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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 17, 1872, Image 3

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SEIjc (Enquirer;
. mot,:
raouauKT) evkbv wicunkbday by ,
The law offieo of J. til. 'MeUilliv
vay, lato Prosecuting Attorney, lma
fcoon roniovotl to tlio second floor,
i fh 'tho Court IIotiNo. Si-o law carJ.
Qounr. Tlio 'iiuxt torm of the
fcourt of Common Ploua-will begin
Februtiry 12. The present 'torm of
'Court lum about 'quit. No Jtul.no
lias been hero for Boveral days, but
Ibero is etui a brief amount of un
fcnialK'd business.. It U H'uppoHod
that J. J. Ilnrpc'r will preside at the
February Ton'n. Tlio District
iOoiirt Will convene- oil tha.7tli of
3'epierhber, '
JtSLkS1 1
To Stock Feeders. f
M. B. Hadcliffo, of CircloVUle,
Pickaway county, Ollio, baa $,000
Ihocksofeorri for sale; Can furnish
good lots for cither cattla or hops;
with running walcr'. Person
wanting corn will find it to their
interest to go and seo tlio Bituatidn
and buy of him.
; FovAyer's Medicines, g3 to G.
W. Sisson'u. '
Good News-The Railroad.
At an adjourned meeting of
he citizens, liokl atJJrbunna,
Ohio, on Thursday, Jan. 11, in
the interest f the Fanners &
Miners' Kailroad, the required
amount of money for , the pre
liminary survey was subscribed.
Resolutions were then passed
leaving the $7.1000 of st.-ek
xnporlioiied tri the county.
We have not learned what
Kram'Hintliaa been apportioned
Viuton conn tv.
To Those Who are Bowed
Down by nervous Debility, and do
tpiur of ever recovering their visror
nnti mien of manhood wo earnestly
rocommond Dr. Walker's California
Vinecor Bitten. Beforo they have
finiMifd the firt-t, Viottle, they will
ioel ho reitorntivo principle hi
work in every porl ion of their bro,
ken down systems and bore will
spring up in their hearts. , No cam
of Dyieps'a Biliousness; Intermit
tent Fever, Bheiimatinm. Omit nr
kidney (Jiseapp. rsn resist this un
equalled vvrotnhlo tonic which is
unpolluted hy any Uistilie'i or Tor
mented liquor, - l-4w
iiiii.i n imisw turn ! i !
Thk members of tho Elk town
ship Vigilanro Committee aro re
quested to meet at tha Court House
on tlio last Saturday in this month.
Let thero bo a full attendance of all
By order of.Committeo:
HENRY CLARK, 1st Lieut.
r wish' to direct tlio titfention
bf tho publie to the .vlvoi'tisemont
of tho newly invented 'J Rotary
Churn Tower with Vertical
Dasher, in this paper. It i.
one of tho necessary inventions of
this progressive ago,, and is needed
in almost every family in tlio laud.
It h amusing to listen to a-"group
of men discussing the hog question.
One is quito certain the Magic
breed is best, while another' with
equal confidence places tho Berk
shire at tho head, as nearest per
fection, and still another eloquently
sets forth tho many good qualities
of tlio Chester White: , These asser
tions onl v confuse. Wo want, proof.
Lot one from each brood brf taken,
, antl all receive tho sumo care, their
fo'od carefully weighed, giving ouch
all It requires, then figdrea will show
bettor than words where the supe
riority lies. , That will forever so t
eottlo tho long dispu'toii question.
So far as Wo kiiow, tho Chester
"Whito is far tho best iiT every re
spect; ,. , . ,. ....
ii ii ii a . .
( Tun front portion of tho Wino
IIouso of our friend", T, J3. Davis, in
this town, has been n'oatly fitted up
suitable for a Drug Store Mr.
Davis to ontor into a co-partnership
with B. G. Allendor, lute cleric of
ho lato Zatoski Furnaco. About
wo weeks ago Mr. Allon'dor, went
to Cincinnati to purchnso, drugs,
wbon bo concluded to g'6 into the
employ of a largo business houso in
the city, ns a book-keeper. This
p'rovonts tho opening of a third
drug store horo for tlio present.
Tnis citizens of McArtliur have
good reason' to congrnluliifo them
solves that they have not this far,
boon afllictod with that terribly
foathsomo disoase which lias Visited
and' ia . visiting bur uoighbonng
towns and'eifios, to-wlli :' Small-pox.
Thanks to tho Great Atffuc-lt of
6tir oxiatonce for thus ebiolding us
jVrom tho Bcourgo oFnftti6na niul
I pooploB can't bo too' nuraorous nin'l
Aji American vessel has
bf(;;i insulted by a little Span
isli (rui-i'i; Ve will put the
situation 6f affairs in a few
words. A bnamsli cruiser
fired across the bpws of nu
Am'eVican vessel, tile Florida,
brought her to, aud searched
her; wlii'ch a'ct is consideieda
flagrant insult to the Ameri
can flag. 'Our government will
iirtiiiediately deiiian'd of Spain
an ample np'pTdgy for this insult
If Spuiii refuss'es, the Uinjted
Stales will declare war. The
question' of peace or a war,
then, depends oil Whether
Spams says she is sorry. The
likelihood of h'er n policing
may be gathered fro in the
tacts: Her hew cabinet is
openly hostile to thig country,
and has recalled Mr., Robert?!
Spanish minister at Washing.
t iu, a conspicio'usly friendly
gentloman, ntid appointed to
succeed him, Admiral Polo- a
man whose sent;ments are just
the oppdsite. The eituatioii is
rather squally
More Stealing.
lion. l Van Trump, mem
ber of Congress from the Fair
field district of Ohio, will ac
cept our thanks for a copy of
tho Washington. City Patriot,
containing of a full account of
the "Postal Plunder," which is
loiown :i3lTheCrcswellSystemi"
by which the Government has
been robbed of several millions
of dollars tkrough postal con
tracts. Creswcll ii Grant's
Post Master General, arid both
tried hard to h'di their steal
iui'3 and deliberate violations
of law: Mr. Van Truttip is a
member bf the Comtiiittee on
Post-otlices and Post-road?.
He is a niost excellent niciiiber,
and is m.iktn'g Grant, CivSwell
& Co. the monstrotH rdbbers,
twi,t. and squirui like dying
f;.. .
rony years ago, Illinois was as
far west as most people wUhod to
,'o, and journeys wore made in the
legendary '-Prairio Schooner," b'ut
iu theso days of Progress and Im
pro'vemont, tho word West has
come to' moan Iowa, .Nebraska
Kansas. Colorado, California iind
the Territories, and tne traveler
reaches almost any point therein hy
a splendid lino of Railroad.
