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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 01, 1872, Image 2

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lje (Enquirer,
OFFICE-In Soooud Story of
UnlUHnV. North 8ido ot Main
Court liouu, .
J. W. BOWElt. Editor.
Mayl, 1872,
There seems to be no
the corruption of the Grant
party. The Grant Uongress
refuses to order an investiga
tion of the alledged deficit in
turn Bureau. This
deficit is said to be six milliot
of dollars. It is no wondei
that one portion of the Repub
lican party refuse to 6uppor1
Grant for re election.
The following complimen
; tary notice of the Republican
nominee for Supreme Judge,
we clip from the West Union
Feonle's Defender:
Welch, the Radical nominee
for Supreme Judge is an ex
cellent man in his way but it
is not a very enticing way.
He will be recollected as the
gentleman who got drunk be
tween Hillsborough and Win
Chester, and lost his over-coat
in the latter place, in 1871.
He was in company with
Judge . Dickey and" Judge
Green, who were also drunk
and laid around this town for
nearly a week, di inking and
spewing, and rendering them
selves intolerable nuisances.
How Republicans feel Now.
1 Governor Brown in the To-
peka speech gives the exact
description of the statue ot the
Republicans who have been
bowinor down to suoks ana
stones, and giving themselves
ud to the delusions and rascal
ities of the times. He tells
his audience the whole story in
a very few expressive words
which took us by surprise with
their plainness and directness.
"But I detain you by en
umeration, of . causes which
have alienatd so many Repub
licans. It is sufficient to reaf
firm that such loss of confidence
on their part betokens serious
change. They feel like the
Hindoos, who finding that
their idols, though ever so
much Draved to, would not
abate the plague, started en
quiry and discovered them all
to have been manufactured at
Manchester. That these im
pressions are not the disturbed
J l .1!
imaginings oi mere iiisappuiin
ment, I am willing to confide
to your own consciousness."
Thomas Jefferson.
Says the Commoner of the
13th ult: This is his birth day,
and he has been dead not yet
fifty years. For almost half a
century he had taken tue tore-
most lead among his contem
poraries. Born a reformer he
shrunk from no change of . ex
isting institutions which his
mind approved. Holding all
his own opinions subject to
correction, ho insisted that old
usages should be able to de
fend themselves by sufficient
reasons, or that they should fall
to the ground. Before the
. r t. i il.
revolution no uuvouamu iiie
abolition of the African slave
trade, and with a boldness
which was the height of wis
dom, ho agitated successfully
for the overthrow of the three
fundamentals of Virginia socie
ty, which were entrenched
alike in the hearts and the
habit3 of th'fl people, towit:
the established Church, and
the real estate system founded
upon entails and primogeni
ture. All his long, useful,
pains-taking, and laborious life,
he allowed nothing 'of gener
al interest .to escape him, and
he prevailed in .the strife for
the protection of liberty against
every form of civil and re
ligious despotism. The com
munity he lived in was disting
uished for its love of the estab
lished religion and the heredi
tary monarchy, but he saw
that tha mass ot alt those
prejudices must be encounter
ed and ovei thrown, or that
self-government which was his
highest truth and deepest faith,
could never be sure ot its foun
dation, He appealed to all
classes of people, and all ages ;
l)fl believed trom the bottom
of his soul in their capacity for
freo institutions. He always
acted on that belief, and h
never despaired of the repub
lic IIU nlace was the guid
of the people to their own best
good and greatest develop
ment in which character he
persevered without a shadow
of turning from his first ap
pearence in the Virginia House
of Burgesses, through Con
gress, the Cabinet, and the
Presidency up to the hist labor
of his love only less strong
than death, the University.
He was a cloud by day and a
pillar of fire by night to his
countrymen. In a higher sense
he was a benefactor of man
kind, for while he discharged
his duty as a fellow citizen m
his own
State and the Federal
Uuion, he embraced also with
warmth and intelligence the
whole round of humanity.
The relations of Germany
and France, are once, mora in a
critical condition, and the re
occupation of portions of
France bv German troops, is
said to be imminent. The rea
son assigned is the reorganiza
tion of the French army on a
war footing. Under Thiers
plan now going into operation,
it is said, France will have in
a very short , time an army
numbering over one million
and a half, a strength the Ger
man army will not attain be
fore 1880. Thiers' plan re
organizes the artillery with
two thousand seven hundred
guns, while rrussia nas uui.
one thousand nine hundred.
