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Democratic enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1867-1873, July 03, 1872, Image 2

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H)t nqnirer
aWiuc Worth iflo srt Street, 01
C ivn llinwu.
JtteArttirr, - Jul7 3 1872
Democratic Primary Election.
The nomocracy of Vinton Comity, Ohio, will
meet at 1 o'clock p. M.,ou Saturday, July .flllh'
1S72, at the plrnies hereinafter spci ihYd, for the
purpose of holding a Primary Election, onil
choosing candidates for tlio following C'ouuly
PR01UTE Jl:UOK. ".
COIIONKn. ' ' ' .
m Clinton Township. Hp election will be hold
in llamden and ut tho Salts School House; In
Richland Tp., lit Allensvillo the Darby
School House; in Wilkesville, at the J lawk
School House; in Drown Tp ut tho Two-Mile
School House; and in Eagle, Swim, Jackson,
Elk, Madison, Harrison, Vinton and Knox, at
the usn.il place of holding cU-eliou In said Town
ships. That upon meeting at each of said places (hose
present shall appoint a Chairman and two Tell
ers, whoso duty it shall be to receive the votes,
keep, a correct poll -book of those voting, count
the votes, and keep a tally of the rotes; and the
Chairman is requested to Immediately forward
the Pol! Book and Tally Sheet to tho Comity
Central Committee at JleArlhur.
By order of the Central Committee.
JOHN MAYO, Chairman.
Our State Ticket.
A State Ticket, could not
liave been selected that would
give greater satisfaction tlian
this one, especially to the peo
ple of this portion of the State.
(Jen. Aquilla Wiley, the can
didate for Secretary of State,
is a resident of Wooster. 'lie
is a sound Democrat, an hou
'isf mnn nnd tvill ninkft nil effi
cient officer, and every honest
Kejmblicaa will vote' for: him
because lie was - so unfortunate
;is to lose one. leg. , while :' doing
his duty in the army. He nev
er failed to' vote tbe Democrat
ic ticket on election day', while
in the army. Wayne county,
his place of residence, never
having had a candidate on the
State Ticket, will, perhaps, give
him one thousand majority.
The Republicans who profess
to love crippled soldiers, will
now come ' out nnd practice
what they have preached since,
the war closed.
Judge John L. Green, of
Columbus, for Supreme Judge,
is one of the ablest lawyers in
the West. Having been Juds;e
of toe Court of Common Pleas
for a number of years, and at
present one of thd Judges of
tho Franklin District, ho would
honor and not disgrace the
Bench of tho Supremo Court
of Ohio.' If elected he would
not decide a case one way in
May and in Juue reverse the
For Member of the Board of
l'ublic works, Isaac 1J. Iiiley,
of Newark, the Convention
made a very choice selection.
Mr. Iiiley is a Civil Engineer,
and, having been engaged ic
(surveying railroad routes in
ihU part of tho State, all those
who are acquainted with him
know that he is just the man
for this posHiou.
Ip you wnt to put money iii your
pockets volo "Ilailroud, Yum."
The wheat harvest has commen
ted in earnest in tlii.s county.
New potuto'js aro plenty juiul of
3, Siiii'Mcv is still buying old iron,
II you havo old iron for Halo Hond
lor him. Ho is paying good pricos.
fcjco his advertisement,
Don't fail to visit Dr. Bowers,
Pentist. Honing ut Htilbcrt House.
for Pure Drugs and Modioincs
CO to Sisson'a.
Ol'K frli'lld, ilKNRY 0. MiV.NKS, of 1 1. -tv lies.
villo, In Kutflo'U wnlil, Vinton county, writoa
lis the following;
"On Ihciivonliigof tlic lOlli of Jiinc, I went to
my pasture-Held for Urn onrx, and there
I found one of tho nwi Willi a linn mule
calf. drove Ihocowand rnlf to the barn lot;
ilia next morning I parted Iboin, and drove the
row In the pasture, It-itvlitflr the rati' in the burn
f"t. The itoklevi'iilnir I again drove the row to
tl.e barn lot, and continued to do so unlll the
rvwiini of the l ull of .lone, when I went, to the
pnitiire-neld I was surprised to And a lino heif
er calf hy the llda of the ssme cow. i drove
both to the barn tot, The cow anil two oulvne
aieaolng well."
Henry, you staud one ahead I We art sure no
one In Ohio can brat you raiding calveil
Cleveland a Pleasant Place to Hold
a Democratic Convention!
Horace Greeley and B.
Gratz Brown Endorsed!
Excellent State Ticket
The Democratic State Con
vention met in Cleveland, last
Thursday morning, in the Cen
tral Rink, at 10:30, according
to the call of the State Central
Cominitte. .'Notwithstanding
the distance, the Convention
was one of the largest ever
held . in the State. Lvery
Democrat in attendance at the
Convention was highly pleased
with the arrangements made as
well as with the place for hold
ing this ' Convention, because
there is no better building in
Ohio for holding a Convention
at this time of the Year than
the Central Rink, at Cleve
land. The Rink is about 200
feet wide by 300 long; aud the
airangement of it on this occa
sion was complete, the super
vision of the work being under
E. M. Brown, member of the
State Central Committee of
Cleveland. ' About' half of the
lloor directly in front ot the
ample platform was divided
into two sections, right aud left,
a broad ai?lo separating them.
These sections were provided
with plenty of seats placed for
the several district delegation.-;,
the members of which were
grouped by themselves. Each
delegation was provided with
'a table for the chairman and
secretary. A placard over
each table indicated the dis
trict. These stands were pro
vided with plenty of paper for
balloting, and with large tally
sheets upon which the name of
each county was printed. At
The Chairman's left were the
First and the even numbered
district delegations to the 20th
district. At the right of the
Chairnmu wife the 20th and
the odd numbered delegations,
A temporary railing about
miuway to tue entrance consti
tuted the bar of the convention
The hide galleries were for gen
tlernen spectators, the end gal
leries were reserved for ladies.
On the platform were places
lor the officers of the conven
tion and tables to accommodate
the reporters of the' press,
I ho ri uk was liandsomely dec
orated. Underneath a large
picture of Gettysburg at the
rear end ot the stage wai, in
large red, while and blue let
ters, 'the inscription: "Wel
come Democracy of Ohio,"
Over the platform festoons of
the national colors hung across
the hall, and similar festoons
stretched along the sidc3 of th
auditorium to tho entrance.
Hundreds of lit tie flags and uu
merous colored paper decora-
tions were suspended from the
arch rods. On the fronts of
the galleries were a great ma
ny elegant oil paintings, bro't
from Philadelphia, and valued
at from $f0 to $100 each.
Two excellent bands were in
attendance, being stationed op
posite each other in the f-ide
galleries, und at intervals while
the delegates were assembling,
and during t he sessions of the
convention, discour-ed "sweet,
harmony of pounds."
