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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 03, 1872, Image 3

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lje -(Enquirer.
Go fishing, occasionally.
Wear a neck tie.
Never get angry.
Hard the ground:
Taice tho Enquirer.
Get up onrly in the morning.
Many rains are wanted.
Bbauty draws more than oxen.
Tight boots bring forth oorns.
House cleaning time is at hand.
Some of the large boys play mar
bles. .
Come to this offieo for fancy, job
printing. Take your store boxes off the
Rain is what everybody has boon
longing to see for a long time.
The steam mill in this town ' is
being improvod by a bran new roof.
Leakn to sew curpt rags while
you are young.
See list of Books for sale on the
4th page of this paper.
The coming campaign will bo
very lively. Tuko' tho McArthur
Enquirer and lceop posted,
AVe have recoived a copy of the
Druggists' Journal, printed in Now
York City, forJ$2.50 a year. Evory
Druggist should have it.
Whitney's Musical Guest lor April
comes to us filled with tho choicest
music. Tho Quest is published by
W. W. Whitney, Toledo, Ohio, at
$1 per year.
Don't. A young lady, in pasning
another should not turn round to
seo what the other wears, because
tho other is engaged in doing the
same thing.
Tun wheat in "Vinton county
looks bad, yet it is believed tho
roots have not boon dumaged much,
and will sond forth the green blades
hh soo"i) a.t'tho weather become
The young gent who kissed the
yonny; hdy on the cornor opposite
dm Jl M. Church, not many nvo
. iiings ao, had better choose some
luore private place for mull delicate
mid sweet operations.
Wk commeneo setting type for
tho inside pages of this paper on
every Friday afternoon, and close
tho forms on Tuesday morning fol
lowing, at 1 0 o'clock.
T;Ast Sunday it rained a littlet
sinned slightly, and then changed
from warm to cold, and closed up
with a general blow. All sorts of
vouther puts in an nppcaranco in
one day
Egbert Bowen, miles wst of
Zaleski, has a choice lot of Early
Potatoes for sale, at a reasonable
List of letters remaining in the
Tost Ofllco, at MeArthur, on 1st
day of April, 1872:
Miss Alma Albaugh,Simon Drake,
Harriet A, Jlooro, Amos Iteod,
Frodriek Shuck.
The Special Term of tho Court of
Common Pleas for Vinton county
commenced on Tuosday afternoon,
March 20, and closod on Saturday
morning, March 30. Hon. E. A.
Guthrie prnsidod. A number of
civil and criminal casos were tried
and otherwise disposod of. ! ' .
Tho next torm of Court begins
May (J.
We answer, go to tho Southwest Missouri,
booauso the Atluntlo ft PaolOo Railroad Co.
offer 1,800,000 Aeres of Land to actual settlers,
at low price on iongurodlt, besides furnishing
free transportation over tliolr road to purchas
ers) this road extends from St. Louis, through.
Missouri to Vlnltiis, Indian Territory, In being
pushed rapidly to Its destination, the PaclOo
Coistiwlllbe one of the trunk lines of the
country, never blookndcd by mow tho lands
long the road are In a rich fertile country, as
productive as any In HieStnto; the climate oom.
bines all the advantages of northern and south
ermlatltudw; good ollmnte, soil, hoalth, water,
limber, gnulng, fruits and flowers, invite yon
togotolhts region. For furthor Information
addross A TUCK, Land Com 'r, 658 Walnut
Street, St. Louis, Mo. jf.jy
Members Elk Base Ball
Club Attention!
You are requostod to moot at tlio
Court IIouso, on Wodnesday evo:
ning, April 3rd, for tho purpose of
organizinga "Nino" for1 tha Baso
Ball season of , 1872, and also, for
tho transaction of any other, busi
ness that may come before the Club.
By order of the Prosfdont.
Secretary Elk B. C.
McArthur, April 3, 1872.
Barnum's Show.
Tho greiitest show manager in
the world is P, T. Bnrnum. He has
invested one million of dollars in
his great traveling: Museum, Men
agerie, Curuvan, Hippodrome, Po
lytechnic Institute, and Interna
tional Zoological Garden, and has
informed us that he will probably
visit McArthur some time this
spring or summer. He wishes to
employ a number of mon who do
not drink or swear. We would ad
vise the boys of our town to stop
drinking and swearing, and when
Barnum come around he will tako
you in as a lion feeder and allow
you to converse with his Fiji Can
nibals. IIo is running the biggest
show on the face of the earth.
The Young Men's Christian As
soeintion, assisted by a select choir,
will give a Literary and Musical
Entertainment at the M. E. Church,
on next Monday evening, April 8.
The Litoitory Programme will con
sist of an Essay, an Oration, and a
Lecture by Ed. II. A. Pullestor
subject:, '"Character." Admittance
freti Everybody invited to attend.
For Pure Druera and Medicines
goto Sisson's.
