Homo
eny ior 1110 e.iue or
Jaimtliee, dmfral DelHtti, und all dimeii
arUlngfrom a tllmrdireil Stumaek. Liver
or ItmcrlH, mch u
Aeldlty of the Ktonmeh, IndlROMllon, Ilenrt-
in ii 1.1. AJ'I'n" 1 wllvenesK, mind and
IlleedlnK I'lle, IisKust of food, Sour KrnptlniiH,
Hlnklnt! or HntterlnKOftlieiiUofthe Stoninc.li
I'imi.es it Vision. Yellou-nuxHof Hie Skin am
Kyes Pa nln tho side, Hack. Cheat or I.imbs,
mid In nil ravn here a Tonic, is necessary.
Rpnd tho fnllnivlnp from T)r. Iiener, for
V!?,,,-TJ,';,TS,V,"' '",nst I'fotnincnl physician mid
Druggidt of tlie place.
Navakhk. StnrkCo, O...Imie2l.
RomnUme ainco, I rooeived a lot of Or- Kicli
arilson's Shony Wine JtitterM to Nell on com-
r.mjfcr,? "'y "I"11' "!'. nnd your further
mipplyofSdozonJust received; and I shall need
noro soon an tli.iy urn in Kood demand and
lilKbly praised by sufferers fmm IndiKostlon,
fever and Airn. nvaimKi. i ..... ' 1
plaint. Vuiy Hespeetfullv Yours.
JA.MK9 L. l.KKPEIt, M. I.
J.N. HARRIS & CO., Cincinnati, 0.
For StU by aU MtOuiine Dealtrt. n,n
KII Itoynolils, llalutiir, civil Action and
' Jn Vinton county
, . (Court of Coni-
1 ho Inloii i Fnrnnce A Cool mon Plcus.
(onipany of Ohio, nulond't.
T'iLf ''1,fcnil,l"t. I'Tho Vinton Furnace
n.rUM U.ml '""W" oh"'" l,n nbs,"" coi
Rk,?"'?! "."-fwjiliit df the Htato, and whose
plHceof uushiesa i unknown, will take notice
Hint tho said Plaint ff, Kli Reynolds of Vi
aiiideduntyaf Vinton, (ihlo.didontno'sThd y
n M:irt ''v,A- D "H. Hie his notitfon 111 ti e
Court of Common I'lcas, wlthfn and forsanl
. ........ , .,, ik(i use i.no aain Herein nut,
iffiEl-?1'. ,H"0." "'or tH,lt ' "lV
ituii . . "" l,1B nny nructobor.
IMS, to the 1st of Oexwui bor, WO, a corpoml ion
duly c.ivated and organl.c,rin the State of Ob "!
' v Minroor, anil uo Ing litis -
ness as such, at Vinton Knniaco in laid Vlrrtmi
county ; Unit said Dcfen.lant wa, on the. 7
dnyot'Dccfm .er.lSTO, Indebted to Plaintlir
tho sum of Two Jlundreil and llilrtv ".in.
&'n,.ltH,KlKht'-flve rm,U with i-uterest
nom thutdatc.onan occount before that time
stated between i' aiutlir .wl ii,.r..,i,,, . Vi".
nrtnj.rf.kt II, a ... ,v. u..-, ;; .'. ".'
of the Btoc.khol.ler ol said cornoratlnn n.
EH!" ..Hro ,r,,,"l,1,l't of Ohio; thnt nb J)0.
fendanthas il suosed of t r,,.n.,i ,...'.:...
amounting to ahoiit liO,00(), with Intent tb
r.'n.nn,;.Hli,!,S.l'lv urP''ltc'- 'he col e ctl,
of Ihoir debfH,and with Jntont todofraud it"
ercdit; that aald O.fcmlant had no Ton or
about tho first nf .Tnn.i.irv mri ... ..n, " 1
dace i of buslneaa In aald county or State that
itS ini?'B,rBi,,t W ""J ", nd ftbaii. one
Ita place, or bimlue'ss, to avo d tho service o f
summon anrl nhs,.n,l,i n,ni. ."I". OI
dou Itt businea nnd with l..ir,t. i S.eS.
