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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, October 18, 1871, Image 2

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(l)c (Enquirer.
J. W. BOWEN, Editor.
liSidiuk- North Side' r Miilu Utreet, Bust of
... a,.n... Rlniv of B'HVCn'8
Con 1 1 lllMJSC. .
October 18, 1371.
of the Democratic
State Central Committee
of Ohio.
ri,. member of the Democratic
mlttee. mid the Dcmot-ratio Stnte Executive
Committee of Ohio, will meft 111 loinnmim, u
Friday, November 24, 1871,
. s.i.in.ir r f Vmli member or the Com
mlttce'ls ex-ic.ctod to bo nrewnt-In pcrnon If
possible or bv proxf-oii business of Importance
in reunion v v-...,..-..
C. N. ALLEN, Chairman.
C. N. ALLEN, Chairman. J. S. CRALL, Secretary.
Meeting the Democratic Editors of
At tlte meeting of tin Statt
Central Committee at Col urn
bus tlie2itli of Non-mber,
we would suggest the attend
ance f a ninny Democratic
editors as can 'make, it conven
ient to Ie present.
How the Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railr'ad
is to be Built.
Before going to pn-s tins
wpek the Galliyolig Bulletin,
of this day has reached us. In
it we find the following:
The next nieelnr of the Pi
rectors of the G., Me A. & C.
will be held on Saturday next.
"We are glad to announce, that
our information i3 such as to
permit us to state that the
jmwppct t tlii.- eml of the
route is good, and if those who
are ahle. shall come forward
and increase their mibscrip
tins there i no doubt, the
Ro.id will be built. On Satur
day last, gentlemen residing
along the route for a distance
of bout six miles from Galli
polis, agreed to do all the
grading and take one-hs.li pay
therefor in stock and the bal
ance in money. Messrs. A. P.
H'lilgers and Samuel llodgerg,
however, n;tew to do the
gradinsj for a distance of about
1,500 teet, and take all the
pay in stock. Other parlies
are contemplating taking sec
tions of the road va the same
This looks like busiiieus.
Our G:dlipolis friends are de
termined that the road shall
be built, and have adopted a
Bure plan to make the enter
prise a succe-3. We do not
want our Vinton county citi
zens to be behind Gallia. The
greater part of the route thro'
this, county being almost,
graded, but l'tlle work will be
required to complete it in
many places. t 1 lie farmers
tlnwA whose lands the line
runs nd-'pt. the sine plan of our
Gallia neighbors and go ahead
with the grading. Or, let
Home of ou r go-ahead and ener
getic men residing along line
take the work in hand and
rush it through in n few weeks
from Diindas to the Hocking
county line. There arc plenty
of liibirer3 along the -line.
Tiiis road can be built at home,
and owned and operated by
our own peoph. If we cannot
raise the required . amount of
money theva i nothing to pre
vent us from completing the
road and taking only half pay
for-the work at present. When
completed it will greatly bene
fit every man, woman and child
along the linn.
Official Abstract of the
In this paper, will bo found
the i.'flicial a hi tract of the votes
east in the twelve townships
in this county f.ir all the State
and County officer?, for and
Bgainst the Constitutional Con
vention, and for and against
the purchase of lands-for Iu
firniaiy lu poses.
Wo have printed fr sale a
numbor of copies of the Ab
stract of Votes upon clean
white paper. Prion 5 cents
each. Tlnve wishing copies
for future reference will call and
get them.
Tub people of Adams coun
ty ghvti a large majority
against the "removal of the
county seat from .West Union
to Mauchpr.
Fire News.
Fort Wayne is said to be in
great danger from lire. The
Prairies are hurn'ng, and the
flames are rapidly approaching
the city.
' Large fires are reported in
i dozen places in Michigan.
The village of Holland in Ot
lawa county was burned Octo
ber Ch.
Great apprehension has been
felt for the safety of Toledo.
Fires nave been prevalent in
the vicinity which' placed the
city in great danger.
The number ot persons
burned to death in Chicago can
not bo estimated, but great
numbers pei i-hed.
The total loss by the Chica
go fire is estimated at the
enormous sum ot four hundred
millions of dollars. (
Two scoundrels were caught
setting fire to houses in Chica
go, and were immediately
seized and hung to lamp posts.
