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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 03, 1872, Image 2

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l)c (Enquirer
OFFIOF-ln a-pcond Story of Bnwen's
TudKIng, Horth BmIh of Main Street. Bunt or
Cu House.
J. W. BOWBNi Editor.
April 3, 1872
Township Election.
: Tho election held in Elk town
pliip, on Monday last, resulted as
Trustcei: m
Levi 'Wvmnn ..17
Henry Ilerrold 17
J. B. Johnson 17
J. D. Vaaderford 16S
"Patrick Leary 164
S. B. Hudson 168
Treasurer i
J. A. Folton 178
A. L. Huntor. . , 156
"Morris Evans 180
J. T. Foreman 15D
. ;Assossors!
Joseph Knlor . 212
LaFavetto Ray nor....: 114
Eli Remolds 183
A. IV. Brown ; 171
J. J. Shockey 169
By mistake two Democratic town
chip tickets wore voted in the Cor
poration ballot box.
It will be scon by tho figures
that the Bemocrats have elected
only one man on their ticket Eli
"Reynolds, Constable.
Appointments of Judge.
The following paragraph,
relating to the appointment of
Judge, we find in the Colum
w Ohio Statesman, of MarcL
Vfilliam K. Hastings, of Jackson
C. II., was yesterday appointed
Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas for the 2nd sub-division of tho
7th judicial district, vice Judge W.
W. Johnson, who resigned to take
Presidency of a "National Bank in
Portsmouth. Hon. Homer C. Jones,
who was a candidate, withdrew in
favor of Hastings.
Grant to be Re-nominated.
The" New Hampshire 'elec
tion, which resulted in favor of
the Radical ticket, has remov
ed all doubt, if any ever exist-
ed,of the renomination of Grant
by the gathering of office seek
ers and office holders at Phila
delphia in June. He will go
through as easy as a land grab
would pass the United States
The Liquor Law.
Petitions from all parts of
the State, urging the repeal or
modification of the liquor or
blackmailing law, are being
eent to the Legislature. In the
Legislative proceedings of
Thursday, March 28, we find
the following:
Petitions for the repeal or modi
fication of said law were presented
as follows: By Mr. Bay, from John
Cnrrainlc and 49 others, Henry
Reynolds and 97 others, John Jones
and 47 others, allot Vinton county;
Mr. smith of Montgomery, from II
Forhing and 450 others of Mont
gomery county.
Prevailing Errors.
It is a mistake in the Had
cal leaders to suppose that the
Government or the United
States has no other excuse for
existing than that of being use
lul to the Kadical party.
It's a mistake in Grant and
his associates to suppose that
the rank and file of tho Repub
lican party used solely for the
purpose of enriching rings.
It is a mistake of the pro
tectionists to suppose that farm
ers earn money merely for the
pleasure of having it taken from
them by monopolists.
It is a mistake that should
be remorselessly crushed out
wherever it exists, to suppose
that offices are established for
the advantage of office holders,
and not for the good of the
The ring of the Pacific Rail
road lobbyist, now begging for
the Yuba Island in the Bay of
ban isanuisco is said to be so
strong as to be actually con
fident ofsuccess. They hope
buy up enough members of
Congress to pass the bill, which
will rob the government ot
property of the value' of hun-
. dreds of millions,and absolutely
ruin the splendid harbor of San
' Francisco. This job is an open,
palpable manifest robbery, one
- of the ; most insolent and
audacious, ever invented by a
conspiracy of unconscionsable
.nnd shameless thieves.
The Office-Holders' Gathering
at Columbus.
A State Ticket Nominated.
The annual gathering of
office holders and office seekers
occurred at Columbus fast
Wednesday, March 27. No
body knew but little about the
gathering except the revenue
officers, the postmasters, pen
sion agents, etc., and conse
quently the crowd was quite
swa . Alex. U. bands was
there of course because with
out Lira the thing would be
complete failure. It is paid
that on the night before the
gathering commenced 'business'
Alex, whom the newspaper cor
respondents deem it necessary
to call Archbishop, confident
ially informed one of his near
friends (another office hunter)
that in numbers the State Con
vention (we mean the gather
insr) wouldn t be a success.