This Lino of Poiilroad is the
Burlington Route, which start! from
Indianapolis over the Indianapolis
Hloomin,to'rf and Western Short
Line, and from Logansport over
tho Toledo, Peoria, and Warsaw
Railroad ant
BuaMNOTo'N roaches Omaha, L'iii
coin, Nobras!ia City, Saint Joseph,
Atchison, Leavenworth and Kansas
City, connecting with tho Union
Pucifle, lianaas Pacific, and other
railroads running from thoso cities.
, People going to Iowa, Nebraska
Kansas, California; Of uhy point in
tho Territories; will study (heir own
interest by going ,lBy way of Bur
lingto'n," for tho rates of that Lino
are always as low as any other, and
it i tho best Route in tho West,
thorefore you afo more sure of your
safety and comfort.
Tho Burlington Iloirto has admir
ably a'n'sworod tho question "IIow
to go West?" by the publication of
an excollent Pamphlet, containing
a largo truthful map of tho Great
West, and much interesting and
valuable info'f'uTation which can be
obtained, free of charge, by address
ing General Passc'ngor Agent B". &
M. R; R , Burlington, Iowa.
"Im tiuio of pence prcparo for
War." Iot us preparo t6 defeat
U.' S. Clayvoolb, Prosecuting At
tornev. now occupies theofflce-room
in Court ilouso, south end, oast
Fot Puro Drugs and Mddicmes
Something to do.
If you know of nu uctivo boy 6r
girl to whom 60 conts" or $1.00' or
more a week, fot1 liulf a day's work
each woolc, wilf prove a benofit,
havo them sond a throb-cont stalnp
Oliver Crook & Co'., Dayton, Ohio,
for samples and circular of an easy
occupatiq'u Which will repay them.
U would also bo a benefit to any
liusincss man, bringing many cus
Wuivcs to. Mb store- ver wook.
A New Paper for the ladies.
Tho ladies like good papers,
papers devoted to fashion and choice
litoraturo. Frank Leslie's Zqdics'
Journal, printed in New Yorkfeity,
would Htiit every ladr. Tho Paris
Fashions are 'its special feature, and
all tho novelties are accurately de
scribed as they appear. 84 per
year, 6r .$l for 13 woeks.
Manhood! Womanhood!
Who may marry and who uot. Wbyt Im-
pellnnils, cruise j anil ouro; IDS pisiei 'sent
enled .for pi cents. Address Dr. WIIITTIER,
617 Charles Htrcot, St. I.oiii, Mo., who troat
all chronli, virulent, and apeelnl (lineages. The
most sucoossfiil upccl.iliMt of the ngo. 1-tf
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sison's Drug Store.
American agriculturist.
For the Farm Oarden and Housohold, in-
o'mllng a spoolal, Interrsting and Initructlre
D 'pnrtmevt for Children aud Youth. Estab-
lldied In 1 Si'P. .
.. The Ainirlcan Argrlcnltu'rfst Is a largo pe
riodical of 41 nnges, well printeil, and tilled
with plain, prnctlcjtl. retluble, orlnrlniil matter.
It furifishei every Voar Four Hundred to Six
iiumlmd Deautiful KiiRravlngs, drawn and
enravad 1T tl' artist, and about Fire.. If un
ilred lorge quarto, (hreo-coHiinn pngcn of
original matter by the host writora, or ai much
reading as Is found In FlveLarne pctavo Vol
umes of flro hundred pages eacll. . It contains
each month A .Calendar of Operations on tho
Farm, In tlio Orohnr.l and .harden, In the
Dwelling, etc. . It In prepared hy practical In
lellliinnt Working men. l'lie Household De
partment is valuable to every Housekeeper.
Tho Department for Children- and Youth is
prepared with spociiil care, to furnish aipuse-
uiuni. ami m niumcnis itnowiuayo unci sound
uionl principles... ... . ,
Circulation Terms. The circulation of
tlio American Agriculturist, (about 150 000) Is
so largr that it can be filrnished for the low
pries of tl.SO a roar: four conioM for S.j- tan
copies for 13; twenty or innro i each. Trjr it
a year.
The snbiorlptlon price of Hearth nnd Home
Is $3 a year., ,One copy oaeh of Amoriean Ag
riculturist (Monthly) anrl Hcattli and Home
(Weekly) will be sent one year fur Si, to which
tliiity-t-.vocents Hlioiild be addodwhen tho
papers are to go to British America. fi&Try
them a year.,(?6t QIC NGE .tUDD A CO.,
rubllshgis,2-15 liroixihvay, New York,
Take It to Tour Homo. It l. an much the
fashion nowa-duys to convoy tlio Information,
nd moral truths and sentiments, In tho form
Of SlOriti. that CVII lorn, miltlllni- l.M'f Ii rnce
liave adopted lliis stylo of ad Iress. Tl!e mass
or pooplc.ospealally tho young, demand sto
riei to suc'ia degree, tlmt papers flllod with
sensatlon'd norcls and exciting , trashy stuff,
hare a wide circulation. To forestall this
taste, and silpply something bettor to the
Masses, the Publishers of II HUTU ixnIToii.
In id lillon tn tho usual variety of thtit paper,
lure oiiRaged a corps of (lrct-class writers,
aining whom are Jean Ingelow, Edward K(?g
lestnn..Mary IS,. Dudge, Lnuss M. Alcott, Ed.
ward EvVett llalo, tiliz-ibeth Stuart PheUis,
iiarriot rrescolt Spnfford. K9ie Terry, Maria
li O.iUey, T.tlisU U, Huuhle. and lnnnv oHinria
who rurnlsli to this Journsltha best Original
Btnrles, oftlm purest character and highest
gr.vio muironrayiiiBiiiucn Instruction in a
pleasing fcm.t Iiesides "these, tho weekly
Heartland Home cout'tlnsnliirgo trnount ot
Ami cli reading, editorials, literature, art,
.ioieiii'0. nmnsement: instruction for the house.
kc8;)or, tho earrlener, the rurtfer; a capltol
dopartmsut forlJhililroii ami Youth; the news
oftludnrj (limne.lal and nurkft reports, etc.
Its engravings, cotingorer S2S000 ayoar arc
of a hiirh order of merit, h'.iniirp'ass''id' by any
ilhutnited paper id fio wo;ld. Altogotli'or,
He-irth and Home In such a Journal us may be
safely and very profitably tason Into any fam
ily. It ii supplied at the low rate of S3 u your:
Tour copies for $11; nnd ten or m'oie copies for
$2.51) each. Orange J mid Co., Publishers,
210 Uiosdway.New Yoi k City.
Statement of Fines.
