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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 06, 1872, Image 2

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lt enquirer,
BniUllim. North Sido of Unla Street, Kust of
AWPlOW .?h (InsMl ,i Mow of Bowon's
Conn iiouse.
Jt, YT, HOWKN, Editor.
Mo Arthur,-
March 6, J872.
Tlie resolution of Hon. Chas.
Sumner, one of the Radical
Senators from Massachusetts,
for an inquiry into the nlledgecl
illegal sale of arras to the Grant
office holders and public plun
derers, passed the U. S.
Senate last Thursday, after a
long and ncrimniou3 debate.
The corrupt Administration
resisted the proposed enquiry
with all their might.
Hon. G. W. Morgan, one of
the members of Congress from
Ohio, will accept thanks for a
copy of his speech delivered in
the House on the 12th of last
month upon the terrible ex
travagance of the Administra
tion. Hon. A. G. Thnrman, U. S.
Senator from Ohio, will accept
thanks for valuable speeches.
The Radical papers are smart
inor under the exposures of
Senators Schurz and Sumner in
regard to our government sup
plying arms and ammunition
to France in the late war with
Prussia. They cannot conceal
the fact that while President
Grant was attending German
celebrations in this city and
elsewhere, h3 thieves with hi3
knowledge and conseut, were
supplying part of the weapons
to kill the relatives and friends
of those whose hospitalities he
was enjoying.
New Hampshire.
New Hampshire holds her
State election next Tuesday.
The Democrats are hopeful of
doing better than they did last
year. In 1871, Mr. Weston
had eight hundred and sixty
six of a majority. He was
elected by the Legislature by
eight majority.
Active operations in the
present canvass have-begun,
and it promises to be lively.
The Democrats had slight ex
pectation a fortnight ago of
carrying (he State ou the pop
ular vote, but their prospects
have brightened since then,
and they are now confident of
re-electing Governor Weston
by the people. The Republic
cans were anxious to bet, two
weeks ago,, that the election of
their man, Slraw, was a fore
gone conclusion, but not one of
them would venture a dollar
on him now. Straw is proving
unpopular, from his connection
with certain manufacturing mo
nopolies. Another thing which
plagues the enemy is the terns
peranco movement. Rollins,
chairman of the Radical State
Committee, is proprietor of a
large drug store in Concord,
where "wet goods" are dis
pensed pretty liberally for the
delectation of dry throat; and
last fall he was indicted for vio
lating the prohibitory liquor
law. Through a partisan court,
however, he has evaded a trial,
thus far. This circumstance
lias given an extraordinary im
petus to the temperance moves
ment, which will make itself
felt at the polls.
Mr. Justice Davis, the can
didate of the Labor Reformers,
is the Justice of the Supreme
Court of the United States
who delivered the opinion ol
that tribunal opening the doors
of the Ohio Penitentiary to L.
Milligan, of Indiann, wrongs
fully imprisoned, under sen
tence of life by one of Stanton's
military courts martial. Judge
Davis loosened the grip of the
petty tyrant Buni'ide, on the
Chicago Times in 18G3. He
believe in the Constitution,
and would undoubtedly make
short work of the military rule
of Grant at the South should
tha question come before him.
The Cincinnati Enquirer.
Our frieud, F. A. Draper,
special traveling: agent for the
Cincinnati Enquirer, gave us a
call on Friday morning last.
Mr. Draper is an excellent as
well as a gentlemanly Agent,
and the propiietors of the En
quirer done a very wise thing
when they sent him to repre
sent their interests among the
people. It was unnecessary
for him to say that the En
quirer is increasing in circula
tion, as hia visit to this county
will cause an increase in the
circulation of more than one
hundred copies of the Daily
and Weekly Enquirer. There
is uo better paper printed in
the West than the Enquirer,
even many itepubiicans ac
knowledge this. No Demo
crat or honest Kentiblican
should fail to subscribe for the
McArthur. Enquirer, their own
county paper, and the Cincin
nati Daily Enquirer.