.At tue time,, above named,
the convention was called to
order by C. N. Allen, Chair
man of the State Central Com
mittee. Hon. O. J. Dodds, of
Hamilton county, was chosen
temporary Chairman. As lie
appealed on on the platform
aud was introduced by Mr. Al
len he was heartily cheered.
On taking the Chair he ad
dressed the convention as follows:-
f;MT(,F.M1 0 TRR CONVKITiOM I bflff loavs
to tender my slnecro ackiiowledKCiiienU for
Hit compliment you have paid me and the l
aionrai-yol linniliuin county in hit sneciinn na
tumimrary ehiilruian. J believe Unit wo meet
luiro tn-ilny to liiii(iiiato a new era in the Mu
turr ot pollliua ot this Mate and tho whole
fur nng believe thai, the platform willed was
1 fur nag believe thai, the I
adopt J at.Cliiolunail, and tha able and clear
eiiHiHltlon nl It kI vim by. Monte (inulev ! u
plutiHc In lila le:U-r of uoceptanra point aeoni.
nion Ki-oiinfl upon which men of ell parties
who are lllniml can atand. It wUlhava ilia af
fect to nulla the people of all uytlona of the
country who are In furor -of wresting tha ad
ministration front lt lucoinpteiit and corrupt
Hut Gentlemen, I ica from the facaa of those
who are aasomblod before me that you come
br prepared for work, and any further rn
mark from me would be entirely unnnrentnrr,
believe hill one policy animates thl ounven
tlnn. I believe that we to-day will re chn the
teutlmeula of the gathered Democracy of 1111-
nola, -while theprnlrlea are all on lire, and they
ttiac Klimieu ii urn not Know now prom n urg
that little spark would k I mile, i Gentlemen
ihankinir voii most cordially for tha comiilb
iiient you have paid me, we will now proceed
to tue regular oruer 01 ouBinesa.
The following gentlemen.
were selected as lempornvy
Secretaries: Charles F. Kim
meh of Pickaway; D. C. Bah
lentine, of Clarke; W. C,
Gould, of Fayette; James A.
Beebee, of Morrow;.' John II.
Branch, of Clermont, j and Jas
K. Newcomer, of Marion.'
The members of the " Com
mittees, which had been select:
ed by the delegates from the
several Congressional ' Districts
at meeting's held at 8:30 on that
morning, at rooms in tho Wed-
lell and Kenuard Hotels,- as
.lesignated on a programme
which had been isued by or
der. of the Chairman of 'the
State Central Committee," were
then announced. - i ;
We can give only the na m
of the Committees, etc.. for this
(the 11th) Congressional Dis
trict, as follows: '
On Jltialutlont (. K. Koran, of Honking Co.
On OiVtmixation lion J. IV. .Newman. ofV.i.
On Ci-filnitltilx J.W. liowen, of Vinton.
Vict Prtiident of Coareniua lion. B. K:ihn.
of Jackson.
Jhlegalf to tht H,iltHiurt Cotvntlon (!ol. O. ;
F. Moore, of Scioto, aud Col. J. L. Vance; of
Gallia. ,
Altrnat Pelegntti-O.T. fiuimiug, of Vinton,
:md W. A. JlcCray, of lliielilng. -,, f
Membur of titateUtiititU Conunitlet3. D.' l'na.
ten, of Hoekinif.
the delegates from thisdis
rie, met in room No.. 83, "Wed-
lell House. The meeting was
called to order by Col. J. L.
Vance, of Gallia.. Hon. Oakley
Case,' of Hooking, wag. ;chosen
Chairman, and j. R. Booth, of
Jacksou, was appointed ,Becre-
On motion, the convention
took a recess until 2 in the af
ternoon, During the recess the
committees met, organized. and
made their reports. ' ; '' r,! ' 1
. At 2 the convention ''assem
bled. ;; ;
The . committee on Perma
nent organization reported Hie
following: ; '.
J'retldfni Hon. fl. .7. .rum.!!, nr. 7im, in-ill,, i
Vii-t PivniilentiMm from each (.'onKiefsiioii
al Di.trict.1 . ,!
J'ennttneitt .Vv(,irM -T.
C Ilallqiitine, of
Clarke. .
A number of assistant "sec
retaries were also in the report,
among whom ,' was Dr. . M.i
Kricker, of Scioto. ; , , : . -
This committee also'report
ed the following order of bu
siness: . ,: -; -Ii. .-. r
1. Noiuluation ofCnndidato for ei-relary pf
Stjite. . . ... . .. 7 r..
. 2, . I iiilsje of the .Supreme Court." i., -'
8, Member of Boanl Public Works. : ' 1 ' -' ' ' '
4. Four Uclearatos at Larite to the, Nutioual
Convention at llaltinioix', and four alternate. '
The Ueport of the' Committee was adopted.! i
On motion, Judo SIcKciny, of Montgomery,
Wm. L. 0' Itrien. of Hamilton, anil Win: Purr.' of
l.icklnjr, woru appoiiitcl a committee. tr notify
the Permanent President of ills election.
When tliu I'erinanunl President nidda Ills ap
pearance ho was hailed with I'liiliusiiLii. m,.
plau-.e. Onbeinij introduced, Air. Jtwelt ml-.
uw mo lonvciuiou as loiiows:
: "(.cntleinen of tlie f'oiivmiHon: Words would
fall me were I to attempt to express to von the
jentimuiils of (tratitmle with which my heart Is
full 4o overflowing for I lie honor you havo done
me in callinir me to preside over your delibcra
lions. (ieiitlemeii, you lire convened hv author
ity oftheonfanizeil represonlatives of Hie pnrtv
ol (lie State to noinlualae- tuli latej to he voted
for the various Statu uJhccN'nt the October elec
tion. It also bei-iimes your dnrv ti sclect repro
sentnlives to reiiresenfj ou in the NahimnM on
vention iu Haltlmon theSth nf.lnlr next, '
This country, tills Government and all Its In
terests have for about twelve ve.irs lout hen In
the hands subject to the control and directlnn'nf
t no Kiipuiuiriia party, not only the Federal gov
ernment but, with few execution. Mia 'Stain
(ioveinineuts have hocn kept in the lia'nda of
mat, party. v e nave witnessed niii'injr tbe pe
riod of that Aihiiiiilstriil ion tho exercise of pow
er by the party, a cniisistunt and persistent ef
fort on the itart of those in authority to absorb
the rittht, the power, and the privileges of the
Slit.es. Wo havo wilnessed from dav lo iliv .mi
ell'ort on the part of those iu power to exult I ho
military atilhoril v or the iJovei-unient and make
the civil authorities subordinate thereto. ' j Ap
plause , '.
