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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 06, 1871, Image 1

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f J, W.
I Pdklliher
VOL 5.
nd Proprieieri j
; ;.---riraMBr-.-.J.ftW.:-,.M-:L--rffr: !
the 1
J. W. EOWEH, Editor,
Arthur. Dec. Ctll, 1871.
t milter.
Terms of Subscription.
K. . 4. r,.. II fto't On ci. 8 moe..tl 00
. A months ... 7 Oue eoiir, 4 mot., Ml
111 nh. of Tw.ntv ' i . f i ! ' i . .! Off
The Ptmooratio titUjUirtr eroulatue FKKB OF
POSTAOK within tin limits of Vinton Countf.
V failure M ttdtlfjr Jiieontlnuenee t the Mil of tee.
i inbierlVsil fori will be taken u knew uJi'MHiit
lubicrlpi'oii , .
Advertising Rates.
-The up oeeiipleit bt ft (life 6T thli (Nunpaf ell
I .hull eou.Ulue lijuere. ,...
J .e eqaare.nne wek 81 09 Oneiqnere.8 ekSl Or,
,S eh a.lHlur,.I lnrtlu ;''"'" .i".V:"i.!
411 advertising for k eh.rter period tliee three
h mtlie, eharjed et the above rales. .
Loml Artrilm.nle-1 00 pef square f;r rst
luortion; sndW oeiili persgeare for eeoh eflailioaal
lner.lou. .,,,...,.,
Jinle kid Figure tot ov (pi.i........
"ne qur
Two squires,
rbree iqiieree,
Four iqu ires,
A eoluntii,
f $00
T 0
0 00
10 00
14 O0
IK on
ft mu.
I 5 00
li no
90 cm
i UOL,
f 100
10 00
11 00
44 00
f-i ftuimnn,
fjiia column.
8H M
All Mile due on nt Inm-rlli f eclverllirt it.
Illl. with rejuUr trtvertUere t ke bjld q""1".
ku.lneu Nitlce.-IO eonte llnel iLrrl.K N" I-Mi-k00or.llnjto-trellb-erllt
ofthe pirtioe, IJth
Hlo"ffof'Bunky TVlvek or jfatbuid-todU
pryiirly klertliere entlllml U quarterly l)"l"-
4(lertlement niit ntlierwlel ordered, will be en
Mn.i ttrttrl HrJefed ilieionlluuod, kiid nrred keeord-
'"-I'lirlnni eiiil Ohnrl'elile Hotleee-free.
Railway Time.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road. TIME TABLE.
tin and fter Nov. 19 . 187; Ti-elil villi
run follows;
: s :
:o :
:a :
3 . :
i a
t-1-1- -a j -I u
ci ; i h h - ?i 21
to m
1 5 Oi to
it ' . e
3 9 3S?t;
jo " -t .
: : : : : : I:::::::::::
; J!
f eioMio'Kiio'
d t- r-1"' ' ai o
i m iff ffi .w
:j ;::::: ;
. e .
i-a ::!::; :
! H i !si
3 :
CINCINNATI EXPffBsS O'lft ritii fil?f.
All otherTralnntlnlly. xnent Hnnily.
Hop between Hniadon aud Athonn.
Portsmouth Branch.
Halt. Actommodullan,
1.45 p.m. 6:0o A. N.
Dep. Hnindnn
. , Jncknon
Ar'T. PerUmmith
Imp. I'ortHini.oiU
Ar v. Jacknon
4.40 "
ill A. M.
l'i.15 P.M.
io.;o "
J2-WP. M.
8-.S0 "
6.10 "
Trains Connect at Loveland.
rerall pnlute on the Mltlo Miami Ilitllroad, and
at the ihillanapoll. A Cincinnati Rnllrond Juno
lion for all poiuta Wt;
IfutUr tf TrannporUttli.
Trains Connect at Loveland. "BEE LINE."
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
cVn and after MONDAY, May 9ftth. 171, Ex
rnm TruhH will iiavi COLUMHUA aud
tjai5SriJNKaiiilARKivatpoliit named be
low, aa follower . . ,
Coin iu hue....
No. a.
