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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, January 31, 1872, Image 1

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VOL. 6.
I Publisher aai Proprietor. J
$1.50 PER TEAR,
NO. 3;
lh i nrpTTttn TTTtTm avt nrwrmrrhtr rvTTTA lltrtrwrT-in i tt i . , : ...
Railway Time.
Marietta & Cincinnati Bail Bo ad.
Railway Time. TIME TABLE.
On arid after Nov. ltf . 1871, Traine will
run ae follow:
ib :
: o ;
51 !
gS :
ib t- o
a . :
1 bs:3:ti5:a:si -i'ass'ssJiss?9s
: : :
: :
3 i w$
.J a.
i : : i : :
. .
: o : :
O J O Ca O R
4 13
. . . .
4 :
assss? s sj 3 s ' a 5 a s a g s is a
;a : i : : : : :
I ; : : !ii
2 ! ; : ; ;
ClMCIMAfl KX,PItF, lll run daily
Aiioinrr i tmiii mny, exoept wunnaj.
i.lNUlWN n kxi'Ukhs EAST makes no
top betwn. tlainden and Athem.
bslui missis!
Portsmouth Branch.
lliill. Aoeommnialien
f)p, Hamdsn
. JachBrt!
Ar'r. rartamanth
Dan. Poriamuutli
Ar v. Jackson
- Hamden
1.45 p.m. 6;0OA.M.
1.24 "
4.40 '
0.15 A. M.
hsjS "
12.13 P.M.
7 ns a
10.60 "
lL'ZOr, mi
ts '
6.10 "
Trains Connect at Loveland
for all points on t)mJHtlo Miami Ualh-oad, and
at the iniiaii''n.,iiicitmati saiiroau junc
tionwrall point wed.
W. W. PEABODY, Master of Transportation:
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
Only Direst Route to the National
Capitol and Eastward.
On and aftar Monday, ftoramlier lit, 1rnins
will run a lonows
Parkiriburr . .
Harper'a Kerry
Washinirton Jui
4 SO Pm
2:09 Am
5:4S "
8:30 "
8:50 "
10 :00 "
Heir York
, Uepnrt
New York
ii. ..:Arrive,. ......
waihington June o
Harper'a Forry....
Farlierhliurg... .....
1:20 Pm
1 :40 Am
0:20 Pm
15:54 Am
6:45 Pm
8:00 "
8:20 "
10:IK "
4:48 Am
6:2r '
Fallman Palito DrawlD Boom Sleoplui Oari,
'Which are aa eomfortahle, idetantly furnished,
andttlmniteqiinl to a flre-nldo, are on all Traini
rroni uincinniiu to tiaunnora ami wnsnincton
BaeSnlisiliileor Marlotta and Cincluiintl Kail
way Tor lliile ot arrlrlng and dopartiug from
Tin ad van trices of this routs overall others
ii, mat ii ri re an travelers iinminpr tnrougn
tlckeir the privilege of visiting' Baltimore,
Philadelphia, and tho National Capitol free.
Ximequlcker and rales of fare lower than by
ny omer line.
Tlx scenery alonirth is Railway la not equaled
iur grauueur on mis comment.
This line olfers superior' Induceraents-tho
rates being one-third lower to and from Boston,
Mew York, or any other Kastom nolnt. In or-
derlngKOodsofanydeicrlptlnn from the ICast
eiveuirccuonsto snip tin Baltimore A Ohio
K. U..inU In shipping Knst give samedlreetiom
Freights shipped by this route will have de.
paccn, and be handled with turn and savo
nippera much money. J. UWILSOH,
If astorTrsniportatlon, IJaltlraorc,
den, Freight Af'ti Baltimore.
S. B. JOffES, Oen. Ticket Ag't, Baltimore.
Gen. Pass. Ag't., Olnelnnnti.
('inrHaU "Fnit
ICrprtii. IAn.
Sin Am II 00 Pm
all Tin 8 08 Am
fl 44 " 1 00 Pin
9 80 " 4 45 Pin
50 " 4 05 "
11 00 " 6 r, 'i
'13&Am It 30 "
415 515 Am
12 80 Pm 8 80 Am
4 00 Am 11 45 Pm
7 45 " SOD
850 " 405 Am
(117 4 25
12 03 Am 7 1U "
8 40 Pm 11 03 11
12 25 " 7 25 "
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette
Rail Road.
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest.
