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l)t (ffuquircr.
ftaMrtea-r BMfii1 Srr of Bown'
ri North Bide of Main en,
Coart ilows.
J. W. BOWKi EUIor,
Mo Arthur,- Janu'ry 24, 1872
Very little was done in Con
gress last week, and that little
was not noteworthy.
Democratic paper at Poraeroy,
has suspended publication,
leaving only one Democratic
paperthe McArthur En
quirer in this Senatorial Dis
trict, the Gallipolis Bulletin
being an independent paper.
The publisher of the late Cres
cent states that he was badly
swindled, in the purchase of
the establishment, about two
years ago, by a partner who
made the purchase contrary to
his orders.
Great Difference.
There is a very marked dif
ference in the total tax levies,
state and local for 1871 as com
pared with 1851. In 1851,
the total levies were $1,671,
831 03, and that at the time
was thought very considerable.
In 1871, the last year, the to
tal levies were $23,5S7,G61 2-1
very nearly six times as
great. This increase has grown
mainly while the Republican
party has administered the
State Government.
New York Custom-house
Ths examination that is now
being made into the practices
of the New York Custom-house,
by the U. S. Senate Com
mittee, raised under the excite
ment that Senator Trumbull
kicked up in the Senate on the
subject of overhauling and
looking into the corruptions
that hare grown up and
flourish in office under the
present Administration, shows
soma new swindle almost every
day. The examination is not
yet finished. - We direct atten
tion to an editorial we repro
duced from the New York
World of the 12th inst., giving
the points of Geto. Palmer's
testimony before the com
Sherman's Bogus Election.
Hon. J. II. Putnam, Senator
from Ros9 county, offered the
following joint resolution in the
Joint Convention, before its
adjournment, on the 10 inst :
Wberkai, At a joint convention
cf the Houses of tbe General Assem
bly, hold in the Hall of tho House
of Representatives on Wednesday,
January 10, 1872, for tha purpose of!
ftloctinp ft person to represent the
State of Ohio in the Senate of the
United States, the Lieutenant Gov
ernor of tho State acting as presid
ing officer of the joint convention,
did declare the result of said vote
Wore it was completed, and whilo
members vera on the Coor desiring
to vote; therefore,
JlesoTecd. by the General Assscm
Ihj cf the State of Ohio, That no fair
expression of the choice of the mem
borsofthe General Assembly was
had, and that the procee'lings by
which John Sherman was declared
to lo elected as Senator for, the
State of Ohio aro null and void; and
that the two IIousos meet in joint
convention on Thursday. January
11, at 12 M., for tho purpose of
electing a person to represent the
tStato in the Sonate of tho United
Mr. Hart, Radical, gave
gave notice of intention to dis
cuss the resolution, by which
it was laid over.
In the Senate on the 11th
inst., Mr. Patrick from Tuscara'
was county, moved to "correct
the Senate journal so as to show
that the vote for Senator in
Congress was announced by
the Lieutenant Governor in
joint assembly of the two
Houses before the voting was
accomplished, and while mem
bers were on the floor in the
act of changing their votes, and
while they were delayed in
making such change At the re
quest of the Lieutenant Gov
ernor to enable the Clerk,
without confession, to note
such changes as they were an
On this motion, which re
cites in the most moderate lan
guage the infamous outrage
commited in the joint conven
tion, by which John Sherman
claims to be re-elected to the
Senate. Mr. Patrick spoke as
follows :
Mr. President: In making
this motion -I intend no disre
spect to the presiding officer
of this Senate. I believe the
the Lieutenant Governor to be
an honest, upright man. But
I do spurn with contempt
those political advisers who
over-reached him in his head
when foiled in their offorts to
corrupt him in his heart. I do
denounce that power behind
the throne greater than the
throne itself. Yes,t that power
which audaciously, in the very
oresence of the members of the
jdint assembly, and of the pub
lic, tooK possession oi inai
throne and used its occupant to
thwart the will of the people.
The fact is, as every mem
ber present well knows, that
the members in joint assembly
all voted as their names were
called, and then before the re
sult was announced several
members successively obtained
the floor and chauged their
votes from Morgan to Cox.
