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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, February 28, 1872, Image 3

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pUBi.rsnitn evkry wrdnkhdav bv
GT- "R?m Bowen,
learn that no foxerf wore
6anght at (hd cbnao advertised in"
this paper two woeks ngo. 'if any
men, boys, and dogs were present.
notice that 0. ii. SaGi, who
lms boon Clerk of ttifl American
llouso, at Logan, dul-Sfipc tho past
three years, ia nowoilts of tho Clorlcs
Cf tho Furnace Storo at that placo.
Tbs; burglars who broke tfpftri the
felorcs at iiamdon, about throe
vreoks ao, have boon arrestod and
ore confined id lit Highland tfoiln
tyjaif. They hail from Chicago:
Cfa Monday of fast week, our
County Trcasuror, NliLB6tt' Rich
mond, mado his first somi-annunl
trip to Columbus and paid to tho
State Treasurer "Vinton county's
portion of the State taxes.
fIaz Ohio Stato Board of Agfi
culturo mot at Columbus last Wed
nesday and decided to hold the State
Fair for tho next two years at Mans
field. Tho vote stood 6 for Mans
field and 4 for Zancsville., The
Fair is.to be held from the 2d to
tho 6th of September.
1Vb clip tho fbllowiug from! the
Ohio Statesman, which it says it was
found on tho door of the Senate
The asses once In council frro(,
O'er which a mule presided,
And ns tho loudest hrayor wished,
Thin officer doclded.
At lust tlie asses did resolve
Thov'd have some other ruler.
And m a mulo had done an well
1'lioy would nowtrya MikiaeiI
BRiaas und Brother, Rochester,
Y., have Bont ns tlioir Illustrated
Catalogue of Flower and Vegetable
Seeds, Bulbs and Plants for 1872.
Its properties bf8 briefly and truth,
fully set forth in th.oir advertise
ment in another column. The Seed
business is a growing interest, and
tins already reached ttj gigantic
proportions. It is wonderful what
a variety and quantities Can bo kept
by Otic" establishment. When one
talks of tons of boot seed, and other
tuns each of email seeds such ns
turnup, carrot, parsnip, cucumber,
&c, and it itiay well bd conceived
t'.mt it takes a vast capital to carry
Mi tho business the heavy seed deal
ferd, require. tti every point of
viow, BViggs & Brother's Catalogue
Is a capital piece of work in its ty
pographyespecially llio1 illuatfa
ted part and in Iho variety and
fcxtpnt of tho seeds, bulbs and plants
hot furth in ito 130 pngss. It, is really
more than was promised in the ad
Vertisonients of tho firrri, Its typog
raphy is perfect- Its illustrated
plates ar models of pictorial beau
ty, ltd contents embraco usoful
hints upon tho growth and raising
of flowors and vegetables, and uro
tho result of years of practical ex
perience. The purchaser of a cata
logue (an order to BriggsA Brother
for one dollar's worth of seeds, se
cures it free,) aso receives an in
sight into What ho may obtain On
certain conditions, in the way of
One or two chromo lithographs of
flower boquets, one of which wo
have received, representing boquets
bf choico natural flowers, raised by
Briggs & Hr'othcr'. tfhose chromos
hro fully equal to the highest priced
chromos eold, and are a fit ornn
mont for parlor or sitting room.
The catalogue also contains two rep
resentative engravings df the chro
mos, and parties ordering Only ono
which, without an order for seeds,
requires an enclosure of H conts,
can feclect which they prefer.
Thero is no person interested in
flowers, house or garden plants, or
engagod in the raising of vegotablos
or market corals, who cannot be
benefitted by tho possession of this
Valuable and beautiful illustrated
Catalogue. An enclosure of 2o cents,
secures it prepaid, and the' amount
In soodu is returned, if an order'fol
lows the purchase of a catalogue
Por Fine Perfumery, go to Sis-On's
DrUgFton. .
The American llotel oppo
site the State House, is growing
in popularity under its present
efficient and gentlemanly man
agement. It ia the qticen of
all the Columbus hotels. The
order and promptitude with
which its management meets
the wants and wishes of their
immense pnfronage is superb.
13y all means, go to the Amen
Notice to Stock Owners.
nro prepared to print bills for
all owners of Stock Horses nt vory
low prices. Como and soe , cuts,
Kttpiefl, &c, and loarn prices.
Horrible Accident at Vinton
Station. Death of William H. Black.
tin Tuosday morning, February
20, at about lO'ltf, Wn.ttA'ji , H.
Black met with a horrible accident
upon tho railway cVo's'sirfg, at Vin
ton Station", while attempting to"
cross the track on horseback, as the
westward bound Fast Iiin'o' Train,
i? hi cli makes no stop at that sta
tion, was passing. As the' grade is
descending, tho train was running
at high Rpocd. Tlio' locomotive
struck the h'o'rso, throwing Mr.
