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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, September 27, 1871, Image 2

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lj.c (gnqmvcr.
J. V. BOWES, Timor.
",rCo.r7rmv",f FWn'liy
lf"h UU '"uMvty
IIcAvtliur, September 27, 1371.
l"or Scn.-itor,
Ol Meigs County.
Judge Court of Common Pleas.
':, the M.tm-oftU X'r Arthur Knpuirr)' :
I'lense nniiouii.-i' tlmt .?. J. IMUITK. of
Srinln i-oitntv. Is llm i-rguhir nominee, ol tuo
);,.ij.i-1,-iii party lore-ummon l-ieim , J'"l(".''
tlu'lM Suli-Uivlslnu oftui--.th Ju.lli-lul Kistiua.
i JCti'iiiirn': l'lpnso nnnoiiiice) to Hin pen
,,t.: f ili'-.-.-i-oml S;ili.dlvl.-I.i of the "Hi Jit
iljriul DIstHct-rimiposcdof Vinton. .Itu-ttwoil.
s.-l,,ii l.MWri'ni'c. mill 1'ikn Counties- Unit
IMVll H. (SIllVl-X. of Vliilni rniinly. Is 11
CIIUllllllllO I'll UdllllUUll I IVM nn v. ......
Vlt. FniTnil :-Yon nro n i ttmv' to n
imiMiefthe i.iimool HON. JOHN I. I'Ll LTr.l.,
of Vllltllll l-Oll'ltV, I1H llll Independent eitUlll'lllte
f.irllll' ntllueof loiiiiiu.n I'leim Jinluo iu tile
Sll I1)1 Sllh-llivlMioU Ol llll' "111 .lll'lll I"! I'l-
Irlft I'oinposod of till' enmities of Scioto, l'llto,
l.iiwruiu'i;, Jackson ami Vinton.
Justice of the Peace.
Mn Fl'lTun : Ynn will picas o minonncn thnt
CrouiiK IH'STKB will hen niiiilidiite for .lest it-o
ul' tliu lYuce fur Clinton Township, iir.dobliso
Vote a clean Democratic
Ticket !
nr.- .
To the Voters of Vinton
County !
rl'l... !m,M.if.jii.kl r.t' lllC TfP. i
tion to be held on the 10th of
mm week from Taes-;
day cannot be overrated.
Kvery voter is deeply inter-
i ., r:,, i .
IJtsnitj n uu i ti nui un i v iiiii
other Slate oflicers a Legisla-
ture is to be elected. The Lcir-!
ilalure, after it shall have con
veued at Columbus next Janu
ary, will have muIi work tu
perform for th' people, among
the first -f which will lie to
choose o:;e United States Sen
ator for six years in place of
John Sherman ami to appor
tion tli j several countio-t of
0!iii i-,f( ( 'mi rri'i .'.iiii'il 1 .'
tricts for the next ten years. It
. . J .,
is well known to every man that
.i . i i- l ,
the CoiiLMe-isiomd Districts at!
. ., . .
1 . , J ; J "ri-
I'd io d'.shonetitly apportioned
th;it the Democracy of
, i .i .i
rviitt; have only three to the
pu-nuiu arc unju.uy ..ppoiuun-,
!' Ltl'n-i's sivtrcii uf the PeiiPf-'
(cnlalivcs to (Jongre.as ; while
tho number of voles of each
pasty, as compared with lat
'year, are almost filially
oitiin l.r lit.,'
vMii.iiiv uiil'
1 v
,. 11' 1 . .1
1 no Itadical vtte , was,
I i r i i 1
JJl.it)!) and the Democratic;
, 'Miirl 1 ' t
oil "'o ;'M
uamcai majority or 1 1 , j. m
not three to sixteen a very un
I lllt 1 l-UkCIII I f tl f I At l ') t l A i It LlP
, , . .L : . , ,,
should bo a United blales ben-
alor chosen by the Legislature
who will not vote with others
in the Senate to swindle the
the people; one who will not
giab millions of dollars on a
yearly salary of JfoOOU; one
who is not in favor of giving
away the puMie lands of the
west to rich corporations and
'individuals and leaving soldiers
and others without any ; one
who will not assist the corrupt
(.rant Administration iu rob
bing ijie people of millions
. vearly; one who will not favor
the taxation of -this and the
coining generation from the
cradle to the colli n ; and who
is in favor of repeiding all the
laws enacted iu opposition to
the interests of thy laboring
classes, the only workers in the
nation who should be protec
ted, instead of big bondholders
and domineering companies.
