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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 20, 1872, Image 2

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l)c (Enquirer.
BiiiliHmr, North Kldo ol'Malu Btroot, Kiwi of
' nnrrl? T C.,.,,,,,1 SlrvvV ff TlOWCH'
Court lioiiid.
J. Wt BOWEN, Kdttor.
McArthur, March 20, 1872.
The Spring Elections.
"We call the attention of the
Democracy of the various town
ships of Vinton county to the
approaching Spring Elections.
The great quadrennial political
contest is near -at hand, in
which the patriotism, the pru
dence and the wi?dom of the
people will lie brought into
requisition. There nre two
forces at work diverse in pur
pose and in politiealtheory.
The one, is seeking to destroy
the reserved rights of the
States and consolidate all power
in a Central Autocrat, with un
limited control over the army,
the navy, the public treasury
and the country. Tho other
force antagonizes all these po
litical schemes, and insist on
preserving the reserved lights
of the States and local self
government, when the Central
Government shall exercise the
authority conceded to it by the
States and none other, that life,
liberty and property may be
secure. A proper organization
at this time will have a healthy
influence ou the result this fall
We hope the Democracy o
the various townships, wil
lose no time but hold their
nominations at an early clay,
. by selecting the very best men
in the party for candidates,
and then organize and secure
their election by an increased
majority over the last election.
Be vigilant, for the enemy are
buy, and will leave no means
untried to 6ecure an advantage.
Let harmony and good will be
cultivated .by all, for liberty is
at stake, and if lost now may
never be regained.
Judge Brinkerhoff Pronounces
Against Grant.
In a most ..vigorous letter,
which we print in this paper
Hon. Jacob Brinlcerhoff pro
nounces in favor of the Liberal
Republican movement. In
referring to this letter, the Cin
cinnati Commercial says truly,
that 'Judge LVinkerhoff is well
known throughout the State as
one of our ablest and purest
men, who, for fifteen years, was
eminent as one of the Judges
of our Supreme Court, and du
ring the last five years before
his voluntary retirement, its
Chief Justice.
Judge Brinlu'ihoff has no
Fore head that he is nursing.
lie is no disappointed office
seeker; but he arrays himself
against President Grant's re
nomination, because ho is un
worthy of the place, and be
cause his administration lias
not been such as to redound to
the honor of the country or the
prosperity of its people.
When such men as lSxGov.
Cox, Stnnley, Matthews, lion.
J. B. Stallo and Chief Justice
Brinkerhoff cut loose from the
Karlical party, it is for causes
that should array the whole
people against it.
An investigation committee
has gone to New Orleans to
see .what white-washing of
President Grant is necessary in
that part of the political vine
yard. It is a huge undertak
ing to cover op the dark spots
of Federal usurpation there,
but the Kauical majority of
the committee will no doubt
be fully equal to the undertak
ing. Investigating committees
seem to bo above par at, the
present time, but the only ef
fectual one will be that of the
people acting as a mass com
mittee, turning the Radica'
rascals out of office. Such i
committee will need no white
The Key Note of the Next
The Key-note
mocracy to strike 19 I' inancm
Reform 1 - Talk tariff, says an
exchange, and ' no one listens
particularly: talk constitution
a.nd law, and Grant with bis
bayonets and servilo Congress
nworr Ihnin! feouiUt tlie
note of alarm to the fact that
Congress is centralizing al
power in itself ftud in the
hands of one man, and it falls
as unheeded on prejudiced ears
as the idle whistle ofa plough
boy. rieadforthe oppressed
white men of the South who
are nearly as helpless and hope
less under Radical and carpet
bag rule as were the slaves of
the South, before the days of
emancipation, and with a sneer
you. hear from one half the
people "served them right."
But there is a note which will
and can thrill the masses. It
is financial reform.
The recent developments in
the New York Custom-house,
showing more corruption than
the bitterest enemies of Grant's
administration has thought
existed the nepotism of Grant
his connection with Cor bin.
Lect and the Seneca Stone
Company jobbers the fact that
federal office-holders, nearly
everywhere, are in collusion
with thieves and robbars, and
that the people are victimized
by the very servants who
should guard and protect their
interests, demands that an out
raged public should at once
sink all other considerations
and go to work to rescue the
country from tho spoilsman,
and restore the government to
those who will administer
with more honesty, economy
and purity.
ihe democratic party is
emphatically the party of Re
form. When it was discovered
that a corrupt . ring of Tam
many politicians in the State
of New York was robbing and
plundering the people of the
metropolis,' such men as Sey
mour, iioliman, Uliurcn, la
den and other prominent Dem
ocratic leaders, put the knife
to the throat of Tweed, Connel
ly, Sweeney and other public
robbers. The wisest of the
Democratic leaders were push
ed to thefrontand battled until
the corruntionists fell. The
fact that it crushed the thieves
its own ranks, though the
fight for . the time being, lost
the party a great State, shows
the sense of right and justice
our party its enmity to
ward all political dishonesty.
