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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 03, 1872, Image 1

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. . .. mi' .,, ., iiiiuihmjii-iii hi am' i jj' i Hi i iTT n-irwi-jgr.!rf re i' " " '" '"I ' '" ' ' ' ""' ' nr-m-mnmi iiihili mm ,
Mliitiluii, vInton .(JOtfflY; diiid: WMesday; AMH 1t.
o per tear; 1
tyAdvams, J
10. H:
I Publisher awl Fro rletcf. J
Railway Time.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road.
Marietta & Cincinnati Rail Road. TIME TABLE.
fcfrt artd after Nov. 19., 18:71, Trains will
pun as followa:
:s ;::;:; ;
:o ::::::
8 : :' : I : .' :
:i ! ; M :i
W 9 0& l- t t o
.3 .
5 ? i ?! i id S33SS! a s I s ? s
- - , .1,' TV'
ssssHs f? 5 ??' 2 5 s ? s s a 3S '
:::::: : : :3
fc-t- -.o 5 r to ci
3. 75 1- r- : :e in t
i. a. a.
8 ijliii
. i i.8
- 3 i
5-3 ? a
a t f rat-
3 355-3333 Snbs&N
a 2 a t!
S 1
r- a - J
r. 1- o .-h
- f 71 -N - (-4
N -f T "
C8 T: 2!
M 5 ri 5" - fi li i t t H H m n V irt 'is
3 ?
CINClN'SATr EXPRESS will fill! dnlly.
All 0H11T Trains ilnlly. xocit Kilnday.
0;:iXMvri KXtTHM KAST makes no
b'om botwreu Hnnulen mid Atlionu.
Portsmouth Branch.
Mall, Aeeommodntlnn.
1.45 P. H. -.0l,M.
Hop. If im'lon
.1 Vi'ltH'ill
Ar'r. PnrUlirioiith
1).m. P.ir'sm .iiih
Ar'v. .7 -wiksou
4.10 "
0 15 A. M.
ll'.SS "
li 1 " p. it.
1. so p.
8;.V "
6.10 "
Trains Connect at Loveland.
Poril! '! ntn ttri tho Mtrln Miami Hallrnad, nnd
Kt th' hi lliinniixiis ACiiiuinnatl Railroad June
tioti Cur all puluta Welt.
w, w, rnAr.nDY,
ttiifUrat frantportiHlan:
Great National Short Line Route
Great National Short Line Route East and West.
Only Direct Route to the National
Capitol and Eastward.
On nnd rtr Monday, Norembor II), Trains
will run M follow ;
('hfulitil FKt I MixiC
S'r;'" I Lin. Erprf.
.... Uopnrt
Harmr'n t'orry. ... .
W.nliiu 'r.cn
N' Vork
W.'W York
winhlnntiiii itimc'ii .
llrpnr' Ferry....
fl 41 Am
S M Tin
(144 "
9 :
9 50 "
11 () "
S ftt Am
.15 "
II 00 Pin
8 05 Am
1 00 Pin
jt 45 Pin
4 0- "
(1 15 "
11 30 "
6 15 Am
5 SO Pm
2:00 A in
5:4H "
8:30 "
P:.T0 "
10:00 '
1:20 Pm
1:40 Am
1 .10 Pm
8 80 Am
U 45 Pin
8 00 "
4 US Am
4 55 "
7 12 "
II m '
7 '25 "
12M Am
6:45 I'm
8:00 "
8:20 "
10:IH "
4:4'' Am
0M "
4 00 Am
7 45 "
8 50 "
917 "
12 0) Am
8 4 I'm
12 9.1 "
Pullmm FaUoo Drawing Boom 8lepln Can,
Wlilc.ll nrflfwodnifortiililu, olojfuntly furnlshnd.
Kmll1moJtHiiiiil ton flre-nlile, nvonn iillTminii
from flliinliiiiiitl to IlnUlnloi-o nnd Wiishlneton.
KneSohn Inlnof Mnrlotta mid Cirlninniitl Bull
wav for time of arriving nnd departing from
The advivntago of this rnnto ovnr all othem
I, th tit it give nil tnirnlera lioldins throiiRli
tir.kfltn tlia prlvileira nf visiting Iliilliiiiore,
Philuilfllpliin, and tllo Nivtlnnnl Oupltnl free.
'i'lmniinlcker and rtttes of faro lower than by
tnv othor line.
Tnnenery alon(fth!sltnlhVay la not equaled
for grandeur on tliia Continent.
