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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 22, 1872, Image 3

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The Enquirer.
or. W- :o 077-0x1,
KDlTOlt A Nil PltOl-UIETOil.
For Pare Drugs and Medicines
go to Sisson's,
Every troo has commoncod tho
"wearing of tho groon." .
The three Furnaces at Juckson C.
II. are now in blast.
Pack your furs in camphor or
tobacco aud tho moths will not dis
turb thorn.
Tub time to shear shoop is near
ly horo. Wool will bo worth from
50 to 80 couts.
Oar town pump ought to
have a tin cup with a handle
on it.
The wunos of now subscribers
tiro being added to our already largo
list ovory week. This is a L'ood
time for business men to advertise.
In Blast. Richland Furrnco
wont into blast on Monday, May
litli, and is turning out a good
' quality of iron.
The latcst.romcdy for destroying
tho Fulnto Bugs is tho sprinkling
of Buckwheat flour ou tho potato
Tiieke will be ono third of a crop
of peaches in- Hocking county.
Thero will bo ouo-touth of a crop in
some parts of this county.
Tub livery stable of j. G. Swet
land, at tho oast end of Main street
is almost completed. G. W. Wil
son is executing tho carpenter work.
Gate sparking is now "in full
bloom." The fathers of tho sweet
younir d.ui'hters should seo that
tho gates luvo subsfcintial hinges
The, Logan Republican will bo so
kind as not to worry its dear little
self about u Con ''cession nl candidate
fur the Democracy of this district1
The potato bug has made its np
pearanoo in all parts of Vinton
enmity. Every garden in MoAr
thur has a crop of bugs.
Tub Ohio River is gettir.g low
ngain. Unless rain falls soon, nav
igation by tho larger class of boats,
will ' soon bo suspended.
Tub present intention of Mr,
I-; 1 1; Ullom, who has sold his farm
lor Infirmary purposes, is to remove
to the west during tho coming fall.
The May number of Church's Mu
sical Visitor is rocoived. It is tho
bent musical monthly in print.
John Church & Co., Publishers, (Jli
West -lib street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Several tramping printers have
put in an appearance here during
tho past month. Most of them have
tho ino.st pitiful stories to slate.
O.io of them told lis a hard ono ' on
Montgomery of tho Logan Republi
can. C. P: Wa'ud is erecting a fine
Iratno house on tho west side of
Mill street, south of Mr. Raynor's
residence. S. B Ullom, assisted by
Judgo Craig, perform' tho carpen
ter wokr. .
The wild flowers aro now deck
ing tho fields nnd woods, whisper
ing to the passers-by their charm
ing prophosios of tho coming season
of flowers and fruit.
The richest thing pullielied latex
ly is tho letter of Zoph Thomas,
formerty of this town, but now of
Allen comity, Kansas. In tho let
ter we find tho following .'
"Uv .nut. foil
i'boing torn into strings.
My hat
"is clear gone
S. Shipley is still buying old
iron. IIo will soon send a cur
load from Vinton Station to
Cincinnati. Sue his advertise
ment. Tho house flics arc thawintr
out and preparing for business.
If housed and door yards aro
kept clean the Hies will nol
have much business to attend
The following nro lh namos .of
tho Road Supervisors, elcctod for
tho sovoral districts of Elk Town
ship, on Monday, April I
Charloa E. Waters, Win. Iluggins,
Elijah Ilorrold, J. B. Johnson, Lovi
Wyman, Stophon Clino, David
Hawk, Ezokiol Robinott, August
Buck, C. B. Pilchor, Isuno Long,
David Androws, Goorgo Waxlor.
The people of Greenfield,
Highland county, aro making
preparations to ge,t up tin ex
cursion from that place nnd
Chillicothe to Richland Fur
nace, in this county, to seo the
modus operandi .of smelting
iron ore.
Proceedings of Court.
On tliH lli-iit duy of tho term, Stoiidiiy, four
cum' Wfrueoiitliiiied and four were continued
lorfurthurservlco; umliii tin cuseof Ilivrulrfll
vs. dully uml Jolly lcuvo wun given liluintilT
to lilo an umended petition lu llilrty days,' and
cnuso continued.
On Tuesday tlio Growl Jury visited tliecounty
Jull, and reported Unit tlio mime was kept In
good condition.
J. A. Fulton, ot. nl. vs. J..W. Rumialls- et. al
Tho suleof a number of lota In tho town of
MoArtliur in ado by tho Shoritl, conllrniod and
Hliorlll' ordered to niiiko a daed to the paruha-
ioto of auld lota; mid money ordered to be din.
triuiiled among persons entitled to tho same.
Alfred llui'tensliuw vs. Douglas Piituum ot.
nl., proprietors of llupo Furnaco. Cuuso dis
missed without prejttdleo at costs of plain HIT.
Louisa J. Kooton vs. John Hoffman. Breach
of proiuiso. Jury trial. Verdict for piulntiff
for 150 .
George Tnrr vs. 8. UoeU & Co. Snlo or the
lluindon Foundry Property conflrmed mill tho
Sheriff ordered to muko deed to the purchaser
ol suiil promises.
Joaepli (Jliirk vs. M & 0, It. U. Co., Settled.
William Murk vs. Vintou t'ltrnaco and Coal
Co, Continued for servlco,
I). V. Killimills Vinton F I'll aim nml C "mi I
Co. Continued for service
Hope Furimeo vs, S. (iuetz Co. The chat
tel property of said dufondmits Uuviug been
old necordlng to law by tho Sheriff, ho wm dl
reeled to placa tho moneys arising from snld
sale on into rest, and cause continued with lcuvo
t creditors to get up their liuus as to said mon
ey within sixlydays.
John D. Wolf vs. Hannah Wolf. Suit for di
vorce. Divorce Kranted.
Cornelius Ramos vs. Vinton Furnace nnd Coal
Co. Continued.
