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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, March 27, 1872, Image 3

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fir. -7Stv Sowdi,
kDROd AfcD fRbPRaBTojL
Elanic Noticoa of Protest printed
and for sale at this office.
CiioIcb lol of Book s for sa.3 a
.For Ayer's Medicines,- go to G
W. Sisson's.
Gb your Haiter Eggs 'ready to
Learn to write a plain ha'rid one
that Gab be read.
That fellow who talks so swootiy
to his gal at the' gate, ought not to
kiss when the" moth' sbin'oi do
All ear bemocratio friends
flliould aid in extending the' circu
lation of the McArthur Enquirer
for the great Presidential contest
f-ond us a host of names.
Wk h'avn't Been a onail in town
iince the game law went into' ope
ration .Amens Messenger. .
Then the quails of A'thens roust
obey the' laws bettor than the Mc
Arthur quails".
We observe that the Wool buy
ers of Madison county have already
offered 70 cents per pound. Farm
crs, take care of your sheep. Wool
incoming up:
It is a great advantage to a town
ship to have a competont and oco.
tiomlcal sot of township officers, and
know" not where more of thi
(Hans of men can be found' than' iff
tho Democratic party.'
Tna other day w observed,
dmong the legal advertisements of
an exohango paper, the wrd' "pe
tition for divorce and' other roliof."
Wondor what other relief is want
Farmers are awaiting; rm oppor
tunity to commence spring Work as
soon as the frost has been' sufficiently
brtractod1 from the ground by the
Biin and some rain. Th'e plow's at the
Hardware Stores of .Richmond &
Huhn and Lantz'A Pearce, will then
be .'nfrodu'Ccd' aiid driven tfitlr
vigor. . .
3 REsiONKDi-i-ffon. W. W. Johnson
Judge of thWaocond sub dir"ib1ou of
una juuigiui uiHtricc, resigned aoous
two weeks ago. No appointment
Ivan' b'ocrr m'achs irprto this date. Wo
are informed thai' Hon. II. 0. Jones
of Vin ton, W. K. Ilastifl'gs of Jack
son, 0. I. Colo of Pike, havo been
named for the position. The Gov-
6rnor w7U probably fill the vacancy
this week, by appointing one of the
gontlomen before named.
The following is a list of q'uei
tlions in English' Grammar at the
last examination for teachers at
Mc Arthur', March 1g', 1872':'
a TT A
i: now is me present passive
parucipie always lormeur
2 How aro, den'tencos classified
as to moan in c?
3. What is an abridged Rontenco?
4. What docs the logical subject
or a sentence include?
( Bv irWli7 aowo iay,tfiat"a transi
tive verb has, voice?"
6. Why do we ndt u's'o.th'o apos
trophe to denote the possessive oase
of pronouns?
7. Analyse and parse, "ITono but
uoQrgq coma nave concorved etfch
a fife'a.'
Parse the word's marked in the
followi,ng; sontoncos :
8.- " They sat that th'e earth tiifns
on m axirf." , ,
9. "They had' been honest, xbhich
vas in their favor."
10. "His being a young mart, fa" an
6ur incorporated village clefk
nas g'iren notice of the election of a
Mayor,' Clerk, thro city dads, iftb.,
6n the very' nojit April tool's lVay
that comtib around. Very appro
priate day, too, for an election for
6dicer8 of this villagol The villag'd
ias beed "fooling along" for more
than a year',- and the thing is almost
"foblod away.' The clerk has serv
ed about a year, receiving, for his
Borvicos, by authority of the' six; city
dads, an order for $10, which he
was compolled to soil to a Merchant
At 20 por coh't. discount; for goods,
because thore wasn't a red' In the
t jllago treasury. The Mayor, Mar
sba! and Streot Commissioner, have
gone' td'.othor lands.afid' things, gon
6rlly, ar'erhixed'; but tho taxpayers
will not be relieved of any money
this year, as the (fad's didn't diroct
tne County Auditor, in Jans last, to
tiiak anybody come down with
tbo' BtaAYpsV
Brevities. Flower and Garden Seeds.
Those wishing to purchase seeds
of any kind will glto'iara calf.
TnoMAs McC"ARTt, of 2falefifc i",
Vinton county, Ohio, has quit sell
ing' whisk until the whisky law
fa modified or repealed. 10w5
The those Entitled to Pictures.
Those' of 6uf lUteibefi whQ have
not febelv'c'd the Thufman tfcViH;
wilt plidBtJ bill) nt this bm'c6 atid get
pfciul'oU bt Mi. Wilfiam Allon,
bft)hid: . ....
rr-, r n
fttfl dwelling h'ouse' of t)Avib
A.e'fiiik West of tpwn, fciiight
firti frdM Bbtfj'e' ti'ahds that were' be'i
tag Carried frdiji the fire piaco td a
log iieai ftf it field, About lO o'clock.
oq Wodtibsdajr hidrning last, und
was" entirely cCnSuraed. The house
hold, eobds in the lower tfnrt df
ibe house we're saved, but those in
the sdebnd fttory Vere consumed.
The dwelling ws' situated upon the
"Bothwell fariri," and was probably
erected forty years" agd. fioss about
$1,000; ho Insurance.. ,
The Jackson Herald appears to
have judge on the braiq. ifo otie
knowi where to' find it. It changes
as often as tfie moon. Early in the
fight last fall, it camo6ut in favor
the election of W. K! Ilanftings for
Judge: The .Republicans met at
Portsmouth and nominated' Sir,
Carper, ana within two days the
Herald came out for Mr. Plylcy.
Last wc6k it again comes out for
lir. TJastings, declaring that lie has
been "appointed to fill the vacancy
occasioned by he" resignation of
Judge W. W. Johnson," and tht it
has "alive judge of its own." Won
de if the Herald ever had a dead
ono? The Herald dright to regulate
itself in some manner,so people may
know where to find it. Tliero ought
to be at least a; small amount de
pendence in t-h'o Herald.
