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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, October 11, 1871, Image 2

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he nquircr!
j. W. W)W. Editor.
Conn noniB.
kArthur, October 11, 1871.
rri,0 Industrial Exposition at
Cincinnati which Iim continued
forweete andwcck, closed on
Saturday. It was a prent and
interrupted success. The year
1871 will he long famous for
its mammoth fairs, held in cv
cry part of the land.
The acting Minister of State
at Madrid telegraphs to the
Spanish commandant at. Havan
na, that "the nectary rein
forcements will be promptly
dispatched to uphold the na
tional authority and to pre
serve the integrity of the Span
ish dominion?;'' from wl"c1,
grand statement we infer that
the Cuban revolution is still
pegging- awny. Every little
while it is given out that the
rebels are laid out, and Spanish
authority in the island assured;
but the fires of revolt keep
breaking out afresh. The
Cuban rebellion dies hard.
The Government ha3 re
ceived important intelligence
which develops a gigantic plan
on the part of the Mormons
for retaliation for the warfare
which the Federal authorities
in Utah have commenced
against polygamy. It is al
leged that the Mormon leaders
are in alliance with certain In
dian tribes for the purpose of
precipitating a general Indian
war from Aiizona to the north
ern boundary.
ThisSnte gives the Radicals
about 5,000 majority. There
was considerable rioting in
Philadelphia on election day.
Two or three men were killed.
Late dispatches bring the
Mexican situation up to the
1st inst., and give the re-in-auffuration
of Jaurez for an
other terra, long or short ac
cording to the power of the
the revolutionists. That re
nowned and redoubtable Mexi
can warrior, Gen. Pedro Mar
tinez, is promptly on hand to
make prodaniatory opposition
tt) the reign of the re installed
J. Harper Elected.
From what returns we
received from other counties in
this Judicial District, John J.
Harrier, of Scioto county, the
regular Republican nominee, is
elected by minority ovei
T P Plwl- Unltiin' Rt'lMlbli-
can. Harper has 1,600 maj oi i
t.v in Scioto: in Lawrence 1.0O0:
in Jackson 125: Plylcy carries
Vinton liy 873, and Pike b)
110 majority.
"The voice of the people is
the von e or Wod.
Rev. J. Ji. Vallnndigham,
Vother of the late Clement L.
Vallandigham, h preparing n
book of 500 pages which will
contain full details of the per
Ronal, professional and political
career of the deceased states
man. The book will have. ne
engraving of his birth-place in
JVew Lisbon, and ot his l eat
dence in Davton.
It will be ready for the press
. V. I
some tune in movenmer.
A Paris correspondent say
that ()00 ball dresses, averaging
800 francs each; 800 nxeraging
fiOO francs each; 1,000 averag
ing 500 francs each, and 2,001)
-. .T--J t OCA 1. ' - it...
pncea a iof imiicH, were inc
' i ...... i i
invoice or a sijipnieni recently
made from Paris to one firm in
New York,
A Maino Scphomorc broke
pome bad news gently by wri
ting home that he "came neai
losing thirty seven dollars last
week." The parent? ivph
that they are. glad the money
was not lost, aud inquire "how
near." The youth replies,
"Came within one of it-r-loM
The Election in Vinton
yhe election in county
vesterday passed off quietly.
The Radicals made a dirty
and desperate effort to elect
their entire ticket, but, not
withstanding the fact that over
Tfif) Democrats remained away
Mi- Wt.inn. and with the
I t V'liJ -----1 - -
use of a thousand dollars of
. t i 1
Senator Sherman's money, they
only succeeded in electing their
Kepresentative DV 4 majority
The official majorities are as
Governor :
McO ok, D.
Korea, K...
MfConk'i mnlovlty
rrhe. result on the balance of
the State does not vary much
from that of the result on Gov
Plylcy. Bolting II
Harper, K
Pljley' majority
fivert, D
Naidl, R
. 1219
.. 221
Stevens' majority
Sonlo. D
Boy, B
Bay's majority.
Relfnrrt, TV.
Dunkle, K
Belford'8 majority
... 137
Prosecuting Attorney.