"but," 6ays the Archbishop,
"with the aid of the Legisla-
. . a .a. . J
ture, winch is fortunately m
session, we can swear tuat it
' )l TVT 1
was a rouser. o.iovv, -rue. ia
sharp; he understands how
arge crowds are formed, and
he was determined to have a
huge crowd even if the DemO'
cratic members of the Legisla-
ure were counted in. It is
said that the postmaster, the
revenue assessor, the revenue
collector, and pension agent,
rom Chillicothe, all registered
at once at the rveil House.
very Government official that
could shout for Grant was on
The gathering organized at
11 in the forenoon, and soon
after adjourned until 2 p. m.
At 2 the previously appointed
Committee on Organization
reported the name of Hon. J.
C. Lee as President, a Vice
President from each Congres
sional district, and five Secre
The following State Ticket
was nominated:
David Jenkins, an African
'gate to the Convention
from Franklin countv, an
nounced the name of A. T.
"Wykoff of Franklin, for Secre
tary ot fetate. A white Kadical
tben announced JU. iJarnes of
Guernsey for the position. A
ballot decided the matter as
WyltolT M2
Barnes 77
Hon. John Welch of Athens
was renominated by acclama
tion for Supreme Judge.
t-v -v t- n r .
It. it. rorter or otaric was
nominated on the first ballot
for Member of the Board of
Public Works.
Four delegates for the State
at Large to the Philadelphia
Convention were nominated
Two delegates to- that Conven
tion . for each Congressional
District were also selected.
Hon. Wm. Nash nnd J. P
Gregory were selected for the
11th District.
Next came the report of the
Committee on Resolutions, It
is as follows:
The Republicans of Ohio, in
State Convention assembled,
make the following declaration
1. J. he liepublican party
ot the United estates had its
origin in the necessities of the
Nation, and since it came into
power has decreed and execu
ted measures by which liberty
has been preserved and the
Union saved from the dimem-
berment and overthrow. Amid
the disorganization and confu
sion existing at the close of the
rebellion, the Republican party
exercised its organizing and
restoring power, and has suc
ceeded in the difficult task o
complete reconstruction, and
has established freedom and
equal rights for all the people
by irrevocable guarantees. In
this great work the Republican
party has shown its wisdom
and patriotism, and by its ' an
swering good faith toward the
National creditors, it has vin
dicated the National integrity
and honor.
2, No other
patty known
to history has so grand a rec
ord, and no othnr party in the
United States can so proudly
challenge the. continued confi
dence of the people; and we
declare that the good of the
country demands that the Re
publican party should continue
to administer the Government.
3. We renew our expres
sions of confidence in the pres
ent Administration of the Gen
eral Government. Since it
came into power the taxes upon
the people have been reduced
and the public revenues have
been carefully collected and
honestly applied, so that while
the burden of taxation has
been lightened the public debt
has been diminished, both in
the amount of principal and in
the rate of interest. The Ad
ministration deserves, also. the
earnest approval of every friend
of justice, order and law for
the prompt and efficient man
ner in which it has suppressed
the Ku-Klux disorders and
precautions of loyal citizens in
the South a protection due
from every good government
to its people. And we refer
with great satisfaction and
pride to the system of pensions
and bounties provided for our
brave soldiers and siilors, and j
the Homes tounded and main
tained for such as were disabled
in the service of their country.
These manifestations of public
gratitude and justice must com-
mend the approval ot every
patriot. And we commend
the policy of fairness and kind
ness toward the Indian tribes,
showing the wisdom and
humanity of the President.
And in his efforts to reform
the civil service we recognize
laudable desire to promote
its efficiency and puiity. And
the management of our for
eign relations, including impor
tant questions of international
law involved in the Treaty of
Washington, the Administra
tion has shown rare wisdom,
courage and dignity, and has
maintained the honor of the
nation untarnished.
