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ljc (guquitcv.
. Cnrt House.
w. BOWKN, Kdltor.
. Jane 5, 1872,
M fcArtlwr,
Grant Corruption Con-
J. M ft -
ventlou assembles in; PbiladeN
Vhia to-tlay. It will consist of
714 delegate?, all of whom are
committed to the retention in
power of the present regime,
' Grant's nomination i3 assured;
the whole thimg is cut and
dried; the eighty thousand office-holders
have decreed it so.
The office-holders and offices
seekeis will burn powder at
tha Government expense, the
bread and butter brigade will
be there in full force to applaud,
and all , of Grant's relations
1 will rejoice with exceeding joy.
The people mourn as the shad
ow of death ; passes over the
land. ' '
There are between one hun
dred and two hundred Repub
licans in Pourtsmouth who
have already pronounced for
Greeley, and others are wait
ing who expect to don white
Lais. They are substantial
men at that. One Republican
has a list of seventy-five who
are ready for action at the
proper time. But vie do not
propose to publish their names
now not any. They will be
known when the fight opens.
Portsmouth Times.
And there are a number of
them in Vinton county. They
do hot endorse the thieving of
the Grant Administration.
They voted for Grant once be
cause they believed he was an
houest man, but they have
been sadly deceived.
Pursuant to a few hours
notice, a meeting, of the citi
zens of McArthur was held at
the Court House, on Saturday
night, for the purpose of or
ganizing a Fire Company. The
meetincr was temporarily" or
ganized by calling Hon. IJ. C.
Jones to the chair, and an
pointing E. B. Drake, Secre
tary. .The fire company was
then .organized by the election
of E. P. Bothwell, President;
G, W, Pilclier, Vice Presideut;
and J .T. Raper, Secretary,
The full proceedings will be
published next week.
Congress has passed a kind
of half-way Amnesty bill.
Democrats voted for it as the
best thing which could be ob
tained from the present Con
gress. It removes the political
disabilities of every one but
Senators and Representatives
of the.Ihirty-sixth and Thirty
seventh Congresses, ludicial
officers, and the officers of the
army and navy who resigned
during the rebellion. The at
tempt to reconcile the two
great belligerent sections of
the country is nothing but a
larce, so Jong as anybody is
excluded from holding position
under the new laws.
A restless country is Spain,
and an unhappy ruler must be
Amadcus. , The announcement
is hardly received that'the Car
list forces had been broken up,
and Don Carlos driven beyond
the limits of the kingdom,
when the cable flashes in the
intelligence that a new aud se
rious trouble has broken out
in the very household of Ama
deus, and that Sagosta, the
Minister 6f the Interior and the
power beside, if not behiud the
throne, has handed in his res
ignation. There is nothing a
Spaniard is 60 tender in regard
to as. his dignity and the dig
nity of Senor Sagosta has been
mortally offended by the pub
lication of the documeuts rela
tive to the secret funds. This
publication confirms the char
ges made hy the opposition
that large amounts were used
in the election of the niembei'9
of the Cortes. This crisis
brnigj Admiral Tepete to the
surface again, who has prepar
ed the list of a new ministry,
with himself at the head. Wo
incline to the opinion, howev
er, that Marshal Serrano, will
yet be the man for the hour,
and that the .Admiral will 60on
retire in his favor
Rates of Fare Reduced on
the Marietta & Cincinnati
From a poster from. ; Capt.
VV. TV. Peabody, Master of
Transportation, issued by di
rection of the President, a new
tariff for passengers took ef
fect on Monday last, June 3d,
greatly reducing the rates for
travel on the Marietta & .Cin
cinnati. Railroad and branches.
The Railway Co. call partic
ular attention to the low rates
of fare between Way Stations.
The fare, under thi3 new tariff,
between McArthur and Ham;
den is 15 cents; betweeu Mc
Arthur and Vinton, 15, fco.
The fare to Cincinnati is now
$4.60. TVe are glad to learn
that the increased facilities fur
business of the road will justi
fy the change, and we Lave no
doubt the additional travel and
freights occasioned by lower
rates will also add to instead of
diminish from the revenues of
the Company as compared with
those derived from higher
rates. . See the notice in an
other column.
Great Bargains in Hardware
at Richmond and
The attention of the farmers
and others is especially called
to the well selected stock of
of general Hardware which
the above farm will sell very
ow tor cash, iJeincr exposed
to the ravaces of fire, and their
stock beins large, they offer
it at reduced prices for the
purpose of reducing their stock.
They can supply you with any
thing and everything you may
want for much less than else
where. Their stock of Build
er's Furniture. Cabinet Maker's
Hardware, Blacksmith s good,
House Furnishing and Miscel
laneous Hardware, Farming
Implements, Harvest . loots,
etc.. are the very he9t. and will
be sold at great bargains.
Uome to town and visit then
store and see how you can save
money I
For Fine Perfumery, go to Sisr
son's Drugstore.
Lumber for Sale.
... Havvey Robbing, ono-half .milo
south of McArthur, ban a portable
saw mill upon his promises aud is
now propnrcd to furnish Iho best
quality of lumbor of every descrip
tion at very low prices.
