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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 10, 1872, Image 2

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l)c ffinquirer.
J-.niidlitg, North Bid of Malu tttreet, Juwl of
Court Heme.
5.. IT. BOWES, Editor.
AprUlO, 1872,
"We are now about to enter
a most important campaign,
nnd it ia the duty of every
Democrat in the county to tie
up and doing. Lay plans for
' the organization of Democratic
clubs in every school district.
Work of this kind lias a strong
tendency to thoroughly unite
the strength of the party, ana
if the party is to succeed in the
Dolitical campaign of the pres
ent var n.n organization of
v"" Jv"'l D
this sort must be strictly ad
hered to. -
Come out to your school
houses, and earnestly talk the
matter over, compare notes, in-
-terchange opinions, and be
come distinctly understood by
one another on all important
questions. There is work for
all, no matter how humble each
may consider his position in
the party ranks, and that work
must be performed with vigor
and cheerfullness. It is un
necessary to await the action of
the County or State Conven
tion before the Douiocracy as
semble in their respective lo
calities to perfect their primary
Let personal ambition be
laid aside, and all members of
the party be prepared to assist
in placing good men forward
as candidates, and then yield
them a cordial support. If this
course be per3ued, we have
no fears that when the battle
. i 1 1 3
is over, ana tue sinoKe cieareu
from- the field, but we shall
hear of the Democratic major
ity in Vinton county being far
up into the hundreds.
Democrats, weigh this mat
ter well, ere you take the step,
and when the step is taken, let
each one buckle on his armor
and be prepared for the work.
Let us loso no time I Sub
scribe for and read Democratic
papers I Keep posted !
Making Fortunes.
Poor toilers of the earth,
poor hard-handed people who
brave the sun and storm to
wring from the bosom of the
earth the means to keep body
and soul together, we pity you.
You do not know how to make
fortunes. Read this, form an
editorial in the New York Sun,
and learn :
Congress last year appropri
ated $500,000 for live oak and
other timber. This wa9 a
chance which could not be neg
lected, and one Sam Brown, a
virtuous patriot of Washington,
was sent down to the Atchafa
laya country by Robeson to
cut the timber on the govern
ment lands, He will get the
$500,000, making, of course, a
propper division with Robeson
and Cattell; while it is estima
ted by experianced persons
that his whole expenditure for
cutting and transporting the
timber will not exceed zUU,
000. This will make three
hundred thousand dollars
which the secretary of the
navy will have stolen out o
the public treasury, and divid
ed with Cattell, Brown, and
any other person who may
have forced himself int associa
tion with this band of robbers.
The result of the election in
Columbus that once Demo
cratic stronghold is not grati
fying to Democrats. J3owen,
the Dmo'cratio candidate for
Civil Engineer, and Nevins, of
the Statesman, the Democratic
candidate for Water Works
Trustee, are beaten, and the
Republicans have mada a gain
of three Councilmen.
The Democrats made gains
in several cities in Michigan at
tho charter elections oil If on-
More Villainy.
The New York Sun, always
the first in dragging to the
light the rascalities of the
Grant administration, devotes
fire columns of closely printed
matter to an exposure of vaill
ainies in the Mint at Philadel
phia. In its issne of last Mon-
day it says :
It is scarcely necessary to
call the attention of our read
ers to the facts respecting the
robbery of the United States
by officials of the Mint at Phil
adelphia, of which we publish
a summary in another column.
These facts have been ascertain
ed by a patient and difficult
investigation; but if Congress,
will take the matter in hand
in earnest, as it should do with-i
out delay, there is every reason J
to believe that the disclosures j
which we now lay before the
public will be far putdone.
llow corrupt, how rotten, how
full of dishonesty and robbery
every department of the t ed
eral government appears to
have become since the adminis
tation passed into the hands of
ulysses b, lirant I
Good News.
"We are pleased to announce
to the readers of the Mc Arthur
Enquirer that the New York
World, last week, in publish
ing a call for a meeting of the
Democratic State Committee,
at Albany, April 11th, arrang
ing to choose delegates to the
Democratic National Conven
ion, remarks that the Demo
crats look with no favor on the
socalled passive policy, fand
heir trusted representatives
will presently put the ordinary
party machinery in an efficient
situation. The Democratic
party, it urges, invites cooper
ation, and will meet all honest
allies in a liberal spirit, but
has never, for a moment, hadja
thought of dissolving its organi
zation or relaxing its party
The Possum or Passive
As the election in Conneticut,
on the 1st inst., resulted in the
defeat of the Democracy, we
are in hopes the passive or
possum policy advocates will
remain quiet in all future time.
