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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 12, 1872, Image 2

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&!;c (Enquirer,
8J.ta f M.IU trct, kwl of
ft itirt uoiise,
Arthur. -. - -j Jane 12, 1872,
To the Democracy of Ohio.
At a mooting ot Urn Donioi-nilU'. Co.itr.il Oom
mlllfcof Ohio, held lntl.oCalyorC,1.inih...so.l
Tuesday, May &h, 115, in which II or.Ui-
t,o hol l nn llio 27tli .lay or Juno, A. I). l!. -, nt
tlio city of Clovolnnd, to nominal o a btnto lio.
Pt nn-l select four di-le-jiitcs nt Ini'Ko to llio ra
tional Dcnmcrntic Convention to lie held M the
city or lluUtmore July 8th, 1572.
You nre therefore winkled to moot at the
city ofCloveliunl ou said th .lay of Juno, A.
1. 1872, In compliance with tho nhovo resolu
tion, to nominate cnmU.lutcs for the follofflitR
State ofll.-fs, to-tvlt:
And you ro further i-c.iucmc.1, nt u
time awl pluco, to elect lour di-li-Kiito nt ''""H1"
aud four alternates to thoNati.mal Democratic
Convention to be held In tho city of lla'.Umorc,
July 0tli,187i
It was further order-d that the Central Com
mittee orthcdifferentcountiislie roipiostel to
call their County Conventions Tor tho election
of delegates to theSlato Ooiivonlion, on tho Sat
urday prov Ions to tho U7tli dy of Juno next,
except thoso counties wlioro delegates have
been previously cleetod.
It was further ordero.1, that It ho nnd Is here
hy recommended to tho delertnte to tho State
Convention from tho several counties, where
Congressional delogates to tho National Dem
ocratic Convention shall have been otherwise
chosen, to meet hy their several Coiifrrcsinnr.l
adorations, at tho Stito Convention, and select
two delegates nnd two alternates for their re
8iotlV0 Congressional districts to said Con
Tcntion, aud report the swuo to the SUto Con
Tfntiun. It was further ordered, that each county ho
represented in said Com eullonns follows;
Wo omit all tho comities cxce-.it those com-po-tliia
tho 11th CuiiBronsioial district, y.liloli
ara as follows :
ITo,'Hiiii? . . .
.Indium ..
Law renco .
in s
Vinton .
ThO total number of delegates to which the
several counties are entitled boiii;,' 523.
J'.y order of llio Democratic) Ktato Central
C. N. ALLEN, Chairman.
C. N. ALLEN, Chairman. J. S. CRALL, Secretary.
The Railroad Tax.
By roforring to tho notico of the
Trustees it will bo scon that tho tax
paying oloctora of Elk township
uro called upon to voto a tax to aid
in tho construction of tho Gallipolis,
McArthur & Columbus E. 11. The
Legislature ot our Sttito well know-
in!? tho vnltio and imnortanco of
railroad facilities ns nn ngouey to
tho growth aud development of any
county, had duo regard, not only
for tho reputation of Ohio, butalso
for llio iinmcdiato wants and inlor
csU of every township find couuly
within iU limits, by means of limit
od taxation to lako initiutivo steps
to securo railroad advantages nnd
measurably cnualizo tho burden
that must so soon result in corves
ponding public and individual bciv
cfit. Wo urgo upon tho considcra
tion of tho tax-payers tlio great im
portance- of prompt and energetic
action to 6ocuro a largo majority in
favor of tho tax as a necessnry
means of aid to tho road, and also
of tho indication of tho spirit, en
tcrpriso nnd willingness of our peo
ple to assist in securing tho build-
ing of a thoroughfaro iu their midst
that shall placo their interests on
an equal footing with any other sec
tion. Wo cannot nfford to let this
cntorpriso fail. If it bo said that
wo'aro loo poor to accomplish this,
let it bo answered that wo aro too
poor to do othorwiso.
Grant Re-Nominated.
Gift-taker Grant was re-nominated
for President at the Na
tional Office-Holders' Conven
tion, which assembled at Phil
rulcljiliia last AVednesday.
Nobody is surprised at .tho
nomination. ' The "thing" was
"cut aud dried" long ago. The
Convention, however, left Col-
lax, Grant's Yico President,
fntirely "out in tho cold."
Henry "Wilson, one of tho Uni
ted States Senators from Mas
Bachusotts, was nominated for
Vice Pr&sidonfc on the first bal
lot. Tlio ballot stood 313 for
Wilson and 321J for Colfax.
A series of resolutions were
adopted for domestic consump
tion. They contain very 'brave
words' none of which are
true, but they aro go'od enough
' for that rather numerous class
of followers who, shutting their
eyes and opening their mouthy,
are ready to swallow auy mix-
ture with which tlio patent
compounds of ltadic.il nostrums
may favor Ihera.
Tho action of the Philadel
phia Convention in supplant
ing Colfax by Wilson, fulls
. like a wet blanket ou tho Kc
publicans of ludiaun.
Tlio disgraceful Congress of
the United States adjourned at
V o'clock on Monday night. ,
The State Convention.
The call for the Democrat ii
Statu Convention appears in
this paper. It will be seen lha
the Convention will be held a'
Cleveland on tho 27th of thi
month. The " State Cer.tral
Committee passed a resolution
providing that the meetings in
the varii us counties to appoint
delegates phonld be held or
the Saturday before tho 27lh,
where no other time may be
agreed upon. The resolution
fixinff the "Forest City." the
o 1
Capital of Chcescdom, as the
place of holding the Conven
tion was warmly discussed.
Thirteen of the nineteen mem
bora of tho Committee- were
present one member cf the
Committee- having died since
the last meeting, Dr. II. C.
Moore, of this Congressional
District. The resolution wa
adopted by a vote of eight to
One of tho Speakers from
Cleveland, said the accommo
dations at Columbus for hold-
in or tho last convention were
anything but good, and he, for
one, thought it high time to
make a new deal. Other dele
gates favored tho change be
cause they had not been treat
ed iu Columbus on former oc
casions as they should have
been. Cleveland offered free
use of a hall'mid bands of" mu
sic if they would hold the con
dition there, which was one
of the reasons why that place
was selected. The members
of the Committee from Hamil
ton county voted tor tue
change, We are very much
in favor ot holding the State
Convention in different parts
of the State. It is the very
best of the bc?t itbas. Chan
ges of this kind would, no
doubt, benefit the Democratic
party. It fhould not be held
at one place two years in uc
cc2sicn. Cleveland is far off,
but it is no doubt the proper
place to bold tho State Con
vention this year. Let the
Southern Ohio Democrats go
up and take a look at the kings
of Cheeedom!
The Railroad Meeting.
On Tuesday eveming, Jane
-1, after this paper had been
printed, a itailroad meeting
was held at, the Court House,
the object of which was to
hear the report of ' tho Com
mitte of Five appointed at a
meeting held previously, the
proceedings of which wo pub
lished two weeks ago, which
Committee vns to draft a peti
tion for the purpose of obtain
ing the names or one hundred
tax-payers of Elk township to
present to tho Doard ot Trus
tees, praying them to order an
election under the law of April
1872. A part pf the Commit
tee being absent, and no peti
tion having been drafted, a
new Committee, consisting of
U. S. Claypoolo, J. M. McGilli
vray, and C. "W. Holland, was
appointed on the evening above
uamcd. That meeting adjourn
ed until Saturday evening,
June 8, at which time the new
Committee were instructed to
make a report. The meeting
was held on Saturday evening.