We have witnessed tlio ptirtv In tinwer from
year to year, the President himself exerijisintf,
or attempt iua; to exercise, the w ar-making now
er (ifthu toiverninent. and that wiittoulfuusult-lnjr,-and
without havliifr the consent unite Conr
u'lessol'the Culled Stales. We could not rinse
our eyes to Hie fact that iu every I)eparliii'entof
vie, Mownum-iii. mini win num c.ansin position
lo the moMt liunible, corruplion tin Iked nliroaii,
till to llud an lionvsl mau in niililic snrvieo vu
an cxi-eptioii to Ixi commented upon, rutlior than
tlio rule to bu eoiiKriitul ited Willi. -.',
We have found lliese ihliiK to exist, niv coiiti-
Iryuien, and the 1) ocrnlio party from Uiuoildi
time, fioni inonlh to month, .and' from vear.to
year have adnuinlslied the iieople that thatirriiild
raliriftoj'llictjoverniuetit loriued and crcotcij by
the fathers was endunvered bv these 'clii-.l.-inl.
ciuirouchiiients upon it. Cheers. And we have
admonished tlie people froin time to time UiiitH
iieeiicii men- inierveiiiKin meanness ot piuty
I lo r liitei'VUlit on not as llemoitruti. nop i II,.
' as fti
publicans, but men who claim the higher and
more exe-llent name of Americmi apidause
lo rally to thebatlle-tlebl ami anve tlif 1,'overn,
nienl from these danirers and those depredations.
My fellow Democrats we have failed., I haVu
eiiiiiemin wu nave iaili',1.: I nave
ave'l-riS Wvp,"
UI'Cll IllllU.V oi ,ro
ty years;'! have
nave consult,!,!
lo party of Ohio will h foiiml more'ftf tips noble
aud patriotic element, uvon which nil tjovern-ini-nls
must rest, than ran be found-on ajiy fieo
tion oftjod's I'mit-slool. Cheers-. . .
I ... i j lu , .... o... I ........ '.'! . .
jjui, wu, ho oaii uiiicfi. ttiicri,, a;rain, wno
liavcnot horetofimk n-opnratil with m( liave
bean I od to witness the name daiiifer that wo
have wltmnH'il. fiol, through us, but from, tho
ildiiumlUoiistbat huvelicui lreelred-frtlm flnNfi.'
own ranks tliry have been bl Co ri)aliM that the
admonitions and teuchinirs of the lumocratlc
party have not bnen for jiiiiikIiI. The ,onso.
qtieneo is that nu-n patriotic men within tho
ranks ofthoKcpuhliran iiarty have raised their
voices, us wo have raised onrs, njriiln.i1 those en.
croachnienti upon tint rljrlits of the Ktiilm,
ajraitiMt this assiinilnjr of authority 'hy tliu Ad
Miinlctratloli, iiit.-iItihI tliosn fnuiils and -corruptions,
against this subordination of all our pub
lic Interests lo the private jf.iln of tho few feel.
Inj this, experienciiijr this, they linyn called a
bolt In tlieirown party. Mhciiusc of tbolr call
vi thai bolt, tho veiiirennco of their tiartv nr.
Kiinl.utiou has lawn invoked hy tlioin.aud a eep
aratlon has taken place. '1'liey have fd-nanlzcd,
and they come now to you,iny fellow Hmnonrata,
w nil oiii.!.i rciciicii iiriim, nmi nun vim uj utlllo
with them, not for party but for , count ry.-.
f.heers.l Nor for success to-day that von or'I
or they may enjoy the (tweets, lint tho jfimid L'n
lou may liu pre-erved, It'heera.) They will ask
you to on I ID with them (hat corruption may bo
swept from the high placet in the 1, in,). Chc'el-s.J
j in- yoii iu iiiiiw onr I.UI-U wrui tiiein wiat
Ibo hand of the oppressor innv be withdrawn
from the hnuoit Hons of tho Sontli, , ,tlieor
cries of ffood.f They ask "you to fhrow in your
votes w ith them that honesty may aflidn relnn
In places of the (loverninent, and the peoplo up-
loy me iieiirui. ot un iionesi iiiuiiinisiraiiun o
lis luleMsts. These are the ipicilon with yon,
fellow-Democrat. In this meetina-. Von are as.
semblud hei-e lo-dav In behalf of the (r rent Dem
ocratic parly of Ohio to counsel tojrutliee, to ad-
vlso llrel.hm And til inrlieiitn Ihn imltee U'1il,.h
lliev, as 'voter, are to support In HiIh onierj("ncy.
Now, It does not become mo in tho place to
willed you have assigned me, to indicate what
the advice on your part should he, hut it does
become mo to ask your careful oomlderntlon of
the aiicstlon. It becomes ma to heir of von to
bear in mind that the duties duvol viojr upon you
are great that tha rei.ponslbllity Is not of a Irl-
Hini, trivial cnaraeuir. in look in jr over l no
yaaf audience, both of delegates and of peo
ple I fool there la an anxious waiting; In the
puhlln heart to know what tbe result ol our de
liberations to.iliiywlll lie, ami I, ran ay to, yon
from my knowledire of the party which yon are
ere called upon lo represent, front my coniieo.
Ions with that party, that the masses of that
party Indulge In no visionary idea of success of
Government or nartr ora-anliatUMi, that the
party have their oyeanpon lie tJovei niiM'iit with
ull the persistency that tbo noeiiui Imhih iiihi,
tho polo, and they expect at your h.ui.lf a ver
noeillti Im'Hih hhi,i
our 11. ui, if it ver-
diot iu lavorof thut i"
overonionji, rii'dless oi'
mere party exigency or puly cnwi.iuv
thauk you, gv-iiili'iucii, toi' the houw jou .have
shown me..-fAppliiilio.
The Coiuiuiit.ee On Creden
tinls reported that every coun
ty 'in the State was represent
ed except Greene county and
that there were no contests.
The report was accepted. .
I The names of delegates from
the' six' counties, excepting
Lawreneecomposing the 11th.
district, are as follows: -
Jackmn lion. H. Kalin, Hon. VV. T. Wnshum,
Peter 1'lcknil, J. U. Jiimth, AVin Uadclillo.
Uti kingU on. Oaklcv tale, H. JO. ltcc,-e, Alex.
White, J. ,1. iiilyu.
Uullla Col. J. I,. Vance, R. Ateahlre, Jr., J.
A. Kakin, Clmrles Koliluson.
fioiotilun. J. W. Newman, Dr. M. Krlckcr,
11. Sprv, D. V. t onnell, A. 11. Jones, ,1. M. Itav.
Vititon-ii. Y. I'ileher, W. VV. Ut ltbid, Hob.
A. J. nwann, .1. v. uowcii.-
'. The ,rice Presidents aud
other officers were requested
to take seats upon the platform
At this point tho president
read the 'following telegram
from the '.Illinois Democratic
1 SpniNfiPIJll.l). Ir.i... .Tune ST
To tlio President of tho Ohio btato Ueinocrutio
Tho DouiOitrata of Illinois irreet t he Ttninnera.
cv of Ohio, ami instruct lit'i-delegati to vote for
ri vuicy huh iiHvii unu eiriKe nanus v HU at
..luei'tti Kupublicaua.
