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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, December 13, 1871, Image 2

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ljc (Enquirer.
J. W. BOtVEX, Editor.
OFFICE Tn Pecond Ptoir of nnwen
T'nlldlmr. North 8iilo of Main Street. Kt or
Court House.
KcArthur,' . - December 13, '71.
Issues of 1872.
A great deal of speculation
is being iiuTuTged in by Ihe
pves", not, only in regard to
the nvnilaVility of candidates
in tbe approaching Presidential
canvass, but also as to the prob
able isnes will be' presented,
and that the political elements
arrayed'against Grant will be
in accord upon some such plat
form as the following, which
we find stated by the N. T.
Sun :
I. One term of office for
tbe President, and no more; the
Constitution to be amended to
secure ihU reform.
IT. Both Grant ism and
Tweed ism to be abolished in
national affairs, by laws for the
prevention and summary pun
isment of present-taking and
bribe-talcing, as well as of pub
lic robbery.
III. Universal amnesty and
restoration of political rightR
to all persons concerned in the
late rebellion.
IV. Reform in the civil ser
vice, &o that appointment to
office will no longer depend on
party patronage and cannot be
used as means of corrupting
the politics of the country and
perpetuating unworthy meu in
high places.
. V. Reform of the revenue;
reduction in the number of rev
enue officers and the Expenses
of collecting duties and taxes;
fixed salaries for all revenue
officers in large seaports and
elsewhere; the abolitiou of im
port duties on all the necessa
ries of life, a-nd the reduction of
other duties, to a consistent,
rational and moderate system;
the abolition of unconstitutional
and pupcrftnous internal iaxps,
leaving only tobacco and dis
tilled spirits as the subjects of
such taxation.
VI. .Legislation to prevent
the levy of blackmail upon
clerks and other public officers
for party political purposes,
and for the summary punish
ment alike of those who de
mand and those who pay such
Payment of Small Bills.
The payment of small bills,
is a matter of more importance
"than is usually attached' to.it
There are not a few in times
when business is a little de
pressed, and the prospects of
the future seem more than
usually unsettled will hold on
to their cash in hand, tell all
creditors who wait on them
with overdue bills to "call
again," while the payment
would not give any serious in
convenience, and would accom
modate a large and deserving
class of creditors. Indeed we
know nothing that in a quiet
way would go so far to- give
animation- to the market
throughout the country as the
universal fulfillment of the ob
ligations at the first opportuni
ty. If all the little- debts for
the discharge of wliicli the
debtors now have the cash ac
tually on1 hand, were paid at
once, the wheels of business
would be lubricated; and jblity
soon prevail throughout' the
Chloroform is taxed by the
tariff law $1.00 "per pound in
gold. It cost in Europe 78
12 cents per pound. The rev
enue derived from this article
by the U. S. Government in
the year 1870, was $130,50.
Very 111 tie of . course is impor
ted". It is manufneturedrens-ily
in New York and those who
use it are forced to pay four
tintes tbe price they could get
it. for if the tax.wa abolished.
The government gets no .reve
nue from it, for it cost more to
collect the $130,50 than the
government receives. A great
ninny other articles arc taxed
in the same wny, with similar
Payment of Small Bills. For the McArthur Enquirer.
The Skirmish.
Mr. Editor:
With your permission I write
a few lines for your columns.
As the yery worthy editor up
street from you has pitched in
to me a eoupl-e times m his dirty
8x10 sheet,! think it is no more
than right for me to reply, al
though I do it reluctantly,
knowing at the same time that
the longer a fight is made with
a skunk the more he will stink.
He accuses me with being
iritable. This is false I never
get angry unless I am satisfied
I am insulted.
He says I sold J. S. Hawk
sausage which was unfit for
food. That is lie No. 2.
He says Mr. Payne told me
he had no oil to soothe my
troubles. Lie No. 3.
That I asked D. B, Snivel
what he would take to put Am
brose through. Lie No. 4. Five
dollars was the reply. L:e No.
5. That I.eaid I'll give it. Lie
No. G. By thunder, is lie No.
7. And forthwith they went
to Justice Payne, is lie No. 8;
There the attorney drew up an
affidavit, is lie No. 9. After
giving the cae a thorough hear
ing. Lie No. 10. Justice
Payne fined Ambrose. Lie
No. 11. Randall gave Shivel
a five dollar bill. Lie No. 12.
Now, there is about as much
truth in the slang referred to
an there is in most of the 8x
10. Mr. Raper and his cub
(don't know his cub's name)
have been bullying me for al
most two years to take their
8x10; so last fall I gave one of
them a dollar for six months
subscription, ju3t to get rid of
him. This seems to be my re
ward. This 8x10 Record is a
sheet we can't well do without.