4 A large portion of our
revenue necessary to defray th?
current expenses of the Gov
ernment aud to pay its liabili
ties must be derived from
duties on import. These du-
ties should bo levied With a
view to equalize their hardens
and benefits among the people,
and so a to promote as far as
possible the interests ot every
... ii i. i :..
section ana oranca oi jhuumu v,
and so that labor of every kind
may have constant employment
and just reward.
5. We are opposed to
further grants of the public
lands to corporations and mo
nopolies, and demand that the
National domain be set apart
for homes for the people, and
for purposes of education.
6. As there can be no pro
ductive industry without a
union of capital and labor,
therefore we are in favor of
such legislation as will give all
proper guarantees foi the safety
and prosperity of the one and
remunerative investment of
the other. 1
7. We have unshaken con
fidence in the integrity, pru
dence and patriotism of Presi
dent Grant, and are in favor of
hi3 nomination for a second
term; and we present to the
Republican party for nomina
tion for Vice President of the
United States the narae of
Ohio's first war Governor, the
Hon. William Dennison a
man eminently worthy of that
high office.
The New York Tribune has
discovered a plot among Grant's
office holders to go to Cincin
nati in force and take control
of the Liberal Republican Con
vention, which will meet there
the first of May, and tells the
hirelings that they .can run the
Philadelphia gathering but
they must keep away from Cincinnati.
The combination now form
ed to obtain subsidies, land
grants, and special legislation,
is unusually formidable. It is
headed by several of the great
railroads, and backed by the
supportof other corporations.
If the German press indi
cates the views of the German
voters, Grant will have little
support from ) them. Nearly
every German paper of influ
enco has pronounced
him. ,
A Sketch of the Lad who
Assaulted the Queen with
an Empty Pistol.
an Empty Pistol. Correspondence New York Tribune.
He is a: boy of seventeen.
who lived with his father,
mother, and six other children
in a second-ll or back of No.
4: Church-row, Ilonndsditch,
one of the poorest quarters of
London. "His father is a native
of Ireland, but all the children
wero bom in England. The
whole family are Protestants,
and no evidence has appeared
that any of them ever had the
most remote connecnon witn
Fenianism. Arthur is desci il
ed as a timid, quiet boy. He
had been educated at St. Dun-
stan's School, then apprenticed
to a printing house, then was
under-clerk to a nrm or solicit
ors in Chancery lane, and about
a month ago entered the em
ploy of Messrs. Franks, oil
man. His petition shows tra
ces of his legsd experience an
experience, that is, in the copy
ing of legal documents. He
bought bU pistol on the Satur
day or Monday preceding
Thanksgiving Day of a cloth
ier and silversmith, which I
t .. i
suppose means pawn-oroKer,
named jbayman. cayman s
son testifies that he sold it, and
that O'Connor asked him how
to load it, and when he requir
ed furthur advice where to get
a flint for the lock,' Layman
recommended him to get a
fresh one "off the road." O'
Connor paid four shillings, just
about oue dollar, for the won
derful implement by which he
proposed to Recure the libera
tion of th Fenian prisoners.
All thi3 ,being now known, I
presume no one will coutinui
to see in Arthur O'Connor
Fenian agent, or' to search in
his lodgings for evidence of a
Fenian conspiracy. The Fe
nians may be a very bad lot,
and they have certainly done
(ome foolish and some w.ieked
things, but they never got quite
down to the level of Arthur
O'Connor. .
There is a place in Oregon
called Smoky Valley, where
the people have a very curious
way ofeookiug. Theydo'not
have the tronlde of making n
fire every morning when they
wish to ', get breakfast. They
just walk out with their ket
tles, couee pots, ana wnatever
else they need, and cokat the
boiling springs. . The water
seems a great deal better than
common boiling water, and all
they need to do is to have their
kettles in it for a short time,
and their food is nicely cooked.
