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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 10, 1872, Image 2

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l)c : (Enquirer.
Mwtk t. DM.i Afiiv nf Itoivetl'
lliiUdlnir, North Sldo vt Mailt Utrvet, East of
Court ilouaa.
." J. W, BOWEN. IWHor.
MsArthur, Janu'ry 10, 1873.
We five under obligations to
Hon. Jes9b Ellis, member of
the Ohio House of Represent
ntives from Adams cou;ty,
and Hoi. J. T. Wilson, mem
ber cf Congress from tho 11th,
district, for public documents.
ii i ii -i.i.MM.nn
n As account of the death of
Hon. Augustus Ward, member
of the last Legislature, lias
been published. In July last
Le went west; and all that is
known about the circutistaiicos
of his death fa, that on the
13th of that month, he slopped
lit a hotel in Omaha. On the
morning of the 10t!i he walked
out as usual after breakfast,
but did not return, and nothing
more va3 heard of him until
December 10th, when his
remains yyni found frozen in
the ice, in the Missouri Hirer,
opposite Bellevue,about twenty
tnilc3 below Omaha.
Meeting of the Legislature.
Both branches of the Ohio
Legislature convened on Mon
day, Jan. 1st.
The Lientenant Governor,
J. C. Lee, called the Senate to
order nt 10 A. M., all the
Senators 3G in number, IS
Democrats and 18 Radicals,
being prcseut. E. T. Hall,
Republican and C. I. Flood
Democrat, were voted for
Chief Clerk of the Senate, each
receiving 18 votes. The
Lientenant Governor, contrary
to the laws of the State, as
the Radicals had for months
previous boasted that he would,
gave the casting vote, and at
or.ce decided that llall was
duly elected. In the election
of most of the ether officers he
also gave the cisting vote.
W. J. Illinois of th'fl county
"was elected Second Assistant
Sergeant at-Arms. The Iiads,
by the vte of the Lientenant
Governor, secured all the
officers of the Senate.
The House was called to
order by the Secretary of
r- . n.
orate, and alter some pre
liminary business proceded to
the election of officers. N. II.
Vanvorhes of Athens r .is elect
ed Speaker. All the other
officers elected were Iliads.
Gov. Hayes' message was
read. The mensaga refers
principally to the business of
the State. It is just like all the
messages of Radical Governors.
A number of bills have been
introduced into each blanch.
T. M. Bay, who was elected
to tho- Honso of Represent
atives from Yintion county by
the votes of a few Democrats,
is at his post "making up" his
eNBaw1 i
This is not only a bad word
but it has more than one mean
ing. We have only a few words
to eaV' about it : and we wish
every Democrat in Vinton
county would carefully read
. aud . vcmeiulxiv what - w rv
about to say concerning the
filly, wt to say culpable prac
tice of 'Scratching' tickets,
year after yean
What would bethought of n
soldier, who, during an engage-
ment, would turn about occas
sional, and fire upon his own
friends? Again: how can we
ferve two masters 1 We arc
told in the Holy Writ that it
is impossible. "Ye cannot
Hfrve God and Mammon,'"" nays
the good Book. This is as true
as it was fiix thousand years
ago. And although' the elec
ts cp
tion was held three months ago,
it is not too late to call your
attention to the very important
matter. You are cool and
calm now do not feci spiteful
toward your Democrat brother
who doe all within his power
to lessen, by hia vote, the taxes
that are so hard for you to pay
unto the Radical otfice seekers
each year. We hearot Demo
crats, however at every elec
tion, who go to the polls and
"scratch" their tickets, or, in
other tvottls fire upon their
own friends in the midst of the
battle, and, at A time, too,
when all ii in their favor
Without wishing to be person
h1 we must condemn this prac
tice It is not only useless, but
malicious. If we are Demo
crats from principle, and wish
to throw our influence in the
proper direction, we are acting
entirely inconsistent to divide
that influence. Election is the
time to give force and expres
sion to our political views. A
man may talk- politics night
and day; may condemn the cor
rupt management public attars
in the present Radical hands till
his tonarue cannot wag, and if
he does not vote, AND VOTE
RIGHT, to what does it all
amount? It is idle preach
ing without a particle of prac
tice, twaddle without corres-
nnndinf work. The tree is
i 0
known by its fruit; men should
be estimated bv their
works. If you, kind read er
were guilty at the late elec
tion of "scratching of your
Democratic ticket the name of
one of our gallant canididates
and placing thereon his radi
cal Topj onen', picas J read
this article twice and consid
Remember, the "principles
governing the policy of the
two parties are utterly incon
sistent. They are justice and
injustice; right and wrong;
freedom and derotism; equality
before the law, against partial
legislation; economy against"
extravagance and robbery.
Look at the results of Radical
policy consider the tendency
and act accordingly. If you
want to throw your influence
on the side of justice and right
act wholly as a party man. Be
a man of decided convictions
and act decideedlyv "Yo can
not serve God and Mammon."
Examination report of the
McArthur Schools.
M. It. Barnes, Snperintonden'Jhas
kindly lnrnislied us for publication
tho following Examination Itoports
of tlio II:gh end Intermediate
Schools. Tlio exmiUioa- took
place Dev 22.
TIiobo marked with n were pre
vented from attending' the examin
ation on account of Biclcnosa.
Thoso who absented Uicmsolves
from tho schools are not reported.