Clnypoolo. I
Kiinnells, R
, 1262
ClnypooleU majority
Prosecuting Attorney. Recorder.
S.nre.R 1285
iii.,i.ri, ti M!r3
Murray'd majority
.. 147
Kofdon, T
Karnes, R
, 1171
Kecton's mnjorlty 8"
Coimtitutlonnl Convention, Yes
Constitutional Convontion, No 672
We will irive the vote of
the couuty by townsLips next
Result in the State.
Noyes' majority will be about
The Democrats have made
gains on the vote of last year in
many counties and lost in oth-
er p.
tt , i- 1 ...1.1.,
Hamilton county uoue imuij
iu t iiu-l
electing 3 State Senators and C
It is supposed that the Rad
icals will have a majority of 9
in the Ilonse and the Demo
crats a majority of one in the
Senate. It is not altogether
certain, with this small majori
ty, whetaer Sherman can be re
elected or not.
John Slidell left no will, and
there are no heirs to his confis
cated estate in Louisiana, and
the public administrator has
petitioned in the United States
Court for possession of. the
Beast Ben. F. Butler was
beaten in the Convention for
Governor. He will quietly fup-
poit the successful candidate.
The Voodsfield Spirit re
lates this horrible incident,
which shows that there is a
field for missionary labor in
Ohio as well as among the
heathen :
A family living in Mata
moras, Washington county, O.,
by the name of Daily, had an
idiot son about eleven years of
age, who annoyed the neigh
bors considerably by taking
whatever he saw that pleased
his fancy. The neighbors in-
sisted that the child should be
sent to an asylum, where he
could have proper attention.
The parents concluded they
could manage him; so they got
a small chain and fastened it
around-his neck, and gave him
in chaicre of his brothers, who
drove him around the streets
or wherever they went. If the
chihl slopped to look at any
thing that attracted his atten
tion, they would give him a
cut with a whin and drive him
on. When they were tired of
... .
driving nun, ne was ianen to a
hog pen, and the chain fasten-
un over Ins liana so he
could not reach it, and left to
stand in the hot sun,. The
iipiorMint s nrnt.fstpd ftrrninot
such treatment, and he was
taken to the house and chained
on the porch, so that he could
neither sit nor lie down, lne
child, being subject to fits, was
leic in i ins conuiuon uy tut
parents, who well knew that a
lit was coming on the child.
The tather going to his work
at the other end of town, and
the mother up stairs in the
house, when a neighbor pass-
ing saw the child hanging dead,
his knees nearly touching the
Almost Destroyed by Fire
Most Terrible Calamity of
the Century.
Gas Works, Court House,
Banks, Hotels, Post-
Office and Newspa-
Office and Newspa-offices Consumed.
LOSS $500,000,000 !
The most terrible conflagra
tion that ever occurred since
the great fire in London, in
1GG6. broke out in Chicago, Ill
inois, about 11 o'clock on Sat
urday night, October 7th.
Within H hours six blocks
were burned and the fire con
tinued to rage with great fury
until half past three Sunday
morning, when the danger ap
peared to be nil over and the
fire under complete control in
every direction.
This fire had its origin in a
planing mill, on Canal street,
and as the wind was fresh
from the south, the flumes
spread north with great rapid
ity, and thence ensf, and with-
in the space of half an hour the
whole district named was all
The losses were at least
$300,000; one half of the am't
eing insured by Chicago,
Cleveland, Buffalo, New York
and SanFrancisco offices.
At 9:15 Sunday night anoth
. f ,., ernm
er alarm of fire was given fiom
the corner of Ilalstead street,
about 2J miles from the Court
House. Within two hours the
flames spread over four blocks,
and con hi not be controlled in
the leat on accouut of the
heavy wind that was blowing
from the south. At 12:45 the
Qi e had swept over more than
three times as large a space as
the fire of Saturday night.
The fire engines seemed to he
powerless. A terrible panic
prevailed throughout the city.
Almost everybody men, wo
men, and children were in the
streets; praying, weeping and
wailing being heard in every
A dUntitch dated at 1:45
Monday morning, said:
The vessels in the river are
catching on fire in every direc
tion, and all in the bouth Itiver
will probably be destroyed.