Amongt the places of business thaj
we visited while in Cbillic'Othe, on
Saturday morning last, was the
gfr'antf vvholco'afd' and retail estab
lishment of S. C. Swift. The large
House is filled with' a magnificent aa
sortmont of Small ttnd Fancy Goods,
Wall Paper, do., c, an unusdklly
largo and varied stock of Goods for
this season of (he year, having been
receivodfrom the East during the
past few days. The' goods are be
fh disposed cf tcftfi'o numorbtfs re
tail merchant! und the thousands of
customers at such prices as cannot
fivit to be porfoctly satisfactory.
E very dealer ana pe rsort in Vi n ton
and surrounding cqnirties will find'
it to their interest to go tO' tho
tfouse of Mr. Swift, in ChilliAdthe,
when they wish goods in his line of
trado, bocnireo be Will do much bet
tor by you" thaiV any Cincinnati
or Philadelphia wholesale deulcr.
There' is 6io raagatfifrer rn
this or any other country that
will compare with BallorPs for
the variety nncf interest 6f if s
contents, It caters for' all
classes;- and oW and yblang,
rich and poor, and win fiDd
sometnui'? in us taoie ot con-
fjents to please' affd cheer th'em,
Boys and girls find in Ba'lfoti's
a dpai'tm'ent that is expressly
appropriated for their interest,
amusenient aud instruction;
and all who read the roajjazliue
ate unanimous in its favor, and
call it the most popular of ajl
the senars rn tne country. It
contains historical tales, sea
yarns, wonderful adventures,
the best poetry, thrilling ro
mances.- and some superb illas-
tratioh's,' md yet is" sold for' the
low price" of 15 cents per copy,
or $1.50 per year; cheap, but
good. 1 ry a tmmber and see.
Address ThQmeS fc Talbot,- 63
Congress Street, Boston.
flew Store at Zaleski.
Having fitted up the store
foora in; his new btrildinof, on
Second street, Zaleslti, Davis
Duncan Esq., has filled it
with a choice assortment of
Family .Groceries, Queenswa're,
Glassrvrare. etc. which be is
selling" af tfutchf IcAvef J)Vice's
than any other store in that
town.- lie can afford to under
sell others because his whole
attention is directed; tcr this
branch of business. Gfo and
examtn'e' bis choice coffee,
sugar, tea and otner articles
usually kept mamily Gro
ceries; nis line queensware ana
glassware. In connection with
the grocery he is carrying on a
feed store, at which people
may bo supplied with different
kinds of grain of the best
quality. Go and see him.
The monthly report of the
Dpartment of Agriculture for
February, has been re
ceived from Hon. Frederick
Watts,, Commissioner "Wash
ington, D. C. .
We have just received Dem
orest's rrfonthl magazine of
Fasn'iona for April, l8l2f, pub
li'she'd by' W. J. Demorest, 838
Broaxltf.iy, ISfew York City,
Railroad Contract.
Messi;: Ka'rBda' and drow
have etiterad into a contl-aVt for
tud grading oi' bn6 mile of the
d'aipoiis, McArthtir and Cc-
lumljus ilailrpact, wtich prtssM
ttjrough the fartri of Corneliii's
Karhes, iibo'u't five miles! rioith
of Mc Arth Ht. This k the' first
contract that hm been made in
this county. The cohtract6rs
perform' the', work iri accor
dance with, plans and profiles
on file at the Engineers office,
nt Gallipoirs; and receive three
fourths, in cash arid e-fourth
in stock. Other contracts Will
be made soon. Let the people
alongtbe line build this road.
For Fine Perfumery, g'd to Sis-on's
Drug Ftorq.
''Great otulies,,
Is a. really elegant octafvO of
G33 pngeS,' illustrated With
thirty4wo o'figlnal and remar
kably well executed, wood en
gravings, mostly full page It
describes the r careers not Only
or our merchant princes and
heavy capitalists, but also' of
leading inventors, publishers,
editors, lawyers,-artists, preach
ers, authors, actors, physicians,
It thews how a poor cattle
drover became one of the
Kings' of Wall Street, an un
fvn'oWri mechanic'' a1 millionaire
in seventeen years, a batcher's
son tire wealthies man in Amer
ica, a New England farmer's
boy .the first merchant in the
land,, a penniless lawyer Chief
Justice, of tne tTnited States', A'
farmer s orplran th'e' ttfost fa
mous of living" soifilptors, with
many more suchJexamples". In
shorfj, i'C Rhowa .how, energy,
talent and patient industry
have always met with success
when pvopvrly exerted.
, We are rrot surp'rised to learn
that 'Great FurtoWes" is hav
ing an' unusually large salCi It
is sold by su'bicriptforr only,
and for the benefit of any of
Our renrters who may wisU. to
take a local or fravelifrg agency
P.... 1.1.! - i ,
lor tins muss emeriaining worK,
we gie the address of the pub
Ushers in full: E: Ilannaford
& Co 177 West 4th Sl.Cin
cinnati. See advertisement of
Agents Wanted, in' another
There isn't the least doubt
but tfhnf the little ground hog
was" ail right this time', as win
ter coineth again.
No .landJord linderstands
fetter how to' keep a first-class
hotel tnan Mr; M. Merkle, the
clever proprie'toi1 of the Depot
Hotel, a fe steps- from the"
ivauwity uepoi ai vnilllC0tne
He does everything to please
tbe traveltng public".- The Io
tel is" kept even in a style that
would be better tor the grand
cuy noreis to adopt, it was
said by all who stopped there
last Friday night that it was a
very desirable and comfortable
place'. Try it,- when you go to.
uniMcothe. .
