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Democratic enquirer. [volume] (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 28, 1872, Image 2

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5! lie Cnquircr,
Building, North 61d of Main Street. Kast of
lUl t UullN.
J. W. BOWEN, Editor.
HoArthur,- February 28, 1872.
The National Labor Reform
Convention at Columbus.
Candidates for President and Vice
President Placed in Nomination.
' The National Labor Reform
Convention assembled at Co
lumbus, at 10 o'clock, on "Wed
nesday morning last, the 21st.
The assemblage of .delegates
and spectators was quite large,
and a general enthusiastic in
terest was manifested. A. M.
Puett, of Indiana, Chairman of
the National Executive Com
mittee, called the Convention
to order. John Siney of Penn
sylvania, was elected temporary
Chairman. On taking the
chair, he returned thanks to
the Convention. A. C. Cam
eron of Illinois, was made tem
porary Secretary. A Commit
tee on Credentials was appoint
ed', when the Convention took
a recess for half an hour. At
11:30 the Convention was call
ed to order, when the Commit
tee on Credentials reported the
names of gentlemen who had
been selected to represent the
States of Connecticut, Illinois,
Massachusetts, Michigan, New
York, Ohio, We9t Virginia,
New Jersey, Kansas, Iowa,
Nebraska, Maine, Arkansas,
Missouri and Mississippi, in
the Convention. The Conven
tion adjourned until 2 o'clock
P. M.
"When the Convention re
assembled in the afternoon,
three committees were appoin
ted, -viz: Committee on . Per
manent Organization, Platform
and Finance. The committees
were composed pf one member
from each of the States reore-
sented in the Convention.
The Committee on Perma
nent Organization reported
the name of E. M. Chamber
lain of Massachusetts, for Pres
ident of the Convention, and
A. C. Cameron of Illinois, for
Secretary. The names of Vice
Presidents and Assistant Sec
retaries were also reported. A
Committee was then appointed
to conduct the President to
the Chair. On his appearance
on the platform, Mr. Chamber
lain was introduced as the
champion of the workingmen
of Massachussett3, and recently
their candidate for Governor.
He returned thanks for the
honor conferred, and made a
snore epeecn, in wmcu ne re
ferred to the effects of the
trade on the lives and health
of the workingmen. We will
publish the speech in full next
week. His remarks were re
ceived with hearty demonstra
tions. At their conclusion an
effort to go into an informal
ballot on President did not
succeed, and the Convention
adjourned till ' 10 o'clock on
Thursday morning, when the
Committee on Platform report
ed. As the Platform is quite
lengthy we . defer its' publica
tion until next week. Consid
erable time was occupied in
discussing the Platform. At 1
o'clock the Convention ad
journed until 2.
When the Convention reas
sembled the Committee on
Finance reported in favor of
assessing one dollar for each
electoral vote, the amount thus
to be raised to be applied to
defraying the expenses of the
Convention, and iny balance
remaining, to be used in print
ing pamphlets.
A delegate from Kansas,
who favored an alliance with
the Liberal Republicans at the
Cincinnati Convention in May
next, moved that the nomina
tions of President and Vice
President be postponed until
May 11th. The motion was
lost by an overwhelming ma
jority. A number of gentle
men were then placed in nomi
nation, anions whom were:
JohnW. Geary of Pennsyl
vania: J. M. Palmer of Illinois;
Joel Parker of New Jersey;
David Davis of Illinois; G. W.
Julian of Indiana; Joel Parker
of New Jersey: Wendell Phil
lips of Massachusetts; and some
others. Balloting was then
nroceeded with. On the third
fhrmnl ballot Jude:e David
- " w
Davis was declared the nomi
nee receiving 201 votes, the
flntire electoral vote of Ohio
being cast for him. Only 10
votes were cast for other can
didates on this ballot. His
nomination was made unani
mous with three long and loud
The President of the Con
vention was instructed to im
mediately send a telegram to
Judge Davis, informing him of
his nomination.
Nominations for Vice Presi
dent were next in order. Joel
Parker of New Jersey, E. M.
Chamberlain of Massachusetts,
A. M. West of Mississippi,
Thomas Ewing of Ohio, and
W. G. Bryan of Tennessee,
were nominated.
An informal ballot was had,
resulting as follows:
rrker 79
Chamberlain II
West 18
Bryan 10
Ewing .....81
On the first formal ballot
Parker was nominated, the re
sult being: as follows:
Parker 11
Chamberlain , ST
Kwlug ., i?
A committee was then ap
pointed to inform the nominees
of the nctlon of the Conven
tion. A National Executive
Committee was selected.
