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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 14, 1872, Image 1

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lialier sua Proprietor.)
i 11.60 PER TEAR, 1
I Is. Advanc . J
NO. 5
Railway Time.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road. TIME TABLE.
On find after Nov. 19 , 1871, Train Will
run a follow: ,
S 8
:a ; : : :
: o : : : :
: a : : ; :
: ; :
-i : ; i
3 .
a 2
'J c.
ocidt-aj ui V V 80
5 V : : a
l- i s- to .ft n
: I j ! : :2
5 in- i- w ih
: :!
J a
' to
: a
fi-o'geiS.'Z - So ijfi
3 oo3o C53a)ftNapj-S
iic -"Sf t'ISIIMIl
2 : : : : : : : : : ; :
1 1 5 2 s i i i s s s a s a ? s s s? s 2 2 q
tt "1 M
1 3-355.51:3 SS??2???X33$
0 :
; i : ;
CINCINNATI KXl'RE-'H will run dally.
All otlifl-Triciris dully, except. PundHjr.
ltoi batwenn Hivmileu and Athens.
rVi : !Jf
2 :
3 G
Partiuaontk Branoli.
Mull. Aoeommtion.
Tp. Harridan
Ar'. Prunnou1,h
Hep. Pormiiioath
Ar T. Jackion
t-fo A.
.S4 "
4.40 "
9.1s a. k.
ll'.JS "
7.0 "
19.fO "
8-.M "
'6.10 "
Traiat Codnoot at Lovolaad
far all point on the Utile Miami Railroad, and
at tbe l,i)4inoli t (.'Inclniiatl Bailroad Junc
tion far all point Wett.
W. W: rRABOdT,
ifittUr of Trantportationi
Great National Short Line Route
Great National Short Line Route East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National
Capitol and Eastward.
On and after Unnday, NoTember 19, Trains
' Vlll run aa follows :
IVn'nrtl fiUt Mail
Crprem. Lin. Erpvrft.
6 4n Am 11 00 Pro 8e Pm
ll:llm 8 OA Am lMm
64t " lOOPm S:4 "
9 80 " 4 45Pni 8:30 "
(f SO " 4 OS " 8:60 '
11 00 " (I IS " I0O0 '
iK Am 11 SO " 1:10 Pin
15 " 15Am 1:40 Am
lSWPni 8 SO Am :50Pm
400 Am 11 45 Pill ll:MAin
ItS 8 00 " 8:45 Pin
8 60 " 40S Am 8:00 '
817 4M " 8:20 "
12 03 Am 712 " 10:00 "
S 40 Pin 11 03 " 4:48Am
12 911 " 1 tfi " "
t'u m Iwrl am 1
Harieir' Ferry
Wariiftlcin Juuc'u.
Hew York
Hew York
rhiladel phla
i Arrive
Waahingtnn Junu'n.
Hrr' Terry....
Follman Palaot Drawing Boom SUopinj Cars,
Which re8 eomfortalila, clogantly furnished,
and almost eiil ton tlre-eiile, are on nllTruini
from fllunlnrlHll to Baltimore and Washington.
8ee.S:hmltlleof Marietta and Cincinnati Knil
wiit for time of arriving and departing; from
11 r Arthur. '
The Hdvantngon oftlilaronto over all otliera
li, that it give all travoler holding tlirouuli
ticket the privilege of vlslllni l! alt i more,
rhiladelphia, and the Nut.lonal Cnpltol tree.
Timeqiiir.ker and rates of fm'e lower than by
tny other line.
, The acenery alfinpr this Railway is not oquuled
for grandeur Ob tUia Continent.
This lino orTem mnnrior inducements the
ftabln on-thlrd lowartotnd from Doston,
New York, or any oilier Kiwtorn point. In or
derlucKoodiiof any description from the Kuat
aive directions to thin via Haiti more A Ohio
R. lU.nnd laihippluff Knt glvesamedirentions.
frelKhtSHlilupeil hv this route will have des.
patch, and he handled wit H. euro and lavo
shippers much money, J. L. WILHON,
MaslnrTrinsuortatlon, lSalllniore.
Oea. Freight Ag't, Baltimore.
