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tlje (Enquirer.
. ... . a uimtr of Bowen'a
Court uona.
J. W. BOWHJft Editor.
Mc Arthur,- - February .7, '1872
Democratic State Central Executive Committees.
rm nf tho Damocratle
tral and Hgcntlre Committed of Ohio, anrt
allothr Pome-crati in union no '--"
. rt.l...,Kua An THI U8
DAY, FEBRUARY, 22, at 2 o'clock P. M.
DAY, FEBRUARY, 22, 1872, at 2 o'clock P. M. C. N. ALLEN,
J. S. CRALL, Sec'y. Chairman.
The contending factions of
Bcallawass, carpet-baggers and
negroes in New Orleans, Lave
been restrained from shooting
each other by U. S. Troops.
The military despotism will
soon be a thing assured in this
country, and Grant welcomes
every opportunity for its dis-
rlay. ';
Senator Scott, of Pennsyl
vania, has presented a quanti
ty of petitions asking for the
passage of a bill prohibiting
the election to ollice ot any
man using intoxicating liquore
as a beverage. This is a more
direct thrust at Graut than
Sumner's On Term Amend
ment. "An outrage is contemplated
by a portion of the Ohio Leg
islature, whereby it is proposed
to levy a tax to make dona
tions and build monuments to
the soldiers of 1861, expressly
excluding from the benefits of
the act, the soldiers of 1812,
of the Indian wars with Mex
ico. "We have clorious news
1 - o
from "Washington. The Re
publicans are waking up to the
true character of tie smiling,
6mirking, sneaking Colfax, and
will probably nominate some
body else for Yice President.
Grant and all the leading Re
publicans, are kicking him out
of the way.
What Reconstruction has
It has elected negroes to the
United States Senate. It has
elected members of the Lower
House who were guilty of
Penitentiary offenses, convicted
and expelled. It lias elected
a United States Senator from
Arkansas, whose guilt demands
his expulsion. It has elected a
Governor in Georgia, who stole
five millions and ran away. It
has robbed South' Carolina,
and v driven her to repudiation.
It has produced civil war in
Louisiana, and at thU writing,
we hourly expect news of a
battle between two contending
parties of carpet baggers, scal
awags and negroes.
Facts for the People.
Our people are complaining
just now of taxation. Let them
ponder these facts which we
derive from official sources:
The total State tax of Ohio
for the last year, including re
ceipts from all sources, was
S2.417.9S7 05. But a balance
in the treasury from the year
before is included in this, of
$445,578 53. Deduct this, and
the total revenues of the State
amount to $1,972,409 52.
Now look here! The Fed
eral tax collected, from -the
Tenth District alone for the
year ending June 30, 1871, is
1,100,578 G2. And the total
Federal tax paid in the State
on the same time is 815,149,
849 11.
We are taxed by the "Na
tion," through the exercise
alon, more than seventeen
times as much as by the Statel
This Congressional District
pays a. Federal tax more than
half as great as the whole State
And this is not all. There
is no way to gt the exact fig
ures, but it is. our belief that
our people are robbed or Fifteen
millions additional by means ot
tlie tariff! So much for taxes.
Facts for the People. Bleeding Kansas !
It U just developed that
nineteen members or the
Kansas Legislature were bribed
to vote for Caldwell for
The Kenton Democrat tells
the plain, honest truth when
it states that Mueller, the ass,
elected by the Radical party
o T,iiit(nant Governor of
(AO Aiivw" "
Ohio, is a perfect nincompoop,
as well a a grand rascal. Hi
action in the fraudulent elec
tion of John Sherman as Sen
ator, is an unmitigated' piece
of scoundreli?m aud lawless
ness. He should bo held in
supreme contempt by every
honestjierson m the country.
His cours"em-eimply infam
ous. We are no admirer of
Governor Noyes, but every
person in the State should hope
for his health and life, as his
death would put such, an ass
Mueller in the Executive
Chair. This would not only
be a disgrace but a great ca
lamity to the State.
Wanted—A Leader!—William
Allen, Ohio.
Allen, Ohio. [Correspondence of the Napoleon Northwest.]
If we only had a leader with
the nerve aud honesty of Jef
ferson to step forward and
speak boldly for the truth and
against all the usurpations of
Congress aud Grant, what a
change it would effect. It
would create an enthusiasm
that would enable us to reor
ganize the party upon a sound
platform and sweep the enemy
from power everywhere. 1
have somehow taken up the
idea that William Allen, of
vnnr State, is a crood man. If
, i . t ii i. i... i,
ne is wiiai i uuuk. no ia,
ou?ht to be brought out. I
am told that he would never
give in to any abandonment of
Democratic doctrine by our
party; that he has opposed all
the usurpations of Congress;
that he has jrrcat abilities and
is a fine writer; and that he is
a self-made man. Some such
man as this ought to be found,
who could be relied on, and
put in the lead, as Jefferson
1 nil i.:u
was. ine people win num b
ly respond to efforts of such n
leader. Pendleton could have
made himself President by
opposing the New Departure.
Let the Tax Payers Remember
When charges of fraud were
made nsrainst prominent Dem
ocratic officials of New York
City, the leading Democrats of
the City and State, and all the
prominent journals of the party
at once demanueu me most
prompt and thorough investi
gation. Such Democrats as
Charles O Connor and bamuel
J. Tildin took the lead in the
matter " and were the most
earnest and persistent in the
work of ferreting out the
frauds and puuishing the of-
fenders, liut'iiow is u wuu
Radicals? While everybody
admits that fraud and corrup
tion abounds to an unparalleled
extent in national allairs,
proposition made iu the Senate
to investigate ami expose tnem
with a view both to correct
the evil and punish the guilty,
is strenuously opposed and
voted down by the supporters
of Grant. Let the people
the tax-pavers' who sutler by
by these frauds, think of this.
