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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 20, 1871, Image 2

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(l)c (Enquirer
j. TV. BO V F.N, Iditor.
nrnrF..ln Second Ptoiy of linweu's
C'ouvt House.
McArthur, - September 20, 1871.
Judge Court of Common Pleas.
F.l Fmtulrei-. I'lenso announce to the pen
T,lo of X Z SeW mrt S.ih-divlinn .of (ho 7th Ju
1 dnl I Mriet-roinposed Vinton. ''"'''r""'
Soldo Lawrence, nnd Pike Countiest.ha
"mli'l'ita for Common Pleas Judge of said
iIr, Frn'oR:-Ynii nre authorized to nn
run m the nameo. HON. JOHN P. PI IKT,
of Vinton county, as an ""rf'i! rt" 5
for Hid olllo.eof Common Pleas .Minna J '
Hp owl tab-,11 vision .,( the.7th .IM'I.MI -tiiet-ooni
posed of the comities ot bciulo, 1 iKi,
Law rence, Jackson and Vinton.
Justice of the Peace.
Mil KniTon : You will please juinnimro Hint
r.vnnnK-Hi'NTKR will bra ramlidntn for Justice
Our Candidate for State
J. V. Stevens, of Meigs county,
has received tho nomination for
Stato Senator for this district Ho
would make n most suitnblo Senator,
who would represent tho intoresls
of the btrufilin for-lifo and terribly
taxed people of this district, bceauso
ho is an honest, man nnd a friend of
tho farmers, tho laborers, and the
mechanics, who havo to bear the
burdens. Ho is not in favor of giv
ing all tho gold to the aristocratic
bondholders. Having been a sold
ier, ho is in favor of tho pensions of
soldiers, &c, being paid in gold in
stead of below par paper, llo is
opposed to a John Sherman's fvr
tem of privileged taxation, high
tariffs to enrich the few, land steal
ings, etc. His motto is
" RIGHT" not "MIGHT."
Vote for Mr. Stevens 1 Should
ho bo elected ho would honor the
County Ticket.
It is admitted by both par
ties that the Democrats of Vin
ton county have a good and
substantial county ticket, and
a ticket that will succeed by
more than the usual majority.
The qualifications of every man
on our ticket being the best.
Let every Democrat see to it
that the majority is much lar
ger than heretofore. Do not
be idle.
Put Your Heads Together.
If the earnest, thinking Dem
ocrats of every township in the
county would at once put their
heads together and quietly se
lect ten or a dozen voters
whom they will make it their
business to bring over to the
side of the Democracy before
the October election, they
would, find in the outcome the
advantage of acting with sys
tem,, and purpose. Pleasant
words, accommodating atten
tion, and the occasional (if not
regular) perusal of a steady
going Democratic newspaper,
are a combination of influences
that can accomplish unitedly
on an opponent what every
thing else might fail to effect.
Democrats who have tried this,
will endorse our statement.
Let such efforts be made more
generally. Cast your eyes over
your township, select the men
who shall bo rescued, nnd go
to work at once.
Befoke tho Radical party
went into power our finances
were managed by the States.
!N"ow the finances are managed
byscventeen hundred Nation
al Bank. a very dangerous and
destructive set of manager.".
Every congressional district is
cursed with them. The people
are suffering and tho Dank
managers are happy. Voters,
why don't you break up 1 his
wnoiesaie system ot plunder'
Are You Ready!
Democrats our whole duty
is comprised in one word
work. From tlug hour .up to
tho cWe of the ballot-box on
the day of the election, devote
all your time and means that
can bo spared without injury
to business to the task of rescu
ing the State from tax extortion
and Radical extravagance nnd
WhW rT7nT-.l1-
Mooting of the Democracy and of all
those who nre tired of the peculation
and downright dishonesty of Radical
rule who object to. Land Grab! and
Wholesale Itobberles will be addressed
at the following times and places t
TowiiHhip, Wednesday Evening, Sept.