The Great Through Malt
and Itxprens Pns-
Kanaar City, Bt.
oscnh. Denver. 8nn Francisco, and all points
in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.
The shortest and only direct route te Indian
innlli, Lafayette. Terra Haute, Cambrldgo
It, Lafayette. Terra Haute, Cambrldgo
, Spring flalil, Peoria, Burlington, Chicago,
ivaukee, BU Paul, and all points Jn the
i itv.isp
Mil wan
The Indianapolis, Oinoinnatl and Lafayette
natiroafi, wmi its connections, now onon pan'
dangers more facilities in Through Coach and
nieeiilrlg car Service than any othe
r lireom
euinnu, navinrtne anvancat
ra o r
of Thou
Daily Oars from Cincinnati to Mt, Louis, Kan
las Olty.Ht. Joseph, Peorla,Drtrllngto.C;hlcKO.
umana, nnu an intermediate points, presenting
to Colonists and Families smih comforts and
aooommodntlons as are afforded by no other
Through TloksU and Baggage Cheeks to all
Trains leave Cincinnati at 7:30 A. U. , S;00 F.
and 1:00 P. B4.
TlokeU can be obtained At Kf). 1 Burnet
House, eornor Third and Vlnet Publlo Land
ing, corner Main and River i also, at Depot,
corner Plum and Fearl Btreetsl, Cincinnati, O.
Be sure to purchase tickets via Indianapolis,
Cincinnati and LkfayettrlKnllroad.
Chief Ticket Clerki Master Transpertailon,
Cincinnati, ' Clndanasl.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
On and after December 10th, 1871, Trains will
run as luiiows: ,,
Clcvcluiid. .
Spitn Krtulil.
Hay ton
. 8.20 A, M.
, :4n A. M.
0:45 P. H,
0:00 "
8:60 "
12-.S5 "
'8:15 "
3:20 f. M,
0.4U ?,
2:50 A,
7:50 V, U
II :i
:10 "
9:80 A. tk.
12:15 A. If.
Close c pnnectlnn mnde at Lone.Btef for Clr.
ovillo. Knneftvilin. and nil lminta on tin
cinnnti and Muklflgum Valley Rilrond
Dlictt rdnncctloni made at ( nlumbha. for
j'n.vii'ii, DjrinBiM:i.i, AuuinnnputiB, nirngo,
and nil points West. Also, for Cleveland,
lin lT:ilo. Pittsbiii'irh. nnd 11 nnlntuFiut..
Take the. Hacking Valley and Pan Handle
route to Chlciiftrt and the. Korthwest.it Is the
shortest by sixty-six niilei, giving paasengeri
the benefit of quluker time and lower rates
man oy any other line. .
. . Superintendent.
K. A. Bckli, Gen 'I Ticket Ag't.
Kansas 8c Missouri
iib oitio & Mississippi
Owned and operated bv one Company from Cin
innntt to 8t. Louis, therefore passengers are
UKE of being carried through without change
til possibility Incident to other routes (which
are made vip of teveral abort ron"s) of nilMlng
connections, and subjecting their passCilg'efs to
disagreeable changes.
Families and Othtrs Seeking Homes
In die rlcn valleys imd on tils fertile prairies of
.Western Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorsdo,
u lii u.uiu uisiniii. atitio oitaiuorniu, will con
sult their own interest by calling on or address-
ing ins uniierslgiif il, Contracting Agent, as I
long residence In the western country has fa
miliHrized him with the best localities.
This Rontst if 37. miles Shorter than
via Indianapolis.
Can be purchased at all tht Prlpei'pitf Ticket
unices oi connecting Lines, and in Cincinnati
at the woneral unices of the Compaay.
119 Vine Street,
Broadwfty, Corner Front Street,
Main Street, COrner Levee, and at De-
pot root or Mill street,
Contracting:, serlgsr Agent,
119 Vina St.. Cincinnati, Ohio.
And The
The com nlct (m of tlie Ijotiisvillst Divlsloa of
tins rondaud tho snlendld enuiDmunt lor irisa.
enger travel nixkes this the
South and Southct.
With Direct Connections from the last for
Louisville "Without Change of Oarsl
This Istheonlv road whose tmina leave Clri.
cinnnti mid iiHsscugers are delivered at depots,
hotels or residences in Loulstille FREE.
Ask for Tickets via Ohio & ilws.,
. and tain no others.