Therefore, it is necessary lhati
. ,i ..ii 1 t i 1 i
we Mm II III I'lci't :i I ii r i I 1 1 1-1
that will UutJoln henna n ,
. l ,1 TT G
' rrpresenteii in the U. o. senate
Sherman for nuolher six
ami to the re-districting
or nny other man of that parly,
j Let no Democrat r nny one
else opposed to the Statu being
of the State so the democrats
can have only three of the
nineteen Congressmen for an
other Itn years veto lor the
ri.idical candidates for Senato''
and I'epresentutive Willlinm
Nash and Milton Uay. A
vote for them is a vote for
Sherman and for the unjust
apportionment of the State for
Xow, Democrats of Vinton
countv. but a tew days more
intervene between now and
flection day ! It is indeed the
duty of every democrat in the
School districts of the county
to so arrange liU business af
fairs that he can devote the
entire time from now until the
polls -4ose to the election of
not only t he candidates for the
Legislature but the entire Stale
and County Tickets 1
Work ! is the word 1 All go
the front !
The Radical leaders in al
most every State in the Union
seem to be alarmed about the
election to be held in this State
on Tuesday week. They are
writing letters to Sherman,
noise & Co., of this State, t ell
ling them to carry the State
without fail. These corrupt
ami deceitful Radicals are in a
terrible state of alarm about
t10 m.xt United States Sena
tor, and about having the State
Worl,onufd uo,- of
v""S'"a v
;ears so as to permit Radicals I
, , , . n
o cany loot the VJ Congres-
sional districts leaving only 3
dtnets for the Democracy.
They don't want to loe their j
majority in the Grant Congress.
' . J, "J " , T , " ? ' I
ir iney stiouio tney couid not
, , '
steal any more govern niont
Radical Hypocrites Circulating
They "Gas" About the Bible.
ST, ,m
.iVivedliy some or Lord John
I,, , ... . '
iSherniaus money, (whieh hj !
,. ,, , f. , !
U'ronfMulIy took trom the poor :
h , authority of his own
1 1 , , .,
) been bus.lv
I eucraiicd during the past month
V,- n
fit pM a r iiwr ti in nniiji . r - n
; io vote lor i. iu. liay, tlieir
L, P ,
',nmu bomC 0t tllem wrote t0
Cohunbus about a month nL'.)bo
The Kadieal leaders of Vin- 1
ton county, having had their i
6 '!
fii pii i hi i wr m in u i .r n
if Ana i ' l will ffifi
4 nuom lion.
1 T r
Almond Soulk, our candi
date for Representative. They
lnt'icr. ruanrtmce Ir. nil tru.fi
... t . . i . .
rr rri,..-a to liwln.. ,li-im,.i.iif
iiii.v ui.iuuli iu.?
, . ,r . .
j for the coPy of bl11 t0 P'-
vent the teaching of Sectarian
I UeI.'Moii3 Doctrines iu the
. , 4. . a. .
vuiniiiuii seuuuia vi 11113 oiaiu,
and a liadical sent them
piece of false manuscript which
the drowning creatures caused
to be published in black and
frightful looking type, (resem
bling the face of an African,) in
their organ, edited hy an ex
Federal office holder. They
knew they were publishing u
base falsehood, but little do
they care so they can deceive
the people. But before their
next paper was issued they re
ceived the following
Kit. Record Sir: I notice in
your puper of tho 7th inst. an edi
torial headed "itead this and show
it to your neighbor," in which you
denounco mo -for voting tor 11. Ji.
Xo. f)l) introduced by .Mr. Vy'tird, a
cony of which printed bill yon pub
lish. J deny voting for his bill in that
shape I did vote for tho bill us
amended striking out all that part
prohibiting tho rending of tho Uiblo,
and prayer in tho common schools,
"do tho oniiru penalty net-lion.
as you iihvo i-iiiiruiy hum re pre-
. . . .
As you linvo cntirojy ininrepi1
iscnted me it may bo unintentional
I ask aa luuattcr ol jtidice that
you publish this letter andu correct
copy ft tho amende bill.
Yours IiecpectfullYi
P. S. For a copy of the amended
bill L refer you to J. M.. Mcltiilt-vray.
A. S.
That was unexpected. Nut
one of the falsifiers looked for
it. They expected Mr. Soule
would remain at work day af
ter day upon his farm and pay
no attention to their base mis.
representations. But the let
ter'came out in their RELIG
IOUS ?) (reader, excuse us for
using this word,) organ, two
weeks ago, with some sneaking,
soft apologies. "We did not
"intentionally misrepresent Mr.
"Soule's vote, and we cheerful-
"ly comply with his request to
"publish his letter and the
"amended bill which we have
"obtained from Mr. McGilli
"vray, as a simple matter of
"justice which we are at all
"times ready and willing to ac
"cord to any person, of whatev
er polities or profession, who
"feels that he has been wronged
"or misrepresented by whatever
.i i ii
appears in tne lveeoru,
ays the organ ! Kind in
deed it is for the Radical or
gan to make even that expla
nation. Why was not the
"amended bill" published first
by the villainous hypocrites?