They are able, even, to bake in
. m 1 1 J ' L
it. The bre:iu is put mtu u
tight saucepan, and lowered
into the boiling flood for an
hour or two, and then drawn
up raost'exquisitely baked,with
but a thin rim on the crust
over it. Meat is cooked here,
and beans, which are the
miners' great luxury. It takes
but a minute to cook eggs, or
to make a pot of coffee or tea,
but if there should chance to
be a 'slip between the cup and
the lip,' the food would be gone
beyond recovery.
The residence of Hon. W. J.
Flagg, near Buena Vista, Scio
to County, lately destroyed by
fire, was a very valuable habi
tation, the eccentricity ot an
ecoentrio man. It stood in the
midst of extensive graperies
on the river lulls, ana was
built of hickory logs, peeled,
with Ihe knots dressed down
smoothly, and the whole oiled
and varnished. The chimney
was built like the. altars of old,
out of lichend-covered and
moss-stained rock, as taken
from the quarry, untouched by
the hammer of the mason. The
road leading, from the river to
the house, was constructed at
a cost of $5,000.
There is quite a diversity of
opinion prevailing as to the
prospects of the growing crop
throughout the country. Some
of the agriculturists say -that
the cold weather in the absence
of snow, in addition to pleasant
sunshine, causing the frozen
ground to thaw in the day
time, has frozen out much ol
of the forthcoming crop, while
others contend that the grain
is not injured. It is probably
too early in the season to form
a correct opinion, but we hope
with fair weather nnd timely
rains to have abundant crops.
' , .iii1Li.inJJ
.. I keop constantly ou lmnd every description of
I manufacture to order una repnlr Furniture of hII klnds. nt the most reasonable prices.
I kill prruuiod to liirnl.il
nrt nccompunjr
"Tlie putlloars invited to call
i '
them wllh a lionise.
and examine my Stock.
Bargains for
AC , THS. MMiilE
VV' 4 t V
Our IVIolfo shall bo "Try I please
aud give entire sat isl'aclion."
OMliV 5 '
SUUtoOhlo, Vinton County.
Thomas If. Shaffer, rinlntlfT,
Andrew O. Flllott, Adminlstriitor of the Es
tate of William J yo, dneeiiseil. and .Matilda
K.Tvo. and others. Defendants.
la Vintou County Court of Common Pleas. Or
der nttie.
Piiiftiiimt to tho coinriinnd of nn order of snlo
Issued from the Court oi Oonimoii l'lcas of Vin
ton county, and to me directoil lis Slierllf of
sub! county, I will ell'er for sale at the door of
the Court Houao, In thu Town of jMcArthur,
YlntoTKcouniy, onio, on
Saturday, the 4th Day of May, A.
D. 1872,
following described proiiilses, to-wit:
Kituutu in the township of Ilm-ilRon, ami
c maty of Vinton, nnd Stalcof Ohio, urn! known
At the hour of I o'clock P. M. ef snhl day. the
as the sontli-oioH quarter or tna noutu-vnst
imrteroi Moction f uiniier J'ignt ,) anil tne
forth-east quarter of tlieSouth-oasI pinrter of
Sactlon Number Kit;lil8,l except ing Ten ueres
Oir luonortn sine oi Ham isnriu-eani quarter;
and, also, the Korth-westquarter of the smith
westquarterof Section Number Nine III.) All
of the aforesaid Lots are in Township Number
Nln9,)of itango Number Nineteen (111.) and
estimated to contain One Hundred and Ton
A'.ros, bethesnnio more or less, but subject to
an irgui liljriiway.
Taken us the property ol William Tyo, de
ceased, and Matilda U. Tyo, to mUisfy n Jmlit-
oieul.ofNitld Court in favor of Thomas Sh.iilnr.
Aoonilsoii at Six Ilimdrod and Twenty Dol
lars loai.Otlund must bring two-thirds of that
sale. 1) AN IKIj HOOTH.