The London Times of April 4
says editorially:
"France and Uermany,
which are yet hardly recover
ing from their recent struggle,
are bent on maintaining peace
by preparing for war with de
plorable eagerness, uermany
hardly considers herself a3 a
match for her lately vanquish
ed enemy, because she can
bring no more than 1,250,000
mpn .md 1.900 cannon into
the field, while the available
strength of the French repub
lic will soon, the lierman sua
tigists calculate, be raised to
1,600,000 men, and
pieces of artillery. On the
other hand, fn order to muster
this force. France will not only
have to draft all her able-bod
ied youths into the ranks, but
will not even be able to spare
the one-eyed, hunchbacked,
halt and lame, exception being
made only in favor of idiots
and cripples."
There is a law on the stat
utes of Ohio for the prevention
of gambling, as those twenty
five or thirty members of the
Legislature who were engaged
on Saturday night in the little
game of keuo, very well know.
The lucky member who "keno
ed" five out of seven times
probably pocketed a sufficient
sura to pay a good round fine
or purchase a "back room sup
per;" but we do not hear of
his suffering from either inflic
tion. The attention of our city
police is called to this matter.
What an interesting sight it
would be to see a couple of
dozen of our law makers in line
before Mayor Bull some fine
morning, charged with a viola
tion of the municipal and State
laws which they or their pred
ecessors have made for the com
mon herd ! But then we can't
all be legislators and play ke
no with immunity from inter
ference by the municipal guar
dians, who in the instance re
ferred to probably knew noth
ing of the rich haul they might
have made. Columbus Dispatch.
The Radical Legislature has
Mucceded in apportioning the
Satte into twenty Congress-
. m . . "tat
ional District, hve ot wnicn
are Democratic and fifteen
Radical. This Districtthe
11th is now composed of the
counties of Hocking. Vinton,
Gallia, Lawrence, Jackson and
Scioto. Same as betore, ex;
cept Hocking in place ot
The bill, authorizing coon
ties, towns, cities and town
ships, on a two-thirds vote of
tho people, to levy taxes to
lease or build nud operate rail-
road;?, nas passed me uuio
[For the McArthur Enquirer.]
Yott mny brag of your upper nml undur doge,
As long a tliojr burfc or blto,
And command tho cnutlon of outside Uogs, .
Tbut horor outside tho flght;
Hut tlio luckiest dog, I'm bound to (wear,
Was tho little lume pup that wos'nt there.
Toe noise of tho yelping he hours from afar,
And wishes ho might "uo in,"
But sighs a he buries- his nose In the straw,
Knowing ho could'ut win; .
For little lame imps are always outlawed. .
And In such sort of flghU get torrlbty chawed.
Ills straw is clean and his kennel Is warm,
And the sun Is In front of tho door;
Ho has guawod on the nicest chicken bones,
Till naught oan he gnaw any more;
Yet 1 haven't a doubt that tho pup If ho might,
Would Immediately n lu at tho murderous light"
And lucky it Is for that small dog,
That per foiro he cannot mix
Iu the mcloo of barks and yelps and bites,
- And chokes and stones and kicks; .
He saves his honor, and saves his hide.
Which ho wouldn't do if he wnx'nt tied.
Now is the Time.
The great Presidential cam
paign is now on. the eve of
opening, and all parties want
to keep posted as to the latest
and most important events.
The McArthur Enquirer al
ways furnishes that, and, there
fore, is just the paper to sub
scribe for, and now is the tlvae.
Don't fool yourself with the
idea that because some of the
city weeklies are pent you at
the same price, that they are
cheaper, or that they, will (ill a
place in the family circle that
your own county local paper
will do. It is a gross mistake
that some men make; they
ignore their home organ to
give room to some foreign
production that will furnish
them with news from other
parts of the world, whilst they
remain in ignorance of that
which is transpiring in then
own midst daily.
Enrollment of the McArthur
To Win. F. Fclfon, E. P.
and John P. Dunkle, Trustees of
McArthur Public Schools: :,
High School...., ...42
Ornmmcr 50
Intermediate 56
Second Arimary.-. . . .73
Eirst Primary .DO
Total .311
In the first primary depart
ment,Jaixty of the ninety pupils
are between the ages of five
and seven years, and have
entered school for the first timp
the present term. They are
enough for a large school with
out including the other third,
certainly. The remaining third
are aged from seven to ten, and
are classed in this department
because their attendance has
been so irregular as to wholly
unfit them for a place in the
higher school. In the second
primary one third of the schoars
are between the ages of seven
and niue yeara.fi They cannot
now be classed higher without
doing them much harm, so
much so that I should not take
the responsibility of doing so.
The great want is the creation
of a new department between
the second and first primary.