, . .Tamv !. Ai.i.rw.
"Pi-osldoiib of the (..invention
The read ing4of the "dispatch
was received 4 with prolonged
cueeriug. , '
At the call from the presi
dent, Mr. 0, ,M. BIoss, of Ham-
il ton, chairman of the commit
tee on resolutions reported the
HetolDtil Uv the Dnnincr.H ;of (lliio in conven.
Hon iissemhled, 'l'har.'lho plntl'orni of princlplua
adopted by the Cincinnati Convention, burol.ter
With the clear InterpveUttiuii ot the same enun
ciated in the letter of Horace Ureeley accepting
tho nomination of that convention for the uillce
ol President ol IholiilUvl Htales, atl'ords eoiii
mon Krounii upon which ilio liberal men of all
political parties can eousisteiitlv iiultu in oppn
sll.ion to the present ailministniiiou aud its at
tcmlant ottlciiil corruption. '
ltttoUed, That our delegates thi day chosen
to represent us In tho Democratic Nation iilOm
veution, to asscmbia nt JlalUtirire, are rcipiest
ed to vote for the nomination of Horace Ureeley
and U. tiriit. ltrowa as our Candidates for Pres
ident and Vice Pmidcnt.
The report was received with
wild cheers. When the cheer
ing ceased, General Durbiu
Ward moved to. adopt there
port Loud cheers.
A delegate from the seventh
district moved to lay the reso
lution upon' the table. Cries
of "NoP Nof J
The motion to lay on the ta
ble was first; 'put. and. lost by
an overwhelming vote, the an
nouncement being hailed with
deafening cheers.
. j :.The motion ) to 7 ad pt '' Was
carried by an equally decisive
vote, amid reat't-ii th usiasin.
, :j-ne ; t resident"' then .' stated
that the uoininati'iu of a can
didate for. Secretary -of State
v its the next baiiiiss in order.
The following gentlemen were
put in nomination for tijc can
didacy:" I ' , ''.'..';,'."'.'
John M. Haalr. nf.IT ;-.vv eountv; Y. T. Wah
nin. .Jimksoii; Jfio Willi.en-, M iiiiiic: .1. S. Val
V'Hlkenliertr, .s.ib'lnk.v; (J.'.ncral Kil n, Wons
r; William ll.-.Vilso,i, Kne; Oeii.-ni'l Unhurt
itrinkeihotr, liM-hlun I. licnriMl ilrinkiti-lmir.
tlimiffh a delejjbte, positively ilccliiioa to be u
cuimiiiaie. i,.
'Previous to the announce
ment of tle ballot there was a
stampede, to Wiley, resulting
iu the wilhdrawal of evejy oth
er candidate," tint! the unani
nions election of that gentle
tnan whidji was "made more
binding" y a motion, enthusi
astically carried.
The following ; were, put in
hominatioli for Supremo Judge :
' Jnd(r AleVatidor Hume, of IJutler ceiiiitv:
Jitibo John I,, t.ivou, ol'l' i-.inkliu; Judtr 0 t.'lia,
F. Vorhees, lloln j:u-ii nau was nr.iiih I
brfore the com (jiil ioaw ii.li a hi K-foala , of the
eh iriteteviind utility of tile ic 'ntle.uen 'named.
' The ballot rvsilha (as fill w:
f Whole mirnbertof voles, Mtl;: necj.istiry for a
cholro, Mil. ' '
Hume.; .', IT 1 1 -0
; : liroeu ) .' .t6-t)
orhivs . .. ;,- i;n
There iieing udchoiee, iinoili 'r ballot was la
Ken. I
J Duiing Uie'countof the sec
ond ballot the name of Judge
Vorhees was withdrawn : and
the vott given for him were
variously changed until the
withdrawn' 'of ' Judge. .Hume's
nariie. whepniirinii Tm lfr.i f 'Jpor.n
i I " 'o v-
V.h6n,in!d -"""iihwoualy.,-.
1 While the last ballot for, , Hti-
premo judge candidacy was
being counted the president of
the'edriventipn reatl tho follow
ing, which had b'eeii; prepared
by Col. 0. J. Dodds as an an
swer to the Illinois Democrat
ic Convention dispatch :
Tho Deliiocrarv of (ihhi aend jrritetiujr to their.
brelhreii of Illinois. They hiivii Jnsl adopted, in
ono 01 tlie largext conventions ever held In Ohio,
resolutions iiiliriiiing; tho Cincinnati platlorni
and reqiiestliiK oiir delegate to the itnltinioro
Coiiyeiilion lo vole foe Ureeley und llrown.
'-H.J. Jkwktt,
: i . j President of the Coiivontlnn.
Tlie following geutlemen were put In iiimilnn
tion for Meniher of Jloaisl iof Public Works:
John Hyor, of Lucas; Jerry Kurated,'of Ilitmil
ton; Isaac, 15. Itlley.'of Llckliijr; A. J. Packard,
of Maliotilng. Tliu result of tho llrst ballot was
na follows; j
-. j Klersled .'.MS
:t I Itlley ; 41:
- I Packard 41
" , llyer j
The naino of Klorsled waa withdrawn, and
the second baling resulted lu tho choleo of Mr.
Ulley, aa below:
I itlhry .'.... ..Dff)
1 Iyer , UI
. , Packard 4
' The next waa the eduction (if Delegates ut
Large to the lliiltinmro Convention. Tho fol
lowing gentlemen wero chosen hy ballot:
I. A. Mi'.Muholi, of Montaoniory.
. n. B, Payne, of Cuyahoga. - ,, ' , ,
Id. A. Daugherty, of Fairfield.
C. A.'Whlte, of Brown. ' '
The following (ontlonmn yrart ohoson Altern
ates: George Wolnior, of Summit.
T. K, Connlnglmin, of Allen, f,, ,
C.-K. Alien, of .Tnirnrnnn.' "
A. K reamer, of Ottawa.
A resolution of thanks wa then offered an t
udoptcd, ai follow! : . n .' .
-(e.enfamf, That tho tftiuiU of ibo tnvcatiou
,i,e Imreov teu.lered to. Mr. t-J. il. urowii, tho
llevel.iulmi-.iiuerofthu Statu Coinnilttee ant
Jlesirs. .1, W. Carson, liun, c. Intjre, Inn., T.
I. Ciirrau and II. O. I'll, a, his aasUtuits In I ho
work ol'prep,ii iiii the riuk IVw the t.'unvei,tiuu,
.j. niv w i' mi i iiispn.i .i id an tun arraiiir,'
iiienls and appointment inc.nd ubout the build
Ina-am! t'lir their inanv cunricliui ,,,) hi.,,,.
