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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, May 29, 1872, Image 3

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(Eljc (Enquirer.
. For Pure Drugs and Medicines
go to Sisson'B.
"Come whoro whoro my love lies
dreaming," and soo how sweetly
Bbo looks without any paint on her
The Tabornaclo Mooting of tho
Methodist nt Logan was largely at-
londod. It closed on Monday, May
We had an excollont rain in this
county last woolc. It was worth
Thousands of dollars.
Fon a glass of delicious soda wa
'torcall at the now Drug Storo of
0. T. Gunning. It is sorvod up
there in tho best stylo.
Tue best way to build tho Gal
lipolis, McArthur & Columbus and
tho Farmors' & Minors' Railroad is
to vote for a tax that wll mako it
equal on all sides of tho houso. .
Wool in Ross county is hold at
from Ql to 80 cents; in Madison
county at from 05 to 70.
.Our neighboring town of Logan
has organ izod a Board of Trado.
The .following uro tho officers ;
Hon. 0. CASE,Prosidont.
Hon. C. W. James, Vio Pros't.
II. L. Wright, Ehij., Secretary.
R. Wright, J. L. Collins B. TI.
Riplej', J. E. Tritch . and Win. M.
Bowon, Directors.
Last Friday, show day, McAr
Cliur was full of pcoplo and all our
business men wore happy.
Tue cars are now running from
Nownrk t.o Straitsvillo, malting an
outlet to tho north from tlio, Hock
ing Valley.
Hai.k a loinmi eaten every morn
ing on rising and ivlso on retiring
it night is often efficacious in res
moving a billions condition of the
Pnrnaco, and McD. Lottridgo, Conn
ty Surveyor, nave bciu n poi d 1 o 1
Jfo Insurance Agouts. Gj)J ap
pointments.. Vinton county is organiz'ng nn
Agricultural Society, and propnscs
holding a l(,uir next Fall. Circle
villa Democrat.
.!A1 ways go from homo to hear
thd trews." '
In ft -report of tho Committo on'
Transportation to tho Cinci-nnnti
Board of Trado on the freight char
ged by tiio Ohio railroad, tho rates
of tho II & C. and 0. & II. V. rail
roads, avorago tho lowest of anjr in
tho States. The former road char
ging on nn average 17 mills a mile
per ton, and tho latter 1J cents a
inilo per ton.
The attention of tho public is di
rected to tho advertisement of the
Allensvillo Woolen Mill, now under
tho superintendence of I. N. Lot
Tim doe.
The Town Council givo notieo in
this week's paper to certain owners
ot lots to pnvo side-walks.
W. W. BiaEonn, Auditor, went to
Cincinnati Monday, to attend tho
mooting of Auditors of counties
along tho lino of the Jlariotta &
Cincinnati Railroad for llio p nrposr
Of assessing tho proporty of that
corporation, Ibis buing an adjourns
cd meeting of tho Auditors.
At tho Pickaway County Stock
Rales, on Tuesday of last week, W.
M. Koyos Rold 47 hoad of two. your
old cattlo for William Bray of Vin
ton county, to Ccorgo Holdorman,
nt $4.95 por cwt.
Some of tho farmors of this conn,
ly complain of tho Colorado Potato
Bug, the out worm, and tho fly in
tho wheat.
IlroiiLV complimentary remarks
firo made, in tho Photographic
"World, on some pictures mado by
C. J. Billinghurst, and this reminds
is of seeing somo fino specimens of
his work iii tho Post-ofllco.
How strango it is that somo per
sons will wasto thoir money on
choap pictures w'hon by paying n
littlo inoro, tho vory best can bo
had of Billinghurst.
Ho has $250 worth of fino pictUros
hanging in his Gallery. Thoy are
worth sooing.
The Ccrtiflcnto of Incorporation
liaa boon filod In tho ofllco of tho
Secretary of Stato of tho Moigs Co.,
Willtcsvillo, Jackson and Cincinna
ti Railroad Company. This road is
designed to pass through tho coun
ties of Moigs, Vinton, Jackson,
Tiko, Highland, Brown, Clermont,
and Hamilton. Tho Incorporators
ftro.II. S. Bundy, II. L. Chapman.