A raorinir. roaring hell of fire
envelopes twenty blocks of the
city. It is already within a
lock or the teiejjrnph office
where this dispatch is written,
and sweeping onward, a whirl
wind of flame, aerainst which
human efforts are powerless,
and it is impossible to tell
where it will stop.
The bridge across Van Bu-
ren street is burned, the 6hip
nin? in the river, the cars on
the tracks of the Chicago and
Alton and. Fort Wayne Rail
Roads, with the immense
freight-bouse there, are swept
away. JNo Jancruare can des
cribe the awful scene. The
flames sweep through blocks of
wooden buildincs with the rap
iditv of a pntirie on fire.
Thousands of people fill the
streets, rushincr out of dvvel-
lings, in many instances, bare
ly in time to save meir lives.
At 2:10 that morning the
fire reached the telegraph of
fico and communication was
cut off An office was opened
at Calumet, 10 miles from the
city, and dispatches were for
warded by Pony Express.
The next dispatch was as
follows dated Monday morn
ing, at 0:
The Court. House, Sherman
House, Michigan Central and
Illinois Central Railroad Ue
nots. the Chamber of Com
merce. Western Union Tele
graph office, and all the mter-
veninc blocks are burned.
order to frtop the progress b
the fire southward from this
line, powder jas brought from
the Arsenal and a number of
whole block9 blown up
An hour. later another dis
patch came:
The entire) business portion
of the citv is destroyed. All
t.he banks, express and tele-
graph offices; all the newspa
per offices, except the Tribune,
six elevators, and the water
works are gone. Ihere is no
iu the citv. IN ot, jess
ten thousand buildings
already been destroyed.
fire has burned a distance
ot ne miles, ana is sun raging.
The iind is blowing a gale.
i 1- .ifll !
The loss of property is esti
mated at $500,000,000. The
-ainf fire and brimstone on
Sodom and Gomorrah can
hardly be compared to the de
vastating reign of the fire fiend
on Chicago. Fully 100,000
peaijrif wtfre rushing through
the streets in utter confusion,
not knowing whither to go,
or how to get anything to sat
isfy the cravings of hunger.
Bilt more terrible than all is
awful ceitainty that many hu
man beings have found a fiery
grave; how many, no one can
now tell. Perhaps no one can
ever tell; but some are known
to have perished, and there is a
most sickening fear that the
victims of the fiery monster
may be counted by scores
Late dispatches say the death
ist will reach one thousand. .
60 dead bodies were found in a
barn. I In some houses whole
!amilies were burned to death.
Hundreds of horses and cows
were burned in stables, and on
,he North Side numbers,
though released from confine
ment, were so bewildered and
:on fused by the sea of fire
which snrrouuded them that
they rushed wildly to and fro,
cries of fright and
pain until scorched and killed.
Any attempt at a description ol
t.he.scenes of this terrible ca
lamity would be idle. The
simple facts that the once great
city of Chicago is destroyed,
that hundreds of millions, oi
her active capital has vanished,
and that nearly oue third ot
her inhabitants are homeless
dependents, are enough. Any
attempt to embellish would be
but a mocker v.
Gen. Sheridan has S.Oi.'O
soldiers there trying to keep
order the city is full of thieves
and incendiaries.
The Mayor of Chicago, as
he saw the thousands of desti
tute and grief stricken people
throng the unburnt districts of
of the city, sent to many other
cities a brief appeal for mate-
ial aid. It -was promptly re
sponded to. A man might be
a stranger to benevolent emo
tions; he might have a heart of
ice,-and be almost impervious
to humane sensibility, but the
Ireadful intelligence melted
him. A great city transformed
in a few hours, into a heap of
ashes, and more than a third of
its inhabitants turned into
homeless' dependents. was
something 6o appalling, that
nothing in the way ot personal
fYHi't.inn or contribution, was
too great for him. Thus whole
communities were inuveu uy
one common impulse to aid tin
fntrd o.itv.
The dispatches .contain ac
counts of aid meetings in- all
thehirper cities: and pro-visions
nd other comforts to the val
ue of hundreds of thousands of
dollars,, were quickly voted,
puivhased and hurried forward.
