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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 29, 1872, Image 2

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l5C inquirer,
r)rnCE-Iii Bfitond finny of HoM
tiitlrtlnR. HmtH Suia of Mailt Btioot, H-"
-Court Houm
9. W. BOWKX, Editor.
. - May 29, 1872,
Pay Your Railroad.
It will be seen by referring
to the notice to the stockhold
ersof the Gallipolis, MeArthur
and ColuraUii It. It. Co., that
the Board of Directors request
the payment of the third in
stallment of 10 per cent, en
each share, on or before J une
22J. From President Langley
we learn that so soon as a suffi
cient amount of stock is paid
in Vinton county fifty or seventy-five
men will be set to
work on the line between Dun
das nna MeArthur. Let the
Stockholders pay their install
ments forthwith, so tlm grand
enterprise can go ahead. The
work can be commenced as soon
the stockholders begin to pay
their installment. You all
know that it requires money
to build a railroad. A few
dollars from each of you would
be sufficient to start the work
between this place and Dun-das.
The Washington Patriot es-
t.mates the stealings of
Administration fromdatfvlUfT,
nished by Garfield and the re
port of the civil service commis
sionat ?125,OOC,000 per an
num, making a total of $375,-
000,000 in three years. This
stealing would doubtless have
been larger; but then we must
remember there wasn't any
thing more to steal.
Radical Congressional Convention.
The leading Radicals of this
C-:igiessional District, whoen
d rse the corrupt Grant Ad
ministration and favcr his elec
tion a second time, have 'given
notice that a Convention will
bo held at Portsmouth, on the
17th of July, ' 1872,- for the
purpose of placing a candidate
for Congress iii nomination.
This is a slight move against
Iloraoa Greeley.
Tiis old and reliable Balti
more & Ohio Railroad, in con
nection with the Marietta &
Cincinnati Railroad, were the
first in the field to half-fare
tickets to delegates from the
west who wish to attend the
National Democratic Conven
tion at Baltimoro on the 9th of
July. Tickets will be good
for twenty days from their
date, and include a free trip to
Washington City. Fare from
Cincinnati to Baltimore, inclu
ding trip to Washington City
and return to Cincinnati, 10
The Baltimore and Ohio is
among the very best managed
roads on the continent, and
passes through some of the fi
nest scenery in the world. A
trip over tlm road will be a
pleasure to all who wish to at"
tend the National Convention.
Congress will end this ses
sion with every State and with
every Congressional District
represented. Tho Senate a
few weeks since, was made
complete by the admission of
General Ransom, of North Car
olina, and yesterday the House
torn to its full number by the
admission of Mr. Rogers, n
Democratic member from the
same State, whose disabilities
were removed by the passage
of the General Amnesty Act.
There are now 1GG Democrat
ic members. A change of 19
members only Would give them
a majority. The House to be
elected this fall, with the new
apportionment, as increased by
tho supplemental .bill, will
consist of ,203 members.
The. Republicans of Ten
nessee throw up tho sponge:
they make nomination for
Governor, conceding that there
is no chance. Republicanism
in Teimesee is a gone case.
Railroad Meeting.
GrUfe,tL'Ob.0 R. ,
,1, tWpntv miles more of
It reqntral but a few -mo
incuts to get iipqulto a large
nieetinj? of the citizous of this
town iri tho interest ..'of the
Gallipolis, McArtliur nml Co
lumbu3 Railroad, on Thursday
night last, After the arrival of
President Langley.
Tli mppfino- wag called to
order by C. AY. Holland,. Esq
II. II. Swaint, Eq., was called
tn tin Chair. Upon taking
the Chair Mr. Swaim stated
that the object of the uieetin
was to lake into consideration
measure to secure the building
nf tho Farmers' and Miners
and the Gallipolis, McAr
tliur and Columbus Railroads.
The-meeting was then address
ed by Dr. Wayne Grisvvold,
President of the Incorporators
of the former road, AY. Mar
shall Anderson, Esq., of Cir
clevillo, AY. II. Langley,
President of the last named
oad, aud by Hon. II. C. Jones.
In bis remarks, Dr. Gris-
wold said tho Farmers' and
Miners' railroad would run
or more than eighty miles
hrouorh the finest and richest
agricultural country in the
United States, between Urbana
and Mc Arthur, and. for twenty
miles amid the richest coal and
iron fields in Ohio, connecting
at McArtliur with the G.,McA.
f y r i . ; ,1 :
'through twenty miles more of
inexhaustable beds of coaland
iron, thus uniting the two most
valuable interests, agricultural
and mineral, which form the
foundation for the highest
prosperity of any" people, and
that . development and inter
change of these two creat com
modities will make all the bu
siness in the future that the
road can do. He spoke of the
provisions of tho Boesel Rail
road Law, passed by tho Leg
islature last April, wabh gives
counties, townships, or cities
power to levy a tax to build
railroads, should two-thirds of
the people, at an election held
at any time by order of the
Township Trustees, County
Commissioners, or Municipal
Authorities, vote in favor of
the same. In Pickaway coun
ty, he said, one hundred and
fifty thousand dollars had been
raised by private subscription,
and the townships through
which the road would run
would vote a tax of one hund
red and fifty thousand dollars
more; Champaign county would
vote a tax of over one hundred
thousand dollars. Swan and
Elk townships in this county,
could easily raise seventy-five
thousand dollars, in this way,
for the two roads, Should the
people go to work under the
provisions or this law the road
could easily be completed with
in one year from this Fall.