R. R. Hudson, M Nyo, Jr., W. 0.
Clino and John Miller,
Job W. Lucns v. Francis Strong- The plnln
1:1 HP in this onee claimed tliat the defendant
owod ill iii about HI) for dleutni tt Well. Attlie
tho Inut term of Court tlm trlnl of the ense re
u.. I ...i i . i.,,i.,..,, ,.r tl n for nlulntilr. On
Friday and Saturday -week the oiiso was tried a
second time before a Jury, mu mimii mi
lllrnru nnrnna IOIIv1 S. P. Dt'BVer, EzCkicl
'ii,,,..K,f 1..1...C..1 u.,,n..,,i F.li Graves. Jolin
I.ndv, J. M. Thomas, O. R. Boll. Harvoy Zim
merman, lCdwnrd Ooodrlc.li, V. R. Muce, .laiims
KnulkiiHr KinliurilTilifcbllD. The verdict of
tlilH Jury was in fullowsi ..,
..., .1... ...... i ii, iu oa bnlnirdulv em nrin
elcil nnd sworn. lo lln.l fr the plaintiff and as
senalila.lui.iaKCs at 8." Eiich jiarty In the
case to nay liiH own coHts. J IfUien witnesses
were examined for ea-h party. M. L. Chirk
and K. N. Barnhlll, attorneys lor plaiutiUj 11.
0. Jones fur defendant. ,, , .,
Henry I. Undlcv vs. W. F. Maun, Elizabeth
Man ii. and Lore K. MniishVld. Petition dis
...iu...,i ,.t,.ut..f i.ininiiir. 'I' lm nln nt ff then
pure notice of an npponl ; and the amouut of
noun mr an appeal wan nxcu uv u.
Hunan linker vs. Solomon Shipley. Thin was
ti suit brouitht under the Adair Liquor Law to
recover 18 00) dnmaecs of defendant, who was
hiirimil liv Llinnlulntifl-wiill aolllnir IntOXica-
t inn Tiiiunra o her husband, tho parties at that
tlnio bidiiKresldentoof Zaleski, but the plain.
1 1 if at present beluga resident of Athens. At
inc nisi term oi uourt nio piuiuiiu win itj"
cd to irive eenrity for cost. Tlio hliiintlfr on
TueadnvoflnHUveok. donosited $1M) with the
Olork of the Court to the siitisl'iiotion of tlie
Clerk undor (bo rule, when the enso came up
for trial. The followUm named gentlumcn
composed the Jurys Knos W intern, Levi Wy
mail, jiiini uowti, . ii. iiuiiNon, luiiimu
John Wisti'.oat, (ialiriel Kinallwood, Kzeklel
rtiitidin-. HinieoiL DmUo. J. M. Tliomas, John
l.mlv Wm iivu Tim lirairliiu of the evidenoo
of ul'iout twenty-i'ifrht witneues lor the plain
antnnd tlio anriiiiioiiU of counsel necnplccl
almut one dav an I a half. Tbo'Jury rendered A
verdict ofSSMl for tte pliilntirf. A seooml trial
u.u .li.mTin.1,.,1 l,v rlnl'nnilillt. Tills bCillU a
tiff nnd about twentr witiiussos tor nie--ticiiiu:
causo in whli-.li cit her party is entitled to asee
ond trial the Court allowed the samo, flxlng the
amount of tho undertaking to be given tborelor
at 850(1. E. A. Bnitton anil . n . iiroviior iui
plaintiff; II. C, Jones and l'ortor UuUadway
lorilelciidant. . ,
1 1 v ltr.iMf.in va n n Dunn nnd wile. Sale
of part of lot In MoArlhur continued end Slur-
I IT Hi rented to mike deed lo tue purcuiuei, u.
W Hviintm. 11. C. Jonot lor plalntirf. )
Term, A Ri-eai amount of business was dlspo
Red of. On Satiinbiv lust, at 14 M., bin Honor
dlrnctod Deputy Bhorlff Hunter to "adjourn
Court without clav." whun ho depnrtud for
Jiidire W. K. Hast im oreslilud dnringt tno
William Uhipfith, Jr.; of Galliiiollu, Olilo,
will nivept thanks for hi3"Iteportoftlic Miner
al Resources, etc., on Ibo Vino of tiullipolh, XIc-
Artliur & Columbus Itailroad, with maps," to
tlu l'resiiknt and Directors of said rami.
ForAyer's Medicines, so to Gt
W. Sisson's.
The Best Mowing Machine.
