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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 05, 1872, Image 3

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Ijc inquirer.
What nro you goiug to do on the
4th of July?
Qijitb a number of children in
our town are sick.
Tub tirao for strawberries and
cream is approaching.
More now Hubscribors last woolc.
Bend in the names.
Ir is about timo to got up a good
crowd and go out 'pio-uioing.'
Many of tho farmers are taking
the wool off thoir shoop.
ForAyer's Medicines, go toG.
W. Sisson's.
Too many dogs in this town.
Tlioy should be sot traveling with
F. M. Lottridok, of Portland,
Iiul,iU9 oponed.fl bran new black
smith shop at that place.
Arthur Valr, fn-morly of this
county, is now . traveling in Jay
county, Tnd., repairing clocks, Jow
dry, &c,
For Pura Drugs, and Medicines
goto Sisson's.
Tub bathing Benson' lias common
cod, timl llio timo is at hand- when
mothers should warn their little
b'lys to 'loop aw ly from t!ie water
till they learn t aw iin.'
Tub Engineer corps engaged in
the preliminary survey of tho Far
mors' if' Minors' 11 lilr Jad, ' cim;)!a
ted the survey to the lino ot tho
(iallipolis, lleArthur & Columbus
Jtiilmad line, near the rusidonco of
Cornelius Karnes, on Monday, the
U7i.li ult., and then departod for Cir
cloviilo, arriving tiioro the next
Full and Starr townships in Hock
ing ominty, ought to vote a tax to
build tho north end of tho Locrau &
if cArth ur road. Winchester Times.
Yes. They ought to move in the
m itler without delay. Some of the
biHinc.-ts men of JjOgan ought to
wake u.p the people of tlioso two
townships, and tcj J. them that the
railroad would profit them in many
respects. .
Within five hours after tho firo
cease l burning the liouso of T. IJ.
Ia vi, 'tmvivs ' wore engaged to haul
materials' fr repairing the building.
The carpenter work is now pro
gressing under tho superintendence
of H. 1. Pugh. It will be comple
ted in a lew days.
McArthur is now represented in
tho college at Oborlin, Ohio, by Al.
V. Drake, Ed. 1J. Drake and D.in
vers L'ioreo. These young men left
their homos in this town on Sunday
tiflerunon last, arriving at Logan on
that evening for the purpose of ta
king the train on thoC. & II. V. R.
11. on .Monday morning for Oberlin.
Mtij'theybe suco-ssful in all the
studios they pursue!
The Annual Examination of tho
.Public Schools of MeArilmt is in
progress this weok, under tho super
intendence of Prof. M. II. Barn ks.
All jriends of education," and the
pa! rons of the schools ars cordially
invited to attend. On Friday even
ing next, (the 7th,) tho schools will
givo'n freo exhibition to all persona
Last Tours lny, May 30th, the
last rcating-placo of our heroic dead
was visilod by many pooplo of this
toyn and -vicinity, and tho graves
of fathers, sons, and brothers, whoso
bravo spirits wont forth in tho. lato
terrible war, wore strewn with flow
ers. Tho coremohios woi'o imprcs
sivo and nppropriato, and a fitting
testimony to - tho bravery of tho
dead. But
"Could tho lips of the palo ileii'l p:irt,'
Ami things till rihtiMJiis ruvt'iil,
This is tin' gospel of gold
Thoir tongues would uttor In truth:
I1 tliy hiii'slniess nnrl hale depart
W itli tho woo of (lie lurch mill tho steel,
Ami liu yu iig.iln lis of old;
Then vow Unit all Khali slime,
Kiwh -I;ihh, anil country, and creed,
Thv lovo mid lllierty w holly,
I-iirerur and cvcrinorj."
Mas. Jane M. 'Deminoi who po
sidos nt Vinton Station, will accept
our many thanks for tho boautiful
bouquets she bns lately sont us.
She successfully cultivates the most
beautiful flowers. We believe it is
not known to our lady florists that
ns a general principlo a larger pro
portion of whito flowers nro more
fragrant than thoso of any other
color; yellow comos noxt, then red,
and lastly bhio; after whi oh, and in
the samo order may be rockoned
violot, green, orange, brown and
Persons desiring wool carding
done can bo nccommodatod at the
McArthur Steam Mill.
.J. W. Randall, jin experienced
workman, will have chargo of the
machine, and will pay a liberal
price for wool. ' if. .
Vinton County Agricultural
Pursuant to notice duly given, a number of
citizen, subscribers to the agreement to organ
ize nn Agricultural Society for Vluton county,
met Saturday, Juno 1st, 161S, at the Court Houiie,
MoArthur, in told county.