4ilQ p m
J:45 p m
7:05 a m
3:00 pm
11:90 pm
8:80 pm
tTsh p in
1 15am
11 25 a in
I 40 p m
6 25p m
8 15 p m
2:35 am
4 :M) a in
8:00 pin
4 :40 p m
8:05 pm
1:50 a in
11:00 am
8 45 pro
J 40 am
700 am
. . 8:4Sp ra
Miaaara Fallf . . . .7 :00 a in
Rocheetor 1:.')C)am
Albany :4ft am
Hotton tpm
New York CUy. .8:l)0pni
CreNtllna J2"tf p m
PltMl.urg f3S pm
llarrlehurg 7 IS a m
Baltimore 10 40 a in
Wan hi niton .... 1 10 p m
Flilliuliirplila ., II t5a m
TTTaop in
Chicago 1110pm
rm-t Wayne .... 5 80a ra
116am 1196am
7 4ip in
790 am 600pm
flfcjyrNo leavirrg Oilumiuie at 4:10 p. m.
hae a Through Cnreia Delaware forSprlnjifleld,
reaelilngHprlngfleld wltlioiitnhangeat7:10nm.
Train No. on the Onlumhna A Hocking Val
ley Hiyilrodcirrrrfrt-.tw.HWNoATralu. Through
Tlcketa fnrealaa't Athens.
fASSENGKR TKAIN returning rry at
Columbus at 12:86 a. in, 11:15 k. m. and :50 a. m.
jtFalaoe Say and Sleeping; Cars
OH AH Tralne.
,"No6"lK4'lngOolmnbueat J:85 a (n, on
Huniiy. runs through without detention, by
both Erie anil New York Onntral Rallwave,
arriving at Now York on Monday mornfng'ot
For nai'Moular InfoiTn'atlon In regard to
tkroiigh tinketa, time, onnnentlona, etc., to all
pelnU Kaatj, Went, North and South, apply to
r address B. K()KIA OoliiinirtmOhiir. '
X. S. FLINT, tten. Hnnerlntendenl..
Oen. Ageat, Columbus, O.
faneagcr Agent, Columbus,
Railway Time.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad. TIME TABLE
Took Effect on Sunday, May 28, at 12 M.
hrougk Car .
Oter the Ooltuobok 4 Hocllnj 7Uey and
tfartr.t & Cliffnntil Eall Roada
QcitiB Eaat.
Ooins Waet.
No. 1.
No. Si
No. 2
No. 4
l.IAVl. A.M.
foliuiilMH,. . . 8 60
royeport(.., .
Wiucheeler.. 840
P. M.
8 351
Athene 6:95
P. M
NelkU,tme 7:00
Lancaster .10 15
Sugar Grore 10 BH
lftlH 11 06
5 431
iiajraenvuio .
lxiran 7:81
Sugar Orove:00
Havdenv lie
NpfaMiivlllev ll 6
6 42
ijnneaktor ..buy
8a Ina
Atheni,...j..l 10
t IB'
lOrnieDnrt .
PwtanioMtli witlitaeYT4Tfirrt MfiAfr":
Ihur atat. 9:62p. m. i anf Car M the P. U.
IliriHI t.hnRiU A. Sf. Train milk through to
Train from Portamouth' Sot Columltt arrivek
at ilcAnhurat 19:30 p. U.
ClnteiTQiiiiectlimk made at I.ancJvster for Or
eltil;e. Zitnraville.ilndJill.uolntfi en the Cin
cinnati el Muskingum Valley Railway. .
Direct connoutinn made atColumlnif for Day
ton, Bprinirftrld, Inrtinnapollk, Chicago, and all
pomtk Wert:a(kO, for Cleveland, BulfnJo, Pltte
burg, Philadelphia, New York, aud all potnti
Ennl. ,
Connertlouk made at Logan by both Tflfh'k
with kll Trtrt$ for Straitsyllla and nil pMutk
outhoStra-fttyllle BrarJ:b.
k. A. l)u.l.,Oen'ITtoket Ag t:
Owned and operated by one Company from Cin
cinnati to St. Louie, therefore paeaengera are
CHE of being carried through without change
"f '""r US A VOIDING
the possibility incident tq other fputek (which
are made tipbYieyeraf Hli'ori roaae) of mieiiiig
counectioue, and sulijectlng their paeaeugere to
disagreeable cliaugei.