Term! ofSule Cash in lmnd on the any oi
snerin viutou uouui.
D. H. Shlvnl. Att'y for Plaintlffj
Stati qf Ohio, Vinton Countv.
George Tarr, Plaintiff,
Sebastian Onplx&Co. and other, Pefendnnts.
In Vinton Comity Court of Cominon I'lnas. or
der oi naio.
Varan ant to the eomnmmlof nn order of salo
Issued from tho Court of Uominoa Pleas of Vin
inn Countv. and to mo directed ns Blicrllf of
said county, I will offer for sale lit the door of
the Court linusc, in inu town oi AicAruur,
Vinton countT.Ohlo, on
Monday, the 22d Day of April,
Attlie hottrofl o'clock p. M.. of said day, the
following described premises, towlti
The North end of out-Lot Number Two (t,)
being ft strip elf the North end of said Lot
about One llundredaiid Twenty (120) feet wldo,
Lml all ofsuld Itexeent that Dart or parcel
nonvevsd by Charles Robhins and wif to the
Marietta uincinnnii inuiroici loiiiii.ii.v.
Also a strip off the Westaido of Out-lot Mum
her Thro(H)coinnionelng t the line between
nina Kast on the North line ef said l.nt
I ...in Nnmlmr 1 and N iiuitior a: tnenee run-
nlngSoutli from tho Houth-west corner of In-
NmnhiirThr'ntm until it lntcraccta a Una run
lolNuinliorTwnlve(l:) ttionre Hoiiin anemone
Hundred and Twenty (ISO) feet until It iliter-
sncU the east and west linos of that part of Out-
lot Numlinr Two (S) conveyed as aoovei tnenee
west to the stld division line between Lots
Nunihor3und 8: and tbenre North to the placo
of beginning ll of tliesald parts of Lots ly
ing nd bolng In Kohblns' Addition -to the
Townof llaniilin, Vinton enunty, Ohio.
And, also, all the Knglnes and Machinery
used ror carry logon (lie
And, also, tho Clroulnr BaW Mill, attached to
said Foundry, and all the mnoldnery and fix
turesboloniflngto tho Saw Mill, nil or which
are located on said iMsand part of Lots.
Annmlsitd at Four Thinmnnd One Husdred
andThlrly-tlirco Dollars (IM IM 00,) nnd must
bring two-thirds o( that sum.
Taken as the property of 8. (loot A Co,, to
aatlsfv an ordor of salo of aforesaid Court In fa
vor or George Tarr.
Termsof Sale t'nih In hnnd.
Sheriff1 of Vinton County.
John Mayo, Atfv for PVtt.
Alarnli SO, 1RT3-5W
THI5 undersigned has bann duly anpolnled
Administrator of tho eatate of Ahnnda
Long, lute ef Vinton eoutity, Ohio, deceased.
March JO, irn-8w
TtrANTED. In every Countv, Town and
T V Village,' ACT J VIS AOKNTS, for tho salo
of the
B. II BTAin A CO. again offer to their old
friends and thspiiblio a foil assortment of Field
Garden aud Flowes Beads, which thay con II
dkotly rtcemmeml to all In want of rsllabla,
send for a Trloe Mst, which win iieaent ftca
or charge. Jl. II.STallt A CO.,
March, 1872. Cleveland, O.
Tliftinost ralnablo Timber and Nut Proline..
ing Tree on the enntlnent sl)0.(ln(l,vetui si Id. A
Hl-p-ige eirciilar free. Send for one. Clntnut
Sued preset veil for planting, per pound ,',0 cla.,
by mad post. -paid. A J.Vpngo (.'iitaloue of
Iteiiatlful I-'lowers nnd rare Plants free. Plants
sent wifely by mail liny distaiiie. Try It. Nur
niriesnstitbilslied Is yeaii. KUO acrcHiO green
house. Address STOKRS, II V KiilsON & CO.,
PiiincsTllle, Ialie County, Ohio.
Hupply of Hark Aasnred. Price IJe'lueed.
