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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 12, 1872, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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'2tl)c "(Enquirer.
0". "W. Bowon,
- For Fino Perfumery, go to Sis
s oa'a Drug Ptori.
' The black borry crop will not bo
quite so largo us hist your.
' J. A. Fkltom will comraonco re
building soon.
FARMpnsI TUo your wool to
tlio Allorisvillo Woolon Mill and
luivo it manufactured.
Anotuiir remedy for pelting rid
of tlio potato butf ia Carbolic Acid
Ono ounco 'if Acid in two gallons
of w'iitor, Pjii'inlvlod over tlio virion,
is miffleioiit to drivp tho biis from
a good big jm tcli.
"Rom ico," tlio groat, elephant bo
hngingto Ad.un Foi'0iiuigh' show,
died at Chiuugp, on Friday, Juno
7lh. Our reudura will remember
that 'Uoinoo' was with Forepuugh's
b!iow, which exhibited at JIcArthur
' a year ago.
The valuablo dog, belonging to
J. (.1. Swelland, -jr., was killed by
jioisoii hint wool:
Brevities. Farmers and Everybody!
Brevities. Farmers and Everybody! LOOK HERE!
You want to buy Hardware,
Farming Tin jK'ineiitd, Harvest
To.'l.-s, Tinware, etc., wlujre
you cin : e them for the least
innnjy. V advise you lo go
1othih'Ue of Rii-hmond &
lluhn. Tliey have a v ry b rgc
n t'iuMit, and, wishing to
jcdiice it,, are selling every
thing very low. Voiiwiilsac
inoiioy.by going there. I'm
Burn to go and see the Champi
on Mowing Machine, the best
in im Ui'iid t!n'ir a lvcrtis
men t in ibn paper. Look to
your interests, farmery and
The School Examination
and Exhibition.
The rxamiuation of the pu
pil;; in (lie Union Schools of
t his town, which took place
last week, wa.j highly satisfactory
and well conducted. The
pupils acquitted themselves
with honor, and received the
eivdit generally awarded to
thos! who apply themselves
diligently lo study. Thii was
' mainly owing to the excellent
dVeipl'no adopted by Prof. M.
K. liarnes, the. learned and ac.
coinplislu'd Superintendent of
the p'dniul.-i.
Tho exhibition, on-Friilny
evening, at the SJio'd House
Hill, win very largely nliood
tl. Indeed, (he Hall was full,
uud the exercises of a Vigh
grade of excellence. A very
tasteful stage was erected I'm
the occasion. Tlu; little folks
acquitted llienisi lven nobly.
Ve must not be invnlious, or
we would name those whose
pel formalizes we thought most
highly creditable. Some ol
the young ladies were almost
perfect in the various parts
i 1 I 1 . MM.
plays ma (lecounaii iii-". i ne
music was delightful ileed.-
Take it all in all, itwiu a well
coiulueted exhibition, and both
parents and children ought to
feel proud of such good bi lid
vioi' and fine performance
If the Superintendent will
furnish us with a fall pro-
trranmio of the exerc'ses, etc.,
we should be pleascdTo pnfr
lisli it.
W. AV. Beliviid, Auditor
of Vinton county, will accept
thanks for a copy of tlio ISth
An nuil report of tlio State
Commissioner of Common
School?, for the School Year
ending August 31sr, 1871.
Township Clerks will call
the Auditor's oflico and obtain
copies of tlio Senate and House
Journal to which they are entitled.
Anotiiku Tlmo Hi liu liilu took oiruet.on Sun
l;iy moniliiK. I"m " at R:15.
Ti-nlix now I'uuilw in I'iiIIows:
Ht, T "l" Ksiircs
i'iit r.iim .
7ilmk Krvlrfht mid Accniiiinliillon.
Kn-il. Hl.x-U
W;iv Kiuiilil; i ,
. 8 ::m "
,. IliH'J "
. A.
.. a. .ii "
.. U:17 "
,. 8:t0 "
... ...it.an A.
Mi ,mil K.mhm r.
V4 l.imi al A.
' ili- lil l-'vutlit ami Aci-oiiniicnliilloii. B;!W !.
K.-inl Slii.-k , t'M "
V'nv r-H lulit .f
Mniit 1'Yoiniii i'ao "
'rir r.i't i.i.fi siniit a . ft'iiiiMi in ne--
innly xrcil IliinlOen. Hio I'.l, lml. I'M1' - '
Khiu'iit Zulf-M, imn.l.is Iluni.l.'ii, nn-li. i n
tlll'l l''nrliiM'.0 n.iln:! !. Tlio limu nu jl
next wi.'i lt.
The Phrenological Journal
for- June is nn admirable num
ber to closo tho Fifty-fourth
volume of Unit most excellent
family mugnaine. It contains
numerous fine illustrations and
portraits. A new volume bu
rins with the July number.
A good time to subscribe; fine
premiums offered. Terms, $3
a year. ol) cents a numner.
S. Ii. Welld, rublwner. iNew
CiiAni.ES Gould, former Editor of
tho Logan fientincl, is a candidate
for Clorlc of Court of Hocking
ForAyer's Modioinos, gj toG.
W, Sisson's.