20. Speakers O. T. Gunning anil .
IS. SIilvol.
Thursday Evening, Sept. 21. Speakers
John Mayo und 1. It. Shivel.
Township, Friday Evening, Sept. S.
Speakers John Mayo und J. M. Mc
Oilllvray. HOTE FURNACE, Brown Township, Sat
urday Evening, Sept. 83. Speakers O.
T. Gunning and D. It. Shlvcl.
NEW PLYMOCTII, Ttrown Township,
Friday, Evening. Hei't. Speakers
0. T. Gunning and J. M. McGillivray.
ville Township. Monday Evening, Sept.
25. Speakers O. T. Gunning und John
Tuesday Evening, Sept. 20: Speakers
O. T. Gunning and John Mayo.
Zaleski, Friday afternoon,
Sept. 29. Speakers
Sept. 29. Speakers---Hon. L. T. Neal and
Hon. Arch. Mayo of Chillicothe.
land Township, Saturday Evening.
Sept. 30. Speaker D. It. Shlvcl.
Further announcements next week.
The Advisory Committees in tho several
townships will make the necessary ar
rangements for holding these meetings.
lSy order of County Central Committee
Dont Trade.
Let no Democrat trade votes
with any of the High-Taxation
and Land-Grabbing party mcnl
Pav no attention the mali
cious lies that are being, circula
ted by the Radicals!
Stick to the ticket!
Don't scratch!
Prohibition candidates have
been nominated in all the Re
serve counties. The "rugged
issue" Radicals up there want
something to fight for beside
Grant and the spoil.
Husha-by, Baby!
Granny Wilson, who edits
the Ironton Register, away
down in Lawrence, one of the
"River counties" of this judi
cial district, says in the Regis
ter :
"There now; don't let us
quarrel about the Judgeship
any more, but get to work and
fight the impious Democracy."
Let Everybody Go to the
at 1 o'clock P. M., which will bo
addressed by
HoN. arch, mayo
To the Qualified Electors of Vinton
County, Ohio :
MCARTHUR. O., Sept. 7. 1871.
TS pursuance ofan order of the County Com-
A missloncrs Hindu nt their regular Hcptember
annual fall election in Oetnlier, A I. 1871, lie
lug Tuesday, tho Kith day of Mild month, the
qunlillHd doctors of Vinton comity, Ohio, will
session, inn. inn re is i.erenv if veil flint lit t in
iiit'i-i niwieir i9iuti pincesnr miming elections
In the (several townshlns of Hld county and
vote on therjticxtlon of the piirrlinse of lands
for Inllnniii'V ntiiiinKCs. And tkoao votlnir nt.
nurii cil'Cllllll 1)1 mvor OI MICH purt'llllSO Sliail
iinve prnnrn an meir ijiihmis tne worns,
"ruvchasuof Innds for inllnimry ruriiosc"
And those Toting nifnlnstsnch ptirclune slmll
nine prmu'ti on tiicir Illinois, Ilio worn,
"rui'cliftse of Lands for Inllnimry rurnoscs"
In the Mtrcrnl townslilns to oim-ii a noil Imnlt
Itflinll he lliedntrof tho luilirpsof eVeclion
for tukiiig swill votp, nndto recelvo nod count
after to return to the County Auditor a full and
correct Hlistruct of said voles.
ine niiuoia east, nun wicnint irce nvs there
By orUeruf CouiinlHsloners of Vinton (.',
Auditor Vinton (..
Septomhcr M, 1R71-tde
AVillis Lcach'M UNtatc.
ProljRlo Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE Is hereby given thst Hohert Iluek
ner. Ailiiilnlstriitor of Die estate of Willis
Leach, dee.esseil. has filed herein his Account
wIlllKnld estnln f'nr (lnnl .Ull.t.iu.tif anrttli., ,l,n
liearlliu f tlm fcamn la uet. I'u. tl... 1.1,1. .I.,u ..r
wm.uui , ion, MIIU UIOCH i, HI .