W. II. Q. Adueyrs. Milton liout. Continued
for service.
A. Wilbur vj. JolnU. Koyer ot.l. Continued
for servlco nit Hoyer'
Thomas II. Shaffer vs. A. 0. Elliott, 'Admin
istrator. Bile of ronl ostato confirmed; uml
tsliuriir directed to muko a deed to purcliuser of
said pi'einiscs.
Jesse Krancls, Administrator, vs. Jolm Jof.
fray wife. fterreo fur $118.58.
I'.dmuml Dunn vs. Hope Furnace Co. Emit
In the Transcript, of tho Jimtico of Peneo. and
the proceoiliui's before the Justice, reserved at
costs ol detendants iu orror.
Mary Iliitl et. al. vs. Siimind Graves et. nl.
ui'mirbui iiiuom'riii mm Liiiniiiissioners nimio
ved. l'.Jiil fstnti! ercli'ii'd to lie sold in pnrsu-
iinie in iinv uy iiittiuriii, nml ciiiisn ciintimied
iiiu risui u.impnoii vs. .Nye. Jienner it. Co.
iMMinsMMiiir ciisis oi iiejenilaiits.
llie DiivisSeiyniK .Machine Co., v.-. 13.0' Plx-
un iniu ijiiwurii uaruui. duilgiiivnt,lor2:ll.it:l.
ltwid, .Joiuis Co., vs. Win. Mark. Judir
uieut lor :l,M.8.J. 14
. ","' '"'y'''10'' v. W. H. niack. In this case
i.lirilill'l K,. uiaCK, K.XCCUIOV Ol tllO I'SlntU of V.
11. Ijlitelc deceived, nml l-:ilnn V . 1.'iiiAii,iin a .1
iiilnUtnitor. with the will annexml, were mitdc
r " j i'i.-mnuii?(, iimi cause 10111 intieil.
Hliaw. H.irl)oiir.t Co., vs. I'. 1. J 8. Vul
Judinniit muilorvil for 7l.S2. Holloa for sco-
oiju I.11IU ; Hiiiiiiill All (11 in ei I.
lllercafl jr the transfers of Ileal Kst.ilo in Viu
inn county will bcpublished. Wceominimi'o
i.n Hie b;liinin i,' of this year Jan. 1, lSTa.
.lolin Ward to William Ireland. SO acres in
11 iii.m luiviiilup: conMaei'iilinu '(W.
l-aliaii t). Lyons to. lames iliilpiu, p:ut of In.
.1- .,!'.!- l'.aluski: coiisiili'l'iillon
. I), he ly to.li.i.ll,i,s. snyilcr, li.-lot 1 lu
tiia Uiivii ui AlK-iiM'ille: consideration s-jn.
Aliehaal ,s. siivik-r t.,.i. W. Itmdall, In-lotl
in llio tiiw.i ol Alli'iisville: coii.siil,.ii,tin wt.
.Mary I'm my a.i Ji,sii,e Kiny, M acres in
Uniwii ioivnship: eon.-idoratlnii,
Delia .t liiilus ( ,ih in to lien. W. Colvln, SI)
acres in Mi; Township ; consideration, l,'J.v.l.
r.iii.na ,; m. Salni,ns to (ieuraru W. ( nlvln
lindn nli'd one-iliicloi bOacres iu Klk Townshliii
I'onsi.lei'.iiion fill).
Oi'.i. V. I oU iii to James Crow, i!U acres iu Klk
iownsliip; i'oiisi.U.r.,1,,,11, M.ii.v),
W in. Wyait l.i James .ei.u'lei'. IDacreslii Ilii'h
lio'u uw",i"lil : lonsiileiatioii, love ami alloc-
Jesse lo.itd to John W. Wvatt, HI acres In
Jtiililun, i, m iisinj,: ijiiis,,.raiiiiii frM.
John . Hyatt to J..SSO toad. 111 acres iu
lib hland township: nm -i leration, .S)().
laeoli lla..s lo l. i.i,' llass, w U(.,Vs In Swan
tortii-.ilji: eonsi, oiMllon, fIJt) and to hiijipoit
li.iivuis iliiriiiir Inv... 1 1
Tims. II. uvi4 lo ,r.,lm .hmv. )iar( of In.U.I 51)
iu the town ..I .11,'Artiiur: considoiatioii, jfl.dO).
Ihoiiias K shaw lo Aiolivw iiirni r. HI acres
In haIn lowiisliij,-I'lHisiiU'ratinii fiot).
M. .il. Stevens to Henry liollliiui's lots 13 & M
aiH 1 1 a. ivs, D.iml.is: iiiiisidiTatiiui, ?:)!).).
".' h'lvcit. Ji'., assi'-ueeiifcini'liiiiati Fur
na.eto. to Isaiah l.oi,!, Willi.,,,, 'nil anil
. oliu i.a.vnor. oi l ( iiiriiinaij Ktir. I'l-oiierU', In
ilil'K)"1 "" 'uuulles: consideration,
' U illiain I'oland, Isaiah Lord niol Join, (Jav.
nor I'l ltii'liliind 1'ui'. (11.,-i.iuit claim, old t'l'n.
I'lir. 1 in.icrty, lu lntou and Jackson counties:
consideration, ,j.
Zali'sKi Conitiiniv to I). Will I'. I:... tun
acres in '.Ik I'ownsliip: ConsMertillon fi,..'i. '
Jacob Aiikr.iia to,l. 1 Ankroiii, litl acres iu
Jackson lowiiliip:c,iiisi,ni,ii,M, .fi.'.im.
i. 7., " "" "'"oil in i . j. iMasiers, Hti acres lu
kaisle Jownsliip: i'oiisii,.,nti, ,7(k,
.1. W . Hnerrv to Atov. itni.n. i. 11.1,
I hos. J. Jla itcrs to JlcKee lioal Wl acres in
I'.aKln township: consideration, K70U,
land lmviiship: cinisiderntion, f.VJO.