Let them mark the difference
between the two parties in this
A bill has passed the lower
house of Congress, appropnnt
ing 50,000 to pay the ex
pensea of the Japanese princes
who are now visiting tin
country. Congress has th
same right to appropriate the
peoples money for such pur
poses as it would have to vote
money to defray expenses of
the forth coming Kadical Con
vention at Philadelphia, or
to erect a monument to the lost
hope, of the Reverend Land
Grabbing, Indian Robbing,
Harlan, of Iowa. But then
why should we complain!
Fifty thousand dollars in com
parison to the enormous steal
ings of the Radical party, is
a tear from the eye of a needle
comrmred. with the Pacific
Ocean. ..,,
Gallipolis, McArthur & Columbus
We have been furnished by
Mr. Shoberwith the following
official abstract of the pro
ceedings of the Board of Di
rectors :
GALLIPOLIS, O., JAN 24. 1872.
Pursuant to a notice, the fl
lowinjr persons, elected to serve
. n l. n . 1 l
as Directors or saiu company
for the ensuing year, met at the
office of the Company, in this
place, this day, viz: W, II.
Langley, Wro. Shober, W. II.
Eagle, and Cornelius Karns,
who, after being duly sworn
according to law, appointed
W. II. Langley Chairman, and
Wm. Shober Secretary, after
which a communication from
Charles Ilcnkhg (one of the
Directors elected) declining to
serve on account of infirm
health and the probability of
being absent from the city
p . . . i ..... i. .
much ot the time aunng me
year, was lead, thus niaking a
vacancy in the Board of Direc
tors which was filled- by an
unanimous vote of theDirectors
present, nnpoiuting J. J. Cadot
to fill the vacancy, who upon
being being advised of the ap
pointment, promptly filed with
the Secretary the necessary
oath and took his seat ns a
member of the Board, when
Thomas B. Davis' (another of
the members who were not
present) affidavit was also filed,
it having been received from
Mr. Davis by mail. The Board
then proceeded to the elec-
tion of officers With tlie lollow-
ing result, viz:
W. Jl. Langley, 1'resnient ;
II- S. Bnudy, Vice-Presiden.;
Wm. Shober, Secretary, E.
Deltatombe, Treasurer.
After which W. II. Shober
was instructed to ascertain on
what terms he could get the
necessary printing lor the Com
pany done. The Resolution
passed December 13, 1871
empowering W. II. Langley to
do any and everything necessa
ry for the early.economical and
successful building and com
pleting said railroad, and ap
prove by every member pres
ent and, on motion said reso
lution was adopted as passed
December 13, 1871.
The Secretary was instructed
to make a cull on subscribers
for the second instalment of ten
.i , i . ii.
per cent on tneir siock, payaum
cm or before the first day of
March, 1S72, and request, those
in arrear on the fust instalment,
to pay the same promptly.
The President suggested to
the Board the propriety of
rk on tlie mail
as early ns Monday, the 29th
lay of January, 1S, it the
weather would permit, and
laving fully satisfied the Di
rectors that ample means were
subscribed and otherwise pro
vided for to grade the road,
and that it was very important
to the interests of the Company
that the work should be com
menced at as early a day as
possible, and having stated to
the Jioarct that lie am noi wish
to act in so important a matter
without their special npproba
tion, they unanimously drected
him to have the work corn
men cod by next Monday, if
practible and it will be done
if the weather permits. It
should be borne in mind by-
all friends of the enterprise,
that besides grading the mad
money will be needed for cross
ties, station houses and depot
grounds, and every dollar
subscribed makes the Company
that much stronger, ana ns
many have promised to sub
scribe as soon as the work was
commenced, it is to be hop:d
none having made them, wil
forget those promises, but
promptly redeem them by lib
erai sunsenpuons
AVo copy the above from the
Gallipolis Uulletion of January
31, 1872.
A letter was received by
T. 13. Davis, Esq., on Tuesday
January 30, from Preaiden
W. II. Langley, saying that
vhe work was commenced, near
Gallipolis, at the time stated
Another call bns been made
by tho Secretary, which will
be seen in another column,
for the second installment
stock 10 percentpayable
or before the 1st of March. .
Let all respond. Let the work
bo pushed right through.
Wholesale Villainy in the
Affairs of Hamilton County.
An investigation is now
going on iu the
county ofih'i's
of . Hamiltou county, winch
shows that the Republicans
there Lave been ns corrupt, as
the rascals of Chicago and New
York. The' whole service
seems to be tainted. From
the Auditor to the Assessor,
villainy crops out everywhere!
Railroad Items.
Subscription to
capital stock of the Zunesville
and Marietta Bail road. Com
pany were opened on the 1st
of February, in Sarahville,
East Union, Carlisle and liar-
riotsville, Noble comity.
Zanesvillo beasts that the
Lake Erie, Wooster and Mus
kingum Valley Railroad will
it outlets and inlets in
every direction but one.
Mr. Heeker, engineer of tlie
Pan-Handle, has commenced
the survey for a rail through
West Virginia, with Wheel
ing and Ilaliday's .Cive as the
Railroad Enterprise.
