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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 17, 1872, Image 2

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l)t '(Enquirer
OFFlCE-In rVcoml Btoiy of Bo won't
KntMliiir, Nurtu &itle ut Main Street, Ittt w
Court Home.
J. W. BOWKX, KtHtor.
Mc Arthur,- Janu'ry 17, 1872,
Volume Sixth—The Enquirer.
"W i tb tins number
Enquirer we commence
Volume Gth. It has been five
years since we commenced its
publication, the first number
having appeared on Thursday,
January 21, 180.. During
that time not a single issue
has been ouiit(jd, uor a half
sheet substituted for the regular
edition. With the aid of
kind friends and the support
of cenerous patrons, the
O i
business of the office, in every
department, has been constant
ly increasing, and the paper
was never so prosperous a3 at
this time. We -now begin the
Gth volume with the expecta
tion of making a great im
provement in the paper, before
. ' - - l . 1 0 - '
tuc expiration or one-:'. air oi
it, if' hard labor and money
will make the improvement.
Now, we shall have to ask
each and every one of our
friends in the county, who are
interested in the good Demo
cratic cause, to give the
matter a little personal
attention and try to put the
Exquirek in the hands of
those who do not now take it,
r opponents scatter their
tvspapers broadcast. You
surely do not care less for
your cause than they do for
theirs. Help the EnquIueu a
little in the way of increasing
its subscription, list, and we
will guarantee that the labor
so spent shall not be in vain.
An important election i3 ap
proaching, and every voter
should have a copy of the
Enquirer. It will greatly
strengthen the part)1
Election of U. S. Senator.
John Sherman was ro-clected to
tho United States Senate, by the
Ohio Legislature, on Wednesday
last, tho 10th. On Tuesday, tlio
day previous, each ITouso of the
General Assemby, ns the law directs,
voted for fjonator, la the Senate
tho vote stood :
John SIicrinnn(Uail.) 1
Geo. W. Moir-aii CDom .). . ...... IS
II. C. Sclienck 1
Mr. It. P. Gago, Republican, from
Hancock county, cast tho vote for
In tho House tho vote stood;
Sherman 57
Morgan ...17
J. li Cox : ., 1
Mr. Powell, of Delewarc, Repub
lican, voted for Coxf Mr. Ellis,
Democrat, from Muskingum, was
absent, on account cf death in his
family. JS'o person having" received
a majority in both House, no elec
tion was effected. At twelve o'clock
M., tho next day (Wednesday last)
tho two Houses met in Joint Con
vention, v.iien it was necessary
that another vote should bo taken.
At this convention tho nowly in
stalled Lieutenant-Governor, Jacob
Meuller Radical, (his mt'iia should
bo spelled Mulo-cr,) presided. The
voto was taken, which resulted :
Mierman. . . . 7o
Morgan . . .G4
Cox. 1
A. P. Perry 1
Sclicuclc 1
Xumbor of votes required to
elect 71.
At this time before tho result wan
announced, members commenced
changing their votes. Five suc
ceeded in doring go, voting for Cox,
and othci'i woro on tha floor an
nouncing -Chat they do.sirod to
chanifo their vote. Tho Lieutenant-Governor,
acting as tho tool of
tho demagogues about him, and at
their dictation, refused to recog
nize theso membors.- Ho was much
oxcitod duiinir tho changing of
voles, and said to the members who
wished to change thoir votes;
"Not bo- fast, shentbmens." The
change greatly alarmed tho Radi
cals they not knowing what tho ro
milt might ho. But Van Vorhes.
tho Spo'iker'of tho Ilouao, and two
or three others, hurried to Mnlo-or
and whispered to him. to pay no at
tention to- those members who do
Hired to change their votes and to
nnnoniico ti'm result,. Ho spoko as
follows, looking about tlio room
like an owl that, had been shot at;
"Shentlonifiii's, I ish got no' more
interest in deso elections dan odcr
men and I ish yust as patriotic.nsh
any 'of you 'a. Derais nodTngs in
order except do election ot Shr
man. Hoars of laughter. I means
a Senator from Ohio ir. dor Cong
ress." Intcnso excitement prevailed.
Mnl er wnaa much excited as tho
"ojer mon." IT a then . announce
thoi;osult, not heeding tlio cries of
"I wish to :l.ango my vote,' apeaK
ingtliaa?. ...
'Shon Shnrmar. liuvin received a
tnnslioritv of nil to wotcs cast, I
'bronoimce him elected President
from to Stdlo off Ohio in to Conk-
fress of to United States fur Six
years from to fust of March eighteen
huntrod and ueVenty-two.'"
Tho nest movement was to nd
iourn, which failed ; but tho great
Muie-cr was equal ! to tho emer
gency and adjouruod tho Conven
tion. Everybody, even many of the
Republicans, were astonished at
tho conduct of Mnle-er. This
open and nigu-nanuoa ournigo
should be met ns it deserves
bv impeachment- From his action
it would seem that ho is vested with
authority than a member of either
branch of the (iencrtu Assomoiy.
He is simply President of tho Sen
ate, and whenever he steps outside
of his placo ho iu a usurper, a
violator of tho Constitution, and
should bo so treated. Thoro aro
but two excuses for his conduct ;
he is cither an ass or a fool ; if Ilo is
an ass, tliis is a poor placo for him;
if a fool ho is a dangerous maji.
CTWCTrtain mil
The She of January.
' Monday, 'of last eek was
the nnniversy of the battle of
New Orleans, one of the proud
events in our history. On the
Stli of January, 1815, General!