Blatflt about thirty foot high and
sixty -soven feet from tho railway
track. The horse was thrown a
distanco of e'ighty foet, and, bd'ng
bady maflglod, was iminodiat61y
shot; It is said ha't the horso be
came unmanageable and ettdm'ptc'd
to' run along the track, ih'stea'd ot
going directly over, as tho impres
tions left by its feet were discover
ed o'rt the ground between the' rails
for o distartco of eight fept beyond
til cT crossing. The train was stop
ped as soon as possiblo, Had the
officers and passengors rotnrnod
to r"endor any assistance that might
bo necessary. Mr. Black lay blood
ing on tho frozen ground entirely
unconscious and motionless, his
skull "being fractured, either by tho
fall upon the frozen ground or by
being struck by some part of the
locomotive. lie Was carried to the
Station House, to await the arrival
of Drs. D". V. and tf. S. Rannklls,
who bad boen sent for. They ar
rived about 12:30, but tho unfortu
nate tann was beyond the reach of
any Surgical aid. A messenger had
also been sent to Zaleski fotf his
brother, John T. Black, who arriv
ed just in time to have him placed
On the Mail East. Ife was" taken to
Zaleski, to his brothor's residence,
where he breathed his last at 8
o'clock on that night not quite
ten hours after the accident occur
Mr. Black resided on a farm, near
Packard's Mill?) in Knox township,
Vinton county; and was nbout 50'
years of ago. lie was on his way
to McArthdr to attend to some bus
iness he ha I in Court. He was', as
we were informed by persons ti the
Station on Wednesday, within
twelve fdads of the railway crossing
when the whistle sounded, ns usual,
at a point about forty rods east of
the crossing, but no one knows
whether ho heard the whistle, or
oven saw the train until he reached
tlu Cfoflijltlg, as ho Was i'lding very
fist. If ho did hear the train, he
must have thought it was some dis
tanco awny and would probably
ston at tho Station and give him
siifilcicnt time to get WUt of danger
That part of the highway ennt from
tho crossing, excepting the ap
proach to the crossing, is much low
er than the main line of the railway
track betweon the Stution House
add the Crossing, and aliftOsttho en
tiro Viow of the highway between
th 08e points was hiddeu frarrt the
sight of tho engineer ofthotfafh by
a n timber of box enrs that stood up
on the side track UCtween tho main
lino and the highway. The ongin-
eor did not observo him until the
entrino was within a few feet of the
horse. It is Baid thai the horse; in
stead of going directly across the
track, attempted to run Mdtig the
track ahead of tho engine,' as the
imt)rc8sion8 left bv its foet were dis
covered in the ground, about eight
feet from tho crossing.
Mr. Black loaves a widow and a
number of children and a great
many rolativos in this county to
mourn his untimely loss.
What's the difference if the
trains on the M. & C. II. K. are
behind titrte soltiptifHeR and fail
to connect with the Columbus
& Hockinar Vallev Train, at
Athens? No need of feeling
discouraged. Why, fcvery
weary traveler can go right
over to the Brown House, near
the old Ohio University, and
remain over night, iltery
body can make themselves at
home there. On Wednesday
last, while on our way to (Jo
lumbus, we Wefe.among others,
slightly "left over," at Athens;
and having hedrd that the
Brown Hmise, which is kept
by Leonard Brown, Esq., who
was formerly Sheriff and Treas
urer of l.hat ancient county, is
a goctd stopping plaice, we Went
forthwith and placed Onf name
upon the register. The location
or the Ilotef renders it A con
venient place for all to stop.
Tho House is in the finest dons
dition; tho table is supplied
with the best; and the generous
hearted landlord pay every
attention to those1 who plaice
themselves in hiscare
heading is much more effec
tive in making converts during
political campaigns than rtny
Amount of oratory. The Mc
Arthur Enquirer should be in
the hands of every voter in this
county during the coming cam-
P'$u ' V ...
A nuruber of criminal 'cases
were tried last week; Court
will probably" adjourn" sbftafc
day the present Week.. .
On Salnrdalbtflli 8
o'clock, an accident happened
to two Wetjyard bound freight
trains, at Vinson Station A
train Vifds standing on the main
trriclii east froni he stotion,
wbeii another train, fvhicb
matf eS no 8tdp" at , that place,
rau ifi to' the rddi; df ehe stand
ing train; smashing , elgHt pr
nine cars atutl difablin the
enginei Hfo person", flirt.
Judga ohniion wont (o tAtltur, Inji Won
Anf, U hold court.. Juilfre Mrijer fl,nl8hcj up
our dourt. Tho liittor titkei hw first IihIIJ here.
Hi! slU emllv on tho beaeli, and cotkluets. the
sitrtirn of the court In a ulanaunt and aiitlafno-
tory man nor. Iroatok Journal,
iry man nor. Irontoh Journal,
just an we expfi;tcd. Judire Itarilol'j
diet, will mak nhe or tile mont nn
:e i
woliaTO ererhiid. We learn that hftti,.alK-
ed to Solot-o and Pike oouiitlui.
raverlj lit-
publican, 91
No wol-kingman is to'd hbor
tc take ft paper. Sorile eiiy they
can't afford it If yoti are a
poor liian you require a news
papei' to, cheei; ypur lonely
hours, find to take the place of
books which cost more. If
you have children they want it;
it is worth ted times as much
to them. aa a teacher. If yon
have children your wife ttnts
it to interest her iri he'r' home
when you are compelled to be
absent. If rich or poor, you
neea a live, interesting newspa
per and no family should be
without one, at least, or fts
many others as he can find tirrie
to read, and there is no better
season" of the y'P.tr thati htlvv to
take" a good newspaper;
An exchange says a Var be
tween the United States and
England, wbuld necessarily be
carried on almost wholly on
the high seas; and it is an
alarming fact that we are utter
ly unprf pafed for such a strug
gle. It is a striking manifesta
tion of the utter imbecility of
the eoVernment that oitf navy
has been permitted to sink into
decay and demoralization.'
The New York Tribune es
timates the Leet-Poner-Grant
rbWry, at the custom house,
to attlotint to full one quarter
ot a million ot dollars;
Flower anil Garden Seeds.
Those wishing to purchase seeds
of any kind will give fts a call.
I'll!! Country seems to be Fill-
kd with Specific For the ciire of
lung diseases, that one scarcely
knows which to use, for want of
confidence in their modicul proper
ties; Uat frdrfi tfiB r'ertiarkable euros
and tho hitfl.eV oruer and extrnor
dinnry efficacy of Allen's - Lung
Balsam, that wo are compelled to
regard the e'tidenco of our senses,
and confidently state fdf cough and
cold, and that hydra-headed mon
et) consumption we thir.k that
preparation a safe and certain Care
that is now before" the public. For
sale by all medicine dealer's. 3-tf
ForAet's Medicines go to Q.
W. Sisson's.
FVty yeara ago, Illinois was ns
far west as most people wished to
gd, fthd jou"rheys wore made in the
logendary "Prairie Schooner," but
in these days of Progress and Irh
proTerflettit, 'the word West has
come td mSan Iowa, Nebraska,
Kansas. Colorado, Califofola 8td
tho territories, fthd the tfaveler
reaches almost any point therein by
a splendid line of Railroad.