Eighty tons of provisions
wert torwaruea irum auuis
on Monday.
An Indiana bridal couch was
recently enlivened by a con
cenled bunch of fire-crackers.
President White lately ftd
vised the Cornell students to
abjure "Reade's Terrible Temp
tation." .Tim book-stores of
Ithica have not been able to
supply the demand created for
the book by this .first clas.s ad
vertisement. .,,.....-.
Texas O. K.
20,000 Democratic Majority!
Reports from Texas of tlio election
held Inst week, state that tho Dem
ocratic majority is 20,000.
Tho Democrats linvo elected the
four Congressmen being a gain of
tliroo member?.
Grnntlmd put a number of conn
ties under raurtial Jaw, but the De
mocracy' carried sorno of them in
spilo of tho bayonets.
Tho State will give a Democratic
majority for President in 187i !
How it Works.
The practical working of the
woman's suffrage movement
has recently had a striking
exemplification in Wyoming,
where a Mrs. Morris is Justice
of the l'ace. Her husband in
her absence at the office, has
had to manage the domestic
affairs of his once happy home,
and on one occasion, the baby
becoming unusually turbulent,
he sought refuge in the flowing
bowl. Some malicious wags
discovered him in a considera
bly elevated condition, and
bearing him off to his wife's
office, demanded a warrant for
his arrest. After a moment's
hesitation between wifely and
judicial feeling she granted the
demand, and- proceeded to try
her lord and master for breach
of the peace. Mr. Morris
head not being particularly
clear, he failed to comprehend
the situation, and accordingly
addressed the Court in hu usu
al familiar stylo. Being
promptly checked by the offi
cer in charge, his anger wa
aroused, and with some earnest
ness and a good deal of pro
tfltilt.v he informed that func
tionaiy that lie was a fool, and
that the woman was his wife
Esther; also volunteeiing the
statement that everybody
the vicinity was drunk. 1 In
indignant Justice ordered her
refractory liege to be locked
up, whereupon he appealed to
her maternal nature, by refer
ring iu touching language to
the blatant condition of her
offspring, and the almost abso
lute dearth of soothing syrup;
but the wretched man was
nevertheless marched o(T to
the dungeon, confinement
wherein were doubtless a sweet
boon compared with the Can
die lecture he received the
next night.
The Mormons had to pull up
stakes and "light out.' The
course adopted by the ledernl
authorities nflbrds slim . mar
gin for Mormondom to escape
from the law nnshorn of its dis
tinctive traits. I! urther ar
rests of Mormon leaders con
tinue, including that of Can
non, the fire eating editor of the
Deseret News. The point se
lected by the authorities for at
tack is the polygamous tcatures
of the Mormon Church, Can
non, like Young, being arrest
ed for "lasciviously cohabiting
with different women." The
only hope for the simon-pure.
Morinon is to pack up and
plunge anew into the wilder
A Vermont frirl of seventeen.
transplanted to Iowa, plays
it.. ... i . : 1
churchy drives two and some
times four horses on tho reap
er during the week, and recent
ly curried oft' the first prize foi
equestrianism at the La Crosse
county fair.
Wnolnlo Dealer In
Staple and Fancy Notions,
JTIy stock in now complete for Tall Sales, and
not at the high prices sonic parties have antic
ipated paving.
The average price nil through in much lower
than the Tall of 1870. A small advance is
charged only on a FliW goods.
2L2- IiIItTin OP
Is commanded to your KSrFCI.VT. attention. Alto a Rood nnnortmont of Import el
Germnn Fancy Coodt, Blank Hook, Spool Cotton, Wall Paper and everything
Kuni'ralljr kvpt In Notion Homed, for sule at uiodvi'ule advance on coat to uliort
time buyer, or cash in hand, a dUcouut allowed.
September 1st, 1871.
. O1- 1871.
Fires in the NORTHWEST-
Fires in the NORTHWEST-The Conflagrations in the
Prairies and Woods of
Minnesota and Wisconsin.
The fires which for a week
or more pit ,have been sweep
in" over Minnesota and North
ern Wisconsin, cover sections
of coun'rv truly enormous.