The Cb imiilon Mowlnir Machine, for salo at
tho ilurdwaru Store of Tili bmond and Ilnhn, Is
the standard macliine of America. It was
awarded more llrst premiums during the year
lHi than all other machines combined, and was
a'lvays succc3 ful where nil other mm bines
failed. Tlie workiiiff parts of tills machine are
no constructed that they run ho taken apart and
put together, in the field with a common wrench.
In iti co istruction all complication was dispens
ed with by tho inventor and the machine ro
ilu 1 lo the least possiblo number of parts, nnd
those of tho simplest character. Thousands of
f.ii nicrs declare that it is snperior to all other
Grand Opening
Of New (iojils at the House of Will & Co., at
Z.iloski. Cheaper than any other House, tlo
and see!
IVrsons desiring wool carding
done can lo accommodiilcd nt tho
Me Arthur Steam Mill.'"
J. W. Iiiindnll, nn experienced
AVorkmnn, will hnvo clinrj;o of tho
inac.hino, nnd. wilt . pay u librral
price for wool. If.'
Upon tho -arrival of JZwwrs. G i-is-wold
and Andorson from Cirelevillo,
u dispatch was sent to V. II. Lang
ley, President of tho G., JlcA.. & G.
It. II., askino; hi in to come hero on
business in tho interest of tho road.
President Inngley vouch 3d thU
plaeo on Thursday evening, nnd
about 11 o'clock on that night ho,
accompanied by Messrs. Griswold
and Anderson, departed for Bloom
ingvillo to attend a meeting at that
plaeo on Friday morning. Friday
evening ho returned to McArthur,
and on Saturday morning left for
Jl iryhada little lamb
And It wore a Dolly Vardon,
Hut it was such a wicked t-li r:i,
She drove It from her u irilcn.
Christian Union Hymn
Persons wishing theso books will
please leavo orders nt this office,
Tho prices are for
Plain. $1.00
Uilt l.SO
Full 'Gilt .. 2.3
Numo put on each book for 12
conts additional.
Thcro was-a meeting of oilr citi
zens nt tho Mayer's ofiko, on Tues
day, to take action in regard to ma
king tho necessary arrangements
for proporly ontovtnining tho mem
bers of tho press, who are expected
to bo here, on tho 13th of Juno, in
nltondanco upon the Editorial Con
vention. Hon. E. M. Moore, presi
ded, nnd 0. E. M, Jennings actod
as Secretary of tho meeting. Sev
eral committocs wcro appointed, af
ter which tho mooting Vljournod to
meet at tho Wurron House, on Sat
urday evoning, to comploto tho pro
gramme lor tho occasion. The
quill drivers of Ohio, Kentucky and
Virginia may cxpoct a hearty wol
oomo and a good time generally.
Athens Messenger, May 24th.
Tub track-layers on tlie
Chesapeake nnd Ohio Knilrond
reached the Falls of Kanawha
on the 21st inst, mid are push
ing ahead rapidly to Ouuley
Bridge, intending to reach
there this week. Ono and a
fourth miles, of track Were laid
in eteven'houra. Over 4,000
iiicn are employed between
Gauley Bridge nnd White Sul
phur. At some points the
It uvea are employed tlay and
'Tint .corps of Enginoors engngod
during the past two weeks", In ma
kingtbo preliminary survey of tho
Earmors'.& Miners' Eailroad lino
betwoon Ciclevillo and the rosidonoo
of Cornelius Karnosk on ' tho G.,
McA, & C, Eailroad line, reached a
point about half way betweon South
Bloomingvillo and Mr. Karnes' on
Saturday afternoon last. Tho Chief
Engineer, Mr. George Morton, etop
pod ovor Sunday with Mr. Karnes,
and on Saturday evening J, F.
Koyes, Assistant Engineor, J. N..
Beomer, Lovelor, J. M. Schryver,
Rodman, and others, camo to. this
town and remained over Sunday.
They informed us that people along
the route aro almost unanimous for
the construction of tho railrea, that
thoy wore kindly trcatod by all, etc.
Tho distance from Circlovillo to
Bloomingvillo thoy found to bo al
most 22 milos.
Da. Wayne Griswold and W.
