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J. V.'. ItOYVEN, Editor.
OFFlCE-ln fecund filmy f.Jimil
luililinir, North Side of Main lUcct, l...ol or
(.'OUl'tUldlSti. ,
November 15, 11.
CHOLERA. The Scourge has Arrived---
A Plague-Ship in Quarrantine
-Forty Deaths at
-Forty Deaths at Sea---Seed for Next Summer's
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
following: is -a correct Recount
of 'tlio cholera at Qti arrant me:
The steamsrup Jbrsinkim o;
the New 'Baltic : Lloyds Line,'
arrived Saturday" Tiijrht with a
number ..of cases ' of cholera.-
She- sailed from- Stettin-'oil
October :10, toncliinsr fit Co
penhagen' on; the ; 1-tli,. and
Christ iaupcn.' ' At ' the", latter
eabiii 'and Gil
port she had 22
t,teM'fio passengers; and crew
of GT inen.- . . '.''. ;
Wherr !eii days out' the (list
case of cholera made its appear
anw'ftmon'g the steerage pas
fcerigVr3,"aiid wlien" the steamer
ptit into Halifax' to obtaju 'coal
there had 'been nearly one'Iunv
died cases of, cholera aiid chol
eraic diarrhea, of which forty
were fatal. . ' , '. "" ', . s. ,
Since" leaving' Halifax one
death " occurred, and '.' to-day
...velvcrpatic-nts suffering from
cholera vere' sent." to West
Bahk JIospital.'' The' well pas
sengers were transferred to the
United States steamer Dela
ware, lately fitted up as a re
ceiving ship by the Quarran
tine aut hovitiov "
The Franklin after the trans
fer .of -, her. passengers, was or
dered to" Lower Qua.muitine,
wher'o f-he will . be thoroughly
disinfected and Retained. until
it is thought safe to allow .her
to come up to the city. ,
N. Y. -Kov. ; 13-Miduight
Fourteen additional cholera
patients. ' from ..tlm Bfeainer
Franklin, have been admitted
to the "West Dank Hospital.
The Famine in Persia.
The following account of the
fainiuc in Persia . is taken from
a statement, made. at-, a public
meeting recently held in Lon
don to raise money for the re
lief of the sufferers:
"The lamentable famine now
raging in per.'na, ami threaten
ing to carry off hundreds of
thousands of the scanty popu-
latton of that extensive king
dom, has been caused by the
unparalleled drought which has
prevailed throughout the coun
try during the last three years.
"In an area far... exceeding
that of. Great Britain and
France togetheiyno river of any
importance exists, and the fall
ui nun ui luv.-ojjuii- ami ou.u-
nier h insigiiincaur. in ordi
nary years, however, the fall of
snow between November and
ft Y 1
March is considerable.. It thick
ly covers the huge mountain
ranges which intersect Persia,
and as it melts in the spring
and summer, it fills the water
eour.ses and small canals from
which the peasants irrigate
their crops, .The soil in the
valleys is naturally lertde, and
a little labor insures a large
harvest if only the winter snow
fall has been abundant. This
unhappily, haw, for the last two
or three years, been siugupi ly
wanting; tho springs, water
courses and rivulets have com
pletely dried up, tho corn nwn
over and over again has been
waited, and the supplies iu the
country hao been exhausted,
and famine,-with disea.-w iu its
train, is now rapidly doing its
deadly work.
"The population. of Persia
has recently been. estimated at
about 1,000,000,- a. large pro
portion. of whom are Eelyauts,
wandering tribes., wkq' corres
pond to t.liH J3cdaweu of. -Arabia
and Mesopotamia.' ; These.
RelyauU ' principally.,: inhabit
the southern and eastern paith.
of the Empire, where the
draught has been most severe
Theii nifc.ina of Kubshteuee -do'
pond niiiu'y upon their thicks
and herd;!,' which -hhyt. d6w .in
tome places attogMher perished,
wiug to the -total -want yf
rass on the mountain slopcfe
and in the valleys The .most
pitiful destitution uhd tbiuuost
appalling mortality are thu'-re-'
cultij. The towns hare suffered
(scarcely le;5?, . At - Riishire,
Avheie relief . most CAallydr--juWy
m rcl rmvb.'w ch. . h as
liecii done under tlic auspices of
the Britisli Resident, deaths by
stai4vation.,nrtt of daily. occur-.
n'tlCC .-llIi 19 rvjioueu iuuwi-j
population' of Ivazeroon,' lately
estimate at", at 10,000,1 -liad
fallen donng these days 'of
itation to one litth that number;
that in round numbers 4,000
have died of famine since' this
time last year, and a like num
ber have lied the place. A
similar condition' of " affairs' ex
ists at Shiraz, Koomcslit.li, and
uiuiu or less all over the larc
provinces of Kinnan jnd K1m
raMiu i.' i h 1 e e v'en i if 1 lie 1 ess
nillieteil northern districts (he
. 1 ' u 11 ht.lt 1J '
must - lame'iitablo. tlisti;ess..pre
vails. It is reported that in
the city of Ispahan alone ik
esSthan 12,0x10 people 'have
died of want, and more than
double that number in the
province. No material im
provement cau be looked for
until spring." -;
The November Elections.
The November' election
were so much on the "jug han
dle' principle, and. there was
so little question, about the
general results, that the full re
turns come in very slowly. AVe
aunex'a summary of the result
in the several States:
, Nkw Yokk. lvepubliean
State ticket elected by a ma
jority ranging from' 17,000 to
20,000.. Legislature: Senate
liejiublicaus 21, Democrats 8;
louse Republicans 98; Dem
ocrats 30. There is no United
States Senator chosen this year
but the Senators elect will vote
on one in 1873.
.' M a ii ylan D. -Th e Demo
crat3 have elected Hon. Wil
liam Finckney "White Gover
nor, iu a vote of 130,000, ' by
about 15,000 majority, and
have regained the, four coun
ties, viz: Anne Arundel, Cal
vert, Charles and Friuce (Jeorg
c's, which went Republican, in
the Congressional election last
year. .The Democrats (hue
cany all J he... counties of.-tht-
State for Governor , . except
Frederick' and Cecil. . As re
gards the Legislature the if -t i-
atc will stand (11 Democrats
holding over). 21 Democrats
and 1 Republican. The House
of Delegates will stand 70
Democrats and 12 Republican!'.