HopU-mher 20, 1B71 ft I'roliste JuiIko
Isaac Hawk's Itatatc.
Probate Court. Vinton Couniv. nhin
IM . . " . "j hi-ii iniiL i.unieiius
hsi-ns, Admlulstrstorof the estste of Issso
ninvK, iii-crnscii, uss men Herein his Account
will, snlll in, .la fur Himl ..loUinni,t. .1
the lipsrlngortho itnine Is nut for the llthdsv
of October, 1H71, at lvo'i-iork A. tip.
i . j B. MAYO,
fioplenilH-t i!0, ISTl-lt- I'robnte Jnd()P,
YoiiEig Men,
liook Merc!
Young man vote the Demo
crntic Ticket, Vote the regu
lar nominated Democratic Tick
et. Assume at your outset in
life a decided, positive and
reliable character. It will be
set down to your credit.
Decided men are the kind
wanted. Vacillating, uncertain
and unreliable men are always
mistrusted. Keep clear of
bolters. Make a fair start in
life. Running at every alarm,
or shifting about from one hob
by to another, will indicate you
have no settled purpose, no
matuved-judgment or opinion
of your own.
We say vote the Democratic
ticket vote it straight. If,
however, your convictions .are
in opposition, go tor (lie lve
pnblican nominees, but but,
above all, do not be a go-be
tween, a creature contemned
by both parties. I?q cqiq
thing. JJe where your neigh
bors can find you. Be decided,
and you will be respected accordingly.
William gNash, Come Out
and Show Your Colors.
The people of this district
want to hear from you. They
want a Senator who will not
misrepresent them in the Legis
lature. The people don't want
to vote for any of the quiet but
conceity, higher-plane codgers,
who expect to turn the grind
stone for "My Lord'' John
An outraged people want
you to make answers to the
following live questions:
1. If elected to the State
Senate, will you vote for the
re-election of John Sherman
to the United States Senate?
2. Will you vote for a joint
resolution instructing our Sen
ators and requesting our Rep
resentatives in Congress, to use
their iufluence, and vote for
universal amnesty ?
3. Will you vote for a joint
resolution instructing our Sen
ators and requesting our Rep
resent. -i lives in Congress, to
vote against and oppose all
fin ther schemes for appropria
ting any more of the public
lands for the benef it ofcorpo
rate monopolies of every kind?
4. Will you ote to tax
United States Bonds the same
as the real and personal prop
erty of the people of Ohio are
taxed upon the Duplicates of
the various counties in the
State ?
5. Are you opposed to the
San Domingo job
G. Are you in favor of
paying the 5-20 bonds in
7. Do you endorse the Ku
Klax law enacted by Congress
to prevent people of certain
States from voting?
8. Are you in favor of
Senator Sherman growing ricl
nnd of his voting in Congress
for laws to make poor laborers
poorer r
9. How is it Sherman has
made millions of dollars in a
few yoar3 on a salary of $5,000
a year?
10. Are you in favor of
Evans, one of Grant's official
thieves, who stole over $300,
OOO frora the State of Pennsyl
vania, running at large.
11. Do you not think that
the name of J ones would sound
better to the people of this
distressed district, during this
campaign, than the word
12. Are you in favor of
permitting the bondholders to
shave the Government to the
tune of millions yearly, which
sum the laborers have to pay?
ii. i.'o you minic m is rignt
to compel poor laborers and
others- to pay bankers 10 or 12
per cent, interest for the use of
greenbacks, while the same
rich bankers have thousands
and thousands of dollars in
bonds locked up in their vault's
and upon which they draw a
great interest in gold and with
out paying a particle of tax?
Immediate, complete, and
satisfactory answers are wanted
to all the above questions.
The people of this county,
although they intend to vote
for J. V. Sevens for Senator,
are determined to gnash the
Slashing party in future.
They want a change.
From President W. H. LANGLEY.
Gallipolis, McArthur and
Columbus Railroad.