Before any steps can bo taken
under the law a request, signed
by at least lOOtax-naying clec
tors of the township must be
presented to the Trustee.
J hen an election is ordeied bv
the Trustees to bo determined
by two-thirds of the electors
of the township. Bonds are
then issued by tho Trustees for
raising funds to construct the
road, in sums not lees than
$50 each, payable at any time
not exceeding 20 years from
ate, at interest not exceeding
per cent. the bonds not to
he sold at less than their par
In Pickaway county the peo
ple 'propose to issue bonds
bearing 7 per cent., one-tenth
payable in 1871, and one-tenth
every year afterwards until all
are paid, taking ten years to
pay the debt. A tax of from
two to five mills'ou the dollar
would probably, rai so the
amount required of Elk and
Swan townships, and the
amount thus raised wold be
ample tp pay the interest and
one-tenth of the bonds each
year; aud as tho interest would
grow less by one-tenth every
year,, the tax each year after
tho first, would bo lessened in
the same proportion. For this
small araouut of tax .divided
through ten years', ' Vinton
county could be greatly im
proved with both of these
roads, as they would run over
fifty miles in the county, . and,
with the present road, give ac
commodation to nearly every
part of tho county... Those
roads completed would come
upon the tax duplicate and pay
several thousaud dollars of the
President Langley gave a
most encouraging account of
of the work upon the G., McA.
and C. R. R., iu the vicinity of
Gallipolis. About 150 men
are now at work, and the force
will be increased as fast fc&be
stack is paid. .
Mr. Jones, in his remains,
fully explained the provisions
of tho railroad la He be
lieved that, in the light of the
late decision of the Supreme
Court of this State, in regard
to the act of March 4th, 1859,
which act is kuown as the Cin
cinnati Southern Rail oad Law,
and was unanimously pronoun
ced 'constitutional by the Su
preme Court, the law author
izing townships, etc., to build
auroads is unobjectionable.
lie moved that a committee of
five be appointed to draw a
petition for the purpose of ob
taining the names of 100 citi
zen tax-payers of Elk township
to present to the'Board of Trus
tees, praying them to order on
election to be held at some fu
ture day. at which the electors
will vote for or against the con
struction of the proposed rail
roads. The motion or Mr.
Jones was adopted unanimous-
y. The Chairman then ap
pointed Hon. II. C. Jones, .U.
S. Claypoole, Gen T. B. Davi,
Dan. Will and Dr. A. Wull,
said Committee.
The meeting adjourned until
Friday night," May 30, when
this Committee will make a re
It is tho opinion of those best
informed that the people of
Elk and Swan will vote almost
for the tax.
Duty of the Day.
Pomcfoy's Democrat, pub
lished in N"ew York City, iu
its issue of May 18th, says:
When the delegates to the
National Democratic Conven
tion meet at Babimore, if they
attempt to sell the party, ig
nore its honored principles aud
compel Democrats to follow
polit'eal trickster into the
RadL J camp, they m.iy, look
out for tho beginning of trou
ble. Let there be at that conven
tion on attendance from all
parts of the country. Of men
who are not delegates. Lot
thciu be there to indorse the
nomination if it be Democratic,
or to unite at once in a call for
a national Democratic Conven
tion, and the nomination of
Democratic candidates for the
Presidency and Vice-Presidency,
and for the reorganization
of the Democratic party on a
ba-'is of principle.
Victory or defeat.
But no cowardice or shirking
the responsibility of a contest
when the rights and liberties
of the people or the preservr
tion of a Republic is concerned.
Others may do as they please.
They may buy, sell, bargain,
tarllic and betray.
They may follow Creeley
into the party be is sick of,
and which is sick of hiin.
They may endorse him or any
other Republican in their de
sire for that pence which ex
ists when the lion and the
lamb ho down together, but
when tho lamb it inside the'
lion; nothing short of a Demo
cratic candidate will suit us.
Tho Veliinon which is good
enough to live by, 13 good
enough to die by. So with
politics and principle.
While the followers of Grec-.
ley are citing to Democrats
who will support him, let them
bear in mi nil that here is one
Democrat, and one Democratic
paper, which goes direct from .
this office to fifteen thousand
three hundred and sixty-four
post offices, which will not sup
port or endorse iforaco Gree
ley for the Presidency, no mat
ter if a thousand conventions
nominate him, pr if to main
tain our posiliou and defend
our principle, we part compauy
with every subscriber .whose
name is on our books,
"Principia noti homines." ,
Principles not men not
politicians, whose policy is
office, plunder aud position.
First Victory.
lion. O. 9. Fi rry, ih elec
ted U. P. Hfiintor from Coo
Tiecticui .oikitV" 1 5th inst.,' for
six years from Maivh 1th, 18T-i
IIh received on joim, ballot
1J33 votes and Gen. Hawley,
the RadicaPcaucua nominee,
125. Mr. Ferry is the present
Senator, and was nrst elected
by the Republican party, but
like Schurz.Trumbull and oth
ers, he spurned the collar of
LGrant, and has dared to on-
pose me measures or tne itadr-
cal party.. He favored amnes
ty, peace and good will ; and
the fullest exercise of local
seii-govuiijiuuin. nence ins
- .! i TT , .
political decapitation . was de
manded by the Grant party.
iney aereacca mm in their cau
cus and nominated Gen. Haw
ley over him by a large major
ity. The Democrats not hav
ing sufficient votes to nominate
a Democrat, exhibited their
good sense by uniting with the
Liberal Kepubhcans and elect
ing Mr. Ferry, a Liberal, over
fX ... I T V, i- i. T . 1! 1
VXCL1. JLXilWluy, UVXIilUG liUUlCai.