Whon, on motlou A. J. Swaih wai appointed
Chnlrinnn, mid E. A. Bbatton Beorotaryof the
Whon Bononl Illxon roported the following
Agreement, and signers thereto, to-wlt:
" "We, tlie tinders! gnod. do annex our name
at member of an Agricultural Society, In uml
lor the (,'ountv of Vinton, Ohio, and agree to pay
ouo dollur each, tu required by law:
Hen on I Illxon
Stephen Suits
Albert Kirkeudull
I. Murdock
E. (J. Tlmins
Nelson Iloa'hlDca '
Mut. Slosher
(;. W. Harnett
Joseph Johnson
.John Fee
IJeorgc W. t'nln
T. Il.Crnig
Francis Strong
lioorgo A. Craig
'. YY. Holland ,
K. A.Dratton
Joseph Cox
David Coopor
Ell Reynolds
llon.v Robblua
A. Will
George W. Hollitud
J. 8. Will
W. It. I'ottcr
1). t Hill
II. It. Humes
William Sry
11. II. Swaim
A. J. Swaim
Eli Livingston
Isnno Ulloin ,
K. I). Dodge
Kichmoud & Huhn
W. 8. Llston
J. G. Hwetland
D. B. Shivel
V. O'Kccuo
8. W. Sherwood
Burnett Aiken
A. Barteon
Simiuel K. Bay
Henry Hinton
KUhu Itobblus
T. M. Bay .
Jncub Jlnne
Henry llotVhlnos, sr
Auniony iiissuu
8. Isiiniingor
M. II. Bowman
John Salts, tid
M. L. Dunkle
Ihiniel Nunnemakcr
Win. Brav
A. W. Cr'nig '
John Bray
i. W. 8ion
G. W. Penrco
l.'has. Kainie
C. P. Ward
I). V. Rannalls
MeB. Lotlvidga
V. li. Spruguo
John N. McLaughlin
1). Will
Thomas A. Murray
Horace ltedd
J. W. Bowen . .
On motion, tho report was received and order
ed to be (lied and recorded.
Tho Holes for the Organization and Manage
meat of the Vinton County Agricultural Society
will he publish n1 in tho next paper, being conn,
p -lied to (ay them over for want of time and
. On motion, It was ordered, that tho prcsentod
rules for the government of County Vocietlcs, on
p-igcs BIS and 013. Ohio Agricultural Uoports for
1870, be adopted for the organization and gov
ernment of this Society, until altered by the By.
Law hereafter to bo adopted.
When, on motion, an election was ordered for
President, Vice-President and ono Manager in
each township In Vinton county.
' When the following persons were duly elected,
J:i:ni)ni llixos, President.
E. A. P.iUTTOS, Vlcc-Presfdcut.
William Brav, Ulk township,
Lewis A. At wo-jd, Kii lil mil township,
T. M. Itav, Clinton towii--lip.
Ileulamin Ilinvk, Wilkesville township,
.loliii Citlvin, Vinton towiHhip,
li;ilii!-t Thoinnson, Madison township,
(icorgii 11. Hell, Knox townshi,
Tliom.is Miijrce. Biiiwn township,
John Brav, Swan township,
it. S. Bariihill, Jackson township,
II. H.iviuM, Kagle township,
Marcus It. Walker, Harrison township.
Tin following resolution was offered nnd
ud ipted:
Hnnlttd, That, the Board of Managers nro
earnestly requcsiO'l to meet at ino uiurr. uouse,
McArtliiir, t)., at i o'clock r. M., on Saturday,
Juno ax'il, lHi-.1, tor the purpose of electing a
I're.tsuri'riuid Secretary. Ilxlng tho timo and
pl.i.;e for holding a Fair" for this Society for lBI'J,
an I at'uiiding to ollior necessary matteni con-n.-.'toil
witli the organization.
On motion, K. A. ltratton, B. Illxon and J.W.
Bowen were appointed a eommltteo to rovlso
and draft By-Lws for this society, and nscer
t.iin whero suitable grounds can bo obtained for
holdinr tho Fair In 1872.
On tu thm, oiilere I that, the MeArlhur Enqui
rer be ivpu'st-'d to publish Die prooeid ius of
this nu'ellng.
. On motion, adjourned.
A. J. SWAIM, Chairman.
E. A. BRATTON, Secretary.
Cam. ut Gl-KMNU's Dltuo Stobe, in Will's
Building, and sou those Fine Oil Paintings,
t.'lironios, Fhot4grjpln, Plain aud Colored Lith
ogr.iphs, which nro for sale very cheap. They
are so beiiulil'ull
FittK. On Wednesday inornlug last, nliout 6
oVlo 1-, tho roof of the dwelling house of T. B
lhivis, on the north side of Main street, In tho
west pari or town, caught lire from a spark from
the kiti hen chimney. The roof burned so rap
idly that the citizens who quickly gathered
about the house thought that it would be Im
passible to save all its contents. Everything"
however, was removed from the building, and
nil the doors and windows wcit hurriedly, but
roughly taken out. While Hie houso was being
cm plied, u great number (if the citizens resolved
to extinguish the fli c before it aeached the low
er story of the house. Being at the moment 're-
enforced' by a large number of buckets, those
who stood bravely upon the roof were furnished
u- til iilt Ihi, water tlicv could throw . ulion the
"devouring element. ' As the wind did not
Mow. the lire w is subdued before it Injured the
lim-nr store. Tim iiliistoriiii of the lower rooms
w..s considerably Injured by tho water. Almost
everything aiiout tno. House was more or less
damaged in some manner, as it could not be
helped. The people were determined to save all
ill ii could be saved, and all were nleased when
thev found that the flro could be conquered,
cea nl'ter the i-oof of the highest story wus In
one-sheet of flame. Mr. Davis Is Insured for
fs'rton the house, mid $'.'K) on the furniture.
inese nniounis win Dureiy cover me uaniagu.