It contains so much important
news. It tells how many squir
rels Mr. Brunton kills, and
with whose gun he did it with,
too. Why, it even tells the
last baby that was born. How
interesting! O, how interest
ing! For only ?2.C0 a yeaij
Now about the sausage.
Some five or six years ago last
March we killed a hog which
weighed over 200 lbs., dressed.
Wishing to sell the meat I
inquired of Mr. Payne before
hand, whether I could cut up
meat and sell it in the market.
He said I could, but must cut
it at home. We cut the hog
in small pieces for market, took
the points of the shoulders, the
under jaw, and tender loins for
sausage. Next morning before
daylight the girls eufc a fry off
of the liver, laying the balance,
not more than a pound, on the
table by the side of the sausage
meat.. My son, who is now
deceased, was grinding tbe
meat, and they said- through
mistake,he threw in an (.'ground
the piece of liver. My wife
knew of it, but did not suppose
it would hurt the sausage,
while I new nothing about, it
until after I had sold the
sausage. Mr. Ambrose made
a great fuss about it. Now I
can prove my statements to be
coirect by at least five
witnesses- I will now leave
the world to judge whether it
was unfit for food there not
being over one pound of liver
in 2G pounds of sausage meat.
I ask any sane man if it is not
enough to iritate any man to-
be slandered in that way.
Now,. all I"ask-of the man who
did it, is to go and pay that
Necrro Wench what he owes
Among the things talked of
from Washington is a General
reconstruction of the Cabinet.
But it is doubtful whether this
will end in anything else than
tnlk. In fact we doubt every
much whether an- appreciable
ner cent. If the people ot the
country care- whether there is
a rh'fttifre in - the. Cabinet or
not. While they have but
little hope that a better one
willr be selected, they feel
satisfied' that' it would' Ite
almost an imoossibilitv" to
improvise a worse one.-When
C. C. Bowen present
e5 his credentials in the State
House of Representatives last
Saturday- R8 member tor
Charleston, obieetien was
made that he had been' con
victed of an infamous .crime,
but on; a vote being taken.be
was admitted by .-3 toYZ.
A Wisconsin Jiistioe of the
Venco rrnnted hiniseLF ft
A Man Who Outgeneraled
The Michigan Fire.—He
Would Not Be Burned to
A man named Allison
Weaver, who reached Detroit
from Port Huron recently, had
a onviimin srflnA Irnm liP.inf
roasted alive in the
woods. His story is
told iu the Detroit
Press :
' Weaver is a single
about fifty years old,
served all through the war in
an Ohio regiment of infantry.
Up to two weeks ago he was
at work for a man named
Bright, ten miles from Forest
ville, as fireman in a shingle
mill. Two or three days
before the approach of the
flames, which eventually
destroyed that scction'Bright
and his family left for Forest
ville, and the next day all the
men employed about the place
either followed his example or
made haste to reach their
homes. On leaving, Bright
informed his men that the fire
would sweep that way, and
warned them to lose no time
in making their escape. Hav
ing no property to loose, no
family to take care for,
Weaver determined jj as he
says, "to stay and see the
circus out," meaning that he
intended Baving the mill if
possible. He had a stubborn
sort of a spirit and the fact
that every body else went
induced him to stay. As
soon as the men left, he set to
work and buried all th pro
visions left in '.the house, aud
during the day also burned the
knives, belts and other light
machinery of the mill, as well
as a stove and a quantity of
crockery-ware. There was a
plenty of water in the vicinity
of the mill, and he filled
several barrels full, beside
wetting down house, mill,
stock, Jand every thing which
would burn, scattering several
hundred barrels of watter on
the grounds around the build
ings. When night came on,
and the fire bad not appeared,
he began to jeer his- absent com
rades. But his self-conceit
soon left him. About ten
o clock the heavens were so
light that he could see the
smallest object around him,
and there was a roaring in the
forests which sounds like
waves beating against rocks
on the snore,
suspect that be
ceive the visit
lie began to
would soon re
nredieted, and
nccorclmgly made preparations
font. In leveling np the
ground around the nhiugle
mill, eartu had been obtained
by digging here and there,, and
Weaver went to work and
dug one ef these pita deep
endugh for him to stand up in.
He then fiJIed itf nearly fall of
water, ami took care to
saturate the ground around it
it for a distance of peveral
rods. Going to the mill, he
dragged out a four-inch plank,
pa wed rt ia two, and saw that
the parts tightly covered the
mouth of the little well. I"
calkelated it would be tech and
go." At miduigbt he had
everv thing arranged, and the
roaring then was awful to hear.
The clearing was ten or twelve
acres in extent, and . Weaver
says that for two hours before
the' fire reached liun there was
a continual flight across the
ground of email animals. As
he rested a moment from giv
ing the liouse another wetting
down, a horse dashed into the
opening at full speed,, and
made for the house, where he
stopped and turned towavcf the
fire. Weaver could tee' li-im
tremble and shake in'- bis
excitement and terror, and felt
a pity for Lira. After a
moment the animal gave
utterance to -a-snort ot dismay,
ran two or three tiracawiround
the house,' and- then shot off
into the woods like a- rocket
Not long after this fire ' came.