.i- J . ?rftvmg Jiulgmeiit, and for the
nle of attaihedpropcrty, tn ncconlance to tlie
ftotemenU of .an Petition; and that Plaint fff
'"""-Praying Judgment, and for the
oerl . .,.Kv.. .'."" ""'V ""lira
a. AS, J. '" Hn5. """CO to
iV. ... A " " -t.ii.inv i on n o In snld
lork'sofllce in In. I -...i.i rA,r..j..i. i '"""'
HyBfatton.MarkA BarnblH
8epterniKir , ir!i.6w '
Vinton Uuutity, Uhto, August Wl, 18T1.I
To tlie Qnallflea
Comity, Ohio t
Voter of Vinton
WHGKKAH, By th land of Ohio renulntlliB
elect iuin, it is required of the Khorilf of Iiiu
citunty to give iioiie. lfore Die time of hol.l
log; a frejierul election br nroelamntlon
tliroiiRliout the county, of the time on nhlch
Huch election shall lie holdmi :
In pursiinnceni'siicli ri (idshin. I, DAMKI,
ItOOTH, HhitrilT of Vlnlon 'HMity. tihlo, tit.
hereby proclaim nnd make known ilirit the
A. D. 1871,;
I3elncj the 10th Dny of sinid Month,
Is by the Constitution and I.uws of Ohio, np
polnled the iTiiy on which the (puili lied cloi'loi'K
of Vinton ('.unity aro uotlllud to meet in their
respective townships, nt theli usiiitl or proper
place deslKitnted for bohlliiK elections, be
tween tho hours of tl o'ekek in tliu fmenisiii
and 8 o'clock In Ihn at'lenioon. of said dnv, nml
then nnd there proceed to vote hy ballot lor the
following oiliccis, to-wlt:
Onetlovernor for the Stale of Ohio:
One Lictitonnnl-Uovernor for Ihestule of Ohio;
One Atiorney-ltcni-rul for lb Siale of Ohio ;
'Mioniimioroisuue ior ine mine or wnin;
Ono Trenanrer of SI ate for the State of Ohio;
One Snpieine.IndffO for IheMnte of Ohio:
One Member of the Hoard Of 1,'liblic Works for
tucrluro! imiio; -. ,t
( ine School Commissioner for I he Stntcof Ohio :
One Clerk of the Hupi cme Court of the Stale of
Ohio. . .. r-
One .Tudir' f the Court of ('inuaoii pinna for
tlie S.MAenl Mik-lllvlaiun &&honth Jh41-
clal I irit rtirt 4-0111 (intii-il of the Counlies of
inron. , paction, l.nwrence, Hclotoiunl Pike;
One Henutor fur Ilia EIkIiIIi Senntiirial District
composed ol the eountles of Vliitnn, Moiits,
;llla nnd Ijuwrenco.
One ItopreKentntlve for Vinton count v;
Ou Auditor lor Vinton conntv!
One ProKocutliuf Attorney for Vinton coitntv;
One Recorder for Vinlon county
One ConunisNliincr for Vinton count v.
And von will nbo proceed to vote Tur or npiinst
a 'Coirsiltntlonal Oaventlon," us set forth as
follow In
BeJuHre to mlimlUing tlie qwnlinn,
a ('otwentifni to rrriie, utter nr a
"Shaft there he
iltnetnl tl. t,n.
eiiumoiir inuteeieviortvT onto.
fKi'TtoN I He it eiwrtrtl by the Central At
(Win"; of the State of Ohio, That the question,
"Mmll there be a convention to revise, niter or
amend the constitution T" of tills state.shull he
submitted to tin- electors thereof, utthegener
nl i lection to beheld therein on tho second
Tuesday, to-wit : the tenth duv of (Jctohor. A.
I). 1H7I, netlce lliereol shall be qivon hv sherlft's
Inlhelr proehunations, required by law to be
made of such elections, nnd those voting nt said
election in favor o; such convent ion.i-hall have
put upon their ballots thu wurds. "Oonstiiu
ii'innl Oonventinii -Yes," and those v ting
thereat ngnlnst such convention the won Is,
"Constllullonnl loiiventlon No,"
HKO. 2. Thnt tlio judges nf election, at such
alectinn in overy voting pveelnet, Klmll euue
the votoa received I herein in favor of such con
vent ion. to be entered in a separate column in
tliu poll hoolts, uiiilcr the raption, "Oonlilu
tlonnl ( onveiitinn YcR," nd Ihoso received
therein naalnst such crmvenlion. In a separate
column likewise, under the option, "Consti
tutional Convention No;" nnd- thev shnll
transmit the sanio, with the returns of Hie voles
for state and conntv olllcers. to the clerks ol'
the courts of common picas of their respective
Skp. . That said clerk shall Include in the
icnernl abstract of votvs nupiircd bv law to
bo tranHinittcil bv them to the sccretarv of state
and president of tliu senate, respectively a
alati'iiient oflhe number of votes Klven in their
several counties in favor of nndalso against
such convention, together with a statement or
the whole number of electors voting therein at
said election; and Halt! president, of the senulu.
at the time and place ol publishing the returns
I 111'
irovhicd ny section three.
article '1. ol t hecolistitutli.n . nli.ill mililluli imrl
declare the result of the votn tor mill niniimi
such convention, nnd also the whole nuinber
of eleclors voting in tho state ut aaid elocttnu
letui ncd a n nforcanld.