Eighty-nine newspaper print-
. i , !.. i.. j:
uig estaitiisnmenis, inciutnu
the monthlies, were destroyed
in Chicago, by the fire. Near
ly till will resume publication
The insurance companies say
they will pay the Chicago
losses. We hope so, but think
it questionable.
Fail urea, are reported in
Wall street. Many tear a ter
rible financial crash and panic.
The Chicago fire was caused
by a boy upsetting a kerosene
lamp in a cow shed.
Rain fell in Chicago on the
night of October 10, which
materially Hided in checking
Business men are preparing
to resume in Chicago. Rooms
now rent for S5,CK0' which a
few days ago would not have
brought 500.
It is estimated that there
are 100,000 people in Chicago
without home or provisions.
It is supposed that not less
than 500 persons were burned
to death in Chicago.
Fires prevail in Ottawa
county and the towu of Genoa
is in great danger.
The Columbus Home Insur
ance Company will probably
lose from three to four hundred
thousand dollars by the Chica
go fire.
The citizens of CirclevilLe
have subscribed 10i barrels of
flour for the benefit of the suf
ferers by the Chicago fire.
It docs seem as though we
should never have done with
the fire fiend. The destruction1
of the vast forests in Minnesota
anil Michigan, whetted his ap
petite for the attack on Chica
go, and his success there, has
encouraged the monster to lay
waste other cities and towns;
until the tale of disaster has
become an appalling1 one. On
Thnrsdav, news came that the
greater portion of the little
Canadian city of Wrndsor, op
posite Detroit, had been near
ly consumed by' fire; and on
Friday, a dispatch from Chica
go brought account of the
burning of Peshtigo, Little
Sturgeon Ray, Manistee and
Brussels, Michigan. At Pesh
tigo, 150 human beings were
1 . 1.1 .-h a
tiurnecl to ueitii ; 6Z- met a
fiery death at Little Sturgeon
Bay ; and at Brussels, nine per
sons are missing, one supposed
to be burned. Two hundred
dwellings, six large mills, and
a vessel lying at the dock, were
destroyed at Manistee ; and at
Brussels, one bundled and
eighty houses-rail but five in
the place were burned up.
The inhabitants lost everything
and arc forced to camp out.
Such a year of frightful. rav
ages-by fire, never was known
before in this country, Death
and disaster,, hand in hand,
seem to have attacked the
great Northwest Jiko an epi
Grant Sustains a Corrupt
The President still refuses to
remove Governor Salainon, of
Washington Territory, who
was recently implicated in
using the money obtained by
thefdefalcation of the Receiver
of Public Moneys there. The
Delegate from the Territory
has asked for his removal, and
Senator Nye now turns u
with a candidate for the place.
"When money is plenty poor
people can get their share of it,
and easier than when money is
scarce, just as they can get
their share of bread and pork
when they are plenty, and can
get more of them and ou easier
terms than when bread and
rjork are scarce. Taxes can be
paid with better heart and
With less inconvmiinc. when
money is plenty than when it
is scarce. Abundance of money
brings flush times, and all kind
of business flourishes; new en
terprises are undertaken; new
houses are erected; new stea'm-
b-ats built; activity in every
ranch of business is awaken
ed; there is more contentment
and less crime. Business inter
sts areneitherrefreshed-nor do
they flourish during periods of
contraction of the currency.
It is only when currency is ex
panding that money is easy
and times good. And one off
the great financial problems
with us always is how to
keep the currency up with the
increasing business, the open
ing up of new States and Ter
ritories, and the necessary waut
of additional capital.
The opening up of the
Southern S'ates after the war
to the reception uf greenbacks
and National Bank currency
was equivalent to the contrac
tion of the volume of the cur
rency in the loyal States. Yet,
in addition to that, the Radical
policy demanded the withdraw
al, by the Secretary of the
Treasury, of four millions of
greenbacks per month. Instead
of contracting the currency by
withdrawing greenbacks from
circulation, the greenback cur
rency should have been in
creased to the extent of what
might be necessary for the
Smthem States. And by
using the new issues, with
those daily coining into the
Treasury, over five hundred!
millions of the public debt
five-twenty bonds could by
this time have been redeemed.
The Radical financial policy is
not only nonsense, but more
it is a crime against the people.
General Result.