Cures Cancer, Scroll'iila, Syjihilis. Cut irrh.
Rheumatism, N"tir:tl','ia. Pulinnniry Ci;n
pl:iiits. Ulcers, fruit Itlnitim, Skin IMm ihw, all
lilood Ulseaaes. Is purelv vegetable. The best,
known lllood HuriOcr. Hold by all Druggists,
Price, $5 per bottle. Observe tho trudo nrii-lt.
Hend for Circular. Onioe, (to Cedar St., Now
II O PIftno roK-YnrklttlasiV!M. No
U Ol AguUi. Xsiiks ef pulvi.m in 4U Slslrj In
( Ircular.
ERS. And good linshieat for one or two persons of
eilliersex In McArtbur nnd ndjniningtowns.by
which von can main; from 8l'l0io$lM) por month
wllh hut llltlo Interference with ordinary buii
ness. Articles ss staple ns flour or contton
cloth. A good business for agents, sure. II
your whole time is flvun.a much lurger Hum
enn he nnulo. Clnb Clreelara free, glringcoin-
llete list of articles and o-iminHsloni ulloweil.
IIortoi. IluiPAOK A Co., (ill Pino fttroet,
Louis, Mo.
YORK in all its VAIilOl 8 I'll AMOS.
Its splendor and wretchedness: Its high and
low life; Its marble palaces ami dark dens; its
attractions and dangers! its lllngmind Vrnndn;
lla lending men and politicians; its adventur
ers : Its charities: Its inynleries and crimes.
Illustrated with Nearly SfiO Flno Kngriivlnga.
AOKNTS WAM'hl).--.Send for circulars and
sen our terms and a full description of the work.
Address National Publishing Co , Chicago, III.,
ClnoiHiiall, 0or St. Louis, Missouri.
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America. Kiaht Am Ortyinitl Hariri In Hist
number, No literary treatequal to It. Atents
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can Journal. Specimen copies free. For salt
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tulnlng a Mercantile Kilucallon. Practical
buslnssa men as Instructors. For Information,
write for a Circular to P. Durv A Hons, l'itts
bXirgh, Pa.
Frnlt, q.ppa
U,la AppU nnd draft
snris. IIIOO !."( 00
Itootgrafl best
I'tnr, Bid. Extra, 1 yr., Sartlclt, Jso., 3 to 4 ft.,
dm ft.no
Ar'dt, Peach, kn., i Anal, Osssa, raw, bn , . VI no
I'otatntt, Wlilla P.asli lllow, Kariy R.ise.ha.. . 9 00
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llhistrsfed Vstalons, 100 psgs, and N.w Price
List 10o,
P. K. niOKNIX, Dloomlnirton 1IL
Original Hove Sewing Machine,
As the machine has a world ronownod repu
tation, It Is useless to pnrtliiularlaoooneerning
Its merits! but there being another machine in
tho market represented to be the Ipnwef we
deem it proper to make tho following state,
moot, visit In msny towns tlinro nre ngunts
fortlioao-eiillod Howe, and have In some In
stances, claimed to be agents for the Original
Howe, Improved, In order to mlslesd the pub
)lo ami prevent them from applying for th
agency of our msnhlnoi oonsn(iiently, to en
lighten thosa wlshlna-to engage In the business,
wo must stale Hint the Original XUmt
UanMn. mnrwscrf, Kim no Mtialllim Ilia. We
offergreat Inducrmnnts to piu-tiss wishing to
deal Cn Hewing Machines, For partloulara, as
to torma, ate, call at or address,
10-lm i soi 1'ounBt., nttshiiriili, Ta.
, ""- ""-' i""?
BOKNTS V'i'ii il.-.- i""hl V'""
I'lTO. C I-TINSON & Co., A" J' l.''Ai
forclmi'i. :ii;nii'.
