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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, June 26, 1872, Image 3

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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QL)t (Snquirer.
ar. w. Bowon,
Strawberry festivals have
superseded State sociables.
. Never lose your self respect;
if that is lost, all 19 lost.
Gk B. Will has removed his storo
to tho basement room of tho Shock
ey House.
How did you onjoy tho extremely
warm weather last Thursday? Du
ring the afternoon hours tho thor
mometer marked just 100 I
The plastering of the fine
house of 0. P. Ward will be
done by Chester French.
A' Wisconsin postmaster,
$700 short, says the rats ate
up the money, which is consid
ered too gauzy for the season.
A million dollars in gold,
according to the figures at the
mint, weigh . just about two
Laboring men, do you want
the price of labor raised and
work made, plenty V If you do,
vote for the railroad.
J. J. Bell has erected a fine
lookhifr aicrQ in front of his
O o A
Grocery, in the basement of
the Shockey House.
"We noticed last Thursday
that some of the Ross county
farmers, along the M. and 0.
R. R., east of Chillicothe, had
commenced cutting wheat.
The bridge builders. Messrs.
Gilman, Ward and Co., are now
erecting the bridge near the
residence of widow Hawk, in
Wilkesville township.
The potato bugs have about
quit sitting ou our garden
fence offering fifty cents a
bushel for potatoes, and one
dollar a day for boy to plant
Thb fust trains on the II. & O. R,
R: are very oonvenlont, even If they
do not atop at all tho stations. Last
Thursday wa visited Chillicothe,
attended to considerable buaines,
and. returned homo tho lame after,
An uddltlon to our printing office
I'Qqm hd4 dwelling houso U now
feeing Pe(ite4 by Mr, E. fl. PPWT,-
IBInoa thP naff Vowur V m n oeon
nlaood In ths ostublUhment we ure
much In na4 of tho U2Q addition.
Ws aa undoi- obllflfltlons tO P
5, Lxi, ot this town, for a mesa of
.. . n. a. -
new potntqes. wiion 01 "ur
ofiRoatwQ Wk:BgO. hey Fere
psally tho largest had seen this
Wahbsn B. Jonm of this town, a
brother of Hon. E. 0. Jonos, having
aased a creditable examination at
;he JIaval Academy at Annapolis,
lid,, 0 few days ago, has been ad
mitted to the sohool. He left for
... -
jnnapqllA about thrao weeks ago
Will a Teaoher's Institute be
held this year? Those Interested
la the causa of sduoatloa should
raako a move ia the matter, as In
itttutos are vory beneficial to the
pauoe of pducatloo, and of great val
ue tq tpapberi, especially young
W Qbseityo that Tfood's House
hold Maaazine published In New
fcui'g, JTew York, has a circulation
sf 110.T05. and that Its largest oir
calatlon is In New York, Ohio being
(ha next largest as will be seen by
(ha following figures:
. New York ..18,682.
Ohio 11,944-
' Every family ough to have the
Magazine. Only 81 a year.
We are authorized to say
that the various business hous
ea of McArthur will be closed
during the entire day on the
4th of Jul)', principals and
clerks desiring to assist in com
memorating the day which has
made us the greatest nation of
any age.
It is said that a newly mar
ried individual of this town,
not having a sufficient quantity
of chairs in his scantily furnish
ed abode, concluded to appro
priate somebody's chair to his
own use. He didn't have to
return it "nor nothin'l"
pTbonas Johnston, who re
rides in Swan township, has
placed a watering trough at
the road side, near his dwell
ing house. It is very conven
ient for watering stock, and is
a great improvement on the
old watering place in the creek
below the bridge.
Summer is Here
And so are Pan Will & Bros. ja
from tho city with a frosli stock 0
" v, v.vj -
summer goods of tho very latest
stylos, and at prico so low that you
ennnot full to pnT(in.iiso,.when you
havo called and 'Been, tho bargains
thev offer. They are determined
not to bo undersold in this market
and to always give their patrons
the worth of thoir money. Call at
their Btand.north side of Main atroot,
east of tho Kaler Houso, McArthur,
and exainin their stock before pnr-
chnmn olsowhero.
Tun Orapo Crop ot A. Spoor'B
Vinoyards in Now Jorsoy and Cal
ifornia prom'iHe to bo nearly ono
third moro than any previous yoar.