Let the good work go onl The
Tweed's and the Connelly's of
New York are in a fair way
for the Penitentiary! Now let
blows be aimed for a general
crushing out of the big scoun
drels who nre stealing our na
tional domain, the "syndicate"
thieves who are robbing our
National Treasury the big
and the little villains of the
Radical pit of corruption! Let
the people honest men, join
ing hands with honest mem
open the grand campaign of
1872 by fighting a bribe taking
President, and the men who
lave stolon the South into
bankruptcy, and whose frauds
collecting the revenue are
startling and glaring as to
awaken astonishment, not only
this country but in Europe.
Let the people see to the ovei
throw of Grant and his asso
ciates like Lcet, Stocking, Ben.
Dutler and others, and they
will have done themselves and
their posterity an everlasting
The Cincinnati Gazette says:
'We do not believo the Dem
ocratic party of Ohio ever had
a Senator of more ability than
they now have in Judge Thur-
$350 for President Buchanan
and $4,000 for
In Congress, a few days ago,
Hon. Fernando Wood ot New
York, contrasted, the expenses
of liachatwn's time with those
of Grant. While the former
was content with ?3.r0 worth
of stationery, for the use of the
Executive Mansion, the latter
calls for t,O0t worth. The
expenses of collecting the cus
toms now were $9,000,000 per
annum, against $3,000,000 ten
years ago, and so on to the end
of the chapter of extravagance
and corruption of the party in
General Butler still hankers
after the gubernatorial chair of
Massachusetts. lie announ
ces himself as a candidate at
tho next election, and the dis
gusted citizens who buried
their plate and silver spoons in
anticipation of his ' possible
election last fall, have .ceased
to exhume them, fearful of the
contingencies that the future
may yet hold in store. Truly
tho citizens of tho Bay State
have to suffer a grievous pun
ishment for enconraging such
men as Ben. Butler.
Tho certificate of incorpora
tion of tho Columbus Hotel
Company, organized to erect a
new hotel in the city of Co
lumbus, was filed with the
Secretary of State last week.
The capital stock is three hun
dred thousand dollars, in shares
of one hundred dollars. Tho
corporators are W. Dennison,
William A. Piatt, T. Ewing
Miller, B. E. Smith, Francis
C. Sessions, E. T. Mitlioff, J.
R. Hughes, James M. West
water, William Monpeny and
W. C. Brown.
In a skirmish in the U. S.
Senate, last week. Morton of
Indiana, said "the Democracy
ns a Kangaroo party its
strength was all in its lowei
limbs. This remark affords
the Cincinnati Commercial an
opportunity to say, "evidently
the Democratic- party is in all
respects very di Keren t. from
the distinguished Senaior."
Fatal Accident.
Mr. Charles Armstrong, (a
H'other of the wife of Mr. Vin
cent Williams ot this city,)
eceived severe injuries about
the head, last Monday, near
Zideski, while acting in his
capacity as brakesman on the
r r s t- tt . e A i
iU. tV U. K. li. JMr. Ah.
wounds were partially dressed
at Z ileski, after which he was
brought to this city on one of
the evening train". His injuries
were then examined and re
dressed by Dr. Scearce, but
there was no indication of' any
thing perious, Mr. A. being
able to get in and out of the
express himself, without nn
sitance. After being cenvpyed
to the residence of 3Lr. Wil
liams, however, he became in
coherent and lUghty in his
talk, and rapidly grew worse,
his injuries terminating fatally
Thursday morning. Chilli-
cothe Post.
Stat of Ohio, Tlnton County.
Ueoro Tarr, Pkilnti.T,
Selctlnn f loot Co. unit others, IVfnndants,
In Vinton County niirt or noniinon rieus. or
der of Sale,
l'nreianttothe cnmninnd of nn ovder of alo
issued from tho Court of Coniinn Pled of Vin
ton Countv, nd to mo illreeted n. BhcrlzV of
lid eouiit'y. I will ofl'ev for Rale t t lip door of
the court Houne, 111 1110 iowu 01 jucjir.nur,
Vinton county, OI1I0, on
Monday, the Hit Day of April,
A D. 1872,
Attliobonrofl o'elock P M., of snld day, tho
fol'owlnpde.rrihed premises, to wit:
Tlie North end of Ont-I.ot Number Two (!,)
bein;n. Btrip off tlio North end of mild Lot
nhout 'me II iindrednnd Twenty (I'JO) feel wide,
mid nil of niM Lot oxeept that purt or pniv.el
ronvovc I hv Chillies Ilolililns nml wife to the
Mni'le'Ua Cincinnati Itnlliimd t'omenhv.