The following is tho rosult of the
election held in the said to be In
coratel Village of McArthur, on
Monday :
. Fur Mayor :
Henry Payno 75
.Robert Sago .70
Hanson P Ambrose 84
James W. Delay 8G
Loandoi' Spragiio 81
Patrick O'Keeffo; 6T
George Lantz r,r
Lafayette Ray nor. .. ; .... 62
, Clerk:
Morris Evans 81
W. I), (iold GO
J. T. Foreman 2
J. A. Fulton 79
A. L. Hunter C!)
Blroot Ooinlxbloncr:
Inane Reynolds 80
R. T. Quick G8
A. V. Brown 85
A. C. Dowd. (JO
E. N. Bnrnhill
(i. W. Holland
. 3
Dissolution of Co-Partnership.
Call and Settle.
J. A. Felt'in. the junior member
of the firm of W. F. Felton & Son
has purchased tho interest of W, P,
Felton, in tho Dry and Fancy
(ioods House, in this town, and the
co partnership has been disolvcd
by ihiilunl consent, tho senior mem
ber of tho woll known firm retiring,
J. A. Felton will continuo tho busi
ness at the old stund. All thoso
who are indebted to the lute firm
will plmmo call at tho store and
settle immediately.
' For Ayer's Medicines, go to &
W, sisson's.
O. T. Uunnino, druggist, is pro
paring to removo his -drug store to
the rooms in Will's building one
door west of Oilman, W.ird ctCo.'s
storo. Ho is fitting tho rooms up
in fino style.
G. W. Sayi.or, on the west side of
Logan Street, will repair your
watches, clocks, jowolry, etc., on
short notice, in a style that will sat.
isfy you, at Very low prices, Thoso
needing repairing of any description
should give him a call.
Alone in the Field.
J. A. Felton ia alone in the
dry ami fancy goods business
agnin. He has just received
a magnificent stock of goods,
in the selection of which he ex
ercised the most judicious taste.
The assortment ia really a
choice. one. Every feature of
he dry goods trade has been
specially considered and the
stock includes the very latest as
well as the entire range of sea
sonable novelties. The prices
are very low.
The present whiter has writ
ten a tale of unparalleled hor
ror on the pages of Western
history. As yet, however, not
half the story of suffering from
terrible frosts and damage
from blinding snow storms, has
met tho the public eye. Snow
has been piled house high in
many localities, and men, wo
men and children frozen while
endeavoring to obtain food and
fuel. In some cases' parties
were overtaken in the open air
and killed by the blighting era
brace of the North wind ; in
others whole families died by
their own flrejoss hearthstones,
cold, hungry and alone. These
are some of the incidents
which have marked the winter
of ls7J in the west. 4 M
So general has the public
confidence hecome in Dr.
Ayer's medicines, and so great
the demand for them, that un
principled villians are attempt
ing to deceive the unwary by
imposing upon thera their
upon them their worthless
nostrums under a similarity of
name. Cherry Pectoral Loz
enges, .Dr. Ayers Troches,
Ayer's Pnstiles for Cough-,
Cherry Pectoral Congh drops,
Ayer's Fever and Ague Cure,
Dr. Ayer's Iudian Pills, &c,
(none of which are of Dr.
Ayer's manufacture or compo
sition are specimens of this
villainy and deceit. They not.
only defraud the sick of their
money but of their health,
which is far . more important
than money. From actual
counterfeits the people are
protected bv law which the
Doctor promptly enforces, but
these evasions some times elude
the law, and purchasers must
protect themselves by refusing
to. be deceived by them.
Mrs. Clarke, wifu of the
editor of the Owen News,
having a desire to save the
falling apples from her orchard
last fall, dried 'and sold last
week 650 pounds for $51.-
Can any editor's wife come up
inisr ir so speak' out.
It is pleasant to hear from
old friends occasionally, if only
in an accidental way: we are
therefore gratified to hear from
good old Ben. Wade. Some
body interviewed him the other
day upon the political situa-
tion. lie answered briefly,
hwautifully, pertinently and
conclusively, "h 1 is to pay all
Most of the Republican pa
pers are now hanging pitifully
on the fence, in reference to the
temperance question. On the
Y rstern Reserve, the position
of the papers seems to be in
favor of the law, but opposed
to its enforcement. In Cleve
land, the German vote is the
strength .f the Republican
purty, and the efforts of the
poor loyal organs to reconciling
the drinking of beer and wine
by the Germans, and the
determination of the whey-
faced Yankess to allow nothing
'but butter milk and pop, are
amusing. It is "good Lord,
good Devil," from both sides
of the fence.
A gentleman died not long
ince in Buckingham county,
Virginia, who owned, at the
surrender of General Lee,
twenty-two negroes. Twelve
of them left him, but the other
ten removed and worked for
him until the day of hU death,
taking for their services just as
much as he chose to give them
At his death, to show his ap
preciation to their Fervices and
his gratitude, he gave them his
farm, on which they can all
live comfortably.