II. P. Ambrose was called to
the Chair and J. W. Dowen
was appoiutcd Secretary.
U. S. Claypool, of the Corns
tnittee, stated that the petition
had been drafted and signed
by more than 100 citizen tax
payers of Elk township and
had been presented to the
Trustees, who had ordered an
election to be held on the 23d
of July next.
On motion of Mr. Claypoole,
the following liesolution was
unanimously adopted:
I'eolceil, That ft Comnillk-n of III roe li nio!n
toil tiii'oiii'n- wit li Mu- lmw!iir:tti!i4 cif llm K,u--mnis'
ail' I .Miners' Kuili-ninl (.uinpiHiv In ru;r;ml
t'l till! tOill( Ol'turilllillUHlf HlO H.i. I' I Ili'riMlli ( mil-
imny, mill lo in un' n mrvoy nml osliniiilo of
llm i'ii-nsii cil' Idi iMinir I'll r.iiil UHin liny pr:w-..
UiMlilo riiiiti- tlmt woiiM Iniiiro fii'j ,iiiKtii.n of
-.liil cmmo'-i infr mail with tin.; linllipnlN, JloAr
llini' iiiMK'nlitniliiH lliillro.t.l, at .MrAltluir, inn!
tli.it sniil ( ninmilto; lie n-iiiii'i)'l tn rcpnrl llio
rojult . if niM ciiiili-n-nco on llm cvcimiit of lliu
MtliofJiily, A. 1. l.'i'.a.
The Chairman then appoint
ed U. S. Claypoolo, Dr. 1). V.
lt mnells, and J. M. McGilliv
ray said Committee.
The meeting adjourned until
July Olh, when this Committee-
will make a report.
Grant's expenditures for four
years, over Lincoln's adminis
tration, have been $123,919,
000. Grant has had peace-
Lincoln had war. .
Organization of the Fire
A Ci.nimUl.c wae .ippoiiii a at tho Vivo ing
on Siiliii-'.iiy cvenlna, Ji lsf lo Wil"
unon lliu Villas- Oiimc-ll onMondrnlKlil-'i'
M, lo afi oi-l.ili'i wln-llu-r a tux Avo-1.1 bo li-viH
'.'or tlio piii-iMisauf piiK-ui-lnff ri Ai'.'viitiw
if somo klml Ui' llm or Hi" ''i-1' t-''"i'il:'"J';-i
hi'.,ininllion; K. 1'. llotliMi-ll, Wov. (X W. I'll-
lior, .1. T. l!:uoi-, uu-t with flu- t'omu II, nu.l tin?
.-..imi.il i-ollM-lllo.l In lllakO UIO levy.
Annllun- t'i- llootlntt wil lu-M f:itiiri1ny
nvi-nliiir. .liuiu Sin. ill limviiimoi'ol n-ijoiiniim-m
M.-.K. 1. V.ntliwoll, I'l-osMoutof tlio Cn-uiiany,
,.ll..,l llm mi'i'tlll-' 10 Ol-lU'l'. J. W. liOWOll Wil-
ipiiiiinh'il Si-oi-ctju-y pro Um., tlio Sooi-ct.ny, J.
T. It.mci-, I o n-; ulmo-it. Iho lommlttoo, cmi.,i
tin?Vj. M. .tK-Uilllvrny, It. C.Joiios, Hiul .1. T
It-fior, a)!ioiiile.l at tin) provloiu iiiootliia to
ill-all n t'oiii-liliilion ami lly-Ltiws, nml ropm-l at
iiiUm.M.ihiir. rcnorlvM tlio lollowlii; imuu
L ,m nml I'.v-I.aw.i. Ui.tu:;h ilr. aioUiaivvay of
llio Committee:
Aht.1. Tills m'wIiiliiMi sliull lift Known
n... i ,ni,. n, ,i.l: Mini l.iul.l.-r Coniiriny, a" I
.hall omisH iifsiu-ii ioisoi it. tif. tlm mlnplnm
.it this t'onsiitiilioii, .liall Im nn-iiioi-i-i S!'V"
is shall tlH-i-onlior li i-ntftle.t In im-inlini-sliip,
pioviik-il thai llio uunibci-lliorool sliull liut ux-
VUT 2. Thootlli-orsof tlii('"iiiinyslialli-on-?lt
uJ'oiio l'rosnloiit, otio Vii o Pivi'U-iil. oiio
Suni-Siii-v, oiio Tivii-iiivr, one C.ipl.im ami tlnro
liioiitumintii. wlu fliall ivn-ii Iw olo.-U-il at tlio
r.-nl.'iriiioi-uii:r ia April, iimmally, ninlho.1
hi.-. oilU:c uuLil his si'o.cor l-i ciooto l nn-l qii.ii-
"aiit. S. Itsli.-.llliolhc ilatv or tho Pros! l.;t'.t
to pit'siilo at fill iiKVliiijj i nt' llio .o',iii,niy. liio
Imvof llio ii-o I'lVsiiUmMo iiiv-ii!o, in tMc i.o-
si-tiL-o ul'tlio I'lv.-iil'.nt, ami llioimlk-oi (lio;i'.--
ivlai-.- nml ii-i-.iim'rsh.ill no '.n- a iimiii
'lovnlvo uiioii tuioli olUnirs In lil.o oi-gnin.iliiMm.
Aitr. -1. it shall ho the ilnty oi'llio ( -fplain
'oinmauil tlio Cinniiaiiv on p.'U'H.lo, r.n-l in all
.li-i-uiiiil :i!avniofllt i. ;.nvt ll.tvo a iroai-rW ?nioi--
vlimi iifilio ilookt. l.ail.kiH, nml ull tUoiln.-la
nf llio Cniiipany, nml imiko a iviioi-t oi tlia cuii-
litloa nl llio caino in Oficu n-iiin.ir m yii.i9.
Ain-.r.. It shall l.o tho.'. iiiv of tl-.o .Uniuonalit--
t.iohov llio i-.imiiiianiH of tlio CijiLiliisf at all
lli-os, a il (lo miu-Ii wovk in may no nssi jn.-n
thoui, ami lotal.o Hit- (ila'io aait ii't iniiU-atl ol
iho Captain In hi ii'osom-r.
Aut. H. The Ca-nain sli. H apiiomt two axmon
wlinsi- il-itv it bh.ill Ik- to tai:.- rli ir;:o nl anil
u0 tho a0s a iiitivl:-.- I'.iroot.- I ilurii.;,- a ilro.
Aitr. V It shall In! tho 'Inty hi ovoiy lm-miii-r
ofllii. i-niiiii.iiiy to ai.l in ;.in! m-r mo aiijiai ai i.-
tii anil I'miiu tl'os: n-nl I hey liun wuk i.iii'iian
as may hu iliiv.-U-1 hy ino Ciplain at H "''';-
AM'. M. Anv nn-iiiia-r voiiisinv i 'iiii"" "
nioi'liii. Mlmu'iinlv noiiliivl.oi-ivl'ti -ini,' tiii-rvo
in nnv uiih'O to v. liii h ho niiiv ho tk'oti-.a, or ill j-
ohi-iins tlio foniniaiol-i m 1" siipormr nim-i-i
whi'ii on par.nlo or at a llio, may no "iio.i m un.
inn no. loss man -oj oo'hs hoi- nu.n- uuu
MiV. :). Anv livo nioniliors of this o.iniiany
an call a nnxtiiof loi- iho trav.-oi.'ti in m nn-i-ioss,
nn. I iho Secretary shall g.vo Uuo noli jo ol
surh inooiinjr. .... . i ,
Aut. 10. This Company man i-i-iu n-piu.u
iiu'itu.;.- on tlio iii'-t .-ininlay in o.i ninonui.