AIo 11 Hfrlpon'tho rest side of Out lot Num.
her Thre)(M)coiuinonc.inn t the lino between
Lots Number li and NiiiuhorU; thence run
ninir I'.nst on tho North lino of wild Lot
Number Thr e(S) until it lutersect'i n lino run
ninjf South from tho SonMi-west enrner of In
lot Niiinher'JVelvo (12.) theneoiioiilh idiout One
llumlifd and Twenty (DM feet until If, inter
geet (lie east 11111I west lines oftlmt purt of Out
lot Number Ttvo (9) conveyed us lovu; thence
west to tho said division line botwron Loti
Number S and 8: nnd thence North to the, place
of hejrlnnlnif nil of tbosnld pu ts of Loin ly
liitr'iid belnx in Hohhlns' AdillHon to tlio
Town of Ifaniilen, Vinton county, (dil.l.
And, nlso, nil tlie Knglius itml .Machinery
lined foretiiTvlnirnn tho
And. also, Ibo Circular Saw Mill, attached to
sold Fnundrv, and nil tlio machinery nnd IU
turps belonelint to tho Saw Mill, nil of which
ore located on Biilfl Lotsnnd parts of Luts,
Anurnlsed nt Four Thousund One llundrod
nndTlili tvthreo Dollnrs (W 138 00,) ud must
brim? two-thirdrf that num.
Taken ostlio property of 8. GoeU A (o.jto
snclitynu orncrnitmiu uiuiorasniu uouri iu ill'
vor or Ooorwo Tan-.
Terms of .Sale. Oash In hnnn.
paniicl nootir,
BlieriiTof VIlHohCOiinly.
John Mityo, Atl'v forlTff.
March 40, lt'i-v
The Ctllmnbus Dispatch says
'there is Aothing that the ad-
o'ilbiuls will not
steal that!
they can get their
hands on
James Fuller's llir.
tmhaU Court, WitoH L'Ui Ohio,
tdtioh u iiomwy jr('i' flinty iiotivy li.
1 II' ' 1 I 3 1 . lll.irillllll Wl J l nil' 1 'l uiiui i . ' ' . '
lllu.llii.i iii iM.iiif. wii'i his suld want for iiurtiul
..I I. ant fi.l. IniHf
I'llK, on tlio'lUhdliy Of Aj'i'il, low. HI I) o'clock
A. M. " It- 1 "I
Prolate Judyo
Murch 20,1872-11
SEfllG 0
You are especially Invited to oximilno tlio
Wall Paper
Now on exhibition at
Ncw patterns of beautiful ricsiffiBKn'ocadc, Gold
V and Satin.
Also, fortho. lli ttlnm, DTlZPEZD QILVEIi 3?J1?33T3,.
These new styles are unsurpassed for beauty of design, com
bination of rich adorn, together with better material.
The papi r I offer the public for spring sales, is positively
far superioi to any .1 have been'ahle to obtain hen tofcrey and
no advance in MY price will be asked, having contracted for
these papem early last season when the proof designs were lir3t
exhibited. 7
Also, real common paper ns low as six cents per roll and
advancing is high as Three Dollars per roll.
For Halls, dhurches, Dining Rooms aud Ceirngs, 21 Paint
Street, Ch lLothe, Ohio.
I trim all Ay papers ready to hang, free of charge.
W WlUfETlfMEil
I koip coiiKtunlly on 'baud every (loserlptlon ot
I muuufncuio to order uml rcpnlr Furniture of all klmlH, t tlio most reasonable prices.
I hiii prejjurvil In furriiii
ami urcoinpHiiy them wltli a llunrso.
j- nkg piTjllo nro invxtoil to oall aud oy.auiiuo :uy Stool:.
M-.rchfl.ua PA1US 1I011TON.
ii m m m tm lmu
WWAi v' !"' 1 J : i"'l,- larcely iiicre;ned, Hud tin; iiualitjr of ihu tone rea-
Kjal to 'lhat of the EScst
4 tp-: y-k litnt Ors;nu of ihv. iauac tki-
K;l-.-.vi L-,yl: ' V.V-i-'f.W O iirerlbrnlcd "Vox Orle-te," "bonis raieiit,"
fe 'T?: '''rteyj?) "Vox llanmiitt." "ilco. I'oleul" (Iclivvo Coupier,
ii'jlKj; y..' -Ti'-'-V' v:" !''. f inn
wi "1 ill; vt
lew .: : AJ.
im 2; IS tu:
.'Ar-iWM ALL
i...'Hi 1. i s , -. . ilf". n
V'li54v5'v" -''"' Every Instrnment lully Warranted.
Maiiul'aclurcd t Nos. 15,
Thirty-live different 5ty!rr for Ibo fnilor (mil Church.
