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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 06, 1871, Image 2

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J. W. BOWKN Bdllor.
OFFICE-In Peeonri Htory of Howen't
Cldlnf. North Me of Main Street, iart ot
I'oort llwm.
December 6, 71.
Grant Sends Out the Message.
.Useless i S. Grant, tiie'Hacli
c leaders' President, "sent his
message into Congress on Mon
day, and' on' Tuesday it was
' published in, Uic 'daily jmpcra.
The roesssgo is an . electioneer
ing document, written by some
one .aWidea Useless himself.
He wants things; "fixed" so he
can be re-elected.
Grant's Ku Klux Congress.
This well-kno w u. body assem
bled at j Washington City on
Monday It will remain in
BQSioa during the winter, and
transact no business or pass any
laws that will be of the least
benefit to the suffering and
overtaxed people. Whatever
Grant desires the body to do,
is always- done without any
questions beiug asked by those
who work for his interest. The
people would be . better off
without such a body.
Current Account of Republican
Theft and Robbery.
Pension Agent Forbes has
hcen detected stealing.
Pension Agent Calhoun, of
Philadelphia,, hiis been detect
ed, stealing.
The Postmaster of Nashville,
Tennessee it is just ascertained,
received i'ee3 for prosecuting
claims against the Government
while a member of Congress.
Old Stokes, scallawag Con
gressman, has jiust been indict
' cd for same crime, and is guil
ty of other crimes for which he
las not yet been indicted. This
is all by one morning s man.
The Presidency.
Almost every paper we pick
up coutalns- something relating
to. the election of . President
next year. It is all well
enough for papers to speak,
ami speak thiw early, if they
ish to do so, ' b-ut all 'should
aim to talk, iugilt 'upon the
subjectthat i, to express the
sentiments of the people. As
we have been silent upon this
very important tnatteK, we have
concluded to let? our view on
the Presidency be known; and
in doing &", we would say that
we will represent the- senti
ments of every Democrat ic rea
der of this paper, as well'as the
entire. Democracy of Vinton
county. It is iiv the language
of the Carroll oimty Chroni
cle as-follows I-
But Ware opposed to going
oat of the Democratic ranlLs for
a candidate fun President -in
1.872. We liavo a number of
distinguished" statesmen ihi our
own party who would'd'o honor
to the office of President of the
United States. We liaveThur
man, Pendleton and Groosbeck
f Ohio;. Tleadnclis and
Voorhc of " Indiana; Packer of
Pennsylvania; Parker of New
Jersey ' and English .. of. Con
necticut;. Hoffman, Seymour
a,ud, Church' of ew York..
Any of" these would poll the
whole Democratic vote of the
country; "whereas if, we , take
a man who has nut Wn identi
rfed with the Democratic: party,
wo cannot poll more than two
thirds of that party's strength
for him.;.' and the ; accessions
from thf opposiU party would
not make url'or om own loss.
If there is an eai uM desire on
the part ofsoui3 who have here
" tx)forc been identi (unl with the
Republican party to- defeat the
"great preset t4akt!r". ft'jD' fffes
iileut next year;. lt them, unite
with, the; Dciuocraoy. on some
uoiidiilate who can rpell' every
- DVsmocratio vote, nivd w then
evtiy yute' received from the
ippoiite party, will "be "'that
much clear gain. t"P ,;
The Kadical leaders- and
editors, i favor : Martial law,
hence they condeuiw thy Govci'1
uor for hia action. "'
ir? lis
Many Thanks.
Those of the Democracy in
each and every one of the town-
ships in , Vinton - county "who
maae an euor.i uunug iuc iic
campaign to get out the vote
of the , party,' are entitled to
many thanks from every work
ing and earnest Democrat in
the county. Such services are
appreciated, and such men de
serve the esteem, good will and
support of every man who . is a
Democrat from; principle, and
who at ; heart ; desires' the suc
cess of the principles' 'the grand J
'11 rS..:,...r.V..i.T Uottlno a
OKI ieillUVittUti," if .UVWM KV
establish.. ,i::v ';
1 -
Radical Benefits!
In "1860 the average , wages
of Boston journeyman shoe-,
makers were $10.32 In 1871,
these wages are $15,72, Upon
the strength of this, Mr, Bout
well claims that these wages
produce 25 per cent.' more of
the luxuries and comforts of
life than ; the wages of 18G0
could have produced. But it
will be noticed that : wages
have not advanced more than
50 per cent, while house rent
ha9 doubled and board, also.
Brown sugar, li cents now, in
18G0 was only 8 cents a pound:
coffee has gone up from 16 to
28; boots, from Vi W $;.uu;
blankets, from $3 50 $5.0, and
other things in proportion, so
that the purchasing power or
to-da v's waces is considerably
less than the same power of
the Buialler wages ot 18oU. it
takes the shoemaker to-day, for
instance, lOHiours' labor to
nav for the same board that lie
got in 18G0 for just 15 hours,
labor; and ins nouse-rent,
vrhu-b he paid in labU witb
three days and four hours,
lnhniv now exacts of him the
labor of four. days. So .much,
for protection.
Bondholders and Bondmen.
UTAHVILLE, Pa., Oct, 13, 1871.
To the Editors of The New York
Day Book:
Gknts: I had an argument
with a "Republican," in which
he contended lhat the bond
holders have paid the govern
ment dollar for dollar, or in
tber words, that he who held
a $1,000 - bond had -given
$1,000 in gold or silver to the
government for it. Please
reply, and tell us all about it
in the columns of . the The
Day-Book, as I am a subscrib
er to vour paper. Very res
P. R.
Answer. Your , -Kepub
lican" friend is cither an
ignoramus who knows nothing
of his subject, 'or a knave who
is willing tolie about it. In Dec
ember, 1802, the paper dollar
fell to seventy cents, a gold
dollar selling during that
month at 130 to 134. The
quotation of gold arose in 18G3
and 1SG4, reaching its highest
ooint in the month of !Xovem-
ber of the latter -year ' being
quoted at 260, making'" the
paper dollar worth 38 cents.