M. M. (! iiekn e, Vico IVosk'.ont,
and J. W. Dolierty, Suiorintondont,
of tho Columbia & Hocking Valloy
R. II., havo placed a Hpoeiiil train
at tlui disposal of tho Editorial Con
vention, at Athens, for an excursion
to Netsonvillo and Strailsvillo,
Thoro is no bettor railroad in Ohio
than tho 0. & II. V. R. It.
Aunrroit Jita.i'oRD was in Cincin
nati two woelcs ago, wfioro tho
county auditors along tho lino of
tho M. & 0. mot to assess tho rail
road for taxation. It was assessed
at $2,750,000.
Lumber for Hale.
Harvey J'obbins, ono-balf mile
south of McArlbur, has a portable
saw mill upon bis premises njid is
now prepared .to furnish tho best
quality of lumber of every descrip
tion at very low prices.
Hollo way's Pills.
Tho mo? t powerful existing
medicine for the cure of female
complaints. Fl'ty years expe
liene', inco;it( -stably prove these
remedies unrivaled for the dis
orders incidental to the so4'Um
iamilv shauld
wilhoiifc them. They may be
'akeii by young and old, a
they will restore health when
;vcry oilier means prove un
suce ess fill. -25 cents per box
or pot.
For Pura Drag-i and Modicinor
Poisons deidring wool carding
dono can bo accomniodated, at the
MeArllmr Steam Mill.
J. W. Randall, an cxperieiieol
workman, will havo chargo of Hi"
machino, and will pay a libera
price for wool. tf.
Li ' K S'i, E V 3
Cam, :il Civrxisu'H hmut i-i'iii:r, In WillV
enil Hii;;, ;n) i th.50 Fi no Oil I'niiiUn.i;.-,
i liniiiiiis, l'li:Tti 't-.i'ili I'l.iin mid C'nloiva I.illi-
o-?r.i;ili, vliii'li aro lor sale very cheap. Tliov
arc su Iju.nitiful!
Kpeers Port drape Wine, of
the vintage of 1867 and 18G3U
is ia the market, and it is said
that the vintage of those years
of the Oporto Grape, far ex
celled any before produced.
It is heavy in body, is rich in
flavor, and well adapted for
sickly persons and for general
lamily use. Physicians tire
scribe this wino generally in
their practice.
A New Society Novel.
S. Sleplions' now Society Novel, is
in press, and will ho puulisheu in a
few clays hy 1. Ii. re'.crson a- jn
tbers, L,liilad'.;lpliia, Pa, It is said
to bo tho best book that tins popu
lar nul horess has ever writ ton,
Tho licininp Bollo' will bo issued
in a largo duodecimo voluino, uni
form with Mrs. Sleplions seventoon
other works, and will ho f. r salo at
I all tho P.ook stores at. iho low price
7 r.n; t "mi7n'irrrr iits r rai n-- nnnrr
cover, or copies will be sent by
mail, to any place, post-paid, by the
publishers, on receipt of tho price
of tho work in a letter to thorn.
Wo understand thatT. IJ. Peterson
& Brothers, Philadelphia, Pa., tho
publishers of tho popular jiooin of
Beautiful Snow, has soeured tho
sorvieo of tho distinguished Ameri
can artist, Mr. Edward L,.IIonry,
of New York, to illustrnto this fino
poem for thoiu; find they havo in
prcsB, to bo shortly published, a now
lllustratod edition of it. Wo are
suro that tho well-known reputation
of Mr. Henry will insure lo tho pub
lic something nbovo in morit what
ia usually Been in.BO-called illustra
ted books. ' Tho new novols just
published by this well known house,
'Who Shall Bo Victor,' tlio Roniiol
to 'Tho Cancelled Will,' by Miss E.
A. Ihipuy, 'My Hero,' a charming
love story by a new English writer,
'Tiio fatal Marriages,1 by Henry
Cockton, &c,, aro especially good
and 'aro having largo saletf, and
should bo read by till.
Willie is a very eninll four-yoar
old. ' Tho fallowing conversation
took placo tho ctbor morning bo
twoon little Willie and his molhorr
Mothor 'Willlo, would yotino.t
l'!,,, tn havo wint'S and bo an anirol?'
i "
I illio-'No, ma, I'd rather bo n
I a h.uvU mid eat cUickonu.' ,
R'-vA mm
0. T. GuNxiNohaB just romoved
from tho "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid assortment of Drugs, Med
icines, Oils, Taints, Boo.s, Station
ery, Ac, to his NEW KOOilX
in Will's New Building'ono door
west of Gilmnn, V'ald o Co.'sStoro,
on Main Street, whero ho will be
pleased to meet all his old custom
ers, and as many moro as choso t
give him their patronage.
His Now li Kim is reully tho finest
in Southern Ol.io; is being visited
by everybody; and bis supply o
Drugs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, and the
liAo equal to any other establishment
in tho country.
IIo fills presciptions, and can ac
commodate all customers nt reason-
iblo rates. If you want to see
tho tiwtKt TSvwv; Store, drop
in and e.vamino this ono.
A Card.
Wo fool under lasting obligations
to our follow-citi.ons for thoir ex
traordinary efforts in saving as
much of oar house 'and furniture
is was possible, from., tho cjonsu-
ming flames this morning. Indeed,
their success soomod almost super
human, with great prcsoncoof mind
generally exhibited. Many thanks
to kind neighbors all around.