Swv. 4. This act shall tuke effect on Its pass
Spender of the llouee of ll(nreeetitatir'l,
J. C. J.'KK,
I'i tiiJcHt.jf the Senate.
I'usel March ,10, 1S71."
ArroimoxMKxx og tenons.
A nd the Trustee? of the several township in
said county nre hereby notified thnt the follow
ing number of Jurors are apportioned, to their
Township respectively, niici that thev are re
quired to aeleet the said number anil make
return thereof to the Clerk of (be Court of Com
mon Plena, together with tho I'olliiook:
Klk n
Kngle , ,-.
wiiuesviiio ;..
Kii bland 10
Harrison fi
swan !..!!'.! ...!!!!!.!!!. ii
t'linloii ,' ,,'u
V illton (I
incisun ,.,
Madison .
ProH ii , i
tllven under my linnd. at m.V oflhe, In Me Ar
thur, this ".Dili d:ry of August, A. 1). Wil. .
Sheriff of VinUm County, O.
State of Ohio, Vinton County,
II. J. Seiners A Co., Plaintiffs,
ZclnM riolllllSl llefKM.l.nl
In Vinton County Court ol Common i'leas,
tier or sialu.
Pursunnt to tho enuunniul nf nn n-.lnr nruu
Issued from the Courtof Com In. .11 PleflM itl Vin.
ton county, nnd to mu directed u Sheilirorsnid
county, 1 will offer forsalo at th door of the
Court House, In the town of MoArtlmr, Vinton
Konday, the 9th Eay of October, A. D.
nt the hourofl o'clock P.M. of said dnv, (ho
following described promises, altuule In the
county of Vinton, und State of Ohlo.to.wit:
Commencing ut tho Soul h-west corner of a
t.ot or Tract of I.nnd eonfeve.l hy ilecd to
.lames M. I.oncli by Diehard' Timtns ft Wife,
dated Jiuino.la.il, wild rnrner bulng on the line
running North mill Sotilh brt ween ilu. bunts ol
Stephen Suits nml ItiehurdTliumsinsaid Vin
ton county: thenco South along raid line SON
...ii, inran j.usi, uioug sum tine von leet;
theiico North Hlonir said II. i una i..,o. ti...
Westnlong Mild lino 20S fuet to tho place of
...Mi.,i....h , v'onn.....ig uno aero mora or ies,
being In Section Number Four (4.) Township
NuiubcrTen(l(l,) nnd llnngo Number Seventeen
Ui,)iinu tnnsiiine bind conveyed by Richard
l iiiiins toZinirliloldien by deed dated June, 1,
IWia, nnd recorded In Volume 11. Page SOO.of the
," M eiin in nnu ior sain t'ounly ol Vlu
ton and Slate of Ohio.
Taken as tho pi-onorty of Ztnirl Holdren to
oatlsfy an old,., ol'salo issued from iid Court
In favor of H.J. Hoincin A Co.
!l!lK"1. Ht 1''iv.e 'lelftiid Fifty Ttoliars
(Sn-iO 00,) and must bring two-thlrd of that nun.
.unu.oi puic Uisii in nana.
Sherlfl' Vinton County.
p. II. Phivel, A tt'y for Pl'tr.
September fl,
II, IN71.SW-14H
T" Vutl?,L 'lOT.ol"". ' '-M-100 Cl., No.
I llri-HHlUul.. s Imrt. Nn. ffa-i-ioo ( -ni
iim.'..i'. i'i'. . .r '
... j . t'l. . "cvoivers, aro nneiw
'77"" joey iiso nie onuniirv loppcfCart
rldgo and are huautllul iu Nliapo mid lluleh.
41-100 Cal., has no equal nn a Porringer.
Full and complete ttoei-uf
Guns Rifles, Pistols. Ammunition
ana bportsmen's Goods,
Jiinf!iorMivfi ly
M Chambers and to Read ftrretl,
Send for (ntaloguet. J8I-711 Few York
nf(V ertseyeraf New Patented Xftfrlea which
cnn hMrt.yot bc'!' nt"tHieed, and -which
can h snll in every house In cltv ftr coiintrv.
I0 day " " 0l:k Clr,n om W
nrPi"1'" '""'i'-'-'l Agent,' bupptle,
o lBlJttnUtPltteborgliA1.