Jackson, with his motley army
of hardy yeomanry, nearly
qvery man of them armed
as his faucy suggested met and
overthrew the veterans of
Wellington, the flower of the
British army, fresh from fields
of glory in the Peninsula. The
slaughter of the red coats was
very great, and extended to
their first and second in com
mand ; whilst the losses of the
Americans were hardly worth
Democrats, especially, hold
this event in grateful memory,
because its glory was due to
one whose character ha.s ever
excited their highest ad
miration Andrew Jackson ;
an able and honest man, whom
nothing could swerve from his
seuse of right and duty.
Assassination of Col. James
Fisk, Jr.
The daily papers and New
York papers, which we have
received during the past few
days, have contained volumin
ous accounts of a terrible
tragedv that eccured in New
York City, on Saturday after
noon, about 4 o'clock, Jan. G,
resulting in the death of Col,
James Fisk, Jr. Col. Fisk had
entered the Grand Central
Hotel, and while ascending
the stairs he was shot by iiid-
ward S. Stokes, who had con
cealed himself for the pupose
cf murdering Fisk. Three
shots were fired by Stokes, two
of which took effect. The
wounded man lived until about
11 o'clock the next morning.
Stokes was arrested and sent
to prison. Now he is boasting
that his money will clear him
from tho penitentiary, or the
gallows. Stokes aud Fisk had
had considerable diiriculty in
business transactions and, as
is usually the case, there was a
woman 'Jliss Mansfield
mixed up in the aff-afr. About,
three months since Miss Mans
field instituted a civil suit
against Fisk for the' recovery
of 50,000, money which she
claims to have loaned and
given Fisk. Therefore Fisk
applied for an injunction re
straining tho use of his private
letters in Mis3 Mansfield's poses
ion, which it i'j said were
about to be published, and
which was, on the day before
the murder, decided by Judge
Ij raily, ordering its continuance
when Fisk opposed tho pre
liminary papers in tho civil suit
of Miss Mansfield. Affidavits
were filed on the part of Fisk,
setting forth that the c.130 was
an attempt at black mail,
whereupon Miss Mansfield in
stituted libel proceedings at
the Yorkville police- court,
which arc still! pending. Stokes
became enraged at the pro
ceedings, and resolved tb mur-
tier J? isk. iHiss jian"iiei(i una
been tlio mistress of Fislc, until
a few . 'month lfore the mur-
dor. Col. Fisk had his faults
and perhaps they. were no
few but wo can only remem
ber now that he was a man
apparently moved by good
impulses was frank, generous
and benevolent-, which virtues
may have been neutralized by
a certain frivolousness and per
sonal vanity of character and
that he was stricken down by
as mean, and cowardly on assa9
sin A3 ever arew a in-rcer ou
victim. He had filled
prominent place iii the public
eyej both as a railway iinan
cier, and as a prominent cater
er to the amusement public o
the metropolis, fox a long time
and his tragical end has natur
ally greatly excited that com
muuity. All the question
able qualities of the man are
now forgotten in the memory
of his kindl) point, and in the
cfni'ni ii f fiHrrri!irimi' wluU i8-H"lliM
StOlIU 01 rWlgUlirH)U W men
the storm ot liiuisrnation which
u felt for his murderer. Lc
the cowardly nlnrdererer be
Fisk, Jr. [From the Celina Standard.]
Owing to severe illness o
Mrs. Call en and the death of
their child.' it was impossibl
for our Uenresentative, (Hon
I). J. Cnllen) to be in his place
m ine jiouse an tne opening o
the session. JIrs. CalMi has
been for several days lying
almost at death a door, but hei
friends feel in hopes of her
speedy recovery now. Mr.
Callen- and lady both have the
sincere good wishes ortheen'
tire peonle here, for a speedy
restoration to health, and
their svmnathv for their
family bereavement.
John Clark's Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, O.
MOTtlC Is hereby if I veil (hut William Clnrk.
1 Fxerutor of tlio Inst Will and Testiiiiiont
ol .Tolin Clm-k, (iereiiseil, hnM filed his uccouiit
wilh SiiM eslHle for linn 1 tiettlcmcut; and that
ine iioamin tnoreni iss.-i ior .
Wednesday, February, 14, 1872,
At 11 o'clock A i M. li. H. MAYO,
Jaunary 17, lHia-4t l'rohate JmlitW
Statt of Ohto, Ylnton Ctiuniy.
Tliomasll. Shaffer, rinliititr,
Andrew O. Elliott, Admlnlstratorof the Estate
ot illirtiii J yo. docea-ieil, and MntiUm
Tyo, DolendHiiit.
In Vinton County Court ofdoiiimon l'less. Or
der 01 Biile.
Purrmnt totliecniiimau lor nn ori"r of 'ale
Issued from I he Court ol Common 1'leiis of Vin
ton county, and toineillreeteil us Slieri n" cil sniil
enmity. 1 will oiti-r for sale nt the door of the
(.unit, House, in (he town of Mc Aitliur, Vinton
county, onio,oii
Monday, the VMhday of February,
A. D. 1872,
At tlie hourof 5 o'clock P. SI. of Mid day, the
following described premise?, lo-rvit:
Mluiiti) In tlio lownslili) of Harrison, nnd
county of Vinton, nnd Stiite of Ohio, and known
as the t'oiull-enst murtef ol tho Bonth-e'si
rpim-ternf Sertinn Nmnher Kieht S mill the
Sortli-enst n ni"t"i of the south-east (iiinrterof
Heel ion Niiml.er Klght V, exeeptinit Ten unit
nil iiiu .'jiiii"i'iv'ji ulll -'mi iii-iru.i ijiinrii.i ,
and. ijlRO.the Nol'ill-wtstuiUirtfM' of the Sontli.
west quarter ot ' sertinn Niimber Nine ('). All
of the aloresnhl Tit are in Township Xtiinher
Nino !. of Unlike Nui'iher Nineteen mid
estliiiutcd to eoiitalii One Hundred and Ten
ni ret he the fnuio more or less, but subject to
an icjtai nisnwnys.