Tliia- line onTera aiiperior Iniliicnmenta tlie
fatas bcln(( one-tlllM lower tonnil ram Ilonton,
Mew York, or n.ny oilier K wtern point. In or
tlorlni goodt nf anydaacrlptinn from tlio Knt
pivBdireetioni to shin tin ltnltlmore A Ohio
H. 1t.,nnd In nhlpnlnoc East Rive anme directions.
KreiifhtSBlilppnn by this route will have dns
fiatuli, and lie handled Willi cni'e nnd sifvo
lilppori niiieli money. J. I.. WItsoN,
Master Transportation, Baltimore,
0. u. blanch a an. .
(ion. Freight A aft, Rnltimore.
li.M. nor.fi,
S. B. J0UF.S, Oen. Ticket Au't, naltiniom
Oen. Pass. A n't., Cincinnati.
Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette
Rail Road.
To all Points West, Northwest
and Southwest.
Tho Groat Thronuli Mall and Express Pns
aon(or Mile to Ht. T.onla, Kansas Oitv. Rt.
loan nil, Penvnr, Snn Fnvnr.lsoo, and all points
n Missouri, Kansas nnd ('(dorado.
The ahortost and only direct route to Indian
anolis, Iitifayutte, Terre. Haute, Cambridge
Oitv. SprirtKllold, Penrla, nurlUKdin, CIiIcred,
Mllvraukno, 8t. Paul, and all points In the
Tho Indianapolis, Cincinnati and T.afayette
Kallrond, with Its connnetlona, now offers paa
aonors moro faidlltiea in Tlironnh Ooacb and
Hlaepln? Oar Service than anyothe r llneom
nimdnniitl. hnvlnir the ndvantaire of 'ihnu
Dallv Oars from Cincinnati to Ht. onl, Knn-
as Clfcv.Rt. Josaph, Poorla.BurllnKton.Chlcao,
Ornih. and all Intonnndintc points, presenting
toO ilonlits and Families such comforts and
accommodations as are afforded by no other
Through Tlckot and Baggage Ohecka to all
Trains leavft Cincinnati at 7:50 A.M.. 8;00 P.
-. A.nn i ir .
i'lnknts otn lio obtained at No. 1 Purnot
fliiise, corner Third ami Vlno:Tubllo Iand
nr, nnrnor Main and Hlvert also, at Depot,
eorner Plum and Pearl StreaU. Cincinnati. O.
Bo ur to pumbaia tlclcots via Indianapolis,
uitioitinati ana ljaiayeeiiuiii-naa.
C. If. r.OBl'). O. IBARRtNGBR.
Chief Tlnkel Clerk) Matter Transportation,
wiaoinaaw. vincinnau.
Columbus & Hocking Valley Railroad.
y.r r, T n .ti'i..--:i mm - yy i.n -.
On and alter .December idth; lB71,Trulns will
9111. ,itt (ikllnurat
Cl A. It;
i:20 l
f'oluniliUS... 9:45 A. Jli 8.40 P. M.
Pittsbhrgh.. 0:45 P; m 2:20 x. M
Handusltv... (1:00 " B:IHI "
I'levKland... 8:50 " 1:80 "
8j)rjirllelil. 12:25 " 7:51) P. M
Davton...... i-20 " 8 : "
Itlclimohd;.. Ii:l5 " H:l "
Imllanauolis 0:10 t:80 A. II
Chicago 12:15 A. il. .8:30 ",
'CloRo connection niiwle nt Innnsstor for C)r-
cU'vlllo, Zuncsvillc. unci nil pointaon tlia tin
chimin uiul Muskllliruin Valley Kailrond.
Direct connections made at Columbns for
Dayton; rTinlhi'neld. Indianapolis, Clilcnio.
and nil puintH Weft. Also, for ('lovoluud,
Huiraio, I'lttsimrijii; ann an points rasi
Take the Hocking Viillev and Pifti Handle
route to Cliiuiiiro and the Northwest, it la the
Miiortcst by Slxty-slx inllPs, giving pnasonjrcrs
me ot'iicncoi quii'iii'i' time anil lower rates
than other lino.
any . ,
J, Vf. POIIF.inT,
K. A. TlVT.ll, fien'I T)c1c Ag't
oir-r so a.3
Owned and onordtedbyonoCompnny from Cln
cinnnfi tottt.Xiouia. therefore pussenirors are
l'UE ol boinveitrrladlhmii-b without ebimiro
of cars
Til UR a vn tt 7 ira
tlie possibility Incident to other routes (which
are made up of several abort ronds) of missing
.uiiuui-.iiuun, mm Nuiijticiini; i.nnir puiraeugers to
disujf lccnlile chauges.