Wher uref Toko Koot gros, it hns i t'rrt
ropntailon for curing Ithciimstism, nl as
Blood Purlflfr. With ail tin local reputation
and th yrnise of ilbtlinguisbrd Phvicmns (Or.
One, l, King.Wilmm M. Hunt, Giinits.Copliuxl'
nnd others,) who' bale lostml ns uicill id powers,
. ,.i,a ,wni, i,vif,iu,i ojf ,i,n )iroio"sion ai inrge.
u much Ihn. ugh a want of n protsir apprei i.
ioa C it nmritn, a knowleilg of ihn
proper war to
dicinal use. Dr.
Oliver Orook, a
votes hi entire
of bis profession
nnd 0 h o lis
I he liirgt'it priKi
live or any phy.
Iclan In South
em Ohio hat
fill ly tested thit
"live moxbciiml
7unlltie or Poua
loot during tba
lust 'ih ye .rs, nml
tuibesitati ugly
I'loiinuncc il la
havo more aierlt
nu n de
praved enndillon
of tho blond,
thnn iiny nnd all
other nrli cl hi
mimed in the Mil.
b ili Meilien. Un
dor his inn rue.
bona onr Chem
ist hs combined
the notive tiu-din-!ii1
quidities of
Poke lima with
!he best Tonic,
P r p n ration of
Iron, and w of.
fi r tlii prepnr
tion to the publin
telling tlicin of
the ingrvdienls,
under the nameof
This preparation
is the be-t Alter
nlive and Tonic'
known foi ficrnl
nln. Heroin
Ioiin TuioorK,
Nero I'u Ion
I lie K ch. or
Scrofula In any foani. Kor Klieimin
(lam. I'll I us U llwni's, Hroken-iloHii
4'wuatilntlons, Mercurial llHeuscH,
Mineral 1'olNona, more ctlectiuil relief is
ohiuiued from thisreiuody than from all other.
It strengthens, ptirifiss nnU cures. vltlsliidiM
pensibln in the treatment of long standing dis
orders .nf the I.iver. and nroven n certnui. sfifa
I and elfeetuiil resolvent, manifesting itsieftii.
enoe iiirnuitnoui me enure giaivouar n.vsient.
fbronio disease of any kind, IHncnocsi iff
tho Nkln.Kmntlonsi.I'nNtnlrH, I'lnti ti
N, Pimple. Ito'ls.'IVI tvr. ItliiK-H'oriil,
Nnll-ltlieuin. Nenlil-llpail. I'lrera nml
Korea, are nil ciiresl by the nionl It.
Xpy ihaeasn depending on a depraved condition
oflhe blood enn ho cured by it. Try on
bottle. Sold by all Ibuggi-ts, Prepared only by
I a Preparation which
hns baen tried by the
public for ten years, and
proved itself in thou-
Biiin.n oi usees cnpnoiooi
.I.CXJ8. curing nil diseases ot the
I hrnnt anil InngN.
I the remedy to use
i.ir iiironio uoughi, or
fe.nl.. .1-1.1.. ' ,
. ."f,"" "J.'i i.ious, lb
AXB rroinntlviire the.n oil
II a cured case of Cnn.
0SI MPTION.suinphonpronouneod i
i a-
a u'r w . cored o many cases
ASlll.niA nf Asthma nnd bronchi-
tis, that il hns beep pro.
AXI noiinecd n specific, fer
thesa coni)laint. If af-
nn... theted.will you let pre.N
nno(HITIN.,lice prevent you from
Is-ing cured also t
Hnnovatea and Invigor
ate tb eieiro avstem,
DEDILITT. rupblly restorea Kx-
hsusted Strength, the
very remedy for the weak
Slid debilitated.
Ilestoras tho Appotlto,
strengthens the Ktoni
anli, reln" , tire Liver,
snd iin ihoin to work;
A prr.TiTE.
niKPKP.MA.an.l makM pure l,ri,
removing livsiieiwiu in.
. nrtet-n lilt 1
.noses I ill iOo-LlO (IIKKHI,
digestion, 4c.
P action on the Urinary
OririUl aril both nrmnm
nd marlied. Usuoc.'i.di
in reproihicin-f ih uriil.
nry aucrenons wiieM oth.
or powerful di tire lit
have lailcd.
Dr. crook's wine of tari
Has vegetable, mgre-lii
If j ent of iindouhtod Ton'
xm VHiue, eoninineri wiin
ii Miriliv. ml lOHI.
tie of Tsr ctritiiinod i
it. ivhich make It tLe
'most reliabla Tonin in
the market.