Mr. Spoor has for yoars, boon buy-
02 tho products of other vineyards,
which together with his vinoyarda
n California, and tho poducts from
His New Jersey vinos, have ena
blod him to keep four yoa'rs ahead,
aud to supply tho demand for his
winoof tho old vintages, nono loss
than four yoars old.
Sold by Drugg'mts.
How to Make Money.
In all tho ages of tho world man
kind . havo sought for somo easy
means of making a fortune rapid
ly; and tho few who havo boen suc
cessful have porsistently kopt -the
secret to themsolvos. But J. A.
Felton now propoaos to reveal tho
secret to all who will call at his
store south aido of Main street, and
examine tho superb stock of sum
mer goods just rccoived from the
city which ho is soiling at prices so
low that tho money paved by pur
chasing goods of him will enable
you to solve tho problem of finari
cial succoss. Give him a call by
all moans.
Annul Report of McArthur
Public Schools for the
Year Ending August 31,
iniiir soirooi,
Wholo miniher belonitinit. Malesi
Average rtallv at tendimco. Males 14
Total" " " 3s
A vAvacrA 1i(1t nluannn Afa1r)S 2
" " " Females 8
Total '
Avorago ago of puplU. ralc
' " renin
Vamnln. 14
Vl,M1,ltM AaAVtAlnw. n,1tn,tannmlu.AH . llflV
linlois on account of sickness 10
Avovayo por cent, of atteudanco "3
Wholo numhor belonging Male
" ' " Femal(i...
Average rtally attsnilinaa.Uald
i ' Fomalm
Total " "
A Vffr ftg dally n1),inoci,-Miilif
"entflat ii
Total if ii
Avails' e nua of uuulU. Mfilea , , , ,
" " " " Famftlfli
So, of pupils novor abtant wAam an account
Uk .U,.IIWfi.. ,,,.,i.,,.. 1,.....
Avei'ago.iar oont. of attoiuUncii, ,. .. ..
Wholo nnm1))) liQlonglng, SIftita
Total f "
A Wage flails" ftttn4oa,Ml
Total " "
Avemgo Ually abno, Malon ..,,, M
" Femaloa
Total " " .
Average age of uuulli, falo , . .
(" ir r It Foma oa
Jfo of pupil novor absent unlest on account
nC lUni,..
Avorn mi nor cent, of attendance B7.5
Whole number belonging, Male . . . .
ii Eemaloi.
Total " "
Avrngo daily ftttendanoo, Mlo
Femaloi) ,
Total f
Avorngo ilnlly dbionco, Maloj
ii r rmftlo ,,
Total ." U
A .MAn nm nf nnIU ..f nlna O.H
ii "i " ii Female B.6
JIo. of puplU nover abeont uulem on aocount
of ileknosa 14
Average per cent, of attendance' 61
riniT mix ast
Whole number belonging. Sfaloe. ...
i Femiilen.
Total ii f 109
iwumn ma Ant)w HUnl.H,. TnlA.
it it 't Femaloe 84
Total ft
Average dally absence. SIiiIm
ii ii i Female
Total ii
A f.,1na
aiCI'lgD njST7 Ul JUM.0.
it Females
JJo. of pupili never absent unlosa on account
,. .of sickness i"vi:---i 5?
Whole No. belonging in all the schools.
Males 16J
Vnmnln. 1111
Average por cent, on wholo Vo. belonging, 88.8
The abovo repprt pxhihlt an inoreaso or ten
percent. on last yoar'e cni-oHment, This in
crease Is mainly In tho primary departments;
although every room has boen full during the
winter session! to full, that we rejected not a
few nonresident pupils who applied for admls.
sion to the higher departments.
Tho room occuplodlby tho IllRh School lins
seats for forty, yet, wo managed, lor n while, to
crowd In forty-four. During the months of De
cember, January and February the Grammar
Room was uncomfortably lull. In the Intenno.
(Unto and Second Primary Rooms we had to on
dure the same Inconvenience In tho F Irst Prl
mnrv we had, not a little trouble, nt times, to
(lnd'stnmllng room for those who, unfortunately
came too Into to secure n sent.
The facts certainly sugKei,t t,,e necessity of
more room. Tho per cent, of attendnneo on tlio
average number belonging U not as high as it
waslnst year. When weromember the exolte
ment oocttsioncd bv the close proximity ot the
mil.nT diirliiir the winter, the discrepancy Is
easily explained. Finally, and with much sat
Isl'acllon have wo to say, that teachers have been
oarnest and faithful; pupils diligent and i obedi
ent, That' but few cases of Insubordination
uave occurred. Take It all in an, wo i icei uim
wn.hnv lin..l r nnisnnroiis voar: one of itood re
sults. submitted.