The etatuto of Ohio makes it tho
duty of Justices of tho peace td make
a return to the County Auditor on
or before tho 1st of February of nil
fines assessed arid collected by them!
lor Lh'o year closing on the proceed
ing first of January. Any Justice
failing' to mako any such returns is
liable to a lino of $80, and the stat
uto makes it tho duty of tho Auditor
to com'menco suit immediately
against sifch delinquent Justico for
tlio recovery of tho penalty- Many
of the Justices of this Connty have
heretofore failed to make tin's roturn,
and wo'desire to call their attention
to tho law as it may save them
trouble' if they mako tho required
returns m the future.
McArthur Retail Market
Correctd by G Iman Wrd & Co., D Irsin
Dry Goods, &c., and Munfactur
Dry Goods, &c., and Munfactur of Flour, &c.
Sugars Brown, JN. O.. . . .
Clarified, N. O.. .
" Coffeo-A
' Crush' pal. & gran
" Extra coffoo
CofTeo, Itio choice. ......
i i
" iio prime...
" Java...
. I OO
Orlearig' Molass'o's ;8090
DoublO Extra Drips' 81,00
Vinegar, Cider 40
Rice .. 1012J
Raisins ; 25
Tea, imperial $1,251,80
" Young Hyson..... J,25l,80
" Black 1,001,50
" Jimnn ...... 81 An
. ..t ..... ,:v
Uanclles, liard preosou. ... ..... 20
" star :.. 20
Flour, pr' bbl. . . . . .f 7,00
liutter 20
Lard '....:.' 8
Kegs 20
Cheeio 2,0
Crackers , 1. .7. . . . 1012
Starch1 10
Sodri.. 10
Tartar, croam.. ...'...,... CO
Salt, per bbl $2,50
Poppor, grain 40
Allspice '.. 40
Potatoes'. 75
Boof, dried 25
Hams, country cured 12
" sugar curocr is
Shoulders 8
Bacon, sido 10
Boeswax ' '. ;,' , 25
Tallow ..r.... 0d
Feathers . . ;. . ;. 70
Wheat 7.. ..11,251,35
Corn. 4550
Ityo ; 80
Oats... 35
Wool i , .',' '.4550:
SUIHOIlll' riON Hooks Tor subscription to the
O.ipltnl Htock of tho Farmers' i MlneiV
Kullroad Company, will be opciicl on 1 hoWlih
day of Jauunry, A.. I). 1H7J, nt tho following
places, viz: At the Mayor's otllw, iu tho city
ofllrliunn.OliiO! lit the ofllce ot W. 11. Smith,
in London, Jhidlsou county, O j Bt the oQloe
nl'-lw. WavnoUiii'H-idd, ami lit tlieolHce ol
Morris, llbrtii A Co., hi Clreluvllle, O. I at Ii.
Hose's Driin Store. Adi lplii, Koss comity, O ;
lit tho l.nurelvllluMllla, in Hocking county, O..
and at the !IU;o of II. O, Jones, Esq., in Mc
Aithur, VtuUiu county, O. ' . ,
Hy order of tho unrpnra tons of said Com
pany, , - WAYNJiOIHMWOI.D.
,.' Prcsidout. '
P. 0. SMirn Secretary.
Tanuary 8-td
Is a Preparation which
hn been. tried br the
publie for ten years, and
proved Itself In thou-.-snmls
of-cusos capableol
euring all disenses ol the
Tiii-ont nnl svunire.
Is the remedy to use
for Chronio Cou!;hi, or
Coughs and- Colds. It
promptly cures them all.
Hannur(l nattm nf Cnn
COSSVMITION.suniiition pronounoodiu.
curaolo by physicisns. t
'. Hhs cured so many easel
ASTIIJIA of Asthma and Uronchi-
lis, that It has been pro'
AO nnunucd aispeciUa for
tliosc complaints. , If af.
' flieted, wlll youlot preju.
IsRwNCIIITIM.ilies prevent you from
. being cured also f -
Renorntoa and Inrlgor
. ates. the enure syitem.
lPRri.IXW and rnpldW restores Kx.
very remtcly for theweak
. ,. anrldebilita'.ed.
nestores the Appetite; '
strengthens the Stom
APPETITE. ach, relaxes the Lirer,
and puts llisni to work,
causea the food to d i ifn c,
DTSPtePSIA.und mnkos pure blood,
removing Tyspepsia,ln
. . digestion, Ac.
Its action on the Urinary
unpins nre both prompt
snd marked. It succeeds
in reproducing the urin-
nry secretions wnen om
er powerful diurstlee
;, , have failed.
Has vegetable mirredi.
rr is
rnts of undoubted Ton.
, lc raleo, coinhineil witb
ties of Tar conimned la
it. ,nien mnse it the
most reliable
the market.
Given tone on l energy to
Debilitated CoDstitut on
and nil recovering (rom
any illness will find it
the. Host Tonte they
can take., .
Delicftto Feinnlcs who
have no appetite, always
DelicaicFcmWes.rToring,no I never feel.
ingwell, should take It,
,. to get strong and healthy .
Removes pain ia Hreast
Buio or Back. ! Is a-nios
LIVER. effective Regulator of th(
Liver, curing Jaundiee.
.. or nuy r.iver Uomplaim.
Has made many pcrsom
Tus.-a-r-'rsi' strong iini healthy win)
.wn or walk lor. years.-
Itshonldbe teptirever
iiniTii house, and its lif-uivnii
JIEAI.-lIi.toni0 pr0p0rtiMlriod bp
, Tfhsrerer Poke. Root grows, it has Ii IWsJ
repntniinn for curing Rlieum:tiam, and na a
Blood Puriflor. Willi all tins locnl reputniioa
aud the priuus ofdistingiiislied I'liysie.ans (l)rs.
Kins, WiUou M Hunt, Gninta.Cnpkjad
and others,) who have tested u meiii-sl powj,
it hns boon uoglectod by the profvMoti at li'-8V
aa mm-li through a want of a proper nppi-eco.
ttoa of Im omits, as a knowleiigo of the
proper way la
t prepnreitrorme.
5 dieinul use. Dr,
LUJ4 Oliver Cronk,
ffifid Fhysiuianvitioda.
votes liis cnlir')
ii me totlm duties'
of his profession
nnd who has
the hu-gest prim
lico of any pby.