Marshal Anderson, Esq., of Ciro'lo-
ville, nrrivod hero on Wednesday
last, having made a tour of observa
tion along tho lino of tho proposed
Farmers' & Minors' Eailroad by
way of South Bloomingvillo and
Cornelius Karnes'. They reported
tho entire routo to be much bettor
than they expocted that tho road
can bo built with easy grades, the
highost grado not to exceed thirty
feet to tho milo. During their stay
hero thov visitod. in comnnnv with
u t t - - i j
some ef our citizens, the coal mines
in tho vicinitv of McArthur. nnd
and measured tho thickness of tho
veins, Thoy wore hicrhly ploasod
with tho coal fields of this vifiinit.v.
saying they could go homo and cor
reet tho false renorts nnt in nirr.nla-
r i -i-
by newapapor correspondorits rola-
. i ir:i-
livu lu uuhi in V iihuu couiliy.
Are You Going West?
Ifso, take our udvico, undpiirelmseyourtlck-
eU over tlio old reliiiblo nnd jioimliir Misourl
Paclllc Eailroad' which Is, positively, tho only
Line tlmt ruin three Dally Express Trains from
St. Loultt to Kansas City, nnd the West! und i
positively, tlio only Line whleli runs Pullmnn's
hiUeu Sleepers and liny Coaches (CRpecciallj
for movoi-rO ('(nipped with Miller' Safety I'lut
lrm unit Ibo pnlent Bteaiii Brake, from St. Loub
lo Kiinsns I'ity, Kurt Beolt, 1'arnoiH, Lawreneo,
L?iivenwlerth. Ati-biKon, St. .loseiih. KcbriiKkii.
CllyCi.uncil bin Us and Oin.ihn, without chaiiKo!
Kur infonimri'iii liiri'KUrd to Time Tables, rales
to nay point In M ssouri, Kansas, Nebraska.
Colombo, Texas or Call Hernia, call on or address
S. II Thomson, Airmt Missouri I'ueillc U.K. Col
iiinlms. Ohio; or, K. A. Ford, General Passenger
A(;net, St. Louts, Mo-
ro trouble to answer qnestionsi
Wo answer, go to the Southwest Missouri,
because tlio Atlantic Fneino Kallrouil Co.
otter 1,3(10 000 Acres of Land to actual Hettlcrs,
nt low price on lonRurodit, besides furnishing
IVeo transportation' over thoirroud to purchas-
ersi this road extends from St. Louis, throuirh
Missouri to Vinll ia, Indian Territory, Is being
im.diod rapidly to Its destination, tlio Pacific
Co.i.-t i will ba ono of tlio trunk lines of the
country, never blockaded by snow tlio lands
long the road are In u rich fcrtilo country, as
proilui'livo as any in tlieStatejtliocllmatocom
bines all the advantages of northern and south
ern Latitudes; g3ol climate, soil, lionlth, water,
limber, jrrazInK, fruits and flowers, invite yon
logo to this region. Tor further Information
address A TUCK, Land Com'r, C23 Walnut
Strcol, St. Louis, Mo. lS-ly
Under Grant's Administra
tion military interference in
civil aff tirs has become a com
mon tiling, and where discre
tionary power is given him, he
uses it unnecessarily and arbi
trarily to the oppression of the
citizen, doing violence to the
form and spirit of the institu
tions under which we live.
Upon the Smth. he should
have shielded because of her
very weakness, and protected
because she was not permitted
to protect herself, he has laid,
from first to last, and with
alacrity, a heavy hand. To
her people he has been, not a
President, but a pursuer. From
over them he and his party
have drawn away, with a rude
hand and for the worst purpo
ses, the jcgU of civil liberty,
and left them exposed to the
whims and caprices of nn irre
sponsible, arbitrary consolida
ted power. This is not liberty
at all, or anything that was
promised '
Tnrc Radical press for years
past have been denouncing
Voorhees as the worst of trait
ors, the meanest of rebels and
the most malignant of Copper-head.-i,
but his speech in Con
gress in opposition to Greeley
has brought about a change in
their opinion of him, and here
after (until after the Oth of Ju
ly at least) he will be called
everything that is honest and
respectable. The most bitterly
denounced Democrat who savs
the least complimentary to the
present administration becomes
an honest, respectable gentle
man. The most honest Re
publican who becomes disgus
ted at the corruption of his
party leaders and dares to ex
press his opinion, becomes the
most dishonest una corrupt sore
head. If the one-ouarter of
what is said by tho administra-'
. rt i i; ti
lion press against leaumtf ivu-
publicans who dare to think
for themselves are true, what a
delectable set of suckers must
thoso bo who remain in the
party led by such men as I3cn.