To -the Citizens
op Yin-
TIFJ pLRobert McLeod, Civil
Engineer, having completed
theluHTcys of the road from
Gallipolis to Logan, and com
pleted ', .'the estimates of. the
amoun required to pi epare the
old roadbed for the superstruc
ture, and also having completed
the estimates for two of the
lines surveyed from Gallipolis
toMcArthur, I have presented
them to the people for their
After a careful examination
of the map", profiles nnd esti
mates of those routes, I im sat
isfied that the road can be pre
pared for the superstructure
from Gallipolis to McArthur
for less than $8,000 ner mile,
and thajttlie ild roadbed., can
be prepared for the superstruc-rl-,6)3Ss
J.tban 53,000 p$rj
mue, making an average cost
to prepare the road from Galli
polis to
for the super
not exceeding $6,000
per n?ile.
and lor the super
$10,000 per mile
making tne whole road com
plete and; ready for the rolling
stock, except ballast, not ex
ceeding j?i6,000 per mile, which
is not more if as much, than
onehnlthe average cost per
mile of the rail roads in Ohio.
When tfte nature of the coun
try through which it pasaes is
considered, it certainly shows
very advantageously for our
route, anr with no other ad
vantage yould make handsome
dividends on Ihe stock, while
roads thAt cost double as much
may uot ray expeuses. One of
the greatjad vantages in the low
cost of orjr road will be in its
ability td transport freight at
very lowj'rntes, nnd will enable
the company to compete suc
cessfully m moving freight from
Logan and intermediate points
via Gallipolis, thence by boat
to Cincinnati nnd other river
points, with any railroad run
ning through Southern Ohio.
Another great advantage our
road will have, will bo in the
immensoamourit of mineral
that is7im"lying nlong its line
waiting for 'cheap transporta
tion to move it to points of
consumption, there not being a
rod of the route from (nillipo
lis to Logan but what is full of
the best mineral that can be
produced in the country and in
inexhaustible quantities.
It requires less than 800,000
rnbre subscription to prepare
the old roadbed for ihe super
structure. Now what will the
citizen of Vinton and Hock
ing counties say? Will they
consult tneir interest so tar as
to promptly subscribe the re
quired amount or will they qui
etly sit down, fold their hands
and say, "Cur forefathers lived,
labored and died upon the soil,
and left the undeveloped wealth
that lies 'buried under the sur
face for those that followed
them. Why should we not do
the same?"
lo this query a number of
answers might he made that
would clearly solve tho matter.
One is that during the days
and year3 that are passed and
gone your forefathers had the
forests that covered nearly the
whole coantt y to contend with
timber fo fuel and all other
purposes was abundant ; it was
an" lficumtifancc and the great
object was to get clear ot it by
any meanst possible, ouch
thing as tetone coal for fuel was
noi inougui oi in inose times.
But now how changed.-
A large forest to be seen in a
day s railroad traveling is
rare Bifflit,' Timber is being
preserved. The mineral wealth
so Jong niduen under the sur
face of tne earth is every day
becoming more and more valu
able. Stone coal, of which
your counties nre heavily un
derlaia ana ot winch your
hills are full, is rapidly taking
the place of wood tor domestic,
and navigation
Iron in' tho many forms it is
made to assume is rapidly tak
mg the place of timber for
making vessels, building fences,
and various purposes, and of
iron ore you have immense
quantities' and of quality unex
celled by any in this, country,
and in addition to ccal ( bitu
minous and cannel) and iron
ore, your counties abound in
limestone, fire elay, marble,
burr stone and salt ; also in- soil
well adapted to agricultural
purposes. The traflic in -your
mineral wealth isjn its infancy,
but in some districts, is making
rapid Btriu.es toward mannood
and all that is needed in your
counties to develop, the im
mense mines of wealth that
you scarcely know you have, is
cheap transportotion, popula
tion, energy andcepital. Build
this railroad, own and control
it, and through its low cost and
easy grades and curves, you
will have cheap transportation,
which will lead to a rapid de
velopement of the mineral re
sources of the country. It will
bring in population, which will
bring with itenterprise, energy
and capital. This will start
furnaces at every available
point on the route with manu
factures of all kinds. In short
build, own and control this
road among yourselves, and .a
complete revolution in the
whole business of your counties
win loiiow. uutside weaitli
will be brought among you to
help develop your mineral
wealth, start manufactories, etc.