O. T. Gunning, Druggist,
opposite the Court Iiouse, is
Agent for the Daily and Week
ly Enquirer. He will supply
all who wish copies.
Henry Reynolds E-q., is
Agent for the Weekly En
quirer, lie is now getting up
a large club, and all who wish
the paper should give him their
Read the advertisement in
this paper of the $12,000 in
premiums offered by the En
quirer. '
From the Coal Region.
Editoii Exquiher: A
temperance lecture was to have
been held at the village school
house in this region on the af
ternoon of a certain day.
A number of the denizens of
the vicinity were in a saloon
in the place, shortly before the
lecture discuss'ins the merits
and demerits of the speaker and
what the ultimate result of the
lecture mifjht be. A lariye
cask of wh'skj', which had not
bpen opened, stood quietly in
the same room. A number of
smaller sized vessels, which
had been "tapped," and which
contained various kinds of li
quors, also stood about quietly
in the room. A snap was
heard! Then a loud report,
similar to the report of a pis
tol, followed! All were as
tonished! When lof it was
discovered that one of the iron
bands around the large barrel
had burst. It was thought that
the spirit within, not being
used to hearing such talk, sup
posing that its chance of re
lease was of a doubtful length
of time, concluded to make a
mighty effort to got out 'of its
confinement. The smaller ves
sels appeared to have become
disconcerted too, and when the
bartender declared his inten
tion of going to hear the lec
ture, the little vessels dispair
ed of ever being released in
the usual way not doubting
but their owner would come
under the foolish delusion so
common now-a-dnys and would
believe that "spirits" have no
business to "bother people in
this world," nnd leave them to
their fate. They immediately
set about crowding through the
faucets, (at the risk of lieing
crushed) down to the floor,
thence endeavoring to escape
through cracks to that more
congenial locality u mother
earth," When their master
returned from the lecture, he
was surprised to find the con
tents of ten or more (all) of his
little reservoirs passing slowly
but surely away the floor de
luged six inches deep with a
motly mixture or, not strange,
"spirits." To him, the keeper,
on the next fcnday, tbo first
day of the month, wonderful
to tell, came the anniversary of
the birth day of the ealoon
keeper and his lady, both on
the same day of the same cen
tury, on the samo day of the
same month, on the same, day
of the same hour, minute, and
second, so far as known there
being thirty years difference
between them, one thirty and
the other nixty. 13 this hot a
"token of suthinT'
Last week we made mention
of the capture and confinement
in the county jail at Hillsboro
the of burglars who broke open
the stores of R. S. Wilcox and
Wilcox & Ogier, at Ilamden.
We now have to record the
fact that the- burglars escaped
from the jail aforesaid early on
Sunday morning, Feb. 25.
Before taking their depart
ure they wrote and left the
tol lowing letter, wnicn we
think will be read with inter
est by many people, particular
ly that part' relating to tin
secret "to make gold grow on
a tree":
COUNTY JAIL. Feb. 24, 1872.
To All Whom it May Concern:
We, the undersigned, take
this method (hoping and pray
ing this will be our only chatue)
or thanking all for their kind
and good treatment since our
incarceration. Our treatment
has been all tkot any persons
in our unfortunate situation
could ask cr expect. Some
may say we are ungrateful to
leave in the way we expect to
To those we would say, imagine
yourself in our position am
think what you would do
Our duty to our parents, wife,
nnd to ourselves demand it
Liberty is sweet We hare
not betrayed confidence. We
have not been trusted, but
treated well. Should we fail,
or lie unfortunate enough to be
recaptured, we hone and
believe that our captors will
not be revengeful. Any one
t hat can blame us must be guilt
less ot all sin himself.
Once there was a man sen
fenced to be executed for
robbery. He sent word to his
King, saying he knew a secret
to make gold grow on a tree
The Ivmg sent for him. lie
produced a curious-lookinir
gold piece, and stated by plant
ing a certain performance held
over it, a tree would grow and
bear gold. 'iBut," said he, "to
make it successful, it requires
a person to plant it that has
never stoleu anything;" and
reaching it to the King, told
him to plant it. The King
took it, held it a moment, and
iaembercd that he had, dur
ing Lis life, taken certain things
that did not belong to In
tie handed it to ma rrime
Minister, with the same result.
