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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 21, 1872, Image 2

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lc (Inquirer,
f, W. BOWK. IMltor.
McArtuur,- February 21, 1872.
Democratic Stafe Central Executive Com-mittc
State Central
The member, of the Democratic
and Kxecutlr. Committee, of OUlo, ami
.Uother PemocraU In Ohio who , tte.d.
Sr.lnTlt.dl.mart In Oolum u. on THUR9-
J. 8. CkUIA. Sec'y. Chairman.
People who may desire to
visit Washington, this winter,
can do so, over the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad, in parties
of three, at half fare, or rather
at one fare each for the round
He is an enemy of the De
mocracy, who seeks to dis
courage the party by the asser
tion that wo -have no chnnco
to filftct a President. The last
Congressional election shows
that we have a majority of
250,000 of the white voters of
the United States. Even with
the nigger vote, the Republi
cans are only 40,000 ahead.
This is nothing in a vote of
many millions.
A gross outrage has been
perpetrated in the Ohio House
of Representatives in the un
seating of Hon. B. F. Spriggs,
Democratic Representative
from Noble county. The elec
tion w;as decided a tie .in No
ble county, and the candidates
agreed to draw cuts, which
they did, Mr. Spriggs winning.
It was afterward established by
proper affidavits that Mr.
Spriggs was elected by a trilling
majority. But a few
vote3 were wanted to retain
Mr. Spriggs in his seat, several
of the more honorable Repub
licans having voted with what
Democrats were there against
ousting him. About one-third
" 1 . Tx ... . V
oi the uemocratic memuero
were absent when the vote was
taken. Had they been in
their seats this outrage might
have been prevented.
There were lively times in
the United States Senate last
Wednesday. Senator Sumner
succeeded in getting up his
resolution calling for an investi
gation of the alleged sale of
arms by our Government to
France during the Franco-German
war, and the connection
of Government officials there
with. Besides the vioalation
of neutrality involved in the
transaction, two millions of
dollars are said to be unac
countably missiner from the
Treasury. A hot debate en-
J J C V.
6ued, and Sumner's resolution
rnwprl nrepi. a Rhprmfln ex-
pressed it, a red flag waved in
faces of the Administration
Senators, From the vicious
bellowing that ensued it seems
, i J!j.
probable that somebody a ox is
liable to bef,gored.
Early in the Field.
The Radicals of Ohio are
preparing to open the political
campaign earlier this year than
usual. Their State Central
Committee met at Columbus
last Wednesday, and fixed up
on the 27th of March next as
the most reliable time to hold
their State Convention. A
number of the Leading Radi
cals were present at the meet
ing of the Comftiittee and made
tender speeches endorsing the
Thieving Grant and recom
mending th .( Grant be nomi
nated at the Philadelphia Con
vention in June for the second
term, and that Bill Dinnison of
Ohio be nominated! for "Vice
President. Resolutions were
adopted begging the entire
Republican party to forget
about the stealing of the
present Administration and all
unite and re elect Grant.
A bill giving women the
right of suffrage will be consid
ered Monday in the, Maine
Dean's Letter.
In this paper will be found
a remarkable letter from Hon.
Henry 'Clay Dean, of Iowa, to
Judge A. M. Jackson of Bucy
rus, on the political situa
tion, which we wish all our
readers to give a very careful
and thoughtful perusal, for it
is a powerful effort by a pow
erful, earnest, and deeply con
scientious man. His noble
words should be listened to.
Sinking of a Steamer at
On Tuesday night of last
week, about 7 o'clock, the
steamer Nashville, lying at the
foot of Sycamore street, at Cin
cinnati, which was making
preparations for departing tor
New Orleans, was struck by a
large cake of ice just under her
cylinders, which tore a hole in
her side about twenty feet
loner, through which the water
rushed and sunk her in a few
minutes. She had on about
500 tons of freight, consisting
of groceries and various kinds
of merchandize. I he loss on
cargo and steamboat is about
The steamer Belle, Vernon,
lying at the mouth of the Lick
ing River, on the Kentucky
side, was struck by a cake of
ice. about 1 :30, on Thursday
morning last, and sunk. She
had on board about 400 tons
of freight, much of it a perish
able character. Loss about
Proposed Constitutional
of the United States of Araer
the ica in Congress assembled,
(two-thirds of the House con-
The annexed is the constitu
tional amendment proposed
few weeks ago, in the United
States House of Representa
tives, by Hon. G. W. Mor
gan, one of the Democratic
members from Ohio, to place
foreign born citizens on an
equality with negroes, in the
matter of eligibility to the Pres
idency and Vice Presidency:
Whereas, Political equal
ity is the true basis of republi
can government; and whereas,
except the citizens of the Uni
ted States, including Indians
who are taxed, and negroes,
whether they pay taxes or not
' pay taxes or not,
are eligible to the office
President and Vice President
- - n i
and whereas, citizenship re
suits from the chance of birth
or from choice, founded upon
7 . . i.