If your "Republican" friend,
or any body else,, purchased
govennent bonds between the
oeriods named, or at any tinve
from 18(52 to 1871, he paid ju
gold or ' its equivalent in
currency. If he bought
government bonds in Koveni
ber,' 1864 and a thousand
millions-were sold that year,
his one thousand gold dollars
obtained hirudin the shape ofa
promise to pay ly the govern
ment of the UuitedStateSjj two
thousand sifc hundred dollars.
This is the character of the
transaations of : tUat period of
fluctuating- "currency values.
At purchaser of $2,600 worth
of..- government' bonds in
November;: ISGi; only paid
.$1,000' in gold. To-day 'he
can sell his bonds for '2,600 in
papor,. worth tf2f275 ,in! gold,
and . the government,, when-in
redeems pays the face!-
It is related of Jefferson
that he might have been a rich
and not a poor man, as he va',
but for the multitude of admir
ii9 visitors - who- ' thronged
ADunticellb from. one yeai-end
to another .and ate hinr out of
house home.. As many as fifty
strati ire ns-; sometimes , swarmed
hi upon liim iu. a- singlQ after
noon.' ' They came om,. horse
back and, in ' carriages, ,and
dozens of. -.them staid .ail nighty
and many of them staid'1 for
days and eveui weeks.l , ;- ; ;
The Republican papers "are
worrying themselves a good
deal as to the position to be
taken by J he. Democratic party
in the coming, pre.iidejital con
test." In , those papers which
are so fearful that ; the Demp
crata will do some foolish thing,
will only possess their souls in
patience a little while, they
will see. . The Democratic
party lis ,uot f goipg'l6;''disband
its organization, ,. The two and
a halt millions of jJemocrats oi
the Unitad' States' are not go
ing : to' disband aild . nerralt J a
fa w; sor-ticad ''Hep liblican s to
npmlnate a' candfdale 'for ' them
to vote'for; ,l' Tlie-' national coii
yention ;i of . f'M tie ! Democratic
party w'jllrbe;h'eld ' as usual,
and we have"' ful(l! faith that it
will plaee n'm'An on v the ticket
worthy, of '.the support ot" the
entire party.' ' ' ' ,; ' ' ,;'
AYe have yeare after yearo the
same old political result ' in
Massachusetts. They can be
as well stated ! befure a s after
the election. The truth is that
the immense money power
which is' consolidated in that
little State, in banks arid cor
porations, have it .entirely
under their thumb, and the
interests of labor seem to bej
powerless to contend against
it. The. domination of capital
in Massachusetts is supreme.
The only healthy indication
for the future is the bold and
resolute stand taken by
Wendell Phi Hips against the
proud and powerful oligarchy,
and the efforts which he is
making to aronie the down
trodden masse? to a sense of
the injuries and oppressions
they have long been the sub
jected to. If he can make any
sort of political disturbance in
the old Bay State, he will
atone for many transgressions
ni the past.
The Philadelpha Agn says:
There is a nice batch of Rad
ical Governors in the stocks at
the present time for houest
men to caza. at. . Iloldeu, of
North Carolina, was impeached
and removed. liutler was
impeached for fraud and
corruption in office in Nebras
ka. Davis has been disgraced
in Texns'. , Bullock has stamp,
edfd from Georgia to - avoid
impeachment' Austin, of
Minnesota, Is now charged
with haviii'r taken a bribe of
$5,000. And now Governor
Scott, of South Carolina, is
charged with fraudulently is
suing State bonds to the
amount of $-2,000,000. And
yet the ;Rvdfcals claim that
their party is "-honest." Why,
if one of the radical .officials
under Gf.n. Grant was vaccina
ted for honesty, it would not
John Sherman has taken
rooms .at the JSrcil House,
Columbus, for the Senatorial
campaign. They are - being
fitted up for his- accomodation
in the most gorgeous-. style,
without regard to. expense,
ft is understood , that the
variety and quality of wines,
liquors and cigars prepared
will exceed that of any former
smiilar occasjotiv ftie only
regret among the Republican
members is that the election
of Senator takes place so early
in the session, as it will b
very hard! fov them to go back
to using Columbus rot:gut
after regaling themselves; on J
the imported article. '
It is said that the famous
Blue grass of Kentucky, was
originally found at an Indian
village, in Clermont county,
Ohio, and that an officer of. the
army -first gathered it there,
and - took! it ' .to- Kenfiucky.
Such, ad least, ia the tradition,
says ! the Turf, . Field' ami
Faiun's- correspondent, II. B.,
based" upon, the' assertion . of
Gov. T'rimble,; who.' placed the
utmost confidence in the truth
of the tradition; A, grass that
has made famous' a sister State,
was thus transplanted'from our
If Republican1 editors' sup
pose 18 Democratic Senators
will' sit meekly by and permit
are badly decided.- The l)emO'
crats in tHat body will ask-for
nothing but' what' ia- righV-and
they - will submit to- nothing
wrong; Iii this the pcop
18 Kepubiicanaennrors- tb-run
the Ohio ; Senate ;toJ suit their
th-ir ' own r partizah endsithey
The Democrats are for" civil
lawhence .they sustained the
Governor of 'Illinois in '.his
efforts to have Sheridan indict
ed and punished for placing
Chicago under Biatrial lawV ;-
Grant'sjiifamous K"ew York
swindler, Collector Murphy,
has resigned. Chester A. Ar
thus is appointed his successor.
