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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, April 24, 1872, Image 2

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Sljc inquirer,
ju.r.a'iiir, uiv"
4'.iitrt House.
V. IJOWKX. i:dllir.
April 24, 1872,
"l r is saii thnt a meeting of the
Knlioha! Donwcralio Committee
.wlll.lo held at. tlio residence) of A.
rlJuImont, Chairman, of tlio Com.
, . jnittco, in Now York, on the 8th. of
May. A movement is bcuiR made
ut Cincinnati lo have the National
Convention lir-M at that city.
Six Hundred Thousand Dollars
It is estimated that when
the Appropriation Bill passes
the Ohio Legislature there
will be a deficiency of funds in
in the treasury to meet the nee
cssary expenses of the State
Government of over six hun
. tired thousand dollars.
What 'Go those who voted
Radicals into office last fall
think of this sort of fmancier-
In order to meet this defi
ciency, they propose to steal
from tho Common School and
other funds. The school
children of the State must be
robbed to the same manner
that the Soldier's Relief Fund
was robbed a few years ago.
This is Radical financiering!
Instead of a decrease we are
' to have an increase of taxation.
Header, did you vote for
theso men aud these things
last fall?
The Liberals.
The Liberal Republicans
held one of the largest "and
most imposing meetings ever
convened in the city of New
York on Friday evening week
n sco. The meeting was ad
dressed by Trumbull and
Sohurz, wlio were received
with prolonged cheers from
the immense audience. The
speech of Mr. Trumbull, is a
severe- ariaigement of the ad
ministration of General Grant,
and jrives the most urgent
reasons whv the Liberals
should attend the Cincinnati
Convention, aud assist in oust
ing the corrupt administration
now in power. If the Liberal
Republicans of this county in
lend to go to that convention,
they should ho up and doing.
Tilings are working.
Tho sad news comes from
Odumhus of tho increase of
taxation. A general appropri
ation bill lias passed the IIou.se,
but in the Senate it is sleep
in". The Radical Legislature
having found it necessary to
increase the taxes,. are greatly
alarmed at the increase they
alono being responsible and
leno w they vail bo held re
sponsible for the increase.
Only one year ago these Radi
cals sought the suffrages of the
people with sacred pledges of
economy aud retrenchment.
Wonder how long the people
will be deceived by the Kadi
ml whanc-doo-leS who. shout
fur oflice under perfidious and
liypoontcal pledges. Those
. who voted the Radical ticket
last fall must pay higher taxes,
The Legislature being Radical,
no.blamo can. bo heaped on the
'.'! i "j'J-
Wis are happy to state that
there ure a very large number
of Republicans in Vinton coun
ty who are strongly opposed to
dishonest Grant, and fwor
the nomination of an honest
man, at the Cincinnati Convention,
lioth branches of the Ohio
Legislature havo adopted n
resolution to adjourn on Mon
day, April 29th. Tbo tax
payers will not be disappoint
ed by the adjournment of this
Radical body, but the increase
in taxes by this Legislature
will disappoint thcui.
The Grant Meeting in New
York City.
The worshiopers of U. S.
Grant in and for twenty-five
piles around New York City
thought it necessary to hold a
meeting in that, city, on
Wednesday night last, in the
interest of Grant. The leaders
of the meeting were the office
holders and those who expect
to get office. A' special dis
patch from New York, how
ever, speaks of the impression
made by the meeting as not
verv pleasing to all parties con.
cerned. Here is the report of
the meeting as given by' the
special reporter:
uIfc whs neither as Targe nor
spontaneous as the Liberal
meeting last week, and the
speakers are blamed by un
biased Republicans for being
too bitter toward opposition in
their ranks and too slavish in
personal allegiance to Grant.
Every post office, Custom
house and revenue official with
in twenty five miles of New
York labored to make the
meeting imposing, hut failed to
exclude some of the thinking
masses, as the fervent applause
for Greeley testified. The reso
lutions landed Grant from head
to foot in superlative praise,
and not one of the speakers had
a syllable of criticism to make.
Neither did any of them ven
ture to allude to the President's
nepotism. Among all the
Giant orators, from Beecher
down, this has been a sealed
topic. It has been discovered
that the first twenty names of
secretaries of the meeting are
all clerks in . Henry Clews'
bank. It is hinted that Clews
wants Grant re-elected in order
to double his millions, which
was the motive of the numer
ous millionaires adorning the
platform last evening."
Just one more Message.