Families ahd Otfcfrt Seeiing Homes
in the rich yaltey a afrrf (Hi iff fertile prairlea of
Wcetern Miteonri, Kaniai, Nehraeka, Colorado,
or tliemure diejtaitt State of CalifoVrlia, will con
sult th'lrown interest by calling o'n or addrees
ing the uniloraigueil, Oontmctlng Agent, aa a
long reiideiire in the weatern country ha fa
miliarised hlui with the beet Kfcalitiei.
Thla Route la St zflilee ShStm iftan
via Indianaolia.
Can be piirchaned at a)M?t Principal Ticket
Ofllcenof iofin'eCtiug Liuea, and in Cincinnati
at the Oouei al Offlcee of the Company,
111) Tine SI reel,
Broadway, Corner Iront Street,
Main Street, COrner Leivee. and at De
pot Foot of Milr Sweet.
Contracting- ai aenger Agent,
119 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
And The
The completion of the Loulirilre DMelon of
thle rondand the aplendldequipra'e'tft torpask-
enger travel innkes tun tne
Sottfl. and SoUtfieTftt.
With Direct Connection from the Esff for
Louisville Without Changs of Cars!
Tli h h the only rotol whoee tralne leave Cln
rinnntf afiil uueengc're delivered at depute,
hotolk or realdencea In Louisrllle FRLrJ.
Ask for Tickets via Ohio A Miss.,
and take no others.
C'nn bo ptrfohaaed at alt the
Principal Ticket Offices of
At the General Offleei of the Company
110 VliVE STRtJET,
Broadway, Corner Front Street,
Main fit., tMT Levee,
and at the D'fH foot of Mill Street.
Edward Gallup,
Contracting Paeeewaer ent,
110 Vine St., Clnciiiimtl, Ohio.
SHORT LINE ROUTE. 1871 Spring & Summer Arrangements '71
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette RAILROAD.
The Great Through Mnl?a Ad't'xpriPason-
irLlue to Ht. I.oult, Kai
Kanaka City, St.' Joseph,
ircnv.r, in i iihiuw. .i
rl. Kan.ae and Colorado.
an frnnoisoo. and all points in Uitauu-
Th. hnriMt ami onlv direct ronte to Indian.
apulle. Lafayette, Terre Haute, Cambridge City,
prlngfleld, Peoria, Burlington, Chlnago, M 11
wnukee, St. Paul, and all polnWin the. North
Trie Indianapolla, Cincinnati and Lafayette
Railroad, with I til connections, now nfTers paae
engers more facilities in Through Coach and
leeplng Car Service than than any other line
from Cincinnati, having the advantage nl
Thduugh Dairy Care from Cincinnati to At. Louie,
Knnans City, St. Joaeph, Peoria, Burlington,
Chicago, Omaha, and all Intermediate Oolnte,
presenting to Oolnnlata and Famllieaeiich com
lorta and aocommodatlons ai are afforded by
no other ronte.
Through Ticket and Beggwge Cheeks to all
points. - ,
Trafns leave Clncinnatf tf:Wi. m.i :f9 r. Mi
6:00 p. M., and 100 P.M.
Tickets can he obtained at No. 1 rtnrnal
nouae.jyrtrrt Third and Vine; Puhlle Larnllng,
cornet Mil In and Kivori alio, at Depot, corner
Plum and Pearl Btreets. Cincinnati, tf.
Ke sure to purchase tlnkets via jiidlanapolla,
Olnoluuati and Lafayelte KaiTroed',
ft. H. L. Nol.,
It TIcketAg't. Indianapolla
O. F.MooR,p .Cincinnati.
for All Who Read1,
We. can without heslt.lfr(.'eomftrirld AL
DKN' READY 11O0IC RINDKRaa thwbeet we
have aver seen for the rumour e Intended. Ita
great onnvenlonce, perfect adaptation lo ao
many wantTrtri Ira very ln price will certain
ly bring It intoi-orunioM, If not UnlVenial use,
tieirlvcHUoilicjiU. 15 1
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette RAILROAD. RAILROAD MATTERS.
GALLIPOLIS, Nov. 27, 1871.
TOtrlk Editor bfthe McArtbur Kniili-cr' !