The Rads carry Iowa by
th usual majority 3),000;
and in Pennsylvania their ma
jority may reach 10,000.
iNoye. majority in tins State
will be about the same as the
Radical majority was last year
The Senate is a tie IS Dem
ocrats to 18 Radicals. I he
House stands 17 Democrats to
50 Radicals, or nearly so,
lucre uyis a tie on Represen
tative in Noble county; It is
not sure that Sherman will be
re-elected U. S. Senator.
The Legislature would have
been Democratic but for the
criminal lethargy of the Dem
ocrats in several Democratic
counties, where Republicans
were allowed to elect their
The Mariettian, Republican,
says the political complexion
of the State Senate "will pre
vent the passage of all partisan
laws, as well as secure a jut
re-districting of the State for
members of Congress.
Y'k ni'o p leased to eeu that our
friontt Dan. J. Oai.lb.n roCoivod
1891 votes ior ttoprcsontativo fiqm
Morcor county to 805 votes for hi
Afrioanizoti oppono if.
-It is a noteworthy fact that
every German' nominated by
the Radicals m Hamilton coun
ty was defeated at the elec
tion, notwithstanding, the elo
q.uent Republican professions
of sympathy -for the Germans
recently bo lavishly bestowed.
Every German nominated by
the Democrats in Ilauiiltuu
count v was, elected.
Two Presidents--Jefferson
and Grant.
Thomas Jefferson was elect
ed President in 180b. He . was
a great statesman, a profound
scholar, and one of the most
accomplished .wiitern and talk
ers of this or any other coun
try. - '.';
When any man applied to
him for tuhee, his chief ques
tious to be answered by the
aniilicauts supporters, were
these: i : f.-
1. Is he honest ?
2. U lie capable ?
8.. Is he faithful to the Con
stitution V
And Jefferson always tried
to find men to fill the office-',
of whom these questions could
be nfliihiatively answered.
It is not rc-orded of JeflVr
si.n even by his Federal ene
mies, and he. had enemies
enough, that he ever took a
pre"eii.J'rom an expectant c
seok-wjlj lij-favor, nor did h
ever.Gjilv.rta relative tool
fire! a is also said of hii
that although : he. did not live
more than -200 miles from
Washington he did not spend
much more than six months at
his private home during the
entire eight years that he was
President Now, Jefferson
has always been held up as a
model President, because the
above, and other good habits
and principles governed his
officii:! conduct. Ulysses S.
Grant, was sworn into the
Presidential office on the 1th
March, 1S69. lie was a suc-
essful general, won his victo
ries at an immense and wanton
sacrifice of human life. He is
no statesman at all he is not a
scholar he is not a writer
he is not a trood speaker or
even a srood talker in fact he
cannot express himself at all,
when it is necessay and p.iope.r
that he should do so. The
only questions that seem to be
asked for him of applicants
or offices in his gitts are
1. I he related to ivy fami
ly or the family of my wife?
2. Does he bring gifts with
3. Is he in favor of my re
nomination. And having provided for the
two first in ordr, those that
answered I he essential hist af
firmatively, (and who did not?)
were appointed. U. S. Grant
does not spend more than half
his time in Washington, if so
much. He wastes his leisure
or most of it in trifling or per
nicious amusements, and all
his aims seem to be of a selfish
or frivolous character.
As he has caiefully hoarded
the gifts he has received, aiid
availed himself uf all (he ad
vantages of his position with
tenacious bat conspicuous in
delicacy, he has grown rich in
worldly gear. He expects a
re-nomination, and his office
holders will elect him if they
can. But, retire when he will,
he will have grown rich in the
Presidential office, into which
he went n poor man.
And in this last circum
stance ho again directly differs
rom Jellerson who , coming in
to office with a competence.
eft it a poor man, as he de
clined all gifts, and was so de
voted to- his dutie-i that his
private business was neglected
to its ruin, lie held that "the
people can never see with ap
probation offices, the disposal
of which they entrust to the
President for public purposes,
divided out' as family prop
erty i
Tweuty ludlions of dollars
is a small sum ot monev in
Uncle Samuel's pocket, so the
Collectors of Internal Revenue
concluded that, inasmuch as he
would not miss it, they would
approoriate it to tueir own
use. This they did, dividing
it among each other iii Bums
ranging from ten thousand to
a half a millioin'dollars each.