TUB Board of County Commissioners con
vcned In regular session At tho Auditor's
Office on Montlav lust. Present: TV. V. Bet
ford, Auditor; arc IT.- H. Swuim, Patrick
Kelly, ami wasiiinittou Kooton.;i:omrais3ion
era. rrocedlng givou next week.
It will be seen by referring to another part
of this paper that there is really an Agricultu
rn.1 Hoclety In existence in this county. It l
proposed t; hold n Fair this full. Wo hope the
people win tate noiu 01 me muiter.
List of lottors remaining in Iho
Post Office at JlcArthur, Ohio, on
the 1st of Juno, 1872.
Thomas Ponsninre.
Joseph Farvcr Dent.,
.lames Donahue,
Michael Mr-Hugh.
Ncoloy McLaughlin,
Anna Wyckoll.
I. W. .Tones
John Klliott,
Will Keves.
Win. 1). McLaughlin,
tu onus,
II; E. Soule, of Wilkesvillo, left
last week for Danville, Benton coun
ty, Tennossoe, and will be in the
omploy of the Lagrango Furnace
Iron Works during this summer,
Carriage riding is much indulg
od in on Sundays.
Don't forgot to send for the Ale
Arthur Enquirer, as you will wunt
somethiag to road during this warm
Tne Jackson county Fair will be
held on Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, Sept. 25-27.
The coal miners at Jackson aro
on a strike.
We understand that a fire broke
out in onoof the coaling of tlio Cin
cinnati Furnaco Co., and burnt three
hundred cords of wood on Monday
wook, and on Thursday a flro broke
out in a Ilamdon Furnace coaline.
and destroyed about fifty cords of
wood, and about fifty rods of fence
bolonging to Henry Bobbins.
By tho new law, township clerks
are roquired, within sixty days af
ter the annual election, to make out
and publish a full and comploto
statement of the financial condition
of tho township undor a penalty of
fifty dollars. In several counties
in this State where this law was dis
regarded, suits were brought by tho
tax-payers and the ponalty colloct
od. By obsorving this law tho
clerks may save themselves and
friends tho trouble and exponso of
The Free Masons, of Ottawa,
Iowa, intend to build, at an
early day, a fifty thousand dol
lar opera-house, which shall be
a-credit to their organization
and to tho community. -
Office of the G. McA. and
C. R. R. Company.
GALLIPOLIS, May 27, 1872.
To tin ttotiholdwi qfiald Company i
'Gentlemen: The work of
construction on your railroad
is progressing as. rnpiuiy
as circumstances . will
justify. Messrs. frailey and
Chenngton are working ener
getically, and with 'ft small
torco naiiing, a Dig snow on
their portion of the work.
Messrs. Ingles & .Co., fessrs.
Rodgers and Swilzer, and Evan
Jonea are all. progressing .stead
ily with the, work, and making
a good showing, I was inform
ed yesterday that Mr. Jones
had nearly or quite rock enough
quarried for the abutments ct
the bridge of Big Raccoon, at
Vinton; and several other par
ties are ready to commence
work at short notice, whenever
the company is ready for them
to do so. Which will be just
as fast as there is meney in the
treasury to pay them. Your
Superintendent, J. D. Kirk-
patnek, had to leave the work
to attend to some private busi-'
ness at TJrbana, which he ex
pected would detain him from
ten days to two weeks, for
which place (Urhana) he left
on Wednesday, May 22d, leay
ing the work in the hands of
good assistants, in charge of
Mr. Banty, Mr. Kirkpatrick s
foreman on other work, he be
ing an experieuced railroad
builder, and he, with the assis
tants referred to above, is push
ing the work vigorously, hav
ing yesterday about 110 hands
and forty-five teams . at work.
And I believe for men with no
experience iu railroad building
there was never a better set of
hands of the same number to
gether; all energetic and anx
ious to have the road built,
and nearly all citizens of our
county; and there are daily ma
ny applications by others, for
work, aud as fast as means are
furnished to pay them they
will be set to work, and 1 do
not think any stockholder can
reasonably ask more, but wheu
you have provided the means,
it your officers do not put more
men at work, then you will
have. just cause for complaint,
and will do your duty to your
selves by removing them, and
putting more competent and
energetic men iu their place.
At V odJCK, A. M., lasi
Thursday morning I received
a dispatch from Dr. '"Vayne
bnswokl, iTesiuent or the
Corporators of the Farmers'
and Miners': K.ulronrl, asking
ine to meet him at. McArthu
that day, where be . was with
Mr. Anderson of Circleville,
on a prospecting tour, and with
a corps of engineers who were
making a preliminary survey
of a route "for their road to
connect with one road at oi
near McArthur. J started
same morning, reached McAi
thur at 7 p. m., met and had
some conversation with those
gentlemen and citizens there,
aud found they were to have
a railroad meeting that even
ing. The citizens gathered at
the Court House in large num
bera at 8 o'clock and were ad
dressed by Di. Griswold, Hon.
Mr. Anderson and Hon. II. C.