Population in Great Britain
increases from year to year
from natural causes, c'ven' with
the large loss from emigration.
In Loudon and twenty other
large towns in the UnitedKing
dom for tho grst week iu April
the report d deaths wore 1,091,
and 5,199 births. In London
for the same week,' there were
1,61-1 deaths and 2,250-birlhs ;
and these are about the regular
proportions of births and deat hs
from week to week. In New
York aud the JSTew England
States the thing is reversed,
and there are more deaths than'
births. The English women
do their part toward keeping
up the population, and you can
hardly find a more' healthy,
strong set of women than the
English. They all take more
or less out door and open ex-
ivisi HMfl Y-:llL- !1 m-i'ilt, rl.'fil
much to the benefit of their
physical condition.
Ten Republican United
States Senators are for the Cin
cinnati nominees. With such
a nucU'U-', and the gains we
shall make at the coming elec
tion, there is every pro.-pect of
both IIojscs of Congress Cou-
gre&s containing a majority fa-
vorahlc to fh
flcr.cra! i. F. Iu ! l-.r h a
leleato to tlis- I'hihii'elphia
Convention iil ni.-tctl to
vote for Grant. Ia Airjust
13G7, he wrot-3 to Mr." V.
Jonc-i, Xt'tiiili, Wiv, that
'Orsint's election v. i l bo a mis
fortune, leca'i' h will put in
a man without a ln-ail or heart,
in liflcrent to llu-mm sufirinr
ana impotent to irovcrn."
W aadc r fu D I v o v cry.
Of Waukesln, Vis,. .
This water Is tlic:ii.l;!inw!i: .;!.i n:r(, f tlm
lilOioit'1 iiilKirinl. n i. d iniiiriililo (li;;ra-o
known a lii iyl.i's 1 J-ici i itil, ialjoti-s.
d.hght's disease
Is fntal In the k l.limys. th ln.ilv wrn-lrs nivny.
and uvHlioyj lif'n by'bturvatioiiWlUu blood.
ro-iiiiicnro. with l'r-(iUMil il. soo lo pass water,
tiont thirst, consiip.uiiin, lo .of sucatjlh uml
Dropsy lioi'iioflerir 1, lirlrl-du't do
posit, hi'lnmiill'm of t!io neck of tlm IJIaildi'i-,
Hikaliaii.l irout v nwolliii. 1'ortlu- liver it I,
IMISIirtiaSSi'il, It in I'll 1 1 II Ill t V 1.1' I'vi, nihil, In
tho OimvoI. J.ivrr Allecti nis. KWii lilmlilor
and Lrinaiy owing. Stono In Kiilnev, riteu
lion of urine. inriiiiliiiKiirn nfiuiiK-, hillious at
lections, and fllnnisH lnrldent to females. Jt
will allay all liillmnat ion of 1, i.i tio V mo l.pl mi i'V
ottrdiin iii tweaty.loai'lioiii-s. Lji vlK iiniiiedinto
h im i, ,10.01a Dciuiei revei1, II provenn llio
kidneys Ironi cunifestlnu, uiij removes all tmceH
ot iilliuiiieiitria. Alsocurcs iiout and lhounia-tisin,
IlnK tllS tfood
lanio ellaet nt. Ilif. roinnlMt imH. nf
tho country 11s it lias at thu sprinni It imvnr
loses a part ieln 01 Us nn'dlillelnnl qualilli'S l.y
pin kui;ii or transloi niallon ; In i leur, Pimi klini;
ami ineusuill, 10 llio Unit), It Call DO UlUUit Ul I'll
All over the rouiili-v inn aoiiinllnir lt urnlso ns
un uiieqiioloil iiudlcinal UKent, mid iimiouk
Iiioso w lio hIII bear tentlinonv In the inm vel
1111 euros prrlcoicd hy It on them us well as
others, are tlm llun.H. p. Clinso, ( hlef .IuhIIcii
oftho i.nitiil Mate, whoso lienltll Iiiin been
iicriocuv roMlm-eil hv itsi use; llio Jlon. IWm,
WIlidoni.Bon itnr f.oin MlniUMota: A. M. 1:11.
Iln-JH. I'l-iisliloiit 1ioi,,)h (iaa Cn.,(.'hleniri), III.;
me liov. sir. Ilrown.of Sutre II111111) Uulvrsl
IV, Illlllllllll! Me. i;, ni II. linn. I'res. Uil Nil.
Holinl II ink, fit. I,nnlai'Mr A. it. 1'oarsoif, (III! N
.111111 Hirnui. m. i.oii h: Jlr. I). 11. watt, jvimikiik
l'aeltetOo.,151, l,iiiii.(. JB. llnnt.ol' iliint'H l)i.