Kcw ami KL'Kiuit In slfftiK,
Tim best nmlcrinl nnd Worhmnnshlp,
(Quality und Volir.uu of Tono iruneiiunlled.
f Established in 18J0. 1 ' iiiT" AGKNTS WANTEO IS EVERY COUNTY
Address SI3JH0HS &'CL0X)'G1I OEGAN CO., Detroit, HiciJgan.
Bargains for
uiiuinu. unuuiisi
Our IU0H0 ohall ho "Try to ilonc
l mn i imi :nt Kill.'
nitu glU V1 1 1 1 c. . .
, I
t'llted with tlio newl; luvented
ScriLuor's Patent Qualifying Tubes,
A 11 invention iiavintf a most luij orlnftt neniliignn
the future repiiliit inn of it 'cd I :ift rumeiiK by the
wllu ll the iimnllty or uliinie ol lone Is very
cliai'iiiiiijf "lelto" or "1 larinet" biops, uml
etui boobtalnofl only in tho Oinaiis.
17 & 19. Mismi Aenuc,
ft fi X
vj y. o tc
"i w VJ. Vi.
tHiilm-slim-cl li it: Im.iii duly appointed
I Ailiiiiiiistl'.iinr ol l:i: edtutci 01 A nil .1 m
Uuliii. Into 01' Vlllioil ( Oiiiitn ( Dii.i. dw i-i'd.
" J. .U .11CU1I.L1VU.VY.
AUDITOR'S OFFICE, VINTON Co., C., March 15, 1872.
VtOTrCR Islierohv Ivcti tlml Alinlinm Wil
li licrlms lliiHilny ili-iKislleil witli tln-'lreiix-mi'r
nl'Hiiiil eiiiintv Iho unmiiiil rt'iiilml to ie
dci'iii llie InlldWiim ili:sorlteil I.HI'I. lo-wlt:
Tho Nnri h-weiit corner ol' KaH h:ill' ol .North
west quarter of Srellmi Niimtior Twenty nlno
(M.) Towuil'lp l'"ii(ll),) It. in' Scvenl ceil (17 )
Snlil Ininl linvlnu licdii mihlfur tuxes on the
third Tues.l.iv of .1 miuvv, A. I. Wil. In the
numoor Abraham Wiliierto ftylvpii-r Wilbur.
W.VV. H10I.I O!! i.
Auditor Vinton County,
Jfilrch ). IWJ-Sw
NTED In every (Mitittv, Town mid
Village. 'AOl'lVJi AaaXT.3, 1'ur the sale
ol tlu
Original Hotfa Sawing Mac!iiii3,'
A Ihntmelilno li:is a world renowne 1 repu
tation, it is useless to paiaieul iri.o eoiirernin't
tlx merlin: lint th.ir.i lieinir another m.iclilne In
deem it imipiT to iiiukn the follovlii:j stule-
tlio marlc 't iriireKuiitivl to h Ibo Mown, we
ninnt, viz: In many towns mere nre litems
I'orllioKo-iNilled Howe, and h ivo In cnnia in
shini'es. cl.il.n"il to be ononis fur the Original
lie. mid in-c-rent thtni Iimui iipply i";r for the
iifenev of iior niie.liiiie: eons.'iueii! ly. to en-
Howe, Int. irove.'t, In order to ini e' i, toe ivi i-
liuhieii those wishing to"ii:f,i:;e in the hrs'iiex,
we Ml 11st slato Mint the 0,'ui'intil Wtuv Sichitj
otf.r Kreat indiieeiiionts t.) pii'Ues wiliin'i to
de.nl in How i n.jf Miiehlnes Kur i.artljulnrs, as
Htuilttu. Imni'iw.'J. ha no M,(hilliim II, al We
to tenns, eieuaii at or iiU.iivsh,
10-lnt 4.) I I'enn IMtlshu -nh. P.i.
Jame3 Eurbi's Estate.
frobitto Court, Vinton Coufilyi O.
N iTICUIsherehyu'lven th it l'nti lei, Kelly,
IJveu itoroftlu will of .1 mies IT 1 i-hi i . ile
eensi',1 has tiled liis aceonnt, s si.thif.w u or.
for Ihml si'l tleini'iit. and thai the Si inelsfel
f"r Iie.irinn on Thnr d.iy, U10 Itli day of April.
Jl. l. M All1!
Mare.li 19, lb'M - U IVo'ede .1 nV-tu
O HVPIltS.S Tlt.MSS leove Im1!nn nu.lU
J dally, except S.induv, for &T. LULLS .111. 1
'en l,1 iri.c!1
pilBnnly I.I11.1 runi.luK I'tT.LM AM cclo-
Ih'jlIimI I ll'iivilL'-ro. Ill lecir n.r fl.ii'v Itiui, V
Y I'iUsho'vrh. f.'oliinioi.s, I,oui.-.villo. fin
chill.lli, imil. oli. ill;, pi.l.s, to Si. Linus without
change. '
Pii'sonaors i'onid reinembtf th-.t this Is the
Ure-il si lieiuid Ibiiiti for Kansas ( ity,
Leavenworth, liwienee, To; oka. l 1 1 1 1 0 -tio.i
City, l''ort Scnl i, nnd St. Jon ph.