Jones. Dr. Griswold spoke
of their engineers' near ap
proach to McArthur, (being
within 15 or 17 miles of that
place) of the favorable nature
or appoarance of the route, of
the advantages the two roads
connected at or near that point
would be to the citizens on the
route; then stated that Picka
way, Madison, and Champaign
counties were each moviug,
either by county or townships,
to appeal to the people tor aid
in building the Farmers' and
Miners' Railroad by a levy of
tax under the late railroad law
authorizing counties, cities,
townships, and towns to raise
funds, by taxation, to build
railroads through them, respec
tively. The Doctor then ap
pealed to the citizens 'of 31k
township, Vinton county, 'to
know whether they would take
the vote of their citizens to
what could be done toward
raising funds to aid their road
and. ours. This . proposition
was received with much enthu-
enthusiasm, and upon motion
of Hon. II. C. Jones, a com-
raittee or five were oppointed
to prepare a request to the
Trustees, to have them order
an election for the. purpose
named. After the meeting, I
conversed with several .of . the
prominent citizena of McAr
thur,, all" ,of whoin ex tressed'
much anxiety to h we tha en
terprise -"pushed through' to
completion, and suid. they
would use ' - all the influence
they had to insure suceess. I told
them what progress we were
making at this end of the line,
gnd that if they wished success
to the enterprise, all they , had
to do now was to provide the
means to .pay .-'.the men, and
they, would' he promptly set to
work io ; f ufjScient numbers to
very soon .pVeparejtlie ld-road
bed for the Jitoss , ties. Eaih
and every pne I talked to ex
pressed 'theTr approbation of
the' c'otirsje I indicated. I went
about '!''," ;miles beyond McAr
thur on Friday last, with
Messrs. "WV Griswold, Ander
son and Kariis, to meet their
engineer corps, and after spen
ding two- or three hours with
the party', 'I returned .to Mc
Arthnr, haying heard from
Geo. MorW; Esq., Chief En
gineer of the Fanners' and Mi
nets' R. R., tiftat he; considered
the route veiy favorable, tho1
having a few milesVof pretty
rough territory to pa through.
Dr. Griswold and Mr. An
derson, went in the direction
of Chillicothe, having several
appointments to hok meetings
on the route. Before leaving,
Dr. Griswold told me to con
sider their road a fixed fact and
said, with it made to connect
with ours, at or near McAr
thur, we would have the most
valuable railroad for its length
in the United States, of which
fact I have not a shadow, of
doubt. Mr. Anderson said he
and Dr. Griswold had visited
a number of coal banks near
McArtkurexplored these as
far as worked, aud found six
feet of coal by actual measure
ment, and iron ore in unlimited
I left McArthur
at 9 o'clock) A. M., on Saturday
the 25th. ( Arrived here at
seven vmI stopped on the
way at Evfergreen, and found
our work: progressing in the
most satisfactory manner, and
if any of,'ypu have " fears 'that
our road' yill not be built, go
from here to Evergreen and
examiuo the different pieces W
road on which work is being
done, and I think you will be
satisfied there is a lair pros
pect thati'some of the younger
portiou ?f the population of
old Gallia m;iy yet ride on .a.
railroadwithout r'o'ur out 'of
their own county to fi id it.
There niay bo n fnw croakers
that would not believe it.
What will. the. citizens of
Gallia dp,? VW s'jme of them
who haye 'more time to spare
than the writer, make some
move toward taking the vote
of the cotihty in regard to rais
ing funds - to build a road
through the same, or to aid in
completing the G.,;McA. &C.
road, already" in course' of con
struction t ' Are the-y not losing
valuable lime in making no
move to that end? or is each
one sitting still and waiting for
his neighbor to move? I have
no time to devote to it at pres
ent, my hinds being full.
The Hocking Sentinel announces
the name of Col 0. P. Moora an its
choice for the Democratio noinina-
linn am : 1L! J i ' 1
niuu iui vuiiichs hi nun 'UIBiriUb,
and the McArthur Enquirer declares
its nrcferonce for lion.' Wells A.
Portsmouth Times.
President Grant's new cot-
taoret at Loner - Branch in now
nearly completed. It is three
stones nign, anu la regarded
as one ol the hnest on the beach.
The President will remain in
Washiujrton after the adjourn
ment of Congress long enough
to finish up important business,
when he aud Mrs. Grant will
leave for Lonf? Branch. After
remaining .' there a counle of
. u .i
weeks they will make the tour
of the Great Lakes and sail
down the St. Lawrenc as far
as Quebec; and. 'posnbiv. be
yond. It is not the 'President's
mtentiou, however, to touch
Canadian soil during his trip.
A Georgia lady has woven a
balmoral out of the hair of rah
bits. Bones crushed ' fine are of
much value for heus. ;
rrobnte Court,. Vinton County Ohlr, '
NOTIOB In hflrtbjr (tlvon that nenjnmln
Brown, Qunrdiaii or.lolin NflHOn Hart hiiiI
Mrr A. Hurt IihIm nf John Mrf. ilrir.on.rui
lm hnrKln fllHri hla aoeniint, Mitinh Kuonllmi,
fnr nnrtlal Mttlcmnt, and rhnt the lame In art
for nnarinK on tha 'i7i. duv of Juns In.L.. 1K73. .. I.