The footings of your duplicates
will be increased, the rate of
taxation will be reduced, and
you and your children and
your children's children will
bless the day in which you sub
scribed to the Gallipolis, Mc
Arthur & Columbus Railroad.
Pay no regard to the few close
fisted and selfish neighbors who
stand by and look anxiously,
to see you expend your hard
earned savings to make an im
provement which will benefit
them more than it will you.
Do your own duty regardless
of them, and when they see we
will have a railroad in spite ot
their opposition, they will join
with uv and give of 'their
abundant store. There is not
one man in Vinton or Hocking
county who is so mean and nig
gardly, and close-fisted, that
he will allow it to be said of
him by his neighbors when the
iron horse goes, snorting down
the valley: "There goes a man
who is rich. He made. Ins
money off of us, and when we
wanted to build our railroad
he was .too miserly" and too
void of public spirit to help
ns.' Let each man do his du
ty regardless of his neighbor.
We will get them all into the
current yet, and whether they
are influenced by cuutiou or
by innate love of the "almighty
dollar," when they nre con
vinced, as I am, that the road
will be built, they will not re
fuse to extend their aid.
County Trcasurer, Auditor,
County Trcasurer, Auditor, &c.
One man can fill the office of
County Treasurer for two
terms four years when, as
the law directs, he shall retire.
Our friend, John P. Dnnkle,
held the office of Treasurer for
four years, ending on Tuesday,
September 5th, in the forenoon,
and, in the afternoon of the
same day, he was nominated by
a few Eadicalafor County Au
ditor. In the forenoon be goes
out of one office and in the af
ternoon is nominated and is
seeking the votea of the people
in all parts of the county for
another equally as important
office, but the salary of which
is much greater. Why, John,
we don't, often read of such fast
transactions. Should think you
would want to retire to private
life and devote a few years of
your valuable time to selling
line nnd cheap dry goods and
groceries. Surely, after four
years of confinement, you need
a little-recreation. Yon need
not have :tlo least uneasiness
about the very important du;
ties of the Auditor's office- be
ing discharged, and for which a
first-class penman is required,
as William W.Belford, of Al
lensville, although a poor man,
can take the very best care of
it for tho , two coming years,
and keep every book: in the
neatest style in a manner that
will eved please you,' John.
Let us' all vote for Bel ford !
Let us take the office of Audi
tor "cnl.rely out of, politic' for
tho next two years j . ;
. o -a. TJ H3
4 '' WholeBPlfl Dealer In
Staple atsid Fancy Notions.
ITIy Mock i now complete Tor Fall Sales, and
not at the hih prices some parties have antic
ipated paying.
The average price nil through i much lower
than the Fall of 1870. A small advance is
charged only on a FEW, good.
Is rnnunemled to your KSPFCIAL attention. Also n Rood assort nient of Imported
Gorman Fnney (ioods, Blank Books, Spool Cotton, Wall Paper and everything
Kenei-iilly kept In Notion Houses, for sale at moderate advance on cost fo short
time buyers, or cash In hand, a discount alloiveW.
September 1st, 1871.