That in Minnesota at latest
dates seems to have started in
Dakota territory, although
there is no evidence m to the
precise Joealitv. llio south
end of the coufliim'ntion is
crossing Northern Iowa, while
the northern end reaches tar
mi towards tho head of Lake
Superior, and is sweeping down
the valley of the St. Peter's
river, and the forests east of
tho Mississippi above St.
Cloud. It seems probable that.
this lire H advancing on a line
nearly tureo nnnuren mues
lone, and that it has passed
over a territory scarcely less on
an average than one hundred
nib's in width, nlthongh the
outlines are irregular. That
in Wisconsin is even more ter
rible, reaching from war new
London through all the conn-
try east and north a high np
as Menonioi.ee river, and how
much further is not definitely
known. It is also following
lown the Lower Fox river
from Oshkosh towards Green
Bay, and a large force of the
Chicago and Northwestern
Railroad men have been at
work for several days in pro
tecting the, ties and bridges
from destruction. Buildings
have already been destroyed
near Fort Howard opposite the
city of Green Bay. On the
ast side ot Fox Kiver it has
been eqnn'ly disastrous, cover-
fr ni'iii' v lm whole cuimtrv
west of Manitowoc, and np
ihu IMJll 1 llt.ll 1-1 tt t ll VV!l 1 11 Pill
hracino-millions of acres of
' -
the finest timbered lai d in the
The catastrophe is fo terrible,
involving so many enterprises
and neonle. as tn amount, to a
national calamity, and it has
. it .i
even been proposed to call the
Legislature of Wisconsin to
gether to devise measures for
O ......
relief of Ihe (uifiereiN. Millions
in value have been destroyed,
and still the fire fiend pursues
its way, hnmnn agencies being
utterly powerless to arrest it.
The disaster is tho inot wide
spread and terrible that has
ever v ii tea the btate, and will
fall with a crushing weight on
more than a hundred thousand
of the most industrious nnd
deserving of the population.
Large fires are reported in
Michigan, but, the extent of
the devastation is not yet
known. It is probably small
in comparison with that west
of the lakes.
During the progress of five
last act of "Marv Stewart," in
a California theater, in the
midst of nn nfleeting scene, a
cat jumped out of the orches
tra seats on to the stage,, look
ed around, mewed awhile, and
then' ran off to ' the wing1, ut
terly upsetting; flifc. gravity of
tuo performers anu auuience.
The receipts at Pike's Opera
IlWe. Cincinnati, during Mr.
Jefferson's two week's engage
ment, were a little over ZU,lw
being an average ot a little Jess
than a dollar for each admis
sion. The largest housej was
Thursday evening, when the
receipts were eighteen nunuieu
dollars. '
The "proud cathartic State"
is what her loving sens call the
Commonwealth of Kaneas. It
all cornea from the cultivation
of castor beans.
'1 IV'
.iiiiij iu ...... . ' i v " i..fi. ...... i i ... ni.'M -
ul fed tht Oval iirvuwtmn' Hie ijrcinlh mill bmulj
ri'iheh'iir. i . fcUa'iClJ ts C')., Uotlon, MHk
tjuiil by nil r.iu .'Kh l.i. . J.fwuiv v1iiiitt:tu'ns.
A I...'. I til .1... V ..I ......
I' I1T FOR ONK. MONTH t nil who ok
i lXVjlti fiir If, 70cm. r.r.Ii.-, 'T M.MV i..
Every wiok ft luoiiir.. ll.iom tulk bv Hei-chcr; Pi-r-ninn
or .rticlr In- Tnlmni-'o, tiwciiml only to Bcclier
In o.iriltv.) .Mm. Wllllim'.greHt pi-rll tory
nn.lni. i.r..t wurklnifi. uI'lioiiiHiitKin In Amoricii, ami
inuoli utlier eooil rmill-1!.
0. II ALM I l l', 11 rnwilll new
T1)T7 I7 Trv Sionplcn of nurprent S-paR.,
1 IV r. r i I'll. ,.., ..I v..l.li HI) vim. en.
tslill-lHil. l-'lnr- miul eiirvlii.' ftoo to neb'scribcr.