It passed through the hands of
his whole court with like result,
mi 11 1
ine condemned merely re
marked it was hard for him to
die alone. The King par
doned him.
With our kind regards and
well wishes to one nnd all
that have in any way had the
care of us, we will subscribe
ourselves, Yours &c.
Joseph ,C. Moore,
John Henderson.
P. S. Our well wishes, &c,
does not refer to your beinT
successful in recapturing us.
As we shall take every precau
tion, we hope to fail uot.
J. C. M.
J. H.
More Frauds.
The New York Sun of Sat
urday week publishes a start
ling exposure of alleged frauds
and defalcations, amounting to
several million dollars, in the
Stump Department of the In
ternal Kevenue Bureau. Com
menting editorially upon this
statement, the Sun says: "The
stamps have been issued nnd
sold, but the money to the
iMuvuui! ui iu missing muttons
lias not been returned to the
Treasury. This statement U
fortified by a considerable
amount of evidence, and we
are assured that there is much
more not yet produced. Our
correspondent alleges that the
tacts hare been for some time
known to various prominent
persons who have labored
steadily and hitherto success
fully kept them hidden. This
subject i3 one of moment. Let
us see whether the Republican
majority in Congress will think
it best to pass it by without
IaiIco Uio sear nnd yellow
learotnutumn our nfed cifi
zens nre one by one drotminfv
anciiwj wi nir-ir just rCSllDCf
place; Dot a week passes but we
hear of some one or two. who
nt n ripe old ngc, have gone to
tneir eternal norae beyond tho
grave. ,
The Railroad.
As we go to press this (Tues
day) afternoon wo have been
permitted to copy a portion of
a letter from President Lang
ley to T. 13. Davis, Eq., dated
at Gallipolis, Feb. 29, in which
is some very substantial news
relating to our railroad. Presi
dent Lnngley write?:
T have been nut wl'tli tlio Engineer, nnd ex.
pert to see mid exnmlne everv rod of the lino to
MeArtliur holme it is lln'illc ndnptod. Tlio
EiiRlnoprs ti tuklnu tlie utmost puius to se
lect the best trrnund fnr tho loent ions ami tbui
fin-, have (ruined enough I" distance over the
lines lo pay nil expenses, nnd I lliinlt, Invert
many tliousuiiilt ot do'hirs in the post nf the
work. NotwIthtf.iTidinn tlio inrli-menrr of tbo
weniner tun engineers nnve iosi nui iimo qimo.
We were In linpej to have Imil a-Rtronir forto at
work hv tomorrow, but tlie weather has keen
tooiuiiu'ttled and I believe ft livsliocn Vory
material advnntnire to Ihn comnnnv aa'lvhns
iriven the engineon men time, and tho result Is
they have more carefully examined the ground.
I was !! hones of petlliiK out to see your
flenple before this; but have been kept tcjo busv.
I will try to net out next week If at nil practi
cable. All looks favorable loronrroail."
He. . whet. .blackens others
does not whiten hnnseif:
Better free in a foreign land
thau a serf at. home.
ON M AllRlf ,j?E.--Happy Relief for Yoxus
Men from tlicofleotH of Errors and A)iue
in early lifo. Munknnd restored. Nervous
debility eurod. Impediments to Marriage re
moved. New method Vr treatment. !Vew and
lemaikalilo lenutlieKA HooUh and Circulars
sent free. In sealed envelopes. -
2 South Ninth St., Pliilnik'lphln.Pa. 1-tf
The Railroad. Notice to Bridge Builders!
CEATjED rnOPOSALi will beaoeclvod At the
kj Auditor's office, In MuArthur, Vinton
county, OlHo, until the hour of a o'clock c. il.,
Thursday, the 4th .day of April. Ar
i. 1872,
for the building of tt
On ilundi-eil nnd Twenty feet long, with Stono
Ab.itmuntH, uci'ubi
At the erosslnir near tbo residence of the Widow
Hawk in Wllkuvllletownnhln.