June 26, 1872. M. R. BARNES.
Lumber for Sale.
Harvey ' Robbins, one-half milo
south'of McArthur, has a portable
saw mill upon his premises and is
now prepared to furnish the best
quality of lumbor of every descrip
tion at vory low prices.
For Pure Drugs and Medicines
goto Sisson'ss
A 1 lli,- ini'i" in'' i.i' ', '1 1 Hi: i "I
Tru-iiMM nl'll.-d Oli in t'nivti'sily on!
Weilnchilay. ivciy iiu'diIut was,
prost'lll , a lOIIOWS: ivliMllii now
apfj) aUkmi.h.- Gov . Hdwnnl V. Noyox
. . I, . . , , , 1 1 .... .
n 11111 11 a' a hum ill i M'. iM. inn
v Amu- ;
field; linn, A. (r. Brown, Alliens;
firm I If. lv.ut,li. Ciiiliicolhu. Huh.
V. 1). Ilorton. Pom.u-oy; lion. Joliri
Welcli, Athens; Loom din .luwi-u,
Athens, Joseph M. Dniia. Allien;
Hon. Robert Wright. IWtin: Io-
racu Wilson, Oolmv bus; lion. .1. J'l.
Ilanna, McConnolsville: lion. tieo.
M. Woodbridgo, Morietta, Rev. J.
M. Trimble, Columbus, Kov nni-7.ii-
ai N. Siitihr. Columbus: lion. I'j. II.
Moore, Athens: Wm. Waddle, Clsil-
icothe; Hon. U.S. Bundy, Jackson.-
Hon. William Johnson. Indian-
npolis: Hon. ll.dlamy S'oi-m-, Gin -cinmiti-
It. dc Sleiguor, Alliens.
ForAvev's Medicines, sj toG.
Persons desiring wool carding
done can he accommodated at the
McArthiir,Steain Mill.
J." W. Randall, an experienced
workman, will havo chargo of the
machine, and will pay a libera
prico lor wool. 11.
Are You Going West?
If so. take oar advice, and mireliiwe ynr tick
ets over tlio old relinblo and iioimlar snsoui-i
Pacific Ball i-ond' wlilcli In, positively, tho only
Lino thai l iiim tlivoii Builv KxnressTniins from
St. Loiils to Kaiisiw City, mid tlio West 1 and if
nositivelv. tho only l.inn wliioli runs riilliniin'ft
PttUee KlcepeiM mid Day Conclies (especcinlly
for movers) equipped with Miller's Safely I'lat-
C... 1 .!.. Ul..,., l!,.L I',.,,,,, Kl I nula
11,1 ,11 illMl l (.Biril. in.lliii I'li'ni v
lo Kansas City, Kort Scolt, ParsoiiM, Lnwrcnro,
Leavenworth, Atrhison. St. .lofieph, Xi'lii'ilskn.
Cllv rinni'll lilnllKiuid Omillm. wlllinntehnni'e!
For inl'ormiil Ion Inrennrd to Time Tallies, rates
.... . .. .,..!., tnf.u.nuvt l.'..,,u,i Vr.l,i-,wl.-n
U., KP .1,1, V ,,,l L II, .,, r...,,, , ..... .-it', ,
Colombo, Texas ir (livllifernla, (Mill on ornddresa
B. II 1 nonison, Ajfeni. .iiissoun i in im- . i. uui
unilplls,Ohloj or, K. A. Ford, Ijenernl Passenger
. L ol r ,. Kl...
TIK'" ill"
No troublu to answer questions I
The liar ISoom ISeiiiedy
for weakness of tlio stomanli is a
doao of Hum Hitters. Tlioy are
surcharged with Fund Oil, a doadly
clement, which ia rendered moro
activo by the pungent astringonts
with which it is combined. If your
stomach in weak, or your liver or
bowola disordered, tone, strengthen
or reorulato thorn with Vineuar Bit-
ters, ft puro Vegeuvblo Stomachic,
Corrective and Aperient, freo from
alcohol, and cnpablo of infusing
new vitality into your exhausted
and disordered system. n23-4w.
17 9
O. T. GtrNNiKOhna Just romovad
from tho -'Old BrleU Corner" hla
splendid assortment of Drugs, Mod
lolnoA, Oils, Paints, BaoAs. Station
erv. &o to his NEW ROOM
in Will's New Building, one door
west of Gllmati, Ward & Co.'a Store,
on Main Street, wlioro he will be
ploased to meot nil his old custom-
era, nnd as many moro. as choso to
aivohlm their patronago.