McArthur, O., May 29, 1872.
lowu, Wcbrjiskn, Kivnsas,
Advertiseing alone does not pro
duco success. Tlio thing which is
advertised must havo intrinstic
merit, or else lar;ro advertisiier will
lo it more barm than good. It you
have anything which you know to
bo good, ndvcrtiso it thoroughly.
uid you will ho suro to succeed; it
Lt is poor, ilon t pruiso it, tor pco-
do will food discover you are lying
Such is the policy of tlio Hurling
on Ron to, which runs to three
great regions in tho. West: 1st, To
Omaha, "connecting with the great
i'iicific. Roads. 21, To ljincoln, the
canital of Nebraska, and all thai
beautiful reuioii south of tho Platte,
filled with Iiailroad lands and home
steads. Ill, To Si. Joseph, Kansas
City and all Kansas points.
Tho roads are solondidly built
havo tho host bridges, finest ears,
Iho Miller platform and coupler
and tho saf'ty air brake (to prevent
tho loss of life that is everywhere
idso hniijieiiiniO; Pullman's Blooper?
Pullman dining cars, largo and
powerful engines (to make quick
time and connections), and are in a
word Iho host equipped roads in the
West. So that if you desire to go
safely, surely, quickly and comfort
ably to'any point in Southern Iowa
Nebraska, Kansas, or on tho Pacific
I loads, be sure that you go "ly
Way of 15ui'lm,''ton.
All who wish particular informa
tion, and a larjjo mitp, ohowing
correctly tho Ureal West, and al
railroad connect ions, can obtain
them, and any oilier knowledge, by
addressing (icneral I'nsseiiger
Agent, 15. ti Mo. Ii. 11. K., Ducting-
ton, Iowa.
Christian Union Jlyizm
Persons washing theso books wil
please leave orders at this office.
Tho prices arc for
vrviij si.o
urn, i..
Fh2I (Jilt UZ
Name nuton each book for 12
cents additional.
mmm9i"d.ut i.i uiiiliiiwiiii.i
AiJ elegant engraving 17x21
inches ot tho State Capitol o
Ohio, sent by mail or ox press,
"pivpauT, oil' receipt of "onoYIoT-
Inr. Seiittoany person tiesi
ri tier to act as local acrcnt toi
50 ceuts. Address
Columbus, O.
Are You Going West?
Kko, tiikoournilvtcu, niulpiu'clinso your lick.
clHOwr llio oM rclliiblo mul iopiilir JUhoui-I
l'uclllii lliillroail' wlilcli lsiMwtUvoly, tlio only
I, liui that ruimllivfu Dally KxprowiTmlns from
Sl.l.'iulfi tu ICnnmw City, uii'l llio WchII anil i
pxlllvulvr. lliBonlv T.lno wlil'ili flinit l'lilliimn'H
riiliii-u Mlfcpi'in "nil liny ().mflin(i'Niii'f.liilly
fur iiKivoi'rt) utulpi-i1 with Mlllttr'it SiiU'ly I'liil
fi.rni mul tlio iinli-iitSlcaiii lliiiko. from SI. Lmiln
lo KanH Oily, Kni t Sf)ll. I'lirsuim, l-uwrc ni'O,
T.iMivcnwiirlli, AtflilMim. St. .Iiisciili. Nclinisku.
Oily Cmim-il liliillniuiil omnln, wlllii'iit,f liiiiiii!
Kor liilVttiii.ti Ion Iiii'i'KhiiI liiTniiiiTulilfii.liitfii
f to any point In M nhoui-I, luinmis, Noliriwkik,
Onlor.ilKi.'Tf vaor I'nll ilm-nln. i-ivllnti oi-iuMi-i-hh
, II Tlionium, Ai'iil .M Usourl Piii llli', K. It.Uul
uiiiliii". olilo! or, K. A. t'oiil, Ounuml r.isjciisur
Auiitt,Ht. LniilM, Alo
o tioulUu toiiiwwi'r qnrlliinl
WonnswiT, " l'
IjI'IMlllfUllKlAllllllllO&l'llfiaO llHllroiKl Co.
iilViii'l.MO.OlM Afii'H'if I.iynl to not mil sdIIIow,
nl low in lco on lonRcroilit, licsliloa fiirnlsliliiK
IVoo ti iiiisporliillon iivr tliolrroml to imrclnu
vrs; llilx voiict ivxti iiits OoniSt. Louis, Uu'OiikIi
MtKntmrl to Vlnltln, IiiUlun Turrilory, Ifwliolns
pimliml viiplilly tu ll (li).t1iiulli)ii,tlio I'af lllo
ColHtiwllllio oini of thn truiilt llnon of tlio
foinitry, nuviirlilDpU.nlf'il by miw-llio lmul"
Hl.mgtliroiil mo In nrlf.li ffflilo counlry.ftH
liridliiftlviianiiny tn tlioSlnto; lio ollmutocioio
bim nllllifiiilvuiitiiiti'itofiloi tlifi naiiil Houili
orii hit IlinUw i ic"'lf'lliiiiil,U, hnnlUi, water,
llmlini', mii.lii,friillii mul nnwois, liivllo you
tiiKiilolliU vcloin I'l'i' fiu'lliiir Infoniiiitloii
aiMrcrtHA TiasiC, Luna Cwiu'r, M Wul mil
btioul, Bt. Louis, Mo. -'y
Hi you if B
When you come to town do not fail to go to the Dry (Jootbs
House of T. A. MAUTIX & SON-the "Feoi.le's Old Corner
Store" else when your neighbors tell you of the (J rand As
sortment of
Ilea lit if n U Slylislij Scascnalilv, S 1 a n t i a 1 Ciood s ,
To he found there, you will bo pained to say, "I havu't been
. . . XwS:rt;ln t5b Son
Desire to say to their friends and customers and the community
in ireneral that they are constantly receiving additions to their
elegant assortments of Goods, and are prepared for the Spring
Trade with a larger, better, and more varied stock than ever
before, embracing m the Dry G
Prints, MusUns, Delaines,
Grenadiers, Cretonnes, Lawns,
Pimtcs. Ulaelc Silks, Lvstrcn,
Japaneso Stripes, Dolly Vardens, . H Into Bed Quills, Crash,
Tab a linens. iSapKins. loweis, nummor Mia wis, Jeans.