Families and Others Seeking Homes
In the rich valleys nnd on the fertile prnl'rles of
""'Mem .niMjouri. ivHiisas. ne orasKii. unmriu ii.
or the more distuntwitato of Ciilllorniii, will con-
sun nifir own uiiureM uv calling on or aildress
Iiir the iinilrrKiKtivd, Coiitmctlng Aseiit, ns a
long resilience in the western counfry lilts l'a-
liiiiiat i.eil linn with the best localities.
Thia Route Is 37 miles Shorter than
via Indianapolis.
Can be purchased nt nil th Prlnclpnl Ticket
OOices of Connecting Lines, nnd in Cincinnati
lit tlio uenerul unices oftlie uompuny,
ri9 Vine Street,
Broadway, Corner Front Street,
Main Street. Corner Levee, nnd at De
pot Foot of Mill Street,
Contracting w sengor Agent,
111) Vint 8, tlnc.lnnati, Ohio.
And The
The completion of tho Louisville Division of
this roiiiland the splendid equipment lor pass
cn.er travel makes this tin
South and Southeast.
g 2 71721
Da Uj.
With Direct Connections from the East for
Louisville Without Change of Cars!
This Isthennlv road whore trains lrnve Cin
cinnati mid passenger! are ifcllvored at depots,
hotels or residences in Louisville K1UCE,
Ask for Tickets via Ohio &
and take no others.
Can l purchased ut all the
Principal Ticket Offices of
At the General OIUccs of the Company
Broadway, Corner Front Street,
Main 8t oor. I.evcc.
nnd at tlie Depot, loot of Mill Street.
Edward Gallup,
Contracting Passenger Agent,
111) Vine Ht., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cleveland Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
On nnd niter MONDAY. May smb. 1871. Ex
press Trains will BBiVB COIiCMHlJS and
CltlCSTI.INK nnd AR1UVK at points named be
low, as iumows
No. 2.
No. 4.
4:10 p m
6 : p m
9 :45 pm
4 :10 p m
6:45 am
7:05 a m
2 :00 p m ,
11 :2ft pm
8:80 pm
A 85 p m
1S5 am
11 25 a m
40 p m
6 25pm
815 pm
No. 6.
4 :50 a in
2:00 pm
4:40 pm
6 :0A p m
1:80 am
11:00 am
"1 35 am
8 45 p m
2 40am
..11:10 am
.12:80 pm
,,. 8:45pm
Kufnlo. . .
Niagara Falls
.i:ua m
Rochester 1 :90am
Albany 9:45am
Boston 5:20 Dm
sow mra uity. ,:op m
Crestline 1245p m
I'liiHiiurg van p m
Hiirrlslmrg 7 15a m
Baltimore 10 40 a m
Washington ... . 1 10 o m
Philadelphia... 11 15a m
700 am
Crestline 11 30 p m
Fort Wayne .... 5 80 m
Chicago 1210 pm
7 45 p m 5 55 a m
1 15 a m 11 25 a m
7 20 a m fl 00 p in
..- E-
nfr..VNn. a. lnnvlna1 Coliimhnn at 4-10n. tn.
fTas a Through Cnroiii Delaware for fiprlngdold,
rencningripringneKi witiiouiciinngeiit7:w pin.
TrninNo. 9 on the Columbus A Hocking val
Inv Railroad cnnnoctwlth No. 4Train. Through
Tickets for sale at Athens.
PASSENGER TRAINS rotiimlnor arrive at
Columbus at 12:38 a m. 11 :15 a.m. nnd 9:50 a. m.
BSrPalace Day and Sleeping Cars
sn All i rains
iau"NO 8" leaving Columbus at 3:85 a m,or
miday. runs through without dotentlon, by
Kfifh 1.' i' I a ..1 Va. VaIt nn.a..a
arrlvlmratNow York on Monday morning ni
:40 A.M.
For particular Information In rogard to
through tickets, time, connections, eto., to all
points East. West. North ami nn III. ulinlv tn
or address H. FOUP.Oolnmbiia.Ohio.
jv.n. r uiNi- nen. Superintendent.
KU0ENEFOO,RVg0Ut,C0,Umb,l,'- '
Paasenger Agent. Oolnrnbni.Oi
James Taller' Heir.'-'
rroM Court, Pinion County, Ohio. . '
T-TfiTTflM ( hnrohv lvnn thnt ffnnrr.llav.