a correct Appreciation or tree
institutions, and a desire to par-
ticipate in their blessings; and
whereas, in peace and in war
our native born and naturaliz
ed citizens have shown equal
patriotism and skill as state-
men and soldiers; therefore,
T It- U ,-, 4lin Sana
Be it resolved by the Senate
nnrl TTrinsH nf RpnrfiSPlltatives
fnl i il. ..-ti
currin!? That uDon the rati
fication by the Legislature of
two-thirds of the States of the
following proposed article, the
sanieshall.be declared a part
of the Constitution:
Section- 1. Naturalized
citizens are hereby made eligi-
ble to the othce ot president
and Vice President of the
United States.
On the 8th of last month,
Gen. Morgan brought the Rad
ical House to a vote on the
above ' proposition. Only 81
members voted for it; 65 voted
against it; and 92 did not vote.
How is that for Radical dodg
J. T. Wilson, from this dis
trict, voted against the amend
ment. The foreign born citi
zens of this district should
remember him. He is iu
favor of a negro holding the
office of President, but opposes
a foreigner. Nothing more
could be expected of Wilson.
As a two-thirds vote was
required to suspend the rules
and take up the amendment it
was. of course, defeated for the
present, but will come up again.
An opportunity that should
not be Overlooked.
The well known dry goods
establishment of Dan. Will &
Brothers of this town, is rep-
esented in the city this week,
by A. Will of that firm. A
crand stock which will comprise
every fabric of this season of
the vear will be selected witn
care for their patrons in this
and adjoining counties, lne
New goods will begin to arrive
this week.
Legislative Outrage.
The Ohio Senate beiug a
18 Mongrels and 18Demr
rr. on Fridav afternoon
last, Lieutenant-Governor Mu
eller and seventeen of the Kad
ical Senators voted Dr. Kemp
who represents Montgomery
and Preble Senatorial District,
out of his seat, and elected
James Saylor, who contested
the seat of Dr.- Kemp.
Kemp was legally elected.
By this revolutionary outrage
tlia HmU now expect to re-
district the State for Congress
men in 6uch a manner that the
Democrats can elect three of
the . twenty members of Con
gress. A history of this out
rage will be published.
Railroad Meetings.
Meeting in the o
the Farmers' and Miners' Rail
road, are being held between
Circleville and Urbana. jur.
Wflvne Griswold.of Ciroleville,
says the prospects for building
the road are very flattering.
Read the article, in this pa
per, relating to the construe
tion of the road, which we re
print from the Circleville Dem
[From Circleville Democrat and Watchman.]
Farmers' and Miners' Rail
ofL, ' ..fl 11 itnl i'nni'f z fjM
No enterprise has ever been
nresented to our people so im
portant,or one which would be
more useiui. jiere is n hub u
road extending trom Urbana
to McArthnrstown, there to
connect with the Gallipolis
road;' and we say without fcAr
of contradiction, that here is
a line of one hundred and thirty
miles, from Urbana to Gallipo
lis, that contains more agricul
tural productions and mineral
wealth within ten miles each
side of the line, than any equal
continuous route in this coun
try. If any one doubts this
, ' a .nlv fl,i. tllfiin to
thfl agricultural reports foi
T H H17 II. 1 LUl Ul 11 IV
1870 and sum up the entire
farm products of Champaign,
Madison and Pickaway, and
they will find the productions
tnev win uuu
f:htv miles unsurpassed
, ' .f tljey wm follow
the road down through a part
of Hocking, Vinton and Gallia
counties, they will find no part
of the country richer in coal,
and valuable minerals. If any
one doubts this fact, we ask
them to get the last State Geo
logical Report, made by learned
professors and read from pnge
ninety-fix to pageione hundred
and twenty-six; or read the re
port made by Mr. Wm. Griffith,
one of the best practical min
erologists in the country, and
the question of value and quan
tity of coal and iron on the
line is placed beyond all doubt.
There is no road in the country
lined by such a vast amount of
mineral and agricultural pro
ductions, that the stock is not
good, paying stock. If this
road is made, the interchange
of the products along the line
would make a great business
on the entire line; also increase
the value of all prperty, pro
duce aud labor. Willourpeo
pie awake to the importance
of this improvement, or will
they nelect this golden oppor
tyV It will give new lite to
all the towns on the line, and
give to all cheap coal, and to
the farmer a home market for
his produce. It will take
means to build the road. All
must help if they expect the
work to be done. All will re
ceive the benefit, and all must
aid. United action will secure
thb road, without loss to any
one. ' We trust when the stock
books a.'6 presented that every
man will do lis share-, utner
nes are struggling for the bus
UUCB ill W Oil Uggllllg iv " wuo-
iness that belongs to us, and
we must build ud our own in-
terests or retrograde.