J.Hi'pl; 0Kan lo John Of;,,,,, ,( , - ot 3 ucru
In l.lk iowiiship: Consiileiatlon, ;)Tj.
. A '''VJ'""?'11 l' II. M. Iloiniiiies, KM,' ticivs
In Itii'hlanil I'ownsliip: eonsidi'ratloii,o,:Kl.
Daniel Nunui'iiiaker to W. K. t'elton ,t Son,
part lu-liit till iu the town of II Hllllll.il. I'lllli.l-
eraliiin, fHiltl,
M ivtta r.ssi'.v lo Thoin ts Knox, -10 ncres lu
Itii'lilaml 'I'ownsliip: consideration, iatw.
.lollll lll'.IV toS. II. Klrlliil'. mi j In K,,.
Township: nuisldi'talliin. 1,IIJ0.
nniuoir iv. . jii'iioni U) II. II. ( ampliell. !()
iicres in K.il'Iii Township: eonslilcralliui, l."i.).
.1. lines I'ilclier to C. II. rilcher, 7V acres ill
i:ik 'J'on'nshiji: i-tiinifcmt inn fl.tA.33.
D, O'lioniicll In Itii'liiir.i ciiMiiiniiinls. ln.lni "'!)
lu tho town ol'.Mi'Ai'tliiir: eonsiilerntlon, fsW,
II. T, lliiiwn to Win. lt.itcliil'. in ihmim in 1 Jn.
ton Township: couiileratlon, f,M.
.lolin llawniilto Win. Mi, in, r. ii nl. n r Til. hit t
in nm tun ii oi iiKesviite: eiusiiieratliin, "too.
Win. Stniiiir to. lolin 8roii-, part In-lot 7 8
In llio towiiof Wllkesvllle: eonslderali lK).
(. W, Johnson to isuuil. McShaver. 'U'i acres
iiir-niui iiiniiMi,,!; ciiiisineration, fiiKi.
D.tvlil I, mil to .limn Wiinl, i. c , iWO ucres lu
i;il; '1'iiwnsliiii: I'liiHiiliii'aiioii. uvi.
( kas.Hluirt. ifiiiu ilinii. InM. II. liii'lmr. JAni'rpi
III .J.ii kMii, Tiiviilili:ni,Nl(li'riillnn,lf77;i,
H. I. Kli'lioi'to .1. II. Uanilall, 4tl ucies iu Jai:k
siii, 'I'liwuslilii; riii.lieratiiiu. mw.
.1. 1 1, I. ucus In T. II, DiivIh, i. purl In-liit
i. ii in nut iiuvii in .urAvimir: utinniiiuriillyii,
l.i'Vl Tnii'y til T. II. Idivin, i. c, ni, t lu-lnt
im In llin tnwn ol' MuArtlnir: conrtiilcrntiim r.
.ni.-i-iii .lirniinii'i u .nclianlcl, b'(uuli! 111
lunwn niwiHiiiii: c.inmiiici'atloii, .,otlll.
Or. A. null to I.vilni A. U.iiiiiiiIIm. nml. i' .if
r:i iii-ri'i in f.m tuwihIiIm: cniisliluriitioii, $s,:)-.mi.
.I. liii Tliinna :n Uh Nixon. IIS iu tukIii Uii li
in ml Tiiwnnli i li : ruiinlilii nil Inn, i.VKJ.
V W 11. .I.t..l . ...I ... ...
... ... jM-iiur.i, Ann. w j iirpii nvrr, vi avvca
ill 1 1 iiri-fnoit township: cuniiliiriitlini, 11.41."
W. W. Ili'll'uiil, Ami., to MU-plii-ii liarbv, 40
nrnw II, Jarknii, Tnwnslilp: rnimiiliiriltiuii, ifi.TS.
nimriMV riiiKi-y km . il, I'lli'licr, 0 aci'cil lu
ICIk TowiiKlilp: I'iiiihIiIiiiiiIIiii,, $i m.
I(ii-hil Snyili-r lo ( lirintlan Wimklv. In-lot 111
in llin towunl Ali'Avlhur: i-uimliliiralliiii, (1, ami
tin I'lii llirr i-i'lliiipiiHlinii'iit ol' lier uliiiru ol' tlio
unnui in piniiii Mivurr, uit'iI,
Willliiin V('i'kly"tn IniHtlanilAVi'cklv, In-lot
m iu ihu town ol' .MoAi'lluii'i cuiinlileralliin,
Ilclii'ccn Eiilflfrl) nml oIIiit, In CIiiik. Miller,
iiui't In-lot 1 In Ihu town ol' Hminloii; counlilura-
lion, fiini.
i:iilm Honiluinon to M'lllinm Wvnll, q. o, Mil
iliii'i in It I cli lit ml Ton Innliih: coiikIiIiii'iiIIoii, II
K. II. Willi' In U rn. N. KtiKliuiil, ulnl. ij of
ii uiTi'a in i-iK niwiiMiip: ciiiiiKHiruiion, fn, i.'.i
Special Meeting of County
Tliot'oiinty (:iiiiiil'iliinoi'H mot In uporlal nc
fllim on Wuilni'Miliiy, May tlio laili, 1 H7-J. rromint
If. II. Swiilm, I'lilrlck Kolly, mill WnnliliiKtuu
KvL'toii, t'oiiinilsiioucr, aud W. W. llult'oiij, Ail
illlor, Tlio Iloiird pincooiloil to oxiuiilno llio pi'lllloin
for nml ri'iiiiiiiKtnini'i's MK'iliist tlio piircliiino of
tlio Ulluiii Fiiriii Tor nn Iiillnnury Fiirin, nocor.
dliiff to liravloim notion (jlvun. A petition con.