When it i3 considtred that the
Radicals have been reinforced
by about 35,000 ncgroe.--, .the
result in Marylaud is quite sat
iafactory. j
New Jehsev. The Dem-
ocracy have elected Hon. Joe
I'arktT (rovernor, over V alfdi,
Rejtublicaii,' by about 3,000
majority. The Legislature,
under a'cooked-uji" apportion
ment, is Radical in both
branches. . ' ' ' . -
Vine; in i A. 'I'lie Democracy
laid, splendidly, although the
ejection ouiv lor memucrs
of the Legislature
Mississiprr. The Memphis
Avalanche of Saturday says:
"The Mississippi election was
the most orderly ever held in
the State. Semi-official returns
show the house to be Republi
cnn!bvT sixty-one to lilfv-three
Democrats, and two Independ
ent. The Senate stands twenty-four
Republicans to twelve
Democrats. This is a laTL'e
Democratic gain..- Governor
Alcorn .will resign .in a few
days preparatory to taking hi
seat iu the Uuited States Sen
ate. ...... ; -. ..'
Massachusetts. Returns
from all but six towns ifi Mas
sachusetts give Gov. Washburn
majority of 13,005 votes over
all other candidates-, : The
Legislature i3 RepuWican, but
with a stronger infusion of .La
bor Rt'foruiers thaiv usual. .
; Wti have, no -details of the
vote in llliuoii-, Vnieohsiu and
MindoiuU. They have- all
gne Republieati, the two for
uier by Jns than the um:1 ma
joriiy and the latter by .about
liist year's vote, . ' -
' .'. '.' i-r'j'f -,
The Salt of Nevada.
' 'That Kevada if capable of
producing salt enough' to pre
1 i .i . .I ...mi i
Mi'vc ue eariu no on wiu tie
hy wh' Is faihiliar with her re
ioiirces in that line, says the
Lureka Sentinel. In Churdiill,
Dinder and; White Pine coun
tips, there-are fait marshes- cov
yrin'g vast firm of terlitory,
and ' away smith, in Lincoln
county,! near Lea Vegas T.tnch'6;
'on tholRio.rV'irgin,-! thefo'ls .'n'
hge mouufairiof WnV
. u-ffdf i-iiMiinfarfin'a)l
cuuiitry in thV'woild.-
vifwmont 'may Undoubted by the
Sa pa ro, solid .'nild trrflis parent
istlio mountain salt spoken of,
that tba ""Mwuioiis of St.
Oeof jroi and k)ther, settlements.
iti southwestern Tjnli, use it
hi most exclusively for windows',
l lis tend pf. glass.; Lest tins state-
lncreeuuous, we may as wen ex-
plain that owing to the peculiar
formation ot the strata of the
uiouHtimrtke Bait can be taken
ouc in n, lives, averaeinaoout
itne-sixieeuiu or an men in
thickness, tilid ' of ..a'iiy ; dcSTecl
size, lif the early days", when
the Mormons had to re v sole
ly oif : their own' i-esourcepj ind
twuea many or juo couvejueuces
I. . :i -Vuli: ' ?
and qbjpiio l'J s iJ u le were wholly
unknown in that section, 'they
adopted this ciystalizd 'salt,
as-ve have 'already Haidj' for
window lights. The panes
they used reflected about a
much light as the' ordinary
frosted glass used in saloons and
other business houses. Owing
to the'fact, doubtless, 'that it
seldom rains in that part of the
'country, thej'salt "glass'v'was
found ' to bt?: durable, , and in
many places it is in general use
to this day. Without stopping
to speculate, however, on the
influence more and better light
would have : exerted ou the
Mormon problem in general,
and polygamy in particular,
we must.: proceed to notice
something in the salt line near
er home. Iii Diamond valley,
ten miles east of Mineral Hill,
Henry Williams, the "Salt
King" of Nevada, has just com
pleted an extensive refinery.
The works consist o!'two large
chimneys, twenty feet high,
and leading to each are '.two
nearly hor.z .mtal furnaces, fifty
feet, in length'. Each of the
four furnaces runs five pan
quaking a total of twenty pans.")
which. are ten ..feet long, forty
inches wide and. . nine inches
deep. There are also two large
driers, located cunticuous to
the ipftaee. The pan a are a
pable-' of producing about 100
.11'M.iu.ds. eacli.oL pure, tait- j m
day, or a total of .8,000 pouiijd.
The yvali!1 from the marsh. It
placed in the pans, boiled, and
the soda and other hn'puiities
allowed to uass off, leaving the
salt, after the dry ing process,
us clear and pure as crystal.
testis made ol the mined article
show ninety five, per cent, c
pure salt. . r
Decay the House of
: lhe . C'ncinna'i. . Chronicle
says: Loiys Rossuth is f
opinion that the IIou3e of
lliipsburg, oiy rather, Austria
is drawing to an end. r JIo
thinks that the German proviu
cos of . Austria will join the
German Confederation, and the
Sclavonic5 provinces Mill' lean
to the protection t of Russia,
He is more than ever convinced
that Iluugafy should be an.iu
dependent State, and be . the
barrier between . Russia - and
German v." In Mhii connection
he says: ': -. ' " '
lIf Hungary allows herself
to be the tool of the House, of
Hajisburg she. v iJO Io.t
Upper ,. and Lower... Austria,
with' Vienna, . must become, a
part of the German Empire.