Weaver stood ready for the,
emergeucy, yet curious- to-see
the streaking in the lmraes.
The' roanncr increased in a
volume, the- air became oppres
siv. a cloud of dust wid' cindres
came showering down, and he
could sec the flames through
the trees. It did not run
along upon the ground, nor
lean from tree to tree, but it
came on like a toranado,
sheet of flame reaching from
the'; earth to the ton of tlie
tree's A it struck the clear'
ing he jiimptecL into Ui- wtl
and ekfeed over the planks, lie
no longer see but I've
could bW. He says that the
flames lade no halt whatever,
nor cealed their roaring for an
instant, but he had hardly got
the opinio" closed before the
nd .mill was burning
like ti
tier, and both were
five mufiites; The
:ome dcnVn to' .him
ly, and his d'-n was bo
hot thft
he could hardly
lie knew that the
planks ibove him were on fire,
but, re lembering thwr thick-
ness, he
waited till the roaring
of the
flames died away ' and
then, w
th his head and 'hand
lem over and put out
the fireaby dashing up water
with hp hands. Although it
was a cold night, and the
water lad at first chilled him;
the he gradually warmed it
up . un il he says, he felt very
comforable. He remained in
his deV' until daylight, fre
quentlystnrning over the plank
and puffing out the fire, and
then. thi. worst had passed.
The earth around was on fire in
spots; huse and mill were
gone; leaies, bushes, and logs
were swlnt clean away as if
shaved oi and swept with to
broom, aid nothing but ashes
and ashel were to be seen,
After the! fire had somewhat
cooled oft Weaver made an
investigation of his caches and
found that
considerable of th
buried have been
saved, altlough he lost all his
provisions except a piece of
dried beef which the fire 'had
cooked as u an oven, without
spoiling it He had no other
resource tllan to remain around
the place rhnt day, during the
uight, and the greater part of
the next day, when the ground
had cooled enough so that he
could pici his way to the site
of the burned village. He
was nearly twelve hours going
the twelv miles, as trees were
falling, logs Were burning, ami
the fallen timber had in some
places heaped up a breast
work over which no one could
cliipb. '
For burns or frozen flesh,
cover an Indian meal poultice
with tea softened by lmf water,
nrxt ftpply as hot as can be
boriifv',' i-
SEAT.KD hropnsalB will b. received nt the
Audltnr'i ofllce, In McArtbnr. Vlntoa
county, Ohl, un'll the hnurof I o'clock P.M.,
on WelneariAT, tie l"lh day of January. A. P.
IR72, for the bul ldiiuj of the following bridgea
W-wit: A.i'
Coverod Itvidye with Stone
AYrnna Hotiev Fork of Haceoon Creek, .at the
erosaln of tie McArthur and Nlinnville mail,
neartne retmence oi m imam- reoriu owaa
township;' atRo; ona
Acrosa tlonnv Fork cf Raccoon Creek t' the
erosalns nenr tho retlilenco of John Swift In
lirowu tonnsnip; ai.w, one-
Open Bridge with Stone Abut-
Attbe crossing near the Casilll Mfil,la Klch
land township; also, one
xVcivim Ttlc llancnon Creek nl the crosslnir.near
tho rcHldenceol D; A.nunoy, laJtrowii lowu
ship, liuild.rs to furnish' all the material, except
tho In mber in tho brldgo ucar the residence of
V m. r ee.
The til.ins and aponlflcatinn nr. on file for In
spection In the Auditor's oflli e.
Contractora will bo required to (fWe bonil and
sociirily to the satiafHcti'in of tbe Commission-ei-s
for the faithful perforniance of the work.
Tbu (.'ommissinn.rs roserre tit right to reject
any or nil bid. .
i-y oraeroi in. oininissionerw
Aadltor Vintou County, O.
December 13, lMl-td
VflTtfllC lihernbv elven. In nurauince of lw
of the Intention of the Commissioner! of Viuton
county, Ohio, to MUM a .
n th nrnNilnr near thoi residence of Widow
Hawk, in Wilkesvllle township rnd that ,
Petitions for and
jumonsirances -jigamn
The bulldlnsr of the tame, wlU1)B" considered
mod in tuo Auditor's omc omohi county, wit
WtdnetJag, January 17, A. D.'1872.
lly ordevofCotnmllonera.; ,
w. w HBT.roltD;
Auditor Vinton Co. 0.
Dee. 1.1, 1B73 tw
Blciti 0 0A, YlnU County.
Lantt A P'.arce, nalutiffi,' .
r:i,eamonn(lWllirum if. Cramhlltt, Xfertt.