Bargains for
U ,JV vk .
rA f. V
Our Motto shall be "Try
lo please
A Pretty Little Job.
The Columbus correspond
ent of a Cincinnati paper gives
.1 ', L -
the lO.iOWing account oi n very
pretty little job, now be lore
the Legislature, which seems
to be after the pattern ot the
Giant-Tweed Custom House
and Tammany frauds. The
writer say 8:
"But few of the members are
now in the city they have
taken advantage of the adjourn
ment to go to their home?; some
to" get their nhirts washed, a
few to see their families, others
to attend to private business.
The legislative appropriation
of last winter has failed.
Members can draw no pay
until the partial Appropriation
Bill, now pending in the
House, is passed, and the fact
is rt'licd upon to starve the
meiuben into voting for it, and
with it the Peck appropriation
of incney to pay him for super-
1l T ... !... 1 ...... i
iiuenumjf ui iiiuiiuu m nic
Central Assylum, and his wife,
for serving as matron, while
there' iiftaot a sing'le lunatic in
the Asylum, for it is yet being
bnilt. Besides this, the
Doctor, who gets his housf
rent free, wants several thous
and dollars for provisions to
feed himself, his family and
his friends and horses, to mem!
his carriages and to pay hi
cooks; and if members can be
starvedjnto submission he will
get it "all, and more too if h
needsit. Besides the iuiustice
of the claim it. is said that out
of the building fund of tli
proposed asylum he has already
been paid, and now want sthat
pay duplicated.
There are a great many
Radicals in different parts of
our State who are just now
making crooked faces because
of the presence of uero child
ren in our common schools.
They never thought when
following in the wake of their
political leaders, .that the joke
would be carried to such an
extent as to have their oyyn oil-
spring housed in tne same
school room with the negroes;
but they are now realizing the
truth of the old adage that Vit
is a difficult matter to handle
charcoal, without blacking the
fingers."- :
Ten men were frozen to
death during the late storm, in
the Winnebago Indian Agency.
EXPRESS TRAINS lcavfl Indlnnnpolli
) fl.ill v. except Bumliiy, for 8T. J.OU1S iul
HE only Mno running PULLMAN 'ft win-
Y 1'lttsbiirKn.-' uoiumnim, uoiiibviiib, vm
clnriHtl, and lndIanpolii, to St. Louis without
cbungo. :
PuonMm ilmuld remmlcr tlmt this l the
Urent Wt Hound limit fur KnnxM City,
JiWivciivrorUi, Lnwrpnce. Tnpckn, Juno
tioo City, FortHcolt unU St. JuhciiIi.
flf !fn AUTO TO KAN9A, for tin pnr
CiVllunANIo IannfostMhlihlnir tlicm
solve In nw homes, will have llliernlulacrlin
Inutlon martB in their fnor by thin I.lnu. Hiil.
lufHiilnrycoinmututlon on roK"''"' w"1 "
lrnto Coloniuli ml lre MirtUw triivellna
Umnlhvn nnrt their bniiune, omlgrnnt outllt
am stock wllllicliippmlvn th moat lavora
tlu torin, pieiontliiu to
Stion com Torts find nci-ommnrtntloni M re pro
suuted by MO OTHER ItOUTlll.
TTCKELC n b onmlnod still the prlnolpul
Ticket unices In the Kostern, Mlddl mil
Southern HtatM,
Oenoral Pooniicr Annnt. BL Loub).
XMtertt PMsenucr Agent, Indlnntnollt.
JOHS E. 81MP80N, I
Oenornl Bnperintadat, Iudlnnspolls.
THERE will bo sold lit public sale ul the
Store and Shop of Hope Furnace Co.
In Vinton County, Ohio, on
Wednesday, March Cth, 1872,
A quantity of
Carpenter and Blacksmith Tools,
Personal Properfjit
Sale to commenco ul lOo'i'lock A. M., and (o
contiimofioni dfty to day until tliu jir.iperly i
Tsrms oFSai.k. BuniBof 55 and under cash
In himdj over fj, nr,-l lest limn (16. tlint!
months' credit; over (15 six months' credit, with
iippfoved security.
Vr S.H rUTMAM.Bec'y.
February 21, 1872-Uw
Guardian's Notice.
Proljnte Court, Vinton County, O.
NOTICE Is horehy (.dven thnt Thomns B.
Davis, (J Hindi mi of Li.zlo II. DiivIk, luis
IIIhI his ncr.oimt, lis such, for fin I settlement,
mid Hint thesiiine Im sot for linn-inn on Saturday
the Alii duv of Alarch. 1612, st 10 odor I; a. m
Poll. II, 1878, 4t Probito JudfiO.