While these changes were still
being made, and while one
member had the floor who had
been recognized by the Lieu
tenant Governor for the pur
pose of changing his vote, the
Lieutenant Governor request
ed the members as well as
other members to wait a little
while,, so as to enable the Clerk
to note the changes already
made in their proper order,
the chances having been rapid
ly made, and then while the
member recognized and others
were still on the floor, waiting
for the proper notification of the
Lieutenant Governor to pro
ceed to change his vote, the
Lieutenant Governor, without
notifying tho members that the
Clerk was ready tor further
changes, proceeded to announce
the vote, and declared John
Sherman duly elected before
the voting was accomplished,
refusing to recognize the very
member from whom he had
previously asked the favor of
waiting a moment tor the ben
efit of the Clerk, and refusing
to permit that member or any
other member to change his
Sir, had this nsurption not
prevailed, it is highly probable
that John Sherman would not
to day have been on his way
to "Washington to receive the
congratulations of his numer
ous, well organized rings of
thieves, peculators and cormo
rants, who are preying upon
the substance or the people;
but on the other hand, that
honest, incorruptable man,
General Cox, would, to day be
receiving the congratulations
of all tho best and purest citi
zens of this great State.
Sir, there is no better evi
dence of the rapidly approach
ing disorganization of the Re
publican party than the uaurp
ationr of which they have been
guilty iu this General Assera-
oiy jorine jaw iwu weeits.
J demand that the tacts con
stituting the fraud by which
the election of Johu Sherman
has been carried Bhall be
spread upon the records of this
Senate, that they may remain
there through all time, to bear
testimony that he holds his
high position lor ths next six
years through fraud and vio
lence. The correction to the jour
nal propose by Mr. Patrick
was adopted by a vote of ayes
18, nays 12.
Railroad Meeting.
Pursuant to a call, a large
meeting was held at the Court
House last Friday evening, in
the interest of the Galipolis,
McArthur & Logan Railroad.
After several speeches' were
made; a committee was appoint
ed f-'to solicit subscriptions of
stock. In another place will
be found an article showing
the great interest Logan and
Iloeking county has in this road.
—Logan Republican.
The Railroad Election.
The stockholders of the
Gallipolis, McArthur & Colum
bus Railroad held their annual
election for "seven Directors
of the oompany on "Wednesday
of. last week, in pursuance of
previous notice, which resulted
as follows :
W. H. EftRle 1,592
Thos. B. Davis 1,593
II. S. Eundy 1,522
Chns. Ilenking 1,503
W. II. Langloy 1,102
Wirt. Shober 1,167
Cornolius Ivarns 1,074
Reuben Aleshire . . 039
O.D.Bailey 430
E. Botz 413
All the members of the old
Board were re-elected except
Reuben Aleshire of Gallipolis,
and J. J, Culbertson of Hock
ing county.
This is a good selection.
It means business ; it means go
ahead; it means work without
ceasing until the road is com
pleted. It is said that the work will
be commenced within a short
A new chief engineer has
been employed by President
Langley, and the location will
soon be commenced.
A Long Island Postmaster
Shot by His Own Trap-Gun.
On Wednesday night, Mr.
Henry Smith, Postmaster of
St. James, Long Island, set a
trap-gun so that any one en
tering the post-office without
certain precaution would re
ceive the contents of the wea
pon in his body, On two oc
casions, recently, burglsrs had
entered his store, and, determ-
inea to punisu tnem snouia
they make another attempt,
this was the method Mr. Smith
adopted. After making all
preparations, he retired, but
returned for something, forgot
his trap, and, on entering the
door, received the full charge
in his lower limbs. About
two hours later he was found
by his friend?, but lived only
long enough to make an ex
A Phenomenon.
The fire at New Cleveland,
on last Sunday night, present
ed quite a phenomenon atat th
.place. The night was dark
and a strong wind was blow
ing and all at once two pillars
of fire seemed to rise from the
earth, to the North, and ex
tend to the zenjth, illuminating
the earth to an extent resem
bliug the effects of a bright
moonlight, while under these
pillars of fire there wa3 a bright
light indicating early morning.
The phenomenou lasted some
time and was particularly
grand, and much admired by
those who witnessed it. The
peculiar state of the atmos
phere no doubt was the cause
of the remarkable display, and
as it excelled anything in the
line of aurorial displays it cre
ated considerable comment.