Illlllt Kcillns. No. l'.a Vim, street. Cineiliniill.
mid many ot.hiTM, All onlerMfor water pionnit-
unw. eemi nir iwiuulHr. AHiueK
Affcnto, .187 W. Fourth St.,
For fnlo by Dnnjs'nts-
Estate of Er. Henry C. Mooro.
NOTICUlHlierehyi-iven that tho mntflr!rn
ed lis hei'ii ilnlv anniiliiled nnd uuiililli d
as Adinlnlslraiorof tho ratatoof Dr. lienry O.
Moore, lute of Vinton County, Ohio. deenaMiid.
i,iuy si,, mm aw, iiiiii?, ui'ji.ii,
monthly Journal, ilevoteil In thn hitorl(i of
peopio who pi-ini inouoy. BiikIiiiw cii'iriin ol
lio Trttt Plan PublMitntr'and Cnmmllon Ifumt.
renin U venr. Meml muinn for Ktiorlmon. ami
learn how you may reduce your livlim oxpmii
en 110 to W per cout. without illinlnlnliiiu eom
forWor Utxuric. Plain, trallill'"rwnril lnnl
liRHKiUOt 111 tllB liuuLlaMoiiiiHftomil." Of Infer-
t tn vorjDitly. Aflir John li. Aldtn,
ll..nn, LTm. ...., JI ,'l, I,-Ill
.umiiivi, wjv ?, vi, ii,cil,u i.m,v, ,1.1
A 14 1j 1) ft S V I fi I E
HOoSTON. ZlihO i ft CO.,
Unvliuf imivhii.-ud llio i,itve Wiuilrn Mill,
V. ! !lir. (MMit I'll 1 i iiouiHM Ul then- u:litii,
iiii'l tuv j.ulili,. In n. mmtl, th nt ilii Mill is imr
;nmvil to do khnla of Ol!lSI'OM . WOICJC
AtUilXU, .BI'INNINU, WKAVIJIil, him! nil
kiiiiIn r work iwiiullv dona in iiimliy WIIIh.
llli Kll(8l'-C,Asa WOKKMKN, und MA
yluNKItY, uuilurtho Sii)iiiintoiiii ni-e of I. N.
IjOrritDUlC, Olk Will Ik, iIohu Willi NKANKHS
wlioveihu Wool In good uml clean, und Roll
Our price tor doing work uro us follows:
Itoll OuiMlnif. W (M cents.
Ciifdinif nml Spinnl"!?, 11 Ih 13 "
M.iklim HliK-kliijf Ytu-n, double rind
twiamd, 4 lb ; 30 "
Mich m
Stocking and other yarits,
. Constantly ou hnud and for snip,
wlilnli wo will exchiuiijo fur Wool, nt ratos
n run, nmi iu mo sunie inuu giro you tlie
Biltlsl'.ictlon of iiilronl.nU .
Tlm highest Mi.rkct Pi-lcn paid In' CASH for
Wool. llOLSl'ON, U1L1.0N & CO.
. ilnySO, J873.
iiniii-niinin inn in piuisiy iiioso who rivo tiH
Biumbcr of llac urr' sertcs,
S1DE, a joctria:il adapted to ihv.
wasa is ofevcry household
AlSenutifiil AVork of Art
as u l'lciiilum
to cvory (ubaortbor.
Teiims: Ono dollar per annum lu advance.
Published hy
Tho Furm and Fh-psldo Association,
li Pino Sli-i'i't, Now 'ork.
Pc-ar Months for Twonty-Fivo Cents.
KlUDSIOK I'l-oni June to' September, and also
the hack nitniui'i-s of tho Stnrv of Klirenlnirn-.
Oril Ows FiliKislDR is :i lap-i! sixteen na.'e II.
For twentv.nvn ennia von ("in pet fll'IJ awv
liislraleil l'apor, piiblisheil by Wm. I). tirsip,
Kooin No. 1, Sun Jinildiii;,', New York. '1 ho.nli
seriiilion prico is ipl.50 a" year. All M ho suh
Kciilie tinaone year receive a I'ltl iitfM i'uriT
C11110M11, which i.i adinittc.l to ho tlie ihiest pre
lniiinijto siihsiM-ihers ever oU'erud by any piib-
'r.KI-;T!IKT!:l.VLTnn and von will pom
find it to your interest lo become a rcrular sob.
can hnvo blank Subscription Receld-. nlveadv
siirned and ( Inouios to deliver In Mibscrilins.
fcrjjf" Aildress or is tins 1 ihkmiik," Unom
so. '1, .-in lliiil lln;.', .New York ( iiy.
To Stockholders of the G., McA.
To Stockholders of the G., McA. & C. R. R. Co.
l.Ii rartirs havbiir siibscribeil to ':w Oinl'til
Slo. k nl'llic I,.. ilicA. t . If. it. ! o ..' n:v
hereby re piinM to make pa;, novit o' 11 third i;i
slalloit.nt of PI pel- eeuc. on i-.u-h .sli.'.re, on or ! e
lore llie d ivof .lune, li-J, t'l tin- S-.-e.-etary
of liie ( oniiiin-, lit his oiii. e, l'l.bli:' S i'lM o,
t.,dli)oli-, uliio. Vinton t o. inly sul-s i n is
10 i -pay to Daniel Will, l'vi-sido :l of iuton
Ciiinn y II. in!;, .Mc Arthur, o'.iio.
y order of I ho Uuard of lii-enov.
