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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 14, 1872, Image 2

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l)c (Enquirer,
limldii.R, North Bide of JMalu Street., Kasl
Court llouse.
J. W. BOWES) Editor.
McArthur,- February 14, 1872.
Democratic State Central Exeoutlve Com-nllteet.
Tbomcinborsof the Demperntie Btnta Cen
tral and Executive Committees of Ohio, and
nllother Pcmocrats In Ohio who can attend,
are Invited to meet in Columbus, oo THURS
DAY. 189, at I o'clock P. M.
. . O.N.AIXEN.
J. 8. CIUIX, Soc'y. Chairman,
,. The Connecticut Democratic
'State Convention assembled at
Kew Haven,' on the Gth inst.,
and nominattd R. D. Hubbard
for Governor.'
TTnn. "William Allen, of
Ohio, ia said to be the sole sur
vivor of the United States
Senate of 1837-8, when Clay,
wWpt nnd Calhoun were
anions: its members.
John McLean, Cleric of the
United States Courts for the
Southern District of Ohio, died
on Saturday morning la9t. Mr.
McLean was the eldest son of
the late Justice ' McLean. He
was appointed Clerk in 1858.
The remains of Mrs. Yallan
digham, wife of the late Hon.
C. L. Vallandigham arrived in
Dayton, on Saturday, the 10th
inst.; from Cumberland, Md.,
where she died last August.
Her body will be placed along
side of that of her husband, in
the family burial lot.
" The Washington corres
pondent of the Cincinnati En
quirer says an effort was made
in the House, on the Gth inst.,
to re-open the election in the
Third Ohio District, but it
failad.. Col. E. D. Campbell
says that if Schenck still feels
the sting of his defeat, he pro
poses that they both resign
their respective offices and go
before the people for re-election.
A fow days since tho Senator sent
his Printing Bill, to fix tho rate of
legal advertising, to tho publishers
ofa loading Republican papor in
Northern Ohio, with a requoet that
the person to whom it was sent
should givo lua candid opinion in
relation to it. Tho opinion wa
given in theso words, signed with
tho proper name of tho printer to
whom it was sent: "I think tho
author of this bill a d d fool, and
hold raysolf personally responsible
for that opinion." Of courso Jones,
of Trumbull, didn't liko that opin
ion, but ho had to take it. Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
While at Columbus a few
davs airo. we were
that this "Jones from
bull county," ia a lawyer.
Most of the lawyers of Ohio
are poissessed of common sense,
but his "limb of thd law," is
surely destitute of the quanti
ty , and quality- of common
sense that a mule colt ought
to have. (D d fool" is a very
mild name for even a political
friend to apply to him. "Won
der if he intend to introduce
a bill fixing prices for- farmers
to sell corn, oats, potatoes, and
other "legal" eatables? Or t
bill fixing the prices of horses,
cattle, sheep, Trumbull county
mules, hogs, etc.? This "legal"
rate lawyer, who is seeking
fame-by cutting the throats of
poor printers, had better re
sign his dishonored seat in the
Senate, go home and ask the
Trumbull county editor who
labored faithfully night and
d&y for his election-to forgive
him for, attempting to break
down the paper that advocated
bis election... The Senate' would
be. much better off. without the
"dl & fool."' The Legislative
cxpenees are one thousand dol
lars per day, and the- people
don't want tb-pay three or four
thousand dollars for the use
less time that may be- taken up
in wrangling about such a bill,
only to please- the "dd ioo
author of it."
Th length of the Texas Pa
cific railway is to b 1,CU
"What is the Legislature
NVt.h?nrr. , It has been
session about six weeks, at
cost of one thousand dollars
per day to tho people, and has
accomplished nothing tnat win
be of the least benefit to the
people of Ohio. Last Friday
wfifik it adiourned until the
Tuesday following. On Tues,
day afternoon it reassembled.
Onlv 1G of the 3G members
were present in the Senate.
No business could be transact
ed, except to draw its share of
the thousand dollars.
In the House only 47 of the
102 members were present.
Of course the body adjourned
to draw a portion of the one
thousand dollars fier day,,:.. "
A Good Example for McArthur.
The town of Hancock, New
Hampshire, owes no money.
It has paid up everything
war bills and all other bills
and the stocks which .it holds
now defray all the municipal
expenses. At the last town
meeting it was voted to raise
the sum of one dollar, and it
has been done, without issuing
any proposals for a loan. This
must be an extremely pleasant
village to reside in, always
taking it for granted that it
maintains good roads, good
schools, at least one good fire-
engine, and a good and suffi-pond.