A Quaker Printers Proverb
Never sendest thou an arti
cle for publication without thy
name, for thy name oftentimes
secure publication to worthless
Neither do thou loaf abcut,
ask questions, or knock down
type, or the boys will love the
like they do the treee, when
thou leaveth.
Thou ohonldst never read
the copy on the printers case,
or he may knock thee down.
Never inquire thou of the
editor for the news, for behold,
it is his business at the appoint
ed time, to give it to thee with
out asking.
It is not right that thou
should'st ask him who is the
author of an article, for his
duty requireth him to keep
such things to himself.
When thou dost enter into
this office, take heed unto thy
self that thou dost not look at
what may bs lying open aud
concerneth thee not, for that
is not meet ia the sight of good
Neither examine thou the
proof sheet for it is not ready
to meet thine eye, that thou
mayest understand.
Prefer thine own town pa
per to any other, and subscribe
for the Euquirer immediately
for 1872.
Pay for it in advance, and
it shall &a well for thee and
Sweet Sixteen!
The Schooklay Visitor Mag
azine comes this month in the
full flush and bounding health
of "Sweet Sixteen," and right
heartily do we welcome it and
give it our New Yeai s greet
ing. We wish all oil r boys
and girls could become acquain
ted with this charming Young
Folk's Magazine, for we know
they could' not help liking it
and wanting it, for it is only
one dollar a year. The Vis
itor is firmly established,
being now in its Sixteenth
year, and fs in every line, true
and pure knd good. A story
from Harry Castlemon, the
great story 'writer for boys and
girl:?, commences in the Jan
uary number, entitled "Our
Fellows," which will delight
everybody, we are sure, who
read it. Send a green stamp
to J. W. Danghday & Co.,
Publishers, Philadelphia, Pa.,
and get a specimen number of
the Visitor.
Mai. Gen. Henry W. ilalleck,
U. S. A., died last Wednesday,
at Louisville, of brain disease;
he was born in Oneida county.
New York, 1817. He grad n-
ated at West point in L8d),
entered the army Ithe same
year; became 1st Lieutenant
iu 18lo; Captain in 1853; and
Maior General in 1861. Hi
subsequent! career is well
known. Gen. Ilalleck was the
author of several works on
military science.
The State Democratic Com
mittee of Missouri have pub
lished an address urging the
passive policy on their political
brethren in other States. The
Illinois Committee indorses
the proposition.
State of Ohio, Vinton County.
George Lnntz nl others, Plaintiff),
ti. a r.,T- i l ,i, iVr..
ui'iiii T( nit uuntii mm i'iiicip, .niuiiiuiii in.
In Vinton Cotinly Cmiit of Common Pleas.
. i-r.iiiwiT win. .nniwanii nr Hiiurimrui Hftlt
Issued irom tho Court ol'Coininun Duns of Vin-
lon lyoumy, aim w mc uhwiihi ns Miornt or
said county, I will oft.nr for sule nt the door of
wiu i.uurb iiuiisu in uiu Mown oi jucArmur,
Vinton county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 28th Day of February,
A. D.1872,
At tlie hour of 1 o'clock P. St. of fmid (Uy, tho
following described nrcinlw. to-wil :
In-I.ot Number One Hundred and Forty
nine 14ft. in Hie Town of McArthur, Vinton
county, Ohio.
Tuken ns the vropeily of Jol'ii 8. McDowell,
to xntisfy a Judgment of the .nct Court In favor
of fienrjjo l.nutz ami others.
Aiipraisod nt Six Hundred DoUnr S600 00,
ami must bring two-thirds of that sum.
XJEttUS OK SH.B. Cnsh in hand.
PheritrVinton County,
n. C.Jones. Att'y for i'laintilT,
January 24, 1872-6w-9
M OTICE is liereh given that apetltion -will'
i.1 1)0 presented to the Conimiwioners of
Vinton county, Ohio, at their imxt regular
icsilon, in March, 1871!, prayliiK for tho locution
anil establishment of a ennutr road in I ha
Township! of Mndisun and Knox, 'in said county
s follows, to-wit 1 1
Commencing near the residonee of James
Coo, in Madison township, at a point where
tho Hope Furnace and i'arknrii' Mill ronds
fork;tnence East through tho lands of James
Coo, to the North and South line between
Solomon Coffand James Coe; thence a South
easterly direction) through said Golfs hind to
or noar Golfs hoiNoj thenco the nenroxt and
best route throughlhe lundjof Sarah A . Ander
son and Mathlas Sleeves to the township line
between Jladlnon 4ml Kno: thouoo Booth or
nearly so along Mho most practicable route
through the lundshf Douglas i'ntnum unci A.