Jin, n. 'J Ills CiiiibliUiiinii n;ay no ii,iionu :.i
v a two-Ji;!-'i voio. Mill llMll'.U".- vi itlOllUOUOC
i'iu-!i iuuciiit.ui.iit ha. inir l.oon civcu.
All ciO'-limiS ofo'hci-rsan.liiio-iil.o- fli illl'O
hv h.iUol, ami an-mhoi-s may ho bailutiM lor ou
:uik' cioulus tii'-j' aiopivpoio.l.
Too ri-.-! jnal icn of .niv'n'.i'iiil'iT or oi'li-or shall
ho n-'-oivo'l nml ip-i-i'j'lml upon III payment ui
all ilui'J niai linos ui- soil usaiiiM him.
Tlio ilotllioi atioii". of s-ii'l I'onr.Miiy r.hon in
lii'siii'o.s so-.sion shall h.-itovoii'.i .1 ly llm rnlo
ofl'.irliaukiitaiy Lav.' as fuaiul in CujIiui0''s
The rollnwln.? shall ho tlio onlor of bushier at
ea -li ni.'ol iiuft .
1. Ho.-nlinrf nf liilimios nf provmti mcotlns.
2. U. 'porif ot'Coiiimitioos.
a. Xnniinm ion au-1 tlootlon of iuoinbors.
I. Jov liiisinoss.
5. Ciilloiithni of linos.
(I. JIoll call.
The abavc au.l foregoing Is rcped fully al-niiuf.l.
J. M. McGILLIVRAY June 8th, 1872.
Ou nioiiuii.lhj alinvo report w.ki i-ooolvc-1 n-.i.t
a loplcl. Tho Constitution was Uion lsat-a by
Iho following nanic-il 'i-jj-soih:
.J. ji. Jli-ciilivi-.iy
1!. i Jou;.-lit v
(.onrpo l-.:r.h
K, V,. l-..uoliill
11. W. 1'iiihor
1 1. Jl.uiiu
C. W. l-on-y
I. :-Vl V. 'I.'J-C
Win. i'. Ainhroso
II. V: ;o
1'. K!,.-
,h"c. M ar.l
.1. '.'. '.in won
)i. I.aii.l
T. A. Mnrr.-ir
II. P. A.iihro.-o
h. V. J-.i.-.hv.i II
.loiia M ivo
V. !I. S;'V.i;;uo
P. li. Iiii'.
Jlorrf I.iaus
II. !'. V..-W
.lohn 'f riiinn.'-i-Thru--.-.
II illai'.il
11. C. &..o
Win..), i-
A. Uail.-.a
Tlio oloi tion
Of OlliOOIS W.wi thou lli-COOOilC 1
The fnlliiwin
ninoajn boin:
foft'u-ers wcro clr.-.tcil tlra tote
; U.lnptO'l to hilspOlkl tho Ky
JC. P JI..:-: :.U. I'itsl.lont.
l!ov U. W. I'ilolior, Vioo ProsiJcnt.
3. T. Il.'.pur, Seorolary.
If. P. Ai.iln-o-'o. 'r.-oasaror.
W. J. Kannoll -, t apl iin.
K.N. IS.u-nhii!. l.-t l.ioiil.'iiu.t.
'liioil ninl ;( l.ioiili'iiann woi-o ol"-!.
1 .v
: i . li -
b illot. Tii.- liami-.s of Kov. if. Pii.-ii-.-r
.Inhii iilavo woi-o iiiiiiinin.-oil I'orS 'i-.niil I ii:
ant. ninl both ii,.-J;'.ii',l, but u ballot was
wine H l'osiiitoit as I'jitoivt:
JI ivo ;
JI i". JI.ivo was ilo.-lan'.' olooio l,
Air. I'ilolior vmoil I'm- Mr. .Mayo.
T ho li. nnos of . I. JI. Jlel.illivr.iv, Alo-r
Wai-I ami C f. llmlaii'l worn aii'i.ni'i
il for
fliinl LioiUcuaiit.
Tho follow in ;
ol iho
1st ballot:
... -4
. . .V
. . .V)
-Mr. W'ai-'l wasilo.-laro.l olootcil.
A motion was a'lojiio.i insi nn-l ia.' tho Po
law to nroruro. at In.s oarliot o'liiv-'iiionci
six Jlann.tl lor Jiis'.raciioa of Iho Hook ami
t,ini'ioi-1 .iniip'iny.
On motion, thii Pi'i'-I U'iit v.'.ai cmpowovoil to
npi.iiint a (.'oniinil loo of two for fh'i jinrniso of
l'coruii in;? tho t-ui una uv (oils full nuinlior. T'n !
Pi-osiilont appniiiloil i-M win N. JWt'nhill nii'l
Win. .1, It uinolls as saiil coiiiniill 'i,'.
'i'lio nn oiiior ailjoiii'iu-il unlil l-'ii'lay ovcuiio;,
Jauo l lih, It'll.
Tho only Dcmnc-ntlio papers in
Ohio that aro making a row about
tho Liberal inovomont, and doman
(linfr a fitrai'ht out Dcmooratio
nomination nt Haiti moro, nml em
braced in tlio following lif-t.- Vinton
Enquirer, Jarion Mirror, Akron
Times, MansCoId Shield, Xow Phila
delphia Democrat, Fremont Messen
ger, Elyria Constitutionalist, llolmcn
Journal, Putnam Sentinel, Defiance
Dcfllocrat. ' This is by no means a
strong comb'mUion. Cin. F.iiuircr.
The Enquirer is evidently
not posted, or else it b guilty of
contemptible meanness. We
know no less than thirty Dem
ocratic papers in this State that
earnestly advocato a straight
out nomination. As a few are
not enumerated in the Enqui
rer's list we may mention the
Ihyan Democrat, Greenville
Democrat, Allen County Dem
ocrat, I'ucyrud' Forum, Nor
walk Experiment, Warren
Constitution, Youngstowu Vin
dicator, . Cincinnati Volka
I'reund, Cincinnati Commoner.
IJcsides tjieso there aro a large
number of papers that have not
yet defined their positions.
In regard to tho character
and standing of the newspa
pers mentioned by the Daily
Stem-winder wo would just
say that every ono of them is
iu every respect :ns good a
newspaper as any ever publish
ed by tho "ex-rural, rooster"
who now fill tho position of
managing editor of tho EnquU
rer.--f rutnaui Scntincd. j
Formal Railroad Opening.
The Baltimore and Cincinnati Railroad
Delivered to Its Lessees,--Excursion
Trip Loveland to View
the Road.
(From the Cincinnati Enquirer, June 5th.)
Tho Marietta and Cincinna
ti and the god father, the Bal
timore and Ohio Railroal, may
both congratulato themselves
on.havin" obtained an inde
pendent entrance it this city.