Tnkcn as tlio hronei ty of William Tvo.dc
reascl. ami Mnlilda Tyo. tnsatir-fv a (iidRiiicnt
of :-nid I'onrt inlavnr i!f Thonvit If. Shatrer.
A rnlscd nl Six Hundred nnd Twenty Dol-
llll 5 u;uw,j nun lilllBl. 01 lll t wo-in 1 1 n.l Ul lliat
Turma of inlo Cash In h.md oil the dny ol
SalO. DA.MIM. Hll'Jill,
Pheriir Vinton County.
I). TJ. Shivej. AK'v for Plaintiff.
January 17. 1872-5v-13.'
Slattof.Ohio, TiVo'i Cmmly.
Ueorja A. Hold. Plaintiff,
Thntnn J. Musters and Wlfo, Defendants.
Vinton County Court of toimnvn Plt'ns.
Orderof Salo.
Pnrsunnt to (heeominiiiidof.in order of sale
tho ahovo cmisc, Issued from tho Court ot
Common Pleas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to
directed ai Slu'rilT of said county, I will of
fer it iillli'ale,rttlicih'rofthij Omrt Honso,
Hid town ol'McArthiir, in said Vinton coun
ty, on
Monday, the 10th dai of February,
A. 11 1S72,
the lirmr of t o'clock P. M. of said day, tho
following descrihod lands and tenements. Hit
ante In tlio county of Vinton, nnd State of Ohio,
The North-wP't qnnrtor of thfl Snutli-wcst
tl'iarter of Section 'umhcr twenty-six 128:1
also, the South oust quarter of the Snuth-eiist
itmrt"r of Section Nunihcr twenlv-Kven 17 si
in Township ntimhcf ten 10, Unnxo
nineteen fit) J Vinton comity, Ohio, and cou
talninfelKhly nerei, morn or Ipmi.
Taken n tlio pmpei'tv ol"nionia .1. BInKtors,
Jiatiufy Bjudtfiiient of tlio sahl Court in favor
ofom;co A.tiold.
Annriiiied at Two Hundred and Soventy-flvo
follnrs ?.J75 00,1 and imist bring two-thirds of
tliitMinu , .
Term or nine tush In wind.
' Bhei irt VicUni County1.
h Shivcf, Alfv for Plaintiff.
January 17, fSTS-Sw-H.'l
ShtUqf OlUtr, Tlnton County
Harvey BhiRhsm, riaintlli',
T..T. IHnplmm et. ftl., Pefendnntrf. ,
In Vlnlon County Court ol Common rleni.
order ol Sale,
rursiinnt to the command of an order of ale
fsmed from the Court ol'Cpinmol rloasof Vin
ton eomitv, and to mn directed as fclicrln of
dsld countv, I will offer for sain at th door of
the Court House. In the town of Me Arthur, Vin
ton county, Ohio, on
Slonday, ttio 19th day of tfebru'at y',
A. D.1872,
t the hour of 1 o'clock P. it, nf inlil day, flio
follnwintrdcseriued Unds and tcnsinont, Hit
nited in iho county of Viilton, and Stale of
(ihin, to-wlti
The t ilial undivided half nf Iho North linlf of
tlio jsniiin-enn qiiarierm i-ecuon niiuinrr iiur
tv-onc 31.1 township numlior nlno in, liauvn
t ctuliteen in, excent nrtr-tivft hitch
nlf of tho West ildnofsnid truc.t sold by Wll-
Until T.ilcln tnCi'oVffn Pucker
Al.o.thoeiual undivided half of the North
hnlf of tho Hoiith-w est quarter of See: Mn num
ber thirty-two (ill ) Township nuinlx-r nine !l,
imrr, ni'imlipp el'-'lrtenil IIHil Iho entire niim-
hee of news of which tho undivided hull' la
hereby conveyed, bolng one hundred nfld flV8
Taken its tliopro)Orty off.. F. TUiiftbnni to
sailsly a Jimunieni ot ino murvsiiiu vuuii in
runup nf Mnrvntf lttnirlinrtti
AnnriiUr.il ni iciv lliiiidrpd and Twrntv-lvo
PollHi-Htl525(W, nhd inUnt bring two-third of
wins sum.
T sriiuof Bale Cathln hand,
fihorln" Vinton County.
ImltliAntinnlhsr, Att'v for I'lalntlfr.
.Uniury 17, U7-2.f.w-lD'i
A New Departure.
Af Ttrp Vnhv
lBiged fullv O.NK-THIRD, (contniiidiK 4 l''lf
colunin,) iind'lt 1s now both the lMet and
thechenijest of the family papers. It will eon
tain Novelets, IlluHtrutcd (Stories, BUetches,
l'oetry, Answers to Correspondents, etc., etc.,
bv Die ablest writer that can ho proourcd-io-e.lndinir
Mm. Henrv WoniU nutlior of 'East
Lvnne,"Wrs. Mar'irfet ltomer, Amanda M
linn,.l,, Hi,,... Tliitviiliiirv. Kiln Wheeler, Ail.
urllKt 11..1I I I In Rlnnlnv CtHOtnlll Olll lies, I.lllie
Uevoreux Itlako, MryJfiMUiy ft. l-'euilye,
Wre.M. Ij. X. JlurKH, CTfi Vi nexioni,
li will 1 nnili'i'lv nmrlrnl in nnlitlcs.