B. B. JONtfS, Glen. Ticket Aa't, R.ilttmore.
Gen. Pass. Ag't., Cincinnati.
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette
Rail Road.
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest.
ThoGre.tt Through Mall and Exprem Pns
niiRnr Mne to Kt. Louis, Kunaas City, St.
Joseph, D'invnr, San Francisco, and all points
in M hsrv.iH. Kiiimas anl Colorado.
Tha Bliortnst rmil onlydlrent route t5 Indian
anolis, Ijafavetto, Terro Haute, OamhrldKe
Cltv, Springlleld, Peoria, Ilui'linRtnn. Chloauo,
Milwaukee, St. Paul, and all points In the
The Indlnnnpolls, Cincinnati and Lafayette
Railroad, with Its connections, now ofl'ors pas
sengers mni'O fiU'-llltios In Til rou kIi Couch and
Bleeping Oar Hervleo than any otho rlimoin
Oiniilnuittl, having the advimtnM ol 'Ihou
Dully Cars from Cincinnati to Ht. louls. Kan.
sas City, Ht. .lonaplt, l'oorlri.BurlinKton.ChlcaKO,
Omaha, and all lutormnillata polntH, presontlnK
to ColoTiiits and Famllios moll comforts and
accommodations aa are affonlod by uo other
Through Tickets and Baggage Chocks to all
Trains leave Olnolnnatl at 7:30 A.M., 8:00 P.
H, and :0O P. M.
Tlcknta can he obtained at No. 1 Burnet
House, cornor Third and Vines Publlo Land
ing, enrnur Main and Itlveri also, at Depot,
oorner Plum mid Pearl StrnaM, Olnnlnnatl, O.
Uo sure to purnhruie tickets via Indianapolis,
Cincinnati and Lafayottcl Hull road.
(MC I.OItl), (i. h, BAKIIIKOKR,
Chief Tlnkul Clerk, Master Transportation,
CluoinuaM, Cincinnati.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railway.
On niul ii Iter Uuuuuiber 10th, 1S71,
Tiuius will
run ns luiiows:
Athens o.SO a. tt.
Columbus... 9:4S A. M.
Pittahurgli.. 0:4 P. .
SiUHlnskv... 6:00 "
Clovclnnd... 8:B0 "
BnringneUl. 12:25 "
Xcnliv 12:MS "
Duvton 1-S0 "
lilcbmond... 8:15 "
liuliunupolls 0:10 "
Chicago 12:15 A. M.
2:20 r. m.
. Arrive.
8.40 P. M.
2:2(1 k. U-
0;00 "
3:30 , "
:50 I. M.
7:31 "
8:80 "
11:J "
3:S0 1. S.
8:30 "
Clnso oonnoctinn ntnde at Lancaster for Clr
Rlnvillo, Znnfsvillo, nnd nil poinU on the Cin
clnniilland MusklllKtini Ynlloy Itiillrond,
Direct ronncctlons liindo nt Lo hi minis for
D.fytoa, Kpiingllolil, IiHliHiinpiilU, Chicago,
Hint nil iinlnts Went. Also, lor ('lovcluml,
Ilnffulo. PittKhnrKh, nnd nil points F.nst.
Take tho Honking Viillov und Pan Handle
route to Chlcngo und the North west, it is the
shortest by slxtv-sl) mllfs, giving pnfwoiiL'ers
the bMcri t of tjidi'licf tiinviiui iower'rutes
Ihun by any other lino.
, 8iipurinteudnt.
E. A. Buell, Oon'l Ticket Ag'i.
of Cars!
Owned Kft il opersted fry one Company from Cin
cinnati to St. Louis, ibei'efore pu&sungein are
I HE ol being currlcU througli without uhango
of cm s
the poKslbillty incident toother routes (which
nre iiiinle up of eeverul iftiort ro.idi) of niinsing
connections, andsiilijuetln their passenger tii
d isif leualjle eliaugcs.
Families and Others Seeking Homes
In the rich vnllpys and on the fertile prnirles of
weMnrn Missouri, Kunsus, Nelivaka, Colorado,
or the more clihtnrit State ol Ciillfornin, will con
sult their own interest by calling on or address
ing the undersigned, Contracting Agent, as a
long ivhi.leuce in tiie western country lias fa
miliarized liliu with the best localities.