IN nHs, Gnnrdlan of Franols M. Fuller, has
filed his account with his said ward for partial
settlement: and that the same Is set for hear
ing, on tho Uth day of April, 1RT2. at 9 o'clock
A. M. n. is. iu,
Probate Judge.
March J0, 1612-41
J, . B0WEN, Edltori
McArtiiur. April 3. 1873.
Torma of Subscri-tion.
(jne copy, an yitr,.,..81 BO I On copy, 4 mos..li
On copy, ( mou(b.. 76 1 Oao copy, 4 mos.. -60
If not paid wltblntha yssr 1 00
Olnbs of Twnty.. :::.$20 00
Th Dertidorrille Xnqutrtr eroulatos FREK OF
P09TAGB within th lliniu of Yrnton County.
V failur tn notify a dlsoontlhaano at th cad of th
i uhicr1Nil for, will b tuksn a Dw eagagemcnt
Advertising Rates.
Thaspae oocnpled by 10 lines of this (Monparcll
Itrnaalmll aonstltua a sonar.
i . sqnnr, on week $1 00 I On square, 8 weeks f 2 09
t:iH i1ilItlon1 Inftrtlon lncrtlfiai.,ji;,i,M . M
AH UTtrt(lnf Ibr f Snorter ptrlod Uiaa thro
ninths, oherKerl at th abeve rate.
Letrsl Advorilsements 81 00 per sqnar for first
lcaertin; and 50 esnU per )aar for each additional
Bui. .oil Flinr Work 50 onts additional.
8 ino. 6 mos. . 12 mns
In sonar. . I 8 00 I 5 00 I S 00
rn simsrei; 5 00 7 00 10 00
Dire tansrel 7 01) ' 18 00
tmrr son ires, 00 1100 IB OA
fixaqiialM. HOO, 15 0 20 00
.column. 14 00 . 80 00 ST 00
columa. IB 01) 8T 00 44. 00
One column. 8D 00 44 00 80 00
IhulneiB CaViIs, not Mounting n llne ra per year.
All bills due on Brut Insertion of advertisement',
mile with rejulir advertisers to be paid qiiartery.
Hiislnaaa Notices 10 cents a line'. Marriage Notl
sesaooordlng to th liberality of th parties. Death
Notices free; . . , ,
Notloea- f Buna wit Wive) or JluitisMS aottw
P''"' . . .... .....,i ......
Advertisement! not otherwise ordered, will be con
Tnariv auvorusor wir np. ro onaricrir ensntrns.
tinued until ordered discontinued, and charged aocord-
Inirly. . . .. .
Keliirloni and Charilabl Notices (res;
To Stockholders of Gallipolis, McArthur
& Columbus Railroad.
THE luhscrlbors totbeOnpltnl Stock of the
G..JIc,A. AC R. R. Co., will please take no-
tii'K tbnta 2d Installment often
rer cent, on
such Stock subscribed is remilred
I to be paid to
tire Henrelarv of tlieCniiinany, on or before the
1st day of Murch. 1S72; and those not having
pnld the flint installment culled for, are re
quested to pav the some promptly.
jiy orucr oi tue uuaru.
W. SIIOBEB, Boo'y.
February 7, 1872-tf
State of Ohio, Vintm County,
Michael O'Rorlck, Plaintiff,
Patrick O'Brien and wife, Defendants.
In Vinton Count Court of Common Fleas.
Order of Sale.
Pursuant to the command of an order of nnle
iRsued (rom the Court of C'ommen Plens of Vin
ton County, nnd to me directed na Sheriff of
said eotintv, I wit! offer for sale ut tho dor of
the Court House in the Town of -McArtiiur,
V lnton county, Ohio, on
Monday, the 15th Day of April,
A. D.1872,
At tlie Iiourof 1 o'clock P. M. of snld day, the
following described premises, to-wit:
ln-I-ot Number One, (1) In the Town oj
H.iniden, Vinton County, Ohio.
Appraised nt Nine hundred and Thirty -three
dollars, ($IB3 Oo), and must bring two-thirds of
Taken ns the property of Patrick O'Brien
and wile to satisfy an order of sale in favor of
Michael O'Horlck.
Tkkms of Salk. Cash Inlinnd.
8herl(TVintoa Co Oil IV.
It. 8. Bnndv Att'y for Plaintiff.
March ia. 1872-5W-8 .
RtaUof Ohio, Vinton Count.
