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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 26, 1872, Image 2

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(El)c (Enquirer.
OFFICE in Becouu 01017 '
j. r. HOWIK. Kdltor.
McArtiur, Jaui2,W.
Democratic Primary Election.
Ohio, wll
The Daraocracy of Vtatoa County,
t.t at J o'clock T. o. Saturday, July
187S, at the placet hereinafter .peciflcd, for the
pnrpoM. of holding- a Primary lotion, mt
choosing candidates for the following: County
la Clinton Townihip, the election will be held
In Hamden and at the Saltt School House; In
Eiehland Tp., at Allenirllle and the Darby
School Houie; In VTllketTiUe, at the Hawk
School Houm; In Brown Tp at the Two-Mile
School House; and In Eagle, Swan, Jackson,
Klk, Madison, Harrison, Vinton and Knox, at
the unal place of holding election in aid Town,
That upon meeting at each of said placet those
present shall appoint a Chairman and two Tell
era, whose duty it shall be to receive the votes,
keep a correct poU-book of those Toting, count
h miM. Mid kenn a tall of the votes: and the
Chairman is requested to immediately forward
the Poll Books and Tally Bheett to the County
Central Committee at Mc Arthur. .
of the Central Committee.
JOHN MAYO, Chairman.
The Mercer and ; Auglaize
Congressional 'District MRem
bled at "Wapakonetta on Tnes
day of last week, and nomina
ted C. N. Lnmison for Con
gress by acclamation, and cboae
our friend D. J. Callen for
Presidential Elector for the
the District. The many friends
of Dan. In Vinton county will
te highly pleaned to rote for
hinv for elector.
Democratic County Meeting
Last Saturday.
In tmnuanc of the call of the Dtmocratlo Ob
tral Commltte of Vinton County, thre was a
meeting of the Democracy held on Saturday,
June M, at I 'slock E. M. .
the tneatlBff was oalled to order, and, .
Ob motion, O.T. Outthg was oalled to the
Chair, MA T. Ai Xunar l appointed
wy, ' ,
XbeCbsiMtatedthatthiohltotftf the moat.
tag waa to appoint four delei W h Bute
tonysntton at Cleveland, the selection ef
County Central Cornmlttse tor ta (aiulag year,
and the truiMtlon of iua other ImilueM
nay ms Usfbre the mntlng .
On motloi. the following ptriom WN p
polnW i)elegate to the Bute Convention! "Vf
W' Bedford, Hon. A. 3. Swafw, J. "W. Bowcp,
er. u. n . rucuor.
" On motion of J1.' M. IToOllUvray, it was
gitdud, That all Dsmoeratt from Vinton
County, not exoeedlng four in number, who may
fee In attendee at the Bute Convention, shall
peooniiderea delegates, ana do ompowirw w
Civj tne vote ai tue equuty in ib mis miw
the following named persons were chosen at.
a Central Committee for the ensuing year;
Oeorge LanU, J. M. HoOlllirray, A. J. Bwaim,
p. B. Ctaypoole, Q. T. Qunnng,
Shore being no further businose to transaot,
0 motion the meeting adjourned sins U.
Last Saturday. O. T. GUNNING, Chairman.
T. A. MURRAY, Secretary.
T. A. MURRAY, Secretary. Our Power-Press.
f hli paper wai printed last
week on a Afontague Cylinder
fress, which we received and
set fjp r oiir Printing Estab
lishment, two weeks 20 last
Saturday the first cylinder
pre,sB erer useu in inn county.
Jr does excellent work, and we
pan print the paper witq it in
onQ-nfth of the time tbat we
can pn the hand press. The
large and rapidly increasing
circulation of oar paper com
pelled us to resort to this easi
er method than by band. For
MoArthur, a little village three
miles from a railroad, this is,
indeed, a step in advance, as it
give the citizens facilities for
printine equal to that of larce
pities. Everybody is invited
to come and see the hundreds
of pieces of machinery in suc
cessful operation,
We are making preparations
to enlarge the Enquirer to a
32 , cplumn papereight col
umns to the page. Considera
ble more type and material
will be required, which will
cost about $300. We must
have every dollar that is due
ns, 1 on subscription nnd job
work. Let our patrons and
friends come forward and aid
us in making this change
the paper. '
As no man can te)t where a
shoe pinches he tV than he that
wears it, so ho Wan ran tell a
woman's disposition better than
ho that ha tsedded her.
"y . ..... ..
-' .. i,iu..f . i; '. i . i' ' j ;." ' ') ,','
The Convention met in
Ladies' parlor of the Warren
House, at 6 p. 11., President
Mnckloy Presiding.
The following is a list o f the
newspaper men present:
D. Macklor, Jaokmn Standard, . , . ,j.- .. .
J. li. llonnliiinii, Hillloro AWt.
W. V. ltnuil, ( hiillcolhe OatU.
J. W. Bowon, Wc Arthur Enqmlrtm.
.1. T. BMr, Jtter4.
Aiiiim I.) limn, (Oliimlinn StaUmaa' !:
h. ( urlls, ( Inciuniitl Tiinn anil Vhrnntml.
Lnwiit (iret'ii, lirn flmtint, ' : ,
Oakhv:w, " "
K. B. VlcK hiT, ( In-lovilhifrrerf and Vnion.
W. K. Miit olIlstiT. " Utnlii. ,
M. Kt;:iv, Somersot Ti-lbuhr.
K. M inc lit,T, .M.irli'll.i, MtirlfUlun.
8. M. MrMilli-n, - Tim: .
W. ( . IIihxI, . .
Vi.ii. Way. " i
J. W. Stliinlimmli, Wint'hittti'r Ttnu.
II. '. Ui'inklr, l.niii'usler
. B. .1. IiuinN, CliK'iunnti CmiumiWi,
It. K. Vimll.iy, Xeniit OauV:
Krnnklin G:ius ( olimilins J,imiU.