This Line of Itailfo'ad Is (h
Barilngtflfi liou'to, which starts from
Indianapolis over the Indianapolis,
Bloomlngton and Western Short
Line, and from Logansport over
thd TtfffldOf Peoria, and Warsaw
Railroad and rtttining through
Burlinoton reaches Ortfatia, Lin
coin, lebraskri ti'djr, Saint Joseph,
Atchison, Leavenworth afid Kansas
City, connecting with the Union
Pacific, iiansas racino, and other
ralfrtfads rifnh'frtg fj-om those fcftieB.
People going to Iowa, flTebf'asba,
Kansas', California, tsf any point in
the Territories, will study their 6wn
interest by. going ''By way of Bar
lingtcfn," for the rotes of that Line
are always a ioti a any other,, and
it is ' the best Route iff the West,
therefore you are more sure of y6ur
safety and comfort.
Trve Burlington Ronte has admir
ably ahsworo'a the fU08ti6n "BTow
to go West?" by the publication of
an excellent Pamphlet, containing
a large truthful map of the Great
WeBt, and ! rh'ffofe ,lntefestilg and
vftltrable tnforinAtion which can Be
obtaln.ed.rea of chafgi, by address
ing General Passenger Agent B. &
II. JR. JR.,- Burlington, Iowa.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
t.i. ..i ... crii-J nt Kobruttrv SI. we
n iShltuarr Aotlcfi at JkUr MtfO.lUJ.tT.
of wh'oie doath we ipbkabrlcOy laet week. ;
Mr. Jlctt'my ., torn in ucioiwr, u(.
tto was pUiastornLJaskon frorn im until
1841 . We take the followiug froin the Obltii.
try, vrhlch wa wrltKo by net. fc A. ATKi!C-
"Whfiii oiilte rounir ho went .TO Columbii,
Ollo,.aiid tmpVwki to , hie II uking
trust, he renialned in.tlwt oapiolty for aotue
t'?! . l i. iUu 'r t.i.
eAr)Tduy, tlint.whon lie loft hla former oocn
pAtlon, ho enit.Ked Iji thu tabjnet brtsinoM, and
continued In that bualnon" fojr ' Qvenl yean.
Aboutnfty yeain airrt-Mr. Mcnnljty remov
ed to J tiuksoil ihU .Otlo.and ajter speiidlna
ome yenw in his fxirmor business'. Ke oponcd
hll.Ho,u(iBii i tavrfni, jorlnce of ,'iiHUllo enter-
thon living hU rw.usa lieciMfilfc4.,CmlorUblr
. -L 1 .1 k.1 Jl. n n .MfllM'
WMlleacltl.ondrjHckon euiirity, Mr. fc
r....u n. ..,. TMii.nrm1 uht ve&rfl. and
countv Reoortier thrca veAr, ':d wua a Rood
citizth, a klhd KuiliiWd, a tondcr and an affeo-
ii . i..,,,.ii.iili in virft.ln ennntv.. II If
last iihiesH wiisof sliortdutWu. Hlsd'nath Is
auppoe to nure peun ooati u mn n ,
orover-llftlnu, A short tiipe before he died,
he wna found in hta busjufa room, cold Und
peoclileiw, hilt afti'rwird, WH able to rcoo..
nlte Bonie of hit friend, andSpoalta few words;
on nnujiiH muii his rriemti immBiuKij i.
graphed .lo. J ackrton fr Dr. Clewers. fila old
fumlly physlelitri, but the Ir. arrWed there on
ly id time to close hi eyes In death.
body was brought. to Ifiickxon, and after the
funeral aerrices In , he Mi E. Cimroh, wd Ih-
of tvtfb. . T;hu piiasnil away anotherof the d(d
and other friends tojjno""' their loa.
-A ijBaUtifui Woman.
Tho DerceDtlre fncultv of women It usually
keerler.thad the tame phrenologlem organ in
mod. wpnMd know that beouty rather Wan
crenllit ia woxshiDDOd by the sterner sex: A
man hilly fslSCfthe latter td hit lady-love, but
tho keenness , of , ihfe dhHsn knowa that Ho It
thfnk(ng of.thefornier. Woinen are Jond of d
mlratlon; hence fariej tif tlieit longings it tobe
bcaut(rul. Tliegrand lecretdffeinalo beauty Is
healin, the powor to f;at:1,digeBn'J,.i'sslnilliilo
a proper riusntity bf whd'leiiomo food, tiki
Vinegar Bitten). It will elbnse the atomacnj
tone, the vital organs, give a perfect digestion,
purify the lilpodclearlup tlio' complexion aud
produce tUlobfmontnlandphyjtcnl electricl
ty.whiiii gives symmentry of form, bright
eye 1, will to skin, glossy and a genuine type of
female loveliuess, which no cosmetic can pro
duce 8
617 St; Charles street St. Louis, Mo;'
Ha been loner er enlaced trithetrea
rnent ot .Venereal, 6eueT ui rlva
piaeaee "J auunijiiaiuliKu Lli. b
bleeaeefl r tbrFbj.itoiiiAt. Lowi. m ok
ST.. el civ pirijiow. BrphUIBt Conorrhoen,
Rupture 1 "lirlnBry DleeaeeeiM SifpRlll-!
flo or Merouflai AfTeotTone ' Throat,
skin' soiKiirf fuM wim urmiid hm
Spermatorrhoea , 8exual Debility "
I mpotenoy ' Uu null at i.iriiue la jeutb, muil
im.hi la ntuw ytire , r Mht etuto. sal whlah
roaue hoi m ,di mwwiDi nMui nenroueneBvi
imprpper n iruuoiiy' ru. ttuv
tdlr uii tvaU nothlnf . A with ivr
U HloA po. II la Mif-vMBt tkat ft Fbjaieiui
rMtlafibauMiidter Mtttvtrr yw tequlrM crfUkl(k
FhTriolau kaowUfi UiU frtqaciU momBnA trWMU (
t The titaBltihment (a whIe Imbm f twelvt.rrral If th
rimI xwnalT Id th ouatrj, tmbrMtoi UMpiiOB ud
boiliitlutltM roomi, Boarding tad pipin;. twUtimut
HtOieaUd and Vapor Baths; ieompreheDtJve Laboratory
wbrre all madtclofi natfl In tha estalij(ibmni ara praparad 1
ad mo lmparuol 6f all tba Library i whara the ali aad
laiaii tandard .varki af all ibaaabftoli at nadlelaa ara
found, alas Anatomloi Plate. Ufa all and oolorad lalir.