It is announced that the
Marietta Railroad Company,
in connection with the Ohio
and Mississippi Railroad Com
pany, propose to unite and
build a superb depot between
Pearl and Second and Central
Avenue and Smith street in
Cincinnati. The design is the
depot shall be 150 feet front by
700 feet deep, the work to be
carried as soon as the right of
way in the streets can be ob
tained. '
The most remarkable case of
official generosity that has ever
been known of, in the United
States, occurred in Chicago,
when the Board of Commis-
ssioners voted to reduce tueir
salaries from $3,000 to $500
per annum. The cause mov
ing to this unprecedented act,
is unknown, but from past
history, we are almost com
pelled to the belief that it is
an evidence of insanity. They
undoubtedly should be shrined
as saints by the good people of
Chicago, and their names will
be handed down to posterity,
as further proof of the fact that
there still exists in this world
of ours, some officials, who are
not public thieves, and have
yet, lingering hi their breast, a
spark of the goodness possess
ed by man in the golden age.
The Citizens of Rhode Island
who are disfranchised by the
property qualification for suf
frage are slimmer a petition to
Congress, asking the National
Government to enforce in the
amendments to the Constitu
tion of the United States. The
paDer will be entrusted to some
Western Senator or Congress
man, as none of the Represen
tatives from Rhode Island fa
vor the enfranchisement of nat
uralized citizens. The Radical
amendment to the Constitution
says "the right of citizens of
the united btates to vote-shall
notbe dsrtied or abridged by
the United States or by any
State on aecqnnt of race, color,
previous condition of servitude'
We do- not see that
this prevents a property qualification,
such as exists iu Rhode
A society for the prevention
of swearing has been organized
in one of the New York
churches. The members of
the society are of the . opinion
that if they can convert Horace
Greeley and Henry Ward
Beecher to- their way of think
ing and' talking they .will have
put a stop to aboui one-half the
swearing that is' done- in; the
The jail at Woodstock, Yt.,
is to be let, not having any
[For the McArthur Enquirer.
Correction of Falsehoods.
.. Mb. Editor: YYitu yom
oermission. I write a few lines
for your columns in answer to
an article in the - 8x10, up the
9treet from vou. in regard to
the Randall and Stotsberry
' The Honorable Editor o
that lying sheet has pitched
into me again in his colunins
In his article he has told nine
teen notorious falsehoods be
ing a fair sample of the truth
fulness of that filthy, meddle
some sheet, I can prove that
they are lies by' from three to
six ffood, reiiaoie witnesses
and the article proves itself
false by saying I was helping
the bovs unload a log when
the fuss commenced, and then
saying the boys came to where
I was at work and informed
of the trouble. .." Neither
that editor nor his informant
can tell a tale that will bear
its own weight. That paper
is considered by good Repub
licans the most Jyinsr sheet
ever published in the county
I am an old Republican and
have "watched the corners
close, and am fully satisfied that
that paper damaged the party
at least 100 votes last fall, for
when a man sees an article re
peated in that papei, he be
comes convinced that it is a
lie. The only reason the afore
said editor can have for pitch
ing into me is my taking a
stand against the whisky ring
of McArthur, and using my
influence for the regular nomi
uee for Common Pleas J udge,
and saying nothing more than
any other sober, honest man
would and did say; some men
don't like to say it right out,
but I have it on tho front of
my house. As to the Stots
berry fight, I am all right. As
for the editor of the Nuisance,
he had better pin on a pair of
false ears and sell himself to
Dr. "Wolf, as the Dr. some
times deals in that kind ot
stock. Let the editor Bray.
In the recent meeting of the
Republican National Execu
tive Committee, Mr. C. C.
Fulton, of Baltimore, offered a
resolution that persons holding
office under the Government
should refrain from acting as
delegates to the Philadelphia
Convention. lbe resolution
was promptly declared out of
order, and Mr. Fulton was
only too glad to withdraw it
when he discovered tho con
sternation he had created.
Such a step would be fatal to
(irant s prospects ot renomma
tion.t It would be next to
impossible to hold a National
Convention of brant Kadicals
without the office holders. The
proposition was a very stupid
one to come from a friend of
the Administration who- is
himstlf a Maryland office hol
der. The iUdde"fwrd(NIas'.) Dem
ocrat has found the meanest
man. He recently took a bar
rel of flour from a destitute
tenant in payment for rent.
The flour had been procured
by subscription by members of
the Methodist Church1, of which
Unele Joe was a member, and
presented it to him. The mer
ciful landlord was also a mem
ber of the church.
A Sharp Demand to be
Made on Spain for an
Florida case have been recei
ved at the Navy Department.
They have been forwarded to
the State. Department. By
order of the President, 1 a
demand will at once be made.
in a manner that will admit of
no evasion, for explanation, ap
ology and full satisfaction. The
attitude of this governmenfcwfll
bo unyielding in defense of the
assailed bonor ot oar flag. Mini
ster Roberts is perfectly aware
of the fcelincr whioh prevails,
and has undoubtedly notified
government that there ia no
evasion from either ample apol
ogy or war.
