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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 10, 1872, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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St Ijc (Enquirer.
T- "W. Bowen,
' , IDITOft.ANn PROl'ftlfeTOIt.
Pay your debts to koep money in
The trimming 6f grape rinos is
now in order.
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sis
con's Drugstore
Envelopes and noto paper for
sale at tbis office,
Much rain has fallen since Satur
day morning.
Don't forgot to como to this office
whon you want any kind of print
ing done.
Next Friday, the 12th,will be the
95th anniversary of the birth of
Uonry Clay.
Jcdcie W. K. Hastings took his
soat on tho bench at Portsmouth
on Monday, April 1.
Persons desiring printed letter
heads, nolo lioads, or envelopes are
invited to call at this office and sue
our stock of paper and envelopes.
Now stock jjast received.
Live temperately go to a church
whero there is no preaching of poli
tios attend to your own affairs
subscribe for the McArtuur En
quiree live.
The dwelling house of G. W.
Brunton, in this town, caught firo,
on Thursday afternoon last, but the
fire was extinguished after part of
tho roof on ono side was burned.
Had tho full Democratic voto
been pollod in this township, last
Monday week, ovory man on our
ticket, except Assessor, would have
been electod. Why do Democrats
stay at homo on election day?
"For Everybody," and illustra
ted family papor, published month
ly, by II. II. Sago, 26 Allen stroot,
Buffalo, N. Y., at $2 per year, is cor
tainly ono of tho best nnd most
handsome papers published in tho
"United States. It can bo soen at
this office Send for it.
Last week in giving tho result of
tho election in Elk township, tho
mime of G. W. Snylor, ono of tho
Republican candidates for Consta
ble, was accidentally omitted. He
recioved 119 votes.
Our old friend, Lot L. Smith,
Attorney nt Law, of Columbus, was
electod Justice of the Peace for
Montgomery township, on tho 1st
inst., receiving a majority of 903
over his opponent.
No Democrat should bo without
his own county paper. He who
claims to bo a Democrat and does
not support his own political organ
is a houthon. Chillicothe Advertiser.
You aro correct, Arch.
Egbert Bowen, 1J miles west of
Ziloski, has a choice lot of Early
Potatoes for sale, at a reasonable
prico. .
Manhood! Womanhood!
Who may marry and who not. Why? Im
p i Ilin.uiU, causoj nnd cure; 10S pago sent
sealed for 9 cents. Address Dr. WIIlTTlKIt,
IT Oharlos Street, St. I.oulu, Mo., who treats
all chronK virulent, nnd apodal illsonscs. The
Hunt suoocml'iil NpocinlUt of tho ngo. l-tf
For Ayor's Modioines, go to Q.
.W. Sisson's. ;
G. W. Saylor, on tho wost sido of
Logau Street, will repair your
watches, clocks, jowolry, oto., on
abort notice, in a style that will eat
isfy you, at very low prices. Thoso
needing repairing ofnny description
should give him a call.
The M. b d"ii.'Rhavo estab
lished a rule that none of its em
ployees shall go into saloons while
on duty, nnd that all who becomo
Intoxicated shall get a ticket of
Chillicothe Advertiser.
A very good rulo It should bo
Btrictly enforced too.
List of letters remaining in the
Post-office, at Zaloskl, on the first of
April 1872:,
Jeromo Ro.wo, Lizzie fi.eoton,
Joseph Myers, A. It. Hinzy, Na
thaniel P. Cunningham, Morila
Dipson, Jacob Bradford, K. M.
Lloyd, Hiram Wilson.
Aro You Oolnfy West ?
If so, take our advice, and purchase your tfcV
cttovorthe old reliable and popular Mlsourl
FucllloRslIroitd' which la, positively, the only
Line that rum three Dally Express Tralnt from
l-.m? to Xanana City, and the Wostl and 1
t,,e "'Jr whloli rim" Palm, n'l
1'al.ne Hleepors nnd Il.y Ooiich.o (eapKll v
for mover) equipped with Miller's sTfMy '"at!
form and the patent Stoam Hrako, from St Louis
to Kaniina Clly, Port Seott, raraons, Lawranoo
fMUr?n2-n, .AIv!hl".nA 8t' .e,'. Nebraska!
Ity Cornell blullH and Omaha, without ohiuiirol
For information In rpftnrd to Time Tallica, rnto
An., to any point IpMianourl, KumiM, Nebraska,
Ooloriiho, Texan or (Inlllfornlii. cull on orsddresi
7- i. Th"m."on' A1Pnt Mlaaonri Paolflo R.R. Ool.