,10 0'olonk A.M. If. n, MAYO.
In McArthur, on HiiniUy, Juiin 1, IHia, Jisnik
Ttr.i.LK, dmiglilcr of John unil Cnrrla Juun,
aijod 8 yeargniiil 7 monlha. . ':'' -
One more briKht h"riih nwoolly 'plumea, ' i
It irWioiM nuwwlilto wiiiK ', .
One inoic.ler, swoat, Anaollo TOIco
Tlie liauvenly unlhenia aing, .
Proceedings of a Meeting
of the Bar in Relation to
the Death of Judge Plyley.
At an adjourned mooting of tho bur, 'relntlvo
to a tribute of rtient to tho memory of Judge
Plyloy, tho Committee heretofore appointed, re
port the following proainblo and resolutions,
which, upon motion of rortorDultadway, Esq.,
were unanimously adopted:
'"Judge John Potior Plyloy waa born In Eosa
county, Ohio, on May flth, 1820. His- futlien
Philip Plyloy, ia still living. Ho studied law
with Hon. Milton L. Clark, of ChlUicotho, aud
was admitted to the bar, April 8, his cXnm.
Inatlon being so eredituble as to elicit compli
ments from the committee, composed of Judgo
J. R. Bwan and other distinguished lawyers.
In July of the same yetr, he located in the
new county of Vinton, forming a partnership
with hla preceptor, Mr. Chirk, and entered upon
the practice of his profession with marked suc
cess. His rare good sens:) and his legal knowl
edge, togothor with Ills kindness of heart and
high-toned gentluuunly hearing soon, won for
him tlio conlldeuco and admiration of tho pooplo
of Vinton and surrounding cotintlo.
On the 8th of Du jomber, ia'9,, he married tho
only daughter of Judge Kiuhmond, a prominent
citizen, aud ouu who h:ut boon active In procur
ing tho creation of the now county. But his
fair and loved wife was not to bo with him long
In this world. In a little mora' than one year he
followed bur, and the pledge of affection nho had
given him, to the tomb. Judge Plyloy never
recovered from this Bad ami terriblo boreave
nioiit. He lived unmarried with his wldowod
mother-In -law, seeming to h ive no desire to
either woo or wod auother, but appeared rather
to be awaiting tho time when he should join his
loved and lost one In the s.iirlt l:ind. After some
yours of successful practice, February 9, 1859!
the firm of Clark Plylcy w.h dissolved by the
appointment of Mr. Plyloy to the Judgeship ol
tills Judicial district, m:ido v uant by tha elec
tion of Hon. Wm. V. Peck to tlio Supremo Konch.
In tho fall following ho was elected for tho un-
expireltorm, and was twice afterward elected
to the sams position for full term. Hut never
of robust constitution, it w H early feared that
tho fell dostroyer, consumption, had Hxed its
fangs upon lihn. These foars were Imt too woll
foundod. For many yoars ho was in feeble
health, yot his Intelloct retained Its great vigor
an I cloarnosj. He was an honest, caimblo uud
upright Judge. TUo denrost friend fared no bet
tor than a stranger, and the poor and rich fared
airtebut'ore-tho bar of his court, lie was a
Judge, kind aud courteous to the hnr, and would
subject himself to great Inconvenience to accom
modate them. His memory was remarkable.
Uo could retain and repeat tho evi Jeiu-.a of eve
ry witness In the lougo.H and most tedious tri
als. His calmness, caution and unerring iinlor-
ment made him a most excellent Judgo. Ills
was no ordinary mind. An a Common Pleas
Judge he hadjfew equals In the Blabs. Notwith
standing his imimired health he t .ik rank
aniongjtho hestludioial lit! n Is of tlu country, and
his doatU In tho very ni jridlan of life was but
the result of too arduous und long coa tinned
mental exertion.
Socially . I mlgj Plylcy was greatly endeare I
to his friends. He was oiistantan I true In his
friendship. His kin liioss of li art mid liberali
ty wore so gwit that ho could s.ddo n, if ever
rcfuso any dmiand dpoa his charity or benevo
lence. He gavo nn.iy a largii portion of his
earnings during life. During tha rclndlion lie
seriously impaired his for: una by his charities
and donations. Tho wid w .in 1 th i m, the
maimed or needy soldier .ill knew wli ire t; g ,
and they were never refuse!. The unworthy
even took a lVautago of his n i'i'.j h-i.wt and gen
erous disposition. He could never do toa m-.ie.li
for a Mend, and in return tha. could refuse him
nothing. .Few men ever had winner or truer
friends. Cuto.Tin tli; prime of life, llr.st after
linving returno 1 to the bar where so ltiu.-h was
expected or hi in, ho is g.ino, it is Inpa 1, to a hist
twr world and joinoil her who anxiously awaited
his coming and in t'le rem 'm'n'anje o." whom lie
lived liisKcUdoasi li'e. Nona knew him Imt to
admire, respect and lovo him. And we, Ids
brelhren, mourn him with a heartfelt and tender
sorrow that long years will uat ciln.e. Tli.-rj-foro:
RfunUii. Th.-it, bv tlindiviill oftlie Hon. .IoIim
P. Plylcy, we lire called to ileploro the loss oi
one who, wune eininentit' iiisnnnKiie I lor tal
ents mid learning, was by bis genial temper anji
iiiivaryingeiiiirtesy, endeared alike to the hum
ble and exalted.