The Convention adjourned,
subject to the call of the Na
tional Executive Committee.
"We arrived in Columbus on
Thursday morninr about 10
o'clock, and the Radicals,
whom we heard conversing
upon the subject, were ridicul
ing the convention and its
members. They could talk
only in a sneering manner about
the convention. After the
Convention had made the nom
inations.the disposition to sneer
at the Labor Reformers ceased.
The noble work of the Con
vention should be respected
by all classes of citizens, except
Grant's bankers, bondholders,
office-holders and sleek thieves,
who despise the laboring men.
The delegates of this con
vention represented almost one
million voters, about two-tbirds
of whom are organized into
associations and labor unions.
On Friday a telegram was
received from Judge Davis,
accepting the nomination.
Here i9 the dispatch:
UK. if. CKambtriain.rntiitni Jfatlonni Labor
Reform Convention:
"Be pleaded to think the Convention for the
unexpected honor which they have con far rod
upon me. The Chief Maglstntcy of the Kcpab
I If, should neither be sought uor declined by m
American citizen,
ilgiiedj David Davis."
Mr. Davis is the J ustice of
theSapreme Court of the Uni
ted States.
Another Adjournment.
On Friday morning' both
branches of the Legislature
again adjourned until yester
day, Most of the members
left for home Friday, morning.
No important business has
been transacted in- the Senate
since the SEVENTEEN
ISTS voted Dr. Kemp, the
Democratic member from the
Montgomery and Preble dis
trict, out of his seat, so that
they can carry out their scheme
of re-districting the State in
such a manner that the Demo
crats can only elect two of the
twenty Congressmen. On Sat
urday and Monday the Legisla
ture was not in session, but a
thousand dollars for each were
drawn from the taxpayers not
withstanding, The people can
see what ai expensive institu
tion this Rump Legislature is.
The Capitol of our State
was highly honored last week.
One State and two National
Conventions were" held there.
And besides the conventions,
that notorious but extremely
witty lunatic George Francis
Taain, who thinks he will be
the next President, lectured
there on Thursday night.
National Prohibition Mass
Black for President and John
Russell for Vice President.
The National Prohibition
Mass Convention assembled at
Columbus on Thursday morn-
iner. About twelve States
were represented in the Con
Hon. A. B. Clare of Penn
sylvania was chosen permanent
President of the Convention,
delivering a short speech on
taking the ebair.
Hon J. T. Stewart, late
Prohibition . candidate for
Governor of Ohio, delivered
an eloquent address of wel
come, enlarging on the history
and growth of the Prohibition
A very lengthy platform was
There were three or four
female delegates in the Con
vention among whom were
Mrs. Swisshelm and Mrs. Goff.
A Committee consisting of
one member from each State,
(Mrs. Goff among the number,)
was appointed to select candi
dates for President and Vice
President. The Committee
repoited the follow ticket:
For President James Black,
of Pennsylvania.
For Vice President John
Russell, of Michigan.
Three cheers were given for
the candidates.
At the request of Mrs. Goff,
the doxology was sung.
Many speeches were made
before the convention.
The Prohibition State Convention.
The State Prohibition Mass
Convention met at Columbus
on Friday morning last.
J A. Spencer of Cleveland,
was chosen permanent Presi
dent: B. C. Mason of Luca9
county, for Vice President;
and P. O'Cpnner, Dr. Merrill
and J. A. Kelsey Secretaries.
The nominations made on
the day previous by the
National Prohibition Conven
tion were confirmed, Mr.
Spencer made a short address
on taking the chair.
The following State Ticket
was placed in nomination :-
Secretary of State Ferdi
nand Schumacher of Summit
Supreme Judge Charles L.
Fisb, of Cuyahoga county, '
Board of Public. Works
Milton Kenedy of Scioto
A Presidential Electoral
Ticket was nominated, consist
ing of one person for each
Congressional District, and
two for the? State at large.
The Elector for this (tbelltbV
district, is Moses- Muller of
Gallia county.
A State Central Committee
was then appointed when the
Convention adjourned.
If we can find room in the
the next issue of this paper, we
will publish the full proceed
ings of the convention, togeth
er with the names of the Elec
tors for the State.
We attended the meeting of
the Democratic State Central
Committee atThurman Hallrat
Columbus, at 2 o clock on
Thursday afternoon last. No
time was fixed for holdincr the
State Convention. The Com
mittee will meet aerara on
Thursday, June 13th, at which
time a day and place for hold
ing the - Convention will be
determined on, and we shall
not objoct if .the next State
convention is held at Cleve
land or Cincinnati.