In compliance wllli nn Aet paused April 5, IRIS,
ccint, Disbursement, iiml
Bnlani-o In Treasury
llnlniH-o In Tronsury
Ilnlanre In Treasury
nalam-ein Treasury
llnlance In Trcusui y
Balance, in Tiwisnry
Ualani-e In Treasury
Balance in Treasury
Net Ilalancc in Treasury
in foretrninuiHiiteiiiciit Ik ii true Kxliililtof tlm
itrtf i.n .....lnulivnnfl Trinnrer mill A ml ilor
lliti fni'mrriilifanritut
uive.n under our lmnUs. ollluiully. Mil x.l u.-y
y, bcliiliKillK to eni'll r linn, lis iipjieurn in
September 13, l71-8v
OF 1871. '
fif XV I IP T ,
to provide for lire tieter lcptiifitl ion Of the E'
Safc-lioejilng o! ihe 1'iibUc Revenue i
. . SOS 1)1
...1128 9(1
... M8 2
.&) Ill
. 173 98
. ;n 51
of VI ntnn Cfiiiutv. OTiin. ilii heroin- ee
Hulane.es reuiaiiiliifr In Ilio, ,TrinniT ol V ilium
rlllV Hint
room in un; aii'iikm k wiiu-b.
iiimww.. .
1IBNIIY KKYNOLDS, Auditor Vinton l.-o.
,1. P. DUNKI.R.Tieasiircr Vlnlmi ConulV.
ILook out foi
Counterfeit Tickets !
Stttftqf Ohio, Vinton County,
Buckeye Furnace Company, Plaintiffs,
P. Onclx Co.. IVfeiulnnts.
In Vinton County Court or Common Pleas. Or
dor nf Mule.
Pursuant totlie coinnianil of nn order nf s.ale
U.1111.1I frnm Hi.' Court ut' Common f'leasol" Vin
ton county, and toniodlrcnteilns Sheriff nlnuld
countv, will nfler nn- sale lit the noor 01 I lie
Court Ilnuso, In tlic town of McArthur, Vinton
e.ouuty.Oliio, on
Monday, the 23d Bay of Octo&er,
A. V. 1871,
at the hmirnft o'clock r. si., ofsnid day, (lie
following desi-rihcd premises, to-wit:
The Noiili part of Out-lot Number Two (2)
lieinirn strin off the North end of sniil Out-let
nlioul, One llmiilrcil anil Twenty (I'-'U) feet wH
and nil of suiil Out-lot except that part o( the
said It conveyed bv Charles Rolililns mid w lie
to tho Marietta A Cincinnati Knilrond Conipa
ny. Also. astrlpolT the West side of Out-lot Num
ber Throe (8 ) commencing at tho lino between
Out-lots No. 3 and No. 8: tlicnco running Kast
on the North line nf fiiid out-lot No. JV.unlil It
intersects aline riinulnKSuutli inmi ineaniiin
west corner of In-lnt Ninuliei- Twelve (12:)
thence SouthOno Iliindrod nod Twonty
feet until it intersects the east and west lines
nf that purt of Out-lot Number Two conveyed
as above: thence west to said dlislim line lie
t.ween said Uits No. 2 nnd No. :li and thence
North to the plnec of bei(lnniiiic.
A nil, also, all the Engl lies nud Machinery used
for enrrvins on (be
nnd, nlsn, the Ciriaitar Saw Mill, atlnclii'd to
sniil Kouniliy, and all tho nm.-liliicrv and (1
turns liclonc'liiK to tboSaw.MII, nil of which
are Im nled on subl I,olsiiud parts of lots.
Also, patterns efditlerent kinds lieces-iiry for
cnrryliiK on the Kmindiv bu.-lucs. ini'ludinif
imltenis for Kurnace Twwr and l!l!ii,k:iittli
Twecrs about twenty live I'low point p ittcrns.
olio lull set of country hollow wnre pul terns, nil
sl.osnf watton liox pnllnrns. IMreu lw fiirui
bell pattern, roiirnane mill patlm-ns, slxsies
nf supir kettle palterns, IH'U'eii cook slovo put
terns, throe can lion stove patterns, live parlor
stove patterns, four prate nnd front patterns,
tourjiiiiiliKi'nfG (wtlerns, two pump imtioriirt,
four plow patterns, one full set hollow warn
patterns, nbout seventy hardware tint terns and
about one liunilred pntlerns of ililfeicnt kinds.
