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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, November 29, 1871, Image 2

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J. W. IIOWKX, Kdllor.
OFFICE-hi opoml ftory of Howell's
l'.iilliliiiir. North Side of Main Sti-eA, Kiwi of
Court IIiAise.
Uc Arthur,-' November 9, 71
Meeting of the State Central
The Democrattio
Central C nimit tee hvM n
meeting at' Columbus en Fri
day. Messrs. Pendleton, Morgan,
McCook and other leading
Democrats were present. The
'committee made an examina
tion of the accounts of the
Executive Committee, and
discussed the general political
situation. It was determined
not to name the date or place
of holding the next State Con
vention. and. another nice tin."
. j .
' of the committee will be held
on the 22d of February, to
decide tuc.se points. On AC'
count of other engagements
lion. A. G. Thurman felt him
self compelled to resign the
chairmanship of the committee,
and I he lion. M. A. Daugher
ty, of Lancaster, Ohio, Senator
from the Fairfield and Ilcck
ing District, was elected chair
man. The committee "report
that the Democracy of the
State are not : conquered,
panic-stricken or demoralized,
but are willing in 1S72 to
make another cifort, State and
national, to secure the triumph
of democratic and conservative
Necesity of a Thorough Organization.
The political year has
virtually closed with the elec
tions of this month, aud 'the
din of the hustings and the
clamor of rival politicians in
most of the States have ceased
until spring. Bat the Dem
ocrats should not perm-it the
now opening season of inactiou
to be one of total stagnation.
The necessity of maintain
ing and extending the organ
ization of the party is as great j
as cvvr, and the opportunity of
promoting its interest by pre
paring for war iu time of peace,
h most favorable. More
thorough organization is what
is needed to make the next
crats, as a
effective. Demo
thinjr, are
behind their opponents in this
respect. The liveliest men are
selected for the Radical town
ship and school district com-
mi-tees. The
carefully scrutinized,- and the
weak, the wavering and the
purchasable set apart to be
manipulated. To all this is
added a thorough circulationjof
Kadieal newspapers, the poor
being supplied free. This
machinery is at work in dull
times as well as in seasons of
political excitement and it
tells on election day. To this
the Democrats, in many in
stances, oppose no concentrated
efforts. They lie donuaut
during the year and on- the
decisive day struggled up to
the polls. This id all wrong,
and should be changed'.
"Wo have the task be for us
next year of conquering this
eountrv from its enemies.. To
accomplish it, wo must imitate
the- industry of our opponents;
organ iz.1, keep the fires forever
aglow, labor unceasingly with
the anxious and unconverted;
and above all, feed the hungry
minds with substantial Demo
cratic reading matter; This is
the absolute and unavoidable
necessity of the Democratic
position, and those who expect
to. accomplish any good
through the instrumentality of
Democracy must assist in per
fecting this organization.
There should be a Democratic
organization of some kind in
every town and village,
through which sound Demo-,
cratic newspapers may be cir
culated. Now is the time to
work effectively, and the cir
culation of paper and organ
ization of local clubs are the
means, -
The cleaning out of the
Tainm-any thieves will prove
a pood davs work for the
Democracy, and hereafter Bel
mont, Tweed & Co, cannot
afford to snend a million of
dollars to control a National
Convention The next Demo,
cratic National Convention will
be controlled by men who are
Democrats from principle.
The McArthur Biquirci
suirests that those who sub
scribe to build a railroad from
Gallipolis to Logan, at least so
far as Yintion county is con
cerned, work out their subscrip
tion grading the track. Why
would it not be a gonod idea
for Yin ton and Hocking
counties to turn out and make
a frolic of a couple of weeks
and fix up the old track of the
old railroad and then sny to
some company: now taKe u
and finish it. Good idea, Mr.
Enquirer, if you can't raise the
money. Subject referred to
Brother T. B. Davis as a com
It would be a good idea,
Col. Stinchcomb, for hundreds
of men along the uncompleted
railroad line in Vinton and
Hocking counties make a grand
frolic, under the personal
supervision of such an earnest
and live man as President
Langley, and other assistants,
and finish up all the utifin-
ished portons of the old road
leaving all the heavy fills
and untouched potions to lie
completed as soon as it
could be coveniently. Ar
rangements could be made for
frolic, as well as for h iving a
coruhusking, a barn raising, or
even a quilting or wool pick
ing. If properly managed
what an enormous amount of
work six or eight hundred men,
boys, horses, ne'd oxen could
do in one week.
Tiie election in Little Rock
Arkansas, was of more than or
dinary interest, because it in
volvcd a verdict on tho Grant
party of that State and the ras
cally carpet-bag Senator, Clay
ton. The Littl-e Rock Journal
(moderate Republican) rejoice
in this manner over the result:
"The city ring is broken.
The thieves and ballot-box
stutters are routed horse, foot
and dragoons. The great vic
tory of the honest people over
the public plunderers is the
beginning of their downfall
They have reached the zenith.
Henceforward they decline in
this capital. Their infamies,
have culmiuated and here the
people have given them th
first terrible blow, which, if
faithfully followed up iu other
localities, and in the next
year's ''lections; will consign
them to the oblivion their
crimes merit. "A fouler pack
never infested any municipality.