His New Boom is really tho finest
in Southorn Uliio; is boing visitea
Drugs, Wines, Oil, Tollols, and the
I lite oiw to any othor establishment
Intha country,
Ho fills proHciptlona, and oan nc
commodnto all enstomors atroason-
able rates. If vou want to see
the finest DlMlS Store, drop
in and examine this ono,
Nebraska, Kansas,
Advortlsolng alone cjoos not pro
luco success. Tho thing which is
HrAi-iiand must have intrinstie
merit, or pao lurgo advortisinff will
UO 11 lllOI:0 Ilium niiiu (juuu, J UU
havo anything which you know to
bo good, aavoriiso ic inorougniy,
and you will ho suro to succeed; If
it ia' poor, don't prtiino it, for poo
pU will soon discover you aro lying.
Sii'--h is tho policy of tho Burling
ton Route, whlph rnns to throe
great regions In tho'Wost: 1st, To
Omaha, connecting with tho great
Pacifii! Roads. 2d, To Lincoln, tho
capital of Noui-asKU, and nil that
bonutiful roglon south of tho Platto,
filled with Jlailroad lands nnd homo
stfiiuls. III. To St. Joseph, Kansas
City and all Kansas points.
The roads are splendidly built,
tlm host bridfos. finest cars.
tlin M"illir nlutform nnd coublor.
and the safety air bralco (to prevent
the loss ot mo inai is ovorywnoro
else happening); Pullman's Bloopors,
Pullman dining cars, largo and
nowi'if'ul ciiirincH do make quick
fimo and connections'), and nro in a
word tho host equipped roads in the
West. So that if you dosiro to go
safely, surely, quickly nnd comfort
ably to any point in Southern Iowa,
Ncbi'aska,'KansaH,.oron tho Paciflo
Roads, bo ail ro that you go "JJy
Way of Burlington."
All who wish particular informa
tion, and tv largo map, ohowing
correctly the Groat Wost, and all
railroad connections, can obtain
thorn, and any other knowlodgo, by
addressing General Tassongor
Airont. Ji. !i Mo. it. Ii. ii.. Hurling-
ton, Iowa. : " ''''
1 11
11 VT VI
IVhen vou cikic to twn do not fail tvg to l4ie Dry Goods
Tr,...D.. ,.t'T A. "NT ART IN" & RON thu "Pponle'sOld Corner
Stoifi" else when )ur i-eigldiors tfll you of the (Jiaud As
Hoi tnient of
Iteaiilirul, SI) 1 ith, 8eaiiMtlc, Substantial Coodi,
To be found there, you will be pained to say, "I havn't been
"jSJTtxirtlXL sa Son
Deire to y to their frifnd and customers find the community
in general that they are constantly receiving additions to their
elegant assortment of Goods, and are prepared for the Spring
Trade with a larger, better, and more, varied stock than ever
before, embracing in the Dry Goods Department, full lines of
Prints,' MusUns, Delaines,' , Ginghams, Plaid Poplins,
Grenadine, Cretonnes, . Lawns, v Percales, Wash Povlins,
Piques Black 8ilk3, Lustres, White Goods, Jaconet Swiss,
Japanese Stripes, Dolly Vardens, White Bod Quilts, Crash,
TablLinon, Napkim, ToweU, Saramer Shawls, Jeana,
Cottonadea, Hickery Checks, Striped Ticking, Cassimerea, Cloths, &o.
We have the largest and most varied
Latest Jfoveltiea
Forth LadiM I
We have Laces, Triramings,
Edgings, Insertions, Collars,
Handkerchief' Gloves','
Hosiery, "Hip Gore Cor
sets," Hoop5 Skirts,
Parasols, Hair Oils,
Balmorals, Fans,
Neck-ties, Perfumery, etc , etc.
etc., etc.
A Good Steel-Shank Gaiter, for. $1.7S.
(Dimice Groceries!