O. T. Gunning lins just romovod.
from tlio "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid ftesortmont of Drugs, Med
icines, Oils, Taints, Boois, Station
ery, &c, to lila .NEW ROOM
10 Will's New Building, one door
wegt. of Gilman, Ward & Co.'s Storo,
on Main Stroct, whero ho will bo
pleased to mootull his old custom
ers, nnd as many more as choso lo
givoliiin their patronage
Ilia New Eoom is really tho finest
in Southern Ohio; is being visitod
by everybody; and his supply o
Drugs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, and tho
Who equal to any other establishment
in tho country. . '
He fills prewdptions, nnd. r.au, no
commodate nil customers atreason
ablo ratos. If you want to see
the finest Drug S lore-, drop
in nnd exnmino this ono.
Cam. nt (iifNNiNfi'a Unco Stohk, In Will's
lliiil linj;, ami si'o tlioso Kino Oil Paintings,
Clrroinos, I'liologniiiliM, Plain and Colored Lilh
ograiihs, wliii-li aro for sulo very eliiiuu. They
uro so bouulit'ul!
Tor Fine Perfumery, go to Sis
sou's Drug Fton.
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,
Adverlisoing nlono does not pro
duce success. Tho thing which is
advertised must have intrinstic
merit, or else large advertising will
do it more harm than good. If 3'ou
have anything which you know to
bo good, advertise it thoroughly,
and you will ho snro to succeed; if
it is poor, don't praise it, for peo
ple will soon discover you aro lying.
Such is tho policy oi' tho Burling
ton Itonto, which runs to three
great regions in tho West: 1st, To
Omaha, connecting with tho great
Pacific Roads. 2d, To Lincoln, tlio
capital of Nebraska, and all that
beautiful region south of tho Pintle,
filled with Iiailroad lands and homo
steads. 3d, To St. Joseph, Kansas
City nnd nil Kansas points.
Tho roads aro splendidly built,
hnvo tho best bridges, li nest cars,
the Miller platform and coupler,
and tho safety air brake (to prevent
tho loss of li( that is everywhere
else happening); Pullman's sleepers,
Pullman dining cars, largo and
powerful dilutes (to make quick
time and connections), and aro in a
word the best equipped roads if the
West. So that it yon desire fi go
safely, suroly, quickly and conVrt-
ably to any point in southern Lowa(
Nebraska, Kansas', or on the Pacific.
Roads, bo sure that you go ' By
Way of Burlington."
All who wish particular informa
tion, nnd n largo map, ohowing
correctly tho Great West, and nil
railroad connections, can obtain
them, nnd uny other knowlodgo, by
addressing Genornl Passenger
Agent, B. & Mo. It. II. B Burling
ton, town.
. One of the most significant
things about the Liberal move
ment in the Republican party,
is, that it h participated" in by
all of the leading papers of the
party, and a very large major
ity of its best men, intellectu
ally and morally ' speaking.
Yet the entire pack of admin
istration dogs, from the bull
dogs like the New York Times,
down to the little mangy curs
of low degree, like .the Cleve
land Leader, are snarling at
the Republican apponents of
lirant, as tliougu tueir lives
depended on it. It has been
soever since the llepublican
party was established. The
moment that a member of it.
however prominent, honest and
pure he might be, refused to
wear the collar ot a corrupt
ring of political managers, he
was sure to be treated in a way
as indecent as it. was illogical;
ilWical because the lienubli-
cad Pecksniff piously claims to
nursue but one omect, ttic pro
motion of moral, intellectual
and political reform; bo that it
would naturally u-e supposed
that the moment one of its lea
ders endeavered to give n. prac
tical exemplification of this
creed, he would be awarded
laurels instead ot thorns. 11
there U one thing more than
another that Democratic jour
nal?, nnd Democratic statesmen
have labored to impress people
with, it is the fact that this
nomnous. holv-pretensions lie
publican, party that is the
ultra wing ot it is a irauu ano
a humbu!?: and its attitude td
wards all Republicans who try
to lift honesty above part)'
verifies the fact. ! ..
1 Ml
Ml H
When you como to town do not fail to go to the Dry Goods
House of T. A. MARTIN & SON the "People's Old Corner
Store' else when your neighbors tell you of the Grand As
sortment of
llcaiitiful, Stylish, Seasonable, Substantial Good,
To be found there, you will be pained to say, "I havn't been
there!" .