In Vlmtolt eounlvc niirt of Common Pleat. On
ICx.outlon, '
1'ursnnnt td tlia command of am exeeiitlon
the shove cause, Issued from tlie t.ouri 01 .-in.
in.,., i.rvini.,, Mimtr. .ml -ti me dneo
ted.as ohorirr oi laid oouiity.I will offer for
Upon tJu PreHnises ofThos.
M. jsay,
In Clinton township. Vinton' county". Ohio, on
Saturday, the23f Day ofD'efieiaber
A, d. isn,
Atth.houroflo'elock P. M. of said day, tlia
following personnl property, to-wlt 1
One HortabloHaw MMI and mturnt. being
all the machinery necessary for running the
""livled upon nt thenroperty of T. teamnti to
satiny njmlgmontrfeata Court lu furor of
l.ant A lNwroe. it.'.
RherlffofVlnlon C,
Cienrde I,anti, Alt f fdrl'lHlnUir.'
uc, 11, isti '.'w ;
Choice .
All of w hich 1 shall be pleased
TO snow To THE TRADE at all times.
December 13th, 13S71.
& & W
- - - -
Guardian's Notice.
Frobate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
"M'OTICEIfl hereby given that Goorgo Hart-
i ivy. iin,uuniiimu ui entrj wnnsuii. uuuur
child of Win. Dawson, U'(Hiur1, Iihh filed tils
account wttli Kuln warn fur final onUlttinant
herein, and tliat tuo aame in get forlieurliicnii
theJJthdny of Doceinbcr, A, D. 1K71, at iff o';
clock, A. M.
' Dec. 0, "71. 4t.
I. n, B. MAYO,
Probata Judge.'
Eichor Heirs.
frobate ;Court, Vinton County, Ohio.'
NOTICE I) hereby (riven that OiiaHes SlmrtJi,
Guardian of 51a ry Jmn and Dorctta L.
Elchori minors, has filed herein, hla aoromita
with aaid ward for partial lettlement. and that
theBaino aro set rurhenrliirf on the 30th day ot
December, 1611, at 10 o'clock A. M.
Doc. 8-4t Probate Judge.
Fatentce and Manufacturer of
Head Blocks, Post-Hob Borers, &c,
Clarksburg W. Va
rpilE Grltt Mill), being portable, am on Iron
j. r inmoj, unci
Stttmgr, Durable, Efficient,
And the best Mill ever made for all kinds of
grlndlnpr; can be easily aitached to SitW Mlllo
ormiyomer power, anci warranted hi grinu
Flour and Meat or n superior quality at great
cr rnie oi apceu inn any o.i or in, niuioui
.? i .V? i. ?.
s.iw voiiiiua , iMiipj ins, m,i v a v v w .-ij ! v vii
the floor. Will grind in toW husbols perhour.
If within thirty d.tva, the Mill does not prove
satisfactory, it may bo returned aud monoy
and all charges refunded,
Hart's Post-lSolo ISorci,
la Rtinrranteed to make two liolca
to one of liny other; doea its work rap
idly and perfectly.
li MI
No fioiltan be fonnd wllh It after
trial. Beat to any one oft' trial Who"
will eend me the endorsement of the
Post Master. Agents viuiletl.
Clarksburg, W. Va.
Farmers) mid other, can Ken tho
' Post-Hole Boror at the J'luuff.ronico
Onn mafcrlala of svery kind. Write for Trine
List, toureot rcslcrii Oun Works. Flttsbureh,
Pa. Army guns nnfl Rorol vers bought or tra
ded for. Agcnrswantpih
"the Tewdiscovery
la C'unnicnl and Medical Eoicncc.
? : . J. t. r jf TV
r 1
Dr. - E. JP. GAlitlX'S
rmSlT AT)'(VT.V ROirTIOX ever rhado
In .iio nrla uif i i AtI 'HI K TW FI.VF,
Talu.ilile rielitt princiimU of tin well known
curativj n ."in,
r::;u mim tat:,
VN'T:(31:AI.K1. In Coughs, Colds, CaUrrh,
Aatbui4, ronoiilMs..und consumption.
A reoent enH In three to six fcn-raj and elan,
by its V1TAMB1.NO, rUIUFYINCr and rTI
UULATiNW effeeta upon the general system,
ts rmi.rknblr clUcarious in ell
iiea8es or Tip. nf.ooo. ,
tncludjr eorotuliv and Kropiinna of the akin,
Dyapvpelit, Dissaan of the l iver and Kidne).,
lioaxtXiUciuc, and General lxMUty.
A t.SO, A ,
Volatile Solutioikof Tar
Tor IN-aALATTON', wltlimit
HEAT. Aruiiwrkubiy VAMJABLBdlacoveiy,
aa tbe whole appantt nn can lis carried in th. vest
pocket, rvailv at any time fur the moat effectual
and iwutively.uraiW. asein , .