A more terrible rebuke has
seldom been bestowed. Let
tho people take heart. What
has been' done in Little Rock
can he done throughout the
We found yesterday morn
ing, that Montgomery, of the
Logan Republican,- had wand
ered from home, and we were
under the necesity of taking
him back to the cars.- How is
that? Winchester Times.
Nothing more than wo- ex
pected to hear about the
unfortunate Montgomery, since
the election; Gould ho walk
straight while you-wei'c taking
him bock V '
Queen Victoria has contrib
uted $2,500 out of her private
purse, for the Chicago suffer-
Wood is now so abundant in
Dayton, that it is being shipp
ed by canal to Cincinnati,
Some of our Democratic co
temporaries are Very anxious
to form a Coalition with a few
Republicans to defeat 'John
Sherman fortX S. Senator, by
voting for cx-Gov. Cox for the
position. So far as tlw polit
ical principles of the two men
arc concerned there is no more
difference in them than there is
difference between tweed lede;
and tweedledum; hterefore we
have no sympathy with the
movement and consider it
very "thin.' The movement
no doubt originates .with the
same' class of politicians who
engineered our late State Con
vention, as it appeal's to be a
link of "the same sausage
made out of the same dogl"
Hon. C. L Vallaudigham's
estate settles up worth over
$100,000, which goes to his son
Charles, who is now in New
Lisbon, O., on a visit to hi
relatives. Lots of Congressmen are in
Ttr i 11.
wasnington, looking up
quarters, but most of them
have a most decided preference
for dollars.
I . l lll .1 I j
The Ohio Legislature tvill
convene on the first JUondny
in January next, bciner NTew
Year's Day. Governor Noyes
will be inaugurated on the
second Monday, January 8th,
uul the election of Senator
will take place on Tuesday.
January 0th.
1871 The Year of Calamities.
An exchange truly says:
The year 1371 will bo remem
bered in history for the great
destruction of human life,
Death by flame and flood has
been the daily chronicle of thn
time. Millions f dollars
worth of property have been
sweept away on the raging
flood or inched into ashes in
the fire. Fortunes have been
swept away in a twinkling,
aud millionaieis have been
metamorphosed into paupers
by the flash of n red flame.
The great fires of Chicago the
forests of Michigan and Wis
consin arc supplanted by one
on Rocky Mountains, where a
roaring fire is sweeping down
the mountain gorges, carrying
death on its tidal wave of
flame. We read of the losses
at Halifax by the hurricane.
They were about $200,000.
Tin's was followed by freshets
all over the land, which incurr
ed great destruction of life and
property. Uthcr nations liave
been visited with disease.
Pestilence, with its hot breath,
has blighted lands, and we
havo been spared Our visi
tation is done by the elements,
ami- in the' measure of our
misfortune we have received
what was du3 us.
This, the. year of calamity,
will-long be remembered by
the nations of the earth.-
We .ire pleased to observe
that the Dcmoeratic country
papers throughout the great
west have a correct apprecia
tion of the political situation,
and manfully jiresent the views
of the ranlc and file of the
party.-- The country press
have an opportunity to ascer
tain the correct sentiments of
the people, and therefore, sel
dom follow oil "painted
wagons" or chase jack-o'-lanterns!''
NewSpapkiis. What a mis
take it is for any poor man to
deprive himself and family of
a good live newspaper. Some
men say they cannot afford to
take a paper this is a sad
mistake and oco too many
make. Tf you are a" poor man,
you' require a newspaper to
cheer you iu your lonely hours
and to take the place of books
which cost much more if you
'have children; they want it:
it is worth ten times a3 much
to them as a teitehcr if you
have no children your wife
wants the paper to interest her
iii her homo when yotf are
compelled to be absent. If
rich or poor, you nee'd a live
and interesting paper, and no
family should be vvithout one
or as many as they can find
time to 'read, there is no better
season-of the year than winter
to have a good newspaper. (
(Ju Monday next toncrees
:onvenes at Washington; The
tahding committee of the
louse of Representatives will
Mien be announced by Speaker
Blain-. The assemblage of
his Congress is not locked for
with any hopes on expectation
of good by the 'country. On
tile contrary, there Is only evil
contemplated from it It will
lie a Presidential session. Its
principal business will be by
some hook Or d'ook to re-elect
General tJrnnt, cither through
the employment of the'soldiery
or Lxcutive patronage, and
laws for the extension of both
will no doubt bu passed. It
will be a session devoted to the
oppression of the South and
the corruption of the North.
Second growth blackberries,
?aid to be very fine, are to be
had in Chardehj Geauga coun-
Song of the corn-cutter "
"Fodder, O, fodder, come home
with mi now."
'tlowto obtain "the gift to
give us the power to see our
selves as others see
for office.
us run
This is the last sensation:
The carpet-bag thieves who
control South Carolina have
bankrupted the State by a
fraudulent issue of $20,000,000.
The: TweeditesofNew York
can impair the' finances of a
city, but it takes a ring of
Radical officials to steal a
whole State pbdr.
Mari'iageblo men visit
Ci'utervill, Indiana, with fear
and trembling. Fifty widows
reside there.