Agoiita innko f 11 ilny. ripml lur
HATCliUA Y O AZKTTE, llu'liiw.ll, Mk.
SliifF's College.
rpilEolilfi'tumlninii' rcHiilile lnitliutlou for li
X ttilnli'j: ii .Mfi.- . :. l ll..- 1 lil nt-M 1 11.
i'raiilU-nl 1!iiIiii- men in iiuirui'inn.
Fur lul'uriiiHtlnn rl'i' I"m cln-ulur hp
V III.' K PA SONS, I'l Uuurh. T.
SoliullHl t.y Ml'XN &
CO. I'ulillslipri ttclviililio
Amirltiitn, HI I'ark Hon-, N.
Twnlif-flvp j-onm' cspM-lu' co.
vmi,l'.lrn f nm Pmi lit !.. Wlrli fill! di-
reciloim linw to ol.iniii pmonts, lri .
A hounil V'-liime "I'lli ynttn, coulalninir Die Nrw
C.mimis l.r ouiriUL-s ntl nil lnru 14U Ki t-'iM-
.t 1..f..n.ui.l I'.ih.nt I .Wfl f.IKl
VIIIX" 1" mi' JiHii.vni ...... ........
rnk I'.irubiaiiiliy I'nu-ii-.i innllru un rcce.ut ul i.
-r- rn TT -n -r f"i TP.
Stnml Ucat ItottiT thnn liny other muUv.
Ak rnr Ditlindii- n ami ihki- nu mm r.
c. .....a ....... la .r.rv ImTf
DI11IH1DG & SOW, PittsburRh, Pa.
5Sjyeiiil for ri-io i.ist
-....!.. r,-.. f'f,l..irl, Aftthtnil. lltl oih.-r 3ln
msv o- Airl'iMnv". l-i'i't l tiny wlilrow "' '
.niiii .,f l.r.ftn li..x. n-ltli full illiuoiluiis KncloH-
t-uuiu fur viicular. Aililie-o
Kit. K. r IK !, ii.-lini-iii'r. unio.
WANTED. l.m!y nnd pctitli'mcii Asrnn fr
iliui. !. V. Al tnil' Kriinnn 1'nim'au Wnr nmt
Illstm-V of Itillv. K. I) . TAVIJ'K, All I, mcrw-ur
to I'. 1! Kamlin'l, los Griswiilil Wlrn't, Ucti-oli, Mlcti.
$.30. WE WILL PAY $SO.
Aeont.JiW lici-wofk In nur Krfnt wiJ tt'n:b'8
(Iiciivm-i6i. If ion wnni p.-rniaiUMit, lnnrl.l iul
Uleimant wmk, 'jply fir inlciilir. Aililro.H 1) tl'.
.V n,, .iticKiuii, ,
i,ooe G-iPTs.
UliANI) 01I-T CONIKKT AM) 1 iw.i
run tiikh'.-niht KmTim
To W In-Ill 111 U ii-.li iil'Iiiii (H oon Mil Tlck
otH liro noli!, of which Ten lutj-H' Notice
will lie (jlven.) ii.kI imt litir than Nnvemlwr V8.1,
ISM. lCniro imiiil.fr of ilcki-K ri-J.thKI 55 fnn.
l.Uiirl fllftn. .iinntin(ttn inOOnfl, in to nwnrUeil.
Semi fur C rcnlnr. living 1 t of O f.ml l'.i h-ifiices.
Tn-k-t!. enn bo l-ft-l r HII.KY SAUGENT.
l'bllinlclnhn, Lolmiibin. .. null U cl nionil, Inil.
tir, 1'. CHI-.V1.1N. Oi-ii-rl Airoiit.
ill Nnmtii lrroi,Ncw York.
Hon. it. MrCl'LI.OT'OII. Klkluii, I n..,,.....,,
M l OKD.T. t AS'll.i:.n.iltiiniiro 1 tnml"'
lln. J. 8. NKO LEY, 1'iMsI.iii, TriiMro.