. Albert LaWHon, Intnton Journal. . ; 1
('. N. lln)wulii), Knt.tviii Courier.
C. K Irwin, horlsnioiith Rtnubliea. '
B. II. Putnam. Chillioothe Adztriitv,
J). T. Wny, Wllraiuirtoo Btpubliun.
. Frank Browning, 8 , i
Thomas Wltilur, Lancaster Xag4,
W. 8. rnray, Cincinnati OavtU.
K. it. Alilnnnn, Marietta StoUttr.
T f c.nl.l. u..l ' r s
! E. 8. Branch , " .
w. it. scott, Alliens Jmrnal.
V.K. M. Jennings Athens MMnatri '1
Allen O. Myers, . " . ,
Reading minutes of the last
Convention was dispensed with.
Uu Motion of Mr C. E. M.
Jonnings, a biisines 'committee
of five, Jennings, Smith, Mc
Col lister. Hood and Boardmaii,
was appointed' to prepare ; a
programme' of business for the
Convention. I
On motion otMr. Bordman,
a committee of three, Boartl-
man, Bond and Mcltillen, . was
appointed on volunteer toasts.
On motion of W . W. Bond,
the Convention adjourned to
meet at 7 p. m. . j
The Convention met again
at 7 1-2 P. m.
On motion of J. W. Stinch-
comb, J. W. Bowen was ap
poiniea secretary pro tern.
ine Dusiness committee re
ported the following:
Bi$olttd. That all bnsluen notices set in the
same type as reatllns; matter and Inserted on
vne ine-ai naire. annum tu fhlrmf At. nnt. Iauh tlwn
IB cents per line for the flrtt insertion, and IV
wriiutu auuuiouai insertion.
Adopted ufter some discus
sion by several editors.
The following order of bmi-
nesp war) pivRfntwl and adopt
ed :
1. Miell'i)nout biwinost.
2. AppoiHt'rit of the pl iee
for holding th next meet'tni.
3. JiWtion of officers.
Ou motion of J. Is,-B(Htid-man,
the followinjf Tesaliitlon
was adopted; .
H'Hlyi, That from th date, (r sll fdary
anvptl.mMM. vre will 'e4n l tij! feh,
. On nmtiijnflf.l 0; Hmitli,
the folio wi 11 L' resolution w,ia
Huolnii. TUnt thenraotloeoruulillihluir "his.
wB m.pi binpuiuui. MB leiiM ,IIM1 U1UJII rMfl,
Is not onlv (leirllliontAl to the flnmnrlitl lntrt
of our business dli-ect. but Is also detrimental to
the communities In which they are published,
as this practice benefits buildets men abrqetlfn.
tlco benefits buildets men abrqet)
at home.
sioeu oi inoie at some.
On motion of Mr, James
Stinohoorqb, the following res
olutions were adopted J
JTssohwd, That adrerllslng agencies should
not bepnoQurKOd by ailvertUlnv fur them.
JlM4lptd, That the official priutlqg of each
county should be done within tue couuty, iu all
cases, when It can be done creditably aud at
fair prices : and heroaftec we will support no
county oflicsr for re-election who obtains his
blanks from outside establishments iu violation
ei am auove ruios,
On motion of W, W. Bond
the followlpg was adopted:
MfctJ, That It ihaU be the 4utv of the JCx.
toutlve .Committee to report and publish the
time and order of builaen before the oonventjAa
vwa v mmwmt
On motion of J. H, Putnam.
article tour, of the (Constitution
was amended to read as follows:
"That the meeting of the asso
elation shall be bold bareaftei
on - ths second Thursday of
T ., . ...
On motion of J. W. Stinch-
comb, Judge A. G. Brown, the
oldest editor present was in
vited to take a seat at the side
of the President of the Con
TLv ijIhch for - hold inif the
seventh annual reunion beinir
i . 1 . m n . ..."
iipxt in oraer. w. o. ivioUoIl li
ter, of the Circleville Herald,
named that plaoe '
Mr. Stinchcoinh wishini? to
know what inducements Cir
cleville could offer, and Mc
Collister submitted the follow
ing: At a regular meeting of the
City Council of tho City " of
Circleville, June 6, 1872, the
following resolution was unani.
mously adopted :
..."T' I theCltv Council of the City of
Circleville, tnat the ''Ohio Valley K.lltorlriTn:
Ion" be, aud It hereby is, Invited to hold iu an.
nual Convention for lWa, in this city.
On motion, the rules for
electing the officer by ballot
were suspended, and the foh
lowing gentlemeu were nomi.
nated for the offices named and
and elected by acclamation:
President "Walter C. Hood,
Vice President J. L- Bo'ardi
Secretary -W- S- McCollis
ter. . , .,
Executive Committee J. T.
. . . I
If li It. l..i.r .11. I
C hrinkle ' i
On motion. " Messrs- Green,
Putnam and Layman, were ap
pointed a committee to inform
Mr- Hood of his election and
escort him to the chair. The
gentleman en me forward, and
in a neat and happy speech re
turned thanks to his brother
editora fori the honor they had
conferred upon him.
'im :... ...u 1 :i
l lie nieeiiii nujuui iirii uiii'ii
7 1-2 Friday morning-. ,
raii)AT-MOttKixi sKsyov. '
The Convention inef Fridry
morning with Vice, Vm'u lout.
Bonrdinan in tlv cli.iir.'