Are You Going West ?
If go, tat'our advice, and purelmSfe your tick
et over the old reliable and popular Mlnourl
PaclfloRiiliydad'.tVhlch U, positively, the' only
Line that rum three Daily Express Traint from
8t: Lou In to Kansas City, and the West I and i
posiuveiy, me omy Line wnicu runs l'llman's
ruiice Biropen anil uuy unuchm (enpucciK
for movnnOeaulunpd with Millar1! 'Safittv I'll
form aWthxl ptent Steam Brake, froin St. Louia
Leavenworth, At.-liinon. St. Joseph, NolirnHka.
nHinuii I? .nn Hnjit. L.uiuAa i .1 ...
For information In regard to" 't fme Tables, rales
An., to snv nolntlnMiHBnnrl Knn.u. Hol.ruu.n
Oolonjlio. Texas or Culllfernla, cull on oraddi-ess
8. H TliolAnon, Ajfont Mlfi'fourl Pacific R.B. Ool-
ummiH.umo; or, fj. A.oru, ueaeral ratsenuer
No rouble to answer questional
itolloway's Pills and Olnt-
Scurvy and diseases of the
skin, feter, restless 6leep, foul
stomach1, tainted breath, lan
guor,- depression- of spirits,- al
ways attendant oA the Worst
cases of cutaneous eruptions,
are sfjedily and radically re
moved by these medicines-
he Ointment cleanses the skin,
and the Pills ptffify the blood,
stimulate the liver, and promote
digestion. 25' cents per box or
pot. . ,
As'the wool cfop will soon be
harvested we would advisefthe
numerous wool growers of tihs
to patronize the AUew
villa Woolen Mills, J. W.
Randall & Co.-, proprietors' of
which the" machinery fof the
manufacture' of leans, ffann'els,
yarns, etc, is of the most per
feet kind and handled' by
thorough competent workmen.
Printed on' short . Hottce tad
faairiclsbrrie . style at (his office'; tf
yod wish to have ft goocj altieodnrice
of purchasprs, and mke bidding go
off lively,' tfe silre ftndgot your hp
tlcos printed. People never go to
vendues, unless, iiiejr.nre properly
advdt-tisod. This is the exporierice
of Peyton Cox, who, has, "cried"
more sales-thn any man in tne
county. Come with all your liill
printing to thift. ofllco. When you
come to .town ipqui. for . the EH-
QUiRtft' Piinting olllce
For Piire Drugs and Mo'dicinos
gbt(J Sisson's. r
Forty years ago, 'llfiriois was as
far west as most people wished tb
go, and journeys were maderin the
logondary "Prairie Schoorier," but
in these days of Progress and Im
provement,' tho iword et has
come to mean Iowa, Niehfaska,'
Kansas. Colorado,; California and
the' Territories', oVd' the traveler
reaches almost any point therein' by
a splendid line of Railroad, ,
This Jjine of 'RiutrW is the
Burlington Eouto, winch starts from
Indianapolis over the 'Indianapolis,
Bloomington and Western Short
Line, and from Logansport over
tho . Toledo, Peoria, and Warsaw
Railroad and running th'rough
Bu auya ton r cactres O in ah a, L i n
colnj Nebraska City, Saiii't Joaoph,
Atchisen,, Leavenworth and Kansas
City,, connecting with tho Union
Pacifio,, Kansas' .Pacific, an'd other
railroads running from those cities.
People going tc Iowa, Nebraska,
Kansas, California, or any point in
the territories will .Ktiidy their pWn
interest by going' -'By way, of Bur
lington," for the rates of that Line
are always as low as any other, and
it is the best Route In the tbt,
theroforo you aro more sure of your
iafeiy and comfort.
.The Burlington Route has admir
ably answered the question "Mow
to go West?" bv the publication of
art. efcollont Pamphlet, containing
ft.la'rge truthful raitp ot the threat
West, and mihih' fiitcrdslirig and
valu'ablo information vhich can be
obtained, free of chanje, by addroes
ing ..Genoral Pussonger Agent B. &
Jl. R. R , Burlington, Iowa.
Beautiful Pictures for Sale
We have for sale a largo lot of
beautiful Picture Trices low.
Everybody,-especially the ladies,
are invited to cono and see them.
I r
ifreeof Chartc Call and get
ii tfample bottle of J&r Boschce's Ger
man Syrup,ree of iha'fge, at! Strong's"
or SisRoit's' Drug .toro, McArthur,
or of Will & Co., Zaloski. It has
lately been introduced in this coun
try from Germaf and or any per-
Sbn sufToring with a severe cough,
coZd seltiod o,n tho)renst, consump
tion ct; any aisease tne thrOatand
Zu'ngs it has no cquaiin the worZd.
Regular size bottes i5 cts. in &il
CU868 money wiW be promptly re
turned if poffect datisfaction is li'ot
given. Twodosfcs Wii( reiievd any
case. Try it.'
Notice to Stock Owners.
We are prepared to print bills for
all ownors 01 stock Jlorsefnt vory
lotf prices. Come and see cuts,
samples; kc, and learn prices'.
Chonpcr than the Cheapest t
n i s Ira p' s f W i 1 U c g v i 1 1 c , O .
Manho)dl Woman hood!
. Who may mrry and whb not. Why?' lm-
poillmsnts, causes ant oiireilOS pnses 'sent
selol,foraj cents. Address Dr.' WII1TTIER,
61T OiikVies Street, St iMxiitr, Mb., wko treats
all fY fnn In wlwiilanf mnA hk..i'i JIJ. 'J-
most luoooHKful flpoolftllifa of tne ajra. 1-tf
6 jLtttioit.
THEImmsm iUdihiiI tit lHowy' p)l, an,
Olntmmik, Iim nemnted nnprlnalptal ptrtlet to
eountfrfnll her valunNe mtdieinu.