T. Mace, In Kno ; township, to intersect tho
McArthur and A iany roml, nt t lie end of a
Inn between tho i nnd of said Mace and Frank
Tierce, and there o end,
January il, 1572 -4t
NOTICE Is herelr glren that a petition tvIU
he presented in the Board of Count? Com.
inlaatonersof Vinton county, at their next rog
ular leision in March, 1872, praying for I he ch
tahlishment of a cninty road ia VWIkesvllla
township, in said cmuIt. us follows. to.wit:
Beginning at the dulUpnllt road at Elisa
beth Ilstoifsj thence In a northerly direction
along me moat practicable route, tnrougn ine
lands of Mrs. flteeie, Abel Wells, Mr.Jones,
Hartley, to intersect Hie Wilkesville and Jack
Martin Di(lv. Edward Klotchrr and Amos
son Road a short distance West ef Ed word
I letelier's, and there to end.
MAIN I rui JllW.ltUO.
January 4, me.44 .
OM, Vinton County.
Harry lHngham, Plaintiff,
E. F. HI n glum et. tl Defendants.
In Vinton County Court oi Coumon Pless.
UMroi Bale.
Pursuant to thecimmand of an nrderof sale
lituod from the Court of Common Pleas of Vin
ton county, and to mo directed as Sheriff of
sstd county, I will odor for sale at the door of
the Court IIouko, in tie town of McArthur, Vin
ton county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 19th day of February,
A. J). 1872,
Atthehonrofl o'clock P. M. of aalct day, tho
followlngdesc.rloedlands and tenements, sit
uated in iho county of Vis ton, and Vtato of
Ohio, to-wit t
, The equal undivided half of the North, half of
the South-east qrftrof Section number thirty-one
itl, townsliin number nine 19, Kanga
number eighteen 1R,I except fifty-live acre
on" of the West side or said traot sold by Wil
liam Tjakln totJeorge Packer.
A f.so, the equal undivided half of the Noiln
half oi thHoiith-westrURrterof Peotlon num
ber thirty-two H8.1 Toanshlp number nlno ,1
Range number eighteen IHi the ontlvo num
ber of aares of which the undivided half ia
hereby conveyed, being one hundred and live
acrH. more or less.
Tnlon asthapropertr of E. F. Rlngham to
satisfy a Judgment of the aforesaid Court in
.,.Tr v. aim. j , i ,111111111
Appraised at Five Hundred and Twenty-live)
nnllamri&asoo, and must bring two-thirds Of
VIlMli Blllll,
Terms of Bale Cosh In h ami. '
Sheriff Vinton County
Imith A Gunning. A tt'vs for rialoliff.
Jaauarj 17, l72lw-li't
Tho Vinton KuVnflco
and Coat Conni.iliy, u
in VinUn Common
Corpoi ni lou, I'l'i't;
rprtK Vinton Furnace arid Coal Company, n
1 leu, hmt. will lake notice that tho nlnlir
tilt's Uilhmin, Ward .tlCoiupany, did, on (ho
Will day of January, A. 1. 1N7I, Ho their peti
tion in mo viourc oi common x-iu.is, wiuun mm
for the said countv of Vinton, Stntfl of Ohio,
against the said det'oiiilnnt, setting forth Hint
:he (IcrenUimt was unieuieu to mo piiiivuiu in
Mm (i, in, nl TlinM Mniiill'C.I mill Tllil'tv IfollHl'S
J.ViU.dO, with interest on ill! from the ith tiny of
Jiuiiinrv, 1871, and Interest on 'two iiunureti
and Nineteen Dollars from the 8th day of
ueiouer, lSi'i, anci nisi an oruor oi nuHciuiioiH,
made Iu tho Nald cause, was duly served by the
Shoi Iffol'salil countv. ntcnchinir tlio following
lies- no mi lands anil tcucmenis owauu oy uu-
lemluntN, to. wit:
Tho North-woRt ouarlcr of the Houth-east
quarter oil Section Number Ten 110, of Town
shtiiNiinihor It. nf Hnnirfi Number Seventeen
fl7;and also about :i0 seres off of tiro Katule
of tlla (South-west iun.itero tho Novth-cast
quarter ol Soetion Number Ten 1 10 of Town
shin Number Klcveu 1111 of Rtmgo Number
Seventeen ri7,lbolng all of sniil 'forty-acre"
Lot, lying KiiHt of the McArthur anil Nelnon
ville Road; ullof raid land lvlnii n'nd being in
Vinton cnnnt.v. Ohio liefendant is notified
that it Is required lo appear and answer raid
petition on or before the 17rli dnv oi February
next. CllAiMAN, WARD & CO.