The House". . ol llapsburg will
then Count on, Hungary, to save
its waning strength. i( If Hun
gary puts herself .forward at
this juueture tolo.ppos.QJGci:s
mau unity, she will, like Ro
land, bo cut up and. parceled';
out to her neighbors,; It is tier.
inevitable destiny. jXC'en-.thin
morning I find In the -jor.n-als;
of.Pesth, which come to mtr
every day, thatthere is gret
emotion in' Pesth ; because! the
writers sny that Austria trem
bles in the balance.'. U Thus y'ovv
perceive, that Hungary, through
her leaders,, bw , been,1 seduced
iulo, becolning snbscl'v'ient to
the House of llapsburg.''.- M
There is lnuc'httorTrTausI"
hie- and apparently welf foi)ii,d-
.1 1 t . 1 -
eti in incsc licas. . n uocs. seem
tin possible' fpr disiointed and ill
cemented Auatrhr; with its an
tagonistid 'and differ en t riatioii
alilies, to hold logetlief 'tiiuch
longer. ; Europo"3"Te.i(ig re-
t'niist.i ut(,((' ufiuii !the' Vin'ncinln
of ..people.-
. ... . . C ...; , . .!
lT 'Ululcd ' crmuny.is
rap.dly foJl'wtiig us exun
lhe Anstnan provinces are
only out of tlQ.Fathei land, and
to it t heVTrire being, dra wn -by
stroncr't ies.?-The Sclavonic
is lulf tiong enough to
be a barrier between tvvo-Kueh
mighty empires, as, the Sylvuu
ic:'an'd' ihe ' Germanic. '"WhjU
wciuTlTTi VPii fteen" nnlilnis o f
peophy placed "he twee ij'.elgh ty
millions oil 'thVone side, and
ajxty MilUoii9;cii tltejptherido?:
independent Folaud. Ihe
breaking '.'ilow n . ofjjttjfit .''tatV
va3 a great vnstortune" to JJJu-
rope, it was prouuetivo oi
many wars. It should be re-
established, and, in alliance
with its twenty millions of peo
ple witllliinsflry, might keep
.ieace wUTi thcRussiaus i n .1 lit-
Russians in the cast and the
Germans in the west. The
Germans have but a small slice
of Poland, and they could well
afford give up their share to
have it reconstructed. Russia,
of course, would oppose it,- but
IU lUe BVCUb Ul U yifllL AilUIU-
pean war, the necessity might
be forced upon her. , We are
living iu the greatest transition
age that, Europe has seen for
Canturies. Wonderful events
arc coming to pas, and nation
al? schemes long deemed im
possible, are being realised
The destruction of Austria,
which seems fiietl table, C-ii
uut but be followed by extra
ordinary political changes-'. ;
; The: GhmdJnry of Cla'ilc.;
county,' last jv.cck, ., .reported
forty indictments, twenty were
against persons charged with
burglary and the greater por-
tioil ofthe'l:(iror:hiv-?'i'5- '
Nuv. U, ljn.hv'jnWM A. irrn'O'iiiilll. .V 1..
Ml-. .M.LKN TllUMl'-SUN uml .Mi llir.l.lt'l
CODl'l.K, !
Nnv. .)('(h, ct tho lionie of tlii brlilc. liy Rev.
.Iiinnllinn' Jtrtne. Mr. I rui n 1). Liii.NNKi'r uml
.Miss Ali'i'IMlvCIA Wins, , ,
On the hHTiw tiny hy lh( mm. cr. V 1MH
Mokki.s ninl Miss ,Siiuc.u.ir Iiiici.ii p. , .
XV i I la in ESrctinw; KsJatc.
Probate Court, Vintor. County, Ohio.
NOTlt'K ii liun-liy Jflvcii Uml Mrs. Klii'uetli
Ji'nwn, Kxeiutrisc oflliu l;i;il W1. iikHcbUi
m 'HI uf Willlniii l;i"Vn. d"i i-j.-ciI. Ims IIU il
mni'iii ln-r Arniiiiiis wUii fiiM fur lliii.l
c'tlli'iiiP'H : ami Ilia', llic lRi-lii(,'iil'()n) Mini' U
Ml fur tho Ulliiliy ul DoifiiiliiT. 1K71, nt U o'
clock A. " J. I(. JIAVO.
Novoinbtr IS, li-71-lt, ' i'l'tilmte JiiiItp.
. Our New I.M of . . , -To
lRivcu totliu iniiivsiliml suliioiibei-sofllie
Weekly Iin;ui rei',
On nrliKfore April lt, niimbc.it CIT pi(:
miuitM, of which Jl .diHi is lhe liuxest am) it Uic
low i"t in ruliiu. and tin: tluL initio of all U
JIO.U'JU. Peiul for a tinciini'ii iciiy of
The- Cincinnati Weekly Hriqiircr,
' r Wltli'our f'ostorn, Clri-iil.im lin.i-
kl ICvorv t'l stihsrril)pr hi'compf a nnrt icJ 11
in tho ilistrilmlinn of our premium.' A(l(iii:'s
. fll.Ail JICI.liAiN, IMI.IIhllOrH,
. eiiiilliiinli, O.
; , ,'i 1
Road Notice.
NOTICE ia hereby that 11 petition will be pre
soiled lu tho ('ouiliiiaaiiiucra of Vlntnti
county. Ohio, at their next regular session In
Oeueiuhcr. ltfll. uravlni: inr rim eliil;iuinni.i
(if H t'iunt- road nliinir tin, -flifiu'iMi.e.itiii. 1.
1 111111111 r in,,, wit. , i-iii.-ii rv mcc mo unnsc jir
wiv. i.kj.ii,.iinK p'un 1,11 1 iic Qijiini y ixmti
omc'armiidlioiim'i lliflm-B aouih ur ncai iv o to
the line between John S. Ila It 2d nnd Mili eu -:
et Dniikln: Ihcin-e cic-t Willi Mild line im near iin
may be pi-iiL'tit'Hhle for a good . road to- or near
an oals tree; tliem-c in 11 iiuilh-eastevly-direction
)iit twnoiik trees to or neur 11 auiinr ti ne
on the line hot weeu Aliu-jriirut DunlcU; mid Hiii
y vie.su'oiii;iiicin;CKiiiilliviltlisalil line noai-
Vlrtln i, fruni feAi.. tlw.ii.i. In a tt.t l...uM,rn.l
(firei-tbm m 11 (11111 tree near the Hue between
William Hernia and Henry Weistcoal; IIioiich
iiirasoiiih-ciihterlv direction over tho nuiiraat
and best, route to n pbiut near two lieecli treoe
on tho lounlv inad riiiiiiiiir cmt and Host thi'o
tht lauds of Lafayette linnkle. arid thira lo'ifml'
Koveitibe 1. lMI-tt'i ? 1Srr't:" "
lifX fjROOli'S WiNB OF TAR will our your' '
Dyapepaia. ,( u iKflii :. . ) 4 'M lr
, TAKE Dr. Crook's Wino of Tar If'iouf- .