Anotiikr Fire. Abou t9 o'clock on Friday
night, our citizens, snmo of whom were attend
ing a railroad meeting nt the Court House,
wliilo others had retired to rest for tho night,
were again startled by the cry of 'FlruP 'Fire!'
The lire was soon discovered jo bo iu tlio second
story tf tliochvellinghousool'Mr. J. A. Fulton, on
Main street, the second resilience east of Mr.
Davis', the dwelling of Mr. John Jones being
between the two. A desperate oll'ort was made
to save the building, but the Haines -were only
subdued before the floor on the Urst story was
reached. Mr. Felton had been retiaiiiuff tho
rear iin-rt. of the house, and had removed most of
inn ciotning, D'.MUing, vc, to tno rooms nnove.
The tire is- supposed to have caught in some
manner fiom a candle, which was carried lip
sinlrs by tin! children and placed on a stand lu
the run n. when thev went to bed. The stand
up in which tho Bundle was placed stood near
in open winnow, nun the winnow curtain nngiit
have caught lire, or the candle might have fill
against, .the wall tho room bciiig celled anil
painted. The tiro wan discovered just In time
ut save the children; uml below any thing could
bo removed from tho upper rooms the lire had
ren hed the stairway. A portion of tho furni
ture aud ono bedstead and the bedding, which
were below, being nil that nould be saved. Part
of the kit -hen furniture, was also saved,. All
that was the most valuable, being up stairs," A
n iinbor of persons are lose.-s by the tire, as fol-
J. A. Felton, en building. ' - $1,000
" " Furniture, Clothing, etc., 800
Miss China Jones, Wardrobe .... S-n
" Helen Crow, . " .... fiO
W. F. & Jo.ienh Felton, Clothing, etc. 200
J. A. L-'cl ton is insured in tho Andes Company
Tor toOO on the building.
Onr town has ma le two more forttinato es
capes within ono week, ow ing to favorablo wea
ther and tho onergettV. work of our impromptu
"lire dipartinent," which, wo can say without
the least, tear of contradiction, Is far superior to
any similar lire company in tho State, But our
private firtiibrigaile should no longer be without
snmo 'Flro Apparatus' to assist In timoof dan
ger. With a few lire-hooks, ladders, axes, and
huekots, the llrst story of Mr. Fcitou's house
could easily have been saved. Those would cost
but a trifle"; nnd they should at once bo purcha
sed and deposited In some, convenient place or
plareH whore thev could be obtained in the mo.
nient of need. They would aid materially In
tearing away frame houses and arresting the
progress or tho lire, and as all the conflagrations
woliavo hnd, originated in that class of build
ings, we hope, now that the citizens at the mee
ting on Saturday night, at the Court House,
miido a more in tho right direction, our town
will bo promptly supplied with so much "lire
The Railroad Meeting,,
At the Court House, lost
Friday night, was organized
by calling U. S. Claypoole, to
the chair; but before the busi
ness for which the meeting
had been called wa8 proceeded
with, the cry of "fire," quickly
disolved the assembly without
an adjournment. The com
mittee of five appointed at the
previous meeting will report
O. T. Gunnino has jast removed
from tho "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid assortment of Drags, Med
icines, Oils, Paints, Boous, Station
ery, &c., to his NEW ROOM
in Will's New Building, one door
wost of Gilman, Ward & Co.'s Store,
on Main Street, whore he will be
pleased to meet all his old custom
ers, and as many more as choso to
givohim their patronage.
His New Room is really the finest
in Southern Ohio; is being visited
by evorybody; and . his supply o
Drugs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, and the
liA'G equal to any other establishment
in tho country.
lie fills prescriptions, nnd can nc
commodate all customers at reason
ablo rales. If you want to see
tho finest Drug Store, drop
in and examine this ono.
A Card.
Wo feol under InsUing obligations
to our follow-citizons for thoir ex
traordinary efforts in saving as
much of odr houso and furniture
as was possible, from tho consu
ming flames this morning. Indeed,
thoir success seemed almost .'super
human, with great presoncoof mind
gonornlly exhibited. Many thanks
to kind noighbors all around.
McArthur, O., May 29, 1872.
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,
Advertiseing alone does not pro
duce success. Tho thing which is
iidvortisod must havo intrinsic
merit, or elso large advertising will
do it moro harm than good. If you
have anything which you know to
bo good, odvertiso it thoroughly,
and you will be dure to succeed; il
it is poor, don't praiso it, for poo
plo will soon discover you nro lying.
Such is tho policy of tho Burling
ton Iloute, which runs to three
great rogions in tho West: 1st, To
Omaha, connecting with tho greal
Pacific Roads. 2d, To Lincoln, the
capital of Nebraska, and all that
beautiful region south of tho Flattc.
filled with Railroad liindsj and homo
steads; 3d, To St. Josoph, Kansas
City and all Kansas. Vnjints.
Tl0 roads aro splendidly built,
havo tho best bridgos, finest cars,
tho Miller platform, and coupler,
and the safety air brake (to prevent
tho . loss of life that is everywhere
elso happening); Pullman's sloepors,
Pullman dining cars, largo and
powerful engines (to mnko quick
time and connections), and aro in it
word the host equipped roads in the
West. So that if you desiro to go
safely, surely, quickly and comtort
ably to any point in Southorn Iowa,
Nebraska, Jvansas, or on the Pacini'
Roads, he suro that you go "By
Way of Burlington."