AVOID y.lAC'KS. A victim of onrly In.liscrc
timi. raimliiK m-rvoiisili'blltiy. pr tuniu ill-c-n
v, ct, Imvlnit irl.-d In vnln every tdvprtltu-il rem
eilv, liu illrviivi-ii-il a rtirp'e iiK-m-n of H'lf'iirc,
wlileh h will w-ii'l lii rt'llow-wiff-rei". Aiblrn"
J. II. liKKVBS. JS Nffmi Birm-t. New Yrk.
STAMMKITINO.-Tho cmife reiniivi-i. AiUlrc
t)r. A. HlJl'.DMAN. Emit HmMiim.fr.
Now Torlr Ofico, 7 PwiP
Stult if Ohio, Vinton County.
H.J. Boim.-ri Co.. 1-laliulffn,
v...l 1 r.l.l ...... I'rmirlnilt -
Ill VlixUin Ooiinly toiii-i ol Coinmim I'lc-us.
aurui ui.
Pnrmiaut to llio coinnnml of nn Order of Knl
I ..... ...i .1... i v...... if nimi.nn I'li.iiH nf In.
ton county, nnd to me illvei.-Uil n hlu-rill ursnlil
county, 1 will ollor for hU lit tlin lour of lliir
l.OUll llOUSU, 111 UIU 1W u w. i.iiiw.,
.Ai.nlc 111. 1.1. .tn
Monday, tho 13th lay cf November,
A. U.iUi l,
nt tlio honrof 1 o'clock r. M. of sM (lav, tlu
followliiK tlescrlboil nn-onilKes, ulttiate In the
cownlv oT Vinton, nnd Htiitoot Ohio, to.witi
t'lHiltiiPiiolliK nt mo eouin-wcm coraur i n
Lot or Trma of I.iiml conveyed hy lieeil tu
JmriPH M. I.i-nrli by Klcluird Tlivnis Wife,
(luted 3 111115, MA, mild eoriier belnn on tliB lino
running North nnd Houth between 111 liindH of
mephen Knlti und Itlelmrd Timlin In ulil Vin
ton county i tlienco Honlli (ilmiK ibIiI lino W
Wtti tliuni'fl KiiHt IH rent) tlienco North SO
feet; tlienco West H04 loet to tho plnce ot
liculiinliiK.coriliiliiliiK oim Hero more or Icth,
lictnirliiboclliiii Numliiir Four (t.) Townlil
Nninbcr'rn(10,) and Kungo Number Bcvcnti-oii
(17.) nnd llio mnno bind conveyed bv lib linnl
Timm toZlmi l IIoMimii by di ed ilidod J unc ft,.
INtiti. nml i-i'cordi'd In Voliiinn ll, 1'mko fiW.iif tliu
Hi-coid of Deeds In nnd for iiild county of Vlu
ton nnd suite of Ohio.
luiccn n ma proiivriy "i n '"
iulinfv an oiilei ot'iiilo Isfliied lioin mild Uuan
In fnv'ornl' II. J. Hoinei-M Co. , ,.,
A iipnilsnd lit Klvo lliiiidicd nnd Fifty DolIn
(S.ViO (K),) mid mini hrliiKtwo-ininw " " -'
Tun... of Blo.-lu.U in bf" MOOTir,.
HlMM-lir Vinton County,
n. n. Slilvcl, Alt'y ffr, I'l'ff'.
OctuborO. 1871-Bw-l'
STIR W iB UAr-ui w mjm
Guardian's Notice.
Pi-obato Court,. Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTIl'IC In lu'i-oliy nlvon tlmt Kobcrt (.1.
Uondmi, Ouiirdlmi of John W Jiimei II ,
tharlM ll., Jluiy .., mid JoKiiph M Comlon Iihs
llludhtiieln liii Hci-ouulH with mild wards, lor
llnnl Dutllinnent unto John W, Condon, nnd
pm-tiitl nn In the ntliemi and llio hearing tlinre
ol Uiint. lor tlio IHIiiluv of Nuvtmilior noxton
tiiliiKUtluo'eloik A, M. II. It MA YO
October 19. 1871-4t l'rolinto JiiiIrb.
iw-S. The BEST winter 0VEB8110K t
;T NO Bl'CKlES to break I .
NO TK0UB1B toputon !
K&r Ncnt, Oenteel, Stylish t

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