Mr.' Macule 1' ofiered the fol
lowing resolution :
R-nlotd. That It 'U detrimental to the heat
Interest of piihliihen to umierhid ench otlte,- in
Job work or ailvertiiiinir, and epi'cleliy mi when
applied to pulilr printing. ' ,
Pending the discussion of
this resolution the Convention
adjourned for the excursion. '
After returning from the excursion, the Con
vention met at tH and resumed the considera
tion of the resolution pending when the Con yen -tion
adjourned in the morning. ' ' V '
After a Jew remark from Mr. Maokley favor
ing, and Mr. Winchester opposing the resolu
tion, it was adopted.
Mr. Winchester moved that the officers of the
association be appointed a committee to revise
the Constitution, and report it at the next meet
ing of the Convention. Carried.
W. W. Bond presented the following:
lUtoletd. That the presence of ladies at this
annual reunion, fur the first time since the or-
nzntion or our assocoatlou, has added greatly
the Dleasure and enjoyment of the occasion.
and we earnestlv urire all our brethren, who are
fortunate enouirh to be noiuensed of these "lust
best gifts toman," to bring them to our future
annual meetings, anil inose wno arestui living
in state of sinirle cussedness. take immediate
stops to reform and depart from the errors, of
inuir ways,
Adopted. ' ,
E. B. Fletcher moved that a commltte of throe,
Messrs. I'uray, Lyman and Alderman, lie ap
pointed to draft resolutions of thanks to the cit
izens of Athens, and the Hooking Valley . road
for their hospitalities and kindnesses.
On motion of Mr. Baper, W. C Hood was up
pointed to prepare a paper ou the history of the
Southern Ohio Press, to be read at the next re
anion. . '
On motion of I O. Smith, Hon. N. H. Van
Vorhe was invited to prepare a paper of re mi
niseenees of ex-editors to be read at the next
J. T. Baper offered the following resolution,
which was adopted:
Bolvtd, That we believe it to be the duty of
county commissioners to nave Douna, an Dies or
the county papers published In their respective
counties, whether they lie of recent issues, or of
old clierffes left unbound bv former commission
ers. That it is especially their duty to have eld
fiius bound, and made accessible to the ieople,
as they, in many oases furnish the only local
histories of their respective oounties wliich will
soon be lost to the world, unless more care is
exercised it their preservation. '
M. Lyman, on behalf of the commltte, reported
the following, whloh were adopted by the con
vention:. . i .
Ktfltid, That the thanks of the Ohio Kill tori,
al Union, are hereby tendered to the members
of the press, the ladles auu tilti wn' of Atlism,
and the committee of eiraageuianM, tar their
magnificent utertelumettt and gensruus hos.
iHtnlKlm: aud this temletlbg tmr thank but
iiwuiy exureMes our nrntitaue.
llutlv D uljur ftrnlu. lit tliu
po'Al Ht the eomtnlttee of nvranirnvt4t .P fM
VUUVVU.UIH, mr iiu) exciu-siou to r etruii"
(I s Htm other Valuta of InterMb .
ll$oiua,--nfve most heartily thank f
Wm. McMcutgal, proprietor of tjie Wanron
House, for the genti-eus eottrteiist eMle4 M
M during the session of tuts Cauront and In
ir not wii w
the fullowlugi rVtilnH fra
adopieiti i
Jusnluf'j, (That aach nulnisher wbu atteail
M this (.fivsullou, i1 if -apy of Id!, ;paper a
ius rrftrreusiaa.a io,u nasuing w mwini".
.Vlnjlln, .
3tp. aiHlmftH fltf' llif following reiiUi,
tinl, Whloh waa adopi ,
' htall. Thut the tiiemtmrs nf Ihh fulon.
gratified to tee the laryoly Titureaiikil atteHl)ukce
over any former ra,taloa, hall the fact as an
Idence thti the pleasure aud advantages of thoj
f rl " is, UHUwai IUW"Hlfi
annual meetings, autl to use our InOuenqe to tt.
cur the attendance of other
craft within the boands of the
tne attenaanoe or otner mtmoers pi ue
w aft within the boands of the Union,
Frank Browning offered resolution of thadt"
to the retiring oooers of Mat aitoaiatlan, whtoll
was adopted.
E, B. rietcber offsred the following whoh
was adopted)
Buolwi, That 111 the opinion of the Aisool,
tlon, the publio interests duwand the publioa
tlouofttax notice, proclamations of elecilop,
statements of county receipts and expenditures,
It., In eaeh couuty paptr. '
th Convention ajjourBsd,
, ttHni, That ovtr tUanhs ui-e due imflRre
Mrehr ttnuWred to M. W, Urve, Ks Viue
grejl'Wlll; of the L'oluwbas MneVlng.valtaK
UallrduiL for kliullv nluluir mlu. at the ills.
gt are oeoommg better umnrstoot aud
atod br the fraternity venerallv. and we
uledcra onrselvu to Mttaail its future
Ik our but wvek'a paper we
tua not hjve room for all mat
tera connected with the Edit
rial Convention nt then-t.
The eouraion VEhv W"ich
reft Athias at 9 o'clook Friday
Mornmif, we spoke of, . arrived
. a TZ . eta
at tne btraitsviue coal mines
at about 11:30, a distanoo of
about 89 miles from Athens.
At TvOflran we entered the
Straistville branch of the C. &
H. V. It. It. The country be-
tween those two plaoes is some
what broken, but nothing as
tonished the happy party more
than the errand fields of su Deri-
or cunl which are in tha vlolui-
ty of, Straitaville. . The mine
of J, P. Martin, of: Lancaster,
on the vast aide of the town,
waa entered by a majority of
the, party, oarself . among . the
number, The main , entrance
and the rooms of the mine are
ten feet and two inches high,
coal being that thick and in
three stratas which are divided
by 5 or 6 inches of slate. The
distance to where the miners
were at work in tlie mine, was
over a fourth of a mile. The
party were guided through the
mine. The earth in the mine
was dry under foot as well as
overhead. In the greater part
of the rooms through wbichwe
passed we noticed that there
was Istate overhead strong
enooh to support itself with
out pillars or ribs of coal.