Can bs purchased at all the
Principal Ticket Offices cf
C5 1 2r o i osr nsr a. a? i ,
At the Qeneral Offices of the Company
Broadway, Corner Front Street,
Main St., cor. Lave,
and at the Depot, loot of Mill Street.
Edward Gallup,
Contracting Passenger Agent,
llfl Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad. "BEE LINE."
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
On and after MONDAY. Wnv S8th. 1871. Kr.
press Trains will ebaVi COLUMBUS and
(Jltfc,-TJ, INK and abkivx at points named be
low, as followst
No. 2.
..12:80 pm
,..,8:45p m
No, 4.
4il0 p m
8:25 (im
4:10 pm
8:45 am
7.05a m
2:00 pm
11:20 pm
No; 8. v
Ool umhlis .
3:00 pm
4:40 pm
Niagara Palls.
,.7:0h m
.9 :45 am
Albany .......
1 :aum
' S 45 pm
2 40am
New York City.. 8:80 n m
H:iflJ p m
CreitlTrio ...12 45 p in
6 85 p m
i-itiaiiurg.. vasp ni
Harrlsburg...... 7 16am
Baltimore 10 40 am
Washington , .,: 1 10 p m
Philadelphia... 11 15 am
I 2oam
II 25 a in
J 40 p m
8 IS p m
7 00sm
CreatiTue 11 80 p m
1 15 am
7 20am
11 Warn
6 00pm
Fort wavna .... 8 80 a m
Chicago 1210 pm
g5iyNo. 4, leaving Columbus) at 4:10 p. m.
as a Through Cur em Delaware fnrSprlngfleld,
reaching Springfield without change at 7:
Hocking Val-
Train No. ft on the Columbus
No. a on the flnlnnibus &
ley Railroad connect with No,
4 Train. Through
Inkcts for sale nt Athens.
PA8SEVOK11 TllATN rohimlnir arrlva at
Columbus a 12:30a. m. 11:15 a.m. and 9:50 a. m.
SOT Palace Day and Sleeplnsr Cars
On All Trains.
au"R0S"lenvlng Columbus nt 2:3Ti a m,on
undav. runs through Without detention, bv
both I.rle and New York Central Railways,
arriving at New York on Mondnv morning at
40 A.M.
For nartlentar information In rcrarrl to
through tioketa. time, connections, etc., to all
points East. West, North and South, apply to
orsuuriii n rt'iti',uoiunimtn,ifnio.
E. n. FLINT. Gen. Hiinerlntendent,
Oen. Agent, Columbus, OV I
, Passenger Agent, Columbus, Ot
The - New York San Bays i
Gen Grant is ft philosopher;
he taVM thinira ns, they, come.
talcpi f'"ni easv. and takes a
good Jnivyofthem." J
Harry Bingham, pi am tiff,
' . ..j agalnat , : . '.. .
E. F. BlnRnam et. at.. Defendants. ,
In Yinton County Court f Common Fleas.
Order of Sale.
Pursuant to theoommand of an order of sale
IssitAil from the Ontirt of Cninnl'on Plena nf Vin
ton conntv. and to me directed ns Sheriff of
sijiil rountr, I will offer for sale nt the door of
the Court House, in the town or McArthur, Vin
ton oouniy, uiuo, on 1
Monday, the 19ya day of February.
A..D. 1872,
At the hour of 1 o'olock P, M, of ajd Ai, ihe
fiillowingdescribcd lands, and tonemonts. sit-
unted in (be county of Vinton, and State of
Thicqiml undivided hnff fthe North half of
ma i7onii.rnnb qunrtoroi secnon nuinnvt tpir-ty-onef31.1
township number nino 9 ,1 Ratige
number eighteen 118,1 except ntty-nve ai'.res
off of the West side of said tiactsold by.WiU
limn i.nKin ioi.rorge racier.
Also, the equal undivided half of the Xorth
nan pi inc Moutn-west quarter oi Becciqn nu
tier thlrtv-two f32.1 Townsb hlimhSr-h
Han ire number eighteen 118:1 the en tiro nuin
bor of acres of which the undivided half la
lioroby conveyed, being one hundred and live
acres, more or less. , ,
Tnkon as the property of E. F. Bingham to
satisfy a Judgment of the aforesaid Court in
fovorof Harry Binghnm.
ADnraisnd at Five llhhtlred andTtrentv-flve
Dollars fJOM 00, and mut bring two-thirds Of
Hint sura. ,
Terms of Sale Cash in hand. . ..
dan;bl BOOTH,
Sheriff Vinton County.