All Pleeaaoi ol tho rtosr, TIIBOAT
ami LUIVUN. ,
Tar and Mandrake Pill.
fir use in eonnetlen with th ELIXIR TAH,
la n nmltni:ffih njf the TWO moat valuable
ALTKRATIVE Medicine, k 1104 in the Pro
fesalon. and renders tin. Pill wit tout exception
th. Tcrv beet ever offer). ' '
snSaM nuhm asiaaV
U without doubt the Seat rciuody known
oa.es ot
It in "Ifwclftc for aurh disennct, and should b
kept In the hngaehold Of every family, oapecially
during tlioto mmiiha in whicn
aro llabh) to prevail. A amnll qunntrtf taken
dnily will prevent contracting Uico' terrible
Bolut!0ii tnd Corarund Etlalf, fl.OO por Bottle
Volittila 8olutlon for Iubokvticm,'$5.00pr TJos
- Tar unJ ilumlrako I'llls, (Oots per box.
Bend forClreulnrcf I'OSITIVE t'l'AES
to your Diu.nlnt, or to '
L. r. HYDE & COM
110 E. 22d St., Ntw VnrJe.
, to cosi;.niTiVL.
The advertiser, Imping been pnrnitviicrHiy
rurod of tlinl denied dlscnse.Oonsiiniption, by
simple roincilv, In nnxioiis' (o make knrtun
his fcllewaiin'ernralho maiif of enrn. To
who desire it, he will send a copy of the pre
acription used, (free of ehnrgo), with (he, direc
tions for jiiepHi'lng and iisinp; Hie smite which
thev will llinl a mire OUHK cos C'ONniiupTioN,
AHTiiua, llnosoniTta sc. rsrtlesj wishing the
prose rip I Ion will plnnse mldiws
llev. KHWAIII)
5fll South T.hl-. lt,
Nov, Sil-5'li,
fetlSS, KEENE & CO'S Eluld Extract.
The wonilorfld romedr for CAICCKIt. SYPH
DISEASES." is nreliared f")m the fi rim 1 tin
Cimdnraogo Itrtrk, from LnjHonndor, ;rurd
by aMlManno of tliei atithoritlca of that oountry .Bold
by all DrngjflBli in pint bottle. Iwvlnron thin our
nama, tra1 uiirk and mil dlroct om for line. Bend
ror a e'lvnlar.
New Turk.
Offloe and Labratory No. 60, Cedar St.
A compound of L'oeoa-iml VU,tfe. Auk now 1-
cdjjeil thtlttt pfvmtcr of ihe yroietKbnd bravt-j
rrtnennuf. J.J. buk.kh t cj jioh
mtoH.' Mas'.
fiolit by all ili'ugglala.
Jieutire if iuiilutisni.
A sull mil eomplste history of Chffngit; hr pat,
prnt and finifre. With graphic scohm, inFidint
and full aemils of (be A laiter, by Oo. P. 'jptoit
aiui J. V. Sdeahad, nil untof thaChlfayo 7V'lnn.
With ovr 400 pajrna, and 50 lllualrationa.
It la now ready foL dullnTy.
A n IHTTC! 7 I MrfTm Snd tf.Cfi for
J VI ft LUll If rtil I I'j V.tmi and choice
erurrltory. Union rubrahlng Co., Chlonjn,
, III., or
l OMU., l l
AWAKE ?..A.'Sy"
fff'i of superb French O I C'hrorhos nil'Jects LIFE
S1ZK. exq site fc-iinlliea of original Oil Pahitlnita
OIVRM AWAY to eTery snhscrlher to
Ueury Ward Beech f in
nRKAT T.ITF.n ART TiVf.tnmTta wniriv
took l.flfiMn three monihii: another 07i In 3,1 dnvn-
Kuk , , t,,rt(l ,,,,
another IIS In o"e Week! one 47 In one dr. and oili.
ersequally well, niaklng from 5 anil I0 to 0 irr
diy. Tuti-aon slxlit. An o'd A,:cnt who knows.
Suva' "I think It ilis heat hnainess for icaiirwra er-
n-.wc.ki one 4Mn n-.
ur offered. Porry I did not engnc aoonar " pays
nencr man any cook at-enoy, A rare cbanct to
mnk monv,
Intelligent men and women Wented everywhere.
uyouwi.ii a gnod terjitofy, send esrlyforelrenlar
nnu irrmn u. u. ronu tu., rrK t'la?e, i(ew
York: 11 Pr inftfld Street., Ch eago II1.