13T '!' KANSAS, for the pcr
Lfl'ililjll"' Jib iioseol'otahti.liiuif iheoi-
selves III new homes, will h.ivo lihoral .liscrlm.
illation Ilia, I t hi :iiei,-i;ivor hy ilii.s Line. S;,t
il'ae,(orycin;ieiiii.a!o,i oe rer.hn- rates will he
L'iventi '.'oloni-ls ami f.ii -'v unities tin v. lie'
together: and thi-ir b:mu". en.'i -r.-mt eiuiit
and stock will be chippcii on (lie ino:.t I'oVor.i
blu terms, piocn'.in in
si.eted hy NO OTillOK K(. U I'K.
T'CK KT.S can ho obtained id nil the prlnelpiil
Ticket (iDiees in tho J'Jaslurji, Ji;dlio nail
Southern Matc.i.
C. R l'i LT.KTT,
Oi.'i.crnl l'liwiemjer A;j"t. M. Louis.
liDlVr. K l M KTT,
I'nslerii I'lissemrer A jent. I'ldini'spolls.
J11LN K. .-P.. I'-. N
(ienornl Siipei iidendeiu. liellnioi'.olls.
lien comforts -,nd neetunulod.il inns us aro lire.
Tin: o-ir r
Doiiiccratia tell i k ist
The K.vi'Ouont of Oonst'.'.ni.'ional t.'oveiir.neia,
llio RfshlN of I'm fiti'.es. Kii;il 'I .in,, t ion,
und the A'ooljiiun of nil 'nneei'-.s'iiy
Jhli'ilons iijioa the 'IVix-l'iiyois of
llio O.nintry.-
M'eshull o;ipo'i.j tcil'ii,!; ,ind oeoves'-ive Tnv
IHV I iv which i!ic A irciciii! 1 r il V.'esl is made
to pay enoi'inous tribute t t iio M i'.iiifac.turin;r
Kast 1111 1 shall dem ni l se.eh m 1 l,,i,vi(hins ol
tlio Interiiiil ltevtiiu i Liws-.is will i)acour.i;e
hi'lns'rv and relieve laOoc.
The Weehlv Ktiiinii-er vi i'l nol only he true
to the principle of the i Miner ii ie' p;irrv in
Its eflit'.rhtl eolunius, but. .is ;i t ils'- ci;i.s K.mii
llv.Ionriial II will I hi cveilc.l hy nouo nuit-liidied-in
tn- 'oit.'d Stales.
Tlie .Miu licl Lepori.s will he prep, veil with
((rent, care and ns a ureal, c. pense In j,'ii o the
fullest and latest iiifoniinlioii frin nil ti.e
ui'irkels of tho world.
Its News Ui'iiai'linent will eoetain n carefully
prepnrcjl smiiinary of eveiils tiniisiiriiij;
throughout the world.
Ls Llti'inrv selections will be tub en from
tlie host Lngii'ili mid Aineriean euvrci.l bltera-
lu re. , .
Krameond Kii;'l.ui.l, as v. ell from leadlmj
Us 1 'ovresiioi.'dcnco win Inehid" le! tors from
nil's m IMu l.n.U'il t-iali's. hieeiinen copies
.'is. .Vddress, f.V ILYJi .V Mcl.lOAN .
!,ie iunnli. (.
In C'l.'i.ib.U mil lltdical t'cicuco.
.- ';'
i! -
'. ,r-
'-J'''- 2 MAI'
Dr. L 1 GAltVJX'S
mum it Cj'pouiid elixir
rtl;M'l' AVTi (iVt VS;;;, I)'fnw,,'ii
I'l.nu' ji x ii. i i.i.i. .""I';-: 'sv:i mv,
, -ii-. i.t;. uc i i ; a,. 4i .j , i; liii i.iiiisn
(.urji'.ivj u; iin'.f
vii: 'tv.?:.::z tak,
X'N'ror. i i cr.rS, cv. Oafan:.,
A.'ilii'i-.. Hi -tii- i:.., i.i.l co;ic.nip.i'iu. 1
A l-i-o.i , rn'. I In tbrcfl In i l'onrij and lib'",
1'iX'i ilf.'dn Urdu th i (juuerul systuui,
i- i-fui irii, ii.lv i-i'ii'Mcjouj in nil
iss;.;asks of vnti ni.oon.
Inn! u, in, k .'jciui.dfi nnd l.iuii-Hi ,o of llioil-.ln,
l)y.ii't,is lji-ii;iwrj of llio I.iviu- nnJ liiJnoj.,
!ijiu. ij.tcriae, mid uunuulDcuiii:)'.