Cottonades, llickory Checks, Striped Ticking, Cassiineres, Clotfis, &c.
t,Wo havo'tho largest and most varied
tZS Lfttt'sl Xovcltlcs
For tlio ladies
AVe have Laces, Trimmings,
Edgings, Insertions, Collars,
Handkerchiefs, , Gloves,
. Hosiery, "Ilip Cr-'U'e Cor
sets," Hoop Skirts,
Parasols, Hair Oils,
.. Ualmorab, Fan;',
Neck-ties, Perfumery, etc , etc.
etc., etc.
A Good Steel-Shcr.ik Gaiter,
- '
M pi'lcos Unit ilul'y
N. 0. Sugar, 12 conts! "B"'
UoMt Uoileo in J own I
Fine Teas, Splendid Tobaccos Uright and Black Navies,
Black lO'ts, Natural Leaf Smoking Tobacco, Candle?,
Soap, N. O. Molasses, Syrups, Spices, Pepper, Cloves,.
Cinnamon, Logwood, Al adder, Indigo, Alum,
Iiiee, Candies, H,iisin.s,Fish L ike Herring,
White Fish, and Mackerel- Hams,
Shoulders, and "Sides!
We Imjo a fell nimlK of v
fi?iT ;ir
All wo iv k ia an .exaiuiiiut-ion cf om'S'OOODS flnil
,1 (TfilT A - -
I in ill
ootid Department, tall lima of
Plaid Poplins,
Wash Poplins,
Wu'te Goods, Jaconet ticis$
of the Season ! "Ca
For the Gentlemen
We have all the latest Novel
ties in Collars, Tie?, Bows,
Suspenders, Fine Shirts,
Chevoit Shirts Shirt '
Fronts, Cuffs, Chevoit
Sets, (Collrtrs,Cuffr,
Bosoms,) Valist,
Ilo-irry, Ifats
iu Palm, Straw, Wool and Fur,
etc, etc.
for $l.7o.
. . w n
oonipiitiliun I
Coffee, 1-t cents I "A" 15 cents I
fiivo us a call at tho
The course of ilv: present Ad
ministration has been marked
not only by tho excesses of lo
gal power and illegal mterlor
( nee with local goveriiiiieiits,
by unusual instances' of ior
rnprioii and palpable violations
of law, but also by egregious
blunders in measures b-dh of
national and iuternatiou.il im-por.tauce.
An act a-sod by tlio last
LegislaUue,. makes it a peni
tiaiy olleuse to cut down any
timber upon the lands of an
other, whero the value of such
timber exoeds thirty-live dollars.
Oini'lnimtl. Tlniiillloii, Davlon. Wilniinittoii
Clilllii'ollii', l'oil-nioiilH n.Hl lrolium, Olilu:
iliiysvlllo,Ouviiiyt'iU mul L,;.iii(toii, Ky.
173111. -- iJAN.ll.IKlt,
'Tho EestFump ia tlio World-'
"V'll AKflits report ovi r Wrt.MM) wnrlh of
J iiMpi'it viveil inmi i nn im J niir ny iiiom
piuuiiH. Im iiijr Hid in nut P'lVfi'l'iil foiro-puiniis
In tlni wnrlil, UHWfll HnNii-fri,lii(f.
hfii oiilolmi' iiiiinlifr, i:i(i0 :)ltl, nlo tho Pi-oe
nil il in -Lint, puKuUiiiioftiir Am. AifrinulturiHt.
Thin pnpor novor ik'f.elvi's tlio farmers. Ho
notlco in PVIirutfvv iiiiinlicf. puna !. Try ono.
II' it ilou'tilo Um M'lirk t-liiiiiictl. n.-ml it l.ft.ikniul
Kt't vcmrniniiiiv.in ivo iirrnut niir pumps to
to ilii nil wiu-lnlin lor I In nuiiir i-lrtMilam,
Mfiul I'lirf.iri-ulMMoriinli'i' lollio ltrhlcpni't
Jl'f'o; Co., Nn 55 Cliiiinl'fi'H Ht , Mew York.