Rail Road Meeting at
wesapposo hal sent ns a copy of the urban
CilOunantt Oattli containing an account of tile
railroad mooting in thelnterostof thoFarmors,
e Miners' R&ltrid,hold at that place, on Tuns,
dnjr, February Bti. We here givo the account
of tho meeting lufullias our renduri nil wunt to
hesr the "newt about tile railroad";
The largest Rail Road meet
inar ever nem in our uitv.-was
held at the City Hall, Thursday
afternoon, in the interest of the
Farmers fc Miners Rail Road
Co. City Hall was densely
crowaea -Hiceraiiy .. pacicea
with people, all . intensely
interested Aa the work, Hon.
W.II.Langley, President of the
GallipolhJ McArthur & Col
umbus IiRCo., was present,
being accompanied by Mr.
Griffith, ait Eminent Geologist,
witn a large iot .or specimens,
of Coal and Iron Ore, . taken
from the hhe of the F.&M,
Rail Road, running through
Vinton Conty and also' along
the line ctne u, McA. C.
Road, v ;.! ;
The meeting was addressed-
first by Mr. Smithy the Secrta
ry of the Incorporatores of the
uompany, wno gave important
statistical information of the
wealth and. resources of the
several counties through which
the Road runs! and the advan
tages the counties of Chamna-
Madisom and Pickaway,
would realizej in opening up a
new, and almost a home mar
ket, for th?ir immense supplies
of produce. and provisions. Dr.
Wayne Gnswold, the President
of the Incorporators of the
Farmers & Miners . Rail Road
Company, next, in a most elo
quent, . argumentative speech
addressed ; the -, meeting for
about one hour and a half. The
meeting listened with Unltsua.1
interest to the array of facts
and arguments, presented, one
after another by Doctor Gris
wold, until every ' one of that
arge meeting, was luiiy convin
ced of the positive necessity of
making tne Koad. Jhe Doctor
is a good speaker,and thorough
ly alive to the proiect of
building this Road, and with
the vim and spirit he manifest
ted, there can be no failure.
Mr. Langley, then addressed
the meeting,' giving a history
of the Road he is building, and
the' circumstances leading to
an extention of this line from
McArthur to Urbana, with the
prospect 6f its further exten-
tion to Fort Wyne, and then
to Chicago, and as well, a line
o loledo. Mr. Tangier, as
well as Dr. GriswoM and Mr.
Griffith, refuted and corrected
he false statements that have
recently been made in regard
o the value and interest to the
Coal fields and Minerals of
Yinton 'and Gallia Countfes,
y interested parties, with the
evident design to damage the
armers and Miners R, R.
project,; and thereby to help to
build another Road to another
place. lie believed, if the peo
ple along the route would unite
cordially in the work, that the
Road would be speedily finish
ed, and that the local business
in coal, iron and the products
of the country along the line
cf this Road would make it
one of the best paying invest
ments m he btate, not except
ing any one; tnat no fears need
be entertained in reprard- to that
fact, as ib would develbpe' a
high state j;of prosperity to the
peopie aionz ane line in dis
tributing cheap coal and iront
ii u ' ' i-'nt
wnrcn aionejcan ouifu up ex
pensive Maimfactnries. not on
ly of Agricultural Implements
andiron inf.d Steel wares, but
of Cdtton'M Woolen Mills,
and!, Machinery of ' every kind.
Lie Bpoke tif the direction ot
this Road traversing the State
from a South eastern point to
the' North-Western, crossing
nearly all of the East and
West lines of Roadsi which he'
termed Continentai Koads,
which go whizzing through
Ohio, as through the Stata was
a mere speck, paying little at
tention iw the foci wants of the
people aloDgthe;' line',, but
devotfng themselves to the bus
iness between' the Atlantic Sea
board and the Pacific. This
Road he said, running fn the
way it did, would be a Jibad
for the people, and he beleived
it coultf be built ill such a way
as to keep it under the control
of its own Company.
Champain Coantf ill choorfuHy
and gladly unite with' tbo othoi
Countios uarrtRd, and make a quick
and spoodyjob -of granding. and
nrenftririsr the Itbad for the , Iron
and rolling ttocfth-
SoUcting Coiriittoos woro tin
pointed ta eocuro Subscriptions to
thn ''nrltl Stock of Mm FnrmerB & JIIiipi-h
rno'il.anil thcvnro'nli'euflyiUworki unit thopion
pet la very 'HutU-rlng; ..
The ifonllonii'ii mimed fthoro are hMilyploB
od Willi tho cviilmcH of wenlth and the show
of feeling exhiuiUid hero, and they bclloveoHr
Iioopro will lioiouiy rinse iub uuuniii iihjiikv
mt do It csiiiukly. They readily iinlortooil,
after nn examlimtlon of our material, whr a
road ttka tho ParmunT A Mlncro' la absolutely
no(-e?sHty to tha advanoomoutof our city.