As the time for the aniiUal
fpfeeting of the gfockholfleis of
the Gallipolis, McArthor rflfid
Columbus Railroad Company,
for the" election of Directors
ahd the transaction of other
bflsinesa, is near at hand, I have
thought it advisatfle throtfgh
the columns of your paper, to
eall the attentioh ot subscrib
ers to the capital stock of said
Company to a few 8ection9 of
the railroad iw ot uaio, ana
to the by-laws of aaid li. R.
jDampauyr of which I herewith
send you ft copy i
Yours respectfully
In art act passod Hay 1st, 185,
to croatoahd regnlt failftfad ttfm
panies in tbeSute of Ohio, may be
found tiro falltfrving sections, viz ;
Section 6. Att instalment of
rive dollars on each share 01 stock
shall be pityubiV Hi tUffle of mak
ing the eflb'8t'f'ij)titfrf, mid the resi
due thereof shall be paid in stich
instalments,' and at sUch times and
places,- and to such i8 may bo re
qttired by the directors of such com
pany." (Notb. In Henry and cfthers vs.
the Vermillion stnd Anhlrtrtd Rail
road Company, 17 Ohio .Reports,
187, it wui held that a trill in chan
cery in the form of a creditor's bill,
would lie against a stockholder Of
an incorporated company to sub
ject unpaid subscriptions of stock (
and that the BtocKHOiacr mignt ue
prac'ceded against in this way,
TER. (It will bo noticed that Ihff law
doeir not tray' that ttie five dollars
p6r share shall be paid al the time
of making the subscription, htrt
that it shall be payable at thftttime,
thus ifrakirfg (ha amount dno and
payable when tho company culls for
"Sei. 9 Thai tho persons named
in said Certificate of int'otpifration,
or any throe of them, shall be au
thorifjed to order books to be open
ed for' f'6'c'eiv'ing 8irberiptions to the
capita! stock of said company, at
such time or times ffrrd at such place
or places as they may deem expedi
ent, after having givcri at least
thirty dayff' rrfrtiee,- in a newspaper
published or gonentlfy Circulated in
one or more Counties vfhero books
arotobtf 6pcnod,of the timo und
placo of opefifng books, und so soon
as ten (10) per centum on tho capi
tal stock shall bo subscribed, they
may give like notierer for tho stock
holder? to' tlibct at 6uch timo and
place as they may designate, for the
purpose of choosing seven directors,
who shall continue in office until
the time fixed lor the annffai e'fee'
tion, and until their Successors are
chosen and qualified, at tho lime
and place appointed, directors shall
bo chosen1 bf trtiHot, by such of the
stockholders as shall attend for' that
purpose, either in person or by law
ful proxies eaeh share shall entitle
the owner" to' 6'ne voto, and . plu
rality of votos shall be ..n'occssnry
for n choico, but after the first elec
tion of directors no person shall vote
on any share on which any instal
ment is due and unpaid. The por
sons named in such certificate ffrnll
be inspector of such olection, and
shall certify what persons are elect
ed diro'ctoTrj, an'dl appoint tbe time
and place' for holding their first
meeting, amaiorily of said directors
shall form a board, make by-laws,
and transact all business of tho cor
poration; ft rrew eloction shall be
annually held for' directors', at such
timo and placo as the stockholders,
at thefr first meeting, shall deter
mine, or as the by-laws of the cor
poration may retire, and! the di
rectors chosen at any election, shall,
so soon thereafter as may bo con
venient, ohooso cfno of their num
ber to bo president, and shall ap
point a secretary and troasurer ol
the corporatio'n. Tho diroctors,
boforo entering on their dtttfeff, shall
each take an cathr of aulrmation
faithfully to discharge his dutics,and
they shall from time to time, make
such dividends of the profits of said
compary, as they may think
Gallipolis, McArthur and Columbus
Railroad Co. By-Laws.
1. The principal office of
the Company email be kept in
the city of .Gallipolis, Gallia
county, Ohio,, until otherwise
2. The Directors i)rall meet,
until otherwise ordered at the
principal office of tbe Company,
in Gallipolis.
3: 'Tli rprrnliar rnAetinrra, nf
the Board! of Directors ffiall
be held at the principal of
fice of the1 Company on thtf first
and third Saturdays of each
month, commencing at nine
(clock a m. ipcciof inceting"
of the Board ttiaV he called
l.V thd rresiUent. or.lfl ins
absettKe Or, inabitilyi by any
Iwtt Of the direttfi s. ilotirje of
which shall he mailed . to the
address of each director,! by the
Secretary Of the, lioard Jive
dajs prrjviotis to such Special
meeting, llife pilid Hotie'eto con
tain the substance of the object
of snch srtBriial meetiht?.