New NoveVett and Stories, long nnd short, tiro
h.. ni? ooiislinllv noli tsllOd. ni l)8crililiuna,
.tliorefoio, ean begin at nlmost any time.
Ah our enlnrjrcd paiierwill nfToi'd Vi tho
room, wo shall ilcvoto abort a column In every
number to 'n summitry of-tbo most iiniiortimt
mid interesting m'Ws oi ino wees.
Tfiwura J? r,n rear: Four conies, 6:
clKhtcopies, (and one uratlHi, tfl2.-Oiie copy
i.r 'I'Hir I'nsiT i'501 and Ono of Tim I.n"rt
VmiiND (t2) for H. Address 11. rETKUSOM A
00., 319 Walnul Street, I'hiladelnlila.
What People say about the Premium
Fruit Chrome all Subscribers to
Our Own Fireside Receive.
Our Own Fireside Receive. TOWERVILLE, Dec. 22. 1871.
Wto. E. GnMr-Riiv My Fruit t'hrnnio came
roinutly to liuml. Allow mo to tliimlt you,
think it. vory licmtiful, nnd worth Jar more
than tlio Price nf.the paper.
MERCERSBURG, PA., Doc. 12, 1871.
AJudijpiln!ll)6Hiily. li think .it
lTZ,.nmit be siiinanse J. Itlsvt'iitlvdilniiiud bv
Wit. E. Griir DearS:f: Tlio c.liromo elves
nort'ect MtisliictliMi hS sSJ&nsses my itnticl-
M. O. MARRAY. ALMA. WIS., NOV. 24,1871.
Toiirchrrtm.is rfirplvoil. TliP-V nro snlonilid.
smi sulwRi'ili'MVsoon.
Eds. Alma Weekly Exprcse.
MOBILE, Dec. 18, 1871.
'To.rt.ivworprclrpil niolmvs nnd ixiddi'9. nnd
are wrti (ilonsrd Willi them, nnd brlicvo tlio
paper tone tn rucanesc goou pniiur wb over
December 22, 1871.
clirniiios iciwii liv cither l.ii I1 isli ui-h rs iiienil-
iins, but yours is t;ir Kiiici lr to tlunn ull. A
iriuiulor iiniie nils t lie ciiromo or isl.imrn 1 nils
bv Moonliifiil. liashe'Mi ciinvMsainnr with it,
hiitllie universal derision ol' all who have
seen both iliromna U that in far superior
WHEELING, IND., Nov. 28, 1871.
Th Chromo is sulcnilid.nif no ono pees It
Ot'it Own finBsinn Is n Inrco Id-nniecl 111 us-
truted l'nner. imblisheil liv Willi E. Giimn.
Daylon, Ohio, ut only $1,5U a yeiir. Bend lor
unipio copy.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Pover nriil Aruo, Interrhittont Fovor,
Cliul Fevor, itemittont .Fever, Dumb
Asuo, Periodical or Bilious leaver, &o.,
and indeed all tho affections which anno
from malarious, marsh, or miasmatic
NA ono remedy la louder
tailed for by the n'eceusilios of
tlio American pcoplo tlinn n
cure n:id Bafo cure for Fever
and Ajiue. Such wo are now
enabled to oiler, with n norfert
nirtainiy that it will eradicato
the disease, nnd with assur
ance, ftJiimlM on proof, that uo liarni can urise
irein li.i U' o in anv tiinniiiy.
That which proiana iVoia or prevents (Ida
order must, he of ininienso serrleo in tlio com
munities where it prevails. i'rcvcntiOn is belter
Ilia a cure, Mr ine n.tiienr, escapes mo rif w inrii
he must vim In violent aUacks of lint baleful din
temper. 'I'liU "Ct iiK" expels llirt iniiimiinlio
pnlson of I'KVKH and Aiidb fient the system,
and prevents the lcveKmiCnt of the disease, if
taken on the ilrst nfiproaeh of lis preiniuiitory
Kviiintmiu. It h not ontv ine nest reniciiy ever
vet (liHCovnred for this cliiso of complainl.J, but
also tlio cli"apot. ino largo qiuimiiy v,e sup
n'.v r,,i. n ilnll ii- hrinirs It within the reach of
everybody; nn'l bilious districts where
rlJVKIl AND Aiirn prcTiiiiw, i;vi'iyoniiy,Eiiiiiiiii
have it, and It IVeely, bulh for I'virc unci n o
tcctiom It is hoped this pvitjr tvill place it within
he reach of nil mo iioovnswcii n mo ricii.
irrpat snni'iiorilv ot thin rchiedv over nnv
oilier ever discovered for the speedy mill certain
cure of Intermittent in, that it conlciii no Qui
nine or mineral; consequently It produces no
uiinism or oihef Inlnrlous ejiect.. w natever upon
lie e.niistittitlo'.l. Tlmso cured hy it are left as
healthy ns If tiiey had never had the niscase.
Kcvei' and Ami.! if not alone the coiircquenco
of (lie niinmaii.'. poison. A ;rve:it variety of dis
orders nrie from its irrlluiinn, Miiontf which
nre NeuralL'i.i, liiir.'iiii:illin, liivd, Headache,
lllhidness, Toothache, Unraclu', (.'itnrrii, Ahth-
l, I'll l III 111 1.111. 1 lilliun .IIL'I iruu i ith- .-in i-n,
ivlcrhw. i'aln i.i the Dowels, Coiie, ranilvslj,
an'd ilernnireiiicnt of Use Slomach, all of which,
when oriirinnthi,; in this eaasc, put on the In
lerr.iiucit t'pe, or lieconie jK'i i ili,-nl. This
"Cuiiii" ev.fiei the iriison IVon l!;n Wnoil, and
coiTi'Tpicntly cures Ihein all alike. It Is un in
valuaiile proteition to Ininil.Trnnla inul persons
travelling or temporal lly re i'lin;? in (he mala
rious ilistrl. I:'. If taken O"caioniilly or daily
while cv.io.-eif, to Iho infection, that will bo ex-
retcd from the system, and cmnot aonimulnto
ii siiiil'icnt o'lanlitv to ripen inio dii-ease.