Prince Bismarck's victory
m the Prussian House of Lords,
on the Schools bill, was so un
doubted and complete as to
certify his supremacy over the
Keiohstage beyond dispute.
The purpose of the bill which
has now received the sanction
of both Houses was to secular
ize the schools, turn out the
ecclesiastical element from
their management, and eompel
a more thorough education in
the.German tongue among the
alien subjects of Prussia. To
accomplish this end Bismarck
has left no means untried. He
even went so far as to threaten
the House of Peers with the
flooding of its benches with
new peers in cases of its refusal ;
and this, together with the
other private political and
social exertions of the Chan
cellor, " appear to have had
effect in securing a large ma
jority for the Government.
JNo new peers were created,
but the members were "whip
ped in" so carefully that, out of
a Home of two hundred and
thirty-three, not more than
thirty seats were vacant when
the vote was taken.
NOTJ0E la horobr given (lint a petition wl II
be primeut.ed totlio( omtiilislaneriof Vin
ton oountr, Ohio, at their session, In June,
IK79. nruvina for the Incut Inn and ostnhllih.
merit of county road, in Knox township, w
llnirlanlntr at tha oornnr or tho lot of Wilson
Thorn anil the Hold of H. W. Lentnor, boat
it rodk west or nolens juiiii inenoe soutn
nloiienle Hue between Hubert ftkully ami It.
W. Taiilnnr to 111 ir Itoonoon Crook l thence
aornsa said oronk In a iiiulh-eiwterly nireotlon
through Bninnel llreclt ley'i luml to aald craoki
tlienoeaoroMthe crock alona; the neurit and
bint routa through the Untie of Daviil Martin,
JohnHiwIoliiTnntl W. H.OIbhito Interneol tho
Mo Arthur road at ornear laid Qlbli'i gate, and
thera to end.
Aprils, 1813-ti
Forty yonra ago, 'Illinois wnn as
far wost ftu most people wished to
go, and journeys were made in the
legendary "Prairie Schooner,"" bnt
in these daj-8 of Progross an(f Im
provement, the word AVost has
come to moan lowa, JNeDraska,
Kansn. Colorado, California and
the Territories, and tne traveler
reaches almost any point therein by
a splendid line of Railroad.
This Line of Kail road m the
Burlington Routo, which starts from
Indianapolis over tho Indianapolis,
Bloomington and Western Short
Line, and from Logansport over
tho Toledo, Peoria, and Warsaw
Railroad and running through
Burlington reaches Omaha, Lin
coln, Nobrnska City, Saint Joseph,
Atchison, Leavenworth andKnnsaH
City, connecting with tho Union
Pacifio, Kansas Pacific, and. other
railroads running from those cities.
People going to Iowa, Nebraska,
Kansas, California, or any point iu
tho Territories, will study their own
interest by going ''By way of Bur
lington," for the rates of that Line
are always as low as any other, and
it is the best Route in the West,
therefore you arc more sure of your
safety and comfort.
The Burlington Route has admir
ably answered the question "How
to go West?" by tlj4 publication of
an excellent Pamphlet, containing
a largo truthful map of the Great
West, and much interesting and
valuable information which can be
obtained, free of charge, by address
ing General Passenger Agent B. &
M, R. R , Burlington, Iowa.
Diseases of thescalp produce
gray hair and baldness! 'the
use of Hall's Veritable Sicilian
Hair Renewer will restore itto
its natural color and promote f
its growth.
Our Treatise on the Hair
sent free by mail
R. Hall'& Co, Xashna, X.
II., Proprietors.
Arc You Going West ?
If ho, tiike our advice, mil purclnwe your tlr.k
ti over tli old reliable ami popular Mismirl
Pacific Ritiliond' which k, positively, the only
Line that runt throe Daly Kxprug Truing from
St.Lonls to KaiiKHf) CIt;, and the Went I and i
Positively, the only I. im whirl! rune i'ullmin's
nlairo Hleopom and Dry Coai'lie (tpucrlully
for movers) equipped wifo Miller' S ifi'ty Plat
form and the patent Ktemi llrnke. Ironi St. l.oui
toIvaiiuM? City, Kni t Soo t, Purnons, Lnwitmue,
Leavenworth, Atrliison. fit. Joseph, Wlirask.1,
Clly Co'.inoil lilull'mind Oii.iha, wlthnitchanKo!
For infurmiti ion in teiritrt to Time Tables. ruti'S
&i'., to nay point in M mkiih I. Kunnas, Nebraska,
Colombo, Texas or ('nllllirnia, full on oradilivss
8. 11 Thomson, Aircnt Minimrl Piicirti' R.K. Oul
mnlitts.ohln; or, 10. A. Furd, Uenerul P.usvngor
Apent.St. Louis, Mir
No tumble toanawcr qvcationsl
Holioway's Pilis.