How are you, Sambo!
J. Madison Bell, one of the
Toledo negroes, was made by
the late Radical State Conven
tion a delegate to the Grant
Convention at Philadelphia.
As the Radicals have discover
ed that they can't "run the
machine" without the assist
ance of the niggers, they place
meht ,in front in some places.
How proud they must feel of
their Sambo delegate !
"Our Do-Nothing Legislature."
This is the heading the
Cleveland Herald, a leading
Republican paper, puts to an
editorial, in which it says:
If the Ohio legislature were
agents of any good business
man, or any efficient corpora
tion, they would bo discharged
from the employ of such man
or company before the sun sets.
The neglect of public interest
by our Legislature, is simply
shameful. Despite the regular
vacation every three weeks,
the members absent themselves
on the slightest excuse or with
out any excuse. Ine member
are fierce enough to secure
their positions at nominating
convention and election day,
but once in position they are
not willing to attend to the
f)uolic Dusiness wueu n, iu iue
east, interferes with their pri
vate pursuits.
As the Legislature is Re-
publican, ot course tue respon-
sibility is on that party, and
we can assure" the Republican
members of the Legislature
that the Republican masses are
disgusted with this sort of
management. Messrs. uegis-
ators either do somethiog or
The Supreme Council of
scotch lute Masons will meet
Louisville May 16th, instead
Ban rranoisco.
Some kiud and thoughtful
friend directed the publishers
of the New York Tribune to
send us a copy of that great
Radical journal. We put in a
portion of last Sunday in read
ing it. It contains many good
and bad things. Every body
knows that it was strongly in
favor of the election of Gran
for President. Nobody but
Grant would satisfy the cele
brated Greeley of that journal
la the copy of that paper we
find this paragraph, which we
want the Republican readers
of this paper to carefully read
Boston must have a singul
arlv mannered Post-Office. A
gentleman writes to The'Cour
ier that, having occasion to
post a "too-late" letter, he en
tered the mailing department.
and there "found the clerks en
gaged in the edifying amuse
ment ot chucking bundles of
Dapers. emptv mau-baers." and
the like, at one of their num
ber who was clearly in toxical
ed, and was vainly1 trying to
sort papers in a way that was
anytmng out creaitaoie to tne
management of the office."
The writer adds that this may
"account for some of the lost
parcels of which Boston pub
lishers justly complain.
The reader can now see how
business is conducted under
this Administration. Those
persons whom we often hear
complaining of the nonarrival
of mail natter can now see the
cause of the delay. No one
can say the Tribune lies about
The Columbus Ohio States
man of Friday last, says:
"The Legislature met' at
eight o'olock this morning, and
was in session a few secouds.
The members who didn't get
off yesterday were so anxious
to vamose that the. usual
prayers were omitted; .Busi
ness will be resumed next
The Democrats of Cincinnati
carried that city by from 2,000
o 8,000 majority on Monday,
the 1st inst. The many friends
of Alfred Taple, Esq., will be
pleased to learn that he has
been elected one of the J udges
of the Superior Court of that
city by 8,000 maiority. Mr.
Yaple foruiely resided iu Eagle
Township, in this county,
How the Money Goes.
Gen. Beatty, M. C, good
Radical authority, who now
represents the Delaware Dis
trict in Congress says in an ad"
dress to the House, recently,
illustrating the "cost of Bun
comb," that owing to the exces
sive speech-making it cost
$400,000 to print the Globe
tor tue -lorty second Congress,
IIo declared that if the
Globe continued to increase in
size in the next thousand years
in the same ratio that it had in
the past thirty yeras there
would not be room on this ter
restrial sphere to stow it away,
So plastered and smeared
over with frauds and corrup
tions is Grant's administration
that they require the services
of nfteeu committees from the
House ot Representatives
alone, to investigate them.'
Hon. Samuel Galloway, o
Columbus, died on . Friday
evening. Mr. ualloway nas o:
late years taken an active par
in politics, and was a few years
ago nominaiea ior Xiieucenant
Governor on the Republican
State ticket, but withdrew be
fore the oyening of the canvass.
He was an ardent Republican,
a man of great social qualities
and an effective stumper.
A bad Btate of affairs pre
vails in Mexico. Person and
property is only safe under
military protecuoD, ana agn
cultural industry is ruined.
An attempt has been made
to assassi late that remarkable
young man, the Mikado of Ja
pan. He has been progressing
too rapidly of late, and tho con-
servauves are uououess aiarm-
General Humphrey Marshall
died at his residence in Louis
ville, on the 28th of March, of
pneumonia and bronchitis.