An ordtir liirnluo No. 1 Pumps hoeimiM nn ox
fllisUo town UKOlify. No U-tf.
n A VINO liffti om,'ii,'fil In thn utinly nnil
prnftifoof linitiHiry furnriffiiyinrs mul
n Infill priifllonnr In Jai lisnii fiirbix yuiiiii, and
liaviiiK avulloil inytoll ul ull llio
Modem Improvcmer.ta in Dental
I wmiM rcpfif,triillv my tn tlio cltlzons of
Mn Arthur ami fli'ltury Mint 1 (i tit fully propur
Oil to nianlpiiliilonll tlio various lirniif.lioN of thn
i-lonco, I'rlof n low H tlio lowort, Work nn
ixoii.I n tho host, rirwinH romlnir from
adlHtiinno wlnliliiB to rmimlfl iiolll thr-lr work
indium will ho untorUlneu at nij privato rout
doiifu friio.
lined in oxtriii)lliileoth, rfinlorlnrt tliidr x
tmf l loiicoinpiiralivfly imlnlfHK. A loinulu nU
tfiiilmit nlwnyt on hiiuiuowuit iiiioii i;uuM,
Olvo mo ii cull. ,.. ., , '
B.T.BOCJCESR, Dontlst.
May 15, 1671-1 y Jckon,0.
Iu Cliomicul anil iltdical Scit-nco. ;
."v.'-;... ..V
21 m?mm i
" t- n
FIRST AXTl ONr.VPOT.TTTtlWrvormii'ln
in diiu mixini-i of AM, 'SSiK VWIJI.VBl
viiluitlilo nctiv iiriuc:p.ilj of tUu well known,
curdtivs tii'i.'iit,
riNn xjtEjn taii,
tTNKaCAT.KD In Cnush, Colin, Ctttnrrli,
AKt limit, llruiiehi'.iH, uuJ consumption.
A rtfont m! 1 In Hires to r'.z l-niim; ami nlm,
by ii Vli'AI.lSl.NO, 1'UiaFYINO mul M'
MUI,ATiK(i ctri-cts iiixni tlio guuerul tiyiiU'Ui,
in rcmni'nr.blv i-lUnnoinua in nil
I5!!.-.;.asks vv 'run sii.oon,
Inoludiiiir bcrolula ond Eiupilona nf tbunkln,
liynpcpi-iA, iJit'iiH(?3 of tlio l.iviT and lviilnoyd,
Homo Imsmue, nnd Ocuural Uubiliiy.
.bu, A
Volatile Solution of Tar
For Hi'IIAI.ATIOX, wUhont nppllmlion of
HblAT. Aroniiukiibly VALUAllI.li.liwovcry, "
unlhewlioki uppiratiiHCiin bucurrioU in llio oni
pocket, ivmlv ut, any time for tlio must iliixluul
ami positively curaiivo use in
All Diseases oKIin 1VORE, TilS.OA'S
rnjs cojii'ou.ii)
Tar and Kandrako Pill.
fir imp In rcmicdloii villi tfio ELIXIK TAR,
in n conibiTii'tiuii of tlio TWO most iihiubli)
ALTEltATlVli Mfilininfn known iu tlio l'ro
fiiHsion. nnil li'iiilmu Him Vill MiLbuut ext-fpUon
tlio vrrv li.-si cvi-r olliirt'il.
IVe BOi.LTluN uud C Jll'C-UJTD ELIXIB ot
in wiilinut doubt tlio liest remedy known in
c:isi j of
It in n Spenifio for Biirh dianfH, and should lnj
knpt. 1 1 tlio lioimohold of evhry ininily, uaneciully
dunnit tnu.u inoii'.lni ia wlikli
urn linlilo lo prevail. A nnnll mmiitity tnkt-n-dnily
will inovLut cuiitniiiiii.j tuco tirnUo
feolutlon anil Comiioiiinl Elixir, tl.OOpor Bottlo
Volulilo Golutlim fni Tnliulntton.fJ.OOpur Sox
Tarar.,1 HnnumliO rills, C0ctn porlox.
Bt-ndfivOli-milnrof POSITIVE CERES
tu yuur ilmssjiut, or lo
L. r.IIYDlTv. CO,,
110 E. 22d St., Jiew Fork.
Hw.YurkOilice, EylKUU
One beer biewer in Indiana
has contracted for ten thous
and hu-ihels of lmrley.
MflMfcV M-VI'K UAriliLr wmIi SK-iicllm1
l;wl(l . I Ki'jr ein-i'k Oiiihin. CbIiiIukui-h, ann-
(.leu nnil ThII
rlleuhru t'lltK H. M. bi-K'-rKii.
TlTlfCn Hals, (l;ip, I1HU. SI.
II I l H. "Im. An., for m-.rviri) n
j.Aj.iij,, lur,lCtn-, 1 tn
lrts,llni'if., Trillin.
mill i:i'ii1. Ar lh
litnniiri.etiirr. 1 111 llritml ML It. T.
CAIRNS & IIUU., Into l. T. (Jruim-ap. trml lui
y liilidi ii'(,.rniiin, Kn,i..i Sun, A l,ruvu Hue
I.oiili, One Imljf niiulo i-2t in uock. Vwlci n I'ub.
I'n. Oimiiiiiiiiii, o.
Wfi will sniil 11 luinds-uno pmiupniius of ir Nw
riltihlr.it. I-.....H.F 1' 1.1.. ... .....i'.l -
....... . ,,j imiiii i.i' in it I Ml MK DMT 1 Hf II TIC
SiMitltiro JliiislVJtJiM.a hi Any i),inK Agejit ll'uo (if
A ldrefts XTIdkaI, rriiLMiiiNd Co., Clilcflgo 111.;
ii union f .i ; ir ,-i J.otllrt, MIU
DUG 01
llUK'L' U!lVQ r"K AW11CAN KAIlMlCllH
111 bi.t.h Knt'Hsti nun 0 niinn. l-'nr u:ivulni-s,
, I min'umr, lncin 11111; n limp
(in. ji , ,ii,nnii ii sis 01 tllll 11,1-llimi- I lrH,'V B'll
vnlu;- i,f tin. v-rlc ndiln-ss t). f. VK.NT, I'ubli.slior.