it I ii I n K tlio minion ol' :I4 puiKiiiin nml n roiiinii-
HlfllUOO l'Ollt,,r tllO I1HI110II Of 103 pi'l'HIIIlll,
worn piUHiuituil to tlio lloiinl of 'oiiiiiiIknIiiih-ih;
muloi ity I'm-tho pui-i'hiweol' milil liiini lioln
!WI. Tliu toiiiinliiHlunois iloi'iiliiil tu muko tin,
piircliiimi, nml the uinliiiot with Imiun I, llnni I'm-
ho piifoliUHO wim miiiiplnloit. A dcoil for llin
arm wan itiaiio ny iiuuio iiiinm til Vinton oiiiin.
y, nml llio Auillliirillrwtoil to Uhuii an onlor to
limit, I'lloni In part payinoni, formiltl I'iiimi: on
tli (li-ri-rrud pii.vinniitu IioikIm worn lumioil, tlio
novornl iiiiiniiiiH of whlo.li lii'fnnm iltta In Fi'lirn
liry nml AiiKnntol'tho yonrn ihia. ikiji, ami 1H71.
A cimtriu't win ntoroil Into with imrna Ilo.
ilii'ii lor rtpiilrlii(f tlio liollon Jlrlilgo, nuroit Iliir
Uuet'oon rrook. '
On Krl'lny mornlnir, th Ilonnl oxitni Ijilnv
llio Win. Foil IIi IiIkii, In Hwiin Townnlilii, wlili.li
brlttvo wim fonml I'liniplntoil liy John & Hliuuu
fliiuku, aocorilliiK lo iiinl nu t.
ForFinoPorfumory, go to Sis-sou's
The numerous Friends and
and customers of Dan- Will
& Bites, should not fail to pay
their store a visit now nnd see
their grand stock of Seasona
hie Goods. Their house is
filled with the
Spring and Summer Goods.
The assortment is absolutely,
by comparison, the finest ever
ottered in this county. That
is the only house in town where
you can find every depart
ment complete, aud the pri
ces from ten to twenty per
cent, the lowest. It is to the
interest of the people to go
and see tte. grand stock ot
Circus and Menagerie.
announcement of the
coining Sells Brothers' Quad
ruple Alliauce, a comWhation
cliiimins: attractions eclipsinc
ny other three shows in Amer
ica, has created a dt-cided sens
ation amon?. amusement pat
rons in Me Arthur, Of course
nil shows which peregrinate
under the name of circus or
neungerie, produce more or
oss commotion on account of
tlieiV visits beinff only occa
sional; but the establishment,
advertised on 'another page of
tins issue Las an experience so
ai'ft'e and a lame so extejiswc,
that the possibility of a failure
to give the people the worth
of their money is not admitted;
and we would advise those of
our readers who desire to wit
ness a' first class entertainment
to visit it.
Another papor has iipjioared at
Gallijiolis, entitled tho Scmi Weekly
Locomotion, and edited by our friend
G. D. llebard, tlio first number of
which has reached ua. It is a verj'
nciitly priutod pupor, about ono
fourth tlio bi.j of this paper, und is
chiofly devoted to tho interests of
tho Galltpblis, JIcArthur & Colum
bus Railroad, but tlio general news
ot Gallia County will not bo slighted.
Undor tho present stato of affairs
it is tho official organ of tlio Itailroad
Company, so far as Gallipolid is
concerned. It contains much val-
uablo information relating to tho
construction of tho railroad. Tho
subscription prico is 23 cents per
month, or 2 per year. Thoso wish
ing to tuko this pnnor. by tho
month or year, can loavo thoir
names with us und rocoivo tho Lo
comotice through this office
Wo sliaro tlio doop rogrot which
llio entiro community must fool, iu
recording tho death of Dr. Henry
C. Moouk, a highly estoomod citizen
of Allonsvillo, in this county, who
lopartod this lifo, after a painful
and lingering illness, at 1 o'clock,
on Saturday nftornoon, May 18th,
1 S72. No man. in this county stood
higher than Dr. AIoore. IIo com
bined in his lifo thoso real ex
cellencies of character which com
mand universal respect and ostoora.
IIo had boon gradually sinking
hin disoaso being consumption for
Bovcriil months, and bore his sick
ncss with patient resignation, Ilis
ago was 45 yoars. Ho was buried
with Masonio honors on Sunday
afternoon, tho 19th, in tho gravo
yurd, one and a half miles from Al
lonsvillo, attendod by a largo cou
courso Of friends.
A correspondent at Rood's Mills
Vinton County, Ohio, puts sovorul
intorrogotorioM to us, tho answer to
which, it Booms, aro agitating tho
popular mind in that Boction .'"Was
Charles Francis Adams over a Dem
ocrat?" Tho answor is briefly, No I
Ho wna never a Democrat, aud
probably never in bin lifo volod a
Doinocrulio ticket. IIo has always
boon a Whig and ltopublican. lie
foro h was appointed Ministor to
England by President Lincoln ho
was elected lo Congress by tho Re
publicans of tho city of Boston. In
1813 ho wus tho Abolition or Froo
Soil candidate for Vico-rrosidont,
on the titkot with Martin Van I3u
ron for President. Our correspon
dent says that "it is claimed by the
Grant in on that Judgo Lrinkonhoil'
was cloctod Judgo of tho Supremo
Court by tho Democrats." This is
good joko, bocauso it. is probablo
that tho Grunt men aforesaid votod
for him when ho was on tho llo-
Cincinnati Enquirer.
ForAyer's McdicinoB. co toG.
Wi Sisson'8i
"2 r J " n2TTT-'Miiwiiiiiiiiiiii
m m
0. T. Gunning has just removed
from tho "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid nssorlrnont of Drugs, Med
icines, Oils, Paints, BooAs, Station
ery, &c., to his NEW ROOJI
n Will's New Building, ono door
west of Oilman, Ward & Co.'b Store,
on Main Street, where he will bo
ploasod to moot all his old custom
ers, and us many nioro na chose to
givolnm their patronago.