Madison Township Election.
'.1 :
Democratic Victory almost Complete!
- pletel
The Nomocracy of Madison done nobly, at the
eloctlo on the lt, notwithstanding numerous
trick 'that were played "from early dawn till
dewy 'five" by the Jtepuhlluans. The whole
ticket vas elected e,xoofit.the Treasurer, Here
it me resuin ...
I Justices of tho Peaces .
J. T. Hack.... ...vu !
Idinrv IColiertson 150
D.Y.lfnJamlu ., H
F.Shiulos ........... 118
Trustees: .
.Tame Flnnogan , . .148
DavidMoney , ire
A. K.Mcl.nlU ,....15A
E. B. Jorvan. i...., 1H4
J. K.pleor 109
J, TJuwett 129
Francfi Scott..... .. ; '...147
F. 8. Wolfe 138
IS. M. tandorfbrd 1M
G,Jfc..Atckisou : i lOil
i i . Constables:
w. H. Vansky ...;.103
J. W.fiwoany.J 01
J. T. Sharp. , Ill
CI W. Gist 43
John Dawson 40
John Hamilton. i. ....i... ; 1
J. G. Will .
Aaron Vanskv. .T.J. Allison. G. E. Atkinson.
Wilson Wlnklcnian, Silas MoWhorter nut! John
Shirley wore elected ltoad Supervisors.
The Judires of the elucilon were A. K. McLaln.
Thomas Kenny, and M. J. Robertson : and the
Cloiks wore E. M. Vandcrtbrd, W. H. 1). Sands.
Tko cotintlnn out of the votes was not com
pleted until a lute hour In the night, Tho Dem
ocrats supposed they were beaten luntil about 10
o'clock, when a grand old lhimooratin Meoster,
In a coop clone by, announced the victory of six
of the down-hbarted candidates, as tho counting
oiu slowly continued, by crowing six times in
succession, i nis was no nouut tue cause ol the
Puniooratlo victory. Above can bo seen the
likeness of the Koostor that caused tho victory.
Dead men tell no talcs; if
they did, anathemas against the doplotlng
lnncot,tho drastlo purge, and the lallivants of
materia medics, would arise front every grave
yard.-' The motto or modern medical science Is
"Preserve and regulate, not destroy," and no
remedy of our day Is so entirely In harmony
with this timlanthrsplc logic si Dr. Walker's
Vegetable Vinegar Bitters. In this Dowerlul.
ret harmless restorative, dyspepsia, bilious
complaints, and all diseases ot the the stomach,
ii ver,Duweis buu nerves, encounter an Irrefu
table antidote. 13-4t
' There is a dam difficulty be
ween Illionis and Indiana, It
egan more than twenty years
Senator Wilson wrote to Mr.
lorace Greeley inquiring the
most approved method of culti
vating beet?. The philoso
pher's was short,' .but to the
point: "Persist in your effort
to have-Grant renominated.
A fire' in an Indiana town
wa3 put out a few days aero by
a troop of boys who bombard
ed it furiously with snow-balls.
bisiiow-bnll brigade consti-
uted the only fire department
which the town had, and it is
not likely to be efficient in the
month of August.
A farmer residing near Utica,
N. Y., while being run away
with by a pair ot frightened
horses, shouted, "I leave my
wife $10,000 ; no time to make
will. He is still alive, but
badly bruised.
A piece of soiled waste pa
per calling it?elf the New York
Republican says : "We wish
President Grant no such dbubt-
ful compliment as a nomination
in the Cincinnati Convention."
Those grapes are doubtless
sour, and they hang altogether
too high. Otherwise the Grant
ring would be 6ure to take
them, as tliey are in a habit of
sakingevery thing they can
lay their hands on.
Three men in Pittsburgh
diank a half gallon of raw
whisky Friday night. Two of
tnem are alive.
EUUT'S s ili:.
auAtif 'tAsVlNtost awaily.
- - ', Oeorgo W. Brunton, riautlff,
Ttnnljkt n... n .1 A ui T..A r.r A .
VU....I. u. van. riiu nun n. uuua. Asuiviiumi US.
Viuton Oounty Court Common Pleas, Order
, or aaio.
Pursnnot to the cominnndof an order of aalo
Issued Irom the Court of Coinnitn Pleas of Vin
ton County, and to me directed ns ShuiinT of
laid county, I will offer for sale ut the door of
tne court Uouso, in the Town of AlcArthnr,
luwu couuty,uiiio, on
Saturday, th 41th Say of May, A.