Btomirch is out ol order. r?" " 1 -r
TAKE DrCrootVWni et'Tar' irVU'"'
wish your Aauinia jureu.- t; if;; i
(TAKE Pr. Crook's Wine of Tar to strengthen
lad build up your lyatomj ' ' v " f"
' TAKE Dr.'Crooks' Vln it Tar t Jou ft R'
Wakaudpobilitatti..n-;f--, .i:;-.-3--:i . ;;
TAKE Dr. Crook'. WMe of Tar if jroB hM (
t Cliromo Cough yoa wlsk cured. '
' TAKE Dr.1 Crook's Win of Tar'for 'bron. ' :.
...j b.yftr .: ,(!., -J!' I
TAKE Tr. Crook's Wine of . Tar If you a!-
TAKE Dr. Crook's Wine of 'Tar if you have ' '
Urinary troublas, 4 r; - -i r ,', i - -
; '' TAKR Dr. Crook's Wins of Vaf for jont; "
Throat -or Luna Ailmenta.
TAKE Dr. Crook's Wine t( tat V jori lh
to be healthy.. For sal by , Druggists' eryj -Where.
'" ' THE fl An clKbt jiriirfll nii'b
One J)ollftr. IHiPlokKiMMK.
iw " "1 ".T."' "jj"i K 0 prc.in.lum" or r.aalrootn
niiasiona. !iv wher yon - saw tlil Bnvintise
ftieut. BltlUHTfifDjS CU.ublUlicrs, Clflgo,
-ij V) via
j? 1". na ttxr
rtftr s'eYl aerrtriU HtnJ?$t,f -'i',M,ll,
1-j.-.i,ai. t-.i-krt ntvoiiurcih nnd -whiim
RKnbnauld ill qecCy linudq 1l i,J,L0rrl "'.r -ft
Aiseiiuwliuiifo iA wrtrkrt cl!iii bg from io
tJIOadiiy. j ..,.. Ailt
Fiir'it'wjrlptlve HrrtylaraAjil ,f rrni ''
IVn'tar (D rtU .d A g-cpr.' H-ipplles.
SJ Ciiil. . ., JIo. 1 8iJtn8., Wunburgh.l'a
f;- Hi li Waole8Bl'abaalor'iia ) H J:V' iV.
JTly Nfock is now complete Tor Tall Sales, and
not at the hijIa prices some parties hare antic
ipated ayfiiK'.
.The, nveraue nvice all
than i the wl'alJ J ol' 1870. A h tun 11 advance is
5 ""lES ; AND;SCApS,
our ltfti Vi 'iip ltt(ilh. I fcoort nnadi imeiu of Iiupurtad
iidcjl iio four Bftt'l'KI-!! ffilih. Al ,H rood naoi lmctit of Import
T'HiiCy oo(U, jljuiilji ujjui,.f pool Cuiiun, Wall 1'npur and orerytlilni
kriit.Jluj. Nollo IliiOMts te iiiw t moderate nlaiia on ..coat to ahon
ri, hr etiah iti lilTuif, u "JUcouut alloWda.'ri:' : l . - -i v.. s
lienniyi FHnty.
traiiM-aiir ki
time btiyori
. ( -. (-..; .)
.' September 1st, 1871.
OF "1871,
v" t
Through in much lower
1 1
.is , . .
Hero in
f"VIR sulisiM-lber offbr to sell tivo of the best
X uplniutFiirmfl la gimtliciii Oliiu Tor two
thousand diillnrb lrs thnn tliolr ciish Tiiliiuttnn.
lluvlng loit till my Iiui-hcs. bihuII riiiIii, mill
tanning utensil liy (Ire. I will sell hntli of my
fat Mt.t, hliuatuii iiciii Ifucluiimii, l'iktf county,
Ohio, .wijli : . . , , ,iit .. ., . t .. .
Covn Crpps tIiij(l titled,
lower thnn rim be boticht Hiiywliura oils! or
west. Furllior urtlciilar by rnlllnjr on
J. M. tlll.l.lliil!sn,
41-1 llui lnmaiK l'iki X, O.
snoiimnsnoa nop Doioi(i 1!T 1J
jo UiuXg puuoduioo I.Hoojo a Jl VI
'Psaouioj aaiduiij jire no.( ;i iooi oijoj
jo dtug jianodiuoa 1,0013 -ia UJIVX
. " -U"oj oo 01 ti;ojrfl joj joog ojjoJ
jo dniitf jiuuoiiuioo .1xwo -JalaHVl
in Jo ;!g 'ojor pio avh noX )t joow b-ioj
Jo dnjig liuHOdiuoo s.hoojo -ia 3JIVi r.
a;!ig biji ro oenssia Xa joj ioojt esoj : .
jo diuXg ponoduioo b.jioojo jg aHVi
Jfnnnn8oj tp8U J9AI-J jnoi ji jooji ooj
jo an jig punoiiuioo ,ioojq 3HVX ,
pooq 0111 jo uowpuoo poAdiiiop v no bi
poddp udip Xu ivq not j '100a ooj
jo diuis paiioilmoo i.JtooJO -jq aaVi
-pooiq JtlOf 6RHSOI0O) oh Vi
jo dtuXfl puuoduioo Moojo ,-ja aaVi .
9pw J!tJnj pooia PW8H1111
'liy oqj hi pnu'u.wowji uoaj jo tioixua
d.uii oiiioj, soq eqj paunuoDBoj
' " U a Prpnrnt4on which
XII HO AT . )m been tried by the '
public for ton yenrs, xni
AND jiroved itelf in fliou-
'"'" Bunds of CHsei cnpulilo of
JIUXGS. c-ui ing nil ilispnses ol the
Tliront anil InaKfU
i- - - j (n4 remedy to nm
COCtallS for Chronio CourIik, or
' ' Congha mnl Collin. U
ASI promptly euros them nil.