Secretary Boutwell,- to show
bis appreciation of. their zeal,
made out a list of thcni with
the amount assigned , to each;
and seut it to Congress with
his- compliments. ' Ttio exact
footing of this little steal is
$20,700,93 3-3. Some cross
grained Democrats suggested
the propriety. of arresting" the
defaulters and "-making Ihem
disgorge. The proposition was
received with- 'horror. This
noble army of reformers must
not be interfered with.
Another Radical Arrested.
Reports reach 'Washington
from ' Georgia that Foster
Blodgett, Radical Senator elect
of that State, has been arrested
on the charge of fraud, in con
nection with certain railroad
transactions. The amount ille
gitimately appropriated by this
individual is variously estima
ted at from 3').0n0 to10',000.
The Waverly Republican of
last week, requests " the dead
and damned" Vinton Record
"not to hereafter waste it
mighty powers to the regula
ting of affiirs of Pike county."
Hodge- the defaulter has
been sentenced .to ten year.-'
imprisonment, and to a. restitu
tion of the nvney he stole.
Grant has already remitted the
hit Up" portion of the sentauce,
and before a year will give a
full pardon. It. is-np part of
tne policy or tms ivominisira
tiou to punish defaulters.
It very often happens that
fine steel engravings get stain
ed with moisture on the wall,
or speckled with mildew, and
it becomes an important ques
tion how to bleach them.
One of the best methods is to
moisten them . carefully, and
suspend them in a large vessel,
partly filled with ozone. The
ozone bleaches them perfectly,
without attacking the liber of
the paper. N
The vote upon the question
of levying a tax for the "Pur
chase of Lands for Infirmary
Purposes,1' as will be seen by
referring to the official vote in
this paper, resulted in favor of
the tax by a large majority.
M Juflicial Distilct of OMo,
V AL'TirOlUTY )IP LA W Hi uiulerslxn-
... ll... tt..i..-..t!i 1...II..1..I lli..;..f -f Dili.. ..rfli.-
' e.i. 11 iiimra i v'.in id ui v.-iiiiiivii . iv-.a
Hint t'-e Times lor Holding the Courts of Com
mon J'lcis mid Dimrlct Courts. In the hi-vurul
i Hint ii-s ofsniil DisulcC, bu tixil:ublluvii, lor
tho j eut- Isli:
District Courts:
Wa.liinftton. April 11th;
MeiKS, Al'l il 1 -111 ;
(i.iilin, April IHlh:
Laivrooctt. April 2iJ;
S- iowi, April vijt.li j
I'ilio. April illlli;
lVrry, Aiihuh 21-1 :
. Fnirtliild, A usiiiil S7ih j
lioi-kiiiir. Aiiunst-'Usi;
A OuMi. Sopteiilhei' "i ;
V tnton, .soplenilier 7th -,
Jitcksui), Suiteiuht-r 10 111.
Common Vluns Courts:
lbt Sab-Division:
l'en v, .Inniuiry 2:,'li. Miiyfiih, Or-tiher 1st.
Working, r'ebrimn lMlli. Mmv Willi Octolmr Ut'.i
FuiiileUI, Mttrrli 4(h, June 4 1. October iiKli.
2nd Sub-Division:
Lnwrsiicc, Jiimmiy 'J'JIh, Mny tllli, September
Si-loto, Jlaivh lltli, JiineS l OetnlierSOtli.
inioii, juoiuiu-y 12th, Jlav Dili, Sontcmlier
171 li.
Jackson, M.ireh nil, Miir 27tli October 15:h-
rtite, April iinu, Juno 24th, November lllih.
3d Sub-Livisiort :
Wiishington, Miirch -1th. Mhv S7I1i, OnenlL-r31t
MiRi, Fcbruury nth, April Willi, 6optombi-r
(iullia, February 19th, May 13th, Obtobar l!ith.
Athens. laivli7lh. Mnt UOtll. Nnveinber- Ik!
ber, A.D., 1S71. ' '
Wllliess Olir hlimU. thU Nltll rluv nf onl,.m.
hi LAN II WKIUIIT.V Jmi-iren of
L. A tilJI HHIIC, 7th Jin
JN'O P. IM 1.KV,
W B Ldii.Mlrt
Vinton Cot-sty. .55.1
I, (it Allt.KK W. IIOT.LAMt, ' Jerk of tin-Court of
oinnion rieas, in hum tor tne c-untv anil
8tate iilbresrti.l, ilo horeby wrtlfv the forego
In? to ho u true copy of the order tlxlns the
Tiiiits tor hobiliiK Courts In the 7th Judicial
fil'trlet of riliin. inr tlia-Yeui- 1R7-2.