Jchlel A. Kclton onl Kllza A Felloa, Pl'ffs,
Joseph W. KanncUs, (.'harlotto llsnnalls, lfo.
niei u. .tones, jumcs k. .iohos. aioroeeni d.
Jones, Cidna Jones, and David Warren Jones,
Vinton County Court Common Picas. Order
oi uaia.
lit CAnTiTtof.
In pursuance to tho command of an order of
sale hi the above cause tome directed from tho
Court of Common Pleas of said county, and
State of Ohio, nnd to me directed na sheriff of
said cotintr, 1 will offer for sale nt public auc
tion, nt tho door or tlie t:ourt House, in tlie
town of McArtiiur, lo the aforesaid county of
Vinton, on
Monday, the 15th Day of April, A.
D. 187Z,
At the hour of 2 o'clock P. M. of said day, tho
following described lands and tenements, to-
wit: ....
Out-T,ot Number Thirty-four m.) ana in-
T.otsNumborsOiio Hundred nnd Twenty-nine
(1211), One Hundred and Thirty (130,) One Hun
deed and Thti'tv.nne flBl.l One Hundred and
Thirty-two (132.) One Hundred nnd Thirty,
three, (1.18,) nnd One Hundred and Thirty. four
(I'M.) an in tne town oi jucAiiuur, wuuij ui
Vinton, and State of Ohio.
Apnraiscd as lollowai
Out-Lot Number 84 at .'...$2,500
In-Lot Number 120 at. W)
ln-IiOt Number 180 at 50
In-I.ot Nnmber 1:11 nt t'"
Ill-Lot Number 132 at 60
In-Lot Number 1S3 at 40
In-Lot Number 131 at M
And each of the above described lands nnd
tenements must bring two-thirds of tho ap
praised value respectively.
Commanded to lie sold in certain partition
proceed Inga lately pending in tlie Court of Com
mon Plens In said county, wherein Jehlel A.
Kclton and Elir.a A. teltun were petitioners
and Joseph W. Runnell and others were de
fendants. TBRHBOr SAM.
One-third cash In hand; one-third in on
... ..! a-i M.l In n,n VAnM fr.m It, A .lav
of eafo deferred payments to bear Interest and
to be aocurud by mortgage on the nrom Ises sold.
Sheriff of Vinton county.
March 13, lffI9-Bw -18
Notice to Bridge Builders!
SEALKD PROPOSALS will bereeolved at the
Aiulllnr'a ofllcn. In McArtiiur. Vinton
county, Ohio, until the honr of 3 o'clock P. M.,
Thursday, the 4th day of April, A,
D. 1872, ;
for the biillrtlnft'of a ,
One Hundred and Twonty foot long, with Bton
. Aiitmenu, aoross
At tlio crossing flon tlio residence oftlie Widow
Hawk In Wllksvllletownshlp.
The Diana and ancoinrntions are on flla for In.
portion in tho Audltor'snlllce.
Contractors will be required to give bond nnrj
security to the a.itisfnctlon of the Commission
ers for the faithful porlormnnceoftlie work,
' The Commissioners resorve tlio right to re
ject any or all bids. ' .
jiy oruor 01 me voinmiHsioncrK .
MarcU6, 1879. Auditor Vinton County, O. '.
MoABTlian. O.. March 8. 1879. 1
SEALET proposals will he received at the
Auditor's office, In MoArthur, np to 1
o'clock i. m., on .
Thursday April 4, 1872 ;
fnrirnrm fnv thnnnrnMaofcrectlna4 Infirm
ary thereon: Bald farm to be situated within
flv'nmlles of the town of MoArthur. Said pro.
noanls must give the loontlon and condition of
farm, the numner or acres nnuer ouit.ivniion
nnd number or acres in limner, tne nistanci
from MoArthur, the whole numbor acres, ant
price per acre.
The Commissioners reserve the right to rejoc
anvorall nrnnosala fliod.
By ordor of the Commlsslonem of Vinton
county: w.w. kij.uki
Auditor of Vinton Coi
March 13, 1871-sW
Notice to Bridge Builders! [From the New York Freeman's Journal and]
Falsifying Partisanship of
Webster's Dictionary.