Desire to any to their friends and customers nnd the community
in rymim-n
" iv i uiuu vnrj txi j v,vuniaunj iubci?iu aMUiuuiio vj uiicti
elegant assortments of Goods, and aro prepared for the Spring
tviiu a laifjur, uuuei, iwiu uiuic vtinuu biucii lu.iu ever
before, embracing in the Dry Goods Department, full lines of
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sets," Hoop Skirts,
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Neck-ties, Perfumery, etc, etc.
etc., etc.
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ties in Collars, 1 Ties, liows,
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etc., etc.
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erytfeiiag, mid ure deter
miEied to sell the lowest!
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Givo us a call nt tho
IPooislo's Olcl Corner Store.
T. A. I?!AiriW& SOi.
A largo quiiHlity of
Of tlie Yellow and Keil Nanscuioiul varioty,
l it nmoiilh ji-llnw vnrloty, well adiiplod to
tin- Noi thui-ii cilmutu
Tim prlirc "f l'liuilx tlil spriiift will l)i Siifl
I'm- SI 0(1, am wr Mi). $11. IK! inir &HKI, tin. HI)
per lO.O'lO. Lalibiiisu I'lauls, tl.W per 1UU, S7.Su
per 1IKW
I'lllllU ill ho
Pnckcd iai Iamj Mo;iS
fn nnlcilnu. prlvfi PL A IX PIItEOl'lOSS fur
Hliipiuent anil r,,(. Aililies,t
AililresH till urilers to
D. A. L. WGOD,
Scioto i... O.
Oliielnimtl, Hainlllon, Duvton, WIlmliiRlnn,
ChlMienllii', roi-l-iiiouth nml Irontnn, (ililoi
JliiysvllleOuvlii(ft'iu nnd I.nxiiiKton, Ky.
J, C. 7 AH DUS13H,
173m. MAN All Hit,
'Ths Best Pump in tho World-'
UK Admits roprt ovir :nO,ano Worth of
' ,..., 1 1 iniii I I in thin i cur hv tlli'ni)
pumps, b'oliig tho im.Ht pnworl'ul 'fiirco-punipH
lu Iho world, unwell nn Noii-fri-B.lii(r.
Soo tlelouor niunner, iiuku ;'
mlum List, piKfoBiilloftlio Am. A?rlenltiiriHt.
This pniier imver deeelvos tlio fiiriiiers. Po
nntlcB in Kebriuiry iniiiilier. pao 4.V 1 rv on.
If It dim't ilo tlio work eliiliiied, snd It iarM nnd
iriity'oiirminiov.Mwe wnrrantniir pumps to
to do nil wn cliilin for tin'") m' Plreiilurs.
Heiidforclreulni-Hororderi' to tlio Urld(fp"rt
M'f'ir Nil B5 hainbor Kt ,New Vurk.
An order for nlno No. 1 Pumps seuurns nn ex
clusive town ii(?eiipy. Jioli-tr.
nAVINa been wiRiijrcd In tlio utmly nnd
nmo.tlco of DoiAMry for llftoen ycunt nnd
ulocitl prnetlonor In Jm-.kson Tor six years, nnd
having nvulled mysoll of nil tho
Modern Improvements In Dontal
f wonlil roMpnctfiilly iy ',n f-UI!n of
McAr linr -and vlelnily tlmt I nin fully propni--0,1
to nmnlpulnH! nil tho various bmnohnN oftho
se.loneo. l'rlws ns tow s tlio Iflvwt. Wink m
irood as tho boHt. Poroonn comlnff fi-oi i
udlNtannfl wUhluK to roninlii until tli- r work
Isdono will bo outortttfucd nt my prlvuto rosl-
Uted In xtrnotinar tcnin, rontiunnK ,"' -traetloiicoinpurnllvoly
paliilCHn. A Imniilo lit
tmulont nlwnvs on luiud to wult upon laUoi!.
Olven,oe... 8,rD0OUI,,HI.nll,t
;i-15,18H-ly . JBeliloii.O.
In Chemical and Medical Bclcuoo.
In one mixtui r.f ALIj XHF, IWl'M li
valuuUo nctiva priueipln of thu well known
curative agent,
THKi: TAll,
tfXEQTJAI.ED In CoukUs, Colds, Catarrh,
Asthma, llroncliilis, uaJ cousiuiiption.
A riwont cold In thrm to six hour ; nfl also,
t.jr it VITAL1K1NO, 1'UKIFY'INO end Kl'l.