The town of Staaitsville, sit
uated in Pel ry comity, 12 miles
from Logan, presents a thriving
and business appearance. But
;-.'! .. iV ; ,: m ;. ; ' ; i ; .,-
tweinv iiiontnt iiL'-i mi w.h a
tweniv IllOllth-t llll W.H II
wildeineHR. The population i
the place is about 1,200, nml
daily ' increasing. , Over 100
car loads of coal are. 'shipped
daiy from the mines. The
miners make from tofG per
day. A large number of sub
stantia) . buildings are being
built business as well as dwell
ing houses. : ; ! Two churches-
Catholic .and Methodist are
being' erected. . . ,
The happy' 'parly," after, re
maining hero about two hours,
departed for, Nflsoiivilb', -. ri-i-
A'uiff there aoout in the utt-i-
noon, where we irot nu
It'rtt dinner at the Myen Hoim.
After dinner, sonm of the 'party
visiteq the mines or VV. JJrooks;
underjtlie guidance of-William
Cpmstock, huporin.tendent f
the mines, who explained the
methods of mining, etc., More
tliAn two hours were spent nt
the' quiet village of Nelson-villt-io
fact it. was 'with the
greateSfMifficulty that some, of
the company were induced to
get upon the train.
The next stopping place waa
Salina, six miles from Athens,
for the purpose of examining
the salt works, of which the
Salinn Salt & Coal Co., (suc
cessors to M. M. Greene and
Co.,) are proprietors, and Hen
ry C,.'"Will, late of Zaleski,
Vinton county, is the Secreta
ry .and Treasurer. This coin
pauy manufactures sail, packs
pork,' mine and deal in Ilcck
mg Valley coal, wool, lumber,
cement, and general merchan
dise. ' The party first visited
the very large room where
thousands of bushels of salt lay,
aud then inspected the ma
chinery, the boiling salt water
in the Settles, and the cold salt
water from "away down be
low," and the happy crowd
departed from the Silt Region.
-The ' train reached Athens
shortly after 6 o'clock. The
entire trip was delightfully
The JSVlsoiiville Cornet
Band aeaoUipunind the t'jccui;
sionist tVoriV A l hem to. .Stwi j tij
ville itiid on i- m-ii h far
as Kl '.iyillt.
. - ' AthtllH O 'll M't1l t'cr JU'iintl
of her jit!y Jiotol, tliw YYaiToii
House- Qtju? i .Wnm'n j
thrtvher-'ol'ths H-ttel. buf it
ii .under tlin irrHiiimiimi'iit tf
WiU. Mi'Mmiitfiil. lit'H ni! Willi
Innln., lis,- 't' f I .i, j- isv.
riir.IM.-'. 11 Mil tt'iii l.,, ! Ill (ill I-1
111 lilil-if"
. A m ' . i l rl . ..
is a ft IP ' ',,-,t W'41,! flllt'
TO feet loiig. jji ijilditjou, 2-1
by 65 foef, to llio Um$ Upp
s .now heing built. Wn wouhl
urge all who vUit Athens to
give the Wft,Tfi tl16 preference
over ftnylqther hqe. he beds
are excellent, tlie 19 gi'Pftns
uildw'i' it? load of substantjiils,
and U nipst temptingly laden
vitli delicaslus, v)h the at
teutUliS bestowed upon tim
gueiN by the lundloid and his
gentleirtiiniy nUtnnts mke
pne,7wnRn leaving w pjje
ajjojpgiztng fop his inability to
rernaTn, linger.
Pic Nic and Dance.
AritipgoiTjoq hlYe bcon . ouulp
by J. tfolf and SJ. hip.loy (op hav
ing a Grand Colebr'atlon In the
beautiful Grove east of the Ci
Shops, near ZnleBkl, on Thm-nliiy
Jaly 4th,. . Thore will bi a ilunuo
In the grove In Whioh The Pio-Nio
will he held, a lungo pliiKorm hav.
ing boon erected for that punpqso,
j.Cftm onel s Como, -eTrybocy!
and par ticipate in the errnd rejolc-
Inglnd Id a general old fnshioned
celobration of tlie. 4th, The man-
agora are determined thnt the occa
sion shall bo ploasant and ngroouKlo
to .nil. . -,
Bring your Baskots well filled!
Thero will bo fun! joyl bapplnoss.
Let the young comet ' IM the old
come! ',' ,'
fiofreshments of all kinds - upon
tjhe ground. ' i
..Ico Cream and Lnger. Beer will
bo plenty! '': ;:
Excellont mugio will be furmnhed.
A Bufllcient numbor of ofllccrs
will be' prcsont; to preserve oruer
and to repel rude or unfit portions,
Have heen collected in taxes
by the Federal Government
since t he war1 CloBed. 1 li is is
enough to have more than paid
off the National deht, 1 yet the
debt' is ahout as large lis it was
in 18G5. The question is, what
has become of all this . money?
We should like to have some
6t Grant's Friends explain. , w
PRIMARY ELS3TiO July 20, 1872.
For Hiiiiuiiiu-.iiiif Niimoi ami rrlntiiig Tickets,
f'j.AU for subscriber: iioii-Hubmrilicrs, fl, and
piilivr nuu ycurj payable in advunuo.