Ilis New Itoom is really tho finest
iu Southern Ohio; is being visited
by ovorybody; and his supply o
Drugs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, and tho
liA'o equal to any olLor establishment
in tho country,
IIo fills presoiptions, and can tie
commoduto all customers at reason
able rales. If you want to sco
tho finest Drug Store, drop
in und examine this ono.
Free of Charge. Call-and got
a samplo bottle ot J)r Boschco's Ger
man Hyn,free of charge, at Strong's
orSisson's Drug Storo, McArthur,
or of Jrill 0 Co., Zalcski. It has
lately been introduced in this conn
try from Germany und for any per
son sufinring with a sevcro cough,
cold sett'ed on tho breast, consump
tion or any diseuso of tho throat nnd
?ungsit has no equaJin tho worid.
lu'giuar sizo botlos 73 cts. In all
casus money wi7 be prom)ty re
turned if perfect satisfaction is not
given. Two doses will reievo any
case. Try il.
Loosi ii s: i r, i: v eij y-
Cm at C.fNxis.j's intra sronK,in Will's
11 it il 1 1 i n .vc. im.l iii ) tli.isn Finn oil Taint Ins,
(.'Iti'imios, I'liutDfii'iiiilH, I'lain ami Coloml I.itli-
ot;i'ii;riis, whli'Hiiro for lialo vt'iy ulnun. They
are su huaittittil !
Wool Cars 3 ii and Wool
Persons desiring wool carding
done can he accommodated nt the
McArthur Steam Mill. J. W. ttan-j
diiil, an c.xnci'ioiiccd worknmn will
h ive charge of tho machine. We
will also
pay a liberal
prico for
mm iwiMmwuiiwinMiiiiiMW
"'"where TO EMIGRATE I
WeiiiiMVi-r. K' t i tin) Sniithwu.it jUlnsourl,
h;'ti!iii io tin; All.inlio -Vuoino lliillrouil Co
ollV-r I WtUMW ArrLvinf Land to AOtiuil KetMcM,
lit loiv piii-.oii;, lo Ko.ioilit, bosides I'liriiiliing
fri liMini(irtnti .ii over tlioirroad to puroliiis
t'l's; this rii.'iil itin.ls from St. LonN, thri)ii..'li
MIhmmii'I to Vlalti.t, ImlUn Territory, islioin
piiAliod riiplilly to lis destination, tliu 11
Cu...-t ; u ill be. ono of thn tninlc linos of the
country, hovoi IiIdcIcihIuiI by snow llio lniiiU
itloiii: the road arolii n rich furtllo t-minlry, an
pro'lm tlvo as nny in the State; tho climalo com.
Iiiims all tlio.'nlv.-int.ios of norili.-rii ,im HiiiiiIi-
n ii hililii loii; i; toil oliiniUe, soil, lmultli, witter
iimlior, ni-nzl tm. I'nilts und llnwi'l'.s, invito you
to iso lo this ro.u'l'iit. For furl her Infiiniiiitinii
nil.lross A Tl'CK, Lund C'oin'r, 623 Walnut,
Ktroul, Si. Lmils. Mo. lS-ly
m i wiimi iw
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,
Advertising alone does not pro
duce success. The thing which is
advertised must htivo intriustic
merit, or else largo advertising will
do it nioro harm than good. If you
huvo anything which you know to
bo good, advertise it thoroughly,
aud you will bo sure to succeed; ii
it is poor, don't praiso it, for "peo
ple will soon discover you are lying.
Such is tho policy of tho Turling
ton Route, which runs to three
groat regions in the West: 1st, To
Omaha, connecting with tho groat
Pacific Roads. 2d, To Lincoln, tho
capital of Nebraska, and all that
beautiful region south of tho Platte,
filled with Railroad lands and home
steads. 3J, To St. Joseph, Kansas
City and ull Kansas points.
Tho roads aro snloudidly built,
have tho best bridges, finest cors,
the Jlillor platform and coupler,
and tho safely air brake (to provent
tho loss of lifo that is ovorywhoro
oIho happening); Pullman's sleepers,
Pullman dining cars, largo nnd
powerful engines (to mako quick
time and connections), und are in a
word the best equipped roada in the
West. So that if you dosiro to go
safoly, suroly, quickly and comfort
ably to any point in Southern Iowa,
Nobraska, Kansas, or on tho Pacific
HoadiJ, bo suro that you go "By
Way of Turlington."
All who wish particular informa
tion, and a lurgo ninp, ohowing
correctly tho Great West, aud all
railroad connections, can obtain
them, nnd any other knowlcdgo, by
nddreswing General Passenger
Agent, D. & Mo. II. It. It., Burling
ton,' Iowa.
Are You Going West?
If ho tikeotir Hilvlt'O, mid purolnwe yourtlck-
etii over tlio old reliable nml popular Mlsourl
rnelllo Railroad1 wliloli 1. ioltlroly, llio only
Lino Unit ruiutliroo Dully KxprOMTriiliu from
St. Lou in lo Kansas City, und the Went! und i
iriMtlvolv. tho only LlmiwIiMmiM l'lillnmn'H
,'nlice Mlr-iuinra nml l'ny Couches (oNimoninllv
In,- inriviu iW'inilnnHil with Mlllor'n Salol.v I'lal.
form nml tlio .nn'nt Stcinii Ilrnko, from St. Louis
loKaimin City. Kurt Scott, l'ai-Noim, Lnwrence,
niiunn .imiaiti Afnl.lunit HI . .Iiwniih KaIihiuL.