:S. ct hi.r.i-Hi-niwt ( liu-iiiiiiiti, 0.
ii' .T"ft3"rtW".,!i
Tuv CotijjhH, Colils nl IIorone.
Tllf.'O Ttijb ,n-l..,,l 11... ..... .....
linn iL lll, 1. ... ,i " '" 1 -Onilllllll
: : ?. V 1 ',';,'.., ri lii-s, i, ,
. ior mo uireol nil Til Uu.yr ami ' lAjik
A I 10 V ",.'1'T"'v'l y ivorth.
w 1. . ,l I'nitntiuiiM. fjJt ,
"U" r .'?;i''!;;Ar'7r-' n!'x.
Scnnrorfiivnlar. ' Suio .ia,iit for il'o U. k '
-mi h nm.lfl In- Atr,,,,.. Ii.
oinvihlmr Inr YonnifiiiV
llil.1 l.toni-ir i,t Xt -II....
Wanlo. i-f r"n 1 ii i ii ? "0 in nl l.u,..,i,,iu ... i,: ,'
iiiunt of lliiiimu HtVrt llisn in miv ollu-r pi.-MI.I,-wuy.
Fr..ni tu 4(1 ivoii pbvhviI. I; In i,i
"vt ry iiiiiiMiKrpper, lurincr, Irmlu mul iTiiti'iiioii
l-'nr tlio iin., mul wull. A ivUiiblo In nk of i.itih,i.
'lent Viiliii. lit fvi't-v i-iil(,.Au,f,l-N ,,,n.nk;..n ....... .
It hoIIn Itsi'if. Kxt'tK loriiiR. AJJru.-s F. M. liLLD
I8'J liiglith btreul,Nciv York.
r. Tlio proiirinlnr tin dy llio :iu.8t
n'ic" of Knilnetit Pli)lc!itns mul
2t2y-w,(;l"'n'l8t9 f li''''t'''l in i.i 1 1 fK iir th.
mmtjfjvam iif-'llflnn! Mn'ifrf:c roiiiiiitK-i
1 i n I . ' Li- 1 ;mi I . ,: tn , ,1 II,.
llfllllll.lk Tiff, mid Ohlail.lll lu
VniUHiliO llfpl'litlOn 10 lKMIlplU'l
in a salvo or plitor ror i-Ik'iiiu:i-tism,
('nun., J'n in or unrcncnii ol
tlif liii'-k, (.hfH orMoiiiai li, IMlo
S ilt Uliutnu. Si-m-vy, Suii-s, Vli-fi
llnnionn, S'.M I ovin. I'riv t Hi.,'s,
hilljlnlus. Siirt. KrrnslH Nipples
Ui.if-'ivui mn. Cluiti ii m,.l 6 k in uid
.uiiso of iliiliiiniini'v n.-iliir,'.
JOHN i). 1AUK,
Cliiflimuti, Olilo.
I'.ir Ilia livesl bouk en llio lar woit cvvr written
Buffalo Land,
IJy W. E. Wl'.RB. .lust romlj'. Tho myi'trin m il
iimrvol-jHil i no iiii-lilv j.imt.M fully mul truilifiil'v
ilifi-rili. il. Ovrllnwiiit; v illi w t m il l.niiiur. Tl.i:
Apiienillii a CV,ri:!i',-'D On iti fur Spni-miuon ii'd
Kimsraiili. Oii-r Illy mriktni; IllbmruliniiH nf il
Hiii-st ,-h:;r:ic' -r. Si-r.il fr mi tiriilnis, mul fi-cun-tt'i't
I'.nry at onro, us (IiIh m ihi, crnnitiH! ivhiki,, 1'ni
tnnkliii inonov r-vnr i fl'i-r.-rt iiL-.-ntn. K 1IANNK.
l-'i illl) & CO., 1'iibluLcru, Ciiiciiii.ntl.O., or CliU-u-o
i in nun.
Tin1 KcinntWlo Aiiiiirlrnn Ik iho i lirniu'sl
nnd lust, iil'istrntiMl wirkly .iijii r pulihMii'd.
i.,i i.i iiiiii.iiur ti i, i it in h r ri i)i in in .n uiiinni
i iiiavlui-nol'iii'w iiim-hlm-rj , luivrl imi riui.ni!
In i.l.i'H, i nvi'iii-iii-lnif works', Ai-i-liiti-i'tiii-f, l:ii-pi-ow'il
Kiirni Inipk-iiifiilM, nml m crv in-w ilis-i-nviry
In (ilioniistry. A j-fiu-s'a it i l ' s t-ni.
Inlns Hi- :ij-i-s an, I ni-mml liumlrril t-inri-iiv-in-s.
Kliiiiis.iinlii of vuli::iu'.i nru prt'SM-vt-il I'm
hiiniir,s( and r Cfi i-nfo. 'J no prnctii'ii! uv.v i,ts
ii ro w-rll worth Ion limi's lliinmiisf ri,t.itn intco.
if mis, :! yfiir by mail. SpiMiinoimsi nt nvo
!: I": Imd of all .Sow Dt'iih-is.