The Baltimore & Ohio Rail
road Company have just con
structed a grain elevator, with
a capacity of 000,000 bushels,
at Locust Point, Baltimore,
their tidewater terminus. The
elevator is the only one in Bal
timore; is accessible only by
the tracks of the Baltimore &
Ohio Company, and will be
under their exclusive control.
It funiM.es complete facilities
for truster of grain from cars
to foreign or coast-wisa vessels.
It is an enterprise of the first
importance to the whole
western country.
Farmer's and Miners' Rail
At a niPcting held iu Urbana
on tke 11 th of last mouth, II.
T. Niles, Esq., of that place
made the following remarks:
Formerly Railroads wore
built, fit random, under thi idea
that they would make towns
and busiiio. Nov,the whole"
mnitrii'1 r(" 1'ii1imi1 t. I'm iwvrhi
lion is rcriti'H'd to a sy-txMii;
and a por-on, by a proper
study of it., can dee'de, with
almost absolute certainty,
whether a ra'droad will pay; the
two great obj 'cts ot this sys
tem arc, first, to transfer the
coal and inn
!S 1 10 1 11 TIIO IllUH'l-
ll l'(M'lonS lO tlOSC having HO
, I I L M
coal or iron, aim io return pro-
luce of the latter; second, to
transfer the produce ot 'the
great North west to the sea.
The Furmers' and Miners' Rail
road, continued in almost!
straight line would strike
i.r 1 t 1 '
OI L IIVID, Wllll-ll I" uuiuiiiiii"
OHO of tllC Gl'O it li, lill'Oad Cell-
i . i i
tera nnd connect with lortds
neni'tratlll" t rUC!ll tlie pltlC
1 f At! 1 ... ...I.:i .
It-lutlM m iHH-lllL-llit,
nt. irhiiii.n. it won i connect
with direct lines to Cliicngo
and Iiidiiiiinpoliu, which have
1 . U1wjf tiili
uu tmu vi ii ii "'"
of them.
Alwitit (r mils'SJ ITI isI
iVMOllt UO 1111HS AJ ISl
it would
,l..: ... 4- . nnr. I our
iron mine-: nn at auout ion
miles, connect with one of the
nM'ijni- tii!.' llnrna r 1 1 1 a ftMl-ifl'V
tbo Chnsapeiike & Ohio, which
iq nnei nannlit rtcriinl o l.ni I 1'llft.l
. . j wv...,.
niii2 through the
ichest min-
frnl l'Po-irvn nn tllti COlltlllCllt.
ir.UU OH up- cuiiiuitiii-,
atlll Btrikllinf lldl" YVfltCl' nt
, - -
distance or about luu nines,
- r
The fact is. this Hnilroad
avuI do moro to develop the
resources of the country than
ftnV Wfi lmVfl POt Vet: lumber
. . D . .,
will be brought trora the
T ,i , .i . -il ,,
iNortll-WOSt, tlie Car9 Villi lltl-
load tlicir freiclit at tide water
1 . i il 'il,
and return loaded witli coal,
i ., ., . .. .1 .1,1
ana tne other mineral wuwuu
V TM i
Ol 1 110 J'j'ISI,.
Mr. Niles next made some
.1.- J. il. .,lf.,f ll.nt il.n
rrniiU KS 10 U1B ' ru bimu nil;
T ...-t .......1.1.
UHXlMlUiire wuuiu inuuinnj
,,a..L n.,nmaiinn Iakhi
naive u iiivr ciui""-i ""
and counties to raw money
tor Itailroad purposes; and Cori -
olnrloil liv Mrrrinrf tlio nPOillfi to
CllllieU DJT UlgHlfJ UIW J)M-J)IU W
afnrltr rrt.nryrnnllT' flint. tllPV
Slliay geograpily, Uiai. Uiey
tflio-li't auo fill' tllPIYlsipl VPS tlia
miglll fiee IOI Uiem-ivet llio
many nd vantage arisinp; from
flm P tV.Ii? I?.iili'rn-1
lu- -JUituill-'i .inv.
A - 11'-. ' 1 1 i ... 1, il
Alll t it Wl''ked tO l OO THIS
1 ,, t' " All Tl V.
lien rOOst. Jimf iVnl IjOD,
' a
11. ..tl - -1 nnnn -in
lli;lHH llioaii luuittijiiuosnuu,
IT fW nllot..
iiunu uuiiu u uvuyi j-"
Death of H. Hunter.
Hon. Hocking 11. Munlnr
died on Sunday morni.tg l;it
nbuiit 9 idoelc, at his ImiHo in
Lnucus'ifrT. Ohi His funeral
will take place at that cily
That Railroad Meeting
at Logan.
While we were at Logan lat
Friday week we noticed that
bills were posted about the
town announcing that a maet-
ing would be held that evening,
in the interest of the Gallipolis,
McArtlmr & Columbus 11. U.
but we find no account of the
meeting in the Logan papers
of last week. What about the
meeting? Was it lield'r1 what
do our Logan folks propose to
do iu this matter Do they
propose to sit still and let Gal
lipolis and McArthur make all
the excavations?
Wo want the Logan Sentinel
and Logan Republican to tell
ns something about that meeting.
The Governor of Illinois approved-
the temperance bill
pased by the Legislature a
few days ago. The bill, which
takes effect from and after the
first of next July, provides that
every licensed liquor seller
must, give bonds iu three thou-
till 1 1 !
sand dollars, ana mases mm
liable to be sued for damages
for causing the drunkenness of
any person. It also imposes a
severe penalty for sailing or
giving away liquors to minors
or habitual drunkards. There
are other stringent provisions
in the law, under whose opera
tion both the liquor vender and
the owner of the premises on
which the liquor is sold arc
made liable. If strictl) en
forced, it; will prove a consid
erable check to the drinking
customs of the Slate.