Guardian's Notice.
Frobato Court, Vinton County, O
NOTICE is hereby given tlmt Henry Reynold,
Giiiirdlan of Iiviin Martin, lias filed Ills lie
count with said ward forilnnl settlement, mid
tlist the licttvlnir llwroof is set for Hntiirdnv, the
Oth day ofMun-h, IbTi, ut 10 o'clock, a. in.
Feb. 14, lB7-4t Pioimto Jude.
Estate of Gaorge Lee,
rrcbate Court, Vinton County, O.
NOTICE Is hereby plven that Siimh J. Lpe,
Administratrix nf tiie I'Mnte of Oconto L e
deeenscd. has filed his ncentuu Willi my estate
und the bsiiio is art for lienriiiir mi Sutm duy.the
9th day 01 March, A. I. 1S72, lit II o'clock, n. in.
11- It. Jll AIM,
Fell U, 1875-4t. I'robrte .Ji.duc.
To Stockholders of Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad.
rrit ..i 11.-... i. ii, , di,,.i, r 11. a
JL O .McA.AU it. R ln will pkasutko no-
IICU Ulln m I III" 1 mi liiii-iib in riii mi v.cm. tru
4iich Stock iiihMi'rKitKl required o b pnirl to
me nvr.i vukyy ui im "iuji.tii mi "i vmnc iuc
Istfl,i' of Murolt. IS";; it in I thoso not lnivinfj
p.-iifi ihfl first Installnipnt rnlliiil for, arc re
quested to pay the mimo promptly.
jir uiuurui 11113 iium.
V. SIIOBUR, Sco'y.
Fohrunry 7. fS7?-tf
PLIT8 TT Hi T :R .A. ,
Price, $1.30 each; $13 per dozen.
Wliwevcr the Pint Vtra'' Olft-Bok hns
heen Inirnili'cml. It lin hfen pronounced super nr tn
nil other works or Its klml. It is inn inreem, inieKt,
flnist, iinil unlv eolleclloii of New Olrm nnil Quar
tets, nesrly all of which lmvo Plsuu Accainpani-
nie"ts, nit no
Sumpl' ronlm nut 'ltd puttiinltl.nr (1.00.
J. I.
WW Hrnmlwav, New York. 4-lw
Fresh (iimlun, Flower, Tree and Sliruli,
Kverfrreen, Fruit an( Horb Seeds, Frepnlil
by Mull. A complete and judicious as
sortment. 35 sorts of cltlier class (1.00. The
six classes (IN) jincltcls) for IS0O-. Also, nn
immense stock ol'onc y en r Kin fled Fruit Trees,
Small Fruits, Fruit Stocks, Young Fruit,
Ornamental nnd Kvergren 8hs'IIIiibs, IJulbs,
Hoses, Vines, Ilonso-nnd Border 1'lunts, &.,
Ac, tho most complete nssortuicnt In Amcr
Ica. Prepaid by ninll. Priced Catalogues to
any address, al-n trade list, gratis. Seeds on
commission. .Agents winded.
M. n. WATSOX, Old Colony Nurseries
and Seed Warehouse, riymouth. Mass
Established 1844. S-tf
StaUofOhln, VMnn Cuimtv.
Ooorgo Luiitr. sod otliors, PluintlfTs,
JohnB. McTlowell and otliei-s. Defendants.
In Vinton County Court of Common Pleas.
Order of Bale.
Pursuant to the comninnd of anordcrof sale
Issued Ironi the Court of Common Fleus of Vin
ton Countv. and to me directed as Sheriff of
suM emmt'r, I will offer for sale at tho door of
tltct'onrr, Mouse tn tue Town or Jicarcuur,
Vinton county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 20th Day of February,
A. D.1872,
At the hournf 1 o'clock P. M. of snld day, the
following described prenilsoB, to-wlti
In. Lot Number (lne Hundred mid Forty,
nine (1401 In tlio Town of McArthur, Vinton
cotintv, Olilo,
Tahon ns the property of John S. McOowell.
to sat isfy a Jnilmnimt nfttlio said Court In faror
of (Joiirgo Luiitz mill "i hers.
AiiprnlHed at Blx Hundred Tollnra 2000.00,
ami must brliiK Iwn-tliirds oflhat sum.
1'KHMS or Balk. Cash In bund.
Phei Kt'Vliiton Cuunly.
H.CTones. Atfv for IMaliitlff.