That w e nvognise in tho late Ju lgo I'lyh y all
the natural gifts ami U',m1 attainiueuls which
make the great lawyer, and regard his untimely
douth as a ciilnmltv to (in rleplorcd, not alone by
the profession, hut by nil interested iu the Jus't
administration oftlie law.
That, In tho Into .lodge Plyloy we have a stri
king example of tho viilue of assiduous and un
remitting study in storing the mind with the
highest professional learning. For exlensive
rending In all ilepiirtmeuU of the law, lie had
few equals In this sc'tlnn of t)io Wtate. To gre.il
clear-licaileilnuss and a shrewd and almost un
erring lodgment, lie united a precise and vlgnr.
ous logic, which enabled him to unravel the
most abstruse legal questions.
That the members of this bar and thnso of our
brethren from other counties participating with
us will ever greatly cherish the memory of our
deceased bmtlior, who by Ills unwavering integ
rity, eminent ability, and great learning, lias
done so much to shed luster uponour profession.
That the chairman present a copy of the pre
amble and these resolutions adoptod by tills
meeting to tho Court of Common Pleas now in
session; same bo entered on the lonrnnls of said
Court, ami that a copy of the same he presented
to the mother-iii-law'aud father of tho deceased.
That copies hereof, lie presented to tho sever
al newspapers of the District.
Signcd.r Milton I.. Clark, C. H. firosvenor,
W. K. Hastings, 11. C. Jones, J. K. lirogliun,
On motion of Oenernl GrrHV'onoT, the f lnlrmnn
of the meeting was Instructed to send to some
attorney In each pnunty In this Judicial district
a copy of said resolutions, accompanied by a re
quest that the samo bo presented to tho Common
Pleas Court of each county at Its next term.
On motion the Chairman of the Committee M.
I.. Clark, was requested to present the samo to
misiOnrr at us opening.
JOHN MAYO, Chairman.
H. I!. .T0NK8, Roeretiirv.
.At tho onenlnir of Court Mr. (.'lark rresont
ed the preamble and resolutions, mid the same
were thereupon ordered to bo spread upon tho
juuruai oi me court.
Great Reduction in Passenger
The Management oftlie Marietta ft Cincinna
ti Railroad Company respectfully anuounee to
the public that, commencing Monday, Juno 8d,
a new Tariff for Passengers will go Into effort,
greatly reducing tho rates for Travel on this
Lino and Branches,
Particular attention is cnllcd to the Low
itutcs ni rare netwwn wnv Ntatlons.
By direction of tho President.
Master of TransHrtatlnn,
Tlioraa-Klnnoy, Pl'fr.i Before John T. niack.
against 3. p., of Madison Tp.,
OWIIllan llurr, l)ePt. ) Vinton f ountv, Ohio
the lfftli dayofMny, A.D. m. said Jus
tice Usiie.l an order of attachment in the
above action for tho sum of ?.).
... . . . THOMAS KINNKY.
ByO.W. Oist,1ils Att'y.
.June , 18W. 8w.
IM A .' 1 I j
Attachment Notice.
Solomon fihlploy, Pl'ff.) lleforo John T. ninok,
against I J. P., of Madison Tp.,
Daniel Dall.DePt ) Vluton Countv, O lio.
ON tho lllh dnV of May, A. 1). 179. mid
Juctleo Issued sn order of attachment In tlio
above action tor tlio aumof ll-i m.
BvO. W. (list hla Att.y.
June 5, 1872. 8w.
Attachment Notice.
Will A Co. I'l'irt. ") iiefore John T. Black,
against J. P.' of Madison Tuwn.
William lturf, Den.' ship, Vinton Oo. Ohio. .
ON the IHth day of May, A. I), IH72. said Jus.
tlca Issued an order of iittnchiiient In the
ibove uotion for tlio sum of iJCfrV
WIt.t. A CO.
ByCW. nut.lhPli- Alt'v.
JuMtt, 18V2.-OW,
A L K SSTi L Is 12 -
Lluvlno nit ratlin ft irt thn ahove Woolen Mill.
would respectfullv amionnoe to their patrons,
and the public in general, Hint 1 ',MiJ1r,i"'V-w
prapurod to do all kinds of CWH10M WOl.k
kinds of work nsiiallv done In CountryMlllH.
With KIH8T-CI.AS8 W011KMEN, and MA
CHlNEItY, under tho Huporiiitendcnce of I. N.