All of the nbove liuulii and tenements o-et h'
cr with nil the nallorns mid tools and the Circu
lar Hnw and all tho llxturns boloimlaR to tho
Saw. Mill that said coniniinv now own and use
for carrying on said Foundry biisineMs, nnd Inr
t lit) lnnniiiai iuru oi innuier said levy is sun
Joct to n levy inaib-on four store pntlerns, by
I. M. I'lige, Constablo.
All tlm nbovo flesurihrd nronorty lo he sold
ns an entirely and is situated in ilia Town of
llainiieii, in tlio county of Vinton, ami Stale ul
A upraised nt Four Thousand Two 1 1 und rod
nnd h illy Dollars (f .2M),(0t) snd tnnst biing
two-lhirds of that sum,
Taken as the properly of R. (Joel Co., to
satisfy an order of sn'ln of nforcsald Court in
favor of the lliicki'vo Fiinincel;oinpaiiy.
Terms of Salo. Cash In hand.
sheriff Vinton Co.
M. I.. Clark, Alf'v forTl'lls.
HL.rtmbcr mi, llfil-5w-
Slntc off.'Tilo. Vinton County,
A. II. Wal kins, Adailiilstrnlol- of lire lfaM of
Christopher Wiuklenian, deceased, I'luliUiO,
William A. Pcnrceaml 8amuol V. I'ndse, Un.
fn Vinton County Court of Common Pleas. Or
dor unci Decree.
Pursuant to tho command of mi Order and
Decree ill the shove, ciihub iMTted from Ihe Court
of Common Pleas nt Vinton county, nnd to mo
directed nsSlierill'of siiMcnuiitv, 1 will offer for
shIu at the door of the Court House, in the town
of McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio, on .
Monday, the 23d Say of October, A.
D. 1871,
nt tl'iolinurnfi o'dorlc P. M1. of snld day, tlie
one eiiml undivided half of tho lullowln do
sorlhud lands nnd tencinniiUi, situate in the
counly of Vinton, and Htale of Ohio, to-wlti
Cuiiinionclnir at tho Hon 111-west corner of that
inrt of Out-lol NiunberTwenty-ilvo (2J in the'
owned on thu 14th day of Mny, A. I, lffill, by
William 0. Cllno, nnd, rnnnlng riouth-ointt pnr
nllel with the Ht.rcot In (aid Town I'll'tcon (Ki)
Kods; tlicnco Snnth-onirt Klovon (11) Uods nn n
right Anglo tvltll Raid Hircet; thence KIReen
(15) Hods Mou tb-west on a parallel wHh said
Hurond Street) tlicnco North .west co the plncU
of liciilnniiiK, mintiiinlng one acre nioro or lt-si
togutner with tho
Flouring and SaW Hills,
and. nil other appurtenances on snld limd'.-
Titktm as the lrnpcrty of Wlllliun A, PoaVce
to satisfy ii Judif incut and decreonf snld Court
In favor of A. II. Wntk I ns, Adm listrator of I h
Kstatenf Chrlstophnr Wlnlclenmn.ileennsed.
Apnritimtl nt One 'ITioUmind Three Muiutred
and Tlllrty-tluao Hollui nil. I Thirty threw
ceMt(t 1,81 HI,) and must ftiing two-thlrdi of
owu of WIIReiv ilio. n in d (Jonntv n V nton.
iiinb .inn.
Tonus of 8nlo -Cosh In band.
XV.B.Pnnn, Alt'r fnrlM'tT.
Hhenir Vinton Oo,
Hrptcmbci1 8(), imi-Sw-lfl'i
New Tork Office. 27 DILKMiil BT.
r : mm j i
I 1
McArthur Retail Market.
Corrected by Cilnian Ward Co.,IlrnlrS
in Dry Cioods, A-c, and Manufacturer
nf Flour, lev.