All who wish particular informa
tion, and ft largo map, ohowing
correctly the Groat West, and all
railroad connections, can obtain
them, and any othor knowledgo, by
addressing General Passenger
Agent, B. & Mo. It. Li, Ii., burling-
ton, Iowa.
Christian Union Hymn
Persons wishing tlieso books will
ploaso loavo orders at this office.
The prices are for
Plain $1.00
Wilt..... 1.50
Full Gilt :. 2.50
Namo put on each book for 12
cents additional.
An elegant engraving 17x21
inches of the State Capitol of
Ohio, Bent by mail or express,
prepaid, on receipt ot one dol
iar. Sent to any person desi
ring to act as local agent for
50 cents. Address
, J. A. Peasley,
Columbus, O.
Are You Going West?
If so, tnko our ndvlcn, niiilpiirclnweyourtlck
eta over tho olil rollnblo and popular Mlsourl
Puclflulliillioad' which is, positively, the only
Line that rnn three Dally ExpresiTrnliu from
SLlotilR to Kansas City, and tho Wost I and 1
pnltlvclv, the only Lino whloh runs Pullman's
PnUr.o Hloupers nnd Day Coanho ftwpoccinlly
for movent) cqulppptiwitli Millar's Bufuty Pint,
form and the putunt Sttiam Brake, from St. Louis
loKausnsClty, Kurt Soott, Parsons, Lawrence,
r .,K IMlIm. U I liu..ll V 111 ll'll It
Clity Counail blullVi imh! Omah, without ohangol
For Information InrPKiird to Time Tallies, rates
Aft., to any point in M xsnuii, Kansas, Neumann.
(Inlnf .ilin TxMorta!lifurniii. (Mill on or address
8. II. Thomson, AgMitMlmourl Pacific B.B, Col
uinhns. Ohloi or, E. A. Kord, Ueiwral Pasiongor
Agnut.Bt. ijouis, MO'
No trouble to answer rtiostlois I
We answer, go to the South wost Missouri,
because the Atlantlo A PaelAo Railroad Co.
offer 1,800,000 Acres of Land to actual settlors,
at low price on longcrodlt, besides furnishing
free transportation over their road to purchas
ers t this road extends from St. Louis, through
Missouri to Vlnltla, Indian Territory, Is being
pushed rapidly to Its destination, the Pacino
Coast; will bo one or the trunk lines of the
country, novor blockaded by snow tho lands
along the road are In rich fertile country, as
productive ns any in theBtate; tho cllmuto com
bines all tho ad vantages of northprn antl south
ern lntltudei good climate, soil, health, wator,
limber, grazing, fruits and flowers, Invite you
to go to this region. For further Information
address A TUCK. Land Com'. 653 Walnut
filreot, BuLouls, Mo. J-ly
When too come to town do
House of T. A. MARTIN &
Store" else when your neighbors tell you of the Grand As
sortment of
Beautiful, Stylish, Seasonable, Substantial Goods,
To be found there, you will be
there 1
Martin tks, Sort
Desire to say to their friends and customers and the community
in general that they are constantly receiving additions to their
elegant assortments of Goods,
rn T 1 ...I 1
iraae wiin a larger, Lieiier, buu iuuic vurieu biock man ever
before, embracing in tbe Dry Goods Department, full lines of
Prints, Mustins, ; Delaines,
Grenadiers, Cretonnes, Lawns,
Piques, - Black Sihs, Lustres, White Goods, .Jaconet Swiss,
Japanese Stripos, Dolly Vardens, Whito Bed Quilts, Crash,
Table Linens, Napkins, Towels, Surhinar Shawls, Jeans,
Uottonndes, Hickory uiiocus, oinpoa iicKing, unssimeres, Cloths, &a
BtuWo havo tho largest and most varied
Latest Novelties
For the Ladies !
We have Lacea, Tnmrpirigs,
Edgings, Insertions, WWb,.,
Handkerchief, Gloyefy -Hosiery,
"Ilfp GorePor
sets," Hoop Skirts,
Parasols, Hair Oils,
" 13almorals, Fans,j .;
Neck-tit'S, Perfumery, etc, etc.
etc., etc.
A Good Steel-SJianJt Gaiter,
M priced Unit defy
N. O. Sugar. 12i contsl "B''
Host Coffee
Fine Teas, .Splendid Tobaccos Bright and Black Navies,
BlaoLlO's, Natural lieaf Smoking Tobacco, Candles,
Sonp, N. O. Molasses, Syrups, Spices, Pepper, Cloves,
Cinnamon, Logwood, Madder, Indigo, Alum,
Itiee, Candies, Raisins, Fish Lake ilerriug,
White Fish, and Mackerel Hams,
Shoulder?, and Sides! .
tubs!: buckets '., $rooms, BASKETS, &G. I
We Iiave a full stock of .ev
erytMfifig, asad are deier
miined t sell the lowest!
6?A11 we ask is aw examination of our! 'GOODS and
' Ciivo ns a cull at tho
3?ooplo'!3 Old Corner Store.