Arthur , is a chum of Murphy's,
and it is 'hellevVd' tliafc he is
tarred with the same -stick; - :
! 'While Gfant is n6l(lihg the
people down with his' dragoons,
the carpet-bag State"-5 off;cers
continue their stealing. .opera
tions, . South : Carolina'' bond
are down - to tweiity-flve ' cents
on the dollar, and repudiation
is the declared policy; of - the
riei'o legislators of the State.
Oovernor.'VVarmpth, of Ja,,
Radical as he U, is evidently
feick of party conventions regu
lated'by brothers-in-law, ly
means of .Federal troops. , In
a recent . speech, he .declared
that Crmt and his. party, care
noUiingifor, the- South, except
to Annoy and ..persecute the
people, and turn ;. mistoi'tuncs
to account for partisan capital.
The speech oxcites much com
ment m JNew Uneans.
AVe have three huudred and
fifty-seveu millions of legal-
tenders in circulation, worm in
the market -'eighty-nine cents
.1 in'1" 1 .. -1 ,il
on tne uoiiar. 1 jn less unm
three years Mr Boutwell has
shinned to England," to buy
1 i .. w -j 111' i
bonus due ui 18S1., .ana locked
1 1 . . it...
up in me vaults oi me
Treasury, over three hundred
and ' eighty-two millions m
gold.: This is what the Repub
licans in their Btate conven
tion endorse' when they com
mend the Boutwell financial
policy. ."
The small-pox -is now making
ravages in Philadelpha, Pitts
burg, Cincinnati and ;othr
places, This leperous disease
is said to have originated in
Philadelnhia in: the use of
buffalo robes formerly worn
by the Piegan Indians, when
they were, afllvsted with -that
dread disease. If the state
nient is at all true it is to be
hoped the mercenary wretch
who sold the robes originally
has' received his 'just propor
tion of the epidemic.
miircsrc ixvAf.r aim.k MKmnsrs ii avi-:
1 aclilrved . CO'Mrr.t-.TV. THUT.M l'H In
n.-,.,ii,.,.n.nr Ihinmi.. of nil kindii. from the Hil-
M..t.;, TtiMv wort' introduced to Ilie
niiliVic; nomc t ve:u sim-e. iind liuve been iimxI
with eivllfe Rweci. Tli ( AMVlvIt and RA1.1
RUKUM SYKUV it i 11 te-i im Uy , wlneli
e.leaiipcn the Wood, I A- IliTowlnir" inilmVltles to
tliOBiirlmw, when the (Kit ATK H HIMiIkmi, ex
ternaVry, awl all eriipl inn arc (loli(iy'l, anil
tr..iilth und Heaiilv iwlorcl. 'I'licir ASM'N-
ISHlXGHl"nil'lm!liwt ont. many Igno
rant pretenders, wlio liuve rnf rcrlnved then
,o.,,ko,i',,l i.i-nimr.illiiii. to the lilllihc. Iliey
Ri-noot In nfinost every form, from Piinncens
down to lill, and all for Humors,- (of iour(
thev aieY. . .. . ,
Hut ItliaitiPMV-rwWvfil tot). Wovor' Hvn
I P and t tliATE In aehievo whatdinder tlie clr
tin i-ffirnrdcd 11 the mnftt nril-
liaiittriiiniDli.vet iiclneved l.y uny iiioilioi.ii
e'er Intindiieed to the American public.. hy
is till? Slniuly lioeaiisn I hey purform what
they promise ; nml nofwilhslHiiiliiiu the Intro
.i,i.ii.xr.rtVir.Tipi nnrt wonderful iiVopara
tioni to the mifilln. tlie Srlt Itheunr Syrup and
( urate keep steadily on their way, eoiuiiiei niK
aitlieyuo. rf the nubile wmi to try Ihcuo new
hiivonofa word to nay, for
the havea giiro remedy to fait hack tM'"'
vIt.! Dr. Woaver'i fianrer and SHlt Hlieuin
. i ocihia Ont. the nubile, are
wnllawaru. for thousands. In nil auction! of
iiineniintrv.liare been rlircd by them, after all
other ruinodies have failed.
r'or nalobv air medicine dealers aim u.
SISSOX, ifcArtluir.
J , n invito a v'.. "c -7
, , , Gincinnul, O.
All. Those Who Suffer
; ' FROM
Consumption or Coiisn?
Bead the Following letter:
,. - Mount VhRN'oN, Il.t. ., April 20. 1870.
Mmrn. .T . N. Harris Co.. Oliiclnanll, U.
cvvri iia.1hanril one of my customer!
speakiuffln auchhlMi terms ot Allen' Lung
Italaain to-tiny, mat niwusin
vou the substance of Ills statement: lis aaya
his mother who is now aixty yni of ai(e, hail
aullBrcd with consumption for several yeara
and hail boon under III can or an u.
nhvsli laiis, but never receive any pernianan
benefit: then she reaortcd to mil. e'ry kind
of CoiiRh and Lun.if ltnlsam tliatcotihl be pro
cured for her, but all to no avail, f10
grew worse, until alio wi ennflned to her bed
indwlion shewn! aclr.ed with paroxism
emiKhliiK she would lose the power of. respiia.
tion, and tiny wme compolled to ONto
breathing and while sue counlied so hnijl she
could not expeetnrnto anytlit nif, and the family
and frleailM had given npl hopes
covery. Ilerfoii notilced that adv. rt
of Allen's Lung Halaam Hi the Christ an Ail-vocate-.and
they thought they would pioeure
and try ft; They coninionoe.f plvlng tier ti
Iiour until nilflnlrhf. then ho took nnot lioi
spell of coiigBintc'en't expectovated I; maV
lull Of dark, yolliVvvrflMter, whlell vW .m
thing she had not boar, a .! i lodrt "Vime-tme.
ti,.,7.,i..,..i , .(. ii( t he Balaam until
morning, and thou she' began to P"r,
freely. Slid within two hour. J;'''Bj.T10';
rat three 1'lnUofmiicua matter, whlUi ga
her invnionlHto rcllof; and atiice that tlnio
haa oontimied toluiprove, Mfc Wit "1W P
dav, anil ean wnlk about the" hpdse and take
... ', .... .i.w. Avavc.iHe.. iter son
h. i.t .... e.i, n.i.am to-day, and he
.roeoinmonillnK It very lilKhly to, every otto.-,
. YOhra.resnectfufy, v - ...-,
YVastlici'cfvcf Katef . proof Of merit tharl
rhoe.aao this letter refiya tor '1'. ...i
ALLEN'S UTSa BALSAMis lllinut ft
the beat expoctermit r"'"0 ?v' nT.h m
i.,,.... v....i. ii... rt ontuiiiM no onfum
uio niiiici.t)ii ni . 'i : -" : 4.,
anTftirrntamritMiae l! hrmle to' the Moat
rjrForsiile by all'ModlelneDealhrt.