Uods geuerally. and wc lKUt'liV tender our be.
th mi ks to the citizens ol Cleveland for the Flmirl.
loino and elegant manner in whiofc thoy have
nuu viuuriniuuu tue ieieiraies unrinie
the session iu this city." '
The tollowluK resolution, read bv tire rresl
dent, was rocelvod with onthuslastio demon
Rttiived, That tho State Central Committee be
Instructed to issue a call for a mass meeting of
ii,.uumwim;j ui HUB OUIIC, r, Sllcll tllllO ami
piaco us lacy may ueein expeaient. lor the p
pose of ratilViug the action of the HaltimoreC,
volition, and selecting Senatorial Kleetors: i
that they Invite to a participation therein all
voters oi tire ntaio who aro opposed to tho pros
ent corrupt Administration.
The resolution was unanimously adopted.
Tills coinploted tho work of the Convention.
Nominated. FOURTH OF JULY!
Pic Nic and Dance.
Arrangements have beon made
by J. Wolf and S, Shipley, for hav
ing a jGrand Celebration in tho
beautiful Grovo oast of. the Car
Shops, near Zaleski, on Thui'Bday
July 4th,. There wil 1 bo a dance
in tho L'rovo.in which Tho. Pio-Nic
will bo held, a Ini'ffo platform hav-
ing boon eroded for that purposo.
Come one! Como overybodyl
anu nnriicipulo in ilio cri-rnu n-010
ino;! nnd in a general old fanhioned
celebration of tho 4 tit. Tho in mi
ncers aro dotormine'd that tho occa
sion shall be pleasant and agreeable
to nil.
, Bring your B.-tskcts well filled!
Ihorowillbe funl joyl liappincss
Lot tho younr como! Let the old
Itofrcshmonts of all kinds upon
tho ground.
lco Cream and Lager Bcor will
bo plonty!
Exccllont mimic will ba furnished.
' A sufficient number of ollk-ers
will bo presont to prosorvo ordov
and to repel rudo or unfit porsons.
ForAyer's Medicines, gj to Qt
W. Sisson's.
0. T. Gunnino liaa just removed
from tho "Old Brick Corner" his
splendid assortment of Drugs, Mod-
ioinca. Oils, Paints, Don.-, Station.
cry, &c, lo Ins JliW ESWW.IB
in Will's New Building, one 'door
wost of Gilman, Ward & Uo.'s Store,
on Main Street, where be will be
pleased to meet all his old custom
ers, and as many more. :is those to
give him their patronage.
His New .Room is really tho finest
in Southern Ohio; is being viaitod
by everybody; and bis supply o
Hi'tigs, Wines, Oils, Toilets, and tho
liio equal to any other establishment
in tho country.
lie fills preaciptioiiH, and can ac
cominodalo all customers n treason
able rates... If you want to roc
tho iiiu'st Drug Store, drop
in nnd examine this one.
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas,
AdvertiHoing alono does not pro
duco hucccss. The thing which jf
advcrtiHod must have inlrinstk
mcrit, or else largo ndvcrliHing will
do it nioro harm than good. If you
have anything which you know to
bo good, advertiso it thoroughly,
and you will bo suro to succeed; il
it is poor, don't praiso it, for peo
ple will soon discover younro lying.
Such in tho policy of the Burling
ton Jloute, which runs lo throe
great regions in tho West: 1st, To
Omaha, connecting Avilh tho sreat
Paciuc Ilontls. 2d, To Lincoln, the
capital of Nebraska, and all that
beautiful rogion south of the Platte,
filled with Hailroad lands and homo
Blonds! Ud, To St. Joseph, Kansas
City ond all Kansas points. . '
. Tho roads are Hplendnlly built,
havo tho best bridges, finest cars,
tho Miller platform nnd coupler,
nnd tho safety nir brake ("to nrevent
tho loss of lifo that is ovorywboro
olso happening); rullmaii s sloopors,
Pullmnn dining cars, lurgo and
poworful engines (to make (pick
timo and connections;, hiiu aro in a
word tho boBt equipped roads In tho
WcBt. So that if yon dosiro to go
safoly, suroly, quickly and comfort
ably to any point in southern Iowa,
Nobrnska, Kansas, or on tho Pacific
Roods, bo suro thnt you go "By
Way of Burlington.'
All who wish particular informa
tion, nnd a largo map, ohowing
correctly tho Groat Wost, ond. all
railroad connections, can obtain
them, and any other knowledge, by
addressing Goncral Pnssoiigor
Agont, B. &"Wo. 11. 11. II, Burling"
ton, Iowa.
The liar ICooiu Kcincdy
for weakness of the stomaoh is n
dose of Hum Bittors. They are
surohurgod with Futcl Oil, a doadly
olomont, which Is rendered more
active by tho pungent nstringonls
with which it Ubounbinotl. Ifj'our
stomnoh is weak, or your liver or
bowels disordered, tono, slrongthon
or regulate them with Vinegar. Bit
ters, a puro Vegotablo Stouioelilo,
Corrective and Aperient, free from
alcohol, and cnpnblo of Infusinp
new vitality Into your exhausted
and dieordorod system. ? "n2J-lw.l
vtn I'niTiin.Yoii will ulease aimoum e the
name of , Toll N J. HHOCluiV, as a candidate
lor bhoritr of Vinton Couutv, aubject to. Hie de
cision of tlio Democratic Primary Election on
the m ol July, ami onnge
1 Editor ENortRra. You will please announce
the name of A. L. HlfNTKU as a candidal for
the nomination for Saoriir, at tlie ensuing pri
r. W. Hatneb authorizes ns to withdraw nil
name at candidate for Buerlfr,
Ma. Editor: Announce rn the next paper
ine name ot Solomon HHtrLK.1. or aiauison
Townsblji, aa a suitable candidate for the olllce
of Sheriff, subject to the decision of the Demo
cratic Primary Election, on Satnrdav. Julv SO,
anu ouiig BMin I iir-jULrcttAio.