AJl"?hJ0' ?r0':- Ford, General Pnncngcr
Afmet.St. Lnulg, Mo
No trouble to answer questions I
Tho Chillicothe Post says:
Messrs. John Gaynor andP
G. Griffin -have purchased
several acres of land lying be
tween Watt JStreet and the
fetation vKoad, which will be
laid oft in town lots.
Last Monday (April 1st,) was the
aninoversary of the great firo which
devastated Chillicothe twenty years
nga.C'hillicotlie Post,
Tho pre on, which this paper is
pritiU-d "remembers alt about" that
destructive fire. At the time of the
fire it belonged to E. B. Eshelman,
Editor and Proprietor of the Chilli
cothe Adverser, and it stood in the
third story of a magnificent build
ing, and ig fulling through into the
eeller several of its most useful
"limbs" wore broken. As a press,
however, it is a pucccss. In 18C1,
it was employed by Hon. James
Emmitt, of Waverly, to remove the
county seat of Pike county from
Piketon to Waverly. It was suc
cessful. It is still a very respecta
ble old press1
II. C. Miller, Assistant
Will bo at McArthur, at the Mc
Arthur IIouso, April 17th, in the
afteauoon, and April 18th in the
forodoon , Zaleiki, at the Baughman
House, April 18th, in the fter noon;
llamden, at tho Fox nouso, April
19th in tho forenoon.
Thoso having business with him
will plenoa remember this. 2-t
rtrainard's Musical World for
April i9 filled with an unusual
amount of original matter and all
sorts of things for musical people-
Published at the Great Contral
Music Publishing House of S.
Brainnrd's Sons, in Cleveland, 0.,
at 81 per year.
Many important items aro crowd
od out this week.
Wo answer, get to the KouthwoHt Missouri,
bcciuiso the A tlantic & raolflo Rallrottrt Co.
olfor 1,8(10,000 Acres of Lund to actual settlers,
at low price on longcrudlt, hpjldcs furnishing
froe trnniportatlon over tliolrroad. to purchas
ers ; this roHd extend from 8k Louis, through
Missouri to Vlnltia, Indian Territory, is being
pushed rapidly to IU destination, the Paclfla
Coast; will be one of tho trunk lines of the
country, novcrbloolcudcd by snow tho lauds
alone the road are in a Huh fertile country, oh
productive na any In thc8titto;'tlio climate com.
hinui all thRaiTantag,isof northern nnd aouih-
em latitude; geod climate .soil, health, water
limber, grzimr,frulU and flowotn, invite yon
to go to this region. Fur further Information
address A TUCK, Laud Com'r, 1123 Walnut
Street, Si. Louis, Mo. 15-ly
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,
Advertisoing alone does not pro
duce success. . Tho thing which is
ndvertisod must have intrinstic
merit, or else largo advertising will
do it more harm than good. If you
havo anything which you know to
bo good, advortiao it thoroughly,
and yon. will,lejiuro. to Bucecodjji
it is poor, don't praise it, for poo
plo will soon discover you are lying.
Such is tho policy of tho Burling
ton Route, which runs to throe
great regions in the West: 1st, To
Omaha, connecting with the grout
Pacific Roads. 2d, To Lincoln, tho
capital of Nebraska, and all that
boautiful region south of tho Platte,
filled with Railroad lands and home
steads. 3d, To St. Joseph, Kansas
City nnd all Kansas points.
The roads aro splendidly built,
havo tho best bridges, finest cars,
tho Miller platform and coupler,
and tho safely air brake (to prevent
tho loss of life that is ovory where
elso happening); Pullman's sleepers,
Pullman dining cars, largo and
powerful engines (to mnke quick
time and connections), and aro in a
word the best cquippod roads in tho
West. So that if you desiro to go
safely, surely, quickly and comfort
ably to any point in Southern Iowa
Nebraska, Kansas, or on tho Pacific
lioads, bo sure that you go "By
Wuy of Burlington."
All who wish particular informa
tion, and a large map,' ohowing
correctly tho Groat West, and all
railroad connections, can obtain
them, and any other knowledge, by
addressing General Passonger
Agent,' B. & Mo. R. R. R., Burling
ton, Iowa.
For Sale.
Any person wishing to purchase
a good post-hole borer should call
at this office, and see the best.
The Columbus Ohio Statesman
has been sold by Novins, Modary
& Co., to Linton & Dodd, of Toledo,
Ohio. , Tho now proprietors took
charge of the establishment on tho
1st of ttiis month. The Daily
Statesman is now issued in the eve
ning instoad of tho morning. Its
appearance and tone aro groatly
changod for the bettor. We hope
it may bo of some service to the
Domocratio party In tho coming
On account of tho very inclomont
woalhor, on Monday evoning last,
the Musical and Litorary Entortain
mont of the Y. M, O. A. was post
poned until Tuesday evoning,
April lCth, on which occasion, all
nro invitod to attend. Admittance
Ono of the Now York City phy
sician published a card last woelr.
in which ho statod bo loliovod that
small pox was propagated by. Na-
tional Hank hills.