This Rout is ST milos Shortor than
via Ijuliauapolis.
Can be purcltrrsed at all th Principal Ticket
Oflic.e of Connecting Lines, ami in Cincinnati
at th Qeneiul Ufilces of tho Company,
110 Vine Street,
Broadway, Corner Front Street,'
Main Street, COrner Levee, and at De
pot Foot or Mill Street,
Contracting as songer Agent,
119 Vin 8t Cincinnati, Ohio.
And The .
Tbe completion of tho Louisville Division of
this road and the splendid equipment tor pass
enger travel makes this tin
South and Southeast.
With Direct Connections from tho Sast for
Louisville Without Change of Cars I
This it the only road whose trains leave Cin
cinnati and passengers ai delivered at depots,
hotels or residences in Lotiisvlllo FItKE.
Ask for Tickets via Ohio b
and take ho others.
Can b. purchiuedat all the
Principal Ticket Offices of
At the denei-al OOleesof tbfl Company
Broadway, Corner Front Street,
Main St., cor. Levee,
and at the Depot, loot of Mill Street.
Edward Gallup,
Contracting Pasienger Agent.
lilt Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
On and after MONDAY, May lHlli.1871, Ex
preis Trains will kbave COLUMBUS and
OKESTI.IN'K and iBiuvs at points named be
low, as follows:
Buffalo. ..,
No. a.
12:80 p ill
. 8:4ft p in
10:80 pm
No. 4.
4:10 p in
A :lr p in
t :45 p m
4:10 pm
6 :4& a ni
7:05 a m
2:00 pm
11:20 pm
8-H.Vp in
125 a. m
11 25 a m
9 40 p in
8 2op m
8 15 p in
No. 6.
2:35 am
4 :40 p m
11:00 am
t 85 a m
J 45 p ill
3 40am
Niagara Falls. ,
..7:00 a 111
rtociiester. . .
,.9 :45 am
.few York Cltv
. .8;X)p m
Crcs til no
Washington .
.. l'243p m
.. (8.1pm
.. 715am
. .10 40 a in
.. 1 lOp in
111S m
7.7T8P p in
,, 1 50 a in
...12 10 pin
7 00 am
7 45 p m 6 R5am
I lft a m 11 25 a m
T 20 a m 0 00 p m
Kout Wsyn .
fto5"I"o. 4, leaving ColiimhuR at 4:10 p. m.
has a Through Caretii Delaware for Springfield,
ronchlngSprlngfleld wltlioutchnngeat7:!!0pm.
Train No. a on the Columbus A Hocking Val
ley Railroad connect with No. 4 Train. Through
Tickets for sale nt Athene.
l'ASaKXGKTl TRAINS rntnrnfng arrlvo at
Columbus at 12:30 a. in. 11:15 a.m. and 9:60 a. m.
BSTPahce Day and. Sleeping Cars
On All Train.
l"No 8" leaving Columbus at 2:35 a m, on
Sunday, runs through without detention, by
both Kris nnd Now YVk Central Railways,
arriving at New York on Monday morning at
For iinrtloular Information in regard to
through tickets, tlineennneotinna, etc., to all
points East. West. North and South, apply to
or address k. Fo tin, Oolumbus, Ohio.
K. B. FLINT. Onn. anporintohdont.
Ocn. Agent, Columbus, 0.
Pnasengor Agent. Oofnmbns, O:
, Estate of "William Francis.
Probate Court, Vinton County, Ohio. '
NOTICE I heroby arlven that Jesse Francis,
Administrator of sold estate, ha filed
herein ills account with the snine for partial
settlement; im( that tbe herring thereof is set
Saturiay, the 2 day of MaM, 1872,
Atllo'clocli A M. H. MAYO,
'olrurj 7, 1573 It Trobtte Judge
Sluts of Ohio, Ylntm Coiniy. ...
Harry Blugiism. PlnlritlfT,
.. iu . , . against .
. K. F. Hingbam et. al., Defendants.