The estimation i which these
medicines are held by thu pub
lie, stendily increases' their de
mand. They au direct
ly upon the systeii, removing
all obstruction, renovating the
springs of life, puryfying the
blood and eradicating liver
complaints, indigestion, pain in
the side? and general debility.
Sld everywhere. 25 ci;iits
per box or pot. I
Chonper than the Cheapest at
Bishop's, WUkesville,0.
Manhood! Womanhood!
Who may marry and: who not. Why? Im-
pq llmenti, oatiaei ami cure; 108 paKos 'sent
sealed for cent. Adlrcsg l)r. W1I1TTIEB,
817 Chnrloi Btreot, Bt. Lnulf, Mo., who treati
all clironln, virulent, and ipecial diseases. The
moil suunesmiu apeuiausc or me iijfu, l-lt
Hnni? Immense ilsmsnil for Hslhiwav's Tills anil
X. (Ilnttui-nt, liss usmpteil nnprinelplml parties to
counterfeit Ihece valnnble medioines, Inonlerto
prntent the pnhlle sml ourselves, w have Issusd a
nrw"Trsrte Marls," MtiilKtlniinf Keyptlan elrole nfa
serpent, with the lutisr H In th emirs. Kveryhox
oftlallnway's fills snd Olnlinenls will 'have this
crane msrk on 114 nuns sre (tannine wiinnut u.
N. Y. OhsmioaiOo.. 8olf Prnprletors.
78 Mnhln Lane, New Tork
JosiK D. P Alt, O.nolnnsti, Ohio, Sole Agsnt for
ins Blare. j
1 tow win to err AM. Tottm.
BuBsoaini fob tb REAL KSTATB
40 Columns: 11.00 year). Sample oopr free.
Old prejudices arcj dying:
out. New fuots aro VIlllnR them. The idea
that Invnllils woakenetl by disease oan bo ro
ll ered by by prostrating them with destructive
ilrngs, In no lonxor cntertnlned except hy mon
omaniiioa. Evor since tlio Introduction of Dr.
Walkor's Vinegar Bitters It has been obvious
that their rnKiilatlng and luvif rrallng proper
ties hm sll-suDlclent for the eure ofohronlo In-
nervous alTootlons, and malarious fevers, and
they are now tho standard remody for these
mpUlnts In every section of the Union.
To those Entitled to Pictures.
Those of our subscribers who have
not received the Thurmnn picturo,
will please call at this offico and get
pictures of Hon. "William Allen,
of Ohio.-
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sis-ou's
Rev. iioi)rt N. Adams
preached in the Methodist
Church last Sunday morning
and at the Presbyterian
Church at night. Both ser
mons are well spoken of. Mr.
Adams married Miss Ella
Whipple of Athens, a tew
years ago, and has been pastor
of the Presbyterian Church in
McArthur most of the time
since. AVe understand that he
is about to kettle in Kansas.
Athens Journal.
"Loyalty," when first intro
duced into politics of this coun
try, was defined as fidelity to
the country; it soon became
degraded, and was used as a
synonym for fealty to a party.
It has now reached its vilest
depth, and is employed to
designate the canine allegiance
of a set of followers to the
fortunes of a President aud his
It has been too completely
shorn of its strength to ever
again be successfully used as a
campaign watchword.
Is widely known
as one of the dioH
effect uaI retnedivf
vtr ditcoTvrcd fur
c-ktinsinz the st
tein and purifying
the blcod. It La
stood Ui tctt of
yenro, with cou
Ktantly growing rein
itiation, bnsed on its
intrinsic virtuos, and ruatained by iti re
markable cure. So uiilJ ai t bo anfe aud
beneficial to children, and j-jt eo ccnrcbing
as to effectually purge out tlie great cor
ruptions of tho blood, such as the tcrufuloua
and syphilitic contaniination. laipuritiei,
or discuses that have lurked in tho tyt tcm
lor year, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hence its wonderful
cures, many of which are publicly known,
of Scrofula, and all scrofulous discs ges,
Ulcers, Eruptions, and eruptive dis
orders of the skin, Tumors, Blotches,
Uoils, i'linplos, Fiitttiuta, (Sorea, St.
Aiitltony'ti Fire, ltone or Eryolpe
las. Tetter, Salt ltheiutt, SonUl
llcaa, lClnsrwonn, and iuti-rnai VI'
cerations of the Uteriw, Ktouutch,
and JLiver. It also cures oilier com
plaints, to which it would not seem eppecl-
aliy ndapicd, such a I Jropsy, Jjop
slit, Eits, Ncnralgria, Heart Dlsensft.
Female Weuknogn, Debility, and
Lcucorrlinca, when they are manifesta
tions of the scrofulous poisons.
It i an excellent restorer of health and
strength in tho Spring. By renewing the
appetite and vigor of the digestive organs,
it dissipates tho depression and listless Inn
guor of the p cason. Even where no disorder
nppears, people feel bettor, and live longer,
lor cleansing the blood. The system movos
on with renewed vigor and a new lcawj of
prepared nr
Dr.J.CAYER&CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chmi$t$.