Only the averftge grade is given,
as follow :
Hannlm? Tinlrtl
rutrlrk CiuitT
.... 9
.... 9
.. .
.... fl.O
.... H
.... PS
.... 0.1
.... 8
.... 9
.... 0
.... R6
.... 8.S
.... 8.D
.... fld
.... 8
( li!M l( R( I nk
rimvlcs Dnulnp
1. 1 Willi i'o lisju ,
J,jb,1i I'd ion
v anciuonci
Is.iac Lain
Minim llnviior ....
K.hvnid Strong-. ......
MmKuI" Arrmlu - . . . .
bin llitlrtl
Kll.n lltilliwr.il
Miimlo Iltilhwell
Miiirsrln llrntton
Frank Ilorton
I'm a Motfliinos
Kiln Lynch
s ! 1 1 o IVchci' r
Mollis Itoihl'
Hullin Kuiikin.
Klora Hois
l'tlmonlu Willbimk ....
Aunlo Wiu'ler
.... 7.5
.... 8.Q
.... 8 8
.... C8
.... 8 9
....8 4
vi r.- i4
.... H.4
.... 8.7
8 4
.... 8 1
....8 7
.... 7
.... 8
.... 8 0
.... 7.2
.... 8 2
.... 7.5
7 .8
.... 07
. 8 7
.... 7 8
.... Il l
.... 8 1
Adii Bobi
yhxry Dulvd.
I'.llzn linAvn-.
Kim llalnt
Minjr OuldweU...
Sndio I'owd ...
Ilnla Doivd .
A1IU IlniuklloA
I.IUv Jlill
Mr!e T.nnt,'
Muttir Vcrduo
LeiiH rtnni(U
.lomilo V HI
K'iIh biivder
Krauk llrittton '
Ijuvuiond (Murk .
f'nlvlii l'lorcnee
Flunk I.MIlU:
Kddii' T.im t.
chnH. 8troti(
Tllphtiian SnydrrT
H c 1 1 1 1 ii n n W i k a n lc i-gin . . .
Hnmlc Winder
Melvla li-rlilffti
Al'-.ort A til; if mi .
Ilcllfl ( l.ii k
Kiln I, nil ii'
I I, I Hlhl!ll
Kallv Arulili
: pt ii fidriinn
f.villn Wolf .
Sl'illi" Waiil
f.ilv Jtoynolds
Win, lli nllmi i..
Andnjw Oliiiimlns ,
Ivvliiff I'llcht)!'
Wallace Hpciigus i
John binllh
hi uh Ankroiu
i;l!:l Cuntzi, ,,..ri
..... 8 7
.... 04
((. t
.... 0 ?
.... 07
8 2
.. .. 8.8
... 7.4
Lulu Hondj
IlHn (Irayl
Allco rtiijnnr:
Alli'O Heyiuiiils......
.Inhanna Stcclo.'.
Wllliiim Arnold
Houim Cnldwell
Ilnnry Dowd -
UwU T)nn1;1i!
Wm. Ilniimvurlli
Win. lA)vrrr -
fico. Pi'nico
Win. f Idmnn
Idn Trimmer -
Kiinny Wollny
Kalle Kiii'lmr't '
.... 8.D
8 2
.... 84
8 2
. 7.9
- 72
lteports of tlio other schools will
bo published ns soon ng completed
by Ifie Teacher nnd buponn
Probate Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, O.
VTOTICK -chy (riven tt
xS Admlitlfilmtor of the estate of llnrvoy
Wine, rlprul, hat filed liil nccoiint vrltimaid
estate for llunl icttlemeut, Ami that the bearing
thereof Is act lor Ilia
1st Day of Febtttaty, 1872,
at 11 o'clock A M;
, January 10, H73-4t
. H. NATO,
Probate JudirB.
la widely known
hs one of tho most
cflbctiml remedies
ever discovered for
i . .i - -
Smftw tbe blood- 11 iw
Btantly growing rcp-
MrJ litat ion. based on ila
Intrinsic virtues, nnd sustained by its re
maikable cures. So mild ns to bo safe nnd
beneficial to children, nnd yet eo searching
as to effectually purge out the great cor
ruptions of tlio blood, such as the scrofulous
nnd pypliililio contamination. Impurities,
or diseases that have Im'kcd in tho system
for years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear, llcneo its wonderful
cures, mnny of which nro publicly known,
of Scrofula, nnd all scrofulous diseases,
Ulcers, Eruptions, and eruptive dis
orders of the skin, Tumors, Blotches,
Boils, Pimples, Pustules, Sores, St.
Anthony's 1'ire, Hose or Erysiiie
hin, Tetter, Suit Kheuni, Senlrt
Head, lting'worm, and internal Ul
ceratious of ilio Uterus, Stomach,
liad Livei'. It also cures other com
plaints, to which it Would not seem especi
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, Pits, Neuralgia, II cart Disease,
Female Weakness, Debility, and
Lcncorrliwa, when they, are manifesta
tions Of tho scrofulous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of ltealili and
strength in the Spring. By renewing tlio
appetite nnd vigor of tho digestive organs,
it dissipates the depression and listless lan
guor of the season. Ev'ii where, no disorder
appears, people feel belter, nnd live longer,
for cleansing the blood, 'The system moves
on with renewed vigor and a new lease of
Dr.J.C.AYER&CO,, Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists.