In Vinton County Court ot 'Common Pleas.
Order ol Hale.
Pursuant to thecommand of an hriiof of sale
Issued from the Court of Common Plonsof Vin
ton county, nnd to me dlrootcd as WherlDf of
said county, I will ofler for sale. nt the 4oor of
the Cou rt flouse, n the town of McArthnr, Vin
ton county, OliW, on'
Monday, the 19th day of February,
. A. D. 1872, . ,
Atthehotiroflo'clrfcTt P. SI, of snld day, the
(ollowlligdcscriocdltiRds and tenements, sit
uated in i be county of Vinton, and ituto of
Ohlo.to-wlt; -
Tlioequnl undivided half of theNorth hnlf of
tne Mouin-ensi (iiaricroi isociion iiumuer iiur
tv-onn31J township number nine , Runge
n'uniher, eighteen IT8.1 except fifty-live acres
off of the West side of said tractsold byWU-
lliim C.'tlrln fnliporirn Pttr.lcpr.
A i.8u, tho equal undivided hnlf of the North
hnlf of the Mouth-west quarter of Section num.
her thlrtv-two 183.1. Township number nine 9,1
Range nninhnr eighteen lg;J the enlire nnui-
riiee 01 acrrs'orTrnicn wio uuuivioeu onu it
4i('!'tiuy convoyed, brjhig one hundred and five
acrr-s, more or loss.
Taken a$ the property of E. F. Blnglum to
sntlniy a Judgment of the aforesaid Court in
favor of Hurry Ilinghum.
Appraised at Five Hundred and Twenty-live
Dol (am 8525 00, and must bring two-thirds of
that sum.
Terms of Sale Cash In hand.
, Sheriff Vinton County.
Smith 4Gnnnlng,.AH'yfof Plaintiff.
January 17, 187Mw-l4
StitttofWUo, finion County.
George A. Gold, Plaintiff,
Themas J. Musters and Wife, Defendants.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleat.
Orderof Salo".
Piirsunnt to theconnnaiidof an order of snlo
In the above cause. Issued from the Court of
Common Picas of Vinton county, Ohio, and to
me directed as Sheriff of said county, I will of
fer at public sale, at the door of the Court House,
in the town ol.McArtluir, in said Vinton coun
ty, on
Monday, the i$th day of February,
A.D. 1872,
Atthojionrof S.o'eloekP. M. of snld day, the
following described binds and tenements, sit
unte in the county of Vinton, and State of Ohio,
The North-west qnnrter of the South-west
quarter of Section Number twenty-six 120;1
nlso, the South-east quarter of the South-east
quarter of Section Number twenty -sven (27 ;
all In Township number ten 110. ltnnge
nineteen 1ft ViuTon county, Ohio, and con
taining eighty 80 acres, inure or less.
Taken no the property or Thomas J. MnRters,
to satisfy ajudgmeuto'f the said Court ii favor
Of (leorg'e A. Cold.
Appraised at Two Hundred and Seventy-five
Dollars $275 00, and must bring two-thirds of
that sum. ...
Terms of Sulo Cash in hnnd.
Bhei'ifl Vinton County.
D, Tt Shivel, Att'v for Plaintiff.
January 17, 18T5w-18X
Staltnf OMo, Vinton County.
Thomas II. Shaffer, Plaintiff,
AndrewG. Klllott, Admlnlstrntorof the Estate
of Willtnui Tro, deceased, nrtd Matilda K.
Tyo, and otliers, Dafendants.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleas. Or
der ot Sale.
Piirsunnt to liieconiinand of an order of sale
issued from the Court of Common IMes of Vin
ton county, and tomodlreeted as Sheriff nt said
county. I will offrr for sale t the door of the
Court House, in the town of Mc Arthur, Vinton
county, Ohio, on
Monday, the Vtth day of Felruary,
A. D. 1872,
At tho honrof o'clock P. M. of said day, the
following ilescrihcd premises, to-wlt:
Situate in the township of Harrison, and
county of Vinton, lind State of Ohio, and known
ns the South-east quarter of tho Houth-enst
qusrterof Section X umber Kight 8. and the
Xorth-enst qnarter of tho South-enst quarter of
Section Number Eight 8, excepting Ten aers
off the North slilo of snld North-east quarter;
and, also. the Nortli-west quarter of the fiouth
west quarter of Section Number Nine (9). All
of the aforesaid Lots are In Township Number
Nino 9.1 of ltnnge Number Nineteen 19. nnd
estimated to contain One Hundred and Ten
Acres, be tbe same more or less, but subject to
all legal highways.