MULATINO- effects upon tlio general system,
la remitrkaMy pliinarlous in all
ihm:aki,s uf Tin: croon.
Including biwlula and Eruptions of the skin,
Dyspepnia, lliseniifs of the Liver and Kidneys,
Hutut IJistiuie, uud Cieueral Lebiliiy.
Volatile Solution .of Tar
For INHALATION, Trithnnt snrllration of
HEAT. A remarkably VALUAULK discovery,
ks tliBwliule appiiatun can b.curried in llis ve.'t
pocket, reailv nt any time for tlio moHt elleutuul
and jioiiitively curative use in
All 5icao ofthrTCOSr, 1I1ROAT
and LL'IMli.S.
Tar and Mandrake Pill.
for lino In connection irith thp ELIXIR TAR,
in a cnmliiiinMon of tlio TWO ino.t vnluiiMa
ALTKKATIVK MciHeini-is knowri (n the 1'rtx
fraiion, ami reudflre this Pill without exceptioa
the vcrv ln.'t ever oilured.
Is without doubt tho Dost remedy known In
oases of
It is a (tpcrlflc for such diseases, and should he
kept in the hou3ohold of every family, especially
during tlioso mouths in widen
are liable to prevail. A small quantity tnkon '
daily will ptuvout contracting these terrible
Bolutlon and Compound Elixir, $1.00 per Bolllo
' Volatile Solution for Inhalation, (S.OOjor Cox
Tar and JIandrako Tills, tools pur box. .
Bond fir Circular f.f POSITIVE CURES
to your DiuyijiHt, or to
L. P. XIYDE & CO.,
eoLiii i'iioijui:ETon3,
110 E. 22il St., Xtw lrork.
(TstDSST 111 THE WORLD.;-?
FAEl w ,'lnd ten a m J&m
9w ; Ywk Office. 27 SEISM ST..
U, M. Sfkktkii.
t'J bL "". huiu, bl iris. Hn. re. 'frumn
niinnfontiirv 1i ua
hU.tl, iM..uuiif t-.vM Nun. A brae tro
Fiiiiil TU U OOli AGENTS .
Unclelnnntl Oliloj ur St. L,.ii, M.
H KXH1 Hn(l7Q "-
Doffll toot.
list.V.f p etlcl U-.u .,f tliejw,,ll.r,m-.-y,nJ
v.liie of Ihfi rk niLln-sg C. VENX FublJJ"
W, W est h om th-ilrcet Clneiin.Hti. O.
Hll Jiui Hi . .inMlihuiT ai..l ruil..iaiC ri.uini. 'TT? UMl
t i l ire '.Iui s, ii l.rn . J ,
For Cough,, Colda n,l HrMno,g(
1 1..,. ...i. i. ., " 'T.V,?"t "'0 Arid In
form. forthoCui-Bot-nl T IH i ?' n 1 '',t'
.'onHiHitly holna'.Mlt ' 'hi'" !.,?, 'mmU Ai
can bo made hv Aonts In
eanvaslna; for Ynunisn'
i ' l" "swcek nsiirwl. ft iw
tas K.tthtb Stro.il, New York. "
CSgKE: ch?? Emlnorit I'liyildsns and
'i1!e.i ), P.roll0't'es eontninert
" ''''J n nn osin ot the
valuable pi-eiuii-ntlfin to boanpllwl
f ,v T T'la. ter ror rlienma.
tiaiii, (,'iDiip, JM r sorenesa of
tliel.aek, (.heat or Stomach, l'Ue
h ilt I.heum, Scurvy, Sores, Ulcer
M'Vn !"!8- 8nro ( ov"9- H'tfls,
Uilll.lalns, Soi-o Ilrels Nipples!
bi liKwonns. Clmllna; and Sk in dis
eases of iufliimiiory nature.
uwjiu ij. ran iv,
Olnoltinatl, Ohio,
For the liven! book en tho far went vir wrtit.n.
Buffalo Land,
liy Wr.lu VKBB, Jnstrf. The mTflferies arrl
i mrvcisi ol the mighty pinins fully and truthftilly
Appondin Compile Qiprto ft.r Hportsmen nhd
... .. . .... eiMMHH iiunuauoiid oi ir.
ttfrrl ory ut once, m thUinttie (erufttenr cpiinefl for
Ililnolf "bltsliers, Cincinnati, 0.. or Chiefly
'"" "'""vj i t ur riHrru nee nig. k. annk.