, AI.HO, A
Volatile Solution of
Pur TKKAI.ATIoy, wlfovt nprlicivtion of
IiKA'1. A r,.iu.iikitl'iy VALUAbLEiliwuvwy,
cn Uiinvlmiu uppjlalus run b'icuiricil in lint vcsl
jjii.'UiiI, iciulv at liny time fur li.uUi.n'.'.Ui.ctlud
und )ij..itivcly i.uih ivu u.iuia, . f
An o:oiit oitiio iMtwr, xinioAT
Tar trA Faanclrako Pill.
fir i, He in cri'.ii.'Cllou wl'h t)c LtdXI.t TAH,
U n mm bi tii ioh 'f tl.o TWO mot v.ilunUu
AlVI'l'ltA'ITVli Jluiiicint.i bnoH-n ill tin) I'ro.
f. n-io-i mid irinlciM it, in P.ll without cxccptlun'
Vho very l hi. ever oll'i'i-ct.
Tie ;-t)Lt'TXuN und CUill'OUND ELIXIIt ot
1h wit l out doubt tlio beat remedy known in
C.lll'H uf
Ir M n, I'ju'eifli! for muh iisi-iip, anil idinulil bo
ki.'pt in tlio lioiMeholilof cwry l'uuiily, Onjjculitllf
durinn tliii'o nioiiiliniu vliitli
RrtiliaVo to pruvuil. A mull qunntity tnken
dully will yiuvcnt coutruotiiij tlio.g twrlblo
Polu"on uiiil Cotnrotiinl rilixlr, $1.00 jior Sottlo
Volutilo f o'.utku for Znliuliitiou, J.OOpor Box
Tar ajjd I'.inilc.ko Pl ln, (Ooti por box.
Build fm TbMiliirof I'OSBXIVE CURES
to jour l),u,.'yiot, or lo
L. P. IIT fe CO.,
110 E. XZJt St., Xtw JToj A'.' ;
.. r . a i' " .. L ttni
A WOHIv liKSiiKII'TlVKortliet.lWtil'' Nl'.Vtf
YOli.'v i.'iatl i i.s VAi.IUt.S 1U.M.S.
Its si.len.ioc nnd wreti liinlliess: III hluh HHt
low hie; Us lu.irlde p, daces mid
ILtl'IIKll... ue.l .l'.i..r Il- ''.
I M l iiiliuiuen nun poluiciai s; ilsVihcntur-
11.1 en.iriiii?'i us nivsterie.- ami (uiuics.
Illiislnited with Nisniy S.'l) line Eilravili(."'i
AULnT.s. WANTi.H-Seud for clivllars und
sue our terms ami a full description of IVo woi Ui
Address N'.itlouai l'ulillsliin;r t.'n , Chiciau, 111.,
uiiii'inniiii, ij..or 01. Jjiuls. Alissoinl.
Amerii a. E'nH A' i Oi i(imil S.'wrfn in v
hniuher. No iiiernry treai.c(ii!il to It. Afetiis
.1111 1 1 nn v assei's wanted in cvurv tow 11 Anil i y
ol tlio Union. $ (I u wceli easily renliz.il ,
the sale of tl Is e:J 1 miiilin.n y I nth 111 d A11111L
(in.loiirn.il. Sp. 1, hncn copies fi ee. Kor Mil.)
by nil IieWMhnieis I'rlio, He: ta.f,0 pc r earx
A Idress.M, J O'LlaKV & Cu.,l O. Lux 6 Wl,
1 ne iriiMir niustccnn (1,'iirh.ai hi,,,,.,. i'miA,. 1,,
Tlioohlcvt nnd mi st rcll:,l'lr Insliti.tli n feroh,
tolniiiK 11 Aler mil lie lvliicntlon. I'.; lic. I
business men i.s lnsti'ti"toi's. For Ii. format h n,
wi ile for iiCiiculurto P. IH'Kir it t'o.vs, l'itl
bui f?li. I'll.
Tl'i'p Onr.U'ii, PI,.,,.,, FlowiT,
w' j lj Aiil uml (Vu'i Jimtgrtft WV
-.ins, li'iu), . . j,;,u in)
icnr, n u, r.xir.i, 1 yr , linriai , o. ;i 10 1 11 ,
Si'nln, I'ein h. 1 11 . Sr'2; A pule, finite. ' ew. 1 11 . . H r;i
I'ii ,. While I'csrll Ipnw, ! n I V 1! Ii'l . . '! ca
Sin ill ill it. - nil M I.UW, 1; A'sll, H'-k Klll . 'i.wl'
IlliiHiiiueil C;iioiotu,., Kin piie, mill Ntw 1'iicii
F. K. ri'OUN'lx! lili'ioinlnc nil III.
Tlie ninst riiltirilili. rI ' i ih 1 ; r nml Jl. 1"Vo,Iii.