For restoring1 to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is at
ouce agreeable,
healthy, a n d
sKw-i-&r;&?st cuectuai lor
S?.S nreserviii? the
htf, 'ZmV to its original
1 ivVa tolor, With ilia
fflass ami feeshnes8 of youih. Thin
hairia thickened, falling li air checked,
and baldness often, though not always,
cured by its tisje. Nothing can restoro
tho hair w'kto the follicles nro de
stroyed, or iho glands atrophied and
decayed; but such an renvain can lo
saveil by tlii3 Application, and stinin
laleil into activity, o that n, new
growth of liair m produced. Instead
of fouling tho hair with a, pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it dean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent tlio hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. The
restoration of vitality it gives to the
scalp asrests and preveiit3 In 9 forma
tion 01 uandnill, which is often so un
cleanly and offensive. Free from those
deleterious substances which make
sonio preparations dangerous and inju
rious to tho hair, the Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it. . If wanted
merely for a HAIR DRESSING,
nothing elso can bo found' 60 desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white cambric, and' vet lasts
long on tlio hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co,,
rractlctil nnd Analytical Chemist,
3T.LGU($ftEDiiC9ftE CO.
Cheinnt fit , bet. eth ondTtb, St. J.oub, DIo.
Ch.rl.red Yy tht Stita. I HfTut'd Mf., eff.fllcnlmr,4 aiiMl
tlsr trcatntotof diictiaa nt olD, bj cill, or xim.
Eajoriug tli tent mtdloftl liill, uilos puivsi druitflit
effnttoiraicd fma, .QdAruidlui po.toa rrDJrr our mixlt.
daoa ftiTcrlu Wo nianurneturtt niudisltie for nil Chrouitf
lii.cvo.. Anybody ra dcootn thctr HvnitiitM. imcIrMi (.1,
od will ..nd trpKiiunnt wlKi iri.tritfltw.it., in tltl var
tho linc,tlbolDlro,oll.lbroi:; !itltt,lotl,!!reliorMI.
ora finiM rcqitir proctrvd tienuitniU wo undf-rMJktfi
0orrar.(d audch.nirth4 tii'dlrlti ittcaNS rcouirol.
60MK OK (li lt KIIMKDII.fl.
Dlsrrhcea Fill 0U. ConslipnUon Pl!ls
Si .00, (h rillf ttralnrkhiabta .spcrpoti or oooiUtiafd
tiault. lever nd Acne I'illsKl.OO. Liver I'ilU
SI. 00, trtcaoaotd.rKlTy oolbcUrar. Nfdnilgin Pills
CI . 00, rtJlrto aomla. nnd euro la a fvvrdaja. Tonto
1'iiU Sll.OO, for Norfoua Eiliaualion. JPhril DcbiUtjr.
lrtaaoftont. Lou crapptlln olo. Blood nils SI. 00
boiK fcr 85, r ptinlr Tf (cublo, and on k. taken long
Muibtooiiraaa; tuood utluu ilucliu-l'llio 61, for
SJdnar. bladder and ntlnar dlfficultiaai till, drug baa t
ar U-wldo reputation for iwohnudrudyoara. I'lmploa
PrfrlileCnra 81,tfcnit e.T.cUvokuown totkai
"" nit) Curr 1 , rla for all form, orratulo DU.
aaM rraaa Mota. lo tbi perkol. lio fluid praparatlooi
tf all ktada at rouKouablo pricri. friend ttvo atiutina for
C tulotua. Eeld by di ucilit. If yon don't Gail tbliu. HUd
dir..tu ua. aitJr.si ontMcatly lir. t. b. Iftad.
N. R. Invalid., iioiintrr fhv.bl.n.n. rir,,..;.,. -
ttiy 8ur Ccittd llla, l-uteotoMklm, Ilru, Humlral lo.
tvunn.Qt, oralediculauilluonat Uivrttifri uantraaolarptiota.
aw mm h a. tag Mao jj .
Chesmit St.. St, Ldulo. KJo.
akei emrmalorrhctatimtnarweaktitii, ncr.
idebilittj, Jmpotencij, wtaknenqf either ua
lout dtbi
Vtrritd or tingle a tpcciejry. If you are out of
liallh. nervoue.
i, ctottttaicd, Jetl avertionto
toeieiy, lost of matitj power, face dltftjuredbu
pimplt; $a!loii countenance, drevi of futwt
event; fearing to marru, or, ifmarrUi, unhiw.
w"i jcvruiyio mart
fy, eppty end beairei
cate Noft cknlonl
TV, oppiv ena V cured. ScndSttampi, Hatim
t?J&.'!l0.n'la."wt P,r9rtuc All
diieaiet of tt deltcirtt nature. aritlZ
, or eiprxitrei, trmtti ttlrntlllren,, f
,9 WWII! HlaB'V4
299 Penn Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
lliplotna at efnee aliowi, haa lica .oiittar tnitaffMl (r
tba tr..BDt n Vnoorawl, Bexunl and Frlvata l)la
9AM tlia aor otlicr l'liyaiclau in flttaburgh.
Syphtllo, donorrhcaa, (41ont, Btrioture, O-ohHU,
.111 torms of Hernia? and llttpturei all Urinary'
XlMOfl nnd 8yphlUtlo or Idorourlal AfTaoUuna
of th ThroAt, Skin or llonei aru traataAwiia uoiiar '
alfcla'1 auccrsia.