Bend for free sample rtnpy of tlie C Hit I ST I AN
I.KAII(R, a (lrat-rlma treeklr Jnlifnal published
by tlie New YurkSutt. Orniro-Uiiinir lln'Ter'ab'tr,
and containing the aern mis of IK. K. ll.CIIA-
PIN. . Term 2,&fl per yenr. A'Mri-a. Pnb'lslier
uiBl!.riAN LKADEE, 1H8 Itroadwity,
hcw iiiita.xiy.
50th YEAR.
NEW YORK observer.
t per Annum, Including Toar Book for 187!.
SIDNEY K, SfOftSft.rfr. CO.
37 Park Row, New York.
"ISf1 and I .4i4p aiiit."
The nt Family N"w.papr In tli f'-tinlry, S3
1 VMf. PaiMl fur .,of bn.n enpr antl club ejrciilar,
AUUrrsa 1IIK, J KJ Ht . 1C, uclrott. I(eh.
offered fra dnrittif ihe carltltiir voar
in .very iitbacrlh.r nf Merry's Mui.uni, the Toledo
man, B(imrnT a iitmiooret, t.
mhloli is sii fflilencrf of Ps worth alut pnm?arty
llornc Oreebv, .Tainen J'urt.i-t . Thenibtra Tli.in
aacoa awaesra tnarM w tuwaim ttvtaa
y 'yaw w.t n mmm . -- wmjwy ca.
M't' anuun' tte., write fur .very iiiitiiior.
In clubbing It ofcrs tliree flrt'elas parlmlloal' fur
!h price ef them. A . variety ef i'remitinis on
squally liberal tciiiia, It la an Original, flrai-ah.ai
V-atlne. Volume X begina wi; January 1672,
K WdOl). Newhurgh.N. Y.
Printed hi Two Colors, en superb Tinti ParKr
t our jiumireu Kiigruvinga or r lowers,
Plant anil Vegetables, "with Deacr pimna ami
Dlreetlnns and olani foa niaklne Walks. T.awna.
uarnena, eie. 111. nannaninest anil t.ekt 1X11.
HA I, GUIDE ill the Wnrld: All (ur Tell Cent.
to tliose who think or bnyliie: seeds Not a quarter
liirenni 'v,ijw emu lI INI
Adlress, JAMES VICK,
Ituelieater, ti. Y.
DCTCDCr The Dc. Nn price 80c , 1ms
I ! I ! It O 19 pieces vocal and Insti'l i'i
nno Music, worth ft In sheet
form, Wo will mail two back
os. for nOc, four Tor Sue., or
n. to Io. "II. for 1126. (reir
tMnr price. $3). Hound copies
ivr jbvi, lent amen anil edees
MnMTUI V'1 1 "o " i !y- iiiiv"
IflUPI I RLT Tlmnins. Klnltel. Gounod, etc
AddresaJ. L. I'KTEIW, 5M llroadway, Now
OTItEVETt at ItllAVTON, I'roduce Com.
mission Merchant.. "IV llarclnv Wtreet
New York. The highest price obtained for
lititter, Uieeso, Kegs, Poultry, Game, Hogs,
tteans, anu atirrouuc. rrompt return, ion
Immediately. fnOOonn berrudft In sixty day.
Kverr reader of tills, botn old and vounir
should send $1, aid gnt slx' sample. Hint must
sen torsi encn, witu. mil pnriicutars. nenci ni
once, ns 1 1111 determined to have 1O.000 Agent
within the next alitvilsva. Addresi J.
IlKADLKY, Jllllncld.Ohfo.
GENTS Wanted. A (rents iniike more mon
n ev at work for us than at anvtblnir else.
llasfneaa right ainl jieinianent : pirrHritlars
iioe. u. fTtNHON at vo., f it yirf ruotitnen,
rortUnd; Mrfllio.
OF OlIIO.'-KI.o. SBxSO lnchea. Itull
roads. Townshiiii. An. Bell. rnDldlv. Small
capital required. Very lnrgn, profit. Bend
for circular to B.C. IIKIDOMAN, i Barclay Ht.
new lorx.
S I OPT A MiONTIII Morse furnished. Expei
VjZO seapukl. 11. II. Hll AW, Alfred, Me".
MT.St .thlijga ou earth free toall
rtrc M01
n ft Co.
Jd Street,- Iioui.
a .vnin lUicrKR-A victim ef enrlr Indian'
Ix. tlen, estislng nervona debility. prnlalur d-e'
esv. e. having tried In vain ery sdvertlMfil rein'
Ins dlaenvared a slum', meal's, of self ur,'
which lie will 'send b hla fi'llow-.iin- r.ra, . Ae Vl
Ii II. I:KIvVEH7 NarfSit Stree, Ntv t i'ik.'
Throe srieMman ennlrs free,
asm tjftavai, asrasoa
f K MONTU.-IIwat".tiHif niM
Sil A ,v, Alfrtd
Mft ...
i ii imi ni OMmmummeir .