W. sliiiiiiii;, t-n
Jl.iy ill. If.12-.iu-. ti.. 5li-.. & ('. i:'. 11.. ( o.
To Stockholders of the G., McA. & C. R. R. Co. NOTICE.
rpi!F, I'.illiiwintr named pevim3, h:in liie ow-i-X
( IS nod .Vi.'oai. of l.!l.' lot.: Iinuiii.'i'l I bclou,
hit hereby 1. 0:1. k 'l to pave in from ul' llwir re
ijpective f.ols;
.1. ti. .Sw.-f l.-.'ld, Lois Vo--.. M 'Ui.j jo.
Ja.ues Maloa.', pact of lot N.i. ' I.
T. I!. Davis repaii in iu front ol io! No. U).
tiiivvcncr Dana, lv.i.iiriiii; ia 1 Von t of lot
No. 4S.
( ieoru-e V. ilc-n- !i lol.i Nos. I III an I ISO.
ileni-v l,;.ni?. m ifc. lor No. l-i.i.
11 a. T.i.ioicl., Lots Nils I.V! end 1".
M '. ltu!i:i:h-, lot-t -Nos Kct and lf.l.
iliia 11 v, ... kloc. lot, .o. iu:i.
C. Iloll Hid, i.'.t No. I'il.
J; via 1 ' ir-oo, lnj N.s l'.J ai.d ll'S.
I-.. I). DodVc ropaii-iii iu 1'inut of Itank loi
No. (Ji.
.lo-"ph IJodilrMijc, repciriii in iront of l.n
No. C'j.
;dr-. .ii;i-v i:icbmo:ol, lot No. tU,
.)-)-1 i.i,.-'!, lot No.
Andiv ci .'. i; cs ly.)t 'o. ,V.
( ha, li - I'.iown, Al"''I . i.'t Nu.u".
11. HiiUien, lors .!'.( a re I SO.-
P. To:n!in,.i. lot ,N,i ..!.
M. K. l'a:-.-oaa;-e, l, c. No. 3.
y.A. M i.i'ii ,v ti. "A. Hn'-iy, l,t No. St.
l.i.iel t.'iircv. i ii t of lot No, li..
A' i 1 1 1 u ,1 kl.-v. 1 d No. ;ti.
X. I'l. iiaioa l, Lot No. I .
(.. V. i',1 -lev, lot No. n;.
i-:. 1;. 1 1 11k, lot. No. 11.-,,
aI-.-. i h i! o. :, lot s.i. no.
.Mrs. s ,111 1 1 1 ' 1 : 1 W.t I. I. t No. 117.
y l.oi.'i -Ion-- No -, .m l 11(1.
J. J. .-!io.-liev, lot No. ,VJ.
l). I). I ,!-.-.' a. id V. l!.Mi.l. lot No 31.
Mrs M ;h;:l.i ill' m n, nie -loi No I I.
All to he 1 oiu.i'oled h,. ih . i-i , ,v of A'ltcu-I,
1K'2, suld p.ivi in c.s ti ho of the wi lih and
ttiality p-e-.-i ili.'d ia an O tiii-ime of 1 he In u--porated
VillaKo ol' MjAi-iIuu-, pa-:sed May tu.ii,
l:y ordji- of liie Council.
M'dtTil'T.VANS deck.
JlnArlhi'.r, Ohio, Mav !:!, Ir.'i'J-lM
Por nil Oeneial 1oiihi' of .Slock und
Poult:. y,
i:ki'kri-;n; r.t
HOi;i:.-1 CrilliU OK UI.ANnF.ltS-Vnrnn
Snyder's, t'. H. Ass'-I:uit Atsftwr, iVoitnt
-Vina, Pa., C. H.icon's, Liv i-y an-l JCxcliniifjc
lilalile. Saiihnrv, I'a,
iiousi s ci;ii;i) ok roi'Nnr.it Woifo a
WilliolniN J)a:ivdio Pa,, A. Klli.s':-; Merchant,
W tisliinelonville, IV,' ,J. ,'ico tlonalier,
Jersv Miuiv, Pa.
iKinsiH ci.uKr) op lung i-i-:v:;it-ue.ss
& Ilro's. I,ew iliur. Pn.
IIOKSI'S C'Ultl-.I) Of COLIC.-Tholuas CHnrr
an's I 11 i it mil v, I'll..
lines Clll(l-;i)' OK C!IOI,!-.r.A.-li, Ilurr's,
II. A A. ( letwailor's. .Milton, Pa.
uws t;ui:i:i.-nr. Meciucrys, j. n.jr.i
Coruilel: V. Milton. Pu.
OAl'i;s,-1)r. D. 'I'. Kreljs'n, Wnti'oiitown,
Ph., Dr. I. (J. Davis' , 0. W Htlckei'i,. John and
.billies FinuevV, .MllLou, I'u. iliindreds nmre
could be el led whose stuck wits suvod by ublng
tlio Uudlluiju i'owder.
rum'Aiir.D by
DriiKKlxti ClicinlNt, llorsemiin,
At bin wlioKnle and lclnll drniraiid etiomlciil
emporium, No. Sil III oaiiw iiy, Milton, I'enn.