January 24, IS72-5w-9
V) OTICE Is hereby given tlmt a petition will
ho presented to tho Ooinniisslnnnis of
Vinton roulitv. Ohio, at tholr noxt i nRiihir
sesslun. In Mnruh, 1872, praying for the locution
and PNlnblUbmv'iit of n roiinty rond In Hie
Townships of Madison and Knox, In said county
as follow, to-wit t
Commencing near thn residence of James
Coe, in Madison township, lit n point where
the Hope Fuvnaeo and Packard's Will rontls
foik Incneo Knot throiiffh tliu lands of James
(no, to Ilia North and sninlh line between
Rolnmon (loffand Jnnies Coui tlienen a Rout h
eaaterly direction through said (ioff'a land lo
nr nenr Gnff's- Iiouhmi thencs the nearest and
best route tbronnlitbelnndsof finrnh A. Andor.
son anil Malhliit lteeve to thn township line
between Mndlson ami Knoxi thoneu Rnuth or
nearly so nlonn the moat prseUcnblo route
thrmiRh the In nils of l)ntirlnss Putnam and A,
T. Maeo, In Knox township, lo Intersect the
Me Arthur and Albany road, st fh end nf a
lane hotweon the lands f aald Mace and Frank
Pierce, and there to end.
i ax I liui lyisttia.
January 27, 187J, 4t
WUK't iVKIt I tut XkI
I'l.t j ri.riiA (.Ic-I
lioolC llll:l bt'fll ilill'M
dnced, it him heen pro
nonueed suicri.i' to all
oilier worUut Its kinil.
It Is thu lariiest, lutest.
finest, and only collec
tion of New bit-en anil
Qiiiirtclti, nearly all ol
which lnivo Piano Ac
coinpuniinents, ad lilt.
Rumple Copies mail
ed, post-paid, for
bO'J Broadway, N. Y.
ii V KB YN .)! rm-va'
Sti MlKli'.l. MuNfllLV
cnlaliis loi.r r live
I'ltuitf ooiiRJ, lour or
llvo Insti'iinieiital Plo-
I,...,!. Ir.n Vnenl T)n-
cts'ciuartetH, and four-
liiinil pieces in inut.n u
...... at , in,, .pi'i'tf venrlv
subscriher at. least RO
worm or cliuioo new
Mie. Vf nirer four
Ivearlv copies lor SB.
"Hnm'plo Copies mail
ed lor ,100.,1'ive Back
Nos. for Wl.
599 Broadway, N. Y,
Against I
Tho Vinton Furnace
und Coal Company, a I
In Vinton Common
corporation, crt, j
pii H Vinlon Kurnaco and Coal Company, de
1 l'oniiimt, will take nntlce that the plain
titrs. Oilliniiii, Ward &Oonipany, did, on the
lntli day of Jiinuary, A. 1). 1871. file their peti
tion in the Court of Common Pious, within and
fertile said county of Vinton, Htnto of Ohio,
nxtiinst the said delenilant, setting forth that
tlio (lel'endant was indebted to tho plaintilf in
I lin Hti mnl Tlirnn I Tmifl riil nnil Thil'tv Dnltm-K
130.0), with Intereaton $111 from tho 4th dav of
lantinrr, 1B7I, an I Interest, on Two llundred
and Nineteen Hollar ItMlll from the 8fii dav of
iictohor, 1X70, and tlmt nn order oi attachment-,
made in the said eaune.wits duly served hy tho
ShiM-lff of said cmnty . nttachlng thn following
icHcriliud lunds and' tenements owned by do
fcndiiiiiM, to wit :
Tho North-west quarter of the Month-east
nun fT: or of Section Number Ton 110.) of Town
snip Niiniber 11, of ltiuiRO Niinilier .Sovonleen
I7;nnd nlso about 30 ansreaoirof the Kimtside
of tho Knutli-west qiuuter of tlio North-east
quarter ol'Seetimi Number Ten 1 10 of Town
ship Numlier Kleven 111 of Itanire Number
Seventeen fl7,llning all of said ' lorty-ncic"
Not. Iving K.ist, of tlie McArthur mid Nelson
villeiload: all of snid land Ivimf nud ltt'lntr In
Vinton cum nlv, Ohio. Defendant Is notified
tlint it is required to appear and answer snld
petition on or bofore 11. e I7tli dav ot Kobrnarv
next. UILLMAX. WAIin A CO.
II . C. Jones .t K N. Unrnlitll, Ait'yslor Plaintiffs.
Januarv 1. 137-2 (lV
Democratic tonal cf foe West
The Kxpnncnt of CoiHtltiitionnl Government,
tholliglila of tho bt ttes. K-mnl Taxiilion,
und the Ahnlltion of nil Unnecessary
jturdens upon the Tax-Payers of
tlio Country.
Wo shall oppose unjust and oppressive- Tar
IflV bv wlile.h tliu Agricultural West is made
to pay enorin mis ti iliuto to tho M.-tnufiicturitig
lOastj an 1 sil ill de.iii.uid such in i liflcitions of
tho Iiiie.rual Itevcnue Laws us will encourages
industry and relieve labor.