, "We1 tliirik it wfts Mr. Chatin
cey di Burr whdse alert ' atten
tion wa3 first drawn the fact
that "Webster's Unabridged
Dictionary hM been deformed
in its latest edition,- pubhsbfe
since the civil war, and from an
impartial philological . work
had been turned jutd ; text
Book of radical fiv:t!Mnsliirt.
drifcici'sm's' liavef feTncd tbeif,
beeil published in sundry Dem
ocratic papers andy in a Daily
paper of the city w find th
follovtirig' general statemient o.
some ot the corrtiDtioris that
partisan folly has .ause'd to be
Was Hot Dr. Noah Webster
qualified to give1 coifect defini
tions of p'dtitic'al trras used in
the United States?' He enter
ed Yale College- h 1771, the
same year in which the Conti
nental Congress of the Colo
nies held their session in Phil-.
adelphiato discuss the great
questions at issue between them
and the mother country. These
discussions awakened deep in
terest throughout the colonies,
and led to the declaration of
Independence, on the 4.-th of
July, 177G, when the colonies
ook their departure from the
condition of dependence into
the condition of soveretru and
independent State..
TT' 1 i . . s
ins cias9 caught tlio hre ot
the revolution, and earnestly
discussed the principles upon
which it was founded. Among
those of that class 'who were
afterwards distinguished as
oliticians and statesmen were
Joel Barlow Abraham Bishop,
Zephania Swift, Uriah Tracy,
Alexander Wolcott, and Oli
ver Wolcott.
In 1783, the Stats of Con
necticut was greatly agitated
on the subject of the half pay
for lite granted to the army by
Congress, and the commutation
of that grant to full pay for five
years. To allay that agitation
Mr. Webster wrote a number
of pieces under the title of
"Ilonorius," which had so
much influence in accomplish-
ng the object tor which they
were written that he received
the thanks of Governor Trum
bull, the "Brother Jonathan"
of General Washington.
"In the winter of 1784-5. Mr.
Webster, whose political nnd other
valuable writiDga had mado him
known to the public, proposed, in
one of the publications, a new sys
tem of government which should
act, not en the States, bat directly
on individuals, and vest in Congress
full power so carry its laws into ef
fect. Madison Papers, vaae 118.
So much importance did
Mr. Webster attach to his
views expressed in the pamph
let containing them, that he
carried it in person to General
Washington, at whose house
Mr, Madison read it in the en
suing summer. .
In 1787 he published a
pamphlet entitled an "Exam
ination of the Leading Princi
ples of the Federal Constitu
tion." In 1793 he removed his fam
ily to New York, and com
menced a daily paper under the
title of the Minerva, and after
wards a semi-weekly , paper
l it . ...1 t j 1 T T t
unaer me mie oi me Herald;
names which were subsequent-
l 1 1 x. il .i .1
iv cnaneeu 10 iuuso or tne
Commercial Advertiser and
New York Spectator. . These
papers were devoted to the
support of the administration
of General Washington" under
the new Federal Constitution.
He was encouraged to this en
terprise by such men as Rufus
King, John Jay, and Alexan
der Hamilton.
In 1795 he published a . se
ries of papers under the signa
ture of "Curtius," in support of
Jay's treaty, to which there
was. great opposition. These
papers were very extensively
reprinted throughout the coun
try, and afterwards collected
by' a book-seller of Philadelphia
in a pamphlet foi-fad. Of thesis,
ten were cdntrlbuted by hiifi
self arid two by Mr.j afterwards
Chandelldr, Kent. Afl an evi
d.nce of their effect; Mr; Rufus
King express.d his opinipri to
Mr; Jay ,that the' essays' of 'Cur
tius' had contributed ttlo're than
any other, tmperg df tlie same
kind to allay the discontent
and opposition to the treaty,
assignipg ftg & reason that they
were peculiarly well . adapted
to th,. Understandings of the
people at large.
In 1802 he published a treat
ise tull ot minute information
and able reasoning respecting
).-. -I l il.i! ? '!
tuo ngius ui u.uLrai nations in
time of war. As the advdeate
of the Federal Cofastitution.
and a strenuous supporter of
Washington 8 administration,
He was brought ititd habits of
th. closest infimacV virifh Al
e'xarider ilamilton, John Jay,
Ullrer Wolcott, Timothy Pick
ering, and the other great men
on whom Washington relied
for counsel and aid in orsraniz
injr the new erovernment. Be
sides this he repeatedly repre
sented the Town of New Ha
ven in the General Assembly
of Connecticut, and the. Town
of Amherst in the General
Court of Massachusetts, tak
ing a leading part in each of
those legislatures.
With these facts before our
mind, can there be any doubt
that Mr. Webster understood
the political institutions of our
country, and was well qualified
to cive correct definitions in
his dictionary of the terms ap
plied to those institutions?