Estate cf Villiani Pranois. '
Prolmlo Court, Vlntnn County, OHo.
NOTI'iK is lici-filiv plvoti tlmt. Jesse FriinrR
Aiiininlstinlor'of fluid ewtuto, lias Men
lKTcin hi nr.t oiiiit with tin) snnio for pHrlbil
Ketlk'niciit: mul Out tho liervinu; thereof la tut
Saturday, the 2 day of March, 1S72,
At 11 'o'clock A. it. H. MaYO,
Kcbr nary T, 13"-.'-4t rrobate Jiuitfe
To Stockholders of Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad.
rprtK mihsei-HieiN to Hie Capital Stock of tha
JL U ,Mc,.. .1- (.' K. It Co., will filciie take no
tice t hut ii 2.1 instiilliiiPiu of le licrcpnt.cn
Mich stock siilivrllicil is rrqiiireil to h uil to
till- Senrclivrv of tlicl ompuny. on or liofnre tlie
luihiv of Miirch. 1S7-3J anil tlios! not hurl 111;
piili llifl fli-st iit:iliment onlieii lor, are ra
iiuf4cil to pay llins-mno promptly.
jy ovucr oi ineiionni.
W. BIIOriER. Beo'T.
Fe'ininry 7, lS72-tf
I ImihiI lrni tlie' iiurtofl'Dimuniil'leasof Vlu
LIUl ,,,.,lv. .,., t mn diici tecl ns Hherlff of
Prioo, $l.BO each; $13 pep dozen.
Wlirvr the "X Pint Vltvti" Gl't-L'"k hn
nil ollir work! uflu Mml. It l tli.i inrjri.t, intent,
finmt, ami onlr col luni inn oi it'ir uieu.i him! ijnar
el. arly all uf which liv Piano Accomji
iiiniu - .nu iiv.
Samiit tiorirt maUtd. poit-pnil. of $1.50.
J. L. 1'ICl'Ki;, MO llrui'lwnjr, New 1 orK. 4-lw
Frtisli (Jnrden, Flower, Treo and Khruh,
EvcrRrccn, Fruit nnrt Herb Seoils, I'rcpuld
by Hall. A complete and Judicious as
sortinont. S5 sorts of oltlier class 1.00. The
six dunes (1M) packets) for $&(H). Alto, nn
immense stock of one year Kraft ed Fruit Traei,
5"'i f'ui8- Fruit slHCks' Yc,,,,s Frult'
ornamental iind Evorsreen ScedlliiKS, Uiillw,
,l)se Viu,6i ifouso und Holder I'lants, Ac
c, llm mott complete ussoitincnt in Anicr
ica. J'repaid hy mnil. l'riccd Uat.ilo)ucH ti
(iny u,,,,,., di-otrmic nn, t'i-iti. seeda on
commission. A fonts wanted,
Itr. It. WA TSON, Old Colony Nurtorlea
L, Krcd Wurriioiise, rij-moath, Mass
rstuhiiHiiod 1843. s-tr
fS M A TIKI AOK.-Happy ltcllef for Ti oxnjj
V Men from tlieellccli ol I'.n
In o.i,-1v tltn. Aliinhood reste
delnllty cnied. Iinpediineiits to Mnrrlaito re
ninveil. TCcwinetlioi
liirtliod of tieiitnieiit.. New and
roinurlttthlo reiiiiidics. lloeltH und Circulars
. r , .n.iled enveloiiea.
Ai rvs nil n AWUti A iiu., Jo
asoutii .Mntii st,, riiiiacicipiim.fa
John B. MePowell and others. Defentlmita.
Xll Vinlon 0.JUll!y court of Com moil I'leiis
Order of S.ilo,
Tli. i.,iiii, l1iAiiiiiiiniiiiiilii. nn nritnpnf Rfiln
said emnitv, IwlllolVerfm-sulo lit tho door of
I tl.i, I'ahh- IInl,cn in ilia 'I'j.nfii tV KloAi'llillK
I iii'ii.iiiiii' iiinimii in mo auh u iaivviaii
vinton county, Ohio, on
Hondav. tho 20th Bay of February,
a. v.ibn,
Attheiwurof 1 oviocitp. m. ofaaiii any, the
i jl..,, i .1.. u.n.t ......... in ...ii.
in.Lot Nmnhcr One Hnm'lreil nml Vorty
I ..!,. 1 1 id 1 I,, II,., T.iuin ixf Mi. A Hliur Vlntnn
Tiikiin ns the property of John 8, WeDowell.
toatlHfyiyuilinsiitorthiniaCoiirUii lavor
otj$X; nt 8lx Hiindreil Dollara SdOO.00,1
onn must lirlimlwo-ililrils ol ttiat sum
TltBM. 0 K.r.-casii inhami.
ii.iJ..iones. Aifv ior rtuiniiu,
January 21, lM72 av-0
xi OTICK la horohf nlven Hint a petition will
ho iirescntml to the Commissioner of
Vinton i-iiunty, Ohio, at their next i-OKi'lnr
"Kl Mm'nMmwmv
C'ommenelnK nei.r thu resldenceof Jnincs
Oo0i , Ma(ilHn townshln, at n point where
the llnpo Fnrnneo and I'nrkaiiTii Mill roads
f(),.kllhin(,0 Ka,t, thi-omhtho lands of .Innun
' n' tu ,l,n North und South lino ln-tweon
uolomim ,1(in-nlu ,i,.,m,s c-nos Ihonen a Honth
fy X"?,
I hcil Kinto tlirniiuli the IlilliUof Hnnill A. AlliU'r-
Rrn Mlthlll, Heeves to tlm township line
liotwei'll Mllillson tlll'l KlIOXI tllUliee Slllltll Or
naarly so alonx tlio most, pmrtleahlo route
through th lands of nouiflnail'titnam und
T. Wnro, In Knox townstiip, to intorsoct tlio
McArthur nntl Alhnny roml, nt the ond of
I.... I..i..u. ll.. Ini..l.nr.nl. Il.na.iiil ITninlr
niii.raiiraiii.iiii .....,i..i..i. ......