Meetlam of liko chitrir.ter are til no held
alone the entire route, Moolianlosbnrg having n
unelinor Wednesday, one being now in progress
at London. . .
A meet! ii for tile citizens of ftvWn and country
will be held it Oltr Hall, next Saturday oron.
Ing, the object of which la to talk tlx) mnttcr
over runy, among ouraoivas, mm 10 recievc
A bill ha passed the Ohio
House of Repesentatives provi
ding that a man may sit on a
jury who has" formed nn opin
ion providing he thinks that
opinion will not "stick" m spite
of the evidence, and providing
he can satisfy the judge that
he "ain't that kind of a'man."
So many men novv get on juries
who have formed opinions, and
because they -have 60 fdrraed
them, that we do not know
that it will make much differ
The Legislature has before
it a proposition to appoint a
special commission to Investi
gate the condition of the pub
lie works-otOhio, as it seems
the State JSoard, maintained to
take. care of such affairs, don,t
know anything about the pub
ic works, or are incapable of
conveying what they know to
the assembly. Investigations
are iu order now-a days, and
are said to be . popular every
where but about the white
louse and the government
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, Vinton County. O.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Thomns B.
Davis, Guardian of Lizzie II. Darla, lias
lllcd his account, na such, for tlnal settlement;
and that tha siuna is set for hearing on Saturday
uiu t)(ii uuy oiJiuruni ion, ai iu otiocic a. nv
11. o. ma i u.
Feb. H, 1872, 4t I'rohato J ruled.
Guardian's Notice.
Probate Court, Vlntou County, 0.
NOTICE Is Udreby given lUat ricnry Reynolds,
Guardian of I run a Martin, has illoililis ac
count with (aid ward for.flnal settlement) and
tht tlld hrrtrlHg thereof is setfofEfltiirany, tho
win uay 01 xuurcii, 1012, at iu o'ciprx, a. m.
Feb. 14, Sfi4t Prohnte Iiidg
Estate of George lee.
Probate Court, Vinton County, O.
NOTICE la hereby given tha BarnhJ.
Ariininretnitrlx of Ilia KsUte ot Qntfrra 1 r
docensad, has filed hfs account with sajd asfafo
and tha asine issetforhearingon 8.1'turday,tlr
9th day of March, A. D. 1872, at II o'clm-k a. ftV.
it. ji. Myp,
Feb 14, 1872 tt, rrobrto Judge
To Stockholders of Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad.
nPHE suhsorlhers to the Canltnl Stock of tho
X )., McA. AC R. It. Co., will pU-ase take tro-
tico that a 2d installment often pur cent, on
p.iieh Stock subscribed Is requirod to b paid to
the Secretary of tho C.ompanv, on or before the
1st ilar of .March, )8! and those not baring
paid tho f?Ut iiiatullSnttit Coiled for. are iu-
4uui-bBii in imj tun aainu prorapiiy
j)T uruur oi ine uuaru.
. W. S1IOBER, Seo'y
Price, $1.60 each; $18 per dozen;
WHewer ths PuT Ultra" CUt-Book has
Ceeii' lntridiio4. It has b.in prnnnnnced inferior to
all othur fork of Its n&. ID g flu lAr'crst, lati-st,
flntat, and oritur jnlltatlnh of Nw OIM slid Qusi
tets, nearly ah it wbiah have Piano Accompuni-
inanu, aa no
Bamnl mntu tnniltd. noif-nnlS. for V.tft.
J. ii. i'STKUS, oua uroa'iwar. How York.
Fresh Garden, Flower, Tree and Shrub,
Evergreen, fruit and Herb deed, Prepaid
by Mail. A conipl'efe and JudfifouiT '
ortment. SO sorts of either clOTi t.W. The
six classes (1N packets) for ft.00. Also, an
immonse stock of one yearji-aft1FrtiltffoPS;
Small Fruits, FriiH Stocks, Tonnir' Fruit,
OTDamontal and Evergraon' Beedlliigs, Bulbs,
Rosea, Vines, House and Border Plants; o.,
Ac, the most cofnpteta anorCdient id' Alner
tca. Prepaid by mail, ftklid Caf'atogiii' to
any address, also trade list, gratia. Seeds on
commission. Agents wanted. .
Vt. II. WATSOX, Old Colony Nurseries
Ami Seed Warehouse, Plymouth. Mass
Established 143. 8 tf
JLJ.1 Jg-Jig
Stattef OMo, Vinton Orntnly.
George Lantz snd otiiurt, Plaintiffs,-
John 8. McDowell ami others, xtafontlamft.
In Vinton County Court of Common Picas.
CMer of Sale.