The plans nnd speeilh ntinns are on file for lit-
pt'i'tion in tno Auditomnntce.
Contractor will be required to giro bond nnd
"-"iiiiij n mu minium iniii in um iiiiniiiussiuil
era for the fnltlilul pcrlbrmnnceof tho w'.irk.
The Commissioners reserve the right to re
Ject. nny or all bids.
By order of the Commissioners.
March fl. 1872. Anditor Vinton County, O.
Workingman, Attention I
Tf mil Wlint. A tlmi'miirli I v irnnd iiit.'c.nn..
nnd one which ndToentos the cause of the
n oiKing Classes, suiiserl do lor
It Is the best, most spicy and cheapest paper
iuvusui;u III LIIU u III 11:11 Dcai.es JC con
tains reports of the
Dois of Trade Oiptatoiis
Throughout the States,
Rates of Wajef, Condition of Trade,
Interesting Personal Sketches nnd Portraits of
the Lciucrs ot tho Miiwr Movenmnt.
Contniiis first-cl Stories, and the best selec
tion ol Miscellaneous Reading to-be found la
niy iicn fjiji;r.
OnaYenr, . 1.50. Six Months, 7 rents.
ClllliSOfSO. II 5 Rents nor com- Sn.ninln rnn.
let five. Subscriptions shouhf be cent to Tine
VV bkkit jstah, 13 Jt 15 t'liatlian) St., liuw York
I keep constantly on hand every description of
I manufacture to order und repair Furniture of all kinds, at the most reasonable prices.
I urn prepared to furnish
and accompany them wilha rtenrio. .
" Tho pnVjllo ara invito! to call and esamino myStooi.
March e. WW. 1UUS IIOItTOX.
.&Z).Klx. iJ WSWxf Tlr
'-.-3 r"
Manufactured at Ncs. 15,17 & 10 Miami Avenue,
Thirty-Uve different Styles for the Purler end Cl'.nrth.
iv,r t.iiu I.IL-giii.i ll'M,rllh,
1'lie beBt moterinl mid Workmanship.
Quality and Velunio oITone Uutirqtin-lloil.
Establlfhcd In IKO. 1
Address SIH2I0K3 & CIOUQII
Bargains for
rv o r
Our Mollo shall 1)0 Try
. . n X WW
and givecrttirc sallsinclioa."
1 A T.
Filled with Iho nen-ly inrenletf-
Ccribnor's Patent Qualifying Tubes,
A n inveiitinn having a most imfortnut rrnilnf;oii
the liuii'-c reputation of liced Iiiiruni;iits, hv the
use of which the quantify or Volume i,1 tone is' very
larpely increased, and the uulily of tho tone ieu
tfcua Fic!J to tlmt of Hi?. Bost
Pipe 3rg'asis oi' ihc saE5ic C,
paciSy. eelebrnted "Vox Celeste," "I nnis rirnt,"
lliimnn.'i ' ll'll.ov P.iliti,," ri.w.i.a i ..,.,. i....
Thoeliaruiipg "Cello" or "Uarinet" btrjii, and '
cau hoobUUncd only in tho Orgiins.
Every InHtrnment Fslly Tarrantod.
OUGAIJ CO., Detroit, MicMfran.
tV. O. flics
lo please
tyllEltUVKit the N'k
V Fix a 1'l.tKA the
Hon It Iiiik been Intro
duced, It fins boon )!
nimiiued Biijurlr to nil
other works ol ill kliuf
I'i mihiuai, Month i
ijVK'SY So. of I'htkiim
l'lauo Bmiiin, fotlr "
live inntriiniiitid I'le-
i,iiiiHliii) liuir r live
oi'S, ncMldus voeiii un
oU, Ojimrtetn, nnd fouV
Itun.l I tlU'.PH In flll'.f.WI
It la the largest, intent,
fluent, mid only enllee
tlou of New Glees mill
,r,i,iviiniee t'W'rv venrli
Quarti'ts, nearly all of
.iiiUJii'riuer iuh.-,!. iiw
wnien ii ii vu i'liino vi'
coiupunlnioiitH, ui lib.
ivnnb of choice new
yearly copies fur?!).
a.. ,,.l.eiil,ia in nil
Music. Wo utl'er foul
od, iontiaiit, for
.til lor 30fl., Five Hue It
609 Brotidwuy. N. V.
Noh. for 1.