Kiiitoh Knqiiiiikk. You will plouso anunnnce
tho immi' of A. I.. IIHNTICIl as n uandiilntt) t'r
tliu iiiMiiinittliiii lor Shcrl IV, ut tliu iiiisiiiug lrl-
Mb. Kditok: You will iiluasn iiiinoiini-a tlio
imniKof r'UKDKIIICK W. IIAYNKM, of Kiiiflo
TownKlilp, a HiiitaliUi numllilnUi tor HliorilV ol
V iii tun County, Sulijwt to tho ilovision of tliu
Domorriitlo 1'i'iiiiiirv Klwtlon.
Mr. KniroK: Aniiminca in tha next ).iwr
tin- iiiiiiiiMil'SOI.IIMuN Mil H'l.KY, of MiiiIImiii
Townslilji, n it siiilulilu I'limliiliiti- for tlio ollli-o
nl'MliprlO, HiiWIi-i't to tliu ili-i-isloii nf tlio Dimiio
I'l'iitic I'l'iiniiiv KliM-tioii, on ttiiturdiiv, .lull- SO,
UTui ll MANY I KM ill' It A TH.
Mb. TIowkx: I'liiiHo itnnmim-iv Hip 11111110 of
(.'. . I'll.CIIKIt, us 11 siiitnlilt i-.aiiiliiliilo loi-Slii'i-ltrol'
Vinton Coiinty, sulijort to tliu ili-clslcin
of I ho Di'iiKirnillii I'l lniurv Kli-ct Ion, to lie holil
lmrlos W. Holland will In' m-itiiilliliito I'or
Cli'rk ol (.'oniinim I'Iimih Court, subject tollio de
fisloii of tlio IK'iiiornils of V Intoii roimty nt tlio
I'liHiiIng iiviinary uloi'lion.
KniTdii 1i:mocbatio KMijiniiKii: Ah it is lint
ltO(fi'tlit'r lii'cossni-v tliat nil llio i-niiilliliiti
should Iiu vesiili'iits of tho vlllaifo of MnArthur.
vein Will plvnsu iiniiouiii'o tlio 11:11110 (if NATHAN
l)l.i)X, of IMi'lilmid Townshlii, as a tmitablo
r.iindidiito for Clork of llni Courf, sulijoct to the
decision .Doinocrallo l'rliniiry KU'cllon,
iindolillKO MANY OKMOC'KAT!.
KniTolt McAiiTiint KsQl'iiiEll: Announco
tho nninoof J. it. M ARTIX, of Knox Townslilp,
n IIi-st-1-liins uiri'lianic, ami a farnior, as n most
suititlilo raniTiilnti! for Comiiiiasionor nf Vinton
County, suli.icrl In the decision of the Democrat
Among the , institutions of
the ancient town of Athens is
the Steam Furniture Factory
nnd plaining Mill of T. M. D.
Pilcher and Go., near the M.
nnd C. R. U. -Depot, which we
visited, on Saturday morning,
after the adjournment of the
Editorial Convention. Q (e
were shown through the furni
ture rooms of the establishment
by Sheriff. V. 8 Wilson, the
book keeper the for tlie
firm, and were surprised to
see such elegant furniture
at prices lower than' at Cincin
nati. The assortment is so
large that in it every want and,
taste in the furniture' line can
he satisfied. All parties about
to build will find that building
material nan be . purchased
there nt much lower prices
than el8evh.!iv. Flooring,
doors, (-ash, blinds lath, lime,
nnd shingle?, always on hand.
)ye also visited the Foundry
and Machine Shop of MeKr.
Love and Case, opposite tho
depot, who aiu nl present lo-
vot eoii-iileraiiio attention
to t!'e iiiiiniifin'hiiv of
(Mehrated Tui'l-iiie
rVi 1 . n
yneui, t-iiu uowwr or which
1sijnal tn any overshot wjjet'l,
'I'ltU wheel will prove to ho
ono (if t Ik vi ry nest yet intra
iiti .l in pfoiile, uh It ii i-f
1 1 1 1 .... 1
.' V
ii !i!i!iH:!i;iilV IMlf.ni !Mil
Vl'ltl 1.. ill lii'l'li atlltlkl
in, ,. n
. : . . . ..111..I101
ih oiiH or the
!!! MMjtj 'lis uC
the town; is
rciiiinipd ij tiii
heBt manner, nnd is turniiigoiit
j large ainou'nt "f work to meet
the doinniuVt' of ih",nmei-fln8
and increasing customi-rs.
An enthusiastio entoinolo
gjst iiivs bnpP tyq. vigorous
musket'jea undoi' nn Inverted
tumbler for s'x months without
food, mid thi-y remain in heal
thy cqncli'i"ii,- Thii cHvily
proves I hut their annoyance of
mankin'l is entirely ijnOHlJed
fP''i W) )" nt il' Hufii,ftrv
for tn el r sustenance.
A great many people are
ghamofojly negljge.nt uliout nn
swe.ring ' letters. " Nothing
more annoying. In European
countries it U regarded a,s tlje
higjit of l-lireediiig to allow h
lellcr that needs a reply to go
uniynfiveredj and. so t qught to
he eoiiitM'l here, This is n
point on whleh parent should
I iy great stress t their'chil
dren. They ili'ulcl be taught
tfi consider it. as rude imt to
a letter I hat need, Jitteiitian.
John A. Bingham indulged
in one of his old habits of
using abusive language toward
Democrats, iu Congress, the
other day. fienernl Morgan,
In plain Auglo-S -'Ofon, d'iioun
eed. his insnli'iioe as a lie.
Bingham turned white and sub
sided. (1 rant once moro loung s by
the sea, ready to ougige in
moral horse nuiing, and such
pastime as his nature requires.