A number of young Indies
in Jacksonville, I1J, have estab
I ished an industrial school for
Ruff al o linmsoh the southern
border of Kansas are' selling
at five cents a pound:
Developments at Washington
show that an oranizvd gang
or ro oners nave lor years been
svstematic'uliy- nlunderinir the
Treasury, devoting their at
tention principally to opera
tions on the Jjomifv .Fund.
Many leading Radicals are
laid to be implicated, and rich
disclosures may be looked for
'A Complfto Pirloi-lal History
Of flic
'Tho lfint, nlio:ipt-it, mid most, siirrcssful
l'nuilly l'l'.pcr in tho L'nloii."
. Notice of the Press.
The' M-odol NoYVspunor of our
country. Complete in all the do
partnientd of an American Family
Paper, Harper's Weekly has earned
for itself a right tec it3 title, "A
Journal oy Civilisation." iVeii-lor
& Evening Post.
The best publication cf its class
in Amovien, and so far ahead of nil
other Yveekly journals as not to per
mit of any compaiioon between it
ami any of their number, Hs col
nmns contain tho finest collections
of reading matter that nro printed.
Its illustrations are numer
ous and beautiful, being furnished
hy tho chief arlisla of the collutry.---Boston
Harper's Weekly is the best and
most intcrtf.itmg illustrated noYvspa
per, Nor does its Y'aluo depend on
its illustratrons alone. Its I'dadin'g
matter is of ft high order of literary
me'.iit varied, instructive, entertaining,
and unexceptionable. N.
Y. Sun.
Subscriptions. 1872',
Hauper's WEfcKYY, or;o year $f 00
An extra copy' of cither the Slaga
zinc, Weekfy, or Bazar will be sup
plied gratis for every Club of Five
Subscribers at 91 00 each.or Six Copies
for $20 00 without extra copy.
Subscriptions to Harper's Jaoa
zine, WtfKKLY', and JiAZAit, to one
address for ono year,' $10 00; or two
of Ilarpor's Periodicals, to ono' ad
dross for orio year, $7 00.'
Back Numbers can- be supplied
at any time.
A'complct'e Sot of itarpor's Max-
nzino, now comprising 43 Volumos,
in ncatclotli binding, yviII bo sent
by express, freight at oxpenso of
pui'Chasfir, for $2 15 per vol u mo.
Singld volumes', by mail; postpaid,
'i 00.' Cloth cases, for' biudi-ng, 58
cents, by mail, postpaid. ;.
Tho nos'tRsre on Harper's Jlaca-
zino is 2l conts' a year, Yvliicli must
bo paid at the subscriber s poHt-oiIIeo
Address UAKrJflll-JJHOTIIJflltS,
' -jkxrrxrjLisr of 1871,
IMC XJ 33 ii O- J3 "W X 2P T ,
WliolesnloDealer In
Si a ple and , Fancy Notions.
j ..My atorUvis now.coaiiplt'lc for. Fall Sales, ami
not at the lush price nvmv, pnrl.ets Iiavc antic
ipated paying.
The average price all through is much lower
than the Fall of IH70. A small advance M
charged only on a FliW goods.
Id commended to yndr r.rFCIAT. nllrntion. Also n Rood noi-mtnt of Imported
Oorman Fnncy Good, Kliink lioolm, Spool Cotton, Wall I'npcr mid everything
amorally kpt In Notion Iloimo, for nOo at modointo advun.o on cost to short
time buyers, or !uhIi in nuild, a discount ullowed.
September 1st, 1871.
Delta Lodge No. 207,F;&A.
M., at the regular meeting
N"o 25, elected the following
officers for tlie ensuing year:
0. T. Ward, W. M.; Morris
Kvanf, S. W.; J. W. Delay,
J. W.; Charles 1 .inter, Sec'y ;
O. W. Gilmail, Trousuror; Or
ville Gunning, S. D., anil A,
L. Hunter, Tyler. Tli instal
lation' will take place Decem
ber 27tli.'
Mineral Lodge No. 2.r9, F.
and A. M., at the regular meet
ing Nov. 25, the following of
ficers were, elected: G. L.
G orslcne, V. M.; S. L-uila, S.
W.; J. II. Leach, J. W ; II. S.
Wilcox, Treasurer; J. W;
Wilcox, Secretary; II. C. Rob
bing, S. D.; S.T. Cramer, J. D.,
and Gilbert Kobbiin, Tyler.
The officers will be publicly
installed at the' 31. E. Church,
when there will he addresses
on the subject of Masonry by
Rev. Ralph Watson ami Hon.
II.. S. Dundy, nftcr which there
will be a supper for ihe mem
bers of the ordt-r at the Hen
derson House.
Just about fliH tasiost, and
leaet exp'-nsive fhiiijr that can
be started and carried on fine
cevsfuly in th town is a mous
tache: The ye:ir lhi72is Leap yeah
Christmas comes on Mondav
this year.
Kitr.u.s, shot ;i ns, j:i:voi.vi;k
friin mnti'i-hils nf .ivcrv ftiml. YVriln tnr 1'vlnn
l.lst, ti)OrcatVcst(!iirOuii Works. I'iUliu:ii,
I'd. Armv pinis iiwl tirvolvcri) ln;Mit or ti n
(let! for. Al'Oii!sv. iiiiiKl.