Illntiratlng dlaaaatd aeadlttoDi, vhlob hara baaa proourtd
Kara Farta. Fraasa, aagaHlaaa of axfftnaf. and sot to bf
foaad In any atbar Llbrar; to lfa ally. Tba Library la
ibrawa wide apan to all aaiter. FaiiMti aaa ha Dootor
aefaraMly aid privately, rrouihairaaknninbarof ptraaod
aadar tha Doatofi aaaa, he lainabUd to laap Iba aaato at
abartei ithto.tb fdaah pi aM: paraoaal CoaiulUtloo to lb a
fcatt, U avalilag Wing eipaotlra, many In avary ntato. a&d
auilanally an la Kurofx, And hlatraatmaot affleaelaaa
tba aara being aondaeud by m or ax p rata. Oaraabla
aseaa goarantaad, wbera doubl axliti U la frankly itatad.l
All oomnanioaUoio atriatly aoaOdentlal. Offiaa Hoarat
t i. K.tolr. at., and! tot f. m, Bundafi, 13 v. to I r. at.'
b tT9tn arrtoin im Sto Hy l hour, may aoM irf ,
o tU qJUa. -1
VH. K Fampbtat (IS pgn) gtrlog fall lynbtomi or
riratot Baiual and Harrow DUmhb aauk aaaled tor iwd
6 Urn pi, toprapayaamga. .
The writings of a physician whotfl tepmtV
Ilon U union Wide If worth ,the postage, Hhd
ot 89 cent Manhood I Wornftuhoodt
109 pAsrosj, which ginswev over con
5lotlJo uetlon, thut tta doabU,
Jul cartons or Inqalaltlro with to
aow, wlU bo ,?.
eiattai a JUrra4iMiia. TaaWw fiual
Sitanft. it$ hurtful fftU. with nMdAJ dvit
U4U IXHAUatiOM Ao afaar atu, a
toiddU or aid mf what cam It. dona in
wboi aaai Kdond 1 MMAoaiei.
l plrH)!fi 6rj tho fao
t faaeona tM htf ai aw aaoa4a
Alf mum aa aMfty Aota
prmatureiy Infirm.' wm
m44brii,dikbir Consumption, Epllepsvi
lOa aavMl aroaea vni-wu i
M-aoir m a finyta yatMuiton ons
t and fj ra I a) mould ae fmr lat
Atful mtriu9 or Uuiiti4wUk to
imu im rie arc cms i
AU Utol A4 4oag
, a frvo BiarWaga fwda anal aHaaiO aHaoaitor. aVad
y tVJ St. Charlea St., St. ZxmU. KoI
fJM Wm nmutful iftUUH f a Sat imi
i Uft-lna tfreUl iumUnA U trMMunl f U ia.
ko trt lonaar loaatad a St. tnutt im md
maw Ohtmlt Imw fttiuimm. Read hie worki
iffWry orUa aaa aaawai, aaaawaal. -
i)S. cuooi's W1n of hxu i
Preparation whioh
ban tHMa tried at thi
publle for ton years, and
proved itnt in (hoe
And. rt mkmAt MfMM nt
?-tnf OS. eiiriait (dfdisMses 61 thi
Tbrot suid assasra.
the' remedy to ose
Chroaie Oortahii. at
Coughs and Colds. It
premptly cures them all.
Basonred eases of Con.
SOUS sjjnPTIOJl.iumptton prononnoed ia.
ourable by paysiciane.
Has oured so many eases
pi isthma and Bronohi
tls. that it has beaa ore.
Afltt rieunoed a spaoiflo for
these eomplsints. Ifaf.
Sioud, will yon let praju
BOKCIima.dM prareat yott ftooi
beinx cured also i
Kenoraiea and lnrisnf.
ates tba entire systemi
arid rapidly restores Ex.
aausted Strength. The
Trrromay lormewaaa
eat6raa the ipp.dta,
strengthens the Stem-
APPETITE. ach, relaxes the Liter,
and puts then to worki
eansas the food to dlgaat,
BTSPEPaiA.and mutes pure bloed;
rAmotin nyspspsla,lB
aigeitiotf, to.
IU action on the Urinary
Organs are both prompt
and marked. Itanoeoedi
in rsprodualn the tirln
aft seorelions whea oth
er powerful din relief
nats wiiea
Has Tgetable ingredi.
eats of undouMsd Tsf
l TSfus, combined with
the rieh medio'.na! a lull.
it ia
iies.eftar ebntainad tk
rn-kir n(N make it th
xwalc'mest nliable Tome la
the market.
ftMk Oi (one and inert W
. iebilitotedConstiteBoin'
jitlii and all reooTerlng tttat
,w,, any,UlneM will ,ftad i
.-aiit.Uoui Tomtm the'
Delicate Females whe:
j . , .. ... hareno appetite, alwayi
UoaMrtfaissuirrlng,aad BeverfoeU
ing well, should take ft,
to gat strong and healthy
SlemoHstlainm Bfeaat,
Ida or Beck. Ia a moat
UTSB.' affaotiTe Regulator of the
Liver; enring Jaundlos,
. .. or any Liter Complaint.
Has made uaay risrsent
araEjraT g&TOJ.
noorurnoi amieaions aepinty, airpnaasi
ref aMM.
itoer.a 1
Tit attention of thoneopl Is ca)cd to the
PUblio Bule at Hopo Furnace, k lerte lot
6f prqper(y will be eold. Read the advertise-
ment Art the first p.gof this pnperwn,
McArthur Retail Market.