In order lo
nt thl public anil (tttrwlvf. w ,liavs.ltthil a
new "Trad Marie." eonilNtinioT Knvnt an oiral ot a
aertiant, with tbn lattar H in thi centra. Every hax
tfads mark on III none are aannlna wlthont It
a, I. UHimoAiuo.. Boif rropriftora, .
M M'd Lana, Naw York.
Jnirw D. Pl'iK. OlncinnaU.OIild. Sula An.t fnr
the Stats'. i ft It
fe'top win to s'n AlL term
BcnsomiBirom tii HEAL ISTATK
ItEGISTER, riTraBtnwH,PA. ( wijn
t Columrn: u.oo year); bmpl copy tit.
Old prejudices are dyins
out. Kaw faoti arc tniing UiemV The idea
that' invalUs" weakened by disease can be re
Uered by by proatrotlns themvltli'iles'trabtlve
drngi, Is no longer entertained exotopt by mon
ortiitnlni;. Ever since the htroihiotlon otDr.
walker's Vlnea-af Bitters It kits been obvloifs
that their regulating and InTlfrratlng' proper
ties are all-sufllclenl for the cure of ohronlo in.
dlgestlorl, rhoumatism, constipation, dlarrhosa,
nervous arrootlons, and malarious fevers, and
they are now the atandafd remedy far tliee
mplalati in every section or tu Union,'
tmoHg bur rribst welcome visit-
leemifeieii'liv : tl. tift
New" Yoi:l?; Price $1.5tf per
PUSHER At hla rcKiih'iice.' ihretu-rmtrtria of a
iinio nurtii-oaMt of McArtlnir, nt sCj oVlock,
iruniy ttiwrnwm, Aiuroh ai, l73, .1 MiC!f
j h.uhkb, agoa tM years, 11 months, ami 10
"a"' , .' ... ' . i.
, Tho funcnil took place fioni the M. E. Clun-vb,
on. SjindAy nftornoon, at a o'l-.ionk, tjio scmion
Iwlng preached bylev. John jGuld, (,( Oie Chris,"
tfnn Unloa Church. 11 U remains wen interred
jn the gnivoyiiixl In tlilh town., .. j . , .
r. I'mhkr wn Imrn In Prince-. Wlllliini
county, Virginia, onhu 7th )t April, Tr, hikI
at tlio tlmeof hlsilimtli w.u tho ol,et poraon in
nun county, naving iwn a rivhlentof .Tthoris and
Vinton comities fur AS year, lie wnninlto-l In
ranrruigp. on tho li'li of January, WM, to N.incy
Sago, daughter Of Sa'm'uol Hujro.. By tliii m'.ir".
tinge Mr, Piluher win tho father ot. eighteen
children seven ion and ofovon daughters; but
two. sons and slxdauchters aro now llvlnir.
About the yoarl&M ho removml and attid
Hour whero Warren Station now' Is',' which, is
known as tho "Warren F.irm." nnnr Aiii,.,,.
county, Ohio, where ho reniainiiil until nliciut.
we year ibi , wnen pu ri'inoveil .to n nimU lurm
in tile Kiutern part of IJlk township, about two
hilles north -west of wimie Ziileskj nnwatanda,
which farm iauow known as thii "Howcn r iii in."
There he rnviilud for two nr (In-eo years, whrn
lio rcinovoj to the ('Horn Knvni. nn the l.i tn
road north of JlcArthur. .Alisiit .tliu vear Wii
ho rompveil to the farm on which he resitted at
tho time of his (Ira III.
. He hud enjoyed the licit or hMllh nil through
Ilia-Jong lil,nover being tick hut ten wn.ka,
when he hatl fever inn I ue. This aicknosa Int.
ing when ho wits young, uct'aro lii.x nvai riage,
hikI atn time when he win la, the )viM"rni'HH of
PftintCreiik.meur Cliillicoth'j; after wiiiuh time
ho returned to Virginia, -
At tho time ho settled hero this cmntv -wjm
but an unbroken wilderness, tliero being but
very few settlers within nianv mile, anioiiir
wliom were thpsuof the iinines of. Dn.wd;. Siigu,
ftiwOr. C'litliu aj'il .ilopk'ius. lie. was; present
when tho town of McArthur was liiid out. belnir
one of tho chain carriers. . .
His wire diod in April, 181 7, itt the ago of PO
years.. .
-In the year lftlB, ho was unttod In mnrrf kr to
Mrs. Hannah lllackiniin, who survives him, be
ing now alwut 83 yejrs of a ;e'.
Ho lived to see his '.wrtlt renprntIon-tho
number of his grand children, grent grnmli und
great-great-grand children, nuiiibei iag Uto.
It can ho tmlv snld ol'the deceaseil, that In nil
the gopittl aud.businoaa relations of life: lift Was
a gooduniin, a loving husband, a kind father,
an obliging and coiiFlcous neigluior. u highly
respected citizen, nnd among all who knew him,'
ho bore the reputation ..ulMicfiig an houcut and
upright nuin, nnd ft 'rufi Democrat.
The dates above given were furnished us bv
Robert Huge. sqi, another old clti.eu of this
township,' who has resided hero for more than
half a century. . .
Athens papers please cnpy.J
For restoring ttf Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A ttresaing
which is at
once agreeahle,
bfcaltliy,' and
effectual - for
preserving the
hair. It soon
restores faded
or gray hair
to its original
tolor, with. the
gloss Und freshness' of yonth: Thin'
hair is thickenetf, falling hair checked
and baldness often', though' not always
enred; by its vae: JTothing can roatoro'
the hair where the folhcfes are de-;
stroyed, or tlm glunda atrophied and
decayed; but such aa remain can be
saved by this' application1,' and stimu
lated" into ar-tivityj, so that a now
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling the hair With a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it cleair and vigorous.