Every j ear incrpnses the populari
ty of this valuablo HairPraparation ;
which i due to .nerit alone. We
can assure our old patrons that it is
kept fully up to its high standard;
and it is yia only reliable and perfect
ed preparation for restoring Geay
or Faded Hair to its youthful color,
making it soft, lustrous, and silken.
The scalp, by its uso, becomes white
and cbnn. It removes all erupt,ion
and dandralf, and, by its tonic prop
erties, prevents the hair from falling
out, as it stimulates and nourishes
tho hair-glands. Bv its use, the hair
grows thicker nna stronger. In
baldness, it restores the capillary
glands to their normal vigor, and
will create a new growth, except in
extreme old ago. It is the most eco
nomical Hair Dressing ever vised,
as it requires fewer applications,
and gives the hair a splendid, glossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D,
Stato Assaycr of Massachusetts, says,
41 Tho constituents are pure, and care
fully selected for excellent quality;
and I consider it the Best Prepa
ration for its intended purposes."
Sold by all DmggUtt, and nileri in itedloinu.
Prloe One Dollar.
Buckingham's Dye.
As our Itenewer in many cases
requires too long ft time, and too
much enre, to restoro grny or faded
Whiskers, we have prepared this
dye, in one preparation which will
quickly and clTcctually accomplish
this result. It is easily applied,
and produces a color which will
neither rub nor wash off. Sold by
all Druggists. Prico Fifty Cents.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL, & CO.,
r thli dlrtrMsttnn twmpiant Iimw lMdt
Hu ( nf AM Aataivn naaTM 1 oil FnPriMl kh1
il Vriritiot, pubHhodT Dm. O. PmblM
J tufttwar tbt h eannot oMrlnltM)f
iWum to mak Il k nowv, m It hi vry Wody w ho
hu mA It for Klta, nvr tuvtag MUd I inrr
m, Th Infrttilvntt bi; h ebtalnMl ffm ur 6rmg
lnrr I
yonMT I
PBW.M ff
buown, No. tl Urtrtd Htmt. JwMf Wltf, t J
t-t P.nuiulJ.. m. MRtssat aMeui 11 m It
Strong mtd Pure Rich' Blood t
Orenmn of Flesh and "Weight
-;ior Skin and Beautiful .
Complexion, - i
Every Day an Increase of Flesh and
Weight is seen and Felt.
Scrofula, Consumption, Svphllls f Its
miinr forms, Cilundnlar l)i.ieHe, I'loers
In the Throat, Mouth ; Tumors, Nodes in the
tilands, and other purls of tlio ststrm: Bore
Ryes, Biruinniia Disrlmrcen from the Khi-h;
Kriiptlve Diseiixes of the Eves, Ifose, Mouth,
nd the forms nfSkln IMsoaBes; Kruptions, Fe
ver Sorea. Scald Hend. Ring-worm. Suit Rheum
KryHlpelHS, Ague, Blin k Siots. Worms In the
r leali. 1 Minors, Cuncera In tlio Womb, and ull
Weakening end Puliiful Pisehnrceii; N'lifht
RweHti, end nil Wtm of the Lite Principle,
ere within the Cni-nMre Kiinge ot Rmlwiiy'i
SHrNiipurllliun Rersolrene, end few dre' iih
will prove to nnv pemon unlwg it for either of
these forms of disease lis potest power t eure
a'l,2SZAnn th9 8 A RSAPARfLT.IAX Tilt.
80r.VF.sr ex-fl ell known remedial ncenls in
um i ure oi ummio, Pcrnrnlons. Onslltntlwn,
Skin end Syphiloid dlsoiwee, but K Is the only
Urlnnry nnd Womb Plie.wes. Gravid, Ilfatetel
Dropsy, Incontinence of Urlue, llrluht'e Iiiei
cane, Alhiiminuiin, and in all cases where
mere are Hrlck Dust I'epoKiOi, or (he water Is
uncn, ciouay, nnzeiwitn sniMtnnceit like the
white ot nn cirir. or threads like white silk, or
(her l a morbid dark. l.ilioiiHitnniiurunoa
while bone-dust dono.sits. mul ahri. tii.,a u
prickini?. burning sensation, and palu In the
ninnn oi ins n:n, ann ainnv me Lollm, In all
inofe coimiiions K.MiWAT'M HAKSAI'A
HII.UAN JtEHODYKNT-aiiled brMioaniilira.
tion o Radwny'e Ready Krelieftu the Spine
toil with one or two of Riwlway'e Regulating
uw niiniu oi me iiat'.K, aim ine iiowcis reyuliv
Iii a few ilays the imtient will be alilo to holii
mid (llschnrire wiitur uittiimllv without nin
unit the Urine will he restored to iu iiHtnml
clear and amber or sherrv color.