Ilenee it is even liio're valuable for pfotenion
than euro; and tew will ever Fuller from Inter
mittents if llii'V avail ttieninelves of tho protec
tion tliis reineifv ull'iirds.
For .five Vnntfilulntn, ftrlsine; from torpid
ity of (lie Liver, it is au excellent remedy, slim
ninth!. the Liver Into healtln ni'tivitv. and no
uciiiir many truly remarkable cures, whero
oilier medicines full. .
rnr.PAREb ntf
Dr. J. C. AYtlt & CO., Lowell, BJnss.,
J'rdctfcal and Aiuit lit teal ChemUln,
Tuicr., $1.00 run mottle.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
1ff9 jf? 1 i.l lllli H'lii'l IliiTI
cure of all it-!r:ini;o-inputs
tn tin. fstiiin.
r....iu. ..ttnr
tuli, liver, mid bow
els. They nrc n inild
aperient, ittul an
excellent pitrifatlvo,
lleliiK piindy veije
tulde, they contain
no mercury or mine
ral whatever. Much
cciimis KicUiieaand
Mill'efinjiln prevent
ill hv tlieir Ihuelv
use; nnd every fhnvtly should liavc Ihcui on hand
r tncir proi.eeiiou uitii rciiei, wneu l-ciiiiui'ii.
nip nxporicuce lias proven inein to no ino mi
t. Htirest. and best of all the 1'Uln with which
market iiboanil'. lly their ne.ciisloual liso,
blood b iiurllie l, II." corruptions ol' tlio sys
tem expelled, oljcti'iit'llniM removed, nnd thfl
whole machinery of lift) respired tr its henlthy
nativity. Inteniiil organs which become cloeu'ed
Hluijlsh aro cleansed by Aicv'ii I'lllf, lintl
siluitihitcd into netioii.- Tims nieiilcnt disease
changed into health, the value of wlileli chnnire,
when reckoned on the ynst multitudes who enjoy
can Hardly lie computed. Their siltriir coating
makes them pleasant to tako, ami preserves their
virtues unimpaired fur nay ImiirMi of Utile, so
y nro ever fredi. and Dcvlecily rclliiDlo.
AltlioiiRti searehlni;, thev nre mild, inul opcrato
witlinut disttirbmice to tho eonstiliiliun, or uiet, or
I ll I iliree.tlniM tiro rlrniv nn tho wrnnnnr to
eacn iiox, now to use Ihein ns n nniuy i n:
nnd for the following complaints, which lii
rapidly curo:-i
tits rauiuiv cure:- .
For yfiHiu or Intlltfr-Klon, X.!mIpi
tiCKS, .iiiiuiiot' and Lnnof Ani"tH,they
shoiilil he taken tnotlcralcly to stimulate the stom
ach, inul realoro Its healthy tone'and action.
For Jilvii'(.'ontiillnt nnd its vnrioiix symp
toms, Stilton liruiliichp, Nltk IS.'ntl.
Itc, Jitiinidic.t or 4r-tn MicfineM, ItiU
lout. CnUc and ISItioim I'i-vvr, tiiey should
judiciously tulieu for each easo, to correct Iho
disoasod action or'rumovo the obstrnctiona which
cause It
F.1r (lyieierr or Hlnrrlioen, but one
mild dose in genci'iitlv required.
For llliiiiiitls'i. irlout, Oravri, Pul.
Kif.itloii of tint Bleu it, laln In tlio
itle, Ilxcli ami l.olnn, they should he contin
uously tn lieu, lis required, to change tho diseased
action nf tho system, with hucIi clumtjo lliuse
complnlnlH disappear.
For HroiM.r nml Dtrorwlrrtl HwtlllnjT,
thev should lie biUcn iii liire nnd iVeituunt doses
produce the clfeet of tt ilrnHtlo piuno.
For Mipiii-CNNlon. a bnro ilnso nhouM bo
taken, as it produces tlio Utsircd cfloct by gym
liiilliy. As n ninnrr V(ll, tul;fl nnnT or two flirt to
promote divest Ion and rulievo tint stotnnchi
An ni'casioiiid iloho Kliniulales Iho Htoniachnnd
bowels, restores the uppetite, and inviKnrntes Iho
system, Ifeiico it Is tulon ildvanhiKeons where
no scrlnitw ilerangmne-,it oxlHts. On who feels
..l,,,.llu .unit ..inl. .U..I.. n .inttn nf thoun
J'IIIh innkes him fuel decidedly bettor, from their
crniuniiiK and I'cnovutiug effuiit ou Ihd iligostlve
jbr.J. O. AY Jill & CO., Trunkal ChsmUt$,
LOWELL, MASS., V. 5. A, ) ,
SB. C) QWlPi
Wholesale Dealer in
w s fi OHIO.