City Council lilullHaiiil (')iniihn. withnutcliunMoi
For liiloriiiiitlon In rcgiinl to i mis TninnK, rates
fto., to nny iol nt In M'HMMirl, Kiimim, Nabrnnkit,
Oolomlio. Tuxaaor Cliill Ifiirnlii, cullon ornililrcgs
H.TIioiimon, AgBittMlMOiirl Fuel lie U.K. Col.
iiiiiiitiH. i mho i or, n. a, torn, jiuuiui mstongcr
Lgnet.Bt. Iinllln, Mil'
Jiw tioublo lu nuiwer ijucilluua l
n mini mm m mini 1 1 - , run im , , mi rr ,im,i, i,m ,j , ,jiihwm
p ton m w
When yon come to town dotiot fail to go to the Dry Goods
House of T. A. MARTIN & SON-the "People's Old Corner
Store" else when your neighhors tell you of the Grand As
Hortment of
Beautiful, Stylish, Seasonable, Substantial Woods,
la be found there, you will bo pained to eay, "I havu't been'
mcrtlra. t$z son
Desire to say to their friends and customers nnd the community
in general that thev
elegant assortmeutsof G.ooils,
ii ibu t(k mi it . i it- i i hi. Mini
before, embracing in the Dry
T i'v, t .
V JUttsuns, Delaines,
unnaaters, Cretonnes, Lawns,
yiutv, macKtians, Lustres, White GooJs, Jaconet Swiss,
Japanese Stripes, ' Dolly Vsmlens, Whito Bed Quilts, Crash,
iiiule Linens. Ntml.-i rift rIuiJu ftn .irt iirt Cli.i ...I.-. T.....
tottpnades, Hickory Checks, Striped Ticking, Cussimorea, Cloths, &c.
iiitvo mo larostand moat varied
Latest Novelties of the Season I "Ga
For the Ladies !
We have Laces, Trimmings,
EdgiDrS) Insertions, Collars,
Hand kerchief, Glove?,
Hosiery, "Hip G,. re. Cor
sets," Hoop Skirt",
Parasol?, Hair Oils,
13al morula, Fans,
Neck-ties, Perfumery, etc , etc.
etc., etc.
A Good Steel-Shank Gutter,
At jiriceu that defy
N. 0. Sugar, 12J cents! "B ' Coffee, 11 cents 1 "A" 15 cents !
Bent Coffee in Town I '
Fine Teas, Splendid Tolmccos Bright and Black Navies,
Black lO's, Natural Lent Smoking Tobacco, Candles,
Soap, N. O. Molasses, Syrups, Spices, Pepper, Cloves,
Cinnamon, Logwood, Madder, Indiiro, Alum,
Iiioe, Candies, Raisins, Fish Lake Herring,
White Fisb, nnd Mackerel Hams,
Shoulder?, aud Sides!
We hnye a full tock of T
crytlsisig, tm& tire detest
named to sell the lowet!
csrAll wo ask is an examination of oiirfGOODS and
Give u ft prill at the
EooiIo'sj Olci
and aro pivpjired for the Spring
ii in if viiruui ETriw rnnn imr
Goods Deportment, full lines of
Ginqhams, Plaid Povlins.
Percales, Wash Poplins,
, For tho Gentlemen !
We have all the latest. Novel
ties iu Collars, Tie?, Bows,
Snspendera, Fine Shirts,
Chevoit Shirts Shirt
Fronts, Cutis, Chevoit
Sets, (Collar,CiiffH,
Bosoms,) Valises,
Hosiery, Hats
iu Palm, Straw, Wool and Fur,
for: $1.75.
competition I
Corner Sitoro.
A largo quantity 0
Of l!ie Yellow and Xlwl Xaiijciuond yarlety,
In n "nnntli yi llow variety, well ntlapted to
the .Viirtlien, Climiito
Tlio pi if.ii of Plants this spring will ho StH)
lor si 111). nm per lmw, ll .Oi; pcrKdun, tH)M
per Pi.lKli). Ciilibaao I'lalits, tl.OU per 100, 7.5o
per luou r 1 u
1'luuU will bo
Iac3etl in Damp Moms.
In onlurliiR. dvo rii.VIS DIRECTIONS for
shipment and 1 O. Aildreas,
Adilresu ull onkrs to
' Scioto Co., O.
II1V! DSi;.f
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton, Wllmlnirlnn,
(Jhllllcotltii, I'oiiHinnuth nml lion ton, Ohio;
juiiydviito, voviuxton 111111 i.5XiHKion, ivy,
17-3111. MANAGKIt.
Tlio Eest Pump in the World.'
OURAroiiIs report over $lW),nflO 'worth of
proportyVnvcil f 10,11 Fire thin 1 cur hy thoe
pumps, being the must powerful fiiruo-iiiimps
In Iho vorlil, 119 well an 'iin-frrexlnr.
bee October iniinlx'r. pniru SHO. 11U0 the Pro
ml u 111 .l,t. tinao tlliSof tho A 111. AirrieulturlKt.
Thin paper never deceives the farmers. He-
noli 111 peui iiary niiiiinor, piiko . Try one.
If It don't tlu the work claimed, nentl It haiik und
ptet yoiirmiiiiHy, ai w wnrrantour pumps to
to do nil wecluim for tlii'in on our elrcnlarA.
Jl't'B Co., NoAAf'hHinher Kt ,Niw lork.
An older for nine No. 1 I'll 111 p Keuurea on ex
clusive town iitfoncy. Mu n-tf.
AVINO been enciiKed In the study nnd
iirnetlcft ol DentUtry for fiftnn year Mini
local prai'tioner In Jiu'ktin for ais yeurs, und
hnving uvuJled myuelt of ull tho
Modsrn Improvements iu Dental
would rpapeetfully any to the rltljinni of
MeArthiirnnd Tlrlmly that I nm fully prcimr,
ed to inaiilpiilatonll the vaiimia lirnnuhea of the
deuce. I'ricoa n low aa tlio lowest. Work nn
irood tut the bent, . Punton ronilni from
dlntiineo winning to remain sntll their work
done will be untcrtuluud at tuy pilvato ronl-
ilente free.
lined In extracting tooth, rendering their ex
traction compHratlvoly pnlnloii. Aieiiiule 11 L
teiidont nlwny ou liHiid to wait upon liulU.