LOTTKDfiK, work will he done wllh nkankhs
snd iisrT(m. ALL WOltK WaRBANTI.,1
where the Wool la good and clean, ouu wen
Our prices for doing work nre aa follnws: ;
Roll Carding, V lb 0 centa,
Cnrdingsnd Hpinnlng, In li "
Making Blocking Yarn, double and
IWlBlCd, p ID ov
audi as
' Constantly on hand and for sale,
which wo will exohango for Wool, at rate!
thatcannot fall to sutisly those who give' us
us a call, and tit the samo time uive you the
satisfaction of patronising a
Tim hlirhost Market Price ald In CASH for
MiiySD, 1171!.
Fiftv thousand conies
published of the firat
nuiiiucrui iiit in w series.
a journal adapted t o the
want of'every household
A Beautiful Work of Art
fga a Piemlum
, to every subscriber.
Terms: One dollar per anuuni iu udvmico.
Published by
The Farm and Fireside Association,
12 Pino Street, New York.
jPk. Trial T3rlip.
Po-ir Months for Twenty-Five Cents.
For twenty-five centa you can get OUIt OAVX
FlItK.SIOK from Juno to Seiitember, nnd also
the buck nuinpers of t ho Story of Khrensliiirg.
OrB OWN KlKKHlhK Is a large si steen page II
lnstrateil Paiicr, 'published by Wm. K. til'MP,
Itoom No. 7, Sun ltuildln New York. Tile sub
scription price is 1.50 a year. All who sub.
scribe for one venr receive a I'hkmu'M Kiitit
Chiio.mo, which Is admitted to he the Hnest pre
mium to subscribers ever ou'ered by any p.ub-
TAKF.THK TUIAT.TIUP, and you will soon
Und it to your iuterost to become a regular sub
scriber. CA1TVASSEE3
can hnvo blank Subscript ion Receipts already
signed and ( hiiimm to deliver to subscribers.
Rtrr Aimress "DI R own miikhiiik," iiooiii
So. 7, Son liiiildinir, Now York City.
Wonder l"iol Discovery.
ui wauaesiia, wis.
r ft rrr i rm '
Tills water is the acknowledged euro of the
lillliorlo hitnicinhle nnd incurable (lisoatc
known ss lti iglit's Disease slid Diabelcs.
Is fhtiil to the kidneys, the body wastes niriiy,
and duslio,N lit. by stai valiou of the blood.
Co nmeiu e wllh frequent desire to pass water,
'.'.eat tuirst, eons, ip.u ion, iossoi Hlieiigtu unci
'astonishing cures
Of Dropsy have been effected. Hi it lc dust (lc-
pi'Sii, ; ii i nin n i lot i oi i n o uecK or me jiiuiuier,
alki.li nnd goutv Mvi lllngs. Korthe liver it 1
I. ..,..i.......i.. . t..i.i.. i..
tho (ir.ivel. Liver Alfections. Kl- n y. lllnddci
and llrln iry organs. Sluiiu In Kinney, leleii.
iion ui urine, incontinence of urine, bill ions in
led i on, iiml (llnciise Inidilint to Ivinuli-n. II
will nil .V nil llillniniili - li of kiilnev uud in iiiin v
: l i. - li l l tl unit - lint I nwi l n. 4l l l lll, in i ,11 ii i.i ii-
ruii!r. aimoiii Hcmiet. Kever. it ii-.vi-iiik llie
ofuilhiimcuci in. AifoLUfcs yt ni sn.l rlicuiiia-
TI:f tlio saiiu goMlcrrwt ut I lit remot-pst jmrt ul
i i in in ii 1 1 1 h m iv ii. in iiu ill" njii i hj; : it m'v i
its;:s a uihmcui us iiKMiinirnmi : f nil iiiht ny
,m''i.jif or ii iiiiNiiiriiitii ion ; i ivni , piiiimihi'
':ti'. pkusui.t to the tate, it can liu (hank at oil
All over tlio country are Muinding its prnise m
iu inieiiuiilod .incilieliiRl iigcnl, and nmocg
tli(i-o who mil lieur leslliiiony lo I u marvel.
sum cures perfected ly it en 'lliyin ns well as
timers, nre inn lion. . r. riuise. i uiei .iiihucc
oftlio l.'nited States, wlmsu hcnllli )iiH lien
perfeellc restored by iti hsej I he Hon. Win
Wlndoiii, Senator friiin M I n iit .( n t A. M. III!
ling t. I'lv.-iilenl Peoples' tius On.. Chiengn, III.;
the ltev. Mr. Ilrnwn. of Nolri' lianio Unlvei.
v. Indiana: Mr. O 'rg i II. IStn. I'res i!d Nil
tionnl II ink, H Louis; Mr A. It. IVarson, II. U N
Main street. St. LoiiIh: Mr. O. II. Watt, Keoki k
Packet Go., Si. LoiiI: h. II. 11 ml. of limit's Di
ning Urouis, No. 170 Vino street. Cirndiinnti.
and many olhem. All onlnra for water prompt,
ly II I led. Bend for circular. Address
Agents, 187 W. Fourth St.,
For palo by Dmo-nists.
For nil Uonorul Dlm'Hse of Stock nnd
Snyder's. U. 8. Assistant Asessor, Muiinl
.Ktim, Pn., C. Ilacon'H, Livery und Kxchuiigi'
Stable. Sanlmrv. Pa.