Smith AGnnnlng.Att'vs for Plaintiff. , .
January 17, l7!-8w-l "
Static Ohio, Vinton County.
George A. Gold, Plaintiff,
Thomas J. Masters arid wife, Defendafits.
In V lli ton County Court of Common Pleas.
Order of Sal.
Ptirsnant to the command of ,m order of sale
in the above cause. Issued from the Court of
Corrlfnon Pleas of Vlfitoh county, Ohio, and to
tne directed as Sheriff of said county, I will of
fer at public sale, at thedonr of the Court Ilouso,
tn the town of UcArthur, in said Vinton coun
ty, on
Monday, the 1JM day of February,
A.D. 1872,
At the hour of 1 o'clock P. it. Of 8ivfd day, the
fol owing described lands and tenoments. 8lt-
uate in the county of Vinton, and State tffOhlof
The North-west quarter of the South-west
quarter of Section Number twenty-six 128;
aiso, me Bouui enst .quarter oi ineoouin-cnst
quarter of Section N
trtmBef twentv-sven 27:1
all In Township number tea 19,1 Himge
nineteen fl9.1 Vinton county
unio, ana cos-
talningeltfhtv 1801 acres, more or les.
Taken ns tho property of Thomas J. Masters,
to satisfy ajudgmcnt of the said Court In favor
of Qeorge A. Gold.
. Appraised afi woittinarea ana oeventy-nve
bollsn f275 00, nnd must brln two-tliirds of
that sum.
'Terms of Salt lash in hand.
flheriu Vision County.
D.B 8hlvcL. Atf.v.forPlaintlffi
Jauuary 17, 1672-6w-12
5(uf of Ohio, yinton County.
Thomas H. Shaffer, Plaintiff,
AndrewG. Elliott, Administrator of the Estate
e( wiiiism iyo.aeceuswi, una inaa
Tvo. and others. Defendant..
In Vinton County Court ofCommoa Pleas. Or,
ruriuarft to tile crrmrffand of an order of sale
Issued from Ihe court of Common Pleas of Vln
ton county, and to me directed as Sheriff of snid
countv. I 'will offer for sale at the door of tho
Coui't'Uouie, In tho town of McArthur, Vinton
county, uniCfOii
Monday, ihe Vdth day of February
A. D. 1872,
At the If crura f 2 O'clock P. JI. of laid da v. the
following described premises, to-wlti
Situate in the townshlD of Itarrlxon. and
county of Vinton, and State of Ohio, and known
ns tno Boutn-east quarter oi the noulh-esst
aiiarterof Section Number Klght 8,1 and tho
North-enst quarter of life' Wrthtli-east qturterof
Section Number Kight8, excepting Ten ai res
ofl tho North side or snid North-east quarter
and. also.the North-west quarter of the South
west quarter of Section N umber Nino (9). All
of the ufoi esnid Lots are In Township Number
Mine ot Kange Number nineteen i.J and
pstlnistecl to eontnln One Hmtdred end Ten
acres, he the samo more or less, bat subject to
an icgni nignways.
Taken as the property or wininm Tyo.de,
ceased. and Matilda K. Tvo.tosntisfv a Itidgmcnt
of said Court in favor nf Thomas H. Shafter.
Appraised at Six Hundred and Twenty Dol
lars it20 uu,j snd must uringiwo iiuiiis ottnal
Terms of sale CasH in hand nn the flay ol
Sheriff Vintou County
D. B. Shlvel, Att'y for Plaintiff.
January 17. 187a-5wl3.ti
NOTICE Is hereby given that a petition will
be presented to tho Board of County Com-
rnissionersor Vinton county ,at ineirnexireg
nlnr session in March. 1H72. nr&vinir forthe m.
tabllshment of a connty road in wilkesvllle
W il. Ill ', .11 Vtl.U -.Willi J , f 1UIIU1T., .W- TT II' .
Ilcglnnlng nt tho Onllipnlis road at Elisa
hoth MstoiTs ; thence in a Northerly direction
along me most prsciicame route, mrniign tne
lands ef Mi s. Steele, Abel Wells, Mr. Jones,
Martin Dnffey, Kdward Fletcher and Amos
11 nrtley, to intersect tho W ilk esvllle and Jack
son Road a short distance West of Edward
t letchsr's, and there to end.