PATKNTS ohtuiiioil mi tho hist tomis.
M,ii;is i.i' iii 'H 1 nvt'iil inns 1111,1 i kf trlifs oMiintii.
fl, nnd udvi'-f IVon. All pnifiiK nio piililinlion
in t hi; Si-iiMitilii-A iiicvii-an llio wi-cl: tlioy issuo.
Si-mi for jininiililf t, 11(1 ,n-;T'.-. t nnliiiiili'ijf laws
ami full iii'oi'i ions Inr tiiiialnlti I'ntf lit.-..
Aibli-fss inr 1'npiT, coiii'frliiK 1'ulfiili, JIl'NN
k I'll., ::T l'.-irk how; N. Y llrnni-li ollico, cor,
I-', and Jill Ms., V,riiht!iii,-tiiii, I), 0. 0
Isn piiwi rfnl tunic, Kpcidnllr ndi.pli tl fnru.io In
Sprli'ir, wnon Hid liiiit'iiiil mid ilidilliintcd nysti-111
m-O'ls Kli-cnu-'h Kinl vitality: it wll uliv vi-nr tn tl'.r
I'.'i-ble, str. n'lli In ilia wtiik, luiintiilioil to the df
.K'L-it d , nativity lo tlio FlinifrMi, ro.it to tbe wt-nry.
q.ili-t o tin' lu-i yiiin, mul b.nllli tn llio inl'inn.
Ills Sniilli Anii-rl.'iin pli'iil. wiiti-li, it'-ciii'dlnp
lo tlio mi'ilniil nntl mniMiiiilo inTlniliCHU ol I.nnl.iii
nml l'nris, ll pnasi ssi'n tin- Moi l nwi-nul Tni.k -.rii-
I'l-Mi-it known lo Materia Mi.;il mul in wfll kimwii
in its iiiitlvo mn ut r..- an Imvln,: wiiiii'i-rl'iil i-nni; ,vi
qii.-ililli'i, ami In, I. ceil lmii iip.-iI an n .-.Hi ill,', tn nil
c-i' ttf nnjini llioii nf 1 1 :u I'.linnl, Di'iiniirHiitint t,
tha I, Ivor mid t'j lo. n, Tinnnm, lii-njKV, l nyrrty nl
ibe Uliiml. IK'1,1 Iiy, NVrnkiii-iM of tliu li.t kt.iie.i,
IJu'ilnoor Uriiiniy Oruant,
Il is Rtrf iiu'lii'iilni: and Ruiiritdiini'. I. fi e naliV
eiinis food tkuii iiitnlltu sitiiiimdi, it asiuillntfs mid
.It tin lisc.f lliruiiii tlio t-li'i-uliiUon, kiviii vim
anil lirullli.
lt rnuliilo tin Imwids, iiilot tl.o niTviis, neis ill-i-foily
nn ttm s,'i'rollVi nri'mis, nn,l by IIj. I'liwuit'u
Tun lo nnd ri'stui-lii'! nri-cis, pr.idiiui'S bnuitiiy ami
Vlunrnils iiot'iin tn tlni wlinli, svsli'iu.
JOliNlJ, Jvia.l.l'ijO.ll f lnttSt. Nov,' York,
Haiti A,!i'iit l'i.r tl'i- lii.it.'d Slates.
rr!np !'l .(111 Out 7., ;ior llniiii'. .'.,i id l.-r ilr.-iilnr.
If tow want to out AT Ji Torn
y;,wi r i."t i. n
f.-f ;i A'fl ii i yi 1 a
Ob Want to
Awr Kind or
Buubobiiibfob nii HEAL KSTATK
REGISTEU, riTTsnoRou.rA. (WecKiy
40 Columns: $1.00 a year. Bumplo copy free
nrniR linniiMiMi tlcinaiirt fur lliillnwav's Pllli ami
L i iinl m. oil, liui nniiiilod nnprlii"lpli',l pnr' t slo
onanirrf'lt ihi'i-n vulimHn iiwdioiniw. I n -,lr
nrntpff llio piilil'i1 nnd niirsnivc", wo Imvo li,ui'd
now "Trndii lihirk," cmililtnnnl' lOnyptlan i-trn its of
rpMt, with llin loner II In Ilia cwiiiro. Every him
nf H.illowy' l!i',!a nnil OlnlmiMiiH will linvti tllll
triitle mniK nn ujnmn, nru goniiiur wil iinui n
N. Y. CluiriOALl'n.. Hul Prniirli'tiirn,
1 Muliicn Lniii'.Ni'W York.
Thiiti 11, l'Ajif, CluvitUiull, Ouiu, Rivlo Al'' "' tin
tUolalq, . , ... I 1 y
eyes, clear eomphwiou, roay-
heeks. a nick idood active
brain, and that sih of alt iu-
dustry early il.se..
' Twcntv-rone of the Radicall
Rcpresenfativefi of th last.
North Carolina Legislature.
are acting wilh the I)eu)ocia.
cy of that State.
s who posses tender-
skins can laii'rh the mosaueta
to scorn, after they have bath-.. ,
ed in coal oil or- peppermint,
There aro now- planted ia
New Jersey, according to the
most reliable authorities six;
thouoand acres with craabeiv
lies. Two years frojrv now
they will bo in full bearing,,
when this State will take the,
the lead in cranberry culture
as she did a. fVvv years ngit
with stravvberrie$j raspberries
and blackberries.