Tliu Weekly Kuciuii hi- will not only he true
tn the) prim-ipI'M of the D.'iuocnillo party in
Its edilnrial cdainns, but, a.s a First-cliffs Pain
llv Journal. It will ho ecrolled by none )US
li'slied in the United Htatea.
Tho Market Uopnriawlll be prepared with
greiit cave and as a great expense, to givo tho
fullest und latest information from all the
markets of tho ttorld.
Its News Department will cont.'tin a earofnlly
prepared summary of ux.-nts transpiring
throughout 1 lie world.
Its Llternrv selections will ho t.'ilten from
the host Kuglii.li und American current Litera
ture. Its Correspondi nee will Include loiters from
France and Knirl inrl, as well ni from leading
cities of tho United tit'ites. Specimen cqdes
free. Adiiiess, FAHAN A Mcl.KAS,
Uiliciullllti. O.
I.i Ciiemicul and Medical Science.
4s X.,-t-..i -t.
J)! E. l G J KVlX'ti
rm-it ax: cni 'r.- ror- v-T n-,-tt
in ,1110 mix in. rf Al.ij 'l 5J.TJ TWEI.VI3
v.iliiu'i! i,e-jvt 1'iii i'-J 1.1 ih well kuon
cui-'.ivs r. i-n ,
t;j:nk 'I'ui-tz iis,
rVQUAT.VI, it r-.-,t-'i.. fVPa, Catr.n-li,
A'thui., I'M-i'' in.', i.:-.. I cu.isuirp'ion.
cu:ti'3o v-:t:ioi,":' paii
A refill cot l n 1 lir-'o t.i ! t--"iri ; nnd nt-n,
ty if M)A!.!':'Mr.I riUFViX'l end t-'fl-Ml'I.A'i'.Nu
t'lr-Tis npo'i Hi .-.uerBlaysii in,
i rein o-Vnil ti'n-i"on if --ll
xs;iAsi or tih: na.oot).
fnelmiiiii--hciotiihi an I Krop'io: h .f tlicFkln,
l)ysr'.'l', )JiMii-"s of thi l.iver tti.l Kidneys,
Heavl Ij;case, ji .id (tviieial brbia-y.
mm m 1 mm
T WuW,tli
Fcr INirALA'Ioy, withmi1, eppilnition of
J1BAT. A r. iMiivkol.ty VAI.UAlU.Iiiliacuvery,
us the. whole app iniltiKCun OiiL-Hiricd iu l)ie vu-sl
pneket, ivadv at nn tinie 1. r tlijiunattJlwluul
and positively ruradve use i-i
All Biiacaso of ttto MOSV, IlllZOAT
unit LXMb.-j.
Til 13 (OMl'OfND
Tar and Mandrake Pill.
fir lino la lOiiicetloii vilh the Et.lXIlt TAIl,.
ii a i-iviil'inntion of II, u TWO mout vnluulilo
ALTIClt.V'il Vi; Moiliniiiea knnirii in tlio Pro
fesiioii mill lt'inleia this l'jll without exception
tint ver- bc?.rftfro!i.'ie'l.
TuehOl.rriuN.un I COiH'OL'SD ELIXIR of
"37 JErj
Is v-liinmt diiubt tho liust runiudy knowu In
It. is a f'pwill (or hiii'Ii iliseiises, nml sboulil b
kel j 1 tn.' luiii -uliolil of ovei y taimly, ciipcciiilly
duriiij'lioio 11 on In iu i lit li
nro lio'i'ej to prevail. A smnll iUnntity token
diiily will piuunt c-uniiA. ii, g thesa teniUa
Fn'nl'nn itn.1 Tomrvi.ir 1 Hllxlj-. 1.00 per Bottlo
Vutu: ilc So'.ut inn for Inhnlntlon. $J.00por Box
Tur and 1I.h !i1io I'llla, JOrta porhox.
Pndfoi ClifiiliiriT TOSXTIVE CX'IIES
to your DniiijUi, or to
L. F. HYDE & CO., ,
110 E. 22d St., JVew rot-k.
10,000 FARMERS,
To Imprors 1.700,000 aeres ot iho bout Purmlnit
Lamls in Inwu, fret from nionme, or other liienm
bt snc. Tlieso lands o.iniprlsa I ha Gnvsrninoiit
rallrosit frmils a'ljso-nt to Ilia (iroiu thnrotiKhrsros
tieiwpn t'lilcsiio, Omaha anil tiluiix CSItjr, and He
cblelly In the
Middle narjIOn of Western Iowa,
Its most f.'fllle ami hentlliful piirllon (favar anil
nno tHilnKitiiknewii) ai d trafersril by railroads In
very dlroetlnn. Now la tlu Unit to
per acre., upon long ihn, villi six por eont. Inter
rat, in the hixursnt vnllev nl rilher Ilia Brnyar,
ths M)U, tlie bnhller nr the I.Ktls Blonx.