Taken as (lie property of Wllllum Tyo, de.
reused, and Matilda K.Tvo.to satisfy ajutlgment
of Htld Court in favor of Thomas 11. Sliallcr.
Appraised at Six Hundred and Twenty Dol
lars HtBOOO, snd must bring two-thirds of that
Term of sale Cash in hand on the day of
Sheriff Vinton County.
D. B.Bhivel, Att'v for I'laintilT.
January 17,1872-5w-13X
be presented to the Board of Caunty Com
missioners of Vinton county, nt their nest reg
ular session in March, 1872, praying forthe es
tablishment of a connty road in Vf llkesville
township, in said county, as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at tho Gallipolls road at Eliza
beth Llston; thence in a Northerly direction
along the most practicable route, through the
lands of Mrs. Steele, Abol Wells, Mr. Jones,
Martin Daffoy, Edward Fletcher and Amos
Hartley, to intersect the Wilkesville and Juck
son Road a short distance West of Edward
Fletcher's, and thore toend.
January 24, 1872-41
NOTICE Is hereby given, that in pursuance
of tbe statutes In such cases provided, I
will offer for sale at the door of the Court Iloase,
in MoArthur, Vinton county, Ohio, on
Thursday, February 15, A.D. "1872,
At 1 o'clock P.M., at not less than the tnprafs
ed vnlu thereof, the following lands situated
in the townsnlp of Vinton, in said county, to
wlt: The North hnlf of the South-east quarter, oc
tion twenty-nine (29,)Township nine (9,) Rungs
sixteen 16 1
AppratHPil at $240.
Also the South half of the South-enst qnnrter,
section twenty-nino 29, Township nine 9,
Rango sixteen 10.1
A ppraised at $240.
Also t lie South tmlfof the South-wostquarter,
section twenty-nine 2?, Township nlue 9,
Ktwgesixiecn iin.i
en at if liio.
Also the North hnlf of the South-west quar
ter, section twenty-nine (20,) Township nine 9,
linage sixteen 1(1 j
Appraised at 5 1 00.
' TEH in or SAM:
One-twelfth of the purchase mosey to bepaid
at the time of sale, and the tmllnuce in eleven
annuul Installments of equal amount with an
nual interest thereon.
' Auditor Vinton Co.,0'
Dooember SO, 1871.
The world uses 250,000,000
pounds of tea each year, and
718,000,000 pounds of coffee.
China furnished nearly all. the
tea, and Brazil over one-half
of the coffee. 1 '
In the Civil Seivice report,
the extraordinary 1 nnd suggest
ive fact is stated; that the cost
of collecting the Federal taxes
amounts to one-fourth of the
T. "W. 33 citron.,
KDlTOIt AiWP rB01lKTO. ' ' '
feiNci the first ol January a new
rule prevails as to tha . redemption
of dofaeod and mutilaipd notes and
fractional currency. Instoad of be
ing subject 6h' reccij) to discount
for mutilation, they ..win. bo redeem
able nt thoir full value in new notos,
providingt that thrcihs of the
'oriiiarpropoftton of such notes,
are represented Ms due pieco. .
True. A man may borrow mon
ey, steal from a widow, discount his
own whiaky bill, or "nip" a prayer
book from a dying hoathen, and still
have some chance of pardon, but
when ho swindles 'a poor printer
out of his bill we think the devil
bus such a firm crip on the seat of
his pantaloons that repentance and
forgiveness are out of tho question.
Tni following is the latest pro
gramme' iuiuod for the observance
of wadding anniversaries, viz: 1st
anniversary, iron; 5th anniversary,
wooden; 10th anniversary, tin; 15th
anniversary, crystal; 20th anniver
sary, silver; 30th anniversary, cot
ton; 35th anniversary, linen 40th
anniversary, woolen; 45th anniver
sary, silk; 50lh anniversary, golden,
and 75th anniversary, diamond.