Fn mu nut to the command of an order of sale
lasued Irom the Court of CommanPleaaof Vin-
to County, and to' fno" directed n Sheriff Of
simiI couiitv. I will offer for sale at tnu ibo'of
mo uourn iiouso. in me lown oi iicariniu',
Vinton county, Ohio, on
MoMday, the 26th Say of February,
, A. D.1872,
At tlie lionref 1 e'clock P. Tii. of aald Iy,the
ln-Lot NnnibtrOne Hundred anil Forty.
nine nil), in the Town of lloArtliur,- Vinton
oonnvy, unio.
Tnkon aa Uio
of John S. MoowolY,
to aatiHly ajudgrnent of the said Court la faVor
uoni ge u
prniHou at mix H.uniiren innars iuv.uu,
and must brr
ngtwo-tnifiia u tmit sum.
Tekmb or 8LI. Cali rn hand
tiAMf vi. itnnTlt
PherlirVintou Cmiul.
H. C. Jones, Att'r for Plaintiff,
January 21, 1872-5W-9
XTOTrclt Is hereby it tlint A petition Will
1 bo prfeiiented to. the Conimliwioiiers of
Vlnum' county, Ohl'i, at their next regular
soHHlon, In March, Itnt, praying for tflrt Idt'arion
and eHtahlinhpiont' Or st .iwiinty roH,il in the
Towns nit 01 wuuisonnnu ft nox.insaiu couniv
(jommancins near ine reimence nr dames
Ooe. In Madlnon towimhlp, at a point whero
tha IfnttB Furnace and Packard Milt roads
fork thence Kint thtonghtlic Jaitili' ot James
Coo, to the North and Sotiln,, ln' fiiWt'Nl
Solomon Uoffand James Coot llioncd a Botlth-
easterly- direction through said tiofTS land to
or noar unn s nouae; tnenoo me neareat anu
best route thrnuirh the lands of Sarah A. Ander
son and Mathlas Hoove to the township line
between Madison and Knoxi thonna south or
nearly so alhpg the mont practicable routs
throuvh tho Innds of nouarlass I'Utnnm and A.
T. Macs, In Knox Wwnslilii, tn Intemert tho
McArthur" ahd AUianjr rpniir at tn oil of a
lans between the lotid of salu Uace awl Frank
Pierce, auti there to end.
M AH I rjtllllUKt
January IT, 187J. 4t
Agnnts wanted In sreryTown and Oonnry iu tl
tTt OF T'illi LATH'
PrennrmlbT bl Ilrothor. Rar. Jas. L. Vallandli
ham. Tha -rrtoat. popular book tlrnt has bean ollorcd
to Agent lor a long lime, eann mr elrcitlara, A.Q
tires- , TURNBUL1. liKOS . ,
... . Ualtlrriore.Md.-
WHrllKVKIt tho Nb
1) I'l.t S I'LTtU C.b'C
Huoit lint! been intro
duced, it has boon pro
nounced superior to all
other works ot Its kind.
nVl-:i!YN-.of ITti:h'
IS Mi-MCil. .'.r.XY;!'.-.'
conlniii lonr i r live
Plunn Mons, lour or
tlvo Instriinionltil IMe-
llnldl-9 Voml IJll-
It is tho largest, latest,
finest, and only collec
tion of New Hlees ami
ots.Qunrtot, mid four-
linnd pieces in iiicniyn
giiarnntco every yearly
Quartets, Hi-ly nil of
sunsi'i inor ai iijjiau
worih of choice now
Mimic. Vn olfer four
wtiicii nave riuno Ac-
uompaniinouU, ad lib.
Sample Copies mail
ed, post-paid, for
Ivoarly copica for f9.
' UunKiln rnnleS mall"
ml for :)Oo Five JSacli
No. for Wl.
63 nvoadway,K. t
6fl) l!roa"d?ay, N. X
Glllraan,Ward ACo.,
The Vinton r'nrnace
1 In Vinton Common
and Coal Company, a f
Corporation. Def't. I
rtVlK Vinton Furnace and Coal Company, de-
lfendant, will take notice that the plain
tills, caiman, Ward AI OompHiiy, did. on tho
KlthdaVof.Janimrv, A. 1. 1871, fl'o their peti
tion in the Collrt of Civtiimon Pleas, within and
forthe Said coiintv of Vinton, Slnto ofXIhlo,,
against the Siild defendant, setting forth tlihL
the defendant was indebted to tho plahHilT in
l.iin sum of Thi'iie llundvcil and Tliirtv Dollars
RliO.OO, with IntercHt on 111 from tho 4!h dny tif
Janunrv, IflTCI, nnd intorijst on Tffo Hundred
a;id Krheteon Dollars r. from tho Stll ilrty of
October, )S7(J, and that an ordor of attnchmenti
innde lii the said cause, won duly 'rred by I lie
Shorhrof said oountv. attahfnif tho tnlloWIng
described Ian') and' toncmcnts owiled by du-
reiuiants, to-wit:.