IIOKSK8 OCKIdl 01' KOl NDKIt-Wolfe
Willicini's Dnnvillo Pa., A. Kllls's; Meiehmil,
W mdilnKbuivllht, Pa .1. Nice Slomiker's,
Jersv shore, l'a.
& Urn's. Lowlsliinir, Pn.
II(nji:8CUItl':i))FCOLlC.-ThonuiB Cling.
an'H, Union eoiintv, I'll..
Iloua CUItKI) OF CIIOLKHA. II. Burr's,
II. & A. CiHlwuller's. Milton. Pn.
COWS CUUK1). Dr. MeCleeiy's, J. II. Mr
Cornilck's, Mlllon. Pn,
0APK8. Ir. I T. KrelisS. ulsiinlnwn
Pa., Dr. D. Q. DiivIh'.. 0. V. Sticker's, John ami
Jaines Fiiniev's ' .Milton, I'll. II iiudreds liiorc
could be cited whoso stock was saved by using
the Red Horse Powder.
pur.riHKD nv
Druggist, Chemist, Horseman,
At Ilia whoHiilo and retail drug and chemical
emporium, No. 8(1 Broadway, Milton, lVnn.
In Cash and Other Valuable
Will be distributed to life 2.00 Suhsorlbors to tha
The Tint Week la September, 1872.
All two dollar anblcriliers received hot ween
the Istof April and I ho 1st of Hcpteinpor, 1872,
will be niauo participants In the above distri
bution. There nrn over 1,900 "rem turns. Iho first of
which Is (500 in Cash, ami over H other
Cash Premiums oi rfioin th t" tlOQ each, nnd
Forty oftlinse celebrated Htem-wlndliig, Iliiiit
ng coked Watches.
Sond for specimen copies, list of premiums,
terms, do. Address
Utitcinn till, Ohio.
To any hook rgent,
And specimen of tho
1300 Pages and SOOEngravi gs.
Written by 811 Eminent Author Including
Horatio Urovley nnd John H. liougli.
' We want agentu Inoverv town to solicit orders
mr 1 1 1 IB w ui n. 1111 iiiiviiii 11-1 ni".
pletebistnrv of all hruiichesof lndiistrv,pi'ces
s of insiHiliHitures, etc, Nollke work ever be.
foro tuihlislicd. Ail earlv uppllentbin will be
... ii.i 1. .... iii...i 1 ......... 1,1- 11 1'nii.
...nuro niilinle.n In l.nrrll.ol'V. Fllll iml'llClll'l, - ,
Li ml terms will be sent fvrrwlth si Imen uf
IiIh groat work, nnti n tmuraeiiimrc.
I, It. Ill'Ult II V I'K. Il.trllonl,' finii. 1 1 lin'.'i'i'o,
J I in., niuli 1 11 1-1 mini i, o.liio. . ,
t fetltiirv nf Ti.liitm.lta rnvnr ilc.npiillltl.
liver disease, bowel complaints sua various
fobril and nervousdlwofdcrs, has iinmoi tiilizod
the ISeltzer Hpa, and these victories nre now re
peated tliioui: limit this lionilsphero by TR
hsnc'h Kkfkhvskukkt Bkltzkb ArrsKiKhT:
rontninlng all the elements mid producing all
11IU UUl'iJ.Y I fIH ' "1 ll" "I l-H 1.1 ITI1IUII Dill IIIK.
Extraordinary Improvements .
Tim Mnson Ilninlln Orirnn Co. resnectfullr
announce tho Introduction of Improvements Of
much more than ordinary l merest. J nose are
belli" tlio onlv successful combination of ItEAL
PIPES wllli roeds ever iiiiule.
H.,l..1i pnn Im InutiinOv miiveil t.n the rlirht or
left, changing thn pitch, or transposing tlio key.
Jrar drawing and aenaripticmt, u vtrcumr.
ut f 140. 133 and flUBo.ich. Considorlng Capac
Ity, Elegance, and Thorough Excfillonco of
Win kmH iishii). these are cheaper than any be
fore offered.
The Sf ison ami II aMmv Orirsnsarcacknowl.
edged IllCs'f. and fi-om extruimllnnry facilities)
lorniiiiiuricturo nils i;oiniany can nuoni, nun
now unilurtako toselt at M-iccs which render
Four Octave Organs fffl each; five octave or
fins IKS), flirt and upwards. With tin 00 sets
reeds IM and upiviirds. Forty styles, up to
New lllustrnted Ciitalogiie, nnd Tcstlinonlnl
Cli'i'iiliiv, with opinions of inorethun One Thou
sand Musicians, sent free
IM Treniont St., Boston. BIN) Broadway, K. Y.