11 C. Jones E.N. Tlnnfhlll, Att'ysfor Plaintiirs.
jsnuary zi, isia-ew
Journal cf tlie West
The Exponent of Constitutional Oovornment,
,1.. II.' -K... .. ll,. U, i?...,.,i n'., !..n
UIV IVIHIS 1,1 U,,T UlUB, J.lltlltl 1 tlAlll.li'11,
and the Abolition of nil Unnecessary
Jlufdens upon the Tas-l'uycrs of
tlio Country.
Wo shall npposo unlnst nnd oppressive fur-
lO'a' by which tho Agricultural West mode
to pay enormous tribute to tlio Manufacturing
Knsl: and shall ilem uid such iiioillllcations of
tlie Internal Revenue I.awsns will encourage
Industry and relievo labor.
Tlie Weekly Knquirer will not only bo true
to tlio principle of the l).moc rntic puitv in
its editorial columns, but. as a First-class Fam
ily Journal, if. will bo pxcnllcd by none pub-
lisned in the ivtutiM Mines.
Tho Market licpnrtM will ho prejiared Willi
great care and as a treat expense, to give the
fullest and latest' Ihl'oiiniition from nil tho
markets of tlie world.
prepared summary of events transpiring
throughout tho world
its News uotmrtinent will contain n carefully
the best Knglinli And American Current Litera
Us Iiltornrv Selections vlll bo taken from
Fiance and Ihijrhmd, as well as from lea ling
cities of tho United Mates. Specimen eepies
Its Correspondence will Include letters from
free. Address, FA11AN AMohlCAN,
Cincinnati, O.
Henry Edwards' Heirs.
rrobate Court, Vinton Comity, Ohio.
NOTICE Is hereby given (bat .Limes jr.
Henderson, Guardian ofChnrhs II. and
Frances E. Kdwarda. minors, has tiled his nc
counts with sulil wards, severally, 'and thai
the same are set for hearing 011
The 15th clay of rehriiary, 1872,
at 11 o'clock A. M.
IL il. MAYO.
I'roh'i't Judge,
JBU.S4, lS7S.-4t
In Caciaic.'.! an 1 -Medical Science.
.Ci V."- -l-S. :jj i.v
O' '7,rrV.'r
v i y - i' V'
Dr. j:..F, GATiYIX'S
nr.sT AND ONTT.Tf-". rrtT():j-rvrr tnade
inonoraixtuM or AI,S, 'J HK TtVI'dli
valuublu ac'.ivi iiLi:iiuLi oi tin well kiiowu
curative c'-u!,
PISH 'mjzzz TAIL
TTNKQUAI. I h in Cou!!'i, Cell's, Catarrh,
Antlinu, Dronclii.:j, arid coiiaumption.
A rven' cnM hi tiirc" to ix t--ira ; and also,
ry its VITALISliNU, 1'fRIF YIM nnd hTI
MULATil'J "tl'M'ts upon tlie general system,
is reinarkablv eftics'-ious in nil
tncludiiig tioi-olula and Krupiions of tlio akin,
3 'J" P'.'i '-d, luseuscs of the Liver mid Kidneys,
Heart jJiscasc, aud (iencnil Debility.
Volatile Solution cf Tar
For INHALATION1, without application of
HEAT. A remarkably VALUA1U.K discovery,
us the whole upuriiiu ran bcciiiucd intbOTust
pocket, reuilv utany time for tliouiostefloctual
uud positively cum. ive useiu
All Eyisonscs oeho.csr, TS2BOAT
nnd L4);iiO.Si.