Why did they want to "wrong
and misrepresent"' the matter
first? 0, down with such ma
liciousness. Some of the circu
lators of the falsehoods even
profess to be christians too.
Others make no profession of
any sort, never read the Bible
or pay attention whatever to
Sectarian Ileligious Doc-
IIere U lhc m t)Cy are
M.V"iS and wliimiifr about:
sitTnOKNicitAt. awkmhlv.i tj i va
ULUl'LAK SE8SH0N. II. 1), iMf OO
Ly Mn. Waku.
To prevent the teaching of Sectarian
Religious Doctrines in the Common
Schools of this State.
,'7 Ul y
extracts iroin uny of tho looks
heroitt prohibited, 9 nuiy or shall
contuinn.1 in any of tho looks
"-'""" jwwwy i mc owie
.Ohio, Tlmt it sliiill bo unlawful for
U!10 hounls of education ot any town
i Uliip, or tli o hoard of eductilion in
icitii'S, towns, incorporated villages,
s f'Td'i f'S
and special and separate school dis-
I rids, (ii-'janizeii uncier any law oi
thi.s stale, in tlio exercise, of their
power to ileternuno the studies to
ljm,MK ., ul. . lll0 ,..H)ks t0
,,,., .i,,, rondiu. or t'oneliino-hv
the tenclier in any school under
. i. ,.i i ..( ...... t. t. i ,......
V!. 'l..ch any
religious iaith, dogma or creed, m
.,' ,r) ...in, , - ,
feKl- - 1 hat lUlmll bo unlawful
fur any teaclier in unv of ttiu com-
imon stl";ols 01 sl;lt0- 01 1
icvcr jrrnde to read or enuso i
jreiul, tench or cauo.to lo t?nS
i:mJ- Ijjo1 with which sa.d te
tnnv lo charged or cntniHlcd
' . . .
m0) stllools of sl;lt0, o- wlllt.
to 1)0
lit, in
. . ..
uoolc or books, upon tho teachings
of which uny religious fiiith, dogma
or creed is founded ; provided, tlmt
nothing contained in this &cctior: or
the preceding section of this net
shall bo so construed as to prohibit
tlio tenoning ol the My tliology ot tho
n - j j-----
....:ni. ..... il. i
iiiaiuum, ui iiiu icuuui lur UAUT-
: ,i;1, inr,i;n ,.v ,,,.i.
used for Hiich exercise.
Skc. "J. That it is hereby declar
ed to bo the intent and meaning of
this act to leave the common schools
open to all children of tho citizens
or residents of thia (state, of what
ever religions Imth, without enjoin-ino-
or cnl'urciiiT hmv net. nt" vnrlim
which may be ivpagnunt to tho con
sciences of any person.
Sec. 4. This act shall tako ctToct
and bo iu loreo from und after its
It was voted upon, but did
not become a law. It luw hint
no person. No one would
have thought of bringing it
before the people but the
drowning John Shcrmanites of
this county who are catching
at straws and who were
for a few days in a desperate
way for a "hobby boss"
rider iu thi.s campaign. At
first Ml. lay refused to be
their rider, but they slung him
on and then tied him. Now,
democrat?, when the radicals
come around you whining
about Mr. Soule, an honest
and upright citizen, ask them
why they are supporting
Jacob Mueller for Lieutenant
Governor, an avowed Infidel,
who, if elected, will voir,
ayuiin-i Illegible and religion,
Schools of this State. Democratic
Meetings of the I)imocrncy ml of all
those who are tired of the peculation!
ttiid downright dlHhonesty of liudlial
rule -who olijeet to land Orubn ftnd
Wholosulo liobberle will he o,ldrenseil
ut the following tlmei and )iliiccg :
NEW ri-YMOCTH. Brown TowiihIiIji,
Friday, Evening, Sept. 2l. Speaker
O. T. mining and J. M. McOlllivray.
Znlcski, Friday afi'ler-uoon,
Sept. 29. $jcal4-ers---I5oM.
T. IVeal and
Hon. Arch. ItSayoof Chil-lic.othc,-
IiukI ToMiisIil,, Hnturdiiy Kvenlng,
Sept. 30. Sjii'ttUer D. It. Shi vol.
Further announcements next week.
The Advisory CoinmlUcen In the severiil
toinihhlps will make tho neeoNMnry ur-
raiiKemeuU ftrlioldliiK theite meeliiitts.
I!y order of County Central Committee.
Stop Here!
There nlwjys are those who
are too indifferent to icalize
the importance of getting to
the polls to vote, and it is the
duty of the more active ones to
look after the careless and in
different. See that the work
is done well !