Corrected by Gilman Ward & Co., Dealers
in Dry Goods, &c., and Manufacturers
of Flour, &c.
Sucitfe BroVri. N; d, . '. '.: 12
7 clarified, i.o..
" Poltoo A... j.
u" GriioKr.piiJU & fcr aft.
CblTub: Bio bhoico.. I..::'.;:;.
KiCpHme ::i'..222a
Java,....;:!.:;:.::,.. 33
ui iciiiis .uuiasHes. . ovtgow
Ooub'leitra Drlpa.t .81,00
rjli,pgiir, Cider. .:;.!....;;.,.. 40
Rie? . .ioi2j
liiliain . 25
Teu," Imperlali , . . " ! : .81,251,80
" to'uritf ilHbd l,25l,80
" Block...;.;...... 1,00Q1,50
" Jitpart , ..$1,40
CandleB; (Sard pressed ......... 20
" Btdr .;20
Flour,, per bbl 7,60
Butter ......;..;:;.;;;:...... is
Lard ....;;,...::;.;;;!; R
EeKV, ;..;:...;..... 10
Cheese i 20
Crackers .:. . . .10121
Starcli . .' ,f ; i 10
Sodft..:ii.j io
Tartar- erbani..... 1 ............ 60
Salt, per bbl...;.;;'..; $2;!!
Penbef. ttrain....;:; .' 4
Allspice. 40
Po'tatoeS ; 75
Beef, dried 25
llama; qdUrttry cured ......... 12J
fiilffUr tttred. . .
fiiinnl rOtrnn . 10
aeon, indtt.
.1 ai
Feathers . . . .
Whent . i . .
Corn . . ; '.
.... 80
... 35
Wool . . .
l?r6iiof ChariCall and tret
A Sample bottle 'ot i)r BdSchee'e Ger
rHan. Qyr)o,ffee' of Charge, at Strong's
or SiMhrl'S Drug Store, McArthur,
or of Will d5 Co., Zaleski. It hfs
atelV been Introduced in thlu coun
try frdM Qerintijiy arid for any per
son suffering ittl . a severe cough,
cofd settled oh the breast, consurapr
lion or any diseane of the throat Und
hlhgsit has no equsi in the frorid.
Regular sise botUes 75 cts. tti ill
cuSeB rnpney wiH bd prompt?y re-
tll'rhed if perrcct Bfttistaction is not
given; T Vb doses yrill rofieve any
case. Try it.
Cheaper than the. hapet at
Hi shop's, Wilkc9Tille,0.
Manhood! WoniaiihoofU
WhnmrtV tHrfrrv and
pediirfsiiU, Muie nil c'llr'e'i.lOj.ildieA. 'sent
scaled for S3 cents. Addreas Pr. WHlTTIER,
6IT Charles Ktrcet, St, Louis, Mo., who treats
ull chronic, virulent, and special diseases. The
most silcceaKfiil MjiucialUt of the age. 1-tf
All Those Who
Consumption of
Bead the' Foliorfin iStter:
iio'tlNt VsKNON.lLL., April M, W0.
Mcsira .T . N. Harria 4 Co., Cincinnati, O.
Gknt:.eikn: I heurd one of mi ouatnmers
speaking in such hla.li terms of Allen's Lung
Balaam to-dv, that I thought I would write to
you tho substance of his statement: He says
his mother who is now sixty years .PflW, tyad
uttered with cons'rfrnption for Seernl years
nnd has hecrt tffMer the care of all tfuf best
ptivslciariil, but never received itny perrtlahsnt
bei'icftti then she resorted td moat every kind
of Cough and Lung BnWarri ttiatcnuld lie pro
cuivd for her, but all to no avail. She still
grew worse, uotll Ite waaconllned to her bed)
and when site was" se'iiod With" a paroxism of
coughlngsKewould lose the p'owef y'f, respira
tion, niul thsy were compelled to. riKljre
bi'cathimr; and while she coughed so hara cho
could not expectorate niy thli'.ic, and tliaamlly
and friends had glveri .Up, all hopes of her re
covery. , Hc'f 6n rio'tllced that Idvertlseinent
of Allen's1 Lung Balaarri In :,the. Christian Ad-
and trv
iate.and they thought they WouM J)r9fW?
I trv it. They cdrflinVnoeil gluing lier the
IsnmatS p. m ai directed, a dose every
hournntll midnight; then she took another
spell of coughing and expectorated a mouth
full nt rinrk. vnllnw matter, which was some
thing she had not been able to do for some time,
s m
irimeniate relief; and since ttat time sho
Was continued tqlmprove. ,Ae now sin , up ait
day, arid crtji wiilK about tttiS KrltlSB and take
co'rialilernble out-dnor exercise. Her. ion
Don irnt more or tne oaisam wuuy, uu u i.
recommend ina it very highly to everyone.
Wnatiinre'ever gfeater proof of men
inocnae uiiH istwr. rrin kui
ALLE.V 3 LUNU BALSAM la without donbt
the best expectorant remedy ever offered to
the alBlnted public It contains no opium In
anr tona, and Hi use Is harmless to the rffost
Directions acco'iWnany each1 rnftfo'.
ry For sale bv all Medicine Dealer.
SAM," and ahun the use of any other balsam,
aa unprincipled men may deceive you with
worthless preparations.
J hey cnntinueii to give ner ne onmnin uiiui
mornlntfi add. then she began to, exp.cciprale
freelir, ?rtd V th'ln twd 11dUrs.iiH hiJd expocto
mini! three n ntaof raucuS matter, which gave
w nnii ii'von ai :t im rt.ru m, iitiuflirn ill
t.fnd HifnVors. of all kinds, from the Hu
man, .cystom. xney were lntrwuiceii w m
puMio some 18 years Since, and have beet used
with entire success. The CANCER arto" SA.Lt
Rh KTJM SYRUP Is token mwrnaifv, .wnion
cloanses the Blood, by thrptvlng Imiiitrl.t los to
the surface, when the CEKATJcT Is applied, ex
ternally, and all eruptions are dotroyed, and
Health and Beauty restored. Their ASTON
ISHING HirCJLEflS buealleil out many luno
raut protenilera, who have Introduced their
wonderful preparations to the public . They
kih nut In alinoHt every form, from Panaceas
down to Pills, and all for Hurrfera,' (of course
tnov aro) . , ., , ' .