Bpormatorrhoan, floxrlal Debility and Imps.
tenoy, 11)0 reiulluf arlf abn.i'lll Joutll, aamial exuMioa
Id oiaturr yeara, nrollirr cinitei, whloh prodtiea tnratol
tlia foiiuwing rrati, Tlat Nrrrouaneas, nooturna
emlaBions, doUlity, btotolton. dlaelcoaa, dirunoaf
of tight, oonfufllon of ldoaa, ovll lortibocliuKe, avq
alon lo cocloty , loan of momory.itnd atiutu aowa
tendgrlug Marriufca Imprormrand Life uitaarobl
aro ptrmauorjtljr ourou. Boolod Pamphlet rclatinR au tt
iraora, aaat for two etatnpi. (JurreatioudaDoa ontifliliiBtl.il
toaaultatioa fret. ltlailrovidnt, ttiat a Pltj.lrlaa wlia
traata tltouaati'la 0. -oaiaa 0tal7 Taarmu.t acitilra arnirt
iiiiliman; 1'J.nlflmi .uovlni thli, raoomaiwil raatanu
toniToara. Modtolnm a.mt "trjwttar.
OfrnoxToOr A. ., toP. Ue Bilnlayi, 1 to P. U.
"llwki for tlia llllllntil" Vta na 1 tarry, aat,
VUjl lmjitxilinanti, eanaea and euro. Ail worth dnnwiaf
aaotttPrtcrcli9ti, rrorfiuloo, oto. Kvary fataar, raoUiar,
Jotina mnn an4 yotiiii woatatt alinuld rad thant, 10l)paffa
cut tn nu atrvawai lOooQUaaoh, liatli for IA tanli,
irtirtu, l a. 1 tiinin, 1M Pi atr.-t, I'llMlturf, ra.
The Cincinnati Commercial
For 1872.
It is our purpose tliat the
reputation wliioli this jourual
has, as a newspaper, shall not
suffer detriment tins year; and
it ia our ambition that its
character for independence,
intelligence and impartiality in
the discussion of all questions
of publics .interest, shall have
constant "Illustration and in
crease. The year will bo one of ex
traordinary demands upon the
daily pre?s. It is the year of
the Presidential election, of the
long session of Congress and of
the Constitutional "Convention
in Ohio; and the daily news
paper will be in an unusual de
gree important for the informa
tion of the people.
We propose that this journal
shall contain all the news, irre
spective ofifs influence upon
politicians 'and their organ
ization?, $J?v$ and object
being the publication of facts
that may be useful about
public men and measures, that
the people k'nowiug the truth,
to themselves .
No expense or exertion will
be spared to make the record
in the columns of the Com
mercial complete as a history
of the year. Abroad, we have
the best correspondents who
can be engaged in London and
Phi is. At home, our Special
Correspondents located in Ifew
York and Washington, at
the State capitals that, most
us, ana traveling in
the South,'' and present at all
points where their nervices are
thought available, have cele
brity as news gatherers and
fame ; s racy writers.
"NYe are not in receipt of any
official favor? of- patronage
whatever. Oar dependence is
cxchisively upon the good will
and legitimate business custom
of the ppuplo. SVe have
ne'ther p.-ui nor lot in the
scramble.-! of office ov the
ciiemcs for the appropriation
of the spoil.-;, but hold ourselves
absolutely clear of stilish inter
est in juililic affairs.
Upon this impregnable footing
we. propose to inaintain our
selves, and hope, with diligence,
fair play iiiitf fit, enterprise, to
enlarge (h ii en lis I ion, and
better the influents, iir.d aug
ment -the prufi'tableuess, to
, . ,i
'MiiM;it;- .it vvuii lis to uuii'ia
of the Cincinnati Commercial
in 1872.
Sunday rmitcd.
Ttv I'tn v..r....8U 0
BiX Months 7 (f
lliree MonUi 31 'fi
Ono Month Ml
Dv the V. ur d-i 09
six Month fl no
Three Month 8 2;
Onu Mnlllll
1 si",
Weektuy ciirnei). !U
Weekly ( iy citrrior
Slnitle Conio f2W
Ki VP do., eaeli .1 70
Ton tlo,. encli I 01.
eni h ('lub of Five.
An extra copy with
Dii.Y Paper, three a 'week, (the iTaya to bo
iinnied bv tho Sttbacribeiu ) Onu Year, ?6; SIX
Moutha, )
Bunhay Pnpor nlone, Ono Year, ti; 6ix
Months, tl.
Circulation the largest of
any daily paper in live Missis
sippi Valley -advertisements
cheap in proportion to cir
culation. (Single ppt'eimen
copies forwarded to all who
solicit them.
Proprietors cincinnati Commercial.
Xo mail was received at this
place from the West on' Mon
day. It is said that no Mall
Agent was on the train when
she went Hist. Wonder if he
lept bo long that "morning that
he failed to' reach' the depot at
Cincinnati in timeV They
must have good ' beds in "that
city I
The nierabcrs of tho El Itf town
ship Vigilauco Committee nro re
quested 'to meet nt tlio Court IIouro
on the Inst Saturday in thin month.
Let there be a full nUcndanco of all
By' order of Cotrimittee!
HENRY CLARK, 1st Lieut.
Tlie weather of late can no
more be'depended upon than
thtj Grant Administration,
The raiu which fell on Sun
day, December 3 1st and on Wed
nesday, January was suffi
cient to start' the small streams in
this Vicinity, wliich had Leen
very ;dry for several' months
previous. Enough of water
was caught in the Reservoir
to permit Gil man, Wafd & Co.
to run their saw mill for
about CG hours. 'Mora raiuv
looked fur!