Ohio Finances.
A Record of Republican
Management since 1859.
Fifteen Millions Expended
in Interest on a Four
Million Debt.
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer August 29.]
t t
So f;ir is t. he ni-pswih mi 1 km
.... ,.. .. ,
canvass is concerned, although
much has been said by the
speakers of both political par
ties about tho national debt,
and on the part of the Dem
ocracy, of the wasteful extrava
gance and profligacy which
pervades all the departments
of the General Government,
? . i r Ctol ntii L-i no In i 1 k
lisped, or a paragraph printed,!
..i..., ...i.':..: .. ii
illlUUU 1111.1 ilUUUUIMl ill ion Ol
the financial a Hairs of Ohio by
the party that has had control
of the State Government since
1850. The manner of bad ti
nanciering to give it no
harsher name the appropria
tion of large sums to make
payments on the State debt,
and pay the interest thereon,
and the small amount the debt,
ha been reduced is a subiect
well worth the investigation
of those who pay taxes, and
whose money is thus used
without a good and satisfactory
account being rendered by the
party iu power for their stew
ardship. On the first day of January,
1852, the Democracy had full
and complete control of the
State Government. The State
debt was controlled by Messrs.
William I). Morgan, Auditor
of State; George E. Pugh, At
torney General, and Dr. Win,
Irevitt, Secretary of State,
they being ex-otlicio Commis
sioners of the sinking fund.
Iwo years later, Mr. Pugh,
being elected to the United
States Senate, of course resign
ed his office of Attorney Gene
ral, and at the next election
Col. George W. McCook, the
present Democratic candidate
tor Governor, was elected in
his place, and hence during the
years of 1852, 1853, 1854,
1855, and until January, 185(5,
when tho State was carried
ngaiust the Democracy,, the
State debt was controlled, its
interest paid, and the amount
reduced, by a J3oard of Sink
ing Fund Commissioners, every
member being elected as n
inembor of the democratic party-
' '
Tho day theso democratic
oflicials took charge of the
monetary interests of .Ohio
tho '
iSluto dolt ninountod
to tho bum of $15,018,757 45
Am'tmlocniod in 1852 5 70,153 12
" " " 1853 5124,479 IT
" " ' 1851 003,2-12 52
" " " 1855 510,5 90 (J7
Tolnl in four years, ?l,ilin,liil 7?
Besides this large reduction:
in four years of over $1,GU(),
UJU, there was, as appeals
Iroin the report ot tbe Auditor
of State of that date, tr37,
499 00 in the Treasury, left
by the Democratic " S nkingi
Fund Commissioners and turn
ed over to their anti-Democrat-successors,
to be applied under
the law to the furl her liquida
tion of the State debt. This
amount collected and saved un
der democratic rule, and ready
to be used as soon as any por
tion of the State debt became
I ue or could be bought at a
reasonable figure, so as to save
interest, should rightfully be
added to the Si, G 1 0,4(5 1 78
paid by the .'einocratie Board
of Sinking Fund Commission
ei;aud this done, it reduces
the State debt to be paid by
their anti-Democratic succes
sors frrom the lft. 9 18, 757 54,
as it wax on the 1st ot January
1852, to the sum of $13,470,-
790 (51, being a reduction of
$2,147,0G0 84 in four years un
der democratic rule.
The day in January, 1S56,
that the democracy surrender
ed the State finances into the
lands of thier political oppo
nents, after four years of lion-
st rule, the State debt, accor
ding to the report of the Au
ditor of State, was, 514,008,-
29b 07. Deducting the mon
ey, over half a million dollars,
left by democratic rule iu the
State Treasury, to be used in
paying oil that amount of the
State debt and legitimately
it could be used for no other
than State debt purposes and
it left the State debt at the
close of the year 1S5G but
13,470,79 G (1.
After fourteen years of Ke
dublican rule the State debt of
Ohio, at the close of the. year
1871, amounted to 89,752,130
73 being $4,250,158 94, Jess
than it stood in 1850. Take
from this the ?5:7,499 00
which the Democratic Fund
Commissioners left in the State
.11 ii
Treasury on the day they re-
. . J ... . ;
tired from office, and it shows
that in 11 years the State debt
of Ohio was reduced by Re
publican offieials but f!i,718,
(350 88, and that, too, as will
presently be seen, at a learful
expense to the people.
To accomplish this great
work of reducing the funded
debt of Ohio levslhnu four mil-
,u,lld .of dol!,1,M
linanciers paid c
the liadical
paid out in interest
ami expenses tin following
sums: n
185(1 filil.Wi' !U
1S57 !8i, ;: 75
1S3S l,14-2,G7i) 71
185!).. 1,075,717 Si I
1SGI) I,(l5l,l(ii; (Hi
18111 1,002,07:1 11
1,042,5:J7 27
1.041,400 00
975.215 5!
t)78,(it,T) 70
tHI!l,42:l '20
800,705 89
873.553 27
l,5!)lj,5S3 84
1)15,303 03
815,070,288 7!)