Extraordinary Improvements
Tho M itnn J6 Htiinlin Oiyan ( o. ri'nui-itlully
ainiiiuiicutliu liitroiluo.iouof tinuroveinunU Ol
murli inorctliail ordinary Inlerebt. Tliiwo line
hnlnethennly Hiioeousl'ul iiombiimtlni of ItKAI
riPK4 wltli i-euilioviT niit'le.
whiuli tan ho Instantly niuvuil to tho right or
left. i-lui'iKitia the iiituh.ortriiiuiiosinjr thu key.
Fovtlrttwiiiya and ileitortptiona, M6 CtrctUiir.
llltKU C VlilXET OltOANd,
ntfHH. $13J nml $l25e;ich. Oonslilerinit Cnpnc
liy, Kleg.iiico, unit Tliorongh Kxoolkim! of
Woi-kiiruisliij), these tiro clicuiier thun any ho
fore ollVrc J
The Masds and IIamj.tn r)rKnsnvcii(-Unowl.
ecltrod UEST.uud from extraordinary f.irilitlis
for in iiiufu.-.turo this Cj'n.iany v:kn fonl. nml
now undertake to soil lit pricu which render
t icin
FinrO(!tiwn Organs $50 eauhi Mvo octavo or
gim$l(H). $Uo mid upward. With tliri.-o H
oodl40Hiia 'wards. I'orly nt.vlcs, up to
Nuw IllustrntPd Oitnlogue. ami Testimonial
Oliciiliir, Willi upinioim of nioiethnii One Tlioii
siind MuHioiHin. sent free
IIH Tromont 8t., Jloston. 6UB llroudwiiy, N. Y.
TOAOVBItTISKlW.- All poisons who eon
tomidntR mnkintf contrurtx with iniwspai i'rs for
tlie Insertion of Adviirtlneiinsutu .huuld uud to
GEO. P. ROWELL & 00.,
fnrn ( Irculnr, or Iu-lrsn25 cents Cor tln-lr On
Ilundi'td I'uffi I'timpldrt i-.oiitaiiilnK l.isls of
H.OliU Novrspnpers and estlniali k, showing t'10
rost of nilvoi t Ising, also inuiiy useful hints to
iiilvirtlsers. find some ai-i-oiiiit of Ihe crppr.
itinccs of men who are known ns Hiifwtul Ad
vnii: This linn ore inopi ietor.- ol tho Ainer
icuu Newspnp r Advertising Afcciiry,
nuil nre pnsesi'd of uiiefiualnd faclllllps for
sciMii lnn Hie Insertion ol iiilAertisenioiiiH In nil
NewspnperM nml feriodiculs at lowest lutes.
3KXPHKSS TRAINS lonve indlnnnpolin
diillv, except Similar, for t-T. J.OUIfi mid
rplIK only Mne runninp! riTLT.MAN'S eel(.
I. hmted llrnwinL'-iooni fleepin Chismoih X,
Y., Plttsbui-jtli. i.'olnnihiiM, l.oui.'Villc. i ii,
elnnuti, mid Indianapolis, to ft. i.ouiN without
rnssenirern should remeTlTlier Hint this Is tho
Orenl -West liound Route for Khiikiis ( Ity,
I.eavenH intli, l.nwreiire. Topckii. June.-' -tiou
City, I-'ortHeott nnd St. Jnsei.h.
rMfi"? AWTO T0 KANSAS, for the pur
tltiliUilHll I O poseil esIaliliUilnK tlicin
wdvea in new homes, will have 1 ilicral disc rim
ination mndc in their I'uvor lv tliis l.lue. Sal
factory coiiiiniitutioii (in regular rules will lm
KtTini to Colonists and larRV purlieu tiiivi linn
ioirelher: nnd their liagKiiKc, enilgrnnt cut lit
and stock will be shlppedim the most favora
ble terms, presenting to
Puen comforts -.ml at'i'oniinndalions asiu'e pre
sented hy NO OTI1F.R KOCTIC.
TTKELHoaii he obtained nt nil the principal
Ticket unices in tho Eastern, .Middle and
Southern Slates.
ttener.tl l'nscnifir Agent. St. I.oul".