The Iforth-woSt anartcr of the Bdnth-enst
quarter of Soetlbn Number Ten 10. of Town
Rlilp Number 11, of ltjinpd Kunibnr Seventeen
17f and also about 801 acit-SuD'of llio Ktmtside
df tile South-west (puUtrrof, thfl iforth-east
uuarte'r ol'Sectihn NdnilierTeii J 101 of Tow n-
Bhlp Nunihor KlftVen 11 of R inio jTnmber
Seventeen jnjlbeing, all of laid, 'Wrty-ocro"
ijqt, lying r.nsc oi uie fticartiiur ami neiann
Vlllo Horn!: nl of aalil lmiil Ulnir nil, I tmlnirtll
Vinton county, Oblo. i)ef(!hifnnt.ia notifted
mat ii is reijuii-eii lo apprsr anrt answer sajil
petition on or before tl.e 17tli dav ot February
next. (JILLMAN1, WARP ft CO.
It C. Jones RN, Ttamlilll, Att'ysfor Plaintiffs.
uaiiuury z-l, jniz-ow
Democratic Journal of k West
TheKxponont of Conttitutlonnl Cnvcrninent,
tho Riglita of tho States, Kimal Taxation,
unu ine Auoiiiiun oi mi unnecessary
Bui-dens upon the Tax-1'uyois of
the Country.
. We shall oppose unjust nnd oppressive far.
I ITS' hv which tltd Aiiric.ulturtil West is made
to pay ennrnioits tribute to tho Maiitil'nctiirinir
Kiixi ; Riidslnill dem.nul such ininlllicatlonk of
tho Internal tievenue Iawsas will encoitinge
Industry nnd relieve labor. ,
The Weekly Knqulrnr wll not rm'ly bo triie
to tho prlnc.iplns of tho Uomnr.ratio partr in
tts editorial coliirrtns. but, asn First-cl.isg Kntn-
uvjoiii-nai. ii.wi'i oxeeueii oy none pub
lished In tho United Stales.
The Market Roiiorts will bo prewired with
threat rare and aa a irroat oxpenso. to givo the
luucscanu iami liuorination irom ail tlie
tnarkats of tile world.
its ow uopartmnt tf III contain a carefully
itrepnred siilrttnary of oventJ traiispiring
,lii-oiiirhout tho world.
1 1.M I JrnrarvHalcc.t.inna will lift fnlron fpAm
tho best English and Ainerlcau current Litora-
til fAraiaiinntunn. will InnhnU 1,,ll.M
Fr.iDcound K)i(rland, m Well as frnm ledlni
I' i lies Of the Uiilted Sfak's. Tppffiinen cpples
free. Address, FABAN A MCT,EAN,
liuclnnutl, U.
. Henry Edwards' Heirs.
i bhnt Co'urt, Vlnfoti Conntv. Ohitit
"VOTICB Is- hefeby (riven that James M.
ll IlendorRori. Utinrdlan of Chnrlcs n. and
Frances II. liklwardB. minors, bna led bis ne
counls with sill it Wards, feverutly, and that
the same aro set for hearing on
The 15th day of February, 1S72,
at 11 o'clock A. M'
ii. n. maVo,
Probnte Juile,
Jan. 24, 187a. 4t
la Chemical ami Medical' Solcno,
lS-TT?HT ivnM'iraATTiTTMti .
none mixtin cf klit, TIK 'J"KHVI)
Valmibln nctiv i yriucipubi of tlio wlA known
urtiv ayanl,
TREK Vi.ilt
tWEClVALED Irf Roughs, Cohls, Catarrli,
Astbma, l)ronebitis(aad consumption.
AiitaoMIn three tc.ti honrs)' and also,
&,1,u.!PjIf,IN0' HJKirYlNa and hTl'
aIULATINU effects upon the geosral aystiin,
It rtmnrltubly efflcarious in nil1 .
ineludinif BcroluU and Krunildns af. tlio aklnv
IJyspopaia, Discasns of tlio I.iver and Kidneys,
Heart Disease, and General Debility. '
... also, a
Volatile Solution of f ars
For INHALATION, Withont sppllentibh of
lLEA'V. A f omnrkiilily V AIjW ABLE d iacovery,
as the whole apparatus can buturriud in the Vast
pocket, nadv at any time for the most ctfeotual
and positively curative use in
AH Disease- f fjio wosr, TimOAlP
aud m.-vts-tnn
Tar and Mandrake PilL
fir use )n ronnnotlon with tlio ET.IXIK TAR,
a rmnbifiiilibii (if the TWO' mo( Tnlnable'
AtTEftATITB Mwliclnes known iu th Tro
fuaaion, and renders this 1'lU without exception;
tho very beat eviir offered.