Ms, Uowkn: Ploaae announce the name of
G. W. PILCHER. aa a euilablo cnndldeto for
tneritr or Vinton county, iitiiles-t to tue decmion
of tbe Democratic Priman' Election, to be held
Mn. llowKN: Please announce (ho name of
ui.ii. k, t uuiv as a sultaine cauillitatu loruierlt
ol tlie Court or Common Pleas, subject to the tie
announce name
JOHN T; FOKbUIAN-. as a wuid date f,r Com
mon l'lcus ( lerk, aublect to the 1lerlslo.11 of the
Deniociatic Primary fclodlou on tho iOlh ot Ju-l.-
tare - - . ,
. i - i i I ,
Charles V. Holland will be a candidate' for
dork ol Ikmiiunn Pleas Court, sulilui t to the do
clsion of the Uemournta of VI iU on voiuitr ut thy
ensuing primary election.' ' J v " -
EniToii Democratic ENot-iKaj-,As It lf pot
altoiri-tlier nocessarv that nil tlio candi wt
that nil tlio candiwtes
llui villaa-e of IMcAl tbur.
should lio reslilenta of tliu village of IMcAl tbiir.
you will ploasi' iiunoiitiee the name of N ATI1 AN
DIXON, of Kiohlamt Towurliip, as a Millulde
caiiiiniaie :
decision of
caiiilidale for" Clerk of the Court, suhloct to the
decision of the Democratic. Primary Election,
au'd oljlig-o
the nainniU'J. 11. MARTIN", of Knox Township.
a l!rsl,-clUHti imt.-hank'., and a farmer, us a most
-luitable c-Hididatc for Coin miSh oner of Vinton
Comity, sublect to tlio decision of the Democrat
ic ciecuou.
Editor Evihtrkr: Announce, the naimi of
H. it. MV AIM us a caiuliil.itu lor re-election to
tlio olHce-of Commissioner of VUiion eounlv.
Mb. Enniiu: Please announce that .NELSON
RICIIJIONO Will be a candidate fur Treasurer
of Vinton county, subject to tliu decision of the
Democrat ic miliary Meet ton, on warm-cny
, r.Owi:N': Announce the name 'of 1).
KEIiC'll, of Clinton Towoliii). ;i u suit aliie esn-'
did.-ite for Probate .Indjje, silbii-et to the Hcri
ion of the Democratic Primary Election, on the'
Mil. Editor: Please niinounce tlie naino of
11. II. M AVO as.a:aiididato for nomination to
the oillee ctf Probate. Judge before 'the .Di'iiii'-
(icriillo Primary Election to be held .lulv SOIh,
For Fine Perfumery i go to Sis-
son' Llrug'toro.'
Are You Going West?
If an, take our advice, and pnrobasp yoiir tick-
ctN over the old reliable and popular Mlsnin-I
Pud II u liuili-oad' whlcli Is, posilivcly, tlio only
I.lnetbat.ruiisthree Dally Express Trains from
St. Lonls to Kansas City, an, It lie Went! and
insillvcly, the only Line whkdi inns PuIIihau's
'alane Hlooiiers and Dnv (! iuelus (cHiiecciiillv
or inrweraHtiulnncil witli Miller's SiilcH-'l'Idf. :
loriii ami uie paieni nieani iti:n;e, irimi ni,.'i.oiiis
lo Kansas City. Foi t Scott. Pam-nhii. I.uw'rCnt-e.
Leavenworth, Atcbimm, St. Joseph, N'obmakii.
City Co'ineil 111 nil's anil Omaha, with nil chungo!
for liiloiinii. Ion in rcgum to I nuc liton-a, rates
Ac. to any point Jn M hs'hiiI . ICansas. Nebraska.
Colombo, Texusor Ciillileriiia. ca'1 on oriiddn ss
8. 11 Thomson, Ajri'iil .Missouri Paclil.-.11. It. Col
umbus. Ohio; or, K. A. Enid, (ifaeral r.ivn;jor
Aencl.St. I.oiils. Mu- '
Aio truiioie lo-iiiiftu ly-MiUs'-ii lor :
I.i.-t of Ia-ttei-a reamltiing in tliu Post Oillre
at Zulehki, July I, liw i.
Miss Elorence t'nsey. Mrs Mary Ann C;-ooks
.biliii O. ('ouiiciv . .In.si.tri lilcltiiiMin. '
iliss A. llowseer. Mis. Louls.t Tounsou.
Surah Itav. Miss M:iriliit Madness.
Anivie O Leary. Me. Tiistbcrlii.tchi-r.
obed Weln.
J.O. With, P. M, Zaleski, O.
lr -p-leaioii 1 ih 16 say llmt our
friend, Miciiaki.. t'oj.KY, yf i ho. Rail
road Car Wheul Foundry, at I.iles
ki, has purclinspd' an intoresst in. .the
llrnidcii Foundry, and is going ins
Id business there very hdhV. The
peoplo of this county should give
the Foundry anil Machine Mi' p an
cxtonsiyo patronage, because it is a
homo' institution.
' N.J. Bowers, .Dentist, of tho of
fice of Drs, Finney tt Bowers, Lj
gnn, 0., wilt visit McArtliur, on the
15lliof jirescntj month, 'remaining
two weeks, or such timn as he may
bo spa rod from tho ofUco at home,
whero ho hopes to socuro the pat
ronago of citizens ami the adjoin
ing country No work pel fmniod
but such tw htvean roconunend, und
at prices satisfactory to all
Call and see specimens of superi
or work.
llAVlNHheen alwent tor several days inaiiy
tilings liave been neglected about thl "j establish
incut, and nnion;r which wn failed last week to
speak of tho piiiellii. of the Maniiijeri of the
Vinton County Agricultural tjorlety.'u hiilihulil
nieullng, previously atniouuced, at Ihe Hoi k's
olllce, on Saturday afternoim, dune 'Wdi lor tho
purpose of electing a-l-ccretni-y und Treasuix'r,
and transiu-ting oilier liueesHArv buslnms. A
iuorum of tlie Managers wns p'resom. U. A.
I'l-nlg was el.Tted Secretary, nnd 0. W. hlsson
wus eleclcil VrvaMircr. A', eotninltlee waa ap
iioluted to look around fiir a stiilahlu place for
holilliig the. Fair this Call. That committee
meets next Saturday. A pro;iosal hn been
made to hold tlie Fair at lunulas, and )M pro
scmed to the Sia-iciy. Can Mr.Arlhur iniiie up
biltWand fiirulth a good und well watered
piece of ground for holding tbe Kalrr '
We must not omit to sav that tliu Managers
ami otheit jiionmt ut that ineetiMg woru leiuou
adeil by C. W. Holland. , . ,
The Great Show of the Season.
.At length we havo amply assured promise of
something really grand in tliu animal and aren
Ic way, In the advent of Houston, Springer &
Henderson's tl rent Mastodon ( 'urn van Menago
rle, Museum, Circus aiul Arab Troupe which
will pitch its gas-lit city of tents hore on Fri
day, the mil ln.it. Hy reference to tliu adver
tisement it will bo suou that live distinct exhi
bition! aro Included In what Is oirurutl for but
ono and tho usual price of admission, and that
the novel arrangement of eoparuto tents gives
all tho oxclusl.venest or gdaural enterlalnmaut
that may ho desired. The Uroat Mastodon Is a
great show; great In animal attractions; great
In collected c.iirloidllos, grout In arenlo speciali
ties, and owned and managed with In Id 1 1 gent
liberality by great showmen, of great menus.