T l ANA '
u, inn,
At tho hour of 1 o'clock p. if. of said day, the
louowlug deacrlbeu lanus ana teueuxenU, to
wn i
A strip five feet In width off the oast aide of
nne running norm aim soutn inrougn in-iot
Nn. 41), beginning at a point thirty-seven feet
east ol the south-west corner ol the said lot;
uicnoe running norm to ma auey on tne norm
of said lot parallel with tho west hue of said
lot, Mug In-Lot No. forty. ttvo(i) In said town
of McAiLhiir also a atrln tlilrtv-three feot In
U.l.1,1. IT .1.- unh an.l f A..l.l 1 f ah Al.n ... n- A
""".II uu in. i ui.iA wi naa.i iw,uii ,nu T K
side or said uartition line, dewrlbed as follows.
to wlti Hftuiniiiiitf at a uninton the wetttslde.
of said lot thirty-three feet from the north
west corner) thence eiwt thirty-seven feet to
the aaid partition line ; ihuiica north to the alliiy
on the north of said lot thirty-three feet) thones
noai 10 ina niiriu west corner 01 sum tot)
umncai aonin u me Diaee or ucuinninir.
Annraiaed sit seventy dollars (170). and must
oriiij iwo-inirus 01 vnst stun1
Taken as the nronert v of Daniel H. Dnnn anil
Ann E. Dana to satisfy an order of aale In
lavor or ueorgt w . J minion.
Tkhmv or 6a ut. Cash In hand.
Bhorlir Viuton Couuly.
II- O, .Tc-Kit. Attorney for Plt'ff.
April 10, lsii-wo
David Foreman'! Estate,
frobata Cpart, Tluton County. O,
Motion is hereby given that Josenh M. Fore
man, administrator of the estate of David
.1 In. ,11.. I I. - t ...1 . L
ui.jmiAi,, iiraywwiou. im. niou iii arV'Uiiiiv W1VII
said estate for final settlement, and that the
saw Is aet lor bearing on tho
4th Say of May, A. D. 1872,
atSo'clecka, m.
u. ii. at aiu.
April 10, lT5-4t rrpbaU i w(.
Bargains for
n fi 'f
OurlTIoUo shall 1)0 "Try to please
.,; and give entire satisfaction. '
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BiMers' Harita, Salers' Hanta, Cappters' Tools, Cutlery!
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1 .fL ViU
r. r
s l" '
assortment 01
article of
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best article of
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f FaPIIaEPST or fits.
tar tbla dlitnwlni eomnlalnl Ii now marl
TiratlM ( of 48 ooOvo pff ) on Fonlrn utj
i rrtrMu-anonv, pabiuiiMOT ue. u. I'uvlvm
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l It known. It hu tratwl m-v hmlv whn
1 In a tlngla I
m aav dnia; M
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IaL FcnMin.JetlritiirafloprlDarAWliWMOB.
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will U ami by man nail, Ctm.
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oi onartfe. ju.u.srAiusm.,
March, 1873. Cleveland, O
Frnlt, fTppoo Oardea, P1onta Flowei,
Shade, J-'668' Hedae, 1 anl8 Garden,
TTaHa ' ApvU end Grab Rootgraftt bast
oeeus. ,orUi moo,. 60.oo
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(Ins . 11.00
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Llat 10e
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tation, it la useless to pnrtioiilarize ooni ornlng
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ment, viai la many towns tliero are snouts
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stances, claimed to bo agents for tho Original
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llo and prevent them from applying for the
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cabinet" organs
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mil nve possessed of iinediiiilcd fHc.HKU. fnr
seeurlng the insertion of niUerllscinsntn in nil
Acwspapera anureiioillcaisflt lowest rates.
i EXPRESS TRAINS leave Indianapolis
dully, except Sunday, for 6T. LOUIS and
THIIE only Mno runiiiiig I'lTLLM AN'H cl.
I hi nted Ornwiiiir-room Slccninir Csralrnm N.
7.. I'lttsburirh. i'ulumbiis. Ixjnisville. (In.
cinnntl, and Iiidlaiiupolls, to St. l.oula wilhoul
Pu.UAnt.AM d1,l..lll fai.A..I.A- l.n. 1. I m I. Alt.
(irHt ) est Doiiml Ktiute for Kiiiihiis City,
Leavenworth, Luwrenre, Topeks. Junc
tion City, FortHeott and St. Joseph.
TO KANSAS, for the pur.
poHeof ostublishlner them-
iclves In new homes, will huve lihcrnl discriin.
inatlon made In their favor by this Line. Hat
Isfaetorycnminutntlon on reiriilar rates will ha
Riven to Colonists and large parties traveling
ouiner: nun tneir nngaugo, einigrniu oiunc
and stock will ho shipped on tbe niobt favora
hle terms, presenting to
Shop comfort and sccoiiiinodiitlons as are pre
suutuil by HO O't'HEK HOUTK.