4. An annual meeting of
the Stockholders shall be held
at the principal - office of the
Company on the Ord Wednes
day of January,- commencing at
nine (9) o'clock in the fore
noon; and the iVgsidmi.iihall
presenc tosaia raeeun?. on te
half of the Board of I?rector"s,
a report of the affairs dttd con
dition of the Ccrttipany for the
year preceding the first day of
5. The annual meeting of
Directors halt be held at the
same place, on the same day,
commencing at nine (.9) o'clock
p m:, under the supervision1 of
three Judges of lilechon, who
shall be SStoc'kholder and be
appointed by the directors and
two t'lerks, to be appointed by
the directors. Said Judges
and Clerks to" be severally
sworn before entering upon
theif respective dtltiesi The
result of the election shall be
reported to the Secretary of
the Company immediately af
ter the close of tbe election,
and the Secretary shall, imme
diately after tbe receipt of stich
report, give notice to each per
son returned as elected, of his
election, and of the time and
place of meeting of the direc
tors for the" organisation of the
Board. If any Director, elec
ted find notified as aforesaid
shall not,- within fil'teef! days
after such election and notice,
take and file in theofiice of the
Company the onth required by
law, his place ns director Shall
be deemed vacant, and the
Board shall appoint a director
from the Stockholders to fill
the vacancy.
0. The officers of the Com
pany shall consist of a Presi
dent, a V ice President, a -mas:
urer, (and an Assistant Treas
urer, if needed), a Secretary,
an Engineer, and such other
officers as the Board ot Duec
tors may from time to time es
tablivlf. They shall be elected
by the Board annually, or at
such other times as the Bo'ard
may deem necessary, to fill va
cancies, the concurring vote of
a majority of all the Directors
being necessary to a Choice,
Any of said officers may be ie-
moved for good and sufficient
cause, at any meeting of the
Board, after twenty days no
tice ot snort lutended removal
.shall have been given to tbe of
ficer Dronosed to be removed.
by the concurring vote of
two-thirds ot all tuo directors.
Provided, the Board, -when in
their' opinion the continued
services of ah Engineer, or the
services of any other attache,
(except the five first named of
ficers), are not needed, may re
move ally or any such, at any
meeting' of the Board, without
previous notice, by the concur
l ing vote of a majority of the
Boards and all Engineers,
Assistant Engineers, Clerk?,
laborers or attache?,-or what
ever kind, shall be employed
with that understanding.
7. The salaries and com
pensation to be allowed to (he
ofiicers and other employees of
the Company shall be fixed by
tho Board of Directors, and
every officer and employee of
the Company shall bo held as
accepting: and holding his place
subject to the exercise of this
power by the Board and as
entitled, during his services, to
receive such salary and com
pensation as may be" allowed
by the Board, from timo to
time. Provided, That fifteen
day notice shall boglven when
the salary and compensation of
any employee is proposed! to be
reuueeU before he is required
to accept such", reduction.
S. The President shall' pre
side at the meetings of the
lioaftl; aid have tt general su
peTtision Of the whole businf 3s
atfaifs.bf the Company He
shall see that persons in the
employment of, the Ctmipahy
do their Auljf Recording to the
requirement of; the Charter,
the By-Laws arid of toe Board
of Directors, and. shall from
time to time repwli to the Board
delinrchcief, if any, in the" of
ficers and employees, with such
suggestions : as he tfilay i deem
essential to prdnibte the . best
ihtefests of the Company; '.
' 9. There shall be a general
Executive andFinant'eCom--
mittee, to Consist of the Presi
dent and two directors to be
appointed by the Board", tvhose
duty it shall be to examine
monthly, or oftener and re-
port half-yearly,- and oftener if
they deem it necessary,- to the
Board of Directors, up'ofl all
disbursements fof the Com
any, and transact such other
lusiness as the interests of the
Company may require between
the sessions of the Board; This
Committee shall keep a record
of their acts iti a book kept
fot that purpose, which shall
be laid before tfla director at.
the meetings of the Board. All
bills for expenditures shall be
approved by this Committee
before payment.