CAtTTIOS.-Call tor " ';V?
8AM," and.aliun'llieifseof kny other baUam,
a tmprtrietpled men may dciv yon with
wbnliles! prcpnrtvtiona.
ft. -W. SI8SOS,
Mc Arthur;
. M
DR. J. . STKONtf,
, R. 8. WILCOX &
' i H.O-WILbON, ' .i-T
A it. u . Biuuor & SON;
.' Vrtlkeaflllf
AUTUMN OT? ,1871.
y& serins x o.r siw .
y -v .' : ', ' V holelsidBlr lilt " '' . 1 , 1 '.
Kly stock now roiaijilett Vor Fall Sales, and
hot at flic liih priccti dome paHics Itnvc iintit
111:1 fed payiiiK't
The average prirc nil tlu-onh in inuvh lower
I hail ,thc rail, of, 1870. A small -tidviiBicc is
eliargect on If- oh a V W goods
li rrmimcjhttbti to. j-onk" tiHI'Ft'IAt. bttotilloii. ' X'luo ii grtod nsnoi liiiKiit oi" Imporl.-il
Kfilorttlly kopt in Nutli.il lloiisi', ft, hiilo nt )nb(U'iato navdudo cilt rout to sliort
tiin buyers! or .cash la h4ill) n dlacoiint
September jut, ' l7l,
1 ,
Guardian's Notice.
rrolmtn foil it , Vlntoii C'ouiily, Olilot
NOTICK IN liiTPby nlVMi that tJrtirKU llnrt
lu.v, nsiiuHill..in uf Miiry Diiumi, inlmir
clillil (if Witt. Dnrt iifih, (U'Ciniscil, Iiiih A 1ml liin
nn'uunt ..Willi em Id wnnl n' lln.i1.ftiliiiiiit
liiTcin. mill tliat the sdnirt is net fur Iitoi-Iiik nn
ilie SSth (lav of DocenilM-f . A. .. xn, at 10 c'i
clock, A. M. If. H; MAVif,
. Doc, 6, '7Mt. . . l'nitiiitii .lml(?ii
' " ;Eictor Heirs. '
.Protiilte:boiu-t,' Vlntntl County, fttitot
NOTICK Is horcliy xlvnn Mint (fhnrii's Mmr,
i; 11 it r. I i :t ii of M.uv J.imi ami DurotlH I..
Klchmi minor, Iihm flfoil lli'roiii IiIk iionnuni
Willi niiIiI whi-iI for pnniHl sttliinnl.. nml Mint
tliesiiiiiu ore silt forliHi'iiif on thu floth 1 ay ul
Dcccmbur, lull, at III o'clock A. M.
11. It. MAYO.
Doc. It-tt 'roll itp.liulirn.
IRA . .X-X-a.3F5.1
I'ntentee nlitl Miinufucluiur lf
.. tiiiiroviit
Head Blocks, Post-Hole Borers, &c,
t'larlislHirg, W. Va.
'TMIE (li'lst Mills, l)oiu nl'lalilc, nro on Iron
X I-'rmnoi. nml .
Strong, JJurahle, Ellicicnt,
Anil t lie lpt Mill oror irtfido for (ill kiwis of
grinding! H'i lie emily Blt.icluvl to Kuw MillN
or Miiy ollior pnuni', anil w.irv.inidl to grind
Klmii'anil Slivil of a uii'i'iir iiitiilllv l rcat-ni-rnte
(if itpOcd (linn any othm' .Mill, villlonl
iicfttniKor omur iinii uny uie wciiii in'ihk
1,41X1 pound iicpiifiyln? only H fort Miiiinru hi
I lift floor. ill griijil il tolK liinlicl; n i- limir.
It witliiu lIMrtv rlavN. I lie Mill iloc4 not iiovt'
sotisfActoiy, It may lie rutuineil mill money
and nil charges refunded,
HnrfH Ftfst!Ifo IjCorer,
I Kiiamtitcoil to innUe two lioles
vto o
one of nn v other; ilovs it work ran-
and perfectly. '
5 la
So fault mil he found with It al ter
trial. Bent to any one nn trial who
w ill send uicOie rf.'.loiieoieiit of ihu
1'cMt Mutter. A-enti waniid.
t l.ii ksliur),',. Ti. VA.
Farmer! and others i-ci see the
I'ost-llole H011M' it tii! K-iijulrir Ollico
Gun innterlnla of ovei v hind. W rile for l'i lee
List, totheitt Western linn .n:v. I'll Islm i-uli.
I'a. A rin y Ruin and Kcvolvera bought or tin
ded for. AfrenUwruiied.
TTiT nTTl T4 a TTI
id I III II la Ei I B II VI
k 1 'i in m m u h r u
Uil UlUD MI!
m u r. m tm m
& is
Lec. tl
Guardian's Notice. NOTICE.