; ..,y', . T. A. MARTIN & .SON, ..
not fail to so to the Tfrv GoocTa
SON - the "People's Old Corner
pained to say, "I liavn't been
and are prepared for the Spring:
J J . 1 .i . r
Ginghams, Plaid Poplins,
Percales, Wash Povlins.
of the Season I
For the Gentlemen I
We have all the latest Novel
ties in Collars, Ties, 13owsr
. Suspender?, Fine Shirts,
Chevdifc Shirts Shirt
Fronts, CniTs, Chevoit
Sets, (Collars,Cuffs, '
io8om8,) Valises,
Hosiery, Hats
in Pulm, Straw, Wool and Fur,
ctc (tiCti
couipotitiun I
. . -
Coffee, 14 cents I . "A" 15 conts I
Coffee, 14 cents I
in Towrf I
A large quantity of
Of thcTellow and KcJ Nnnscinoiul variety,
in s smooth yi-llow variety, well adapted to
liirmirLiirril l'liiniiu
The prii'H nf IMitnts tills sprlnx will 8()fl
tur !tt 60. S3 W ior ltMK), lll.U! per BIKM. fI.IK)
per 101HK) Cubliago l'lsnU, $1.UU per 100, S7.ru
I'litnts will bo '
Packed in Damp ftfogs.
In ordering, srlvo l'LAIS DIRECTIONS for
snipmcni mm r. u. Aauress.
Address all orders to l
Seloto Co., O.
AKb 1KB ,
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Dayton, lmRiBton,
Clilllicolhe, rortMnoulh nnd IiMtiton, Oliloi
Muysvlllfs, fJoviiiRtnii andl.oxliifctou, ky.
J. 0. VAN DUZElL-1 "
17-nm. v MANyU.KR, i
'The Best Pump in the
CVtl Aftetits repnrt ovor 100,000 Arth of
w iropurtyavfid I mm r Ire Hits.' far By thnno
iitinips, heinir tlict innst powerful force-pumps
In tho world, ns well hh Mnn-freelns;, , ;
Ho (Jetiibor liiiinlicf, pugo 3!H, ol) tlie Prec
niliiiii j.ist, PMKe 8H3of tho Am, Agriculturist.
This ptipor never deceives the farmer. So
notice in Kebruiiiy nuiiilier, pngo 45. Try ono,
11 it'don't do tlio work claimed, send It bsck aim
Kt yonriiionoy.ss we warrant our ptiiiti,tp
to do all we cliiim for them on oift oli'iiliiiii..
iScnd rorcireulsmorortlers to the Hrld(ripfri
MTj Co., No S5 Cltumbers Ht , How York.
An order for nine No. 1 1'uinps scourge an ox.
elusive town agency, Jfu lT-'tli
nAVIN'fl deen ens;sird In tho study and
prantlofrnl Dentktry for llftoen yosrs and
nliH'.nl pnw.tMmoTln Tnr.kson forslx years, and
having uvulled mysell of all tlio
Modern Improvements in Dental
I would respect full y say to the citizens of
McArthur and vicinity that I am full v proiinr
cd to nisnlpulntoall tho various branches of the
solonce. I'rloes as low as the lowest. Work as
(rood ns tho host, Perrons coinlns; from
ntllstancn wIkIiIiik to remain until their work
is dona will bo entertained at my private rosi.
denoo free. , , r
Used In extracting tenth, rendering their ex
traction comparatively pnlnlo Afoiniiln at
tendnnt nhvHvi on hiincJ to wait upon ladles.
Ulvomoacnll, -
' ftT.DOCiGESN.rientlat.
May 15, lSU-ly Jackson, 0".
in uaemical and Medical Ecioncei
I 1 I J "D
aslsj ' saaJLs ssJLssi XI
in one raiztnrs of ALL T1IU TWELVIi
aluabls active principals of the wall knowa
eotivs spent,
TTNEQUAT.ED In Conehs, Colds, Catarrh,
Asthma, Bronchitis, and consumption.
A nemt eold In three to six hours ; and also,
b its VITAM8INO, PURimNO and BTl'
MULATINO effects upon the gonsral system,
is retnnrkublv effinacious in all
ineliidioir Hcrolula and lirupiioiis of the skin,
ilyspermiii, Diwasm of the Liver and Kidneys,
eutl)iteaae, and General Debility.
Volatile Solution of Tar
for INHALATION, without application of
HEAT. A remarkably VA LUABUi discovery,
M thawhole apparatus Can be carried in lbs vest
pocket, readv at any timo for the moat clleetual
and positively eurai ive use in
All Plsoasos ol tho NOSE, THROAT
aud I.VNUH.
Tar and MandrakQ Pill.
for nss In eonnoetlon with the ELIXIR TAR,
is a comldnntiun of tlio TWO inot valuable
ALTERATIVE) Medicinm known in tba Pro.
"fassion, and renders this Pill without exception
ine verv nesi ever onuren.
TIE? jbm ZlErj
Is without doubt tho Best remedy known in
oiiw.ii of
It IS a Rpeciflo for snch diseases, and should bd
kopt in tlie household of every fatally, especially
duringtncneraouilis in which . .
aro liable to prevail. A smnll quantity taktn
daily will prevent contracting these terrible
Solution aud dorripmind Elixir, 1.00 per iottW
' Volutllo Eolation for Inhalation, i.OOperBo
Tar arid Mandrake Pills, Mots per bos.
Send for Circular of FOSlTI VB CURES
to your Drunitist, or to
L. r. HVDlJ sfc C6.,
J 10 E. 2a St., Hew Yorhi
. .1-1 i!