"VfOTK.'K Is lierelivh'(n thnl tlicn'i w llllii'n
inei'ling ol Hie li iiinl iiI'ScIkkiI KxihuIih-is
of tho ln(l'.)cnliMit School Dun-fat of &ilnskl,
Y'iiiton Conny,oiil. fur llo ux'tim tti"?ioii of
toiiclicis, nt the Kdiil iimisooii
Thursday, November 3'Otli, 187 f.
i?ac-li niip-li'im't fur a rorli fli-nlu slioiilU bo pres
ent as Karly ni IU o'efock, A.M.
ity oritur of tlie lloanl.
A. YV". JAMKS. CTork.
la O-Kiir.il .ni l JltJical .-cli'iu-o.
tit '-.'.r..;0;. , Cr i
' . ' , ' v 4
Iii: r. F. CrARVIS'S
mrm & mm elixir
rii1..-1!' an" ;i owl
in --iii! in.x ii.- i l A
' X -T.T'TIOVf-wr.rnnilo
.3, 'i SEN TW l l.Vi;
,:.. i.i tli.i will known
V.I ililinli- tie i
ciau.iTi.' Ui'kii ,
iWFor.u,' i.
Aiiin .. hl.,;i
CX'IIIW : i-i:.
' C'oTIf, C'ubirrli.
i ..',i...T . ..i.!llll)lioli.
V) Tni;"jT rAiii
I i C
A r.i'i'i.'. i-'ji 1 !n ilir -o l.t fix l "-ir-: ml nl-n,
iy ii vi iAi.i.M.xu, rruipyix.i nu.i i-ti-
ML'I.AT.H'i ..fci-ln iiioii III.- ucriiUysUii.
I. j-em-iri.i.1 lv.'-ljii-.iiif.iirt -in nil . . .
jurr:.:.siM r 'im: moon. .
lii.-l u.l ii ir tMiroliiki an i l.i iipiiniiH ot' tli.ittkln.
lypui.M, Ins ,.i-.i el' tiio l.iver and Kiiluoys,
Heart JiKinu, iin-1 UvtioiUJX bilily.
Volatile Fohticiv cf Tar
For JNTTALStr'V, m -Minn' npi Ilratioti of
lil!AT. A ri.iniiilt.il jy VALrTAliLll diM-m-ery,
an tliC ji'Iiulu iijiiiji- I'liscii'l bi a-iii i'K-iI iii llicViMl
poeln'i't., ivadv l iidj tiniu fur tlioiuiMMjU'eolual
a :.l IHiMtivi l) ur.i'j, j UDci'i
All iyi.-t:'of-hT 'osr, 'rainoAT
Vlin fO:.Il'OL".VD
Tar ar.d Mandrako Pi ft.
f .r iiw in i(-r-t-.:in';'ti!''i '' o EUXIR TAft,
i ii .-nnil in-i.,?i . r-C ti c TWO mont viiIimMo
ALTEUATt-Vji-:s'i-ili(! ui lino i, k in (ho Vro
fio"i eifSl.-.iir.!u"ll.; l'.JI Wil n.i.t xcuutiun
OiM wr: tn.-t t'vi I'.ill.'i'ct. .. . .
The r-OI.t'TIO.N an 1 COUI'OTj.Vl) T;U.X1II of
l viilio'it ilnaljii tlio lli-.it rtntxlj- linown' in
t.131',1 of
Ir U a Fiirifi -. i.ir i-ii li riw'iKi, ami Hlianl.Tlin
ki-i -t i i t.m li..i..i-li..i 'ol i vfiy family, eaiwcinjly
iliiriii,Ttl,o'ii.- iriliiil..iiu ivliku
il-) liu'ilii lo': tuva 1. A- miilr" VifitiHty Inki-n
ihi:. will i.luiMbt i-iiiilniuUn tliiBO Cuirililu
'l:.ii:m Mi
6olttti( ah t:om-poi:n;tr.llxir, $1 00 jor Botllo
Volutilu So'-.llou fi.tJnUali.tinn- &Opior tux
Tar uuil 1' -n 'lulu- 2'iilu, tOcta por l ax,
P-iiilfi.-.t'iiv-i-larrf I'OMTIVE tXT.ES
to )gur D.i: f.al, or tj
L. r. HYDE '& CO..
soltj Pitoi'iiiETona,
no v. zzd at., yuo l'oriu
BLISS, KEENK & CO'S ICliiId Kxtract.
Tli'p womlt'l-flil ioippiIv Tiu-CAVCER, SYPH
ILIS. SMtOITI.A, ' tl,c Wits, mid SALT
K1SKASKS. n irfiniv(t rrmu IhiW tipuuine
(.'undui-aiieo ltai k,. frmn l.nj.ijkcii'idnr, ftrurcit
liy nsslstsniw .it tliKHiilliiii-illi'K ui Unit onunlry .Hold
hy ll l)ni(ti:l8t(i in pint liii(tli-. Iinvlneon thorn niir
niimo. trail timi-k nnil full iliroot. m, r hp. HpiiiI
f'ir 11 nip (liar. Otlluc ouil Luljratoi r No. fill, t'dl.ir tit.