Broken V',U!'T, J"'1 lri
Iiebllltnted Constitutions
ilmrn nd li rocorering linni
"own any illnrs will And li
ConMII ii (Ion. Tottle they
cnn tiiko,
liellcnlo Females who
., . , hiivenonppeliie, alv
ItellonttrcmitlrMMill'ering.sa I never feel.
lag well, should mho it,
to get strong iiivlheillby
Kumoves pnln In breast,
hide or Hack. Is n most
I.I VI. It. etleeliva Itegiilatni nt the
liver, curing Junndieei
or any biver Complaint.
lias made many porsoni
had been ttnnblsto worl
AXI ' walk lor year.
Hshoidd bo kept ir every
HEALTH "line, and Its life. giving
i.Ai.i.(imo ,,)()rlipBtri lJJ
. Crook't Compound Hirun of ri,
iJlIJ),.0ro.,,''' fi!'npiind fiyrun nf
PoLe Hoot i I you have Old Sore, Bolls o" ui-
TAKfctDr. Oroek' Oorhnound
Poke Koot for Scrofula in aSy form? "P "
I R. CUOOK'8 VlNK OF TAR will euro you
TA K B Dr. Crook' Vme' of fai If ioui
Stomach is out ol order.
TAKE Pr. CrooK'a Wini of ar If yU
wish your Asthma cured.
TAKE Pr. Crook' Wine of iu to itrcngthrn
and build up your ifystcm,
TAJ? r.r; flook'i irnW S
Weak snd Debflitntod.
TAKE fir,
ir.' Crook' fflaeof fn If to 1it
Oongli you wish cured.
I Ohronio
TAKD Pr. Cfool'f Win o!Tifof BroftV
. AKB nr. Crook' Win of Tar yotf
have the Liver Complaint.
.TAKE Pr. Crook' Win 6f Tar if ytt hv
Urinary trouble.
TAKK t'r. .rroek'a tPlna pf ar for Wirt
Throat or Lung Ailrrteotit.
TA'KR'fle. CrnrA', tf li C. 1 ..j.
....... .... ..,,,, .nr 11 fpu wien
to be healthy, for ! by Iruggit ator'
IM 3BirV. i'i
it 111 r it j nlVAtir
Sl'rori on PyVo Rili tlloo-l'
croHte or Meli onrl Weight
Clenr Skin rfrirf Meautlful
tu;cuiil:b rO all
... w - ,-feiltr,i i,-i 1 1 n
U KS. Ml I II ; ti K' s.1 1 If i lii 1 1 ii,c
xiii:cii.Nvi'iM'fir'ii n.i'ov nvi.Kii- '
ur iiii i in i.t . V(.i.tt)l- If-
Koirjj Day an Jmrmee of Fltsh and
Wtirjht is Men and Fvlt.
Hcriifuhl, Consnniplion. fui.hilis tn IK
imiar forms, ilandui:ir iii.-on.f. I le....
i the Tlreouf, Modtli; Tuiuoiv, Nodes in the
binds, and oiiier pints of the Bveicni; fore
:ve, MruiMoiiN lii.M-huiKC Ifoni (he .;a,s;
.ruiujvt lli'.easf.s r.l Die. I:',, l i.
undone I' inns ol FMn 1 iM'iiscs:'l'i-i.'i.i)n. r. -
it Nires. Menld Head, Kiug-worni. Hall Klienin
nslpclns, Aaue, III nek ipols Worms iu the
b sh. 'I llinois, rnni-ers In tim Womb, and all
I eiikeltllrr kihI Phi, , CI IU...I.... i. i.t..
sw.. , a o i ,rrr ,.:;.. r . . "
" l- " " ..in: . uie-i it.-,
nie williiii the CiiimiIvo It.mge ot Hadwnv'h
-uisnpiiriiiiiin Me-oivent. unit alewibivs' iinc
win iiiove i ani pi-is in using jt for either of
.... '.; .i ,iiviw ,it, ihii.-iii iiirvcr lo cure
Nut mile linn. II,,. KllK'iriiniTfiv r. n.
SOl.VKNTKcel ajl known rrnredinl' ngeiira" in
... . , ' "uii , ni roiiinus, i nnsrttntinn,
1; III lltlil Sen i i,l .Ii..,,. i , ,i ,'
... , ' ...:.m-, inn la iiiuoiuv
positive remedy lor
Idol, liii'di.tnirino nl I'rino. liiiirlit'n Dim.
t'linn A Miiimiuiii'lM ntid In ..ll ...... i
.. ............... , , iti-t-f vtiMTtfl
ui"iciiif i.nrK imim i m pi-.iig, or tim writer is
; i.rii K iniru iM-pnsii, nr thfi Wfttor id
kllHlV. llllfl Willi Hlilid:tneov 111. .1.,.
theru is n iiiorlihl dark . 1M iotir-: nimriirrtiico. nnrl
hfm bnnw unst iti'iMhs, mikI wlicro tlicrr is a
nr k intr Itttfii f nu kiiiw.iii.ii i. .,.i .... i.. i .. ,i .