Sugars Brown, N. Oi 12J
ClnviHcd, N. 0 15
' Cofliso A... KJ
" CniHli'iil.,Scgrnn 1
" Extra coffee 14
Coffee, Itio choice 25
" Jio prime... : 2022
" Jnvu 30'
Orlcims MoIiihhoh 8(!(
Double HxtraDripu 81,(l(f
Vinegar, Cider 40
. l,25(ml,K0
. l,00e-.l,5l
Tea, Imperial
" 1 Dung Iij'ison
" Jilnck
" Japan
Candleo, lutrd pressed...
" Blar
Flour, per bbl.
B fitter w ;
.. 15(?.1H
(JhoeHO ,
(renin 4 (10
Salt, iiop bbl . .
... 40
... 40
.... 60
oppcr, grain
Beef, dried 2
llnms, country crrred. 15
etigar eurod v. . 18
oiiuiiiiturn . . i
0 1 1.1 111
Bacon, Hide 12
Boepwax 2;'
Tallow ., W
Feathers 701
Wheat $l,10(?i.l,20
Corn... ... ..6&70
Ryo 85
Oata. 3(f
Wool 4550
At OtfCIi
tfrherever Pok Root grifwsV r tins Wrf
reputailon for crtring Rbeiimntlsm, nnd ss
aiood I'liridcr. Willi all this liswl reputntioa
mid Ilio prnlHeof distinguished Pliys,ciiiB (Drs.
Coe.l.en, Kins, Wilson M. llulit.Grltllls.Coplsnd
nnd others,) who have tested its meili -nl nnwers,
it has been nenleoted by the profession si forge,
M much throiiKlinwsnt of a proper sprecin.
tioa of it meiits, a i knowledge of Iha
Aroner Wsf o
prepare it form,
dicisul lis. Dr.
OHer Crook, ar
ots bis f iltin
Him tot htriirtie
of his profession1
nnd who Inn'
Ihe hirgesl prsu.
tice of nut pby
sitfisn In HoutfW
6rn Ohio-lis
fully tested the
Mlns medicirml
qiislitlea of Pons
Root during tha
Inst M yen rs.llnif
, uobuIatia
ronnunoei it to
Inns nor merit
for (Hstnsnsde
pending on n d.'
prsd condllloo?
of the biontl,-.
thnn any and alt
other srtlol'
named in the Ma
teria Medics. Un
der hi instruc
tiona out Chem
ist ha combined
theaotlve medio
Irm) quslltiea of
Poke Hoot with1
he best Tonio
Preparation of
iron, and of.
far tlrl prepara.
ti-on tolhc publin
k'lling them of
the fniredienlsv.
under the nameot
This prepni-Miorl'
la tha bo- Alter
ative and Toniii
known forNrrof
Ion Tnmry
niiessfa of
Ihs V.vm.
atet'ofnln la amy form. For Rhenmi.'
flMin, I'nhra In lloneH, llroken-dnwit'
R'niisllOillonv, Marrnrlnl ftlaenaea,
. (lnernl' I'o4nar mora etleetual relief In'
iiliinined from this remedy than from all others.
MatseimHienS, pnrlfiea ami cures, malndiiH1
prrt.lhl In the treatment of long ataiuhng dis
orders nf tha Liver, anil prnvce aeertani, snfay
Nnd elleetual resolvent, manifesting llslnfln.'
enn tliMiiuliniil thvenlirn glandular system'.,
Chiniiln dlsemps nf sny kind, ItlajenaeM nt
tha Nklitt-.mnllAHN.PnNtntea, lllnti'li
a, Vimplea, llolls.'I'ct ler, Klnic-woriny
Mnlt-Uheniii. Nenld-lltwl. I I rem ami
Ho res, ara nil rnreil by tha inaof It.
Any dlaenaii depending on a depraved ennilillnn
of tha Won I iisn be cured by It. Try on
boitle, 6cld hy all Dnijrgl-t., Trarsred anly ry

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