3r Wmkn&
New TorV W 27 BEEXKAB ST, '
One beer brewer in Indiana
has contracted for ten thousH
and bushels of bavlev.
MfiMCVMAI)? BAPIDLT with etenclland
Kor Cbesk Out Mia. n.il.n..
Its and full nrUcuUrs FUIJC . I. II. B'nr.
Irattlefburo, Vt. J8w4
HsU. Cat Bells, Bblrts. Bai'scs.Tnimr-
nil ft 'r aervioa and parade. At ths
, fur aervioa and para). At ths
CA1HN X BBO., late U. T. Qralacap. Bead fcr
ky KJith O'Ourman, greased Nun. A I
Vn veiled"
- w u.'........, wnnsni nun A urava irnt
bOok. OnA l.ilv Til ill). aOSIn a w...b XT... .
t iii-i;. ' - " U..
Will -Willi A Itsiniieuifn Itmsnanrna t aJ lk
8erliture IUustratiooi to r Book Agent fre of
Aflilrttfll VATinA. Prrmrv mA Cn. rn.l..'Tll
Clr.clrlnnntl Ohio; or St. Louis, Mo.
ft nil B An.
In Kft1 fnolUK w,A n ....... -i
K'vina lemm ua mil partiouUrH, tnoluillnfts Ions
imoii iiiaviicni Ol lilt? peCMllir ftllcM'f ml
rail n .film ...U. r i sS tan i. .t .
"riiiBiorrasu.r, ymii. ruuiiauor
US, West Fourth-street Cincinnati, O.
rtMnUj p.iftTiTUh.-(l ulJ riailocftluia rouic(L Tria mo
t'nulHT aInl"rkl'iHW MUlrir'rt-llalmiaLnrL a'.VluT
For Coughs, Colds nil Horsenese.
Tlieso TahUtA
Hon with , other ifllelent rVmadi. n" Z ,X
JOHN fl Kvr .lJ"X
JondnirCii: miAt's:
rcan bo mde hy Airents In
ciinvaslng (or Youmsn's
Wsnts, eontslnliiB ,20.000 Kecdpts In every Depart
ment or Iluinan lttr.irt than In any othc? nnsslbls
wav. From S'ilS f.. in.u..i. i. .
every hoiisekeeper, former, trd. and profeaslon.
-leiit value every vrida-awak. proiws Ive person
!L ., 1 l"ra trme. Address V. M. KEED
,139 Eighth Btroel, New York.
The nrnnrletor bM by the nss!at
anse of Eminent rhvslclsns snd
..Uieinlrta succeeded in utlltciiisr tlie
.me. cmal properties contained
hi the OU. Pitch and Rosin of the
valuahln preparation to be applied
ii " j'"frrorriicuma-
tism ( roup, Pnin or soreness ol
tn Back, Cheat or Stomach. Piles
Bait Rlieum, Scurvy, Sores, Ulcer
lliinious, Bore Corns, Frost liitea,
Chilblains, Bore Breasts ft Nipples,
Klllflrwnrinii film fin a. un.1 Ut. 1.. .11.
.eases of iliflninitory nature.
nuii ii w. nun,
Ciuoinnati, Ohio,
For the livest book n the far west ever wrlttea
Buffalo Land,
By W. E.WEBB. Jnst ready. The mysteries and
innrvelsi ol il.o wlirhtr plains fnllv and trudihilly
dMoubrd.. .OvrrHfiwlng with wit and humor. The
Apiwjnain a Comideie Oiedo for Biiortsmen and
niniaranu, liver finy striking Illustrations of the
Bncst character. 8end for partlrnlars, and secure
territory at once, as this is the (rrenteat cenBoe fur
making money evnr rtTi'rcd asi'nts, K IIANNK
J1'' 1:1) 4 VQ., Publishers, Cincinnati, 0., or Chicago
Tho Scientific American la the clienpest
and bent Illustrated weekly pnper published.
enprnvlngHof new mofdilnerr, novel inventions
brutfres, enireneerliia; works', Architeotnre, Iin-
nmvm fTjii'm lmnUmiit.1. j
coyery InOliefhistry. A years's numbers con-
iyuK' mm Burenu nunuroa envrnv
nprs. Fhoiisniids of volumes ore preserved for
lllnitilirr Htwl crarmim 0K.. ........ 1 ..-I - .....
- ... , .tin 7im ,irii rrci'll.lft
are well worth ten times the subscription price.
Terms, tjleyenr by mail. Specimens srutfreo.
Mn khn.l nf.ll Uiim. 1 .
PATENTS oliUilnod on tho best terms.
.' ' mi ..TWI, X.UUIIB
lelH of new Inventions and skefcboaexainin.
ed, and advice free. All patents are published
in me ncienuilc American t he week thov ismic.
8und for pnmphlet, 110 pajres. contnlniiig laws
and full ptrectinns lor olitnitHne Prttcnts.
Address for l'aper.eoncerlim Patents. Ml'NN
CO., 87 Park Rows N. Y. Branch ofllce, cor,
...... ibii oin., , iiMiiugiun, St. u.
n i TTrii r A . V V, .rS'? J e,ls swih ins;.