OftiVt sioian In Biiuh.
ivnPZ. r" Ohio has
rWy fully teslod the
cetivo meiUcinai
naalitiea of Pone
liool dining the
lust us y rf, an 1
unhoailati ngly
pronounces it ia
hitvc mors merit
for diaciu'cmte.
pc ndiug on n do.
pruved cimilllioii
of tha blond,
Ihnn any and at)
other article
nmned In the Ma
teria Medicn. Un.
dor his inatrue.
linns our Chem
1st has combined
the active medio.
Innl qiinliiica of
loke Root with
the bent Tonia
Sy Prepacatiou of
i iuii. hihi V9
for (his prepnrv
lion to the publie
telling them of
tha ingredients,
r. CItOO tt'
This preparation
la the be t Alter,
ativs and Tnnin
known for firrof
tsln, Me ro lit.
Ions TinnorM.
Mr rofn I out
ntseases ol
i tlio Kvei. or
Mrofkilst In ntiy form. For ltliciiinfv,
ttsira, I'ltina Iu IlniiCH, nrokeii-ilowss,
4'i.iiHtlliillona, Mercurial lincso.
Mineral I'olNona, more effectual relief is
obtained from this remedy than from nil others.
Iatrenglhchs, purifies- and . cures. It Is indiiw
psnaible in the treatment of long standing dis
orders of the Livor, nnd provM a certain, n(
and erTectunl resolvent, manifesting it ipflis
enee throughout tho entire glandular sysiem.
Chronio diseasss nf sny hind, lllwaies of
til A Kkln.Krnnllonit.lMistiileo, llloiclie
hi, I'lmplcM.Uolla.Trttcr, Itlnir-worni,
Hnlt-lHieuni. Menld-llcml, VIcitn ami
More, nre nil ciirwl hy the line of it.
Any disease depending on. a depraved condition
of the blood..oan be cured by it. Try one
bottle. Sold by all Druggets, Pfepared only by
1 anirk Brut t
A rowartl ot ,(inn 'riiDiLtunil liiliurt.PlK
will ha Dili 1 1 r nnv Plivuioiim wlmh
win prodiitid rnnodiclnothnt will sitp-pi
lv tho wniirH nftliH nrntma Imt.rMi' t.lm x-Mmm
tho arbfcle known a.s, . .
Blood Cleanser or Panacea.
It m"ut he a be.ttor Catli'artln, a butter Altera-
tlvo. abetter Sudorific a better Tnnin. and in
evnry way bettor- tliiin the I'an-a-ce-u. No
si niter now long it tins uenn In uxe or nov
at cly discovered. Above all it must not con.
tain anything not iiuroly vegetable.
,,'500 KKWARDI.r
A reward, of Klvo. Jliindroil Dollars will he
paid for a medicine that will ieriniincntlr cure
more cases of Oostiveneas, Constipation', Sick or
Nervous Headache, Liver, (kmplsinti, nillnus
l) lRonlers. .Ti,iiiiilie.A. IMiAiimni.lflm ri.itt nvii.
popKia, Chills nnd.Kevcr, Tape Woniis, Bolls.
Tuiiun-s. Tetters, Ulcora, Sores, l'ftins in the
Loins, Side and Head und Foniulo ConipliiluU,
tlmn .. -i
Blood Cleanser or Panacea, .,
which Is used more extensive hv Di-nr.ticlna:
physicians than any other popular tnedicliiu
nPrcpsrod by p. Fahruoy'i Ilroa.
t Co., Waynesboro, Pa., and Dr. V.
r"ahrujy, no North Dearborn Kt., Chi
c.ago Prlno II 5 per bottle for sale by
Whnlesaleand RuLill Desloi-s. and at
Hluon'i Drug Store, , jf-Jy
Freeof .Charge. Call and gf
A .sample bottlo o Ir 1JobcIic' Ger
man Wynip,'t! of cfmrije, at Strong's
wrfSisson's Drug Store, McArtliur,
or of Will & Co., Zlaleski It has
lately hc.on introduced. in this conn
try from (jeruinny and. for any per
son suffering with a sevoro coult,
cold Bottled on. tho breast, consump
tion or uny disease of the, throntand
inngs it has iio e'fjnni in the word.
Keguiar sizo bo'ttt'es 75 cts. ,In all
cases innricy,wi)bo promptly . re
turned if perfect sulisfitction Js not
giveni Two doses wii reiieve any
case.1 Try it.
cheaper tliau tlio Cheapest at
ESisSsOp'si, WilUemvUSej
, IViifilnton, Tlmrman and
Groesbei.'lc liavihj l'en favora
bly meiitipne.'l by JJeinocratic
eilitors in. .th St:ite in con-
neciion .with the Pcinooratic
nomination for the Presidency
the Ohw Democrat flays it
"would n. lief votojor Gen.
Kleorge V.. Morgan as any
other iriau for I resident.
According to tlio import of
the rostmaster trenerai the
expenses of that Department
for the last year have been in
round, numbers $24,000,000,
anil tliat.tlie revenues have
been 8-20,000,000 deficiency,
84,000,000 to tie supplied by
njipropriation from the general
Many you n ladies tire now
knitting pulse warmers for
their beaux. . . .
617 St; Charles aircct, St. Louis, lYlo,
Hns boon longer encnged In thetraat
mont of yonerotl, ( exual wni irlvuta
D'SeaSOa t' u any "tiici I'l.vbiian nt At. L-iul-i. n leek
m (f cu par. .ir. nhiii8, Conorrhoea.
UlnAr. Rtrlnturn. (V.HIti. Htrnln or
Rupturej m Urinary Diasnscsnut CyphilW
tio.or M-3rour.nl AfYoctTonu f Throat,
bit In uOtien u Hualni lilt uniinmMf li-i ii v-ii.
Sprm.torrhoQa, fiexual Dohtnty mi
ImpQtonoy, tlu- r.-.uU ct n-ir-atu-c In jonth, exi!l
xu'i hi i i i mix urcr )'" (r otr.tr cti-ct, !.d iil"ri
imninco rom or iin Ni .tvi:ic oir-j t : norvousnofts,
nocturnal emls8?ons- don'llty- dimness
cf oht, ptmplaa on tho f.ico, confusion
Of l'ion99 Hvoruion to noo'oty of femateo,
loss of memory nnieoxual power, r.L icitn
marrla O U(ip"Cf'Jr, urn imituu,cu ly cured. Cuil
or it. tie. (i irifU'Jijr iivJt voti. tw'Mr., 'Af Mth perli-neo
can 1 MicJ ujioa It ln'serf-ovidi-ui iu n l'livalciau
tritliii!ili9i'ii s of liMfsevt-rr ctr nAiilrM rtat kil.