Cheap Farms! Free Homes!
ox tiik i.iwf or run
a i.An niiAdT or
12,000.000 ACRES
Thrsa Isnds nrs In the fenirnl norl'nr of t'
ITnltcil Stntes. nn 1 he 41 t Hcirii e nf Nor' Ii LaMtcrie
tlie central line of t jrri'nt 'IVnipcreti' Zencnf Ihf
Aini-rii lin ( nil I i.inl. ami fur crniii citiwln; nml
'nck rnlsliij; iinsnrpossetl by any In tlio Unittd
CIIKAPER IX l'IMCK. more, fsvnrnhie Icrnia
uhen, nml ncre cniivetiirnt to msrkut than rnn lis
fimiitl c'Sf ivhere.
Iho Best Location for Colonies,
SiiMters cnlilctl In a h'liui'Scfid of 11,0 nrrea.
Freo l'nsses to Purchnsrrsi of Lantl,
Sent! f.r the new jlesriip'lve i'im ililci. with new
ni'ips. piibl'i lied is Ki'I'MkIi. Ouriuun, Sun-ilisli snd
llu iish. ntnllctl free ivvrvwhcre
Atltlress O F. DAVIS,
Lind Ctniiin'ssioiicr, U. I' li. It (!..
(Inuibit Neb.
BarWon & Mo. River R R Co.
On Ten Years' Credit, at 6 per of. In
No put of the prliirlp.il due for two yi-ars
nnd tlivncc only onc-iiiiiili ycuily mull psid In
1' cod 11 ts will pay for bind nnd Improvv
inenls within tbelmiil of I h s generniiK 11 e.l I (.
r-V" r, e 1 1 e r t . r 1 11 s we re 1 1 e v e r 1 11 e i ed , a re no t
iinw ami prolmlilv never iiii i.e.
Cllii I'd A It- itivinif full pnilieiilr.rsBievip
plied -TiitiH; nny wihinir to liiilucetillit.is 'n
niiiinrr ile with tl ein. or Hi fi 111 a cnlnnr, 1.1s
invited to usk fornll they went to dlstrlbuie.
Aiply to Win. H. II A Kit IS, Und Coniin'r.
I'nr low . 1 r.nuils. ill Hurl ii ejtim. luwn.
Anil loi'N-brislu l.iimU.nt Uiiciilii. Neb.
UO, $50,' $75, and $100.
Shipped Really for Use.
J. V. Chapruau &Co.; Madison, Ini.-
r-?-SI-N!) FOI! 011:i'l'l..M!.-1f
The Lost Paint in tho "World!
Pure White and Over One Hundred dif
ferent Shades nnd Tints.
This pa nt l ninlc of the purest snd mos ilnrnMo
in ilorlol licri'tnfiiri' iwil by jisinicrs. roinlilnril with
a Isrgc pniiiirlloii of I ml lit ISublirr. whlcli Isifienu
cnlly iinilril In such a innnnur as lo farm s fmiHilh,
ulimly. Ilrui, tin ruble, rlnslie nnd lifsutlfnl I'ulnt.
'h t h bcimnps rlrmly rrmentetl lo the mbntaiiec lo
wli'ch it isitji!lril.
eThcsn Piilnts nre prepared ready for use, snil
snl I ky the Ksl'on only.
RUBBER PAINT CO., Cleveland, 0
Agent, wo will pnv you f4l per wnk In rush
if you will I'lignyv with tisut once. Kvorvthinn
fiirnislieil, nnd (expenses paid. Address K. A.
KI.l.Ao.,( Im. lotto. Mich.
AO10NTH Wmited. Aoeiits nmko more mon
ev nt work for ua than ut iinythiusr rlne.
Iliisfness IlKlit and periiinnent; pnrtlculurs
free, t. STisson & Co., pint Ait Vubltihtrt,
I'ortliind, Miilne.
UA Pln.no Co., N' Yorkist elawJiJu. N
i Sl AgunU. Nunits uf piiiruns In 40 SUIrl In
pie, l.75- .1. MelJKK. Ii:mciiter N. II.
SI.IWDID OPPEETUSm Wanted, Cnnvnss
or lor mi sttractive. rniiitl-selliiignnd India
penHihlv useful Iinported'Atlelo, tne most let it
Iniate llilna ever oflered to Aurents. AtltlrcsK
(wlthttinnp) W. J. lilJUli WINK, tbl 111 Oatl wujr
New Yuri',
For am case of lllintl, niee
ilinit, Itching, orUlcernteil
Piles Hint Dlt l'.INOS Pll.K
HkMkiiV I'm Ms to euro. It la
prepnreil expressly tnruro
the Piles, nnd nothing cbe
boiu oyanuiuB"
gists, nice ft
riKKAT MHI)I('A1 I()OK of useful
J kfiowledeetoall. Sent free fori Humps.
Address I)r IIONAPARTt! A tU,Cliii liinntl,).
I WI8II toluiy. to be ilellvered nt my store, in
XaiesKt. every description nf
Oil Cast anfl Wronalit Iron!
For which 1 will pay Hie highest market price
Outlier up your Old) J HON nnd In liiu It (o
lilVatorn. H. SHll'LEV.
Aiirim.lSTH-ll' .
Uft I'l.A :i' i'ii", K V. I llli'W, (iOPrt
I ,5 .Si" Ajieilli. hyiiI:II me. i,Jl

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