I1 aasis. jEI
is without doubt ths Itoat remedy known- ia
oasoe of
It is a Bpxilflo for such dlseaBcs, and should be
kt In the household of ovory family, wipccially
during tbons mom lis ia which
arcllable to provall A sMa))- quantity taken
daily will prevent ooutraetihg Uiasr Urrlble
Solution and Compound Itiixir, fl.OO par Dottle
Volatllo Solution for Iubalatlon, $3.00 por Box '
Tar and Mandrake Pills, (Oct por box.
Send fnt Circular of POSITIVE CURES
Id your Di uggist, or to
110 E. 22d St., New Fork,
i The driest au'd- eaiet
B'K)t and Shoes ever worn.
Rend toW 0 Hamilton A fin. Tirana-Jala. Cincin
nati. Ohla, for eno bottle KHK6H FEYKU AND
AUUllUHKi. Bent ptapnia for II. H4s
rdn'TiliRKinvjEY" ant Mvicn-Wi
rlamllton's JdlCHi; A Nit 1 ANOKLION.
JhNt what your nbyalr.lan pfrasVlbas) sent prapaln,
for fl liar buttle, bv W (! Jlamllln CO. Dniralals.
Clnolnnin'I.Oblo. 60 4w
ON MArtRlAOK.-IInppr Uellef for Yoxng
ilea from theeirocla of ICrrors and Ahttsiis
In early life. Manhood restorod.. Nervous
doblllly cured. Impediments to Marriage re
moved. Nawnolbod of treatinont. No4r and
remavhnhlo romedlos. Honks tiud Clrsulars
abut free, In scaled envelopes,
anoutli Ninth St., PUIlndviidila.l'a, Mr
Dr. Hi IP,
rnilKWn KCKO eon
I tail nvnr nllO llllll-
t) TV.1.H'. M i: 8 I O A L
AlriM'ru 1. 1' tii'ii tri'lllm.
; Id red lftutirul Songs,
nil tlin i-tnut. anil liL'Stl.
Duels Ad Olpiriis.illicIL
as Drivib from Hume
l.ltlln libwu Cliurch
Uv r.itkti-'a Uriiwlnu
JluslofortWo'and three
cents a pieco. Kvur.v
uiimlii-i- cnntnlnn nl
leu; t S t ivor'Ji of new
.Mtiwo, lifkiicli nullUiiii
hh llayM, riiiniias, (ion
nod. I'crslov, . A lit,
Kinkel. I'ach'er.Alliird,
Hlriius", Kanst, etu. ,
Single Cfple ulnll
ed for aoo. Price Ms,
jOld Onl n Littl
l-lowort-lnin on tlie
irMiill.!.liAlonna in till.
Vullcy Wito me
f.iit.liii- etcti'hni is not
U poor pii-cTin tliobook
Sainple Caples mall-
.l ...... ...l.i r.. lit
per annum
. v-i . - -
Nat Hi-oadwa'y, W. Y.
m Bi-osdwV, W( Y.'
fiKXTS Wivntedi-ApMlts maks mo'rmon-
Ai.. , t,.i...... ...... ,iii,
ev at work for us than at unjtbingielse.,
llnslnciis light and .permanent ; .parUitilar
free.' O. gftfiSo'K & Co., rtn Art tuilitttr;
Pui tliinil, Maine.
Aslonlshlng cures hv Drs. Kiln ami l.indley, vt
the I'lillanVlpula Cancer Institute, (Ml Arch St,"
Plillail'lphla, Ta At Uranrh Offlrcs by Ur. DaU
ton, aW.W. Kimrtli ht.. Cincinnati,. .0 t hf l)r.
firoiic,'Cliarlotl, N. C ; by Pfs. Ilenby JTBentoa,
Cor of llroad and Alabama fits., Atlanta, Ov; by
Dri liramball, 4i N. "ourt Street, Memphis, Tenn.
No Knife. No CaimHo Mediants. No Rlonii. ilttl'
Pain, j-'iif psrtiuu ars, ell nn or addrrt either of
the abtivu, ...
LAST TIIIiEE TIMK3 As' ioilft.'
GMij Pectoral,
x'ot DlsOasos of th TntcTat ftnd Lungs
auoh as Coughs, Golds, Whooping
CoukIi, Bronohitis, Asthma,'
and Conaumption.