VhytlcInDs kiio-Tlng, Uiti frj cn'iljrccqimueud fariwui to
tar care.
The ritnhMshmvnt ( whole homo of iwtre rAom li the
mot cxt -rulfe Ii tlte o-nrt y, entbrplnrt H-ccpilou and
C tniuMatiou roomi, Hmrtim nn.l Hlcplittf nintrtm(i:i'j
M.diCrtlt'd atl Vjpor lintln ; a rnmprhi'iie ltior.ioiy
wbtro nil itn-dir4ucn hifrt In ihtetab'l -liiu;iit a-n prepared ;
and uiPit li.ioilBnrof oN iM Library; wticirf thr njil nnd
laUM iano,ud wirks' tf ulf ti osclir.oU of ntettirintj r
foii-irj, nlto AnalomiOHl IMaiM, lif .izu nrl e'lurt l to life,
lUunmtlug dl eiid eitorlltioiu, which Imvq been proomed
from i'nrli, 1'nmo,, IccMdlo or ti-tiiriiiv, niiti oi to bo
f.-iund Iu any oilitr I.I'irAi; In the t;v. Tnn Mbiiry
ttirowti nr'du pwa tt al :i lrt l'dildtmnfti th. Unotur
tciinwly a d iirivntrlr. 1 vrnt iti-jdii-nt tiimhtrff )Ciion4
under tlio lcmr' car, )in liruKdlcd tr kcp to jalo of
rh.rh-p wlt'.tii tbi reanh ni all. frriu-iial C Hei;lailoH It tlt
boitl, lrrr,,ug bf 'nK evficirtliv, inaiiv in ovcrv tnt, ani
oranilonallr one Iu Kiii opif, 11 u I hit ireiiimrut'clt! 'Bdoiu ;
tha cum bvlnt 'ou1iuUid tr ni;i(i or fx pre. Cjifaiite
c (ttiAraniel, whtTA d ubt pxli Ii frnnklr ntnteJ.
All Wininiiuicallonn MtricU on,, n.U-inUt. . 'Oillra llnnrn:
0 A. M. to 'I Y. M. and :i tn TV; M. siirl:ij'j, I'J i. lo I. Ml
t't' Mons arriving in Us etty m aj Huf, tiuiyeom dtrsl
to thO fijflcf. '
N. Il Pfimrhtl (?fi prrf e;T- T fati m-nntonn f
rrliiitfl, HsmuI and Nrruui ),.v., iJUt lOtUvd for two
Bteiaipa, to (ifi'tnv uotfio.
The vr t;:i;-t ot u )tiyi. r.-.n whose rcputu
tl on it mil ii vhl in Wuilh the ixtHtao, mill
iorlii C".';ai tmiihoiMl I V'oiiinnliooai
10S p ic:4, uhftch aiisHor vrv con
clviiMc Btifltiin, tUnt tho uoabN
fill ciir.piii or iiifxtilultlvo wIhSi to
know, will Io Hont Kocnroly neiUed.
Popular rriidloal booko, ios fw,-ttptatn
im n-i marry, lrfto tut, vli'jt MfkO!-
MiiNTS, tO marrlagOJ iW nature. mm ant
run,- L'tt i'iviov7icul "ncorrriti in (A interuftt
Mchnc o ttoprvttuctivH. Jitetutttve SXUHl Exclta"
rnenti tw:fnt cfrrt, tcUhiiWiijut r.Jne. SEX
UAL EXHAUSTION from irftav.fr tau, in
iittdi or olii a ie, ujni u;wf c -it bod' ha in woi co(
ai9 vriy o mruty httvt pimplP3 on the face.
4- and giving ijo'i( ivb-ntit uky kat vf our iatp,
ara prematurely llflrrti- '. miyheuiont wtr
fwtotwt an, .if un Consumption, Epilepsy.
tJltC.f K-uitii decrcitii o,u'-h. If in a tinyic a-'neyila au3
o?6ction$ of ffti Haart Crnln wi:t 6 fnrUti
frtqutnt. Alt tha tin t.ib .! ettn hi or inqui'tUi'tHit&h to
kivwt.n Irutmarruioo flitulo mid p'irat e.nMiifJor, Jitnt
in falcd tMtloji 5 cenu etcA, both for 23
C17 St. Chailcs St.. St, ionis, Mo.
Ttn moat wemfvl aptrtn'.iet nf thi nyr, tcho hat pivm
a lt7tig ty'dtil attention to th treatment of ail cu
noting to tkn ifnre. vtpiirng mndtful ititrferen?t and
ha$ ben lonSr located ii '' -"uH than
othtr 6'Aronio Cufiaitt J'fifwi tn, Rnd hl8 WOTktf
and J Udfc9 for yourself. ConiliientinteonMitUatim
jartonulij or by twu'. jre4, and invutd AWy ktttf of
I'tgtfi'ry with em i(jn;, anttttrej, ( 4
. -
W I l.L
All Those Who Suffer
Consumption or Coiih,
i , riBASB
Read the Following letter: ,
Moi'XT VrRNON,ll.l,'., April 40i 1S70.
Messrs J.N, Harris & Co., Oiuuiunntl, O.
OliNVl.KHK: I lieiird cno of mv custoinnrs
spoakinn In such liikh terms cf Alhui'n. l-img
ltnlsnm lo-dsy, tlmt I tlioiijrht I wonlil wrlto to
vou tlio siibstanco of Ills slatciiienti He ssys
his mother who i now sixty years of ajjo,
suffered with nonsuniptlon for sovtiral ynrs
unci lms hcii under tlio cure of all. our h(st
uhvsii-liins, but never roreiveil .any perinnnent
lieiiellti tlien sho resul ted to most every kind
ofCoiigh tnd Luiiir rtalsnm tliiitoonlil h pro
cured lor iier, nut nu u iiwuyuiu- r,,,,,
vi.ur tviirsH until she wiis cim lined to lirr lied:
and when Mm was sflzwd wltli a paroxism of
eoui(liiii(rshe would lose me iiowcr oi, rcsiiiru
tion. and they wore compelled to rcHloro
hrentliiim; nnd wlvlc she cougbc'il so hind sii
could noi; expectorate iiiiyiiiinir, nnu inc
and frienilR had Riven up nil hopes of- tier ve
covorv. Her Kin nntlli'cd tlmt uilverllscinont
of Allen's Lung Itirlsiim In the Christian Ad
vocate, nnd thev thoiiiiht they would procure
andtrvlt. Thev comniPiiecd Klvinpt lier tne
RuI.iii'k ui.n ii 'in- a. direoteil. a ilnso every
hour uiitlt midnight; then, sho took anothor
spoil oi rough mi; ,iuiu cxiuii"ri v" " i"""."
lull of dark, vollo'w mutlor, which wol some
thing alio hail not been aide lodo for sonic time,
They cnullniiod to give hcf. the ..ltnlsnm unfil
moralng, iind.tlioii she licgnn to expectorate
freelv, and within twohoui-sslio hail expecto
rated three pints of mucus matter, which gave
hor imnienial rcliol; and since that tlmo sho
lm rniitlniiBil tnlmnioVH. WlO llUlVSitS IIP all
dav, nnd can walk about tho houso unci take
florisldorvblo out-door exercisn. Hor son
bouijli moro oCiho Uulsnm to-tlHjr.nna he is
rucomraeiulinfrltvory 1 1 1 wtJ V. t every ouo.