Its occasional ttse will prevent the hair,
from turning gray et falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. The
restoration of vitality it gives tV the'
scalp arrests' And prevents the forma-'
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly and offensive. Free from thoso
deleterious substances which' rnakq'.
sorffe preparations rfangerous and inju
rious to the hair) the Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a HAIR DRESSING,
nothing else c&n be found so desirable.
Containing neftlfer oil n'or dye, it does'
riot soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long oh tire hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume;
Prepared by' t)r, J. C. Ayer & Co.
practical and Analytical Chemlata,'
Cherry Pectoral,
l"or l?lsoases' of tho Throat arid Lungs,
such aa Cough, Colds, Whooping
Oough, Bronohitia, Aathtua
smd Consurmption,-
Atn6nff thi gTeat
discoveries of modern
science, few aro of
more real value to
ninnklnj tliitn this of
ftctual remedy for all
diseases of the 'f hroaf
aud Lungs. A vast
tylRl Of Its rirtuoe.
throughout this and
other eountrfos, has
shown that it does
surelv and afl'cetuallv
control (htm. The (csflrnony of oiir bent eltf
lons, of all olaiios, eitablishas tli fact, that
Ciikrht PecTORAb will and dries relieve and
cure the filleting; disorders of tb Throat anu
Lungs beyond any other medicine. The moat
dnnfjorom aflectfoni of the I'ulmonary Organs
Yjold to Its. power) and eaaes of Consump-
non. curea 07 uiit preporntion, ars puuue
ly known, so remarkable as hardly (0 be be-'
lieved, were they not proven beyond dispute.'
As a remedy It Is adequate,' on which the public
may rely fur full protection1. By curing t'ouchs,
the forerunners of more serious diioate, It saves
unnumbored lives, and ap amount of sufl'erlns;
not to be "fom'iiutcd. It challenj-os trial.: and cot)-,
vinces'thS most sceptical. Evory family should
keep it on' hand as a protection against the early
and unperceived attack of Pulmonary Aflections
which are easily met at first,' but which become
Inournble, and . too often fatal, If neglected. Ten
dor lungs deed this defence) and It is unwise to
be without it. As a safeguard to' children, amid
the distressing dlioaies which beast the Throaf
and Chest of childhood,' Cuinitr 1'iCToiut.
is Invaluable) for, by Its timely uie, multi
tudes are rescued from premature graves, and
saved to the lore and affection centrad on tlxra.
It acts spoedily and surely against ordinary colda,
securing sound and health-restoring sleep. No
(me will suffer troublssome Influenza and pain
ful Bronchia, when they kuow bow easily
tliny can be cured, ,
Origlnnlry the product of lone, laborious, and
snooeasfi-1 ohomlcal Investigation,' no' Cost or toll
is tpnred in making every bottle In the utmost
fiossibie perfection. It may be confidently re
led upon as possessing all the virtues it has' eve?
exhibited, and capable of producing Cures' as
memorable as the greatest it hat elor efleoted.
FniraaiD T
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists.
Hair Vigo
Ind'. BEAlJTT!
id '
Pun Rlnh
oreass on p-lor, rict ' Weight
vatv hiii luia.beautiful
vl 4 A : "'Cpw plojUonj ,v , ,
t. ir ... -
...... EF30LYENT.
. ..
t rjttKs. hct. (vu k, w. iiApin a k
1 li k on Vno i;h tub hod y vxbru-
OK Till!) 'IBVl'l: Wtilf.R.
Eee'fjf Dayjh Increase 'of Beth and
Weight is seen and Felt.
Scrofula, Conamnptloii,' - Pvplililj In ' its
munf' J?1?'?' Gl'umulnr liiscw, triors
In the Throat, Mouth Tumors, -Nodes In the
(i lands, nnd other imrts of -the avstein: Bore
Ryes, Htrumous lUselmmoa from the Euts:
Kniptlre lsciivia of the K.voa, Norb. Mouth
and tlmoriusorHkln 1 Hseanoa ; Krnnt loin, . .
yer Spt.fe.Hcnld Henri, IHiitf-worm. Suit Rhoum
I'.iyMlp.'liis. Aguof JSIank bints. Worms lu the
If U-hU Tmiiorx, t'anocra In the Womb, and all
Weakening nnd I'njiiCul Iilschmgoai -flfRlit
SwHiitj, nml all Wt.c off he Ufa I'rlnciiile.
are wlliln the dilutive iuiige ol lindway's
H:irKur.arilliiin,Uom.lent,anl w tln-rs'. raa
will prove to any person iihIh It for either of
11U1.0 lunni 01 instMse us uutenlpuwer to cure
tlioiiv.-, v .... tii, . t ...
rOvlJS,,0M.t,1f. PA"sAPARfU.I4S RE
SUIA K.NT excel all known remedial atrtuita In
the i ma of ( Inonic, Scrofulous. Ceiiiiliiiition.
nivin nun tynuoiu uueanes, but It is tlieoaly
fvn.uvQ rriiii'iiy lor ' . ?
Urinary and Womb DUfpases.Rravcl, filnantoi
I)rowy, Jncouttncneo ot'l'rlne, BrlKlit'i 1 nisi
raw, Aioumi iiiiiiv-an in all ees where
t ioreare llrlck Dunt IiepoaiU. or the water is
tnira. ninuiiv. iulx-n witU..iiiiiiiiuiiM.ii im k.
white ol an eci, or throiols like whito.silk. or
there morbid dnrk, hilinim appeurnnce, And
white Mim-dml ilopositf, and where there Is
limiting. LMiruing M-nsiitKm , mid pnln in -thi-SiiiiuloUliii
Hack, and Wong tbo Ijilns, In all
tin's ronilltlniis KADWAY'if BARSAJ'A
KILMA.N HEflOnVISN'T.aMc.l bvthe applica
tion of Kudwny'a Keii'v Ki-Miel tn .(lf iiilne
nnd Small of the Knrk, nnd tho liowrls nfuh-tMLsvltli-onn
or-.two (if Jtudwuv's Kegnlatitig
1'llls jioi ilay. will noon muke a conirtli'ie cms
In a few diva tho imtlmit .will i,u ,it.i.n i..,i.i
and dlschtirgo iT.itor naturnlly without pain '
and.tlio Urino will bn rcstorisil. to its natural
door and amber or rnerry color.