. lion cured ensoa of Oon
COXSl'MPTIOX. sumption pronounced in.
'. , ctiialilo by phyaicianB.
Hn oiirod so ninny ctnea
ASTSI.n Arr,"! ' t AMlihn afid Itronclri' ;
t 1 tin, .Unit Ithns bian pr.
'' Ai ' ' ' itonnned n specific for '
, .. " tlioso oompliiiiit. if af-
1, dieted, will vou let prcju.
nitO.t It ITISMicd prevont youJfrom
:! being cured alto! t
nciionti nnrt InviRor
ktcH tho eutlro evhtcin,
nrnniTV nid rnpldlv restorca Ex-
vary remedy for the trenlc
mid debilitated.
Hestores tho Appotit.
- itrongtliein tlie Htom
API'KTITE; 8i:h, relaxes the Liver,
und puts llioni to work,
ciiiiHcti 1 he food to digest,
DTSrr.l'SI.V.'uvl muken pure blood,
removing I'yspepsia, In
digestion, 4
Its action on (he Urinarv
(Irninid lire both prom pi
nnd iimikeil. ltaucecei
in reproducing the urin-
nry socreunns ivnen oin
, er powerful d i ure tlca
have failed. '
': Una togetaUa inarodi.
IT is ct uri'ioubtsd Tun
. Ic vnluo, cornbi iod witli
1 . . the rich mediclr l quoli-
' lies of Tar com... vj In
irnviji It, whi'di make .i tho
""'iiiijst reliable Tonic In
. the market.
Dr.;crook's wine of tari
' fil rea tone nnJ energy lo .
'' Dobilitatcd ConHtitiitiona
Kin I nil recovering: from
liny' illnoNH will find it
(lie llcat Tonie tliey
can take.
.. 1 - " Delicate Females who
liaveno nppctite, itlwava ,
DelicatcFeionloafiiircring, mil never feel-
, lug well, nhoulil tnko It,
. . . 'i' " ' to get strong and healt liy
Remotes pain in breast,'
hide or Bai k. Is a innxt
- ' I LITKU. etloctiVB IteKiilnUu-of th
v ., , Liver, curing Jaundice,
' or any Liver Complaint. ;
' ,. , . ..
. ilea made many persons
Dtrpng and hrallnv who
had boon nnableto norlt
- itstionuibe ke
or WMK lor years. ; i 1
i' '
kept iv every
1IFALTII n,l"', und ,ts le-ivinn
' ! . ,rOrrln,!B"-'lv "T
...A Card to the Ladles.
(aoldrn PeHodicai rills
fnaUnhU in corrrnNnj Irrfqulttritlf, Hemrring
0bitiwtlonsqftlt4'Mwttiy I'ertuUt, ioni
Thov nBvr'fiiflis(tiTTlter'leftf't1il mKHt
erarvcaao w hore, tho inii(lily llovr line been
oltitructud tlirnmrli cold onllstiwe. DUI'ON
COD (lOI.DKN PII.LH always ulve Immediate
relief, Ijclngeapm-liilly prepiiicilfor nifirrlerl In
diea.. A lmlv writes 1 ''JUiponen's Golden Fills
rellovt'd inwlu onpday, without Inconyenleiiro
Ilka iiiatrlc' The i-Joiiulnn nreput up In Lars'
irnyi hexi.niitnlrihii dinililr, the ounnMrv of
I'tlin. and npiirioiirilibox ynu will llnil vi.V" "i'ri-.
vaie u.rs, ituvoniie-M.Biniir n iiianii'iRinp bcp
lliowolili .JJin'UXJt.O ai OOLXiluX.Vll.I.W, In
Ifite !.(('. without that Xonf ' .Oeimin. f
IttMmbiv. tlm"fAwia,''iii ialhe WMtttofixiK.
full and exiijlc4t,ili-ei;ti(ii lioi-ouipunsr OMolt
box.' Pi-Ice riierboi;flbixo8.V Hold by 0110
I'f'uffgisnu every town, pny, wioviuiigu iuiuu
wimil. ;""'V ' V V. ' "... .i
jftill In MeArlhul1, ty W. SlSMSr, finiHH
J.A HIES! Hy acmlimr him 1 tliroiiRlr tho
MitAt-iliue. Dliio. J'nuttilHco. ran tmro tho Pills'
seut(eonlliluntllly, by mail touny part of tho
ohnli,y,freeof.postaKe.'o'i"J 4 -
Bot'l, nlaojiy JubiLUeik.UH, ithyiiaiid-J.i-'
uineniiiuii. v,. .. . .'.,
. f. P. HOWE, SideTrirIelor,NoWTolV5
fii.iA Ul
I aAIItVl' .
Ifew York Oq; 27 BEBirM.yt ,ST,
rCUEit fa tHC W0Rtp,dT ,
Gr 33 ISt .--T" Pi
AVuntnd to otittiiu (uhscrlptloiiNj.
for Tits Katiosal JolIUN.tl., tlmi
(Jlu apcst Weekly in North Ainer fy J
ion.l)l:iriro iiuircs, ). columns, ol"
'. r cxiiilluni ivmliiiL' matter, and on-
, ly HI per year. Liberal coinmin
Hiiuiii pniil AgonM. Kpleuilld pro
, ' lniiiiiM. The paper In dcToted to
' r.itoiatiii-c.Tuiiipoi'iinoo, Morality
, nnd LnvHlly.
rubllnhed tit i7 Washington Ktrcct, New.
York, by 1). KonissiiN A Co. Speclini ni) free
BUssKeene & Co's:Fli Extract
tnitOMC 1SLUOU l.iRAiKS.
Dr P. T; KKKVK liavbi" J11.1t re'iirneil ftnin F.n.
11 nliir and bri.nif t with lihn a ena r.l;, uf IL nu.