'No norson in this countrv will bo
satiflfied with tho English definition
of tho words Congress, Senate and
i . . .
Assembly, Court, tw.', for although
these are words used in England,
yet they are applied ir. this country
to exprosi ideas wbicli they do not
express in that country.
"With onr present constitution
of government escheat can never
hare its feudal sense in tho United
States. But this is not all. In many
cases the naturoof our governments
and ot our civiluiou institutions re
quires an appropriate language in
tlio uenniiion ot woras, oven wnen
the words express tho lame thine
as in England Thus the dictionary
informs us that a justico is one de
puted by tho King to do right by
way of judgmont he is a lord by
his office Justices of the peace are
appointed by the King's commission
langungo which is inaccurate in
respect to this officer in tho United
States. So constitutionally is de
fined by Chalmors legally; but in
this country the distinction between
constitution and law requires a dif
ferent definition."
He gives as authorities for
the definition of his terms
Franklin, Washington, Adams,
Jay, Madison, Marshall.
One important reason why
he styled his dictionary an
American dictionary ot the
English language was that it
contained the American signi
fication of certain terms.
CompactIV. Webster's Defini
tion : "It is more generally applied
to agroemonts botween nations and
estates, as troaties and contedera
cies. So the Constitution of the
United States' is a political contract
botween tho States a national com
pact." This definition, giving the
American sense of the word
compact, aj applied to the Con
stitution of the United States.
found in the two editions of
Webster's Dictionary, viz.,
1828 and 1811, prepared by
Dr. Webster himself, and in
the two editions edited by Dr.
Goodrich, viz., 1817, and 1859,
is suppressed by Dr. Porter in
hie1 edition of Webster's Dic
tionary of 1864. Why did he
suppress it in what is claimed
to be an American dictionary
of the English language? Do
not foreigners and others need
to know that the Constitution
of the United States is a pohti
cal contract between the States?
Is Dr. Porter unwilling that
they should know the nature of
the neaerai constitution r
fadwiritDiiUTl.iUiif.' . Webster'
Definition : . "Thb United States aro
sorrietihios called i, cdrife'doratidri."
In the editidri by i)r. Poker this is
fidppressed. Why ii ji suppressed?
Was it because Dr. Porter waq un
willing that the people should know
that tho United States is a confed
eration of State.8? . . , , . ....
Congress Dr. Webster's Defini
tion: , "Tho Assembly of Senators
and Representative- of tho several
States of North ArrteriM according
to the present c'dnstitutipri or polit
ical conipactbjr which they are .rim
ted id a Fed oral republic.' the Leg
islature of the United States: firiri.
Bisti tiff fc'f twp ito'uieeJ a Sonata add
' TT. .71 -n r. ' I '. ..
-touse oi itepresontatives;"
Tbisd6iJition.in the edition
ot 18, LbU, 1848 and I860,
is sdpnre'ssed in th- edition by
Dr. Porter.. Why, is it sup
pressed? Was it because he
was not fvilling .td have for
eigne'rS know that Cotigress
derives its existedce and dii
thority entirely from the- Con
stitiitidn dr compact by which
the states are united in a k fed
eral republic?
Constitution Dr. Webster's Def
inition.- "Iii free States the Consti
tution s nam mo tint, fri r.h'A tif.iit.iitAa
or laws enacted by the Legislature,
limiting and controlling its power
uuu in tne unuea oiaios tne ijegis
lature is created and its powers dos
ignated by the Constitution."
This definition" is in the two
editions prepared by Dn G-dod-
rich, but is suppressed in the
edition edited by Dr. Porter.
Why .does 'Dr. Porter, ignore
he Constitution of the United
States? Was he unwilling that
the people should know that
Congress is created and its
powers designated by the Fed
eral Constitution i Is he Un
willing to have the people
know that there is a great dif
ference between the Federal
Constitution and the British?
I"edera Dr. Webster's Deflni
tion i "Consisting in a compact bo
tween parties, particularly and
chiefly between States, or nations;
founded on alliance by contract or
mutual agreement) as a federal
government such as that of the
United Statoi."
lhis definition is the two
editions prepared by Dr. Web
ster himself, and in the two
editions edited by Dr. Good
rich, but is suppressed by Dr.