The susliine of good temper
penetrates to the gloomiest
shades; beneath its cheering
rays the miserable may bask,
and forget all their misery.
For Fino Perfumery, go to Sis
son' s Drug f'tor.
rrobats L)urt, Vinton County, Ohio,
NOTIOli Uhoroby a; lve.n that Alaxamlor Do
lor, fiiinrillan nf'Biirnli lllndman, nn lnnane
poi'Hon, I nix if iol account herein, nn such
Euai'dliin, for i)rtli4 aoitlampnti and that tha
mnno la not for iioarlng on MiA yui diiy of July
next ensuing, Ht Id o'clock A. M. "
Jon.M, 1872.-lt ' ffljjji
Stale of Ohio, Vinton Counhj.
l'Mvvaidl). Doilite, I -1 J t j
(.liarlesSldmaii nnd Wll'o, Dufi'iidants.
In Vinton County Oourt of Common l'lmn.
. Onlorof fnle. :
' 1'iuniinnt to tlio command ofnn order or niilo
in tin nliove case ImiiuiI from the Oourt of Com
mon I'lcai of Vinton noiinty, Ohio, niM to mo
ill rooted nsHlieiil) of Haid county, I wilt oiler at
...,i.n..l.. n ,l.alnf ..I' Mm ?fim-t IlousO 111
tliolown of MoAHhur, In saldVlntoii county,
Monday, the 29th Day of July,
A..D. 1872, -
At tho hour of 2 o'clock P. M. of nalil day, tlio
followlnif described liuidH mid tcnenitntu, to
wit: -
in-Lot Nunilifli- One Hundred nnd Slxty-scv-n
(KIT,) In llietownofMi-Ai'tliiiv, Vinton comi
ty, Ohio, i- ......
. Aiprisodaf. Two Hunilrcd mid 'Iwenly-Hvo
DolhiM (r'25.(HI,) nnd must hrlnn tvo-tlilnl ot
that sum.
To he no'O us lliomcporty of Charlon HUlinan
and wife, nit .in orili-r of milo l-.sin d from tliu
Oourt o Common I'leim iifmild cunn'.y in lav or
of Kdw.ii'd D. IioiIko
'I'ekm.s ok Sai.k- Cash IiiIiiiikI.
Hhorllf Vinton county.
K. A. Bia'ton, Att'y fur I'l'll'.
June 211, 1813. fir.
A Ii L 13 IV S V I Ii LE
UiivIiik lini'chnsed the nhnvo Woolen Mill,
would resiiectfiillvniinounco to their natrons,
nnd tho pnhllo in fccncrul, tlinl thin Mill la now
nranai ed to do all kinds of CUSTOM WOlilv
I'AltOlNU, 81'INNINlJ, WEAVING, nnd nil
kinds ol'woik iiMiially done in Country Wills.
With KlltST-CLASa .WORKMEN, im! MA
CHlNKltY, under tlio Rupoi intoiulencc of I. N.
LOTTItDlIK, work will lie ilono with nenk.hh
where tlio Wool la ko4 und clean, and well
washed. ' ,
Our prices for ilolng work are im follows:
Hoil Carding, 11 Ih Ctliiils.
Carililignil Hptiinlnpt, Til Hi... 18 jk "
Making Ktocklng Yarn, ilouldonnd
twisted, Vlti." 80 ''
such ns
Constantly on hand nnd for sale,
which wo will exchange for Wool, lit rales
thatcnmiot fail to satisly Hiose who give us
ns n rail, and nt the 6auio tlino give you the
satisfaction of imlionlzlng a
Tho highest Market I'rloe paid in ( ASH for
wool. HOUSTON, I'lLI.ON & CO.
MuyS, 1872.
Wonderful Discovery.
Of Waukesha, Wis.
This water is the acknowledged euro of the
hitherto Intractnlilo and lnciirnblo disease
known as ltrlght's Dlseasosnd Dliiuotc9.
U fatal to the kidnevs, tlio body wastes away,
and destroys lifs by starvation of the klood.
uoinmencuB wim iieiiimii- uithuu w iiiipb
great thirst, const ipation, losa of strength and
1 ruMB- hana nnttt.l Unlnlr .rill
posit, Inflainatlon of tho neck of the li ladder,
alkali and gouty swelling. For the liver it la
unsiirpniuioil. It in eminently sorvlcealilo in
UllBIII I1I1.1U14. IF rillll.t'livi . BUI . it.iliiiu ...
tho On.vol. Liver Affections, Kldnsy, lllndder
ami 1 1 inary oi'giiuri, niouu in n.ioui.v, vuicn
lion of urine, i noontl nonoo of urine, ulillnui nr
.....1...., a .. .1 .11....... t....l.l.,R. .n .In. T
IUI blUII., Kill, Ui.1-ll.IT 111,:, III II I. IU uilillln, . f
wlllnllay nil liiflaiiintlon of kidney and urinary
organs In twontv-lom- huuci. giving Immediate
relief. Also In Scarlet r'uver, It prevents the
kldneva liViin congesting. mil reinevestill Ivn-'os
nfaliiumencrlii, Alto euro gent a id rheuma
H:ie tlioitnmo goiid effect ntllie remotest port of
llioooinitry It has at the springs It never
Inici a vnVHcloof lt medi llcliml qualities by
iihKH'gd or tiiHii"toi'mailoiu Is clonr, cnnrkllna
..., mi. ii-ii hi in Hirm.ivi . x- .mi ii I'liiii nnn, . j
M W''U:i,!'!i,ll',v,f'',,,i;,tv",!li? '! I1rfll"u
V -1 Sl'I""" " iitvmi. aim nnunii
l,.'.lil wlln sill ho.irtMtli.Kitj' to the mai vol
snavnivi p!riC(MCi liv It i.n 1 inn u m-ii .u
"'''.!''!' .! ."". )' liasii. t-liii:i ili'..Nii..i.