It every whero creates a great sensation, with
Its magnificent procession, vast resources gas-lit
canvases anij marvelous Arabs,
Thoto last, hy the hy, are tlio only genuine
troupe of .tho kind In the country, ami this it
their Unit appearance. Their stylo of perform
anco is peculiarly their own, and' wonderful In
eharaclor and variety. A powerful ami agile
gymnasts they are unequuiod, lint constitute a
Moiinatiotuil feature .which alone all rai ts lin
menso audiences wherever thoy exhibit. - Array
od In their plcturesije costiimo, they will mingle
iWlally with our people, so tbat all may bavd
anepportuiilly tofulfy eiUbilsk thulr geuulne
net lieforri vlsltlog (he flvt-pM show of whlrll
they rouslltule hut oh tlj-c.tlon. ' , '
We nolo with particular commendation, tbe
fact that tti inuu&cment of "Tbe Great Has- 1
todon" birer'a'lllMiral reward fur tb arreetof all
gamblan, iwlndllug peddler or vondeia of it
toxlcattng llinor, caught, plying their dm pf ru
ble tradei iipm tha (how grounds, This alont
lvl(lence of good oluu-aVr, wbhh wlljit
wirnily indorsed by Ihe e'immnnlty gheran,y.
Jf at,n.'i: you bottor stihsei ibo for
this McAnhur Enquirer?
I'll h;nl bettor gr to tho Pic-nie-and
ddiieo- at Zuleskir tO'iaorrowr
the 4th. . J
Tub following ! a list of list of letters rc
malnlagln the Post Oiilceat Vinton Station, ou
JoliaThonipson. Tboe V- Malnan,
Mrs Burhara Wilson. ' Mary M. Mcl.auhliil,
MiB Rachel lleluliajt, Miss J. P. bill, ,
. - - ; .
Tnc following ii a list of letWra reMtaiiilug.-
Id the Tost Offlc at McArthur, July 1; , t t
Miss Eliza Button, Nancy Dunklo,'
T, M. Daton, ... W. H. Kcknian,
V. E. Uibaon, 'ii e : K. I'g:in. ,-, t .,
Ixiulaa Ann Randall, I ; -Max. Slieriolien, j.
To the Stockholders of the G., McA.
& C. R. R. Co.
A LL persons having subserlbed to the Capl
J. tal stock ot the UHllipolls, .McA i llmt 4 -Coliinihns
Kitilrnnd Co., are borebv rru.uired tn
hmke payment to Ihe Secretary of Hie Compa
ny, at bisolUco in Uiillipiilis, Oliio, aud piu tiea
living In Vinton county, Ohio, mav miikii pay-,
Iiient, If nioro convenient, to DAnikl Vt ILL.
President of (lie Vinton County Dank, Instill- -Incuts
on Iholr subscriptions as follows:
' A -tthlnstuliueiil of 10 percent., on or beforo .
July si2, IHT2 .
I A nth instalment of 40 jicr cent., on or boforo-o
Au?'iet23.1a?4. , ,
i A.Oth liistaliuentof 10 per cent:, ou orbufoio ,
4cllinbcr2.k 1872. . ...
i A 7th lintiilmeiil of 10 percent., on or beforo
October l!8, 187. .
Ag sth instalment of V) percent ,omr befonr
Novembei-23, XHVl
A 9th Instulnivwl of JOpnr edition or before
December!!:'. ,,-'
llv Ol'iloi ol' I'mii J .,f lll,..l, . .' r'T
w. ruiuiir, ( i ..
. Soc-y 0.,liA. A 0. Jl. ft.
JiilyR, H7
Assignee's Notice.
A. niVll)l-ND ol'.O .iurn-runt. 0t tbe eUiin'- ,
im-aliut.ON.i- Jc (SVIIT J ..,,i.ii...
the ceilllom. it- ihn nfll.ie oi Mu. 'imii,,t.i i - .
of Vinton c-jtinlv, Ohio, at Mc.Vrtlnr, dnrinvf .
the ensuing week, commencing ,)y 8, 1K7-'-und
the hvu-siu-ci-eiliiirf wucfiaut the? Ooin'itiuir
Room ol the nuilei'. ISnt-d, at Clilllii-olha, Oliio" .
i . ' S. W, KILVEKI'. ,
:' AUnif lice ot Long & Suiltlu
July 3. IsT-J ;iw i .. ..
X -VV.all to buy, tsl:i-tlcllvernd ut mv (.lore, Iu
.ateskl, every ile.-crlpllon ol
OU Cast ii till I
Eur whlei'i.i'w.111 paj: tihlljrliesi marltet pii.'e
in . - -. . :-,
Oathei-up.voui-OLD IliONi.B r hrlrg il to.
iiiyKtore. .. k. SHIPLEY.
j?or Fevar.ein Agutev liewnitteflt Fever, '
ChiU Fever,-' Kemittent Fever, Dqml
, Asue, FyriodiooJ. or BUioun Feyor, 4ic.'
nnd indeed oU tho affections whloh anrer
from malarioua, .jnarsh, or jnlaaiaaLitt- .
" poisons. . ;
'TC-'ine --remedy -is- londer-
callod tbr by Hie; neccsaitiea of
tlio American people than ft
euro and aide cure lor l-eier
lind Ague. Such wo arc 'now
enabled to oiler, wiih a perle'-g .
certainty Unit it will ciadicatu
tho (lifinn:, and with ntsur-
anee, founded on proof, that no hurm can uiiru
from its usp jn any quantity . ,
That which profcctH from or prevents this dis
order must be of Immense service in Ihe com
munilies whom it provails. t'ttrrnt'wn le brlt r ,'
than cure, for tbu (uttlont esrnpes the tlskv. Well ,
lie must inn bt violent attacks of this baleful dis
temper. This "Cl.-KB" ey.pela tlie Mia.u!,itii)
poison of t'1'.VK'l ani AiiVB from li.e Aelepi.
and prevents tbu duvelopnieut of the iWa n, il .,
takcit on the liv-t approach of Its preiuonitbry , ,
syniploius. It Is not milyt'io bei-t leiiiedy.in r '
yet discovered for Uiis cfasa of rnmlal-ifci, bi:t j;
jilso tho t'linaiiest. 'Tho rarge tmnnliltv jve iiip---1'lv
for ii iloll.tr brliigj it within II, n uarli oi' 'J .,
cv'erybodv; mid in bilious distib Ic, lieiu'
l-'i;vt-i Axtt A'li'K prevailH, cverj Lc.'.y rliotd 1
liavo it, nnd vsa It iVi:jiy,l)Otli for i me anil pio- . .
tu,'..'i,i;;.' ii. ir, li'i;,e.l Uiis price will place il v, illiiu ,
me roach of all .slie poor us well ua the rich.