Tim ccjirocND
Tar and Randrako Pill.
fir use in connection with the E1TXIR TAR,
i. ii enmbinotiun of the TWO most valuable
ALTERATIVE Medicines known in the Pro
fussion, and rvndeia this l'ill without exueptioir
1ba virv best eviT ofrcred.
1'ha tOLUTluA and COMrOtfND ELTXIB el
ia without Coubt the liest remedy known ia
oases of
It ti a Rpecifle for such diseases, anil should be
kopt in the householder every family, especially
during t lioic laonlhs in which
are liable to prevail. A. small quantity taken
daily will prevent contruetiiig these terrible
Solution and Compound Elixir, $1.00 per Koltle
Volatile Solution for Inhalation. (5.00 per Box
Tar and Sl-indmko 1'Uii, 60cts per boic
Bendro'Ciietilnrnf VOSITIVE CURES
to your Diii; ,j:b1, or to
L. F. IIYBV, & CO.,
110 E. 22d &t.t Hew York.
Tho driest and easiest
Boots and Shoes over worn .
Aucnts wanted in svsry Town and Ckiuaty iu th
CidUd Stains to ssll ths
Prepared by all TtretliW, Eov, Jos. I.. Vsllsndlg
bam. Th most popn lar bonk that has been ottered
to Annts for a loaf lluis. nd for olronlars. Ad
lUlllmore, Mil.
Ben' by Msll of Eipresi,
Our Seed and Plant Catalogues' for
Niiraburlnf 17B pri,snd contsliilnj
Ksch worth twlc ths cost of Citslogliss, ualltd to
all applicants on roeslpt ot !K ceats.
Boedemon, 35 Cortlandt etroet, N. Y
fiend' to W 0 Hamilton A Cf). Driurtjlsls, Clncln
nstl.Ohte, for one bottle KltESH FEVKft AND
AOUKTONIO. 8Dt pr.psld for II. CO-svr
Just what your nhyslelsn prsserlbss; asnt prspsld,
for 11 .r bottle, by V C Hamilton Co, DruniUts,
OlnsinastUOhlo.. Ww
AGENTS Wanted. Agents make more mon
ey at work for us than nt itnyiliinir else.
UusflicsS light and . peiiiruient i pinH'Milnrji
free. 41. fiflNsoN & Co., t ine -t I'itWtluri,
I'lU'tlniid, Maine.
As'onlHliing bares by L)r. Kline anil Linitley, at
the l'hllHriVhilila Csncer lintltmo, ttl Aruh Ht,
Philadelphia, Pa. At itranch Olllces by J)r. Pal
ton, 213 W: Fourth ft., Clnoiflhnll, 0; by IT.
Grene-, Olurlntto, N. V I by Dra. Heoloy A Ilenlon,
Cor of Uroml niul AMwuia Hts. , Atlanta, Or; by
Dr. Brsndiall, 42 N. Court Street, Memphis, Tonn.
No Knlfa. No Catullo Medicines. No Illoml. Mule
l'aln. For particulars, call on or address either of
tho above
ir vigor,
For restoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and ' Color.
A dressing
which is at
once agreeahlo)
healthy, and
effectual for
preserving tho
ztZiXZr- color, with the
gloss and freshness of yoUth. Thin
hair in thickened, falling hair checked,
and bal dues3 often, though not always)
cured by its uso. Nothing can reatoro
tlio hair where tho follicles aro dc?
stroyed, or the glands atrdphied and
decayed; but such as remain can he
saved by this application, and stimu
lated into activity) so that A notf
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling tho hair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional uso will prevent the hair"
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. The
restoration of vitality it gives to the)
scalp arrests and prevents tho forma
tion of dandrufl) which i3 often so un
cleanly and offensive. Freo from thoso
deleterious substances which make
some preparations dangerous and inju
rious to tho hair, the Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a HAIR DRESSING,
nothing-elso can bo found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it docs
not soil white, cambric, nnd yet lasts
long on the hair5, giving it & rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical and Annlytical Cliomlsts,
Cherry Pectoral,
For Disease") of tho Throat and LuriRa,
auoh ns Coughs, Colda, Whooping
Coush, BronoUitis, Asthma,
nnd Gou-jumption.