609 Brodway,N. I
VA!N"T3.A.Tl,!E A.
KXrRKSS TRAINS lenve tndlnnnnoli
dally, exeejit Sunday, lor bT. LOUIS mid
'I'll li' um.-i'
THE only Line runniiiK PULLMAN'S rft.
brateil fVriiwIiiK-rooin MeeiiliiB Omn trom N,
V., I'lltsbiirph, C'oluiubiis, LouiKVillo, in
eliinnti, nnd Indiamipolls, to St. Louis without
Pnssentrevs slionld remcmher thnt th's N the
llm.il IVac, II.m,I Hi...... 9 .. . I U
Leiiveiiwoitli, Lutt ienee, Toiekn, Juno- '
tlon City, Fort Sent t nnd St. Joseph.
CMiftU ASJTO T() KANSAS, for tho pur.
tVa!Ui1rr-t 13 poseorestiibllsllliiir Mieiiv
selves in new homes, will have Hhei'iddiscrinv
inntlon lniule In their tuvor by this Line. Sul.
Riven to (.'oloiiixts mill largo partieH travellnu;
tojrellier: und their lmj-'K:im, einl.;niiit outfit
iindstoek will be nhipped ou tho most I'uvoru-
Isl'iietiiryeninintitutlori on remilnr rates will bo
uio terms, preseinuiK to
seuted by NO OTUKlt ItOU t'U.
Sucn comfurts ind secommodiilloin as are Dre-
Ticket. OiHce iit blie Attorn, Mlddlo mid
Southern States.
TU'KET,9onn bo ohtaltifd nt nil the nrinelnul
Genornl I'aK.-enKi-r A-ient. St. I.oul.
Es?tern rassenpi-r Agent, fndbinnpolls.
JuIlN 1). I.Ml'SuN,
General Piiporintendeiit, Indluiiiipolls.
Eemocraffe Journal cf tie Vest
The Exponent of Constitutional Government,
tho Rights of tho Statu. lCiiuaV Taxation,
und tho Abolition oi nil i iiriecisiivy
Burdens upon the Tax-I'ayers of
Iho Cjiintry.
V shall niinnse itninst nnd omrrpsslve Tnr.
flV hv wlib'li the Affrleultural West is made
Kait: and shall ilomnd siie.lv nm lilftMlMins of
0 pay ciinrni his tri'.iiito to the M.umraeturinp:
the Internal Revenue Iuvjuj will eni:oiirii(;e
liuliihti-v and relieve labor.
The Weekly Kiiqulrnr will not only ho true
the principles of tbo Demorrnt ie' partv In
editorial columns, but, us n Flrst-c1ss Fam
ily Journal, it will be peelled by nmo pub.
nsnoti in i no i;nm;i stales
The Market ltenoils will be nreii'ved with
jreat cure nnd as a iti eat e.vp.Mise to jrl vo the
lulleslanri latest 111:01 million lrom all the
markets of Iho wurlil.
Its News Di-nartmont wllleontnln tx enroll 11 v
prepared siiminiiry of events irnuspiring
tbroiiirlioiit the world.
Its Ijltri-iirv -'elections will he taken from
the best English and American current Litera
Its Correspondence will Includ tcttery from
France nnd Kntl ind. as well as from lisili.ia
citletsof tins United States. Siefiinen copies
free. Address, FA RAN & Mcl.EAX,
Cln -iiiiiiiti. O.
la Chemical an 1 ledicid liclunoo.
v-Vv y,Oi i ''). '
L i:t:'?xfr.t!si'
Dr. r. P. GAIiViy'fl
I i
FindT A-T) OSI.V HOTJ'TTOX n-r rv'
in ..mi mix ., . i.fmlfHfi TWH.VK
v.ilMiiiil.. nc.ivt priii, jjili ot in. N.HI kuoua
cuiu' ivy aen:,
tX"(ir..'.;L in CvitK, (,ob'. Cutnfih,
Aalli.i,.., I'.Ru:lii,is, I.....I io.ifliniilioii.