At prices that defy competition I
N. 0. Suear. 12 cental 'B" Coffee,
uen iKHiee
Fine Teas, Splendid Tobaccos
iJlacKlUs, jNaturai.Lsear onioning xoDaccu, anuics,
. Soap, N. O. Molasses, Syrups, Spices, Pepper, Cloves,
Cinnamon, Logwood, Madder, Indigo, Alum,
Rice, Candies, Raisins, Fish Lake Herring,
Wbite Fish, ana
We have a fell stock of ev
erytMiigj anil are deter"
mined to mil the lowest!
ifivAii xctk Hair la an examination of ourliOOODS and
Give hi
PooDlo'a Old
of the Season I
Jfor tne uentiemen i
We have all the latest Novel
ties in Collars, Ties, Bows,
Suspender . Fine Shirts,
1 Chevoit Shirts, Shirt
Fronts, Cuffs, Chevoit
Sets, (Collars.Cuffs,
. Bosoms,) Valises,
Hosiery, Hats
in Palm, Straw, Wool and Fur,
S. 14 cents I "A"Coffee S. 15 cents I
in j.owh i
Bright and Black Navies,
Mackerel warns,
and Sides!
a call at the
Corner Store.
We answer, go to the Boulhweat Missouri,
bourns the AsUntlo lolfle tttkllf Cm.
offer 1,100,000 Acrei of Lund to swtual Mttlsrs,
at low prloe on longorsxltt, bsildss furalshlnt
free truniuortAtloa orer their road to purobM.
oi'ii tbtt road extends from St, louts, through
MUiouri to Vlnltla, Indian Territory, Ubslng
DUihed runlilly to Its destination, the Paclae
Coitti Wlllba one ot tne trunk Usee of the
oountr,BTrblookaad by snow-ibe Usds
lonitUiroUNla risk fertile MitaUy.ae
produetiTt u any la the Itate) tbt ellwate oeta.
bine all tbeadfantages of northern and aouth.
ern latlUdeei good ollmatt, loll, health, water,
limber, raging, frutu and flowsre, InrlM yon
to go to this region. Fqrfqrtbsr Information
addreaiA TUCK, Land Oora'r, Ul Walnut
Street, It, Louis, Mo. ll-ly
LOOK nEREnGtliiiVi
Call at Grxxixa'i Dira Stou, In Will's
Building, and see those Fine Oil Paintings,
Chromos, Photographs, Plain and Colored Lith
ographs, which are for sale rery cheap. They
are so beautiful I
The X3LIA0 HOWE, Jr.
fAuur UAVtrrACTuacia
AYiim ;
Olnrlnnatl, Hamilton, Dayton, Wilmington,
Chillicothe. Port.mouth and lw.Hs, Ohtoi
iuaytTiiia, voTingwn ana Miinguns, ay.
J. o. VAii sum. ,
17-8in. MAViAGEk, '
'The BestPmapiatfra VttW
Ovn Agente report over K),tOO worth of
propartyVared from Tire title ) ear by theae
pumps, being the most powerful fui-oe-immpf
In the world, as well as Hn-fralug, '
Bee Ontober nuiuiwr, page Swi, a(m, tLe free
mliim-List. Diiireiuanflhe Ant. AurlunUuriat.
This paper lieyef dwolvf 'P fiTrinera. Ban
uotlce in Koliruarv number. iieireiB, Trr one.
If It don't do tho werk clitimed, send It benk and
Itet your money, as wo warraitonr pumps to
to do all weolulm fortliem onoii pirbulars.
ncuu loreircuiaraorpraura iu tne nrinireport
MTsr Co.. No SS
bars at Mew Vbrk.
An order for nine No.
tu nips see urea Ka ax-
cmnve town agenoy.
HAVINO been engsged In the study and
praetloe of Dentistry for Ifteeai years and
n local praotloner in laokson forsU yeetrt, vd
having availed myself ef all the
lodarn Improvement In Lentil
. Sciince,
I would rotpeotfully tay to the eltiaent af
Me Arthur and vicinity that I eta fully p r par-
ed to
ion) a ta all the various braateba ai'the
Prieet as low as the lovfee. Work ae
good at tha beet. reraoaa eomlag rrom
n dlstanoe wishing to remain aatll tewCr work
It done will be entertained at aj private) teat.
denoe free.
Uaod in extracting teeth, rendering Uelr it-
traf tloa comparatively palnleaa. AWtule at
tandent always on hand to wait npoaiiadlM,
Ulvemtaoail. '
MtyW.lBU-y - Javkeoa,0.
In Chsmleal and lfedloal BoIsbm.' 1 '
V a. t A .
Dr. E. F, GARVIN'S k
, JraST AND 05LT BOLTTTION ever male
bone mixture of ALL TUB XWKLVI
valuable aotlre priaolpl of the wsllWwn
turative agent.