Florea.Kiiatnoratoanri, .
Januarys i, in, a
;ninu'i, v'.u,u co..i
.,., I . Vl.'fm Cii'.i-.-.n.n
T'ic Virum i-'iiro.ii'O l-uiia.
Il'i.l I II il i'oiii n . I
C .ryo'.,,t.ii. hi'i'l. J , ,. ,
f" ! K Vi.itiiii Kiinmcc an I Conl C impr.ny, .a.
1 lViv!iiit, will tit lit lotlce tltrtl Ihc- l.liti'l
titrs. i.illinmi, War(Wi!'ininnv, Uil.in Imp
lmlnlsvof .lii'iimrv, A. b. ISTI. II o tlmlr peti
tion In'tlio dmnt of I'otiiiii'in ne ts, williiiuiml
I'.rili.' said eoniitv of Vintoii.H'nto r Ohio.
ii',',tint tiicH'dd (Icl'ciiilanl. sell I n jr forth llni
tin; ilelenilant win ln ..titwl to tlm plalnllir in
tlie siimol Tliron lliinilrcil anil Tliiit' Dollars
t.'i)un, with Interunt on fill from tlio 4t'i day of
Juiiunrv, 1H71. and Interest, on 'J'wo lliiinlicil
and Nineteen Dnlhra 21!l from the 8tllday of
Octolior. IH7U. ami llitt nil elder of attachment,
tniide In tli sniil cause, wus iluly si rveil liy ih
Klici-ilVol'siiid ennntv, iiltaclilii(f tho followini?
ilescrilieil liuiils uuif'touuniviita owned hy ilo
feieliiiiiN, to-wlt!
Tlio Nnrtli-WPHt ipitiiier of t lit Kouth-onst
nnarler ofSeetioii Number Ton 10. of Town
ship Nnmlier 11, of liinipH "Nninlier Scvcnttea
nil and iilmnhout. nercR off of the lOiwtside
of the Siinth-west nim.itcr of the Noilh-casl
qnnrtrr ofHeelleii Nuiiilii'i T'en 110 of Towil
shli Nninlier Kleven (II of Rtiitfc! Nnmlier
Seventeen l1,lienif nil of said ' tiirly-nci o"
l.ot, ivin r.asr. el tne icAriinir anil m-non-rlllo
itoail; nllof nnld landlvlnK nod helnirln
Vinton iiainlv. (ililo. Defendant Is nntilleil
tlmt It Is required to npp' ar nnd nnswer mi l
petition on or hefore ti e 17th dnv ol Kohn aiy
next. (Jl f.I.MAN. WAUti C.
II . (;. .lanes .V K. N. lliirnlilll, Att'ys fur riiiiiitlfla.
Jsntiavy 2-1. Ifi7i 0w
Democratic Jcnrnal of llis M.
Tho Kxponcnt of Constitutional fiovcinmcnt,
ho KiKliU or tIMi hi lies, I'.iiiuil laxaiion,
und lh Aholitleii of nil l'nneeesnry
Jltirdem upon tlio TiiX-l'a.vcrs of
; tin) uoiiniry.
W shall onnoso nnlitst und onnrpsslvo Tar-
liry to-u ldch Ilia Aei-iciiHnrnl Went l inndfl
to p.iy icir'iiinis trilnito to tho M.miifiiclm'inft
K.iHt; mid thill deni.tnd such iniMllfloatioiit of
Hib Internal Ilevenno I.nWius will encourairo
indiistrv and relieve lalim-.
Tlin Weekly Knqnii-ei- will not only he tnio
to tho principles of thn Deinoerui io party In
Itt editiillal column., hilt, us n First-class Kmn
llv Journal, it will lin cxcclleil hy nono pnW
Hehod in llm Unltcil BLiites.
ThoJlnrket lieiairta will no pronren wnn
Brest caro nml ns u grunt pjtper.se. to glvo tlio
fullest nml latest liilornialion rroni uil tne
in ark o ta of tlm world.
Jt News ucpartnient will cnnl'ltn n earptiitty
irapamd siunmnry of events trnintpiriiig
lii'ounhout tlio world.
Its l.ltcrarv selections will he taken from
llm liust F.nglish nml A iiieilcnii current Mloi'u
tiiro. Iu Corresnonnenca w 11 Ineitiite letters rrom
France, and Kimlnnd. ns well a from loa.llnix
citlcBof tho UnilrnJ Ctatex. Speeiinen copies
fico. Addre.s, A It AN & Ml! I. KAN,
Uiiii iniintl, I'.
Henry Edwards' Heirs.
rrobnte Court, Vinton Comity, (Miio.
NOTIi'K N licrehy piven that .lames M.
lleudiirsun, (iiia'rdiati of Olmiles II, and
Krniici'n B. Kdwards, iniuors, lias Ulcd Ids nc
eouiiH with said wards, noverally, and tlmt
the name lire set for hearing on
The 15th day of February, 1372,
nt 11 o'clock A. M.