Patentee nnd Manufacturer of
Head Blofcks, Post-Holo Borers, &c,
Clarksburg, W. Ta.
rpUK Grist Mills, being portablo, are on Iron
jl f riimej, nnd
Strong, Durable, Efficient
And tho best Mill over nrnde for till kinds of
grinding; can ho easily n bached to Savf slilw
or nnV other nower. lind warranted to m ind
Flour and Moul of a miperior qualitv ut irrent
er rate of speed than any other Mill, without
lieatiiij,'or other ilhlieiilty the weight hoinif
l ,'iwi pouiuts oceupymu only a loot square on
the floor. Will un hid 20 to Oil bushels oer hour.
If within tlilrtv davs. the Mill does not Drove
sniisiactory, it may do returned anu money
anil all dunces remaned,
Is Kiiavrantced to make two holes
to one ot any .other; does lis wont rap
idly and pc'r'fectly.
No fault can he found with It after
trial. Sent to any one on trial .who
will send nut tlio' endorsement Of the
Tout Master. Agents wanted.
lit 1IAKT,
Clai'kshurj, VI. Va
Farmers and others .cm sea the
I'ost Uolo lliircr HtthcAiiffiii'Onioe
P P p. f $
rfH B3 E t.V VALl'Al! I. K M K Dl ( I N H A VE
JL urhioveil n LWlt'l.l'.l K TlllUiMl'll In
eradirallhg Ilumnrs, ol all kinds, from the Hu
man system., inoy .were introuuiett to tlie
public some 10 yearstii nee1, and have been itpil
witlt enure success, i ne i ,1 .tucic nun ;sa i.x
niliiUM SYllt'T is titl iui internally. -which
cleanses tho lllnod, by tlivinvimj impurities to
tnesuriaee, wtien iuei.t-.it i k is uipiiei, ex
turnally, and nil erupt ions m e destroyed, hud
llenlth and Re.iulv ristoreif. Their aSTON
I1IIN(KUCMCSS has.ieil out many iimo
raut pretenders, who have introduced their
wonderful urcoarutlons to the iiubric. Thev
aro out in almost every form, from rdnaceas
down to Tills, and nil for Iluuiori, (of course
tnev niei.
lint it hashcen reserved to T). Weaver's Rtb
ueanil Ckiiatr to nchierr tvhatdnulor tboir
cunistnnces) may ho regardcii as tlio most bril
liant triumph yet achieved hy any medicine
ever Introducd to tlm Amerll nii public. Why
Istlilsf Pimply because they perform what
tliey promise; iintl nniwitlistniKitiicr tlie intro
duction of these new and n ondej l'iil nreoiira
tions to the nubltfl. the Salt Uheiini Sviuii and
Ctrnto keep ste.iilily on their way, eoi quciing
astnoyen. 11 t,io panne wisn :o iry ine.su new
nrcD.irations. wo h ive not a Moid tn sav. for
they hnve a suro remedy to fail buck upon
viz: nr. caver n tiancer nun :ait i;noiiin
Svrun and Corato. OflhiS 1'iiet tlio nublic nre
well a ware, lot thtfitsumlt. In nil sectioiiH of
the country, havo heou etiicu hy tneni, after nil
oLher reiiicilies have failed.
I or "iile by all inedieiuo. dealers and O. TV.
S1SS0, Ji.'Arlhtii'.
J. N. 1IAE!:I3& CO . rWn,
47 Cinciiiimtl, 0,
In Chemical an l Medical Bcfonos:
S.vf.r v. , -WAV
Dr. r. F. GJTittNS
bJCi odaiimbka ttJ
rrr.sT a:;d oxr.v PotrTuxv 0 min
innna raixinn nr AIX 'f HE TWliB.Vrj
rnluiilihi rnitiri pnmj.pui.i of ill i well known
cumivoajtnt, t
ri?;n rrziTz-2Z tab,
TKEflfj'At.liL fii fmtal'n. Colds, Catarrh,
Amliui.i, iiio-ioiauj, ii.-.a conr.umpiion.
A recent U In fhrco to lt ltoiiTi nind slso,'
ty in. Vli'AI.IfilNU.I'UKIFVINa nnd bTI.
M Ul.AT iN'.r t'tfccU upon tlio (reuoral syuttiu,
U rchirkal.lv cltinjcious in nil
juasrcAses or tun bicod.'
Including HormuUi and Kruptions of tlio skin,
Uyspopsii, Diseiisin tif tho f.iver and ICidneys,'
Quart ljntii.se, aud Cenoral JDcbility.
Volatile Solution of Tar
Tor INHALATION1, wfthnnt nnnlication of
MEAT. A remarkably VALUAliLMiliscoveryf
as '.iiowholo appirnt 11s can botui riu.l in tho vest
pooketj'renilv ut any time for thuuuatcll'ectuiil
uielpoiitively tur.Hivo lice in
All l;cae oiri!io ;OF,TIiIIOAT
anil LUrVGSf.
tar and
f ir use In connection with, the ELIXIR TAIt,
U n eonihiiintton of tho TWO most vnlunhle
ALTKUA'i'lVB Jleilicinrs .known in tho Pro
fssiioa. and renders this PiU without exception
tho vcrv best nvcr olTenid,
Is wlih-mt doubt tho IJcst remeily known in
oases of
It is nRpeciu' for such disease, ami should ho
kopt In tho household nr every lunnly, especially
during tlio-u nioiith'iin whiili
nrsllahln to prevail, A small q iantity taken
daily will prevent; ContriiCliiiu thosa terriUa
Bolutlon on! Componml Elixir, $1.00 per Dottlo'
Volatile Solution for Inhalation, J.VOOpu'r ox
Tar anil Munilralio pills, 50cto per box.
Send forClretihsVrf 1'OStITIVB tt'RES
to your DrutJjjIst, or lo
''.' : , SOLE fllOFEIlSTOIW,
J JO- E. 24 St.', Xui York.