Thus it will be seen that the
management of the IState debt
by Republican financiers, and
the reducing of the debt loss
than four millions of dollars,
cost the tax-payers of 'Ohio
over fifteen million dollars or
eleven million three hundred
and fifty one thousand six
hundred and twenty eight dol
lara and ninety one cents more
than the reduction, and more
than one and. a half million
dollars over and above the en
tire funded debt of the State
when these Kepublican charla
tans took it in charge.
How this immense snm of
fifteen million dollars wus ever
honestly expended without the
most useless extravagance, sur
passes the comprehension of
men who pay taxes, but are
unacquainted with tho system
of Republican financiering in
vogue iu the State House in
Columbus, which requires over
four dollars of money to pay
one of debt. ,
That the people aro heavily
taxed is an "argumcnturn ad
pocketum" that no one will
gainsay. It corruption, as
every body believes, "boils and
hubbies and over-run3 the
stew" at Washington, it is fair
to presume, the State Capital
of Ohio, filled with the same
class of politicians, is not above
suspicion. rho tacts given
hero are culled from tho re
ports of the Auditor of State,
aud arc. worthy of.attcutiou.
Look out lor bogus tickets.
Wtioleatilo Dcftlar It .
Staple and Fancy Notions.
HIv sfn!.- iu mow nniimlcle Tor Pall Sales, nnd
not at ilte Is"Jiirices -
ipaled sayiii. u " . ..
The average Vi'ice SuV through is much lower
than the Fall ol 1870. A small advance is
charged only on a FEW goods.
Ik i-oiiim.-iiileil to your ICSTFCIAL attention. AIho a Rooil annnr(iiimt r Imported
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Ronorully kopt in Notion IIousoh, for sale nt moderate uilvuneo on coat to abort
time biiyoi-it, or cumU In HiinU, n discount ullowed.
September 1st, 1871.
cnic parlies haveanti
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llromlvvny, N, 1 .
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Ni.rwli-b, Ol.
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List, tnOivut WiMtiM-n dim Works. I'IIIsIiiukIi,
Pa. Anuy RiniH and Ucvolvors buuglit or tr.i
dud lor. A)(i'iitsvjiiited.
Patented Nnvpnilier 1. 1KT0.
II. A. 11AHTLK1T i 0 )., Pllil;idelpliln,
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r.ui.n'iir.t ... Blllf lfl!m,
for Hilt twjHtlui. Ami fur
Hnle H-hoi'KR'p nnly liv t lie
I0TKA CO.. KUhiircli Sr., N. V.
P. O. ilex 5."0i. Send li,r Tlien
Neutnr Ciri'Uliir.
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(alike on both tiileaiHml is fully lleenw.l The best
nnd ilM.ii.i..t f.uuily Me wing M:irblne 111 the market.
A l.llIM .lullVHllM, CI.ABK A Co.. Ii.lhli.il, ilusd., Pllti
buruli. I'a. Oliiiiu'". Ill , oi-St.LuiiiH, Mo.
Oiie-thlrtl of fif qniiHlltii if mart than nu il In
Hit iinliiiHry Fhirorintj Kstwi ,- thnj Trim
Dclli'loii I'liivoix of the Fruits. Dciilcrs
lirlilr their with tkrm. ;ON(:KIKI Mm
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Vjrk Dt-iHit, TI M.iMeii Lino. 4w
Ae.wsr w.v.vri-:i roit
lm-ltiill'! Mmh.ii.il, Wuiniiilm.Ml mill ihflr iiniiii.il
iMti'iri'lhil Inn, Love. e Inws, l'oncr, in:, ly I'nil.
O 8. Fowtr. Si-ml f.r Circii r unit .,v.iii'in m
ciuiuii, O ii ; Clilcigii, III.; or Si. Louis, Mu. 4iv
i liir flvUt'iii not! ri'l-ri-stilnn
rusrimee tfeiiulue Furlim
M-oIokou nli'i. lltiu Is
.InukiHiiiMuulo. to
every l.udy or Ceih
tltlllnn. hohl b l,ruf-i-lrt
nnd Jtulir In PKItFirMEItvT
itisDumox or anucES
iiYUKrnxts I P c'l.t:j'.s.
Semi for our N Pi irp l ist inidu Club
form will mTniii;imiy it. t-o.-il.tlniiia lull dirir-tii.ns-
!nak int: a l.njie u intttn cousumi'is und
reiiiiinoiMtlvii to elnli inn.iiiiz.'rs
:il A 31 Vusey 8li eet, New York.
l'.O. ll..Mii:i.