Dealer in
rntentea ntt Mntiufiictiiref of
Hoad Blocks, Post-Hola Borers, &c,
Cl.irksljm'j;, TV, Va.
rpjIE OristMills, being portable, are on Iron
JL l''r.mie), it ml
Strong, Durable, Efficient,
And tho best Mill ever marie for all kinds of
triliuliiiir: cim bo w;ilv altnclied to 8.W Milln
oritiij olliei' power, and warrantPd tn Kiind
l lour anil nits.ti ai a snporlor quiuity hi Bieni
erriite of tpet'il tlinit nnv otlior Mill, without
liont.iiiKor other tlillloully tlio weight lieing
1.400 poimtls, oceiipylnir onlvS ffot scitinro on
the flow. Will prriuil S9 to fia husliols per lionr.
If witbin thirty iluys, tho Will iloos not prove
antiMfiiRlnry, it may lie roturncU and luoney
iirtrl all churgi'f refunded,
Hart's Fost-EIole liorcr,
In ijunrranteeil to nialte two holes
to ono of itny olltt;r; tloca iU vroikrAp
itlly untl pcrfcstlyi
us m
& No f.inlt (mil he fovinrl with it after
f trial. Hf ut to any ono on trial ia
win pontt. tno I he endorsement or tlio
1'ot.t Maior. Atrmr.n wauled.
J It A llAKT,
Clarksburir; IV. Va.
Farmers ami olhers cn'i rpo tho
I'list-llnlc noi-or attlitfif.ioiicfrOilliio
out, o, il-U
I ii iwaiwnawa
i f p
1 achieved n f.OXII'I.lCTK TKIL'MPIf In
er.nl idling II Unioi'-i, of all ki.nl., fiointho Hu
man syjtom. Thoy ivero liitrij'hieetl to lite
ptiblie soiiio 10 j oin's since, ;intl hnvo Iwon uaetl
witlieitllro suet i si. Tho t'.WOKl! and HALT
lllliiU.11 feYi:r: is Inuoii internally, whit Ii
itlunnsrt the Klintl.hy tlirowint; i:ii-.'urltieit tn
ilio la-fftec, vlim thcCF.UATFi ia applied, fx
i irti (!', Mini nli are rie.Htroypil, nnd
lloallh ami Jiwuitv reatoroil. 'tlioir A3it)N
ISI11,(I suoijEBS h.istiJlloil oiit miiny iL-nO-r.mt
priiUMidcrs. wlio liave liitrotlueett llielr
wonderful iToparatiom tn tlio publie,. 't'hey
hio nut In ntnioat every form, from PAnac.i'.uj
tlnwii to I'iJIs, nntl ull for Jlumdra, (of cotnso
tlniv are).
Hut It Itashoen reserved to J). Weatar'i Sra
ffnml t;KaAiC to'achieva vlralnnder theelr
ouiiitnneef!'i nVrty In) resanU'il nittlie moat bril
liaut l! innipli yet ac.liiovod l.v any ineilieinu
oyer Introduced to the Ainoilean pulilie. Wliy
illtl:f Siutply hri:iiiio they pi I'lonTl whu'l
tney piomise: anil ntiiwitlisliuidini he intio-
ti net fin tit i nr. r itetr nun tvttiTiiern.i ),ie)Hta
1 ion tu the public, the S.ilt Rheum Svmo and
t'erato !:e -p steiidlly on tlieir way, t orc,'.iei in
n; ilir'y en. Il'tiie mti.llc viii to t rv (hesenew
pri piir.ti tins, wu have not a vrtnl to' 'ay. for
inoy l aveu iui lvmeiiyio ;an uue;; upon
vii! I)r. Weavcr' Oaneer atrl Salt liheum
Svrnu niidC'jiato. Oflhlf fact, the public aio
wuil iiwate, I'nr t it'ittrniitls, In ull tectiona of
the country, hnvo bene euicd hj them, after a,!
other remeiiios have fiOWI.
Kor s:lo by all nieditine dcnlerj and Q. VT.
J. 15. H.VRIACO..r,i'op'r,.
ir (.-iiirliiiiatl.il.
In Ch'entitn! ahl Jfcdital Solenoe.
rH ,?-.;
solution a caapouHD- mm
rilVST AN'I) Oxr.T fOITTIOXtv-r mn.!!!'
In nno i.nxtuu of AI.I. 'U SIE 'I WKM'l?
r.llllrlO nciivj j-iiueiji.tlj tl llw veil Lnonn'
crtrativi iif ont,
1IN3E3 TKI"T3 TAll,
VNF.QtJALKr In fiiiiflio, Coltln, Catarrh,
Aatlim4, l'.l. .a ;hi.talt.ad coummution.
I'rcent col 1 In 'three (o ix Itnurii anil ali"o,
)ILbATn(r ellVtn upon tha (,-anaral ayattut,
U reinnrVaHtr efiiearlnua in nil
llfnAR8 OiF TUli fii.con.' .
Inoludinir heioitila n,i I l'.rupiicina vi tlio akin,
As,TiiMa, uiscnnvii 01 inn i.ivor aim jidueya,
Huort iiUctute, nnd Guiievnl Ucbility.