Air'Sts. o will ry yon I to per $Vlt In tV K f
wjl r inpvtf u ' "' KvorvUi Id fwnbhwt.
nhil cxioiise paid AddrruF A KI.L9 CO, Char
lotte. Mich. ,
We-wlU. send a hnndMnme. rroappclua tif bur
AV rtiiutrattd Family Wltt. eotitulnlng over
!?00 fine Scrlptiiie IlliiKtratlona to any r.ona;'.
Ajent Wee of chargo. Addreiw, Nation At. I'lU-.
Msm'sd Ch., Chicago, ill., Cincinnati, O., or
at. Lou la. Mo. v. w.
Kiiaclniitlnn , or Soul'
I uiaruiu
in. W.i Diiiro'a tl'V Herbert Hnmlltnn
How to naii I hla nmror (hkh all poa-.
ea) at wflh Dirinatitm. Bilrlllial!tn, Bon er-.
lea, uoniouoioirv
Price by mail l 5(1. in cloth: imner cover 11 00
Copy free to agtntt only, f 1 .000 nionthlv eaally.
made. Address T. W. EVANS, Pub. 4l B. Btn
Strvet, Philadelphia, Pa.
DnynitTrant a aitimtlon a aeeut: lord,
or trawling with chanoo tn make S
90 per dar aclliuK our new T ttrond
Wtot Wirt 0uthr Limit pify'lo'ifor'tn;.
sample free, ao there i no rlV.-Add reus.
at one ludfon tiifr Win Wortt, corner.
aiui At., and Maiden Lane, '. V . or 16 Dear-
boru street, Chlcnfro. 111. . .
20,000 FARMERS.
THE HELPER, aliowa yon how aave anit,
fiqw to make money On tire fnfm. Where to.
noic lor ine pi n nr.s. nno row in ouvaui ?nein. -How
to clear $500 00 from Oct. to May. A
cony rnKR snduiir ranie.Hnl P. O. artdi-ea to
1 '. li-UCBB
Whitney's Neats foot Harness Soap."
ie&VWg'-tT Oils. Itl'acka. PollahM and
X Soniia nt the aame time, Pat
up in 'large and aninl lw bojea,,
alfo in tlniiSAlli. hnr.i. Haahean
Irt iiso for TCan and gire perleot
aatlifnctllh. Send atinnp for our V A EIlLt,,
Address (... F. wmr.NKt t:t.. . miik ot.,
Boston, Maaa. Nov. H, '71-flm
T 1 1 E A N E CT A li
with the Qrem 7i Pofr.
Wurraiurd to snit sll Ht'ea..
For tttl titrywhrr. And frr
hale wi.oaaale -. ogly nr Ih.
CO.. 8 Church r., H. T.
P. O. Box MO. Bend for Thea
Nsotar Clrtular. . ..
77iii Crowning Horror of the 19f f"Vnfry. 100,-"
wv prt'ivi reiiuera to urggn -y rrarmi
iS'to!. Iltarlrntidlng faaidrntt.
500 tn 100() copies of this Hook aeHinsf per o!ht.'
Souple Cotiv, post pitid, 50c, Addrets 'rtV
GOODSPKKD, Chicago, tUucinnnil or St. Iula.
."".l. ..llH...A mi mU'kb.IiIrM
CO Ts'l''m8""' "r Beanlne Fartna,
GA irw1,''!l,K! Wntor' aui l
S jr .tto.awuulQ
. A
the Totlct
every Lady or Gen.
- aa.
tli meB. BaldbTllrvrH'U
and jUealvra In PEKFIIMERY..
teap it tlie Great I'oiiliapti&ii4
A conclic history of thn taut of Ihla most.
wonderful of citlo.nud n detaileiVoircnin
tnntinl nd vivid acci.uul of iu it. sti nr..
11011 ny nre: wiiiihriipi ire n:a, AC. nj
Heaara. t.'olbuit A' C'lianiberlaln, City Kdl-(
tor. of t lilcago Ti ibime. Fully I'.Iu'lrntid
irom pnoi. tiraiitis taken on i tic unoi. artcia
WiNTKii. Aildi'hta U. F. VENT, SS W.ilhSI.,
OinoinnttH, O.
For Cup;'lifi Colds and tloxroiie...
These Tahlft' nvesent the Acid lnCornblnav
tion Willi olherefTli'imitremMdicji hi a pnpulnr,
form, for the Curo of all THROAT RMd iX'Mt
Dlieases. , , ,
lloAn:'r-3!(and l l.ri.nT,0S of I lie thpoat .
aro imnifdiatelv rollered. and stnleinents ate'
conatantlV being sent to the proprietor ol rulief
in cues 01 1 tiroft oimciiities of yew stunning..
lITTrnAT W'til be decerned Dr.wortti
lUIlvi less hf-llstionV. Ct only
Wells' I'arbolie Tablets. Price r.cii,f per K"t
.IOIIN Q. KKLI.Otilj, 1'Iitt M..N Y..