liiiteV, Mr, i.l;.Avn..',f Kotre Da.f, jliilvirtl.
ty, Tnd ano.1 Mr. tleorge II. 1, res' Sn 'ft".
t oii.l llniik, Rt. LoiilRiilr a! 'n.'l'eni'JuS, 'flIO
Main root, St., ;.n,tuMr. d ft VvWt, Ktfrikit'I
f8'Jf Vi 1-BU 'i L I. lilU.t,f.f irunt'e ill
1' pfJ llfflli tiO Vino dtrpt, C iiciaimtl
""'I mini' iiUry. ah or!0, rfr. lw .
lifluod. fecmi ioriiiremnv, AdtiysW
4fCHt$, tSf TT. Fourth St.,
"' ' OlNCfNNATI, Q., ;
l'or etile, by Drtijrijigi,.
Var All General Diseases. f Nlnek ami
. , riEt'KUlOSlIWi
. W'M IK'Iilfi' UK iihANPKiiu-Anmii
S'idiif:. ;, . Assistant Asuenur, M(init
Ifijti !'. :. II icuh'h, Idvery nml (ixuhonuo
hliililti. rtitiihury, Pii,
iY61t8i: (il'liKn OV KOtrMDmn-Wrdrn A
WllhclnV linnvlll P.i., A. pills'ni Morchant,
Wfthltmtorivtlli, I'a; . , 5,c,i eluiiaker's,
Jersy Shore. Pu
Htto'-p Wiit OP I.UNO VKVEIl-rjlMs
ft JPri'- Jfwlui't(. Pn,
POltiKa C'Uukd ov couc.-Thfi'n.i Ollna-
an1", Ifnlon cnuntj-, l'a
llllliB CUBKH UV C n .EIU,-ll. Bttll
11. tV 1. I llllWM fL' i.i n
f.'OWH ( I.rtHt).l-llr. Mot:ieorVs. .1. Il.lfn
li. aiiunn
i'ovjnliiH's, Milton J'n. J'
flAl'IC8.l)r I). T. Kridij'., U'ntsontown.
I' tie. IT. O tl.ivU' Ii 1.1 Mlli.kni.ii. tnl.i, ....1
jaines Flnnec'j Mlhon, ln, Hundreds rporo
eonld ho n,ed whose stocU waa sitvo l hy usliiir
die H4 Horse Powder. ' ' ' 8
pFTAmp or
Dmitirlsti Chemist. Horseman,
At his whosalo nnd rctnll drnc and chemical
emporium, No. SO Ilroiidwiiy, Milton, Penn.
In Cash and Other Valuable
WlllliedUtrlliutiidtotliesj.OOflnluculbors to tha
The First; Woolc In Saptainbor,
All two dollar siiMcrlliers recclvod hclween
the Istof April nnd tlio 1st of Keptempor. 1S7,
will he made participants in tho ithovo distrl
liul Inn.
There nrn over 1.S00 Veiiilnnis, Ihe first of
wnicn lsgnuuin Cash, nnd over ill!) other
CiimIi I'reiiiluiiis ol'froui 85 to 1()Q eacli, nnd
Forty of those celebrated Su'iu-w lading, llunt
n ft ensed Wulclys.
riend for spec linen copies, Hut of premiums,
tonus, Ac Address
' lliiclnnati,Ohio.
To nny hook ritcnt, .
A ' $5.00 GREENBACK I . "
And s specimen nl' tlio
1300 Pages and 500 Engravi gs.
Written hy to Kinlnnnt Authors InoludliiK
Horace (Jrpi'ley and, liilin II.UoukIi.
Wo want aeonlr In every town to solicit orders
for this work, nn liberal terms. HI- iicoui
plcto history of all l)ritnchesiit'inilusfrv,pvoeesi.
sof nisiiiifaoluros, pte. Nollltn wort over he.
fore published. An early application will he
secure n choice In territory. Full pni'tleulsrs
and terms will ha sent, free with SHpcclnien of
this groat work, and atSUraonhsek.
X B, IlUlih 11 V 1)1', H Arlfoi'd,Coun. I Chicago,
Ills,, and (Wnitf!,OM,
I. I'll, A iyi..F.'.i .... ...
mWi I' ;;: iil.oi l-ooiilcs' li.'-j i., . 0 i oi ; ... ffl
UICAtlO ami Us DKs'l'lil't "l lti '
Sixty lhouind copies sold. In hnglish ai.d del
man. rrlco j-4.W). A oomplele history ;u honk
full of thrilling IntorcHtaiul startling iui'idnitsj
profusely lllustr.ite.l. New edition Ji.st jmli
llslmd brought down to date; full lepurt ot Be
lief Societv, Willi tuiltoii's puc in, 'Tlio liuming
of Chloiigo.' Hi nd 20 csnts lor pi stage on cntlli.
AddrcsstlMON I'UJiljiaiii.Mi i u , viucnnu.iii.
iRJini'.FIVll'I'i.i .. .,i.r.r.
MANUl- 'G CO. Bulicit orders lor
lliuir l'ntnain lo.'ultius (.lenns),
all wool II, ling and tree ol grease.
Much warranted inlgo- Klannels
of evorv ilo-n-rlpllnn Knitting
Yanis.Tlluo Mixed, Hcarlet and
Wliite: tine, ten'iuts to the pound
an.l coarse, six; long reel nml full count, (XK
yd.', to the cut. Sam pins und price furnished
to merchants on uiiplicatlon m nliore.