MAIiKKi' ST., MVt uf nth I'I11I.AI)KL1'1IIA.
Ub nii.is Si'plciiiSfr 10th. Tliiminpli eolln.
1,-I.Hi' tr.i'iilni! for llm prai'tluti of Minn Kiijjlnoer
in, (till Kiiliieerini;, Aimlvllenl mid In-iliiNti-iul
( liemUtry, ilfi tnlliiray unil Arrh
llert 'lio. Tbii 1) ploina of I ho Cidleife la ifoeived
ua rnm-lualre evldi-neu of piofle.e noy by Ih' llrt en.
uiiifcra nnil ciHiin.nre inu"iued III work of iinpruve
mo it Vnr llitii Aninml AiinniinciiuMil. nihlrean
AI.F1IKI) I.. KK.XNliliY, II, u.. i'wa ul'Furultv.
LVychnmaney. TAl:
a'KnifyinK the power of tlu mill, n.liit or Hiiml, und
lTli hasia of a 1 human kunM-ltilK. l'iyi-hiiiniinry
la the tllle of new work of 40U picas, liv iri.iln.rl
IlHfllllti.il, II, A., ilv li(l full limtriK'llona III tlio ml.
iMH'o of Soul Chnrmlini and lVyrMnli'tlc Fnauluallun;
hnw to exert Ili a wonilrrnil pmver over men or an.
Imala li'BtHiitiinenii.ly. lit will, it tenclu-s Meaiiiert.ui,
how to Iii'coiiih Trnni'C or WrUinir Mfdiiima, UIvIiih-
tlon, Sp ritualism. Alchemy, I'lillimophy of omen
mid lr-aiii. Ilr'trlituii Youiik'h llarcin. (lu-de to
Miurhiiio, ,o '1 lilt i t'-o only book In the Knullaii
lii -un mn i.nifi'.sliiL' to lenrh lira ontult poweMiiul la
of iiiiiuenso Hdvnotitce to Merchants, l.uwyera. i'l'.y
dici ii nit ami iKpeiliilly to Livers, in api-tiilng tne
awi'iioua oi win oppino .ex, unil nil aeeKing:
rlulira or ImpplnevH. l'rlco hy iniill, In doth, l.vj;
pilpor eoiiH-s, 81, br auln liy .1. II, 1,11'eisoniT ,t
C.i.-, mid Ci.Axkh, Ukmhkx i Co. l'lillu. Agniis
wnnti'd fur thin honk, Meilii'iil Wnrka, rorfuniirv,
Jewelry, eYu. Hnmplea free to Aj,i'iila only. For
al' (tie eiiples hy inn I, ami teriiia lo Audita. nihlri'M
T. W. KVAJJS, I'liblirher, 41 So. 8th HI., I'lilln. l'H.
A (trnnaely fiarlniilinit, pnwurfully written, nnd
Ihonniiilily rolinhle lunik. Fi-mii anew amml point
nnd upon a auhjeot nf vital nnd ohanrbing Inmrcat.
In two parla, rdmxvlng the hurrora of thebnibnroua
avatini of treniuient In vokiiu in many liilanna, and
llie nilvunlncoa of the aya em reeenlly fiiiinxuralvU
Ife.PllHt O'liHCJS It.'Vf"
Sexual Scieno
Inoihera, 'i'nucll er with n trim nnd iloialfed no.
count of I In. maltreatment nnd criudth. practiced
upon prl'iinera; nleo, nlioiiia-fiireil orliniiinllllcn with
fuiiialii ennvliila, mutlnloa, niuiilcra. starving, whip
ping, halr-hmidlli earnpra, ake'olma and Inuldmitn,
iiarrntivea, ppn pictured, aunahine und ahaile, illun
trnllva ofprlrnn I fu, Written liv a Convict, In
u Convlet'a Cell. In one vol Ml) pnea. ovorMI
eleitaiit OTirravliifrrt, innde evprfM1:it fur thin booh. 4S
aamplo paitea, Minplo liliialriiliiina, aent on npp'irti
tlon -nr. n Imiind nrnapfctu", for M renla. C. K.