Hln Cnniliiritiieo I'.m-k, e urwl rlirmih lhe
ili IhI i-ceninnieinlatlmi ami n..l -.i:i rni- of ilia Kce.
lency tile Preal.lenl of Iv'iin loi', and the Oovi riiiii. nl
af 'I a' Ui pnbllc, ive are pn pared to nil nrilera for jl
in 1 'inilte 1 axleat, . anil at anerne ate-tnt mie q'tar'eT
of 111 d wliicli the ejt nl tlic llrit mry phi ill supp'y
I'unipf Ited 111 ;i( ell irM. . ' -
Oil" I'luld ICxti-aet la prepared from lhe ij'nnhir
Ctiniliir,inij;ii Itarlr flnm l.na l'.ru dor, aeouriid
l.y sr-slfnnee,iiflliJa(i linrtlet til iliat oattntrv .Pold
hy all nmiilsla in.pl id bn'tll-a. Iiavlnrna the in Our
name, trade mark Jiml fall illrerl o-'S fiy I'r ee,
S10. Lihritnry Xo. Il'i. frdi-r St.. N1,- Vork.
T , Hi.tis "Nf, D WaaMiiKt.ie. 7,: V.
r:r.is..M. 1)., .NtfW Vork; V. T KRKR,' M. 1)., New
1 , ; , : AUTIlOl! OK :
' 1
"llelsy ant.
I arc Ouf,"
Thallai Faialy. N.iwsruiunf in it ho I'vnntiV, M'i
a vi'ar. i7i".il 'i- e.Trini.ii ci iv nnil c III II riren ar.
Aildrvsa TIIK- Till iSCNK. tx-trnit, Sflcli.
Is invited brnil Ma editrvFR itirt '.reiieUl Free
and roatan'O rnldaeapy of the
Aiuerican Farm .Tourtin.
.Tlwjanat Prai'lb-al, the Beat nnd Cheapest l!ii'trc
led A;rlen.!tlirid paper in Ihn United Statu. Ou j
70 rents por voilr. Bond Inr a ap-clmeii copy,
Aildie.-J MlU.Ki:,L' C'KEAIO.
'' Tiit,d... Old,,.
illH" iTwiT-'i'.rnri.u il,ll..ni.M'; 1,
In.every mlnirrlt-cr ef Mcrrv'e Muswmi, lhe Toledo
.( ) nff-ired free ilnrlntr ilie ciimlnr vear
lilii ie. i..anernv a l-emoerHl . etc.
lliiraee (treeb v. .ta'i-ca Partna. Theodore Tilnn
nhicii is .m evlii n-e el' pa ivnrtli n"d reaeihir Iv
Ouil Itnmiltnn, etoj, write fr everv niiuiber.
torn ana-asia
--wi. . . . . -i . . .
In cliilibhi-f It nfvi-a tlirc llfl e'nw fierlodleal. far
'lie price or Ihe-ii. A variety of Preiii'iima en
eipi illy lilicfal .. (eriYis, It ts nn original, tlrei.e1i.si
Mn as'ee.. Vnlume X bcrins w ill Jarmarr T'.'.
---"',a . . . - '
" luve upeclmelf enpirafree, Adilre.ri
axTui aeriw-iat rnua cs
3SKta tnust&AMS tr-e
1. .-i. wiinn, ewinm.,. N. V.
mm 0
rpilU iildestnui! inoat rl able (natltittioii for ob
A taiiiiiur ii'MriO 'iililc liliicAtii'ni. . '
I'r icri.al rtiislne-.. men as Inslfiietors.
1'ur information wrl'e fora circular In
. ; ' 1 l't Jilt I'-F-Jk SONS. PI tal.uri.-h. Pa. ;
v-mtsxi vst'Tra-v-jAMy turnan
.. . TH li NEW - .-
M'-A' Cr iB 1 is ii .-
,V7!ia.. Sumner & Co.,
fi I XT 'I T XT v I rrn
1 . . I A Nl AM, I
UlieaanilTovrm. In lhe State 3
I !
Cidlcltcd bv MV.NN &
i'O. l'lihllaliera fcle mil!"
American.. 87 i'ark Ituw, N.
Tarrnl v-flviey ears' xprlti. ' '
I'aiiu.liK't-. coniainliiii I'aunt Laws, wlih full ill
recilons bow to' olilriln pa'sn'a, fe i . '
A liniiiiil vehi'inn Af 118 iiiuri a. inntalnlliir Ilie New
Oenaus by coiinllea sad all large .ult, ',, 140 Uura.
Vinusof aleelianiral Movements, Patent l.swi and
rtilea fur obiainlug Patau s mailed tin race pt of ii.'.
iCUrfV Tho BEST winter OTERSII0E I
TV NO BUCKLES to break!
I J. TNOTROlIBI,Etoputon!
uJt Mcat,flcntcel,Stjllsh!
ASK tOl'B SnOE DEilltt 0H IT!
ir 5: id. a- ?a
Stand Heat Halter tlinn any" other made.
Ask for IlithridkVs soil take no oi.Uer. ' ., .
' Seethrtt our iiiuum la oii.'vsiry hot .-I.
DITHBIDO & SQffv-P- bviruh, Pa.
Bt-Hond Tor Prio 1.1st
$00. . i WE WILL. FAY. $00. i t
Agents fill) por wai-lt ti sell our' (p'ent (did yaliiable
lllacuv trios. If you want peniuiient.'lianoraMe and
pleasant woilt.-.plilv for partlclilsry. A'llre: DVER
k CO., .lacksor), Mturi'pin. ' :v J "' ,
CftflK i A MONTlll'lioine fiirnisfiHii, xncn
tfl&Oi: sua paid.. II. 11 1IAW, Alfred, Ale. ,--.
rr-r- .-- -r s TT T?', V 'll.r'" ' .
AVOID O'HAfJKH. A vletiiiiT of early laillat'te
. fun. cin.lnir. n.i-voilailelitllir. prrrlisiiirit dc
eay,idr..thavlnt( ndial In vsln e'vary sdvrtlneil rent
edv, baa iHaenvoi ed a slmp'e.meaes of solf eure,
wrilnh lie wllLeenil in Ills' fcllnw-siiiTjrert.- , Ailriroaa
b'JL i!-':-Ji lw'"8 1n-rS 'Vra5 ,. '
'- rtt Vnfe ' f'ttstTUKNT or'
CHSraflb & SPAJkt E1S2ASES.