5,W1TNHM9 my RlKtiHturn ami Keiil of
miimih;. una ism nay oi uciouer,
OotobcrlS. 1871 (lw tlerk.
I.ILI McKNIOII r hernby not.lflcd that Miir
J uaret Jane MeKnii'ht dbl, on the lHtlulnv
of October. A. I) . 1M71, lllo her pbllllon. In the
ofllc.e of tho t lerk of tl t'oiirt ol Common
l'leuR, within niul lor the County or vlntmi.
anil Stuteof Ohio, uliaruinit tho tuiil Kit Me-
Kniffht with minium- with onn Oittliarlne
HtHi-kic. and uskinirllmt sn'o mny bo iIIvoitocI
lrnmtnutHlilr.il mckiiikhi. uiki mr Hliinoiiy ;
which petition will be lor heiulru! nl the pres
ent liic.tobor 187l teria of HHid Court, which
new Kttinds aljouiiii-d until Is'ovviubcr SUli,
Hy 1) li, bliivcl, lier Attorney.
October lMK71-i
Thomas Torpey's Estate.
Probte Court, Vinton County, Ohio.'
NOTICE (h hereby ttlven Hint (ieoigo
Oralir. A(linliilti tnrofUi entitle of Thoiii-
Toi'pey,deer-seil, hn.tllud herein bis Account
with mid estate for fiiml x-ttlement; rid tht
thu hortnKot'the Hume In net fur the lblhUny
oi oveiuucr. lHii.Ht luo-ctock A. M
II. n. J1 a i w.
October 18, 1871-lt ' Hrobmo Judge
Martha A. Gunning's Eekte.
Probata Court, Vlntdn County, Ohio
NOTICE Is hereby glvtm that Oeorpe Craig,
Administrator (it the estate, of Min-tlia A.
Giinnlntfduc.i-iiiied. liHl)led heroin his Account
with sail estate lor llnnl Kettlenrent: slid that the
lienrlng of Hip samo la set for the lSlli day of
Kl.V.lnilini- 1M-TI .1 t I jt'nlm.lr A HI
October 80, 1871-tt l'liilnte Judge.
U'lHliun lttlrtonuhnw PI' IT D.t.n II IV
Biralimt ' Keb li. J. P, of
Eb2ar l'eoiilea, D'ft. ' Dllnton Tp.,
- , j nnon i n., i.
QS the Btli rtayof guptember. A. I). 1H7I, aald
.Til. 1 1 CM I. .11 oil n,i nnlAi itf .Hm.liiM.n . It. 1.
above action for thoauni of i 1.1 10; tho above
11 hi lor neuriniion intf lull any ot ISO
October 18. 1871-Hw
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, Vlntou Connty, OliM;
V10TICEU hereby giron tliat Jamca Mcdjl
iri llvrey Oiiiirdlan of HirHia I)., Kllliu A.
and llostcin Nixon, ban ttlod lila aucounW for in
speotlon and imrtiul tettlenienl ; Hint the 11111111
win uo ror Hearing ou 'xnunony, Mtotier ill
Ib7l, at 10 o'clock A.M. II. It. MAYO,
ember V7. i7l-4t I'robste Judge
inriria&i!vi''AmMi&Vii a jjw u vi;
mtysKmw'wnm mmmmmvmxrrTir.. tipsy
.ill .1,1 !.! f;U IP Ifili hi,
': s!: M: 3- jf: : : : M: : : c1: :
8: SSSiJS.-il???
'.y.iirl rsdi -is
ei -1 J o 5 J . rfi M -1 cc o in -i rj O' -
s 1 U id W C i S -5 - -5 x 1- X
J. p (, . tp rO 'it ; 'J i
K t .A & , ic X Si M -9 J w s s 6 -.1
I I I, I I I I
3 3 s 3
S '
2 rij
s Q
a. sat rrl-: -t
i -1 -o -1 :.i -J V' J U ?!