NOTICK is horeliv Kivru ilinl there will he a
ineeliiiff of the Iloiir.l of School Kxauifriei":
of the Independent School fii.ifctol .oloHlit,
Vinton County, Ohio, lor tlie c.vaihliioliuii ui'
toai hetit. lit lite school hoiiso on
Thursday, KoYem'ber 30th, 1871.
Kuril applicant for a eerlill. nle should ! Vi pre.
entiue.irlv u 111 o'clock. A. M.
Ily older of the Hoard.
A. W. JAMES. Clerk.
ThTnew discovery
In Clieia!ii.'.il itl Medical f cliuco.
iy" . a.
v4w '
; ..V,
lr. Ji. t GAJiVIN'S
FIIIST AI) (ISI.V PorJ-TlUNevrr ma.ln
in, .nn mix cm of Ai.:. 'iiui: 'iti:i.v i;
Viilnuiili- ae' iv i riiic.;. di of til l well known
cm.it iv; u 'Cil , '
I'STEWA!.!. Ii f.'ouu'H, Col.ta. Catiirrli.
Asilmui, Hroii'...i.i, uud eu:i..uinp(tun.
A Mint enl.l In tince to i lmui-j nnd also,
y its VI rAI.l3l.NW, l TlllFYIXd and l-TI,
M UI.ATINU ifirta upon tho (juuiTal syatini.
la reMiirkablr i tlii'scious in nil
imrcAMss of inn m.crtn.
tncluihuK Scioinlii and LrupnoiM of tho akin,
IiyspcpsK, l'lK'nse of tho l.ircr nml Kiduiiys,
Uenrt Jiaenne, auil Cleuoinl Deblliiy, '
At. SO, A
: VolatUo Solution' - of Tar
For ISlAT,ATl(l, wtthn'lt. niiiilientijii of
HEAT. A remarkably V A LtJ AHI.K diitivery,
ui tlie4iulu app trains can Ijucanicl in the vest
poi'Uat, reiulv at uny limit for tlw iiinalcUuCtual.
aud IKiiitivulynumiivo uauln ' '
All t)iOUiiC o? t ho MOSF, Tlllt OAT
Tar ar.d MaadrarTo PiU.
for lis tit Yonneetlnn with tho TXTXTtt TAB,
. i- u cenibin. tion of the TWO inoal valunbl
: AL'I'KHATIVIO Meiliciucx koni, in thu Pro
f..Mim nnd iinjeia thia Till wli .ut nxuvptton '
tiih vurv ocmi. ever orcreo.
'i'uo htll R,'TiiJ.N uud i.'y;irdcjf I) Ktjxia of
U wlihout ilntiH thu Hunt rcinuily tnowa
cisea or . i
Tt is a ftneeril'. f.fiiioirh i1iNnio.. nnd idiruilrl hn
bttupt ill the IhIicIidIiI nf awry lillilll)',(ljii irtldly
(liirhi(ttlioo imoiii Im hi whh li . ,
i arellsblo to frevnil. A snuill (pinntlty ttilfen
dully will pruvoub uuntrui.ling thesu tvuihlo.
diswaiMk ' ; , , ,1 j , '! t i i ! ; -i ( ".it
Kuluticit rfuilCornpmuiilKllxIr, $1.00 per Ho(tlo
'' Vvlnini Boliitlon for Itihalntinn Wiflfcr Do'
i ,Tranif Munilriko Pills, (Kle.ls par ht.
Bend tn rireulnr of l'OMXIvii"ti;i:8
. loyiurDmmiintjor to ),;-'.
L. r.IIYDIG ii CO., I
,......,' BOliU'ilOITvIJETOHa,
.' MO ei-ZHd ' St. 2ft 10 lV A.
z&M&pi tit
0 U N 1) U Ti A.N G' O !
BUH, kEEXK A t'O'S JJliiia Extraa. 1
'Til wnnlli'i fti'l ninintr for V. ASVT.Vi SYP1I
KHKl'M Rinl ALL IllU)NH! r..OOI)
ItlSVAHKM.. is Jirbpnred friini ilia Ucnnlns
rundoj iuio I'ark, from I.oJJiKciiioloi-, aueureil
l.y hmIiiio of iliuHiidiurilii'oi lhat oountry .Sold
by nil Pni((i,'lsls in pint hoitlei, Imv i iifr u them our
liuno, trnili" ilutrk nml full direct on for uep. Bond
for a circular, Ollico and Lahmnrt No. 60, l ilur tit
A (..(iiiipiiiiiiil of ( vvi.-f-n oil.irc. Ai'liiiuu I-cilKi-tlftrJiKr
prciiti'ti'rnfHic froirlh mxl leaulj
rfthr littir. .".J. BCSHS2S 6 Ctf liostoii. Muss,
bold by nil ilni;,','UH. J'twari oj'.iiiiilutiuin.
A se'l rml cninplclii liU'.ijry of Clili-ntin, lier asl.
nrcsni nml rruilre. Vii p-nfhic seeni's, incideiit."
dud full derails of the il snsler,- bv Oco, 1'. L" f Ion
Hoi J. V. Hiealiad, eill orsnf the Clilvnan MIiHii.
Willi omr 400 paeii, and 60 illo-ilratioiis
It Is ii(i- rijsilv fiii. ilillvrrv.
nf U'rrltury, Union 1'iibl shlni: t'o., (.'hlmco, III,.oi
ITims.; Pa-1' " ;, i I - : :
1 . i . - 1 1 .' 1 . ... 1 1 1 1 1
;ii'oT!ii.i.b I'lvncliO I ('liroiii'iaFiiliJi'Lln LIFE
IZIv. i slti I'mf-siniirii'a of orlsinnl Oil Paintings
(I INKS AWAY In every suliKcrlli, r 10
BIt'nry Ward Acre's cr'
fK.U'al'Al'EK. A?ents liuvinir meat sneesa. fine
uok 1 .'"l'i In three iiioiii lis anolliiT fiT.'InH.'i il.iv:
imthrt I le la uim work; una tl ;in mt d iy. nnd e'lh
arae'iud!y well, iiwklns from fi and tintofv'per
y. lakes on s.ht. An o'd Aeenl wlio knows.
l,l think It ilie I mi I iwuu.yi f,.r VniiTn. r.s evT
er onVri-il. iSorry I d il not enr;t!.'o sooner '' 1'iiv.