Ever since they built their new
track .across from "L vehmd to
free thenvelvea from their "de
poudencoon the Little Miami
Road, thev lftve had to come
in on tho track of the Hamil
ton and. Dayton Koad, - from
Ik junction of Spring Grove;
and'in addition to being de
pendent upon tint corporation
in ihn matter of the arrival
and dopaVture of train?, they
have had to nuke a long cir
cuit clinging to the range of
the western liill-J in order to
i-n.nnli (lu-ii-deoot in the center
of the city. . Both of these
have been serious drawbacks
to them, and in order to over-
t-oina' them, some four or five
years ago. they decided. to con
J . . i . ... i ..i. i:
struct an lnuepeuufni- tuiu i nu
lling up the vallay ot MilcreeK,
thusstraihtonin'.r tho line rna-
teriallv. and by means of easy
guides, making it possible for
them to manage laeirvast trul-
fie at a minimum cost lo the
With this obiect in view
thev organized a comp-iiiy to
procure the right of way and
' .... i fin
build the roait. me airveys
were made, the line located and
the work undertaken. The
entire length of the line is on
lv a fraction over six mile-.
yet so heavy was the 'work
that it has taken I hem t hree
years cf continuous labor from
as large a force as could be cm-
i) bved to advantage, and more
than a million dollars in mon
ey to complete it ready fu' a
tram to ; pass over a. iiiar
work was completed on Satur
day hi. t tho first train wtn'
over it ciVbuinlay, and yester
day the formal transfer of the
road to the lessees took place.
An excursion train, beaiing
the officers ot the' road and a
few invited guests, went out
yeslerdiiy morning to look at
the wojk extending the trip
to Lovdiand, tho junction of
the Marietta aud Little Jiliaini
The Construction of the new
piece oi ro ul has indeed been
a Il.-rcu'euu task. The entire
length ot iho track is an embankment-
I Von i fifteen to twen
ty IVofc iii height. Tim dirt
letpiircnl fr its cons! ruction
could not be procured by exca
vation at the side, but it had
to be brought an average dis
distance of live miles, by car,
b -fore it was put iu its place.
There aro four bridges on the
line, all of them handsome iron
structures of tho most substan
tial character.
The capital stoelc of tho
company originally subscribed
was tour hundred thousand
dollars. Then the company
h-.-u.'d bonds for an equal sum.
These together have been suffi
cient to build the road .13 it
now stands. But the company
has decided to make it a double
track road to enable them to
accommodate other roads that
will want to enter tho city 011
their line, and for this purpose
have issued three hundred
thousand more' stock, most ot
winch has been already sub
scribed. ' The stock is guaran
teed to yield an annual divi
dend of eight percent, by the
Marietta llailroad, while the
bond.? aro guaranteed to bring
seven per cent, interest by the
same corporation, lioth arc
undoubted investments, and it
is not to be wondered at that
they should bo taken up with
out delay by capitalists seeking
The location of tho new
Stock-yards on this line will,
we doubt not, prove to ho of
inestimable benefit to tho Ma
rietta Itoad, while tho leasing
ff the joint use of it to the now
Cincinnati and Springfield Uail
road, the branch of the New
York Central into this city,
will bring down the interest on
its cost to a minimum figure.
Their contract with tho last
named corporation provides for
the payment of $35,000 a year
until a double track shall bo
built ; 10,000 a year for four
years aftoi1 the second truck
shall have been laid, aud 515,-
ft or that, time.--
V n.r "a
emu ),iny in- r.ililiu
n-M.-n e the rigut to
1 ti
It ,-isi
the use of the tiaclc to
other coninaies as may
to enter the city 'by it.
000 a
Of the six Collectors of Cm
onis at Mobile since tho war,
one only has settled bis account.
This is a very loose way of do
ing business nnd indicates in
efficiency somewhere, most cul
pable. We have' bad much
prating about civil seivice re
form; but it does not come.
We fear it will not until the
people tdiall have spoken more
Boys, don't hang around tin
the street corners. If you have
anything to do, do it promptly,
then tro home.
Arrangements are about
completed for extending the
Marietta aud Cincinnati
road acro-s the
bridge at Mariettn,
and thus
connect with the Marietta and
Pittsburg. Railroad.
OFi-i'.'i: (if Tin: TiVstkks oi-' Ki.k Tmvsstnr,)
VlNTD.V t (ir.NTY, OHIO, .R'NIi U, )
Ti t'i-' Q'fiUi'd KUnt-ir Elk Towimtlp: .
LH i 'jii, -4 r-i.T n-,1 III' ono li'.i-i'lrii.l I i-;i;i iir;
rl,-.'l'ii-.. nl' -:ii 1 t pvn'.'.illiul l.ifi, litis li m i lv
II,IIM1 ilio I'l'll.-lCC uf S.li.l Ur.Vll.llil, Hi l'.ilio -.',
I a - iv 1 1. :
7'othi TruttjM of t'l- 7otmishtp, Vinton &iin'y.
v iu):
AVI-;, (In tin l:'i'-i-,'.'.'.-1, tnr-ivln'.f pie. (:r. m
:ii,l tort !i-'ii:i nf I'.W, imiiil-v of iiHon, Dliiu,
0110 luiii".iv l 111 inii.i'M'i, lvijjiua.ui:- r.-.i-.!-i
I lint von 1 011 'I I'lU'l :i i-it 1 1 i-i: 1 I tlMlll 11 (lOiilt, oil
llm .'.'iiiih -vn bo-Hi ii",' Oi i.iiil tovvn-ihiii, u lv n
111;- ni l io.i,i-ln"l ol tlio iSciolo 1111,1 Ho, l.iiiK V U-ii-i-
It. li. i-H'i-vs saiil lioninli-y, Ik-Iii j llio ?nulli-
crn li'i-iiiinn-i ti) llio iHirllu-rii or wostoni li.v.in-
l;ll'V III S.ll'l . IV. 11:111111, Ill-ill-tUO I'Ol lliT tlll'IVOI,
Ijoiiv; llm noiihovii t' l-.-niiins, Ill-it you iii;iv-
iiriato t'11) -ion ol r'..0,lj toiv.iriit:!:- c y,vs, ruvtiou
ufsiiil 10 rl, :i I mini lii'imr Io n tli an ili' J jw-i-i
nl, nl'ilio iis.o m- I va'iia'. jin of tlio rcil :uvl
ii-i-.son;il ir.iK'ny l:it in.-i ui in sma townsinii;
1I1.1I. M.ifl 'inn ol'';.'.':.'i:"Jlio in li.iii lsul'taiii Mivn-
liiii ol Llk. 11 iv. I no at t'10 oliir.j tlio i 1, .wnror
of V'iiilun nuini r, 'lim, .-iml -sliull lu-ar s -vo-i pm-
it iiilori'-t, i) 10 1M0 iinu-mily; that t-.'i.'i'i'l ir.
IIMI.-Illllt ill's O.l llilll:!-- Pll.lll lKt-.)IIIOllU!llt!il iy-
olo 111 twolvo v,.-iin, ..i.n 'J tii 11 yi-.'u-.i, r-.'i,i,;ii :ji
111 v;-.-ir, p.'Ul'in 111 vomi'H .111! if.'i.O'J,) in '.'J j ,'iirs
,-ilUir Om 'lain of i In iv :;: lu.ion ur.-l il li v oi-y ;
lli.lt H.iUI llnn ls shall In: nl' tlu- I'iiIIdh i!i.L.' 'L'ir.i:ii-i.li-.tion,
to-v,il: On-) lii'iilii'-l nf u'Hi !:iii-lio.!
iloliaiii oa.'li, twouty of livoliinrliv.'l iIoII.iiy
ivi- li, H'lil It v.; of 0.10 tlio;: 1 ilolliu s i-.i.-ii, .mil
In- iiiiiii-i:-vo I tV'.M lino lo o'. lina li'i-i an,!