Send for'rlrcular. Sole A'at'-nt for the I'.H.i
r- fe ei ks.i
BEINO an EX1M.NK of (.lie Si:( U .T
HU ES ahd MYSTEJtltB 01 MOll
AlONIrtli. With a hill and nuthciiile. history of Fotyfr"
amy, y J- H- I'KADl.K. Edrtbr of the salt
Lake Ileportor.
AgeiilHiue meeting with tuiprocedentod sue-,
cusi. one. report MB sulwili.iir 1 ta tour unys ,
anolherll in two dnys Mehd fof'Clri nlars seo.
what tlie nreaa svh of the work. Ai!vor. NA
TIONAL Kt 1S1.1SHI!MG t O., ( bicngo, III.,
(Jiiii'iniintl, Ohio, r Nt l.iiiis. Mo. r
bygktting i p ci.uns.
Send for nnr New Price List mid a Clnh'
rnnna.nl ai-nmii nnii v it. enntniiiinir full tllreo-M
tloiis iitnUing a litrge snvlnglo Constiiiiois and-
retntiiiorntiveto club oi'Kiuilzers
v M A 88 Vesey Hti'sel, Sow York.
P.O. BnxoBIS.
Mu. SAMl at. HkM.. of W. K. Schmerl. 90. 4
Wholesiile Hoot niul nii"0 M inufni turei s, ni
Klftli Avenue, rilt-iiui -gn. in, ii;'.s ucin.ni-,.
illetml wlih. ihro'ilc ihennintim fY (hilly
vcars from hiKriglihlill' in his foot, having t'..,
umi 11 crutch and acmcend st tiineaan alnl'nl .
as to nl t'ti'l v li.cnpacllnlff him for attending to
his business. Hnvitig tried every rcii,tly known
without cnoct, except wiininnu s y-iii Miu.r,
oe wnH' flli'i'lv Induoed to try It. A second nil-
plication oh tiled him to Iny aside his crutch,
and a tlrlid iletl a pennaiient cure, flir.
noil, ail a popular nnu won Known stiizrn is a
living nioiniment of tm eirc u-y iif the irrrnt .
meillonl ,Ui:t prv. (illllliilid'a''ain..Killer. 1 lie
afflicted should nik their grocer ov drtigglKt for'
It.nn.l trv its wonderliH power, mr. i.iiiiiMiin.,
vo nndo'rstunil, winitn 1 rospoctable ngent liy
everv town and county it is. ins principal
ofllc.o Is at 72 Third Avtmi e, 'Itttliiirgh, Pa.
Can bt Curett, '
Keader, If ynif"
ar. troubled with
CoWfn thoHrarl,'
Or t'hroniollatorrk "
and (J sens, uso lJu. !
aeaoirtol la no
elnclo cue has It ,
fallel In eftictiiig
a cure. Sold b.r ad
drnggbla ' I'i Ice,'
6 O ct, por pcksf n. '
Manufuctured and
old by th pronr'o
tor, O. lic.no M. I).,
' Tltuavlll, IV'
aIhii suit! bv JUIt. F
Plneo. j.-eS"York City.
it 1. -mot a PHVRir It la N'OT What' Is pop. ..
ularly rt.llcd a BITTKIW. nor In t li.U'rtded aa
such. IT IS A SOUTH AMKIIIOAN plant tlialj
has bsen used fnr many years by th. meillonl facility f
oflh.ise eoiintries with wonderful ''''"7-', ?f '
a Powerful ALIKKA i t m vdhwd . j
I'll KIFI Kit OFTIIB BLOOU aiid n. Uur. and
Parfeo'. hemedv fnr all lllaisse of lh
n niaapsi inii a ttata n Rat.-;
S T UUTIOM l l IT 15 , wit TFTll Y
rWA NT of ' BLOO ri N f K K E ITI E N Ts
OK Til KI Ii CON COM IT A NT8, , ... ,
la- offsrad-'lo tbt-pnbho a ft great , lnvWw.fi. and .
rem..ly for .11 InHpnrlllc. ( lb. .iJl.mt , or for or.,
"ao wwknesli with their attendant evlla. lur
Ihe fursgotng coniplafnl.
la eonfidanlly recomth.ndsrl to every family ss a,'
householilreinsdy, and should .be freely lka In nil,
drsngutDt of Ih. system. It g'ea lisslth. TlffOr
sndbmeto all He vital fnreen. and snlnistes slid
fortifies all w.sk 'and Lynit.hatle bbMs-ramei.ts. ,
JOHN Q. KKLLOIKl, 11" ri.lt otvrt , S,l ,
. f!,.'Ai.f.'rtl.eVnltei--iati's.
Prlrt One Tlollar ner la.tlli'." 5end lor Oiivitlur,

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