Bakgains for
V Jr. V,
MUUJWiui &j
' Our Itlotto shall be "Try to pledge
and gire entire satisfaction."
A- k.
r v. r- r v-
On Saturday, week aero.
Hon. Geo. H. Pendleton fell
at his residence and sprained
his ankle so that he will be
unable to leave his room for
several months. He met with
similar accident to the same
ankle about two years ago.
A series of experiments, in
stituted to test the average loss
in weight by drying, shows that
corn loses about one-fifth, and
wheat one-fourteenth by the
process. From this the state
ment is made that farmers will
make more money by selling
unshelled corn in the fall at
seventy-five cents than the fol
lowing summer at one dollar a
bushel, and that wheat at $1.32
in December is equal to $1.50
for the same wheat iu the June
following. This estimate is
made on the basis of interest
at 6even per cent, and take9 no
account of the loss from the
depredations of vermin.. These
facts are worthy of considera
tion. . .
It is a fact of more than or
dinary significance that, in all
the States, Federal office
holders are iu the constant
habit of interfering with State
legislation. Under all the
Presidints up to Lincoln, such
actions on the part of men hold
ing office under the general
government would have been
followed by instant dismissal.
Federal office holers were never
seen at the State capital when
the Legislatures were in ses
sion. But now, ft seems a
portion of their business to pull
an oar in all matters- of State
A bill is now pending in
Congress, introduced by Hoar,
of Mass., which sets apart the
proceeds from the sale of pub
lic lands for the support of
common schools, but no State
to have one dollar of it, un
less it surrenders its public
lie school system to the Nation
education bureau. This, of
course, is a scheme to force ne
gro children in while schools
all over the country. Ilere is
an eilort to rob the States of
all control of their local insti
tutions, and ccutralize in Con
gress all power; as well as to
lurce ft social amalgamation
the two races.
Governor Clayton, of Ar
kansas, in order to accomplish
some personal end of his own,
gave iu& cercincaie ot eecuon
to Congress, in the Second
District in that State, to Ed
wards (Democrat), who receiv
ed 8,211 votes, instead of to
Boles (Republican), who had
10,381 votes. The House has
properly corrected the fraud,
by giving Boles the seat, both
parties concurring. But in
Texas, where Clark Repahli
can, had 1,500 leas votes than
Giddings Democrat, the cer
tificate was given to Clark, by
Governor as corrnpt and reck
less ns Clayton, a diflerent rule
hns been applied, and Clark is
permitted in violation of the
plainest principles of honesty,
to hold the place given him by
rascality. The: reason of the
difference is that Clark is a Re
.it. n!car .
The Earth to be Washed
Out by Another Flood.
A brisk Frenchman, named
Adhemar, has just demonstra
ted that deluges sweeping over
the earth are as natural as the
rising and the tailing of the
ocean tide, and informs us that
another has made great pro
gress in preparation since No
ah's, and may be expected to
wash us out in seven thousand
years .
The theory of Mr. Adhemar
is bnerd upon the fact that the
earth, besides spinning on its!
axis, has an oscillatory motion;
in other word?, it "wabbles"
like a top. Now it tnkes twen
ty-One thousand years to com
plete the 'wabble." During
ne-half of that time one pole
is more under the sun than the
other. Necessarily, ice accu
mulates at the colder end.
When that end gets around
to the sun there will b a thaw,
that is a flood, which will sweep
from one pole to the other, with
the interesting dramatic accom
paniments of "lightning, thun
der, terrific earthquakes and
volcanic eruptions5 vomiting
forth flames and stones thou
sands of feet, hi'ghr"
The ruin to be produced by
this deluge is graphically de
scribed, but we have little
interest in it, inasmuch as no
body will be left to see it,
exeppt, as Mr. Walker tells lis,
"a few families escaping to the
higher table lands and moun
tain ranges of the earth may
survive, only, to fall back
almost immediately into a fetate
of torpid barbarism.''
Now, between the fire below
and the water above, the scien
tists have crot us into a dilem
ma. If we do not freeze or
burn, or something, one of these
days, it will be unaccountable,
for science has determined that
we will inevitably have a future
of some decided sort, though
science is very contradictory as
to the character of it.
It is a fact worthy of note
and reflection, says the Ind:an
apolis Sentinel, that when Gen.
Morgan, of Ohio, presented his
constitutional amendment to
the House, malting naturalized
citizens eligible to the Presi
dency, all the colored members
voted against it. It is a curious
feffture of our government, at
the present time, that a negro
is eligible to the highest office,
while the most intelligent white
man in the world is shut out if
he happened to be born in a
foreign country.