Knstcrn I'lissei gi r Agent. Indianapolis.
Cicnornl Superintendent. Iiidiiiiia)olls.
SjDnOCrafiC JOlllM Of k WUSt
The exponent of Constitutional Covcriiiucnl,
the UightK of the Status, 10 in u I Taxatian,
nmlllie Abolition of nil t'nncccssnry
llurdens upon tho Tax-liiycrs of
ilia Country.
Wo shall oppose unjust and oppressive Tar
IflV by which Hie Agricnltririil ' Went is inaile
to pay enormous tribute to the Manufacturing
l'isl; and sh ill demand such in-) mirations of
the Internal Revenue Laws as will riicouraga
Indiiktrv nnd relieve labor.
Tho Weekly Knquirer will not only lie true
to the principles of the Democratic pari- in
Its editorial columns, hut, as u Fiisl-clasi' F..in
llv.tournal. it will bo exiellci bv none it,V
lislied In I be United States
The Market ICi'ien-is will he prepared wllh
great rare and as a great expense to give the
fullest and latest inforniiition from all Hio
markets of tho xorhl.
Its News 1 icpurlinent will contain n carefully
prepared Miniinary or events truaapn-iag
tlirnuirhout Ihe world.
Its Lltororv electl'ins will lie taken f iv m
tho best Kntrlish and Anioriciin current Litera
ture. Its Correspondence will Includ" Idlers fn m
KrancTiind Kiiginml. as well as fm:fi listing
cltlesof tho United States. Siecinien c pit
free. Address, KAKAS AMirLKAN.
Oin. inimtl. O.
In Ciieinicul nad Medical Itcic-iico.
e. i GAi:rix's
In .me inix'in. t, A LI. VUSi I'WH.VI'!
vitl no lc i. cm i vriii. ipjls of lln will Usovn
eurjitiv u,-en:, "
riM) TUKJl TAIl,
rSTQUALKL In Coub'h, Coli's, Cutsrr,
Astlim i, IlruMohi.is, nail coasurnpiioa.
A rsecirt cold In tlireo to lt hours ; and sbn,
by lis VI'i'ALlSI.NCi, 1'UHIFYlNit and BTI
MCLATiNi elfncts upon th general uysttu.,
is rfinarkably erllesrious in nil
Inoludiug Hrrmnltt and Kruniinns o( tin skin,
l)yBpdm i&. Diseases of the Liver anil E idne) ,
Husrt Jjiseaae, and (ieoeralllebiUiy.
uiskssi nt' tiik ni.nui.
Volatile Solution of Tar
For INHALATION', without spplleation of
HEAT. A rouiarknl.iy VALUAllt.Kdiarover)',
a the whole apparatus can beuuined in iho vest
pocket, ready at any time for the must elfcoluul
aud positively eurai ivo use in
All DiiMistscs of tho NOSF, THROAT
aud LUWUS.
Tar and Mandrako Pill.
for use In connection with the ELIXIR TAIT, .
is a combination of th. TWO most vnluahln
ALTERAT1VK Mudicinee known in tho I'm.
fession, and rendors this fill without exception
tho very best ever oilurnl.
sflT mthhm iJLI'J
Is wliliont doubt tbo Dost romody known (n
casts of
Itlsaniwellloforsnnhnisrasrs, and should ha
kept in the household of ovory family, especially
during tbo mwiths in which
sra liable to prevail. A small quantity taken
daily will prevent ooutmulliig then. tcriibU)
disnusus. i
Belutlon and Compound nilxlr, $1.00 por Until
Volntlle Bnlutlon for Inimlntton. $ti,00pei' Log
Tar nnd Ilnodmko Vl.U, Octs r-'r lox.
BiudforOlioularnf I'OSITIVE CIVIIE
to your Druggist, or to
L. F. HYDK i CO.,
solid l'BorniETono,
J 10 E, 22d St., At v I'oi k.

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