January 24, 1872-4t
NOTICE Is hereby given, that In pursuance
of the statutes m such cases provided. I
will offer for sale at the door of the Court House,
in MoArtnur, v in ton county, unio, on
Thursday, February 15, A. D. 1872,
At 1 o'olor.k P.M.. at not less than the annral
od value thereof, the following lands situated
In tho townsnlp of Vintou, in said county, to-
W 1 w
Tlie North half of the South-east auarter.sae.
tion twenty-nine (29,) Township nine (9,) Range
Apprised at f 240.
AImo tlm Hnnf.h hi.lf oflliA HAnlh.A.at nna.l.
section twenty-nine 129,) Township nlns
ivniiKU iiAurou ( iu. i
Altis-i illAHnnth af fifths Arkiirh.sjcnsti m i.
section twenty-nint 29 J Townihip nlnt If.
Appraised ntllOfj.
Also tho North half of the Rnnth.waat anar.
ter, section twenty-nine lownsuip nine f ,
Appraised atsiuu.
One-twelfth ofthenurchasemosarto bansld
at tiioiimeoi am, anu me oanauoe in eleven
annual Installments of equal amount with an
nual interest thereon.
w. w. BeLFORD,
Auditor Vintou Co., O
December 20, 1871.
Probate Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County, O.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Isaiah Tatman,
Administrator nf the estate of Harvey
Wine, doeoased. has filed his account withialil
estate for final settlement, and that tho bearing
umravi ji .o. jur vim
1st Say of February, 1872,
at 11 o'clock A. M. .. H. MAYO.
January 10, 1872-4 1 . Probate Judge.
John Clark's Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton County, O.
NOTICE Is hereby plven that William Clark,
Executor of the l.l will nrf a..
of .lolin Clark, deoensud. has filed his aveoount
with said estate for final settlement! and that
the hearing thereof is set for .
Wednesday, February, 14, 1878, '
At 11 o'eloek A. la. ! H. B.MAYO,
January 17, li7i-4t Frobareindge.
Western Gentleman by the
Name of Jones Presents
Stuffed Goose.
j W M . 4S) fjfj . . .
We. rind tlie toilomnjr in
the Washington Capital j Lonn
riatts. paper: done?, wno 19
an observant gentlemjinj found
himself questioned ?pon' the
Pennsylvania Patent Scrw
and Auger line of street cars
by a man from. the interior of
somewhere; He wr a ,tall,
ravr-boned spebiriien ck ' hntwiTb
ity, , costumed in the middle
ags of the West that is, says
Jones) ns a middle-aged gen
tleman in Indiana, for example,
gets up his wedding apparel
This middle aged man was
accompanied by his wife' and
two daughters, and he asked
our friend where the President's
house was. '
'On Pennsylvania avenue','
responded our fiiend.
'What's the number T de
manded Western innocence;
'It has no number.'
lNo number V gasped the
'None whatever. It is the
high privilege of the President
not to be numbered. He is
not liable to number or grade4
He is the only man except
Mullet who is above the board
of public works. If the board
were to order the President s
house numbered, or begin
digging about, the President
would rise to a question of
privilege, and then the board
would be in a devil of a fix.'
'You don't say so? What
would tliey do to it, do you
suppose V
'1 can't say precisely; we
never Mad a precedent, but
more than probable the board
wpuld be spht jnto Jiindhng
'Poor devil I Well, irran
ger, I want to see the 'Presi
Do you want an office? If
you do. you must see Conk
ling.' .
'Don't want no office.'
i.fo you wain an order on
the New lork Custom-house
for a job?'
'Don t want that neither,
Wnafc 1 want is a little secret
between Polly and me Polly's
I'M TT nt frt V
'Tes. it's a crettv bic thine
. ' OI
can ten you.'
vv eu i nave no wisn to urv
I I I w
into family secrets. I will
point out the house yard, with
scarecrow in front to keep
me onice-seeKers rroni stealing
the President's garden sass,
xou go to the front door and
ring no, kick on it, and a man
will open it. I bat is not the
President; but he will show
... i.- . .
yuu up to a room wnere you
will find a small man attached
to a big nose. That is not the
President, although he thinks
he is. Nosey will ask vou for
card.Don t give him a deck;
ne only wants your name on a
8hpof paper to send to the
President. Then nosev will
say, Sit down.' You needn't
be in a hurry to do that; you'll
nave plentv r time. After an
hour Nosey will tell you that
the President is seeing Sena
tors. If you look sharp you
can see them. They will come
wun tneir ebenezers eleva
ted as if they smelled a bad
smell. Then you'll be told at
the end of an hour that the
President is. seeing members
the House. Then you'll be
told the cabinet is in Bession
come again next day. The
next day . you will be put
through the same performance,
the next, and so on for a
week, and then the door will
thrown open and you will
have the privilege of seeing hi
excellency smoke and say noth
ing fcr ten minutes.' ,
v'Ureat) thunder! Polly, Jet ni
ake our present'and go home.'