A r-cn". re'.'. n (life t ! "ir ; nV ol",
7 i-f vi i Ai.i.-d is, i full yio miii n:.
M'LATiKit elf'en uroii tli -(jeurrnl nysli in,
1. jem'.iliAl lv i itir.-.i nun jn M
MisaAsus or 'Hit: S5loo:.
ticluiliuir r ciuiiilu an i Li n ii1 1.11.4 i,f ( iu t-l-ln,
J)yspiiti, 1'i.uiiii of tlm i.iv,r u:d luoiu j.,
Heart Iimchw, una Ocnciul Koni.y.
Vchtilo Sfiutica cf Tar
For INHALATION", tvlCnut npulli-nilo-i nt
HEAL Ariiiiuikullj-.VA LUAbLKuiKuvMy,
us tliu wliol'j aiiirniiidciiu wt.. ..im-.l 1,1 u.e .i
piieix, ri'.uiv i.t uuy time fur tliuluimttu'cctuul
and piiEiiivi'iy itr.i ive mm i t
All uIscjdc of tn orir, tj:i;cat
nn.l LC."i'L:i.
tub to.'irovn
Tar ar.d Kandrako- Fill
fir Urn' in roinnTtloii riili ihe ELIXIR TAR,
1. n iwnliiii- t'iin i.f tlio TWO mot viilunblo
AL'J'KHA'I'IVK Ifiilieini's known in the Pro
f..:iu .ii, I n..,.ii!i 11.1a l'.U without exccplimi.
the verv Ii st evrr olf.rn-1.
l irMmut doubt iliu iJcst remedy 1;dovu In
ODICfl of
It. nn BpSciil; for sii.h discnsi s, nnd nhnuld hi
kin fill lie liuiisohnliliil' evci y luinily, esjicoinlly
duiiii;;il.oii"iuii.iiu v!,i. h
nrelin'ile lo prnvnd. A smnll Humility tnken
dni'y will ptuwnt cuulr.uillitf tbei diribla
to'.-,!t:oi nnd Comiio'tnil Il'slr,$l Offpcr Boltlo
VoU' .!m Sottst inn f.iv Inhnliition. $.00por Vox
Tnr iiml II B 'tiiter: !t, rfltUperbox.
S"ml f'.-OI'Milnrrf I'OMTSVfl Cl'nU3
t jour U.uaiit,or in
J 10 E. 2-4l at., Stw 1'ork.
10,000 FARMERS,
To Improvn l.TOo.OOO seres ot the bcst-Fnriirlni
I. anils in lnwa. free I'rnni ninrisnKs or other Inciiin
bisiieu. Tlieso IkihIs couiprlta the (luvernmei t
rnllrunil (rrsuis sdjuei'tit to tha wenl tlinr..ui;hfr.'i
hetwern ( hlengo, flinnlis and ttluiix City, slid lie
cnirny in t.m
Mldclli FlefliOn of Wostorn lown,
lis most fjrtlls ami lionltliful pnrllun (Vivr snil
nciio Imlnii iil kimwii) suit traversed by ruilrosilt In
every dlrortlnn. Now Is the time to
per sere, nimn Innir iliu", with six per rent, inter-
st, In the luxur nut vnlley ot oiIIht iliu Brejfer,
Hit Miihlo. the riuliller nr the IJ'.tli) Hhinx,
Aittnts irt ststinns sro provliN'it with Irsnis to
show lunils hce to pnrolissers. Bend Tnr s (hlliln.
Itnivi-s prices, terms,iU'sei'lit ons( whrr exiiloruiK
tlikelsnre Milil.nnil bnwio nwli il e Innds. Cmmtv
mi also sunt Ire. Address JllliN B. CAbllOllK.