The Schoolday Visitor Maoa-.
zine for February, tomes to our ta
ble with a splendid array of articles.
"Our Fellows," Ilarry Cnstlemon's
new story now appearing in the
Visitor, is one of this talented and
popular author's very best, and can
not help creating a sensation among
our boys and girls everywhere.
Send a green stamp to J. W. Dacoh
adat&Co, Publishers, Philadel
phia, Pa., and got a sample number
of the Yfaitor for examination.
Writing on Newspapers. The
following is tho act of Congress in
relation to Writing upon newspa
pers or other periodicals sent by
"If any poraon shall enclose or
conceal a letter, or other thing, or
any memorandum, in writing, in a
newspaper, pamphlet or magazine,
or make any Writing thereon which
he shall huvo delivered into any
post office or to nny person for that
purpose, in order that tho Bame
mayle sent by post free of letter
postage, he slu.ll forfeit tho sum of
$5 for every offense and the letter,
newspaper, package, memorandum.
or other thing shall not be deliver
ed to tho person to whom it is di
rected, until the amount of single
letter postage is paid for each arti
cle of which tho package is compos-
ea. u. 8. statute, (Section 316.
Social Statistics. We glean a
few facts of general interest from
the roport of the Socretary of State:
Thore were in Ohio, for the rear
ending April 1, 1871, 59,957 births,
ot which d48 were illegitimate.
During the same period there were
25,149 deaths, of which about 700
were negroes.
The total number of marriages
during the year was 24,627.
The number of r divorce suits
brought was 2,255. The number
granted, 1,077.
The number of person natural
ized for the year ending July 1,
1871, was 2,290, of these the Ger
mans were by one-third more nu
merous than any other nationality.
During the year ending July,
1871, 6 porsons wore executod, 325
sent to the penitontiary, 22 sent to
tho Roform Farm, 145 imprisoned
in the County jail, and 1,812 fined.
Those prosecutions cost 9115,995,
of which $25,805 wore collected for
defendants. : -
The business of the Civil Courts
is 'slowly increasing, but is much
less than bofore the war, and dur
ing the first two years of the war.
The number of paupers fn Ohio
in 1871 is 5,517 a gradual docroase
since 1869.
There were, in 1871, 131 National
Banks, with a capital of $22,765,
910, and 148 private banks, with a
capital of $5,113,408.
Geo. P. Holcomb ia the
lucky man among the patriots
waiting to serve as postmaster
at Cliillicothe, having been ap
pointed to that position by the
President last week. , What
was his gift? It must have
been either a box . of cigars, a
keg of Bourbon or a "yaller
dorg purp."
The Galaxy for 1872.—A
First-Class Magazine.
The (3alaxy has now entered on
the seventh year of its existence,
under circumstances' of unusual
prosp'ority. . ' , .
This Magazine has from the first
occupied a field entiroly its own.
The aini of the Galaxy has boon to
discuss promptly every great sub
ject whith is uppormost in thepub
lie mind, and to have the discussion
carried on by our ablest and best
known men in each department,
These papers', by conspicuous
public men, on national topics ' of
importance,'' will bo continued,' and
will embrace, contributions fro'ni the
most prominont of our living states
men on questions of national in
A new series of papers by Judge
Jeremiah Black (whoso former ar
ticles attracted so much attention)
will soon appear in the Galaxy, al
so other articles by our most prom
inent statesmen, which tho publish
ers are not yet at liberty to an
In the January numbor commen
ces a series of articles by General
G, A.Custer, undor the title of "My
Life on tho Plains." Judging from
tho first article, and from the wild
and romantic experience which
Goneral Custer has had as a cavalry
officer among tho Indians, these pa
pers cannot fall to be of very great
interest. They will continue
through the year,
The sketches of prominont living
public characters by Justin McCar
thy will be continuod. Mr. McCar
thy is one of the most charming of
magazine writers.