Airents at sti.tlons ara priivldnl Willi teams to
how laiuls free, to purohssers. Heml fur a Ouhlo.
It lives prises. terni.Iosotlpt nn, vdiera cxjilnritiflt
llekats art nihi, and hnsr to renr.h I he liinda. (JnnaW
maps also ssut fiea. Aildrens JollN B CALHOUN,
Ltml Ooinmlasluaor luwa It. U. Land Co,, tirditr
Itnplds, Iowa ' 6-tf
Prn't, fl.pnu flsrilen, )linta Flower,
Bliads, ilCH. 1 innis. (,,ir(l,ni
Unr1u Jppti mi lift Rootgrttflt best.
OIXUN. ,rUi jr,o0. '. t000
Ptnf. Hid. ICttr. I Il.itl.tt. Ao.. 3 to 4 ft..
dol . .7. ' oo
S'ult, reach, U.. 12; Apple, Ounce, raw, Jm .. lljuu
I'utnto'i. Willis Ptaeh Hlnw, hr y Be, im ... ou
RvrtUng. Mift Mpl, 1.000, f I; Ah, 8i ,lm , .00
lllustratsd l-ataloiiiia, luu psg, sua no.
F. K. rilOKNIX, Illoomlngton III.
AGENTS Wanteil. A?nis maid lnoramon.
ov At worlc for ns than at anything all.',
linslnesr light nml pennnicnti piirtlculait
free. O. HrmRON A Op., Art I'ubMWt,
Portlana, Main.
O i-iii's MPSIOAI.
Montulv are getting
all tho I-test and best
cents a piece. Every
number contains ut
rllESoNU Koho eon.
tains over one bun.
hed beautiful .Songs,
Duels und Chorus, ucu
as Driven from Home -Little
Brown Church.
Mv Futhur'tf Urowiiiff
least SJ4 wortli of now
Musio, by such authors
ss Hays, riioinus, Ooti
nod. -l ernloj-, A b t.
Kinltel. Paelior,Allrd,
blrauss, Fnui't, eto.
Single Copies mail
ed for 30c. Price WO,
per annum.
93 Broadway, N..Y.
Obi Only n Littl
l-'lowor-ftnln on tlio
Hoof She (sleeps In tlio
Valley Write mo li
r.r.lN.c off, 1'lwivo. 1 nt.t.
a poor pieco ill tlie hone.
Kumple Copies mail
ed, post-paid, for Hi
699 Broadway, N, Y-
(than A T)AV AND EXPKSSKl Rond stwnp l
Xovelty Manitfiuitui ino Co , Alfrtcl, Mt.
M O P'ano Co., New York In dsns S!!0. Nn
Age Mia. jssuiss vf patrons in 40 Stutti irt
t"T P Agents' profits pur week. Will prov
ill.lMl, iter forfeit 5:I0. New Articles,
patcnleil Jnlv ISth. bampleassnl ft-ee to st'. Ail
dinsa W II Cliii'6ster,267 Broadwsyj Nw Yorh.
XEJ,-Rend to W ' .Unnillloii . Co., Whole
sale Druggists, rilii' iimatl Oh o, f r one bnt'fj
prepaid for SI. , ,
Hum I'ni.'s BltlHJ And dandelion.
.?nt what your p' yuli lnn pn-srrlln-s: tent prrpnid,
far l$1 per Imtt'e. by W C riamlllon i Co, Driici'.
Cineannnll.Olilo. 60 iW
A iURK conn for this dlMtreMlnff complaint tsnow mad9
know)nTr(MitU(of 4Bootftvo jHftsion PorcljnisDd
M Nativa Uerbal I'ropurationi", pul)linhar 1)k, O. Phklpa
IJhuwk. TliHproKirirition wntitliooverod bybim in tuob
H provIdeiiUal manner thnt he cannot eoonrlentlonily
refuMto make li k"oro, an Itlina ourcrlnvrrv body who
h uaeii It for Fttn, naver hnvluq f-llcil'in a i!dk1
eitt. 1 ne mnreninnu may te outatnflu rrom auy arua;
pint. Prnonatlcflrlnjaoopyniajraildi-aaaDH.U Piiklpr
DnowH. N(j. -il tiranj Ktraat, Jtjrw City, J,, and It j
nut uv wi uj oum ujkii, iretv
Is widely linowit
as one of the ino.-t
cfrcutnal renicdiuj
ever discovered for'
tleantitig (he vyt
teni and pmifymp.'