Are sunnlled with near, henltlur ami .l,.n.n,..
blood, ihut furnishes sound structure. Ilenoe
nil sull'crlng from Wenkening Dlscharjres,
either Mule or Femule, or frem fleers orSoree,
throuifh the rensnitive iirooc.HSof It ADWAV8
8 ARHAPAKILI AN, are arrested, and the run.
tured orjrana liealed.
war b Ktaoi.v r.xr.
f'.KVif klt, Mies., Jnlr IS, lMft.
BR. ItADWiT ! I huve kail Otnrliii I'niiinr In
the ovaries and bowols. All the ilocfrnn iniil
'there wn no holn for It." I tried evirv thinr
mm win recnniinrnucti, mil nocninv nelpen me.
I suwrnur Keso rent, anil r.honuht I vrni i irv
it, hut Imil no fnitti in it. bei'auKe I haii .n ITtrwl
tor twelve veitn. Itnok aiz lu.ttlpa nf ih lt-
solvent, one box of Kailvray's Fill, and ned
vwo non ics or your Kenny Bene; nnrt there Is
not aNit(n of a tumor tn r:n or lelt.ftnd I
feel bettor, smarter. Sappier than 1 have for
twelve years. The worst tumor wu In tlm lifl
Hiileof Hie bowels, over the irroln. I write this
ia you rot me ueueotof otners. Too ceil pub
liah if you choOMi.
igy Price One Dollar.
Cures the icorst pains in from. One to
Twenty Minute
Not one hour after roaitinj this advertisement
iri'c.i kiij lino rmuvr Willi )HIO.
riKST, AND 18
That Inatantly stops the most excruciating pain
Whether of the T.niigs, Stomach, Bowels, at
me giauus aim organs, ny one appiicntlon,
Ia Froai One to T7enty Minutes,
Ko mnltor how violent o? xcnu'lntlaa: the
puin, the Ulll'.I'MATIC, Keil riiliteu, InHrni,
Orl!)lsil, Nervous. Neuralele, or prostrated
wiin ais?9e, ir-.ay sunrrt
lladwa' l!ealy Ilellef
Will. In frem ONI ?o twenty aflHCTle. aJbrt
Mns,iTi, anuinia nieii ine, sorapiu in
stopiilnr wain, can be piirchnseil e'iftr Cents
tnr bottle at almost every rlruggiei.'s nnd eiiun-
iry mvrt'.'iani e siors en inin conrineni, ana
within one hour's distance of almost every liab-
imiiua lo inn uhitiii rirarrn, t
If tl.oKe who are now snH'erin fain, no mat
ter whut the cMinenuiy be, or hy what numc
It is calleit if eiternnl, pily KiDtrsv's
ItKiDT ItKLltr to the port of the hody whero
tiie pain is iireneiil. if imernnl, f J drops, illlu
til in wnter. as a drink. Whether ( r.imus
Simrnis, lntliimmiition. ('onpostion, Asintie
tnoiera, (.iiinnanii ecrer, rne most violent, ex
I'vuciutint ml tortminK imitis will be stopped
in I'pii.i one to tr.:nfv niinutes.
Will Afford Instant Kane ;
The Hpli' Hli'"of the KICADY ItKLIEF to
the nnrt or parts w here tha puin or dliliruliv
cxists will alrorrt ease onu comfort. I riroiis
In ahull tumbler or wuter will, In a fow mo
ments, cure Crnmiis, Hpnsnis, Sour Stomaoh,
Heartburn. 8lr.lt Ileadm he, Dlurrhen. 1
tery. Oollc, W iurl In the Bowels, and all inter
nal' I'nliis.
Traveler Bhonlrt always carry n bottle of
RAUWAY'fl UK LIEF Willi them. A fewH.nr,
inwutvr wlll prevent sickness or pnlne ratira
chunire of wnter. It Is better than Freach
Biainly or Bitters as a Btimtiluut.
There U not a renn'dliil nt In tha worM
that will rule FKVKR AliU E,
nnd all other Malarious, ltullS, (Scarlet. Tt-
ihoid, Yellow Hud otticiif'ureis (aided or
findwav'srillB.lsa auiclc
Uelief. " ' '
PorsonneedauiTcr.bo they ever so much
posed to F'ever ami Axno. If thev will only t
llADWAy'g Rrapy Hklikf. and "keen tlielrt
tltopmwith Itadtmm't I'M: lliin,lr,l In the
wesi, who nn vw iiitnei-to been doctoring-at tho
rntoof one und two hundred Uollarn for a lew
months' treatment nrokeeplnr thrmsolves and
faml I lea f reo from FK VKIi anil A US, CIIILL&
and FKVl'li. RHKVMATixu . . iv nr
two dollars a year, spent for Rndway'a Ileaily
ltelief ami Kailnny'a rills (conted),
to aU. f rice only 60 cents nor lioitlo.t
N. B. Hoe that every bottle has an India
Rubber Stopper. Bold at nil Driig-jrista, and at
Ur. Rudwuy'a olllce, JNo. M7 Jlullu Lune, New
Eletp-antlr Coated with Sweet Gam.