II. 11. MAYO.
1'ioliato JudifO,
Jan. 24, l87S.-it
. Iu Chemical and Medical Uclenoo.
rxiuat MoT
rnWT A!Ct 0l.VSfiI.T-Tr.v !!
in one ni; i.; i.r A 1.3. 'i i t ft f.t.VK
valiianl.' i-i-.,j I'liin ..julj thi well knonn
cura'.ivu u;-i u ,
n:-.x: 'j-:jrr: tat:,
rXVOT-Al.t- r, li Co .c'i', Cell, Catnrrh,
A-t!i;ii.,1 i-i ,:i :i 1.1,1.1! ci'.uiiipiioii.
cuifiw vrriiotr'r iatTj
A r-von' ml I in thr.-o in !x l nvr; and aim,
l y iu VI . AUM:.(j, J Ul:;f YlNi niidSTI
MUI.A'I iNtf citi'i'is upon th- tucr:dnyi;i'iu,
ia 1 em irVa t Iv ri'i.-iHf.us in nil
jUM-AsiJ.S t,r TilK 55?.TOT.
Inclutiii),: .I'MjuiiA nut lCiup'ini iif tti-Hkln.
llynpujisit, Liiistas-ii of the l.itr mul Uiuuc),
Krirt Li.:i.a;, uud Gcucial Litbiliiy.
Al.HO. A
Volatile Solution cf Ta
Fr,r INITAT.ATIOV, IviMioul impliciitiftii of
liKAT. A r-in.iik.,1 ly VAUj'Al'LUduiiiviry,
lid ifiawliiiL- apiii:tMMriiii bueiuMCil in die vut
pucUet, lcmlv at nn liniu fer thuuiiattccluul
and jiiirntivtly euru'lro nseiu
AM J3'aes S tfio no!!, TZIHOAT
and Ll'iiuiir
the t onrotTn
Tar and Handrako Fill.
fir li- In cofiieetlnn with . EI.IXIUTAn,
In il co-iiliiTi'.ti'iii of tlm TWO nuikt MihiHlilo
A1VI KHA'l IVE lliilioiin n known in tl.o i'ro
ft'K.io.i ;inU r.-iJei rhiA I'M without exception
tin v.t.'Ii..' evi-r utr.,it I.
l'-n .vlVTl jN iial COiirOCND ELIXIE of
In wii:.r,u
C.lbi'3 Of
Cimht, tlio limi runioly known la
It 4 h Hp n-iili! fur m-h diwinxn, ami dlinnld bo
kiM't in i:n? iniiini'mlilof ovi'i y family, (wpcciiilly
iluiii,' n.u o iiiuu.liaiu whii li
nrnliii'iio to ( r:;vc:t. A HWill qunntily Inhin
li.iiv wi.l M.-vnt uutnu.liui tlivao tcii'ihlo
t!'::'on n-.d (c-n-,"-.-:r.AnixIr,$1.00por Eotll'o
V.atlii Si.'.cMi :i firTri':tiliil.ion.A.COporrox
Tin- ii'.n! 51 in ;i..ho l'i W.ctii per hox.
Pmi.1 f " ".HilM'if I,.-.I-JIV3 CUJr.E3
to yoar i)iutt Ju', to
f.J.li I'llOi'IUETORS,
110 E. 2'id HI., Xt w I'oth:
Tlio driest unci easiest
Boots and Shoos ever worn.
jjwipiM nil rwn i
A. gbbat o:E"CA.ira"E.
Aeents wsnlcd III everyTown sml County in lie
U i.ltcd tt:nie to tell the
n. ..l t... i.i. u...,iini TF-iv. Jul. L. Vsllanilli!
hum. Tlio'tnoar, p-ipulrtr bink Ih-it has lWn olleroil
,.. i. f... . l..ni Hiim. H.'i'il for rlmilnrs. Ad-
to Agents for a long thus,
Or tu
Ttllt MR (ILL' HltOS..
Ilidllinnri, Mil.
Bent by Mall or Express.
Our Seed and Plant Catalogues for
Numbering 175 psnoi. and containing
l'licli worth twlos tho enst of Cntslogucs, mulled
all ojipllranU on rooclpl ol w ccnta. v
Boaclamen, 23 Cortlandt Street, N, V,
-fiend toW O llamllton 'VliTViaf AND
n.ll llhu. fnr ono t.ot'U KUKS t b V It ll
AOUE TON10. Bunt prepaid for l.
Jiist whst ymir physician pr-scrlbes; i.n , pi-spald,
for Jl pr hottle. V W t Hamilton & Co, Druealit..
Claeimiatl.Ohlo. 60
'.M'li " iii'i'" mere moil-
li .11 .11 ,i:.Ulill:f clso.
.... niiimiii ; p:iilii nl.ii"ii
i. Hn -!( uhlithert,
AnionlKliliiRoiirxii hv lr Kllna nml I indloy, at
tlm riilladi-lpliln 1'ii'in.ir !"R'"lii'p. fl Andi Ft,
I'hlliidfli'liia, I Ai llrnm li dlll i-ii I v Dr. Pll
tmi, IWiS l . Fmirtli Hi., t'li iiiinii I, O; I'V IT.
OrriMic, riini'liitlii, N. C ; l.j- llm. l!iu!iV Tlfiiliui,
I'm- of Ihnnti iiinl A'hIihiii.'I Hti , A ' am h. Oit I.
Ih. Ilinnihiill, N. 'niiit Utioi't, f i.iiidif, Tumi.