I'U Vice on llio i or,', lieiu aun.(;0;), el ii rold A
ili-li me cir, ular Ir o rfoinl 1'ur one. Dte'-ini t
'cd ii.(.m'i vu-i for l.-eiitiior. lier itoneil ni els .
by limn iiosi; oi.lil. A J.-in iri i el.doune of
tl i.it!y by uail niiv disutivi'. Trc It. u .
I'.c iuliful I' lav.M-s and vnre l".ilut !Ve.-. l'i in s
nries .Itlabli If'.l IU years. fJI) aires, t) '.;reo.i
t .1.1 I i.l: ll.'OJ I . V II. N, , ,'. , ' .
' i , . ,t x j, ,i w v... ,
I'aiiiesville. Lake County, Ohio. .
CLmiAl ill STO!
li tl bTAilt A CO.
a;: du offer tu ilia r old
iViei:i!sain; uc onini.
Jardo.i and V o t-nr ii o.N. whieit t'l
leutly re.'o.iinnjnd to all i:i want of
ll full ass ili.l'.l" .t o! r'ie it
', - II.
ol'ch ir.,'cs Jt, Jl, ,51 All! CO
'end for ;i Pclea Lint. Which will be Sent Ire i
Al ir.-li. i-'.iJ. ( levelan-; O.
Mup, f,' ol llirlc AsMiirol. Price lie liic.'l'..
ULlS.-i. KKHNM .t O iN 1T I ) Hvrillr'l'
(hires Caie.or. Seml'lll. S,' lililis. i,,..inC.
lt.ieiini ":-:n. N ur :l iia. l'.il in i i vv l .iui
ul.ii'iis ni.'i-rs. Mill iilouiii. .skin DIsckcs. all
li Oil I III CIS". I 1 '! i':lv vi. ... i .i'ii.. 'f'.... In, I.
kiviwi Uiood IMv;ii '.'. Sol liiv nil ll.iieiis .1,
II',,. Jl I .ii.j. liotl.1i.. niKore.t lb. I io .M.,L
li I h.r Circular. Uilrcc, OJ Ocd.ir St.. Ne
1 oik.
i ! A;
ou ls. Xauics nl' piiiri'iia la tii.niei in
Co.. New Voi k I I cees' !? . N o
AC e.N'i ti V.'uh(c1.-'.'A 1(011 Is make more inor -'
ev nl work lor i,s tli.oi in ;in thin;.' cli.i .
business llirhf and peiinai-uf' eirii"tila s
(i. S.riNSdN Al.M Hlli Ail 'oWmi.i
I'm Head, Mniire.
Aivlijool inisbiess i n-on" or two p'rsons of
lilli '. ex in M V filnif nnd n 'j -i leir!i.wns,bV.
Vim h , on e i:i m i'; f'".'iii ';i'0 ...,fjil p " iniiulfi
With bet lii'le l.:i I i'evi li.;e wf h ordil: rv I ni -liess.
Anteles I'S sl'i'ii lis I! ur , ; cAniUiil
C'li li. A fi"l le.ei; s; lor :;ren
your wh ii" lime I-, Iv.mi..i oui.-h
.-inc. If
: ir en -
V. 'ie ai.niii I I'.ili l'i reelars free. ;;', :
lb t.' li.' Of nrlt-'e'S 1,1 I C i. II ll' si".
(I'-HiW Llif.NDACi: lit CO.', (i. I 1' II
L mis, Mo,
o,v i'.
Slav l,
1'xtracrJh.iry Imjrj7:r:ji:ts
rile M .n.iii & Il.iinliti Oriiu Cn. ns ifubv
nun n nc. ill, i iiitr.i lii.iiinu ol tin irovciiculs 111
ni.icii in ..r.'i ;.in iin'in u-y Im uivst. T:u.,j
B !:;;:) an.) i-itk -j vihskc dimash.
illi'lu- t!':' mil . -I live l',.l co Mhl.l;ill,ii;'T IJc'V f,'
I'll':., i!!irci.' Iscvvr mil'.
. DAYVi T'l-AN-il'OSI.Mi KKi'-r,ui!!i,'
ivhlcli etui lu uM vi'.y nice 1 to tlio ii .,i. )ir
l"' i'li'iiiitiii'.rth,' 'i'i li.";- .r.ii:Hisnilii' k.y.
tlnili'iliy llli.fl It-Uiu iliU'ltlH Iff Oil'Cillill',
NiilV ASDKI.l'MANI' SI'YI.B' )K DUi.'i.l.i'.-
ItiiKlJ U.Mil.SHi'Dii.lANS,
a'fliO '.U .ind i'.'Vo i. b. C.!,s.- -ri .: fr.i.i '.'
tlV, ,H V, , ci 'J'.,llMlli;ll r;(;,..U-u,'U of
unrkiirin-.ii.il, liiu.se ao clicaia-r tliau any lie
turo 'jiicrud .