- A. O. ,IOIINRO,I)rititgist.
Was thereover srrentcr uruof of merit than
theciwe this letter refers to? ...
AI.LKN'H LUNOnALSAM Is without rlonht
,t.M i.nu. ... nnnin... ni ,.a,iw,i1v rti-iir nfl'erArl trf
theadllcted pulilft- t.coiitiilm.iio oiiluio. In
anv form, and Its ulo is harmless to the uioit
Olrectlons necomjiany earn nouie.
B"Porsalo livnll Medicine Healer.
7:AtrTl0V null fur "ALLEN'S LVSO B AL
SAM," und shun the uho of any other lialsainv
aa unprincipled men may deceive you with
worthless prepurat Ions.
1 FOB .ALB .1 r
d. -W: 8IPSOH. McArthnr,
nit. J. 8. BTROrfff. ' ' "
R. 8. WILOOX & URO., Msuidsni
H. fl. WI150H, , , a .
II. It .BISHOP A RON. i Wrilksivillo
Bu8ine88i Military Rnl Lecture
AXBW and Pnwtleal Svstem of Amerloaa
Education, D. K. T.BUOWtf. Prealdent.
rnrnirnular and particulars addrsi the i
Btprntendent, . ' . . , . .
-lyl A. L. SOUTHARD, ladlan tpolli.Iad.
StTOMn and Pwre Riobi Blood I'
crenio crf'Flenh end Welalit
Oleevr Sttin-wrvsl E-seduUful
, ComplatUon,
, ElSSOyEKT , .
Every flay an Increase of Flesh and
Weight is seen and Felt.
Scrofula, Consumption, Pplillis In it
muny forms, niandulsr-- lis-as' IMcen
in the Throat, Mouth; Tiimirs, Nodus in tlio
filands, and ot'.er parts of tho svstom : Horo
Eye. Ptrunmiis llholiui-jios fr,, the Knrs;
Kriiptlve Ulseases of the lives, Hoso. MntiMI
and tne forms of, Skin liiseasrs: Eruptions l'e
yerSoroH.Sculd llend, Klnir-wrr.n. fl.tlt Hlioiim
I'.ryslpelns. Ague, lllnck tpois, Woniulu the
Klcsli. Tumors, funeer In His Wnmh.and nil
WeakcuiiiK niul Painful Din'Iini-jres: Nl'.'lit
Sweats, mid all WiKt.s of tlio Lii'u IMncluie,
nre within the ("iiimlvo Uenpw ot U.-ulMur's
SnrsHfiMi-iUinn liosnlvenl. ami n('ir days' use
will prove to ni-v person tisim? It fcr ci'licr of
these tonus of disease lis potent. power to our
thorn. .
Nut only duos 'tho PAHSAPARi LT.IAN RK.
ROLVENT excel all known remedial nireuts In
tne Cure of Chioiile, Scrofulous. I onsiltiuion
Sltlo and Hypliiloid dlseassis, but it is the only
positive reiurdv for
Urinary nnd Womb bisntsps, Gravel. Dlnhetes
liropsy. Incontinence of L'llno. JBrl gilt's JiaJ
ensi', A lliiimliunia, nnsl in air cases whore
tii.-iourc lirir k I Hist I'cpmiis. or the water is
tlili k. cloudy, inireil with jitlistancen like tho
wlnte ot an eirj, or threads like white f ilk, or
there Is n morbid dark, bilious npponraneo, nnd
whito hono-dutt deposits, und where there is a
pricUim;,. burning sensation, and piiin In tlio
Small ol the Hack, and alnny tlio Loins. lit all
these . rnndliious HADWAY'S HMfSAPA
KILLlA.V MtKOJiVENT.aiiiiid ly tlio npllca
tion of liadwnr'M Headv Itieliol to tli.pino
and Snnll of the Jlncki and the Jiowols ivji-la.
ted with one or tivo-of Itadwav's Kejuliul'ig
Pills pordH.v. will soon- muke a complete rum.
In a few driy too patient will he nlde to hold
aild iMseliarire water naturally without pain,
and the Urine vi!l bo restored' to its nutuiul
clear nnd nmber or shei rr color.
Are snpplifd with new.' healtliv and viperous
blood, ih it 1'nrniahes s'umd stn'irturo. He.iro
all suireriiifr IV..in AVeslceiiintr fiil
either .Male or Female, or from lleers orso'res,
through tlio i-opr rative proc.ei-sof it A IV'A Y'S
SA RftAPA I.'ILI A N, are arrested, und the rup
til red organs healed. , .. . .
, BEVKUtY, MAFS., Jnlv IS.ltWB.
DR. uadway i I Intro lnul Ovui-iii n fl'i, tuny In
tlio ovnrietnnd -bowels. All the' doctors said
"thoro nils no hob) ftir if." I tried mr. iliim.
thst was reroriiiiii nds'l. hut nothing helped inc.
i.mvj-i'ur iicioivciH. aim tnount 1 would trv
It. hut had no faith in It. because I hurl
for tnitlve vonri . I tok Lt lnttna t,f i i,,. in
solvent, one box of Kndwiiy's' Pills, nnd used
two botllea of your -Heady liclief; nnd thei-u is
not a digit of a tumor ti be cn or felt , ami I
feel better.' smarter, happier than f have fm
twelvo yc.irs:- Tiic worst tumor wus in tlie.left
side of tv.e bowels, over Ilia groin. I writnthls
ts you foi th liQiiellt of others. You enn pub
lish if you clioowu.
1 ""WKAnr.KSAri',
F-PrireOno Dollar.