Jirw York.
titrfn-st pn mufi y of t.if fwth rnnl irvuf'
eft hctt'tir'. ; !, JJiJK'C'J-1 ; C- I'(In. Mnsi.
.fcjoM by U'l tlni';;i-itd. J'rirmii if imitt to.J.
A fill! hi'l niinp'rtii lililo'-y of Cli lenpn. Iior pnsl,
pri'Si-iit nnil rmiiii'. Wl h i(i'hiIi,i- kccki-, incM.-ht
nnil full iln'iillii n-- tl.i' il en!!1!', hv fj.-n. I'. U,uui
AMI .1. W. Stji-ulmd, ell omif .Hie CIiIi-hkh rrthuiif.
WmIi ovm 4i !U!;e, mill f.O illilstiiitlons
It Is iiiuv ri'iuly r.ii. i. ln-ry
of ten iltirv
I'll ;., r.-i-
rturiii 1 0 u .'un ri 1 .hut in n;
t P I,1 VTt? W A MTPh S.Mi.5."(1 f...
llllll n.'itt i-lii 0
11 n 1011 1'n 1.1 suing Ui., thinner
"wide AWAKE
Fant AhIoi o, ' '
. n Sill 00
(' of jupi-ili Krcnrji ( I ( 'lironinii nul'ji'Pts JAVK
SIZ1C i-xqa sltH titii-Hiiullios ol onjintil Oil P:iiiiijnK
OIVKN Art' AY" Ini-vi'i-y nlisrrllnr lo
Hecary Ward Blccc'iics'
K WS.I'AIT.rt. Awtit Imv nir vrciit nii"i-Fy Our
i-!k l.fiiXl In tl.r.r mnii'lis n-imhi-r ("ilnX") il..y:
miiithtfr IIn in o c wi'ik; one 4 'In niu iL.y. rthI n'tii
i-rniily well, mikliiir fro:n .. nrrl till In $ 0 nr
ii y. iiikmiiii ki."i. iiu n il A.ciit wlin ;iinw
SIM K' '-I think It I Inl hi-MI I niiiif.k. r..t
IT ofl.Tfll. .-Tllliy I lid lint l!lli:L'(l HilOtltT " i'nvs
li'ft-r limn any lio.k iiii'iii!.f A rtn-6 rljinra U
WllAv Mr-iiiv.
T:it.lM-r.-nt ini-n inn ivunifii wot-IciI oi-r i-v-v!lr-rp
tfrnnu'ldi ii ir I tiTJilorv, n-nil -rly for cirrn'nr
und t.-rin-! J. It. I'Olil) Ji ('() , "7 Pink J'la-.e, N
York; 11 Hi- lull, hi direct., Oh ciifo II';
Rcnil fur fri(--i"ipli' rnpv nf tVn '1IT!1TI AN
1 I-; , I I-1 : , n Hi-i.t-1-liif. weekly J..tlrnl iinlilMin'
! Ilia N,-w YiirliStVi' O hu b itmu o' Vn vr alM,
nn l rciilirn up tlO mi-m inm .f 111'. K. It. ril.V
l'IN. T-iii. 4,r-0 mr vi-.'ir. Ail.lr.-M. I'uli l-'n.-i
rHl(lfTlA' tl-MDKir, 1-JH8 lSromlwHy,
.riv j iii-k i-iiy.
XGth YI2AR..
per Annum, Incluillii Y'l-ar llnok fur 1S73.
S 1 1) N j: Y E, JI O USE, Jr. & CO.,
37 Park How, Now York.
"ilrlsy ami I arc OhC,"
n m-nr. He .1 fur W'-eelint-n cov nml i..'l. .-irrulai'.
lltollrrt 1-iinrly Ni'ivsnsiiicr In tho ('-.itnli v, IB?
AHiirosn i ll, l l m . i:, Detroit, .",1 Irli.
lo ewry fiilmurll.ar of .Mrrrv's Wnfi-uin, llio Tuinln
SJ tJH.JJ ij ..ir.-rpil tr.-f .lnrlll llin cuiiiIiil'
liiii'U, iiiio)ro,'K uumni-nii. i.ii:.
tnhle.'i is r.ii vOiI.-iu'h ol' l ..i .irfli ftiuf popu'f.r ly
Ilnr .pp i-e,'l. r, .InnTu I'l.rlou. TIicimIu'h Tl tun
nua Kin Hcik -Jt totnum ru
i. .in iMniioi'.n, i to., wma lur nvi'i'r namiicr.
In clnlihlnif II iiiTi't-R llirn firt c'hmi perlnilleiil. fm
rqunlly llboinl Ii'iiih. It i mi iiilginnl, nrsi-olKj-
: lie prii- oj inmn. 1 varivty ol rrrinliiins
Mn'-n-im. Volnint X licjsim Willi January ISi:
1 ln-i-n H,elpn r.-; fte. AiKIrt-is
.. .,S.. VO..'l. Neivhnrfli. Y.
ovm tyy'O Hi7i)i;i:i) papki".'