EriQUALBD la Coughs, Colds, Catarrh,
thma, firoaahitla, and eonsanipUoa.
crrrtEe wixiiotjt rAiL
A netnt cold Ik three to sis honn i and also,
UCLATINQ eflaou upon the general system,
t remarkably alcUaeloua in all
bdudiag Srfrotule and ErupUons of the akin,
Dyspepsia, Dlseaeae of the Liver and jtiaaeye,
fieartllistaM, and General Lability.
Volatile Solution of Tar
I mr INHALATION, without anpllaatloa of .
HEAT. A remarkably VALUABLB diaeovery.
as the whole apparatua can beeanied in she veat
poaket, read v ai say time for the moat enkotoel
aud positively evaiive use in
Tar. and Mandrake PilL -
for use in ronaeetlon with the KLIXIK TAB,
if oombinatloa of the TWO most valuable
ALTERATIVE Hediouu knowiv la the Pre.
ffttion. nnd radars this Pill without exotptien
the very twit arte oS.rod.
T? !E?i
it without doubt the Best Mmedy known In
aa aa i9
31'? ? fi'M"'lflc fcrnuh diaeaeea, and eboald be
.. T-fi : .ZZXr., -Z7l nnuT, eepeoiauf ,
.farniiisi iRWiutii WHICtl. . .
an liable to prevail. A small quantity taken
dally will prevent ooutraoting these terrible
diteasos. '
Solution tod Compound Elixir, tl.M per Bottle .
Volatilo 8oluUoa for Inhalatiw. tt.oAMr Ham
Tar and alaadrake Pllla, Mete per bee
Send for Circular of POSITIVE CTJKES
vL. F. HYDE & CO.,
UO E. 4 St., Xew rr.
eprtjOT-WJHt weaia.
aiMoniAaiKflUA Tt .
Kew York Cmou. S7 ZEESVM ST.
Tli t'i ii 1 1 1 i i i n T'-X;ts It
tion ("ixe lin nii,nfd out H'
rich iHnl i:illilile tllil ()!'-
gress lias unseated Clark, Rad
ical, and admitted Uiddings,
Democrat. .
Common soda, Moistened
and bound on a snake bite im
mediately after the wound ha8
been inflicted, will invariably
cure such cases.
made from MeU. Call and examine or
18 samples sent (pontage fre) for GOots,
that retail quick for tlU,
It. It. W Ui-Wl l , 1DI
unatntm sqare, a. ,
MHata, Caps, Belts, Bhlrts Badges, Trump
oU, Ac, for service snd pard. At tbt
old msnufietory, 148 Grand St. N. T,
(JA1UHH a bkw., late u. t. uraueap. Bend lor
APCMTO WANTED for the Antobloirrapbr
new Illustrated edition, now ready. Get this
the only edition written by himself and eodors-
eu ny ine l rioiine.
. B. TEE AT. Publisher, 80S Broadway, X. T.
L INO." Hew sither lex mtr nin th Ion and
ITeodons of iny person they ehooM, Insltntly.
This simple msuftl scqnlremant ll can posaeas, (rat
oj man wr w mom, rogatner WHO a marriaire (niaa
Egyptian Orael. Dreams. Hints to Ladies." k. A
aneer. (xcltlnr book. - lOO'OOO sold. Add2eu T.
WILLIAM x CO. Publishers, Philadelphia.
On Manhood. Womubooil, and tbslr atlttual
luwr-reiitioiis, ixye, its JjSws rower, etc.
Bond for upoolmon pages and circulars, with
forma. Ail,lrMua VlTIrtVlT. x f r Q t ruuiwi
' ' - . . . ..kkavwm VUMIUUU1U
CO., thjeago, XU. j Cluclnnatl, Ohio or St. Lou.
ID, iUU.
For Coughs, Colds nd Horseness.
These Tabltti present the Acid in Combina
tion with other efficient remedies, In popular
form, forthftfiuranrall throat j iliu:
Hoaksbmebs and Ulceration of the Throat
ArO immedlAtAlvVlievA,l m,l ta,1rv..m,. An.
constantly being sent to the proprietor of relief
, " uiuiuhimbu ui yean svanuinv.
flATTTinM Pon't be deceived by worth.
JJiTLUllUDI leas imlutlons. Get only
Wells' tarbolio Tablets. Price S5 cents per Box.