We would then have, you
will perceive, from 55 to fiO
pupils in each Pdepartment,
which certainly is enough to
engage the attention 'of the
most live teacher the eutire
day, Respectfullv,
M. R. BARNES, Sup't.
Tit For Tat.
Judcre Harner of Ports
mouth, when he held Court
here, fined our linuor sellers
for violations of the law. Si.-
025 in the aggregate. We see,
by the Portsmouth Tribune.
udge Hastings of Jackson
fined the linuor sellers of Ports
mouth for similar offenses on
one day $510 and on the'next
day $635, or $1,145 in the ag
gregate. . So far, Hastings is
$110 ahead. Jackson Stand
There is a terrible anxiety
on tho part of. the Radical
managers to have Congress
adjonrn as soon as possible.
Every day that it is in session
damages Grant's prospects.
The reports of the fourteen in
vestigating ' committees, al
though fully "doctored" wonld
show such a state of demoraliz
ation in the Administration,
that it is sought to prevent
their publication before tho
Presidential election, by an
early adjournment.
Grant's re-election is de
manded for the good of the
omce-holdcrs. g t
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ortlaad, llaiiu'. .
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No trouUo to answer (iietlons I.
Spring has come at last.
General Ranaorn .. lias been
ri" n a seat inUlio United
Strr-t Senile 1 represent
North Carolina, Some time
ngo the. Legislature of. that
State elected Governof Vance
;i8 -.Senator, but owing to his
ineligibility he was not per
mitted to- take his seat. Mr.
Abbott, who received a few
votes, made a contest for the
vacancy, llie JNorth Carolina
Legislature, however, elected
General Ransom,- and the
gentlemau was awarded the
seat yesterday. General R. is
a Democrat, and commanded
Confederate troops during the
Mips Nellie Grant has a
governess, whose services be
ing no longer required for
purposes of tuit'on at the Ex
ecutive Mansion, was pensioned
ff with a clerkship in the In
ternal Revenue Bureau. In a
short time after her appoint
ment her salary was raised to
one thousand two . hundred
dollars at the President's re
quest, while women who had
been in the bureau nine years
received no promotion at all,
though most of the-m had been
doing some of the most import
ant and difficult work of the
bureau during almost the
entire period of their 'incum
The Indiana Democratic. State?
Convention is called for the 12
of June. It invites "the co
operation of all citizens, re
gardless f past party affilia
tions, who believe that a
change in the administration
of the government is necessary
to restore purity and economy
in public affairs ; that general
amnesty should accompany
equal suffrage, and that in
levying the public revenues
the general welfare should bo
consulted, and not the inter
ests of sections, classes or mo-.
The Cincinnati Volksblat
pronounces against, the re-election
of Chief Justice "Welch,
nominated by the Republican
State Convention, for the rea
son of ' the part he took fn tho
senseless- and tyrannical de
cision of the Supreme Court on
the lempernnee - )netion,
wh'c it say-, "will cause him
to lose thousands of Republi
can votes which would have
been given to any other can
didate." Senator Trumbull' defended
himself" against the slanders of
Senator Moiton, who charged
that, he had been instrumental
in having one hundred and
three of his relatives anil
friends appointed to office.
He snowed from an exhibit of
all his correspondence with the
various department that ho
had recommended but com
paratively few, and at tho
same time showed up tliecou-
rempiiDimy or nis accuser.
Larue dogs should not bo allow-.
od to ron at largo after night,
Sheep don't like to see biif dogs
half as well as big dogs like to oto
them. About fifty per cerrt. of tho
small Riirys should be cnrefully ca
ged and expressed to U. S. Grant,
President and JRecoire of Giflf,
Washington, D, C, tho express char
ges to be prepaid by. the sender.
This is the best way to got rid u)'
Tub firm of KirsiIbawnr & Sir,-
verdale, Dry Goods , dealers of
Portland, Ind., aro not afraid to ad
vertise. They know hw well that
printer's ink pays, . They have nw
sorted an advertisement in, the Port-
land'Democrat that occupies a pago
of six columns.
Dr. Ilftlmbold, the Buca
man of. New York City, has
failed in business., His . store
was sold at Sheriffs Sale last
weew, from which only $15,
000 were realized, his debts to
newspaper publishers being
about $300,000. Ilelrabold i
Europe. r
The Carlists of Spain arc
again demonstrating against
the government, r Of courso
King Amedeus must have a
pleasant time between his cab-
met troubles, and the continual
risings of the Carlist factions,
Reports from Southern Ohio
state that seed wheat is scarce,
owing to the large breadth of
land sown this Bprj;n.- Tho
prospects for fruit is good, un
less killed by. late frosts.

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