Iivciiiv-io. o in I 1-ivo. Tlmt I'Utih ami cv
oik-of nai I I'. i.- sliall liavo tin- iuv's-:i-y Inter.-
.1 ' o -.iiiin - a, I :i.'iu-il, lli.it ?.ii-l JtiiivW
an. I lot -ve't', Coioioim liiall lio c -:o 'all' 1 aop
il-ino.l i.i- ilia Ti-ii-l,-i.- itii-l -l,'rk nl' loii I town
i liip in' i;il. i.i til. i o-'oal an,'. ir,lin:,r ,' inaaiio:' o'
i-x.'miii!.'!int 'lnhi li-m.!.--. Tli.it yo.i call a
liu-i-tili.i 'if.. 11.- ;u.lliilo, i-l.-.'t iM of li'l I.JH'II
sliili of Klk, la i.io iM.::ilirr ji;ovl:lo ! !iy 1:.-, on
Tusiiay, tho 31 day of July, 1072,
lio',v,-oii Cio li'i'ii", of.l 'l'-loclt A. n. iti.il
u'uli.c'-i V. M, at ilio U- u '1 jila-'o for l.ol.litiH' ! C
(inn., ia sai-l 1 .-.-1 1 -'ii,i, '!i..l 'in-tor. Ii.'inj Ci.-.i
nn-l t'liiiv r-' ;i:i''''-t I v.i.o lir .or a:- ,ia.-,l tin:
Iho i'-iii-li'".i ii i:i iv' i a 1 ,o,iio. o I railr.w I. a.i.l
llio r-.l-llllHH j l-'l- : 1 lll.ill.S 'illi'l yn'i I'll'-.' li'
il:i, ii'i,;..,- of Uu - i''.in.oi' ftli-l l.K-oaia.; ,f t:u
i,.'.il;ilo.l o!.'. '."is o':i;'l lown. Iiip, by oaoli
!, in s,on i, on i ' ; i "I' of o'i'i. I i ii-ii1..I! -a
i.i :.ai 1 I ,,'ii-.i;;i. T ilia ri'iitr.i i.i inn lo i. i.lo.'.
oi-l fir tlm lo.iriioJ ol' availi in; s.ii.l ton -"-hiji o,'
i;l!; of nil tlu li..'.i,'ili, I'li-a-i-r nail in-M.
K';o.ol'an .Vol nl' Hi" il. iioi'iil Vs.,finlil .' i' Iii.
St ill- of Oilii, o ili!l"l "an A-t to tl 'i.ir'...
Co-;,tI.':, to llaiM I.'ailiia-'.s an Mil. o ..a, I
0;"'v ito il.o s.iui.'," i-a-i-.i'il A',n il i ', lai.;.
I. Will
.Tolnt M ivo
.1 ,1m N. 'Mi'r. inhlil'ii
(', .s. I la ii il
.1. M. .Ali.'i.illivr.'.y
I. W. Ilrla
A.I . tloaa
A. r.Mi'.u
i). V. tiiniiij'ijf
(, '-.von Howl
I' laaov in i-oa-j
V. I . h ill' I
s. 11. Ti'ini.n.?!
riionn 11. iav!s
il.-ai'v I'aviio
loli a ,. N'i"V(-y
S. V. hol -,l -o'l 1
li. ','. Anih.-o-o
I, ,!ia .1. Ria
Moi'ri.-, l-.i a ia
lain -s W :r I
Uv.va 11. il.tak
. Will
.1. S. Will
l. C. l.ill
A. W. l!.-.i-,v:t-I-'ram-U.st.oiig
.lollll M,-;il
I'avkor IM",':ln
' ii"!!::-' W, I','! 1 ' 'll)t
J.ili-i I'. I lank!)
II ill'i'i l
(i. W. M-.'-'.i
I. , Pill, n
7. V. Kolton
.1. H. Italia
Isillio llcviiiil lt
l.- V. Ifi'nnall;!
Cii'liaviK ni'f
ic. i'. iiiitiiwcii
II. It. Ma-.o
.lull W. Into.n
Joloi JonoA
C. I'. Wni'.l
(4. AV. I'caivo
William M'V
1011 IMniol.U
c. AV.Vili'lior
V. It. Hpraxiia
.i.e. I'mrii
tioorvti l.iinlz
A. 11. Howil
t:. AV. liarnott
.1. (1. Swollanil
.1. A. Kolton
.laai -s M 1I01V!
I,. Do-i .M-i-:ia
laiiioj liaK-y
;. i.Ho,u-u
J It'll i'V J'.i.t.O
.) lll'.l l,H!',
III::. Hil.l'll-i.'irO
I. a . fa im
C. V. Iloilaml
.'. V. l!..-.-ou
1-. O'KoolV.!
It I'-.'i'i Ai ill
1'.. i". tai. Il
.land Ai-iioM
.lolia Si hu an
(i. V. Ui'ii ii.i'i
1 11.: t i-'i-on .ii
Jl. li. Ii.irinm
A. li .rloon
10. Jl. ci-H'lt
.lt-.t. I'll. nn
r. r.,aiiia-:')!i
Aii'li'ow Wolf
,1 I '.oli ( Il.iai
Hall lloull
KoIiOit S:i','0
10. A. si-ala
I'ot-i'V Mli'inli-r
l I). li ll'Ml
lliilianl Dorli';.
Jla.'voy Hoiilioi-i
Afilliiiii nl.nlio.i'5
A','. I), tiolil
lollll I Ol'lUVOll
K. N. llai'iihill
Jlnvi I A i lrowii
!!. I'lloia
l.o n:," Lull
.1. Jru ll-ll
1 (), Tor, Inn
V.oii'ini llixmi "
AV illiani liray
I roah-',- Hilt
:. .M.si l'iian
C. .1. I!illili:'lli.l':t
Alox. Will'. I
la-aonlor sihvikiu)
t . II. Dniikl j
A. AV. I'lloni
ilnsonli V. Kali'l-
linvnl J.ant.
.1 llll.M I!. .loh'Holl
I : , 1 1 ou i 1 1 1 IlnnUir,
a"l.. hti-voiiM
i;. t.'. iioiini'l
J. C. S-.vollanl .Tr
Tllllt 111 Ill.'-OI'il.lllt'O Willi Sllll rt"IIIO:i: il mp-,t;-
ln;r ol'saol oli'i'loi's i Inavliy nilloil, ninl u sio
i i.il clia lio.i lin'i'.ii'l i)iirHivt U lii-i'oliv oi'iloinl
nt tlio n-iial .la,'0 nf holitiiiir cluctiou lu nai, I
toHa.liiii of Llk, un
Tuwday, July 23d, 1372,
l)tl '.vcon tli c li.ntr: oI'hIv oV1. :U a. m. n-nl filx
i't lot'k r. M. nt which t linn umI pl-it ti smM oIhc
1mh urn r((tiiv'fiii In vote loi or iiK-'ii'- t Ihi'c.uii
Klnt'ti'Mi uj' tlm )U)pv'l K;iilr')H'l, i ho Ihutuyv
ing ul'llii' jiiiKMint naiiii'-l ii H 1'uihI I'mv I. In- mr
t ui-;.), imdoliicr re-iiK'.-M llii'ioiii m;ilo, Tlio 0111 n
ton oi'taid I'.'.'lui.s bt.ull bo oXruni.loil tlio bal
luU Hii UillowiC
' UAIIllOAD, 110.
AVIiloli llulloU sliull Im cniiili-il nn-l rol urn.l
hy tlio Jiiilgo ninl dorks of oloolion an in oilier
MdlllMH lOr anh, lot-k.