Jt ro.sfa p'pilcfi with new, healthy and vigorous
lilcod.that furnishes sound structure.. Hence
nil stin'orintr from Wiikiiiny lu...l,ur,.,..
either Male or Kpiiiale.orfroiu Ulcers orSorra'
through. the rciia.rative.procfmof ltAPWAY'8
SAUSAPAKrMAN, ftro arrostod. und the run.
tiued orguus healed.
Bkvkiii.t, MAas., JnlT 1, 18C9.
DR. RaDWAV ! IJl.'iro hml (lcuiun T,. I.
the (X'lirios add IiouuIh .11 lha ,l,.f, m
- uirru nua no neip tor it." 11
111 me doctors said
I tried pverr thing
Hotliinghclps'1 me.
bought I would trv
1 nut was recommended, lint-no
I til w your Resolvent mA llmi
It, nut Mud no faith in ft. becnuae I hml i,it,.;i
tor t.welvM vt.nr. T i.L.i. iw..i..- ..
solvent oim box if Radwav's, .pills, and ucd
two-bottles of your Ktady Kelief; and .there is
rio sipn of a tumor tn ha seen 0Cvfilt, and I
feel better, smarter, happier than I have for
twelve years. The worsttumor was tpthe Ion
hl0f tho bowela, over the iio!n: f write this
ti! yon fm the henentofothcis. You can pub-
nan 11 you cnooho.
Cures the worst pains in from One to
Twenty Minute's
Not one hour aflnr reading th 14 advertisement
need any one sullpr, wjtu pain.
That InHtamMy itopd the most iieruclatlng pain
Whoth'or. O'f the Longs, Riomacli, T.owf ls. or
.iiuKi.iiuB miu ui nn, ny uiiq apilllClliroll,
la From One to. Twenty Minutes,.
No mnttpr how violent or cxeruciatlnir the
pain, thu KHEHMATIC, Bed-ridUon. rnnrm,
Crippled, Nervous. Neuralgic, or prostrated
win, 111 from oni 10 rWKirrr minhtics, afford
m una conijnn, una mis meiiii ine, so raplil In
sUipjitng pain, can bo purclmsod Flftv tents
per botlle at almost vry druggist's aiid coun
trt meifliant's stors on this continent, aud
vfiinin one iiniir-s uistnncooi almost every bab
itation, In the United States. , .. . ,
If thoso who are now sntfcripu f urn. no niat.
tor what the cauro may lie, or bV what name
ii i cm ion ii externm, appiv Jadwat's
Kv.ady Rict.lKP to the nnrt of the' IhkI whore
me pjp.n.is preSKpt. 11 Jiuernnn SUdrous, dilu.
ted In water,, as a (lrhiR. Whether Cram in
(nnnis. Iiifiainmiitioii. ConiriiKtliiii. A.ulin
v.iuili'ru, (.iiiiinHiic r ever, lis niONl VIOIOlIt, ex
crueial Ing and tortm Ing pains will b stopped
in frorrf'one to iwcntv mlnute,v . .. ,
Will Afford Jnatnm. Eaee t
. . CATAKKH. iNFrnvww
HEADAC1TE, TOOTH AOHK,. , . , , ' '
COLD, CHILLS, AOUK Cllltlti. .
Theaplilicatiuii of the HEADY KKLrKF to
tbo nnrt or parla whtre tho pain or dlillculiv
In n hall'tuinbler of water will, .la a few nio.
nientH.cure Crumps, 8pam. 8onr Stomnch
lleartliurn, Sle'K Ilnndaehe, Dlarrhen, Dyinon.
tory. Colic, Wind In the Bowels, anil all Tutor
ats will alloru ense and cotiifort. 20 droiit
nm rams. , .. - 1
Traveler- KhmiTd, alwnya carry n bottle of
TIADWAY'H riKl.lItF Willi them. A few ,!,-.
In atorw.lll prevent alnknrn's or Jialna raoin
chnngo of witter. It Is lieffWr than Fruuch
Brandy or Bitters as aatlmiiluiit.
TberAlauota remedial niPt't in the world
.1. it . -.Ill mi.n 1.- L' 17 li' n i .
blll.b 1,1 I'll. 1' AITiJIV AUdliLL,
and all other' Malarious, TIllioiiH. Bcurlct, Ty
lihold, Yellow and ohcr,Fevors (aided by
Jliidwny'sriliS'dso Oulck M Kadway'a nertdy
Ilelicf. ,. '
Person need antler, hn lhv ,A.,i,
posed to Fever and Ague, if tbev will only take
Kadw a y'h ItKAnY K klikp. and'kepp' their 6o
rUopmuUMtaduHiys fi'U. PmidriMs In the
west, who have hitherto been doctoring at the
,m ul,. nuu iwo iiunnren aoiwn for a low
months' treatment nre keeping themselves nml
'"'V'U.t"" 'l'"m fXVltk mdAOUX. CHILLS
two dollars a. vear, epent.for railway's Heady
-'.'IX ' v,v'iiv -13 1 -ins Leonreoi, .
The irtADV KKtlffilC wiTl i.irr,1 ,;.(
lo alt. rrleeoiily oDccnlsnnr bottle.