A pe:t siiperl'irily of llii.i remeily over any
nliicr C'.'i'r discovered for tlio (.pccily und certain ,
i:iiivol'liit..,iiuiJl.,iit is.tliat il contain no (mi-,
iila, i or iiilnc',',-,1; consopicntly it iro:',-,:ccs n.i
nuhihsiir or ollitr.- iniucioiis elects v linluyvr upnu
tlio contltiitioii. TIiiiko cured liv It lire lell . .;
Iir.iltlvy us if tlie.y had never had ilio disrate. . A '
Fever nnd Aguo is not alone the roir cii!(ii-.'eo
nl Ilieinin uiialU: poison. A greet viiiiely of ill.-',
orders arise fr.wit iu .irritation, amoi'jr wlii'lv. .
mi! Neuralgia, lllietiuwitisiii, tioiit, llenilin lie, ,'
Illiu Iiich", Toolhiiche, l'irii, he, t:iitsi'.iii, A 1 1 1
r.ta, l'aliiliiliou, Ciiinful AlU" lioo of lh npli.en,
Hysterics, Pain in Ihe llowols, Colic, l'uraljli.,
aiid dcrangoinent of ilio Sbmiacli, all of unicb,
whoa oi-iglnatiug In Uiis ennse,, -pill ea tlie hi.
lerinittent, type, or become pciiodjciil, Tills
"Cuni;" expels the poison from the blood, and
l on-uuiiiontly cures thciu all uli.ko. It U nii.io- . ,.
valuatili! protection to immigrant nnd persons
travolliii;c or tunuioriuily lei-idinu; bv the in.-iln-lions
dlsii-lch: Jf taken oecit-W-iiilU- or d.-dlv'
whil" evnwfd U tlvf Jnfcctlin, diet ill be.i-f.'
cretil n-o-n I'm v teln, nnil eeniiol iKTuiniilnKr
i ii sullb-leiit iiiantlty m ripen Injo dlsca r.
Hence it la evil, more valuable for i) oteciloji
Illiu cure; ami few will ever surfer from Inter
mittent'. If they avail Uionwelve of tin proton- ,.
tion this i-eiiifijy iidoi-da. '.". , 1
For .li'i-c roiiif, arising from lorpid
llv of the Elver, It la an excellent remedy, stini
ul illiig tho l.lver into beallhv in,tiviiy, unci pro.
lie -ing many truly remuiUable cures, whero
otiur mcdiciuos fail. ...... -,"
rnnPAitEO nr ;, '. "
Dr. J. C. AYKIt & CO., T,owclI, Mass.,
1'rarllcHl anil Analytical (hcmlnt,
l'lilCK, $1.00 J'XJl ltOTTT.K.
Ayer's Cathartib Pills,
. For (he i-cllef unit
cure! of all dci'iingc- .
luciilH hi the atom. '
iicli, liver, mid lion
fl;i. '1'liey are u mild
aperieiil-, nnd mi .. ,
e.celloul purgative. .
Iking purely vege
table, they coiiUthr".',
no mercury or mine- V
nil whatever. Much ,;
Serious hlckneas and
4 hiillci ing is prevent-
s. . ... . c
: . , . cu lv lii"li' liinelir
use; and every family Hhonhl havo them on hand
for their prutocllpn. anil relief, when relinked.
Long exiicileuce luii proved tiiein lo bo the Mil.
est, aiirosl, und lien or all the fill Willi ubicli
tli market abound.., Ily tliolr . occasional
the blood la pitriilcd, Uie corruptions of the avs- .
loin expelled, ubHtriii-l hum reuiovcd, and ilnt ...
whole miicbiiipry of lifo restored lo (la lienltlu'
activity.. Intnmnl ergnns which lieeoinn rlovTsi-it-aud
Kbigglhli are demised by Ahy' I'IIIm, pud
stimulated into action. Tims Inr-iphDt. dlscnsir' '
Is changed Inluheullh, tha value of which change,
whim roeknnrd on the vnst nuillltiiiles who enjoy .
It, enn hanlly hfl computed. Their sitgnr ntiiitlng
miikus tlioin pleasant to lake, and prcsurvcHthcii.- ,
virtues unimpaired for any length of lime, m
that they nru over ft esh, uud pei foctly reliable
Although searching, they aro mild, mul oiiorulo ,.
without dlstiirbauce to tho coustltiitiou, ordlct, or
Full (llreetlona nre erlven on Ihe wranner tr
uiirn uos, now to una mom as a r nnitiy ri
ami lor the following comiiltiluts, whlc
I'Ult rntildlv enro:
i or ipyspeinia or iniiigrafion, lllli,
ai, l.uiiuuor and I.km of jtppsMii,llicy
should ho tnlieii moderately to slimuUto the nlomV
acli, and restore Its healthy tone nnd action.
For IJrsr !omlMlnt nnd Its rnrloua aymp. '
tonus, flllioiie Mnlih, Nlrk JleusU
welts, Jmindlrs nr Ursra Mlckaosa, llll.
tone tlollc and iSlllttti ! , Uiey aliouhl
be Jiullidoualy taken tin- each caxp, to coi-ruct tho
disiuiwKl action or runiovo Uie oheLriiclloiis wbicli
ennso il.
For llreenlcr.y or Ulurrlioea, but cnoi . ',
mild dose ia gouornllv reiiuircd. ;.
For llhtuiwit'm. ful, CJravrl, rul. ,
Ellnlion of Ihn llrtsrl, uln In I Ins
III, lltick mil Eiolne, they should be rontln
tinualy taken, aa reiiulreil. to -.hange the dlaeasml i
action of tho system. With aueii oliaiige Uiosa !
eomplalnU dlaappenr. i- . i -..... -,
For llrstiMy unit laropeivwl Hm-rlllngii, ,
tliry should be taken in largo and tVeuunt Uoaea v (
tonrodiico theolTeetof a drastlo luii'gn. ,....
For laitriMiiiai a large tlnsn alionld tto :
taken, as H produce Uio Uislreil ulfoct .by yu- , i
tialliy. i , , - ' . , . ... ,
Ae a J)fs Tilt, take one ot wi Villi to-s. i
pnunote dlgeallon and ruHove the atomach.
A a owvialonal dn st.inmlstas Ihn stiimauh ft ml t -bowels,
rnsinrua tlie appetite, anil bivigorulea Ihn n .
aystvin. llence It la ollon advniilagwin wboro to.l
no erione doraoroiiiont exists. ,One .who fstW, i;
tolerably well, often flnda that a dose of thc.H . ,i
Vlll mskoi lilm fool decidedly hotter, from their l
eleiinsiiig ami rouuvaluig Uuut on tho dcUve n'i
iipptu-alm, ; , , ;,. ,, ,,,,
' ritmanit jtnr r t-.n ;
Dr. J, t. Atari , VO.; i-moUial Chqmittt,
. ' ZOWXLZv MAHS.t-V . U. .. , :
lux t"aiii Muaoisifl iviaWfiEEB.'
. ,.i
'. i
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