.lOHV O m:l,l.fv:n mpi.tt af v v
Send for Circuinr. Sole Acent for the V. 8. '
1 -4w
The great work of the year. Prospectus, Post
paln.WcU. An immense sale guaranteed. Al
MAPS. J, W. GOODSPEl, Chicago. Clnoin
nati.orSt. Louis.
fr The proprietor has by the assist--aar.a
snae of Eminent Physicians and
,ejsClumitta sueeeaded in utillxin the
1 1 I j. JBennnuicinHi nmpemes ooncatnea
"2rii in the Oil, Pitch and Resin of the
fgjl if Hemlock Tree, and obtained a
vaiuauia preparation to ueappiiea
as a salve or blaster ror rheuma
tism. Croup, Fain or soreness of
the Back, Chest orRtomach, Piles
Bait Rhoum, Scurvy, Sores, Ulcer
minions, onre corns, rrost uttee,
Chllhlolns, Sore Breasts A Nipples,
mngwnrins, unaung ana skiii (lis
eases oi innamitory nature.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Fur the livest book en the far west ever written
Buffalo Land;
By W. E. WEBB. Justresdy. The mysteries and
mnrveliiot the mighty plains fully snd truthfully
described. Overflowing with wit and humor. The
Appenrtin a Complete Onids for Sportsmen and
Imlrrsnta. Ovet Fiflr striking Illuitratloni of tha
Inest chnraeter. Send for ptrtlenlars, snd seenra
territory at once, at this is the greatest eeanee for
tnaklnj monev avor offarad annta. E UlNNE.
FORD CO.,Pabhiheri, Cinolnnatl,0., or Cblosge
Sprint, when the languid and debilitated system
needs strength aid vilslity t It will give vigor lo the
Jected,, aetivity to the sluggish, rest to the weary,
anlet 0 the Uarvoua. ami I, .!,! tn lh Inflrm.
It 1. a South . American plp.nt, which, according
to the medical and soientlllo periodicals ot London
and Paris, it possessea the Moit Powerful Ton In prop.
ertlesknown to Materia Medlca, and Is well known
......., wiuuuj nm ii.iiu. wuuu.uui ounuiT.
nnalltlta. anil h.. Kmh 1... A. .nuiM. In -11
. . . , - - wnu vuk udvu mm m aww.uw im
..... nt im III - ... T. I . . rv . .
vmmrnm v. I1UIH,MH VI in DIOOO, USraDKf BlVni Of
.hm T If, mnii BIa. T,.Mn.. 1 t ..
4m MunitT, naaKneae vi uie tna ssinea,
Uterine or urinary Organi.
Dr. wells Extract of Mela
It it ttreiiithentni and nonrlihln; Like nutri-
elons food taken into the stomsob. it tstlmllatea and
dlffiues Ittelf through tht elroulttion, giving vigor
It regulates tht bowslt, otilstt the nervea. acta dl.
reetly on the secretive organs, tnd by Its powerful
Tonlo tnd restoring effects, produost healthy and
Tigopnii Hetton rn uw wnoie irsiein.
iuna 14. Auuniu, is riatttn. mow Tors,
Bole Aiont for tha United HtalM.
Price 11.00 Dollaaper Bottle. Bend for Circa ler.
Holy Bible. Will contain 750 royal octavo
nuH.uou ne columns. niiiHtrftieii witn hid juiotb-
vings by Dore and others : with ;Maps, Notes,
Ac. Clergymen, School Teachers, Young Men
f-om till country, mea uf business tact, wanted
.. A ........ l.nltr.lM..la. . L - FTL.
mo n,vuMi .o,, ,u,u,,uu,.i, w, u. Sfru, AHV
succcKj of our Agents Ih unequalleil, Special
iiHlucoments to pxiinrlenced agente, address
O. A. IlltOWNlNG, Toledo. O.
If tot wan too it ALL Tora
Aar Kiwd. o
nat g-3HiBirl51
REQISTEU, PiiraauaomA. (Weexir
40 Coiuunt: ai.oo a year). Sample eopy free.
TIIKlRimes.t detntnd for ll.lloway'a Pills tad
Ointment, hit uempted onprlnelpled partial to
oonnterfntl there valuable madioinea. In order to
protect the pabllo end ourselves, we bare leaned a
new "Trade Mark,Nmo.letlngof Kt yptlan aire le of a
serpent, with the biter li In Uie eantr.. Kvery box
of itallowsy Pllla tad Olnlmente wilt have this
trademark on It: none ere genuine wlthnnt It.