1'rltit. il III Two l olnr. on Miperli Tintud I'Aiit i:
Jh'oiir Kuiuli-i'il trrtvlnt. of 1'l.j-ivt'i-n.
Maul mill YiKOtalilv., n-illi Decr i kiw nml
ftileillnim ami plum fun nmkln AVnlkn, I.nvni.
fibrillin, e'o. Tho hnluUoiiio.st uml he.-l KI.O
ItAL OlIDK n llu. Wor'il: All for Tun CoiiIh,
kiiuom wiiDtiiiiiKnr liiiylne rei-iU Jiut a nimrtrr
tHommt 1100,000 M'UI it' b71
Adln-cs, JABTES-VICK,'
Koi-IicmIoi', Js. V.
P C T C R Tl, N('- i'rh'e 30 , lin
r u I C n O io pii'i-i'K vonii nmi iiiHti'i ri-
niio Mmlf, worth ( hi dliont
i fni iii. YVo will mall two li.u-.k
Hfl!lC!Pfl! '". foi'SOu., four lor IKk'., or
IiIUOIUi-YL .Inn. to lii-c '71, lor '2ft, (rog
, hliir price. ), lloiiml copli-ii
for IK, I, (,'ilt KliU'ii nnil 'iIkc,
111 U II I nLTTIiomiiH, Klnltul, Ooiinod, ok'.
AililivsKj. I,..1'KTK1W, m llroadway, Now
Vork.r.O. lloxOli'..
STKEVEIt It ItltA YTON, I'roiluce Com
miHMlon Mrii hantfl, 71) llarolny Strcot,
New Y oik. Tin' liiiflu'st prloo ohlali.eil lor
liutti-r, Clioci.0, Kki, Poultry, Onmo, IIok,
Huan, nml HlirioUucc. Prompt returns rim.
IiiiiiioillS'.oly. fiOOoan bo mnil hulxty iIiivh
f.vi-iy ronilei''' of tills, Until ohl anil 'oinir
slum UI send (I,.uiiil p'tnlx HHinpluN (hut inusl
ii-ll for(! I'lu li with full piirlli'iilam. ShiuI at
oni-i!. as 1 inn iluterinindil to luivo 10.1)00 Agonls
'.vil Ii I il tlui noxt Klty Hnyi.
HKADTj'kY, Millllolil.Ohlo.
AililruiiM J. tl.
AOENTH Wiintfrt. A(nillR niiiku mure moil,
nt; work for in than nt anytliinir olse.
Ilimilicsn ll;;lit. anil peinmiioiit : pariloiilni
froo. '.U. priKON & Co,, J Int. Art I'Minhtri,
I'oi-llaiul, Mnluc
OV OHIO.-HI.0, IIOxM liichi'H. Itall
roada, TUwimtiiiw, . Sells ruphlh-. Bin nil
I'apiliil rciiiliui. Vyi'v liirfrn- iiroliU. hfiml
for eimiliii' U KX. JiKIUClAI AN, Oiluriiluy Bt
New York.
(S iOXU MONTH! Horse fiinUKhi'd. Expoii
5rtJiWiH paid, II. II, HllAW.Alfrotl.Mo.
roe to nil - Ad-
rUfl dross Moohk Co.
ritllNIKST thlllifj Oil
btl'OCt, IiOUK-
villi;, Ivy.
AVblll y.lACKW. A vlrlliii of Burly Inillscis
lion, ciiiuilnn nci vntiailcbllity, prrinnliiio ile-i-iiy,
otc, hiivliiK trlml hi vln every ml vertlneil l oin
ily, Ilia illnrovon-il k ulnip o incurs of selfiurs,
which he will huul hi his .f.'llnw-siiirrr. Ailroji
H. KliEVIt, i Moii-nii Blroi-t, Htw Yolk.
O'ViK A MOS'I II -IlorfH und Can lino I'm nl'li
(V).i) eil: ix, ei.Miiilil: MinipVk tiiKjr. 11. U,
s'll A iV, All'ri-il, Mi-. . ;
A Hire Ctoera for Apt ,
AitPiits. wo will p iy ymitO p.-r !; In U ell. if von
will nf'in nl'ii its ill oii.-o Eivryili OK liimlflinl
nu.i i-.nii,a pulil AiMjY F A KLLB A CO, Clmr
lotl,'. Mull. , .
YVo will snncl n linnilNoniP l'lwpi rli'8 of onf
A'.te lUniUvttd Family IMhU, ronloliiliiK over
300 lino S'l'llitniH I' J iiNti ui i. ..i to iiny Honk
will n.vi of cliaifio. Aililionf. National I'm.
sn i Nil Co., ( likah'o, 111 , Clin iimali, O., or
mi. l.inuii. in.
! 1 . 1
flSYCHOLOGIO l'-.isi'lii.-itlon or Soul
(Tiai'iiiiiif.', I''1'1 tiauoall-y lli-rhert lliniilltoii
I. A. Haw In iihi! thin mv"r (wli.-li nil pnj
scmk) nt will. lilriiiHtiuii. irlliiiflisin, Horrer
lin, lifiniiuolDifV, anil atlionsnml ntlini- wnmliixr
l'i-li-o hy until (1 if), in lolli: inipnr i-ovinn $1 (W
oivfn'n to utmli tilth. (I W i .-monthly onall v
iiiikI'ii. A.lilresn T YV. KY'AHi, Pu Ij. 41 B. Slit
Strict, riiiliiilclilila, l'.