' '4 15 w
1 p
pc rn
' " UOBOtlf!
I I 1 I I I
f : ' T-
Wnoloenle Dealer In
Staple and Fancy Notions.
My is lock is isotv complete lor Fall Sales, and
not at the hig! prices seme parties have antic
ipated paying.
The average price nil through is much lover
than the Full of '1870. A ssti.i!! advance ix
charged only on a I'UW
:M3r lute of
Th coitimendtttl to your F.fiVt'ClAL ltcntIoi. Alno a poml UMaorttiii-nt of Importl
(icruiun Fnncj- (iooils, liliink ISuiiks. Hpnol Cotton, Wall I'liper anil vi-rjt hlrif
generally kept in Notion liounca, for alo at innflciate udvauco on cost to thort
time buyer, or ch!i In hand, a discount fillinvei).
" September 1st, 1871.
OF 1871.
Wherorer Poke Root grc-cc, it hnfi l(!"
ropiita i'in for curlnji Klieuinntixin. nnl t)tt k
Bloo l eunfior. Willi nil tum kh-hI reioiti.non
Hint the pi-nine of iliHlinutiiHlKd f'liyiiunov (Im-s.
0- e, Ioe, KinK,VilwHi M Hum, OnftltH.C.iphitiii
tA nllmrj u-t.n hmi. luylu.1 it. rna.lt .ul
jt hH tm,. n,W,(),j ty llio I MI.--1011 m li.ro.
... .. I . . r . ..
ub nin.-ii 1 11 rim v u-Mtii i.T u iirn:r unt.ra. 1.1.
boa of il uiei'iti, an a knovi ledfie of the
uropei way 1 o
pnipHin it Tpi-rot
ilii inid nan, Dr.
Olirer Cionli, a
pliyhioM.uw liodo.
roles bia (ntiii
tliimuahc cimio.i
of his profession
And who has
the ihlMCSt pl'lli!
lice or anv i.l.y.
sivinn in tenth--em
Ohio - b.ia
tullv tested the
Unlive liii-ilif'imi
quill 1 1 :.'h uf PiKi
Iti-ot din-mil Ihu
liut 26 ye is, ami
tu l.csiiut i 11 g If
lino nitre im-rit
p( tiding 011 n do
pravi-U ooni;l;oa
of tlio tlood,
tliii any i.u.l all
other article
named In the Ma
teria Medicn. Un
ihir his iiiKtruc.
bona our tibcin
isi haa combined
I bp active rneiiic
IukI quidlliea ot
I oho Hoot Willi
'be best Touie,
Preparation of
Iron, umi uo of.
fcrlhia pr.pnru
lion to Hi pulilin
telling them of
Uifl iiiuredicntH,
under the nameof
Dr. inoou-H
roue nooT.
This preparation
in the bo t Alter-,
olive and Tnnie
known forHcrol
Kin. Her n t a
Iohn Til mora,
Nero f lon
OiHeaaiea I
the Kvo. or
tiixn. Ialiit In iiloiieH. UroUeu-ilown
...nriila im ut form, for lthenmn.
oiiHtltnUoni. Jlermrial IlcancMt
Mineral FolmonH, more elTm-tusI rebel i
bbuiue i I'roin thin remedy than from sll olbera.
ltatrenn'ticna, purines hou uurua. 11 1 nnnp
pcnsihl in the irentmenlof long ataiidinn ilia,
onlera of tho Liver, anil nfivea neortmn, safe'
and ert'-ctual ion dvent, ma'nifenlin its li'flii-
ence thnnuhout the. entire xian'minr aynwm. .
Chronic diia o' ny Wind, IHneiiMP of
the Nklit,Krntlon4.Pn',. Illolcli
M. I'linnlea. IK.llH, Tetter, Kliiu-woriiu
Hnu.uiieiiiia. Kcnld-llentl. Ulrora ant
pjoren, are nil (urea y m
nf diiesHO itepen ling on a ueiiruveu uoikihhm..
of the blood can be cured by it. l'ry one
tttM. Bold by all Druaill ts, Prepared only by
lti: Vnxik't CtmipnHwl Syrup f 7'oA
Itnoi is oumh ued Willi tho best Tunlu prep.
Hr.ilion'or Iron known, mid is the boat Allot.
ativeanU blood l'uritier tnado. .