Porter in his edition. Why is
it suppressed? Was it because
he was unwilling that the peo
ple of this country should
know the nature of the Federal
Government under which we
Is he unwilling to have the
people believe that they live
under a consolidated govern
ment, and not under a Federal
Dr. Porter's Definition: "Spe
cifically, composed of States or. dis
tricts which rotain only a subordi
nate and limited sovereignty, as
the Union of the United States or
the Soundorbund of Switzerland,
constituting or pertaining to such a
What does Dr. Porter mean
by a subordinate sovereignty?
The expression is an absurd
one, whether tried by the true
defanition of the word sover
eignty, or even by Dr. Por
ter's. The States, when they
formed the Federal Constitu
tion, delegated to the Federal
government the right to exer
cise the powers of sovereignty
over certain classes of subjects.
It is not a subordinate sov
ereignty therefore, but a co-or
dinate sovereignty which they
'Sovereignty' Dr. Webstsr's defi
nition: 'Supreme power; supre
macy; the possession of the highest
power, or or unoontrollable power.
Dr. l'orter's Uotioition : 'iheex
orciseof, or right to exercise, su
preme power; dominion; sway.'
The word sovereignty is a
term used in political science,
which requires exactness of
definition. The definition given
bvur. wenster was used in
the two editions published by
himself, and in the two editions
of which Dr. Goodrich was the
Why did Dr, Porter change
that definition for his own?
Upon what competent author
ity did he make the change?
vtr .
v oat is nis autuoniy ior- say
ing that the sovereignty is.'thi
exercise of supreme power?'
State Dr. Webster's Definition;
'Ifire usually the word signifies A
political body, governed .by reprS
8qnJ,ativ,es; a commonwealth, as tbii
Stats of (Jreece; the Stated of Amer
ica.' , . ' ' n ; ' '' f T
'Id th'ia en.sfejslWi hassOmptirnej
more immediate Reference to the
government, sometimes td the poo
plo or.odmrn.unity; Thus when we
say; the state hai tnade jbrdvisibH
for the pauper the word Has refer
ence td .hb government pf Legisla
ture; but when we say thS i . Walls i3
Wxed .td.sijpport paiipers, ilia word
refers to the whole people b'r fconi
munity.' , , - - -..-.UK
3?6f tor's enUion: u4d Ihg
Unitea States, one of the common
wealth! or bodies politic, the pto-.
pJeof which make up. the body ot"
the nation, and, irhicbj, tinder thd
nattbrial Constitution, stand in for
tain speciflo relations vith the ila?
tioridl government, and aro ipvif.t:
ed, as commonwealths;, with full
power iti tlielr sbveral spheres .bvtii;
all matte'ra not expressly inhibited.
This definition is vague and
indefinite; concealing; father
than expressing the true mean
ing of the word Statej in thg
American seuse;
Thg wdrd 'nittidnV tds fad
proper place here any mbr.
thah tlie word national had
id the Federal Cdn-tittitioii
after it had been expelled bf
a vote of the cdnventiorl that
framed that instrument; Thd
word 'relations' in tbfi defini
tion are -Federal relationsi
Why not call therri Federal
relations, as the Legislatures of
several of the States do wheu
they annually appoint a 'Com31
mittee on.Federal relations?'
Dr. Porter speaks of matters'
not expressly inhabited' Iti.
implied by this statement that
there are matters Whiith afd
expressly inhibited 3y whom
are these matters inhibited?
By what are these matters ih
Where is the Inhibition td
be found?
From the character of the
definitions of Drt Webster
which have beeu suppressed by
Dr. Porter, and from the char
acter of the definitions which
he has introduced, Dr. Porter
eads us to the conclusion that
was his purpose to make hi
ed ition of the work aPAimsAtf
And if there is any doubt oil
this subject it must be removed
bv the following rleflnWirina
among others, in Sis book:
In Dr. Webster's definitions
Democrat is said to be ono
who adheres to a government
the people, or favors the
extension of the right of suf-
n t
rage 10 an classes ot men.
Dr. Porter suppresses the
ast clause, 'or favors the ex
tension oftlie right of suffrage
all classes of men.'
Dr. Porter's definition of
Whig in the United States is,
one ot a political party m the
United States from about 1829
1853, opposed in politics to
he so called Democrats.
Gerrymander 'To . divide as a
State into local districts for the
choice of representatives in a way
wnicn is unnatural and unfair, with
view to give a political party an
advastaga over its opponent.'
ui8 was aone in massaennsetts
a time when Elbridge Gerry was
Governor, and was attributed to his
influonce, hence the narao, though
is now known that ho was oppos
ed to th. measure.'
Loco-foco'A. member of the
Democrati6 party.'
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