OA TT1 FONT I '"l' ''"reived by wovtiT
afi'i I V.'"n. lW Imltat ona. fibt oulv
oU t arl.pl I ip Tablets. Price B -ents mir llox.
ll-l II
Is a powerful tenle. snaclnllv ad:u.tirl fur oo In
Sprii.fr, when the languid nnd rifhllitnteri system
needs Htrengih and vilslityilt wll five vigor to Ilia
rscble. streneth to Ilia week, liu nntion tothariV
Jeetedj, aotivily to tho tdiurcish, rest to the weary,
u in-. . ...ip. Hiii. .irn.tu inv iiiurill.
It Is a South American plr.nt. which, accoidlns;
to the medical and soiciilino perlmlicHls nt London
snd Paris, It powesses the Most Pi.worlul Tonic prop
erties known to Msleila Madlen. and is well known
in its native country as havlnn wonderful aiiratite
qualities, ami tins been long used at a sprclllo In all
area or impurities ef tr.a Wood, Deiani'ementef
ths Liver and Siilaen, Tunmrs, Dropsy, JL'ovvrly ut
ilia Blood. Detdiliy, Wonkncss of tiie Int stiuoi.
ttormeor urinary organs.
Dt fells' Extract of Jmieiia
It IS slrenatlieiilnit and nnnr.shlnit. Like nulrt-
eli.us Tooil laken inln the atoiuai h, it auliiillstcs snd
illifiii.es Wolf through the circulation, Diving vigor
ann neniwi.
It regulates the hnwels, qn'ets tl.a nerves, arts dl
roeily on the aecreilvn Divans, uml by IU ni.wnrfu'
Tonic and restoring; effec:;, prodiioet healthy ami
vigorous srtlon to tho tvttolo svstem.
junn y. ivr.i.i.iiiiw. is riaitm. now lorit,
Bole Airoiit for ll.e United Wales.
Price f 1.00 Dolla'per Bottle, bend tor Circular.
& tow waist tottKT ALL Torra
Any Kimd or
SunsoBiiM toa th RKAL ESTATE
REGISTER, rirrsBtinoB.rA. (Weeiy
40 Columns: 1.00 ft year). Butnple Oopy free.
EveryMan his ownPhysiciam!
rmiR linmenss demand for' Hslloway's Tills and
X Ointment, hus nempted nnprlnnlplcd parties to
eounterfelt there valnnl le medieiues, InonUrio
prntent the public snd ourselves, wa have'vueda
new "Trade Mark," eonslstlugnr Kiryptlan olro le ea
sernent. with tba letter H In l.he oanlrv , Kvcrv bos
or llallnwajr's Pills and Olnlturnls will hsrs this
trans mats on it: none are genuine wunout h.
N. V. ftllMUtoxt-fln.. Snlr Profirtrtorif.
r .... T ' M . . T-W
.tVina D. rK, Cincinnati, OliiDi Sols igne for
IhetMsto. l-ly
Under tie late outraceona-
flpportionmerit of this State in-'
to Concrepsional districts hv'
the Repnblican majority in' the
Legislature, lhe Kepoblicare
party have, a Corigressriiari foi'
each 19,000 votes it cast at tho
last October election: Whi a'
the Democrats have a Con-
gressmnn for each 52,000 of'
tiieir votes. Dietncti were'
formed especially to preclude"
tne reelection of Uampbell,
Morgan and McKiuney. -While
the Republicans, by the
laot election, have ah' excess of
votes that does fiot entitle
them to even one more Con
gressman than the Democrats,
they take, under the bill, fif
teen districts, leaving' their op--ponents
bnt five. As for con
tiguity and compactness which
the law of Congress provides
for, let any one fake the map
and trace out the XIV. district,
commencing at the west end of
Wyandot county and terminal
tinsj at the eastern end, o(
Holmes, a district about one"
hundred and fifty miles long
and not more than thirty broad
five counties strung together'
like sausages,- and in one pface,
(between Ashland and holmes)
the connection is made by a
little strip of territory not half
a dozen miles wide, and the"
whole of that is swamp cr lako'
surface. That's a sample of
the 'compactness and con ti guv
ty of territory.' The party
that perpetrated this swiadkf
upon the people should b'e
made to suffer for' it.
A Boston printer made 'dip
ped in the mud,' out of 'nippedt
in the.budj'
Ayers Cathartio Pills,
For the relief anil
Mire of all derange-'
ments in tlie stom
Itch, liver, and bow
els. T hoy art a tnih
aperient,' and on
extielk'nt purgntlvn
Ilehisr riurehr veire-
H, table, tliey contniii
no mercury orniuio.'
ral whatever. Much
serious sickness anut
siilTerlnir is prevent-
.... .i.n: i..niM
Use ; tinri every family should have them on Imml
for their protection aud relief, when required.
Long experience ho proved them to be tlie saf
est, aurest, and best of nil the fill with which
tho market abounds. By thoir occasional use,
tho blood is iMii'ifled, the conniptions of tin svs
tem expelled, obstructions removed, and ilia
ivliolo machinery of life restored to its healthy
activity. Internal organs which become clnggeit
and gliiggiidi aro cleansed by Atcr't rills, and
stimulated Into action. Thus incipient discoso
Is changed into hcnltli, the value of which chance,
when reckoned on the vast multitudes who enjoy
It, ean hardly bo computed. Thoir eugar coatm;;
makes tliein pleasant to take, and preserves their
virtues unimpaired fur any length of time, sty
Unit they nre over fiosb, and perfectly reliable.'