V'KNT, Cincinnati, New York and Chlcuno. 4w
It ls"OT A 1'I1YS1C-It la NOT What in poo-tiliu-ly
ef lied a MITTK.IS, nm- la It Intuniled iih
aiii-.li. tt IS A HOCTII AMKIilU.VN l.lul.t thut
l.na been uaail for niauy yeara by the innllcal fuculty
iifthiiao rn. .Ulrica Willi wonderful cHlrairv. nml aa
I'lUlll'IKlt OKTIJK ur.(H)I) and I a Bum nnd
l'erfeo'. Hciiuily fur nil Dlaenaoa o( lha
or a WANT of H!,(H1, 1NTKKK.ITTKNT or
tl'r.A'l'ION of Ihe 111,(101), AHSCKSSKS,
TU MllltS, ,1 A UN MCI', HOK()Ki:i,.V,
la' nirorcil lo theptiWio aa a (trout Invlgoratnr nnd
remedy fur all In.piirlllea ol tbe blond, or fr or
panic 'weaknean will, their nltui.daut evils. lor
Iho lorrnnliig coniplalnta
Is cnnflilontl rneommenilvd to every fmnlly (. n
I.A.....I...M M,,,,lv. ami felniiilt! ha frpulv tnlien III ull
derangements of tbe aynlom, It gives lienllli. vlgur
. 1 . , ...... - .. .... I .... I ....... I
anil lo.IV lo ail .ue uuil lorrei., nnu Hiiuiinivn lino
fmlltlen all weak and I.j inphalie lonipi'.'i.tni'n'v
.lullN 0. KK..UMHJ, u I'Uit Hlrict, Now k
Sile An-nt lor II e Culled Hial.v.
Pries fino Ihillar pel-hnllle: Send for Cirenlnr.
N.ithlut'. rxecpttlii SpwIiir Mnch'nr. liaHcvr tu-fir
ItivciiIi'iI uliit-li m iiiiit-li rellcvva the hitxir ul' l)in
liourliuM iin tho Wrinper. But lift iift(tfulii..ri invt
not oml lu-ro. The mvmi; nf oluililni la uf iimcli
ureitier iuiportnnco. If in ntlrn ri-iuurkeil tlmt nril
den nf Him ti'Xtiiro, IhhI twlru s Icins when wimff
in h Wrlniri'r ii when wnini; hy hiiml Tin- Nv I.
ty h:i Cinr-ivhi'Dlh Jn Iwlli emls. Tin- m'l i
nri- ulluw iil to M.isrtr fn cly t i-lllii-r ami. 'f lu w,
Ih'sIiIhs otluT lulvantdKea which it conlniim, wf in ti
ho Iml rpi'iifRblu lo a prni'tk-al wilngi-i St w York
The Novelty AViiiigtir. Ilns hecmim un In.
iltenHHhle li.a'.itiitii.u In IhiiiisniHlH uf fninilicn.
Ami p Iwllove lis ki-i n( mid In. nnli p pijMilor.1y
in fully iiiirileil for the Nuveliy evidently K)8ii)r.i
nil iho rriiilli.j ul n Mii-i'lni, prHcneiil macl ln.
IihIi-i-iI, hi' i-r miiiK lino fur iiisny inniilht In our
funilly, we are prcparuil to iniliiran the Novvlly as
tinsiii'paMii'i! (Hie InilinlriisJi nays wqmilril,) liv any
uf lliurevcrnl wrliiL-i-in uruvloualy Irlcil. -Viwi t X
ftitriil .Vi-w- Vorkrr.'
Kohl everywhere. N. It. l'HKtl'S A CO.,
4w Uen. Agtit. 10'i thiimbers Ht. N. V.
Tor ( ought, Cold mill UourHcnuaa.
These TuMrti pi-esent tho Ai-iil III Cfninbinn.
timi with oilier efll. ient i-eineilies, ill n popnlnr
("nil. for tho Cure of all THItiJAT unit J.UNG
IloAllKl-.NUSS mill 1'l.ChIUTtOS of till! TriHOAV
are iiniiieiliiitely relieved, ami stnlumriits urn
eoiiijUntlv heiu sent to the proprietor of reliuf
in i-iises of'i'hroHt ihllli'iiltii'n of yems nUnillnn.
MITI'IfW ixm't I'edeeeived liv worth
"'AUIlvlN h'"s IniitiilloiiH. Hot imly
Wells' t in hoi ic Tnhleis. l'rii-B Si-rntx prrU X
.KHIX li.KKI.I.OOO, i'hilt 8t..N Y.,
Sonil lor Ciri:ulni-. Hole Aict nt fur the U.S.
Wherever Poke Koot grown, it hnn n IflfaJ
rnputa bm for curing Kheiinuitisni, nnd ae a
HlooJ i'uiilier. With nil tins IihhI refiilntion
Hint tho priine of dinlinuniahed I'liyxieinn (lira.
U 'O, hee, Kim;, Wilson M limit, (jiiHitK.Cuphin.l
und othora,) who have lestBil lie medl ul piinein,
it hna been noleclod l)y tlio prMoHi.ui m l .rc;'-,
an inuoli llirough n want of u proper ipprpcin
Uon of iW ineiitB, us a kuole.lKc ol tbo
proper w a y la
Jpn.pi.ro l foi mn.
diciiml nee. Dr.