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ACisS'TS Wsin(tl. Agents make nioromor
ev lit work for us than nt anything else.
BnsfnoHS light and permanent: particulars
free; O. Stinhon 4 Co., t in Art VutlUhtn,
Portlnntl, tlaiiic.
A.nXr AflU KXPENPm. Re.l stamp to'
$aVu Novelty Unnniiolming Co., Alfrtd, Mt.
II O Plnno Co.. New York Mclmi 1200. Ko
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for (1 pr hntl'e, ly W C Hamilton A Co, Drupcluls
Cincinnati, Ohio. 60 iW
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proTldoiiitsti runnner tlmt ha eorlnoi eoftdtitlouly
iw nwM iiiioirn, (fanii ourtMifvt'rviiony who
, bi UMd It for Flti, never htrina mll d in a ! riffle
ojue, 'HialngrtxIUnti may ho nbrafhH from anvtlrua:
Bin. PerstODidnlrinfraooityniAr aKtrfn La.O I'hki mi j
Ayer's Cathartic Pills;
For tho relief nnd?
euro of all dcnuigo
mcnts In the tuiu
nch, liver, and bow-"
els. They are n mihr
npcrifnt',- nnd atf
purely vegc
table, tl icy c-nutnin
nonici ciiry or mine
nil wh.itcver. Much'
wirloti Hh-liiicssniul
aulferhiK is prevent'-
en nv uicir iimciy
use; nnd ovei-j- family shoul'"l h.wc tlicni on liniiil
I'm- irreir protection mid rtdief, when reiiiirtd.
Lonir experietino has proved thcni to be tlie snlr
est, surest, mid best or nil th'c 7'ifM witli ivhicli"
tlio nmrket abuumls. l!y their nrcnslnnnl use,
tho blood is purllled, the corruptions of the sys
tem expollctf, obstructions ictnovod. rnd tho
wholo nmiiliinoi'j- of life retlotcd to Iu licnlthy'
activity. Internal orgimn which bci-oinc clnggcit
nnd slurelsh me clchnsctl hv Airr'n rifts, aiur
stiiimlntiiit Into nctlon. Thus incipient diseiiso"
U clanged Into health, the value ol'n hich clmiiKC,
when reckoned on Iho vast nnilliliidcs w ho enjoy
it, can hardly bo computed. Their sugar contin
iniikes them plciisnnt to tuke, and III "serves their
tii-lues unimpaired' fof rtny leiifftlt' of tinie, so'
that they nre ever fresh, nnd poi lci-lly reliable.
Although searching;, thev nro mild, and ojiernto
wilhout dUturbancc to tlie constitution, or diet, or'
Foil directions fire' ftlvcfi' on tlio wrnppr-r to"
cai-Ii box, How to iiiie thctn us a Family rhysic,
nun tor tne loitowing compiauiis, iviiicn muse
I'M rapidly euro :
For IkrupepkiM oi' ttmlluj-es'lon, lMi)ess'
nss, litinu-unr and l.oas of .Iprn-tiSe, they
should be tukeiHiioderati'ly to .tinuiuilc the stom-'
ach, and restore Its bciillhy tone and fti'tibh'.
For ldvr Compluiiat and its vnrioiis svmp-"
toins, Jlllious lluilchp, Nich
uclie, Junnilire or sVrctn Nlrhncaa, Ill
! t'oltc and Unions I'rren, they shoulcf
be judiciously taken for citch case, to correct the
diseased action-or rsutovo tlio obstruction which
cauw It. ....
For rsfntrr or It'lnrrliot-a. but one
mild done is generally rciiuh-ud.
ror cineuiiiHtiom. cwnnt, frarei,
iiiiiitiou of the. Ilnui-t, ti'uin lis slier
ntli', IVucii and I.ol, they shmild be conlln-'
nottly tttki'ii, as raipiireil, t" '-hitiif-'c the dhenseil
action of the etsfCiiA Witli sitcn chaiixe tbosef
coiiiphilnts disappear,
r'ftr lsroixy nnd I!-oilrI K-Syt-lllna-sY
(hey shniild lie taken In l.n irn nutl frequent doe):
to prndiice the e(Ti;i-t of a dm -die. ptir-.w.
For NiipirHia. a Lo re domt should be)
tnhen, ttil prodtu-cs t'.io tli-L'ired cffei t by sym--fintliy.
An n Diiificr1 fit, ."k- one .or two J'UJ to
promote iliifestlnn nutl relieve thd stoin n-h; .