Do ynu w-n nt n kI ttml In'ii us nitont, foc.fl
f.r tnte?ling Willi i-lmn.-ii to nuikc P5 to
WJO por ilnv Ki'llini?" mr -now 7 Htniinl'
HVn Wire Cloth, l.iinut 'Jlfu'litfvr?vtr;
Jaiuplo li-i'i1. ho tlii'ii' Iii in. v-Kk. AiUirm
a i . .it., nnil .Muhiimi i.iiiio, i . or ju war-
If OUt'e ttUlHOH iiitfr II, ro II OII.H, till HI T
Imr i stii'i't, CIi imiki), II'. '
20,000 FARMERS. ,
THE HFLFER hIiowh you liow envo Hint
liu'w to iniiku luiiney on llio I'aiiii. YV hoio to
look lor tlie iii-ollls. imilt'ow to olitaln llii-in.-
How lo i-loiu 8COO OO '"'in '''-I- 'f' My- A
copy khi-'k smiIiiik iniiiH' unit W.o. iiililiCKi' to
ZAVff.A'lt' Mi CVliDi', Ciiiriunutl. O.
Whitney's Neats Foot IIarruss3 Soap.
' tv'.'VR JL SSiini'M -t tin-. "io tlms. Put
n , ii u ill.,
k.-, rollnlimt nml
' bS ..,''t5 no injliirtsu mi'.l -.mull slw Imxi'B,1
I yf'j' i
ulso ill llllll' II lb Imih. HlIK llffll
: ., In use lor yt'.ns iiut iii i-prii'.-t
.IMiM'ti"!!. t-.'nil xlnnip I'm' mil' YV A Y'K.H I.Y'V
V.lilnss(i..l''. YYill'tNEY & CO.. 511 Milk SI.,
stun. Mas. N''. 2'-'. '71-fim
'fwsWfta-i'YeAf9 V. ""'"."mI "llt H n!i.-
'lil'iiV X "I.' wl-o.i-lo only In- 1 !
ertvw6i.Vk, rufiiu evfi-iiwlin'f. Ah. ft..-
The i'rouuhiff Horror vf ih VMh Ctntiny,
$ onrti. Jrtirti ntufin Jmutlt-utH,
.WOto lOOOcopIrs of this Hook selliiiK )wv ilnv,
ionplt inm-. Mist p;iiil, ("0. AiMrclH J. AV
i;(MH)Pl-:Kl), rhira-io Mii!iniiniiovBt Irfi.iis.
i ii ,i. .-i
It Iihh Uicdolk'Hto mid rvlVonliluig
1ST t tff-rtf
cry Lody or lrrw ",
tinman, htilil by OrtieirUM
and lralcrii In I'DUFLMERY ,
am vu.i. i-i. Jll-llll 1 III till" A.11 III 1111.1 llll'fa
of i-ilii'.s, and u il jtniloi1, clrouui
a u 1 1 viviil m i', in l ol ii iuin . .
tiuu liy lii-i-r willi moi:ci i i; i nts, e Vy
leHKI'M. 'o.l l t A lli. So. :hIii, City ICili'-tii-nof
( lii.-Hi.i Tiilmi.i'. Kit I ly lllu'iali-d
phut. .r... lis liilii u on tin l-'pir. AtiKNT4
Vastkii. -Vililis-sstJ.!--. VKNT, 8 '. ili SI ,
Cincititlilti, O.
Tnr Cflugti.s, Cold-, nml Hoiirsf ik'sh.
Tlu-se T;tt,l,-!t pri'Konl I lie Arid In ('ninliltia '
lion Willi ullii'i' t iTIi-iont i-i'iiii'ilirs. in a pnpular
I'ni'iii. for tin-tin oof all T1IKDA.T und I.l'fiii
lloAii.siiMHriind I"l.fhi!.n:i"" of (he TliHtUT"
lie iniiiiriliniHly icli.'vi'il. nu.i sliilomi Ills m
lifioi; toiil In dm propi ii-tor ol ri'licf
voKi-a oi'l'liiont ililliniillii-i. of yesrs stnnilliiK.
I'AirnAV I'i'n'i I iMki-i'ivi'd hv wotlh
WiVui H'i' hut in. Until. im. Crt only
YY'idlV I iii'linlio T.ilili'i. I rii-ii (ii eni por Hux
.lolIN l.t. KKI.I.'KiO, I'liitt M..S Y.,
Peinl lirl Iri-uUi-. hue Airolit for I In' I'.S.
A(li:TH WAXTI511. FOlt ,
m 11 HTM ,
BEIX llll KXI'li!! ft tho Hl'CKl.T
jtirr.s umi st vstki!ii:s or Moit-
Willi n full mid niilln-iil ii- I'l.-lnry of roJyg
nitty. Ly II. I KAIH.K, Ei'.ltor of ll.u Salt
Lake Uopiiilrr.