(1 A rhyfof(fciil S'low of Jtlarilumi, ; '
' TSe'.' oheapsaV bdok ever published enntsjnviie
nenrly three liundreil piiffes, and one hnnlired and
thirty ftii plaMs anil na;rvi rtaraT of th anstotny nt
Aie liufdan Orcnnn -in n ante of heiitth and disease,
Willi s treatise on srly eViiirs.'lls deplnrable eiinso.
-iueni es upon the liitad end body, with Ihe author's.
p'stV'nf trcaljiient Hie only rational and sneeessftil
tllla of Utirit (ullMWb-of-s-e -taM0r
A Ii iillifiil advlfer lo lle married and tlioaa nonteni-pisHl-ii
marriage, wlio entetHivui dtinWs ofllidil- phys
ical MnaIKlrt. Meat free W post ?A'td thy aditr.ns.
01s reealirt uf Wu'elifv.evs rents In KsmnS dr foslal
diisroticn. by S'l'lr.-eliia Ha, l.A (ntOlX, W. II
Maldeitibaiie, -Albany,- N, Y, The autllor insjr bt
sonsulted npon any of tlie dlseaaea upon whti fi his
liook taesis.,(iiihi-r personally or hy mad, am.l medi.,
oliics sent lo any pu t of tlie world,
. crrv.W"
Ao'ir HOM 1l - HiW uml. Can .i(io ftirnUli
V'tl si!: iAi.("ii.iM..ild ; imi u rKuK. ii, B,"
ii A .t, Alfreit MK
Li.rn '-Ji
: j , 1 1 -
KirtEii- t:T.T.tiKN8; nntoLTKits
Ouil mnterl.iK.iC .lvorv Kind. Write fr Pi-lno
Mai, tufli-ciitVoti'rii.itm YYnrli. I'lttsbiiiKli,'
Pa.- Ainy tfiula and RevolVolH bought or till.
iled fin1. AituiiiM wiintgd.
AOEraia. o.oici .......
ll to 12 daily easily inhde, t'roAtphln and re
mei'inlile liniiieaa, A Hula noraltjr vranlrd by .very
Iniily...' Siwto '". Fund atnmn fi'r olre.iilkn In
Uliuroliillit 'IViii'letini,.Mamil'., Oli Uriimt'y, tl, T.
I! Saiiilk aaot (pota paid ) fc .r Flf tjr OanU, ttul
ItnUiUaillf for Tmi DoHir., U.I- WiiMXHT.n.Y.
FREE J . 3 Months; on, Trial I
A flrat-olaM l.tr quarto fmrnnl, (!4 eolnmna. Ilhu
traltd. drone v. iir fi.r (In ("eufn, ivitli 2 b'.unil l 0
iirei, r-.!fna"Mr.iiah' D. !... I.I. I... and E. 0
II iiven. I I). 1, L I., ih, lOMiiiiin-,' Send' rani, ai'.l '
ulilreKStoi'KoI'LICe' JilUUNAUCiiioinnatl, (ihio,
m.AflK TEA
with I lie (run ftn fltwtir,
Warrauled In salt all taatna,,' '
Foe mlii Merwelmrt, A ad fur
ale wlio aaala . onlr kv tlis
IO T,K CO.. H Church Sr., N.T. -I.
O. D'ik XSif Senil lor Th.a
Nac'ar Olreulari
W" ""AN'TlCD-AOICNTSi, .S?f per il.flln aelltU
relohra-eil HUM K Mil I IT l-l .v. ttn-lKniu.-
(a'lke on k.iih aldosi and i fullv Jleeseerl. 1 li. hnt
nnd eheaneit fnmily . ng Mneliln. in the market.
Addraaa .IniiNauM, 0L4I.K .V Co., Ilnainn, Mnea.. Tilts
tnirnb. I'a.O.'ileaifn. III., iirftl I.imla. Mo.
CIIINH. Il. li,rllnil,.r.(,.,.,l
0omi.niiid .- ome, tsl Broailw.j, N. T. Kcoil locr.rU.it
Willi nltutofrraphlo llknolio. ofoaic. brfor. and arivr.-Mr. ii
III. ll.nr; Ward R.Mher ou., I.li.n aud p.rlr.lL H. war. of
tmr.liDi impawn, wbopTM.04 to ImviImib anlsuuUorOr.
R0II.TC1I anil Carol h Hr. Sh.pm.n-. 9mtnt .nnii.. ...
sbssmah.. n. has a. 1si..
m? 1 A W1! A History of the
V 1A1 1 liJUi) Kranco-Uerman
i'r; and
The 11 cai t'lMlion in Pin-in,
een--:i'e.relial'e aid .-niiiplete. In Knlh sorl 0-r-'iiai't
4O0IKI Oopii-s alreaily M'd. Price ! 50. Ail
iliws .f HwirinpfiTit Siiplif II vk, knp and I'io
lure jiini. t hlcngn or Ml. I. II a.i
COp7At''aa ufa-eautae Farlnn
I'QA 7Z-- "'' Water, aad Is
1. k-. .Iu.IIm.IA MlWahl..
fin Can ZH
'St a. -"apeiiM.ita vn
the Toilet
every l.adv i
tleman, 6old br lrnaret.ta
and lealera la 1'KKKt.MF.R V.
popeky: "
Tlir For of the Church
IVhalit lira dime. VI at I: la didnt acd wl'sl It
incus to'-do. i. p .wer. i epnnaui. liifalllbiVly,
fiiinds. ri'llcta, tnir:.c en. id'ttr.lir, par.Hrn lona, .'Hi't
Ims- crimes, aial NEW YOllK Fl"OTS.
-cinl fur crcnlar. Address PKOPLK'.i I L Ill.lell
INO Ii)lll!n.e8t,l!.iieinni, Uliie.- 41-lw.
' l-'or CmiRha, C'tilds Uifd Ilonr ;ence s.
'i'licso Tiihl't present lhe Acid in Coinhina.