10. It shall be the duty of
the lrea-suref; who shall be re
quired to give bond in mcb
sum as the Board may direct,
with sureties to be approved
by the Board; to receive and
receipt for the money of the
Company fis deposited, and to
pay out the same off checks
drawn by the Secretary until
the wors of construction shall
have commenced on the road,
after which no money sfiall be
paid out by the -ireasurer ex
cept on checks signed by the
Secretary and countersigned
by the Chairman ot tbe Execu
tive and Finance Committee.
Lie shall furnish each Monday
to the Eiectftive aud Finance
a rtM i .
1st. ine amount ot monpy
received the preceding week,
and from what source received.
2nd. The amount disbursed
the preceding week, and for
what paid.
11. An Assistant Treasurer
may be appointed by the direc
tors to receive, take charge of,
receipt for, a fid disburse all
funds received from subscrip
tions or otherwise provided on
the line of the Koad north of
the Marietta and Cincinnati
Railroad, for disbursement on
that part of the Road lying be
tween the said Marietta and
Cincinnati Railroad and Logan,
the same to be disbursed in
such manner and at such times
as the directors may direct,
with the approval of the" Exec
utive and Finance Committee;
and such Assistant Treasurer
may be required to give bond
in such sum as tbe board may
direct, with sureties to be ap
proved by tbe board.
. ll The Secretary shall be
required to give bond in such
sum as the board may require,
with sureties to bo approved
by the board, conditioned for
the faithful performance' of the
duties of his office, and that he
will fully account for, and pay
over to tho Treasurer all mon
eys that he may receive accord
ing to the requirements of the
Charter and by-laws, and the
orders of the directors, and said
bond shall bo renewed, and
new or additional sureties given
if required, at any time the
board of director may so or
der. He shall collect or cause
to be collected all moneys due
the Company, and shall deposit
them with the Treasurer as re
ceived, taking bis receipt there
for. He shall keep or cause to
be kept tho books of the Com
pany in a plain,, neat ' manner,
and make a fair and accurate
record of the proceedings of
the board and of all meetings
ot , the 1 Stockholders, which
record shall be kept at the of
rice " of ' the Comfany, He
hall iss tie check Ml the Treas-
urer; fignea oj mmseit ior an
disbursements as , directed by
by the hoard of directors; or
by the Chairman of the Eiecu
live i ahd Finance' Committee
(retaining the vtnitliers) until
sdeh time as the work of con
struction on the Itoad shall
have comhieuced, and thereaf
ter all checks drawn Cm the
Treasurer shallbe" sigHed by
the Secretary and countersign
ed by the Chairman of the Ex
ecutive and Finance dtfmmittee;
and as soon as i convenient,
there shall hS K Stamp seal
pro'carf-forthe' Company7" It
shall be his ddty to examine,
audit; and classify each and
every item of expenditure,
and see that the means of the
Gompany are faithfully applied
and flilly accounted for. He
shall furnish each Monday to
the Executive and Finance
1st; The" amount of niohey
received the preceding week
and from whom received.
2nd.- Amount of money de-"
posited with the Treasurer dur
ing the preceding week.
3d.- -Amortint of checks drawn
oil the Treasurer, and tbe pur
pose for which drawn.
13. . The Engineer shall
hold his office at the pleasure
of the board. He shall have
the superintendence of the sur
veys and construction of the
Road, with power to employ a
proper and sufficient corps of
assistants: subject to the ap
proval of tbe board, to assist
him in the surveys, location,
and construction of the time,
report to the board sfich information,-
plans,, surveys, maps,
profiles, and estimate as may ba
required by the board of direc
tors or the President, and shall
carry into execution all such
orders or instructions as shall
be given to him: ffofn time to
time by the President or tbe
board relative to the construc
tion of the Road, bridges; de
pots,- etc', dnd said engineer
shall make accurate estimates
of the work done or material
furnished for Construction by
contractors and other persons
upon the Road, and he shall
certify to the President or to
the directors,- the epenes for
his assistants, and all incident
al expenses incurred by him,
together with the vouchers
therefor; all estimates for work
done upon the Roftd or for
material furnished, shall be
certified by the Engineer to
the President or directors, and
such estimates shall show the
amount of all previous esti
mates, the amount of deduction
or per cent, to' be retained, and
the sum to be paid to the con
tractors on such estimates'. The
Engineer shall keep regular
accounts with. each .contractor
and of all work performed upon
the ronte,- or material furnished,
and of all estimates made and
reported to the President or
director., and all the incidental
and contingent expenses in
curred under his direction.