I i Mi
kH-17 i
There is one hundred tho
usand federal oflice holders in
the United State-!, . or ono
federal offloe holder to every
one hundred votes, t supported
at nu nnuunl expenpe of one
hundred nnd-' fifty millions of
dollars. Whe snyi a National
Tnn First Edition of Two ITunthkd Thou
sand copied Just, published. It is elegantly
printed on ll.iu tinted paper, in Two t.'oi,oU8.
and illustrated with oyer Tlirro Iliindred
EngrvliiBM of Flowers nntl Vcgstuble, uud
The most bcatiful and instructive C.'Uokii e
ul Vtict Guide in tho world 11-i pagoe,
driving thorough tlircctions for tho culture of
Flowers ami Vegetables, ornamenting grounds,
mailing calks, etc.
A t'hristtnss present for :iiy customers, but
forwrtnled to ally who apply by mail, for Ten
Lents, only uue-quarter the cost!
Address. JAMKfl VICIC, .
60 4 in Rochester, N. Y.
FOX 3272, .
Sow ready. Conils'lng of over 135 p-.crcs, on ross.
tiiitcl p.i.c r. Willi itpu-nnli of 403 svpam'o cns, nml
Sx ltiitife.1 Color 0 W I f 1 . Cover, a litun
tifn I ik'S gn, hi colors. The rlolisst t'ntnlegnc ever
(.nlih.licil. !?'rnil25 ci'iirs fur c.ipr, not one-'liit'f tlio
vsiuuof the C"ere. pin es. In ihe first order.
inUOnn l"! to not less thmi llm price oi Oaiuloirna
!ije , wiil Is ivfiuuli-il in .i-ils. New riiftomur
plnern on the snme fur lug wild old. 'Free In ol.
ciisliniif rs. Quality ot eils, ta of pm-kety. prici-s
nnd irvmiims iirrtl.niali it In Hie iiilvniitngn ol'ull
tn purclmsp seeds efus. tjee Cntnlogiie jr fxlrlnr
(linary milui-emcni.
Von i ill miss it if yon i!o not ate our Cd'alegne
licfnre tiriler-iiir -ceils
Kill: f our Iwn.Clirnnuis f-if 1571. s!i IDvil
ens n tlnwcr pir.ic of liulhoiis plains, cousntli.g of
i.uiis iv,! in.. (iMier or Annuil, Uigniiial oct l'e
roanlal I'lan'ls, pnnranleeil lh
iiost ki.eoa?:t tlouai. chromos
kver issiifd In ilifs coiin'ry. A superb parlor ornn
ineni; mulled, pnst-avl. mi icro et of 7flc; a'so free,
on rntnlhliina spicltlnl In Cn nloruc. Att.!i.'
Br.IUiiH A IlltOTIIKtl,
Bflnblithid JStfi liuehcster, Kew York,
to 4w
STKEVER X TiJtAYTONY rrrtdii-o Conv
mutt Jlrchntt, 7t it rely Street,
Xetv Yorlt. Tlie highest price ubtniiiod for
Mutter, thcese, i:u;rs, Poultry. Canio, Ilexri,
ileans.aml liPrciluce. Pronipt returns ren
We v:ll eenrl a ks'iilrcmn Prcpeotua of our Kite II
hilXrttlfd F.tmil'j Silil. riiiitsliitnff nv,.i- (!0o tine
fr-rip'.uro Illusii-ntians lo fuy Hook A'r'snt, free of
i'1'llrii, AM'trss Ailimwl 'tihh.ihlff Co., (.-hlesgo.
liliimis, CiiieinnntT. (Mim, or St. I.on s, Wn ro-iw
u3ctBj aaad S arc Out,"
The Bust Family Nwipspcr iu the Cnontry. K)3
Vfsr. Send for i fclni.n copy ami club circular.
Address TIIK Tliiill'SJ';, Jltrttt, 3Irh.
Will h given one or trro pornns, nt cither sex, in
McAKTmin nml A''inlKlne towns, hv which thev may
hI xo from SSUO to Ifh'lin a yor.r, wl"li but iltllo in-
lerr'roneo win ortlinnrr oeeiipnuon, in selling
an'l universal ue. If tlio whfilo lime Is ilrvoted a
much Inrwr mm mjy he rcn .zed. C rculsrs iree,
giving ei.ciplete list of prtsclcs and coinniission nl-
leircil. i ii COUi; ( (., llnimlicn ft.. I. eu-4r
AGENTS TVnttl. Agents ninKo more nion
or tit voile fur us Hum nt anything elso.
rinsfncss light nnd permnnenf i pnitieufars
free. U. Stiupo; t Co., ; In AH fiiWiVis.-s,
rortland. iMnlne.
0 lOfi A MOXTIT1 Horse furnished. Expon-
liii? 8cs paid. II. 13. HI1AW, Alfred, Lie.
Semi to W C Hsnillinn .t CO. DruM's'. Clnc!n.
nntl. ilhlK. for ono bottle KHEBi FUVKlt AXD
AOUETOMO. Bent prepaid lor 1. W-'-iiv
ilnst whnt ynnr physician prrsoribcf; sent pivpnld,
l per bottle; by W C Hamilton i Co, DriifiIsts.
Clnciiinntl.Olilo. 60 4iv
ixtns tIkatmekj e
Chronio and Seiual DiseaseSi
A Plilslol6olcil View of Marriag.