'VIWl)i'.r.Ti:i, CANCFIl ANTII)OTIa.
NoKnlfii. Nn fniislln Meiltnluan. Ko Dlmul. Mltla
I'. I'll. 1'nr uirtHiii r, oil! I on or iiilihvM ollliur of
tlio iilinvi'.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Favor nnd Aeuo, Intormlttont Fovor,
Chill i'over, liomlttont Fuver, Dumb
A,.?ue, Poriodioal or BUious Pevor, &o.,
and indood all tho affootions which unco
from malarious, maruh, or niiasmutlo
No ono rcmoily Is loudor,
culled for hy tlm ncccssltlos of
tho Anioiioiin pdoplo tlmn a.
Biiro nml tttlt'o euro for l evor
ami Akuo. Such we tiro now
oniihleil to Oder, with a )ierfec
certainty that it uill cradioato
tho dlKttiiKp. nml with iiHBiir-
nr, fottmlcil on proof, Hint no Ilium can' uriso
iioiri its itso In nny quiititity.
That which urotocta Irom or prevents this 118-ol-dor
iniiDt bo of immense m'vlr.0 In the com-.
niiinitloj wheio It provails. J'rereiitlon IK hotter
than euro, for the iiiitleiil cscapoa tho rink which
he must run in vlolmtt nltxcks of thin baleful din
temper. This "Cuiik" expels the inintiiiiiitlo
pol.ion of i'KVBll and Anus from the syntoin,
aii'l nrevonts tlio dovelopiniMit of the illsoano, if
taken on tho llrat approm-h of Its irciiionltoi-y .
KViiilito.119. It is not only the hcxt lcnu'dy ever
vi't diwovcrcci for this eln"ii of coniplnints, hut
iilm tlio clionpot. Vlio Ihi-ro qiiunttlywo sup
ply for a dollar hrliigs it within Iho icncli of
eiei-yliody; mul in hllioua i!ilriit8, wliern
l''t:vi:tt and Ani'K prevails, overyhody aiionlil
liavo it, anil mo It freely, both for euro mul pro
tection. It i lioiiud linn ii li.-o will lilaec itwilhiu'
llm le.i.'h of till tho poor tin well as tlio rich.
A U'i'e:tt Buiioil ii'lty of litis leinody over nuy
olliorever ihwmiiul for the ppcedy und certain
euro of IntorinlttmilH In, that it t-niitainsi no Qui
niim or minoiali eoiiseipienlly It produces no
iniiiiinn or oilier iitu ioun cifei-ta whatever upon
tlio coiiKlitutioii. 'llioso cnied hy It nro loll as
lienlthy H if they had novel- liml the disenec.
Kevor and Aifiio Ih nut alone I'.ii) coiifeiiufnce
of the iiiliimiiiitiii poison. A jrrrnt variety of (lis
orders arise from it rt irritation, numiiK which
me Ncinalia, l'.lii'itii'.atl:-!!!, tiotit, Ileiulnhe,-
HlhiilnciH, Tooliini ii'!, j-.ariic-no, i niiirni, amii
ni'i, l'alpiliition, I'ainlnl Aireetioii of the tiph'rn,
lli Kt;iri,..j. l'ain in llm Ilowels, i;o)le, .I'nriilycls.-
a. id di'iMiiKomonl of tlio Htomncli, nil of w hich,1
. . 1.. ,1.1 n.. llm (.,.
WIICII oi-lKlliniiMK ' ""-"i i:"." """.'
tennili.ent type, or beeonie peiimlical. Dm
Ci;i;i:" expels the poison from tho blood, mul
:.iiii-.c(iicntlv ciiiop them till altle. It la nn in
valunlilo protection to iiiiinitfiauU find pei-fonj
travcllin1; or teinporni-llv resldinpf In tlie mala
rloui illu'lrieh. If taken occasionally or daily
wliilo pxpose.l to tlio infection, that will bo ex
creted from the system, ami cannot aeitiniulato'
in willli'ient ipiantity to ripen into diienso.
lli-nco it is oven morn val.iablo for protection
llrin oure; mid lew will cvermilfer from Inter-"
nlltenU if tlicv avail theiiiselves of tho protoc-'
linn lliin remeily affords. ...
For l.lvrr Complaint, nrlslnir from tor)ii.l--Ivof
tlio Iiver, il Ih an excellent remedy, stiin-'
ihtinjr tho Liver into healthy activity, and pro
tii -ini; many truly leuiarktiblo .cures, where
iillici- uvjdiciiiea fail.
rnrpAnto uf
Cr. J, C. AYEK-& CO., Lowell, Mas.t'
JVact teal and Analytical Chmlntn,
riticr:, ttt.on pun kottxe.
Ayer's Ciitiiartic Pills,
Tor tho relief and
Cili a nl all denniO"
inoiltft In Hie stem
noli, live. . :inil him--;
els. 1 li".-. :of n niilil
nporli'ii, nml an
(x.-elli'l:! ptli-(ratlvi.