Inn Willi ntlii'i i Ht 'ienl remedies. In a pnpv.lir
i'.'I'iii. liii-lheCiil'Mol'.ill TiiltDA f u nd J L Mi
HoAiiKKxrsa nnd I'LCKiiATfits of lhe TltH'i.iT
.ire Iiiinii'illitlely relieved., and statements nru
iKinel mlly lrln (ii'i.l to'tlio pmprietor id roliof
in i-nriM iiiTlii'nnt dilliciilllcs of riiiri atanilliiK.
f't fl'ITAV I'iii'l ' dt-eeivi'd bv woith
al.llv,i less ImitaUniia. (icl only
Well.' I'arlAdii'Ta'ileis, I'rico Aeput-t per H.c
joiix y.KKi.f ?;(;, riMt si..n y.,
ond Ini t trculiir. Sn'c Ait; nl lor Ihe l .S.
'rtt.tirK'iflM TO
nvtiirrrixti cp u.vrts.
Send for our New I'rit-p M,- t nnd a t lob'
'hrinwill iieeoiiiiHinv it. ci'htilni'n iwl dirvr
rinn iiinktiiK n I.-ire sin in-rtii cou.iiiincis uml
iciiiiincr.'itivc. to dull iii'Kaiii.era
HI A 1 Vcsey tRiuf, New York.
P.t. Jlo.x 501.1.
ift f AAA AfV Made In fl MoS'THH Ii
1 UiV.VV one nfent eiiivaiii(t fur
Ilv Ir.. W. W. IIalu Af't tuntfil. 11, N.
MiiKlNSEY&Cl)., iti North lib Slreet, Phlladul-'
pk'a, l'u. 41-4w.
nVtjlcTM'ANTftD iCtUt TIIK
It rnnla:ns over l.irt fine cniirev 1.12s of Ratlin
Ki'iie and me dent, ol ika W nr. end e thn nnlv
AU ITTilNTtu nnd .Or FICIAU hlalnry of
line ercftt eotifflit. Af'enis (tret meeline with'nn-
praredeiiii d suecvas selliii;; from git In 40 fnplea per'
lay, ami a ia puoiiMiuu m. uuiu junguiii ai,u Lirr- -
f AflTlftaJ Uif.-lior ltls'orl-M nro lieln-r elrculs.
Un J I iwll led .-ee that l lie book you- tin V
.'nut, ill e 150 fine ei'S'Svliiua 1111 S'O liaqva. Peml
for e rculiira aee inn lenna. and 11' roll description
nl the work. AiMieaa. N 'I1 ft 1 SAL rbl'-LISII IN
CO ,'Vhlrsso, 1 I., (lino nnai i, .'h:e, or Bt. I,ou-a, Mo,
ook"" ;, jesit . Wan te d .
Or.Tim HimiKH f.u ii Axeatliax nTK6rrfFs',
shnwina how the pe peiriiu' s of ihlxiilef and nut.
mi:e are uroiiinr to jiirtr ce. aioi ui.cimiiur ine wume
Uulcotlvs ayainui, . iiO.tWU tepleii nu.'d Iu M days.
a woman 's:pjlgrimaoe
Totha IIoi.v Land, be Mm. . M. GrUwnld Tins'
Tafeat w'.iik of this popular aulliniws is an iiiteraatln;
diroiigli Europe and tlie It.it, in emnpany wlib
"Marie Twain" and lht "Quaker Oily I'artv." A
snrrativn ,u tier oiurii'ncL'a nnr iic a iqiir-innitirir
handsome volatile, fully Illustrated. ;Vs nOe eitra'
terms slid iireinliims to Ato-nli. send Hir Circulars
Il llUhtt, HYIK ajijij, iiartriil-d. fJonn. 4l-4w
sn.h. IT JH A HOUT'li AMKHICAN idantlhst
has bsen naed for tnaur years br Ilia hie'illnal fueultv
ularly es lled a IlIT'l 'KIVJ. flor la It liitendnliiK
It Is NOT A-pnY8TC-i.lt Is HOT what Ii nnii.-
oflhose SiMilltrles with wnnilerliil etllraey, and as
IMTUIFIKlt OK THR lirOOb and is t Burs ami
Perfeo- ltntuedy for nil IHaeaass of tlis ,
J.IVKH sn.l HTf,n'"N. K.Nl.AIKIRVKNT or On- .
KISH, or ARI)i).MINM,tit:ilANS, PdVK.KTY ,
,. ora WANT of ll!,uSl; IM'I'.IIK.lll'KNT or
. kSmITTHWI' i'l'.Vh,H IM-I.VM.MA'flOV
." .ftt,e f.l VBIt. Ul lr. l.l:t l()I.ttf CIK- ,.',c .'.
.', Ct.'I.ATFON of tin Itl.dtlli, A l'.KI'FHriK8, '
' , . Tt'MKKH. .UUNnH. HC'Hi.Fdf.AJE
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nit. wi:r.Ls'. jcx'a'ua(;--j iirvfkb -
'oflen d 'lo ilia pnbhe ass (rreat lnvijrnfht0i anrt -ljV
reinmiv fur all iiil'IHeant i4iB' bleml, w (lif or-'
tanlo wenkiies. with Ih.lr ailju.lam el. ' For "!"!
the flireifi.tiig. cmiipUiBts ' .l. ..o. .n
' : 3"tr ix"li6lbfi: ' ;
einif1deirtl7 eaeoirtiiitiided to nVsrv funlljr at' a",''
limi.i'liolil ri'inedv. and ahlmli! be rh'elv lutien In all
dersiiK.iuenia uf lhe srsKia, U g'ves htahk.i -r'ls-of ': i 1.
ami tune to all tl vital fiireea, ami.auiiHalctsild
1'urllHrs Jill weak nnd l,j uipliitlc tenipciaiiienta. - -JOUNy
KKl-I.txltl, in I'latl Hlfeet, New Yotk -
Hole Anenl for tto lTiilied Slates; .
Ptk-eOna IielJarpp'rhiiMIe; 8em for Circular, .'':
. A - Rare Cliancn lor :A2ents.-:. 7' ;,
AmMs, wii 1 1 1 '-v ) im 441) pir week lb Oi ak, If'va'n .'
will en(are . I i ?l hi Kverviliais; filrnls)id
snieinene . .; .', ' ,ev p A Ivl.f.r. jl- Cfiii'line;
lotto, Mich.

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