Metier ihun any bo;ik amncy, A run cbiinct '
units man t n.
I'ltelllL-int men and wiminn tie lod evi-rywhero.
If y mi wIaIi a ihkI leriiiitty. sen'd c.rlv fi.r circular
sail lerais! J. H. -(ii;i & I'D, e; Pink Pla-o, Kew
Vorl; II IliMiiill. pl Stri ct , t li e-6 tM.
Send for free sample copv of tlio t'll I: I KT
1.I0ADKK, a llrst-plara 'weekly loilrunl pnlillslieil
In- Hal Xuw VorkSia'a Uonve itn'in n" Ijii v6r al'-t.
n;l imiii i! the urn hiis of III:. F.. H. if.A-
I'lS. Tnim. i(i2,Mi Kr year. Addrew. I'uli ifhci
CHUISTIA.S I.KAJJlilt, Vtnn l-.roiiilMny,
Pw York City.
.iOlh . YEAR.
?'l per Auiiuiii. InrhiilliiK Year leiok fur
SIl'SKV K, 3l") n S 1: , . r. & CO.,
07 fii'ilk llmvi v York.
Al'TIIOH I'-i."
I:(nv his3 B are Ou,"
I'lie HiH I'nniil.v Jirvvef.tifn r in ll'S ('..iinti v, S'i
s venr. Solid (or ei inr-n i.i',v nlitl elnli rli'cu'ar.
,;iilre. flit'. I lilllt 'Nfi. JtcHoit, Midi.
etl'iiri-d fiv ib)i-!ii ile cutiili'L' vcar
to (-vt-rtv siihieiltier of T.T'rVv's XI u;-(!'.uii, thd Toledo
Itlai-.e. Hi'iiii r.iy'K Dt'ionrrHt. tile.
uiiiic'i is nn ori'lcnce of 1-s noVtli-niil nopn,tartv
Horace (liwl' v, .InierFl'I'i rlo.i. Tlit-c..,w Tllt.m
aanat kaouxis taaaa tn-rwm
flail Mionili.
i tc, write for every niiniher.
(n rluliiiluii il inlR.rt (lireo first 'clas! fierlixllrsl' fm
'h price of diem. A, varteiy of froiiiiinoa on
n'l'iiully 1 1 Lit ill term ft ia mi nrluinnl, ni.idi.
Ma-jzlrs. Voltima 1 begins wilB". Tannery lb2.
VYO-H). Newhwrvh. M. Y.
ovKit two miyDftt i vaot;s.
Printed III Two Colora, on superb TiNTrn Parkb
Knur Hundred J.iikiiivIhk of l lowels,
i'lituta mid Vogetahlea, Willi Tluscr ptsous ami
Tlireotloim and plum fun innkliv.' Walks, T.'iwns
(iardeiis, etc. The Iniinl-iioicst nnd Last l.'f.O
HAL CI Iti: ni the N hmI: All lor Ten Ceuta,
o llinsti wlio think of linviili: reids Not a iiuirter
liio eot '.IIOiM suld nrisll .
AillreBH, jfAMFS VICK,
JtoclieKtiir, , 1 .
DCTCBC! .The. ttoe. No, price M)o., lifts
r C I Ell J ll pieces Vocul nnd (imtr'l I'l
iiiio Music, worlh It in Hheel
' ' ,. foi ni We will mull two back
MHOFl AI Kos. ful'Mc, four lor U0o., or
lyiUOklinL iTnu. ti) Hoc. '7t, for MM, reg
. , ulitr prlco, noiind coplo!
: for 181. u lit shies mid edues,
iVlUil I nLlTltoniiia.Kliikel.tioiliuiiIi etc.
AditiesMj, j j'ktkiw, Wi llroadway, Mew
Vork.l'. o. JJoxC'l!".. . .,,. ,
0,TllKVlcrtIItAVTON, Prodnee roin
DiiiIksHiii Merchants, 70 ltnrclay Htreet,
New Voile 'Tho highest price obtained for
Hit Iter, t lieopc, F-crs, l'oullry, Game, Hog.,
1101111, and nil Produce, Prompt returns ren
dered 10:000 AGENTS IWANTUI)
Imtneiilntely. (H'Ocnn ho mado Inslxty days
Kveiy render of this, both old and young
(tumid send It, nnd getslx lampleH that must
sell forll uaeh, with full purllcula:'!, Mind at
orfce, ns I am determined to have 10 000 Agents
within the next alstvdnva. . Addros J. (J.
UrSAtir.KV, MlllHdhl.'Ohlo.
fiENTH Wanted. Aitante niiiko more irton
ev nt work for us than at anything 4lse
Hnslness llulit and piiiinaiienti partleiilara
froe. :l. KVinVoh & Co,, tin
Art PxMUItti f,
Portland, AI nine.
OK tsiliO. flr.0, iWH lnclies. Kail-
roads, Townshlpa, ito, Soils rapidly.. Binnll
t-at it It it 1 reiiuired
cry inrgo proum. ronu
DUlbCJMA.o Unrcliiy ftt.,
! forrii'imlar to ICO,
i. Vll I'll Hi V
OK A MONTHI Horse furlilalied. Kcnen-
11 SCS Plllll. 11. H. BIIAW ,lireo,
FHMMKKT thing -on earth frso Wall Ad.
rUN diuss MooitiV A CO., 8d Btrecit, Louis
ville, liy. - - ----- - - KB
A VOID' Q.TACKH.-A vletlin ef sndy Ihlllicra
A tkm. eanalng nervous debility, pramatnrs dV
mf, . i having tried In vain evary advartlacl reia.