The SivMi
Hair Drowsing; and Restorer
TliillioiiM say
Your Jlrusist has it.
.. Cheap Farms! Free Homes! ,
12,000,000 ACBES
Thpe lands mo In the central portion of the
II nltcd States, on tho 41t dmree of Norlh Latltndn
tho central line nf tlio great Teinperete Zone of tb
American (,'oullnant, nnd fur frrnln growing and
stock raising unsiupnssoil liy any In the United
Kudos. '
ClIKAI'Utt IN r KICK, morn hvnrnble terms
clvon, nnd mnro eniivuniont to market than can ba
found elsewhere.
Ihe Best Location for Colonies,
Soldiers entiled to Iiomosoad of 1W) sores.
Froo l'usses to I'urchnscra of Land,
Sond for tlio new ilraorlptltro pamphlet, with new
mips, pnldiflied In Kug'ish, German, fweednm snd
Danish, msilcd free every where
Ahlres . O. F. DAVIS,
Land Commissioner, U. 1. li. 11. Co.
Omalin Neb.
$40, $50; $75, and $100.
Shipped Ready for Use.
J. W. Chapman & Co., Madison, Ind.
Munsnn's Copper Tubular Lightning Rod, witU
Spiral I'lansos, Is the most complete protect lou
auulnst IlL'litnlnn over lnvouted. Endorsed h
tin scleniltlc world, nnd liv Wholeanla Djlr
from Mulnu to Gcoil'is. 6cjhI lor Circular to
OCKIIA1!TA(.0.2S4 I'enn. St.. Plttshursti, Ps
Unlo3 Bqunre (North), Now York,
Tho Sect Paint to tho World!
I'lira Wliltn uikil iiynr One t!itttiirti Plf
fuient nliaden ilm) luf, .
fl'lils Pulnt Is nmiUi of tha uureti moJ nurpbH
Mstarlal liiirutiifuM utinl If riillltlsMi j'tniililiieit with
it ,i.i ii iri)iiirinui i inniH itnnypr, vt(!fn lirnrinc?
n ,. ..- . .! ....iii n. i. i. -i.
esiiy iinittii in mcdi ft iimniii.r m to frn'ro a imnnta,
lnssy, tlrm, diushls, elMtlo nun batlfal Point,
wftioli bcgemM ftriulp (xmentrd in tin ibtlo.4 1
wbluh ltliSiploi. "
B"Tlie l(ilnU are pre ired Milr ftiHiHL ttnd
oi.i i.y mo jsiinn imly. 1 '
RUBBER CO., pleveland, 0
A'liau tha Uluait ItiisUas wllli makot-ttko vlo.
!uctc the head, piuslng liot niuliM.'rinUo and
aimnsHAfalyhl, ItUacartaluitgn tliat It mild,
nhibi'loiu.omilliiii and Mjunllslini laxstiv Is rs.
quired, niidtAiiruKT'n iirKiiv:sovBMISH AK.
nissf ihnnlil st once ks rcsnrtsd to.
HOI.U HY AIX uiarouwTa.
For any cnieof llllnd, Blco
diliK, Jichlnft. or Ulcornted
IMIcs that Uk Dinos Pilh
liKURliT1 falls to euro. It la
' nrenared exnresjilv to cure
the MloH, nnd nothing ols 8, told by all drug,
gists. Prlcofl.
ACTUM I Voplinm'i Astlimfc Rpeeiftn
0 I liiVliTl Is.wsrisnteil to tsll.vs tlio worst
ens In ten inliiiiles, tnd by pfrievsrinn In lit
nc effect a eiMis1, J-'or stla liy all Diiifyl.t.,
nr sent by nihil, pott lisli), on recolpt of (INK
DOLLAJl. Aililrs.T,I'OPHAM CO , l'liil.
ndolpldt. P,
Iltvlua: strnralcil twenty yesrt bnwn life and
dentil with Anhma or l'itlt1tlo,l rxrorlinrtitcd on
inysolrby eoinpoendlnj rnoti and herbs, snd inhu.
tllONTH Wnntod. Aftonts make moio moil,
rt er nt work lor us than nt niiylliliiK tlse.
Hiiblncss light und peiinanenti pin tlculars
free. U. 8TINH0N Co., Hp Art J'MMrii,
I'ortlitud, lnl uu.
UO 1'IANO 00., N. Y. 1-lllLR,
I IJ No Audits, circulars free.
AtreiilM, we will liny you t40 per weeh In ensll
n yoti will enitngdwltli ".sntonee, Everything
liirnlslied, und expeuses paid. Add less A,
Kl.l.rlOi).,(,hilotte, Jllch,
f4.ltHAT Ml'.niOAT' HOOK of ii.elpl
VJ knowledge to all . Kent free for a slumps,
Address Or llONAi'AHTIO A(!l)., CliH-liuinU.O.
X AVIKfl f.O llllV. H lift ll1lvniA. nl .. .1 tu
iiloMkl, nvrjf iliMftirlpllnn of ' .
Dli Cast and .WdiI Iolii!
For which I will pay IhohliiliosUiiurktt prlct
On her up ymir OLD I RON nnd hrlng It to
Hte fat:
"I Hill!
vi, w Mimiiuiii. ,,.,,nv,Ml.,,,v.i. , inn ii limn III."
eovrred t mmt wnudsrliil remsily tnd inre cms Air
Asthma. Fiirivitriled by mstl in express on rsrslnt
nl SI. Addios II. I.ANOIil.l., Applsereek P, (.).,
Wtno f o lil.Io. Solil by DrniiKlilK.

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