Olvo mo a cull,
Hay 15, ieu-ly Jiwkiiwu, 0.
la Cbanioal and Medical Selene.
Dr. E. F, GARVIN'S i
FintiT AND ONLY 80I.TrriOrr w mad
In one rnixtnr of ALL 'I IIK TWEI VK
valuable active prmoiiula of tt wU kuou
UN EQUALED In Cmighi, Colli, CaUnh,
atlima, Uroachitu, and cunanmptioD. .
A recent cold In three to (z tinnn ; end clan,
MULATINe) etfrct upon the general ijaUiiu,
I remarkably etfmacioua in all
Inoludiug bcrolula and Erupuon of tha akin,
Dyppua, Uiaeaati of tha I.iver and Kidney,
liowtlJiiMiaae, aud Oenerol Debility.
Volatile Solution of Tar
For INHALATION, wtthont ntUton of
I1KAT. A reniarkulily VALUAHLKdicoTery,
a tb whule pparatu can 04 curried in the mat
pocket, readv atony time for UieaioatetfeetUHl
aud ixxitivcly auraiiTe usuin
All DinVftM) of thn NOSE, TMItOAT
uil Lunus.
Tar and Mandrake Pill.
f it use in eotinectlon with the ELIXIR TAR,
is s eoniHnetion of the TWO nimt vsluable
AL1 EKA1IVE Mudinine kuovn iA the Pro
fession, and reiiJen. tliu fill without exception
tho vtirv hint everoticred.
la without doubt tha Best remedy known ia.
eases of r
It is a Sperifto for ueh discuses, and should he
kept in the lioinwlmld of every fuoiily, OHpeciaUy
during Ihwe muuilis iu which
aro liable to prevail. A small quantity taken
daily will invent cou trading Uieae terrible
Solution and Compound Klliir, $1.00 pet Bottle 1
Volatile Bolutlon for Inhalation, $3.00 far Do
Tu aud Mandrake nil, Mole per box.
Bend for Circular of rOSlXlVE CURES
to your Diuyist, ur tu
L. F. H7S?DE & CO.,
110 E. 22l St., Now York.
Tiiekk is to be' ft refonua
tion iu the Grant family, liro
ther-in law Casey ia to be dls
missed from the New Orleanu
Uoiiectoi'suip tor couuuet un
becoming a Government offi
cial nnd brother-in law. The
President is crowing virtuous
aa the crisis approaches. Now
let Cramer be proceeded
wtdi Stiiiil nr.
fiwliipin, m
il. U. In-gtii'jw,,
' T , T , ' uutifc 1.1111114.
I'1" "I. full linrtlouluM IkJiJi
iiritiei.liirii, VI,
PTPF 0,ir Bm,u' 8,,lrls. '""'xc. ti
y KtHtb U'Ooruuiii, Kfcitpod
for Mm.M
-....... W,
?cil,t,9 Illu,r.i(.. w , Ageut lr ?cf
iriHi iaw
111 DOth Ellffl Mb AnA Oftrtn.n
Hiving tonu. ,U(1 full ,,.rtinlrs Inolmllng ovi
l.i A'f f'.r11''1 th pMuli.r tflkioy.nl
f.riirUi,,.. vMrM.ii n. a.'Pffarwtiiytrrirrf
.1,1,' Mi
For CotiBbn, ColiU nd Uorgesmi,
Tlinse Tablet ptfscnttlio Add In Conililna.
Ion will, other etllclrnt rrnj"!;, aZpXr
Smh '' 'rilllOAT and lVnu
uro ii.ime.lliitt.lyrolicvo.1. ami htalianonU I
tioiifititiitly til ing si'iit to the pniprlulor of relk-f
HA III FOV """'' riW'ivoa by wortul
w iiV,J f'.V-n'w" Imitations. Get only
WbIIi.' J .i-bolte T. Mm.. I'rlce sn,nt. per lu'l
Sonil fr L'irculur. Bolo Agent ?or tho U S.Y'
I 1W
-ii oo m le ny Aien!a In
ciinsliit (or Yoiiuinn'
. . ... I'loinMinrj i .rrriiHy
WftlltM. nn .Inlitn OA Ami tj ..... . ' .
m nvuri,iiB in nvry ui'piirt-
niciit of Iluiiimi Kffnrt tli.u m ,y 0thw pim.ililB
wy. hriint t-a to 40 a woelt lnaureil. Xi la for
pcry hoiiMkwpor, fcmii-r. trude nml Tiroftinslnn.
hiir the tie. mul w.ill. A rwll iblo lmk of permt.
Iletlt VM 111. Ill AVll.V U'i.li. iwab .l.-.'l .
nn i. ' B...,. iiir;rrwiip pernon
iwIIh Ituclf. Kxlm Urns. Adilmu F. vt. ltRKn
IRDbiftlilbStreul.Mcw Turk. - '
The proprietor ba by the nuiat.
ailOB of Eminnnf i....l..l....
.'hi'inlita mocfMlcd in utlllinin tb
.111 -ill. 'inut nr ...l. 1.
l'i.o "Illtllllt'U
111 Ih.i fit 1ll..l. .,Kl n...
... ..... v., ... iv, livnill Ul l,DJ
Hemlock Tito, nml oblaiimU it
valuable preparntlon to lieapplieil
a h Biilva or plaster ror rlii nmii
limn, t'roiip, Pnin or sorrnes of
llidlai k, tliPstorHtoniiich. 1'llcj
S.ilt Rliuum. SourTy, Bores, Ulcer
Hiinidiis, Horn or,is, Fnxt Biles,
Ohlllihilna, Hore HirasU ft Nipplea,
King worm . Oh ii II ii if a ml 8k iu diit
ouscs ol' Jiifliiniitarv nalinr.