Cures the worst pains in from One to
a it cii y..ju i;iatcs
Xot one honr after rctvllnjr this advertisomeBt
need any ouo suitor with, paiu;
13 A CC11K roil EVERY r A IX. IT WAS TUB
FiRSX, AND lis ,
That instttiitlytops the ni(3t exciiioinlipstpnin
Whether of tlio Lungs, Bioimicli, ltowlfi, ui
tho glands anil organs, by one .application,
In From, One to Twenty Minutes,
No matter' how rHent or cxcrticiatlnir tile
pain, tho HIIf.tiMATlC, )!ed ii(Uen. tnflnn,
l'riipleil, Neivoiis. Neui-alic, or prostrated
with disease, may s ufler,
Ra(lu-?' liondy Kclief
WilL'tiffi-mn oxe TO IWhiii'Y minuTM. afnrd
rat ami vnn.fmt, mid this medicine, to rapid in
stopping pain, can hu puicluised Fll'tv Cent
per bottlo ut i.liiiit every druggist's slid coun
try merchant's stors on thi contilient, and
within one hour's distance of almost every hab
itation in thr-l'iiiteil'SlnlfS,
mrni-MA rrs.v a sn kf.uha i.gia.
If thoso who aro now. an !I'ofIiiic Pain, no mat
ter what tho cnuso ui.iy Ije, or bv w hat tiniiie
It is culled if exlerntil, eppir ' Papw a Vs
IIrady Kr.lAW to the part of tne" body where
thupaln Is present. If internal. SO drops, dilu
ted in water, ns a drink. Whether .t ianis,
Spusms, Inflammation. Cnngostion, Asiatic
Chnlera .Chllls and Fever, the umst violent, ex
cruciating and. tnrtiti ing pains will be stopped
ill frmn one to iwcntv niiiuues.
Will Afford InntHiit Kass : I
1'ALI'irA'l'lilN OK THE I1KAHT,
TJ V.V It A 1,0 1 A, 1! UKL'M ATIB 2J,
Thonpplicationof the UKADV BELIEF to
the part or pails win re tho pain or dirti.-iilty
exists w III alVord enn and comfort, 20. sirup
in n half tuinbW.of water will, -in a fetv..ino.
ments, euro t'-riinips, opasim. Sour Stomach,
HuHl'tluirn, Slc.it Ilnadai lip, li;irrlion, Jivsen
lery. Colic, Wind in the liowtls, aud all Inter
nid'Paiiin, Travelers should nlwnrs enrry n bottle ol
RA HW A Y'i" KKLIEK Willi them. A fcwthojn
In walerwlll prevent sickncfs or pains i.froin
chitnire of wutor. It Is butter tliau Fieoeli
llraiidy or Hitters as nstimuliiiit. ,
I'UVKll AMD Atlt'K (X'ltliD
Tlierelsnola i-eiucdinl agent in (lie world
Hint will cure . HiViSU ANHAUCE.
nnd all other .Malarious, liiliuus, Scarlet, Ty
phoid, Yellow nnd oilier 1'evers ,(ldod liy
Had way's Pills,) so quick ns Undway'a n'cady
Kcliel. - ' -.
Person need sun'er, he -they ever til much ex
posed to Fever and Aenn. If thev will only take
lUnWAY's Kkapy HKi.lF.Vjand'keeii their 6i
tit npmnilh Rai'viity't I'HU. llundreds In the
west, wlwliavdiltlierto been tloctoring at the
rale of one and two hundred doll an lor a few
months' t rent men t nre keeping tliciinclves and
I'auiIlli'Sifiw from FK VF.ft nnd AUCF, CJIII.L.S
and FtiYtlt. HKVMATS.V, die., liir cjio or
twndollars.it ear, npeiit for Rndivtij's itondy
Belief nnd Hiiilwnv'n Pills (coated).
The l.UAUY KUfJRF will afford m(onl saw
te till. Price only 60 I'ents per hottle.i
N. Tl. Hen thitt every bottle hns nn India
Kii'.iher Biopuer. Rold nl all Urngits. and st
IT. Iladway' oOivO, Wo. 67 Aluideu Lane, Kew
Eloicantly Coatod with Sweet Gam,'
-s ,
RadwAy'a Pill,
roitTsr. rt'Ulf or
Air, MtoitniiitsorTiit! amvAerr. urtin.
coanrESEHH, j.vniaicvTioy. anvx
BlUttt'SS'KS.'. MUMS PtrKll, LVFCAif.'
MA TION OF riinbOWKlS. rir.K.S, and all do
raDgeinenliof tho Internal Viscera.
Warranted to Kirei't i PosltlveCuro,
A)jtLF;rEitious deuos.
nnrohi'evvo tho following symptom raault
n from ldsorders of the DlgesiveOrvnii r
(JoiiHtipnHiin, Inwiird Piles.,- Fulliiess -of th
fllooil in tho Ileal, Acldl'.y of tho fstoihach,
Nnnsea. Hcarthurn. Tiisijiist of KwhI, Fullness
or Weight In tho 8ton,nch, Hour I'riictat.lons,
HlnkiiigorKliiHerlnat the Pit f thtiStoiiiarh,
Swimming of the. Head, Hurried nnd liillictilt
Hi-cat hlng, Kliitti'i'lug at the Heart, I Imklngor
Siifforiitlng PilsiitloiiH"when In n Lvlng Pes
lure. DlinneSH of Vinioji. liots or Wiiha nefnre
tlm 8lnht,Pever nnd 'Dull rntn In the Head,
Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness nf the
Skln-and'Eves.d'iiin in the Hide. Chest. Limb.,
nnd Huildeu Muslim nf limit, Utirnlng In the
Flesh, i .. .
A f4wdoesoritAnwAY'PiLi,8 will free the
system front all tho above-named disorders.
Prioe 2 A Cents Par Box
ze.Axrw.A.-sr. & co.T.
Jto. STRIald.nLane. N. Y.
Bond niia letter stamp to KADWAT t CO.,
No. 87 Maiden Lane, New York.. Information
srortlltlio nw nils will be sunt y'eu, e-l f
SIIL1.ION8 Vtan Testimony to tbo
v Wonderful Cuiatlvo Ellecte nf f
J ltAl uin I'rnnvl.-inr. H If tl. n,. . . . .
Tlnocar E!ttortiir-net avilo TsbcY Ir!iit.