In Cash and Other Valuable
:p:r,:e3 mito s
Will bo dlHtrlhutod lo th2.00 Sub.sovlbora to the
Tli First Weolc Iu Sopteui'oor, 1312.
All two dollar tuihlcrlhoin received between
tlio 1st of April und tin) it of Hcpti iniier, 1S72,
will be. niadu participant 111 tho uhovu ilii-trl-hut
Inn. ...
Tlmri! are over 1,800 Yoiuluinfi, tho (lift of
which I-I350O in Cnsh. und ovv log other
il-li Preiiiliiiint ni from g.5 to iflGQ each, and
l'nrty ofthoiie eeli brulcil Bteiii-wniding, liunt
liiKCHHed Wiilelios.
hond for lieelinon copies, lint of lrcinlu.mn,
lernis, iu:, Aildio.Mi
- , lllllcilllllltl.Ollii).
To tiny book nieiit,
And a Hprolmon of the .
1300 Pages and 500Enravi gs.
Written Iiy 20 Kniiiiont Aiitliurs liiiliullii(f
Iloi accOreeh y anil John H.UoukIi.
waul neontii In every town luaolle.it orders
fur Oil" work, on liberal lernis. It in 11 com
plete hi dorr of all hnincheofJiidulrVirocei.s
os of iiintiiiMielurc, ide, Nolike work over bo
fore pul)ll!icil. An parly iipplieullon will lio
ncciiro aoholee In territory. Kull piirtioulars
nml teniiK will be will free with n Hpcdiiion of
UiIk Krent work, and a ?.-ilironhek.
.1. H. ilUHltit 111 DU, Hartfoid.Conii.iClitctiKO,
ills., am! Cincinnati, Ohio. -
.V'L :m
A Century of Triumph over ilv9,icp1,
llvi-r discus,!, bowel umiipliilntH unci yarlouii
ti ln il nml iiri-vousdl:'OHlrrii, has immortalized
llio Srltzrr Kjih, und I hose vh'tm-li's uro unw ni
liontcd tlii-iniKhonl, this hoinisphuvo hy J ah-
ruiitulnliiK all tho nlomi'iilsiind liioilin-lMH; till
tho hiipiiy i-o-iiltsor thu tiri'nt U'-rmnii biu-iiib,
Extraordinary Improvementa
The Mason A llaiuliii Ovirnn Co. respectfnlly
announce the introduction of tniprovcmci.l! l
much uiole Until onlinary inlerest. Thesu itro
helnit the only Hiiecessrul coinblnallou of JilOAL
1 11 J'.;- with roods evor nuulo.
which ran he instantly moved lo llio riijit or
loft, elinoKiii'4 1 lie pilcli.iir I I'jilspi.slni; I lie key.
for urtnrt'iy una in'ncripriont, me Lirctiutr.
lll.l.ll UAi.l.M'.l UUUAXS.-S,
nt 51-10. iV:.-2 and $iar,o-ieh. ConKlderlii Capac
ity, Klo,'iince, and Tlionvi,h i'!xeejleue of
Work iiiuiinIu'p, these aru vhcaper than uuy bu
fore otl'ered.
Tho M ason asp Hami.im Oi-frnnsnreficlttiowl
etlxed IiH-iT, and fnna e:lraonlinary fio ilitics
for manufacture this Cenpany can allbrd, und
now undcrtako to null at prices which render
l-'ourOctave OnrnuH foi) each: fivo octavo Or
ring f JtMl. 12fi and upward. Willi three nets
roods SI.'iO and upwards, i-'orly styles, up to
tlNltl each.
Now lllusl rated Cat-ilnguu, and Tcstinioninl
Circular, wldio), inions of more Hum O110 Tliou-
salid Musicians J sen I free
isjsenl tree 1
M ASOM ,4 1 1 AM I .IS onr AT CO.,
1M Treinoat ht., Huston
raw l.ieiKiiv.ty, is.x.
Cheap Farms! Fre9 Hoinos!
oh Tin- T.iNt: or-ni"
A LAM) ni! ANT 0I
12,000,000 .ACKES
KO'.T FOR S.VI.i:!
T1hsi binds lire lp tlio ecnlrul prrtlnr. of !'
Ui.iK.l States 1111 tl-.o -list Hcrh-p of Nor h Ia:i!i'ile
tin-central line of llio rcnt Tcnipercte Zhtip of thp
Aui.-i iciia I on. hunt, anil fur main uiewiier nml
s'ln-k raiflag uii'iirpa-soil hy ntiy In the Unhid
( 'HKAVF.it INT PKICK, moro fuvoridilr tcrma
an-eu, ami more Ciiinciuciil lu market lima can bo
fi.tind c:si ivlo-re,
Iha Ihzi Location for Colonies.
Pulili.'rs ciitlicil tn n lxnucii'i'i'd of 1 n acres.
Preo Pulses to Purcp.asers of I.ii'id,
Sci il for tin-nriv ilci'i Inilvc ptitii .di'e!, wii h :icv
nnps. pnl.! :-ii, .I iw Ki'tr'Ixh. Ocrio.iii, ricnl,th and
IM.il.-n. ni:iiii. li i e evin where
Aiiilre-i O. P. PAVT,
Laid Coiiuii 'winner, U. I'. 1!. 1! V
t'niiilia Ut h.
y r r-1---
jas.j-'nj jLet&
Esr!ii;?!sa1iriiufP. E. C?.