Badway'i Pilla,
roRTnn crnr. or
a 11 MsonnsRa of rns smut a err, utkh,
cosnrsNKHn. ixdigkstiov. iym'kisia
MA TION OF TIM BO WEI.X, I'll.SO, and all de
rangements af the Internal Viacom. .
nsmiinn w Uiuncc n r-oniiivcture,
XaTOhserTe the followlnir aymptnms rcanlt
Constlpo.iOidersof the KiKestlvoOi Bans 1
Blood in Vim, Inwnrd riles, Fullness of the
Niiuiitt,J0trie lleml, Acidity of the Htnmnck,
or Weitrbtearthum, IHsRust of Fond, Fullness
blukivor In the Htoinm-h, Hour Kruclutloiia,
FlutterlimHt the I'ltof the Stomach,
Swimming of tha I load, Hurried and lilfllcult
llrinlhlnK, Fluttering at the Heart, I hnkinaor
SuiTociitinK Sensnliong when in a Lying Toe-
LlirO. t'l llllUll. IA .'.'I. w. r. imiviw
the Sight, Fever and Dull 1'itln In the Head,
Dotli'lioirr of 1'ernDlration. Yellownoss of the
Hit In nnd'Eves. Pulu in the Ride. Chest. Limlva.
ami Buuueu riuanes ei near., jiuming in vue
A few doses of IUdwat'i Piu.s will free th
system from all the above-named disorder.
Prloe 85 Cents Per Box.
Mo. 81 Maiden Lane, W. Y.
and ene letiter atame tn RADWAY A CO,
Ko. 87 Maiden larrn. Hew York. Infer tnaUan
wortbtho nmt will be seat jti. Hy
McArthur Retail Market.
Correoted by Ollmon Ward A Co.vlealere
u ...j usmi, ic, anil MaavfMtisrari
ot It lour ,cu,. .
Sugars Brown, N. 0.4 r, ,,. . .I2t
Ulanficd, N. O 15
' Coffee A. ...... . lfj;
" Crush' nuLJko-ran "... 1
Coffee, Rio choice. ,. . ,. .. 80
iiio primr. .........
H Java srt
Orleans Molasses 8O0O
jouoie jixtra JJrips. ..... . r. .11, fit)
Vinegar, Cider. ; 40-
,(:e.--.-". 100121-
Kaisins ...... . . . ok
Tea, Imperial ..tl,25l,60
Jfoung Hyson . .... 1,2501,80
Wick l,00al,50
Japan 81.40
Candles, hard pressed. 20
etar 20
Flour, per bbl : 7.fiO
Butter 15
-'C8 10
Checst 20
Uinckors 10123-
Starch . .' , 10
Soda 10
Tartar, cream..... 60
Salt, per bbl J2.50
repper, grain 40
Allspice 40
Potatoes 75
Beef, dried , 25
llamsconntry cttred. ... . . ..,.12
" "sugar cured 15
Shoulders g
Bucon, side 10
Beeswax 25
Tallow.. 09
Feathers 65
Wheat fl,10l 50
Corn 4550
Rye 80
Oats 35
Wool :4550
CI7 it. Charles trset, St. Loult, Mo.
Has trn longer ensoned In the trent
ment of voneraot, b"l Private
pteoaaea tint. r mjkm rk.ici.u m. Lmt.. m bi
r.. .i iJnj i.i(irii, 6ahllia. Conorrhosa.
Cleot, Otrlctur. Croatia, Hernia of
Supturai .i Ur!ij ryb I snasea J Srphlll
tlo " M ;rur.al AffeotTon Throat,
tiklnw UQM t.k4 .IIS Mpwnlllrd W'(M
. Sperrodtarrhoan, 8euil Ooblllry
mpoiterey, a. u, r..jtf .Mmu iu.ib, mxui
m w. id . mr ,an, i Ml.w ., and wliloh
ssooturnal emlnaiooe, debility, olmnoes
tJ a r.ht, plmplea pn tha tim, confusion
o'luans, ovaraion to eoo'ety of fmalea.
baa ciMomori andasiunl power, r.j.rioi
I nirn.K. ifiiprujiur, rn
m ni. ftTriaa.ii m.1 t. n n'llaf .
Im.im. I, .urcd. C.U'
a. Hh tpi.ri.ncn
aa ! auia apa U U rlnlm k, r r.yit.i.i.
WUi4 itwnniir r mi nwj jm Muir grt.t Mill.