Juno Ji!, lb'W. 5V
ArniTOii'a Ovkii-ii, VintovOo., Ohio,
MiiAii riit'it, ,1 u im li, 1VN
NOTH 10 In limnliy kivoii tlmt tlio lol!oivlni(
lovlim liavo linoii innilti by tlio Tiaitn-irt of
tho TownHlilpn naniril holoiv for roiul pnrpoi,o.i
for llio yuur lhTJ, tn-wRi
JlKlllKOIl . , . , ; . ...L.'
Tlm nliovo Itoiol l'nvo may Im illinlunxoil lit
la'iol'on tlio I'lilillo KomU uiolol' lln- illi'ootlon
of tlm Hniiorvtrti.fii of tin) Hovnral Itoad JUs
IrloU wHIiln tliotlinoyicn'rllioil hy lnv,
W. V. nfci.wjitn,
Juno 19, 1H72. IJw. Auditor A'lntnu On.
Estate of William Harrison Black.
rjtilE iiii.UnVlHtiCil liar, fc.ir.n r.tar.l and
X tpiiillililil lit ttihn I ii t t i-.i lor, with tlm will
liiilii'.'toil, nl' tho t'llato of Wllllinil IIiu'iIhoii
Hl.O'lt, Into nl K llo. low null hi. V In I oil tain li 1 0,
Attachment Notice.
lainon Miii'ioy, i I i:. ' o ',Mm ' -
,, ,;,..(, ' I', "i .' 'ii -.-n i !'.
WMIiitui I-, oo, 1 1 'f ) ' '':: -Hiiy. Ol.lu.
iho .im ,i.:v .9 st ., a ij. i;a, mum
.hn.lio,l.sMifilii'ii oi-:l,r ofatlai'liaifiit In tlio
iiliove action lor tin- mm "f i.-'' ,''hl i-.i-.f- is
et for hearing on ilijliilulay of July Uri at
nvO.AV.fl 1st 111, Alt' .
Jl'lllO li!, ll7Vi ll' '
CJi'cat-ESesIucilosi in Tas
sen, en
Tito T!laniionioiit of the Marlrtra I Clni-I:tiii-ti
Uailro.ul Cni,iiaiiv r.'sn-c.lfolly aiiiioanoo lo
tlio inililio ll' it, I'oiiinii-nrinic Sl'imliy, -Inno 3:1,
luit w Tiii-ilV for Vn.-'-iinHtiu-s will no in!o clfi-i-l,
Ifro.itly ivilnrini tlio rates loi' 'l iavcl on tliis
7. 1 in- a'li'l Uraai In.'i. .
l'ai'tii'iihii' mi.-nljoii ! callinl lo tlio Low
llaltN of l-'.u'o iK-twoi-n Way Illations,
Jly iliivctioii of tlio I'n-sio'-nt.
' AV. W. l'MAIlOfY,
I.Iailor ol'li-aii-;iaitalion.
A li E3 Ti V S Hi Ia 13
Ilarini! ininiliascil tlio nbnvn AVoolon Mill,
wonlil r .iiootliillv iiiaiiniiii-o 10 tlu-ir liatnin-t,
il ml llio iiil)lin inVoliorul, that Ilii-'Aiiil in now
ii-.-ioi iiv'l lo ilo nil klmmof 4HWHM Wolili
I Al'iiilMi, s-l-lNNlNii, U INll, 10. ! nil
k I ills ui 'work usually iloni- in ooiiliy Mill..
With l-'ll(sr-l I.Al-S WOltKMHN, anil MA-OHIM-:!!'.
innloi- llio tii)i'i iiiloiiih ia-i- of I. X.
Lt'f'l.'ltl)!iK. work will lR ilouotv.'th NKiMrt
anil lilsiM'i'dii. A 1,1, AVOliK Vi'AllIlAN l'1'.H
ivliori! tlio Wool In tfooil mill I'loan, uiiU noil
Our priivn for 'toing work lire lis follows:
iloll Cill'ilill'J, 'fl fj (ill llt-lltH.
i'iiriliiii';ini,.l ' Siin:ilr,, V ih .- IU "
..liiklni; Slo"kins Vara, tloilhlo ami
luii-loil, ,i Ih SI) "
Klll'll IU
STOCKIIia and o'.hor Y
.1 p'Tf!
Coaslanily on liainl ninl lor salo,
tf,f Mr f $ f,'- -r)ii n VI'
Il WO will iTi'i'li UHIo for Wool
nnnf. fail l- fitlisly Infii 11.1:11 KtVO iii
il.ian! at llio h ih'io tlina pavo iml tin-
itiisi'iu tion of ,at,iailli;(( a
Tin-liiirhost M.ir'nt-t I'floo l'al'l In rASII foi
wool. jioUfi'iuii, m.i.ci; & to.
Jl av21, lt'W.
W o is u r v ft! 3 DKC'3Vc." y .
T? fP
j j ii
f - "'s ,1.!
oi iijli'J
t - a "'
:v auiicsiia,
Tills wati r a I hoa. knnwk' l-i'il onril of llio
hltiioitn iitii"ii'i:ihlo nial iik i.ralih! tli.soa.it:
no wil llri,;hl':, lioiaim nil, I I 'laholo.-,.
la'.nl In tho !. iilm-ys. On- Imly wasioa naay,
a,, liciUU lilii Ijy'io.arviitioa of llio ilooil.
fo'iiiiionrp tvilli f,'ciii! nl d.'Siro to n? v.-nlcr.
.-.eat ilia-at. owns .ii.tUnn, lo.i. ol tiiio:.;;ia iian
Of Dropsy liiivo iioom'ii'o' lt '1. I'-riok uu-t tlo
n: sit. inilaian: ion nl' iho nook t-l' itio ula klor
,t'.;. all mi, I j'oit' i S'.vt'llh'.:.-. 1'rr tl:o Kv, r it I-'!i.-.rr'i.u:-i
'1. li i:i t iiiiHonll ' voi vi-o.thlo in
tho ' ir iv..-!. I.ivov ,V.vo"i it !,'. Ki n y, I : l.-u :. l. -i
m.i Uil-i..!'y iii 'jiiiis, fi.oti.it', ' iiiii'im , ii'ioii-
iaoi nf ii ri a", I'lt-imliniotiv m' a'-, or I
loi tions nml il'sin'o ia...i,!ii l to It m..
will 'iU iv ..If Itif!-,', t.;l i n'ol ! i In, v ii.,1
S .1
'in V
or - -a in ia ; iv ,.:'. --r.iaT v. ::-v. i; -.'-. V - rmtr ' . rt ;
rtili:0'. . Ah-o :n S.-.rl, I. 1" -ver, it ri ',. !:. ,!