JOHN D". 1'ATik"
For tho livoHt book en tli far wont vr rinn
Buffalo Land,
lly W. E. W EB fl. .lint ready. Tho myslarla and
iiiiirvolm ot tho nudity plains fully and ttulbl'nllr
descriM. Overauwina-ltli wit aiid lumior. The
Appemlin a Comi.leio Omdo for SiKirtamen and
Ktiinrmnt.. fiuu V i.tii til." . .
.... ....... . BlllllIK tiiuBiraiiona or tn
ant cli,iMc:er. bvnd fur particular, anil aeenre
lenllory at once, as thin m ihe (rieatest ceanci- fi r
iiiHkliu- nmnuy evor rffi.r'd anta. E. HANJii:
Pllllll.li: I II P..I.H.I.... I...., . " .".
illliiolf. viiiciuimu, W., or VlllOagOi
Tho Seleiitino American la tho cheapest
niid boHt illiihtrnted weekly imper pnlilirlieil
; "".iiiiin u-oin iv ui 13 original
t-ii(fravln!iof new machinery, novel Inventions
lnul.ce, enneneerinir works, Architecture, Im
proved I'lirm Implements, nnd every new d is-
overy In Cliemistry. A yeurs' ninnlien eon-
Inlii Kill p:wi and Heveral huiulrcd enirrur
' J'K. Hioitsund of voltnnea nre preaerved for
I1I111I111K nml relereiiee. The practical receipt
are well worth ten times the subscription pvioe.
lei nm, f Uvear hy mail, hpeeiineiisscntlroo.
.May lie had of oil New Dealer.
PATENTS ohinineil on tho best terms.
Minion, of new lnvenllmiN nnd nketchesexitniln.
ed iinil advice tree. All piitents aro pnlillslieil
111 tlie Hcientiilc Anipi lciiii tha week tliey Isnue.
isend I for pamphlet, III) uu:ea, conlainliifr luxd
and lull pireotion lor olilalninir Patents.
Audreys for I initu-.n-iiw. l..t. itrrrvrKT
CO., .1, 1'ai k Itowi N. X. Jtranch office, cor.
I' , nml 7111 ls., U'ltsliingtim, I). 0.
. .-r.n. , ...,,1nr..,flllJ ertliipiru nr UMJIB
Sprliifr, wl.n tha laiitruid aur, de.jJIiiHM nysUra
lll-AlIM MlFflllth elllil Vll lIHv . I (..ill ..I - I t,. at.
T4 fl tlnVArfnl Inn r tnaalutl. ..t.. t 1
" B. ....... , ..,,v. ni JKUr IU III V
ftvhle, ulrt-nth 10 tha k, unimiition to the da-
Itsi-tnil eititivifBr in ttiA fcln.rnl. 1. ... al . ...
qiik'ttu the nnrTiiuB. ind lit-dhb to tlie iuflrtn.
It la 11 Hdiith American nlr.nt, whfcli, cryrdlnflp
. ..v .... w . wa aiii.a m. viii iiiu IIITIIH 1 1 CJH I fl III UUnnOU
nrl l'.iii II .s.aiiaU f i s-.-i m .. .
., r.i-ie-rn t "luiimi I UWBI IU1 J illl 4r UTlip
erllt' knovu to Mnloila M.lrn, and is wfll knnwo
ivn iinutu ciitiiir(r MPTlllJf WOIHltirlUI StiritllVO
quulUIci, lutl tins bMti long uv! m ft sptKlflo In all
of UiipitritiM of tho Blood, iMttngtrntnt of
Mtor ami H)Mn, Tumor, UropHy, iViverty of
Blood, IWUty, Weakuwi of the lnti itiutis.
t't..l.... IT.!. ...... "k... '
VWI )llf WI (Viliiiel Ulffjlllia.
Dr. W Extract ct Mela
It 1 mi-onc limine and nour'Shinz. Like niilrl-
oiniia food taken Into the atoinach. It avlnillate and
illfl'iiMi Pself through the clrculuiiou, giving vigor
anil health.
It regulates the bowels, quiets the nerves, acts di
rectly on tho luereilvn oreann, una1 by Itn pnworfill
Tun lo nml restnrlntr elF.'Cia, prnduoo husllby aud
vigorous notion to the whole avRlem.
JOUNQ. KKL1.0G0.18 I'lsttSt. New Ynr'f,
H.ile A sunt for the United Ktiitea,
Price 61.00 Dolhirpor llotlle.- bend for Circular. H
BcMoaiBiroa tbb JtEAL KSTATB
REGISTER, Pittoboh,P. (Weely
j) Column: n.oo ayeur). Sample copy free.
THE Inimeiise ileinsnd fur lUlloway Fills and
Ointment, baa unnoted unprinilnled iisrtlis to
ominterfett iheee valiiiihle medicines. Iner.lerio-
iroleet the imhlln and ourselves, vrs have isancil a
ncW'Trmle Merit," ennslMlniror nnypilsn eiroie 01 a
serpent, with the letter H In the oentro. Every beX
ofllulloway' l'llls and Ointment will !iv thn
trails mark on It; nun are genuine without It.
H, Y. CuaMIOAI. Co.. Bole "rnprletors,
"! Mnhlen Lane, New Tork.
John U. I'aMt, Oinolunatl,Olilo, fiols Arent tor
the btate. U
Hannah Cox'i Estate.
Probmt, Court, Vinton County, OU.
NOTIOH Is Iterobr given that Henry C. Moore,
M Administrator nt the 'tale of Mrs.
Haniish Cox, ilocoaHwl, Inn herein filod his ne
iiount for flnnl settlement; aud that the same
Insst. for lienriucon the 1Mb. riny of June, A.
1). Wit. at 10 o'ulock A. M. U B. 1IAVO,

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