AkoiiIkui'I! ini'i'tiiiif Midi n.iiprof-i'iliMili'il sue.
i'om". in c .reports ivj suliM-ii em n lour dn.vir
ano'.herlt in tivoil.iy- Sei.-T I'm-ClivnlnrK m-u-whni
III.' pien-i P:.'s of (lie wo! It. Aihlrei.it N.
TIO.VAT, J'.Clll.ISHINfl CO., I liic-i.go, 111.,
Uiiii-liiiiiitl, i.'hio, r at l.i.uis. .Mo. f
in' i; K'l rt.'.i; i-r t i.L'iis. ,
Send for our .New Tilee l.lst alula ( 'lull
in-in Mill in-, inn puny lt. I'ont.'iliiiiiK lull ill roe-
inns iiriivintt a lariri' snviiigtr i.-oiiiuiiiuib nml
:'..iilllii'l'alU' to eliili (ii-i;,-in- ls
3EEAT amebioan TEA CO.
r.l & 'A Y'esoy Slreol, New Y'ork.
P. O. llnx.Mil'l,
Mil. Hami ki, IlKti,. ol'YY'. K, Se.hliierl. A t'n.c
Wlnili'Miile Hoot mul Slum Miiliiil'iKinrois, .'H
Fifth Avpinio, 'llt-hiii -li. 'u., him heun nl'-'
llielinl witli ihronle ilniiinatlsiii fir thiily
yea , frinu IiInI'Iu-IiI hip to Ills foot, hnvliiir ti:
iiNv a ri uti'h nml nttiue. on-1 nl tliiiusso alnl'iil
in t i utteilv liieapni Unto I ii r- , mtcnitiiifr to
his Inn I less. Hiii'inif ii ii i' c . i ed known,
withiuit wll'i'i t, exi'-ept O II ... I . '..Iii Killer,
wiik lln:i'ly induced to '-. i A sot oinl up-plii-athni
en liled Inm to la; . ::ulo his eruteli,'
iind a lliinl i-Veelo.l n n-i ni.i:,eut cure. Mr..
Hell, us a inpular rtnil well known nitixoii Inn
llvin iiioiiiiinenl ol 1 1 o r llii'iiey of the irr"it
iiiodieiildlseorerv (iilliliilidV;'ai'ii K II lor. Tho
ulllk'ti-d should ".li; their Kin. i-r in- dniirnlsl for
on I try its M'oiiderlul pnwer. Mr, l.ililliuiil,
iv o iiiiileisliiiiil, wiinls n re peiiii'jle nnont In.
fiver.- luwn and ei unly U r It. Tho pillicipul
nllle.0 l ut VJTliinl A vein v, 'ilUluil'iili, '.
Can b Cured,
lioailor, if yoi
ro troutiVd wli'i
CWff lit the Haul, .
or C'ii unlcCuUmi
mid Cmins. una Da.
Kkno' Catabkii
hrsoiriol la n
shiijlo enw 1ms If
failed la Ifi-ctlnz ;
n euro. Soli) by ull
ilni:ilts, I'rlce,
tit) ots. pur pnekne'..
Sfiiinilacluml ami
sold hy tho proprlo
tor. O. Iteno M. I)..',
Tltiiylllo, l'o.
It I NOT A I'HYHIC-It Is NOT What Is lion. ,
siieh. IT IS A f'OUTII A.Y1K1IIOAN Plant Hull,,
linen uuil for .Imiiy Vvius hv tho ineillrnl furiilti .
liliirly er lled n UI I'TKItsl, nor is It Intrtidf (I HM
thiise roiintrloN Willi ivoinl.rl'ul efnonrv. mnd as.
PoWKhKi;!, AI.TKKATIV'liiuiil UNKQllAl.Kl'
l'i;i:iFli:iMil'"lliK lir.OOll nml Is. bum mid
fi o' Ki'ini'ily for ml Dlti-iuins of l!io ... If
MVI'lt nml SI'l.KKM, l'NIiAH''KMKNT or OH,-
I'IIUCTION ol INTKt-TI.NKH, li KliN A UI .11 I r.-1
of t. uviiit,i)itori4Y'.ci.iUi(M8ii cm- .
WKI'llJ' KXTKAC'T OF .J d Ill'ItK It A
,iirrcil to Ills nnhlin ss s srsnl Invlsoralur anil
rruipily for sll Impurities ol tlis -lilnml, or lor nr...
(tmilii wnknrss villi llmlr sltuuiJiiiil evils. For
luri'P'HiiK ciniipiBiiin , r
conflili'iitly imsomineniloil to ovary fmnlly as
lifliiNoliolil rctiiAilv. ami kIioiiI.1 I.a h-toOtf Ihknn In all.
dornieiiii'iil of tho symem, It nlvo li.nl Ik, rlor-,
tons tn nil II o vital forcen, sail nnluiHlrs and
furllflM sll vi nk nml I.y in plml I r trinperrinonts,
iiuuii y. ki'.j.i.imiu, ih risn. niriei', new urn
H.iln i. nl fur II a I'lillnl Hlalaa.
rrlcsOns Dullal pi-r b.iltle; b. ml im Cuiulii.
iVy O. Jinx !M)0. Semi lor Xlita-

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