At.au, a
Volatile Solution of Tar
Fnr INHALATION, wlHiont appllpation of
U.HAT. A rcmarkabty VAI1M rlLlidiacnvrrv,
n the wlioloapiiiratudcan boinrriftl initio vent
pocket, rtfudv utility tirao for tltv mtut ellcotaal
ami pomllvely viintiiTO ucnin
All Uiaoaaca J tlio IVOSr, THROAT '
mull L(JMG.
Tar and Mandrake Pill.
fur uo in foMiiollfitiitidi tb ELIXIR TAH,
U a romlprmtlon of tho TWO most vnlunUa
AlilLUA l 1 V I'j JiOillPlnoD kllO't , 111 thu I'm.
hi) I'ru-
foasion, an:l rttulon tliia Till wit.'
th very brat. ivir-n!T,ril.
trllhout tlon'jt tlio Boat remedy known in
It.iHarHpwitloforanohrlisrtRaca, iitui ahonM bo'
kejit in tin- lionaiilililil o rivm y taimly, cipccially
dtirii!f thoso inthHlin iu whlrh
firohabln to provivil.- A inn)l quantity Inftfij
dnily will jiruveut ooulntciiiiir tliog ttrtlljla
fioVtf'on ei.Comr,otiml Elixir, ft CO per Uottlo
Wlatih Oo'-nln-.i for Inhalation, f.vcbp'gr lio
. Tar una ilim-lrulio ri;la, tOcla per Ioj.
Senrl ftff.'lranlarnf TOMTHVE Ct'ltCS
to your Dni;'i;ibt, or to '
L. r.EETfDR C6
M03V.il PP.02JKJ1-,TOU8,
110 H. lit, I ,.., JStw l orn.
1$ iijl.Ii
vr r
vV'::. lie
A . T..
For 1812;
Tub Tint E'lllion ol Two nliNriiEn Trior.
SAND conic Just published. It iu elojrnntl.v
printed un line tinted piipur, in Ttvo Coi.ona,
mill illintrittcd villl'.ovvr Threo Huudrml
x:ii$rar'iiic of blowers nntl Vcjotublus, uutl
Thrmojtb'oatifnl aiir ln;tnioti70 Cahiloju
nnd i'loral Uitttle Iu the noibl ill panca,
ttivinj thorough directions for tlia culture" of
Vlon-eraniKl eiratablea. ornainentliitr y-roiintla
inakinpr walks, L-te.
A Christinas prewrnt for my custnmf ra, but
forHiirilril toail'y who jiii.ilv hv m.iil. f.n- Tn
tiuits. only ono-qirartertlie imt.
Amiross, JAIIKS V1C1C,
f 4m R.iciieater, N. Y.
' ' .
nf How asJ felai
POP. 1872,
Now ramly. ' Cinjlailnir of over 130 ptRcs. on nine
finicl p'ti'tr, villi tipvlanf in') pnr. e , unit
tJIx Jiv,nnl ji'ul ( Oitu'od rintoa. (.' ivur, a buau
liftil.tlt'a ga, Iu colnr.1. Tlia l'lclicst ('iila!i,'(i! over
pnlilislitjil. acnil 95 c-nts fur cop)', rot unc.lm'f Ihc
vnlno of tho cnlnretl pl'. In the first nitlor,
amounilae to nut lca tbun il, tTift prion of dliilufrna
25c, will ho rtiP'.niH'l in ffirla. Kaw iutonur.i
pltipctl on thn aam'ii fuof Inir wil-i oltl. J'ivj lo tiki
ciKUnni-ia. Q itilily ofsfnli. a zu of m.'.k'l. prlrri
anil prniinins til!t;it'.l.in.il;o il l lite aiU-aiitaca nl'nll
In piirclniM ifcils nf its. tcuu CatHltijiit) It.r rxlratir.
tlii'ary intliu-pincni.t,
Yi'i'f rill nritt It (.' jt ntlo not boo oar cYabyno
liefiire oi tliT-jirf fecfla,
Eithr nf titir two Ciironnn f.,r 1 S7 J. it.i 10x24
one a ll.iwrr ji'aJo of HiiIIm.ih I'iatila, ctnuiMli'i! of
hlliica, d-c :1m nllicr of Atintul, Uiiiinljl nnd To
renniarl Plants, giifrmitoctl the
Evor Iwiiftl hi till? country. A nprii parlnr orna.
ntenl; rrinl't'd, pnst-p t A. on rt:i pt tif ?5c; h o froc,
on foniillloha iptcillril In ( a itltifiio. Arl.lriM
lllil'.tiS A i!i:6'i nr.it.
K'taMiihtd 1315 Kutliratcr, Nt w York.
QTIiKVJSIJ R RKAYTOJf, Vrotliite fom-i-jiniMtititi
Jlorctiantii, 111 l'areln.y Street.
Now Vtivk. 'jlio liiglirvt )M'lce chtaliicl li t
Huilcr, t lit'Oip.- Kjtpr", Jf.MilliT, Gnjilv,' IfoRa,
r.fiitis.nu't tl, rtctliicc. 1'roinpt leturna rcn-
Vt, w'll irnil n kanilArno rrnnpe"in nf r.trr .Vits Ti
liittrntid family Hillt, i;uili i.lrir t vr SH0 tint
;or!iIure ltlnatrntlrmn to' any flf,,,:; As(ciit, fru? .f
t'liaro. A.iiiri'sa niinr.di t'utiiitiiff f vi , i;iil;.pi,
liiinois, C'U:ci utin'.i, Ohio, it til. I.uu , Mil l0-4'
t'Tiirit or
"ESejsy ami 3 arc ,'
EinrsAyi) wuiTKs roHTin:
Tha'Ttu.l Fxinllv .,u.i..,.m 1., I !,., i'mii.A,. c t
tycar. Hfi'tl fur ; opIiiii-ii c.ipv nl club ritriitar.