IIIA.lillkt IH1l..ttrtB .l..rt - t .
iMirKiiiK, liuniinjc wn.sition, unci puin in tb
SniHiloit-hv jfiu'k, nnl I'lmi th't J,..iHg, f
t'hfav ooiiilft intis It A I) WA Y'S f.
itn.r.rAN Ki'siitivi. vt .,,.i,i i. .i... '
t I.. , l:.. . 1 .". "
...... ... ,,-.,,, iivnu.i iiirni-i in inr Mpino
nnd Mimll of the Rneli, and I lie Houcls regrtla-
.,, , " ..M',, c iieK.lliti ing
ills iierdny. will soon make a complete etna
I tl fill (III I B lllll l. ill.i.it ...Ml 1 . . . .
.., , u( i.ui.nii.v a Keuiiiariiiir
In a few tliLV Die tii.H.iiil ...m i. .. .1 i
i , .1 " 'i. nom 10 Rillil
and discharge water naturully without nin
uinl tlie lirino will bo restored frf it nutural
clear anil niuooi or slierrv color
Km ciit-inliml u-lfl. i.h, I.....1..... ..:
,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, v . irons
bliMid, that lurnlslms sound structure . rienco
all suirrilng f'loiii Wi.., Lenin., I iu,.h, ...
cltlier .Male or Kcinulcorfioiii I U'cis orSoies'.
thouirh Ihn riiii.l-.il l-,a t.e.u.....,.. ,...itr m...
SAUSAI'Altll.lAN.moarivslcd. nml thh rnn.
lured organ he.'il.'d.
OVA bl AS Tt'MOIt CrilKD - Tl'tlftli nif
ilKVRKi.f, Mass.. .inlv ts.iwift.
I)K. IlmW.I V I l.-ivn I. .. I II I. ' .1,.' ,
,, ' - ; , ,v ..1 1,111 1 1111111, in
tbe ovaries and Imwc s. til 11... .-li
''thyre was no help f.i'r II," I tried everv thing
Hint was recommended, but unthing helped nie.
suwyoitr Itesolvnnt. and thought I woulil-trv
it, but had nn failh In it, Imvhuhi I bad suifered
lr twelve years. I took six bottlea of the lie-
sflll-ent nun liiiv C Itm.l. ,. i,:n ..... .
. i .. , ... ii., n 1 urn olio HSf'll
two bottle of your Heady Ki llef; and there i
nut. nuifri. ..f n n i. ..... .
, , 1 It " ".en or leii.nan
reel belter, niniter, hnpder than I haw 'J
twelvn vnMru 'rimn.fii.,11 ...... 1.. . .
, , .. .1 . ...v , n im ill (OH 1101
siilool , laiwola, over tlM- Biolii. I write this
.01 .on neueuioi oinei's. yon cnn nub
lisli ii you eliiHw. '
PrlreOne. imt"' P" KNAlr'
Cures the trorst pains in from One to
Twenty Mi nut a
Not one hour after foadliig fiiis nd'verlsemeht
need any one sutfer with pain.
Thai inslnntlydtop tlio most cxeruelat'ing prilq
Whnthcr of tho T.ungs, Stomach, Powels, 01
the iflnmls uiul nru..in. 1... . ....!....,. '
In From Onef td Twenty MiiiuteV,
m xruffl uae 10 Twenty Miiiuteg
p5"t!w RHrTiniAW,
Crippled, Nervou. Neuralgic
. .
or pioslratod
...... ,i.-.v.vit iiiht Biiinr,
Kailway'fi Heady Kelicf
111. In Irnin nv'ir vi efc.a.,.., ji . .,... i..
ease and fomfmt, and this llicdicine,, so r'iii,
Sl.lNlilll.P ,.,., .... ... ....
. V . 1 '"- i'r.;iinei I'litv ants
isiiiir n. uiai.isr. every nrticgiafs mid conn
trv mcrcbHut's st,.r. t,j, ronliaont.au.