Clinton Township.
There was a very small turn out
at the election on Monday, April 1,
only 85 votos being polled;. The
result is as follows:
D. B.Dye 40
S. B, Cole.... 34
S. W. Monahan v. 68
Ym. Ogior. 48
Alex-Livingston 48
Ezra Tim me , 30
J. M. Thomas 33
R. S. Wilcox..... .......62
B. W. Koleh. ..60
J. W. Wilcox ..24
J. M. Page 4... 40
Jesse-Garey.. ... ..63
Charles Timms 20
John M. Dye was elected Assessor
without opposition receiving 83
Commissioner's Proceedings.
Tho Board of County Commissioners met in
apodal session at tho Auditor'! Office, pursuant
to adjournment, on .Thursday, April 4th. Pres
ent: H. H. Bwahn, Patrick Kelly, Washington
Keoton, Commissioners, and W. W; Belford,
Twenty-two proposals for building of the
bridge across Big Raccoon Creek, near the real
donee of Widow Ilawk, In Wllkesvllle town
ship, wcro openod and examined. J. It. Oowgill
being tho lowent bidder, the contract was award
ed to him for (1,585.
G. W. Pilchor and John and Simon Shrake,
bridge contractora, were each allowed orders on
brldgo fund In part payment for building
Thirteen proposals wore filed for selling
lunus for Infirmary Purposes. Tlio proposals
were as follows:
p p p 3 t
i S 1 I
I 8 8' ? 1
o ( c. r
r : :
? : : : ;
Samuel Maguo. . IX 121 VS5 163 fit) uo
N. Richmond.. . 3 144 60 204 88 70
August Book... as 110 40 160 40 00
Georgo Craig. . . 4 BOO 80 880 40 00
Howell, Dickson 1 138 8 ,136 00 00
A. IX. Turvey. . . 5 100 40 800 45 00
Thomas Craig.. 191 20 154i 45 GO
W. f. Kollou.... 1 155 40 193 85 00
David Bay ta 880 03 48
Georgo Blown . . 4 131 170 309 SB 50
Thomas Weaver 4 140 100 340 98 00
J. Wortinau .. .. S l'JO 40 tfiO 84 37
Win. Bray 4 I 2001 40 I 810 I 87 50
The Commissioners havo examined the luuils
above uunivil, and ronrliulcd to purchaso the
Isaac Ulloui farm, 1,S milus north of town, on
the Logau road. Notice to .bo given lit next
week's paper. '
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
goto Sisson's.
To those Entitled to Pictures.
Thoso of our subscribers who have
not received the Thurman picture,
will pleuHo call at this office and get
pictures of Hon. William Allen,
of Ohio.
Jackson. Tho I)omocrats wore
successful at the ,towuship election,
but wore partly defeated in the cor
poration election. Dr. I. T. Mona
han is ono of the three constables
for Lick township. Tho cireum
stances connected with the election
of tho Dr. aro. ns follows.- The
Democrats of that township met in
convention shortlj' botore tho elec
tion to nominato a township ticket,
Tho names of a number of gentle
men wore announced, all of whom
declined being candidate for con
table except W. II. Palmer and W.
F. Owens. The Dr. then arose and
mado a brief speech, in which he
stated that no man should refuse to
serve tho people whon called upon
by tho people to do so. The Dr.
took hia Beat without considering
tho effect of his remarks. Hon. V.
T. Wusham forthwith announced
t'o name of Dr. I. T. Monahan fo.
Constable. The D couldn't de
cline. His majority is tho highest
of any man on tho ticket. The Dr.
can probably find time to fill tho
office if he can Bell his drug store
and hotel and abandon the practice
of medicine.
Tho Republicans of Madison
TowtiBhip thought thoy would play
a nico joke on Daris Duncan, by
not ri-norainating him for Justice
ofthePoaco. Tho Esq. informs us
that he "can lay low and oat poke
root;" but wo differ with bim on
that one point. He roally stands
high and ia selling the finest lot of
Family Grooorics, Glassware, and
Quoonswaro, do., in Zaloski, at low
prices. The Republicans of that
townBhip, who "wentbnek" on him,
will have 4 -to eat poke-root" before
Hi end oi throe years, if tbey vote
for Grant for another four years.