Hut. it has been reserved to D. Weaver' Str-
crand Caa at.k to achieve what(ltndof,thocif.
cumntunoeH) may be regarded a the most briW
llant triumph yet achieved by any medicine
ever Introduoeil to Mil Ainorlwtn piflillo. Why
la 11,1. aimnlv hMlKUSB thOV DO
they promlaei and notwithstanding the Intro
duotion of these new and wonderful propar',.
tlm tn tha Diihllo. the Salt Itrreum Syrup and
Cerate keep stoiulllyon tliBir. way, oonuer'.ng
., .. nA tr.l. ..,,1.1 1, url.hta Irv ' I....- "
u moj kw, . .ire ,.,, w - j mr,pgaw
f roparutlons, welaTrfob yiox tj say, for
hey have a sure remedy to fp.a bAck iipon
vla Dr. Weaver's Onncor and Ralt. I(b im
SyrnpandOerata.v OtthU ttesi tho pubHo are
weuawaro, mr unif.aniu,' in' an sections oi
the eonntrr. have been nured bv them, after all
ether remodies have, failed. .. . , .
For sale by all, medlolne dealer! and 0. W.
aissnv Uniwimi.
i-. -...t
.IN H.HRI. ami. Fpnn"
Clnoianstl, O.
n w araartTf.
DR, J. . 8TBONd, .
K. 8; WHiCOX BRO.,
H.H ,B13U0rOJf,'
1 it ft i
Strorifj- and' Pitor Floh Bloadf -
OreiBRW ' vi rie.ii"v(i,a vv.iy n
Clear Skin Mi4biuauUrul
i.i CompJ.iMiri, ,
StiCUltEp TO AtL
RADwAi', -;fS ARS AT AkIllIAIv
,(4 mooti,,,., .
OF TIMS .TttULY) wriNiiert
Evefy Day. (in Increase cf fresh and
Weight is secnana Melt.
8crofula, 'iCorisumptlon.
a.i.Hllii in Hi
mnny tftrmJ. i'Unnaumr . is,,i uicert
In tlie Tti rout, 91
(Hands, and ottvfr
in the Thrdiit, Mmithi THnTri,,odes In the
nnrra 01 me ,n,vicin ; nnre
Eres, Btrurnblta-' l'lschnrirpa from tho Kitrs;
KruntUo IXsenAcs of the Kyes, Hom, Month
and thafnrranrf Pkin IjUpbhos : Krirottitha. Ii
ror Sores. Sonili:!i)a(,Piiiir-worm. Salt fiheuin
Rrvslpelas, Agii.JiiW'.ft.Jijuou. wormian; tne
Flesh, Turaow. fVJCfr." In the VVnina. liivt all
Weakening and Kuiiil lllcliarie;"NI'rht
Sweats, and all Wu.vtr')f the Lite I'rUiciple.
are within tlio Culaijvij Runge ot Ua'l.ray'i
Sursnparilllan Itesolvent, and a f(i-ilR-a' use
will torore to anr pem m U"ifi it farel'thos of
tnese 1
theseforms of disease lis potent power to vurt-
nnr does tho BARSXriftrttlAy RE
SOLVENT excel all known remedial a Fonts In
the Cure of Chronic, Scrofulous, Cortstitntlon,
Wkln and syphiloid diseases, out It is the only
posture reno.v ir
Urinary anil Wornb.DlsonHes. Gravel, Plabetes,
Dropey, Inoentinence of Urine, Blight's Dis
ease. Albuminuria, and in all crniei,. whore
there are Brick Duet lieposits, or the war is
thick, cloudv. mix'ett With siibatanves like the
white oi an en.ar threads like white silt, or
thr-ro lsamorLiu dark, hilinua appearance, und
white bone-dust dutwaitBi aud where thore Is n
Srlck inn, burning eor,nllon, and pnin in. the
mall ot the Rack, and ahuig tho Loins. In all
these conlinop-K AD WAY'S 8AR3APA
RILLIAN RK3iJ)YENT,rtrded by the nppllca
thin of Radwar's Readu RttiW to the Spine
and Small of the B.adi, and the Bowcla regiila
fl with one or two of Riadwajtla.Regplatltig
Pills per dav, will soon nutkeia complete bnra.
In a few (lays tho patient will be nlile to hold
apd discbarge wutvr natur.ill' without pain,
aiul tha I'rlne will be restored to its natural
clear and anbcr or sherry color.
Ara.iuppllcd with sew, hci
blood, iliat fkrvlshvs tnllnd ftxucture.
all sutierlng trim wenKehlri
either Male or Female, orfroin V
mi ..pisi hargen,
, Ulcers or Sores,
through the reniratlve procesiof KAPWAY'S
9 ARHAVABItl AN; are arrested', arid Ihe r'up-
II W AT ? 'Jl PAT'
e nan 0aiiu)i Tumor In
the,. ovaries and .bowels. Ill trie doctors said
there was po hel.folilt." I tried every thing
that wit fier.enomended, but nothing helped me.
1 saw your ttemiveiu, ana thought I would trv
it, but had no faith in it, because I had nffcrerl
for twelve yoara, Itnokeix botMea of the Re
solvent, one box of Hadwav's .PHls; nnd used
two bottles of your Ready Relief; aur) there ia
aign 01 a tumor i" ue seen' or If It, anil j
better, imnrter.. haBPier.than f.ihr;fir
twolve ye
aide of tli
ears. ue vrorst tumor was in the Rjfl
e poweis, over tne groin.
I WBitethis
U yoft tax t!
jue ueiienioioineis, x
ou cnu pub-
lish if cIioom.
, mxi.n r. &n Air,
rice One Dollar.