tthlii one hoiir-s distance of almost every hah
iUUon in I he Cniteil Si.i,.. '
nun m , tsmamo XFunA i'a la
If II10NK who lire now auirering I'nln, o mnt
ter what the iniisenuiy he, or bv wlit nume
I . is rallod-ir external, ' ,,nlr R adw a v
I KAhy Hki.uk to the part or i He'bndv wbarj
hepaln Ispi-eaont. If internnl. 30 drops dilti-
till in WAtee .a 11 , 1 l I. .... i..,...L 1.'. : I
e : - .T.u-iiier i.rninni
Spasms, Inflaniiifntinn. Congestion, Asiatic
Iholcra. billssnd Fever, the trinst violent ett
ciMiciillltiKiindlomiiiiigpalus w bo stopped
inri.a.M.MA THIN OF tiik HLADDFU
btnoN ok Trlrl r:((v',i..4,
smile nnmeii .i;iV.r'...-.V..V.' e-
""ii. I'lirn 1 1.1 IlKh.ar IN(
HEADAciin, TooT:rA,,Ai:iil1' LtESZA,
V It'll : A I fit I tt lllll... tr-.K. -
COM, CIIIUA A (5 II K i ll I i . ,ts . ' m 1 ,S'M'
Alio niMmciiiu n 111 llie KEAIiy RKMKK lo
till! MHrl. Ill IIMI-fM M il II ....
. 1 e'-1 v iiiu finiii ..r (iiiucutlv
exists will airiud ense and comfort. Un dioo's
In a hull tumbler of water will, in a few 111...
llieill.S,ClUC I ratllllS. HllllSIIK Rom. ..;...,....!.
1 1 carl burn. Hh It Ilcmbiihe III,, r. i.n,, 1 '
tcry. Colic, Wind In tliu bowels .,.,1 I.u r.,,,.
mil Pains.
ill water will iirevetit sickness or null,, i.......
,'Oi.iif.i f.f ..-.il... .1 :- 1 ...... ..
.... .. ' ." oeiier riiaii t if lie 1
llrunilyorKiticrhHS iiHlliiluhiiit.
FI'.VKlt ANII Abl!KhCi;Kt:i)
Those Iu on i:..i . . j . . .. .
1 ti ,1 ; r . 1,11 k.
mil nil oIImt r(il;inuus, JtllioiM. Hrnrli-t. Tr.
iieliiif 'i""-. n iiauway ucauy
Trrrri o-N-r-m
Persoi need duller, ho l hey ever so much ex-
el open-KI th llw iMif, pill,. irmidrNh lu tlio
ii, wuonave iiiiiierlo been doctoring at tba
I'llto ol one mid l..-n 1. 1 J..11 t . m
w. . , .iiii.-ii.-n inniiiiT. inril rer"
.1 rVvVn ' .,..,.'..'; . '"" Cu 1 IW.M
tiiodollai-s a.vcar, spent for Hudwuj ' Jteadv
"l i1"'.',1!!' JL'T'wa.v'H Vl'" ti-onted). '
IholIhAny RKMKf will atiorl (u. eaei
lonlt. r-riro only Wcenls nor hoi tie I
n.,r,i.;7. .11 lht ""'? '"," I'"' an India
.......... .,.,i:i . niini ill nu I'ruggisi.s. ano nr
hrmuKtiy'.oillce, No. 87 Jlaidiin U,m!sX
n ... ...
rilWK, ltKOULATK, l'llftf j. y ci.KANSO AN?)
RadwIyT Plll,
A 7.T. nfwf nt. v t cm i v.t.i x .... . . l.
. .1:2-.." ' 1 :: rnr
V'?' I t-A-.VA-.Wt IXIHUESriOV. 1, vxpyivtt
SfATIitV nie IIIU nnwV'i u. .... S.V
8 ... 1 nml mt't'ra.
Nurmnii'U to Kttwi n lfltlvB:Ar.v
tiff Iro n iilHowlrVy nf
llliri'A lkl fvlK.Bfe.l. i J.
. i.. siMmIIun,inwnru I'ile-, FnHnesa f t1i
Bloisl in tho (loud, Aoldlty'or the Hlon aeh;
Nnuscn Itmi.t ins... Til- i
Si ' ' ' "V'rV "iKIlim I
Kn' I?? 'J0 r,n'R'Pi f"r Kruclation.
..--."vi""i '"Mu". oi riio... ru ne
llreail, Midiorfng at the Heart, t hokl V r
Ruilwn liig annfullvni1 hn lu a r.ylng ,.
tiuo.D inness of Vision, Do til Wl.n1.f..
ui. i . .Tc . ,,'7",""n. i eiiuwness or tno
Skin and Fye. 1'nlii bi llie fli.t,. .-. t iLV..
FlcshU,,,U,tl tiuUpt ,I6llt J'urnlni in the
A tr.&f ,1mr.J nftl.J.. . 1 ... .
S'.u . TB n'11" win rreathe
atem from all the aU.vo-named dlsohlepi.
rto uBt Boi.
No. 6TJtf.l,liiXa., iV.'V.
REAl)FAtSE AN"D TfitfE. 1
n . "i"i hi inmv,y It (it..