'I'A K I! Dr. Crook' Compound Byrne, of
Poke Kuot to olfuiuiB ) our blood.
TAKE Dr. CrooU'a Compound Bvrun of-'
yrup of-
1d 0D a depraved o.nditKA of the blood.
...n, ,1 iii,. nujr illtfunse
TAKB Dr. CrooU'a Compound Byrup of
Poke Root If your Livor nevd reauluiiiiK.
JA,E Ir-;fook'H Componod Syrup ef;
Poke Hoot lor any LHaeuse 01 Hie Bkin.
TAKB Dr. Crook floinpound nyrun of '
PoUe Root it you have Old dorm, Dolt or UJi
TAKR'M. Cmok'a Onmpound 8rup of
Poko lioot for Borofulu in any (orui.
TAKB r. Crook' Componod Hyrtir) of
Poke Root if )oa wnnl Punplw ruinovei.
TAKE pr. Crhok' Compound Rvrun of
Pok Roof lor brokou dowu Cunatituiion.
NOTICK Uhorehv Rlvon that tho aubserlhor
bin buen nppoiiilod and tiunlllleil hs nil
mlnlntrntor, 011 thocstiito of Wllllum Tyo, lato
of Vinton county, doceiised. Dated st MoAr
thurtliiaDUthdnynf AliKUSt. A. I). 1871.
Ootobor4, lB71-'iw
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Couriy- Vinton County Ohio.
NOTICE la hereby given that Hubert O,
r i.. r i-.u.. tu 1 .
hftrlfH II,, Alary J( mirl Joneph M CihhUmi
Hloii herein liis ticcouittM with hhlM ManlK,
Condon, (iitardian of John W Jumea H ,
1 11 it 1 n. tviuiiiajuv n , uiiiri t . V"UHll, rlllU
pMVtiul m o tlif uMiorn; and ihtj heiirli. tlmrn-
flmil settloment ... to John W. - (Jouden. and
Ban ul aa to the utlmrm and Ihe lieiirlmt thnra.
of is.ni. ii.i-tbin lib iii.v ,,t v.,ve.i.e S..vi
MiluKAll'.'n'nl'ii-k A 'l. It It M VYi)'
u.-iu' I1..1H7; -It . fruiiiile.lu.l.e.
A i tMiipiiiiii.i ui i i-,'.m.iiii( uil.tf- Ai-I.now!.
i'!i;r'-ii ri'-i-uc )iri:r,hl rftj (! jtvirlu umi i fnu. J
l.u..l by u.l I'.riiK
ir-ts. J.ewui'ti i'' iuiihiilviij.
(i lI.t lull UNI'. inM II (.1 Hlwlm flc
1 l VjLj ' or If. 7;, c a. 1.. .l-i . Ti; M.M) o
July. " . (i-Iki.'?H THK .MfcTHODlBT.
Lvery week a Sec -lire lt-xii:. lik by I'tcc'ni: !-er-1,101.
or urnc'v by 'liil'-iiii'i-. -i-'-'M i only to lt.eci-cr
In Hipii aritj.! Sl-.s. V.'IImi givit torhl tn.ry -poMiiu
i-ti ri vniikiiik.'' of lu'iiimiuuil.: Ann.r i-a, tu.d
much oilinr rn.cl ic.-ii ir
(1 IIAL-slKli.'IU K.is.-au 81.. Kcw Vwi.
11 1? Ti-v Siliiipli-s uf our t'iet ! pucv,
l1 IV I jIJ l'!iiMrlt'-i! Ve.ki)-M ycura eo.
I alt I oh, -I. r Iim' i-l.ul ei'.yi a vlna irtu lo rjLitt-nli-r..
Avulu ivu.kf-u ilnv Hft d lor
hA'i't'KjJAY OAZtl 1 1-;, H Iowi-ll, Me.
BxT$ College.
nHK o'.ili.t Mi.i most n l Mb'..i InstitiiUou fur ob
X luuiiiifH Meianiiille KiIuca'Iuii.
i'raulirki liiihlni" 111-11 ns leairn-.-tftn.
l-'iil- iiifoi'iiutinn wi'I'c tnra clic!ili.r lo
1- DUrr-.V, M)Nr, I'l Itbuiyli. I'a.