Lsml CiuninluiuiHir lnwa It, it. Land Civ, d dm'
lUpliln, l.iwa. U-tf
Frn t, rp,.ppu Ounlen, pont Flower,
Shade, 1 1 s' HcIio-, ' liln'8' Onnlen,
ShPiU JPt'U an Crab nootgntftt best
onu. Nor la. lutlO I81")!)
Ptar, Bid. Extra, I yt., Bartlett, Stc, 3 to 4 fc,
irf Pencil! Vn'.'.M; liLu, "osaVrVw". hi' . . lj WJ
I'oUilon, While Pesrh lllnw, Kai'.JT Kiise. bu.. . )
,VWlnff, Holt Mnile. l.imi), l(Ab, i 'l"
llliislraled Calalojue, 100 page, aud Naw I'rlc
I lBl 1 100
. jf. j(; pnoEJJll, niocmleglon III.
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Letter, etc. There h noi;
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Sunipln Copies mail
ed, imnl-pnld, for 15'
099 Brondwuy, N, f
DirniiM, I'HiiKt. otr.
Klnffle Copli'ii mall
ed for :tOc. I'rlee 3,
per uiiniim.
6l)i) Brnsdwny, N. Y.
A GEM'S Vttiitefl.--Ajreiit nmko more m
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Iluslliesa llfbt imd perumnenl; imvi l,.iilnrs
free. G. Stinnon it Co., tin At I'nUithttl,
Portluiid, Muliie,
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prepaid for il.
fnr (1 per I...M', by W C llsmllton 3c Co, Druridn-s..
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known Mt a 'l'lratlutof 4ooinvu puftfij on Kort ln od
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Uhuwn. 'J'liuprtcrinllon wadtioovn.d by him foiuttl
Aiurk cttRK far thli (flnlrsiiiliivootnDlBhil linowmadt
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ifuia to rank It k "own. It has auratl cvt i-v bmlv whn
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cue. TholnKradUiiU nmy bsnbtulnod from i
unowH. no. vi tu ana ntreat, ftritjr Wily,
Cherry Pectoral,
For Diseases of tho Throat nnd Imnftf,.
daub aa Coughs, Colus, Whooping
Coush, Bronohitis, Asthma,
and Consumption,
Aiiifinp tlio grentf
dincnvvriM of iiiuileni
science, few nio of
more venl vnlito to
nniiikiml t!imv this ef
fL'e!iialeiiieily for nil
die:i'os of the 'l'lnoiit
und Lime. A vust
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liiroiiplmuf this siuV
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shown thnt it dors
s'.irelv mid cllcctiutllv
control tliem. Tlie testimony 'of our best citi
zens, of nil clasc, establishes tho fuct, tlmt
Ciit.uur I'ncronAt. will nnd ilnci relievo ml
tins the nlllietiiiR. disorders ot' the 'I'lir&at aiul
at iri boyond imy ntlmi- inedicine. Tlio most
ilniieixiui iilToetioni of tho rulmnnnry Urgsn
yield to ill power; mid vuses of CoitsumpV
(ion,- cured by this preparation, pre public
ly known, so Vemnrl;:ib!u tin ImnVy t' be U
llevc lf were they not proven I yiliul difpute.
An a lemcdy it is' n'!ci,tuito, on whiidi the pubilo
m.iy rely for full protection, liy ourinj, C'pitcliH,
tlm foveninuern of moro seriotii, ilicnc, it mm
unnumbcreil livr.i, mid nn nnietint i f iun'eriug
not to bo compute I. It elinllrng. trinl, nnd eon,
vineei tho most seeiitieul. Dvciy fiimilv iliould
keep it nn burnt us a prutclioii tii.iiust' llie enily
nnd uiiion-eivcrl nttnek of i'lilnni'Miry Atrcctkiiir
which nre easily met at first, but which beeoin'j
incurable, nnd too often futnl, if neglected. Ten
iler lnni neoi! this defencei und It is tuiwi1.!) (,
be without it. As a t:ifi'nnril to chiMrcn, nniid
tiio diidnsaiiiB iliseasei willed beot the iliinnC
nnd Cheit ol childhood, Ciikhiiy I 1 rroii.M,
iiiviilunble!' fnr, by its timely ii", multi
tudes urn rescued from pivnuitiirn (flvi-s, umf
shvciI to tho love and iilloctlnii centivil nn tliem.