TtCKKT.Soan heohtalned stnll thenrfnelnnl
Ticket onicew Iu the Eastern, Middle and
southern stiitcs.
o. rc. Foi.i.K'rT,
General PnH.ongrr Agent. St. Louis.
Esstern Piisscnu'cr Avent. Indinnspolfs.
(lenornl Superintendent. Inclinnapolls.
tub our AT
Democratic Journal of ike 1st
The Exponent of Cnnstttutioiml Onvci nment,
a.... t. .-i..,. - i' . v. A .., ....
IIIC lll,lltH JI I IO nitltKI. U'lUAl AU.MIVIVII,
niidlhe Abolition of all Cnaecessary
. Burdens upon the Tux-Payers of
the Country.
We shall oiipnao unjust and epnresilv Tar
ffit'liv wlili'li tho Aurlciiltnrnl West It nm(lt)
to pay enormous tribute to Hip Man ti factor in i(
t'jtxsi; nun snnw iiemauii mr'n niiiniiieuiiuns ul
the Internal Revenue Lnwiw will enco'tirsKO
industrv and relieve labor.
The Weekly Knqulrcr will not only he trno
to the principles of the Democratic' oar! v in
Its editorial columna, but, mm a Flrst-cla-n Fsm
II v. Ion rn al, it will be excelled by none ptis.
liahed in the United States.
The Market Iteports will bo prepnrrd with
Brent cure nnd as a great expense to give tho
fullest nnd latest information from all tho
markets of the world.
In News Department will contain a carefully
ii'niini n.l ftiimiri.'iri if rtv.mlu rnnan. .l ...-
throughout the world.
Its Literary Pehu'tinns will betaken fr. m
tho host English and American current Litera
ture. Its Correspondence will Include loiters firm
r ranee ana ir.ngisiin.aH well as from leading
cities of the United States. 8iecrTnen ropli
fieo. Address, FAKAN A McLKAN,
uutlnnnll. o.
la Cbemioal and Utdical Belenea.
FI118T ANT) ONLY POT.T'TTON erer m..
Innn. siiixim (, ALIa 'fttfl TWI I VK
raluablu aotir. rpriiicipils of th.. wall knorxn
earaiivd unut,
ti?:zz 'mi:?! tak,
tnfRQTJALED In fnughs. Colds, Caterrk,
A'lhiun, llroaoliitu, uii consumption.
A rcoeut cold la three tfo six fount and nl.n,
by iu V1TALISINU, rUKIFTINO and h'l 1
UUI.ATINO citrate npon th.i ysnaral ayatmn,
la i.mirkably erHnarioua in all
tnoludiny buioliila and Enipliona of the akin,
DrnpopMi, Dlniim of th. Livar and Knlueyn,
Heart Xliaaaas, and Ocoeral Debility.
iUO, A
Volatile Solution of Tar
For INHALATION, without applltiarion of
HEAT. A rumnrkaMy VALUAHI.Bdiw overjr,
an tho whole apptrntuscan bncarriutl in ibo vi-i
poeliiit, nadv at any lima for thaiuoatklttatuul
and positively eura'ive ua in
All Dtsoose. of (he NOSF. THHOAX
and LV.U.
Tar and Mandrako Pill.
for use in connection wl!h the ELIXin TAI1,.
is a comhinr.tlon of the TWO most valuable.
ALTERATIVK ilfdioinen known In tl Pro
feasion. and renrieia this Pill witliout uxctiitiou
the very bust over offered.
ZaCsa. Jaaal Bait
la without doubt tli Beat nmwly known in
oaasa of ' .
rum vm Ann vn i nvj rnrrn (
It isaflpsciflaforanch dlseHaea, and ahnuld Ity.
ssptin in.iiouaanouiof avery lanitty, anpoclniv
aunug mow uioniaa in wnico
are liable to prevail. A small qqod'ily tnkiiis
dully will prova.t tontraotiiAte. iliss. tsrrlbi.
eolutlon and Comnonrul Fllslr, ll.Ort per Bntltn
Volatile Solntloo for Iuliakttion. f J.OOpor Bow
Tar and Uandmbn PJ'ls, COcts per box.
Brad for Circular if fOMTIVIJ Cl'IUiS
to youi Dtuggist, ut U
It, Ta A', CO.,
bolb piiui'iiiiiTona,
110 E. Hh, .V; Vork.

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