An occuslonid dose stlnmliitcs the Ktorilncliamr
bowels, retorns the appetite, nnd hiviKWales the"
system. Hciico it is often HdvuntnKcods Vtci-uf
no serinuj diirant'emeiit exists. One who feels
tolernldy well, on flmls Hint a dose of then'
1'illH makes him foci decidodlv belter, from their
cleansing und rcuoriUiutf educt on tlie digo&Uve
ritr.i'AP.nD ht
Dr. J. C. AVER CO., Fniotttnl Chtmhtf,'
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Fovop and Arue, Intermitteat Fever",
Chill Fever, Bomittent Fever, Dumb'
Ague, Periodical or Bilious Fevor, &o.
and Indeed oil tho affpotions whioh anteV
from nfalarloue, marsh, or miasmctio:
No ono remedy Is londmf
called for by tlie necessities of
tho American pooplo than a
sure and safe cure for Fever"
ami Ak'iio. Sifcl) wo are now'
onnbloa to offer, with a perfect?
certainty that It will eradicate
tho disease, and with assnr-'
ance, founded on proof, that no liana can arise
from its use hv any rjttnntity.
That which protocts from' or prevents this dis
order niimt bo of Immenso service In the com
munities where It prevails. J'reventUn Is belief
than euro, 101- lie paiioiu esenpee inu tiuk wiiu-n
ho must run In violent attacks of this baleful dis
temper. This "Cuke" expels the niiasinatlo
poison of r"EyEti and. Ague from tho sj-btoin
and prevents tho (lcvelopinrilit Of tho dltciiko, If
taken on tho Hist approach of Its premonitory
svnintoins. It is not only the best remedy ever
yet discovered for this close of eoniplahxv f bu
aino- mo cncnucNi, inu ima ipiuiiiu no sup
ply for ft dollar brings It within the reach of
everybody; and in bilious districts, where
Fhvkr anp Aoue "prevails, everybody should)
hnva" It, fttiiluso' It freely, both for cure and pro
tcctlon. It is hoped this price will place it within
the reach of alt the poor as well as tho rich..
A great superiority or this remedy over any
other ever discovered for (iie snecdr and ccrtniir
ciirCol'fntermlttents is, that It contains no Out-'
nina or mineral; consequently it produces no'
quinism or other Injurious effects whatever upon
tho constitution. Thoso cured by it aro left as
hcnUliy as if they had never nnd the disease.
fever nmt Agno is not alone the consequence'
of thonilusmntlo poison. A groutvnrlcly of dis
orders aviso from its irritation, among which
are Nenralffla, KheunvatlsH,-,Uut, Ilimdacho,
Blindness, Tooth.nchoy EarnchoY t'riftirrll-i Asth--ma,
Palpitation, Palnnil AITeetitin of tho Spleen,
Ilystorlcs, Pidn In tlie Bowels, Colic, Pnralysis,
hihI derangement of the Stomachy an' of w hich
when originating in this cause, put on the In
termittent type, or become periodical. This'
"CuitK" expels tho poison from tho blood, and
consequently cures them all alike. It Is an Inv
vniuaiuer protection to-immigrants anu persons
travelling or fomnorai-lry residing In the mala
rious districts. If taken oe.cash nnlly or dull
while exposed to the infection, that will DO exv
eroted fi om the system, and cannot accumulate
in snfllcient quantity to ripen Into disease.
Hence It is even more' VaTdnble for protection1
than cure! and few will ever suffor front Inter-'
mittonts if they avail thomselvcs of the protec.
tlon this remedy affords.
For IsVer Complaint, arising from torpid
ity of the) Liver, It U an excellent remedy, stim
ulating the Liver into healthy activity, nnd pro
ducing many truly remarkable' cures, Where'
other medicines fall. ,
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, MasY.,-
Pracllcal and Analytical ChttnUt;
Titidx, $t.oo run -bottle.
ON MARRIAGE. Happy Belief for Toxntf
Men front tlieeffocta of Krrors and A buses'
In eiirlv life. Manhood restored. Nervour
debility onrertV IrhpedinVonts to Afarrlage re-
movoii. iHew nimiiim 01 ireniniBiii. iewana
rerrllirkftblo remedies. Ilonks and Circular
sent free. IrJ'nehlcd envelopes.
ireouth NltitA St., Philadelphia, Pa. 1-tf
For All Who Bead. .
We. can without hesltntion. recommend ATX
DKN' READY BOOK BI'NPKIt b the best we
have ever seen for the purposes Intended. Its
great convenience, perfect adnptntion to so'
many wants and Its very low price ill certain
lv bring It In to common, tf uct uulvorsal use'
Sas advti-tlseinenU' X3-1JP

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