It ia said that Plantomour's
firey comet, will vistit the
earth at or about the hour of
four o'clock, on the 12th of
August, 1872. Some learned
people declare that the world
will come to an end when that
comet appears. The bad boys
of McArthur will take notice
and govern themselves accord
ingly. Let the wicked pre
pare for ft journey into the on-
known realms ot tutunty.
"We learn from, I he Portland
Democrat, published in Jay
county, Indiana, that our friend
F. Ml Lottiidge, formerly a
resident of .McArlhiuY has
been admitted to the bar, and
will commence the practice of
law.. Ever may he be Bucces3
full . ' '
It is the duty of every Dera
ocratic voter in this county to
subscribe for. the McArthur
Enquirer bo we can enlarge
aud otherwise Jmprove the
paper and make? it much more
profitable to the reader. : Come
in with your nanies.'
As wi go to press we learn that ITrank Riley
and John Dolan of Zuloskl got into a difficulty,
ort Monday evening, which resulted in John
being severely stabbed throe pr four times.
Riley was arrested yesterday and taken before
Esq. Benjamin.
Spriug is opening up lovely.
Tt will bring its'paina as well
as ita pleasures ; its folly and
fun will be mingled with fret
fulnesa and- fey era; its gay
breezes will be interwoven
with all -the financial flusters of
this destructive . Administra
tion. The "oldest inhabitants" tes.
tifies that there ia not on record
snch a boisterous and changa
ble March as the last one.
fiihu'ge number of men are now
at work upon our Itailroad near
Gallipolis. ' . .
I. N. Ijottbdok las sold his
property in this town and romoved
to Allensvillo and purchasod au in
terest in the Woolen Factory.
Hollowayt Pills aud
Scrofula or morbid deposits
in the lungs, joints and Tissues.
These medicines have rendered
this disease a less formidable
scourge than formerly. It has
been incontestably proved that
in Scrofulous affections they
have effected ' thousands of
cures. Sold everywhere. 25
cents per box or pot..
Cheaper than the Chcnncst at
Bishop's, WilkesviHe.O.
Business men, if you want
cards, circuluraj' bill Vi(i(l, let'
ter heads, tug,-envelopes, yu
can get theni very cheap at the
Enquirer Job Office.
On last Thursday week the
Hudson river was open to nav
ifratioii for 115;miles from New
York City. '
Shrewd Indiana politicians
propose to run a Henry county
man against Grant, inasmuch as
hehns 104 brothers-in-law, and
other relatives in proportion. .
Horace Greeley heard that
they made 8,000 pounds of
DUiter rrom sixteen cows, at
Danhury. lie bought a lot of
cows at once, andis going to
have them ground up and
churned. "You see,"." 6aid he,
"I can buy live beef for eight
ceuts a pouud1 and butter is
worth forty. If it costs two
cents a pound for labor, I shall
clear three hundred per cent.
The man who saya this is not
so is a liar and a horse-thief!"
Sleeping Together.
The laws of life says : More
quarrels anise , between broth
ers, between sisters, between
hired girls, between school
girls, between plerks in stores,
between apprentices, between
hired men, between husbands
and wives owing to elecutrial
changes, through which their
nervous systems go, by lodging
together night after night, un
der the same bedclothes, than
by any other disturbine cause.
There is nothing that will de
range the nervous system of a
person who is eliminate in ner
vous force like lying all night
in bed with' another person
who is almost absorbant in
nervous force. The absorber
will go to sleep nnd rest, while
the eliminator will be tossing
and tumbling, restless and
nervous, and wake u in the
morning fretful, peevish and
discouraged. No two persons,
no matter who they are, should
habitually sleep together. One
will thrive and one will lose.
This is the law, and in married
life it is defied almost univers
ally, , . -. . ;
Brownlow'ff middle came is
Gaunaway, . .
The Solo of Arms.
We no longer wonder that
the friends of the administra
tion in the Senate opposed an
investigation into the facts con
encted with the sale of arms
during the recent Franco-Ger
man war; They were well
aware that th facta would be
most damaging to the adminis
tration, both as regards viola
tion of laws and our neutral
obligations. The facts already
elicited are thus summed up by
tne uutiaio Uouner: .
FirstThat the law rea Hir
ing the thirty days' notice of
tne contemplated sale ot arms
was violated.
LI 1 n,.
oecona That arms were
delivered to French agents af
ter it was discovered that they
were buying for France.
Inird that officers of the
Government were fullv aware
of the fact that arms were de
livered at the piers and on
board ot the x reuch vessels in
New York.
Fourth That in these sev
eral transactions international,
statutory, and municipal law
have been knowingly violated.
Fifth That no Senator has
been in conference with any
French agent or French spy,
precedent to this investigation.