Cures the ttorftf pains in from One to
Twenty Minutes
Not ofie.hohr after reading tli IS advertisement
need any one s.hffoV with pain.
. , riKST, AflUlS
Thatlnatantlystopsthemott exorucinUngptaln
w netnor or the Lungs, Bloniarn; Rowftlj,, oi
inegianus ana organs,, ny one appjlchtjon,
InFron Olia to Twenty , minutes,
no mntter hnw violent or. exr.ruelatliig the
nnlh tho 1 UfrrtM A Tll llhrt.rlll.lnn I..ll.
t'Hpn'ied; Nervous, Xijurolglo, or isliatej
wiinatseso, roavsuuur; ,
Rattway's Keaav Relief
Will, III from ONB TO TWKItTV rtlltCTKs, afford
tatt una comon, ana tnis menicjne,, so rapid in
slopping pain, can be purchased Fifty Cents
per bottle at almost every di'.utfgiat 'a and coun
try merchant's (tors od this continent, and
wupin one nour aisrnnceoi almost every uau
tuibion-iii iHijiir.mi pinrus.
If thoae who are how suffering 1'uln. bo mat.
ter what the cause may be, or bv what name
It Is, calledr-if external, apply ItnvfAT'
itxiDT itEMB to tne part or the body where
tne pain is j(r ;sqnL. ii internni, u aropj, dilu
tl In walcn as a drink. Wliethrr f .umn.
Siiatms, Inflnmrhation. Congestion, Asiatic
iiiiMcrn, a nuu r eTor, me mop. violent, ex
cruciating and tortui ing pains will be stopped
In from one to twenty minutes.
-Will Afford trTatant jEnai i
tAHUai.ua,iiyil 1W IHXJL DUn liLO, i ,
CATARK11, lSFLtlltlSA,
-JlKPJ?.-ftftA. MfcUM .
., Tho application pf the jKEAPT REUEP to
lbs part or parte tvhtre the bain or difficulty
eiitts will afford ease and comfort. 20 drops
In a half tumbler of water will., in a few mo
miflts, cure. Cramps, Spasms, sour Stotriach,
leartbum, (JnK Ueadauhe, Ljarrhon,, .byen
iryrillo, Wind in the Bowels, and all inter-
nour.tiurn, ejoil xieai
Travelers should always carry a bottle bf
RADWAY'fl RELIEF with them. A.fctynftps
in water will prevent Mckncas or bnlHafroui
change of watr. ,It IS, .batter tliah French
Brandy orturi as asllniulani. , ,
..Therela.nqt a renjwlinl !cnt in the world
trat will r-ilrh FEVER AGUIC
SiliH 1 vhnr MB,fm'. Bllloua, Bcarle't, Tr
nbold, Yellow and other Fever, (aided bv
kadway.plllSl),o quick i'JSdwiy Bead?
Person noe
"Bf4Hfferib they ever so much, ex
fei, """d1"'' thcy will only take
,P.fHuR'uiTv' .Huntlredt in the
west, who hare blthortd hefTn doctoring at the
rrtteofoneand two flfindred dolsars fora few
r.mmL i"s'mo"t keeping tln'mselvcAand
..Ti ' ""uTlS3f, o., inron or
Belief and BadwaVa Pills (chKIlcIi. ,. '
The BRADY RKLIEF .will alford imtakt tan
IA OU IUAHI Crt fc , - . . , .
.VB RottI'-V8rJ nottle hat an India
Rubber Stoptlcr. Sold at all Droifglf ts, and at
wr. itHuway a omee, Ho. in Alaldeii Lane, New
PERFSCTLt tASTKlkia, ... '(
Elap-stntly Coated. wltb SweotOnrai.
Reidway'i PU1;
i i . i poitms ouaif on
DISK ASKS, ntADArltfj! iWfMv
BIUdVSNKSS. 'BflMNS fKVgn lift A
ratigonionts of til Internal o,ri
Warrantefl to Effect Poi:,!.."-,,,
STrZ'!' 'lowljej syraptornOesult
fto V''wVoftbat)7g;i!s(jTeOrg;aiii
COnstlPMI'.n Imrirfl Mini r..Tl..7. .Ilk.
Wood In ,a Hend, Aoldlly of the Btomacb,
KHIlr-U. fT .1... Tli..i.ul a! 1.-. . 1 1 .
v.tg,,ijuii.ir,npn,, .1 Kun,., milUVH
oWvight In trie 8lmah; fieuf Knictatlons,
o'.Hkingor riiHoriua iu. nuu tnoDiomncn,
etwimmlngct.iaa iiuao, iiurneu anu .iiinictilt
BreatrilngT, ITliitterlng a.tthallbart.iChoklnlor
HufTocnting Bonsatlpiie.wllon in a Lying. Pos
tiltk' Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs befon
the flight, Fever and,. Dull I'alil 1 the Jlead,
Deficiency or rcrsniratiun. iuin
rl.lnh. .T
lowness.of the
Rkln and Evas. Pain In. , the Sldo. Chest. Lhnlm.
and Sudden frltttdioi if lleat, Burning in tb
Flesh. , . ' ' .' , ' i . -, ; t , ;
A few doses pfKanw ay's Pn.tg will frei thl
system fwmlthe above.anied diaordefa.
Prlbtl feSCsisiti Pair Box.
No. 87 Mtldia Lstui, H. T.
Send an letter stamp to RADWAT A CO.,
vo, ht Maioen utne. xs
wvrtbtho )
wmbiteatyoti. My
MiWVrVi,ijtr Taettmeayta to
? Wondnrful Caratlva BfleSta of ' '-
J. Waucui rroprlt.r. a H.lfoDoiv.lACo., Orairsiflt. md
kn. As'I. FnMlw., C.U,4 n n4 leai.ro. H.K.V.