.11, ui'io mi iniui.n, uctroit, 7211-11.
Vlll fflveii one or two pal-anna, ot i-liTir' tcx. in
MoAinnt a nntl aj ilnlr.T tuwna, by whkli tln-y may
r ai.zti irr-in r-vt' to .i1.'.".! a your, wru liii iiiii in
tarf-rein-e w III nrdlnarv uri-niisiltin. In apllln
HOUSEHOLD AllTlCLES. of real im-rlt
tu, I niilvcrsal u e. If ih tvlmli. Hint ,1a .ilatolril a
niticii laiyrr nun mar be IcnlUeil. Oii'Otilnra fr'oa,
eivins C'ltnpirlt! lint orartat'loa anil f.iiiiiilsalnn al
lein j. T COOK &CO., Hiibnkan H. J. f,u-4w
ACK.nI'S Wanted. Airnta mnlfe nioramon
t'V at wnr for m lii.ni at n'.ivtliinu' oian
Bnsincha llKht and permanent ; im ii"iil.'f
irotf. Ii. r Tit. fit) 21 Cl vo,, A tria All rutiuhui tt
Pnrihinil, Mnir.tt.
A BIOTTTIII Hnnta ftirnlshrtl. Kxncn-
aea paid. II. II. MlAW, Alfred, Mi.
Aova cvnrf) oitoNEY iiki-imieii.
Send lo'W O tiamltmn tk CO. DruggM. Cincin
nati. Ohio, fur ono botllo KRKi fllVICIt AND
AULK 10.N1U. Boot prapaid lor SI.' frJ4,v
FOTt THE KlfiNr.YM Am T.T'I-!t-1Tao
Ham dlon'a Rl'tHII ,AAJ II ANiIiI-iON.
I whal yoilr ti' y. Irian pr.nerlbtii relit prcpnlil.
fur's I iir I
ii'tt'a, by W t' llamll'.on ik Co, Driipfjiina,
t.O 4 iv
Cliromo and S'ezhal Diseases.
A Phlbloloaicnl View of Maprlarjo.
Tlio ctitinpiiat hrwk cvtfr f nhl'dicd ronlalnln
nearly tlireu luimlrttl pi.tipa. nnd til e hiimlrid an
thiriy fl nc plittci ar.d ei.((iiivla((."f Ilia nvalmny fl
tnc iitunan urgnna in a naio ol iirann nnn fllsrane
with a trrittii on early errora, ita deptmnble ctmao'
qnent ea upon Ilio mind ond bmly, lrlfh the aiulmr"
plan of liealiuont thennly rai'lonal nnd nifceai.flt
mntlo of cilia, Ikik dinwii by at'ronoi't ol caaea litiitdl
Atrulhfiil ltd v l tn Ilio limrncil and those con tun
iilntintr tnitrrirgo, who cuici Inin t'.iuilita of tlioir pliya'
IchI cotiilltinii." Kent free ol'poa to tn any niMrtuai
on receipt of twenly-tlvo rant lit ttainpa or pvsial
currency. I,y ndilrehalntr Dr. I, A CI101X, Nn.,!)!
Mnidaii Lane, Albany, N'W York. Tin) author Inav
b cnnaiilloil upon any of tint dlseaaea upon which
hla bnok Ircn'a, cither perianal ly or by mull, and
medicines sent to any pin t of lliu irtu ltl. 6'l-4ir
.loseh ISilfi's Efloi r.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio.'
NOTICE Ih litrchy ftlvon Hint Jr.Tiica Million,
Gmiidlnn of Albert H. Hill, minor. Int.i
flledhlit iicoiinnt lylth aaid "wnid for parthil ct
tltiimmt! anil that the aaino will bo for liem-liiij
on tha ini.li day of Janlini y. A. ti. Wl at 11
o'clock A. . J! II. MaYU,
. . TrobAto Jiidfcc.
December 40, JBI!l-4t
' .. '
N0TI0K is heraby given, In pursuance of Hir
nt the Intention of tbe (Jominlialoiioni of Viitton
county, Ohio, to bulhl a ,
i ri.
At tlio (iromtliir lfcav lhi) roiMonce of Wldorr
llntilc, In Wllkcuvlllc towniUlp.aud tliat
Petitions for and
Tfumnniiti'finfiex Aaaimt
The hnlUllnir of tba ni, Will b4 cofialtlaiad if
fltett In tlio Audltor't oiuco oi aaiu eouiiiy, u or
before '
Wednesday, Janu'ary'Yl A, D. 1872.
By orclor of Commlaalonrr.
Auditor Vlulorl' Co. O,
Dt. 18, H7 4'
Renew Your Subscriptions
to the Cincinnati Weekly
The jre.-tt 'fcuecrss nhH popii
larity of this wftii-ktiown pi
pfel', wliich spreads out Ueforfi
its readers the 'Tlistorjr of tlid
World for One WVek," may
lie attributed to tlie fatt that ii
lias fettiuljly aimed tq hcerj
clear of all unworthy influences
turd narrow, prejudice?, oecu:
f)yiii an irldependfiit nsition
on all subjects, hever attempt
lug to dictate, but always striv
ing to give- good councils
Dui injj the ensuing year vb
shall retain all the popular'
features of' tho past; art d coii
tinne lo prctieiifc id. otir rcadersf
the latest inail aiul ielegrap'Iuo
news iu fitllj editorial com'
incuts on j)assing fcVfiit.?j the
product) and money market;,
and whatever5 else may prove of
value, and interest.