Sr.n Maiden ltnr, New York. inih...i..' i
roNowwua'Jtwni besent you. . My
RVmCriil'Vf fhAf the iow jiriccs
f Cuttle,- 0p, KrW'pr &c,
ir -iim b'y. tlie reati?f r. of
tlio pnriy hi p'ntiei1 Cfmiirtci
ing t!i cuViic'y foi- tli Um
efif of llie HfMhtUt-ti Hrrif
ticli fMariiifactiirf'fR of fl'ifc Enftl ,
iiiid I.iiliorin nun, rcnionibcr
iliat tlie Hcnrcrry of no'ru'y i?
eanstfUjy U Umtn of ihe
);irtyin pdwer tontniofiiig the
cifi ff-ncy, npern thd yiuCp
that tt Oove-runicn't frrnst tftkef
c.u' of the rich nml the titU
ni'l tnle care ff flfep'oor.-
' .1 ' .
I IllPtnllPf thrO 4.WJ . a mI -l J l
ftvrf )st the molt ftt.A ivfrff
! -. A . ' .1 m J
iun m.ninge jitiojic ntt.tii-d ami
vote for a clianpjo.
General Noyes Abuses the
The IJiifsfyuhj Gftzett of
Sot G', 3,fya J
Uen. Notes, iri jiia pi-fip.rt ?ri
Mm tiaeej niti-lifl ittfrt tl.u
' j. ---- - . i.iv
Oerman noDulation, hninnrinrt'
tlm jioor flasks of (jennanv to
cattle, or vord.s to that tftec't
The. Gerfrirtti voter i-a itKi:thi
loose frtfm tlie rotten hnii i?f
Radicalism, and ttf ,,urcr
N"ojr?3 lias no furfhor' tfsc? foY
llieMTi nnd his Ppeeol iv-'ilf grt
agreatw.iys toffntifs fpsr,if)p'
tlio cyci ot fofeio'ft-irur.'i citi
Mi. Prob.aUv h ftilnt-s f li
)!ii:ticiil purposes, hat ha vfill
find outtliiTercift in October"
We tindeifttaiul tliiif nti tit
oiit prominent German citizens
i a "VT -
went to isoyes alter the Creech
titid "interviewed" him in re
gard to his attack on the Qei
Irian?, and wanted to kiiow
what he meant ,y shtti lan
guage. Nues, "Willi n smile
that was childlike and blttM,"
"'--va fcu cpintti n, away,
it bonlil give lid sntisfafctory
i iiTti iiimriin t. i... ..di u.i.
p-l"" "owvn w Uia IllltJIUlliaiOr,
1 he Ghrtrjrtns geiierarly will
Vote, with the woikingmeii
the' Dtiniocracyi
Let every (ietrdait tif Vin
ton county vote against hoyei
and every liinn oh the ticket
vVithhilA. All are rdiicu all
enemies to the German.;
1,1 Jiift
Grant's visit to Washington,
last week, is thus extiiaihed.
After a hasty breakfast he was
amo-n the e.-nly and uiictnal
visitors at the Treasury to re
cci vtt his Prtlnry, it tag pay
dy. He has now heon absent
exactly th're'e months, com
mencing with the first, of June,
but proposes to remain1 away
until the beginning of October.
During this tiine, he lias drawn
from the" Treasury si.t thousand
two lurtidrcd rfhtl lift tU
and has passed parts tst threfj
days in Wasbinto'Di ot at the
. M -I
rat6 6t one day per rnOhth. fta-
whieh be lias received tlie conjr
peoaatioii of o tbbusalid and
eighty-three dollars a day. Jn
othei words, Generrtl Grant,
for signing lm flafiife during'
these rare visitu, Las pocketed
the wafffcs of fonrtfirl Jinruli-,1
- - - v. . v, i-v
4m. J
laboring men, wh'o Work tcu
hours unci receive one dollar and
fifty cents each. So that it is
somethilg to bc President in a
prrfctical point Of view, when
the incuiftbefitgcts tvrenty-fivo
thousand dd)r.ari a imo..
, - vi
aniii'sing' himstlf, nndU pmcn-
ti witli bonus.
horses id tna' extV.f. r,f r-mif
million. Novronder lie seeks '
a re-tdoctioii. Ho wondr tba
neo'ole ' nil Ovhr Ih
I I vw vvnuu Y iilU
in aliiioat K destitute condition.
No W6'11(W xetk Unva iikn.,1 i
tiin'efi No wonder mooy is '
scarce. Wa h
m this county willseo to it that",
when he goes to vote that tbe '
name of nofirnnt mania on his ;
ticket.' .. .

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