The Government officials
were aware that the arms sold
were delivered at the piers and
on board of French vessels in
Hew York, and were taken
there at government expense.
The whole transaction was a
job, out of which certain offic
ials pocketed a fine sura of
money at the expense of the
national honor.
Heavy freshets have occur
red iu the interior of Georgia,
and much damage has been
I ' 1 J
Any one who is so lucky as
to nave a tilty dollar note shov
ed at him had better examine
it closely, aa a number of coun
terfeits of this denomination
are afloat. Rotes of that de
nomination are not ofiered to
If too wirr o ear ALL ronit
SuHscaisa oa bs) REAL PiSTATB
REGISTER, PinsanaoH.PA.JWeesJr
40 Columns: ll.on aystart. Suapie sopy free.
rpiIE liamsoss dsmtiid for Hslluwsy's Pills sod
JL Olntinfnt, has aempled onprlnilplod psrtissto
eminterfell Ihers rslimbls tnndicinss, is order to
proteot the public and onrwlvvs, we uavs kwsrn a
new "Trade Msrk,"ooiiaiHtlnKof Egyptian olrsls of a
sarnsnt. with tho If tier H In Uis esatre. Kvsir hex
of Hllnw'. I'lll. and Olulmeala will haa this
rtrads mark on It; suns are genuine without It.
a, I. UUaMioiU'o.. 0oi rropririora,
78 Maiden Line. Naw Tork
Jon 1), Pass, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sole Agaat for
ins stale. . iy
617 St. Charlo itreet, 8t. Louli, Me.
Has been longer enjaged In the treat.
rpent of Wonoroal,, fefual '
bleeaeee ' " " r.ls at. ibS.. h .m
tia ( oil; pnini.v. 6pftlll. Corjorrhosa.
Cleet, Stricture. Orohltls, Hernia
Rupturei iJrlniirT Dlieaeeewi Syphlll
tlo or aMrourial Arreotlone " Thfoat,
fikln.r Bones .us ii.mi.M kwa
Spermatorrhoea, , Sesyal Debility "
ImBotencr, r.,.uUtf ni-mimm la iaui. muI
IQ..M. lu Hlk.um year., M Mbm wsm. snS wb.ua
wwIum n. of u. niiorim MHi nervous
aooturnal emissions, jteblilty, dlir
or slant, pimpiea on tne tao.ppnMiuri
ilofi to soolrty 6f female
Toss of iilemoi
mrrliuEa morooer.
rj ani
eesuaiMjrar. ';a,'l"S
writ., .TrloBJir 111 fu.u s.thloi
k. mIIm! .no.. U
t. hH4(Smi US s th)ttatm
it. am will uiwruaM
tPMUns tb.u..Di Qi .mm n.7 jw Mq.itwiM.
rh.ilelHt Saowlol, ails ln4nMlljnMl.SMsSHn.aat,
tTibtMUMIiligint It lli Smm ml ivwlra fmbi) Ii lb.
tomi .lMnil.. In Ilia sintrjr, .mbruiai IUntios u
OauIlUiw Komi, aoudlgi u4 IMpraf u;.rli.wW
U.dlwteS .nS VtpOT B.ili. ( s .oiDrrb.n.lM L.b.r.lorr
wk.r .11 m.dllnt M.S I. tb.lH.0lliSa.ol .r. pr.p.rd I
.S mo Imporunl or .11 lb. Llbr.r; 1 .km U t us
Ut.it al.BS.rS vorkl of .11 ib.Mbo.il ! r.MU.1.. r
foouit. Im An.lomUU FIMM, Hf. .iM.od MloMS Wilt.,
tlluaimUng SI.MMS MOdlllnDt, wbl.b h.r. bMD ,ro..rM
frntn r.rli, Fr.0M, rv.rSlM sf wpoaM. .d4 lot M b.
fou.d I. nr .lbr Llbmrt la to. tllf. Tk. Library It
- thrown wlda opoo u all .allar. rlaot. m. Iba lotor
' a.i.r.Ulr ..S prlraUlr. Vmu lbagr.blBur.karofp.ra.na
Badw tb. Doator'a MM, 1. la .u.blaS U kwp iba .Ml. .f
ab.riM wttliln Ika pmak 01 .S. rora.a.1 floaaaluiloa la Ida
baal, trwrallrag brlril a.BarMrra, Bian la avty iitla. uS
6Maal..allr tt. IB Kurort., AoS ktalrMtm.at afl)a.oUua
Iba .nr. baloc araduatad by aaall ar aiprata. Uuraabui
Maas nvMWMli wb.r. Soabt aalala II I. truktr .UIM,
All ajMarauuiaalioBa alrially M.Sd.nU.1. OIQaa Ho.nl
. w. t. I r. m., ana S to 1 . Suud.a, IS m. to 1 r. .