Tho Sciciitlflo -Aiiieiloun , tlio cbrnpest
nnd best illustrated Weekly pnprr published.
i-.vi Y iiiiuiwei I'liiii.un.i ii'om hi to laorleinal
cnriivlnirsofnew lnnelilnery, novel inventions
bruises, eniteneeritiB; works, Architecture, bn.
r...,v.-n ,-aiui iiiiiiieuieilis, Ullll CVHI'V IICW lllfi-.
. oyery in Ohomistry. A ye.us'B nmnbers con
tnins Pvl puj?os nnd Nevend hundred eiiftrav
inifs. 1 huusaiiils of volumes nm preaerved for
biiiilina: und p lerenco. Tho pi-nctionl receipts)
aro well worth ten times tlinmibscriptitin prii.
I'crina, llayciir by niuil. Spcclinonasi iitlico,
Jloy be hud of all Nowa Ueiileia.
PATENTS obtained on the best tcrmj.
MinlelHiil new Invention niwl aketehra ou,.,i-
oil, iiuil advlco free. All imtents aro published
in uie .-icieiiiiiir. American me wcck lliev Isbiu-.
Si-iul for piininblet. Hi) linirea cuntnlnti'iir iui
and full pireettons lor iilitiilulnir I'ntents.
Ailllres for I'nner ennHi'liwr lt,ila MT'VM
A CO.. .-17 Pnrlc Hows N.- V. llranch oil'lca. cor.
t. nnd 7lh Ms., W'.-isliinirton, i. 0..
In a powerful tonle, fpenlnlly a'biptcd for nso In
Spring, when tlie languid nnd di'bllilntod nystein
needs Htrent;ili and vitnlity: It will tive Tliror to 111
feehle, strength to ilu Week, nniiuslion to the da
Jeeted, antivity to tlia sltuvbli, rt to the weary,
qnlot to (lie nervous, snd lunllk to Ilia InRrm.
It Is a loiiih American plrnt, whlcli, according
to the incdn al and scientific) periodicals ot Lonilon
and 1'aria, It possesses the Most Powerfnl Tonic pmf
ei'tles known lo Malaria Mm I Ion, and la well known
in Its native country as havltiK wonderful enrntive
qnulltles, and hns been long used as a spectrin in all
oiikcs of impurities of tlie lllood, Derangement of
the Liver anil Spleen, Tumors, Dropsy, l'overty of
ha lllood. Delilllty. Weskucsn of the lilt tines,
Uterine or Urinary Organs,
Br. fells' Extract of Jrteta
It la ntrpinitlionln.il and nouriablnpr; Like nntrl
oliiiiii fund taken Into thu stomaoh, It asclinilstes snd
dilVn-cs itself through the circulation, giving vigor
and health.
It regulate the bowels, qniels th nerves, acts di
rectly on Ilia accretive oruans, ami by Its powerful
Tun lo and restmlnir efTecis, produces healthy and
vlL'iru'otlon to the w-hole avstem.
JOHNQ. KKLI.O(t(,lS PlaltMt. New York,
Side Atteut for tlie United States.
Price S1.00 Dollar per Dottle., hand lor Circular. H
I tott wau to art AIA rora
8cb8oridou TM REAL EST ATK
REGISTER, riTTBiionoH.PA. (WeeKly
40 Columns: tl.OO a yoarb Sample copy free.
r. a TT'-rTnisr-
rpiIUhnmcnHe ilemsnd for Halloway'. Pllll aiiil
L Olntineiil, nas uempieu oiipnnoiiine irn i
counterfoil llieee vnbmtle nieiboinos. la order to
protect the public, and ourselves, have Issttod
new "Trade lllarU," coiislhttliRor Kityptlan circle of
serpent, wlthlhn letter II In the centre. KreryhnX
of llalloway's Pills and Ointments will 'have tni
trude matk on tU none are genuine without H.
N, Y. ClUHKUl Co.. 8nl Proprietors,
WMalilen Lane. New York.
.Ton l. l'AHK. Cincinnati, Ohio, Bole Anint tor
the Stale. " 13 .
MoABTllUtt, OHIO. -
Will attend promptly to nil Wcnl bnnlnw
ontrnated to Ii anno 111 Vlntoii nnd artlolnlnK
in untl Cull t...itA..i ...

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