One of the most widely known
hnd popular of American humorists
will begin early in the year a se
ries of articles original in forrd and
The serial stories of the Galaxy
hato always commandod the widest
attention. Those for the year 1872
will be by writers who have now a
powerful bold on American roaders.
The Galaxy serials have been by
such writers as Charles Reado, An
thony Trolloff, Justin McCarthy,
Mrs. Annie Edwards, and J. W. De
An cx-Sbakeress begins in the
January number the story of her
"Fifteen Years Among the Shakers"
a narrative that will throw much
light on tho interior life of that
strange community,
The "Scientific Miscellany" of
the Galaxy has proved so generally
popular that tho publishers seek to
make it still more deserving of the
attention of intelligent readers. The
department is prepared by a dis
tinguished scientist, whoso relations
with the leading scicntifio men of
England, and Europe generally, aro
such as to suable the Galaxy to
keep abreast of tho latest facts.
Mr. Edward Crapsoy, whoso, pa
pers entitlod "The Nether Side of
New York," in tho last two vol
umes of the Galaxy, en joyed so much
favor, will contribute further artU
clcs descriptive of criminal and low-
lifo in the groat cities, Mr. Crap-
sey writes from the personal obser
vation, and with a style of singular
simplicity and clearness.
In the department of literary
criticism tho Galaxy will have the
assistanco of some of the clearest
and brightest intellsoti la the coun
try. The Galaxy gives great care to
the selection of short stories from
the large number offered its editor,
and makos them a noticeable feature
of each numbor of the magazine.
The Galaxy is edited with tho
nicest possible appreciation of the
publie taste, and sooms fitted to
meet the wants of every momber of
the family,
For the trifling sxponse of $4.00
por year one may obtain the Galaxy
a vast amount of instructive ana
entertaining reading; and, wore
this his only source of culture, one
could not fall very far bohind tho
spirit of the age,
Address Sheldon & Co., No; 677
Broadway, New York City.
Mr. Sherwood", of Pennsyl
vania, has introduced a bill in
Congress, providing for a re
turn to specie payment.
Specie ; payment is 'a nice
thing to contemplate, but we
find it unite difficult to make
payment in greenbacks. .,;
Brigham Young and President
Grant in Partnership
— Poligamy to
Stand Firm.
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
A beautiful mess the Admin
istration has made of Mormon
prosecutions. It started out
to crush Polygamy with a
flourish of trumpets and air of
outraged virtue, and boaating
ly announced that it would se
cure the suppression of the
"twin relic" if it required the
whole power of the Govern
ment. Justice McKean, fool
islily bolieveing that the Ad
ministration was -. m earnest;
we:it at tne work with a Will.
Very soon he had Brigham
Young and most of his apostles
under arrest' on the charge of
murder, and committed them
witout bail. Though his pro
ceedings were believed to be
illegal, his most arbitrary acts
were .most loudly applauded.
and he had reason to believe
that, he was carrying out the
will of the powers that be.
Suddenly, District-Aattorney
JJates wllo seemed to be in
possession of later information
from Washington than was
J udge McKean discovered
that the Court's treasury Was
! - et ;
m a pamiui impecunious con
dition, and the prosecution
could not go on. lie accord
ingly secured a continuance of
tbe cases, and posted off to
Washington. About this time
a decided Mormon agitation
for the admission of Utah as a
State is observable. , Instruc
tions forwarded from Washing
ton to Judge McKean, order
ing him to accept bail in the
cases of Brigham and his apos
tles, lhe Judge Bull strange
ly obtuse, denies the motion
and will loose his official head
for his temerity. Tbe milk in
this huge mormon coconnut is
just here: Grant and Brigham
1 oung are co-conspirators.
The party of the first part
agrees to lend his aid to secure
the admission of Utah in
defience of the new apportion
ment Jaw ot Congress, and to
back Brigham against United
States Courts. In consideration
of which the party of the
second part agrees to carry the
electoral vote of the new State
for Grant and electoral votes
are just now an object of con
siderable interest to Mr. G..
more, in fact, than is the sup
pression of polygamy. In ful
fillment of this contract it is
to day given out from Wash
ington that the Mormon pros
ecutions are to be discontinued.
The rest will follow in due
Tunnel Line.