Xndaef Toor Ittire, V hlslioy, Pi-ouf r plrlts
amlRoftiso Llqncrn doctored, splaed and m-cet-sued
to p'.caso tho tnricj, called "Tonlea, " Appoll
sis," "Restorers," tc., that lond tlio tippler ea- te
drunkenrtess and riilii.biitvarc a trno Mc!icluo.md
from tho yatl.ro BoMs and nsrls.of f allfiAnia, Iroo
from nil Alcohollo F-:hnnln:it;. Tlicy ore ttit
KERAT ELOOn I'Uttll'IEK nnd A Lira
(JIVI.ai'illN(.'IPLE, a perfect Innovator and
l:iTl;:orntoror tlio fiyrlsm, carrying eu" r.!l polnonnus
eiattcr and restoring tlio Mood to u ktalthy eondillen.
Ko pnrsnn can tnks theoo flitters according lo dlrce.
tlor.s and remain long unwell, provided their bones
sro;notdratrorod by mtncrr.l pobon or other means,
aii4-lbe vital ordain wasted boyond the point of re
pair. - .,- . , . v . -
They nr a Gentlo Pnraotlvo as well est
Toulc, pnnesting nJiiOi tho pocnllnr merit of jictlnj
as a powerful sgent in rullcvliin;0oriie3tl0!ioripflaro.
liiutlonofthol.ivcr, nnd all the Visceral Orgnns.
. fOU FEAIAi.n COM PLA I XTr), whether la
younger old, marticd or ilngjo, at tho dawn of wc
nmnliood or at tlio turn of lire, thcuo Toalo Bitters hare
nocqnal. . ...
For Inflammatory nud Chronio Ulieiima
tlsm mill Cos:!, I'mpepala or IndlroHm-..
IJilloiis.KemitU'iil nad ntcrnilitciit.I'cvtra,
Iiacnsr.-s of tlio IJloorl, Liver, Kidneys, r.nd
Ulntldcr, there BittersTinva been most HiccesffuU
Sncii Diseases aro canted by VitlnteilCIooiIi
whlcli Ii itenernlly preduoed by (icranijcineiit of Co
Digestive Oreaue. . - - . .
ache, Pain In the Miotildcru, Congbs, Tlahlnurs of l!n
t'lictt, DIrzlncss, Sour I'ruetatlons tf the Eloinach,
Bailta-.teln t!io Mouth, Eilicns AltncUs, rnlpltalleu
ofthollcnrt. Itinai-.nnnlloa cf tlio tunes, Tain lit tbs
regions cf tlio Kidneys, r.r.d r. hundred other painful
symptoms, arc the omprlnss of Jlyppcpsla. . ..
,. They Invigorate the Stomach and itmiuhlo tho tori
l! livcrond bowels, which mvkrtiicin of nnefiiallt4
ffleacy la clcoiiFlng the-blond of all impurities, ami
ircnartlngrcwllionnd vigor lo the wholmvtem
' POtt BU I N PISKA PES, Kr'.ii-tlont, Tetter, Rait
rdioam, Blotches Fpots, Plinplcj, 1'iistiiTc.i, Bolls, Car
buuclca, King. Worms, Ccahl-Uc.nl, fioro Eves, Edslp,
Cias.-Itch, Scurfs, Blicoloratltns ot tbo fkin. Humors
pud Discuses of the Skin, of whatever nam or ni'tnre,
aro literally tr.g up mid carried ont of the svstcra in a
short timo hy the mo of theso flitters. 'One hettio In
caraUv't I'ecll ?"m"J0 ,llc dulous of tMir ,
c"fi,,!? tbo Vlt luted Blood whenerrr von tlrd its
Impurities tiurstir.g through tho skin In MiiinlM. J..r, in
tlorm or toHrii, e canso it v.luu ynu fln.i ,r VuctJi
am! slncu'lsh linl ev. Ii-n ; cl.-snft ,i T ki n Ii, niul and
yotir fee lugs will tell you when. Keep ui i icai.mi
and tlio health cf the! stem will follow. . """-l'"?9
PIN,- TAPE, end oilier W OBltlS, tt'i-tflrr in fka
svstBm Of so ttiaiiy theuwr.ds. lire tli'ec'tmllv tfi'lro,"
tf. elVenl., i
euogcs-ltuglUU.t.i.-imaii, t rcucli aiitl Kanlslt. . 77
3 . WALK En, P rerrietor. It. II . KcDCWALI) CO4
VriKglsts asd Gen. Afcnts. San Iranoiwo, Cul., uai
S3 and 54 Ccromerco Etrect, Xcw Yoi it.
ydy$A VAX
RAIL-ROAD NOTICE. Beauties fo the Mongrel
on n
oil,. which costs $5 iu Ecrojjie. u
$17 SO, iuaking. the cost to tho
impoitei. America ?22 50
ppv Uottle! What must tlio
American consumer pay for it!
Twenty-suyen or thirty dollars
we imagine. And this is only
a fpeciiuen of t what tlio, peo
ple of America are ayin for
the luxury of negro, .riilej
black and white. Bui tho
most interesting feature of this
whole matter is that less than
one-half of the enormous sums
abstracted from the pockets of
the people ly tlise means,
ever jeacjied the Treaiiry of
t lie United States. They go
to enrich , Grant's officials
who are the wiluest set of
thieves forty centuries of ex
perience has made tho world,
acquainted with. -
HI ui i Ely
The American Stock Journal.
Many persona suppose it is
impossible to publish a good
practiutd paper outbids of
certain cities, AVe simply ask
such to send for a specimen
copy of the Journal, and let it
speak for itself The January
number is full of good prac
tical articles, handsomely
illustrated by over twenty
engravings of- .Horses,- Farm
Buildings Sheep,' Swine;
l'oltry, Pigeons, &c. .This
Journal ii edited by men that
have had a -long n practical
experience in Farming nnd
Stock Breeding, we think tbey
will satisfy any one, that
persons can be jiraetically en
gaged in this business, una yet
edit a presentable paper. The
Veterinary Department is ia
charge of experienced Veteri
nary Surgeou?, who answer
through the Journal all
questions rejaling to Sick,
Injured, or Diseased Animals,
freo of charge. Specimen
copies sent gratie?, by H". P.
lioyer & Co., rubhsliers,
Varkesurg, Pa.
The city .of , Washington,
under the corrupt reign of tho
ring of scoundrels who operate
under this shadow of Grant,
is reduced lo object wretched
ness. Frauds havo been per
petrated which .. sbamei tho
palmiest days of, Twiimany.
A .committee of twenty-five
eminent citizens has been ap
pointed to wait upon Con
gress and .beg, fur a modifica
tion of tho District Govern
ment all becauso Grant stands ,
by nnd protects tho thieves
who divi'dcwilh him'.'

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