Viiliu't t':a an : oni-.-I an;, -nal ro-.o.i-voi. ail a ti
of iilhiinicnci ia. V.uo :tir-ti giau ai-l rlioitm
lla- 11 if -t 'nr.-p -"I iMl'i'i l ill Iho lvni'ifrif mi v t of
tlio mi, ii I :'v It lm.4 nt llio v;i'iii'.;i ii lO'V:".-ai-i's
a '-.-i i-','i:lf nf il nii'i'Mii-iiail Iqnalnh's hy
i.i -!.a ,'o i,n ra i ihii'inaiio'.i : ij 1 1 i-n r, f ,i.n 1, Iii t:
1 1 . I .. ti.to.nl l '.ho tasio, 11 o.ia bo .Irutilt ul i ii
All over lilt- rotua ry .'.i n S'.,iii'.,'.in.-; lis :riia'o ns
111 li!iiiHi'.'ioil i.u'iiioliail ii;. till, nial imiiii-f
lIl'ISO MllO.'iil I 'I'll I'll '.-111111 li.- lollll! 111.11,1 1-
,0,-toiiit'- I'.i-.-.'i ol, I hv it ' Hit in ii.. .i!l ft
t.ri-r. nn- llio l.' ni.'S. 1'. I Im o. ( l,;oi' JuMloi
ol' 1 1'.- il oil "il irta' oi, uiai.-o h. ii ia inn l.ooi
norf.-i'llv r- .it.o-.'il liy il" of; lh- lion. Win.
iV i hii.'lil , l-i i a I ' I' li'i'lil Mlltl.i .';::: A. M.
Iiii'.- IV.- i lout r.-.i.-l.--i' uxt c.i.,rlii,-i 111.;
iho K.'V. .M ,-. lii-ou a, of N"lr ' iia ao Unlvi-r-i-v.
lo. liana: Mr. ii -, ir-.ro II. K'a, !'r,s 0 I ,N':i
tin ml Hank, S . I.oiil :; Mr A. IS. I'l-ar on, ili-.l ,
a am Kli'ool. Hi. I.'iii.s: ;ir. i. ll.-Wnit, :vooi:i.l;
i'.i. lC 't Co., Si. 1, nit.--s C. It. ll:n-.!,oi' II ai'l'o I.i.
nliur It' inn--, No. lnl Vino i.iit'0t. ( iii- lnii'i! i.
.1 i I oi aiy iiihoi'H, All iii-.toi'Mni".', atri' lao'.aal
ly li; loil. Hon I for i' im n I -r. Ail'.lroR
:ni...i,,i u.i.t u; iA .n.liiA.i...4.
. . m . -c .', o' -r .-
For p:i!i! by )i-iu''iri:;!f.
l or all Cloaonil IMrioiist-K of l-Jlticlt untl
nr;i'i',i:io:vt r,:
IIOKir-l C1TKKD Ol-' i;i.ANIl"KS-Aai'on
Snvtloi-'.;,. i;. H. Asal.tai-t A-..-a-ooi'. A.oulil
V'.liia, l'n.. IJ. Ilaioii'.s, Live y ami I'.M'Intoiv
Stal il.. v.'i'iliiirr. I'll,
Milll:;; S (".'I.'IOD ("1''
Wilii.'.ia'K liaovillo l'a
WliKiiia ',lo-,n llio, l'n'
rorsnvr! AVi.iro a-
A. Klll-tVj Mt-ii'tt.ilil,
,1. Ki.'O Moiiaki-r's,
Jor-tv Mini'.-, l'n,
lloll-li s OUIIIOl) OV I.U.Vii r'lOVKU-lloiiS
,t lii'oV. 1,-MvUhiii':;, l':i.
II - il'.-;'S fit It l-.l) l tb' i.'OMC. Tiioinr.9 CIIiir
;ii)', I'liion roniit v, l'n.,
Il'diit tU'ltiOD' o:-' CIIor,i'UA.-H. r.nrr's,
II. A . Ca.lM-alli'i'K. Miiloii, l'a.
( iiU'." I'H'IIOD.-Dr. Jk'Clot ay's, .1. II. Mi
Coi'inh'li't. M ilinn, l'n,
t'lllillvKNS CflllOll OK (UIOl.KliA AND
OAl'IM. In". I. T. Itrol'h, Viit:.tiiilown.
l'n.. Dr. I'.'J. Ititvls'. 1. W.siiol oi''.-. X'liti nml
Janus Kinnoy's, Mlllon, l'n, Jliiioin iN inoro
i-oilhl lii-i'llt'il who..i Ktot'.lc M-iw.avoii liy u.'.ln;;
tlio llotl lloiao l'liwilor,
rillll'Altl'K li V
cm us. r. iiO'vN,
Iriv-';lKfi CliiMiiUt, 1'oi'Hi'iiimi,
At III" tvlioaaln nial n-lnll ilriiimml i'Iii-iiiIimI
i.'ia liorluin, No, HO Ui'om'.n'ny, Millmi, I't'iin,
In Cash anil Other Valar.Wa
Will bo dl.'.trll)iiloiUolhcit2.00:-lulmcrllioi'.-i to tlio
Tlio First VeoIc In Goptoai'jor, 1S72.
' All two iloll ir Hiilili flhiM rooc-lvcil lit-l i n
lliofilof April nml ilu 1-1 of M -pl.-nipor.-l.o'i,
will In) niitiio piii'lloli'iintH 111 llio uhovo iliuli'l
liuii 'l'liornnrn ovor t.SDO rruinltiniB, lln) (lit nl
tvhli li lH$5001n CirIi. ii'"' ovor IIV) oilier
'null IVoiuruiii.iiil'l'roiii Sf) In HOO 'ai,1i '""I
l-'oi-ty of lliono colt-lirntoil titom-n Inilini;. Hunt-
IT IMlHDil WntolllK.
.Son, tor f,o' ioi.iii ooplis, II, ,t of iiioiiiluni.t,
toi'nu, 1S10. Aildiobi'
gTven af'aT
To any honk ipail,
AiiiliiKpi'olmoiiof llio
1300 Paffoa and COO Enravi 'cu.
AVrltlon liy liO Kutlninit Aiilliom liiulitilliift
lloriiootirui'loy untl .lolin li.l.ounti.
AVo tvtint iiKiintii liipvt-i-y town tomillrlt onlt'i j
for I i ,i Hoi k, nil lilii rnl lorm". u in in oni
plotc lillnrvnf nil lirniiohoio'l InillHl I'V.prooi1
,,ii of iiniMiirdriliii't!. I'to. fsnliUfi woikovorl
NuIiUb woiliovorlii -
0..n .i,iui,Mil,,' An I'iirlv iioiilionlloti Mltlliv-
imniro n di(ji-i In territory. Ktitl imi'ttonlir 1
nml -1-1 1 m will hi' i'iit l illi iii'i" fiiiii'ii to
Ihlu i-ri'iit H-oi-lt. mnl it -oiirui'iihiit'l,,
,1. 11. I.i; lilt A, I M lK, llio'Ciwi tl,i.t)iiii. : t lii, .i,.o.
lll,,iiiulrliiiaiinnll,iiilo. ,
a'ETO inni ACENTSt
ii " ,' , i'iiiiMiti',11 ; !'! "-'a'-." '.'
Iiiv.it t nml itn llifcl'l;it'll;i.
i . ; iinl , o.,i f oh I, Iii I0ii:li-li anil lo'i
o a 1 1 i. o f-J fin. A poii:iloli' lnv:oiy in book
i.. I ol t iii I iii. iiitorosiniii', Mai'tHni; ini'Uloult.
n-oli-.-i'l, llliiMi'aio.l. .-voir iilitlon Just 1'iiU
l-ln il hi- main ilou n to ilnhi: lull n-i-ort of lie-
lio! rtin-.it 1 1 . u it h i n rl tnii-M i in,- in . ''I'll,, I aiming
ol (Jlta'apo.1 K, n I vfi cMitH lor " Mnun on out tit.
iV'liiri-si Ulos rl lililMil.Mi CU ,tlilco;u.lU.