N, T. CMSMIOAL Co.. Bole Proprietors,
T Maldet Laae, Mew Tort
Toiih Q. pAaa, Oltelnnntl.Ohlo, Suit Agent ior
the Btste. . , V-1
S.n;i uneasiness is felt nt
Wa-Jiii gton upon modifications
whl li it is said Lord Granville
wishes to insert into the draft
of the supplemental article of
the Treaty of Washington as
amended by the Senate. ; The
Administration are yet in hopes
of saving the treaty, and think
that mistakes most havo occur
red either in , transmitting or
deciphering . the dispatch in
cipher. General Schneck :has,
however, been notified that no
further material concessions can
be made to England.. Tho
pith of the dispatch to our Min
later consists, therefore in this
word '-material." - If, as is most
probable, the "difficulty is one
of phraseology alone, it will
undoubtedly be. speedily over
come. In any event the whole
mercantile community are now
aroused to the folly of leaving
matters as they are any longer.
Mr. Fish's blundering dialoma
cy is costing us thousands of
dollars a day, and the sooner
the supplemental article is defi
nitely settled, the. better for
all parties on both sides of the
The Radical Presidential
ticket comes' very near sailing
under false colors. Mr. Grant a
parents named him Hiram
Ulysses, but by some strange
freak the name was tran9iorm-
ed to Ulysses Simpson. - Hen
ry Wilson s original name was
Jeremiah Colbaith.
The "Breslin House," new-
hotel at Huntington, W. Va.,
is named after Hon. John GK
Breslin, formerly of this State.
la widely known
as ono of the most
effectual remedies
ever discovered for
cleansing the ivs
tem anil purifjunj
the blood. It hat
tood the test of
yean, with a con
stantly growing rep
utation, based on its
intrinsic virtues, and sustained by its re
markable cures. So mild as to be safe and
beneficial to children, and yet so searching
as to effectually purge out the great cor
ruptions of the blood, tnch at the soroAilous
and svphilitio contamination. Impurities,
or diseases that have lurked in the system
for years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hence its wonderful,
cures, many of which are publicly known,
of Scrofula, and all scrofulous diseases,
Ulcers, Eruptions, and eruptive dis
orders of the skin, Tumors, Blotches,
Bolls, Pimples, Pustules, Sores. St.
Anthony's Fire, Rose or Erysipe
las, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald
Iltad, Ringworm, and internal Ul
cerations of the Uterus, Stomach,
and Liver. It also cures other com
plaints, to which it would not seem especi
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, Fits, Neuralgia, Heart Disease.
Female Weakness, Debility, ana
Leucorrhoea, when they are manliest
tlons of the scrofulous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health and
strength in the Spring. . By renewing the
appetite and vigor of the digestive organs,
it dissipates the depression and listless lan
guor or the season. Even where no disorder
appears, people feel better, and live longer,
for cleansing the blood. The system moves
on with renewed vigor and a new lease of
Dr. i. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
frwasff t ttMst Jttalytteal ChtmUts.
urnmmr lint tiri
imWma Mir1- '''ii AeVIT sUAet
Every year increases the populari
ty of this valuable Hair Preparation ;
which' is due te merit alone. We
can assure Kir aid patrons that it is
kept fully up to its high: standard;
and it is the only reliable and perfect
ed preparation fbr restoring GRAY '
ob Faded Hub to its youthful color,
making it soft, lustrous, and- silken.
The scalp, by its use, becomes whit
and clean. It removes all eruptions
and dandruff; and, by its tonio prop
erties, prevents the hair from falling
out, as it stimulates and nourishes
the hair-glands. By its use, the hair
frovs thicker and stronger. In
aldness, it restores the capillary
glands to their normal vigor, and
will create a now growth, except in
extreme old age. It is the most eco
nomical IIaib Dbbssino ever used,
as it requires fewer applications,
and gives tha hair a splendid, gtossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes,
State Assayer of Massachusetts, says,
"The constituents are pure, and care
fully selected for excellent quality;
and I consider it the Bist Pbipa
BATiorf for its intended purposes."
Bold by ail DmggUil, ami Dealers fct ittdtolHM,
Prloe One Dollar.
Buckingham's Dyo.
As our Eenewer in many esses
requires too long a time, and too
much care, to restore gray or faded
Whiskers, we have prepared this
dye, in one preparation; which will
quickly ana effectually accompli!
this result. It is easily applied,
and produces a color which will
. neither rub nor wash off. Sold by
all Druggists. Price Fifty Cents.
Dsnufsotursd by . I. HALL, A CO
,. VattmatfA . r i,

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