A-Ampnfr, the ,fei-cnf
discoveries of itiudorri'
scfenco, few nro of
iripreS rcnl value W
mankind than this ef
fectual remedy for nil.
diseases of the Throat
trria Ltinc, A- vast
trial of its virtues.' .
tjjrmtgliont this ni4".
other countries, linsj
Shown tlint tt does,
surely nnd efl'eetntllv
crtitrol tlicrri. Tlie tcsthnony of onr Lest citl-J
zona, of nil classes, establishes the fact, tlint
Ciikkkt Pkctoral will nnd docs relieve and
eure the nfflictlng dlsordors of the Throat nnd;
Lungs beyond any other medicine The most
dancorous affections of the Pulmonary drpons"
)oi to JtS powor; nnd citseY-of Conshmp
lion, cured by this preparntion,' nre priblic'
ly known, so remarkublo ns hardly to be b6-'
lioved, wero they not proven beyond dispute.;
As a romody It is ndenunte, on wlilcn tlio' publio
may rely for full prtrtecticta; . By curing Coughs
the forerunners of moro serions disense, it snves
unnumliered lives, nnd an amount of sulTcring;
not to be Computed. It chnllenges trial, nnd con-
vinces the most scfiptfeat Kvcry furrffJy should,
keep It on hand us a protection against tho early
mid unpefcciv'eil attack of P'ulirionnry Aflectlons,'
wliioll ore easily mti at first tuit wliich become'
Incurable, nnd too often fatal, if neglected. Ten
der lungs need this dofence; and it Is unwise to'
bo without it. As a safegunrd lo children, amid!
the distressing disewes which bosot the Tlmiat
toAT. Clie'st of Olfflilh'obd,- Cliftimr Pkctdiial'
is tnviilunbloi for; by Its timely frso, nuilti-,
tildes nro rescued fromf prerniiture graves, nmf .
saved to the love and affection centred on them.'
It nctJ Speedily and siirolv ngniuiit ordinary colds;
socuvlnrf s0ind and healtli-resloring sleep. Ki
one will sillier troublesome Influenza mid pain-'
ful Bronchitis, when thoy know how ertsl! y
thev can be cured. ... ,''
Orlgliiiill tilt ipfoitifcl of lol'ijt;, hborlmVs, and,
snccesiifiii chomlcal investigation,' no cost orti.if
is spared in inakltig- every bpttlo fn the utmost
paslblo pcrteCtlijii. Tj riihy bo cutiHdentlr re;
lied upon as pr.iiscsslng till tlie virtues it has' ever' '
exhibited, nud capable of pjrofluclliff Cures ns'
memorable- us the greatest it liiW evor ofleote'd.
repabed' bV '
Dr, J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,'
Practical nnd Analytical Chemists.
For restdring to Gray Hair its5
natural Vitality and- dolor.-
A dressing'
which is at',
ohcb ngroeahle,'
rrfcnlthy, and
offectunl for'
preserving the
hair,' It soon,
rtstoret fadei
or gray hair. '.
to its original
color, with tils'
moss aid ffemnesi (of yoiith.' Thm
hiiir'rsthidk(3riedj falling hnir chocked,'
and baldness often, though not always
cured by its nso.' Nothitrjj can rustoro
tlie h'aif where the folhcltos Hire' de-'
stroyed, or the glands atrophied and'
decayed; but such as remain can ho'
saved by this applieatibh1, and stirnu-'
latod into activity, go that nT natf,
groWth 6f hair is produSer. Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi-
mout, it will keep it clean and vigorous.'
Its Occasional use will prevent the hair' ..
from turning' gmy or fulling off anil'
consequently prevent baldness; The''
restoration of vitality it gives to tho'
scalp arrests and prevents tho forma'' '
tion' Of dandruff, which is ofttfh'eo un-'
cleanly and offensive. Froe'frbrn thoeo'
dcloteriotis substances' which mako'
some preparations dangerous aud inju-'
rious to tho hair, the vigor can only,
bonoflb but not Iijhrm'it If wanted
merely fojr a' HAIR DRESSINty
nothing else can be found so dosirnhlo.'
Containing noithor oil nor dyb it does'
not sou" white cambrio, and yet lasts
long on the hair giving it a rich, glossy1 .
lustre,' ahd a grateful perfume.'
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,--
rraetloal and Analytical Chemists,'
Bent by Malt of Exprssi. '
Our Seod and Plant Oataloguos for'
W2) . . .
Numbering 1TB pigos, and eonlalnlnp'
Eseb worth twins th enit of Ontalnguns, nulled lo .
sll applicants on rocolpt ol go cents.
eedsmen, 9 Oortlnndt Btrset, N. V
NOTICR Is hereby glvonil'iat a pellHon y 11V
' he presontiKl b tho Board of i'ountv Oom'
mlsslnnorsof Vinton enunty.iit Ihott ne'xf reg. '
ul nv skmsIoii In March, 1(471, priivliig for the on- '.
tiililiHhineiit of a Teohiitv rrtad In Knox'
lowiilii), in siild county, ns follows, to.wlti
Comtnandhgnt (J. It. Hell's (late, nn tlie'
comity road leading from l'm-katd's Mills to,
MoohvIIIoi thenco north tothe School lloiiso
In district No, St llinncn to Inlcrm-ct the road'
lending from Coe's .Mill In Alhciii, nnd IberetoJ
il iiib Bl, 1673.

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