'Present,, you don't mean to
that you have a prosent for
Yes, we have. Fact is we
have stuffed, gooie tht big-
gest goose that eYe'r walked.
It's a perfect natural curiosity,
that gooSe; and Polly 'and I
determined to fetch that goose
and our daughters oand give
Itto.thelVesident.' '
'NVexpr'ess charge on it?'
't 'Not a charge; there it is, the
biggest nat'ral curiosity of a
goose'-i-', ,
" 'My friend1, kick it that front
door; say 'Present for the
President,' and you'll srie him
in three minutes, aiid before
y6ii"carrget home you'll be
Foithiaste"h' " s 7 : :- .: ':;,
Jones saw the little family
and fhe big goose disappear in
the White -housei and although
the Star informs us that the
President received that day, no
mention is made of that goose.
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dally paper, should by all
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burg Daily Dispatch, one of
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tions, for the Daily or Weekly.
are authorized to retain 20 per
cent, on published rate3 for
single subscribers, or ten per
cent, on our club rates. Ad
dress, O'Neil an Rook, Pub
lishers of Daily and Weekly
Dispatoh, 67 and 69, 5th Ave
nue, Pittsburgh, Pa. I
Senator Browhlow.
We extract tho following from
a late Knoxville letter in the
Cincinnati Commercial:
Upon entering the Senator's
( BrownlowY) house we found
mm lying noon a large sota
negro ruoomg nis reet. ile is
m wretched- health, but no
more than he has been for two
years. His hands and feet are
continually jerking and shaking
wun ine paisy. ne cannot
speak above a whisper and
some days bis strength is so
far gone that he cannot do that
Indeed he is as helpless as an
infant, ft Nothing but constant
care and watching upon ' the
part of his family and friends
and in his own iron determina-
ion keeps him alive.'
' It is. a terrible thing to be a
nori-property-holder in a coun
try where you can't vote in
time of peace unless you own
propertyand have not money
enough to hire a substitute in
ime oi war. -
[From the San Francisco Chronicle.]
An Amusing Episode at a Hotel
Breakfast Table.
Two yodng men, telegrarjh
operators board at one, of our
leading third-class hotels, and,
being a somewhat hilarious
disposition, find grpat amuse
ment in. carrying on coversa-
tiqn with each other Rt tfc
table by ticking on the plates
with knife, fork or soob'n. For
the infojmatioil, of those not
acquainted with , telegraphy it
may oe .wea io state : that a com
bination of sounds or ticks con
stitute' the telegrapic alphabet
ana persons laminar with these
sounds can converse therebv
as intelligently as with spoken
The young lightning-strikers
as already stated, were in the
habit i of indulging in table
talk by this means whenever
they desired to say anything
private to each other. For in
stance, No. 1 would pick up
his knife and tick off some re
mark as this to No. 2: "Whv
is this buttef like the offense of
Hamlet's . uncle ?" No. 2: "I
gf e it up." No 1: Because
it s rank and smell3 to Heaven."
Of course, the joke is not ap
preciated by the landlord, who
sits close by, because he
doesn't understand telegraphic
ticks, and probably he wouldn't
appreciate it much if he did;
but tho jokers enjoy it im
mensely and laugh immoder-
atetyj while the other guests
wonder what can be the occa
sion for .so much merriment,
and naturally conclude the op
erators must be idiots '
A few nights ago, while
these fun-loving youths were
seated at breakfast, a stout,
bum young man entered the
dining room with a handsome
girl on his arm, whose blush
mg countenance showed her to
be a bride. The couple had
in fact, been married but a day
or two previous, and had come
to San Francisco from their
home in Oakland, or Mud
Springs, or some other rural
village, for the purpose of
spending the honeymoon. The
telegraphic tickers commenced
&9 soon as the husband and
wife seated themselves.
No. 1 opened the discourse
as follows : "What a lovely
little pigeon this is along side
of me aint she?"