At the special term of the
the Court of Common Pleas in
this county, on Monday, a de
cree of the Court was entered
fully authorizing and empow
ering the Marietta and Cincin
nati Eailroad Company, as re
organized, to change its line
from a point east ot the Uanal
bridge we3t of the C. & II. "V.
Depot, thence by the Curves
and tangents of the old line
known as the "Tunnel Route,'1
along north of the town, and
to intersect the present line on
lands of James R. Cable, Esq.
Next will come the condem
nation of such rights of way as
are not already secured, and
then the early progress of
[Athens Messenger.
The Ironton Journal, of the
25th ult., says, a few days
since sixteen German saloon
keepers of that city met and
formed an association of mu
tual protection. They agreed
to sell nothing but lager beer
and wine, nor even these . bev.
eragesto an intoxicated per
son or to habitual drunkards, a
list of whom is furnished each
member of the society. Should
a member, who has obeyed the
constitution and by-laws ot the
society, be mulcted in dam
apes bv the courts each mem
ber will bear an equal shar in
the payment of them. '
The attitude of England in
regard to Alabama'Claima is
exciting a vast deal of feeling,
and affording the. press upon
both sides of the water a fine
opportunity to' vapor; ! "TfTj
dissatisfaction '.of'' England ra
quite natural, but we see noth
ing in the , Way of an amicable
adj ustmeht." "A great deal bf
importance will' attach to the
Gjueeri's utterances at the open
ing of Parliament. . We' have
read that which 'purports
to be the text of her speech)
but its reliability niay be .se
riously questioned. It would..,
be ' difficult " to " estimate the"
complication which the mis
understanding . may lead td;
but there is certainlv . as veti
no ground for alarm. '
The Colurabiis and Hockinrf
Valley Railroad has been in
operation about a year, - and
the Logan Republican says the
road runs through 30 miles oi:
their countv. IldckirjA vet th
or i
average Selling price of land
along that 30 miles, baa in
creased in actual market value
about twice as much as the en
tire amount subscribed by the
people tor the en, tire road, from
Columbus to Athens; r
And compare that increase
in value with the amount sub
scribed in'llockirjg cdilnty1.
The citizens subscribed $50,
000 to the construction of that
road; and their property bjr '
reason of the roadf is ; to-day
worth one million and: a half
dollars more than before it was
For every $100 , given , by a
property ownef to the Rail
road, the Railroad gave him
$3,000. Was that a good in
vestment? '
We see it asserted by a Re
publican paper that, in moving
to place printing' material find
type on the free list, Mr. Veor
hees strikes a blow at tho
working classes. Let us sea.
there is little or no typrj im
ported here. 'fcThe duty is
merely a bonus to type foun
ders. Type which costs 02
cents in Toronto per poticd,
A -TAT V i I., r
costs in new iorK vo :ents
er pound which gives at once
he amount of the bounty we
are paying. The theory of ad
vantage to the greater indus
trial interest would require
that the bounty should be in
some way reversed, for the
statistics show- that while the
printing interests employ $75,-
UW,000 and over 30,000 skill
ed mechanics, the type founders
employ but 1,500,000 and
1,200 mechanics. It is a poor
rule, even of protection, to tax
30,000 mechanics for the ad
vantage of 1,200 and a couple
of dozen wealthy firms.
One hundred hands are
working on the tunnel of the.
Atlantic and Lake Erie 'rail
road, south of New Lexington,
Perry county, and expect to
have it completed by May
next. It will be six hundred
feet long.
At an enthusiastic meeting
in Dayton Saturday evening,
in the interest of the Southern
Ohio railroad, $25,000 was
subscribed, which puts Day
ton's entire subscription within,
ten thousand dollars of her
allotments. ..
The Ohio Legislature has
spent four weeks, and as yet
has done but 'little beyond
counting the vote and. electing
a United States Senator. It
costs about $1,000 a day to,
run this concern, and hence
the present outlay is not far
short of $28,000,
We appeal to the Republi
can majority to go to work,
Athens Messenger.
California boasts of 75,000
fruit trees on 426 acres of
A well executed $20 note on
the National Bank of New
York is in circulation in Mil

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