I trMiaat aauvlus. Uits freuiau rtwuw pirtiu ro
I vw.MMlldiianKs vtntelMiM rmlrt raomi) ! ib
mm Hl'Uirl lu fli. l-inlrr. imb..rtae ftivllo irttf
(mimiiiUim Wl 1. airllrtf m4 awetnc M.runMiut
M 4tnui nS Vivpir V.tS.t f,hn.t. Ltbor.U)r
wh.-r. .0 mIMih .- to ibiirAiUI-bJMal an puparwl 1
anS awai Uii'MMfil tf all ifc. Liararf j vbiri lb. old anl
lalrM ..aMarS VMrti af.rl ti. momIi af ar.dlolai ar
fntiut, Hat aiaimi.iri.Mi, w.i.hoad anion.4 ullfc.
IllMlrulas ai.we Ma4liwi, SUa S..a r.o proonraa
rrna r.rt. Frr, rwtamiMi af f.aM. awl lot to ba
f.uaS la 13 altar Uil.rf s till th,. Tha tlbrir, la
tbnva I4 apau a, all aa lrr.. r.tlta M. tli. Dmrwr
,Mallf ani ,rt.arlr. Vrara lbar.tKoralror pamoa
aaCar la. Doitr-i ar. h. (a alrt.S ta ke.p lb. aval, or
ab.rfaiwHiileVfrtialia. rvraial 0.a.nllilhmli lb
boil, wa.rhlus arlai .ipra.t. Itaa, la nary Mara, uoV
a.ttuaaMr aal la aara, Bai aillnatawul iaoa.ioo.1
ttl un Mn raadaoaal a, f oipr.a, Ouraabt
aw aaaraataf, vhor SaM .ilrt. It 1. Irankl, itataS.
All aaauaaaaiaUoai .IriMI, iii,as.aaal. O3io liuar.i
l. h. tali. a.. aS S la I r. m. Buailara, 11 . lol f. a.
1 f.aoiia iriliaajas ta. aray m araf imr, laaf atrai Jlfaof
M las ft.
' k. r.-rtavb'M (tl aaian rMit ran imnUiiii of
m.atli B. 1 aal aat Mamai MaaaiM ml laM lor Iwe
- Ttte writing! ot a physician whose reputa
tion la anion wide is worth the pontage, snl
for 2.1 eea ta IK nm hood t tyossasshod !
lb pnarea, wis toll aaawer ero
' eleyaMa qnoctlon, that the tloaat
In: I ewrlona or latqalnKtve wish ta
fatow, will l Hni Hcenrelj asta.
at-aial. t i.iav twl-n.
ipuaf mstfionf book. nc w
Pi wr. r- I MP tOfc
MKMT8. to marriage 1 mum., mmhu
mam m m j
.. vnJ Miij MtJUi'!! 1
' nlmnlM on th fnc.
1 Vvm v 5iV fr ftp
fitiMMd 4ti$ kf 0 on
1 promaturfliy infirm V r wim t
naumption Ipllopsy.
Brnln td m fturu$
(rwfmmL ik ti Uui ftti amriou mr itfitMH with t
UmMtd MMAtM 3 mM 4mah,hAkM 29
' 617 St. CharlM St. St, Lonl.. Koi
fU Mat MyitNl if fsrt af th , mmr hmt ftmm
0 I A lJ 'Mnl.iti $14 trmitfrn-ml mU min
Virt hm lonsar loantod "' than
wir CknnH 7m vMian, ftmcl his works
BHd jtldtfO forwourMlf emn,intimimvitmtion
tnmvtUif (s7 i4U m, and UWimL Jhtrg UU$r $f
miitiff uHth mi lamp, MMrwf.
fi&a ml lit Hnnrt mnd Brnlai
An Answer Wanted.
Mr. Greeley very civilly asks
his party, on the subject of
embezzlement, bow it ia that a
paynui8ter 6tationed in the
Federal city, under the very
eye of the Treasury officers,
Paymaster-General, &c, could
draw $474,000 from the Treas
ury, $40,000 at a lick, ou hi
checks payable to bearer, and
gamble it away before his guilty
career was arrested. Of many
defalcations, this strikes U9 that
most Hazily investigated, vfhilo
it sadly needs elucidation. .
Oar Republican friends had
a meeting on Saturday last to
appoint delegates to their State
Convention. A County Cen
tral Committee was appointed,
ond Lewi Chester, a gent Io
nian of "African descent, yvd.s
put on the committee. Yve
learn this selection has given
offense to a number of Repub
licans who are not yet ready
for the equality doctrine ot the
leaders of the party, We shall
see what we shall see. It was
necessary for oar Republican
friends to do something to
retain the colored voters, and
the wire workers thought that
by putting Chester on the
Central Committee it would
not offend any of the white
trash and mollify the colored
element. We think they will
find out that they have made
a mistake at both ends.
" A Washington correspond
ent announces on the authority
of a leading Congressman, that
"the President has declared his
intention to force his nomina
tion at Philadelphia, whether
there shall then appear a rea
sonable prospect of his election
or not." ; '.

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