No. 2. "Perfectly charming
looks as though butter would
not. melt in her mouth. Just
married," I gue3s; don't you
think so?"
No.l. "Yes, I should
judge she was. What luscious
hps she has got. If that
country bumpkin beside her
was out of the road, I'd give
. j i .
uer h, nug una a kiss just lor
No. 2. "Suppose you try it
anyhow. Give her a little
ge under the table with
your knee."
There is no telling to what
extent the impudent rascals
ht have gone but for an
amazing and entirely unforseen
event. The bridegroom's face
had flushed and a dark scowl
was on his brow during the
progress of the ticking conver
sation; but the operators were
too much occupied to pay any
attention to him. The reader
may form some idea of the
young men s consternation
when the partner of tho lady
picked up his knife and ticked
off tho following terse but vig
orous message :
"This lady is 'mv wife, and
as soon as she gets through her
breakfast I ' propose to wring
both your necks, you insolent
The countenances of the oper
ators fell very suddenly when
this message comenced. By
the time it ended they, had
lost all appetite and apprecia
tion of jokes and sliDDed out
of the dining-room la a very
rapid and unceremonious man
ner. It seetns the bridegroom
was a telegraph operator, and
i n. . -I-
abc tv now is was aiimieii.
The Life of Clement L. Vallandigham,
The Life of Clement L. Vallandigham, by his Brother,
The Life of Clement L. Vallandigham, by his Brother, the Rev. James L.
The important events whicll
occurred during Mr.'; .VallarU
dighain's political career, and
the distinguished part 'whicti
he took in them, and was still
taking uri t the day of his tin
timely deatbhave made his
name familiar to every one; and
it is probable that the biqgra
phy of no mdh living could be
written, containing such and so
varied matters of general inteS
est, especially invregard toUhe
political side of the late'war'
between ihe States. .
Tljis book, written by hii
brother, contain a full and ac
curate account of Mr. VallaiU
digham's remarkable rarear-
from his boyhood, recounting
his early struggle's, his rials
and the steps by which he
reached distinction and fame;
His Congressional career is
fully exhibited and illustrated
with extracts from his anee'che!
and the story is also told of his
arrest, imprisonment, exiled
and the excitinr irieidenta of
his return.
A full , account is also friveri
of the organization and objects'
of the Order of the Sons of
Copious extracts' from famil
iar letters are given, illustrate
ing his private character in its
social and domestic relations;
and a detailed account is ad
ded of the circumstances at
tending his tragical death.
It is believed that no more
attractive book of its kind has
erar been offered to the Amer
ican public.
The book is gotten up in the
very handsomest stjle, oh fine
paper, with clear and handsome
type, and is ornamented iyltb.
a splendid portrait on steel,
and engravings of Mr. Vnl
landigham's birth-place and
The work is issued in three
styles of binding: half-calf
$6,00; sheep, library stvle.
5 00; and extra cloth, S4 "0D,
so as to suit all tastes; and tho
publishers have spared neither
pains nor expense to give a
dress befitting its value and
importance. Sold only through
our Agents. Turnbuil Broth
ers, Baltimore, Md. )
Having been trilled with
and miserably disappointed in
Louisiana, we now turn with
faint hopes of a sensation to
Nebraska. So far as one-half
the Senate, backed by the
Lieutenant Governor which
according to Radical ruling is a
working majority can do so,
the Governor has been sum
marily deposed, and a joint
convention called to fill tho
alleged vacancy. . The Gov
ernor having a few days sinco
exercised his kingly preroga
tive and 'prorogued" the
Legislature,refuses to recognizo
the notice to quit, whereupon
some anonymous individual
frantically telegraphs to Oma
ha for a company of militia.
The epidemic is spreading
among legislative bodies, and
there is not a more systematio
gang of law-breakers in the
country than those who set
themselves up as law-makers.
The Rural New Yorker.
made in Moore's 2ew Yorker,
the only rural, literary, and
family Journal printed in this
country, in both form and
price. The form is more beau
tiful and the price considera
ble less. No better'journal can
had. It is only $2.50 a year
but it is worth $25 every
year to any family. It ii be
coming the most populav
paper in the land. Fine pre
miums are offered those who
get up clubs. Address D. D. T
Moore, New York City. s.
Ttnc lower noUse of the Mis
souri Legislature has passed a
resolution Indorsing one term
for President of the United
States by a rote of SO to Sit jj

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