MAM11 'G CO. Molioit oiilors lrr
I In ir I'ntiiaiii i o -sk Ins (Jonim),
ill wool iniiiKsud ri-OKOlKrentr.
lliloswiiiraiittiil inlijo- Klnniioli
ol ovoiy i!at!ii)tlon Knlttinir
Virim, Hlno Mlxuil, Honrlet nna
AVIlllo: lln .tin ii'ltl,.T,n,i,l
anl i-oiirso, si; liinjf ioei und lull count, 8(H)
yili-. lo tliocut. Siuiiplos biiiI iiritvii furniuliotl
to iiioiol mill ill :l f il icn I Ion tt nhovo.
"VAv.-- 1 I'M"'
TBAPli f MA.HK 1
The Kest
Hair Drossing ami Restorer-
saiSSiffEis Nay
I'our )rsict lias it.
Cheap rarnis! Free Hoinefi!
on Tin: tiNK orrim . ,
A LAN I) iiitANror
now ron, samoi
TlirFA lanils mo In tlio cnitrul portion of t'-o-U.ilii'.l
SI:ao.,mi the -lltt d, sice of Koi-IU Lnlltnilo)
tlu-rt-ntrai lino-oftlic yivnt Tcinporoto Zniienf lh
Aiiii rhnn Con hunt, untl for c.iiln piowlnf mid
-.a -ti; rais'aii laimii'iittoj ty ny lu llio Unito5
( I110AI l:il IN rillCI', iiiiiio ftivomlilo term
nivt-ii, tool in u-t? ri,a w'liaal lu inui'licl limn enli bo
,illlllll olitotvliffo.
rilit3 T;Qzi Locuion for Colonies.
.oltlii'i'S I'litili-il to n lii'iiit'Soit'l of ICO acins.
1'i't-o J'aniics to I'urcliamii'd of lainil,
ii'ial for llio ni-w (lcni'1'liiilvii piini,iliiit, with uvvr
in ipi. .iilil'ilioil in lC' iiMah, ti,,) man, !-wrcilliiU mnl
l;u ii.-,li. iniilltal Iroo cvtr iilnit-
Atlilifss O. I-'.UAVIS,
Lnul Ciiinniissioncr, U. 1'. li. It. On.
Oiunliii Nobv
$50, $75, and $100.
l l
EhJ;i-;oil Venily for Use.
J. W. Cliapraah Cc Co., Madison, Ind.
C-SKSl) l'OKCIllCULAll.'tt'l
Miinson'.s C:ii;ii-r Tnliutnr I.liilitnltiz Hod, with
-1 i rill I'l.iiiL'. s, is Hit- mo il i iniipk'ti! inott'otioii
ii.il!i;,t H;'it:.l.i.4 vt l' til oil t i'il . Knilorst-il liy
,h. si-haniili.- worM, rn.1 liy Al'liulpstiU Iioalfis
iron! Mul.!- I' Oi'oru a. tS-n.l lor Citcultir In
()( Kll AKTA-S i'2'lt l'l-nt'. H . Plilslnirtli. I'd.
ur N. V. Ciii'ITIi 1.1. lli'Nl.NO KOI CO., U
i'-l t-'onaii. iN". rih), Nnw Yuri.
t ,.a f.oy-p-''M 'ftvrwa
' iiir,t
The 2o2t Paint ia tho World! '
l'iu-0 AVIiI'h mnl Ovor Ono Hundred Dlf
t'orciit hliuili'D nml Tililn.
Thle im'nt l inaili- n(hf punst anil ninn' ilnriililo
in.iti-rhil liiTftof.'ro ii:. al liy piilnlorn. i-oinhlnril will
i lui-jji- pri iioi'tliii. o( liiiilii Kiibln-r, whlfli In I'lit-nii-1'iiH.v
nnili',1 In Mioii a niimin-r n In form unoolli,
u-l".:''V. Ilrni. ilnmMi-, i-liisiii- nnJ In-iuillftil 1'i.lni,
li oh luTinii. llroily crtnonteil to Iho itnlwtnnco lt
vli!t'li 11 in nppllt-il. '
r . Tin-no l'ulnta nro propuroil foaily fur nil-, nml
-nl. I hy ilio piliuii o' l.v.
ELTEIi PAI2IT CO., Cleveland, 0
Wlivi tlm IM.iod Itimlicii with rnoliot llko vlo
li aoo lo tliulicnil, Cuming lint lliinho", nlf,o ami
illnnii'Mi ol'slcht, Il In n cortiiln i(tn Hint a inllil.
.iiliihiiniiH.i'iHihiiir nml .iqunllili.K luxiillvo la ro
tpi ro l, nml 'I aiuiant'ii linf,aivKotNTBninm Are
uiKM' uliunhl nt nun- ho lt fiurttal to.
rOI.DliV Al.l.UitL'OCilUTS.
For any ciidoor lllliul, llloc
tlltH', lnliiiiK, tirlllc.orntcil
'ik' Hint DK 1!IN8 11 1-li
iilmi'iiy Iii I Is to euro. It ia
iiroparoil on iii'Mily lo rui o
llm l iliH, 1111,1 notliliiB olbo. Kiutl iiyiiuuiuij
;i,U. l'lii-'lljll.
rtTr'5 A ft I'o)linnr AKinniH oin i
V i i.UY. l wriaiitt'"l to ilievo tlm Woret
oiin- lu li-n iniuiii.n, anil oy iit-rttiyi'iiuu ,., ...
UHtitir-i't o rriti.'
or B nt hy ini.ll, p
J, or mil liy hu uriiin-'ii-ii',
,l, unlil. on rm-lnt of ON I'I
II I nil. I.Alt. AihlrtiM
mT. 1'01'IIAM A CO., rliiU
nihil jihlfi. I'D.
UnvliiK alniKitU'il twonty yrara bitwocn llfo nnit
ihnilli h li iii' '" thlliiile, I c'xrcrliiionli-il on
inyiitiiriiy ,'tiiiiioniiilliig rnoU nnd lieibrt, and
liio the inMllt liii! ihim olnnlnoil, I foi tuimtely ills-eiiwri-il
a numt wnnili-rliil rt inatly nml auto oilii) ror
Astliinii, rairiviuili.il hy mull r i-xpri-aa on rocoliit
ol IM AJilr.-a l. I.ANOKI.U Applom-ck P. O.,
V if no I ., il. lo. Solil hy DnigitUta,
AOION'l'H AVuiilol.-.K''l ni'iko ,,oru ,",011,
nv nl tvoilc lor u limn "t iinytliliiK e so.
.,o (iiiM llKlit Hli'1 lioriiuinonl! J1"'1,'; ,
Iron. ti. Sl'iNKON iS Co., A Ai I'ublUhert,
I'tiitlanil, lliiino, .
1'IANO 00., N, Y. I'UIt E, aOftO
,No AuoiiW. Iroulura fioo. )AW
I r . ,, , 1 1 1 .,1,1,11 irt, !
L-liunni- it" u.i.",. ,,,
finniHln-il, nnd oNpi-inn-Bpnl'l-
jiimiu. , - .
l-,I,l,B A Oi),,l.liininttUi Uoli.
MioniOAt. HOOK of inntul
l In
. , ...ii ii. ion oi"z minium.
I AV IRU loliii y, to tin dollvoiwl nt my toio, In
.ili'iil,i'Vi!iy ilosoiliitlon of
M Cast d .wrap mi
l li-nr which I will llit.v UiolilKlo'Ht mitrliot im
Oalhor up your 1
mi i n ut uimth h-
K. MIll'I-EV.
II, V Hllll'O.
A i.i il 2 i.
tut . c jv -1 Ktr-

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