' JaraM arrWWf St Ua ala m sail Saw, aMaaaa.a)rrl
"aittamphU (SS saga.) slrlnf foU arraftaws f
SVI, aw 1 Baiawl aal Karriw. DUMaaa sm MklaS M Iws
ftumpa, U prnaaf aoauga.
the writings of a physician Whose repute
' Hon is union wide l worth the jKwlags, soil
for BS eenta m an hoorl I Womauhaxxl I
10S1 pagee, wtileb unawer every eosi.
rleyable qumstlou, that the doabt.
fill easrlona ar Inqalaltlva wlsta to
know, will ha Heat eeeurely eealad.
vtttnM a
MmrtAvtkm. JbKMaaaa eeXUIll HPS-
anent. " unw .vu, aril rutw '""
KWWIa mrM .aa, .( A m Mma ij M.aa.
aim . m .ar " plmplee on the fnoe.
MUfittUi HrConsiimptlon, pllepsjf.
Smim f 1 a. Heart Brnln r'f.b
km a tn. nvrtom fiMda aal rrtl wunaaaar. aM
M aMMaawabvala) amHsaa, toMSV tSMa
017 St. Charlea St.. St. LouU. M04
na aaM nmutM aptaai a (A. , aa
s I ft fcmg ayW WWixUh fa lAa anaimaM a . aM
U U . rat.tr.. MaaiaU t,
S aa lonssr looated ta "".'
aiAar WArtMia 75i.Maa PhiIcim. Rend hie work
Strong and Purs Rich Blood I
crease or Flash and Weight
Clear Skin and Beautiful
Every Day an Increase of Flesh and
Weight seen and Felt.
Scrofula, Consumption, 6'phllls in Its
ninny forms. Glandular 11mm, CWr
In the Throat, Mouth; Tumors, Nodus In the
OlHnds, ami other parts of the svstsnii Bore
Eyes, Strumous Dischargo from the Kara;
Eriiitlve DUcases of the Eyes, Noe. Mouth,
aiidiheforrasofMkin Diseases; Eruptions, he
tor Sores, Scald Head, King-worm. Bait Rheum
Erysipelas, Ague, Bluck Spots, Worms lu tho
Klesh, Tumors, Cancers In the Womb, and all
weakening and Painful Disuhargi-st Nltrht
Sweat, aud all Wash's of tits Life Principle,
are within the Curative Hunge ot Kadway's
SarHHDiirilllan Resolvent, and a fnw il a,' line
will prora to any person uin; it for either of
uicsb lorins oi disease lit potest power to curs
Not only does the BAR8APARILMAK RE
SOLVENT excel nil known remedial iiircnls In
thel.nre of Chronic, Scrofulous, ( onstitntion,
Skin nnd Syphiloid dlteases, but tt i theesly
Urinary and Womb DlHeases, Gravel, Diabetes.
IJroDHy. Jnrontineiice or L'rloe. Urlirht'ii
eHHe, Albuminuria, and in all ciiscs whore
there are Brick Dust Deposits, or the water is
thick, cloudy, mixed with substances Hketha
white ol an cRS.or threads like white silk, or
thors is a morbid dark, bilious appearance, and
white boue-dust deposits, and where there is a
iinallofths Hack, and alons tke Loins. In all
rlckina. burning sensation, and naln In tho
thf-se condition It A DWAY'8 HARSAPA-
K1LLIAM KKHOUVtNT.alded hythcspplU
tion of Kadway's Ready Krelief ta ths Hnl
and Small of the Back, and the Bowels reiruln
tl with one or two of Kadway's Ut-gulating
row iirruitT, win aufio rniao a complete curs.
In a few daya the patient will be able to bold
ana discnsrire wautr naturally without pain,
and the Urine will be restored to its natural
clear ana amoer or snerry color.
Are supplied with new, 'healthy and tig
blood, that furnishes sound structure. I
all iUlTerltiK from Wenkenlnor Dlscharirim
either Male or Feeiale, or from Ulcers or Sores,
thsouKh the reunraltve pnx-rsaof KA1WAY'.S
SASHiPAMILIAN, are arrested. aud ths run-
turod ors;ans healed.
Bitkklt, MAM,, Jaly IS, 1069.
Ea. Radwat i I have had Ovariaa Tnmorlu
the orai iosaud bowela. All the doctors said
"there was no help fur It." I tried erery thing
that was rocoiumesded, hut nothing helped me.