The President lia? issued an
other Ku-Klux message,
couched in the old stereotyped
lanf-uaR, about some terrible
mare's nest or other iu a num
ber of couuties of South Caro
lina, where terrible "combina
tions," "bound tQ obedience
nnd secresy by oaths,' "effect
their objects by personal vio
lence," The message is in re
ply to a resolution of the
House, of January 25th, last,
and is expected to do a certaiu
political service in the coming
campaign, nnd pave the way,
we suppose, for a fresh declara
tion of mnrtial law, for the
coercion of voters. "We do not
believe the thread-bare dodge
can be made to work th'i3 late
day; the Ku-Klnx inglery is
too transparent tar lurther de
ception. If there is any thing
the people would like to see
placed under martial law it is
that portion of Grant's civil
service which seems to be
privileged to plunder and
swindle imperviously to both
law and public opinion.
The people of Vinton coun
ty are oppressed with taxes,
but tho Kadical Legislature
now proposes to increase tax
The Coming Earthquake.
The special Washington dis
patch to the Enquirer of the
21st ult. says:
Col. Thomas Florence, editor
of a Democrats paper here
makes the following important
political announcement to day
which we send for what it is
worth :
1. That the most formid
iable, deeply laid plan has been
developed here in regard to
the commfC contest lor Fresi
dent?, s
2. That many of the lead
ing nnd influential Conserva
tives and Republicans liave
firmly united to insure the de
feat of General Grant,.' and
have perfected arrangements
so that witlnn twelve days
meetings will be held in Bos
ton nnd elsewhere for the pur
pose of sending delegates to tho
Umcinnati Convention.
ft. That Ex-Governor Curtin
of Pennsylvania who will re
turn licre within the next two
weeks, having resigned his
mission to St. retersburcr. will
bo nominated for Vice-Presi
dent, haying becu iu training
France, through correspond
ence from the United States,
preparatory to this coming
Presidential race.
' 4. That Pennsylvania State
Senator McClure, whose elec
tion and admission to his seat
looked upon as a death blow
to General Grant's re-election,
will take the field
General Grant.
5. That the State of Penn
sylvania will, under the cir
cumstances, certainly give fifty
thousand majority against the
of General Grant.
G. That there will be but
two electoral tickets in the
field, and this result will be
thereby secured, (is the high
contracting parties have so
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Printers, Binders, Stationers, and
Blank Book Manfacturers.
Printing in all its Various Branches.
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store. a. SHirmY.
April 21, 1872-tf
Alva Newton's Estate.
Probate Court, Vinton Count;;, Ohio.
NOTICE Is horebv clven thut O. IV. Newton,
Adinlnistv:itori)f tile E.tHto of Alvii Xew-
tiin, dMceascd, has Hied Ills iicennnt noroin, ns
sneli Ailiiilnlstnitor, lor Anal settlement; nnrt
thnt the same will lift lie forhourlni; on the Kth
of Muy.lKT'J, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
tl. ... .ma A 'J,
April 21, 1.73 4w 11iliatc ,1uiro.
Statt of Ohio, Vtnttm CVuwfy.
Puvid L. Wnd.Mvorth, l'laintifl, .
Wellington Miinufiictui tnjr Co. and others, do
leiulnnts. Jackson Count? Court of Common Doom.
Order of Sale.
Fni-Kiitnt to tin. oiuumond of mi order of sale
Issued i'roin I ho ('e.ui-t uf G'mwnou Pleas afj m-k-son
couiitv, and to Ho directed ns Hheritf of
Vinton county, I will oll'w for snlo lit politic
auction, nt tho door ol'ilie Court House, in the
Tuivmif McArthur, Vinton county, Ohio, on
Monday tho 27th Day of May, A. D.
; ilic hour of 1 o'clock P.M. of sold flay, tV.e
f'mintv ni' Vlnrnn. slid BtHte of Oliin. to-wit:
i,,,ll,,u !nu' ilew.r lied nreiniso". situate In mo
The south-west fiurtorof tlio uoulli-west
quarter i nnd
Tlio souui-easi (iirirrrr 01 ific imii n-ciiai
uurter of section Knmlier Thirty -two-J), of
'ownshiu Number .Nine (HI. of Hanije Xuniber
Jslnoteen (ll) i and
'JHio konth-liall' of the south west quarter of
Section Number Thirty-three (S'll.of township
Number Nine (!). Uiviik Nuiiiuor Nlnoteen (l'Jj.
Annrjtto1,! lift I'dIIiiivm;
Tho south-half of south-west qnnrtnrof
Heetlon No. H.T Xovnnlilp JNO. , or
u w .a JMK1 00
ThesouthweHi quarter ofthe south west
nnarrer oi sceiion no. m, 01 xuniwuip
Kn. 9. of Itnnuo Nu. 10. at S1CO.00
Tlie south-east quarter of the louth-fl.vt
qiiirter ol Heeiion .o.pa,oi lowoxuip
.No. (I, of ranae No. It), nt $!CO.on
To he sold as the property of the Wellington
Mamii'ttcturlim Co. to satisfy 1111 order
Hulo issued limn tlio Court ot Cnininipu
Pleas of Jacl;son Cuur.tv tu I aver ol yavui L,.