Keinit p:i :! veyo-
Hi;., lame, ,-uittiiui
no nu'ii-nivoriiiioe-Ml
I iv!i.".!'. er. Mo. ll
Sri lnlli- i i '.1ICSS tlllll
Piili'ci In' i-; prevent-'
ed hv thoit' (iniely
hspj ami every family should have lie. niim hmul
tor tlicii' prirlci'tiiiii ami relief, when lermlred.
l.iinil rxi(!t'leni'ii tins proved llleni to he tho Mif
tl, sni'UMt, and het of all the i itin Willi whirh
the miuluit alioiind. Ily their oeea.ioiml ne,
tlio hloiiil U iniiitled, the rnmipllons of the sys--lem
expelled, ohstrui-lioim removed, nnd tlio'
Wiiote uiaeniiiery in uio leiioreu in iu in iiiiuy
ii-tiviu- lii!-.i-iiiil fivirnns whirli he.-onie eiouaed
ami sh'iira;lsli are i leaiiied hy .l.'ii i-'s uml-
stiiniilateil into nvilon. linis iiii-ip.eiu in.-en-o
a ehuiini'il into I'cil! li, the value oi wlui li i-liiin;:e,
when lvi'kiinod on the vast uiiillitiules who enjoy
il, can linrdly hn eniiipttteil. 'I lieir siiK.'ir eonluu;'
lalic'i tliem pluavuui 10 iiiko, ami lniervet. uitir
iriuiv iitihiiiiiiii'i'd fur nnv h'liutii of time, so-
thiit iev mo ever fie-h, and pei fl-eily ri'linhle.
AMhoiifj'i 8e;i-.-i'',.'..iKi tlie-jf lire n.iul, and oiierato-'
w it hout distuihani:e to tho coiulilulion, or diet, or
l ull directions nro (riven on tno wmpper to
caeh liox, how to u: o tliem as ll Katnily I hyslo,
nml for the following complaints, which Iheeo
't(fs rnpuliv euro:
Kor Ev)-iU. or IniKiroK!"". I.ltlsar
, a.itnjruor and Iho, of ,a 5iiri.r. they
elim.lil ho lakoii inoderately to stimulate Mm titoiu
tti-h, and restore its healthy lone and action.
'or J.lvvr :nirlrtint mid its varinii symp
tonis, ifitioi.a lifi-ui!ii'--h, HltV M-iil--
i'lie, JMMMmCfft or Vr r'-ll nii,:..ni,,
iut: :lic und ttiFlon fr'-v,-r, lilry sliiinlil
hn jnilii lou-iiy taken for each ease, to eon eet the"
tlit-ciii-ed notion orrcmovo'tho ohftnictioiiiiwhicli
AC:M'. Wanted, -CV
lut Will 1. '
linsllicaa Ii.. I.:
free. U. Hr-
I' ll Hand, fc'nii i .
0 ,
tatiPO it. .
lor Iyapiir,v or Itwrrl:wH, but ono:
mild iloie'is ircierally reiiulied.
Kor Khrufii'Mm, Woi-t, ftivnvnl, nl
lil'iitloii of titK Hiiure, Vxnn in She
fti.l, HJ.M'h and H-wlnn, they nhoiild be eontin-
UOlli.lv ItlKell, It; l'Clllll en, in riiaiiKe vim inmi.irr,,
iielioii of tlie system. Willi anoli cliiuiso thoso
l'nr lrjiy nml Irfl-1 rvHIn(rr
thev should ho liilien ill lui'Ke and freipii'iit Uosou
to prodiiee the elfeet of it di a .tie, piti'su.
lor Mui(ecu,lii. a laiyo doc i-lioiild ha
ttikcn, as it produces the desired efle.'i by ayra-
"''Ai)Jn Tlnnrr I'M, take, ono or two l'M$ to
promote (li'teslion nnd relieve lliirBtniiai'.h.
An oe.rn: Iniii'd done stiinlihileH the Hrnnuxlinnil
hnwehi, rrntorei Ihc nppeliliMtnil Invinnii.tos tlio
pysteill. il-.H'-o ll is oiM'il "ivii-iiaeinis unuiu
no n-riens ui-raufcenient' o U. Ono who feels
lolernhl well, olleii flndn that n doi-e of theto'
rUU maUiw him feel deiideilly better, from Iheir
c ieaiihinn mid ruitovutiii;; ull'cct ou Uio iliguolivo
ITi:rAltl.D Hf
Ir.J.C.J YnS:CO.,l'ractleul ChemUtl,
J.OWVLl,, MASS., V. 8, A,
iron sali: uy all aauumsxa gVEitYwiiEitn.
rau. . li. null ummmmamm
Mr, Davis, U. B. Senator
from West Virginia, lias intro
duced a bill for tlie establish
ment of a United States Marine
Hospital, nt rarlccrsbiirg.
iwiiiiiwihk iiiwniniiiywij
A man died in tlio Topelcn,
KanR.'H, jail a lew days ago
from the effects of long eon
tiiiui'd intoxieatioM. A cprres
poii(T"nt arraignH first the na
loonlcecper uho -sold tlm
whisky, next' the Council
which tieeiiHed tlm snhmii--keeper,
nnd finally the people
of tho State who select repre
sentatives who f.'rm the law
which ftiitliorizo. the dondjy
tralllc, as responsible for hi
Tor Ayer's Medicinos, go to G
W, Sisfion's,
NOTICK licrehy irlren n pel
bo presonted to tho Himril of Comity Oom
liiissinnfli'sol' Vlntnn county, nt their iiot !
Hi ar mission 111 Ilnrch. Wl, pinylnK I'm- tlio es
tablishment of u county ro.ul In Knox
township, in said county, us follows, hi wilt
Common, iiiff at O. R. Dell's (Ititv, on tho
pouiity r i.iil loading from Pneknrd'l M11U to
MoonvillH-, thance north tolho thlmol llouao
in diitiiet So. 8; thence to Intersect tho niMil
load I nit frinnOot't Mill to Athens, and tliaroto
Jan. Jl, 1873. . ,

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