Tho cheapest book ever piihl;fhcil contalr.ln
nenrly ilirce liniii'rtrt psc, aril one hundred nn
iliiriy fln p'ntes and erpinvlriRSof the nriilciny o'
the humnn nrgnns la a slnto of heshh nntl di.fs
with trerrtim on earlv errors, its ilcplonilile eonse
qnonccs upon ths mind and tnilv, with the sullior'
dnn of treatment llieonly railonsl nd nieeessfu
inoilo or euro, Ins hown by t report ol cases trenled
tfnthfnl iirtvlsfr to iho msrncd anil those eontun
plntins it'isrriiige, who enicrtiln iloulits of their pltys'
leal coiullMon. Hent free of pos'niro, to nny adilresf
rroeliit nf twe'nty-flvo cents In stamps or postal
curronct' by sai Ircssli'ir Pr. I, CHOlX. Mo. Hi
M.'iidonXnno, Albnny, N'wYork. Tho mitlior may
consulted upon any of tho diseases npnn which
his b"0 tresis, ditltor periitnslly or by ntnll.anil
medicines sent to any part of the world. B0-4-
Rotartf CJmrn Poweri
I HAVE nppblntcd f. SI. 0 Jii;nri.TM of Mof.
fett'MC'eelt Postllfllce, Auiriista county, Vn
AHentfortliRSiiloof thn rtiiilit. for the hints of
Ohio, In wholoor In counties, for tho tuaiinlav
turo and tale of Iho
EdTAfty ciiTjinsr poyeh wiin
fTI.U ..t. I..n .nnr tlrT, nvonilltm at thfl All
eusta L'onntv Fnir. over ALL 0
;usta Comity Fair, over ALL OT II J.R Churn
I ! )lt1ll. a BO. Ul V II' IViH-ikiM i'sw
ricttlturul Assoeldtlon l'nU-.nl LeJilng-
and Air i
'"pewins deslrlnft torto?
nddrcss M- CamiUBi.o, MoIlctfK.Orsek I . O.
Vn The Patent hrv 15 years t run.
prleei for County Hlgl.ts in tho State of Ohio,
for this Patent trill bo roowmablo.
Crrsponiletir solicited. .
More Robberies in Georoia.
; : c iiivestlyiitioiia tlmt have,
li.- ii ui ulo into ilia nilairs of
tlio Bniuswicli iiiicl Albnny
Raiload of Georgia revenl ft
deliberate conspirncy to
swihdld the taxpayers of the.
State but of millions of
dollars.. . .
The first of the nets granting
State aid to the rond, passed
in 18G9, provided that ns fast
as very ten hijleshould he
completed the Company might,
present, its bonds to the State
Treasurer, . who should placo
the State's endorsement' od
them. Unfortmt(dy for tlie
schemes of Bullock, however,
the Treasurer, Dr. Angier, vn3
a man wno couiu not oe in
duced to lend himself to the
purposes of the, .'conspirators;
and so, in 1S70. IUillcclc'a
subservient Legislature parsed
'second act nrovidincr tLat
tli'e bonds of the Company
should be piosehtecl to .tlie
. . t - e it. '
ijoverner, nisieaa . oi me
Irensureiv for .endorsement.
Under cover of the act of 1870
Bullock ' has endorsed and
issued bonds lavishly, not only
in violation of the Constitution
of the State, but also in viola
tion ot the proviMons of the .
ery acts passed by the efforts
of tho conspirators. Under
tl:e3e c'ivimistances it becomes
a question whe-thur the , St.-j.to
h legally responsible for any
of tlie bonds issued upon the
Governor's endorsement;
While on the subject of
Georgia railroad frauds the
suggestion occurs that the
new Senate Committee oil Re
trenchment may find a. prom is
ing field for their work inquir
ing whether a member of their
body and a Secretary of one of
the Departments have had any
share in a scheme for p;v nulling
the people of (t"Orgia out of rt
valuable railroad.
"Coruption Deep, Damning
and Festering."
resolution of Mr. Trumbull,
providing fur a special Con ?
mittee of Investigation and
Retrenchment; JUr. Tipton,
Republican Senator from
Nebraska, paid, "I believe that
(here is corruption deep,
dimming and fi-ti'iing all'
through this Adii iidsi latioii."
And that is just wl.it the peo
ple believe. Tforr evidence is
furnished ahnost every day to'
justify, strengtheh and confirm
this belief, jfn ndiliii'n to tlie'
facts d lily made public, JJepnb-'
lican newspapers ttale that
there is evidetice yet to come
which will show that what has
been told ia only a commence
ment of the exposure?!. They
ask and demnr.d investigation
and reform! Grant's ollic'.al
spokesman answer "that no
one can suggest nn inve.-ti pa
lion into the civil service, with
out, being au enemy of f'ie'
Administration." . It- is ail
offence punishable with Cx'
pulsion from the party.
ie't the people take note of
these thing-' Republicans nre,
not asked to take the woild of
their political opponents for
the outrageous iitt.tudo taken
by Administration leaders.
They have abundant evidence
from outspoken Republican'
papers, and honest Republican:
The Sixteenth Awicndnicnt.'
Ori Monday week General
Morgan submitted to the
House i proposed amendment
to the Constitution making
naturalized citi-ns eligible to'
tho office of President.' It;
now remains to be seen wheth
er the Radical member of
Congress will give their aid in1
removing tins proscription
from our naturalized citizen?,'
of whether they will still con
tinue to ask them for their
votes, while denying them tho
rights accorded te negroes.
More Democratic Victories.
The good work , of Demo
cratic influence still goes on.
One victory follows another.
At the recent City election it
Pittsburgh tho corrupt ami
pilfering , Radical ring wat,
completely I'onted anil an'
honest ticket elected. Upon:
the heels of that canvass, the'
news from Boston nnd "Worcester,-
that there' too, tlio
Democracy are triumphant
Straws show which way thtf'
wind blows,-

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