Xeviusotftiilo.-Casn in hand.
Kherlirif Vtntnu County.
James Tripp, Attorney for W'ff,
April 21. H,i 5w
The Coming Earthquake. NOTICE
Is herehv c-len that niv wife. .InneThomns.
has left niy bed nnd bonrd without any just
cause, or nrovocnuon, nnainepirjiie. arenereoy
warned not to trust or harbor heron- my ac
count, nsl shuH not be rnsiionslhlc for emit mots.
April 50. 1 879, w
Xotl'ee is herohy given thnt a petition will
bo yu-uscnted to five Commissioners ot Vinton
county, f Mi io. n,t tlioir recnlar tension In Juno,
1872. prayliiff for the vstaUiihnicat ot a rwuntv
road In Wilkesville Townsliip, us follows,
HeRlnalnK at the Gnlllpolls rond At Kllznheth
Mslon's, thenca in a northerly direction
nloiiL- tho mint nractieahle route through
tlio lamlH of Mr. Stool, Abel Wells, A(rrlppa
Wells. Mr Jonc, Marl in Uulfey, Kdwnid
Plotelver. and Anms Marlloy , to iutersoe.t the
Wilkesville ami .lack-son road (short distance
west ox rilward rieieiiom ami mere to en-t.
April n, 1872- 4t
NOTICR Isheroby kjlven Hint a potltlon will
be iircNentcd totlieC'oinmissloners of Vin
ton conntv, Ohio, nt their session, in June,
Mf7i, priiylnR for tho luention and estaldUh
moiit of a county ronx!, hi Jackson township, na
lloirlnlnir at n nolnt on the oonntr road run
nlnK past tlm Centenary Mooting llouso, at or
near snld hoime; thence south or nearly so to
the Hue between John 8. Hawk 2d and iMai-ffar-
iw may he prncUeuljle fu a kooi) road to or near
ononis; tree; tlienoo in asoiith-eastorlor direc
tion past t.no osk trees to or near a snuar tree
ctliinikW): thence east with said line as nearly
on the iiiii ueiween Aini'trnrei iiunxic ami ittin
ry Westeoat-, thence sonih with said jnor
nosny so ion glitil iree; inencoin snuiu-eus-torlvdlreetioa,to.H
cunt tree near- the lino lie.
tween William Hereon and Ileluty WoHtcont;
thence In usouth-eastorly direction- avortho
nearest And best route to a point on the county
road running; east and west throiiKh the lands
of InKavette Dnnklo, neHr two heiieh treea,
und there to end. MAN V PliXITlOSKUS..
April 24, 1874-M
1 or mi uenerMi I'isonsea oi niouic ana
Snyder's, IT. B. Assistant Assessor, Mnimt
A'Ana, l'a., C. Dncou'i, Llrery aud Jixclinngo
nianio, fanuiirv, j iu
linihtKO Ct;UEi OP FOITNIIER-Wolfo
Wlllielm's Dnnvlllo Vu., A Kllis's; Merchant,
w niiij.inKuinviiiu x-is- o. isicu Diuaanvr i,
Jprny Shore, Pa,
A Pro's. T,wlsbyir, !'..
llUltSl-.ttCUllKD OV COWC-Thomn Cling,
an's, Union eniiiity, l'
IIOOS GURi;i) OK CnOfiKRA. u. Barr's.
II. & A. C'ltdwallnr's, Milton, l's.
COWS CUItKO.-Hr. MctUcry's, II. Mc
Cormlek's, Milton, Ph..
OAPKS. r. I). T. Krobs's, Watsontown,
Ph., Dr. U. Q. Duvin', O. W.Btlckor's Johnwd
James Kinney's, Alljton, I'll. HiijiiliedH more
could be cited whose stock was savud by using
the Ucd Horse Poh dor.
pmritir.D tx
DrnggUtt, Chemlati Horadman
At his wlumalo and retail dmir and rhemicat
emporium, No, SB Broadway, Mlltm, l'omi, ,
itisitmi iriiiiMiiLflnjw.ll tifiw
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.hi. .nl,Ll 3ii. nftligi"t T.mpte X.in.ef th
s'rawt uu!WJ "y y 1. 0 lWta
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Within the past few weeks ar
rangements, have for the first
time been made for the proper
advertising of the, advantages
of the route to Great Britain;
and the in ward business of the
last two steamers which have
arrived have shown the valu
able effects of tliNsum mating
this information. Arrange
ments are now being perfected
by which tickets will be, placed
on Bido at o,'T00 offices in
Europe and the numerous
agencies of the Baltimore nnd
Ohio road and its Western
and Southern, connections will
furnish through tickets via the
Allan line from Baltimore- to
Liverpool also, lift aW stat
ed that; during the coming year
the- increase of equipment, will
probable be forty locomotives
nnd two- thousand cars,.