'.v:' i ...' .ii Z....A m .!,,,' mrana nf In f i lira,
why,'h lT."iil..,,,ll0hls fellnw-auffi-rers. AilHml
J; li. KDLVlui, TSNssii8lrct,Ncw lBrk..'
Thrca lrllmcn actSV. ftpn, Al'ro
sJam MamaaaM aoctea) nn
s. s
T" - . ww - ,rv wy"
!!)) r A MSI II -Ib'iM' mill I iinliLe fun bli
(tMt) eil vni cii.-iT p.ild : : ioii .. .nil:. II. Ii.
m.IA .1, Alivid. Me.
Arenfa, wo l! .iy jouiftl) per week hi h, if -i.(t
will cnir-ifo v -ii in' ni nn l'vvrvili iy innil'lifl,
slid cxpciii-as r.iilil AJiIicmi t' A KLLS i I'd, Cl.sr
lulte, Mich.
We will send n linnilMiiiiie I'lospicliis of our
j'nt! ilmUvl(4 Fiimlly Y.ildr. eonioiulligmver
U0O lino Sci hitiiit! llluMratioi'i', tvftuy, 7tuiK
A eilt n-eo of i:lini.le. Address. NaTiONaI. l'l.H
l.lMUiNli Co., Uiuugu, J II , Cliicliiuati, O., ur
SI. Louis. -Mo.
l.'ii.scliuilhin or ' Hunt
I ( ll.ll'Ml I !(,',
W 1 pastes the Herbert l:iuIltoii
P.. A. ilo to tiso this powi'i- (Thli h' nil' pos-
osn) ill wlJl. liivimiiioii, fiili luiiillsin. Sorcer
ies, UiMiiotiulncc, :v a II1011M.11.I other 'Vonilcis.
I'rleu by iimi I $1 Sft. in cloth!' pnper cover W
lopvfiee to nilt. (Kill moi.tlilv easily
inml'ii.. Adilri-'s T.-ff. KVAHi, 1'itli. 1C B.;bth '
filrvel, rhlhidi'lpliln,' I'll,
Do you want a titu.itloft ns n.wnt,' focn:
or traccilna with chance to iniiku w.T to
, 91o per day vellmu' our new. T strunil
nnln Hire ixtiinf l.inrnr jiitt-iauwrfver;.
1 HHiiiplu free, ho tlicre Is no risk.' Adm'.
l it once ui'innn Hirer n. i'c iihiv.i, cnriicr.
St.. and Maiden I.tine; N. 1 , or HI Dear
born treet. Ch'.cniro, 111. .
20,000 FAlliMEIlS.
THE KEIjPER hIio toh how .vu iiml
how 10 niiiko unim; v on the farm. Where b
look for' (lie profits, and cow to oblaiii tneni.-.
How to clour S(:GO CO Ic"'" ,,l-t-. to Ml,y. A
copy flirn smliiiK mine lird '.(I. address to
y.rrar.fiii n MeTicii';nHmiti, 0. .
Whitney's ITeats Toot i'arness Scap.
4 irV- KTKAJM JtliflNtn.
Polishes nnd
t. the sanift time, rut
8.Muii Injaristf
1 . .....11 ui.... 1...
J him) in iniee :i 111, ear', iiaaiwn.
g 'Zr in n-a for yeiii'3 arid (rives perlecf,
SMUSiai linn, rvim mhiii p no inn a . riu.i
Adilret! I', i' . tui.r.i .vial,
nn Milk hi.
H istoii. Mnsrt. .Nov.
. a:, '71-Hin .
iii fur.
I Warr lined in suit all tasli-...
, 'Far Hill ftuniicfirr. Asd tor
snle wlio eyiilo on Iv l.v
IC TKA C:H.. t (Jloir. li fx., N.V.
V. O. box V IC. Solid li.r Thru.
NK'tnr C: ire n tor.
The CivirttPlitf .Toercr er- Ihc 1W tintnrii.' 100.-'
(UU .'-. rfliifed In hi vo V. Fiarul
.S'.-imi-K. lliiirtrniulhiy JiwUlsntj,
-W to 1WKI e'djles (if thlii I'.ook selling per dav.'
Sonple Copv. lait piild, 5(l;..,' AddrniA .).' ..
UClOliSl'KEI), ChioA'.'o. Cliiciniiulior St, I'.ouis.
t .. .
It bus tliedeHcule (ihiI retVc'iiilliit;
va-RRraiwe of ifeiiiiLiio l-'ucpm
tho Tctlct
urerr l.udy or Cc.
lli:mu. eehl liy ifri'irHrts
and Icala lo I'KKi l Mf.m
CMcago and the Great Gonfi3g;vcMcii;
A eonel-o liislory of (ho e.sr of this most
wonderliil nT i i! n's, and a tltn;le;', elri-tim
-4tatttliB.l iiit1! vivid. 'i'i uuut id ii ooii-ih--tion
by lire : Willi ii cues ii e, (h n's.. i1 e. t!y.
AleMsrK. 'Oil!iut& Climi hocli in, i lly t'.t'.i-
tora of t 'lieiiKO 'J'riiiuii. I iillv ltlutiaii i.,
I'l'i'lll lllot"llMhs HI. ci on tllcj-jni'. All!. 'If.
Wastko. ,(ldi-K C- I' VICM, 88 IT. -It'i
'iiti-inimti. O.
For (mjfliV. i'ttMti iind ' .lonicneU.'
Thee ?'(W'f present I he A"
"Id in ( oniliini'.
lion w lib '.Mien llicii-iil ivun-.i
e.ijc. in a i-opi-lar-.)