The agricnltural ilepartmen
will bo' carefully prt'pared,' Willi
especial reference to the wanta
of the practical fanner aiid th&
country render while for ouij
commercial eolumils we shall
spare no pain3 to fdenre early
and reliable market re
ports and financial quutationtf.
Great pains will be taken!
to make the c&rresp&'ndeuta'
column 6 no of the most attract
ive features of our paper, and
it will always contain answers'
to tjuestioiis, hints and sug
sri'slion0, advice and coun.scl to
tlie fanner find the mechanic,'
the student, and tho merchant,'
the youlh and the lady readers'
of tlie Times.
While WQ stiall co'hfiiiue to'
publish a paper for the million,
it is onr purpose to pay special
attention to the induMric-, pro
duction'1, rail toads, etc., of I he'
Great Wfi't iVnd to add lo our
corps of col ri;ioiu'U nfs iu f he
Tranf-'Missi5i''p'i regi6n. Ke
taininor o;rf rrfo.tto', 'Iudepin
dent in all things, neutral iir4
notliinji'' we sli;ill ciidii.-tvor
to dieu's fairly an-.l impartial
ly, nil the iiMpoi'tant. pol.tical
is ik's of the day, favoring the-'
protection of homo iiiter(j"trf
tud domestic inamifacturc and
ad vo.'iiting jtT measures iliafi
will tend to lievelop the re
sources and ii'oinote the pros
perity of our whole Country
Our prenttirms. Every
early siibfifi'ibfj' to the Week''
ly Times will b prea-nted, frfe'
of chargt' wjlh a, copy of tho'
Hlir4rafed tliii-n. liuid-book'
fa' 1 S7'J. A beautiful volume
f 100 sc'enlific and niisivibinc-'
oih ai tides, iilusfrated with'
fil'ty cf llie finest engravings.
Or instead of the Hand b'o!c,'
Rtieli suh-icribpi's as prefer it
will lpeeive by inai!,' pos'paid,
a small sack of Cooley'.i Early
White Field Corn,' which ma-'
tures six weeks earlier tluin Any'
other variety
Or, ifis'ead of ei'lficr, will bef
sent the Giant Trees of Cdfor-'
uia,- a splendid picture, iu'
color?,' On plate paper, 21 by
27 inches, ilYat wotrld onitv-'
ment any parlor' or Bitting-1'
room in th laiicf.
Ag'cniHi well ' paid. Thr
P n b 1 i tei r s o f t h e We o k 1 y ' r i in e
'desire one or two active hgentsr
iu every tovn aiut .neighbor',
hood, who Will iceeivt! Jibvral
couipunsirtioii for their services,'
Send for specimen copy, pre
mium W'tff etc.; nntl at the sama"
-time g'i'v us t be atldressen of a
dozen- of your friends, at dif
ferent poptoffices;
Kates of Weekly Times.
P I n sc 1 e Snhanlbora, per year, (J (!f)'
lub ol rivoSitlHf.rllitiiii, 'f year, ertcji. , I 78.
Cltibdf 'J uiw.lid nptvartl, per yoai', each... 1 6(3
And mi extra copy to ueut.
How to rend money.
Always send the exact-amount
necessary to pay for what U
ordered. Send by postoHico'
money order; or by earprestr
prepaid. Or, if jrbH her of these
.niethocls is' avilnblt, send by'
duly regist'ererV letters, plainly'
addressed, Publishers Weekly
Timcf,(i2- Y, Third St, Cin-
cinnati, Ohio. ,.
Oun mitor'noravcrrklnil. Write f.ir 1'rlra I,lt,
lo Orant Weitern Omi Worlti, I'ltlibnirh.ra. -Army
(Juna and l'evolvera bongbt or tradotl fur,
Ar.ttwaiiiil. K.r '
liotarv Chvrtl Power.'
T HAVE rtipftlnerl.'W. CavrfBKM., of Sfof. '
I" 1 7.:,..J. n.nl(llflA A IliriitftfLAftnlltV. Va.. .
AKentlbrthriiiiieof tbt) Wxht for tho Btatj of
Ohio, In wlioU'ot In countluij'for llift uiaitufac
tun HUti BlH of tho , , , , j
TbUmaohlnetonk tbo prmnlnm at iho An
giiata l iiimly Fair, orer A Mi OTIIICIl Churn .
Powora ; mill, nlio, nltlinltdckbrMir' Mochanloal ,
and AprloulluraU Anociatlnu talent I-exlur
'r'araona daMrlim fnrthfir.liiPirmatld'fi'' wllf'
a a.. il W ll . ..a.aa.1 Vak 'J t 1 Miaul If Pi 1
aildreai.8. M. CAMW.M., Mo.taU'a Ufuok X. O.
II, 'ilio 1'Hianiiini iiiyritia i" itin. - i ,
l'rlcta for Ctmntv UiHiita In thaSlitto of Ohio,
.il, la Pntimt will lio rnuaonahtfl.
fj)t'oapnUenr aollcltcti,'
l lUTUOjiviluuni n auiuitiw rf ,,'........,

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