the blood. It lias
WmPP' wOOU 1110 test ft
rMW yenw, whh ft con
etantly growing re.K
OlkftW utation, based 011 ila
intrinsic virtues, nnd sustained hy iis re
markable cures. So mild as to be sale nnd
beneficial to children, and yet so searching'
it to cirectually purje out (lie great cor-'
rtiptions of the blood, sueh ns the bci ofnloiii
and ?ypliilitie contaminnlion. Impurities
or diseases that have lurked in the fystcni
for years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dole, and disappear. Hence its wonderful
cures, many of which are publicly known,,
of Scrofula, and all scrol'ulons diseafr-?,-Ulcer?,
Jiruptions, and eruptive dis
orders of the skin, Tumors, UlotcIioHr
JJoili, Pimples, Pustules, Sores. Sr.
Anthony's Fire, Ilo.se or Erysipe
las, Tetter, Salt Klieiun, Scald
iiwid, Itinsnonn, nnd internal Ul
ccrations of tlio Uterus, Stomach,
liud' Liver.- It also ctneu other cotn
plaintf, to which it would not reem e.)eei
nlly adapted, such as Dropsy, Dyspep
Ria, Fits, Ttfeurnlffirijlfeart l)isea.scy
Fcmnlo Veakness, DebilHy, ntid
Leueorrhcea, when they are manifest nv
tii;-is of tho scrdfulous poifor.s.
it is nn excellent restorer .f health ftnft
strength in the Spring. iy rcnfftrlnp; (ho
appetite and vigor of the digestive organs,
il di;'!inates the depression nml listlefs lr.u
yunr of the seasoti. I'ven where no dipvder'
nppear.i, pwplo leel better,-nnd live longer,
for elennr-in; tlie bl- 'i'l. The pysfem moves
on with renewed ijr.-r and a new k-iisu of
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO,, Lowe!!, Mass,,
I'racttrril and Atmtyticul Chcr.iistt.
mm maim
Every year increases t litjj populari
ty of this valunViO IlnirPi cparation ;
wliich i iluc to merit alone. Wtr
citn assure our old patrons that it w
kept fully up to its liigli -standard?'
nnd il hi the only reliable and perfect
oil preparation for restoring; Gray'
oh Faded Hair to it a youthful color,
making it soft, lustrous, ami siltteiiv
The Hcnlp, by its use, becomes wjiilo
and clean. It removes nil eruptions
and dandruff, and, by its tonic? prop-'
ertflM, prevents tho hair from falling
out, ns it stimulates and nourishes
the hair-glands. Iiy its use, tho hair'
crows thicker and stronger. In
bii'diic-ss, it restores tho capillary
glands to their normal vigor, and
will creato a new growthexcept in
cxtremffold ng. It is the most eco
nomical Hair pREbsiNO ever used,
as it requires fewer applications,
and gives the hair a splendid, glossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D.,
State Assayer ofMasttachusetts, says,
"The constituents are pure, ami care
fully selected for excellent quality ;
and' I consider it the Rust rjtiiP.v
iiatiow for its intended purposes."
Sttlil ly nil DninaMn, and Dailert In Altdictnea
Frioe Ono Dollar.
Buckingham's Dyo.
As our IJenewer in many cases
requires too long n time, antf too
much care, to restore gray or faded
Whiskers, we liavo prepared this
dyo, n '6)ie preparation which will -.
quickly find effectually accomplish
this result. - It is easily applied,
und produces a color which will
neither rub nor wash off. Sold by
till Druggists. Price Fifty Cents.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL, & CO.,
m f a.v ,
NOTICE Is herohy Klven tlint a petition wllr
he presented lo the Hoard of Uotiiity Coin,
nilsaionersof Vinton county ,tit tholr next ntt
uliir sossiiiiiln March, in J, praying fortho e.
tiildlslimcnt of H 'county rond In Knox
lovrinlitp, lo auld o unity, ua follows, to-wltt
Cortmonelnii; nt O, R. Hcll'a Gntu, on the
county road luudlnff from Piicltn-rd'a Mills to
Moonvflloi tliencH nortn totno ecnnoi nonse
In rtmtrlet No 8i theiicn to Intersect the road
lending from, Con's til II to Alhena, and thero W
end. MANY l'li'flTIONEBS.
Jan. 31,1872,
ON MARIUAGE.-IInppT Belief for Yoxnjr
Men from thaeffacta of ICrrors and Abuses
In early Ufa. Manhood restored. Narvoua
debility cured. Imped imoida to MarvlnRe ra-
nioyoa. newniciiina oi ui'uhudiik. -,
reniarlcahla remedlos. Hooka and Cliculata
ontfreo. In smiled envelope.
2 South Klntn 8t., l'Ullillphl),rB. J-tat

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