It net spoeilily and surely uKi.iimt onliini' yeolil',
seeurinw onn'ii 11ml hetiitli-ri-lnrhnr .- Xo
one will suller truillili soinn Lilliionv.u iui,l knli
fill lJ.-oiichi'.i.i, when tlicy knon l.u v cuii'y
tin)' criu be eui-ej.
lirifrin-llly the p.wlnct of lmi, l iln-Vim, nnd1
siieci'.Ml'iil oliemictl invetipn'i'i.', no n.t or li.il
spnrcd in making every hoi i!u in tl.e iViun-(
nOiblo ierl'i'etinu. It niny be i nnli leutly iv.
lied upon us pnsenj nil the virtues it lins'ciei''
ehiluteil, mid i-iipnliiti of piMilui'iiii! etui's it
mciiKirublo m the gi cutest It Inn ever dbicled.
pnti'Aiir.n rr
Dr. J. C, AVER & CO., Low!!, Masc,
Prr.ct:cal uud Analytical .li ii..!tH.
JUaar v igor,
For restoring to Gray Hair ill
natural Vitality r.ad Color.
fHv' whii-li is H D
01100 njjrodiijiwv
lipnltliy, a inl
nlVind mil f a
ikisXt coiov. wiin me
1 . , .i
glor.H awl freshness of youth. Thin
luiriti thickoneil, fulling .hair cliocl;cilr
an J baldnt'39 ofton, though not ulwaynr
cured by Uu use Nothing can rcstoro
tho hnir whtiro tlio folliclosi nro do
stvoyed, or tho glivmln ntrojiliii'd iiml
ilccujetl ; but uuvo.li as remain can L
paved hy this application, nnd Ktiinii
late.l into activity, so that n nov
growth of hair is produced. Innleail
of fouling tho hair with a aty sedi
mont, it will keep it clean ami vioiwm
Its oecasioiml imo will prcveiit tlm hair
IVonv ttiTiiing gray or falling u!f, and
cfHrsoqnt'iilly prevent ImiIiIim-hh. Tho
reatoration of vitality it gives t t th
Healp arresta and prevent tho forma
tion of dandruff, which is often so nn
cleanly rvnd olToii.sivo. lfreu from thoso
doloturious mbstaircea which malco
BDinu preparatioua tl:iiroronn niul inju
rious to tho hair, tho Vigor, can only
benefit bub not harm it. If wonted
merely foil a IT AIR DRESSING,
nothing cko can ba found so desirable
Containing neither oil nor dyo, it docs
not Boil white cambric, and yot lanta
long on tho hair, giving it a rich, glossy
histro, and a grateful perfitma.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer (l Co., .
lractlcnl and Annlytlenl CbemUU,
Fresh Onrln, Flowor, Tree und Mirub,
15verren, Fruit nd H01& Soeda. 1'repBiil
by Mull. A eomploto- nI Jinl lolousi s--inrlinent.
J5 aortsof either I'liisn 111.00. Tlm
Mix elosoea (UO packet) for tSOrt'. Also, nn
Immense stock of one yeur Kind ed Fruit Trees,.
Bmnll Frullii, Fruit Stoeka, Yoiiiig Fruit,.
Ornamental nnd Kvergroon 8ec,lllii((. Dulhs,
Hoses, Vinos, IIouso nnrl Tinnier Plants), AC,,
&o., tho most complete nssorlment In Arncr.
lea. r rep a Id by mull, I'rieerl CntnlOKues to
any nddroti, lo trade list, gratl. BeeiU eu
commission, Ancnls wnnteil,
HI. B, WATSDV, Old Colony Kurncrle
nnd Heed Wnriihouso, l ljiuouth, Ms
I-htabllshed 1817.
8 tr
MM(W '' 'JWJ hai,r
1 t, :.x ;rw

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