Ylaerar Hitler areio ivlle, Fuut &UbI
Mad. of Poop-Ram, Wlilakey Proof Spirit
aad Refuse Liaaers doctored, ipletd. and sweet
eaedto plsaae the tut., called "Tonics,' "App.lla,
era," " Kprrs," c, that lead tbe.tlppltr ia to
lrunkennas and rain, but are a Iras .ii.dlclu, mmla
frpra theKlro RobU aadt Herbs ot. California,-1 re
front all AlcqhoUa StliaalaataW They ore Ui
WVBfl PRINCIPLEa aMfqct Rtnovatorsad
Invlforator of tlieSrstom, carrylng.oH all poisonoos
siattcf and restoring the blood to a healthy eondltlen.
ito psrsoa can taks the.. Bitters sccordlng to diree
Uens and remain long nnwell, provided their boots,
ara.not dritrorcd by. mlnsral po)apa or otbor mesas,
and ,U vital orgiat wasted b.yond tb polut of r
pair. . (.,. i. ,i ., ' i . , , , ... .
They are a Gentle Psurgtilvo as well eta
Tonic, trow.nlnf also, tho peculiar merit of aetlng
a a powerful agent in tsllevlng Congestion or latlam
matloa ofthe Liver, and alktbYlscoral Organ.
young or old. married or eldgle, at tho dawn of wo
mankood or at tb tarn of llfo, thsse Tunis Bitters asro
Bo'(oal'. , .
For Infiammnkory and Cbr'enle Hboamrli
tlam aod nif,Drsepla or Indliosilon.
Hilloaa, Koaslttcnt apd latermrttehl Fovera,
Dlaaaaes af the Blood, Liver, Kldnya,and
Bladder, these Bitter bava be.n molt succcnfuL
Bach Dlaensoa ara eaased by Vitlhted Blood,
which II generally produced by derangement cf tli
Digestive branhv'- t ..
ache, Pain In the EUonlders, Cooglit, Tlghta.ss of the
Eheit, Dltxlneis, Sour KrnctatJontof the Stonisch;
Badtattela the Month, Bilious Attacks, ralpltstloA
of the Rsart, InflaroaiaUoB bf l'is Lnngi', Pain la tii
regions of the Eldntrs, and a nundred o(ber palnlW
syatptoaikrc th' offiprlngs of Dyspepsia,, . .
. -Tsey Invigorate tli Stomach and stimulate Die tor
pid liver and bowels, which render llicra of ancnusUel
ffflcaey la cleansing the blood of all hnpurUlet.aai
Imparting new life and vlgolr Vo the whole sVatem. .
FOR SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions, Tetter, bi
Eheum, Blotches Spots, rimplci, Tuitulcs, Bolls, Car
baqcles, Rfng-WormS Ecnld-Bead, Eore Eyes, trlslp.
lias,-Itch, Scurfs, DlscoloratjDS,olh Skint Humors
and Diseases -of the Skin, of whatever frame or nstore,
are literally dng ujp gnd oarrjed out of the systtm in a
abort time by thense of these Plthvs. OnJttl In
such eases will couvinoo the most Inortdtltooeof Uielr
curative effect; .
IJ"!!fflff !nllf D'oad Whsncvrr yon ftrd Its
M'i? fJ?1'' " thrpngh the aklu In 1'lmplra.Krup.
tlonsor Roves, c euise It hni vn i,K-....ri
andsliinlnh inthevelns; cleanse It ahen It Isfonl.snd
yarn ; feelings will tell you wnen. Keop the Wood Dura
'mb iwuw vi uo system win follow.
gasges-EnglUh, (icrmau, Freuth ami Eaanlsb.
. ' : iv.
4. iv almik, rropricton F. B. JIcDONALD A CQ4
DrnfgiiW aaa Gon, geot. Ssa rranelscotCalaBd
UacdM Commerce Btre.l, k aw Tork. ,
ctsold t Ait rtHiooisTs aU bisAiiiti;
Adrnirliatratiotli organs iry
to niajve it nppear that , thd
Preside lit i not region si U le
any way for the New York
Custom House frauds But they
do not attempt to explain Mr. A.
T. Stewart's stAtriient that he
himself df,lW.tt tiie attention of
the Presiddht twice, and jr
sonally'' to the Impositions pra
cticed upon the merchants of
New York, and that, the. Presi
dent took no action, but lek,the
extortioners i-emain in office
and contitiiiehdr iiiipositioiisi
Is not he . who knows of a
wrbHij, hn'djiuvihg the power to
scop it, allows it to cro on; re
'i hi. .:: . ' 'Hi
ponssinie inr its
The position UkenTyj. Gov
ernor Parker; of New, Jerseyi
in His ihaugra; that & Hundred
milliohs might be,, annually
saved in the cost.of vrie federal
govetpnlBni;; .and tlie people
relieved tb that et'erlb by
ecotidnly, is "gradually being
adrriitie.d by tlie Radical lead
ers' In Congress. In lli'e House
of Repersentaivfi. the other
day, Mr. Dawes, Kep., saiij
that tifty million coiild be liftea
from the eHcJnlderi of the pe'd
ple. This admeiS one-half the
propoiitioh, and a little more
investigation itito the leaks and
robberies vKli demonstrate tho'
other half.
Infbi-thalion has br.en fecHv
ed at the treneral Latid bffico
of extensive frauds' by land
speculators -;n SbMhwesteru
Kansas. The JaHds in question
are, open, only tb actual settlers,
and iri order to evade the law
a Veil organized system was
- . Til" m a m . m
arranged Dy which lands were
entered urJOn false representa
tions of settlement by parties
usin fictitious nafnes; and
manufacturing b'bgus testimony.
1 ' i
It is alleged that the admin
istration" Senators are anxious
for an early adjournment of
Congress, in order, to prevent
further", investigations. Tho
New York custom house rela
tions are too unhealthy for
Tke New York Sun, i
Washington corresDonaetif.
Iia9 discbVered H grand defttit
irt tlje Stafrip Department 6'f
the Internal Keveriae Bnrean.
The elamps have' ueeri issued
and Sold but the1 money,- td the
amotlnt of several millions of
dollars, haft never been return
ed to the Treasury , Grant, it
fa allegea,', has aided iri stir.
prCBBIujj inn maiicr

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