Anion;; the pTMt
discoveries of inoilcrn
Si'ioneo, low hvo tt
inoio letil viiliio tu
miuikind lltnu l!ii cf
loctiial reme.ly I'm1 all
diseases of the 'J'lirout
011(1 I.ltllM. A vust
trial of lis virtues,
tlirotiriiont tins nnil
otlior countries, Ims
shown that it does
siirolr nnil I'l'i'iTtiiulK'
control thorn. Tlie tostimony "of our best citi
zens, of nil clnses, cstnblislics tlio fnct, tltnt
Ciikiiiiv I'KrraiMi. will ntni does relievo nnd
euro tlie nlllictinp; disorders of tlio Throat mid
Lungs boyond any oilier medicine. 'J'lio most
dnii?oi'Otis nd'ectrous of tho I'ulmnnnry Orpims
ytciu to us power; nnti cases ot consuiiip.
tion, cured by this prcpiirn I Ion, arc public
ly Unoivn, so remurknule ns linrdly to be bo
lioved, were tlicv not nrovon bevdnd dispute,
As a rcino'ly it is nilcrpmte, on which tlio public
irmy rely for fnlt protection. Jiy curinjr (,'ongliK,
tho forerunners of more scrimm disense, H stives
utmuinboi-od lt?os, nnd mi ninnniit of eulT'critiR
not to bo computed. It cliiillcnires trial, nnd con
vinces tno most sceptical, hvery tiiuuly slioultl
Keep u on iiimti ns a protection rpninst tlie curiy
and impcrceived attack of Pulnioharv Affections.
which nro easily met nt first, but which becoms
incurnblo, nnd too often filing if neglected. Ten
der lungs need this ilcfonco; nnd it Is imwiso to
do without It. As a sntegunra to children, nnnd
the distrossinir diseases which beset the Throat
and Oliest of childhood, (Jncmtr l'KCi'on.Mi
is tiivaiuublo; ror, by its timely use, multi
tudes are rescued from premuturo graves, nnd
saved to the love nnd nlllvtirm centred on them.
It nets speedily and sui olv against m dhinrycolil,
securing sound und hetilth-rostoring sleep, Ko
one will sudor troublesomo Iiilluenzn nnd pain
fid Hroncliitla, when they know liow eusily
they enn bo cured.
Originally tho product of long, laborious, And
successful chemical Investigation, no cost or toil
is sptirod in ranking every bottle In the ilmmt
possiblo perfection. It limy be confidently re
lied upon ns possessing all tho virtues it tins' ever
exhibited, and ctipablo of producing euros ns
memorable us the greatest It has ever cilcclcct.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists.
Hotary Churn Power.
IJIAVK appointed 8. M. OAKPintM,, ofMof.
fott'sCrfck PostOlllee. AnuusU county. Vs..
Aaent lor tlio sale of the Right for tlieBlateof
unto, in wnnie or in counties, lor me luunuino-
ture aua sate oi tno
Thlsmaolilneroolt the promium nt th An
siistn Countv Fair, over AI.lj O'l'IIKH t'luirn
rowers: mid, also, at the ItiH'kbriilgj Mochanionl
nnd Agricultural Association fair, at .Lexing
ton, Vo.
Persons deslrlnp; rurther Information will
address 8. M. Campbii.i,, Moffott's Orsuk 1. O,
Vft. Tho Patent has 15 vears to run.
Prims for County Kights in the State o" Ohio,
loriiiisrnniiiiiu on ronsoinuie.
Corresponilenre soliolted.
January 10, 18U-tf J, 8. HUFFMAK.
"Sew York OfH'oe. 27 BEF.KWAII ST.
G'oiuiKn, oR(i'et5lAT, KV1?,8 and
A1HJHKH, which lnUrlore with MARIU AGK
with sure means of relief for the Erring and
Unfortunate, disoaseri sad rlnbllituti'd. Sent
free, in sealed envelopes. Address, HOWARD
ra, aol
m mki
&:Xr?&i Sf Wf restores fade
M&XmAX or gray
'v-k:var to its h
[From the Logan Republican.]