On i on Yeiira' C'-ciiit. at 6 li' ci. In.
No part- id' Hut 1 r:'n-.'i.il due In: I -vn vers
and ilnnicc only o'oe.-i.ioili ciu ly i:;i t j ! i.r.ii! in
Produ t" will tr y for land and ici.vove
mm is wnhhi tin: :i:ui: 01 th (;ciieioii- lie iii.
Jt ;V' li.-t tor I.-' in;, v, ere : i' .-ruilc-i cl, tire not
now mol t.-roh.-.l'lv ni'ver v ill Pp.
1 iJi I l,.u iiii fu'.l pa:l!eiil :r- .ire sup
ili'-d 1.' i-a lis: :ny vi-liin P, .11 li.ee othi-ri In
.!ii-.ra: Willi il 111. i.i- to f' mi i, rdoi.y, iii-e
iiiviicl lo ,o.l. I-., ri.il limy vent to !;'. rilmte.
Apily In ::.'). S. I-AUI.I. f.a::d Co.inn'r.
J.'or lawn Land -, at l:-i ;i I 'o- I 1 : .
Ami :or, Pr.i ioi (..o.ds. at l.ici-ola.Xo'i.
I i:M C r!li. i'V
and $0.
OM,- C "1
ivi'r;? a. '.it.ii
fc!lJ-..". i'li'l J;-3.
;..iA.N'L'i.'Aj'n.'i;i:i p.v
J. W. Chapmra & Cj., I-Liaon, Ind.
t-.7"fK';i foi: oii:crr.p.,
C :-evW '
Tho Ec:t Fain'i in tho Wcr'-cl!
I'uro 'VIiIlo mid Over One TrundrccI IJ t'
lercut MiudeM und Tint 4.
Tbii lin'nt Is nindo of tlu pi'r t nnd nun' durable
in.ilcri.il lierctof'.-re usctl by pHinlorii, ( mol.hieil with
11 Urea .r..:iiriinii ot ilnlla liubl cr. wbteli isclielili
cally unilc'l ia such a iiimdiht as to form a mino'li.
jrbir'-y. flnn, ihinibl. cluiUi'' and hcnat it'ul Piilnt,
which h"ciiiai lliiuly CfiHOntcd tu Urn MikiUuice I"
WlliCil II. in H'ill('l.
B fj"'lii.sii l'lilnts nro prepirvd ror.Jy for use, anil
nl I ky tlio mil luii only.
ETJBBE2 PAIKT CO., Clevclaai!, 0
AtfonlH, we will pay you S 10 per week in cash
If yon will ciiii;.- wit.li in) al once. I-.Teryt'dnEt
fii'rniihed, nnd foxpoiincs paid. Adiircs V, A,
KI.I.B &Oo.,( lim lotto, Mlcli.
A(;i-;X' I'H Vinted. AifOiiU uinko inore num.
bv at work for ns than at iinylhiinr el.-.o.
Iltii-i'nixi Ilfiht nnd poiiiiniicnt ; particulars
free. U. Bl't.ON & Co., 1'int Art Viihlltittm-t,
l'oriluiid, MnliiC.
UP PinllO Co., Now Vorklnt clnsS!!0tl. Ko
i fl Agcnta, Kuluuh of put roll J Iu 411 Slate In
A()fi I uniPir WITH :I.T,AIl 1IN
00t i IT rril ANDNKC'KTIK. Sam
.1. McGliK. I,:iiiciitor N. II.
ClENDID OPPF.RTtrSITT-'Wiiiile.l, Ciinvnua
C ers lor un nt tractive, lujdd elllup;iind Indis
pensilily useful Iinported'Atiele, tne niosf le; it
linale thiiin ever it)'crod lu Airuuta. Adduss
(with stamp) W. J. IiOIlDWIN fc, 481 UrO.idwuy
New Yoi-I ,
u fsnn reward
li 1 1 1 1 1 I roi-anvioiMiol j;llinl, Pilcc-
dim;, Helling, or Uleernted
I'iles Hint lH ItlXMS PlbB
ItKMKiir I'nilH to euro. H Is
iirepnrC'l exiinssly to euro
(ho l'lleM. and nothing ebo. fciold by ullilrug
Ifisli. l'rico tl.
HOOK of useful
VJ knowledw tonll.
Address Dr HON Al'A UTIJ & CO., Ciiiclniintl.O.
Sent free forS Btnintis.
I WIBII to buy, to bodcdlvcreil at my store, In
Zaloskl, every ihssoriptlon of
Oil Cast aiiJ. f roilit Iron !
Kor which I will pay tho lilgliost mnrkot prlc
(biltier up your OLD IKON rtnd brltm ib to
inyntore,. H. BHIVLKY.