[From the Ohio Statesman]
The Apportionment.
The Uq'TililieMU .'of tlio
Ujinsti. yostHi'day passed tli
cHiiciis nppoitioiimiMit liill, onft
oih1 ot'tlie. most infnironsly un
just ih'husiu'ps ever tltiviscd by
p.irlizan lepi-latioii. It now
goes to tlio Honnte, nnd if ftp
proved by tliat body, ns tliero
is gtvat likelihood (lint it will,
the measure will be fastened
upon the Stnte lor 'the next
ten yenrs. lfc virtually di-"
franchises 110,000 Democrats
in Ohio; it gives the Republi
cans one representative- in Con
rvess for every 19,000 votes
they poll, and allows the Dem
ocrats one for every fiftytwo
thousand votes thev cast; it
makes one Republican vote at
effective ns three Democratic?
votes; it violates eveiy princi
ple of geographical unity and
hnmcogt-Miity of interests in con
stituting tho districts. Wortta
fail us in attempting to describe
the rascality of this measure;
how an ho est man, having any
regard for his official oath,
could vote- fa' it, parses our
cfim prehension. Kxperience
provep, however, that measures
of this character generally re
act on those whose g-et them
np. Tin; gerrymander, of
which this bill is such a nota
ble instance, has a rule proved
ino-e disastrous to its inventors
than those it was designed to
We regret to see then names
of two Democratic Represent
atives. Messrs. Naag nnc1 Colby
ivcordt'd in favm- o'f tht mon-
trosi'y, and ven against, an
amendment proposed )v a
Liberal Republican to onre it
of some of its injustice. That
tiV'gentW'miin should senerato
thtMiistdvfsi "nin thejr n.n-tv.
nud go over to the radicals on
a purely partisan measure
one devised in faiicns, and rep-
robaled as unjust and tynnical
y tli" who'e Deni'icrjilic
party of the S'-ite nnd all fiir
minded Republicans, is the
mosf einiiius incidt-'iit. in Glum
poli lies fop ni inv a tiny. Thee
men. ITaa? and Colby, were
elected as 1 )iimo-rats, yet thpy
(1 i"w th"u- vots n sfrnp irt of
the- edi't of a R.idi'-'.'il caucus.
which ili-lViincliis''d li-.ivis-uuU
of the f )einocriits of 0?ir',
and been eondemiH'd as the
very esenee of itijii-tice by
some of Ibe most influential
Republican journals. . Tins;
cems to us to be at war with
eveiY principle of political
f.delity, and the olfensn is ag
gravated by .the fact that it is
probably duo to selfish or per
sonal cnti-cs.
The Comet.
A great many prorniii'Mtt
journals on both side or the
Atlantic havo been discussing
the question whether the earth
is Pkely to bo seriously affect-'
ed in case the comet discover
ed by Professor nanttrino-iir,.
of Geneva, should run against
it. as predicted. The Jindon
Nature savs that w have
nothing to fear from it, .tnd
fjuutes Kepler nnd Arago tt
prove that, sndi is the fact.
The latter has estimate? the
number of these UxliV.1 which
irnvei'ftfv the polar system at 17.
00;.),00:, and certainly if they
were not, voiy harmless hodie
we should have sufFu-ed" from
them before this. The ctxwefr
of 1770 ran so near to Jupiter
that it got entangled among
hWmoonsyhut tho irmons-rolleii
on just ns usual, while the com
et was obliged to leave it
orbit ant? &ti ike out a new road
for itself. Many astronomers
believe' that in ISO I we actu
ally passed Ihrough. a comer,,
without tho general public
having any idea of the faict;
and it is now so generally un
derstood that these eceutrkr
obiects are entirely devoid of
power to injure' that scientific
men would eagerly welcome
the close approach of one, in
order that they might have- an
opportunity to observe it at
close quarters. . Perhaps 'the
most pertinent remarks on th'
particuhu wibject which lias1,
called forth the discussion),
have been made by Planta
mour himself, whav after hav-.
ing been highly edified by the
various opinions promulgated!
in regard to the question, has-;
come forward with the infoi
mation that he has not discov
ered any comet.

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