T nnd l.l. Sti
lorin. lor thc( ureol'iill I II It-
Disease?.. ...
lliiAiijc-St sK an.l 1'i.cm; vMCx of the Ti'.):oi:r.
ire iiiiiiirtiii;iiu' relieved, and slnloiicnr- nr
mislanl 'v fit' in if sent In the pii. pviclol- id ri lii.f
in cnse o! '' linint difiiciiltlc ul vi sr si audi in;. .
f'M IITKW lnii'( he deceived by woitli
l.'AUIivM Ics. iiiiitutiDiiH.' (.it (ily
WolN' t';. rin lic Tahieis. ' I'rii 0 .( c?tils per K"X
dOilN ti.Kia.I.lidi;, I'lMt St .N Y.,
Send tor Circular. fide .A .rent lor I lie l.'.S.I
i I'XIM.'SI.; of tlie ski-uj
and MYSTFItltS ol ,MtJt-
Willi n fi; H iiD.l niilheiitle.'i'Udvy Pol jT
amy, I'V H. UKAltl.K JXliior id Die .-nit
L.i'..'j ticporjiT.
AK'ds ill '' le.celin? wltli uiipreei-deiili'd stic
i'.c. icc lopurts 1WI i.',il)Si.i,ers in tovr tluy'J
iiiii'lii'i- il in twi'il.'iya Scn l lor t' ir..tl.:tfi fi ii,
whtiLllie pce.- snvs'nf (lie wi.rli. A.ldrosaNA
TION A I. Kt'.KUMUIKti f ('Iik'a.i. 111.,
Cinpiniial I, i.'hio, r St. Louis. Mo. :
K15iUl!TION- OF Pltl-OJ-W
TorovKnirM td
ns'tii.TTrv't; i.-.i cn'iis.
Fend for our New Price I.M fid a club'
form w ill ic'coiiipniiy it. containing lull drrw
linns iiiiil. ii't; il larire am injf lo consiiinei unit
reiiiunernt IVe' (n chili (ii'ifiiuieti,
Si A 35 Vesi y Klrect', Sw Xoi'k.. .
fi. lloxSftl:). ...
Mu. Sa.M! ft. ITr.l.!.. or VV. K, SelimertX & Co.,
WholcHidii Hoot ai d Shoe MnnuliictliretH, 1 1'
I'lfth Avenue, 'ittshuvgli, 'a, lias been al-.
Ilie.teil with cliro'de rheumatism for thlil-y-veins
from lila right. dip to Ills foot, having loj
usu a crutch and a canu. and jit times so painful.
a to utterly liicapacltnto him lor nltending lo
hi-- hioini'ss. Ilavingli icd ovcry remedy Knof.
witliout clfoct, except tiilliliind's 'iiin Rinr,
en wna lliia'fv .liuliieed to try It. A second up- .
plication en ililcd him lo lay "side Ills eiiitrlif -iniiVa
third ollocted a permanoit cure. Mr. .
Hell, ns u popular nnd well luiown ollizen is n
living ixdiituiilint of tl rtt'eieyof IheKrcat
nirilicnl discovery. Gillilii-nil'iil'aiii Killer. Thu;.
nlllicted should ask tlit'lr grocm-or driiggiai for'
it. an I Irv ils woiidcrl'til power. Mr. (iilillanil,,,
we uiiile'rstand, wonts a rmpeetablo agent lie,
ovorv lim n and lo.inty ( r it, Tho principal
iililci'i is at 7'. Thiid Avi ni e, 'llMuirgll, 'it.
Can be Cured,
Kcmlur, Ifi ymi '.
are trouhlrd whir
Colli in tin llcrul, '
anil ( tuna, uso lis.
Kr.No'a C'atjiuiiii '.
HskhfioI In t
si m;lo c.iss lms ic
failid Ja eftvolliiit
u cure, Bold by sit'
drtutilsU. M ice,
SO otty per ptcknKi-i
Manufactured , and
sold by tli proprlni
tor, U. Itono Al. IX,
Tltuavlllo, 1'u.
Wmtm :. BLACK ri'Eii-
'lASrvV.'-V nidi the l.' ln
3 BE
r.KINfr i
It fsNOT A l'HVSr(l-ll. IsNOT whnt Is pop-'
Hlnrly er llcd uHlT'THlW, "ev is It intended as,
sucli. ViMis A SOUTH A.MKHIOAN plant that.,
has been used for mtiuy years l y i he ineiWal-fnciiliy .
nfthnsfl rniiutries with woiulerfiil efneapy. and a.
l'UUIFIKK OK THE lll.COU and Is a ljuro and
Peifci)'. ltumudv for ll lleaas n( tV . . ........
uvitrt ....I HPLKEN. KNLAnhBMKNT W'OB-'-
, STltlfCnoV ..I INTKBT1N W, XMtIN A in ,11 I r,-j
. WANT of Itl.dflP, INTKRhl I I EN I oil (
' oft.e tlVKUl llOPtJY.HLUlKimilCTIt-
TUM)ltAiNUlJ)K, Ba.)lttr.At
, iVYSPH-i'lilA. A (III Fi .t HiVJUl
- ..... OB THKIB CONCOMITANTS. .. , , ;
nlfurcd lo th publio as a ureal Inrigorntnr snd'
.,n.i for all hniiiirltleanl the blond. r lu-''V-
gsnlo wesknoas will) their attendant evil. For .
tbe Ibrrsolng .-complaints " "
la ennflilsntly rocom'monnVd tb erery family a ,
household ramedy, and should b fraaly takan In nll
deranftameiita nf the ayslcm, It g'vea haalfl vliior
and ton! to all lb viral forces, nd .anlmatelanir,
fertlflas all weak and Lymphatic temperaments. ,
JOHN Q. ICI'.I.LOCIO, IS 1'lalt Street, New YeHc
Hole Agent for th Cnlteil (jlate,
Trie Oil Dollar per battle: Bend for Cticular;'

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