14. The Clerks or Assistants
in the differant departments
shall be selected by their
several heads, subject to the
pproval of the Board ot the
Executiveand fttttthce commit
tee. "
15. All elections of officers
shall be by ballot.
lb. Any memweT of the
Board may require the yeas
and nays upon any questions,
which, when so required,, shall
be takeu aud entered ott the
17. No motion to be' consid
ered by the Board tin til it has
been seconded. .
i 18 Any member may require,-
and have any motion
that may be offered reduced
to writing before being con
sidered by the Board, and the
same placed on the -record,
after being acted upon.
19. The journal of the last
prevfotfs meeting shall always
be read at tlier commencement
of each, session of - the Board,
and if needed,- bo amended,
(appro'led ahd signed.-
20. Interest at the, fate, of
seven per ."cent. -Mr annum "
shall be .paid iti sUttky 6fl all '
instalhvefiw-'rj : advancements
of mtme'y' ;pfoperty:; lhat ;i
shall have been paid in 6u'ac-"
count of sbstfiptiofi'farfitockl!
of the Company, from tlife time .
of such payment until tbe.f bad
shall , be c'ompieteid;: or fct)ia-i A
raence joying ; dividends Jft
er ior wiiicu interest .cer-' r
tiitcates .shall be issue'd
w .J .I.J ....
negotiable, , and nlahy - be:
sur'rthdfered' iti snms of 'fifty M
dollars andjjeitificates of -UwA--'substituted
therefor; ; '
21. , Certificates of stock:
shall be iWed to each StC'ck
holder for . the niiriiife'f bt j
shares he or she may" hftve' in '
the .Company, nroti fall pay
ment thereof; which certificates1
shall be signed by tbe Pres?-'
detit and countersigned by the'
Secretary, and shall have the'
coropprate seal of the Company;
find be. registered in a bpcls
kept by the Secretary for' thai
purpose; Stock may be' assign.
ed by transfer on the books of
the Company,- bttt while any
part of fiuC'h stock remairt3 fan- .
paid no transfer shall be made
on the books of the Company,
unless authorised by the board
of dlrefctorr. If transfers are'
made after full payment, for
mer certificates (if any) shall
be surrendered and new certi
ficates issued.-
33. After the hoad is k
running order it shall be the
duty of the Superintendent to '; ;
have a specific understanding ,
with the section hahdsto have
and take a Care that fires be
extinguished; caused by fire
from the locomotive destroying
fences aftd other property, as
may be within their reach, but
not to neglect any work that
might endanger nearing trains.
2$. No amendments or
alterations shall be made in
these By-laws, except said
amendments ot alteration,
have been! redo'ced to writings
and in substance submitted to
the Board at a pevions regular
meeting. .
21. These By-laws shall '
take effect from the date of
their adoption.
Gallipolis; 0., August 5tb.
Railroad Co. By-Laws. Only An Idea.
Bulwef says poverty is only
and idea in nine cases otrt of
fen. Some men with ten
thonssfid dollars a year suffer
nrfcf e for want of means than
others with five hundred dol
lars. The . reason is, the rich
man has artificial wants. His
income is" ten thousand dol
lars a year, and he srlffera
enough in being dun'n'cd for
unpaid debts to kill a sensitive
man. A man who earns a
dollar a day and does not go
in debt is the happiest of the
two. Very few people who
hare never been rich will be
lieve this : but it is true. There
are thousands and thousands
with princely incowes who
never know a minute's peace.
Thero is really more happi
ness among , the workingmen
in the world, than among
those who are called rich.
The New York Sun says
"No man who has been either
a briber of br rbe-taker can be
run for President in 1872, un
less his party hanker alter tho t
fate vrhich has just ewerfcaJtem ,
the Tammany robbers i'rv jfffew
York. Rough ort Grant..
As an incentive to remanm in
the State, ther authorities1 of
Wisconsin fmrnisfti three thou
sand feet of lumber free ei ex. i
penso, to every family .losing.. j
property by tho recent fires, , '.
who will remiildon theif own ,
lot, , .vii I.-.,- ;
Pittsburgh is so bloeked , up ,,
with freight on tfcconnt of the -low
water iff the river that sev-1
eral Ohio raflf owls have refused
to receive freight for. that city t
for -the space of thirty days. ;
The fiver ts now rising.

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