N. IJ.-Hee that evory bottle has tn jfndls
liUllhCrSUUIDOr. Hllld Ut nil llriin.o..li. nH ul
r. JUdway'J offloe, Wo. 87 Maiden Lane, New
rsnMcrLi tasixcxss;
Clocantly Coated with Sweat Gum.
tlndvirny't TilUi
a it M.ipitnxRs 0 f-Ttis stom'a cU. urxn,
(irc.i, Aiiiajiia, njwur, NKHVOUS
oosnntirmx ijwigkstion. dysphasia
Bii.roDAyn.iS, bilious fxrxi, inflan-
rangenient.s of the irtternal VlNcera.
vrarrnsifea in twicci a rositivecure.
iroi)scrTe the followlnir symptom; l'Asnlt
Conatlia..ordenior thUDigist KCOrgnnsi
liimxi 111. . on. mwarn rues, rullneKH or tne
Naiuiea. W Wiu Hod, Aoldlty of the fcHomacn,
of Weigblearttnim. iMsgiist or Foad, Fullness
miHLlliUI in .lie ni.,,itii;ii, r,,lir r.ruciMl,IOIlS,
J'hiHftrltiKattho Tit of tne Stonineh,
Swlinrtilng of the llend, Hurried and IXfllcult
Tlrnnthlnir. Fluttor na-atth Heart. i'hnLI
.Hufrocnlliiff' fteniutlons wheii In a J.vliir Pos
ture. Dimness of vision, Dots or Wehs before
the Bight, Fever and Dull I'ntfl Id flie llou-l
it. .i..i r p.HniM)in, V..11 S . '
., li,tli.H , a -"(. . n, ..ii, 1 .-in, wilCHI m inii
Hltin and F.vei, rain In tho ftllle, Cheat. Llniha
A few doses of tlAftwivta Pr-i V-it -i.eA
n(Tahin iii'iu niiiiiuauure-naineu.fiiHOl'Uora.
Prloa S Cnte Pep Bo. , .
. y ' " win inin me
i4AI3-WAY &J CO.
No. 8Tf Maiden Le, K. T.
Read false and teite.
ron.i-j.Hi. leitBrsHinip tO KAIIWAY A CO.,
wortbthe aaands will he sent yeM, lr
McArthur Retail Market.
Cmtectd f ;.--;ilinn Waw -f orIx-n.r,
la lry (luodai.Axv, wd.M auul'uuturer
r Jtlooir-ftc.
'.' . yinrilied, n. o........
Coceo, IIiq clioice.
" Kio prime.....
rJav.a., ,..;'.'...'
Orleans MiUasikss..,. ..
Double Kxtru Iinpo. . .
Vitioar, Cidor
Ten, Imperial . . .
" Ydiiris ifyYon
'.'; 33;
...... ei.nii,
. 1,2501,8(1
. 1,00 1,50
" ..Jo'Uv..,.,,t
OandloB, JiArd proRScd..".
v ntur ;
Flour, per Lbl.
Butter '. . . , .", . ,
Fiirei. '
.. 20
.. 20
.. 15
..... 10
..... 10
. .' . . ..j GO
. . ... 40,
..... 15
Tartar,, creum ; .
Salt, per bbl .
l 'op per, gruin
AJIspice. '. . . . . . .'
Potatoes . t
Beef,, dried . . . .'.V. .
Ilatns, co.untr; cured
,- j. BiiiCar cured . .
Sliotildei'.s ..." . . . . . .
Bauort, sido.
Reenwax . . .',
TulloW ,
Corn .......',
o ........
Oats" '.
.'.:'...'... 09
..... ...Sf,10l 50
.'...'. 45()50"
........ 4550
fjl7 St
Charles street, Stj iqafs, M.1.
. bflen lonjter engaged In the treat
ment of Vertorsal, i-.oxunl pii Private
piaeaeoa nn uy tiii Ph-.icij.uiii6i..a.. &u
Si., ur uio pipe r. ..,. Syphllle, Conorrhcnp,
Cleet, Stricture. Croliltli, Hernia ot
Rupturei n Or.nnry DiBeaassun SypiUII-i.
tlo or Mercurial ArTeotTons "ftn Throat,.
Hkln or Bonee ii.id ha tia..r.n.ipi miov.
.Spermatorrhoea, Sexual Debility. .
Im potency, a tu r.'.ultof ,rlf-4iOM la ji.iitti, iw.nl
xutt.... In 111. iiror ;iar., or otLar mm, r.S wlilua
triwm win ot m. r.iiioin oouot.; nnrvouaness.
. - iu-.ni. .. rini ,uuanoi
nocturnal emleaione,' deBlllty, olmne
of eiKht, plmplaa on th fuoe, eort(ual
prldcns, aversion to eoolety of female
lose of memory andeexunl power, r.u.ior
mnrrlafie Imnrouer. or. crm....n.ir ourod.
nociurnai emisaiona, aepiiity, aimneas:
morrltoKe Improper, or. prm..,.n.iy ourod. Con-
TKtlM. oTnooulj wUiwauDatllnii. Af wllfc exp.rlunei.
wu w nnwi .wp ,1 ..ti-o.fii.Di unit 0 l'ujr.lman
Sraatlnc ibou.io ' of trmn rrwt v.r ihiiuU.. itt.al .kill
PhTtleloa. kouwlug, Uilo rrMueaUj rtooiumaud prwoj o
I.TMo.t.ulolimrat fo irholohouo oftwslra nm.) u tbo
moot oxu.nol.vto ttia Ojuotrjr, ooibrMlnf X30oB4ki oad:
rvm.nlli.tloo. loomi, BoiHlog ord aiooiilDi; oranmoolo:
U.dl.tUMl ond V.i.or Hatha; a ooini.n-h.o.lr. Lauoralurv
nb.ro all iu.dl.luc. Hard lu lb. tnuilihiaant aro orapamd :
cod mo.i Impgrlant of all lb. l.lbrar; ; vaoro tho olj.nd
Utoat auodoid worki or all tho oobool. of in.dlolao aro
I..UD.I, alH Auatoinlgiariatn, Hta li .bd onlorrd la 11(0.'