I saw your Resolvent, and thought! would try
It, hut had no faith tn It. because I had suffered
lor twelve years . I took six bottlra of the Re
solvent, oue box of Radway's Villa, and used
two bottles of yeur Ready Relief; and there in
not a sign of a tumor to b seen or felt, and I
feel bettor, smurter, happier than I have for
twolve years.
Ths worst tumor was In the left
aide of the howels, over the urolii. I write this
U vou for the bouefltof others,
lish if you ohoos.
it. Iwritethli
Tea can pub.
JEfcJ" Price One Dolloi.
Cures tke worst pains in from, One to
Twenty Minute.
Mot out hour aftor readlug this advertisement
need any ose sutler with pain.
r IKr, A.NU1H
Th at instantly stops tbs most excruciating pain
Whether of the Lungs, Stomach, Fowls, or
.. the glunde audorgaus, by ent application,
Ia Prom One to Twenty Minutes,
Ho matter how violent or excruciating the
puiu, the RHEUMATIC, Bed ridden, Infirm,
Crippled, Nervous. Neuralgia, or prostrated
with disease, may suffer,
Had way's Keady Relief
WIH, In from ONI to twibtt mindtkk, affori
MfraniBv""i aim mi uieuii iiie, so rapiu in
stouiiDg pain, euu be purchased Fifty Cents
pojr iHitlle at almost every druggist's and coun
try weruhaiit's store oa tbis continent, and
wllti 10 one uour's uutuncoot almost every cab
liaiiou in taw tjiiiirii militia.
If those who are now suffering 1'uin. no mat-
tar what the cause tuny he, or bv what nnmt
It is culled if external, apply Kadwat'i
KiADr IUlikv lothe part of the body where
uitpaiu la pruNcut. 11 luujrnai, svorops, dilu
ted Lu wnti'r. as a driuk. Whuthur i:rmi,
AimsnM, liiaauituiitiou. Cougostion, Asiatic
cruclatiug imd turtui lug pains will be stoppud
in Irom ins to tweulv iiiiniiU-s,
Liioiera. ciiiiihsuu aever. ins uicwt violent ai.
Will Afford Inatant Knew :
.An. mn.nlT IlllVlil'l T 1JL1TIIIT.. '
i:il!NUfcSl 1II.N OKTIIal T.TTVm
P.T.PITATIAV ftvrruu Uk-. vim
OATAKUH. iNrr.nrwr a
The application 01 his saaui UKl.ltr to
the part or hurts where the puin or diUlculty
oxists will aflora east sua comfort. 2U drops
In almlttumtiieroi water win, ia a few mo-
mnnla i nra rriimill. SllRSniS. BOIir Kl,r,iu,.h
lU-artliuru.Sli lt Headache, Diiirrht-a, Dysen-
lory.uouo, nimiuwiouaaii, ana an inter,
oal Pal us. . . ,
Trarelors ahouM always carry bottle ol
RAUWAV'9 REL1EK with them. A fewdrops
iiiwaterwlll prevent siuktirss or pain from
change of wnter. It is better tliau i'ruacb
Uruuily or Bitters st a stlmiilunt.
There la not a remedial a,,nt in the world
that will cure KtVKE AGUE
and all other Malarious, Ilol, Sritrl.t, Ty.
phoid, Yel pw aud o horjKevers (aldod 6y
Relief W M 1UlMr", """J
roroiTS '.
PersoinneilaulTor.bt thoy cvor so much ex
posed to Kever ami Aguo, If they will only take
HADWAT'sIlKAnrlUtiKK, and keep tholrftow
UopmwitMladuHii'i Pilti. Uumlreds In the
west, who have Irithorto been doctoring at the
rate of one and two hundred dollars for a few
months' treatment aif keeping thenrtiolyes and
famlllos fire from FB YICR and A (i VS. OltllLS
and rBVFR. ItUKUMATIHM, Ac, lor one or
twodollort a year, spent for Railway's Keady
Belief and Itndwav's Pills (coated).
t all,
The kkauy KKLIGP will afford imtant tat
Price onlr 6U cents ner Ixillln t
II. Hce that every bottle has an India
Ruhher Stoppor. Bold at all Iirugglsls, and at
Pr. Kadway's ofllce, Mo. 87 Uuideu Lane,Ksw
Elegantly Coated with Sweet Gam.
RadwiTT Pill,
roiiTnt cukk or
MATIONOr TnitBOWSLS, PILES, and all de
rangement of the Internal Vim-era.