S.lloit.d l.v MVN.V
CO. I'liblltlirm frli-ntllli)
Aiiiirlciui, Hi Turk Kuiv,N.
Tw.iiili'.lli':! V-. .-.V ,1 vrit-ria;icc.
recil.n a linw-tn mi'al'i pt'ns, fro ,
A liuiind vi'liuiio nf lis l-aKra. tuntaifiiiig the Nevr
OeiiMin by umiiiili.s ami all lurt-e i ll c, 14') Knrr
vlu.'Kil Mii-lmiMcal Miivcniuiits I'atnnt l.awa i:iul
rnlc for 11b nii.lrj l'aten 1 imitltd ou ruc pt of 'Id'
t - 1. 1 ... iu... p. .( i.uu.. u ifii rn o:.
Staml Heat Potter tlinn ny other made.
Ak fur Dithr diie'a an l lake no o her.
Kee tho our nnme Is on every bo
DI1HH1DG & SON, PittaburtU, Pa.
fcArKend for I'l ie List
A c rials cure for l'sltrh, Attl ma. and other dii
riiM-a ti tlm A'rPvancea. llt to any addrwa on rt
cuipl ul'l..'i9a box, with full dlmituiia. Knoloto
1 i:n f-jr -.uroulnr Alllbea
Ka. FIELD O trai dcr. Ohio.
WW NTIKJ).- Lmly and namlcilirn Aiwiti for
Jiio. f. I'. A1 boit'a Iriinoo PaiMian Wur mid
tn P, It liuiidall, lObOrltwobl Hlrrrl, hclrol , Mich.
lllktorv ul Italy. 11 1) K Taylor. Ai-'i. ni-oot-
$30. WE WILL PAY $0C.
Accnts $nn por track to II our prrtit and valunble
dbcoverioi. If von wan permanent, bonorsle aid
pleaKHnt woik, -poly fur particular!. Addre 1) tit
i t:0., Jiiiknon, Mich n.
1T000" Gcjrrv&.
nm fur.arsn'iTi-orTHK
To be hold In Waul) ou tit soon a all Tick-
eta oro aold, of which Ten Uaya Notice
will be given. )a d nui laicr tnsii Novnnlwr 'M,
till. Kut.fe iiiiinlier or ilckcta. M.W'O i eaon.
I .114 Olltn, amiiiini ii( to Uvuw-ll. ( If awarded,
-fn fur C rculnr. elvlngl n or f at d KclcrrncM.
Ticketacan I I ad of- ltll KY A rAltGKNT,
l'Lilalclili a, lolomlu'S' .. ni d U a ii oiul, Ind.
Or, P, (J DKVLIN. Gei cral Ascnt,
HI Nauau Hrc',Kew York,
Hon. lI.McOl'fcLornil Klkton, I -,,,..,.,
M J GKl, T. 1 A'tLK. Baltimore vm""""
ion. -I H. NKOI BY. P itl urt. Trunk.
a Voll) y.IAt;KH. A vloilni of ei-rly lndiecre.
' "'l.v ... i,
nrrvi us ilrbllllv. iirnnniui dc-
cily, I ma (lianiivrreil Hull mea-a iff eelf lire,
wliloli I"- will amid ' hit f -llow-n-ff r'a. Addrn
J. H. UKEVIJ4. 18 Ram-nil Hired, N w Yrk.
av. etc.. bavins- irlcrt III vain every dvcriMfH rem
STAMMKRINO.-Th onua. n-moved. Addr.W
Dr. A. KOltDMAH, Enut lladilain. CI.
.it. Mil rp a 1 1 fti'7s-
t VLJR Ban . trim U'tm m.
Sew Torlt Oflloo. 27 BTT.VWaW RT.
I'robateCon !, Vinton County, Oblo:
i r
OTICEII liox .. ' 1 v.-h (lint V. H. M. Hoi'l.
. "J8' ' ' , '.' ;T , . ,,a Tiii
1 fl" Prt Ul eettk ( l-nd 1- t. Uiu IMinn la lot
. IVIIlOAVllll-J v.-.,- . ,
. i'.... 1. 1 . w Illf.f4ereii.no.
lor bearing ou i c . u (i ts w.ipwr, inn,
I , . .
I i1- f'l'T 4, M-H
' -It' I'll l"lij
H. li MAY",
i'r;betc J'.-dg'.

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