LORAN & Gallipolis Railroad.
liiiii we nilbnl to jo tlio
Ltfgaii tt Gfillipolis Rjiilroad?,
There no . better way of
judging thnii iy tlif past, nnd
considering tli advantnges of
the Hocking Valley Jtoad to'
our people ns a basis of the
calcuations Fairly made can we
afford to loose the proposed
road to Gallipolis and from'
there to the Atlantic on the
coast of Virgiiva, via tlni
Chesnprjake & Ohio Kailroad '
But what has the Hockinjr'
Valley done for our county '
In nnswei'ing this question I
can ; only hope to nu'iilion n
fev of the advantages we have'
derived from it.
The II. V. Road has in-'
creased the value of land $1.7
per acre fol' a belt five miles
wide along the whole length
through the comity iiioludin.r
the Straitsville- branch. The
road runs 30 miles in our
comity 1.10 miles, or 93,000
acres at q 1 5 per acre, makes
the enormous sum of $1-1 1-0.000.
or about twice as much as watf
subscribed for the coiistructLu
of the whole road from" Column
bus to Athens:, while the rub
scriptiou in ihn county was
lesi than $50,000, including
the Straitsville Branch. Tim
sum secured to our citizens by
the building of thn road, was?
nearly 30 times as large as we
subscribed to the enterprise;
For every ti'n dollar bill pub
into the railroad, we have re
ceived in the enhanced value
of our real estate alone $300,
Now it seems to me that
this is n paying business, and
our people ought not to coin
plain about such hurdeier.
Some may pay that we are mis
taken in the amount of the iii
create per acre upon our lands,
caused by the building of the!
II. V Itiulioaib Now if urn
will take the trouble to iuvcsii
gate the sales of our lands,'
before and since the building
of the Kailioad, y it will see"
that wh are Killing facts.
Thousands of aerts of Hocking
county land (and we niran tlie'
lie coal and iron ore lands in
the vicinity of (Jore and Straits
ville,) hive incivas' d from $50,
to 200 per note.
South of Logan, and on the
line of the p oi6'-wl road, is n
rich fluid of iron ore, v hich,
if the road is male will be'
worth $100 per acre instead of
25, as now. So we say to the'
people of Logan, and espechd
ly to the farnieis along the
line of said road, subscribe lib
eral, and see ore the advan
tages that the road can only
AVe will civC other' reasons
next week, why we should se
cure the rapid construction of
A QuAuitY ofJVIud Tur
tles. A Wood connty paper'
contains the following account,
of the discovery of a quarry of'
Mid Turtles. Kecently two
men were engaged in the con
struction of Ditch Isfo. 183
The ditcU eda. tJ-irongh
marshy swamp, which lu. not
probably in the recollection of
the oldest inhabitant, been ag
dry ns this year, aud even with
the present great drouth, the'
team of horses mired eo badly
that in eoraeinD'anccs they had
to dig and pry them out from?
among the sunken bogs where
they became entangled. In
one place while- plowing, and
about 2J feet bloW the sur
face, they came upon a literal
patch of huge mud turtle?
some of which were as largo
on the back' ns the bottom of a;
"Windsor chair, nnd 80 firmly'
iinbeded wre some of theser
tough customers, that they ob
structed the plow and threw it'
out of the furrow the same as1 "
a stone or root would do. Five'
or six of these . lusty fellows1
would sometimes he turned out
by a single furrow. They had
probably sought this moist
spot from some distance as the
best place to ga into winter
Foi 1872.
Tttm riitt Kill tion OITwo lIONnmrt TKnn.
rind coplus jimt pnlillsliod, It la elKntljr
printed on flue tintud pnir. In Two Colons,,
Intl illUHtrntoil With ovor Tlirne Jtaadred
;osrrlurs of Flowers Sind Vrrstkblns, ud'
ThA most bitfttlful and inatruolWa' fltlos;n'
and Floral Uuld In tin world 111 )( ft,'
iviug iiioninnii uiroriionn mr tna onivnrs or
lowarannd Vciroliibles.oriinnicnllnr (rounds.
milking wnlks, otn.
A Chrlfllmaspronnnt for my enstomars, bnt
forwarded to afrywlio nnoly nr wall, fur Tstt'
Cents, only oue-quarter lue ost. .
Atlurwis, Aiiinn v 1V.JV.
0-ui' Koohestrr, V.'

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