Warr allied to Klfoi t a PnnltiveCnre. '
arsrObinrve the following aymptom result
Constlpatlnrders of the lilgustlve Organs 1
Itloo.1 ia . on. Inward Piles, Kitllneks of the
Nnuncfl., H'he Hoiid, Acldlly of the Hlomiu-h,
or WeiKhtesrtlmrn.IilHgust of Pood, Fullness
HlnKfarKor 111 the Stnmiu'h, Hour Kmclatliins,
Fluttering at the Pltof IheBtomach,
Swimming of the Ilviul, llurnndand Mltlcnlt
Ilrenthlng, Fluttering at the Heart, Choklngor
8uiroy.lliig Ronsntloua when In a Lying Pos-
. . . 1 - 1 . I .1 1 I a Aa W.k. lufn,.
litre, l-IIinill-B. "I . IOI..U. v. ti viw in.i.'v
the eiitht, Fever and Dull 1'nln In the Head,
Deflclonov of Perspiration, Yollowness of the
.,.. 1 ' Ikl.l- , l.n U I .In I 'kn. . T Imha
SKUI ailll njoi ar.!!.,., "i .iiii.m,
and Buddou rlushos ef Iloat, Burning In the
A row noses hiiudwii i rii.n win iree ut
system from til the above-named disordort.
Frio 25 Cent Pa Box.
, , IiADWAY fie OO.
No. 87 Maiden Laae, V. T.
(end one letter stamp to RADWAY at CO.,
Ko. in Maiden In, New York, Inforaation
WMtUtlio uaan,ds will bt lent yen. t-ly
Distingushed Fenians Arrested
as Confidence Operators.
The CamWland (Maryland
New3 reports that General
Thomas F. Burke and Captain
Augustine E. Costelltx well
known aa New York Fenian
officers and orators, were ar
rested in that eity on the 27th
instant, charged with playing-
a connaence game on aB old
tarnier at VVbeeling, West Virginia,."-
for $2,250. Captain
Conant, of the Wheeling po
lice, received the prisoners and.
took tnera to that city. ' Jacoh
Archer, of Noble County,
Ohioi accuses the prisoners of
borrowing the money of him,
and giving as security two $1,
000 Colorado railroad bonds,
unsigned ; one $1,000 Southern
railroad bond, unsigned, and a
Worthless check for $3,000 on
the First National Bank of
Cincinnati. Burke, it is alleg-
ed, assthned the name of 11. C,
DunlapY It will pe remember
ed that he was one of the party
of Fenians entertained in Bal
timore, and received by the
municipal authorities some
time ago. He had been for
some months in prison in Eng.
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
A to Control
the Cincinnati Convention.
We learn from a reliable
source that the adherents of
Grant have a deep-laid plot to
control .the Cincinnati Conven
tion. They intend to play the
role of disaffected Republicans
in many places, and to elect
delegates here vrho will act in
the interests of Grant. This
cn be done in the construe
tion of a platform that will
drive off a large portion of
those who desire to cooperate
in the movement, and by the
nomination of weak aud ob
jectionable men for President
and "Vice-President. Their,
best efforts will be given to
produce schism and dissension
in the Convention, and to de
stroy its moral influence upon
the country.
Those who have called that
Convention have a right.to con
trol it, We have especially
advised all Democrats to stand
aloof from it, and the Grant
Republicans should be made to
observe the same neutrality.
The reception of the credentials
of the delegates, usually an un
important affair, will be a mat-
ter of great consequence in the
Cincinnati Convention. If
they are not closely scrutinized
and examined, ard the antece
dents and pitb. v,r)ivwof
nien inquired iototbji tiViW
tion will contain anelenibnt
1.!.L. 1 ! A- ii- . "
wuicu ioieiu 10 its existencer-
will be a fraud, and will
work great injury to its delib
erations. Ihe callers of the
Convention are not unaware of
it, and we havo the same auth
ority for stating that, before
the Convention meets, thero
will be, in one of tho leading
papers opposed to Grant, a fall
and detailed exposure of the
game that is going on. The
Grants faction know that if
there is a union of- the opposi
tion against the corrupt and in
competent man who is now
President, his defeat is certain
by an overwhelming majority.
All their exertions are bent to
thftt end. They want to make
trouble in the Convention.-
They want to stimulate some
independent Democratic move
ment that will be adverse to a
union with it. But we trust
the opponents of Grant will
not anj-where play into their
hands by seconding their
schemes. We must have a.
union of tho opposite elements,
and we must all be prepared to
make many minor sacrifices
and concessions in order to ob
tain it. There are some diffi
culties in the path of an united
opposition front, but thoy can
ail be surmounted if ordinary
comtnon-8CD8o. governs their
The Governor of Missouri
1 t it . tt
can only console latuers ot
triplets by a letter under tho
great seal of the State, certify,
ing that they havo deserved
well of their country.
All tho disposable colored
troops at Newport Barracks,
Kentucky, have "been ordered
to Galveston, Texas.

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