UliialraUni dlieawd ooodlilon., whkh h.ro bofn proanrod
froio farll, fiouo., awardlm of oapvoH, nd ul lo bo.
fooad la uf oibor iMnr; hi oho oil;., Tho (.ibrar. la
Ihrowa wldo opoa lo all o.llara. 1'atleoto on lb. Uoolor.
Mparalol; and prl.alol. Prcni th f rralouuilHir o( norMna
OQdoT lb. Docior-a Oaao, ho l.onaUnl K bo.p IboaoaK ot
obartea whbltt Ih. poaoh ol oH. r.rooaal OuaoLiutloo U th
boat. ttar.lU bolnf oxpoiHln., maor l arory atlo,.nd
ooo.ilon.Uir ooo In Kurowo. llu.1 kl. tro.un.ol adiidoii
Uio our baloi jculuow.l ,bf ai.ll or riipran. Oaroobla,
sarao.4. b.ro d,.abl axial. It I. frxnltf otalod..
Ill oraamnalHlloo. ilrioll; ooudi-iitlal. Vmoo Uoaro:
S a. M. to 1 r. a. , oml s to I f. Suodaia, 11 . o 1 r. mj
mrrWMt H Uo ol o om Soar, au. oaM rfa-ocl
'2 --raplot (US pom) f Irlnj toll (rnmioinj of
SHrolo i Soxii.l and horroui OUhnuo. otat aoalod for two
itlanipo, to prepay. Doalago
'Sin w ritmgs of a physician whose rcprfta-'
tion is union wide la worth the iioattiRc, nnd
for 5 eenta M an hood I Womanhood 1
108 inre, wUleh answer every con
le.Vable in,e Uonfc that the doubt
tal eurloua oi1 inquialtlve wlnta lo
Know, will be aleut accmely aealed.'
W I. OA...
llttrit-. Ot AuniS struct mitk n.
ttS n4MiU Odtne. SEX-
mddU or old oaj;
cMlisr hum, .in
kw i, can .(fen in tucm cum.
on the faoov
half tf our pop
Mlmt4 Ay all, f CO-8UtMptl
OOii wutd MfrioM ons kuir tn tit
af.ortoiy 94 Heart J Brnii
f wif ntftition tw
afr-oc7orv 94h Heart BrnintcouJo, U frUn
(rqM4HL AUtkatiHadcubiHlCHnoutoriftquititittmUk
nom, m friM marritff giud mnd pHratd touwrtilar ttn
. Anosf. i
if turn
1 C17SI. Charles" St.. St. Louie. Mo7
r ajaort owxoW vadaU.I ( Sao firm
!. Um opoelol alloiwloi lo IAO trimtH.nt of ail 0OM0
ivtallaf M la. 0)00.0, woalrlao mlrU Inurmnet, mr4
Sao km lonfer fooateri fct xt. Vmu Man mm
oiaor Oannlo 7i..J.. Ranc hla WOrkS
and Judge forjrouraelf. .s.'iioi(uiuiniiei.
ItrmsMu o7 iy anil jr. 4, aud lacllad. Jtfr tailor of
mtuirt with on. atoM)., antaiorooV
m kao.
I Natl
I Ban
I "
known In t TrratlM ( of H Aotkvo tht i on Vortin mod
Native Uarbal l'rapeirnUoa, publUb44T Uft. P. IaKi.r
Biowa. ThprwohptfoBiidlooTrdbxkim In meh
nrurltlontUi manner ibat hm nan not wnMlant.ouRi
OB CTIHaT far tkla AlrtrtMoTln aonTtlatal Istwyw maf1a
rafuao to maka ft known, an It haa ufA wry body who
lift uafl It for Flta, navor haTtnR failed In
efte. TH Inirrwllmita may ba obutned from i
iv rerwDaiiMiiinitaoopfnajaddiMU
itWM, Jo. t). (irand Htrtwt, Jartc Cilf,
WW wv aw ey iwt,iuu Mil, iTflt
olnflo I
LBV drB 1
a.0 Pi.0l.ro f
Boiler Explosion in Cincinnati.
A b'oiler explosiou occurreil
in a soap send cafidle factoiy in'
the western' part of Cincinnati,
6h Monday week Tvjr wh?ch
twb employes tfere killed nnd
a number wounded. A or
tion of one of the boilera was
thrown into Baymiller street
near Oliver, half 4 inile distant
from the scene of the explb
sioii',- nd three little girls At
play were crnshed to death'.
Their names are Alice Thorn
ton, Oorit Cole tnd Emma
Forbes, all aged about six
year?. "tVheh the boiler fell
ou liftfe Alice Thornton, itwaa
so hot men coti'ld not lay hanxHt
on it, but had to get polea to
lilt it off her.
Powder Mill Explosion in
On Saturday afternoon week
ago last four mills of ihe Austin
Powder Company,- fiVe m;es
south-east of Cleveland, blew
up, killing two men. Several
others escaped In a manner al
most tmraeuloiya. Thete were
fonr tons of pQ.wder in the mills
ar, tne tirG. The force 6'f the
eiploon was felt in an area of
fivQ mile's from the mills, and
in Cleveland created a great
p'anic. The mills were erected,
m 1853, since wtiidh time sev
eral explosions have 6ccurred.
This1 is the most disastrous of
any, nnd the damages are esti
muted at from 20,000 to $25,. "

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