Til" M " vn'oIIami.im Oi",'.i'isiii"..''Mckn;ivi.
'sr'l I.H T, .1 i.l I'l'iin U r.av.'.iii irv l'aciiil :.,.
Illl' 111 llllll'i ?..,,... llrl, I' . .. . . ... .. . '.. T ... I ....
II-.. V, l,,M ,) ..II ,1,11,1 II ' I
'1'1'V iiiidc. t.ilio In i-cll at iirl.'oa u liicli lcii.L-r
lN CiU ICS 3'K I - V 15 L V C'.IK Vl'JvST.
Faur Oci.ivc Oi'ft.in .V) cn-'o; flvo ih-Iiivo or-'
'" 'I4 : li.W .r.l. Willi lliioc w ti
ico I .;!.) an.! tipivaids. For;y siyj.s, up t i
.l-'ii ) I'.n-ii.
N.-w ili'.r:vi,'!.'d 0 tfilosiirt, iiivl 'Vcstlin'ininl
Circular, wn.li ..pii j,,;:s l' ii,,J; i tl.-iu ;iia'XH.u-'
.ind .Mii'dciu -i iroi'
M '.S'jM.t 1 1 A ,1 1,'N ' li'JAM t!1)., .
1M Tro:iio;u. rtl., Ih,moii. u;ii liumdwny, N.Y,'
TO ADYKI'TI-l-'ii-V- All porfous vb ) ou
ti'in.'lutn in lisiuif conir;iet Viih ii.!v ii cik lor
tnu insertion of AdviM-llscincnl'i hlionld Mi-i:d lo'
n so. r vmim, & oo,,
torn! !.i"d iv. or )iicli.,.c-, ,.,.(S ,, tlinir On
llnml,;,! ',,,., l.,m,i!d.i cmtaiiiiiiK Li-., nf
i.O-il) Ni.ivsntipers and csliiim;., s, kiiiuvih. II
ri'-tol a Ivertbli!;'. bIm) ni.'.nv useful binl- l,i
ailv rti.crs, nnd snino iu-cmiiiI, of'lliu c -
i'iicii, i.ieii win, ,i;-, Kiimvii u A,'iic;,fi il.'.
iv,(, .,-,,, 'i;ji. ,, jirunriotot'.-. ol tlio Aana
le.m .ScViii,.u AdvtrlUins Ajroinry,
ii I'AKic liu'iV, ukw vuii.-.
.mil arc ci-k,','.s.'i of tl iiciii;ibMl f.icililici fur
Mec, iriiii( i liii lii.crlloii of nil Aerl bcliioiils in iiif
NiiWiiiapi'M und iei io liuiil.-i ru lo-V?csl mtcs.
l''r'sii Clarficn, T'low r, Tico ami Mirub,
Kn'i'ljreiiii, l''rtilt mid 3I; rb (-'oodH, rr.'inlil
by Mall. A coiordctc nml JihIIcIoiih hm
sortniout. I) " i Is of oltbcr cl icn Sl.OO. Tim
Kix i liihSLii (ill) 1'iuliclK) for (!,(U. AIo, m,
IniniciiBU kluck of ono our fin fled I'rulf Tiloh,
Small Fruits, Fruit Stocks, Y'ouuj 1'rnll,'
OrnanuMitul inl, Kvcr'rccfi ROe.lll iikm, Ilnllm,
Roses, Vines, llf.'uio iiVul bonier lTimtii, c,
&0., tlio most toinplcto iissnrliuoiit la Alncr
leu. I.'rcpnld by niiill. Priced Cnlabi;nc to
nny ndilrcM, nl.-otindo fc-rutU. bttdh on'
coin in is.don. A Rents wanted. -
M. 1!. WATSON, (11 CnVi'ny'Xnriiiirli'H'
anil Seed WorchotUd, I lyAioUtli, HIiini.'
ICtal,lllicd 18419. Q Ll'
Ueneial Butler lias ncMumf
tlie strotig.-t hrguincjit ym,
prest'iU't'd na nsf, iho removal
if the Caiiit".' H'ff ilfm:u-le T
Jin a speech tlie oilier day tlmt'
Wns-lungt n Was mi unliciiltliy
place, nntl if tlio . c.iitol j'o
maiiiotl where it wnsf, t luro
would Lc a large poi'uciitngc of
iriondity among Coiigrcssinen.
If, by nay known means thu;
nor centngo pf niorality could'
ne increased so ns to inelijile
Butler .nnd other Kadical'
thieve?, it might be bailed n:T
tho dawn of thu political millennium.
A bill has passed thu I'gU-'
lature forbidding ju lges of
elections to adjourn until nil1
tlio votes have lOv'ii ouutiedl

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