Although searching, they nre mild, and operato
without diatni'buuce to the constitution, or diut, or
occupation; .
Full directions are given' o the trfanpor to
each box, how to uso them ns a Family rliysle,
and for tho following complaints, which these
i?Ult rapidly cure :
For P.rpeMia or Tndlfrestlosi, fjatlstaaw
n-as, JLttna-nor Hnd Iva of Appeitltr, tliejr
should be taken moderately to stimulate the atom-'
ach, and restore its healthy tone and Action.
For J.lvrr Complaint and its Various aymp
loniH; llillons Ifruriiscbn, Hick lleail
arhe, Junnillrn orUreea DtclinxM, nil-;
inns Colic and f llllosss vra, they shoulil
bo Judiciously taken fi.reacli case, to correct the'
disensetl action or remove the obstructions which11
cause it.
For IlysenSery or Isiart'liora,' but- Ono
mild dose is generally reimired. .
For nhennialUra. Ootit, AraTrl, Pl
nltufion of tl lleusrt, lln in th'
Ids;, Miarlt and Loins, they should be contin-;
uousiy taken, as reipiiicil, to olinngc the diseasofl'
action of tlio system. With such change those'
complaints disappear.
For Ureasy And Irdpalcil Swelllngi
they should beinken In large and froquout doses
to jiroduco the elTect of a drastic purge.
For Mupprxsaion. a largo doso should be'
taken, as it produces tlio desired clToct by fyav
As a 7ftiiicr Pill, take one or two J'ilfs to
promoto digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stiiniUntcs tlio stomach anil
bowels, restores the appetite, and invigorates tho'
system. Hence It Is often advantageous whero
no sorinns derangement exists. Ono who feels
tolerably well, often flnds that a iloso of these
I'M m'akori bun feel decidedly better, fi nin their'
clemming and rvnovuliug effect ou tuo digOiUvf
lni'.rABED dt
Dr. J. C, ATE It & CO., Practical Chtmiittf
tO WELZ, MASS., V. S. A,
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Fever arid Ague, Intermittent Fererv
C1ULU ii'ever, Kemittent Fever, Sumbt
Ague, Porlodioal or Bilious Fever, tLO.j
and indeed all tho atTeotlona whloh ansa'
from malaxlouf, marsh, n miasmatitf
Ko one remedy is lohflcr'
called for by the necessities of
tflY'V . furo snd safe rnro for Fever
nnil KllOi mu.ii u nm iiutt
ennblcd to offer, Mth a perfect
certainty that it will eradicate
h4 .lliwMuo. nnft with Aasur--
nneo, fonndcit on proof, that no liurni can ariso1
lroni its use in any quantity.
That which protects from or prevents this dis-'
order must be of Immense service In tlie com
munities where it prevails, -rst'eniion is oeiier
thun euro, for tlie patient escapes tho risk which
he must run in violent attacks of this baleful fl-iJ
temper. This "Chub" expels the mlusmsttlo
poison 01 r KVl'.H Al auiii irum tun jniiu,
and prevents tlio developinont of the dineaso, if
taken On tho ftrst approach of its premonitory
svntptoms. It is not onlv tho best remedy ever'
yet discovered for this olass of complaints, but
also tlie cheapest. The largo nnontitywe sup-;
ply for a dollar brings it within- the reach of
everybody! and in billons districts, where'
Fitviiit and Aode prevails, evorybody should'
havo it, and uso it freely, both for cure and pro--tectlon.
It is hoped this prlco will place it within
the reach of alt the poor as well as the rich.
A groat shnertorlty of this remedy over any.
other ver discovered for tlio speedy andcerrniii'
cure of Intermittent Is, that it contains no Qui
nine) or mineral; consequently H produrtSs no
ailtnism or othor Injurious enacts whatever tipoa
le constitution. Those cured by it art) left as
henlthy as If thoy had novor hnd the disenae
Fever and Ague Is not alono tlie consequencef
of the inlasmatio powon. A groat variety of dis--ordors
arlso fi-onV its Irritation, among which
nre Neuralgia, Hheumntlam, Uouf, Headache,
lllindnoss, Toothnnhe, Karacho, Catarrh, Asth
ma, Palpitation', Painful Affection of tlio Spleen,
Hysterics, Pain In the Howela, Colic Paralysis,
and derangement of the Htmnach, nil of whlvlv
when origlnstling; im thle Cause, put on tlie In
termittent tvpe, or become periodical. Thlar
"Citiik" expols the poiadn from tlie blood, and
consequently enres them all alike. It la an in
valuable m-otoction ttf immigrants and persona
travelling or tonijiorr.rily residing In the mala
rinus districts. If taken ocensioiinlly or dully
while exposed to tho infection, that will be cx
cretcd from the system and cannot accumulate
In sufficient quantity to ripen Into disease
Honco It is even more valuable for protection
than cure and few will ever snlTer fl-om Irrfor
mittents If thoy avail tliemselvcs lb proteo.
Vion this remetly aiTords, .
For J.lwr Coff(f, arising from torpid
ity of the Llvor, It Is an excellent remedy, stlm.
ulntlng tho Uvsr Into henlthy activity, and prn
dttcing minif truly remarkublo cures, whore
other lucdkhjea fall. ,
Dr. 3. C. A YKIl & CO., Low;n, Mass.,
Practical O'ul Inaryfienl Chemists,

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