UO VIANO 00., K. T. VT'.H K, 29fllH
I rj Vn AbimiIm. tlvcuhir rics. iD-iVV
! iii iti.riit of Miia'l liills,
;h iv.jHp,'iiii'r fuliscrip-
t i:
' !.i
tioii i.-i a iiiatrer of more, mi
poi't uiee than is usually nttuuh"
ed to it. There are not a few
who in tiiws when luiin'ess is
a little depressed, and the pros
pects of the future seem more
than usually unsettled, will
hold 011 to their cash in hand,
tell all collectors who wait on
them with over due bills to
"call flgain,"whilo the-p tynient
would not give them -any fieri-.
ou3 inconvenience, and would
accommodate a largo, nnd de
serving class of creditors. In
deed, we know nothing th.it in
a quiet way would go to far to
give animation lo the market
throughout the country as the
universal fulfillment of the lit
tle dfbts. If paid once, the
u heel of busiuess would be lu
liricated and j dlity soon pre
vail throughout the land.
General Ilurstf at "Rugby
Fruit Farm," near Chillicothe,
has set out this spring 3,000
peach and 4,(500 damson plum
trees. His orclund "w com
prises 115 acre, with 23,000
trees, of wh'ch 18,000 are
peach and 5,000 damson plums.
The trees are reported in ex
,1 i.
ceiie'it cwMition, out ine pea
ches were mostly killed iu De-
The work of political pro
scription lias already commen
ced at Washington, G"nernl
Colburu has dismiss-il E. V.
nalley, dork of the
for his
j:litiii-y Committee,
upport of Greeley.
Is widely known
f.s one of thu liiut-t
efluctuul rciiii.'ilii'ft
ever discovered Rn
cleansing tlie fjs
tuin nnd jittrifyinj;
tiiu liloo.l. It'll:;
Q'i$y&i$y ycmn, willi a cpn-''VU-,4.
SWitiiS-V titiition, bttfed on its
intrinsic virtue;:, nntl piistniiiod Iiy its m
!i'i:irka!j!is cine?. So mild ns to lie fr.lt! r.ud
beuu.'k-iul to tltililiun, and yet to liinp;
ns to cU'octnally ptirjo out tlie ;r:iit eor
nijitions of llio bloud, cuch ns tlie serc(ii!((ii
nnd pypliilititj contamination. Intjimilics,
or disea.-ies tlitit lijivo lurked in lh tyth ni
lin' yeai'H, toon yield to lids jiowerltil tw'i
dote, no.l tli.snppcnr. lleneo its woiuki'l'id
cu'.'ch, niuiiy of which nro publicly known,
of ytTOi'nlM, nnd nil scrofulous tliscasi s,
UK:cr, JVJiiliois, nnd eruptive tlis
order.! of llio nkln, Tiuuor.S, Ulottlies,
Itoil.SjVimpKs, I'nstiilcs, Sores. St
Asithtniy'jj Fire, Uoso or Erysipo
las, Tcltci-, Salt lihcuni, .St-aid
iJk'ilil, Kiiij.rv.'orin, and iiiternul Ul
ccriition.s oi f!to Uterus, Stoiiiacli,
(unl Liver. It tiL-o ('tired other i-out-
plitint?, to whi. h it would not R'Cin esjiei-i-'
ally ndapted. nieh as Dropsy, Dyspcii
Vita, ?Xei!ra!s:Ja, Ilcrt I ViGcase
I'cniiilu WctiktiCSs, JJcl)iIify, and
IiCucoiTfitt'it, when they arc nianifwtii
tions of tlio (ipi'iiftilous poh'oiw.
It ia nn excellent restorer of lieallh nml
ptrcii'Tili in llio Pprinjr, Iiy renewiiHf llio
nppetito and viyor of tho theslive oreiine,
il tli.-sipalcs tho depi-efisiiin and lisllefs lan
guor ol the season. Even where no disorder1
appears, people feel better, nntl live longer,
for clean.-iiij; tho blood. The system move
on with renewed vk'or nnd a new least! of
r J2 EPA Tt ED D T
Dr. J. C.AYER&C0., Lowell, Mass,,
l'raclleal ami Anntyttcal Clivmlntt.
UM tU V MalW
livery year increnses the populari
ty of tins valuable Hair Preparation
which in dno to, merit nlone We
can assure eur M patrons that it it
kept fully up lo its high Htandard;
nnd it is the only reliable aaid perfect
ed preparation for 'restoring Gkat
or Faded Hair to its youthful coloiv
making ifc soft, lustroiiH, and silken.
Tlio sculp, by its use, becomes white
nnd clean. It removes all eruption
and dandruff, and, by its tonio prop
ertied, prevents the hair from fulling'
out, nH it stimulates nnd nourishe
tho hair-glands. By its ubc, the hah'
grows thicker and stronger. . In
baldness, it restores the capillary
glands to their normal vigor, null
will create a new growth, except in
extreme old ngc. It is tho most eco
nomical IIaiu Dressing ever usedy
ns it requires lower
and civea the hair a Bplonuid, i
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D.y
Stnto Assayor of Jlassaclnisetts, says,
"Tlie const itiienla are pure, and care
fully selected for excellent quality ,
and I consider it tho PnT Prepa
ration' for its intended purposes."
SoUl On ull VruguUlt, and flealert in ifediotnes.
' Trioe One Dollar.
JJ"'- -''--.,..;-V.V;
Bao'kingham's Dyo.
As out liencwer in many casos1
requires too long a time, and too
much care, to restore gray or faded
Vliiskcrs, wo havo prepared thi
dyo, in one preparation which will
quickly nnd effectually accomplish
this result. It is easily appliedy
and . produces a color which will
neither rub nor wash off. Sold by .
all Druggists. Price Fifty Cents.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL, & Xi

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