Congressman Deck, of Keib
n cam, noon
Hoor of the lloune. ooenlv
charged that the War and Na
vy Depr.rtiucnts have expend-,
ed wjthin the last, four years,
line hundred and thirty-eight
millions of dollars, without any
authority of law, and mainly
for political purposes, and the
charges were not directly. de
uied. Butler, Bank?, pawes,
Dickey and other Kadicals took
part In the debate, but none of
them dared to give the char got
-f Mr. Beck a direct denial..
He has again and again wad
this charge, arid it has nevel1
yet been denied in direct termst
It can not bo, The figures,
show that tho charge is true.
llarlv to bed makes
Cherry Pectoral,
For Diseases of tho Throat And Xiung?,
such as Coughs, Golds, Whooping
Cough, Bronohitis, Asthma,
n.ud (jQiiuuiaption,
Awonff tha grcrnl
dUoovct'tps of inodprri
scionco, few fii'fl or
moro rciil vuln
mankind titan this cfr
fuutual remody for nl(
discasos of Utp Tii ion 6
and Luhgn. A vhkIi
trial ot its virtues,
throughout tili
Other oountiiu!', lias
fliowu that It doc
sui-elv nnd effoctt.5iV
control tliom. Tlio tostimony of our bent citu
zeim, of nil clnssos, establUhos the fact, that
CllKIlKY l'KCl'OUAI. Vfill Mill doaS Kl'lSVO Riuj
euro tho nllliotlng disorders of tU 'i'liFoat nn4
Lung beyond any other lnod'toina. Tho moist
(lansorniis ali'octiom of the 1'ulnionnry Orgnnt
yield to its powor; Bud sanos of Consunip
tiou, cured ty tills preparation, aro public
ly known, so romnrkiiblo lis hardly to u bc-i
licvcd, wcro they not proven beyond disjmto.
As a remedy It is adequate, on which tlio publia,
may rely for full protection. By curing CotigltSf
tlta" forerunners or moro serious disease, it saws
unnumbered lives, and nn amount of tuMoring
lint to bo computed. It challenges trinl, nnd con
vinees tiio most scoptical. Kvory family should
keop it on hnnd ns a protection nguinst tlio onrly
nnd uniiorcoivcd attack of J'ulmo'nnry AiTpptious,
which nro cosily mot at first, but which Iwconia
Incurable, and too often fatal, If neglected. Ton-,
dor lungs noed tliis delenco; nnd it Is unwise to.
bo without it. As a safeguard lo children, amid
tlio distressing diseases which beset tho Throat
and Chest ot childhood, CiiEituy VrpWih
is Invaluable j for, by Its timely use, multi
tudes aro rescued from prematiiro gravos, and
saved to tlio lore mid iilluction ccutrnd on tlicin,
It nets speedily nnd surolv against ordinary colds,
securing sound and health-restoring sleep, No.
ono will suIlVi: troublosomo Inlliiniiza ftiid pain
ful Uroiicliltis whoa tliuy know how wusily
thev can bo cured.
Originally the product of lonj, laborious, and
successful chemical investigation, no cost or toil
is spared in making every bottla in tho utmost
possible perfection. It may be confidently re
lied upon us possessing ul tho virtues it has ever
cxhibitod, and cnpnblo of producing cures 114
lncinuroblo us tho greatest it lias ever offoctod.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical mid Analytical ChomlstH.
Evcrv yoar increases the poiularii
ty of this valuable Hair Preparation
wliiclt in duo to merit nlono, Wo
can assure uv old patrons that it U
kept fully up to its liigU standard
and it is tho only reliable and perfect-!
ed preparation for restoring Gha-X
or Faded lJ.Ain.to its youthful colort
making it soft, lustrous, ond eilken,
Tlio scalp, liy its use, becomes whito
and clean. It removes all eruptions
and dandruft', and, by its tonio prop
cities, prevents the Lair from falling
out, as it stimulates and nourishes
the hair-elands. 13y its uso, tho hair
rjws thicker ana stronger. In.
laldncsH, itfostores tho capillary
glands to their normal vigor, and
will create a new growth, except in
extreme old ago. It is tho most ccc-.
nomical IIaib Duessinq ever usod,
as it requires fewer applications,
and gives tho hair a splendid, glossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.IX,
State Assayor of Massachusetts, Bays,
"Tho constituents aro pure, nnd caro
fully selected for excellent quality j
and I consider it the IJest Prepa-i
nation for its intended purposes."
Sold by all VmggMt, anil Penlcri in At'dioftifi,
.frioeOne Collar.
9.. i r" i 'i,..
Buckingham's Dyo,
roa TirE wmsinsEs.
As our Iieuewcr in many casoa
requires too long a time, nnd too
much care, to restore gray or faded
Whiskers, wo havo prepared this
dye, in one preparation which will
quickly nnd etToctually accomplish
this result. It la easily implied,
nnd producers a color wliicli will
neither rub nor wash off. Hold, by
all Druggists. Vtko Filly Cents..
Manufactured by Tl. P. HALL, &, CO.,
vj NASHUA, N.H. ' '

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