: Oliver (rook, a
I voton Inn entlr'i
I tiioetolhe dutii i
ol hin prutVaiunn
nnd w h o hi
the leiKeHt prae.
tice of any phy
nieinn in r-outfi.
cm Ohio hnn
fully tealwd t)ie
Mtive IllPiJieinnl
?nnlities of l'ok
loot durinK tna
lupt 2A ye rs, ami
unheailnt i ng I f
f'ronoiinooa It lo
invo more merit
for dlaouBCada
prnding on n dr
prnved eondflton
of the blood,
tlinn nny nnd alt
other rt i ol un
named intheMn
teria Meilien. I n
der hie inatru-
tionn our Chem
let hnn combine!
the active medic
hull qunlitiiia of
I oke Koot wi'h
'he iMSHt Tonio
P repnrntidn of
lion, nud wo of.
fi-r lliin prepare
linn to the put.lin
tollins them of
tha inurediinlM,
. uadcrtlioDiuneoi
r. CnOOK H
Thin prepnrntion
iu the be t Alter
ative nnd Tnni.i
known forNrrof
In, Nr r ol ii
loum Tumors,
nterof irlom
lNnna (
Ihn Kvtn, or
merofulu In nny form. For Bhwumif
IIniii. l-iihm In lloneM, Brokeiiiawn
4 oiiNliliilloiM, miorviirinl IHMoneK
Mineral lolMonar inoie elliKdiial rebel in
ehlniiiu I from thin remedy thnu from utl otliern.
Itslrennlhenn, punllen iinu eiirm. It In Indian
ponsiblo ill tho tipnlineutof long lnndiii din.
iirdorn of the Liver, nud proven n onrliuii. Hr
nnd ertectiml len-dvont, mnnireHlliif itlt'flu
enne throuuhoul the entiro glniehihir nyateiiv.
rhrmiin diaeanen of nny kind. IHHrnnea t
tlie NUIii.Kruiillon.l-iiMliiieM, ItloU'li
m, lliiiloi. llolla.'I'eHer, Itliiir-worni,
Siill-ltlK'Uin. Neniil-lfeml, I'leerM mi
Norew, lire all cured by li hm nf It.
In, diaenno depending on n depraved emidirmR
uf iho blood enn be eured hy It. Try oi.i
bottle. Sold by nil DruugUtn, rrepnred only by
f-. M II I
MP -
To the dualifled Electors of Vinton
County, Ohio :
MOAnTHtm, .. Sept. 7, 17I.
Ilt liiiraiiiinoeol iiii order of the Comity tom
niliikloiiein inudu ut Ihulr regiiliirHeptcmbi r
Hennioii. MU notlio Is l.erehy glvt'll '
minimi full eleetioii In Oetiiher, A I. l7l, be
liiir Tmwrtiiv, tho 10th tiny ol mli. iiinnlli, thu
(iiiiilllleii eleetoin of Vinton county, Ditto, Will
meet nt their tmnnl lilneen of liohllnK "l?:""",!
in thn aevernl tinvnahlpn of nnlil c",''lv, "'V
vole on thoinii-Kllcm nf the IuivIiim '''.
for Inlirninry i.urpoHi-n. Ami ''.ff.?.1,
Nlli-h election In fnviir of alien P" '"'0
bavo printed im thoirhnllotH , tlu ' y'....
"fuioltuno of KiiiuU for Iu0i-n"ry 1 urposfs -
V An tliono toting HgliliiHt nucli piirelinjie ahnlJj
"l'nrelieorLniiUifor lullrmary Furiiosoa"-.
NUnliiilltiu Ihediityof .ho Judgci of elect lotv
In tho noverul towiiHlilpn to open n poll book.
rtnklnnnnld toim, Mini o reeolvo Biul cotmtj
thelj.illi.Ui.iiHt, un.l wltliln three tiny t Hern
urter In return to tlio County Anillloi'H full una!
correct nbatmct of mild volen,
11, onlorof C0.1.U, Wnnen, n Inton
Auditor Vinton to,
8cpteiiil)l 20, lbll-tdo
Guardian's Notice.
l'robuto fouit, Vlntoi Countyr ..
VTOTKCE la liereliy given tlmt Iumn; Mi-OII-
i IWrny, Gliiudlnn of Ililuiil I)., Kllhil A.
... ... . ... . , k. I I u fn I ,.
unit llOStOll INIXIM), liun men aim m:wmir .m-
niieutlon nm. pui'thil aetllcilient -, mill tliusun.o
I win bo for liarliv n Thm'.idiiy, fxdiilwv II1,
IM. ut Hi o'clock ,' M. H U. MAtO.
S.-plcnibcr IV. 171-11 I'i-obntc .1 H'lS'.

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